Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, April 18, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated April 18, 1861 Page 5
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notice. , ALL turnon* m*kißs.**omm****t' with .if'hy ietur.w. maiko PortTobancoCbaHea rhamrl Point. Oblriweß• “ CM * P * WM. T. CAHmBLL. Fab. *rd. ISSS—U. FOR ROAO SUPERVISOR. JOHN H. BOWES offer* birateif as • *b 4*date for Rad Supenduer JjNjl Tm district and solicit* (feu appri of *• meads •lid fellow-ritiMoa. Jun. MO* 1861. 6RCF.K St VOE FAMILY BMCEBS ASO O'CALKU IB fvnt old winesand liquors. No. 88 BA.I.TIJWORK STREET. HKAI UoIXIDAt, BALTIWM, HAVE constantly on hand a large anH wall stjhmr 1 stock of FAMILY GROCERIES, euanisting. in port, of— Wntam Txaa.—Grueo and Black, of various prices and flavor*. Oorraia—Mocha, Java, Uguyra, Maracaibo and Rio. Sboaes. —Now Oriean*. Omabed. Powdered Leaf Granulated, C Yellow and CUrifif i! Italian, Maeeamni and Vermicelli; Uppers ] Coa’a Reftued Gelatine; Fresh Salad and OUvaWa. Oheeaa, English Dairy. Pine! Apple and Rap Sago; Sardine*, French, aad Snaaiah Olives; English and American ftekles—Oerkins, mixed. Piccalili Chow- Chow, Caniifl >wer. Walnuta and Onions. Sauces—John Bull. Harvey, Reading,Sobo, Mushroom* and Wurce-tsndiire. Bsaanixa. —Jlas flwnwrV * Co.. \ intafe U4O. Ourd Dopny * O*, 1840. Native i - Catawba, Bordeaux, Rochelle, and ether s Wanda. Forx 010 Wiirxa.—London D*ck Port, Sher 3, Madeira, Lisbon, Sweet Moselle, and tampagoe. WntacKra.—Scotch, Old Rye, O*lhon, Old , Rapp and IViurbad, softie aery old and due. j Pure Holland Gin, Jamaica Spirit., Ac. Imported and Domestic SEGARB AND TO BACCO. All of which they will aril at reaamable ; prices end respectfully solicit a call. March Ist, 1840—ly* COMMISSION BUSINESS. TIE udersigued begs leave to announce to the citizens of St, Mary's county that he has commenced the PRODUCE AND COMMISSION BUSINESS, No. • Obocbrs’ Excmavob, Qutaer of Exchange Placs uud Cou.uierce It BALTIMORE, and will glee his personal attention to all pro duce ciinaigticd to him. He hop*, by awlJu au and prompt attention to Mmiteu tv merit he eouddaucs of the community. Wlf K. DODSON, with Late tins of L ;ckott A Young. ftimtmi: -T> up Mott, (feshier of Farmers and Mer ohauu* Bank: Meuers. T. J. Carseu it Co.. Baukera; •* Wna. White luck A Co.; •* Preeland A Hall. April 34th, 1840—tf TUB SAINT MAHY’S FEMALE SEMINARY THE next annual tension will commenee on SATURDAY, the 16(h of Setnem her, under the direction of Miss LOTTY LEIGH, as Principal, assisted by a corps if efficient and experienced Teachers. The course of instruction is as thorough a> it any other institution in tne country, and it less than half the usual expense Tbe iehoUsiir yeai is divided into two terms of fve months each. Charge*, prr term, payable An idvanre lor all tbs br inches of a thorough English education, including Board, Tuition, Washing, fuel. Lights tad Redding, $7600 •tat unary, 1.6 C Tuition for dar pupils, Including fuel, 21.00 •spabatb bbabomu: French, 14 80 M’.uk, with ths in of Instrument, 15.00 Drawing sad Palptlug, exclusive of materials, 8.08 Painting in Oil Oolsra, exsinsi vo of materials, 10 00 Pot farther information, or for Circulars, apply to the Principal, St. luigoes Post GflUe, Stitt Mary’s County. Md. a