Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, August 15, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated August 15, 1861 Page 4
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m. A. anun. . i. mawx. NEW flUkfDTUHIffi. WK have just returned from Baltimore citv J*rHh a large oud well*6elccted •STOCK OF PALL and WINTER GOODS, to the inspection of which we in vite our friends and the public. Our stock of— BOOTS. SHOES. HATS, CAPS. Is superior, both in quantity and quality, to any heretofore offered in this market.— Our stock also embraces a large anwt tncnt of— LADIES ’ DRESS GOODS, of every style and quality;— Ready-made Clothing, Caesinetts, Catsi meres and Fine Cloths: 6-4 Full Cloth; 3-4 do; 6-4 Ktrsrys; 3-4 do; 5-4 Urijwd and pi>lid Linteys; 3-4 Linteys , and 3-4 Sheeps Gray. Our stock of GROCERIES is large and embrace* a large supply of— Bacon, Lard, Butter, Flour, Cheese, Fish, Fresh Back-wheat Flour , ifr., Ac. We have also on band a large assortment of FINK LIQUORS, including— Wine*, Brandies and Whiskeys, of the most approved brands. Our whole stock of goods having been pur chased for cash, we flatter ourselves (hat We are aide to offer superior inducements to Layers, Loth as to price and terms. SIMMS A MADDOX. Nov. Bth, IB6o—if. NOTICE. THE Co-partuonddy Infetoliae existing under (tie firm of O)TT1 NGHAM S. HARDING is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Wm. 11. Harding is ah >nc-author ized to settle the business of Hie tinu. SAMUEL OOTTINGHAM, WM. H. HARDING, Haitimere Jan. 11801—4 w. The undersigned, having Bought out the 'lnterest of Samuel Gillingham of the tirm <l Ikdlingham & liardiiig, will hereafter o<*mluct the business in his own Name. —and lie most respectfully solicits the favor ot the friends ol the old Firm. WM. H. HARDIN 1. MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL WORKS. TOTIBE FAJUU.US MAH m I wuilld .itttxt respectfully call your at Ucntion t my largo assortment of LM PL K- JtKJSTS. 1 am manufacturing aty) pre paring a larger assortment of Agricultural Im plements than I have ever before offer* d to o pwu IX. Power* and Threshers. Wheat Fan*. Corn Miffs, C*rn Shelters, Ploughs, Harrows; Cultivators, and many other articles to numerous to mention. I eau supply the Farmer with every thing he may want. With regard to Morse Powers I would call particular at tenth m to a fine lot of FELTONS TRIPLE GKVtFJt POWERS, to work with or without hand, which are not surpassed in this or any other market ; and 1 must res|M*ctfiilly invite those who are in want of Machines to give me a call, as I feel confident that I can suit the pur chaser. I am making a COHN MILL for grinding Corn at Home. This is a Mill, has been tested and pronounced so hy expe rienced judges. To this I ask your spe cial attention. 1 tender you my sincere thanks for the kindness heretofore shown me and l*eg a con tinuance of your favors, determined to make a strong effort to please, all who give me their custom. Orders wilt meet with prompt atten tion by being directed to WILLIAM 11. HARDING, 150 Pratt street Wuar/\ Haiti more, Aid. Feb, 7th, 1801—ly Bsnr t - Paiul Branch Woolen Factory, wool! Wool: : wool!'.! THE subscribers resjectfully return their thanks to their t<•finer cui*t**fum, ami inform them, and the public, that they are prepared to manufacture WOOL mto all kinds of negro Clothing, Flannel*. Blanketing, Ac.. Ac., at short notice. They •‘•licit the datvalnrr liberal patronage of Farmers and Planters 1 raving WOOL or in want of such goods,— i 'rtrrr.s liberal and accommodating, ami will be made known on apidication by letter or otherwise. Geo. W. Wilson, of Upper Marl boro’ Prince George’s County, will receive Wool or orders. The undersigned will call and get Wool when notified. Wool will also be received from Commission Merchants of Baltimore or Washington at our excuse and goods returned. All work warranted to give satisfaction. B. & J. FAWCETT, Coleeville, Montgomery Co., Md. May 30, 1801—2 m. a B, HKltf. J. WICODEMIJS. OEO. P. TUOMJS J, U. HARDESTY, vtra. HEIM.NIOODEMUS A CO. