Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, October 10, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated October 10, 1861 Page 2
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1-fR- f , SAINT MARTS BEACON LBONARD TOWN MD. THURSDAY MORNINQ. OCT. 10. 1861 Troops ftt the Oroal Mills A small detachment of troop* from the Potoimu* flotilla landed, we barn. on Sun day morning last near the In***! water* of the St. Mary’s river anti pnjemlrd to the Great Miir< Store in the Factory district, where they encamped, remaining until Monday evening fulliiviu" The object of the expediiioo was not made known, but on Monday it ia reported they took possession of the United States n**sl lor the Mills’ Port Office, taking it with them when they left. Up to Tuesday morning last, the mail had nol been returned. Mr. J T. Travers, originally fiom the K.m lern Shore uf Maryland, hut for several years pari a resident *f our county, was arrested by the same detachment. We have not been informed who commanded the detachment or for what purpose the mail was aeixed or upon what charge Mr. Travers wan arrested. Irregularity of the Hail For the past two week*:, the Baltimore mail for this place has been extremely ir regular for a daily hut punctual enough for a tri-weekly mail. The mail stage visits us nightly, bin mail mutter North of W ashing ton is rcivcd on three nights of the week only. Wo are, of course, thankful for evm this crumb of comfort, hut we should be twice as well phased il the favor werf doubled. Military neces sity. wc suppose, lx:-> a h:U)d in the busi ness. Organize for the Coming Election. It is a matter of the highest importance that the Peace Parly in this State, especi ally in the counties, should proceed at once to organise, in order that a working majority opposed to the continuance ol the present ruinous and unconstitutional war may bo returned to the next House of Delegates. Little is to Is? hoped from Baltimore eity iu the way of assistance tr the Peace movement in the State. In dcid. ilia even doubtful whether the peact men there will vote at all. the suspension of the Board of Police rendering any elec tion null and void in that city under tin existing laws of the State. But the conn ties arc differently and more fortunat* ly situated iu this rcs|*ect, and it will be fo; them to deride at the November election whether Maryland shall be actively com mitted by her Leg'future to the furthei prosecution of a war which was conceive!' in outrage and brought forth in iniquity and which is In direct opposition to hei dearest infcfcat* and her lifedoug sympi thies. If the ballot box is not abolishetl or tin* people presented from voting 1 y test oaths—a favorite scheme with the “loyal” press and loy alist* generally—wt have not the slighest fear for the result. Proscription and persecution have had tlu same effect in Maryland which they hav< had iu other countries and in other ages. They have made a few hypocrites who will desert the Government the very momeiil it is their interest to do so or as soon at they can do it with safety to themselves. One thing is patent to all honest and in telligent minds, an 1 that is, that Lincoln has neither strengthened his ft tends nor weakened hia opponent? by bis Strafford likc course of action in this Slate. On the contrary, he has alienated from the Union party many men who were honest ly favorable to the Government in the beginning uf the war, but who have now become, in consequence of his oppressive and illegal conduct towards ti e r peace friends and neighbors and particularly foi his Cromwellian outrage upon the Legis lature of Maryland and the freedom of tin Independent Press, the most bitter Rial daring of his enemies. But whilst acces sion* to the great Peace movement