Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, August 30, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated August 30, 1861 Page 4
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sisiimn I will give the alwvr reward fog jp the apprehension, and delivery to my (jmswr at Jutland, f my three negro men, VL NEALY. JACOB and ' - BILL MONROK. NEALY is about 0 feet high, is very bhc'k bald, sharp-failed ami between 60 and 60 years f age. He ha* a brother Mousing to , John T. Moure, of St. Inigne* District and Is probably lurking in that neighnrh<*J. : JACOB is nrar 6 feel u. height, block stout awl well built, has a deep, guttural voice and it about 46 years Jt age. JJ© b*< relatives in the neighborhood u f Leon rsd Town. BILL MONROE is about , r > foci, Boi 9 inches iu Insight, nearly hahl, thin lda*l and Ikhil 40 years of g r . He has rela tives in St. Georges neighborhood, in this I county, and at Wilson Comptons, in Charles | ciuniy. 1 remember no marks about either of the above negroes by which they may Iw recognized If either of the above negroes is arrested and delivered to uy averseer at Jutland, or lodged in the county Jail at Leonard Town, 1 will pny a reward of S6O. 11. G. S. KEY, Leonard Town. p. O. St. Mary’a Co, Md Aug. 2Mh, 18C1—tf. Mom. THE Member* of the Board of School UoinmisHomrs are to meet in lifoium) Town on the 2nd TUESDAY of September next, without fail. By order of B. G. HARRIS, President. Attp. 29th. ISI ~td. UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND. MEDICAL LKtriT URS. Phe fiity-fonrlh Annual Si-asion of tla; S< Ikmil of Medicine, in the University of Ma ryland, will Commence oi. MONDAY, Oct. 14. 18tl, and eml March 1. lKf>2. The Faculty arc aware of nothing in the present unhappy condition of public affair*of a nature to interfere with tin regular and faith fnl | ter forma nee of their duty hr Teacher* of Muiidne. Tlm-v purpose to make every ef fort to render their course oi instruction uselul and satisfactory to their pupils. The Baltimore Intimmrv. which to tly ScbiNil, coiiliuuus tv uffbrd abundant mentis 6tr the Clinical illn.-l ration of the principles of Vitalicine and Surgery. U. W. MILTEKBERGER. M. 1) • Dean. Aug. 22d, 1861—3 w. iipr I)Y authority of law, 1 have seized and la keu the following property to Kalisfy Slate Taxes and the legal charges thereon, due m for the year I 860: ran fiiht pavilion. now owned hy William A. Bradly,jr., and a '•eased in 186 U to W. W. Dix. And 1 hereby give notice, that on TUES DAY, the 10th day of September next, (if fair, if not. the next fair day at the CHEAT MILL’S STORE, in the Factory District, Itetween the hours el 3 and 5 o'clock, p. in., I will proceed to sell at Public Auc tion the above natn> a d property for cash, to satisfy the State Taxes and the legal charges thereon as above mentioned. UEO. B. DENT, Collector. August 22nd, 18G1 —Is. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. NOTICE ta hereby given that the an bar fi ber has obtained from the Orphan’s Court of St. Mary’a county, in Maryland, let trra uf administration on the personal estate ol WM, H.NEVETT, late of said county i deceased. All peraons having claims against the aaid deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same with the proper ronrhes thereof, to the aubacrilter, on or before the Ist day of March, IHU2. otherwise they may be excluded by law from all benefit of the said estate. Given undei my hand this 22nd day of August, 186] H. COLTON, Administrator August 2Snd, 1861—4 w. