Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, September 12, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated September 12, 1861 Page 4
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•80. A . SIMMS. 10. H. MADDOX. NEW wiinniHß. WE heebie* returnedfrom Baltimore city with ■ large mod well-selected STOCK OF PALL end WINTER O*>ODS, lotheiocpcstion f wbich we in vite <mr friends sod tbe public. Oar stock of — BOOTS. SHOES. HATS. CAPS. i !• superior, both in quantity and quality, { to any heretofore offered in this market. — I Onr stock also embraces a large teort* j men! of— LADIES' DRESS GOODS, i of every style and quality;— Ready-made (lathing, Castinrtf*, Vauimcre* iinti Fine i r hJh: j 6-4 FmII (loth; 8-4 da; 0-4 Kenteyt; 8-4 do,- j b-4 striped anti pin id Limeys: 8-4 Lintry, and 8-4 Sheep* (Smy. Onr stock of GROCERIES is large and embraces a large supply of— Baron, Lard, Rutter, Flour, Cheete, Fish, Freeh Bark-wheat , Flour, dr., dr. We have also on hand a large assortment of FINE LIQUORS, including— Wines, Jiramfirs ami Whiskeys, of the most approved brands. Oor whole stock of goods having been pur ebased for rash, we Hatter ourselves that we are able to offer superior inducements to buy era, both as to price and terms. SIMMS ft MADDOX. Nov Bth. 1800—tf. NOTICE. rllE CVitarlnersbiy ht*rrtofr.i* existing uinker tl> firm of OOTTIXOHAM b HARDING i* thia day dfetstdved by mutual j consent. Wa. H. Harding is nlone-author* lzd to settle the business of the firm. SAMUEL OOTTIXGIIAM, \VM. 11. HARDING, Jtfdti/Hore Jan. I 18*il — 4,w, The undersigned, having ihsight out the Interest of Samuel Coitiugh.uu of the firm ot Cottlnghftni ft Harding, w ill hereafter conduct the business u his own Name, —and he most respectfully solicits :nt favor of the friend* ot the old Firm. WM. 11. HARDING. 1 I MARYLAND I AGRICULTURAL WORKS. TO THE FARMERS OF SI. MARTS. 1 —I would a>U respectfully cull your at- j tenth mi lu my large assortment of IMF IK j iff&VTH I am manufacturing and pre- j paring a larger assortment of Agricultural Im plements than 1 have ever Indore offered to the public—Horae Rowers and Threshers. Wheat Fans, Com M:!!a t C*rn Shelters, Ploughs, Harrows: Cultivators, and many I other articles to numerous to mention. I cao supply the Parmer with every thing he may want. With regard to Horse Powers I would rail particular attention to a fine j lot of FELTOX'S TRIPLE GEARED FOW EHS, to work with or without bund, I phuh ant not rurjmssed in this or any other market; tod I most respectfully invite those -who are in want of Machines to give me a call. M 1 fed confident that I can suit the pur chaser. I am making n (X)UN MILL for grinding Corn at Hun*e. This is a good Mill, has been Seated and pronounced so by exj>e rienced judges. To this I ;isk your spe cial attention. I tender you my ducejre thanks for the kindness heretofore^ —r,n me and l** a con tiudance of your favors, determined to make a strong effort to please all who give me their cuaiom. Orders will meet with prompt atten tion by I wing directed to WILLIAM 11. HARDING, 160 Pratt street 117 iar/\ Haiti mart, -l ld. Peb. 7th, IHOl—ly B. mmix. j. nioourmo*. or.o. p. tmouas J. H. HARDESTY. WITH HBIM.NICUDEMUK ft CO. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN ran & miistic mis. #P EVERY DESCRIPTION, NO. 383 BALTIMORE ST. BALTIMORE. March lat. ISCO-tf. Paint Branch Woolen Factory, WOOL! WOOL!! WOOL!!! THK subscribers resjavtfnlly return tlieir tbaoks In their former customers, and inform them, and the public, that they are prepared Lu manufacture WOOL into all kinds of negro Clothing. BSSy* Flanuela. Bluiketing, fte.. ftc., nNff at short notice. They solicit Lite aisMass liberal patronage of Farmers and Planters having WOOL or in want of such goods.— Terms liberal and accommodating, and will ha made known on application by letter or otherwise. Geo. W Wilson, of Up|er Marl boro* Prince George’* County, will receive Wool or nsriers. Tlie undersigned will call and gat Wool when notified. Wtml will also he received from Commission Merchants of Baltimore or Washington at onr expense and goods returned. All work warranted to give aatisfectkH. B &J. FAWCETT, ColesvilW, Montgomery Co., Md. May 30. IHal—im. ~~BUSLVESS NOTICE. A LL parsoas indebted to me on Tavern ae- J.X. roam will aeme forward and settle the ssbm without delay as I wish all claims due me closed forthwith. I intend hereafter u do u exclusive CASH business sod am determined to give ae credit for BATING, DRINK INO or HORSE PEED from the lat of Junta- Vf ' W JOHN P. PEN WICK. Proprietor, Union Hotel January 3rd. Util—t f .; ss——— WANTED. qpHE snkacribcr wishes to bur a lot of 1 LIKELY YOUNG NEGROES, of both •exes, for which the bigbent market pricer will jbe paid. Person* wishing l* sell, who msy n • see bimr during his present tour through th* I Sohthen counties of the Side, will have their orders promptly responded to, bv auldressit.g— ALLEN S. DORSEY. Washington, D. C. P.b 2nd 880—If. | PLOWS. NO. 18. 19 and l<i M ft P, ”D)WS. No 7.* 8 end 9 Impr rd *avis, ft Sliem. iiut received and foi e b SIMMS ,• MV )DOX. j . 10RU JAMROIA Cl.. iCIGAR MANUFACTURERS. i (StccKSiOKS to G. W. Dwyer ft Co.)j I OR IMF. CIGARS, of onr own manufac ■ lure, constantly on hand. \V have slsoj h Urge slock of excellent CHEWING and SMOKING TCBOACO; SNUFFS and FANCY ARTICLES, Which we are prepared t* furnish our cus tomers >n reasonable terms. 1 dan. UHh 18til—If. 4 NEW GOODS. Elko spai.kinu iwvedm.. ] • ..f the best selected stocks *t (it if HUS he lias ever had, which he otic re for <ile very low. lie would call particular attention to hir I stork of — jj | Ladies 1 Dress GtH*l, , White Goods, Linen Cambric and Silk I'.H-ket Handkerchiefs, Ladies* ami Gei. y Kid and Lisle Tlirsl Glove* 1 Ladies Mantlet. „nd Points. Cloths, vJivstdroere Silk VeUinsfs, ftc. j April 2iith, 184 ly. ■ ■■■ ■ - ■ ■■ " QUICK QUICK IAME ! ! KENNEDY’S SCHUYLKILL LIME, SO well known in Pennsylvania, Delawar New Jersey and the Northern and Eastern portion of tins Stale. :*s being superior to any • >lher for agricultural improvement, is for the first time placet? within the reach of the farm- i ers and planters of St. Mary's and adjoining I counties, thn>ugi. the agency of the undersign- , ml. who is pre parts! to sell on accommotialiwj Units any quantity of Quick lAtnt, deliverable .is per agreement on the shr*s f any of tlie rivers u sin said counties. Orders solicit ed. JNO. A. CAM ALI PR, Agent. Ijconard Town, Md,, March 3rd, IbOb—m The follow inr recommfmbthi* lime ai postjng properlier (fr superior to any other) necessary l* applied t< I !:<• hiialMnthis section, wtio-tj are known lo b deficient in both me and