Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, September 5, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated September 5, 1861 Page 3
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NOTICE. I!? hereby given. IKII the county Com* missioncr*. for Si Mary's .unnty, will rKiive aeah*d proposals tn repair the Bridge over the bead of Ur it ton’s Bay, | near I-eonarJ Town ; also to bniUl wr re- i pair n Bride* over Persimon-<nd Hun, Id Charlotte Hall district, until TUESDAY, the 10111 inst.J The work to be wi II done and of good ma terial. By f*rd*r. 0. I SPALDING. Clerk. 1 Sept. sth, 1801—Iw. FOR MAGISTRATE. We are authorised to announce I’D WARD 'HUMAN as a candidate for Magistrate in Patuxent District, S'pt. stb 1861. FOR MAGISI’RATK. Wc are authorised to announce GEORG K W. lilbbON a a uuditlati- tor i-**lecliuu to ) the office of Magistrate in Chapticu Dial net. ! 6lk 180 1 . FOR MAGISTRATE. ' We are authorised to announce WILLIAM R TTCKEU as* candidate fur Magistrate iu Patuxent District. Sept. 6th, 1861. FOR CONSTABLE. We nr* authorised to announce JOHN A. GARNER as a candidate for Constable in > Patuxent Thai net. Sept. 6th, 1801. FOE CONST tBLR. We are authorised to announce JOSEPH A. MAG I LI. as u candidate fur Cunalahlc in ratuxent Dhrfrict. { Sept. sth. 1801. FOR CONSTABLE. We are authorized to announce CLEM ENT S. THOMPSON for ('unstable in Chap lit •* District. Sept. Gib, 1801. FOR ROAD SUPERVISOR. Tie friend* . fW. T. A. HFFDFR i>;. his i.aiae to the voter* of thin District as a candidate fur road auptrvi or ("UAPTIOO. Sept. 6th, IFCI. FOR ROAD SUPERVISOR. WM. THOMAS LATH HUM asnoufiees himself to the %uiers of Patuxent district hr a candidate fur Ruud Supervisor and respectfully •oiH'its tbeir soppo.t. Sept. sth, 1061. lOR HOAD KUPF.RV 18011. J. T. HAYDEN i-ftWs hiiuseif to the voter* of < iiHpiico District Hr a candidate for ria) ii|itr\imt, and uks their support at the ea- Miing Fall election. St-pl. 6th, 1801. iiso = nfnr Iwtll give the above reward for PS the apprehension, and delivery t*. my overseer at Jutland, of my three negro men. m NKALT. JACOB and BIT.I. MONROE. NEALY ia about 6 fccHrigh, is very black, bald, sharp-fared and lietween 50 and 60 jiHn *f age. He has a brother Wonping to Ji>hn T. Moore, of St. Inigoe* District, and is pr>>ha s >ly lurking in that iieigliorhood. J.\(!OB Is near 6 feet in height, black, at ut and well built, ha* a deep, guttural v ice and is uhont 45 j'ears of age. He bus relatives in the iirichl* rlussl of Leon rrd Town. BILL MONROK is about 5 feet. Boi 9 Inches in height, nearly* Iwld, thin. Mack atid alsutt 40 years of age. He has rela tives in St. George* neighbor!*-od, in this cj unty, and at Wilson Comptons, in Charles County. 1 ternendter no marks about either . f the above negroes by which they may ba recognized, II sit her of the above negroes is arrester! anl deliverer! to my overseer at Jutland, a hdged In tire county Jail at T >wn, 1 will pay a reward of SSO. H. G. R- KEY. Leonard Town, P. O. St. Mary’s Co. Md Aug. 29th, 1801 — tf. NOTICE. THE Members of the Board of School CosoDiittiooers are requested to meet in Leonard Town on the 2nd TUESDAY of September next, without fail. By order ‘ B. Q. IIARRIS, President. Aug. 29th. 1861—td. TTNIVROiITY OF MARYLAND. MEDICAL LECTURES. The fifty-fourth Annua! Seion t thg School of Medicine, in fhe # University of Ma ryland, will commence