Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, April 11, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated April 11, 1861 Page 1
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-4" DEVOTED TO LITERATL’HE. NEWS. AOHSCL-f.T®#*K AND OKNKUAI. IXTEI.UOENCE. ', _J vol. xm M—MJ nut nm^rnmmmmmmmm mint marts beacon If PCBUBKSD tv KMT TBOMDAT T ft JAMES 8. DOWHS. Iftttna or Scfcecnipnc'v.— per an* bob, to be paid within ins mouth*. No Hibaeriptiou Will be received for a shorter period tbaw ms months, aud no paper be r at the option of the publisher*. Trails or Amr*mgtMo.—|!l per square fob the first inaertiou. an ) 25 eta. for 9&4rj subsequent insertion. Twelve lines o# less constitute a square If the number of insertions be not marked no the advi.r tieemett, it will be published until forbid, tod charged imrdinrlv. A liberal dc duotion made to those who advertise by the fear , SELECTED SIISCEI LANyT SPEECH OF . It JOHN H. S. CSSS!?!, DELIVERED AT LITTLE ROCK, ARK., JANUARY 9 h. 1861. . . ~ LaMKI **!> (JKKTLJCJITX— FiVovc-CiiUtnt: Vor by that title, prouder than “Human eiliscb'* ia the pain, it at dsys of the Re public—it i my privibgr f U to addrcHs you. My lire* word to-night must he one of earnest and greatful thanks for the hon or you hare conferred. Ido nut mistake its indication—it simply imi porta a convic tion upon your p*rt, that the sympathies of a Southern birth and edneatiaa bar. U't been chilled ov the blasts of a North ern redt*f,te. * lu-i***d, I can almost claim • eotumuß fellowship with you. The mor tal remains of some very dear to me rest in Arkansas earth, and the surviving mem bers of my family, long rreiMut* iu you* Btat, Are intimately identified with youi interests. Heedless should T he of th* wcinoriev of a long and cherished at-aocia tio ; insensible to (be holiest impulses of nature, if the prosperity of Arkno.-aa wai* lot to me an object of primary interest. Friend*, thin ii no time for “hoi lid ay Speech***”—l should diiqnse myself couid I use (bis occasion, when wo meet to div •oa Urge national interests, a* an opportu nity for rhetorical display. Even to the fsir beings whe honor us with their pres ence. 1 must be permitted to say, that the path of political discussion is a rugged one, margined Ly brambles, and in tread ing it, I scarce hope to gather n wild flower, to offer as a tribute of my homage. I choose to define rr.y position in th* outset. It admits of brief exposition- -1 an neither secessionist, nor MibiniadoniFt: While I do deprecate a resort now. to ihc first as an evil, because hfar to he deplored than that for which it is proposed a* a rem edy, 1 still dtsnd before you to express It ► the calm conclude?? of dt liberate judg ment, that the period ha* arrived—re now, when, from a united South, the utter ance should go faith, to N rthern fanati eirm, in tones more potential than those of Canute— * ‘Thu** far ‘halt thou go* nd BO farther, here shall thy “mad” waves be staid.” Properly to appreciate the position of the Snath, it is essential clearly to under stand *he aims of the Republican party now unhappily dominant, and the inttru imntsiitiefc by which they propose to effect them. To do th* yon must pass beyond the contest of 185 b. Too Chicago platform of 1860 w* s fraud and cheat—its omis sions are* wore instructive than i uttcr amies'—to read correctly the bhsor. ry of the’ Republican banner, you n.utt unite wuh the platform of ’6O, tuo free Demo eratfa platform of 1852. Ry the Chicago plat for iff ail reference to the admission of acw Stales, tolerating tdovery by the Ccn etitutfan. is carefully o n ,itird— do detertn itmtion to repeal iho Fugitive £!avt lw is snnoanecd, but sn ominous Fib-nee a* ♦ its enforcement is' observed. Those Wba read the purposes of that party in its accredited pint farm. and believe that be ing unannounced. they are not entertain ed, wrmld do well to rstr.oa-.bcr the some what Tain admission of Mr. Reward iu bi# IhvrKeatVrr speech: “Others cannot support the Republican party, beraosc it Shf* *dt suffieicnlly exposed itr platform, and determined whit it will <fo and what it will not do, when triumphant. It J prove to<v pregn suite for acme. *d too conservative, far other*. As if ever fiarcssw so clearly the ftlft of fhftnW cTt’ittiC, mr to plati run- Ivoriwl seta* a adopted to aH possible cmergawftC*? Wh<J vCnulft evH have Wiri r r rf J *f tbe Rev wHWtef, if I?