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. NOTICE is hereby given that the anbscri her has obtained from the Orphans' Court of St. Mary’a county in Maryland, let ters testamentary on the personal estate of SAM U EL KEECfi, late of md comity, de cessed. All persons having claims against the said deceased, arc hereby warned to exhibit the same with the projer ronrhes thereof, to the snbeenber, on or before the lat day of March, 1862. otherwise they may be excluded by law from all benefit of the said estate. Given under uiy hand this 22nd day of August, 1861 ELLEANOK KERCH. Executrix. Aug. 22nd, 1861. —4w. Oa-W) IP token in Maryland and delivered to me in Northumberland, Va., 1 will give the above reward lor two negroes, SAM and MADISON. They left ou .Sunday, July 28th SAM in low, and although not stout, is well set, is .of tawny mulatto color and lia> a scar. 1 think, over one uf bis ayes, occasioned by the kick of a mule when young. He is about fifty years of age and wheu spoken to evinces m desire to please, hut geucrslly lias a pmra and forbidding countenaoe. He is also a good plantation carpenter. MADISON has always been a good servant, i He is very* young and has a pleasant counte nance, particularly when spoker, to. He is l*w but uncommonly well set, very black, ami when pleased, snows a set of beautiful white teeth. WM. F. BBOCKENBROUGH. Northumberland Go., Va. August 16th, 1861—3 w. NOTICE. IFOR WARN any anil all persons from j receiving fat payment or by transfer for ; any consideration whatever, a NOTE OF: HAND of mine, with Charles Medley securi- * ty, drawn payable to James Thompson,on the I*t day of January, 1862, for the sum uf one hundred and ten dollars ($110) os 1 hold the said Thompson's Note tor more than I owe him, EDWARD F. TEN EPSON. Au£. 16th, 1861—dw. lUIDMIStHH. ! Mieses Custigm having wanted the i ... Bervicw ‘ u [.* n r *|erieuced Mu*h- tome licr will receive * limited of yowng ladies *** the K-h<4aMic year beginning Ist Sept. TERMB PAYABLE HALF YEARLY IN* ADVANCE.. Bmrd *nd Tuition in all the tranche* o' an Kogmli Educatnm per annum FWI, * I * wtmu * euui $lO per qtmr. Italian ° L Spanish & Drawing rind Painting iu Water • Cil<*rg t t Oil Fainting jo The utmost attention trill W paid to the health and comfort, and every effort made fo advan.• the moral and intellectual (ultnrr of their pupil*. Address— SUM MEUSE AT Oakville P. O. St. Mary's Co. August l*t, 18C1— tf. ! NOTICE TO TRESPASSERS. ALL i| arsons are hereby f<>r warned f r ..m trespassing with dog, gun otlieiuisc' U|hi any pari •f rr.y Kami |jing timr St. 1 Yemeni's Hay in this county and called and known h.s — “Part Qopton park” j # j 1 also lor warn all jiersons from hauling the i Seine upon any part of (lieshore of said farm, j I'erwam disregards g this n.aire will, from the '< late o| il> pnhlicatiiiii, have the law rigorous* 1 ly enforces! against them. ■ Joseph Johnson. August B*h, 1801 3\v. [ I NEW GOODS. 