msgneiu : Laliorafory oitt < Chemisl No. Exchange Luiitiirge Ral-limore, Md., June 3Qili, R. r u Re port of simfysis of 5 ssmfdes ot Si Irj L imestonr, mar Led respecnvel ) No 1 t v. I.t No 1 (blue). No 2 (while). No 2 (Line), 3 (lop), for John Kennedy, Kmj., of P Kennedy. Monignmery Co., Pennsylvania. The above sain pies of* 'Schnyl kill Linus ton were found, upon analysis, to be composed •ws No I (w) 1 (I*) 2 (w) 2 (b) 3 (i) Caibon.o Limt.lill 9,C4J, G 0.5, . r 6 I, , r 7 I Carbon, of \lag|,3B 2,34.1, 38 3. 42 4,40. t. Sand, Clay ft iron,.!, 1.2, 1.2, 15, 2.3 i ifio. The abo vs Schuylkill Limestones a?e Mrri sum Limestone*, of pretty nearly equal cotnpo union. They are most eprciallj adapted lo the application on soils which ere deficient in both Lime at... Magweaia. JAMES HIGGINS. FOUIT LOOK OUT IBTEL. sa /A T v mar i "s rorxry. md., f Villi' proprietors of this well known and M popular ♦•rt.ibli.-hnient, respnctfnlly in f**rm the eiti/unis of Saint Mark’s and the ad joining counties, that the Hotel tit tliis place will remain opm until the tirstduy •! Novem ber next. Th*- bathing at this place ie excel lent and visitors will certainly find and euyiy all the amusements and oitulot U usually ksttid at a first class watering place, SIKFLEIiOWRR ft CO., Proprietors. July 11th, 18G1—t-oct. Ist. ia\Tr and feed s tore Ho. 3 Halliuortl St- Baltimore. __ * W n. R. RORCIJYy (SUCCESSOR TO JOfIN HEANV) WUOLF.SAI.fc. AND RETAIL DEALERS IN Liuie 9 Brickv, Hair* Cement, CALCINED PLAoSTFR. Corr, Oats, Corn Meal, Chop-Rye, Hill Feed, ftc. Dec. 23rd, 1868—ly. • NOTICE. ALL person* wishing to communicate with me by i eller, willdirer iintir er respemdenceby .n iilto PoriTobaccot 'hxrles county, Md., or by steamer St. Nicholas, o Chappel Point .Charlescountv , Md. i WM. T. CAMPBELL, j Feb. 3rd. 1889—ll. ! AR CHITECTftBUILD ER 11 | |f lIHF. undersigned has made such arrange- M meals as will enaMe him tu execute all work in his line at BALTIMORE PUICKH, with promptness, and despatch. He sultciU. a call fiuiu bis friends and the public. V. CAMALIRR. Leonard 'h>wo. Jan. 26th, 18C0— tf. UNION HOTEL, LEONARD TOWN, MD., FOR SALE OR RENT. I THE subscriber intending to change hi*) business. offers the UNION HOTEL, i fir .Sale or Rent The fluid. StahW ard t I other building* are in excellent condition. and | the in equal lr hn.imna to any in the ; i Soil liter u counties of the State. The Hotel i> | 1 n*w in receipt of a very good cmtSln, which * c*nW he largely increased with *Hfht fffiet. The fixtures, bedding and furniture will be •old with the Hotel. Tine Term* will be lib eral and made to unit the time*. Person* ile* sin ms of renting or purchasing are invited to give the Proprietor a call Pusesrion given immediately. JOHN F. FENWICK, Leonard Town. July 11th, 1861—tf. rooHoao 1852 chartered 1854 f LOCATED COR. or BALTIMORE A CHARLES Sts. Baltimore, Mo. The Large tt , Meat Megan tty Furnish* i and Popular Commercial College in the United State. Designed Expressly for Tsnnglfeii Desiring to obtain a Thorough Practical Bnu 1 ness Education in the shortest possible tune j and at the least exfense. A latrge ami Beautifully Ornamented Circu- * J lar. containing upward* of Six Square Feet, j '• with Specimen tf Penmanship, nud a Large Bn- 1 graving (the fines! of ihe kind e\er made in (hi* . country) representing the Interior View