on MONDAY’, Oct. 14, 1861, am! fnd March I, 1862. The Faculty are aware of nothing in the present unhappv eopdiiioji of public affairs of a nature to interfere with the regular and faith ful performance of tlieir duty as Tnwliers *f Mrmicine. They purpose to make every ef furt to render their course of instruction useful and sariafactory to their pupils. The Baltimore Infirmary, which belong* to flat Seined. continues t afford abundant means for the Clinical illustration of the principles of Medicine ami Surgery. G. W. MILTENBERGER. M. D. Dean. Aug. 22d, 1861—8 w. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. NOTICE ia hereby given that the aubscri her has obtained from the Orphan’s Court of St. Mary's Maryland, let ters of administration on the personal esc-te of WM.H.NEVBTT. late of eaid county.j deceased. Ail persona having claims againaf the *>d deceased, are hereby waraed to exhibit the Same with the proper vouches thereof, to the subscriber, oc or before the Ist day of March. U4S, otherviac they may be excluded by law j f“m all benefit of the said estate. Given under *y hand this 83mI day of Auguw. 1861 R. COLTON, . . Administrator August aSnd, 1861—4*. loiucm suij ’ DT aulbwitr of low. | have seized snd ta il *£!' t,,# property p. satisfy I hfsto Taxes and the lend charges thenmn, due me fur the vear I 860: pimy rear rivmn,i j now owned by William A. nrsdly.jjrJtmi assessed in 1860 to W. W. |>ix. * ] And I hereby give notice, on TtJKS- 1 DA i , the 10th day of BeptemUr next, (if - ; a ! r, ..' f " o! - ’H™*' 1 fair day thereafter! i t the GREAT MILL’S STORK, in the* Factory District, between the hour* of 3 and .Wilock, j p. m., I will |iMreal to *cli at Public Auc j Hon the above named property for cvli, to J t satisfy tin* Statu Taxis aud the legal charges thereon as above mentioned. GEO. B. DENTS Collector. August 22nd, 1861—U. _ | NOTICE TO CREDITORS. NOTICE is hereby given that the stsbseri * her has obtained from the Orphans’ 1 • Court o! Hi. Mary's county in Maryland, let j *rs tesinmentary ou the personal estate lof SA MUEL K EBCfl. late of said eonrrty. de I censed. All (tersona ha\ing claims agaiSst the i ! said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same with the proper vouches th<- i : subscriber, on or liefore the Ist day of March. - 1*62. otherwise they may be excluded by i law from ail benefit of the said estate. , Given under my hand this 22nd day of Aagintn |H6I ELLEANOR KE Bf:H. Executrix. Aug, 22nJ, 1861.—4 w. \ ©aa>(D IF taken In Maryland at.d ihdivem!' to m** in KorthiindsTland. Va., I will give i|k* i n*ward lr two negroes. SAM and i Madison. Tiwy left on Kumtav, Juivi • 28th * ' J I SAM is low, and although not sb>ut r is | well -et. uof tawny mulatto color wl has u [ s!ar. I tuiiik. over one uf his ayes, ictoiotiol jhy the kick of a mule when young, lie is ; al'Oiit fifty y*fm of age and when silken to I i evinces a desire to please, but geurnßy has a I ?rutu and forbidding eonntetiace. 11$ is aho I a g'ssl plantatior, nriren’er. i M.