Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, August 22, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated August 22, 1861 Page 3
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. a f a u,i!y quarrel, and could be settled f,,r **f u ialerfer-! , iCC IUu MiCb it; that t Wi* based on a jitical question iti which l!e no'ions were , Li iutcreittfd. *ud in the settlement of., Ucb lh**y oM 004 become parties , These are now the view* and senti- Luts of GariUWi. as expressed by bis ' in •I* of „r, late 1 dale HWfc. tv. of Ph,ta. F"*. | T„r. N- Yoke lUkalp ox Gkx. But- | LUt —This is a change which ought to I have taken pUce hftig since. General Rutler has proved himself W be a very iro- | *, r *aut and very pHiipou* personage, not! s Turkish Pasha. Ills strategy las been most masterly, but it has been I' “ re successful against the newspaper re port* n than against the enemy at Big , ll thel- The great object of his am bit ion , t Fortress .Monns* was to control the re- ' p,rt intended for U.e public journals. j illarricb. 0„ Tuesday last, by the Rev. Mr. Cot- JOSEPH H. MATTINGLKV to MiIhOPIIIANOHRIS. ■ Dicb. At hi.* resident* in Baltimore city, on 14th instant, ROBERT N. MILBUKN —formerly of this county—in the 54th year of his age lu Baltimore city, on the 14th instant. 1 of typhoid fever, Papt. MICHAEL J. bOK KK —formerly of this county—in the 09th year of his age. University ok Maryland. MEDICAL LECTURES. The fifty-fourth Annual Session of the Srh<H>l of Medicine, in the University of Ma ryland, will commence i; MONDAY, Oct. . ||, 1861, and end Marrh 1. 1862. i'b Faculty are aware of nothing in tlie j rrMMit unhappy condition of public attain*ot a nature to interfere with f lie regular and faith- I ful performance *f their duty as Teacher* of M'-aicine. They purpose to make every ef- ! titrt to render their cour.-e t instruction useful and satisfactory to* their pupils. I The Baltimore Infirmary, which l<eh>ngs to the Sch*>ol, continue* t* a fiord abundant moans | for the Clinical illustration * f the principles of Medicine and Surgery. G. W. MiLTENRKRGKR,M. D. , Dean. Awg. 22d, 1861—3 w. £OLLECTm IM BY authority of law, I have seized ami tu- 1 kcu the following property to satisfy j Slate Taxes and the legal charges thereon, ] due me tol the ya r 1860: ram ran rimoii. now owned by William A. Itradly,jr., and aM*ed in 1860 *> W, W. Diz. Ami I hereby give notice, (bat on TUES DAY, the 10th dry of September next, fit fa i, if not, the next fair day thereafter 1 at the GREAT MILL’S STORK, in the Factor) District, Itelwcrn the hours of 3 and 6o’clock, p. m., I will proceed to sell at Public Auc. tion the aliove iiaiued property for cash, to s-tlisfy the Stale Taxes anil the legal charges thereon as above mentioned. UKO. B. DENT, Cullector. August 2*21x1, 1801—Is. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. NOTICE is hereby riven that the subscri her has obtained front the Orphan** CourtofSt. Mary’s county,lll Maryland,let ter* of iihuinistrntion 011 the personal estate of WM. H. -VF.VETT, late of waid county, lia-nid. All peraoiui having chums against the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the stone with the proper roiiehes thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the Ist day of March, I*6*2. otherwise they may he excluded by law from all benefit of the eaid estate. Given under my hand this 22ixl day of August. 