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN mminmnc uun. r BVBEY DKBCBIPTIOH, NO. 383 BALTIMORE ST. * BALTIMORE. March Ist, IB6o—tf. . BUSINESS NOTICE. A LL persona indebted to me on Tavern ac jtm. count wdl earn* forward and settle the name without delay osl wish all chums due me dosed forthwith. 1 iatiad hereafter to do an exclusive CASH businew and am determined in give no credit for EATING, DRINK ING or HORSE PEED from the let of Janua ary, 1881. JOHN P. PENWICK, Proprietor, Union Hotel! January 3rd. 18H3— i.umbicr, SHINGLES, LATHS, BRICKS. LIME, HAIR, SASH, DOORS ud SHUTTERS, FUR sale, at the eery lowest price for CASH nr APPROVED cko*lit. Before buy ing, rail and om tin at the corner of Elitea and <i*ruiMii ."t (reels *r at .132 Light Street Wharf, Baltimore, Md. BURNS A SLOAN. March 21st 1861—if. BUS J NESS NO TICE. ALL persons indebted n> roe on Tavern ac count will come forward and Mettle the *ain f without delay as 1 wash all claims due me closed forthwith. I intend hereafter to do an | exclusive CASH business and am determniel to gwe no credit for EATING, DRINKING or HuRSE FEED from the Ist of January lt-61. J. W. J. MOORE • Proprietor, Washington Hotel. January 3rd, |BCl—tf. NEW FALL AND WINTER GOQJ)S I'HF. undersigned has just returned from the City with the large*!, nno best selected si*h k ot FALL,and WINTER GOODS ever ulfeml to the citizens of St. Mary’a County ,cousirlia<, •ii pari, of very superior quality **f Heavy Goode foi Servants ’ rlotliing, at the must moderate prices—also Roots ami Shoes of the most suu etanlial make, sod lieet material. Besides Clot ha, UaSSiutcrts, vest in fs mtd sll kinds of hue drets Good*, tor Ladies and Gentlemen—a carefully selected, uud well assort* r! stin k *>t ready made clolhtn;,titsnufs. lured expressly i* order, and a variety of articles ofaim*ist eve*y kind no where else to Itefoutid in the county. He respectfully so- i licits a call from thosedesiring to purchase, feel ing assured that his thorough acquaintance with the business, resulting from a lon™ residence in thecity, will enable Inin It> offer such indu* e nients as will defy compel if i**n. E H. JONES, ('lition Factory. Septembcj27i)t PATUXENT RIVER LAND F O R S A L E. IP not sol*! at private sale before SIT HUDAV, OctoWr the 201 h, 18ti0. 1 will offer at puhlic sale, in the village of CtlAll- LOTTK HALL, on that .lay, the IMU W on which I now reside. This Farm is situate*l on the Patuxent River, adjoining the lands of Mrs. E. I, Thomas am! Maj. James Collins, and con tains ONE THOUSAND ACRES OF LAND. Persons wishing to purchase land of aw ja* rior quality, where good health and all tin* delicacies of the water are to be had. nr*' requested t* call and examine the premises. Steamers, to and from Baltimore, pass thi- Unil every day. This Farm will be divided ar,d sold ir. lbr**e part**. Terms made known on application to (.!•- undersigned, ami jmsscusion will be given on the first *l.iv "f jammrv, IS*’,l. W. .1. CARTWRIGHT, Charlotte Hall. P. ()., Saint Mary’s County, Md. August 30lh, 1800 —tf, JAMES Wll ,K INSON, GROCER & CMMISSION ME® (CM AMT, No. 122 Dugan’s Wharf, BALTIMORE. Keeps constantly on hand a larsv assxrt mcninf.SUPEßlOß FAMILY (iUiCKiai5S. Foreign and Domestic Liquors, Tobacco, Su gars. Ac., which will be sohl at the lowest •nnrkct prices. Pr*>dnce *f all kinds sold on commission, 1 shall only do a CASH commission tsincss. Nov. 20th, 1800—tf. VALUABLE MA NUFA C TUIt ING FRO FEE T V I?