BILLINGSLEY. Ptosidenl of the Board oi Trustees. August 14th, IPM—U. ImSwim fVI BE undersigned, who has bad csaridcr- JL aUo sxpsrisnco as aa OVERASER and In the management of negroes, is desirous ol obtaining n situation in that capacity for ths present year. Satisfactory references can be girsa. Address, BILIOUS DUCKETT, Leonard Town P. 0. March Tth 1401—41. ~ A CARD. TkOCTOR OURTAVUB CANTER, having located himself in Charlotte Hsll, respect fully oflm bis professional services to the pub lic. Hi. office is that formerly occupied by Dr. J. V. Shaw, where lie can always bs Lund except when prfe*ionally engaged. Rrrr.stucs.—Samuel Chew, M. D. Prc- Ismiv of Principle* and Praties of Mcdicim in ihsX T alverunv bf Maryluud. March 7th l|6l—lom ■ "t Y r '<■ ' i BFIUNG GOODS. * Wwawm A largo supply of Howaid Buck. Peui I’laida, Ac just * received au< Fur -**ls by S. LEO. SPALDING ■■ 1 1 iLStlt tSMO. J. g.MOBMAr TABOO A MORGAN. PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANT'S, Abo Wholesale Dealers in LIQUORS JA U CIGARS, No-37 CHEAP3IDB-, oenr Pratt at., BALTIMORE Otp- Every description of cour.lry Produr entrusted tooutcur* willreceit(Strictatten tion. Apn .’Bth, 1858—tt. THRESHING MACHINES. I have for sale tlie Pfit<m Triple Geared - Horn Paver and W. W. Din yet A Co’a Irou Thresher, Sir ate Carrier, j The machine is warranted tv render satisfac tion to *ll purchasers, The price of 8 horse Sowrt. 80 inch Thresher and Straw-Carrier, rlirered at any wharf In St. Mary’s com.ty, is <5185. Farmers are invited to call at try Store in Leonard Town and examine this Thresher. E. LEO. SPALDING. June 28th, IB6o—tf. MATHIOrS GAY ST. W&KB UJs*Dai3s> Extending from Gat to Frederick street, haring 40 feet front, 170 feet deep, and 8 stories high, Baltimore Md. Alwa ys on hand a laige assorimect of every variety of and Oific* Furnifure, embracing—Hnn-siis, tiedetead* Wsshiitsuds, Wardrobes, Spring Ik-da, Mat tresses of ifuek. Gittun and Hair, 'l’etp* j s-Tctes, Arm Chair*. lurking t.’lisir.. Kt.rge j res, Marble Tables, Reception and UphoUtrr ledCliain, rred C-lora of CV-ttrje Komi- j ! cure, Settee*. Wood Chair*, Office Cl airs. Btr- | 1 l>er Chair*. Crih* ar.d Cradles. Side-botrde, i I Extension Tahirs, of every length. ! Persons dit>p‘**ed to porriise an* invit**t to j j call and give our stork an examination, which, j j for variety and qualify of workmanship, cannot j Iw excelled by ary establishment in the eoun • ry. . I A. M *TIITO’ n A SON. j and *l7 Narlh Gay Street. Fsb. 2nd, 1860—ly. JAMES 8. DOWNS, AIIOUNET 4 UOl KSHU.OK AT LAW, | Leonard To tun, St. Rory's Co., Hd., Will practice in St. Mary ►anti theauiuining counties. Feb. 10th 1868 MILL WRUsHTINQ. i / 11HE *nh*frib< r. hs>. iny had thirti years I experwi.i-e at Ml 1.1. WKIGHTINti. h • j piepartd asivl v*ii lir gto go t-. *r.y j ar’ of the ; ; Bt*ie to d such werk 4 KIcPAHUNG ;r j I : BUILDING MILLS, U* can a*o do rough 1 ! CAIiPESTtH 6 work. All wt.rk done in a, subetuiitisi UtSStoel SUU WUh ULspHUh. AJ- ! <trass. F CNKLE, Qisat Mil’s. 8:. Mary's C*>. Md. I •cl. 18'b 1844 - Bm, s. X. H&aBEUT. M. H.Htimr JAS R. HERBERT A BRO. TOBACCO AVI) PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Ms. xxGrant A Hollingsworth its., lILTIKUtI, u u . Rm;UK.NCTS. JohnHepktns.Presideu MerchamrGank ( Trueman