\ IHSON has always lieen a gmsY servant. He is very young and has a pleasant, counte nance, particularly when spoken ||e is low hut tine, imiionly well set, very black, and when phased, shows a set of Ibeautiful white teeth. W-M. F. BROTKENBROIirHI. IS'orfhiindterland li., Va. August Istli ihtii- ;>w. NOTICE. | I FOR WARN any and all front receiving in pnMiienf >t hy trtinsfer for any coiisiiiemtion whatever, a NOTE OF HAND Oi ndne, with (Ttuiles .M*dfey sentri- I tv, drawn payable to .lames Thomp4n,on the 1 l*t day of January, 1H62. f< r the sifni of or.e J hnndrcs) at.d ten dollars ($110) as t hold the said Tin mp win’s Note tor inure than I owe Mm. EDWARD F. TENERSON. Aug. 15th, 1861—;5w. ieiRGIIi_SCIOSL. ' r Misses Costigin bavin" t-efnroil the ( ■ serviirex of an exjiorieneeti Musip teacher will reevive a litniud nnmijer of young lathes for the scholastic year beginning Ist Sept. TERMS PAYABLE HALF YEARLY IN ADVANCE. Board and Tuition in all the branches f an i 1 English Education per annum $l5O i Music Vocal & Instrumental sl6 per quar. 1 French 5 “ i Italian I) “ Spanish 5 * Drawing and Painting in Water G'lors 5 “ Oil Painting If) “ The utmost attention will be paid to ‘ the health and comfort, and every effort made o advan.** the morul hml intellect Hal culture 1 uf their pupils. . Address— | | SUMMERSEAT Oakville ; I*. O. < SSt. Mary’s Co. August Ist, 1801—tf. , t t NEW GOODS. , E have just receiver! a larce assortment r f f of GROCERIES, consistio" of:— 120 SACKS G. A. & SALT; 50BBLS. COM. WHISKEY; 30 •' OLD RYE D 6; 26 SACKS COFFEE; ‘ 12 CASKS MOLASSjfiS ; 4 IIHD BROWN SUGAR; 1 10 CASKS BRANDY; RUM. GIN. &c.. which wc will sell on terms to qait perchas- , ers* SIMMS & XjIADDOX. We would call the attention of merchanst 1 snd large ikaders in the county Ho cur large i | stevk of GROCERIES, which wjiare prepnr- , ed to sell as low at can be purclrosed iu Bal timore —freight added. S A M. June 20th, 10G1. | ’ NOTICE TO TRESPASSERS. \ ALL persons are hereby forpv;tmed from | trespNiwing with d<<g, gun: or *t her wise ( i)|M*n any part of my Farm, lying near St. ■ ’ Clement's Bay iu this county aind called aud known as — ! ‘ “Part (j op ton park” I also torwarn all persons fnf.m haiding the Seine upon any part of theNh<ie of said farm. * PemiHiM disregarding this notice- will, from the ,' date of its publication, have ihti law rigorous- 1 lr enforeeq against tliern. JOSEPH ‘JOHNSON. August Bth, 1861 —Bw. < VOLUNTEERS WANTED. r CITI7J:NS of this countyl who may be desirous of uniting in the {formation uf a CAVALRY COMPANY anf requested io leave thdr names at the Sllore uf Messrs Simms |p Maddox in this village. ! January Srd, 1861—tf. if i ■ ■ L- ■ g— -2jio Ji;i*ic)al District. FOR THE COURT OF APPEALS, ROBERT FORD, OF SAIXT MAHYS COCXTY. March Slat, 1801. FO JVDGK OP CIRCUIT COURT. To the FnyJe ttf Fritter Georg**t Charlrt and St. Mary a Counties. I te*|*ctfnlly announce myself as a candi- Af tlip Cirruif fVnrt for Finf Judicial Circuit *f Mankind. FREDERICK STONE. August 15th, 1861—tf. FOR CIRCUIT JUDGE. We are authorized to announce GEORGE BRENT. Esq , as a mixiidali* for .Indue of the Circuit Court for the Ist Judicial District of Maryland. August 16th, 1861—te. FOIL THE SENATE, Messrs. E/Utors. —You are to a out •mice Si. FKHD. 91 AD DO \ as a candidate fr |le Senate of M iryhilid, subject to I lie derision uf Southern Rights’ C'onvcs tioii, should one be called. PATUXENT August Bth, 18lil. FUJI THE LEGISLATURE. The friend* of RICHARD COLTON sng ge*| his tiain** to tle voters of this county as a candidate lor the la‘gi>lature, and ask for his (‘tailin' a dispassionate consideration. March 7tii 1861. FOII THE LEGISLATURE. ROBERT 0. COM BS, E>q., is recommend ed to (he voters of (his conn y us a candidate foi the Legislature, and vc il! he supported by MANY FRIENDS. Feb. 28th. 1861—tf. FOR COUNTY CLERKSHIP. The friends of DANIEL T. MORGAN pre sent him to the voters of St Mary’s comity as a candidate t>r Clerk of the Circuit Gum at tha election in 1863, and solicit 1.0 ids claims a dispassionate consideration, Nuv. 20th, 1867. FOR COUNTY CLERK. I an non nee my rdf as a candidate for Clerk f the * Court for Saint M try’s county, ] *es pent fully solicit the support of my friv • is and the public. GEORGE 11. HERBERT. 