of the ; I College, with Catalogue stating terms. Ac., , I wiii l*e sent tortery Young Man on application, j | fiee of charge. Write immediately and you will receive lh package by return mud. Address 12. K. LOSIER, Haliiniore MJ. January 24ib, 1861 ly.. NOTICE. fWfi'F. undersigned begs leave to inforvnehis E friend? and the Public, that he is still at j the OLD .STAND,in Fieonnrd Town, earning I on BLACKSMITHING. GUN. LOCK-! SMITH I NO, SHEET IRON AND STOVE WORK —in short, iron work of all deneri li tmus. such as repairing CARKI AGES. REG GIES. ROCK A WAYS, CARTS, WAfit'NS. HORSE SHOEING, FARM WORK of all kinds; also REAPERS. THRASHERS ami DRILLS. With hie experience ol 11 yearsin a Machine Shop, ho thinks that hr* can tk< any kind of Blacksmith Work from a kneedletoan ; anchor, and on reasonable terms. New Wag- I ons and Carts built cheaper than can be done at any other shop in this place. HORSES SHOED at the shortest notice. JAMES A. M’CATHRAN, Blacksmith. January 12th, 1860 —tf. petition pnit rnr or Tin: INSOLVENT I*l ICS or MARYLAND , Circuit Curt f<>r St. Mary’s C.%, > March Term ISCI. f ORDERED by theOint that the Creditors of JAMES \. MORGAN, a petitioner for the lieneHt of the Insolvent Laws of Ma rc land. lie and apjtcar before the Circuit Court f<-r St. Mary’s Count} on the third Monday of November next, to show cause, if any they have, why the sahl Janies A. Morgan, shall not have the benelit of the said laws: ptuvid i ed a copy of this order he inserted in the St. ) Mary’s Beacon once a week for three month? I before the said third M.aplay in November ; next. By order. JAMES T. BLAKISTONE, Clerk. , j July 25th, 1801—3 in. >1 i mmt a bid* ; II AN away from my eslnte in JTfr j Medley’s Neck, about 10 days ■ ago, negro man COLUMBUS. lie was bought out of the e<tae ol | Mrs. Cnsick and has a wife living at Mr.. I George TarltonV at Forrest Landing, head f I Cuckold’s creek, near which place ho i douht j less lurking. lit* stoops a Utile, is of a light j chocolate complexion, and ab*ait 30 years of ! age. I will give the al>ove reward f*r hi* aj*- i prehension anti delivery to ne or for Ids cou ! tinemeut in the county piil, Leonard Town. JO. 11. MADDOX. Sept. ICth, 1860—tf. NOTICE. j E. LEO SPALDING returns his thank* to | his numerous customers for Ihe Ultra! patron- I j age he lias received fnhu them, and pledges f himself to keep a CHOICE STOCK OF GOODS always on hand, which will be sold very luw fur cash or it* equivalent. K. LEUSPALDING.-#- April 2nd, 1860 April sth, iß6o—lv. mms sarnie CORN MKAL, fresh from the Steam- Mill of J. H. Maddox. Also, a fresh supply of BI’TTER, CHEESE,tc in store and for sale by SIMMS k MADDUX. Dec. 20th, 1800. THAI). K. PItEUSS, ’ Attoney and Counsellor at Lav, ’ i Leonard 1 oirn, Si. Mary ’a County .Maryland WILL practice in the Coartt-ofSt.MxryV and adjoining Counties. Jau 18th. 1858—tl. PROFESSIONAL NOTCE. I *| All HENRY C. KDELKN has ovedretn , M-J his Office to the Law Office heretofore 11 uccupiod by G. Frsd. Mat||x, Kqr. He i can always he tom.J. either at Id.- viffice oi 1 MiKiic’s llutel. when, not ptroiestiuoaJ) Hi . gaged. 4 Jiu. 10. 1861—tf - .. . . lUMBERNOTICE. BURNS & SLOAN return their sincere thanks to the Farmer* fur tbeir lilera! Citronage for the Tear pa*l Tlieir xtock f UMBER is larger than ever and better a-