in Maryland from the war or Union party are to he enumerated by hundreds, it ba,< lost little or nothing of its original strength by desertions to the enemy. Since the wax began, it would be difficult to name a sin gle man of distinction or iiiHucMiee in the Stale that was in favor of peace who U now in favor of war. Indeed, the friend* of peace and constitutional Government iu Maryland have every incentive and en couragement to labor for the success ol their ticket in the coming election. They have a cause to labor for which is well worthy their best exertions. Its success depends upon themselves. Let them then organise at once in the different counties of the State. One-half the energy, which is exerted to carry an ordinary partisan election, will now be sufficient to place Maryland permanently on the side of peace. Will it W withheld? Wc are confideul that it will n* t. On the contrary, wc be lieve that it w’ll be redoubled, and that nc honorable effort will be spared to make the victory which awaits the Peace Party iu November next decisive of the tiue po sition of Maryland on the war question for all time to come. St. Mary’s sends greet ing to her sister counties—l2oo majority for peace and the Constitution ! 'The Ma-yland Heirs Steal* A daily journal, of the aute dimensions as the Exchange, under the above caption, i has been recently staited in Baltimore by 1 Messr*. Carter & N*il*on and lisa alrea ly acquired a very considerable ein-ulsti m throughout the State. The paper takes no , position editorially on the war MMim, p**- ' | sibly because it is not permitted to do w, i b it it has this rare merit—it gives full am^, • mj' -rtnil aeUctiona from Federal a>nl Confederate papers, and is altogether an ! excellent journal, well worthy the encour agement of the f*opl# of St Mary’s, tt is mailed to subscriber* at $0 a year, or I fir a shorter period at proportionate rali-s,! ! payable in advance. The Mews Liitni advices from Washington show no material change in the posture of af - 11 fair.-* iu tb it quarter. Since the evaeua- I ti**n of Munson and Mason’a Hills, there • * i lias been no further retrograde movement j• on th* part of the Confederates, nor have ! ! the Federal* advanced beyond Falls’ f ' Church, though, it is staled, they are 1 ’gradually tranvfering their forces to the i Virginia ide of iln* Potomac. At pri sent, I there are no indications of an early ad r* 1 ranee on the prtrf <-f MeChdlan. hut, it is -} thought, there will lx* another “on to • Uiehniond” attempt civllie M inter begins, s: We learn, from a private *<>ur.-e, that i j there was quite n sever*- skirmish b> tween * 1 the out posts, in tin* neighborhood f Falls* , j Church, a few days ago, in wbieh the , Federal* suffered considerable loss, but f ; we hnve seen no official Announcement <f * , ■. ither the skirmish or the result. It U rumored that lhi fofees under ' Bank* will shortly ero>a the Potoma *. I nnd, if the “rebels'* will permit, form a 1 junction with Gen. McClellan'* coin- i i maud. If this be so. it looks something j like again resuming the offensive, and it may be that the lellsgerrnts will again j. I meet upon the plains of Manassas. It is j stated that Gen. MeUlellati will advance with great caution, anti keep a sharp look j out for ambuscades and “masked batte * ries.” It is also reported that Gen. n j lleint/elman, although sufficiently recov i ered from his wound to take the field, will I* f tbe left behind, that no move reports may ii i . . I be inu<)c of a conflicting or contradh-t*ry | character. It is rumored at the North. ■ that the General’.