Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, August 30, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated August 30, 1861 Page 5
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•80. A. Simifl. JO. ■. MADDOX. NEW HU & WfflTH ENDS. WK koe jtwl returned from Baltimore cilv with * large and well-selected STOCK OF FALL and WjMTKR GOODS, to the inaction of which we in vite our friends and the public. Our stock of— BOOTS. SHOES. HATS. CAPS. Is superior, both in quantity and quality, to any heretofore offered in thin market.— Our stock also embraces a large assort ment of— LADIES * DRESS GOODS . # of every style and quality;— . Ready!made (Vnfhi ntj , Card net fx t Casximeres and Fine Cloth*: 6-4 Full Clolh; 3-4 do; 6-4 Kerseys t; 3-4 do; 5-4 striped and jJaiel Limeys; 3-4 Linxeyx, and 3-4 Sheeps Cray. Onr stock of GKOCKHIKB is large and embraces a large supply of— Bacon , Iserd, Butter , Flour, Cherxe , Fish, Fresh Buck-wheat Flour , At., <fv. We hare also on hand si large assortment of FINK LIQUORS, including— Wines, Brandies and Whiskeys, of the most approved brands. Our whole stock of goods having Wen pur chased for cash, we flatter ourselves lhal we are side to offer superior inducements lu buyers, both as to price ami terms. SIMMS & MADDOX. Xov. Bth, IB6o—if. NOTICE. THE Ci-parlm-ndiiy lietvtofme existin'! under the firm of COTTIN(HAM & HARDING is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Wrn. H. Hunting is nhuie-antiior 1/ed to sttUle the business of the firm. SAMUEL COTTINtiIIAM. \VU. H. H AUDI NO, Baltimore dan. 1 1861— 4w. The undendgtted, Waving Bought out the i Inb •rent of Samuel Cwiliii;.;liani ul the firm ol | t’otlinghain Jt Harding, ill hereafter conduct the business in his own Name,—and he mosi |v*p*vtl'uUv solicits the favor of the friend* ot 4lid old Firm. WM H. HARDIN J. MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL WORKS. TO THE FARMERS OF 97. MARTS <—l would un*sl respectfully rail your at i trniion to my Urge assortment of LMBI.E -JIKjVTS. I an manufacturing and pre paring a ! trger assortment of Ayricnitnrat Im plements than I have ever before offered in j tbe public—Horse Powers and Threshers, ■ Wheat Fans, Corn Mills, Corn Shelters, Ploughs, Harrows; Cultivators, and many either articles In numerous nr mention, i <au supply I lie Farmer with every thing he :nay want. With regard to Horse Powers 1 would call particular attention to a fine lot of BEL TON'S TRIPLE GEARED BOWERS, to work with or without hand, ac htch are n>4 surpassed in this or any olhei market; and 1 respectfully invite those who are in want of Machines to give me a call, as 1 feel confident that I can suit the pttr rbaser. I am making a CORN MI 1.1. for grinding Corn at Home. This is a good Mill, has been tested and pronounced so by exjw rieneqj judges. To this 1 ask your spe cial iutfutiou. I tender yon my thanks for the kindness heretofore shown me and lieg a con tinuance of your favors, determined to make a strong effort to please all who give mo their t-tirttoni. Orders will meet with prompt atten tion by being directed to WILLI AM If. HARDING. 100 Pratt street W7 tarf\ Haiti unit, Aid. \ Feb. 7th, 1861 —ly B. HKIU. J. M ICO DEM ns. OEO. P. THOMAS J. 11. HARDESTY, WITH HEIM, NICODKMUS & CO. IMPORT KBS AND DEALERS IN FOUffil & MBSTIC LilDB, , *V KVKKV DESCRIPTION, NO. 383 UALTIMORKST. BALTI MOB E. ! March Ist. IB6o—tf. j Paint Branch Woolen Factory. 