Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, April 18, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated April 18, 1861 Page 3
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THE IMPORTED HORSE, TOCXO xS. ■ ST. Ufinci FROM C THE tttbtrriber haa obtained thn fine Horse from fb North at much ex- i ponM, fr the purjHjer uf improving our stock of horse*. This celebrated younp stallion is, p fr . haps, one of the fastest tnAtmg I tor set ever brought to this county. He is eleven ; old thin Spring, measures 16 bands high, Uof a dark oheauut color, with fine • i'libs, well proportioned, possessing im mense muscular power and grand action. IU is gentle and submissive in temper, p rfeetly sound and free from all vie.**. ' abd has proved himself a sure foal getter. A number of his cult* in the North have for from S2OO to S3OO when a year old. One of his Colt s. which was raised by Dr. Jamison, of Charles County, took I •he first premium, at a year and a hslfi old, at the Port Tobacco Fair last Fall, oid several other eolta of hit get have * taken premiums in Clarke county, Va.JJJJ Young St. Lawrence will stand the resent season, which commenced on the lat of April and will end on the Ist of July, nt the following places: Leonard Town on Mondays and Tues days at Moore’s Stable?; Great Mills on Wedneadays and Satur-’: days; St. luigoea Store on Thursdays and Fridays. Terms —Young St. Lawrence will be 1 let to tusres at sl6 tho season, to he dis charged by slit. if paid in the season.— ' Insurance to be paid as soon ms the mare is known to he in foal. Parting with the man* or irregular attendance at the stand* forfeits the in nranee Croat care taken.|but no responsibility for acci dents. Groom fee 26 cents. PKBURF.E. This splendid young TROTTING s HORSE has a most noble pedigree. His 1 blood flow*- from one of the most noted English Race Horses ever brought to the United BtaL*s. Ills sire wat the renown- : od Old St. Ijawr' nce. for whom $6,600 bad been offered and refused, he baling; won the purse of $2,000 on Long Island Bare Course. several year* ago, and who • was also e*nsid red on** wf the fastest trot- ! ting Stallions in the United States. His , dam was imported from England by Mr. ! Jones, of St. Hyacinth. Canada West, at ' a cost of $2,476. and was considered one ! of the fastest Mares on the English turf Fanm-ra and others wishing to improve : their breed of horses, will examine and | judge for themselves, as he has descended i from the l*et stock of horses in England, * and which for power of *pud, strength of muscle, and vigor of Constitution, can- j not bo excelled in this or any other conn- < try. A number of certificates can bo seen j by applying to the Groom. IGNATIUS SIMMS. April 18th, 1861—tf. | | • RED BUCK. , THIS widely and Well kIKIW M vAI ■addle am* harness Hint linn commenced hi* season 11 ijJWj/ W | Saint Mary’s County on the Bth of April, intnnt. He will stand nt Leonard Town and the Great Milla, commencing with Leonard Town | and attending, weekly, between the two place* throughout the vniton. The Reabun will end 1 •It the lat of J |y. 1 moo.—sls hy the season, to be discharged ! Sy the payment of *lO if paid on or before the J I*l day of July, |H6I. Groom Fas.—ash in each case. The breeders of this county are w ell | ed with this horse, mb his stock is now - iu use ’ ■ and has given general satisfaction here. . ! . Persona wishing to breed u the original Red Ruck should not fail to avail themaelves of the ! fine opportunity now nlfeisd them. Wil. P. BOWSER. April 11th, 1861—tea. N| ICK | To Traders, Keepers of Ordinaries and i Others. fl TRADERS, KEEFERS OF ORDI-j -K NAKIEB AND UTHKK.S, are hereby notified, in pursuance of the act of. Assembly, in such ease made and pro vided, lu take out and renew their I4CUNSKS on or before the lit day of May next. as the law will be rigidly enforced against Iboee who neglect u> comply with Ihe provisions the Act of Assembly, passed i at January Rewrien. 