Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, April 25, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated April 25, 1861 Page 2
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' irlv MINT MARY’S KACSiI LEONARD TOWN. MD. THURSDAY MORNING, MAY I. lOA.I J3T After the first page of k* i**ioo* lisd been printed last week, trting upon vonvictiou* of public duty we determined but to miw any paper for that week, j This will explain to our readers why the ■ japer waa not issued aud will si to account' fur the date on the Aral page. The Bra- C n will be regularly issue] hereafter, un less the proprietors and employeca of the office, who are memliers of the “Riley Bidet” shall be called out in the service of tbs State or fur the defence of the ' county. We know that <mr reader* are prepared to mak< all reasonable allow ance for any irregularity of issue or ne glect of editorial duty on our part until the limes shall become more hope ful and the public liberty, now trodden in the dual by a military despot ism, shall be re-catabliabed on an enduring foundation. t _ At the largest public meeting cr*r h.U 1 ii our County, composed both of Military I and citix.-ns, and convened in Leonard ! Town, on Tuesday, the 23rd of April, for the purpose of considering the present crisis and adopting measures for the defence ol our rights, the security of our homes, and tkt maintenance of the honor of oar ■ Bute, on motion, Co), Benedict I. Heard j waa unanimously elected President and waa assisted by Col. C. Comb*. Chap- j man Billingsley and John H Snuthorm ! - Vice Presidents. L. W. K. Hutchins 1 and John F. King acted as Secretaries. j Before the transaction of any busine*, j Rev. Dr. Banting, who had been waited upon by a commute*, appeared upon the ; >(and and invoked in fervent and eloquent l terras the Divine Having upon the cause J for the furtherance of which the meeting ; bad convened. On motion, a Committee 1 of six, one from each election district, was j app.luted by the chair whoa* duty it wo* made to report resolutions expressive of! the views of the meeting. The following ' gentlemen composed the committee; B. O. Harris. J P. Dent, Thomas Martin, i Wiu. Coad, Dr. J. W Forrest and Jos- | eph Forrest. The Committee retired and. , during their absence, the meeting was i addressed by John H. Sotboron. ('hap- ; nma Billingsley, Oscar Miles, J. K. Coad. | I>r. R. Neale. Ja T. Blakisioue and Col. ’ N. Duke, of CaJvert tnfon ibla and do-1 qu*nt terms and ip Gulication of Smith- j eru rights and the honor of our Stale. | The chairman of the coramittve here an- i 4 1 peared, aud read the following preamble ; and resolutions, which were voted upon I separately, and adopted without a dissert ing voice; In times of cx'raordinsrv political cmer- - genry like the present —when there is a 1 sections! Administration of what is u w falsely call* d the United States f Anieri- | ea—when there is a detennim d purpose ' an the part of those controlling such Ad- j ministration to deprive nearly half of those h'utca of their ••qual rights in the admiuis- • tratiou of the Government. an I the en joyment of equal privilege# within the limits of the same, in violation of tin- : latter and spirit of the constitution f ‘ the United Slates—wh>n eight Slates j have determine*), bv the seven igu will of • tnvirpv 'pK . tiiat they have severed their i connection with said sectional Government i and declared tlnir -ietvriHi nation to govern themselves, and their effort to do ►*. , peaceably, has been prevented by the: armed aggression of the sectional Govern ment. by invading their soil, blockading fheir porta, destroying their commerce anti j trade, and in every way aggressing tln*sr i rights and institution* with a view to force ' them to submission, it is due to the people! of those States, that the people of all ulh- ' er Stales, friendly to Justice and flight, 1 and to those principles of Freedom aud ; Independence which prompted our Fore- I fathers to resist aggression and