-* eyesight is growing ~ ! Jr c i had—is even much worse than on the 1 21st of July last—nnd it charged that a man who could not see 'masked batte ries” and “rifle pits” upon the battle I ground at Manassas, is not fit to command j under the Argus-eyed McClellan. i From Missouri, there is nothing new of r ! contradictory as they arc numerous. It I ’is stated, that Lexington has been evae j uated by Gen. Price, and is now in the J This report is contradicted, however, e by another, which estimates the Confede rate force there at I*loo men, whilst Price is reported hi be marching, with the main body, to form a juncture with Ben. Me j Culloeh. Another report slows Price to le at Johnson’s Hill, n short distance [from Lexington, erecting fortifications and ! awaiting the arrival of Fremont to give • 1 him battle. It is thought that an en gagement between Price and Freeinont rj j O O must speedily ensue, and will probably r i . . * . . , | be decisive of the fate of Missouri. In Western Virginia, there has been ; another sharp skirmi.-h in which the Fed eral*, as usual, claim the nlvnntage. Tiny I report their V's* at only 10 killed and j*; * ■ [about 20 wounded, whilst thev Kttuposr r ! , the Confederate loss to have ben nearly i *>oo. Wise and Fhvd arc reported to 0 , have been largely reinforced during the past wei-k. In Kentucky, grea* preparations are j making for the approaching conflict, and j perhaps, ere this, there has been a fight nt ! Paducah. Gen. Zollieoffer, at latest u.. . , , I accounts, was marching u gainst that place V i c —1 !at the head of 27.0**0 wen. which force R I ' j was luiing hourly increased by the arrival luf large bodies \4 native Kentuckians. — | Troops, from Ohio and Indiana, were re ported to be flocking to the Federal stan ~ ; dard, in great numbers, and a desperate I and bloody conflict is thought to be una voidable. Johu C. Breckinridge and Humphrey Marshall are iu the field, fight mg iu the Confederate cause, and w riting and speaking for the South. Hon. James j B. Clay baa been admitted to bail and is now at large. Si ® il {From the Cin. iCnijuittr.) A The Confederate Camp in Owen County* Kentucky { The following corresjMimlcncc relative II | to the Confederate camp in Owen county, e * which camp has attracted much attention i. ] in this city, has been handed us tor publi- cation. It will be seen that Humphrey j Marshall, iu reply to ibi kind and con ciliatory letter by Gen. Anderson, re o turned a very saucy and insolent reply, e seeking to justify his action, and that lib eral off rs to him is clemency thrown away. * Wo pic.-uine Humphrey will ao.>u join Breckinridge iu VirginU. it heisuot taken r by the United States authorities. Hxpahtmknt or tux ) p Lousvili.b, Ky.| Sept. 24 j Hon. Jidok Jamls Pnvou; Uu7cr ~ i i !i ■ ■ip—■ i umii TW~Tnrii| m■' . k •finding tfiat a camp, or prison* with arm** in their hands. b-i* f cpn formed at liber ty. ()<*n county. Kt , whnso presence i* causing inucli uneasiness in that, part H*f| the Stole, and auxtuus to prevent niiKuicf. and ft rlwjw the shedding l Uihk], I do heroic, authorize and urge you to appe:4-| to lilt.* rubsnided person* th r assetu lAeJ, * and rail upon them o disper** and rcth -a lo thf’r humea as ijuiet and peieoihle ei-1 **•*, and to assure theui, in my name, if* , they rtoVu that in* action ahatl be taken I against them for their preeeut iiUaal pro ce \ f*t R-UiKKJ A.vherso.v, Bag. Ota. I’ S. A , Coui.nauding. I Giikxt, Sept. 25. 1*(1. Cl*l. 11. M.III£HALI,- /Afir Sir ..* 1 in-Jf with Gen. Anderson yesterday nt Ijouis-j ville, lie handed me the tm*U*M.*d luiier, ; with a requat that I would carry out bis I suggestiuua. 