I sorted; and we are determined to rdkr great i inducement? to Htli buyers. Apply at *he corner of Entsw nnd German streets,or at 18 2 Light street VV liarf. „ T I BURNS A SLOAN, ) Baltimore, Md Feb. 2nd, 1860- ROBERTSON & BRISCOE, SUCCESSORS to R. H. MILES, AT HIS OLD STAND, 149, W. PRATT STREET ! BALTIMORE, RESPECTFULLY oger their services as agent*, for the vale of TOBACCO GRAIN. and at! kind* of PRODUCE, pledg- : ng thvir untiring eff..rte to render satisfaction j all who may patronise them. Liberal ad*; an res made on consign incuts. March 22nd. 1860—tf. J. H LUCKETT, Stock, Note, Bill, Aki> Hkal Estate Broker, 81 Second Street, BALTIMORE References. P. Gibson, Cashier Bank of Balt. Baltimore. |C. R. Coleman, Cash. Mechanic*’ Bank, J, jM. Buck, Cash. Franklin Bank, Thomas J. ; CarwHt, Banker, Thomas 1). Johnston, J. C I Adam*. Warwick, Frhk & Ball, R. Mickle, Cash. Union Bank of Maryland Half. Bi A. • Vickers, Pres. Marine 8.-.nk, Johnston Br<*. & | C<., Batikers, JiMsk I.<■ &c C.. Hugh Jen- | ! kin* A’ Co. Young Jr Cars<m, Wdj. Pinkney 1 Urcs-ke, IVashinotun. D. C. May 24th, IB6o—tf. B UIL D E U r S ! MATERIALS j I The undersigned would rcupectfuny call th j munition of the Public i tlieir large assort mem of POOKH, UUA'PS, NASH, DOOR j FRAMES, WISPOW FRAMES, WASH HOARDS, CASIN'GS, MOULDINGS, MAN TLES, and ever) description of liuttae Build ing materials, which they have constantly on hand, and which they can furnish at the short vst notice. Thev ‘ir'* also prepared to furnish at the shortest notice FRAME WORK for Country Houses, Collagen, and suburban Resiliences, according to any plan or design, all ready tilled to be put up on their propos ed sites. Farmers and ethers, desiriui* of buildings in Ihe country, would find it to their advantage by giving * a cull lef>re purchasing elsv wliere, as we arc fully prepared to execute work on the most reasonable term?. And the i ad vat * ages, which we offer in preparing all the materials that may lie nevssnry in con structing a house, will Ve found to saw ihe Builder a great deal of vexatious delay and expense. All orders left at their office rr ad drcsseii to litem by mad will meet with prontp and satisfactory attention. M A UGH.LIN & JOHNSON, Stecwt Plainimj Mill and Suth Facto*'*/, East Falls Avenue, near Pratt Street Bridge Warehouse No. 55, Pratt street. Next hnir to Penn & Mitchell, Balt. Md. April 10th, 1860 ly. CHAIR AND FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. \y E. ANDERSON. .Vrw. 1U & Vi H • Second Strict neltecai Fred trick Street and Aiartft Market. Space, Baltimore. Having the largest Ware rooms and best assortment ot Cabinet Furniture in the city, is prepared to sell*-very article in his lint- upon ; the most liberal and accommodating terms. ; Having had a long experience in this line ul business, he flatters himsell that he can com pete, as to excellence ol n.terial, Ireauty o woikiuauship and range of prices, wih any establishment ol the sort in this or any other city. His general stock embrace* a lull and complete assortment oi' Forfar Chairs. Sofas, Huflciiifj Chairs, Spring Lounges. Chamber Suits, Bar room. Office and Pining Chairs, French Tefe a-Tetes, Settees, Arm Chain, Mttitrates. Glasses, dr., of every va riety and description, lie has also on hand heilsteutls of hi-' own manufacture, which ran be put up and taken down rn two min , utes. Persons from St. Mary’s, wishing to | purchase Furniture, are requested to call and I examine his Stock before buying elsewhere j !