1868. The law doe* not authorize any per- ' ** ® r persons to sell or barter goods, j wares and merchandize, without first having obtained a LICENSE from the; Clurk of the Oireuii Court. J AS. T. BLAKLSTONE. Clerk, j of the C. C. for St. Mary's Countv. , April llih, 1861. register. •pERSONR wishing to avail themselves j X. of the Service* uf this celebrated Slab j Ikm are hereby informed that he can be | found at the Stable* uf William A. Combs, in Medley’s Nek, where he will remain > throughout the present season. Taaus.—slo by the season if paid on or before the lat of July next, if not paid by that time S2O will U charged. lunar- ! •are S3O. The season will end no the 30th of June. CO AD A COMBS. April Utfc. IGSl—ft. ■ LAND FOR SALE. i "I •Sf&rMlf.ri, i,'Jian.( for Nrgrnr.,| A aaar 9000-wcie* ef Land, m for ns* is suit ( furebaaevs. j J. POftRESr. .Apt.l 4>k. 1661. 1 MtMCALJNOTKSL Ti* A RAFFINOTON has removsd ! r~f,. to **; Intgoes* District, where ho of | lera bis professional services to the public, i He may Ife found at his residence, near Si ix.hTc. aZ.o!* 1 ’ the pr - po " 1 “ f br Jaa. 81st. 1861—8 m. dentistry. TJERSONS needing the services of "a first i A l Ji2!S i ln ill i wt ' A Dr. HaL TOA who in tendOoca’Jng hlru*elf in The vilhge nf J^n aril I own. Orders addressed | u him through the Leonard T*.w„ Post (> ffii * ui „ r^t i % ■vn^ 1 f 11 ™ I ''! 11 . I* l '* term* are eaah. |)r . . tUon hw had ConddeterabL experience it. ! ,U profession, I* mod. rat.. i„ l.j, charges. and ', lnVMn<ll) l.v 2'wu -ali-faction to those who have empl. vefl him T>. give the reader* of the Beacon idea of the staiNinig ot ])r. 1 practical dentist, the r*i- Imwu.jj letter, :iddrrKM to him bv Dt . Niniar. I inktiey, L. S. V.. is a ponded : c• S Natal Ai adkmt, Aknapoli*. Mary land, ~ .. _ April 21. 1860. I Bear S:B;_Tt t Mve-nne great p Urn re to expreae the confidence I have in v .. U r *-kill s* a Ih-ntist,ami to recommend y>u. a fur a-i I hsve influence, to th e pe>r..i age of tl.a I’nMK I have had an opj.-rtuniiy ~f witnoaing your m*eb ff operation, ami have no liestfation to aftirrninj; that 11 exhibit* your thorough knu-vi- j edge uf you pr.iftMon. i atu, *ir. very re(iec!fully yur <*U-*lir-iit r-rrvai.t MM AN I'LNKM'Y. Surgeon U. S X Dr. Ran*norm Walton, Annapolis. | April 4tli,^lßGl —tf. DISSOLUTION' OF <JO-TaHTSFH.SHIT fTMUK Co-partnership heretofore existing ■* between A. A*ller an*l GcorgeH. \V<vKt. ward, under the firm aiad stvie of ,\d!* r tV t ■, is this d.*y ilwolvnl by mutiial rr.- .-wnr.- All parties indebted to its are request to M*trle llietr itiih-btednes with 1 Adler, who is alone authorized to col leer for the late firm. GEORGE 11. WYmiDVAUD A. ADLER. Afril 3r*l 1801 HAVING pnrthase.l the interest <*f mv bite partner. Mr tie... H. tin- ben-t< for* i'oii*ln, t**-d by the firm •of A Adicr & C.*. I ’oeg leave i>> extend to the public my lba:.ks t**r the very lilteral patro ; received at tneir h ituU ; au*i I shall en- Mtavor, by st|i t attention L.. busiue*** and an earnest clfi-rt to pleaso. P* tarrit a cuiitin- It tnn*. f the -ante. 1 can always be found at ■ the old stand. A. VDLI’.U. Leonard Town. Md. | April 4th 18G1 -4*v. To'JNG BUCK HAWK. | fillllS celebrnletl Siallion will stand it* j $ Saint Mary * county during the present j The season will commence on the 1-t of April and end on the l-.t of JtiU. , Perms and pedigree esn be seen at [.canard I Town ..r at other piiolir places. YOUNG