Cross,Cahie.Commercialai*d Fanners’ Bank. t Geo. W. Howard ik Co. * Baltimore. I Duer. Norris A f’o., ** K. liickley k Bre.. " f Fenmtnan L Bro.. " WbitusY, Cushing it Comstock. Balt. I __ oku. a. atxiua. jo. u uavdx BUSINESS NOTICE \ T’ IE ntwlersiirne*) hare this day fonr'tcd a G-P*rtnprehij* in the MERCANTILE 1 BUSINESS in laninard Town, under the name asd style n( SIMMS Je MALL OX, j land are now doing buioi-e authc store Utcly ) occupied by Geo. A. S,;n;u A; (>. They so licit a coittiunanet ~f the wry lilieral p.Uro- I n*gc which Was eatcuilrd to tbe late firm. GKO. A. SIMMS, j JO. H. MADDOX. Oct. 23rd, 1840. i Ckt.24tk. 1840—tf. p 630) WBWA IBID* RAN away from my estate ;u 40 Medley’s Neck, about 10 i?ay* ago, negro man PW COLUMBUS. g/fff ji He was bought out of the e*ta of iMm. Cuaick and bu* a wife living at Mr. f | George Tarltou’sat Forrest Landing, head of • Cuckold’s creek, t ear which pW eho w doubt e leaa lurking. He t*-op a litth, is of a light chocolate civnph-xioM, and ahuot 80 rears of rga. I will give the gUik reward for hi* ap prehension and delivery to me .r tor !>i cuu | fincinetit ia tbe county >‘.l, Lcrvrard Town. . I JO. IX. MADDOX, j Sept. 16th, 1860 tf. 1 mmmmmmmmrmmmmmmrn mpmmw NOTICE. >• v I umk-tsignetl Ins just received a Mir^e 1 •* supply of Ladies PARTY' and BALL j Ix .-ods conaistlng of • i WhiU and Colored Tarirt'*!**, M j Ladies white Kid Slipper*, i Ladle* White Kid Gtvvce, Ac. Le. j Ak>. Qenta Vi’bUo K:d G k.ves, (tents Pkrry Keck T.h, 6ccts* Fineßhirfs, and*Ol!ar*, Ve. ,Vc. 4 K. LEO.BPAjuDINO, Leonard Town. Jauuary Brd, 1561—tf. a - ,J — I J - ■ —=— SASH FACTORY WORK OP BALTIMORE MAKE. GEORUG H. DOB SOM * CO. SccCHkiOM To FOB A KSOWABD, Ko. M Pm II Street, FACTORYLOGOUT FOIST, BALT., Have oo band, and mako to order, o tctil-aeaioiutd Lumber, SASH, DOORS, BLINDS , FRAMES , And all kind* of SASJf FACTORY WORK, Al*c furnixk every description of BUILDING MATERIALS. j 9 Wo solicit the order* of Builder* and other*. • Sept. 27th. 1860—-Rw. LUMBKRt SHINGLES! 1 PLORIMG. AC. \*7’E invito the attention of our frauds *ud ** consumer*, generally, in St. Man s and adjoining countie*. to our cxrcnrire assortment ot seasoned BUILDINO MATERIALS. All parties cohtcmpUiing the erection of Dwellings, Barms, Ac., will find it greatly to their advantage to give us a call, as w# can **>l at lowest rate* for cash or Negotiable pa- i I Door*. Frames, Sash, ScttP furnished at i Mill prices. Order, filltd fvr Bricks, Line, H*>r, Nath, : See. * j N.. Wharfage charged-m VeM U receiving I Lundier lr**m ** \ ard. ’ j 1 CARSON, ZIMMKRMAN. A CO., West side Union D**ok, ! Norfolk Boat Wharf Mar.t 29 ft . IS6C— SIOO REWARD. RAN’ awnv from Rose-* reft, tie reside**-* ** William* F. Hardy, in St. lingoes’ dm ! tric:, on Tuesday, the 15tf instant, negro m*n ; Dav.u Williams" ged 24 fers. Davie ]is aoout 5 feet, 6 •tr 8 iiWW*s high. lie had or, j when he left the Farm, a pair of while diau I clalh pan'aloons, A b ck pot jackrt mid awhile , ! rlotu hat. He took with him, also, s Sunday | u.t of black clothes and a Mark hat. D.vid . I a faat taiker and very quirk in bin movement*.! ■ He was purchase*? of Uarton Duvall, of Ani.t . ! Arundel county. Md. f I will give the above reward, if ne is takei i oulriKe of St. Mary'a county, and *SO, if he i. j token m the county —provided he * so iee.aie. i ihn; I fti Hilt* . JOHN M. MILLARD for WILLIAM V. HARDY. Leonard Town, AIJ j Nov. ?4th. I*sß VOLUNTEERS WANTED. CITIZENS of this county who may ht ; J-airouH of mviii g iii t '*e for:jiat;.n ol a , M'\V\ LUY COM TAN Y are. requested u; ■ leave their nnnoa at the Store of MeaM.