1861 R. COLTON. Administrator August 9£nd, 1861—4 w. “ NOTICE TO CREDITORS. NOTICE i* hereby given that the suhacri her has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Si. Mary *s county in Maryland, let ters testamentary on the personal estate o‘ SAMUEL KERCH, late of aid comity, de r-ased. All persons having claims againat the s-tid deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same with the projier vouches thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the Ist day of March, 186*2, otherwise they may be excluded by law from ail benefit of the said estate. Given under wy hand this 22nd day of August, 1861. ELLEANOR KERCH. Executrix. Aug. 82nd, 1061.—iw. FOR MAGISTRATE. ZACOHKUB TIPPETT utters himself to (he voters ut Leman) Town District as a catxli dste for Magistrate and respectfully solicit* thsir support at the ensuing Fall election. Aug. 22nd, 1861. FOR MAGISTRATE. The friend* of CHARLES CAMALIFR prraeni bis name to tbs voter* ul laniard Town as a candidate for Magistrate, am! soli cit for his claims a dispassionate consideration. Aug. 22ud, 18C1. OftftD IRUIMyATRIIY. It taken in Maryland and ileliveml to me : u Korihumberiaiid, Va., I will give the reward for two negroes, SAM and, MADISON. They left on Sunday, July ! dbotfi SAM is low, ami although not stout, is J veil set, i* of tawny mulatto color and ha* a ? wr *l J hink. over one of hi* ayes, occasioned bf Ibv kickufsmule when young. He it about fifty your* of ago and when spoken to anuoes a desire tu please, but generally ha* a grunt sud forbidding counteuace. He is also , a go.xl plantation carpenter. * A DISCIN’ has always been a good servant, eis very young and has a pleasant conntc- * iiauce, particularly when spoken to. He is 1 **w but uuroUßMily writ set, very black,! i when pleased, show* a set of beautiful < White teeth. WM. P. BROCKEN BROUGH. Northumberland Go., Va. Au *S‘>-* lh, IWJ-Sw. estray. QTATF OF MARYLAND. St. M.ryV Ut WU: 1 hereby certify that 1 T. Garter (P. B). informer of said emu y. bnxsebl Is*fore me, the sul*< filter. one of the Justices of the Pence, in and for the said futility, this 6th day lif August. 1861. a< a 2!?v !***** , ‘ i * ’kwurws, a small BA Y HORSE, abqut eight years old, twelve or thirteen hamls high, had n sore ou tlx* righ 1 •mb of his neck, carries bis mane on the left *uk*. is slightly capped o„ || M . h-ft hip rn , . H.C. GRAVES. .14*. i T° J- T. Blakistone, Clerk of St. Mary’s couu- Teat,— _ . # , JAMES T. BLAKISTONR. Ucrk of the Circuit Court fbr St. Mary’s co. . Yhe owner of tlx* almve liorse is hereby no tified to come forward, prove pn.pertv. par Charges and lake him away; otherwise he will be disposed of according to law. JOHN T. CARTER. F. B. Aug. istli. 1861—3 w. NOTICE. I FOB \\ ARN any and all persons from receiving in paymnit or by transfer for any eonsidemtioii whatever, a NOTE OF HAND ul mine, with Charles Medley securi ty, drawn payable to James Tbompron,on tbe Ist day id January, 182. ft. r t| ie sum of i.e buiwlieil and tin dollars (fllO) a* I hold (he said Thompson's Note lor nmre than 1 owe him. EDWARD F. TKNEUSOX. Aug., 1861—Sw. STATE OF MARYLAND Office of the Sf.crktaky of State ) AmmjitJiji, July 31*t, 1861. f To AH tr hotn it May concern : is hereby given, that application A- v has lieen made to the Governor for a I’ardoii ill the case of the Stale vs. William F. Grookh.inks convicted in the Circuit Court ; h*r Charles County at May Term iB6O and 1 sentenced to the Penitentiary