- had htm obliged; to answe r t# IyT5, wlmwHer it. would far HHltjiWtlblkf f The pol'cy of • dwHH* conceal went of schemes which, epctdyfc <f tNHifetrsliva BJCD from their ranks is This speech wsy ftUbaerwd fiaa th# net LEONARD TOWN. MD.. Til FRIDAY MOILNINO. APRIL 11. ISCI. w*" ■ : ————•—-——————————— ——■■——■—■—■——————— in 1860. sad the silnce of its platform I upon the point* I here iodieate, shuwi distinct appreciation of the advice. Again, the two great parties that list! hitherto divided the country, met foi i the last time in national antagonism it: . * and Whig Convention* met. both r t iifyiug the comjifomi.>c moasuros of Tawd rpre*sdy endorsing the Fugitive j Slave Law. Mr. Seward iu tracing rlu origin of the Republican party, and th . i ncecssity fur its organization, declares i ( uroifi from the position of tw; gr(at parties to the* cause of slavery ; that iho Demm'ratic party was wedded t “lavery : the Whig party not sufli rientit pronounced for freedomln August 1H52, the fr**c r>emoerMts met in C u ventien at Pittsburg--from th ir pi t• farm then adapted, 1 quote three *: incut articles. Article 5. “No mere slave States ; ua slave Teiritorie—u-"' naturallx*! sla- I very—uo luglluilsn for extra diUoa of slaves.” Aivuu-iug u vlsZ-ju, laa God’s, • v.-h*> ; ordaiued i;l—a Christianity puru ‘thin (hit of iia fuiniier. Christ. wii< rctwgn zed and psetioned i: -the fra.n- 1? j(/ that platform. li;u-* clr*r*cteriz** ti-s t systetn of AfiiciiU y, av it übtuint • ftuiung u-: “Article 6 Slavery ?.-* i ln *g-*sr-i |Gxl. and crime against man, whi*'i !rn ham it; eoaclm**nr, nor u-uge en ■ make right, ami that Chr’stiamiy. It - ; niinitv. and patriotic a demands Us as . ■ OLITIO.V,” i j N*w. f o show th- ciusc sympathy f>: thought between the tVantcrs of this :1 it i farm of 1852, **n i tb- H public:na <: I !Bd*t. I will matvh these as iinfiJ.d In coticepdi n. ns lh.-y are tron ‘ soncMc in uttv*mnee, by in*, dcliberat*. ! ciiunciatien of the '•oilmen tiive I iii-c*m- I iug President of these 1.-hired States.— Erorr. ;i letter id Ir->‘s*-d by AuraifAni j Lincoln to 11. L i*hre and others. Basic a. dated April 1 SdO, I q.>u T.h-. i bdloniug sentence ; j “Tins is a world of comp Tint land he who would be no slave tau-; j consent to have no flare. Those wh< j deny freedom to others deserve it n**t f*r iliciimclvcs, and undvr *> jasi God 1 cr.nnot long ntalu it.” T)tev*ry echo of the O h arti h- (•! ! ;hc piifform of 1*52. that “Christianity, ‘humanity and p*iri >ri.-ru neuiaud” lu ! “abitlirion” of slavery. “Its aholitiuu' . | —where 7 Not in the fr.'e States fur ii ,} does not there exist—not in the Trrito , • rles. fur both platforms d -nv its il ex ,! icteuce there—in (lie slave States, if ian- I I guago has any intelligence, and the frame*, i , I f the article understood the meaning of it? ; terni*?. Hear it, slave holders of Arkun • si! —-hear the doom pronounced upon vo.: ■ by Abraham Lincoln—“emancipate v< ui j’Niaves cr becomei-iavet,yourf-civo?.” It I . i just possible that Lincoln may not be th ,; scoredited interpreter of the decrees of **a ijjust lied.” and you ;h'is e?'-:.pc the pun ; iehiucnt denounced. Now listen to th k ; atm cf the flux; democratic party of 1 >52 _; •inclosed by the 21.-? aniclc of tluii I platf'rn!. “1 hr.f wc !n?*critv n our banners—Froi Soil, htee i. e. the ii berry of (U.s . eluding the ‘ harAariein ©f Burrf’ in the presenre of its cxistiiu*c. “Free labor.' . j and under it will light on and figtu ever i uaiil a triumphant victor? rewir*. . our exertions ” bn will Cght on, f;ght ever, to the ! triumph of victory—(he Free Democrat? of 18C2. Henry W ilson, now Seni f i from Masssrhuselts, w t*. Rnsiuent of ihai L i Convention—John P Halo, .Senator fr >u i New Hampshire, nort::: cf *r :K --‘ Frccidrn-y. Where fought Wil '<n i* l IStiOV Foremast in the van of the R- pul •Jlicar. forces in ;t(* ? Wh*r.