wrong, I should c-xpreas their sympathy with this* caufc of Right, against the came of might j aud tyranny. Therefore,- we, the citiicns of Saint ! Mary's Countv, Maryland, in County ! meeting assembled, do earnestly and de- j rolcdly express our sympathies with (hoi cause and people of the States which i have seceded from the Union, aud. d pledge ourselves by every sacred übliga- j lion we cau aasunic. to aid, by every means in nnr power, in securing the In- i dependence of all those States, uud that of such others as may join them. Rssolved, That the Uoiumiksioners of i tax fisr Saint Mary's County be r quested 1 to levy upon tbe assessable property of tin- ! people of the County, the sum of IKK), for the purpose ttf purchasing anus ' and ammunition for our iu order , that they may be enabled to defend their > rights, and the honor and interest of our { State, and that they be further requested to attend ike order for the levy with such , further orders as may be calculated to [ n:ake it effectual. Resolved. That Col. Tbeopholus Tlarri-' row, Cvl. John 11. Sothoron. R. F. Neale, j Dr. Jatuei Waring. H. 11. Reeder. I Col. Chapman Billingsley, Col. B. G. ! Harris, F. J. Stone, Thos, Lokcr, Thos. U. Spencer, Dr. J. IV. Forrest and K. | 8. Abell Its a committee of pubtie safety. ! whose duty it shall be to take the necessary | steps to procure the arms and autmuoitioit. j iif which the County Commissioners au- j tborisc tho purchase and to effect tluir, proper distribution whew procured—thvy , I are further anthorixed to lAc such gene- I ral steps for ih; public safety as in th< ir judgement may be required—they shall appoint a committee. of not more than three of their number, whose duty it shall be to call the people of the county togeth er. for consultation, at such lino* and place kS in their judgment may he tieres ! srv. KesoU-d. That we mourn over th ; graves of oiir fell •w-etti2'*ns who low their i lives in the city of Baltimore, while he ir ica Ily and cron without arms, def* tiding j• ur common rlgh** sod the soil of our Stai from the pollution of the steps of the enemies cf both—the mc-rceiiHry soldiers l of Maasachnaett*—and have thus taught that bigoted and fanatical people, flint ■ there can be a “Lexington” elsewhere than on their soil, which now disgraces its sacred memories I> G. Harris moved that s Committee [of three be appointed by the Chair to i wait upon the Commishi-mers* Court and j n qu- it them to levy the amount ca led • for hy the second resolution. Tbe motion j was carried and the following gentleiner were appointed: li. G. Harris. Dr. Wal- i ; trr Briscoe and W illiam TI. Thomas. The Committee soon returned and reported I that the Court had responded to the re i.qneet of ih- ui-etirig and had expressed a 1 willingness to double the sum called for ,:f ueccsary. As soon a* it was known j ‘hat tiii* action hid becu taken, a patriotic 1 j citiicn of this county promptly agreed to ; furnish tbe money to the amount of the l*vy. The Legislature- Wc await with confidence the acti-m of this body W'c believe that they will vote 1 means r© put the State in condition to be heard with respect when,the time shall ar rive for her to .>p-ak. Wc believc that ' j they will utithoi iXe tin- Cali of u Sovereign j Convention to decide lu.r dc*tiny. And with this we arc content. W'e feel no *p prehensiou in regard to thst decision. Ala ryland will unite her dealiuy with that of. 1 the South. U ier 1 ight to do in q tes • tionvl. after the Convention shall bar- 1 1 spoken, it will he ief-ndrd Lv this people ; to th-i uttermost wtretch of their substance 1 and to the last drop of tlieir hl<od. . The Meeting. The ueciiug of -iiicßv and Military in j oar Town on Tuesday, the 2ilrd of April. ; I wa decidedly the largest that ever con- • I vetted in the county It is estimated that j there were from eight hundred to a tfion ( parsons present duriag the day. The i ; military turned out in their full strength. ; ; At an early hour in the morning, they be | gan to pour into the village, and by 12; ; o’clock our usually quiet streets presented ;au appearance of s-ibre and bayonet iht ; forcibly reminder the beholder t*f a fid i { !