BLACK HAWK will stand at | the stab'-* <f Mr. .1. F. Fi-nwick l.c*nnrd i Town, every TUESDAY, during the season. Geailleiren are rcqnesttd to examine thh ; Hite horse before engaging elsewhere. G. W. L. HtTCKLF.R, | • Proprietor, Oakville Md. I April 4th, 1861—if. I 18G1. i CARPETS , OIL CLOTHS and MATTINGS, from NEW YORK AUCTIONS. i C\ IIPETS from 26 cents up Oil Cloths fr.un ST A cent;* up. Whit? ami check ! Mattings, all width*, ut very low prices. (’•- j coa Mattings, of different widths. Also. Druggets, Rugs, dim Mat.; and Stair Rods, at ; rgiluced rates. Rag Carpets, of our own ; make, at wholesale and retail. A call solid | td. !, JOSEPH VICTORY. No HA Lexington nt.. 4 door* wol of Howard, Ikutttuore. ! April 4th, 1661—2 m. | JU-l JJL JJ. RATIFICATION NOTICE. I ) Walter Thompson "j In Circuit Court f>r i next friend of Kelec- > St. Mary’s county sit es Th<uu)is**n j ting os s Court of vs. / Equity. ! Rebecca Thompson. \ OUDKRKD l*y the o*:n that the Trns ta-< report filed in this esse be ratified and confirm***! unluss cause to th** contrary Ijv ! shown <*n *r l*efre The 28th day of May m-xt. ! j l’r..videtl a c**pv **f this order be published I jin the Bt. Maty’a Beacon once x three sticcciv weeks beloru the said 4th; 1 Monday of May next. The report states that the laud sold for $805.00, Bv order JAMES T. BLAKISTONK. Clerk, j March 28th 1861— 3 \r. I FOR UASE. A STEAM SAW AND GRIST MILL I on the Patuxent River. F**r rent or! laa.-e a DWELLING HOUSE adjacent.—l A Is*. f.*r rent a SMALL FA RM on the Three ! Notched H ad. Fn parti* ul trs, enquire at i Oukviliv, /u the premisci*. or to the under-' signed. J- FORREST. ! Feb. 3 l*>t 1861—tf. : I FOR CONSTABLE. i. EDWIN ABELL announces hirn-e’f a ■ * camildstr for Constable in Leonard fowe • dtatnct n*.d solicit* ihr votes of his fricuds and the guMir. Feb. 38*h, 1861. FOR CONSTABLE. The friends of JOHN ALLEN OAVIR announce him as a candidate for Cona able, in > Leonard Town Pisirirt. ; April 4b, IWt. i NOTICE. •To Trader* and *j * Oiltrr. • A M* persons an*l b-llrn corfKirate or po li'i*-, in Suint Mary* Cin*ry, who an- *m shall he exervisiug -r pu.*>iing any bui* nu* *r *ds!l be Gti' auv Uitug. G irpih occupation *.f a n hv-u-e **r pUec fi f Inu purp e l.*r whirl, s li.-cu-r i uj.h nt ic* ip *ary i*y tin. - i,.i*vs **f Maryland "if Istdii warned /o a Li> cn*r. or rtnetr the jmioic Oss or before tf • lr sissy of ,*) euiuiHg, under the penalties prescribetl by said a• s L* t!m infia rtUiii tbetonf. T!i.a interest***! .-re notified of tt-* fopotr -sng requireiueuts uf the Liccure law pa>tj at the last sessiuu of lilt- General Assembly >( Maryland. • Trader* I.a:ernes —The amount to l*e paid by traders for a license, iti.c atu.amf .J M -ck at the print pal mmjoii -.| #jj c m i*e given ac d* r <*tth.} is as follow*: If the applicant’s b-*;k in tratie <iuei mi cxccrti sl.of*o. $ 12 ;O' er 1 000 ami over .< 1 f,OO, 16 i •* 1600 •* •* 2 600. ]H ** 2 M*U •* •• 4.00 U, 22 ** 4. WU • •* GOtW). go G.*l*o - •• 8.1)00. 40 “ hoijo *• •• iot*oo, 50 | ** 16,000 - •• 20 00tl. 80 “ 3*1.000 “ ‘ 8(1.000. Jort I ” SoOnO “ 4b .000, |2i “ 40.(1*10, )50 ! T tie applicant mn-t either make ontli. • h r-♦••fi re. l* t*n* t’jeik <>( the ('irrmt ! (’<sirl <*f the ( •uuly where he is engaged in 1 hi) -mi*-*-, the .Inuilllll o| k-pl **n 1 hati-i, at llir priiK-ipai s-aswi* f -a.e . ~r fiie i "ath may admim(ert-*l I*y a Justice of the I’eace. when tiie (a-rw<n wanliug the li ■ re! s—• applies thr ugh an audit. If the *atlcr c*-ur>e be a>). ple.l. the f.