- Hah i I ra*-r-;og the prairies of Illinois*, L inspiring *.3 mightier efforts the sunt orters ‘J of that conservative nativi-bon. Kaituek | ian—A. Lincoln, r f I ; lin**;-a. |/j it would not bo difficult to connect Mr ', Lincoln by me evidence of Ids own po]*t.- ■ • cal jtpcr/-h*.'s with every u.aitrl il h.r:*y i". j “'t |l.Htf*-riu of lis.2. bn. perhape it will the saiiafauory t*- intrwdue** th** evi ienev |of a witams rj accredited poaitisn in th* | rank? of Republicanism ; t “Had 1 the sel'-eiio;: from nil thi- Amcr [ ichii pwcplc. of the ivmi to carrv out t!. J prinriplta for which 1 have fought hM nn , life, and fur which I would he willing t. | die, that mao would Uc Ahrakaui Liuculn of Illinois.” ! ?n spi-ke at Pctrnit—T quote tbs rr.b --‘ stance if uut the literal w****ds—that Me ;ph ictoj hiii sto our Republicsn Faust—- j thxt niartyr to s plasrioriam, William If. ■{Seward, of New York. I cl’p*r;ho him j truthfully us the “martyr to- a plngiarisut" ( —Pha*tDn-!ike. he would muant the “ir j represetbie c*nfiict” car of our Illinois Ap ! P'dlo. and was burled to the c;irth for hi* I pteffumpiion by the Convention at Oliica * Ni, gentlemen, i? Wav Sc-ard’* fo " DaMcTsm if.-it his rJ.c:ion. but bo , cans-' th*i fauatioisni wap too patent, f j lam cou)jw>ii<i io the belief that the uft liiiutaic aim oi is as an- II nounced in tbs platform of 1852—the aoo -j |Divß bi Afrijcan xlat-’vry wherever It exlsti.. n Upon this bypothcei.*. the question he ft coiues impurtaut—can they, Karrs:*?-'*! ?cc *n.plislt t!i**ir aim through the inst"'ti ll i n-entaiity of the CouJ-tltution, ohserviag its r farm, simply violating its epirli? It %o n seems to ute *a-i by t!ic*e ntentts: •s * 1. Ry enti'e rcurgauisttien of the Fu - f rente Court, alii thtj*—hv u pixp v . *#sju|ie| [,. issfwrrd <n ti rFchcc cT va e ‘ caneies devoutly prayctl for by l<ov*joy— t; ur'ciir** the appointment of .fudg-A, wh"-.* * reavling of ih Constitution will in ;ic ,t;cori<nc** wi’h iitcrj.r<-tst:c>r.. c j 2. Prohihi i- n c-f tin* i-i ve it tirade —coufi”.iiig the innl?n’ior; “literacy ii within the lin i-.r of its } r *• nt • x?-t- n V I 3. R-p.- dof llie tti‘l t-.r; -1 t-r '.M.’J,;:- .i tituiS'-fgovc.-n:;*•!.? and ? vein.!' - j-i <-rv by i- l.i-.v :V-*in t- tr;t >ry, N’-.iin ■-. Scu-li, t; .vr - or hcr. ifit-r -i ,u.r*- I. 4. Rcp**d -f iV.-:• fnj/ve ?! v- leaving it tv> l!i" Slat--. v h;-.ii iiav. i - j personal liberty hdla t • *-nf - i:mi of csoap- - slaves t.* th.-iv >-.'n r?. - { 5. U* }.cul t-f tin* Irw* agrii./I th- !: ?:- Ltion of ince* diary do - c.. 'i'!: :*: th ( Helper and t-itxi’cr prs 1 ..!:*- :!nns may by r I uited ''ta , e= thrxtgii b.K.u --0 Mental.ty -f lle-'ubliran l*n-t *1 .it r.-> 1-- .4 scattered brosd-cast throtijh lii- *’uv ••. Sucs. (n.'iiing dnrgoj.hi teeth to spring •r< s i.; publi.- arm--i iuif.irrcci or ?-ti .ti*\ ' :.1 H r Ki-riu;ui- n. t ‘ 1: is .. y firm cot.vietion, •*? :a th -jo- - -i <• r.t . -* threo ait- . native r ic -i • -j.a ’.. :<-r in. s. tv*-n<i"*lii v >t:r- - 1. RonouiiC : l.'h; syaiutii of African aia . very 2 I* Tin a fcpatatc C -t*fr r.- raev. f! I*. Or torai h un.led S_-u;h, tirnt;*** 1 a _ Mir and xp!..*it r ,, fegi..ileii of \ ur riglt > ; j -d mure ctlec- l\c t t.neidi* nts jor tLtlf <n s f*ircetu'*ut. - 1 Toe fir.-t I .lo n** ■•irn I • — Ihc* second I d**prv it-* a* m "vd. only of . ■ ie.-iy mignit; !e thin which it u nro l r - j-.'t* to r n**uy. 1 | 1*• **• i not viu. , : ►rgit*Mi l> . w!i it K!• oDid !tm jd -iph, -.f Virgi.’iis, in IT ; -7, si-rtv •I at tut* that srp'fxle Oiuf-der-cicfc #> i msionc the Slu'.iu. vr-:d ;r \ t:.c ne ;, c**s*ity of a ri*- -rl li **o;n?th : ..ig “app.^tth i, irg uer to military y• v ...’it.” Th .. i * •• 1 , , I \ J ?• : i • *|•ii •i u b Gjj w m* kj i. , ALv,' a.