°f battle. The “St. Mary’s Guards,’’ | Gapt. Robert Neale, were th* first that; arrived Soon after came the “CHflcn i ! i ; Guards,” Capt. J. Kdwin Coad. and the; “St. Inigoi ’s Dragoons,” Cupt Ilauddpb j Jones. Th companies were, received ' |by th “Riley Uif!,*.‘.’’ (’apt James T M. j I Ralvy, and after a very handsome parade ■ through our streets, in which all the com panies - participated, they wtro dij-mlt-ged. : a• , ' ciiQDPr being now near at hand. Th* Charlotte Company Wire not prek-nf ' owing, wr learn, to the absence of: (’apt. 'J’h-viias, who yvhs in Baltimore on . the day of the meeting. Several members i jf this Company, however, were present and attracted considerable nmiee by their ; soldierly appearance atid handsome uni-1 form. The new Company wliieh it being • gotten tip by Capt Reeves in the Faetr.n district had also its reprcfctutativts atid in for a liberal -hire of admiration. ‘ It affords ur great pleasure to state, that. ■ notwiiheiaiiuiwg ihi; iaitucuse number tf people that thronged our streets through-• out the dry. not u single accident oc- ; | cur red. The different Companies left; i for the ir home* about tix o'clock in th - j {evening. Flag Presentation. &c i I’ho “Riley Ritlea” were presented with 1 a handsome new flag by the ladies of our ' 'village, on Tuesday, the 23rd of April j ,It was thir own handiwork and made ' | after she style of that adopted L\ the' ; Confederate State! It bore ujan its folds ; eight stars ami a portion of a ninth, in-i , tended to represent the seceded S'-ites, • and Maryland juat emerging from her,' •heretofore, doubtful poidttou and allying; her destiny with her sister States of the j ISoMih. The design was pronounced .by I all an admirable one and elicited the ad-" > miration ami applause of the vast con- • 1 course of persona .who witnessed the 'pn scut at ion. The patriotism of our ladies j .is now being further taxed iu the mao ' ufaeturc of an undresu uniform and alber j ' nei-enary campaign equipmeuia fur the , “Rifles” aud they are most nobly and i willingly performing that duty. Can a ; people be subjugated who give widen- . ces of patriotism so patent and abun- ; daut 7 Tbs South This is the title of a Daily afternoon Paper, which has just been started in Ual- i tiukore. It is edited by Thomas W. Hall,! Jr., formerly eonnecud with tbs £x eknmge. It is atrsoglv fconthcru iu scuti mept r.nd w edited with marked ability. 1 ( The GoTeratr't Meai&fe. We have uot room sufficient In oar pre sent iwuf' t<> *ire In full the niojnge r.| Got. flicks to the Legislature IKW ii stseiob In Fr*tl*riek city VT* mut con teut uur#e)% with giving a brif sketch !of the positions lakm by kh KxrUeiic; j TLc Gorernor nay*. that lit tmuriKV ly pro tested against the |ws*g.* . f tb c J-Vl,r! i Uroups **%ar the soil of Ms*flitted— that In* ! had a personal interview with the Presl ; dent and his Cabinet and also sent .*q>*ciil despatches to them, entreating su aban. donment of the design to marc h the troops , through Maryland. The answer of the ; administration was. “(hat Washington ' was threatened with attack—that the C-v --ernuient bad resolved to defend it—iha* l here was no other way of obtaining uoop- I than by passing theta the so:! of Ma ryland, and that the military necessity of' the case rendered if inipo>iiblc fir the i Government to abandon its plans.’* Ills Excellency taya, that Gen Butler aked bis consent to have th© l?rca under him ; landed at Annapolis whuli he refused. ! The May*r of Annapolis *l-o prote.