1 determined to visit you it Liberty, and thin nun.iing. with M ij. Ttioinua L. Butler, left Carrol ton for tint purp f. But before reaching this place. xti* w,*re informed that yon were not at Liberty, and that we omid not reach you uh u enable ue t< go home to-night, which is necessary for me to do. 1 ha I heart! that you and odo r? w iv apprehen sive that you might ba arrestt i, uud sup posed, perhaps, that your present nigs Were lot untied only" Tb yrirst of yourvlf and fn uids. If this sup position is true, I am authorized by Gen. Anderson, in adailioti to what is c n,- taiiicJ m tiie cneloM-d letter, to say that no alrests will he made or attempted id yourself, oi any one connected in tins eii with you, on aveonnt of any aet oi acts here! dire coimniited, protided y—Tir cuu.p is broken up. 1 may he act ing officiously, but p.-rmit me to assure \ uii .n.u 1 am doing tins sol-- ly on the supposition a* above s - ir-jested, nt.d for tin* hit! Ii re p-.*et and aIF Cii u which I have ior many persons ■ ugaged with you; st’d if this letter does in* good. 1 liojm! It will h> no harn. and ♦h it yon will see nothing ou my p art but g od and kiu t ’ intentions. 1 send this by Mr R Kills, and you will please ud; tow ledge rs reeept. and relic-. u lme by saying, it true, that y u look up on what I am doing in this matter at least 1 with feelings of kitidli -ss. > K-umunher me to siteii persons as are with you. and who may wish to hear irom me. KlSpectfully, J.VMKS I’ It YOU. Lisby s Mill, Owen Co., Ky., Sept 2d. Hon. James I’uvoi; Dear Sir: I had , the honor to receive l.iht evening, through .Mr. Kill.-, of Cairoll county, your letter ■of lh< 25th, inclosing a note to you from (Jell. Hubert Anderson, dated nt ll't'd . quarters, at Luis\ill*. on flic 21th im*t. (reii. Anderson evidently labors under >i total liitseohceplion of this whole affair ! and his been misled, doubtless, by tiie . sensational paragraphs of a press whieh ! seems bent up-n mischief, or by the lying 1 reports of cvil-dispocd persons, who de sire to set in inoiioii collisions of arms, in i which they will never be parlicipniiio. (leu. Anderson treats ‘his assemblage of men in Owen, “with arm* in their hands,” as an unlawful proceeding I cannot so 'i• 4 c regird it. ; If they have no unlawful object in view, the men of Kentucky Irive a constitution al right lo assemble with arms in their hands, to hear them in their own defence, and to puiade with them so as to acipiire • efficiency as a military body in the uh* of arms. i1 is memory must be treacherous indeed who does pot recollect that this right was insisted upon as a basis of hold ing (lamp Hick Rohinson tog tin r. before i Mr. Lincoln avowed the fact tint th< v ' were called together under bis auspices “at ' the urgent soli.-itutiou of eminent Union 1 men of this State.” If General Ander son may establish camps in Kentucky, so may I, or others, if vve may not, he is master, and wo sire subjugated. It is time this matf-r should b - ascertained by the people of this State. I hold than |]i,• |iniple may form military organizations— may meet to drill-—and should he ctfioielif -Ilv or ,, :iniz , ’d f*i protect themselves in tin 'enjoyment u, constitutional rights. and to protect their families from't , an-* \luLueo. I.' this rigiit Ims been wrested from them wiili the rest, they aio •no longer free; if they submit lo it, they do not desire freedom. I assure you and (Icn. Anderson that this assemblage of men with arms in their , hands, conteaiplatc no raid uputi any i town or upon anybody. I have heard profound astonishment mid regret ihe rumor 1 contemplated :i descent upon Ihe Capital. or upon the homestead: of the Union men who miglil fall withia the range of my powcl. I assure yn nothing could be more false m pre|K3ienus for if I hud 10,000 men assembled, every I'nioa man in the county, r elsewhere, might • sleep in perfect security, that I would not j molest him or his, but, on the contrary. w>*uld protect him hi the. enjoyuient of all i those rights which are bis birth-right as wed as mine. i It