28 ih 18b I. FOR SHERIFF. The name of PHILIP H. DORSEY, is sug gested to the voters of this *•* unty . as a can didate for the next .SHERIFFALTY, by many citizens of CIIAJTICO DlsTItfCT. Feb. 7th, 18<> 1. HARRISON EDWARDS w presented t > the voters of Saint Mary’s county as a candi •lat* for Sheriff at the election in 1861. Jaiuiaty 12th, IHi.O. THOMAS L. DA VIS isrccoramcndedt the voters of this county as a candidate fo. Ihe Sheriffalty in 1801. Iniyoes' District. Nov 10th.1859 FOB MAGISTRATE. The friends of WM. I. YATES suggest his name to the voters of laonard Town District as a suitable candidate for Magis trate, ami ask for his claims a dispassionate consideration at the ensuing Fall election. Lbl.lL N. August 15th, 18bl—te. Z ACCHEUS TIPPETT offers himself to the voters of Leonard Town District as a candi date for Magistrate and respect hilly solicits their support at the ensuing Fall election. Ang. 21'ud, 1861 The friends f CHARLES CAM ALTER present h ; > name to the voters of Leonard Town as a candidate for Magistrate, and soli cit for Ids claims a (.fopassfonafe consideration. Aug. 22nd, 1801. FOR CONSTABLE. I respectfully offer myself fo the voters of Leonard Town District av a candidate for Constable and solicits tlieir support at the ensuing Fall election. F. F. SPALDING. August 15th, 18b I —te. LEO H. HA\ DRX offers himself to the voters of Leonard Town District-as . candi- j, date for Constable, and asks their su ppurt at the ensuing Fall election. Aug. 16 th, 18b I. The ttiends of JOHN ALLEN DAVIS nnnounre him ns a candidate for Couit able, in Leonard Town District. April 4tb, ItiCl. J EDWIN ABELL announces himself as a candid*-1e for Constable m Leonard Town district and solicits the votes of his friends and the gublic. Feb. 28th, 1861. JEFi* ER.SON B. J \RROS respectfully an nounce!* himself as a candidate for Ctinnlnhie at the ensuing election m Chuptico District and solicits the support of his iriends and fellow citi/.ens. May 2nd, 1861. RAPHAEL DOWNS offers himself fo the voters .? Leonard Town District as a candi date for Gmstable and solicits tin* support of fiie voters thereof, at the ensuing Fall elec tion. June lllh 1861—te. J. R. AIjVEY offerc himself to the voters of Clin pi ICO District, as acandnlaie for Couaia hie, anil solicits thm support at the ensuing Fall election. August Ist, 1861. FOR ROAD SUPERVISOR. D. TK WELCH offers himself to the voters of Ijeonard Town district as a candidate for Supervisor of the Road and asks the voters of the district to support him, Feb. 28th, 18b). JOHN B. BOWES offers himself ns a can didate for Road Supervisor in Leonard Tt wr district ami solicits the support of lus friends aud fetlow^itizens.