1 _ WMT K have just received a large assortment 1 i • of GRIH 'Kill KS, c.iiisist ing of j - 1120 SACKS G. A. & BLOWN SALT; so HUES. COM. WHISKEY; JO “ OLD RYE DO; 26 SACKS COFFER; 12 CASKS MOLASSES ; 4 Hill) BROWN SUGAR; 10 CASKS BRANDY; BUM, GIN. Ac., j " hich wc will sell e. tern us to auit perehas : era. j SIMMS A MADDOX. We Would cull the attention of mcrchanst anti large dealers in the county to our large i ht* k of GROCERIES, which we are propnr {ed fo sell as low as can lie ptirehased iu Bal ; tiutore—freight added. S A M. i June 2t)th, 1001. NOTICE. CHANGE OF DAYS TO TUB MTUXENT RIVER. THE STEAMERS GEORGEJNEEMS wby ffisira j Will leave Baltimore fur the Patuxent Riv ■ 1 er on the lullowing days: ! Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday, cmn i meiiciiitf Saturday morning June Ist. 1801, ;at 0 o’clock, for Hill’* Lauding direct, and j continue during the season, j Returning every Monday, Wednesday and Salurtlay. The Boat leaving Hill’s lauiding on Monday and Wednesday will be direct i il Baltimore. The Saturday Boat will leave Hill’s find ing on Friday for Benedict, leaving Benedict Saturday morning at 0 o’clock for Baltimore. TJie above Steamers will call at all the usu al Landings on the River, also at Fair Haven j and Plum Point, going and returning. [ FREIGHT received up to 5 o’clock on the days previous Iu the departure of the Boats. N. B. Shippers by the b*ve Boats are ! respectfully requested to hav* their Produce J on ail the Wharves Wow. Benedict on the 1 days the Boats pass up the River. s 0 as to vaoid tin* delay of taking it off ou their way to Baltimore. May 30th, 18(11—-tes. N 0 TICE OF DIVIDEND. ON application of Mary Davis and John W. Harper, AUnimisinuors of J amea FI. ft*, vis, iate of Si. Mary’s county, disceased. It is ordered by the Court, that the said administra tor* notify the creditor* of the said deceased, to'file their claims against the said deceased I in the Register of Wills ..[Rce on or before the 9tb of September, lrdl, for dividend am) that | this order be published in the Saint Mary’s Beacon once a week until the said Dili of Sep j tember 161. J. T. M. RALEY, Register of Wills, of St. Mary’s county, Md. July 25th 1861 td. LIME AND FEED STOKE No. 3 Hollinswortl St- Baltimore. WH. R. BOkL.IY, (SUCCESSOR TO JOHN HEAN V ) W HOI.ES ALK AND RETAIL DEALERS IN lsiue, Bricky Hair. Cemeitt. CALCINED PLASTER, Coxt, OaU, Cora Meal, Chop-Bye, Hill Feed, ire. Dec.2Brd. 1868—ly. VOLUNTEERS WANTED. CITIZENS of this county who may I* desirous of uniting in the formation of a CAVALRY COMPANY are requested to 1 leave tiieir names at the Store of Messrs Simms $• Maddox in this village. January 3rd, 1861—tf. , 2nd JUDICIAL DiJTKICT. FOR THE COUHT OP APPEALS, ROBERT FORD, OF &UXT .VARY'S COCXTY. March 21st, 18471. FOR JUDGE OF CIRCUIT COURT. To tki FrfyJe <tf I ’rt Mcr Grortjr's Chttrtr* | anti Ot. Marys Count its. I torjieclftilly announce myself as a cnndi- • dale li*r Judge of (lie Circuit Court for Fird Judicial Circuit *f Mart laud. I FREDERICK STONE. August loth, IbGl —If. I" ■■■■■■■■ ■ I ii. __ . FOR CIRCUIT JUDGE. We are authorized to announce GEORGE BRENT, Esq., as a candidate fur Judge of the Circuit Court for the Ist Judicial District ot Maryland. August 15th, ISC I —te. FOR THE SENATE. Mesrrx. Klifors. —You are requested to announce U. I'UClh MADDOX as a candidate for the Senate *>f Maryland, siiljhl to lie* <hi-idon of n Southern Rights’ Conven tion, should one be called. PATUXENT August Bth, 18(! 