1 WOOL! WOOL!! WOOL!!! THK subscribers respectfully return their thanks to their former customers, and inform them, and the public, that they arc jtrepnred to manufacture WOOL into all kinds of negm Clothing, Flan dels. BUnkeling, .Vc.. lire., Kr"®; at short notice. They solicit the <Ukcmm liberal patronage of Farmers and Pla iters j having WOOL or in want of such gmals.— i Terms liberal and accommodating, and will! be made known on application by letter or■ otherwise. Oeo. W. Wilson, of Upper Marl- | lon> Prince George’s County, will receive Voul or orders. The undersigned will call and get Wool when notified. Wool will also le received from Commission Merchants of i Hairimftre or Washington at our expense and good* returned. All work warranted to give satisfaction. B. I* J. FAWCETT, Colesville, Montgomery Co., Md. May 30, 186i~*u. BUS IA ESS NOTICE. ALL persons indebted to me on Tavern ac count will come forward and settle the; same without delay as I wish all claims due me closed forthwith. 1 intend hereafter to do an exclusive CASH business and am determined t.. rive no credit for EATING, DRINK.- 1 \n or HORSE FEED from the Ist of Janua- Istil. JOHN F. FENWICK. Proprietor, Union Hotel] ; . . try 3rd, 1861 —t r ** LUMBER, SHINGLES, LATHS, BRICKS, LIME. i HAIR, S.vsn. DOORS ami SHITTKKS, 171 ()R sale, at the eery Iracexf jnire for CASH . or APPRO! ED credit. Before buy ing. call and see uh at the corner *f Enta*v and German Si recti or at 132 Light Street Wharf, Baltimore, Md. BURNS dr SI XIAN. ' March 21m 1861 —tf. j BUSINESS NO TICE. A LL person* indebted to me on Tavern ar 1 A count wdi come forward and settle' the ; same without delay us 1 wish all claims due me , closed forthwith. I intend hereafter to do an exclusive CASH bum ness and am determined to give so credit lor EATING, DRINKING ;or HHR.SE FEED from the Ist uf January ItXJI. J. W. J. MOORE • i Proprietor, Washington Hotel. January 3rd, 1861—tf. 1 ! NEW FALL AND WINTER GOODS J THE undersigned has just returned from the X City wiih the largest, ana best selected slock ol F ALL.and WIN i'KK U(X)1)S tier offered to the citizens ot St. Mury’s 4 Jount y, eoiisieting, • n part, of very superior quality nffleavy Goods foi Servants’ clothing, at the most moderate | prices—also Knots Shoes ofthe most sub stantial make, and heal material. Re.-oles Cloths, j CoauMiuereti, vestings and all kinds of tine dress )G ods, tor Ladies anti Gentlemen—a carefiillt j selected, and well assort*?? stock of ready made clothing,manufactured expressly to order, and a variety 1 articles nfalraost evei y kind u where elre l* be found in t!ie county .Me respectfully so i licit* a call from those deal ring to purchase, feel ing assured that his thorough acquaintance with j the business, resulting from a long residence in jlhecHy, will enable him to idler such iiiduce- I uientsas will defy competition. E. 11. JONES, Clifton Factory. Septembej 27th , ?M—ly. PATUXENT RIVER LAND /’ o it S AL K. IF not sob! at private sale before SAT " HIIDAV, Or toiler the 20lh, 1860, 1 will •dfer at public sale, in the village of Cl JA B- LtP I’K HALL, on that day, the I’AliiTl on which I now reside. This Farm is situated on the Patuxent River, adi*inin" the I suds of Mrs. K. L. riiomas and Maj. J antes Collins, and* con tains ONK THOUSAND ACRES OF LAND. Persons wishing to purchase land ofsnpe rior qualify, when; g*od lieallli