-ted ©gainst the landing. The * I eiieraL howcv {es, paid no respect to t ! u wish ©Richer of ?h** (aovcmoi or Mayor, but landed hi© troops and took up a line of march for the bederal Capitol. His Excellency protot ;-d the military* occupation of the : Annapolis.and Elk Ridga Kail Road, but the proud was not respected. Another ap{K*al was made to the authorities at .Washington, but with no better result than before. The Governor is now con vinced that the War Department has eon . ciuded to make Annapolis the point for lauding troops slid Ins resolved to maintain communication between that cuy and Washington. Yet, notwithstanding all these outrages *.ad inu!t©, Ills. Exoe'- Icney has no better ad vice to gir- the proud and si ill unconqueivd people of thi.- State than I hi.*: i | It is my duty to adu-v you *f my i "wu convictions of the proper coarse to be pu; .-ued by Maryland in the emergency ; which is upon u It is of no consequent.* now to discuss the cause© wliivli hnv in ,du.e.l onr troubles. L.t u © look Xo our distressing present, and to our portmtou© luture. 'i he fate of Maryland and per haps of heV sister border slave Flutes wi'i undoubtedly be seriously affected hv tlr ; action of your honorable Umv. There fore should every go h! citizen head all his energies to the task b* fore n, and. then - ' tore, should the animosities and bickerings I*f the past be foig-.ttm. and all -trike bunds in the holy cause of restoring peace ,to our beloved State and to eur common 1 country. I honestly ;uid most earnestly entertain the couvietiun that h’ onlv saf ;ty of Maryland lies in preserving a r.cau ; iral position between our bre*hrw of the North and of the Bonlh. We have viola ted no rights of either section. We hue been loyal to the I nion. The unhappy ' eoute-l between the two sections has uot been fermented or encouraged by us, al ibough we have ©uflend from it in the past. Ihe impending war has not come by any act or by any wish of ours. We have done all we could to avert it. Wc have hoped that Maryland and the other border slave State*, by their conservative position and love for the Fnion, might have as mediator© between the t*x iicine* *t’both section*, and UiU© have pre routed the terrible evils of a prolonged ; civil war. Entertaining views, I cannot counsel Maryland to take sides ; against tin* general government, anl.l it shall commit cutrag* s up*>i us which would justify us in r—riling its authority As a consequence. I can give no other counsel than that shall array ourselves for I’nion and peace, and thus preserve our soil from being polluted with the blood .of brethren. Thus, if w*r tuunt be be tween the North ;*ucl the .'South, we may force the contending parties no transfer the field of battle from our soil, so that our 1 lives ana properly may be secure. It seems t* u.e independently of all otb r : considerations, our geographical position press Us t* this, uultss we arc willing, to see our State the theatre of a long and bloody civil war. and the consequent utter destruction of every material interest of our prcplr, to sny nothing of the bleed of ; Lrave men and innocent women and chil , dren, whmli will cry out from our soil for | vengeance upon u? if wc fail to do all that in us lies to avert the impending calamity, 1 Proceedings of the Legislature^ This body met in Frederick city on i Friday last. Nothing of importance has yet been done. The members manifest I no disposition to exercise the powers of a Convention by passing an act of accession. I They appear to be governed hy prudent ’counsel©. The Legislature will be likely ! to act promptly upon the subject of bank ing and the curruacy of the State. It i© thought that amuc measures will be brought forward looking to propositions to be made through special committees of the Legislature to Virginia and the Fed | eral Government fe r the cessation. f*r a I twelve month or so, of all hostilities he- I tween contending partit a for the pses ion of the nation il Capful. It ri not known that any movement in on foot t* ’disturb the official position of Gov. Hick?. On Saturday, Messrs. ScHt. Dennis, ol ' Somerset, Goldsboruugh and Gor don were unanimously appointed a special committee b* p*ri*pare an-5 rep.* rf an act ; to provide for the tali of a *o%. reign Slat*- i Convention of the prop!.