-il .wing f im will IH- deemed a s'iliicici.t compliance with the act; Saim Mary’s Cuuntj fn trit ; i On this day of 1801. efore the atib. wither, a Justice <f tlie Peace of ;lie State .f Maryland, in .ami i>r *>.iid person alty ajqwared an I declared that lie I intended t-> apply *-r a tra-b*iV lic-n*e. un de'- the 21 section of the Act of January j S*>ei*in. 1 Suß. t** tie Clerk of the Circuit f-.iul f. r ainr VI ry’s (>*unty >r.fl u,ale oath that the am-uint of the si<K-k of goo*h ; generally kept on baud bv him (or hy //< t <•*.ttrrt n it i irhivJi he is eoyag* -, in ca.>c it i u ■ p;ir'ncr>liip.) at the j.rincipal -tesMin of sale, r if the applimut |..u* not pr<-vj..ulv en gaged in such tra*>. that the a/no nit \,f the ; stfj- K of ijihhlji i rhieu h>> enter!* io ketp, it-*' ,j Joe* n**l r will n*-i) exceed $. Sworn before, If thv catli be admiiii>ter*>l lef re a Jus tice of the Peace .ul of (he C -ui.ty in w hich the Hpplii afiou ina-t**. liter* ijiihi i I l * attached the certifi. ate >f the Cleik of i th*i Circuit C*nrt of tlu* County in which . ll.u Ju-tice resides. Persons may sell salt foctir.- fidi in Mr-h, A * *ri l and May W'lhout licence. Venders Inf cakes and Temh-r* of luvr and <idrr, wh are the makers at sue!) beer ami cider. (1.-- |gr h-.-r except..! ) arc not required to p.n j license. Licenses to Ot’ltnartrs an / Tarrru 1 , I he, licenses t-* t-r iin.nie- and l.iv rn keep- r> Ito h*ll spliitii-nis <>r I* rm* nt. d liquors r la i j ger la*-r in*i?ie !rs* rhm a pint, ai -any <*ne ti*i. are as hllow-; Pr..rid- t ] j that the aprdmanf shall first he rccoinmend 'l *1 t* tho Clerk by two re-pcc*xl.le fr.e j holdurs of his iiMocdialc vicinity, and -.hall ••make oath liefore *.d-i tTc.-rk t’n,.t he ha> I bona fide (and without intending t-* eva*U | the requirements of tins article.) provide.: j and exjiects to mnim.iin .six g.s-d b**U, witL. ! mffii i'lit covering therefor .md three> • ni'-n* than siifticient f*.r flie j-rivn**' n-s <,! ‘-aid ordinary keeper, with Hilling and pro. j vender lor five h- rsvs at least, a-.d if *.d. jappli.aat resides in the City of lUlti*n.>re, , that n has provided and experts to main tain twelve good l*eds with covering a* a tore -1 1 said and six rooms : The said applicant i* also to make oath beh-re the Clerk as to the rate of rent * r an nual value of the lions*- at .*r in wiireli ths i u.-ine>* t< l-e authorized by the license man j b* done or intcn*le*l to be dune. If the rental or annual value is not l ’ )ver £IOO. £ 26 ’ •* 100 and o**t over £2OO, 411 j “ 200 •* •• *BOO, 60 “ 300 “ •• 400, r,t> J “ 40(V • 6OO. 75 | “ roo •* *• 760. ao *• 760 “ *• I.o*lo, ino 44 1.000 “ *• 21 *OO, ]M : *• 2,<kH) 44 “ 3.01 m, jmi ; - SOfM) •• •• 6.000, 260 ; 44 5.000 • •• 10,000, 400 I 4 * 10.000 45H License* to Retoift rs *</* Sj.iri/ni*ut or Fcr~ | men ted Liqmn -> Layer beer. —The m-*uitU ■ **f license t<* be paid by retail*-rs .f spin'.u Us or fermented ii<j t--rs or lager lierr are as fi,f lews: If the vdue of their stuck i., trade f-c £. r OO r less. $ I Over 600 i From 1 O*K to $2,000 50 2 .**00 la 4,CKO 75 j “ 4 000 to 6.000 100 ! 44 c.oofi m 10000 i2o | 44 10.1*00 (o 20.000 130 20,0011 m HO t Over Bo,of*c*. 150 ; Ns license shall be granted t-> w-11 Ppirit . nulls and fcrmci ted liquors ur !arg**r l*eer. io * quantities n*>f lew* than a pint, for the sum j.>f eighteen dollars, ui.less tho person apply ing shall alv> ..b*ain a license t , sell j gwuds. cliulleL, ware* ami merchandise pay | :nc Ujei* f.*r tlie sum herein )>efore prrscriUsi I according m the amount ..f Ins stock in trade. Oyster and Eating Houses. —The license to Jbe paid by tl.e kw|n r oyster and eatn.g 1 h. uses i S6O dollars thr.nghoi>) the State, j veiicing millinery an*l ..thrr small | articles whose ei'w-ic in trade is a.*t over S6OO. ! pay s license **f $H **nlv ; but if over that ■ siikmii.i, tliey are required to pay the name j license as other person*—oath to lie ni de as ! h of stuck l the principal sea* m I of tire year. The Clerk shall not issue license to any f*er- | i •* I" sell spir.tu.Mis or fermented liquors from j wh au the grand jury h* recouimeudcd a H ■ cense t<> 1 withheld, or n* a (arson wlmk-c li cense has b*eu suppresse.l by the cwurt. uith • -ut the s|*Hial urcler *.f the court. The 86rh section **f the code, which requir