for Two years. The application hsis Uen made by fivoof the I Jury and a lar;p n'iiid>er of respectable citi zens of St. Mary's County and Baltimore city I lamiliar with facts of the Ciise. The Governor will take up the said case for i final decision, on or alter TUESDAY 20th, August until which time protests against the said application will la* heard,and the petition in the case open to inspection, ut the discre tion of tbe Governor. By order of t lie Governor, GRAY'.?ON KICHKLBERGEB, Stvretury o/’ State. August Bth. 1861—id. GRAND TOURNAMENT I POINT M IDT. ' will he a grand Tournament at j Point IsH'k Out, in this county, on i 'l’ll UUSDA Y t the 2*2iitl, of Au i gust, instant. j The names of the Knights. Marshalls, and her officers of the day, will be published J tiereullcr. HKFLEBOWER if G*, Proprietors. f Aug. Ist 1861—tf. 1 BOIRDIRG SCHOOL Misses Costigiu having secured tlx ■ services of an ex|H*ricncel Music teachei . will receive a limiteii nundier of yiatug ladie 1 for the scholastic year beginning Ist Sept ’ TERMS PAYABLE HALF YEARLY l> ADVANCE. * Board and Tuition in all the branches o r ai * English kaliicatiiai |x*r annum sliii Music Vocal A* Instrumental $lO |>er ipiai !! French 5 “ r Italian 5 “ Spanish o “ Drawing and Painting in Water Color* .* u Oil Painting 10 “ The utmost attention will lie paid t the health and com tort, ami every effort mad . to advance the moral and intellectual cultur of their pupiD. Address— j SUM M ERSE AT Oakville P. O. t St. Mary’s Co. t August Ist, 18CI—tf. I 1 ' * NOTICE. to the subscriber's on the f% llhlt instant, in a large Mpty white Canoe—about twenty-five feet laig—a negro man, calling mbA > j himself ■ IPIEW3! UELAWMGB. He is about live feet and six or seven inches in height is well made, has a flat nnsc and weighs about 170 imxiixls. He has a brisk, ' active walk and i* probably alient 27 years 'old. He wears a small suit of whiskers on 1 hi* chin, and was dressed, when first seen, in i a suit >f white cotton chillies, much worn and 1 ragged. He state*, that became from North umberland County, Y’a., and that he ia a slave and belongs to Frederick Down*. From all appearances be is a runaway and erased the Potomac in the canoe almve mentioned. The owner of said negro is heichy not i Hit I of ■ his whereabouts that he ma* be able to come i forward and arrest him. WM. R. CLARKE. Ridge Po., St. Mary’s Co.. MI. June 27th, 1861—tf. UIMRERJIOTICE. BURNS & SLOAN return their sincere thanks to the Farmers fur their liberal tatronage for the year part. Their stock f ,UMBER is larger than ever and better a sorted; and we are determined to ofler great inducements to cash buyers. Apply at flic corner <f Kutaw ami German streets, or at 132 Light street Wharf. BURNS & SLOAN, Baltimore, Md Feb. 2nd, 1860- NOTICE TO TRESPASSERS. A LL |**rsons an* hereby forw*rued from | lres|as*ing with d- g, gnu or otherwise I • upon any lof n.y Kana lying tx-ar Bt.! Clements lUy iu this county and called ami kui>wKi as— “ Port Qopton pork” I also lonvani all ix*r*ns from hauling the S<ine ti|s<n anv |art f the shore of said farm. . disregarding this ix4ire uill. fr<n fix* f date * f its pnhlicsilion. have the law rigoroti*- 1 t ly enforced against thx;!i_ JOSEPH JOHNSON. August Bth, 18C1—Sw. | NEW GOODS. j have ju.-t tm-iml a large ass*-rtmeat " * of bIMK’KIIIKsS, of:— 120 BACKS G. A. A BLOWN SALT; , 50 BBLS. COM. WHISKEY ; / 30 - OLD RYE DO; 2(j SACKS COFFEE ; ; 12 CASKS MOLASSES ; 4 IIIID BROWN SUGAR; j 5 10 CASKS BRANDY; - i‘ !