- : jSiuims V Maddox in thi village, i .January 3rd, lf-C’ —U. I NOTICE "" r!E r.drsigt ed beg* lf#r to inferroehi** j and the Public, tbit i.m i .lillal the OLD STAND, in Levant T- wn, .-arryii.g i no ru.ACKsMnniNH. gn. louk (KM'THING, SHEET IKON AND STOVE •WORK —in hlisrt, iron wot k f h 1 ! descrip ’ tUvB as repairing CARRIAGES. ULli j<i IKS. ROCK AW A YS. C\ H TS. W A (it >NS, j HOUSE SHOEING. FARM WORK of all j kind*: *ho REAPERS, THRASHERS ai d i DRILL*. With hi* experience of 11 yea rain | a Mat hii*e Shop, he thinks that he cat. d> any ; i kind of niarkeniilh Work iron* a kneedle to an f anchsr. and on rrasc-oahk terms. New Wag jo:i and Carl*- built cheaper than on he done !at any other simp sn this place. HOUSE? SHOKD t the sh rrt* t notice. JAMES A. M’CATHKAN, Btacksnxth. Janaarv 12th, 18t0—tf. *. UKiM. J. moiiiKiir a. ‘ tiro. f. irowas J. H. 11 A UDESTV. WITH HEIM. NICODLMUS * CO. IMI’OKTERS AND DKALKI.’S IN i FOSSIBI & DOMESTIC UU. or veKT urecKtrTioK, NO. 688 BALTIMORE ST. BALTIMORE. March !.t IRfiO—tf. NOTICE. K LEO SPALDING reiurn* his thanks to his namerouK customers for the liberal juttrou- , age he has r—ctved frku them, snl pledg* himself to keep a CHOICE ST OCK OK GOODY always on hand, which will he sold very low for cash or its equivalentt. E. LCO SPALDING. 9 April 2nd, 1860 April 6th, 1866—1 v. subscriber would respectful. 1 ? inform bis fnevds and 4he public, V . m: he is prep-tied to Jo tfvrrv thng m £uml j the line of a W A TCI! ar d CLOCK MAK LK j •ml Jeweller, on !■< Bioii terms for j cash and *n the most durable manner. Thankful for n**c fsrors, and in theliopee of the coatmuan'* *f the j*airon|*e f an enligh tened public, he will endeavor by diligent ano’t catioa to business ts merit tne favors shewn I. • BALL. Waahmgtnn fiotc), LeMosrd Town, Md. N B. Jewelry given ifc eschMagv for old gold end silver. I. 8* BALL. August toth. IB6o—lelto. ’! PROFESSION A L NOT .ILK. ■ 1 \R. J. FLI.tX MORGAN hji renteved iI J iron Leonard Town to his residence • ‘•l'la'eiMia,’* on Britton’* Day. He ofers bis j prr.fifSKiooal servires to the ,*uhhc. Orders left I nrthe rirar isr Oe#. W. Dwyer 1 A (>., Leonard Town, will receive prampl at* I MOiiwa. j Jiai 19;h. IWl—tf. LUMBB JTOTOi. BURNS * SLOAN return tindr thank* to tins Fonuen- for tlit.r hUrral patronage fur the year part Tin lr stock of LUMBER is larger thac ever and WUcr ae -wrtrd; and we are ddcrmi.eU t efer great tedneefner?* tc ear! *>nrcr. Apply f he corner *f Kntaw ami Gorman streets,or at 182

Light street V\ oirf BURKS * SLOAN. BaHnnore. Md Feb. 2nd. 1800- UOBIiRTSON B BRISCOE,! SUCCESSORS TO B. H. MILES. AT II # i OLD STAND, Uv*. W. I RATT STREET. Baltimore. Respectfully <>iicr tuir servieef f -ageiilK, l-r tl>e le if TOBACCO OR.ify. a*d all kinds -*l PHODVCE,\A**)%- j ing th**ir untiring efforts to r*u dcr satisfaction Ito all \iio tna> patrenisu tuem. LiU-tal u* . ! van 'es made '.