and all the deli<-ach*s of the wall r are f. b> had. are requested to rail and examine the premists. ! SteaniiTs, to and from Bidtimore, pass this land every day. This Farm will Ik* divided ar.d sold in three parts. ■ Terms made known on application to the i undersigned, and josse>sion will be given on the first day of Januarr, 1st;I. W. J. CARTWRIGHT. Charlotte Hall. P. ()., Saint Mary’s (Vitalv, Md. August 30th, 1800 —If. JAM IS WILKINSON,' GROCER & CMMISSIOH MBBCH&H’i', No, 122 Dugan’s Wharf, BALTIMORE, Keeps constanth on hand a largo assort i men iof SUPERIOR K.% Ml I.V (i R( CKBI ES, j Foreign ami Domestic Liquors, Tobacco, Se gan, Vc., which will be* aohl at the lowest narket prices. Pr<*dnee of all kinds sold on commission, 1 shall only do a CASH commission finest. Nov. 20111, ISf.O—tf. j VALUABLE MAXLFACri'KfXU PROPERTT ! IF<DR Til R valuable proiierty, known as CLIF TON FACTORY and GRIST MILL ! (wsiter power), situated on tin* Hcaxl Waters! lof St. Mary’s river in Saint Marx ’s county, j Md., and embracing aU*ut three hundred and fifty acres of land., is offered at Private Sale, t j This property has en it a STOBL 110 l SH., which is a gi*od stand fr business, HOI hi., DWELLINGS. Workshops. Ac. The pro -1 potty will l>e sold on accontnnslating terms. For further particulars, apply t<. THOMAS W. GOUGH, JO. FORREST, iK-onard Town P. O. Nov. 15th, IB6o—tf. I _ _ j FOUNDED 1852 CII VRTERED 1854 LOCATED COR. of BALTIMORE & CHARLES St*. Baltimore, Md. Tht Largest, Mast Etcgantlu Furnished and Popntmr Commercial College in the United Slates. Designed Expressly for Yonng ITen Desiring to obtain a Ihorough Practical Bust ness Education in the shortest possible time ' and at the expense. 1 A Large and Beautifully Ornamented Circu ■ lar, upwards of Six Square Feet, | with Specimen of Penmansitip , and a Large En graving (the finest of the kind ever made in this country) representing the Intenor View of the College, with Catalogue staling terms, Ac., will be sent to every Young Man on application, free of charge. Write immediately ar.d von will receive tin package by return mail. Add teas E. K. LOSIER, Lahiuiore M<L January 24th, ]y. I ! J HA AC -I*CK">V. CUs. UINUEC HARMONY GROV2 NURSERIES, | SAAC JACKSON ft CO., Pioprielors. Successors to THOS. 31. HARVEY,) Jeoncrvill, Chester County, P. To the Farmer* and Planters of St. Mary** • and adjoining counties. riIHE ...Uv. rn be? leave tn end attention 1 Jl to tlietr I irge stock tor the Fall trade. Apples; Pears, .HanJttril and J wsut';Ciiernea; , Peaches; Plums; Apricots; Nectarines, alt e* .ie -ted and choice varieties. Our small fruit i department comonsea every thins in its class. ( Stra*lerry, one hundred varieties; Giapes, fifty varieties; Currant, Kasplwrry,GooneWrry, Rhubarb or Pie Plant, Asparagus. Our stock of ORNAMENTAL TREES u< very heavy, and comprises all the common and moat of the new, hoth evergreen and diciJnous Rosea, Dahlias and betiding plants of every d- , 1 script ion. Osage Oraii'e fv>r hedging. This plant is destined soon to auperceile all others for this purpose, bemp hardy, a rapid grower, its string thorns ollering an impassible harrier to ‘ all kinds of stock Our stock is healthy and wclk grown, and otir prices will be found asbw ■many other establishment. Orders solicited! Address ISAAC JACKSON ft CO., Jennerville, Chester Co., Pa 1 P. S. Catalogues furnished on Reference —Francis J. Stone, Bloomsbury; S\ Edwin Coad, Locust Grove,St. Mary *scounty. Aikxt. —G, Fred. Maddox, who i > agent for this caiupany, will attend to all orders left with him. ■ Sept. 13th, 1861)—tf. WANTED. * j I MPHE nubscriWr wishes to buy a lot of j ‘ ! ■ LIKELY YOUNG NEGROES, f both | i I sexes, f<*r whieh the highest market prices will \ •U paid. Persons wishing lostell. who may not j : see hiuir during his present I<*nr through the 1 ; Sohlln-n c unities of the State, will have their 1 ’' orders promptly responded!