- rf MaryUud to take into consideration the- pres* nt emcM I lion of the State, and to dn what may be , Dceesaarv f*r the Ltmvr and cf Ma ryland. In the Stoah Mr. Tllt .5I nd a re*- . olution *.ud an widr ss to the j<*:ople of j Mai\land; which was adoptcd and signed by ail the Senators. Dis ..a follows; Prmii rd iff the Senate </ Msm lif - itri-ty lirt. Thai the “extraoniimry 4a*e ti ■ *>f atfairs in Maryland and the ropuolie 1 j’ttii ami demat.d't that we almald suopt ami publish the ffdl *wing. xnMJUia lu TltK HKOPLT OP WETLAND. '* * l*t4*rr the proclamation of your Got . n *i* >• b.iV. oMaeii:l>led to *ct v according

I mUi" Uff jo /incuts, tbr tin- true inter . cal* ul M .D* yl and. Tlwf pn a*!-* mat ion has declared l!e • present t- Ik* **aii extraordinary state of e affair.-;” 1 all must aduiit the eo rcc;- y ness ii tixit We have been •J'OlVeiled to do all th lt have the coliali itO'it.ii authority and the ability of accoui nli-niiig. t provide for your safety and uol s fare during the pendency >f the pr - . -nf unfortunate an I terrible crisis. - , At the conmiciK*cio*-nt cf fj.ur labors w * ; feel il to bo our duty t > you and to your * ' General Assembly to solicit your coufi i; dence in :le fidelity wi:h which nir res- I i ponaibdi'ics will be discharged. Wc are k : Maryland' re. a? you rc. We have families, as \*iU have. Dur interests are ’ I idenritiod wi*ii yur*. Our duty, our i wishes and our hopes will lx: to legislate .(Tor the true interest© of all the people of p our State. We cannot but know that a .portion f the citizen© of Maryland h.iv* ! 1 been induced to believe that tic re is a . probability that our deliberations may re , ( uit in the passage of some measure tom ndttiug this State to **< cession. It is, tlicref ire. our du<v tn d>-ri ire that all such ' ! f'ars are without just foundation. We kimw we have no con-titor nil au ! thurify to tske **ucl action. Y"u need j not fear that there is a possibility that WC will do so. j If believed by n* to be desired by t/o/, w> may. by legislation to that effect, i giv** u'- t the • >j*fMrtunit v “( deciding for yourselves, your own future destiny. We eiv e ihu> f.i*, lut ci rtaii.iv* rrill nut • i g fa iih r i >V,- know that the present erii> lus materially* Jcraug.-d :lc uual current of , business oiH*raticns in every department jWc riiall •.lev *fe ourselves to tin* duty of ; in..king this change :*s little inconvenient ,a- [ Ct**ihieto our eons i: ucnt c . Wc in vi?e ih-ir scrutiny to mir every action. If ; re-till- <lo Ij.jt r••. IZ • our h<*|>cs nu i atitici ip- '.env, we ask fh it v>n will, at l**asf. cx- . i tend lu ’.a the charity of believing that! I th-* failure hs- nenrrevi from ! <-k of ability, but n*i of will. •John l. Dro**k* - . .lames F. Da*hi I. j Tliouii© J Mi Kaig J. .1. IL-ck irt. ; i t*• ‘lciiian V**llott S -I. lira II v, Hy. 11 G ld>h rough. Tilgbman Nutt!.*, D. C. Illackisiuti. F Whit*ik*r. Gls. F. tiuidsi-v n-’.ig!,. ii.-car Mil's, John K Smith. Washington Duy>ll. .Anthony Khnnul, Teacl * Toansend. • ( d. S. Watkins. Amir'w A Lynch. - - The News Fur the pi*t f w .!av*s t’rTi lu- been quire u filling eff in tin- ('xcitement th *t ; ha* so long p*rv tded tiie r.nn:rv. Since the week sttcc*! li:.jf rhe s.-ew-ion of Vir- • giuia and the mjricr of citiz na in the j -treefs of ]{;i!tiin<ir>‘. there has been a ’ gradual cessation of report-, rumors and ! eiinnis*s, at b a.-t of a .-liaraeter fo rxcit • . a high degree of pu hi ie interest. In liic , inoantiinc. wc arc told, that both l!ie North and the Soutti nr*** rnpidlv arming ! and preparing for tin* (•■•mlng struggle. ! The Confederate State* arc concentrating a largo force at Richmond, Va,. but : for what purjosa, wc have no anthoriry to j j state. The wan: n destruction of the i public properly at Norfolk ha.- gr. atly rx- • asperated the pee pie of Virginia, and, is | , regarded by the whole South, not only a* .*© a species uf \ auduliMii, hut a© a depar ture fmin the otfieinlly proclaimed p**licv ,ol Mr. Lincoln. 