| * 1 t RI M, GIN’. &c., 1 which wc will sell oil terms to suit perrha?*- 1 era. SIMMS & MADDOX, t' W e would rail the atiriitmn of inerehnnst and large dealers in the conntv in .nr large KtM*k of GRO(’ERIKS, whieh we are prepar- t < <•*l to sell as low as can lie purchased in ]{al- j J timone—freight adtlcil. , | S &M. j 1 j June 20th, 1061. i NOTICE. ■1 - j CHANGE OF DAYS TU THE 1 PATUXENT RIVER. ; j 1 mL n THE STEAMERS SHJEIS MIIY VjftSlDKTOi Will leave Baltimore for the Patuxent Riv- ! er on the following days: , Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday, coni- ! mcneing Saturday morning June Ist, at 6 o’clock, for Hill’s Landing direct, and I continue during the !*eu?oii. Returning every Monday, Wednesday and 1 Saturday. The Boat leaving Hill’s laimlitig - | *i Monday and Wednesday will he direct for j Baltimore. The Saturday B>at will leave Hill’s Land- i Anf Friday for Beniiiief, leaving Benedict . Saturday morning at 6 o’clock for Baltimore. The above Steamers will call at all the usu al Landings on the River, also at Fair Haven . ami Plum Point, going and returning. I* UEIGH'I received up t> u o’clock oil the days previ. •ns to the departure of the Boats. 1 N. 11. Sliippers by the ab-rc Boats are* respectfully requested f have their Produce I on aHI the Wharves Itelow Benedict on the • days tli** Boats pass up the River. s 0 as to vaoid the delay of takii g it oil on their way j ie to Pailtimore. *r May 30th, 1861—ten. t. s OENTJSTRY. in ! p ERSONS needing the services of a first n K rate Dentist will do well to emnlou Dr. r. J.KANDOLFII WALTON, w1... in tends liK-ating himself in the village of leop ard Town, t riders addressitl to him through the Leonard Town p. st Otlii-c will receive prompt attention. His terms are eash. Dr Walnai has Lad con-idcrerahle cxja-rience in his profession, i nesh ran* in hi* charges, and In j has invariably given satisfaction to those who Ie j have employed him. To give the readers of re ! the Hearoit *oine i<lea of the standing of Dr. W. as a PRACTICAL DENTIST, the fol lowing letter, addressed to him by Dr. Ninian Pinkney, U. S. N. f is appended : U. S Navai. At'AiiKxr, Annafoms, Maryland, April 21, 1800. DkarSir;—lt gives me great plastire to - express the confidence I have in y<ur skill as a Dentist, and to renanmend yon, as far as I have influence, lu the patronage of tho Public. I have hal an opportunity of witnessing your n"de of o|K*r;lion. aim have no hesitation in affirming that it exhibit* your thorough knowl p cilt! of y"ii profession. 1 am, sir, very rcsjiectfully your otedieiit servant, NINIAN PINKNEY, burgeon U. S. N. Dr. Randoi.pii Walton, Annapolis, a April 4th, 1861—ti. % ,1 s N OTICE OF DIVIDEND. II ' t ap P!’ c * ,ion f Mary Davis nixi John W. 11 v/ Harder, AdniioistniUirs t* Janies H. Da- I J j vis, title of St. Mary’s county, discerned, it is j - order**] by the Court, tint! liie said sdniinistra- I l tors -otify tho creditors of the said deceased, ' , to file their claims agauust itie said deceased 1 j j in the Register of Wills .dfice on or before the ' 9th September, iHfil, for dividend and that 1 * tins order ie puldished 111 the Saint Mary' s • Beacon mice a week until tlie said 9th of Sep -8 te nber 1861. 1 J. T. M. RALEY’, Register of Wills, of St. Mary’s county. Aid. July 25th 1861 ul. LIME AND FEED STORE V*. 3 Holliiuwortl St- Baltimore. —— , , I * Wl. K. YtOKCLfI, •! (SUCCESSOR TO JOHMIKANV) • WHULKFAI.f; AND BITAII. DKALEKf* IN t Lime, Rrick*, llnir Ceiuciii, I CA LCINKD PLASTER, Cons oat, Cora Xoal, Chop-Eye, Mill Feed. &c. j Dec. 23rd, 1858—ly. gßßSgggg f 2SO JCDIOAL PISTRICT. \ I FOR THE COURT OF APPEALS, (