(DIB SAIL lE* TIIF. valuable property, known as CLIF TON FACTORY and GIUST MILL (water power), situated *n the Head Waters I •f St. Mary’s iver in Saint Mary’s county, j Md,, and embracing about three hundre*! and fifty acres of land, is .offered at Private Sale. This property has on it a STffBK HO I Sh, which is a £*hl stand for business, HOTEL, DWELLINGS, W..rkdu|*. Arc. The pro perty will lie sold cm accommodating terms. For further particulars, apply to. THOMAS W. GOUGH, JO. FORREST, f.conaru Town P. O. Nov. 15th, 1806—tf. roos’DXD 1853 chartered 1854 LOCATED COR. or BALTIMORE & CHARLES St. Baltimore, Md. 7’kr Largett, Mat Elegantly FumhkeJ and Popular Commeieiul College in the United Slates. Designed Expressly for Young Men 1 Deftinng to obtain m Thorough Practical Busi Hens Education in tb< shortest possible tinu and at the least expense. A Large and Beautifully Ornamented Circu lar, containing upwards of Six Square Felt, r with Specimen af Penmanship, and a Large £n ► graving (the finest of the kind ever made in this i country) representing the Interior View of the I College, with Catalogue stating terms. Ac. will lc sent to every Y*.*ing Man on ajijiiication - free of rliarge. Write immediately and yon will receive iht package by return mad. Address E. K LOSIER, Baltiiuuie MJ. j January 24th, ly. ISAAC JACLSOS. CBS. DIMOBK HARMONY OROV2 NURSERIES. ISAAC JACKSON 4 CO.. Piopnutors. (Svccsttuat TO THOS M. HARVEY,) Jtaiiorvillo, Cheater County, Pn. " # To the Farmer* and Planters of St. Mary’s and adjoining counties. THE subscribers be? Imre to mH attenHßn tn tlictr targe stock tor the Kail trade. Pears, standard mid dwarf;Cheradfr; Peaches; Plums; Apricots; Nectarines. alQte lectcd and choice varieties. Our small fruit department comonse* every thing ia its clo*% Strawberry, one hundred varieties; OtafM drty varieties;Currant, Rasptierry, Rhuburo or Pie Plant, Asjiariigua. IF Our stock f ORNAMENTAL TREES*** very heavy, and comprises all thecotunrion and most of the new, both evergreen and dtentoMia Roses, Dahlias aud bedding plants of every de script ton. Osage Orange for hedging. This plant is destined soon to supercede all others fur this purpose, being hardy, a ro|id grower, its ■ strong (horns offering an impaasible burner u> 1 all kinds of slock Our stock is healthy and { well grown, and our prices willlnr found as low , las any other establishment. Orders solicited] Address ISAAC J ACKSON 8t CO., Jennerville, Chester Co., Pa P. S. Catalogues furnished on application. Reference—Francis J. Stone, Bloomsbury; J. Edwin Coad, Locust Grove,St Mary Vcouut^ Aoknt. —(j. Fred. MuJJox, vbOjfl agent for this canipuny, will attend to t ®|| .Wealth -•*-* WANTED., T rpHE utbtrribrr wishes to buy a lot of I ■■ LIKKLY YOUNG NEGROES, of both i **v*s. f.. r which the highest market price* il‘ lie p i-.1, Persons wishing lo sell, who may no 1 ' see himr during his present i-ut through the Sohthen r unities of the State, will have theii orders promptly reminded**. hy addrewdi.R— --1 ALLEN S. DORSEY, W.ishi ugton, D. C. Feb.2nd, 1860 —tf. PLOWS. NO. Ift, 19 aim) 19] M A 11. PLOWS. X 7, H and 9 Improveil Davis, A Shears.llist received and f*r sale by SIMMS A MADDOX. MBB&AI.JAMKOVStCO.. CKIA ll MAKUFACTURERS. (StCUKSSOKS TO 0. W. DwVKR & Co.) PRIME CIGARS, 1 onr own manufac tiue. constantly on hand. \\c have also a large stock | excellent CHEWING and SMOKING TCP.OACO; SNUFFN and FANCY ARTICLES, Which we are prepared t- famish our cus tomers <>n reasonable tunas. .lan. lUth 1861 —tf. NEW GOODS. ELKO SPALDING ha* just receved me* • of the best selected slocks of UhOIIS he Inis ever had, which he otfere for sale very low. Uc would call particular attention to Lia -dock of— ladies’ Dress Goods, White