*, hy addressing— ‘ ALLEN S. DORSEY, Washington, D. C. . Feh 2nd. mo—tf. “ PLOWS. NO. Ift. 10 and 10.} M ft 11. FLOWN, j No 7, M and 9 Improved Davis, iV i 1 Shears, i list received and for sale hy SIMMS ft MADDOX. iIEO.JAMM&CO.J .CIGAR MANUFA(TUIU£RS.I | (St,Cl KSSOKS TO G. V/. DvVVEU ft Co.) j I |}R IMF. CIGARS, of our earn maminic |■- lure, constantly m hand. We have also > ! a large slock <>f excellent I ('HEW! NG and SJIdKIXG m'OACO; | SNUFFS and F \ NCV ARTH -LES, Which we are prepared I•* furnish our cus- j T turners on reasonahle terms. I Jan. loth IftCl tf. i i NEW GOODS. IT* LF.O SPALDING haaptsl reeevedonc . J • of the lies* selected stocks of GOODS I he has ever had, which he often- for sale very I loW. j ||r would call particular attention to his i -t < k i< i *r— Ladies* Dress Goods, White Goods, Litton Cambric and Silk Pocket Handkerchiefs, f.adies’ and Got.’s Kid and Lisle Thread Gloves Ladies Mantlet and Pmntv, ! Cloths, Chusuimore Silk Vestings, ft-e. April 26ih, iSi ) Ly. t QUICK QUICK LIME ! ! KENNEDY’S SCHUYLKILL LIME, SO well known in Pennsylvania. Ihlawan New Jersey and the Northern and Eastern j portion of this State, as bring superior to ;m\ other for agririifdmd for the first time placed within tlie reach of the farm- . ers and planters*4 St. Mary’s and adi. inii.g . 1 romities. through the agency of the undersign ed, win* is prepared to sell on (V'oiuwmlalhig 1 Units any quantity of Quirk Lime, deliverable i as |er agreement on the shores of any of the ! rivers or bays in said comities. Ordeissodcit- , cd ’ JNO. A. CAM ALTER, Agent. Leonard Town, Md„ March 3rd, 1859 3m j i The following analysis reeommerdsthie lime as possessing properties (far superior to any , I . Ilier) necessary to lie applied to the Ia ml suiting ! section, winch are known to be deficient in both me and magnesia ' Liboratory ofStnft Chemist j No. 29 Exchange building* Baltimore, Md., Jum 30ih, IM7 j Report of analysis of 5 tramples ol 1 \ Limestone, marked respect\el) No 1 (v. (n • No 1 (blue), No 2 (white), N. 2 (Lit.* ), | 3 (lop), for John Kennedy, Esq., of P| Kennedy. Montgomery Co., Penns)Lama. The above sample* of “Schuylkill Lnnemoii j were found, upon analysis, to be composed I lows . No 1 (w) 1 (b) 2 (w) :2 (b) 3 (t) Carbon, o Lime. 60 9,64-7, G 0.5, 51*1, 57 1 Carbon, of Mag ,38 2,34.1, 38 3, 12.4, 40. t j ■Sand, Clay ft 1r0n,0.9, 1-2, 1.2, 15, 2.3, 100. The above Schuylkill Limestones a e Mrcn ; sian Limestones, ot pretty nearly equal compo j jaition. They are most especial! j adapted to the i j application on sods which are deficient in both j ■ Lime at.J Magnesia* * JAMES HIGGINS, i I i PUT leCK OUT HOTEL J SAIXT MARY'S COUXTY. MD., j IE proprietors of this well known and j JL popular establishment, respectfully in-) : A inn the citizen* of Saint Mar) V and the ad- | ; joining counties, that ihe Rote! at tins place j will remain open milil the first day ol Not cm- ( I Ver next. The bathing at ibis place is excel- : lent an l visitors will certainly find and enjoy .