1. FOR THE LEGISLATURE. The friend ■ “4" RICH ARD COLTON sug gest his name to the voters ot this county as a candidate for the legislature, and ask for ins claims a dispassionate considevalhm. March 7th JBGI. FOR THE LEGISLATURE. ROBERT C. COMBS, Em).,is recommend ed to tin* voters of tins comity a* candidate toi the Legislature, atiti will he supported hy -MANY FRIENDS. Feb. 2ih, I*6l—if. FOR COUNTY CLERKSHIP. The friends of DANIEL T. MORGAN pre sent him U> the voters o| St Mary’s eoimty as a candidate for Clerk of the Circuit Court at tin. electi*ii in IBG3, and solicit to his claims a dispassionate consideration. Nut. 2*ith, 1857. FOR COUNTY CLERK. I announce rnywlf as a candidate for Clerk ►f the (Circuit Court for Saint Mary’s county, I -e.< peel fully solicit the support of my fi. • Is and the public. GEORGE 11. HERBERT. 28h 18Gl. FOR SHERIFF. The* 11. DORSEY.issiig ge*tel to the voters of this e.-nnty, as a can didate for tne next SHERIFFALTY, by many citizens of Ciiaptuxi Distukt. Feb. 7th, 1801. HARRISON EDWARDS is presented to the voters of Saint Mary’s county a> a candi dau lor Sheriff’ at theelectiou in 1801. Jannaiy 12tb,1H00. I'HOMaS L. DAVIS isrecommetuledi the voters of this county as a candidate fo. the Sheriff ah) iu 1801. Ini joes' District. Nov |oih. 1859 FOB MAGISTRATE. The friends of \YM. I. YATES suggest his name to the voters of [aboard Town District sis a suitable candidate f<*r Magis trate, and ask for his claims a dispassionate consideration at the ensuing Fall election. Lkoiuk. August 15th, 1801—te. ZACCII KITS TIPPETT offers himself to the voters o( I *♦*<:.ard Town District as : candi date for Magistrate and respectfully * licit* their support at the ensuing Fall election. Aug. 22nd, 1801. The friends of CHARLES CAM A LIEU | present his name to the voters ut Leonard Town as a candidate fur Magi-tratc, ami soli cil for his claims a dispassionate consideration. A tig. 22nd, 1801. FOR CONSTABLE. I respectfully offer myself to th.e v iters *>f Ic-onard Town Di-lrict as candid itr for Const .tide and t*4iiits their supjfl at the ' ensuing Fall election. F. F. SPALDING. August 15th, ISGl—le, j leo h. Hayden offers idmseirto the ‘ voters of D*unard Town District as a candi date for Constable, and :tsks their support at the ensuing Fall election. Ang. 15th, 18b 1. The friends of JOHN ALLF.N DAVIS sit non nre him ns a candidate for Couu'able, in Leonard Town District. April 4lh, 1 ■'ritil. J. EDWIN ABELL announces himself as j a candidate for Constable in Leonard Town | district and solicits the votes of ins friends and , the public. Feb. 38th, 1861. JEFFERSON B. JARROJi respectfully an nounce* himself ns a candidate for Constable ; at the ensuing election m Chsplico District and aolinis the support of his friends and fellow- I citizens. May 2nd. 1861. RAPHAEL DOWNS ..ff.. r s himself to the ! voters of Leonard Town District as a eandi ! late tor Constable and solicits the support of 1 the voters thereof, at the ensuing Fall dec- I' that. June I 111. 18G1—tc. J. H. ALVEV offers himself to the voters <f C’hapticn District, as a candidate for Consta ble, and solicits their support at the ensuing j Fall election. | August Ist, 1861. FOR ROAD SUPERVISOR. D. D. \\ ELCH offers hitoM-ll to the voters ;of lieonanl Town district a* a candidate for * Supervisor of the Rood and asks the voters of the district to support I ini. Feb. 28th, 18ti!. JOHN R. ROWES offers himnelfan a can didate. for Road S*i|ervis<>r iu Leonard Tewr district and solicits the Mippctt uf hit friends and fellow .citizens. Jau. 24th I*6l. Walter ford, thank fni fir the support he has hetetnfore received from the voters of the Factory district, offers himself ns a candi