is bad men, my dear sir. who desire to convulse society, who spread these re ; piorls —men who would precipitate the , shock of arms and civil strife, that they, may find opportunities lor self-aggran- I dieement, amid the turmoil they ixute. I saw a paragraph stating that I was at j New Liberty, surrounded by t<oo seces sionists to prevent my arrest, when I : pledge my honor that I have Jot with me any one but my son, a youth of twenty-one years, who aecoui ' panied me from home. You never saw a crowd more peaceable, or less inclined ;to disturb others, than this which ba be cn assembled here fur a few days past, and if they have any iliegall pur ' poses in view I am not aware of it, or ‘o participant in it. You may be aware ' that in public speeches 1 have counseled the Southern Rights men of Kentucky to adopt iu every ncighborhotd and community a military organization as • the only political organization suited to the limes. I have advised them to form companies, battalions, regiments. • and divi.-ious ; to elect their ufiie*r>. and ti drill in the school of lac sMilcr, ■ I ■ 111 - -r _ fc ■ 1 Ncompanv hwj until th ▼ ren- 1 der th*-ui lves eScii-nt as a b>Jy of sol- ' diers. I have advised them to bring to i get her tin ir tiffes. and i rifie them t*> a Ufiitbnn caiinr* f about fifty to vhej pound, to ascertain, then their cafwcity ■, ; and the di-f mec si which th n y will ! accnr**f ad effective wcsivu*. and I elr*n fbu* armed md to I united tor tae *•; oteciioß and pr-**-rra * lion of their cnnstitaiioual riisoi*. I | h*v * *ii • tnat whctievr the ounstiui | r.giit.-itic humblest mail in their frniik>> were suecessfulty invaded, my ml-; i Vic*; w- lid be t<* re>i-l tin* jsiWer which

as tiled ibiwr riffbis These were mv ; honest opinions, ami I avowed th-un.— • ,* T!n-\ are my 'Opiuiaiis n<'W. and I r;-, peat ih* oi. M n bve rights whii li are j above the forms “f government, but in our ('oii-iiuiion tle-y are expnrssly char- 1 tered. and if they ean be suectssfullv 1 assaib-d. :l will b- becaus-* tbe |m .;ple who hav - tb mu wjls ti *.ve iaied in th<-ir duty to thcmsvl v s. You and (Jen. Ari b rsm both rest nn-1 der a iiiisappreiicn.-:oti us to my p i>;iio i i here. I hold no military com mission; I command no military force ; I am imt en camped with any body of men. I bar cons nted -imply to *liis: If the people 1 wish lo drill, and for that purpose t form ; a camp, 1 will enea Wp with tii >u and in- I thenef*r*sueh u length jtf time as may be mutually e mvcukiit. If the p *o pie alarmed for their .-ecuri'y I► v a Conrs of legislation V. U ch drifts the Jsialc Into a ... , , combination in wiibu lv n ueky is nride the Vanguard of active force ieal i..i: upon tin* S.iuilj- rn peopl . and wideh our legist live m ist*-rs seek So rem -r eibelilll by hill of penalties d-nouneiug all >ppillion So th ir determents —shall desire so e lles tog til.r an I, i organ.z * for tin* pr f e-tio . of th !r constitutional iigu> and ol their per.-JUS from \iohnee and wrong, I In;Ve eo.js. uu dto eoinmami any camp they w.’d thus t*rni. proviued if le at tendcsi le. such numbers as to be able 1 1 pr t•-- itself it proper.y directed. — But I Inv < unit rniiy nnnte it a c tiu;- lion, pree*'dei:t to th, aecp*.aace nfsL'.ii • a pus tiiat tli' 1 camp organization shouln not disturb ?ny man iu the cn joy nn nr of nt* lights, nor ySolute the .altS Ot . l.‘ 1.411' 1. \ou wul also objii-rve tint I have done noudng nor prnptK-. d •• whieh, iu a laud governed- t-v law, should sul j t me to asiy inemiveiiitlice. Ihit my re.-i --' only iiceaiise 1 was appri hensive ut un ai r* si. and i was so only h cause I w.;s inturmed tiie nu.