Jan. 24th 1861. w ALTER FORD, thankful for the support he has heietr.fore received from the voters of the Factory district, offers himself ns a candi date for Road Sofiervisor in said district and •elicits* the sup|Mirt of hi friends and fellow cinruu. Aptti 18th, ld€i. T ' • jj" JDHX R CKUTL isrocommendid a* a suit- < side |*f*on for- Road Su|ervisor id the! Factory district. MANY FRIENDS. March 28lh 18d. h HENRV NORRIS f Jo. offer* himself to 1 the nn* of I con.nrd Town ilfot rid n* ;• .-jrul i dnle for Road Sope-vior nnd solicits tbe votes of bi friends nnd the public. | Jan. 24ihl8GI. WILLIAM GOODWIN offers himself to • the voters of Pstaxent DiNtriet ; , K n ('niobdoie 1 for Roi d Supervisor, nnd u-ka tlieir support , at the ensuing Fall eleclum. Augist hi, 1861. NOTICE. | i CHANGE OF DAYS j' ! i TO TUB PATUXENT RIVER. I TUB STEAMERS GEORGE WEEMS nm wisiOfSTci Will leave Baltimore for Hie Patuxent Riv er on the following days: I Saturday, ’imday nnd Thursday, com- * menring Saturday morning .Line 1-t. lßr,|. at 6 o’clock, for If ill’s- lauding direct, ami I ’ CHitinur during the munn, 1 Returning every Monday. WednCNil.iy and • j Saturday. Tiie Boat leaving Hill’s Lite lint: j i*n Monday and Wednesday will he direct for \ Baltimore. The Saturday Boat will leave Hill’s Laud ling on Friday for Benedict, leaving Ih indict j , j Saturday morning at 6 o’clock for Baltimore, i The altove Steamers will call at all the usu- i al Landings on the River, also at Fair Haven and Plum Point, going and returning. FREIGHT received up to 6 o’clock oft the days previous to the departure of the Boats. N. B. Shippers by the afove Boats are respectfully requested to have their Produce on all the Wharves below Benedict on tin* , days tin- Boats pass up the River, s 0 s to ‘ i the delay ol taking it off on their way to Baltimore. May XUth, 1861—tes. VALUABLE M. I XCF. I CTURIXG FROFER T V IFfIHB SAIL IS* i ffjfftiJE valuable property, known as CLIF ’! M TON FACTORY and GRIST MILL ■ (water power), situated on the Head Waters 1 of St. Mary’s river in Saint Mary ’s county. Mil,, and embracing about three hundred and fifty acres ol land, is offered at Private Sale. 'Hits property has on it a STORE MOUSE, , which is a go**l stand for business, HO’I’EL, DWELLINGS. Worksliops. Arc. The pro perty will be sold on accommodating terms. Fur lurlhcr particulars, apply to. THOMAS \V. COUGH, JO. FORREST, lx*onard Town P 0. Nov. 15th, IB6o—tf. - - Jm- N O TICE OF DIVIDEND. ON application of Mary Davis and John W. Harper, Administrator*- of Jame* 11. Da vis, laic ofst. Mary’s county', siiseta.sea. It is ordered by ilie Court, (but the said mliiimistrii tors uuiily ibe creditors of llie said to file tlieir claims against the said deceased in the Register of Wilis ..ffice on or before the 9th of September, 1861, for dividend and this order lie published in the Sana Alary’s Beamm once a week until the stud 9th of Sep tember Ibtil. J. T. M. RALEY, Register of Wills, of St. Mary's county, .\ld. July 25th 1861 td. LINE AND FEED STORE No. 3 Hollinswortl St- Baltiiuore. WN. R. IIOKG.IY, (SUCCESSOR TO JOHN HEANV) WHOt.RKAI,K A SI) IIKTA 11. DEALER* IN Lime. Ilrick*, Hair. fVtiirni. GALCINKD PLASTER, Corr t Oats, Corn Meal, Chop-Rye, Mill Feed,&c. Dec. 23rd, 1868—ly. NOTICE. ALL persons wishing to communicate with uietiyl etter.witldirecMheirror rvspondeacehymailto PortTobaccoUharle.