'The inuiors. as to the * po-uicti that will be occnjdcd l\ the re maining BurJir slave States. ar various* and contradictory, but the prevailing im prcs-it.n is lh*y will ultimately -*c'**dc. (The rumor circulated here that Fort Fick?ns had f.*llcu turn© out to he false,! i , and it i* not th*>ugltl that an attack ha* ; yet been made upon it. Northern troops i , | still continue to arrive at Washington .! ru# Annapolis, and the number now at tkc former place is variously* estimated at | t from UO,(RtO to G./.uOO. Advice# from j the .South stnt*. that the Confederate for ; ccb manifest an earnest desire to marcli on |the Federal Capital, and, if need be. t 1 carry the war into Africa. North Cnro ! lin: lu* seized all the Federal property ; within ln*r borders, and is preparing to : | take part in the fratricidal strife Mr.; \ Lincoln ha© inaugurated. ! Excitement la oar Village j Our people were thrown in quite a com- I ! Motion on Thursday last by a report that j ; two armed steamer* wera in RrittouV, ; Bay. about a mile from our village, , | with quite a number of mru on board j .of a supposed hostile character. Th* ! j military, and citizen© of our villag* * i rushed to nnii* and every one socmen ■ • t e\’incc a deterniination to reri-it tht t invaders. Ar counoitering pnrty was ; .sent out, and il was soon discovered ; j that the supposed war steamers were ; j only Bay crafle. and the bortile troop© • : but roiuw ms cr eight men, couatiluting i j the crews thereof. One of the resael© ; hath d from Virginia and was captured and brought in here hy a Lieut. Black- , ; well of that Bute. Be charged that | the was engaged in nu illegal oceupa- j ;ti n, that of conveying provisions Ut (be > —H99F 1 F*tlcral ir*v>|..* at \r.i-hi*^t ,; n, and ©t*f r e*J that he bad ieized her a© a prize ( and placed her crew under arrest. Hr j . was adv Led by *ur citizens to return Jo t Virginia and lay the matter before tta pn>p*r tribunal there. He left, iu • c**rdance With this advice, and in cr*n ring the Potomac captured another schooner and divided hi© fun.*®* betweeu the prisi©: one which, w Irani. atlAs-: S'.-qucniiy etc*f>ci him. Lp*n arriMng in \lig;niu. w >s havc*sin*r Iwn inlurin **‘l. Black well was arrr-fed aud coufiui i ’ in j.iil up *n tba charge ot lunacy. i MARYLAND AM) TUB TROOPS*! FOR THK CAPITAL The following leltr*r was addressed c". j •Monday to Gov. flick*, ol Maryland,- hv the S*?cretary of Bmte ; I'KPAKTMKNT >F STATE. April, "22. ffit t'.rceUenrtf ff’otruts 11. Nirkt. Oil t / •/• •/* .IA ■ y/uM/f .* Bra: I hive had th*' Ir*ror \r> rccriyc your cuaimuaicatioii of ; u.- morning, in which you informed me that yon have felt it to be rour dty to advise the Pr-si- • dent of tie* 1 • oiled Stale© |> order Jmc wherc :h<* tniops off A.mapuli>, aud also* that i.o more be sent through Maryland; >’ and you have furtlur Migg sled that Lord Lyons be r< quested to act ©s media tor bttween the contending parties in out* c..iinti vto prevent the effusion uf blood. . Th :• President direct© me U) aekuiwl edge the receipt of that cetiimmiicatiuii. and to assure you that lie has .v igued th counsels which it contains with th* ropecl wliiel, lir habitually cherishes for tin j chief Magist rat* • I tie ©\ii*.l .’•tat'-s and especially Ku* yuirself. He regrcla, , as deeply as any Magistrate cr citizen o* the Country* c:.u, • that utmOlt.stni’i'Ul.-. against the uifdy of the Ltd ted .''talc* wirii very • xtei.sivo pvt parifb.iis for the . 1 etia.-ioii of l liKitl, have made il iii- duly to 1 call out the force k which *. ..n ailu io. force m*w ©.ugh! lu be- brought •* “ i through Mu.yUnu i- tutviidifi fur liothing bur t!>.‘ det l:-e ol th h Capital, ‘The I*lVs- ' idci.i has io-ec-s**r:ly eonti !<*d the choic • 1 of th/ ria ? i 'lid h’-fhwiv *.v'ileh that fore- -l.ili t.ikt in cuuiug io nu© city to t!• L'u-itiVnitbi G* ner.d eommaudiiig the at-1 n*v of the Fnitid Btab-c who. like hi i>n;\ predec.