date for Road Supervisor in said district and solicits the support f his ft lends utd feilu'v citizens. April loth, IbCi. j JOHN B CECIL isrocnmmemleil as a snif jable |*ern for Road Bupervis.iT m the i Factory district. | MANY FRIENDS. March 28th 18m. HENRY NORRIS of Jo. offers himself to lb*- voters of Leonard Town dial nr* ** rnndi daie for Ri*.tJ Supervisor ami solicits the* of his friends and the public. Jan. 24th 1861. WILLIAM GOODWIN offers himself to the voters of Patuxent District as Candidate . for Road Supervisor, and a-ks their supiswl at the ensuing Fall election. August Ist, 1861. . j i ■ UNION HOTEL, LEONARD TOWN, MI).. FOR SALE OR RENT. THE subscriber intending to change his 1 business, offers the UNION HOTEL * fo> Sole or Rent. The Hold, aid ' other Imih’.ings ,in* in excellent eondifi -n. ann ( j the stand is equal tor business to any in the 1 Southern counties of the Stale. The Hotel j* : ' now in receipt of a very good custom, which ! ) crtßld Is.* largely increased with slight effort. The fixtures, lieddiug mid furniture wilt he s..ld with the Hotel. The Terms will Iw lib- ' \ oral ami made t< suit the times. Persons U— ; sir-ais of renting or pundi using are invited to : i give the Proprietor a call. l\scssiou given : in i media tdy. , * JOHN F. FENWICK. Leonard Town. I July lllh, 18GI—tf. i PROFESSIONAL NOTCE. - DR HENRY 0. EDELEK has nvedrem 1 his Office to the Uw Office heretofore j s‘cu\h..l hy (J. Kr d. Madd-.x, K>|r. He can always le found, either at his t Mfice ot M "•it’s Hotel, when not professionally en gage.!. J;.u 10. 18Gl—tf I 1 NOTICE. ( . 'l /TIDE undersigned lwg leave loinformehis friends and the Public, thut he is still at the OLD STAND,in Leonard Town, carrying on BLACKSMITH ING, GUN. T.OCK ; SM ’THING, .SHEET IRON AND STOVE WORK—in short, iron work of all descrip tions, such as repairing CARRIAGES. BUG GIES. ROCK A WAYS, CART'S, WAGONS. HORSE SHOEING. FARM WORK of all , kinds; also REAPERS, THRASHERS and DRILLS. With his experience of 11 years in a Machine Shop, he thinks that he can do any kind of Blacksmith Work from a kneedle to an anchor, and on reasonable terms. New Wag mis and Carts built cheaper than c.m he dmie iat any other shop in this place. HORSES ■ SHOE!) at tlie shortest noth'*’. JAMES A. M’CATHRAN, Blacksmith. January 12th, 18C.0—tf. NOTICE. K. LKO SPALDING return* his thanks to his numerous customers for the tila-ral patron age he has reef ived fnku them, and nhilges himself to keep a CHOICE STOCK OF • GOOD* always on hand, which will be sold very low for cosh or its equivalent. E. LEU SPALDING. April 2ud ; 18G0 April sth, 18G0—1v. 1 i COHN MEAL, fresh from the Steam- Mill of J. 11. Maddox. Also, a fresh supply of BUTTER. CHEESE,Ac hi store and for sale by SIMMS A MADDOX. , Dec. 20th, 1800. : THAT). K. PKEUSS, 1 Atto.iey and Couiisellor at Law. ijtonard J turn,St. Mary's Couuty Marylumt WILL practice in tiie CoiirtsofSt.Mary’s and adjoining Counties. Jan Uth, 18uG~~lI. r petition you thk bkxegit of the lANOLI E VT UUf S OF .VAR VMM) , Circuit Court for St. Mary’s CD,. > March Term 18G1.) ORDERED hy the Court that the Cr dib<rs of JAMES \. MORGAN, a ]>et it loner I , for the licncllt of the Insolvent Laws of Ma j ivland. le ami appear liefore the Orcnii (’iiurt I