|!n.5112u **"11 irk. j | leavt wcriU the experiment. I 1 prep -se to the prr-' i’-'.ics of ,f ’ inch Keltic vcm r:t. Though I ihtnly bc t: iieve that tSe lin-*- .f th*. Republican par . ly is abolitionixid, there arc util I ui-iva " t.w el ;u* nlB muong them, it j or pain jtis ii a*.iJ lov-- of I’ni *n. -- >Jnnv, I hope—some, and not few. i . | Know, do !.>l p -posts to!i * their tin?. . i tiiitv to sbiVtT .. h.yi-nd wL.*t th.-\ ti*,—i;, n I fair exorcist; of i.’ojsutu’io*,.*! power. I; ic \ tint class who atu (-ju.illv cjr p<->>**i t-* in . tt* f<.-rcnce with it iu the see ml Ma:i. u ’ w ie-iv it vxvAf. >r a j-j ft ittifc in ttio tcrrit<flc*. ’i h \ a-o -iv t.-r --:i iic-j in tiieir "pinion- *ml wiil ;> :ii* i.* {.- s i ill*.nn at r.h ligaur ••*>( th.-m u oluiir',. . A ;of thtr b iitein. \\ ii it v*- ;:* tlo.t l*ul- i 1 arec, I (irmly beiiev -, l!s; v would \ic-d. at ~ • lea-t to ntionai con *r>:ni-*!f. I | I i :;ii*>tft* , r nud t*?oi -i i ■•♦ cut influ ,. i-ncc. that In 6a h c;iti.*-t w ■••!■{ .if r. tfir-i ito tin jitwT clsmnt A * *'dh: South---th** indn.- - ; trin! am. roj.-.iuf. d.-l intcr*>t* of rue .' Tth , ( Pbilanthrop'i;.- is tx-vi- . i.v.y f *pu!ar c . ; sind at tractive vr icn i..-c-t --*• j k'ling. Fytijpatl * for the hc- ; o-* -i r ]cr atsr-o.T i* frcilv ••id b-a- ing x in-lul • ged H*-n the r :*•<*;. a-cr -a do.s , ic.adt: th; com MM \ii the h-arth-ht<m? £, I i hen yeu tell cv. vucrc? ar. * n-*nu;a“- j, i i’ you pir k iti :n v ■' ur ?. .mltc n.henu^ ; I**: illi* eniHticipatinn of tl-.c n* gr *. vo-t { i*• h *i. py th** c* fl tn r-*-tt’.r.g ip- an ! - o-.r sitvcH cumorons for br-Md. '•“..amcruo cr.-l . •• tin y rxp:.-ss tln-ir ?•. ;vr.v. for , • 1..3 ex.t. * nee of African btini;tg#*. but will .. -)*. qn-cK to -pp-y the h\iip,u:.d . :nn j h inculcate ; the r.ire of tit- ir ow n •Ci U.-<' li.ll ,i. ii i m.ii why till.-* ti -5 . itHfi n;-t b- . ftornor txr; 'rd, I ;<n i *wt.r for two r-.u? •!-(: Fl-st, men i-ui;/i-iv ' ci .r. the ru6tr.e -o ol (if* rc sci-iotn avttae ia *- •I’lCtl o -.) t* * > *s. , i ih*y -.ouhtrd th • -.rui tv wnich Soa-.n - i ern rofcistcnco • eu.i c-. P. rntii me t - I * K.y W.sS it. it; IC-...-!*n fejr lids dvUOt. -i:. - N. i(t ~ ; UTia i*. iii'.ly : u as r. e.f r jng ati<i .l* :*,-- alio.-; to -d k . • c d ot; nt even t . the _ -i**t .r so*, :**n vj ti;i tovt rieit-r' c-ia! I r x -t niViOiig a r-cpic >*•< coui*l n*;:th*-r ■•grit ,■ upon t..i xteut oj tiirtt wr*m rr . T.f*r the L i ®j* ii* *j Tiiiui;aiiv!i. N’. ' <•*t r mar. Oi . i-iatform. fh-it d'ubt ;R Dfevr pß ar. i ym alrcaoy sre the rccultfc d iuit l.ivc * luovii.g Cok vi.-iic-,. Tli-y ny be brief ? and rnpM’v traced. " ih bhe‘change of public i-Viitiii.cni * j vrh*;li WtrUilaii I'ln Idr-ft, in B* ] forced to fence in hi* mat ravings bt u j ptoicctivc p-ihce. 'i When bemiracknowledges au othrr than li-pu dnsn u t :.. 4 ic-ip.ii iu ;,._ K when tlrcnghvat the Ftntc in I.v r .!. rti? i.* ’ :yon Qnd rgistru*;l s -r*:us of Rip.itdicaa I def:*ats or si kist Pv’ihie vict>ri*>. * | When Curt**, n di.-ft< ntitiwt judge in th** , Pretl Scolt (iiviiiiiu, dtri.vuet-& f-*re ino people of Misdrt husetr.". tbv ouir .gc un* a p the Nat ion ul Couftituticr,, p-rj •irMtcd - through personAl liberty biPs, and Mbr - gan, Governor of N * i ork, reccnimeuds .. ibvir t\f A kd Rut tfilie sttothiu* f .rce at the Nonlr, sm hippier in hpcal;- - • ing that! farml .icceu.d"a>‘ to your

s strength. ’ * speak of the th-m-auds ,f • gallant frofo who have* bcivinl the wh.*k* p--rii of t| * Mts, ...s! rm*cr' w!. - ,;^r - born un I *U‘-; r. 8 1 - 4 id<mt ct Tc - *'• rT^tviftn^ - wave of hstllc far the T’nim a?-l ('< i.e.ltu - ti n. wirlt i va].-r nlih !• in ed- I r.<- 1 roinrl • it:if from hope of th** - f victeiv - - vvhi -h derived no ,!•**,,; d f-r-m :h-j it.“?i cijcc of ptreonsl ir.t-;c-r N v -v moi I • t II you h -r that if itivu.-i-n -1. o?•1 11• 1 • ,r. ct- n your security - If R-i-üb}*rai I-.; *.ljcui! i ,:*((•• opt the ?-.