| e*i an appli.-sn* for lii-*-nsf t open oyster and eating h ii-**s, priM-nre ri.e r*-coriiß<eud.itou Ini twi. tii‘i|*lih r'n tre m bler*, and aU> t u.ake • >MtL t*e| re tl* (Jerk*l ihet’ircnit (.Vuirt •f his ( 4 .tni4ty, Ac., as io tin- annual taiue *f his house, i* rv|r*-led. The above Itccns** to retailers and oyMer and earing Urn, go into itiivl the bt of May. J. THOMPSON YATES, Shenfl. April 11. 18C1—tn.10. J cMSimrsm BY virtue joi me writ of Fieri Facia* by a Justice of the Peace ol K Fit? State Marylaud, in and f.-r S'.inl ,r Mnry’s Owmtf. at the suit of A. I*. "• Lap* •rai'le*i.gtst the goods tint churl el*. * land* ani Rnetaeiita of Jeremiah Artis. .. SV(I i me directed, ( have and y taken in *:cectk>n all the title, in r, tereat claim and demand, at Lw and in equity, of the avid Jerimhh ArtU in ' and to the following property to wit: J ONE NEGRO BOY NAMED JO. And I hereby give notice that on j FRIDAY tie 19//*, day nf Apt il Uiui, 1 at the residence of William K. Abel). . Ib lvidcro. in this District, between the . hours ‘of 10 o'clock. A. >| t 1 . an I I 'K*l f t*k, P. M.. will expose s at public Hide, to the Inchest bidder for tafrh. the above described property ■ ) seiz d an*? taken in execution. Also I* ■ i satisfy officers cost - on same. * ’ F. F. SPADDING. | Constable. March ilSth, 18tH—ts. * L_ || || FOR THE ; PITIIEITRIHRI : • j T il£ il CANER GEORGE WEEMS 1 \\* ILL resume her r* nte to tlie Pafnx.n* ' "* Hirer, (' •iit:i)en<*in>r SATURDAY, •larch Jtitli. at 15 o'clock, and continue evi-rv ! Saturday .imil further notice, proceeding h fr up as HilJ’a landing. will leave ilili’s landing even Tuesday M-rning f. i Benedict. Will IcavV • Benedict awry Wci!uetl;n .Morning at C : "‘•kk lor lititiinure. T'dling at ail the uau- ; a! Landing <*n lh- also a* Fair Haven j and Plum P-int. g. i •12 aud returning, N. H.—lOM \ CV-0 landed at uther N<v 11 ' ior 2 Tahacco Ware house* a? Shippers nav i dehire. THAO DORK WEEMS. * ‘ March 28th. lt|—U.w, - ; - - 9RBMV ' :| NEW SPAING GOODS, P. 1 :< k*>r 1 a- iist returned fr.*in . • lint re with so:nt early SPRING • liOOIIM, of the !alu>l .Aisles. ‘ * 1 f Fine English and Mt-riruae PRINTS; i* ! Pla- k and White GINGHAMS;' Bleached and Br.wn M US LI NS ; •; DUcals, &e.. . Ab, men’s wear f<-r Spring: Uendv-.Mud' Clothing. Gaiters, Hats and F.u.oy No *, In n*. Arc., all of which will l>c m-ld l..vv f..i • riish or l-w punctual customers •* short credit. W . 11. TFCKKU. r | Sassafras A: Oak. * N. B. No Hi,u- r sold to panic- to drink at • the St- rr when they :r** in a stale of iu: -xica i i timi, wjthrii? any r. pelt pcr.-oi.s. 1} March 28th, ‘iKCl—tf iiIIMSE Mm Til IS thoroughbred || rm at* will stand tliijt Mru>n at , ! the following places; * \ i- j At the Head of Si. Clement* Buy on Mon -1 dH3<; At Leonard Town mi Tuesdays; At the Clifton Factory on Weiitir*dayH ; At M-nnnietl’s Store on Thursday* ; At Tucker's Store on Saturday*. Season ewinmenced oi. the *J* r th of March. : For further particulars, 1 refer to my larg. ' i Ihlli*. which tan he men at the ditfrrent * | Slttluil*. ! GI'ORGK 0. TAIH.roV i . Mardt 2bth. 1801 —tea. I - .j- 1 NOTICE. M. (, hckniit and others Y Ctrcnit /! nrt ‘ ' J j vg. S- tor St. Mar-Vt > j 11. .1. Shanks and others. 