f*r St. Mary’s County on the third Monday i of NovemU r next, to show cause, if any they have, why the said James A. Morgan, shall nut have the benefit of the said laws: provid ed a onpv of this order be inserted in the St. Mary’s Beacon mux; a week f*r three months * liefore the said third Monday iu Koveiulier '! next. J 1 Bv order. JAMES T. BLAKISTONK, Clerk. July 251 h, 1861—3 m. e J [• RAN away from my est:ile in w ft Medley’s Neck, about IU day s - ago, negro man COLUMBUS. Jhtj He was l*ou ht out of the estate o! Mr;*. Curick and has a vvih* living at Mr. ■ r 1 George Tariton’s at Forrest Landing, head of ! Cuckold’s creek, near which place bo is doubt less lurking. He stoops a little, is of a light chocolate c<Mnplexioii, and about 80 years of age. I will give the above reward fr bis aj prekensh.n and delivery t•> n* or for bis ron ( ffuemeut in the county jail, Leonard Town. •| ’ JO. H. MADDOX, f Sept. 1 tith, 1860 —tf. i ARCHITECT & BUILDER f ITUE undersigned has made such arrmge- M meats os will enable him to execute ail work in his line at BALTIMORE PRICES, with promptne** and b*->patch. He solicits coli from his friends and the p;dr. V. CAM A LIEU, Lvouuru i’own Jaa. 2Gth, 18c0—tf. LUMBER, SHINGLES. LATHS, BRICKS. LIME. HAIR, PASH. POORS ami SIUTTKIIS. FOR sale, at th e rcry iorext prior s>r (! \SII or APPROVED crevlit. Beb-re bnv i:ig. call and see us at the rnfivr of Kntu * and German Stree ts or at U 2 Ugkt Struct Wharf, Baltimore, Md. BURNS A SLOAN. March 21 at 1861—If. nrsi.vESS xotice. ALL persons indebted to me on T. eeru he count will come forward and settle the vwme without delay as I wish all claims due me Closed forthwith. I intend hereafter to do an exclusi,e CASH business and ant dtlenuiord to give no credit for EATING, DRINKING HGRab FEED fimu the Ist of January 1861. * J. W. J. MOfLJE Proprietor, _ Washington Hotel. January 3rd, 1861— tf. XE ir FA LL AX I) WIX TER ROODS J ’DUE undersigned ha* just returned from the X City with lhe largest, ana best selected stock ul 8 ALL,and WINTER GOODS ever offered j to the citizens ofsll. Mary *s County, eouaiaitiig, • m part, of very superior quality of Heavy Goods i foi Servants ’ eloihing, at the most moderate prices—also Bools and Shoes ofthe most sub- , stantiu! make, and best material. Besides Cloths, Casstnieres, vestings and all kinds of fine dress Goods, lor Ladies and Gentlemen—a carefully selected, and welt assort*a stork of teatiy made dotiiing,manufactured expressly to order, and a variety of arm ies ot almost eveiy kind no where else to lie found in thecounty. He respectfully so- ‘ hetts u call from those desiring to purchase, feel- ' ing assnied that his thorough acquaintance wiln . 11 the business,“resulting from a long residence in ( the city, will enable him to offer such induce* j . menis as will defy cuinpctition. E. H. JONES, LTiiTon Factory. September 2“ih —ly. PATUXENT RIVER LAND f 0 A’ SALE. ■ Knot at pri-atc sale before SAT i " UIIDAY, Octolur the 20th, 1800, 1 will offer at jmiMic sale, in the village of CII AH- i ; LOTTE HALL, .hi that .by, the Fill ill ■ on vhieh I now reside. I This Farm is situated on H>e Patuxent ; River, adjoining’ the lands of Mrs. K. L. Thomas and Maj. James Collin.