•* sun* to find the right place Nos. hl& 12 ’Second .Street—Warehouse with 80 lee front and 8 large Folding doors. August ilih 18J9—Iv. OEHTISTRY. P PRISONS needing the service* of a filt rate Dentist will d* well t* emplow Dr. J. UANBOLPII WALTON, who in tend* locating him*>ih in the village of laitm- . , • ar<l Town. Orders aldressed u him through ! i the Lt>.nard Twu !*• -st (.Hfite will receive j ! prompt attention. IBs terms arc c.a.-h. Dr ; ! Waltoi* has hal coTsideretablc experience in i hi* profi-ssion, is tm>derate in his charges, and ‘ ha* invariably given satisfaction tu those who have employed him. To give the reaih r* of ' the Hearon some idea of the standing of Dr. |W. as a PRACTICAL DENTIbT, the t\A i lowing letter, addressed to him l y Dr. Niniau 1 Piukuey, U. S. K., i? appendeti: U. 8 Naval Acahemy, f : Aknapom*, Maryland, ! April 21. 1855. I DkarSik: —It gilves me great plasure to express the confidence 1 have in your skill a* a Dentist, and to recommend you, a? far a* I have infiueuce, to the patronage of tha Public. , 1 have had an opjHHrtunily of witnessing your , m*dc of npcralion, atm have no hesitation in ' affirming that it exhibits your tiiotuugh kuu'vl i edge of ymi profession. j 1 am, air, very respectfully your obedient servant, KIMAN PISKXKY, Surj*e**n V. S. N. , Dr. RAKituxru Wai.tom, Auna|s4iA. | Apio 4lh, 1881—II. j LUMBFR, SHINGLES, LATHS. BRICKS, LIME. I HAIR, i i SASH, DOORS and SHUTTERS, j 1.1 UR sale, at the ren/ lotcest price for 0 \SII j J7 .w APPROVED* credit. Before buy-1 j ing. call and see us at tlse corner of Eut*v and German Streets or at 132 Light Street Wharf, Baltimore, Md. BURNS & SLOAN. March 21*11861—tf. BUSINESS NOTICE. ALL persons indebu-d to me on Tavern Ac j count will come forward and settle the , same without delay a* I wish all claims due me I closed forthwith. I intend hereafter to do an , | exclusive CASH business and am determined I jto give no credit for EATING, DRINKING 'or HORSE FEF.D from the Ist of January 1 It6l. J. \V. J. MOOtJE Proprietor, Wasliingiun Hotel. January 3rd, 1861—tf. NEW FALL AND WINTER GOODS ! 7"I1H E undersigned his jtisi relumed from the X Cit y with ihe largest, aiiq best selected stock ol FALL,and WINTER GOODS ever offered to thecitizeiiß of St. Mary’s County, consisting, 'n part, of very superior quality of Heavy Goods foi Servants’ clothing, at the most moderate prices—also Bonis and Shoes of the moat sub stuntml make, nnd best material. Beside* Cloths, I Cassunercs, vestings and all Kinds of fine dress Goods, for Ladies and Gentlemen—a caiefully selected, and well assorted slock of ready made clothing,nmnufu-lured expressly to order, and s variety of articles ofalmost evciy kind no where , else to be found in the county. He respectfully so licits a call from those desiring to purchase, feel- 1 mg assn red that his thorough acquaintance wait , the business, resulting from u long residence in . the city, will enable him to odor such induce | ments os willdefy competition, E H. JONES, Clifton Factory. ' Septembej 07h K )iO-ly. PATUXENT RIVER LAND F 0 It S A L E.