-ines* **>f urr s'ing g>*ntliMiien who belonged tu tiie South ern Rights party had been comnielieeil. and that my name was rtaisdy incloses < in a warrant already in :wi officer’s hands Conscious that 1 kavl done nothing n !justify such pr--ceedings, my ivsrdutiu.i was at once taken not to submit to it, it I cul i evade or sueecsvtidly red t it. ! .ihvarvi laal e h.ui".* S. Morehtad was ar : icst. d, and had been car 1 ied beyond the , i Stale. 'Fhi* win* e\ i•b-uoe to mo that th • same wanton and gross \i• • 1 1 fi.•:- which have cliarectcr.zcd the action of Mr. Lin • c<-In’.- A'i:*.ini.-tru(ion in other plac-s. wer* [•’ t* be attempt.-ii in Kentucky t and m\ ■ mind w;s made up that I would prolce* ( mvsclf and tandiy a.s tu-.-t i ennld. 1 have done nothing, :d noth '• ing against the will . r t!nr ii.t r,.-ss of | • Kentucky, and I cannot realize the fact bad men should be p- rit.iit d to hunt me like u wolt. ie.-t 1 shall -li.-turb flu condition to whieh they seek t- consign p their fellow-nien. Ail that 1 can .v;y, is. 4 that I am an advocate ot the rights of tin ,! people, and shall never, while life lasts. cease to defend them. It for that 1 am , j to be sacrificed, the silence of mv gravi ty ill he preferable to the a’r they bn mhe who r will survive me. Kindly and simvrely y<itr fib ml, II: vimitKKV M vnsn tt.L. 1 . . ... ♦ ! (TI ANGi' <r DAYS TO THE PATUXLNT RIVER. t ON and after SAi'l'lihJV. Sj,Ui,thei J*. IMIII the STKAMKK (JIKUIGH WKKMS will leave faliini<>r very S.\T nif'A V morning at Ul o’clock fur the I‘a I ' tuxent iliver. Ilefnrning. \vi I leave I!i!!\s • | Landing evr* i i.k rning for N’of . tingiia!". La. dig Nottingham at 1 g u’elock ■ for Uvned-ct leaving !*>-nedict uv rv \\ f’.lr- N USD A V -run g n d->’c! • k 1.-r Biltimore. THLOHOIIE WKLMtS Master. 1 O inter 1. ! Si, I —tf. *•- ;; The Str-.mer MARY WASHINGTON r will leaVij i’alliniore f - erv U'F.pSKSf)AY f morning at til o’ch* !; for the I'.itnxetit Uiver. t H- turning, will leave 11'!”* every r ; i’Klit.y V iiK.inii-g f-.i N-'liiigliHin, leaving Noititigham at Igo’chsk l'-r lU*n**<Jict, leav- ing lleinshcf evTv SAM HEJ.W UKrning at C icl -ck ler if till u >r>*. i M. I. WKF.MS. Master. 1 The ab ve S**ar ims will call nr the usual I.a; dings oi; the Uiver, n'su at i’air Haven ! and Plum I’oint going ami miming. Passage I t Frr Haven Jfl i.O Meals Kxlra. . I •• ** Pinto Point 1-iiO. “ “ •• “ Patux t Uiver 160, “ . Preigbt rtceiwd every fue.xiays and Fri day* up t" 2 o’clo- k. | i October, lutii, Ibdl —tf TO TIIR VOT EHS OF ST. < H AKLKS.CALVEKT, PRIKCK I, OKOKOF’S, MOM GUN CK V, i ANKK ARtNDtI., AA’U IlOW ,i AKI) COIM IKB. fn April ’a*', in answer I** incjoiries from I every county m this Judicial Lhstnrt, I an * tioniK-dl myself as a ranuidaie lor re-election to tt.e Conn of Appeals, a uii u resolution, l>n before expressed, maier nn rrrumtan*e n* ac cept u nomination ly cunveuiion, or aliow* my name to connected w ..}i nert y arraiipcnt-nls. ! I have 100 imicb reaperi no my fellow <-iiizena [ to supm-se ihul they wi l ! degrade the ulfi-e uy aaso.*iaimg it wiiii poluicut i smtea, and ahaii adhere lo my pn sent po&uton. For tiicir ta ' voralde j* dginnit and suppin. I rely upon my character and experience on the !eitch, if a [ knowledge of ihee shall satisfy them of * lie , propriety nt recalling me to a station, the du nes nt winch U has been my endeavor lo uj*- chi r-_-e tkiuu.dty u> me (umstiiutiou ; ami laws. WM H. TUCK. i —— mmmm — mxumm wwwwoi u ■ e mis—nn • - - por ttr LrawLATrRK. ! Editohs:—At tl*e mpie*f of| mshT volers, I autbori/. • t**r> to announce , (I. PUIID. *V%DDOV d n vanvKUi* ifr ti*e l/ykna iin of Maryland- Mr. Mtfed-. j u i. i w |(c.ui auu eminently qimhfivd U> represeot P e i*“>pi<- <*f St M iry** i . that body; ahi) tl*e people claim t he quite .