Goods, Linen Cambric anti Silk Pocket Handkerchiefs, Ladies* and Gen’s Kid and Lisle I bread Gloves Ladies Mantlet, and mints, Cloths, vJhusnaere Bilk Vestings, Ac. April 261 h. 180—1 y. QUICK QUICK LIME! ! KENNEDY’S SCHUYLKILL LIMB, SO well known in Pennsylvania, Debt war* New .Jersey and the Northern and. Eastern portion of this Stale, as l*cing su|*enor to any tiicr for agricultural improvement, is for tin irst time placed within the reach of the farm- I ,;rs and planters of St. Mary’s and adjoining counties, through the agency of the uudersipt j,l who is prepared to sell on arconnnmlafing ••■rms any Quantity of Quirk Lime, deliverable is per agreement n the shores of any of the rivers or haysiu said counties. Orders solicit vJ* JNO. A. CAM ALTER, Ajent. Leonard Town, M 1,, March 3rd, 1869—3 m Th<* following analysis recoin mends this I ime J u properties (far superior lo any other) necessary to be applied tc thclaiidsitiilim section, which are known to bedeficienttn both me and magnesia : Laboratory ofStuteChemist No. 2'J Exchange buildings |t Baltimore, Md., June 30-t- lts7 lieiMft of analysis of 6 samples n|R Lny I marker respectiv t lylgjy^ j No 1 (blue). No 2 (white), NolflnT It 3 (lop), for John Kennedy, Kennedy. Montgomery Co., Pernsy oLaa. Theabovesamples of“BchuylkillLiß>vS|on were found,apon analysis, to be composed Rows . Nol(w) 1(b) 2 (w) 2(b) 3 (t) Carbon, o Lime. 60 9,64.7, 6d.5, 56.1, 57.] Carbon, of Mag ,38.2,34.1, Sand, Clay A 1r0n,0.9, 1.2, 1.2, 1.5, 2.3 100. The above Schuylkill Limestone* ate Magi sian Limestones, of pretty nearly equal compo ' aition. They are most especially adapted to the application on soils which arc deficicntin both . Lime and Magnesia. JAMES HIGGINS. PDfflTLOßlif HflEl, * SAINT MARTS COUNTTJtD., e proprietors of this well known and , 1 JL popular cstaldiohment, respectfully in i- form the citizens of Saint Mary’s and the ad f joining counties, that die Hotel at thw place e will remain open until the firxtday of Noveni * ! tier next. Tlie bathing at this place is excel •! lent and visitors will certainly find and enjoy 1 all the amusement? and mm fort* usually found * at a first class watering place.

HEI LEBOWF.R A CO., Proprietors. (1 July lllb, I&61 —t-oct. lU. THRESHING MACHINES. I have for sale the Helton Triple Oeartd Bone Hewer and W. VV. Dtngee A Go’s j iron Thresher, with Revolting Straw Carrier. The machine is warranted to render satisfsc- y tina to all purchasers. The price of ft horse y power. SO inch Thresher and Slraw-tCarrier. ( delivered at any wharf io 81. Mary’s county, is $lB4. Former* arc invited to cull at my Store in Leonard Town aud examine this Thresher. E. LEO. SPALDING. June 28th, 1860—tf. - HE tU RT. X- H - MraBEOS JAS R. HERBERT & BRO. XQBACCO AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No 33Qraat* MOllingswortiiSts., lUTINORt, MU. REFERENCES. John Hopkins.Preaiden t Merchant? Bank Trueman Cross, Farmers* Rank. Geo. W. Howard St Co., Baltimore. DujpT, Nurris &. Uo., R. HicWley & Rro.. “ Penniman & Bro., “ __^Vbitny, Comstock. Balt. L— 2 JO.I■“M.U'DOX nDSWtS^OTICE. i Jr JaHt j) rIE undersignt-diinvo thisdav formed a Co-PsirtnershifW Ihe HERCASTII*A\ BUSINESS in Leonard Town, under the uauie and style of SIMMS <6 MADDOX. and are now doing busimn# at the store lately | iKvupieii by lien. A. Simms A* Co. They so j licit a continuance of the very liberal patro nage widch was cxliiide*! to the late firm. GKO. A. SIMMS. JU. 11. MADDOX. Oct. 23rd, 1860. Oct. 25th, 1 SCO—If. JAMES S. DOWNS, ATTORNEY & COUNSELLOR A*l LAW, Leonard Town , St . Mary's Co. . Md ., Will practice in St. Mary’sand tlu adjoining counties. Feb.loth 1859 TUB SAINT MARY’S FEMALE SEMINARY THR next annual session will commenci on SATURDAY, the 15th of Septem