■ ads* s -r-f cu”( i- n to !i r - ru’e. there ire U-.u“iv!s >-i I’M -u: I:.di. r a who houlj n -jk•• • ;-.k-war r **f r gish.Mt hearts an-1 s‘r*.n/ ;. r. ir-’n W ' lj tliC .1(1 T 11.-CJi* *a • -y / j'] J . w'j j : ; : ; , ■ .;d.- iief.i-v-l, v a cn: h r.’-T* ,: ■;.J ** r •••■; ... u ' - • • now -conj ii:: .! or fcp-.ratc, C's | *'.-! 1*11:fy. Ia 'he rhapi, ii i- pra-tica' an 1 ef ■'i I‘‘.*?v'.-iu*.;u!i 1 ‘‘.*? v '.-iu*.;u!i aul f •rc'.us v ;;*■ X.rlh n- f i.:c ! - into r, *. •• an tag . I*: -r.: nt of v ‘aiou I r *tu :i to the • far- -I of (}©tinn:-mf % - J have ivr.c-*!. 1 : : !: the r I; n.ts rh.-t ra.i.' - -- n,ur s • ; ii v rite u . •’ •*/;** , Thu ■ . mu. ! i of fc-.-ii*.’ ... J{ nv f - !: p**. Dl s b i r all r;i ;a| f r ■, ’ , -;.T .• >; n -n*;, n^ '* iy < - ’ ■.■ *.te ?> . on. v-'iir wi" -*-.i ar oo:ii-*.o*i Mr; y ir , ;*j. .-eoi • > Tao a - -w *rs ar* *' v.-a Suu.h i’.r -i-im has s.-- • coded. Ii: -it c: She i a wv r:-^n ■ ; >*at arid and thirM fur h. rs-If. Ar ivou is it t-qu- Ijy r (.rvig*. ? rm> yjU ii I j Mj-ihigc to South Car hn:. ?- -if Bi ., Jj*. ; i and your b-g;*-! .-five a.--cmi hg- . r .- <u;!t .ifctuin if. register ducrj*.i !>-.*. Char: T ; ton ui d Calumbia. *i I hive neither the* r: !i nor *ht. drsir.- • *o arraign the course of South Ch .Ii .. • out the for you t > d-1. rm's • ;•>, : not uh t s-!j** ha* done, hut u !>a! ii is Lett ■ ter tht* Ftalc.v* to l *. T honir touLli C::ra’;nx—..he i* gbiriou-i ■{ in ii-vmaliorsry nr. 1 a:u-!-.renown.- T'•T° i ' l ’ l ~ mar:y;a>i *gv of ’7 ! f, <n aunt" k:.i?; is prouder th - th i *.f Ilay-.u—-whi! ‘ r ' the 2.t-f Mexico that tins iba- Mliich insjv-f.] 1 1 .. 4U ; C \;g r, tin* i - ainoi. of .d-julrri *, n Siinj.r**r an 1 a Ma • . ri m, ? urn brightly y.i i*: th-.- hr--;-*- of l!.c ( -"ns ! the Ciiiueiio Stale. Rut v-.nhf - •'i- '■-■'• (- of ail praise am! imitcii.-n in i ,n * ;- ! 5 Jil-t possible that sh ■ i,;:iv not •; be infallible in civil polity. H.r Govern • -’r. vr; l l* a fruiiktu-s? jiidifut;vc --f tin* mm. • . uur iigc};*sod -r**t anotb r motive far ac i (to.-, thin that which w <u ■; intiuorre** you. . • *n a e<-nsoq;icncef that action fro* trad*- : .n-i r- r*viu!:*: j;s\-et i.c..<:* for the-up 1-rt oi govtrnun nt, i- t • be rhe o*trdini , rub-- -politic ;! system wi:h w *,Ah s)i* i- in .'Ut.iii; 0 -niu-cfc.s. ill!- i- u c <l;.v. hit g.: ar aiu igot.ioii <f tr.-;i.’-.;s from that • ••*.!♦ rt.iine-.l by ‘he Fj.;:h Caiciina uf the -■ Mution. Ju a roj-'d,vc, **rc'r r*.jr.g I? • 0.-.’J ,ar.(v ? (he c.nst:tutiroj -i 17>7. Fe- itl. • Cx."!i;ii jj, very xpmfeiv.* hnen*j* haf d< 't ired her* chiract* r direct in\* oi *n ;* not t,> bo r* so; t d t **, ■•>0(51 s*ll c-ih-T rm;r.:itelfar.-l me; us fa. raising revenue—-inc-ii: Hug “-Jiiii -• n t . * (i . t **?•*- •n < excise l.av© be- ii * snaust -tl.— , Can T.,ts -ulruixte ho# n.;.-h :h • tbs.-ri.;.i- U: i.r*t* c‘ ■••*• of do:*. *t > luanTifa.*. . tur*> li th mingled with the umi-Mu ■ pro- el in to c*.-nu;.on .-lav*: iufamts, in prm;p:ing her course ? T 1 j- cli * nils--J to h consul i(!;* n among the aLve-boldingStates, p-r*-- • y r-? \ i 0 a separation, if their imt dc inands arc rMf-trd. It is .h .-hirmfro he at ’• iri‘*nrc u; 1; tin-c'.nsti;uti..i; of the ITnit-d . datr*--. T!.*- argument that \>!. .'/ r*.*i r-i ,aj.i in the Ih-icn y* u :r f..rbi ! 1 v the l":h M-ytiow. anicl • Ist, to cuter iutuc/U!- p:*e:. v'ih each other. • 1 uai to at old a violation r,f that iu*lr(i -you must lirst s. cede and then v<-u can !ra j c cnnpacu —the arg tsr.cJil is no; , eiifindy orig'rv.j —it is c •!*•;; m :..m o*.•- v ith ;hf* ComUlurioj, r.f rj,. ( n ji i >•>:.* i* i:i*. olve.s the orv grr-ord nj.oii v>rdi*i • Marlin, -jf M.. * jaui . y.-.t-- i. u s.r.g. ol New \ • r*. j ijitfi. d tt* i,- f.*:*.->. ment bom th** Federal t r ?i*n. - Arttcl h of CVmfodtrstfoß v<-r* •<* rephat oes.iy pr*hit*i?©rv upon }-•> o.n *u* th joint C n.ituriou. Arfi-.-b- *th. Nn. it a- v r?ic •** proven ny ?h r.g. ii prov* r ilia! W.- Lave > r|*( n !*vit g 3 iMir); ,*i n fr.f uK-f'* thull scvMity r♦ ar- T?n* bi*Mrv ol th*.