* (ywiscte t to selecf tiicir repmesitstivee jh* i~r L ,!f ..lam* men that a*Bjf hve tsv't in (.canard Town ami pwt f* nvurd candidal* -.. witi -.ut refetvinv tl*c general wishes ul ibt (as.jJe. and then ci*-.n lfe right |n . lire vulva %*• mo iHjauk* !• citxl I hern. j ’ . JUSTICE. \ - Oot..biT 10th. 18H1— tf. J ! fvh crH Jvry comhissioxfu. ( < We arc aai m'rival to auu->unce ZAf’HA-i HIAH MAThXBLKV. of lasma.d T.wi I lli'trid. aa a candidate f*r (-•■-ai.iiiisei'•'>’ s Oairi and to reqneat for him the r.up;>-M of 1 : his Iricials ami luc punl.c. October 10th, IBGI. nut corxrr I We arc authorize I !•• .tliiK'UHCf tlA.Ml'iS J.. j LANtiLKV, ul St.hngis's I>i>uict, a> a can didate for C -u.ity Commission#*, at the eiii-u --ing Fall eievU'.u, j October 10th. Itntl. FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER. JAMES M HEARD, Diatnci, j is re.-diiiiieo(lil in tiie voters ol Saint .\Jaryk-* Coiinly* a— a candidal•• tor re eie-iioii to in <-fn--e t" C"iiut v <Jo:auiisa.tiK-r, ai the cusunig I-ail e ecllo i. Oct. pith r >h ror.N-jT rn.vAHs^jo m v*.K. I’i.t friends oi* JOHN 11 KRHK/iT, r< - i conntie'id inin n> il.o v<* ers *>f V'.nnf Mary’s Coii-ity .is a cmii'lan* for (',i,.utv Co.nuii.- sinner, .it the* i'ii-. nng i-’s!l,. Oct. 1- Gl. _ .... i von cor sty'z. Thf* I'nmc ot CHARLES DENT. f th.- F.;•;.! y |l'*ai!.-;, js sn*rgt-s!el to i!,e volets <-1 Saint \laiy n *' as n suitable c.,nt!iJute !n chitiniy < 'oinm:-<>iom rat ihc ciiMting hai eV iin i. O' f. 1 !;l. . I-( j . FOR ( or.cry ru\lMlsslO\’KH. ',v, re 3M?tio i.-m .i‘iivi 111 t !•'. f n,ovn. o r Pa''iveio Disinrt, as •■.indi' 1 f<-r Coni s' c'diirt ;>l the Mi -m ;g Fa-! cla-lion, j Oct- ISGI - coiW'TY ro.vv/ As/o.YE/?. FRANCIS 1. M\TTTV(iI.RV. of Clo'pn | Disiiist. is r<eminu-r.del n> die voiejs of Saint M irv’-i County as .. candidate lot Ci-iji - ( lv Comiu's-n-nc ,nl ihe suing Fall election. ; ’ O f. loth. IWII. roil MAGHTi: \TK. w- ire n'.h-, i/.ed f-> ai>.o-0,,-e JOH’ II ROS'WKf.I,, Cli ii-iii-o Piwtrici nv n rand'- dale far re-'r-ejuu t tin- .?7i- t- <d* .Magist Ui'e, ih<* --fs"i-v F• 11 i-lecti.m. u- 1 imh, i-Gi. F<til UO.\ j > si ri,llV[Mili. T efr-e d- of GFORCE WM . QODD \RD i econniieiid him to the vo'pm <,f I “nnf iei f>i tr -f nf :i rum’ld.ile for re-eleef|m|) .-fte of Rond Supecv isnrrMl the ensuing Fall eitetn-n f) t. PUli. J6l. ynrit /•: to t ffi jtor s NOTICE is heretv *rivei that the subscriber i has nbfamed frnm tiie Orphan’s Crmrf i ~f Si, Alary’s enmity in Marvhit d, I e• cis ?es'i ntarv on the persoi al .esfam r-f JOHN f. Mil. PC UN, late of said rt-mi"-. d*-.-eased. AH persons having claims against r!ie van! deceased are herein* warned to exhibit ihe .same with the propet vouches there--*', to f ; ■ sut-s, ii'-. r, on or bef--re lilt- 15 day of A.-ri’. I-G2, o.herwise lliey iiihv be excluded bv law from all beuefil of ibe said estate. Ciivei # -der my hand lliis 10ih da\ i uf Oct ber, l-'GI. ANN S. MILHCRN’. t Executrix ()<*.. lOt h, IM’,l—4w TRUSTEE’S SALE o r REAL ESTATE. r) A' virtue of a -h ere,- of flit* f’ircn’t Court for Saint Mary's (Joiudy, sitting in K'jni ty. pa.-s< d in tiie ea-i' of 'l’lioiiihs Maily [ (i iianlian. Vs. Mary -l-m pl.ita; Daily , the nn ' • iv■i>ign* 1. as Ti nstis*, will sell at ptihlir -ah , to the i ij.ot bidder, at the Court ILus floor, in Lernurd Town, on - TUESDAY, llk* 9h ihiy f Ocfobcr. lii*v|:hi|. between tin* hours of 12 o’clock, m. flT.d 4 t.’--hak. p nt . all that tract ~| parcel of I md. Ayn-jj ami lcmg in Saint Mary’s County, Maryland, anti calleil and known as “SURCH NECK.” * ? , of which Susan FiehU JieJ soiz-sl, and can titining about SEVENTY ACRES, , more or less. This is a very de*iiabl little 1 Faria, its tfigatioii King immciliateiy on the ‘ < hcsape.ike (toy, it is surrunn<iel by* all the luxuries of the water, and the land t of g.