ber, under the direction ol Miss LOTTY LEIGH, as H rind pal, assisted by a corps of efficient and experienced Teachers. The course of instruction is as thorough as at any other institution tn tne country, and M less than half the usual expense. The scholastic yeat is divided into two terms ol five montits each. Charge*, per term, payable in ail Yance: for all the branches of a thorough English cdticath-n. including Board, Tuition, Washing, Fuel, Lights and Bedding, $76.0h Stationery, 2.5( Tuition fordav pupils,including fu<d, * 21.00 brparatk braschf.s: French, 14.00 Music, with the nse of Instrument, 26.00 ')rawing and Painting, exclusive >f materials, 6.00 Painting in Oil Colors, exclusive of nmteriahs, 10 00 For further information, or for Circulars, ■ apply to the Principal, St. Intgoes Pos Office, Saint Mary’s Countv, Md. C. BILLINGSLEY. President of the Hoard ol Trustees. August ICth, IBLo—tf. A CARD. Doctor gustavus canter, having located himself in Charlotte Hall, rcspect t fully ofiers his professional services lot he pnb ii lie. His office is that formerly occupied by t Dr. .1. F. Shaw, where he can always be i found except when professionally engaged. - Kepßbrncf..—Samuel Chew, M. D. Pro fcsHor of Principles and Practice of Medicine - in the University of Maryland. rj March 7th 1801 lOia. v r SPRING G(K)1)S. A large supply of Howard Duck. Peni tentiary Plaids, Ac. jn*t received aud • for sale by ‘i E. LEO, SPALDING f ; LUMBER ] SHINGLES!! FLORING, 4C. WE invite the attention of our friends and consumers, generally, in St. Mary’s aud . jdimiiiijg extensive assortment 11 WtTeasoned nUILIMNC MATERIALS. * All parties oellfenijßnmng the erection of - Dwellings, HaAies, will find it greatly to * their advantage tit give us a call, as we can sell at lowest-rates for cash or Negotiable pa ) Frames, Sash, j£c., furnished at * Mill prices. 1 Order* filled for Bricks, Lime, Hair, Nail*, * Ac. No Wharfage charged on Vessels receiving Lumber from our rd. r. CARSON, ZIMMERMAN, & CX)., ® Wct side Union D*>ck, * Norfolk Boat Wharf b * March 29th, 1860—tf. " NOTICE. undersigned wish lo inform the j ■ people of Saint Mary's and adjourn- 1 iug counties, that they have just completed a FIRFT CLASS RAILWAY, and are : | ; prepared to haul out vessels of any size, ’ . and will REPAIR, CAULK, Ac., on the . I most reasonable terms. Prompt attention ; to all work, and quick dispatch will be given j in all cases. The Railway i* situate*! about, ■ a quarter of a mile from Leonard Town on a fine oyster creek, where we will 1 build SCOWS, BOATS, or VESSELS, if required, on Ihe lowest terms HARRIS, NORRIS A FOX WELL. July 19th 1800—tf. 1 * -ZI - - - w — —■ - - - - ARCHITECT* BUILDER fPHR undersigned has made auch arrange- R ntenU as will enable him to execute all | work in hie line at BALTIMORE PRICES, with promptness and despatch. He eolicite a call from bis frieuds and the public. 1 V. CAM ALTER, Leonard Town Jaa. 26th. 1860—tf. NOTICE. fVYIE undersigned beg* leave to infomiebb 1 friend* and the Public, (hat he is still at the OLD STAND,in Leonard Town, carrying i on BLACKSMITH ING, GUN, LoOK-* SMITHING, SHEET IRON AND STOVE WORK—in short, iron work of all Icm:ri)>- . tiuns.suoh Hi- repairing CARRIAGES, BUG IKK. ROCK A WAYS! CARTS. WAGONS. 1 HOUSE SHOEING. FARM WORK of ail kind-: also REAPERS, THRASHERS and, DRIT.LS. With his experience of 11 year* in ! 