--i,r i- not I s- distingni-tc 1 for his liuiunt.ity than Pr bis b\alty , im-: tnoti in. md ili-fiugu.'sliesl public ser\i**e , Th- 1 ‘residviil iuMruets me to ad i t!iai ! • the nali.u;;l highway thus hcb*elcd ii\* rli* .’ Lieutenant Genruil has l-oer ch*-.•**■ bv ■ him u. on nm ulialiau will* j ma , . , !.tr;!* , r and litix i..- of M.,rlaii"l. a- 1 the .ii! which, while a ro it, is absolute)* lu’ce-.'wt v i- ; rsl*n *i r-m *'.*d trun !li* I popul uis t*ii. a f tlu >iatp. and w:th ' the expectation that ii w ni l ilioiv f r e b. ' . the 1 ust objee:m *t *ie one. 1u * l i’.iit nt iatiiiot bill remember | fh-if !h**r* has a time in the )ii-tor\ ( of out t*. unii v ,vh- i. a timer.. lof ih. ~ At* ••ricao I nioij, with f<uct • doMgnt-d ’ * br the d*-ft Use < f i*- capital, w: -m.! < ‘ unut Iconic tiny where in t!e rii -it ot M,*>. , rvlatid, nd e- rlainly H"t at Antiapoli.- ' then, a? u<*w. tie eipi'ai m tit > i j.i*r*; State, and ili-n. tils , one •* the cap; ’ tals tif rim I’ui n. : 1 If eighty year.- conid have obliterated, nil tie oih' r noble .--enriuK'its of that ng. ■ in Msiyim-I. *he j*rc>it|eut w< ui 1 Ik i liop**n| nerer loh s©. th-it there is on*-; that Wollbi fo;vr *? t.VHii tl*e r-* nt. 1 i*vr- i j wh re T !:*t t * until, nl i.-- th. t no ilo nie-iie coi.’enUon whatever, dial mav i ariw anio*.g rie r-ariies *t' il is i* public. . ullglit l<> Lc referred r. rt \ fi>r*;ign arbi- 1 traiuenf. lea-t *t ©l! to t*;.e m*i itrHin-.'iit of an Kuropt-nu mouarchv. * I haw tie* honor to be, with distiu- f 1 gni.-hed **(U>**ider:tiion. your E*edbacv* 1 most obedient servant. ; ; Wit i.:am 11. Sr.tVAico. j li.ciit Boats il"k .k.* Oh N| >n lav night l.;-t tne !..ght }>*>.: .-tatiuiierl a* buffer t' ;dar F ont w-?s byisr-Ji’d Sv par ties unknown and fired. Whether the boarders w-re from Marylao.l Virginia! is t--t w** Iwlievc- kuo*-j. On Tuesi'av ® moiwing following tin- Boat at I’;, .**r <V- i dur Point was rds. i hoarded an-i fir-l. ’ Both h ats wc understand were ♦•uiriv consume?! l* r ri T'l*ic :o Timt *, ■ • 2h ! I Txf. IVn ri..iMy MrjTiNO. - We are reqaoted by gentlemen fnm <\<*il roinit \ J , to sf-ite that i!.?* meeting held st E'kt..n I yesterday was i. t r.eai -*. lwrg* *s r. j r*- ' s**nte<i, :;nd wa- c r *rop;ed ♦ velusivcU of ‘ the Know-Nothing© and Hi ~*k R< publi c;in.*. living on the border, who ;.*-sem bled en uiiusc.— Balt. If eft. Thursday, i Rksionatiov?—[t i© ©aid that M*.wr*. , Charles P. Montague, .Judge Marshall! and Washinguca H**Mifanr. 1 *u !y 1 io federal offices in Baltmior**, by Abtuba u ! Lincoln, have f**rwardcd theu resignation© to Washington. ■■ i . g..g L..M. ! illarricD. 1? On the 22nd of April, V*v R?r. Mr ■ * McNemar. VVM. H. BAI’NDKRB to i f MARY E. BANNER. On the 29th. bv Rev. Father Cotting I JOHN A. GARNER to MARTHA H WILKINSON. I onniAßv. i “Death hath no moro don*inion over her ** Departed this lif*. i-n the giori m© • bop© of imim riality, io Mcnda? mortiing. ; April Istb, in the , i , i year of bar age. MARY ANN, beloved wife of (Charles L, Russell. In rec*/rdin; the death nf one so pious a© .-he wa, we are cheered p by the comforting asaurancc*. that those I who die in the Lord have passed from; f death into life, the pale monarch of the a roßj.b haring no inure dominion over them, i S This, we arc eonfidciit, i now the. ©tale of (he n plow© subject of ibis noterw. Thu iurini- • •us disease—C*ou©omptu>u-> bad laid hia withering hand upon her. aid wub hte j ©coNiting touch dried up tht ivuoUUu ot \ 1 t ' ||f, a n ? insr'. IVr -• '.V of Wath. bore h r suffering* •*! afflictiou-t with Christian pofiruce an I rsignal! • ? • the will of Ar Heavenly Either. Tin? mtnr. th- h*<tie ghw fhst suffused her check fled •* hii chilling | touch. au.l Uie lilly i it* 4 w!k-neee a*, I parity -eras *mp*d upon her countt-usm-,* :a 4iifEisr>et!|- f. 4! a* l p : r !•* arms f her Atvj>’>ur, death b *ins sw:'*l *w -d an i j victory.On ih -h *r>* of eter ill • 1-1 i•• • - ancc. sU; It '* join** W*h the f the Lord tu •wret nnfhctn *f botmitah t> ifiui who di**- 1 (hi lit rodcmptijn auJ rose again fui Ju-r jasltficatktt. Where *t' in ffi* i rv i., She lrei fro.