— IF not sob! at private sale before B.4T fllkilAV, OcbilxT the 20th, 1860, I will J offer at public sale, in the village of CHAR-j j LOTTE HALL, on that day, Die FAKRI t on which 1 now reside. This Farm is situated on ihe Patuxent River, adjoining the lauds of Mrs. E. L. Thomas and Maj. Janie*. Guilin*, and cmi tain* OXK THOUSAND ACRES OF LAND.' Persons wishing to purchase land of mii|k: : rior quality, where gsal health and all ll*e ! delicacies of the wafer are to l*e had. are! i requested to cal! and examine the premises. Steamers, u and from Baltimore, pas* thin j land every day. Thi* Farm will be divided and sold in 1 three parts. Terms made known on application t* the 1 undersigned, and possession will he given cm i the first day of January, 1861. W. J CARTWRIGHT. . Charh'ite Hall. P. ()., Saint M;try r b Countv, Md. | August 30th, 1860-—tf. | JAMES WILKINSON, GROCER & CMMISSI9H! lUEBiEH&HT, No. 122 Dugan’s Wharf, BALTIMORE, I Keep* constantly on hand a large a?s*>rt f mem of SUPERIOR F.\MILY GROCERIES, Foreign and Domestic Li:jtiors, 'Pohacco, Se l gars, iVc,, which will he sold at the lowest - iinrket prices. , i Prinlucc of all kind* sold on commission, J I shall only du a CASH commission I! trines*. Nov. 2Dth, 1860—if. NOTICE. 1 r |’HE iinders : gnetl has just received a large * supply ot Ladies PARTY and BALL i Good* consisting oi , ! ( 1 White and Colored Tarletons, • j Ladies white Kid Slipper I Ladies White Kid Gloves. Ac. K.c. 1 j Also. Gents White Kid Gloves, Gems Fancy Nock Tics, j Gents’ Hoc Shirts, anti Collars, Ac. Ac. E. LEO. SPALDING, Leonard Town. I January 3rd, 1861—tf. ALBERT THE (Mi. J. 8. M oU*iA H I TREGO &. MORGAN. PROD U C K COMMISSION’ MERCHANTS, And Wholesale Dealers in LIQUORS A N I) CHiAR S, i No. J7 CIIEAPSIDE, near Pratist., BALTIMORE \ IXp Every descriptu nof crurty Produr 1 i entrusted f© ourcun will r# c i* • s r < tart lion. ! Apnlßth,lßsS—tf. j NOTICE TO CREDITORS. NOTICE IB hereby given that the sulscn ber ha? obtained from the Orphan*’ ‘ Court of St. Mary ’• county in .Maryland, let ters testamentary on the personal estate of SAM DEL IvEECH: late of vuu county, tie ceased. All person* having chums ;iun*t the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same with the proper vouches thereof, to the 1 subscriber, nn or before the lt day of March, 1 1862, otherwise they may be excluded by , law from all benefit of the said estate. Given ‘ under my hand this 22ml day of August, 1861. : KLLEANOK KEEI H. Executrix. j Aug 22nd, liCJ.—4- TTTRESrrTXG macutxes. 1 I have for sale the VekUm Triple Graiyi 1 ffnrw Power W. W. Dinrec * Cj'a 1 hnM Tfurther, with ftrmlriug SUraV Cor: nr Tne machine to warranted to wnfer satisf--. ti,.Q to all purchasers The price of g h.r power. *0 inch Thresher and Straw-Oam. r. I delivered el any wharf in S. Mary's enurtv. i U $lO6. Farmrc are Inritod lu rail at mv Sion iu 1 Leonard Town end examine this Thresher F. LKO. SPALDING Jnnc 58th, lfio—lf. I J. I. HIRBF.RT. M. N.NIULRT JAS R. HERBERT* BRO. TOBVCTO AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Nt. MQrant 4 HOillngivartbStK., BALTIMORE, M D. , REFERENCES. John Hopkins.? rcsidm <Merch##(rßant: Trueman Cross ,I’asSnciCuuuuereiu Farmer* * Hank. Geo. W. Howards Go., Baltimore. Duer. Norris k Po. f *' R. Iliekley & Bro.. IVnnmian & Bro.. ** Whitney, Cushing A* Comstock, Balt. _ ~ GEO. A. SIMMS. JO. W. WA.rtOX BUSINESS NOTICE. IK undersigned have this day formed .t ■ Ofl'orliicruliip in the MERCAXTILr' BUS /.VANS in I/conard Town, under the name and style uf SIMMS A MADDO}', and are nw d*ing husine:? at the store la! !v 1 occupied by tie". A. Simms At Co. They rw licit a cmitiniiiuicc of the very liberal pair s n.vgc which was extend* d to the late lirui. | GKO. A. SIMMS, JO. H. MADDOX, Oct. -3rd, ISCO. Oct. 25th. IB6o—tf. \ . JAMES 8. DOWNS. ATTOKNKY * cm NSKI,I,OH AT LAW, j Leonard Town . St. Mary'* Co. . Md., Will practici in Si. Mary ’tandthcadjuiun g com-tics. Fei*. 