nil the amusements and comfort*, usual 1) Lund at a first class v atering place, lItFLEBOWFR & CO., Proprieti rs, July lllb, 1861 —t-oct. Ist. I TIIIIESI/IXG MACHINES. (have for a*e the PHfon Triple Geared I fhrae Potter and W. W Din gee ft Co’s l n , a Thresher, with Iterolcing Straw Carrier. i The machine is warranted to render sati=fae- I rion to all purchaatra. The prn-e of 8 horae power. 30 inch Thresher and Straw-Carrier. 1 delivered at any wharf in St. Mary’s county, is J*lfts. Farmer* try : uvited to call at my Store in Leouard Town and examine this Thresher. L. LEO. SPALDING. June 28th, 18C0—tf. J R. HfRBF.IT. S. H. HKRBfIT JAS R. HERBERT & BRO. TOP. \CCO AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, ; so 33Srant dt HOlllngswortbSts., BAI. TIMORE, MU. REFERENCES. , John Hopkins. I* resident M err ham? Bank Trtieman ( ’ross,('asbielOomnicrcia. and Fanners* Pank. Geo. \V. Howard St Co., Baltimore. 1 Dner. Nrri; &. C“ b U. Hickley & Pro., Pennunan &. Pro., ** I Whitney, Cushing A - Comstock, Balt. OKO. A. SIMMs. JO. H.tMADDoX BUSINESS NOTICE. j undersigned have this day formed a | ■ o<-Partners!dp in the AA //LA fiUSLVESS in laMiutrd Town, under the I name and style ot S/J/.VS <f HAJtPOX, ' and arc now tl<ing business fit the store lately I iK'cupicil i*\ Geo. A. Simms A’ C*>- T hey a*- i licit a continuance *f the very lil>eral patro nage w Licit was extended to the late firm. GEO. A. SIMMS, JO. 11. MADDOX. Oct. 23rd, iB6O. Oct. 251 h, 18C0—tf. JAMES S. DOWNS, ATTORNEY ft COUNSELLOR AT LAW , Leonard Tvtrn , Sf . Mary a Co.. J/d., j Will practice in St. Mary*samlthcaJjoining I counties. ! tVv. 10th 1809. I r he SAINT MARY’S FEMALE SEMINARY THR next annual session will commence nn SATURDAY, the 15th of Scpiem- I her. under the direction ol Miss LOTTY LEIGH, as Prineipal, assisted hy a corps of efficient and experienced Teachers, i The course of instruction is as thorough as at any other institution in me country, and •t less than half the nual expense. The ■scholastic reni divided into two terms ol five months each, per levin, payable In advance: 1 for all the branches of a thorough English education, including Board. Tuition. Washing, Fuel, Lights and P.edding, $75.00 Stationery, 2.5 C Tuition fordav pupils,including fuvl, * 21.00 hkfakatk branchKb; French, 14.00 Music, with the ue of Instrument, 25.00 drawing and Painting,exclusive i of materials, 6.00 Painting in Oil Colors, exclusive of materials, 10 00 For further information, or for Circulars, apply to the Principal, St. lingoes Pos 1 Office, Saint Mary’s Conniv, Md. i C. BILLINGSLEY, President of the Board ol Trustees. August ICth, IbGO —tf. A CARD. Doctor gustav us caxter, having Ineated himself in I'liarlotte Hall, respeet j fully idlers his professional services to the pub lic. 11 is office is that formerly occupied by Dr. J. F. Shaw, where he can always be I found except when professionally engaged. Refkuknck. —Samuel Chew, M. D. Pro fessor of Principles and Practice ol* Medicine in the Uuiver-hy "f Maryland. | March. 