3 ••ounlv. March ' ! }• term 1801. '; / ERDKIIED by the Court that John F. t * ; * Dent *1 rustew t<*r the sale of tiie rea* ! ). estate of EVrrv ilecenkd, u->tifv th ! * • crtiirrs of said dtvcaseil. inserting a c-pv ! t **t ti.i-. order, once h T-k f- r thr-<* sm-cessivV i • ! wnyks in the St. Mary’s Iteaeen t< file their J t , ehiims duly authenticated, th catat* i > . “f said deceased, with the Clerk ..f the Cir. nit j ; bum for St. Man county on or before the i > ; 28lh day of Mkv in xt, 1 (, ' PETER W. CRAIN. ,| March 22i d 1 Sul ,' ..ert-by certify that the a:', regoing is a I I iron copy nf tJ,e original older filed m my of- j |! JAMES T. BLAKISTOFK. 1 j .. , Clerk, I j March 28th, 1861—lw. I* - . , : ‘ ' - ■ i i NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ; VOTI.CK IB hereby eiventliat rheanharnWr ! . ii*obUnnetl from the Orphan*’ Court of I St * M ,,r y’■ county, in -Mnrylnr.d.leUeiS uf ad- t ; w.b.,mi the personaleauueefWin. { |, late ul uaid rvumy de‘enited. All! j persona hav iu B claim* againal the eaid deceased | are warned to the .ame, wntnhe I < proper too. hea thereof, to the auhacriUr. on or i j before the latday ufOci.. |6l t o| er oi.e hey i ; may be excluded by law from all hen-fit of the I 1 aaid estate. Given undei my hand this 3tuh . day of March 1861. JJ.JARI.OF, I .. . ... Adritr. ♦ March 9drh —4w. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. j WOTIt.E m berctijr given that the **Harr '- ’ ** r haa ohtained from rheOrphan'a Conn, of Si. Mary’* county, 111 Mary lawij, let* , tera of adminisiratioi) ,n ihe personal a;i>ir of : , la r of aid rnnn'.y, ueccinwd. Ail peraoua h.-ivn-r rlsmi* sinet the 1 aaul iie<aae>l, are hereby warned in exhibit the same with the pr.).er /oiieiica ihercoi, n the Milvn niter, .> n „ r t,efor r the Js< day of Oriel er ‘ Ip6l. otherwtae they mar he excluded by lew ! * ru * ll *l* *>enel!f ot the said estate. Given molar '• M ‘> ,4a,M * ‘bia ii, daj m Mm.h I^6l J. J.GRAVES, . . Adntmietiaior ] March 28th ißT|—4w. KISH. fiiASTFRN HERRING. CODFISH ami d HICEMTHKAI’ M t*l*K ju< riiini’! aut loran.t b; SIMMS k k llli GX. . • t ■‘ " J w*Uc JAC* ow. r*.. 1 j HARMONY GROVE NITRSERIES, ISAAf. JACKSON A CO., Pioprietom. (Scccrimr to TIIOS. M H \R V KV t ) Jcuuervtile, Chester Cmn.fy, Ra. Ta be Firmer tnd Tiocfara of St. Mary*. i Ar *d adjoining coandea. Ti t E ttub-tcnhcra beg b ire to .rati auenlior to them large • ock f..r t Fall trade. Andes, P*ar, standard an.l dwarf: Cherr tea; : ea--he*; |*lnm!; Anri- ora; >?Bctiinna. all ae* ‘ ected and choice varieties. t>ir ariull fruit -.apartment comoruea aat.y thing in 11a erase. ! Stra , one hundred vaneciea; Qrapea, • y varieties: Currant, Raspberry, Gooseberry. I I Rhubarb or Pie Plant, Asparagus. , Our muck of ORNAMENTAL TREES is j ;ery ' eivy, m.u .-uinpnses ail the common and 1 • moat of the new. both evergreen nnd iic<duoua . Res. Thililias uud ueddmg plant of every de 1 ‘cnpiiu.i. Osace Orange for hedging. Yi *ia I plan l ta J. aimed soon ;o£ujwict- all uUicia for .:tia, Iwing hardy, a rapid grower, ila , th>nis oliering an impassible barrier to . *ll icmds of stock Our atoefr i* henlthy and* ; sclt grown, and our prirrs will Ite found a* low j*s*n V oiher establiahn.ent. Orders Tokened - vddirj* . ISAAC JACKSON A CO., Jeunerville. /.liester Oo . ?*a ■ P. 8. Caislogues ti-rnisbr.t on application. 1 Reference—Francis J. Bine, Btooii.slniry; J. I.dwm Cuad. Mury’scounty I An km—•. Ercd. .Maddox, nbo is •gent for tbi* campaiiT, it ill attend 10 all 1 ard.-r.* left with him. * I ep: 13th, 1860 if. 1 *.IMK A N D Fi:tn ST OKE , Vo. 3 Hollifliwortfc St* Baltimore, wv. R. noßfti.n, rSCrCESSOR TO JO If > HEA.Nt) WIIOLBiI.F AND RKTAIJ. liFiltkl FW j Bricks Hair. Omni I.; CAI.riXHI) plaster, ! Corr, Oats, Cora Meal. Chop-Bye. Mill Feed, &c. Dtte.J.lrd, 1 Hob—Jr. r HI Cv)i:\TY CLERKSHIP. ; TUv * of OAMEL T. MORGAN , n reseu 1 : im to the voters of .St. Mary’s rout. Jtyaaa sanduW for Clerk of the fircui I Court at (he riri-tipn in and aoljrit H> ; ’*'daiuis a dispa-st'-nate conideraiioß ! Nov.