*tt cnnsignim-iita. March 22nd, 18. -o—t T. i NEAV LIMDKR YARD Corner of Svtt Ptisan I Pis ern Aetnue, BALTIMORE, MD. S WILLIS (Ir.te of the firm of S Will e <’o ) haa coianntnerd Hit LUMBER BUSINESS on hi* own account.and is pus ■ pared i. furnish LI MBER iu all rnruhe* fo j Building an* alltei purposes. He w ill toi ; msh also— FLAM PS. "'A Sir, DOORS . BRICKS, LIMP OR HAIR, A With many thanks to his •*■ custom | ers in St. Mry’- and tit**adjoining countiev j be hopes to rrlaiii their ei.i.lideitve an-lrr i ce-v** patronage.anti pledger him-cl; to u> aevery ertonto pleas* atic wtllseLcluap for cash **r appr* vt*- p ip r. Dec oth. ISff? — Iv. B UIL ]) ER’ .V j M A TE R IALS, The undersigned vr*-tihl rcjve;tfni i cal* the ..ttci.tmn *>f t'ne Public n* t.tir i;.rge ir mei.t *-f D*>OHS, /-7./.V/>.*'•. S.4SJI, DOOR i PUAAIKS, lt/.V/*DJI PRAM 1 S, t '.hli- I BOARDS. • ASIPOS. MO:'LI J.-0< M 4 ..' jPR PS, an*l r*' n nesc'pti-J* *’• ' • j ' l ’ - • |.ng materials, v.n lne> i...v : --i.intly ; j ! ti.trirti.U v\ LUi- ’. it - , c.-._ i—.i.‘ 1: - rht n • . C• . . j Ti-ev are -vlkm prepared to f.irtir 1 r.t tiu j I sh- rtcsl n..!ice ITJAJIK WORK fr j | O •tint rv ! Lttses. aid sit iirt-.f> Kesid-nccr. according lo any plan • r -tiis;, all ready tit pul to be put up '-n ;ii*;r pi s- j ' ,-*l sites. | Farmers and others, do>ir•*:*• of InnMittg it- th.c Ci-uiilry, *.thl find it t rheir ntiv.miage l*v giving us a call befit pure! ..sing t;.vu wliere. a* we htv fufly pi**p:,ied t* *xcntej work mi t'nemcel reabi-n.hl- urn s. And il.e , uiUantuges. which we oth-r i. prepaiit.g h.! j the materials that may e > ccc-siry iu cm.- ! strurti’ig a ficu-e, v*:; 1 h* d tv atf.c the _■ Builder a great di a; ol vexatious* delay .uni exjiensc. ! 89** AH orders left t tycir office <■ r ad* dr*isud t them by naii 'vill inert with prump and untie fact*-tv attvilnt*. MAKJHMN’A- .TtUINM'tN. • Sfram I’lainitt;/ Mill :ud Su.-h t'.u'tory, E**l Kalin A vn.ue, n-'ar I'rait Sluct Bridge Warehouse N-. o- r *. I’r *l* etr i*. Nxt -be'r t pent* vk Mit.Tui.,Dab. Md. April HHli, If'bO— I\. CHAIR AND FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. nr E. ANDKRMi.N, JS’-.v. 10 k IV; • Seruiuf Slrert between IVr i*ric\ Street *iui Mnrh .Market ty/nct, Baltimore. Having the largest Ware rooms and best assortment ut (Jabtu't Punulurt in city, is prepared to sell*-v iv artich in hisline upoti the ui**l liberal and ac'oiuinodatii.j tCiiur, Having had t long experi* nr* in *L** line 1 1 buir;*‘fcs, he flatters Imiiiel; ir at he can rot::- pete. a** o excellence ot n.tenal, beauty ol workmanship and range o? pr:*es, w tf. any j establishment ol the sort in oi otb* t j city. His general stock embraces a lui’ and j complete aasortntent oi i’amr Chairs. S’Mat, 1 Rocking Chair 9, spring f.nunztt, Chcnlttr i Suits, /’<ir room, Office and Dining ('hurt, ! French Teie a- l(Us. S'iires, Arm Chair*, I M'.tl*ra.res . Locking •rlanrx. -tc., ol every va { ricty ami description. :!