7th 18ul —lO m. SPUING GOODS. A large supply of Howaid Duck. Peni tentiary Plaids, &c. j>t received and 1 for sale hy E. LEO. SPALDING ILUMBKR | SHIXGI.KS!! FLORING. ftT. WE invito the attention of our friends and consumers, generally, in St. Mary’s and . adjoining counties to our extcn.we assortment iot seasoned LI ILJGSd J/ A ILL IA /. S. j All parlies contemplating the erection ot Dwellings, Panics, kc., v\iil find it greatly to i their advantage to give us a call, as we can j <eM at lowest rates for cash or Negotiable pa 1 P er - Doors, Frames, Sash, &c., furnished at , Mill prices. I Orders filled fur Bricks, Lime, Hair, Nails, i See. t No charged on Vessels receiving Lumber from <*nr \ ard. CARSON, ZIMMERMAN, ft (XV, West side Union Dock, Norloik Boat M hurl j March 20t’., IftGO—tf. ! NOTICE. | . f undersigned wish to inform the J j tropic of Saint Mary’s and adjourn ing counties, that they have just completed a FIRST CLASS RAILWAY, and are prepared to haul out vessel® of any size, , and will REPAIR, CAULK. &e.. on the | most reasonable terms. Prompt attention 1 i to all work, and quick Jispatch will be given iin all cases. The Railway i> situate*! about a quarter of a mile from Leonard Town on ■ a fine oyster creek, where we will also build SCOWS, BOATS, or VESSELS, if required, on the lowest terms HARRIS, NORRIS A I OX WELL. } July lyth 1 Stiff —tf. | ARCHITECTS BUILDER f |IHR nndrrstgiitsl has made such arninge- I JL menu as will enable him to execute all jwurkiu his line at BALTIMORE PRICES, j with promptness and dispatch. He solicits a call from Lis friends and the public. V. CAM AUER, Leonard Town ' Jan. 26th. 1860— tf. NOTICE. rwt\¥. undersigned Iwgs leave toinformehis j friends and the Public, that he is still at the OLD STAND,in Lei>uard Town, carrying lon BLACKSMITH I NG. GUN. LOCK SM’THING, SHEET IRON AND STOVE WORK—in short, iron work of all descri|- tions.such us repairing CARRIAGES, BUG GIES ROCK A WAYS. CARTS, WAGONS, HORSE SHOEING, FARM WORK of all kind-: also REAPERS, THRASHERS and I IMIII.LS. With hi*, experience *d 11 years in a Machine Shop, lu> thinks that lie can do any • kind of Blacksmith Work from a kneedleto an i anchor, ami mi reasonable terms. New Wag ons and Carts built cheaper than can be done ai any oilier shop in this place. HOUSES SIlUEl) at the shortest notice. JAMES A. M’CATIIRAN, Blacksmith. January 12th, 1860 —tf. NOTICE. E, LEO SPALDING returns his thanks to his numerous customer* for the ltl<eral patron •i age he has received fithn them, and pledges , > himsr-tf to keep a (JHt)l('E STOCK OF • GOOD * always on hand, which will be sold very low fur cash or its equivalent. E. LEO SPALDING, April 2nd, 1860 April sth, 1560 Iv. VOLUNTEERS WANTED. CITIZENS of this county who may 1> desirous of uniting in the fuinml ioo of a CAVALRY COMPANY are requested to | leave their names at the Store of Messr ! Simms Maddox in this village. January 3rd, lßlil—lf. MEAL, fresh from the Steam y Mill of J. 11. Maddox, j ARo. a fresh supply of RUTTER, CHEESE,&c in store and for sale by SIMMS ft MADDOX. Dec. -oth, ISOU. TIIAD. K. riJFUSS, Att.iiey ami Counsellor at Law, ; j Leonard Town .Si. Mary's County .Maryland l I*T ILL practiccin theC-nirtrofSt.Mary’s f f and adjoining Counties. Jan 13th. 1859 —If. | ---- . _ petition ran the aexeg it oi the LVHOLI £AT L.IHS OF MARY LAM) , Circuit Court for St. Mary's C,. } March 'l'erm 1861. ORDERED Ly the Court that the Creditors of.FAMES A. MORGAN, a petitioner j for the Itenellt <>f the Insolvent laiws f Ma- j ( rylaml. la; and appear U-l’.-rc the Circuit (’--nrt ; fwr St. Mary’s Count) on the third M-*nhi) 1 1 of Novtwnlier next, to h.