-Glh. Itsi7. j WANTED, “j THP. wishes t*. lury n 1 P P f • ; ■ I.IKK.LY Yor.NG NKAiRORS. ~fh- th ( T"f w ki- h tin highest iraikrt 1 rirrf tvil’ I | paid. lVrsonsvvisl.inptos. il. who mat IK t ; j s*e htn.r during his pre*. r.t |..ur tl r-mgh'M,* ’ 1 Sohtheu counties of the Stata will have their 1 j order a )>r>*Bi|illy responded to. hv addressing— I ALLEN S. DORsn*. j j _ , Waaliingtoti, I). C. 1 Feb. 2nd. 1800 —lf. I “ PLOWS. ' I i ]VO. m and 10; M A 11. PLOWS.- i *• 841 'J Improved Davis, A* ! ‘ Sheir-. jnst received and for sal* hv j SIMMs A* MADDOX. j v&DJiP Ct.tRN MEAL, fmsli from the SUum* ! Mill of J. If. Maddux. | Also, a fresh tuipply of BCTTEU. j I ( iu store and for naU* by SIMMS JL MADDOX. ! Dec. *i;tli. I8;u, t I foe: road st pel visor. i H F.MH NORTHS f Jo. “fliers himself t u ; ins vnie-s <f Lnenrird Tusn rfi F rriei ass cainli date lor Rosd Supei visor and a ..I, CUa the voles n fhis* friend (ha public. Jam. 24th 1861. can mi. ~j! A fn ;>}' • GARDEN SEEDS and I 1 ; *LKD I'OiAlOEc* Jupi r<*ccnd aim )' : lor vale by : < ; SIMMS & MADDOX. L* j I i" NOTICE. ‘ r ALL persona iodthird m He 'at# firm of; • rro. \\ Dwyer vV C*.., aie reqt.eatrvl j ;e€ li.eir aeer.untt without further delay! I with J. Kriix Morgan, who i authorized p*! : t'.gn the uxine >f the firm in settlement. j C.KoRGK W. DWVCK&CO. ■ t Jn. 10(h 18tl-4w. ;o BAUGH’S” I? Air DOS A' SUPER PHQSPATE !' OF { LIME. FARMERS, TRY IT. IF YOU WISH TOl * HAISK LARGE CROPS, AND AT !“ TUK SAME TIME IMPROVE if lorn land. if r i . , IN the preparation ..f ihi* raloabla avsnitr* Bonks are used in their haw I STATE ONLY. , I'-‘y never hes ? BOILED NOR a CAL< I NED 1 ver tra taken a* r atur* a made them,crashed with powerful iuchii-n*. k | and subject to .t proce-*. hr which a!.* Ih* ! virtuo nf the Isne is refaiji-d. nrd a fcTtiliz'v 1 - is procured furnishing in a concent rat. d and | soluble f'.mi, tha two india}***i.*i)de \ in the growth of p’at.ts, ri* PHOSPHuRR 1 < AC. ID At AMMONIA.* two eleiurnte : by Cite of - Baugh’s R.w lh*ue i'hus|.liau-*’ I ’ ara to the anil hi ail their ongina' ' strength and purity. Tnay awimiU> all*' .n.ce with if, furnish all He amnmnia re*ded | for the growing crojs, and leare tha land per I msi.cntlv benefiftrd. CASH PRICE #45 PER TOV. j „ OF 2.A0 l OL’NI/R, ;‘a ; n CENTS PER ForND. lit Tb popular Fcrtilixrr am be had nf! Agr.t tn tlie | rit-ij si towns, or RJV he or iierel Ihr-sigh any CotmriaMou Mercbsrt is ! Bai tnuorc. GEORGE DUGDALF. - Ci Kit al. Dti'f-t k Aafvct, ! 1 No. 4 Syr aw * Waatr. . , BALIIMDRR. ! Fvb.uapy 7li. lit i- -tu. ' NOTICE. THE exiMire the fnn „f COTTIXOUAM £ HAKUIN’O is this -1 v diwnlrd by mutual c. D*c‘i.t. ft’m. H lUriittix U alona-autbor* iated to wt*ie the lft*iimaw the lirm. . * 8A MDEL DOTTING II All, WM. 11. HARDING, Jhh. 1 I*6l—4*. T’-a nnd*r ifired. having Botidt ont t(i Inter*-*! <ij Sunn* I C-minyham oi the firm of f-*tu >,*hai. .V Hat inc, will h*rcftrr cmidlKC the Lu'iunw m hi> own Naixr,—anti he uut rcaprrtiniiy <U fatur u| tht* friend* ul* j the old Firm. WM If. HARDIN 3 MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL WORKS. TO THE FARMERS OF FI. MARTS. , —I would n<si reh|Hctfullv c.ll )nr at ! ' n,v ,l,r /° nt of /.VP LB* I am UtuiiUt'acLinii.p and |. rt parir.g a largrr *%*r*ment *f A„. phmrtttji than. I have est-r before uln-n-l n. ;h* public—ll>rsr Power* am! Thieshcra. * Mhent F-ns. C.rn Mill*. Sh* He, , Ploughs. Harrow* Cultivab m, ami oi a v olhtr arfrrlp, .. nr.o:cr ua tv nuitjci, | ran supply the Fnrmrr with -rrrv thin* I ' may want. With regard In H.’