- eounfy, MJ., or by steamer St. Nicholas, o Chappel Point. Charles county . Md. WM. T. CAMPBELL. Feb. 3rd, 1859—t1. lINION HOTEL LEONARD TOWN’, MD . FOR SALE OR Re)NT. THE subscriber intending to change hit* business, offen* tho UNION HOTEL for Sole or Rent. The Hotel, Stables and oilier buildings are in excellent condition, and the stand is equal for business to any in the Southern counties of the State. The Hofei i now in receipt of a wry good custom, which could be largely increased with ►light effort. The fixtures, liedding and furniture will lie , sold with the Hotel. The Terms will le lib eral and made to suit the limes. Persons de sirous of renting or purchasing arc invited to give the Proprietor a call. Possession given immediately, JOHN F. FENWICK, Leonard Town. July lUh, ISCl—tf. I ARCHITECT & IJitlßt! ■ f 1111 K under f-ipned lias made such arrange- j i 1 meats as will enable him fa execute alt; ■ ork in his line at BALTIMORE PRICES, with* ar.d despatch, fie solicits a call from his friends aud the public. V. CAM AUER, j Lsou.itd Town { , Jan. 2CIL, IB6o—lf. OF.O. A. SIMM*. JO. n. MADDOX. | FILL & WfflTH WPS. LaveJn*t retunted from liihiiunr* V f cifv with a large and w. |l--e| t .-tel 1 STCMHv OF FA I. L and WIXT II U I GOODS, to tho iuquctioii of wl i**h we in-; vile our friends and the public. Our stock of— BOOTS. , SHOES, i HATS, CAPS, is superior. Imth in quantity and quality, to any heretofore offered in this market.— * Fur stock also embraces a large assort ment of—- LADIES' DRESS GOODS . j of every style and quality;— Rt 'itJy-uuah Clothing, CustimttS, Cnssiuures uml Fine Cloths: fi- l Fnfi Ooth: 3-4 do. ti-4 Kmy*: 3-4 Jo; 5-4 striped mof jJnitl Linsrys; 3-4 Lmstyt , naif 3-4 Shrrpx Groy, Our stock of GROCERIES is large and embraces a large supply of— Baron, Lanl, Gutter, Flour , Cheese , Fish , Fresh Buck-uheut ■ Flour, *f*r., <fr. \\ e have also on hand a large assortment ,of 11. N h LIQUORS, including— Bill*’*, Brutitliv* aml }) imJerys, j of the most approved brands. jOur whole stock of goods having been pur chased for cash, wc flatter ourselves that; we are aide to offer superior inducement, to buyers, both ns to price and terms. SIMMS A MADDOX. ! Nov. Bth, 1800—tf. NOTICE. i rMI HE Co-partncraltiy heretofoic existing j ■* under the him of DOTTING HA.VI 8. j HARDING is tha day dissolved by mutual consent. Wm. 11. II arding is uloiie-auihor- I i/eJ to settle the business- of the firm. SAMUEL 001 TI NO 11 AM, WM. H. HARDING, lialtiutore Jan. 1 18<i I—4 w. The undersigned, having Bought out tin | Interest of Samuel Gullingiiam ol the firm ol ! (Jottingham & Harding, will hereafter coiidiiet j the business in his own Name, —and he nua-t respectitilly solicits Il.e favor of the friends ot , the old Firm. j WM H. HARDING. MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL WORKS. ! TO THE FARMERS OF SI. MARYS. 1 ' —l would most resp* ctfnlly call your at • j tention to my large assort in* nt of JAIF/.E --> ' MEATS. I am manufacturing ami pre * j paring a larg-r assortment of Agricultural lot , jilrmaif* than I have ever before cffeml I* • the public—llofse Powers and Threshers Wheal I’ans, C*rn Mills, Corn Shelters Ploughs, HuiruWs: Cultivators, :u,i maii> other articles to numerous to mention. J can supply t) IC Farmer with every thing Ik may want. With regard to Hor?e Power* I would oull |turlienl:ir attention to a fill* h.i *.f FELTON'S TRIFLE OKI RE/ FOII’ERS, fo work icilh or without hand irhnh art not surjmxsed in this or any ofhei j market; and 1 most respectfully invite I bos* J who are in want of Machines to give me a call, as I feel cotilhlrnf that I can suit the pur chaser. I am making a CORN MILL h.i grinding Orn at Horne. This is .n flood Mill, lias Ik-cii tested and pronounced so by exjic ricwci-d judges. ’To this I ask your spe cial nt tent ion. I tend* r you cfjc thanks for th*. kindness heretofore shown me and Jicg a coti | tin dance of y*mr favors, determined to mak* a strong effort to please all who give me (Leir custom. Orders will meet with prompt atten tion by being directed to WILLIAM 11. HARDING. 