ROBERT FORD, f or SA/XT .VARY'S COUXTY. March 1801. I FOR JUDGE OP CIRC UIT COURT. • To the /Wfe of Urines George g Charlie 1 and Sit. Mary's Counties. 1 I reaped folly annonnee myself as a candi- , dale fr Judge f ilie Circuit Court for First ; JuOM-iai Circuit ul Maryland. 1 t FREDERICK STONE. ( August 15th, 1801 —tl. Full Cl HOP IT JUDGE. !, WV are authorized In announce fiROIIOI' \ BRENT, Kmj., as a candidate lor Judge of 1 the Circuit Court fur Ibe Ist Judicial District ; <f Maryland August loth, 1801—te. I FOII THE SENATE, ‘ ( Mtssrs. K/Utvr*. —litu are requested to | announce FIIKD. MADDOX as a candidate for nlic Senate of Maryland. sil>je J to the liecioioii ul a •S-nthcrii Eights Ctmveii- , lion, should one l*e called. , Al, PATUXENT August B.l,Tin. — in-hi— --w FOIi 7 UK LEG HULA TV UK. | ♦ ( The friends of RICHARD COLTON | ge>t bis name to the voters of this county as 1 a candidate for the Legislature, and a>k lot ' Ins claims a dispassionate consideration. . j March 7lii lßiil. FOR THE LEGISLATURE. ROBERT C. COMBS, E- q ,is recommend ed to the voters of tins men,y as a candidate ' fui the Legislature, and will lie an ppm ted liy MANY FRIENDS. Feb.,2Bth, 1861—tf. ; FOR COINTV CLERKSHIP. The f. iends of DAN IEL T. MC)RG AX pro-! sent him to Hie voter*, of St Mary’s county as j a candidate for Clerk of the Circuit Court at j Iho election iti 1863, and solicit to his claims . a dispassionate considcrutiuu. Nov. 2(ith, 1857. ( * f t FOII COUNTY CLKIIK. 1 announce mvrelf as a candidate for Clerk •f the Circuit Court lor Saint Mary’s county. ! ] es|K*ctfully solicit the support of m\ fit. ■ Is and the public. GEORGE li. HERBERT. M ,cl 28jh 1861. FOR SHERIFF. The name of PHILIP 11. DORSfcY, issug- I gest<d to the voters of this county, as a eau | didate for Hie next SHERIFFALTY, hy . man) citizens of CIIAPTU’O DISTKUT. j Feb. 7th, 1861. HARRISON EDWARDS is presented t ■ the voters of Saint Mary’s county as a c.mdi I date for Sheriff at the election in 1861. Januaiy 12th, 1860. TIIO V.AS L. DAVIS isrecommemleni the voters of this comity as a candidate 10. the Sheiiflalt) "in 1801. Ini joes' District. Nov lOth, 1859 FOB MAGISTRATE. The friend* of \VM. I. YATMS snesest his name to the voters of (.coiiard Town District as a snitahle candidate for Magis trate, and a<l: f>>r his claims a dispassionate eomidcratiun at the ensuing Fall election. L Milos'. August 15th, 1861—le. FOR CONSTABLE. I respectfully offer myself to the voters of Leonard Town District as a candidate for I Constable and solicits their support at the ensuing Fall election. F. F. SPALDING. August loth, 1861—1 c. J LEO H. HAYDEN offers himself to the ■ voters of Leonard Town I ...strict a.