1 a Machine Shop, lie think* that lie can do any kind of Ulack.tinith Work from a knwdlt to an ) anchor, and on reasonable terms. New Wag- ; on* and Girts limit cheaper than can lie done j at any other shop iu this place. HORSES SIIOKD at the shortest notier. JAMES A. M’CATIIRAN, Blacksmith. January 12th, ISGo—tf. NOTICE. E. LEO SPAI.DINO returns his thanks to his numerous customer* for the liberal patron- i age he has received frtku them, and pletlges i himself to keep a CHOICE STOCK OF) GtJODV always on hand, which will be sold, . very low for cosh or its equivalent. E. LEO SPALDING, April 2nd, 1860 April stb, iB6O- Iv. VOLUNTEERS WANTED. CITIZENS of this county who may lie desirous of uniting in the formation of a CAVALRY COMPANY are requested to leave their names nt the Store of Messr- Simms $• M.uldi<x in this village. January 3rd, 1861—tf liA&r CORN MEAL, fresh from the Steam- Mill of J. 11. Maddox. Also, a fresh supply of BUTTER. CHEESE,Ac in store and for sale by SIMMS A MADDOX. Dec. 20th, ISUO. Tll A D."K. I’ll E USS; Attanef and Counsellor at hav, fsonard 7otcn,St. Mary's County Maryland \JV UiL practice in the CourtsofSt.Mury’- ▼ ▼ and adjoining Counties. Jan 13th. 1859—t1. PETITION FOR THE BE REG IT OF THE IXTSOLFENT LAB’S OF M.IKYLAAD , Circuit Court for St. Mary’s Co,, f March Term 1861. f ORDERED by the Court that tlie Creditors of JAMIES A. MORGAN, a petitioner for the benefit of the Insolvent ttws if Ma ryland. lie and apjiear lefore the Circuit Court for St. Mary’s County on the third M<nday of Novemlter next, to show cause, if any they have, why the said James A. Morgan, shall not have the benefit of the said laws; provid ed a copy of this order l*e inserted in the St. j Mary’s IWacoti once a week for three months before the said third Monday iu November , next. By order, ’ JAMES T. BLAKISTONE, Clerk. July 26th. 1861—3 m. RAN away from my estate in Medley’s Neck, about 10 days ago, negro man COLUMBUS. Jnj He was bought out of the estate of wawmmm. Mrs. Cusiek and has a wife living at Mr. George Tarltou’s at Forrest Landing, head ol Cuckold's creek, near which place ho is doubt less lurking. He stoops a little, is of a light chocolate complexion, and about 30 years of age! I will give the almve reward for hi* ap prehension and delivery to me or for hi* con finement in the county jail, Town. JO. 11. MADDOX. Sept. 16th, IB6o—tf. NOTICE. riIHE undersigned has just received a large * supply of Ladies PARTY ami BALL GCoda const:*ling ol White and Colored Tarletons, Ladies white Kid Slipper laxdies White Kid Gloves. Ac. &,c. Also, Gents White Kid Gloves, Gents Fancy Neck Tic?, Gents' Fine Shirts, and Collars, Ac. Ac. E. LEO. SPALDING, Town. January 3rd, 1861 —tf. AI.IBRT TOCCO. J. . MOR'tJt? TREGO & MORGAN. PRODUCE C OMMISSiON ME R CFLINT'S, And Wholesale Dealers in LIQUORS AND CIGARS, 50.17 CHEAPSIDE. nearPraltst,, BALTIMORE Ocf* Every description otccuntiy Piuduc j entrusted to our care w ill ti c* iv * t i lint ■ lion. i Aprtlßth,lßsß tl. j NOTICE. ALL persons wishing t o communicaU with mehy letter .will direct Itieir cm r**afioudrncehy mailtu For tTohaecoUharie* i county, MJ,, or by steamer St. NieUulas, o (thappei Point, Charles county , Md. \VM. T. CAMPBELL. 1 Feb. 3rd, 1859—it. BB———. UMtBMNTICL BURNS A SLOAN return their since i thanks to the Farmers for their libc 1 Citrooage for the year pari. Their Moc.. f UMBER is Uigar than ever and better a sorted; and are are determined to offer great inducements to cash buyers- Apply at the corner of F.ntaw and German streets, or at 182 , light street Wharf. , BURNS A SLOAN. Baltimore, Md j Feb. 2nd, 1860- ROBERTSON & BRISCOE, SUCCESSORS TO n. n. MILES, AT HIR I OLD STAND, 149. W. PRATT STRUT BALTIMORE, RKSPEUPFULLY offer their services at stents, for the Nile of TOE ACC ft GHAIS. and ali kinds of PRODUCE, piedg ng their u .tiring efforts to render satisfaction all who may patronise them. Liberal ad vances made on consign incuts. March 22nd. IS6o—tf. ! J. H. IUCKETT, Stock, Note, Bill, And Real Estate Broker, HI Second Street, BALTIMORE References. P. Gibson, Cashier Bank of Balt. Baltimore. jC. R. Gdeinan, Co&h. Mechanics' Bank, J. i