.r>e Pm. a ; I • <, nW rail particular attention to f• lot of PELTOX'S TRIFLE O.K4RF POWERS, to irtwi *M ttifhmi W-, •r/.cA ere nnt turjmtMtti in thin r any nth.r • mariti; ami I uu~t respectfully invite tin* a ni.> an* in want -4 Machine* to gire ui a c*. ** 1 ,Vrl o i fwhMt that I can auit ||. ~u . * , rhuvor. I itin u.ckh.y a COHN MILL tv crmciii gfcn. at Ih-me. Tide t> a good Mill, Jmi: hr-i trted and pr<>nni]ti...|| m hy expr* judges. To this I ask ronr spy. ! ciai ailrstiuu. ' 1 tender yon niv sincere thanks for tb ; kiudnet* h< rcb.foie *u..w n u>*> ami i*g a co -118 J.UO of y.itu f.*v. rv, determined | 0 im> k* n >fr>i £r effort to pi- as* all who gise nie their custom Order* il| „.„l with , , tion l r Wing ihriTtr-1 to UM 11 ' M H HARPING, lf.o Pratt M*r*.t H?;/. BaUimmrt Jtfd > Frit. Till, |KuJ—i y i JAMi:s AVH KINSOnT GROCER & CMMISSISK MSEC H A H T, No. 122 Dugan'* Wharf, BA {.TIMOR} i _ . K.*ei ron-tsi-tiv op hard * hrr# aiNn-t* M.oi.t. rstvKHfuK family gkockrii h, Furr icn and Ihirnrsiir Liquors, Tnl ripco, Sr! j uan. Ac., which will U> ® the liwrt • marUrl prices. 1 rj iutc of all kinds **♦•]•! wn ronunjuMiu • *“hli only do a CS' 11 r&uimistioit hu*tn*)is, Nov. i!9ik. JS6O tf, iimjßii&E CKIAR MAM FACTIRERh, (.SuocjJSfcOßs to G. W. Dwcr.ii A (V> DRIMh CHiAHS. of our own mannf,> lure, ronafantly w ti. \v nato a1 ■ r fc.iv *i<K'k nf cxi'wllcnt OHFAYING and SMOKING TCBOACO; SNUFF.Sat.iI FANCY articlkr, Whii li wo are j.icpart-d t„ fnruub nut cc. t"mon on rcau n diJc trr.u*. J.m. lOlh^lSbl—tf. quick quick Y.i mi: ! i‘ KENNEDY’S • SCHUYLKILL LIME. ''‘•di known ;ti P-nnMlvatna. Lihtwsrt* KJ Ni’w Jrr.n and the North* rn at d Fastcrn poitu.u of hi state, ,-b hrn.p turuv other tor ajrictiltrtul iinprurtmtni. i > f..p bn hi>t ’ inie placed within the remh of ti c fa*ia ara and planters . I Sr. MarvV ai d adMi c*.mit,es, ti.r. uph the ag, m y of the m e*!, whom pn parol t.. ,r)l .. n ry, ferwsr o y quantity of n. irk Lnne. del Jr. ra l U a* |kt aerecmenl on ll o *n.., w „ fl% of rcr.' or bays ;& ►aid counties. OrdtitaulruU mL JNO. A. CAVALIU.. Autv. f. Leonard Town, Md„ March Sid, Itt*.- im Tim follnw-tnc aaatyair rf<*nmmfn4r thii lima 11 poiw-aui.ji properces (far auj eru-r to sow other) uecearary lo beapi iie.! tcih. landau.t .a lection, which are know n u ur Ut(i< rent m bvilt me and n>ugnm ; Laboratory n\Stat CUuiial, ) Xo.ii3Eo:Uu(ir Huihimra. • Md. t Jnnt BUth. Jr-iT S Report of mi of 5 samples of feehuyjl H Limestone, •narked lespecuiely K<' ] (sni'f) No J No 5 (white). No Si (bine*, N, J (*®p). for John Kennedy, Kq.,of P it Ktioiedy. M •tllgrtiuery t’n.,Kindi4flrt. The iWe samples oi •** c k tf Lift set ore * wera found, apo:i auwJyaia, be comtueed a >.l uw a . N I fir'S I >n 9 fief 9 f%> 3 /|> Cai iwb. of Lunft. KO T. d 4 7, fjl 5, Jtf.J, 57 I PnHnn. nf Ms* , 390.A4.1, Sl*.3, 9.4, gfi.g sar.4,Clay* frun.A , jodC rhealMive Schuylkill Limestone* ar# Maytta ian Lillies 'ones, of pretty nearly equal eomi a ilMon. They are moat ep-< iliy adapted ta tl a ipplication on soda whu.ii are Jrficn at ic ba>)i Lnntand Maguea.a. JAMK HIOOINS. "JAMIS H7 M IhSON, Attorney and Cottn*l|er at Law, I 'uixird Tvith, St. Mary M County, lßtryLh-4 W' ILL attend to 4he prr-' cf Law in Snnt Marr'a and odioutniur CuJ r es. J * March SWih 186J-]y. I UK CO tKiVdUSfOL I announce my rdf *s a caudidate foe Ckk f the Circuit Conn hr ffjint MaryV c* tiui ud r.spert{ui:y rdicit tba ruppurt of u f inends and lira public. GFORGE H. UERPF.Kr. March 2S,h ISC I. FOK HOAD SUPERVIFGU. JOHN R OfeCIL *• Pimwandixi . s*. IWe fat Road Hvpereisor in ti e Factorv dial n *t. HA XT FRIEND*. March 98 Ai 18€*.