*• also utt hand ! Bedstead* vf his own manufacture, which ! can be put up and laki*:. down ru iw< min ■ utca. Persons front ?l. Mary wishing to j purchase Furnitarr.sre requested to cal- and (examine hn Stcrk belore buyieg clsotviiert i f** sure to find the right place N'.?. ii)6t 12 Second .Street—\Tarlouse wttb 80 Ice front and S large Folding drn. August llth 1850—!v. " JOHN T. CLA UK K Wholesale and Retail Grorey A N I) lEommtscion film 1) ant, i WW \S moved tv the fine and commodious \BM WAREHOUSE. I Ho. 154 West Pratt St. near Ligl*t i and begs leave t* inform his friend* and the ! punlir tha* ke has on hand a and gen ! eralasaortiuent of GROCERIES, conei*uff i id part of— i GOV EKN M ENT, JAVA ,LA GUIK Aa nd RIO COFFEE; REFINED AND BROWN ?l GARS, of * very graflej ( lUNI’O W : IJF R ,IM PERI AL. Y h Y?ON HLAC K TEAS 1 GOLDEN SYHUP.NEV. Ci.Lr ANSat.O \V. I. MOLASSES, 1 SPERM, ADAMANTINE and MOULD CANDLES; FAMILY, EXTRA, SUPERFINE and BLVKWHEAT ELOtlLfitc ! j*,. jiJko iqilies Theespee.alatte tion of nip 1 I friends and cuuomers to his extensive stock Ur IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC Ll -1 1 Cil’tiKS. v. hied have been selected With Ui j areaiwt cate *d caunet tail to pwa e. BaiiitAore, March 4th, IBu9 • Mar cl. i(nL ;56 Ij. professional notice. DK. HF.N'RT c. RUKI.R.V k rmml hit* Olllee to the Ia Offic* hntMiiit utupiui l) (i. KieJ. .Ma>bb*x, &qr. Ha ran always bo fom.d, either at hi* Office ot Mo're’a Hotel, wbeu not profaidhaUy en pased. * # , Jen. 10. 1861—If. * _____ i B U$ IXESS XO TICE. I A M. trAiia in<)rl>iH] io me on Tavern an- ( ia. count will tom* r>rwmJ anti aetur the , , *auir without Jt-i >y a* 1 •visit nil claims J <r me closed t'oitliuilh. 1 intend hereafter to do an I , j sxclusi.e CASH business and am determined 1 to givr no rretht for RATING. DRINKING .or HURSE FELD from the Ist of January j icCl. ’ ! J. W. J. MOOrIE Proprietor, • Washington Hotel. January 3rJ. I?6l—tf. IKO. A. SIMMS. JO. U. MADDOX. FAIL & fill KB. WK have-just returned from B-tltiiuorc city wilu a largf ami well-selected i )('K I>F !' A I. L ami \V I N I Kli GOODS. to the in**|*e* tion of which we in vite our friends ami the public. Uur ! stuck of- BOOTS. shoes. HATS. e-vrs, I L superior, both in quantity and quality, i t<- anv beret fre offered in this market.— ! Uur > also embrace- a large aasort-! nii iit of— L • PIES' DRESS GOODS, \ f every etyle and quality;— Dfiu/y-ni'i-it. ClothiM. Fnrnnttf, Cassi turns and I inf i'ioths: 6-4 Full Cloth; o-4 Jo; 0-4 Krrsr'js, 3-4 dej si -4 striped .7 nd jjliiri Liiuo-ys; 3-4 Lin.ys, mid 3-4 Sht-rps Gray. Our st ick of OItOCF.IHES is large r.t.d ‘ eu.Li aces a large .supply ot — /'neon, Lut’d, Uniter, J Four, Cheese. Firh, Fresh Jiuck-icheat Flour, iv., dr. \V* heve a!;-o on band a large assort mem of FINE LIQUOiiS. imln ii.iir . 1 Mines, Brandies and U hi&tys, of the most npj ro.* d brumis. | I Our whole Btck of r odi !a\:;igbc*n ptu cbared fur rath, we Cutter oui.-cltthat 1 iff :-.ic able *.a eiTe, suptri •; It. luec;.*ei.‘.„ .• ' . . 1 ii I, u were, noth }• i ) pr- • :*n i n-.'ri.-. SIMMS i MADDOX. j Nov. Bth, 18Gu—1. |, _____ . i VALUABLE i • I MAXEFACTCRIXG PROPFRTY j iPDii DAILIS* | rp’tlK valuable t r -pvru . known \* CLIF- * i -* ToN F\Cl<>;lV ai.l • rII N I' Ml LI ! I (water powi rj, ►ituatet! on tla: Head NVaie* - j oi" St. MtryV liver in Sami Mai 3’* cm j Vd., and cnibra ini' ah nf three humb.d aim j 1 li tv h- re? of lain!, 1- ff* jat I'nvaV • j Tl.i.? prej my fn a .'•iOli.l. 1 H'l'sS - .. | i ivbieii is a y.u <1 stanu f-*r Lusliicss, ill.'l 1 L, i j l)U F.LLIMiS, W* tksl <| r. Ac. 'lit- pro-| ' pertv will he sold .t. avc- min slating ttrtnr, j For further paiiiml ra. appK .0. THOM \s W viOL’CiH, jo. i, L-mnard Town r O. ■ • N-.t tfith.