M. Buck, Cash. Franklin Bank, Thomas J. ■ Carson, Banker, Tfctuas I>. Johnston. J. C. ' Adams. Warwick, Frit k & Ball, R. Mickle, Cash. Union Bank of Maryland Bali, B. A. Vickers, Pres. Marine lk.nk, Johnston Bro. Ac Co. t Bankers. Josiah Leo &. Co., Hugh Jen kins & Co. Young A Carson, \Vm. Pinkney Brooke, Washington. D. C, May 24th, 1800—tf. B UIL D ER’ MATERIALS ----- SSI ■n S S ■ IRU The undersigned would res;>cct fully call (h uttcution of the I’uMic to their large asrovt incut ..f noons, jjujvds, sASir, door FRAMES, WIXDOW FRAMES, WASH | boards, casixcs, movldixus, max i TI.KS, and every description of House Build ing materials, which they have constantly on hand., and which they can furnish at the short est notice. They are also prepared to furnish at the shortest notice FttAKIE WORK for Country Houses, Collages, and suburban Residences, according to any plan or design, all ready fitted to be put up on their propos ed sites. Farmers and others, desirous of building in th— ouuuOjr, would find it to tk**r adragtajyt by giving ua a call before purchasing else where, as we are fully prepared to execute work on the most reasonable terms. And the advantages, which we offer in preparing all the materials that may he necessary in con structing a house, will he found to save (lie i Builder a great deal of vexatious delay and expense. JMF* All orders left at their office or ad dressed to them by mail a ill meet with prump and satisfactory attention. MAUUHLIN & JOHNSON, Steam Plaining Mill and Sash Factory, Kast Falls Avenue,near Pratt Street Bridge Warehouse No. 55, Pratt street, Next door to Penn Sc Mitchell,Balt. Md. April Ittth, IB6o—ly. CHAIR AND FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. WE. ANDERSON. JVs. 10 It 12 e Second Street hettceen Frederick Street and Marsh Market Space, Baltimore, Having the largest Ware rooms and bert assortment of Cabinet Furniture id the city, is prepared to sellevery articlein hislineupou the most liberal and accommodating terms. Having had a long experience in this line of business, he flatters himself that he can com pete, as to excellence ot material, beauty of workmanship and range ot prices, wth any establishmentol the sort in this or any other city. His general stock embraces a full and complete assortment of Parlor Chain, Sofas, Rocking Chairs , Spring Lounge* , Chamber Suits, Bar room. Office and Dining Chairs, French Tefe-a-Tetes, Settees, Arm Chairs, Muttrases, looking (Rosses, de., of every va riety and description. He has also on hand Bedsteads of his own manufacture, which can be put up and taken down in two min utes. Persona from St. Mary’s, wishing to purchase Furniture, are requested to call and examine bis Stock before buying elsewhere Be sure to find the right place Nos. 10 It 12 Second Street—Warehouse with 80 lee front and S large Folding doors. August 11th 1859—1 y. Wholesale and Befall Grecey AND Commission Jltmljonl. HAS moved to the fine and oommadfoVf WAREHOUSE, Mo. 154 WeaCTmt B* n near light, and begsleave to inform his friends aad the public that he baa on hand a large and g*a> era 1 assort men I o| GROCERIES, consisting in pari of— 0 GOV&RNM ENT. JAY A, L A GUIF A am) RIO COFFEE REFINED AND DROWN SUGARS, o every grade gunpowder.imferial.y.htfon BLACK TEAM GOLDEN SYRUP, NEW ORLEANS and W I Iffll ft ftigf SPERM, ADAMANTINE and MOULD CANDLES; FAMILY. EXTRA, SUPERFINE and BUCK WHEAT FLOUR, Ac. He also invitee thenspecinJatteptipp pf jp, friends and customers to hia extensive stock of IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC Tl QUORS. which have been selected with the greatest care and cannot (ail to please. Baltimore, March4th, )Bs9 March 10th iftSp—ly.

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