-, and con- OXK THOUSAND ACLKS OF LAND. Persons wishing to pttft hase land of stipe rior quality, where good health and all the delicacies of the water are to he had. are requested to call and examine the premises. I Steamers, to and from Baltimore, pass this land every day. This Farm will be divided and sold in three parts. , Terms made known on app!ication to the undersigned, and p*ibsession will be given h ; {tiic lirst dav of January, 18 L ' W. .1. CARTWRIGHT, Charlotte Hall. P. 0., Saint Mary’s County, Md. August 30th, 18C0—-If. JAMES AMIJvINSOX | GROCER & CiKISSIOR 1 111 IE E € Ifil A H ’il', No. 132 Dugan's Wharf, BALTIMORE. I Keep* rnnsfnmtlv on hand a large assort | mentofSIVKRIOU FAMILY GROCKRIF>, i Foreign and Domestic Liquors, Tobacco, *-$,•- j gars, A*c., which will be sold at the lowest • market prices. , Pnsltite f all kinds sold on commission, I shall only do a CASH com mission MiWn. j Nov. 29th, 1800 —tf. VALUABLE MX KUFACTURING PROPERTY I VQB SAILUB* i fWtiW. valuable property, known as CLIF TUX FACTORY and UULST MILL | (water power), situated on the Head Waters jof St. Marv’n river in Saint Maty’* county, i Md., and embracing altont three hundred hji.l { fifty acre* of land, is offered at Private Sale. This projerly has mi it a ST< )KK HOUSE,' which is a ::<hm| stand for hu-ineas, IIOTEI*, DWELLINGS. Workshops. &c. The pro- \ pert} - will le sold on aecoinimMhiting terms. For further particulars, apply to. THOM AS \V. GOUGH, JO. FORREST, Uiiiurc! Town P. O. Nov. 15th, 18*Hi—tf. j , fuvmdeu H 52 uuKTUtu 1*54 LOCATED | COR. or BALTIMORE & CHARLES Srt. Baltimore, Mu. 7 'he Larf-ett, Mont Khz unity Furnidted and Popular Commercial College in Ike United Slatet. Designed Expressly for Young Men ! De-irmg M obtain • 7'Arow~* Practical Hast nta £ luea'ivn in the shortest possible lime' rmi at the least expense. i A Larsre and Beautifully Ornamented Cirru- ' lr. con taming upwards of Sx Srtoaae Fear, with Specimen of Pmmunohij,, and a Largo En graving (the finest of the kind tier matte in this country) rep reset, ting the Interior Vitew of the College, wuh Catalogue stating terms, &., will be seun to every Young Man on application, free of chairge. Wide immediately and yon will receive tht ;'ckage by return mail. Adtires* E K LOSIRR, Baliimure Md. • Junu ary 241 h, 18i-ly. J OEO. A. SIMMS. JO. H. MADDOX. NEW MU 6 TUTU HUB. WE have jut retained from Baltimore riff with a large and well-selected STOCK OF FALL and WINTER tOOf>S. to the inspectiou of which we in vite Mir friends aud the peUk. Oar slock yf— BOOTS. shoes, HATS, CAPS. is superior, both id quantity and quality, to any heretofore offered in this market.— Our stock also embraces a large assort ment of— LADIES' DRESS GOODS , % of every style aud quality;— Ready-made 4 Y< 4hih>j , Gassihrtts, Cass /men* am! Fine (7> v/<*; l>-4 /// ( 7nth: *l-4 (/<; 11-4 Kerseys: 8-4 do; 1 s/rijMt! am! jJaid Li mays; 8-4 Linsry*. ami H-4 Slurp* Gray. Our stock ot GKOCKKIES is large aud embraces a large supply of— Hanot t loirtl, Huitrr % . Hour, C/ueae, Fish , Fresh Uuck-n tu at Flour, fv., Ac. Wc have also on hand a large assortment of FINK LIQUORS, including— -11/* , Jim m lies ,nul Whiskey, of the most approved brands. Our whole stock of goods having boon pur chased for cash. we flatter ourselves that we are able to offer superior inducement* to buyers, both us to price and terms. SIMMS & MADDOX Nov. Sth, 1 S<o—tf. NOTICE. : rwiWF. Co-partnrr.