- a candi j dale f(r CotistaUe, and asks their supjs.rt at the ensuing Fall election. Aug. 15th, IBnl. The friends of JOHN ALLEN DAVIS announce imu as a candidate fur Cults able, in Leonard Town District. April 4th, 18C1. J EDWIN ABELL nnnminre* himself as a candidate for Constable in Leonard Tiivvii district and adieus the votes of his friends and the ;ulilie. j Feb. 28th, 1861, ( JEFFERSON B. JARBOE respectfully an ! non ires himself hh a candidate for Constable .at the ensuing election iit Chaptiro District and sola us the support of his friends and fellow citizena. May find, 1861. RAPHAEL DOWN’S offers himself to the ‘ voters nf Leonard Town District as a candi i dale for 0< nHahle and solicits the support of I the voters thereof, at the ensuing Full elec tion. June 11th 1861—te. J. R. ALVEY offers himself to the voters •f Chaptiro District, as a candidate for Consta ble, and solicits their support at the ensuing Fall election, j August Ist, 1861. FOR ROAD SUPERVISOR. D. D. W ELCH offers himself to the voters of Leonard down district as a candidaie fi*r t Snjs.Tvisor of ti*e Road and asks the voters of the district to support him. Feb. 28th, 186!. JOHN B. BOWES offers him self as a can- I didalc for Rond Supervisor in Leonard Towr ! district and solicits the support of ins fitends and fellowciliens. Jan. 24th 1861. WALTER FORD, thankful for the support he hs heretofore received from the voters of; I the Factory district, offers luniseif as n candi date for Road Supervisor in : ud district and i solicits the sup|>orl of his friends \nd felfow | citizens. j April 18th, 1861. Jt HIM I*. CECIL is recommended as a suit- , able I>erson for Road Supervisor in the ’ Factory district. MANY FRIENDS. 1 March 28th 1861. HENRA NORRIS of Jo. offers hintneff to i *he voters of Leonard lown ditiin as :* candi i dale for Road Supervisor and solicits the vote* 1 of his friends and the public. f Jau.2-L-.K4il. { WILLIAM GOODWIN otfeis hhnrelf to tin* voters of Patuxent District ns n Candidate ■ for Rond Supervisor, anil asks their support At the ei!'in2 FiiU election. •August Ist, ltd. UNiON HOTEL, ! Leonard town. hid.. FOR SALE OR RENT. I THE stiltscrilier iiittiulinjE fo change his 1 nsiiica.-, offer* the I’NIUX HOTEL for Sale or Jlent. The Hotel. Stable* and othr huildings are in excellent condition, ami the stand is equal for business to any in the Southern counties of the Slate. The Hotel is tiow in uicqu ol .1 very good custom, which conM l*e largely increased with flight effort. il* ioiuns, U-ddiog ami furniture will he is.ld with til a Hotel, 'flic Terms will he lib ert! ami made to suit the times. Persons ilc r:r us of renting; or purchasing are invited to nv#> tin* Proprietor a call. Possession given . imm.-iliatcly. JOHN F. FENWICK, Leonard Town. July 11th, iStfl—tf. PROFESSIONAL NOTCE. DU HENRY C. EDHLF.N has ovedrein iiis Ollicc to the |aw OfHce heretofore occupied liy (. Friil. Maddox. Fsqr. He i can always he fmu.d, either at his (I dice in 1 Moore** Hotel, when not professionally en- : gauiij. ! Jan 10. 18til—tf GKO. A. SIMMS. JO. H. MAUUU.X. MU & lira MS. VX7 K have just returned from Haltimorc v v city with a large and well-selected STOCK OF FALL and WINTER HOODS, to the inspection of which we in vite our friends and the public. Our sloek of— HOOTS. siioivs, I HATS, CAPS, is superior, Loth in quantity and quality, I to any heretofore offered in this market.— ! Our slock also embraces a larj'e assort-1 j uicnf of— I LAD I EX' DRESS GOODS, '■ I j of every style and quality;— ; 1 Rrndy • 1 nit- ( T /ij/iiuy, ( hx.i/' mfta, C'naainierrs a in/ Fine C/itf/m: G-4 Enil ( 7(4h: 3-4 do; (-4 Ai’iw i/r; o-4 d,' 5-4 sirijud *nol jdnid Llu.oys: ! 