* * .oiirtitutinn tjj -<• fA*■ ■-:i >i ]{ il’.uf* orlgiiiited. Ci. if dif’ck!*i s grow > out of rf r. f.v. * in ( .■>! yr, it! t., r ifulxn- ci ii iri.c, Ly Lc ]:t*h article ~ of tio ( "j*f*-i<Ta?;oii,. iv> |nOvjj>;i’i> tvem UTialf* r-Mo. rxcfi-t ••spr *‘l t>. in r Con , *lf rii** Cnin-d Stnf--, md aft>.rwir<l* confirmed by b* L g> iiurer.f every M.i*e '* ti In u?f‘r dirr g; Mi { tfd> mr.]©. f<*t-; : ige i . iti Janmiry. 1785, V a} f oi;;*; l C- Piiiii*;-‘n*u-ri>. i iironcu h-. I> g-.-:.i?iirc, to m-et sr-.'-i O' -nni'-s* •* rs n* ?.’t*iit lu* ap ‘ p-'iutrn fy tl:* Oth*T >tnle of ii.* t* consider c-ou,tcn*i-il r*‘i-’!*-ns, tvc. In >* ptet- ber, I7>d. On. n.i*eii-,4-rs fmai fit* Stsfe? met m Annajo U. W,a i ; , t * few di*.s reported j t (Vrgrrst-. ’h- .! - mk-uCv w/ C.aV* 2C tn t. )rj .‘a . f Flaicfi. FM*fu.ii v 2L-t. Congress rn*om - TutftMtaiti a CouvehiNNi of delegates from the , r Nivcraj St:•** “to revise the articles of i, f C*f*dcraliOT. and mmu t to Congress and | t fbt* fltslM jvKfHfHivclv. uhieh were agreed eu t" by i ’(HigresM, aud continued by the- j relegstc* bv t!)0 *V frd i , I- •-.?*-! ifures. who i.*: ,ii Cr*iiv-iiiiou iti' | ■ May. 1 .**7 and the n--ii!i of fl.-.f ibdib- , (r.rn.f>-. rat iti -d > v I’.-m uti <j*- in the . S.;iv<*. m;-> •< the o\:st.i;g ( , oustiu:i<*ii of j ih*> I "fir i <t .'-s, ' f j N •*-. t- >:i.ivr le-w entire i dcp;-.r*iiie' f : r rom il “di eetioiD *.f th*- Anid s -fC-n-y - I*-.' • ;*:ii: i WuS •;.:;(}*•. |i it**e*l oi vb* -fate.]!. :th (. *Cn:h I iel-r th*-;-. % Hn article)', ,■ ! ai. 2* sVoul i o f-' v !)•• n: eh* bv p.e'it.oina- | , M r--< I v<- <:* ( '.i;gr s. * Cfriiii.-I,H*d by the , I I. •’’.'-■•Dir** of (Vi rv Mire.' *|,r. pv . ;;t ‘ ‘ r i-,t *i r,< rr> uire -i * ?*,--: ai, I ' •■■• me ■ t.i-jM -rv b**tn-e n th S*.itc. rati- I . r . : * i * ti - ■ *’ ; ■ ' : i • ' - * , cut , (i rh-.rfer-n From th-* beginning l-i the , , M.-l th * hi (<?rv of the previst Oml’u-* , l - *•. i one --xhibi’Mi Vr every j*• > f • utter :-rei: <rd - t th-* prohihif-ens . iv M.i.i.di a-* now - x.'*. in that i’i-tf.iu-e;it, •i >._.** r ( * * * . u ...? ..r.K sof I *p:--ic-rnii-tu. Agam: : t .on- .i-t-4 ;n:tf t- • -I !• ..*..;|S! . * Mliofi .4 i1•• b\ o' 0- U**:it •; t - >!. g-' *- -at !.-• ■ I > , -llt 1? 1 ’■re. .".(-OSite an i MIT {>•• it; ‘ierl —■ ] t \ i.Tiii:-y at i !i--*-*n-l y. -ud I h-1;, ve Vir . g’U':* 111-: Mar* I 1. l.eflti 11 1 I-:*o <"1.!llp-fet-• -..ithour in** ri*e*iou e'>*i*- -1 of (' ngress. I r a.iv f h d-init 1 t • th* rami -r < f every - ir;alf I addivs,--, wh -flmr. ‘.liouid j (’uti *eu-• • iti of Mat*-*- meet to alteration?* in i i‘>- t 'Mistit u*ji*n an s -nLniit fh'-.a '.oCt'U- : - grf-s“ a- th-ir Ikial in-l d iitjeraf** n*sf*l v** —It i would not be i*4-rj-n :lv constitution il f-*r' ( ergref s to a !•*) (Mich r*So; ves atu! r'l'O’-'-n' them ns amt ,dmepr. in triei b-g.} eonU-r --mitv \. it ir Mi o;h Article of the Coiicfitu-j r , li-ui of the I'nitcd Stairs. Such iu brief, ii th* pUr that, in n-r - ; jydg'-.i* id. ill- bl.iv’4*bil*iir><* S*a(-c should; a-o ;>l. Me-i ii. 1 r!-iit*r*! Convention miw ,.. i - g -vt fcucii a-m-ndiin-iits of f!i** ( onsfitiit-on i ,' s iiinv }r nec -s-tii Tto preserve thejr I - • j I’glite -o the I‘n:-n. Should Congr is*rc-! : tn-* to aMiidi>w nd refr"innrn.rrfwryfV-for ? i tat.uetiinn l-y ih*- Staler—then m m th** j h r m-i i : t ;;i ; likc roLlcn liir-’ids fnd i -; s.*ck in . govcrnnieni that*rc:ii*ii I • in pr<-pe-‘y. an-i th *: sernriiv for <loine>fic trv.' j id- t v i.’iHi ihc cxuiiitg farm has • - CeitS d ill ord. I: ir true would require time far jt> j iccoinj U-bnjri’t. N theb-ngc-r two imini- ■ ; •.u* nt tor ueiay * It Soutli- rn m-*n r>-mi‘-n i ~at T• 1 4r' i* prtefs. wit ,| iiarm e.ji. f.jreo!: do ?1 ( ; i, hnl the <ii**po;'i m. lie if imp (ent to et-| , .t.c: i* —♦h ? .•‘-rpeni nr.-y his* and i.i*-nac.* • ' i>ut we have drawn Ins fang.-*. A*- •} fio- i . vti-ni niajuilty in belli Houses, places I i '’ bair!n -cep;rv iu his iuoids. TaViug' tliis view, cv.