10th 1*69. run SAINT MARY’S FEMALE | SEMINARY THR next annual session will commence on SA I L UOA Y, the loth ul ber, under the directiue ol Mis.* LOTTV LEIGH, a* Principal, assisted hv a corps of efficient and experienced Teachers, i The course ul instruction is A s thorough at at any other institution id Itie country, and I sties* than half the usual expense. The ; scUdaslic yeai is divided into Iwo terms of | five months each. rii.-irgc*, pci* term, payable I in aclwancr: ; or all the branches of a thorough English education, including Board, Tuition, Washing, Fuel, Lights and (tedding, s76.ft© Stationery. m 2.5# Tuition fordav pnpih,including fuel, 21.0# BEPAKATK BRANCHES: French, 14.0|) Music, with the use of Instrninent, 24.00 Drawing and Painting, exclusive of materials, 6.00 j Painting in Oil Colors,exelnsive of materials, 10 00 For further information, or for < 'ircularr, • apply to the Principal, St. (ingoes Po* Office, Saint Mary’s t’oiiniv. Md. C. BILLINGSLEY. President of the Board ol Trustee*. | August tfilh, iß6o—tf. : ■■———■ mm ■——■————Migjp A CARD. Doctor gustav rs canter,* having located himself in Charlotte Hail, respect ! j fnllv offers his professional services to the puH> i lie. Ilis office is that formerly tceupico by ! Dr J. F. Shaw, where he can always he ’ j found except when professionally engaged. 1 1 Rrkkkknck.—Samuel Chew, M. I). Vro- I fessor of Principle* Practice of Medicine in the I’niveraitv of Maryland. March 7lh 1861 —lom. SPRING GOODS. A large supply of llowaid Duck. Peni tentiary Plaids, Arc just received and ! for auile by K. LKO. SPALDING 1-- ----- | M , j LUMBER J SHINGLES!! PLOIUN6. JkC. WE invite the attention of our friend* and j *V cjtisumars, generally, in St. Maiv'eafKl adjoining counties to unr extensive iws>rtßMO| j uf ar.uoncd It LIU) IS U MATERIALS. Ail parties contemplating the ercctim of Dwellings, Barney, fcc., will find fl greatly la their advantage to give us a call, as wo can se'l at lowest rates for cash or Negotiable pa per. I room. Frames, Sash, See., furnished at : Mill prices. Orders tilled for Bricks, Lime, Hair, Mails, •Vc. No Wharfage charged on Vessels receiving I Lumber our Yard. CARSON, ZIMMERMAN. k CO.. West ride l : nwo Dock, Norfolk Boat Wharf March 2 v , IB6o—lf. NOTICE. THE undersigned wish to inform tba people of Saint Wary’* and adjourn iug counties, that they have just completed .a FIRST CLASS RAILWAY, airt *re prepared to haul out vessel* of any mm. ami will KEF AIR, CAULK. Ae., on the most reasonable terms. Prompt tkeitim to all work, andyukk dispatch will in all cafe*. The Railway is situated about • a ouartcr of a mile from Leonard Taw# oq | a fine oyster creek, where w# will all# Ibtrili) SCOWS. BOATS, or WSSKU, if | required. ou the hmevt terms HARRIS, NORRIS k FOAM ELL, j July iVth IktiO—if.

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