>w cause, if any they j | have, why the said James A. Morgan, shall i 1 not have the Ix-netit of the said laws: provid -11 ed a copy of this order he inserted in the St I Mary's Beacon once a wi-ek for three months i i; before the said third Monday in November next. ! By order, JAMES T. BLAKISTONE, Clerk. July 25th, 1801—3 m. j ibiswai U.W away from my estate in w fy .Me*Rev’s Neck, about 10days j ago, negro man /nr COLUMBUS. |<Jy • He was bought out of the estate of Mrs. Cnsiek and lias a wife living at Mr. i George Tarlton’s at Forrest Landing, head d j Cuckold’s creek, near which place lm is doubt i less lurking. He st Kips a little, is of a light j chocolate complexion, and shout 30 years of , age. I will give the above reward for his ap | prehension and delivery to me cr for ins con finement in Inc county jail, Leonard Town. JO. H. MADDOX. Sept. 16th, 1800—tf. - : NOTICE. fl'llE undersigned lias just received a large : *• supply ol Ladies PARTY’ and BALL i Gouda consisting ol White and Colored Tarletons, Ladich white Kid Slipper Ladies White Kid Gloves, ftc. ficc. A Iso, Gents White Kid Gloves, j Gents Fancy Neck Ties, ! Gents’ Fine Shirts, and Collars, ftc, ftc. , E. LEO. SPALDING, Leonard Town. January 3rd, 18CI—tf. j A 1.81.r.T TRECiO. J. S. MUUOA.N TREGO S- MOKC AN, VHOD U C E COMMISSION MEU Cl LEXIS, And Wholesale Dealers in LI(IU Olt S AJS D Cl GAR S, • N 0.37 CHEAPSIDE, near Prattst., BALTIMORE ,jf~ Every description ofcountr) Produr entrusted loouicure willitc-ivis i tun jiou. Apn ISth ,185S —It. | | NOTICE. ALL persons wishing to communicate with mefiy uer.wiliilireciiicic*;| re poudmeeby nailio Por t i’obaccof Varies county, Aid., or by steamer fei. Nicholas, o C'happei Point.CharJ<-scounlH , Md. W.VI. T. CAMPBELL. } Feb. 3rd, 18T.0—U, LUMBERJMTICL BURNS & SLOAN return their me thanks to the Farmer* for their lib I patronage for the year past Their t ( £ LUMBER is larger than ever and leitr sorted; and we arc determined to ofier c X inducements to cash buyers. Apply at ie corner of Entaw and German streets, or a M j Light street Wharf. BURNS & sloa: Baltimore, . td j Feb. 2nd. 1860- HOBHUTSON &. BRISCOE, i SUCCESSORS TO U. n. MILES, ; AT HIS. OLD STAND, Uft.W. PRATT STREET BALTIMORE, RESPECTFULLY offer their •§ agents, for Ihe rale of '/'(thACCO i ! GR.Afy. and alt kind* uf PROD I CL. piedg* I ug their untiring eff-.rt* U> render i all wno may patronise them. Liberal ad r i ramie* made on consignment*, i j March 22nd, 1800—tf. I jTh. luckett~ Stock, Note, Hill, Asi> Heal Estate Bkoklu, 81 Second Street, BALTIMORE Remebknus. • j P. Oihaon. Cashier Bank of Balt Baltimore. ('. 11. Culeman, Cn*h. Mechanics’ Bank, ij M. Buck. Cash. Franklin Bank, Thomas *1 Cars4*n, Banker, Thomas D. Johnston, J. C. ! j Adams. Warwick, Frhk Ball, R. Mickh, j (’ah. l T nion Bank of Maryland Balt. R. A, Vicker*, Pres. Marine, tloiin*ii>n Hro. & 1 C*., Bankers, Jobiuii Lee & Co., Hugh .leu ! kins & Co. Young Sr Carson, Win. I’iukin.y ! Rrooke. II axh> nghm />. ('. j May 24th, IgiiO— rf. n in l nrrrs ;j M A T ERIALS j—-—i— J 4 1 . j The umVry’gnod would respectfully call th eltentioii of the Public to their large msott 1 mom .f DOORS, /;/,/. V/S. SASH, DO Oil 1 FRAMES, II ISIWIV FUAMKS, HW.S7/- ■ j no aui>s, cas is as, mopldixgs, max- I TEES, and every description of Howe Build ling materials, which they have constantly on | hand, and which they can furnish at the short ♦*st