160 Pratt street 117 m//, RuUunore, Aid Feb 7tli, 1861—ly -j-, - ■ • -nrn . HKIJI. .1. KICOIIEVUH. UFO. C. THOMAS J. 11. HARDESTY, with HEIM, NICODEMUS * CO. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN FOIEIKN & DOMESTIC HID, AF KVfcUV 1/KSCH-IPTIoK, KO. 383 BALTIMORE ST. B A LTIMORE. March Ist. IB6o—lf. Paint Branch Woolen Factory, WOOL! WOOL!! WOOL!!! THE subscribers respectfully rcM,*.) theii thanks to their former customers, and •nf-Tin them, and the public, that they are prepare*! f.i nrantiTactnrc U’OCiL into all kinds *f negro Clothing, Flannels. Bl oikcting, iVr,, A'\, at short uotii*e. They solicit the JjmmJUmb ItUral patroi-age of Farmers and Planters having WOOL or In want of stieh g(ssl->.— terms lilkthl and accomm*dating, ami will be made known <>n application by lTler or otherwise. Go. W Wifo.n, ot Up|ier Marl tir Prime Utsrge’s G>unty, will receive W >ol or ori.’ers. The undersigned will call ar.d get Wool when notifled. W*m! will a!s* lie received fr.mi G-mmission Merchants nt j Baltimore or Washington at nur expen;o and I g**"ds returned. All work warranted to giv* satisfaction. B U FAWCKTT, Colcsville. Montgomery G/., Md. May 30, 1861—2 m. BUSIXESS XO TICE. A LL pcraoim indebted to me nn Tavern ac- Xm. count vtrdl come forward and settle the ! same without delay ms 1 wish all claims due me < lo*eu forthwith. | iutetid hereafter to do ati • txammx* CA6II buiiiifk and am deferinttted l! fcr EATING, DRINK ING or HORSE FEED from the Ist of Jaaus ury, 1861. JOHN F. FENWICK, Proprietor, , Union Hotel t January 3rd, 1861—t^ AfC JmtMr. CHS. MSfill HARMONY GROV3 NURSERIES, S A AC JJ9 CKSON * CO., Proprietors. Sicctiiou TO TIIOS. M. HARVEY,) Jenaimile, Chester County, Pa. To the Formers and Planters of Bt. Mary's nnl idj"imng counties. subscribers beg leave to otfl attention X to their lr*e stock for the Fall trade. Appltw; Pr. standard and dwarf;Cherries} Pen* ,, hes; Plums; Aprnot* ; Nectarines, all se lected and choice varieties. Our small fruit department cmnonars every thin; in its clast. Strawberry, one hundred varieties; Giapes, fifty varieties: Currant, Raspberry, Gooseberry, Rhubarb or Pie Plant, Asparagus. Our stock of ORN\MENTAL TREES in very heavy, and comprises all the common and most of the new, both evergreen and Roses, Dahlias and bedding plants of every de sen pi ion. Osage Orange for bedim.;:. This plant ia destined soon to supercede nil others f. r this purpose, being hardy, a rapid grower, j*j I strong thorns ottering an impassible barrier to all kinds of stock Our stock is healthy and well grown, and onr prices will be found as low in* any oibet establishment. Ordei* soliciudf Addiess ISA AC J ACKSON Si CO., Jennerville, Chester Co., Pa P. S. Catalogues furnished on anplicatiort. I Reference—Francis J. Slone, Bloomsbury; J. Edwin Coad. Locust Grove, S*. Mary’• county. Auknt.