-n it* srparaiion iniDt com". I ; woi*' iit n r *i h*r r>r policy t pr-nir* for all IT CMXyil- lio- ? T-* r.i*l;d ihesr- |w* • i ! \* :! s "I *> n.-tty ndapling v-*urar ! fer y.iur I , tu- <v rei..:jon i i o give for Nortliern • -irr*r to correct iv f-—for Nm-iln-m mad- j , • ; t(t subsui**—for Nortin in inert tiatri-i . 1 . • r . r . .. - * , oiistii -o t>.: ,*j‘. a-r.i to txcrtuu >•[ us n!!u- j i . * ure? Arc y u pr*-parcd now for till* ui-i t;n-:tc St* p 7 F".4.*n ; .<.!. won! llt not be'l ■ weils:,!! u* .id-i isc with th * r Slave j Sftue.s, v. -J > leU't bear al: ti:-*b:ni.t -’! !-al-| I.**, in ine <*v*i.l of contr-; gr -wtr-g mi* of! -e .; ;';ti-jii ? If I i:.i-t;*k<: u- l. v-li are 1 ;t- tp*. *.? ..*l-•■•*.' r t 1..-•*.! m. ..t’ 4 es’. ;vih | j I--nee-B-<*. js it, oeucaln your Slate dig-i Jniiy tn ink" cjiinp ! with that great <■., : - ; inoi.v;. -l-h V \ -ur no! cad imit.f-. tef 1 !;M- no >i-—net Charleston- un-el with . ! ,i i cim-•;*• c woui-i be quit*.* m tipprcpi ate, i .-peak with all d<fafenc-i. is rti.ii South j' l .; U-ir-ii*n i, Vottr identity r( interest with i t;r fanner State bs quite >4.> intimat*.- as, ■ w :i.t l.u* latter. A w i.-e ]>-• y injv be I I pr* ierxbit- in prrcq’tato art •n. , 1 Ag-.r; : W !io of tho.-e I •■ -!i *m would ahui. .1,-a th..- iivji.i;* j-lup-o'.-l intiu, the |, ■ work >. f "ii; - USSJ .. 6 t ;s if, it IL eo:n --1 p-ift* V. 1’ ti b-Tii, :ti •! S-C'j,|y in i*- nitir. i ** il b'*aiil. Have rti- f'_. c -.i- Ii wb * }-. *i( j ■ ■td'u’r -r. TC so, of h!l iUe World, tin ' i Ml!;. p'e pl who ’ r- v--reft r ?-i it n-.Maoikb ' A c k;;ow—-ibe "worl~ :.o.s ; ! I j ~-mnrr J ;,} :•*. t ■ -#lO* 4|. * j ; . <-ifa of *Cf?, i ** " * i m;i, h*ik ~, j*nrf •* . - • ‘ * : * ■ t , - v *J*I 1 *ir 4 rt ,f. r,^i, . j . - s *■ • V** • •- i-l ’ <, •* VVn . .i*f. ,hta. .jt .-four hope? * C-*n \r,r k irr-teh ihcfs- t-hipwrighlr. Vy ' wfwkim nof tj- pri4.-!ni duy V \v-n ' ; }u uicafurc liiv unseiufh pctril'sfti -f a a>bi; gton the e*:liij w;-'!"f-: .f u H^n e-.TK*—the r-ojiticsl puilc'‘r>itv ami h wrr i’ig Malison. wi’U similar qnalitM in tin- \ iicff Ti* and Hhettfc tins pcs ••). I 1 J kn-.w i|?te personally, and fa. r t uffttion. I dr*ign no* wrciMm in the I kiigg-rtt Imm ran ton. Yatecv i? i mm uf great taliTt nd ft-arl- iirart— ". d;?r j, g lid*T ir. war—but wild lou m-icli of •iht Px>aiiiiuHer in his tf-mptrauf r>l to l*t i : a rale councilor iu peace, while , if I rrr* • not. IC.*.tt bis been dreaming vf disunion > a .ul ail it* ;isa£nihce.iil le-rultr far ihirj? years. Hn (lit expcriii.rul of ’B7 faded 1 . in material rffect*? Look t the gc m. i f kical r^ult—limited then within narrow' ■ n-3*e. new from the furth-st North where’ i lifar-n ba UviitheJ iu cu./oil down to, • ?r-iy, * the 4v*?.gc r A tnyrlfa the' .(mm-4 '• ‘•■■u : -Uoit- -jbE is on;*, i i : NO- I.* While tK.e *wo jyrnii ocram* of tH w<?rW mingk* tb'ir aonir of joy, ihatr lbcj clasp vithiu their mighty arms acm*, llneot like this. W-e have prief rated *h North until the sir roa'*s b*ck ro the faro like pinn** JHftfllucrfo £IW4 * the .Sontborii ocean to region# IniHmrio nini 'ft iuncoectuhle 10 resort, and Jipv iicer •elusion has vicT !;ci to the **jp:3 ■’* of American enterprise. That lit'lr' tr-’f plant***! by our father* in tioul*? an 1 ynl. m I i*iH**bed by the martyr blood *f th rt T* v.dimot has expan der! into a iiinj-Mic trunk, wii.'*• brunches spread out s * with*. hnt all '.l' scattered tribe* of the < trtli take nhclt'T bo math its shade. Youngest of rati, ns we b.iv* teen the teachers of the ol i wort: the h i >hnt*s *f despotic rule lias joticncd under ti’.e magic • four iofu ne**. -md upon it: rv V i’th* M ' r* ; the ! i-i half century, a h r*' a bl *w f*r libel tv has 'neon struck, whether on the (winn- of Seith America, ilit: dav-ic plains of Grt.iT*- or amidst the crumbling m - :.,i r nt; of inri* nt yramlcur in fair l:;dv. wlii h u.* ever n. rvorl tie* arm ol :i :.*t ••oldier i o b"' - n fli*s '■wim| (e t*f :'i • ; 1';.:*... I ;satcs. Mora map ■•tic still is the moral ei.ii.hiinm of our I *er. V. it r *vrr ti • Am* ie *.n eita. :i **• v. h th.