—ti. | MI LUXURY A XP FAXC}’ GOODS. ;r | * 11 F. iimlrrsijrnf d t 1 i* notion? of in -1 ■ forming *.ci ad cti'’• r* arni the jaihlir. | jriterelly. tba' t..t will |>* .1 tn L* -nard j r.w ■, oil Thnrfday tax', Dt >-n.h-r '• . , 1 i eotnrdf!*' 3ert< rl .nent r>J[ Mll^l-INLIA ! and FANCY GOODS .-f tin* most ftu.l.l-.n.d.U i styh-v, al! • f which she will .ell on tbo mot ! accouinj'aiaUi.K leruii. MRS. CASSIDY. ' j Nov. 2f*th, IB6o—if. ■PATUXENT RiVERIAND FO K SALE. ! IF'" t r r * , y. At private lefe.rc SAT i ■ IjUDAY, October the 20th, IF6O, I will • offer ?♦! public sale, :n the village *'fCiJAK- J LOT PK. iIA on that day, ;he FARM l oa which I now result'. j Tills PrvrM is Mtuated on *h* Part xcr.t , Hivrr, adjoining the lauds *f Mis. E. L. | Thom at and Maj. Jai-tr Collins, and coi> j ONE THOUSAND ACEKS OF LAND. I persona wishing to purchaac land of kuj*- rio r quality, where good iienlth and aM the delinicew of the wafer are to t * had, wa j reqntstwl to cull **d examine ine preutisea. Swamers, to and from IJaltimore, jma* lhi land every daV. This Farm will be divided a:.d sold in tbrre par?s. Tern is made known on application to the undersigned, and poscu-ion w ill be gi CD or tae £n t day of Jannary, 18€ I. W. J. CAIiTWniGET. Clitrlotif Hall P. PV, Salm Mary's County. Md. Annas’, 10th, JB?o—tf. j NOTICE. THE arjdcrpigped wifb t inform the people nf Saint Mary’ft and adjoorn •! .3 f.,r;: tu fc , thfct thev harejurt completed j FIRST CLASS KAILWAY. and art? , prepared to had out vewaels of any me, ; i aiid will REPAIR. CAULK, ic.. on tbo I uioet rrsfonalle terms. Prompt alientiou 1 to all a ork, and quick dispatch wilt be in all cases. The Railway is hituamd about 1! a qoancr of a uiilo fota Town on 1! a fin* ovblat creeV, Trbre w will al*o ; i build H OWS*. BOATS, or VESSELS, if rennired, * *ri the low“f;t kres >! Sh AIIKIS. NOURIS a roxn-RLL. I Jtli IVtk IWJI tt HI. lUlltli, I HAVER, M GRACF 1 The Urde-aifaed l*artfje*nrrewet' f ul aisJ ttusineea Kecilitiee. have % 'brined a Co-pe*-? ’i*r.--hip under the r style of .MMKB, d ‘ for the ce- .muation nf the Cnl, L , • Lime trade, 'e coadneird I Hille* A innaioii* \ flilie* ronetently on hend for ealennd imn.eb •went, every variety of Co. 1 and Lai; f oals. ftn!ti*no-e Co*',TreviU>r, 1 Snnnurv, Lrrnt Mnmi. LumPot P re, White and Yeftnw P;ne F!f**r r Pirk-te, Lathe. Cynree • CefnJtra. Cullit 'n a..J ••*,i-ct* l il - Pine Fen mg. Joteia, Stv sluU‘ cut 10 orde , WRIGHTS VUj L /; MIGHESItiI SM lit | ihe Lest and f heertei that i -er for - ra! pvrporra. Quu-k ai d Hla**lt*d, eii •n 1 without Majr-.ira 1a . ( tin* hiiehe! -• ar ; H irn and n half every variety of BTONE LIME, u-m 1 cotii.viniiid an AHLNDANI fc of I*. SI A for ANY SOIL, that may ; theothef varirtiea rontani , . of lima. Our !,"r fpalc p' to Alltl* • •.o le [lointe on t l ** Chrcnfwake !?ny, ' tuhutariea, we arr iherefoi* rna:>lf too; the Farmers ami Oeilen-iu M try land ' r. le-tva, tfi , er ftcikiie* than th-y hn - r j h.Atl in pur.-haeing tfc.B **Trvrtic ■ *f i fin the ve r y i : sera' narr<*nay> e r.