3-4 Liusri/s, 11 ml 3-4 S/nrj.x Urn if. Our stock ol GROCERIES is large and embraces a large supply of— Enroll, Jjitnl, Mutter, E/oiir, Finite, Fiah, Jlurk-whenl Flour, ifv,, if*r. We have also on hand a large assortment iof FINK including - HViics, JJn tudirxaud Whinkeys, • ! of the most approved brands. * I lur whole stock of goods having been pur fliasuil fur cash, we Hatter ourselves that we are able to offer superior inducements to ; buyers, both as to price and terms. SIMMS & MADDOX. ! Nov. Sth, 1 SfJO—if. | NOTICE. ; P’FTIiF Co-part uershiy heretofore existing -A under the- linn of CO’ITI N<>f l.\M HARDING is this-jlay dissolved hy ninloal 1 I consent. Win. 11. Harding is abme-author -1 i/.ed to settle tin* business ef the firm. SAMCEL COTTLNOHAM, S WM. H. H \HDING, i Haiti more •fait. 1 IHi;] 4vv. The undersigned, having lb tight out the ! Interest of Samuel Coltinglnm ol the firm ol (t/• *ttiiigham vV Harding, w ill hereafter conduct ' ' the business in ids own Name, —and he niosi j ! resjiecl fully solicits the favor ot the friend a ot ( the old Firm. WM. 11. HARDIN }. MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL WORKS. TO THE FARMERS OF SI. MARYS —I would most rtfiqu cl fully rail your at teotion to my huge assortment of IAIPLK 'ME.VTS. 1 am manufacturing and pre j paring a larger assortment of Ayriiui Rural l,n pleiuenta that. 1 have ever bef ire rffere! i<> 1 the public—Horse Powers and Threshers. Wheat Fans, Corn Mills, Corn Shelter*, , Ploughs, Harrows: Cultivators, and many 'other article* to numerous to mention. I can supply the Farmer with every thing he i may want. With ngard to Horse Powers ! 1 would cal! particular attention to a fine lot of PELTOF'S THULE REARED, POWERS, to work rith or without baud, ir/nrh art not aurjaix.ntl in thin or any other ''market; and I no of re* |*ect hilly invite those ! wh<> aie in want of Machines to give me a call. as 1 feel confident that 1 ran suit the pur j chaser. I am making a COHN MILL (or [ grinding C* ru at Home. This is 11 good Mill, [ ; has been tested aud pronounced so by expc- j ' rienci d judges. To thiv 1 ask your sje-; eial attention. I tCSdcr yon my sincere thanks for the ■ kindness heretofore shown me and la g a con- j tin nance of your favors, determined to make a strong effort to phase all who give me their ; custom. Orders will meet with prompt atlcu -1 tioti by being directcsl to WILLIAM H. HAKDING, l&O Pratt afreet Wharf, Halit more, .!/</. ! Fib. 7th, 18G1 —iy ' 11. lIKIM. 4. XICODKMCt. OEO P. THOMAS J. H. HA KDEBTV, J * WITH HKIM, NIOODEMUS & CO. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN : FSKlffil & DOIfi&TIC urn. EVEKY nFRTR’PTtoK, NO. 888 BALTIMORE ST. BALTIMORE. i March Ist.. 1800—ll. 1,.. '. I "■ . . ■ ■ " LUMBER^ SHINGLES, LATHS, ' j BRICKS,-" LIME, HAIR, SASjt. TKMRS and SHITTKIIS, F I Hi !•?. at tl>* r'-ry itirraf pi ire f *r CASH *r APPROVED credit, Before buy i:isr. call and see us at the corner of Kuta"V .■>nd German Streets nr at 132 Light Street Wharf, Baltimore, Md. BURNS & SLOAN. March 21 at 1801—If. BVSIXESS NOTICE. ALL persona indebted to me on Tutrern ae count will come forward and settle the same without dt-Ifey as I wish all rlNiina Jur me closed forthwith. 