- ha rtrui I-. I. m* ith -h 1 feba le of St I’ 01. if ->ll the st.-( nc? if Tartarv. ilie ivi;h’r of his country’- three e.v --t. mis it- piji. vtion over hint; lut a frw VoarHj.ii.ce. in a foreign po:t, tbon-un .* of nr. I- £ away IVn.n *>:i. e*. *>;- .* foreigner, only at. im ipb n; -'..z n <*f ih> mighty Re public, ►ongh. *hcl , i rin r* battle -,b;ji.— *By i'!i i Midi- ;v y.n ;i>snm/ to pro tect that immV i*.:.- a-Afd. “ly that •f the ll ’.o .it, il). iji.m hca.i - the sum ami >tilpi-s .• t!*. 1 Unite I Siitvc of America, ■.fa- tx-- itii.nv.T, ‘By what means v. ill •# -u iif**i <'>: it'"’ The 1 ...•!• 1 cannon tin*J the* d mstch. were- il*< Ggi iGcar.t i —iic untie i:ty way respected.—- I i.iuk you, f lUnr-cnr.- us. that the d*>u hi’-In-ajui'd lAig!.* of Austria rr uid have h'*nt it crest before I lie C;g i.f a single Stete? No! \o! not even tliougu tc palmctfo State or nimnlT IP'Ra. >*un, (ho > : .c i-empf. iv'r.r.i-** of prou.l ol I Virgin ia. Suj p*v* il::.'. Union *ii-s.>olv.*h and • * iiiy.n: of Ar!*ta?.'.j, sovvr. itrn and indc jn iid* nt—an ?ha * i*c in hei felf. *v- ro nrt * bi. ai. ‘"'A i*. s.w’*’ come y. uV " ‘ From A "What and wh'Te ir A- Kmiisms “Wh:it and v\h*r -!<* now it is Imotlrsv to ai.wcr—nh it rbo once was. it i a prid* to rcin rt inher—sho was elie. ftbat brightest eon>t.*)lall'U in the piam-tiry system *f nnf‘o.l*.. :h; United Ma'* . f Amciice; enlminaf-ng io llio zenith Wi’h :• rapiciiy and hnlhjncy thi*r, m.-X *t the* woii'.', ;*t trie v rv meridian of if -ph-n'dor and potency, it i n->: *und* e into scattered fregnu nt-. ns inrrvcb'us in ;ts tail .*.s it I*cm been M* nd< rous in it-ri>e>. I Lrast in i* i ui’h sn-iv. r lu snoh e nrpiiry it r.t.v ne*. r 1 •y or ha .’ey lit* "o utter. Gloomv tin? pr*-i* i* I will not \*t tie*pa rof the K- poM?.’— dm V as t!i“ el**u s ih*i or or lung*., turbu lent >is e.r lie* w iv>' that rhr- t u to *.n gulph, * uili in j <*.*?:o’*, i;rai•• m>i unit, fetid tvrlaim. •■ft !! .' :• .-• " *. ,',|r i.t h**>l >, ft - ! *n I'i ■ . -toe. f *it Hiioiaiiuy Vi’s Vi :• I. '■ r f ■ yr-.. Is r anjr'*e '•**<oitrhk on 'hi u . * il be i o-i >.ieJ. 1. 1 win t;we, apd • n that morn. w.h*n ’be \* , jnti* /*u.i< lie *.. Ini'll. •** t* tii- I’ac.uc. tisaV * lit rv be r* r > i -on •i* *oy i i uml v. r •hi-!, xfc;-' tfag : r fer other bin (i- r. !rrt'ii i.t; T*at*> i •.! •be same stiij*s /•. i Kir? th t f*tr i or# tbf.n m> Vent' i {k h-Vt* lr#j :•* to v* i r l-.r.d. bi.****<l by ih* *:*u- s iu o.orv ol t!. lUilu"! tl.i g 5-rie i>! •’*, , rilirtevL.” - - - - I il.* nt i. ro '! i - t .-fs • Joct.o*. Fi d-r:*h bi-Vrow. i'nf.'eor of !'•">. 17 ■t'*•*•’l) e- t_ t ( *’ r -. f tt. cf (hr ii.fim n?* I ■ **r ■ ■ ■i' *i * •*j.g .i*; r-; • A<* ill'll ’ ii. eir* • * l r ie|i* r y • j* 01 '.I in the t r ** t o as’u-. ~a I.- ivr. *ti rrtai" 1 1 r n i . i -pri.nps rm t too;'-;; t :r~. 'J cfi- t J - rdlntr of tre, ih- b.'.-i rrp h“’ : **., tho -ir ab'O ill m e*r: uj. n ln?N t mid they } r"'i'ilf :l 'em ■- ft . rinking. sn i hc . t si- ( *vlmle or n oor-oons.} hK-o* !i-y rii bio* uni'*’.-. rUl*t*-d’ , 'O'-*! j- g' • ;.f;C >. 4o o ♦ *ise Irausi-boi ~f v* <*r*- into h- r <r;fi r f oripn !; 4 the U-m t* fti liu>. contra! the ch.-ib'd hi!i .o - •>:. i ei' -xi r a<at#d. uii.i ‘-c.*i ;*••-, the * va- -riio:i *,f the Irci?* "o f-o, when *V car rentof r-ir !*• I-.d with ’ rca*.h thn f-'n-t*. th- v meet .j thui %rhic?i rrnd .n --kc? ihetw innl tdn..g*i Into rmn bince, uiore-nr. r. pars I in*, of the earth gocroc nmrr rly hcnvuth the trees, mid fine* thc'n also *.vapceale very copiruniy m a hot Climate, the atmm'porr in tnre f, re-H lias : *Jcprn of bumi'fity , this jrest liuini<!t:y at tb#- wine ftme proiiieinj many springe and tin ami.” IfEi incussr o/ Cov. Salt ETowroy Tbc Austin coirraponJlnt of the New|i* H 'ayunA, writing on th* *ilft #ays : G?n HoijKfun ntodb a fareite)) a.Mrs* to our p oofo to i&y. He it r t <rtng to re turn to hia ho4i at C.-Jar Putni. on Gsl vrrtoo By. May p*c and bappln nta t . i.w ;u