notice. They are idso prepared to furnish at the shortest notice FItAHI I? \\ OUK for Country Houses, Cottages. and suburban Residences, according to any plan or design, all ready fitted to he put up on their propos ed sites. Farmers and others, desirous of building ; in the country, would tind il to their advantage i hy giving us a call before j un h.ising else where. as we are fully prepared to execute work on the most reasonable terms. And the advantages, which we offer in preparing all the materials that may he necessary in con j meting a house, will be found to save the j Builder a great deal uf vexatious delay and , expense. JU#** All orders left at tVeir office cr ad ' dressed to them by mail will meet with j proinp and satisfactory attention. MAUGHLIN dr JOHNSON, 1 Sfrntn Plaining Mill awl Sash Facility, > blast Falls Avenue, near Pratt Street Bridge Warehouse No. 55, Pratt street. Next (hair to Penn Sr Mitchell, Balt. Md. April 19th, 1860—ly. CHAIR AAD FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. : W K. ANDKKSON. JVoi. Id &. 12 i * ’ • Second Street beltceen Frederick Strut ' ami Mar. Market Space, Halo more. i Having the largest Ware rooms and best j assortment oi Cabinet Furniture iu the city, | is prepared to selievery article iu In-line upon the most liberal and accommodating term.** Having had a lons experience in tins line of business, ho flatters iiiniseit that he can c< m pete, as to excellence ol material, beauty oi workmanship and range ul prices, wuh any establishment of the sort in this or any other city. His general stock embraces a lull and i complete assortment ol Parlor Chain, Sofas, Hocking Chairs, Spring Lounges, Chamber Suits. Par room, 0/fice and Dining Chairs, French Tele a-Tcles, Sellers, Arm Chain,*. Looking Glasses, Ac., of every va riety and description. He has also on hand ; Ilethleud* of his own manufacture, which can be put up and taken down hi two min* i utea. Persons from St. Mary’s, wishing to purchase Furniture, are requested to call and examine his Slock before buying elsewhere Be sure to find the right place Noa. 10 It 12 Second Street—Warehouse with 80 lee front and 8 large Folding doors. August 11th 1850—lv. dentjstry" PERSONS needing the services of a first rate Dentist will do *"c!l to emplow Dr-. J RANDOLPH WALTON, who in tends locating himself in the village of Leon ard Town, Orders address'd to him through the Leonard Town P'sti OT.icc will 'receive ; prompt attention. IBs term* are cash. Dr. ! Walton has hud considerable experience iu ; hi* profession, i moderate in his charges, and I,as invariably given satisfaction to those who have employed him. To give the readers of the Deacon some ides of the standing of Dr, W. ** a PRACTICAL DENTIST, the foL lowing letter, addressed to hint by Pr. Nioisit Pinkney, U. S, N., is append* d : U. 8. Navaj. Acapkmt, Ansapous, Maryland, April 21, 18*6. Dv.AR Hie;—U gives roe great phi so re to expre the confidence 1 have in your skill aa a Dentist, and to recommend you, as far as J have influence, to tbe patronage uf tba Public. I have had an opportunity of witnessing your * m de of operation, aim have no hesitation in affirming that it exhibits your thorough knowl edge of you profcasioQ. 1 am, sir, very respectfully your obedient servant, KINIAN PINKNEY, Surgeon U. S. N. 1 Dr. Wai.ton, Annapolis April 4tb, 1801—If.

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