* ju p. Z** Wdji h* he* '• I th-ougN ih** rvTW of death \it.) lVc m l*wlifnl dream From the joy" nH v,-ro -v* of "*nh T hat*'** in the i.eavtuty Where Jeri", the Kotin." i; of Lave, Ani"*ear* in n Inin oi’lijfM fo receive ler .a cbrv h v ". OaMR neer can iiarii her •£. Secured in her Suxi<’ir'i rn rare, Ne uniToar. t"rq>*ivn>n <■>! .... C<u iir* ”'ii ft| t>. Tina "r, wi*h Ms iumin • ri>*. To nr'h lor h ahull .in** /• I hf'i !'< m oie inno.i •> ji. dtp To riee with 'irr Im'r i j "moh \V wp m>i !'r the !•’■• I ore a?!"* p>w .S( wee. 1 V '• *A*-f*"rt ;i *'H V he>c j a-iia h.-- n)irij •*; h*r I now A amitl *IAI ri> lift r v; I■' IS I Allied .! in* - i ■.’•£!• >i r ; t.;e Thnl -row in i ie .:••!••• ifC- And lil’Mim* r-Mi •<! •*•>* r -..i.*. f.c* V. hicii ghi r‘e j.r ur >t,e tvir*!, tN ce, nn I- r ti.r neau ifiil olnv ' Fitai uiit eirrli’* > <nin", I’or i e Spirii ip Aautd T dAtti *nb :i.e .r :i I!i*re. C J. i>v the r oUiif v * ’•'nn,niifci(U,(rV fif } >:uat Mary i* county. O^lMbUhlt I hat afl pcr>ni. li9vo-£ •• Saint Marr’w (’ounty HI- 'lo ■‘•<*•oo' tm tl* t’ounCf ('<*iiiini‘.iii'iin‘r' ti fic-. h-jr-ii’* u i.- th'*uticatej. 01. or (h I .tr 1 1:< I'* hi •v .f li \'t. ;•! h;t? ali j-n- fU i j *h* cii'i oftic* 1 ii iimoiis ttifiii th ir • 1 | jCr o*rs. slat’.iio * \ i.'r <*>m —. on >r * the day i*ri *• il ,A;. irho liArturar 1 Una uoj iu ;L fu f ;he &.iiiaal Itsry. Hv u. ;rr rrr’ . •\ |*nl *i4l.h. 1561. (’ li'tdrTA of Slntr ju l i’uUTVJ Taxes, ..ppoiiiii *i on >h J,iri| uf .\ t r 1 : Jh'trn-I Nm I -H .b.-r !• T-rlor. •j - tr. r.nfn NI,in, •> --i Mines H . All* 11, 4- h S. I'! >111)1-011, 5- .l*hn Ham- mi, H—Jus. \\ , MhU'ng!r, 2nd. ■■■— ■■■ ■ FOR <■' VS r.A HI.K. L'‘ I 1 ft f \ K* * T% ie*f*ifi ; |f j iimihi'm liiniar f ,*\e . t'’ilfi'e i’*.r 1 *..n* rhh'e ■lt the *• I* i!i<- *..-! • ‘I nMin n Ditn> i and PrMjril* I hr e ippr'f! *l tl• ■ ii ftuih an Itihv* Cl 1 /en. Alai ~-*Q. Ifc6l. NO’l ICK To Trxieis, Keepers tf Ojdmanes and Ithc %. r ^p.\r> r, Tis KKKrEir 5 or onfr* I NAP. IKS AND others, rT + hcrohv n ‘tiScd, in c of *h<* rrt of A-xcu.l)! ', .in such i a*r made ( id jr* - vided. t<> take >ut and rcro xr tin ir IJC'IASUS on or the Ist day cf >ly nr^t. as tK* law will In- riciiSlv ngainpt those who to : a; v u ilj provisions the \fl Aswiul lv. pa*ht>l at .January Scsni iii. | The iaw ln<p not audjorixi: any jrr *'*n or personr 10 **'il ur i-iri*r wares au>J utcrclMiiiiir ■. without tLrt having ol ain* J .1 Lit float .ih 1 ? Clerk of 1 1)- Kirc-nii ;r.. ■J AS T. i;LAKISTu.\K. Cierk. ol 'iic (’ : r n. MnryV Comu'v. April ! 1 (b. RECJSTEf?. - f PMlS'Nft e l<hiup to avail ihettiaclvea ui iL.- aervii ci! 1 f this eoh-Watcti Sc|. Uon Hie hereby i>i|>>ru:e(i iual he eart ..* found at tlm Sublcaof Wil'iwm Co.uU>. ’u Med I N-o'a, wlur. hr will rrtuaiu (hroitgh >it ilu* preheni season. I i <1 Ky the reason if paj<? on Of U*fore the Ist of July next, tt not pel by that times2o will be char? d. Insur ance $o(). The season will end on the oftth of Jnnn. CO AD A COJliiy. April 11th, I6l—at. FOR ROAD SUPERVISOR. WAI.TRR FOR 11, ihnnkfui for th* support be has hetcloibra received troio the voter* .>f *!• Fariory tiuiiui. offen bitu. eif as a utoiii* da>r for Road S"i ti M*'*r in said district end ••licit* the suj.j orl of hi* f.icud* vnd' fellow rumni. April l#h, LAND FOR SALE. f* r Nafroaa. ■♦ar 2UOO-acres of Land, id far ids to suit purr baser*. . ■! . 1 _ J PORREBF. April 4S, IWI. .VO TICE TO CRFDITOKB. |\l is Hereby { nvetuha iKssnbsenber has -i it* 1 red from the Orfiiitiit 1 Court of St. Mary’a county, in >f aryland,letters sf ad tr ifiittmiiun w.a.,on ih persona 1 estateo/Wm. late ot said, county deceased. All persons tav ing elnima against the * id dsceased, are hereby warned 10 cxl ;hit the same, with tbe proper vouchee thereof, to the *uoecriher, oa or hHorethe Ist day of (Vu, J*sl, otaera ise they m.iv ue exciiiOed by iaw frsiu ali beueil of the soia estate. Given under toy hand this ttMi day af Maxcb IMI, ' JJ.JARBOB. Adair. Ms<ak 3dA JBC**4w.