*‘ . j fore received, noat reapecifuily aO icii iuation oft he name. SIMMON,>. RUHOIE K IULT.E' H.n'Rt PC GRACE. * j March 16, I6r>o ly I FIUE INSUII A N C INRUKANCF t' At? dearnptiorr o| f Ptp*Tiv ran br eflrued in art o' 'mving I'irat-Cinaa Coiiip)tir •nt the delav of o. npiiUi”tf th.o h .1 •ipoii 3ppltc.iu*jTi to the tinder*igned. John a cam aLi k Lon*ird T-ien. ' Maroh loth.. IK&',- ly f’ap’lal and aar* • ■ •t nritv humi.ince CV., of N. V*rk, tcift .. i’ii* 5 ix. ** “ “ 292.0. Rtwniutc ** “ ‘ 4 247, r * Snw World “ “ “ 14r., A •forntik “ " “ 26P.ncr. Charter 0k offf.irtt. id Coveartt, nt.Sll. i> I f *l ,r o? V*. ( 3* 100 , MU u.urle Ttrp nu, f, Lviii'lil'iirjr “ *>nOifi., Nortrern ..\a*u*we On l.r-n-100, 2.194,11. Maum ?) srnr*-!. Mfrrßti* V \\-• *• 1w 1 .-f N f.u York, ? O'* Let • hi 1 r; <.f Virp,h;J;i, 1 00 • O'# j| .arT* 1 Oak of Harfrr-'. Oonof-tieft. '42 oi.f. pj&l' Ti e niv're U niipa .lea vre ali liccttStd *y iio Comj-tr' ' *cr ITioimiS M. iJlißfon ic Ar-nt fer •hr S f au- of Murylaud, No. 7%,occoud Slice: rlait jnmie. MT 7 L -.-pea promptly adjusted aL.d'psiii March 10th, J. H. LUCKETT, Stock, Note, fi ii 1 , : Akd Ukal Estate Pp.oxe?., 81 Btroutl *Strt;ct, BALTIMORE Firt REKCEB. j P. Gihson, Caahi* r Bmk of Ha!? jC. It. G**lnnan, t.'ah. M rha. icn’ Bank, J. IM. Buck. Cwdi. Frai.k-in }hu k, Tb-rws J. ; C-i T-or, IV.nkcr, Th mu*- I). .7 .i* e-t'ti, J. C. ! Ad.rm. War thk. Fri'xA’ Ball, K. Mickle, j tla-h. I'cu ii Patik of Maiy’.a. d Pal:. !i. A. 1 Vi Prre. M.irii < liauk, J hnnr.n Bru. j 30.. lianhtre. Juti ah Let* hi Co., Hugh Jru kn.e A (L. Y -nng ,v. Carr-on, VVcu. itokmy dr.- kt*. Il'asMnylon, P. C. May 2-1 tl, 1860—tf. NEW GOODS. ELMO SPALDING has met recf'cdrr* • of the best rdected et< < Kt- of (.00?*:4 I lie ban ever had, which he r ff re for raie very i low. j He w tild call patiiculer aueoUcD to bra *t<-ck >.{— Ladies’ Drew G'^de. Wh : / n'vSg, Liurc Cenr*brie and Silk prckct !?r.m!kerrhitf, ; Ladier* and Gent* Kid and Lii Thread G’orea [.adict Mantle* and Fuir.le, Ootht, Ckvaaimerc Bilk fc*ti>e, ter.. April 26ti , \H*~~ly. YeWfl^lWdwjxteFgools r r' H E undcreifned has juet remrred from the X City with the largeat, t-uo beet cflwttd ei&r-fe nf FALL,and WIN I KK GOODS tr*r mitered to the citizens of St. Mary's County, eonsiktirc, •n part, of very aupenor quality of Heavy Goods for Servant*' tlothing, at the -most moderate prices—also Boots and Shoe* of die moti • ai • atamial make, ami beet ntatr rial. Braiciee Clotr.s, Cassimeres, veatiii'sand a'l kinds of f.n dre*a Goods, lor Ladies am) Gentlemen— caref!*y a#lecied. and well assorted of rwuly made clothing,manu£acturd expi easiy to order, aod a variety of article* ofaimoat ev#i y kuri no where tine to* be found in the county. He respectfully so licits* raft from th*>e desiring te purchase, it'd, ingassuird that kta thorough acquaintance w.k the busiiivra, reau’tm; from a long rewdeace in 'sheci’.y, will enaois mm tu offer such induce j merit', *• will defy rcrspelitier*. E. hi. JONES. Clifton Farfory. Eerieeihej 57h |y. FOR SH ErIfFL HARRISON EDWARDS is •# the voters ef Batot Mary's county as a cantß* I date for Sheriff *t the )eeiioo in IMI. January law. IWO. FHOV.AS L. DAVIS utecoromeodedu i rhe voters of this county at e caodMate im j the Sheriffalty in 1861.. 1 * Higoe*' District, Nov fft*h. 1899 NOTICE. FRSONB bavirgSfißVANTe FOR SALS wuu)4 do well to call cp Am aqbwrikat before diapoeiag of ihgff) glsewhem. All eew macicwtibiia will he pruts pity alteaadad to. AA , 1 ut t W W. T- A. WFKWHL LUAtTUI. HB .J Acg Jed. It