-ldy hercti foie existing ' under the Ann <•! CUTTING HAM is. j HARDING is lids day dissolved l*y mutual consent. Wru. H. Harding is alonc-author iztd to settle tin* hiisineos I'f the firm. SA M UF.L Cl ITT I Mill AM, WM. H. HARDING, D'd tint ore Juu. 1 IHnl—-Iw. 'l’hc undersigned, having Rough! out tho I ntere.-t ol Samuel Cotthigham of the linn of J C.img!.,mi A* Harding, will hereafter conduct i the business in his own Name, —ami he moi rK|nctlully solicits the favor ol the friend* ofc the old Firm. WM. 11. HARDING. MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL WORKS. TO THE FARMERS OF SI. MAUYS. —I would Dior! respectfully call your at i tention to my Urge assortment of JAll'J.iu ! MFJCVS. I am niaiiiifaetuiing and pre paring a larger assortment of Ayrindtnral {dements than 1 have ever Retort- ottered In the puhlie—lh-rse rowers and Threshers, Wheat Fans, Corn Mills, Corn Shellers, Ploughs, Harrows; Cultivators, and mat v other articles to numerous to mention. 1 can supply the Farmer with every tiling hu may want. With regard to Horse i‘ou- ra I would rail particular attention In a fine lot of FKI/J’OS'S 'nutLß (iFJJUF.It FOII FHS, to irork with or without (mod, j l ehtrh nre not surpassed in this or any other market: and 1 mo-t respect hilly invite those who are in want ol Machines to give me a call, as 1 feel confident mat ] can suit the pur chaser. I am making a CORN MILL tor grinding (><rn at Home. This is n Mill, has lai n tested ami piononneed so hy exjie rk’ticed judges. To this ) ask your spe cial attention. I lender you my sincere thanks for H o kindness heretofore shown me and lag a r< n tiuaance uf yoiir favorsy.tcterii.ined to m. fo | a strong elh-fl to ph-a/e all who give me tic ir ! custom. Orders will meet with prompt atten tion hy Wing direel, d to WILLIAM H. HARDING. /‘raft street Wharf , Dulltmore, M>l. Fel 7th, Ibtil —ly T" -■ i i - I. r— . ■ . hum, i. nid>irr:'tea. ueo. **. thoj:a.t J. 11. lIAUUKtiTV, WITH HKIM,NICODLiIL’S & CO. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN FoisniMiiEmc mi, <tr EVEUY l>Kat:UtP*l toK, M>. Hbt HALT!MORI. ST. It A L T I M o R i:. f Mirth Tnt. f 81,0—If. j Paint Branch Woolen Factory # .wool: wool:: wool:: : THE subscribers respectfully return tU ir ks to their I.inner (*ust..|n rs, a> <1 ■ inn.rin them, and the public, Inal they Me 1 prepared to mautiUrtiire WOOL into all kinds of nettro Clothing. Flatmels. RUiikeiing, Ac.. Ac., Kgfefif at siii/it notice. *1 hey s!h It the mcu&mifa a* hlsial patronage of Farn*rs and Planters I ha\mg WOOL or in Want of aiuh g. klk j i emit. liheial and at *. min<>d.<liner, and v. ill jbe made known on application ly letter of otherwise. Geo. W Wilson, of I pp'-r Mr.rl b-*io' I rince George’s Count;, will rreeive \ l . 00l or orners, Ihe undersign- d will . ill and get W.-o! when notified. Wool will aU U* receive*! from Conn>n.-U,n Merchants' of Ifaidin re or \\ .i-liiiiM> n at our exjai'se : i d g.>ls returned. All work warranted to give satis faction. H & J FAWCETT, C.le*ville, Montgomery Co., Md. May .10, 18C1—2m. B CHSIXESS NOTICE. ALL persons indebted In me on Tavern re count will cam* forward and settle the same without delay as 1 wish ail claims due me cteacd forthwith. I intend hereafter f d-> an •Jtchtwv* CASH bnsiie* and am• determined m give no credit for FATING, DRINK ING or UOKBE FELD from the Ist orjan un ary, 1061. JOHN P. PEN WICK, Prop, trior, Imvu Hotel January 3rd, 1861 —if*

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