—G. Fred. Maddox, who is arcnt for this camps ny, will attend to all orders left with him. Sept, nth, IR6o—tf. | WANTED. | '|niK snlwcriWr wishes to buy a lot of I * LIKELY YOUNG NEGROES, of j wm, fur which the highest market prices v : II ’ln* paid Versons wishing to sell, who maw i,.t ■eehimr during his present tour through the | Boh then Counties of the Slate. will have their orders promptly re>p<mle<ll, by u<ldrt*M*li.g— ALLEN S. DORSEY, Washington, D. C. Feb. 2nd. IB6o — tf. piiOivs. i MJO, ISTlft and f.U M A 11. PLOWS’, jI il Ke , 8 and 9 Improved Davis, & . Shears, j Hat received and for sale hv I SIMMS * MADDOX. MimmcMci [|CIGAIt MANUFACTURERS, t (SUCCESSUKS TO G. \V. DwYKK Co^) I lIRIMK CIGARS, *| mir own mannfac ■- tnre, constantly on hand. We have a!im a large stock of excellent CHEWING and SMOKING TCROACO; SNUFFS and FANCY ARTICLES, ’ Which we arc prepared t furnish our cua turners mi reasonable terms. Jan. 10th IBtl if. NEW GOODS. LLO SPALDING hnspist n '* M_i* of llic best select* <1 slocks of GOODS y lie has ever had, which be uflcre for sale vny I low. lie would call particular attention to his * stuck of—• '* Ladies’ Dress Oixds, ! White Oo<ds, *’ Linen Cambric and Fi!k Pocket Handkerchief*, ‘ Ladies’and Get- s Kid and Lisle Thread ' Gloves Ladies Mantlet. ~n! Points, Cloths, Cliusvimerc Silk Vesti tiffs, Are. April 2Gih, IBC :—ly. v 1 ■ QUICK QUICK LIME! ! f _____ KENNEDY’S SCHUYLKILL LIME, SO well known in Pennstltrinta, Delaware* New .Jersey and the Northern and Eastern portion of this State, ns being s|snor to ni v tber for mgrirultmal improvement, is for tl.o first time placed within the reach of the farm ers and planter* of St. Mary’s and adjoinii counties. through the agency of the uink ndgi *i, who is prepared to sell on O'rtwtmouuimff ir,ns any ijuantify f tjoirk Lime, deliver:*! 'n as jer agreement on the shores of any of t' 0 rivers or bays in said counties. Ordei*solicit* d. JNO. A. CAMALIKR. Ajcnt. Leonard Town, Md„ March 3rd,1853 —Cni Tliefollovr inr analysis recomrnenrfr this lima as possessing properties (far *U| crior to any other) iie<*.es. mi jto bcappltcd totlitiui drum! section, which are known to be deficient in Lwia me and inn£iiena ; LsWrtO>rv nt'Hst 1 flu, it No. 29 Exchange Rniidn . s Baltimore, Vfd., Jn ne 31 ih, ]SS7 Report of analysis of 5 samples at fr|., y Limestone, marked respectively No I (whir No 1 (blue). No 2 (while). No 9 (bine), 3 (topY, for John Kennedy, F.tq ,of P Kennedy. Montgomery Co., Penii*y|<ti a :a. The above samples of •‘Schuylkill l.imentoii were found, spun analysis, to be cotuposij I'uwi . No I (w) I (b) 9(w) 2 (h) 3 (t) Cm bon. o Lime. 60 9,(14 7, 60 f, 56.1, 57.1 f’arbou. of .VI ag ,38.2,34 1, 38 3, 42.'4* iv.t. Sand,Clay St (run,o.9, 1.2, 1.2, 15, 2.3 100. The above Schuylkill Lunrstr res Bie A': t 0 m|mh Limritorn, of nre ty marly qi e r..,, f ,o anion. They ate most especially adapted t n :Le application on soils which are de.'.cienuii bom Lime iu w Maj;caia. JAMES HIGCINo. FODiTIiOIIT HOTEL, SAL\r MARTS COUNTY, MD . THE proprietors of this well known and ebtabliahinent, in firm the citizens ut Baini Mary’s and the d joining rofinties, that the Rote! at lk* ]dt*ro will remain open until the first day of Novem ber next. Tl,e bathing a this place in e\. •,. ietil ami visitor* will certainly find and enji*y ail the anuMcrtienta and comfort* usually at a first claw watering place. HJ- FLFpO\VFF sV < (h, l‘rup:ietora. Jtily 1 ItL, 1861—l-ott. lat.