1 intend hcreufler lo do an exciusi.e CASH buaiuesa and aat iletn untied to give no credit for EATING, DRINKING or HORSE FEED from the Ist of January leCI. J. W. J. MOORR Proprietor, Washington liutcl. January 3rd, 1861—tf. XE ir FA L L A XI) WINTER (J GO PS PIMI R undersigned h.ts just returned fiom the A City with the largest, ano best selected stock of FALL,and WINTER GOODS ever offered to the citizens of St. Mary’s County, consisting, n jmrt, ofvery superior quality of Heavy Gikmls foi Servants ’ rlothtng, at the most moderate prices—also Hoots and Shoes oftlie most sub stantial make, and best material. Resides Cloths, Cosstmerea, vestin'* and all Kinds of Kite dress Goods, tor Ladies and Gentlemen—a careful!v' selected, uut! well assort*r! .stock of ready nmde clothing, in mufacltirei! expressly to order, and a variety of articles ofalmost eveiy kind no wheie else to be-fomid in the county. He respectfully ao | liens a call li'uiii those desiring to purchase, lee I - ms assured his thorough acquaintance with j the business, resulting from a long residence in the city, will enable him to offer such indue* - men la us will defy competition. E 11. JONES, j Clifton Factory. September 07ih *Bl,lt—|y. PATUXENT RIVER UNO y o ii S ALE. IF not sold at private sale Iwforc S %T- I UIM I , OcttilnT tin* 2idh, IKtiO. | will • *flVr at public sale, in the village of CHAR LOTTE IIALL, on that day, the I- lllitl on which I now reside. This Farm is situated on the Patuxent River, adjoining the* lands of Mrs. K. L. Thomas ami Maj. James Collins, and con tains OXK THOUSAND ACRES OF LAND. Persons wishing to purchase land ofsupo rior ij'ialily, where good health and all tl o delicacies of the wafer are to he had, aie requested In Call and examine the premises. Steamers, to and fiom Baltimore, pass thin i land every day. This Farm will he divided and sold In three parts. Terms made known on application tothn undersigned, and |sissession will he given on the lirst day of January, IS;|. W. .1. CARTWRIGHT. Charlotte Mall. P. 0., Saint Mary’s Countv, Md. August doth, 18G0—tf. I ! JAMES WILKINSON." I GROCER & CMMISSION ! mE IB CHfi HT, | So. 122 Dugan’s Wharf, BAL 1 Keeps constantly on hand a large assort- ;loeni oisri.*KRi<u family groceries, j Foreign ami Domestic Liquors, Tohaei o, S< - {gars. Ac., w hich will he sold at the |o\vt t narket prices. Produce of all kinds Hold on comiuisainii, I shall only do a CASH commit., l.v/sc.if.f, Nov. 2!)th, 1800—If. VALUABLE MA XUFACTURIXd FUG FEU T V i WiS % rMF. valusdile proja-rty, known as CLIF TON FACTORY and GRIST MILL (wafer power), situated <.n the Mead Waf- r.s of St. Mary’s river in Saint Mary’s cotintv, i \fd., and • iohra. ii.g al*. nt three hundred ai d ! fi'ly acres ol fai d. is offered at Private Sale. | This property has on it a fe'lOUK I*ol SL # ! which is a ;'**•*! stand f-.r business, HOTEL, ! DWELLINGS, Workshops, Arc. The pro perty will Resold oi. aeyonmi'slating Ictlns. For further paitieulars, apply to. THOMAS W. GOUGH, JO. F< tit REST, Iwonartl Town P. O. Nov. IJil.h. 18Gfl—tf. rucsiit.ii 1852 ciiaKTiiaxn 1*54 LOCATED COR. or BALTIMORE A CHARLES Sr*. Riltimosb. Mti. 77r /,ro(, Moat Elegantly Furnished aud Popular Commercial Cailege Ur United Slutis. Designed Expressly for Young Mrri Desiring to obtain u 'lTunoagk Practical h, ti mcs:. Education in ihe shortest possible lime and at the least expense. A Large and Beautifully Ornamented Circu lar, containing upwaids ef Six Sunaaß Fti.r, ith Sptciuifn of finwasAiji, and a Large En graving (the finest of the kind ever made in tins country) ie r ie<M nting the Interior View of the College, with Catalogue atatiug terms, Ar. ( will be sent roevery Young Man on application, free of charge. Write immediately and yon will receive the package by tetuin nauL Address E. K. COSIER. Baltimore MJ, Jauuai) 2lth, — |y.

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