*od • soil anti very easily improved. ft has up. u it a DWELLING HOUSE and the necessary *'Ut houses. Tiie Terms of Sale, are. oi.c fourth cash on liie flay -f sa!u—the residue in equal tmUal im-nts at one, two and It rw years, tnc (irieiol to lie secured by t!c* bf,iifb -f the < purchaser, with surety to be approve*! by fin : Trustee, and K*ar interest from U; ia\ . *( .-.*dc. Upon the pnyn-ent •f the whole ■ purchase money, the Trustee is anti, on zed lo t*-nvvy a fee simple title to U*e free, clear and dnod.arged tr*-m ail claims of ti.*- parties to the cause in w!i!:b the decree wn., passed. r OKORGE 0. MORGAN. Tt'nsfee. October 3rd. 18C1—t*. __ A 7 O T I C E ~ i E. LEO SPALDING returns ids thanks fc • his numerous customers for the Literal p-atn>i. ’ age he lias received tnsn them, and pledget 1 hinu-eit to kvgp a CHOIUE STOCK OF GtK>D’> always till baud, which will be sold low lor cash or its equivalent. E. LKO SPALDING, Apiil 2nl, I^oo * April otb, IPCO—lv. t EUCTIONH9TICL Notice gvm tin** •* Election will telwM n W EDM RSI).A f. November 6Tb. IWi. in thd sev*r*l Recta* .!i-incS"f *•"! Ma rv ’s r,--ry, * the imt*\ phn-w >* hoMi..- 'clvt-tmiirfelMU •* *•* pnrpuw of ' electing fits Fdlowing flirer* to : I A ttwm*T of Maijbmd; j A C->ni>ir lWr ol the Treasury, I A Judge t‘>>r the C **rt of A of Mary (land At lie Ms*u.d Judicial District; A Jndee of th** Owmit r.urt l*r the Ul ; JinSi. iiil IMriil of Maryland; > A O.njn.irtoi erol I’uuuc Works for the ' 1 2nd Wrtri't; A Senator >•>'l u. ii.entlter* of tire Uoii> !-f Delegate* epresent said m (he General A.-CI lUg of Msr* land; ’ Kvr Comrri-‘doners ofT ‘X; A Sheri tl and a C unity Survey# for Saint , l!ry*tf Ofmnfr. Ato*. hy a* h eVdion Justices of lh-|Vaca, t/cue* able* mmJ iuwi *3upsrt iscro, i ;i U'llow ; Fr Di-:*i. I No I (St. hiigco*)—Two Nag. i*4nSt-s, luo t’tmslablss and our Road fiu- I JHTVi< r. I K**r I)i>irit N-> 2 Mag* Utnita% im Constable* ami one Road Super* s visor. Kt r*Mn*i No 3 (Ijonanl Town) —Tbreo Magil rales, three OxotaUc* and one Super* I Viau.% , - For District N" t (GhapUCo)—Ti.reo M - i-irate*, ihrm Consijtbtes and i>o li<ui So* m.*.-r. K,.i { Nu (Charlotte Hall) —Two Magistrates, two Constables and o 0 Hoad 1 Super. i.vii. F**r lfi<fr;rt No ti (IVitiiX' tit) —Two Magic* iraU', t.'o C ni*ii**lti*..ainl one lload Super* J. THOMPSON YATES. Sheriff, i S.jif 2'lth, —tc. übuii iss sea* Ft >i; YOUN3J.AOIEB, IB VMS Itn-nnifr-h h*- I •••'n opened f-r tint I !-Irnrlioii of y iing Ilire in all tiio I -etui an l Omane-Mal Prune I hi* ol Kduc.i ttun. in which u thorough and accurate know 1* edge of the Ftvneh Language will be anjuir ed with gival r... i! ty. The T ;e , hcr Miccr-v has I nl • oinled wuli universal oftsfHclion, hi thrm ■ ‘ I.itera r v I oo ; *nti*n< wlier-* her servj.-e* have Irtfn n|uir d, will exert her utin<wt skill in endeavorin'.' to I ilng forward the Young cn* 1 trusted I her rare. Young liH'he** ! r >in the age* of yj to tigli toen, and Howard -V I*l be admitte l. 'Fue fiov Tiiimiit will In (inn, and unyield ing. \ t of the genil>l hrt racier. | Every honor* ntr means will lie lined to rrr- I ate ami *n>t;ini |iroper einiilutioii among the j’njiils. lh iz*> will In* *r wan led lo tic>e who iiimi ifesi the iiopr. \ entenl in UHrning . and condiH t. \■•-I Musir. will he h daily exereise in ih.r Srhool. |ntn:meiitai Musie. Prawiog. I’aiut* mg and Needle Work. Isith P’ain and Ona* • | liieiitnl. will lie alt* tided to ami (if desin*' 1 ) darn ing in privet* Classe-, as a nieans of im parting ease and gnu e to tlie manner*. M ADA ML SHkUKOI) MCOTIE. i Trac/o sr Sept 2H. 18r.1—8t. I NOTICE. I FOKWAKN any and all person!* fro*a 1 I receiving in payment o hv traiiafn? f r any ronsideration whatever, a NOTE fiK H AND Of mine. With t‘harle> Metlley nrruri. ty, drawn puauhlr to d:>n.s 'I hi mj von.on the I d day of tlanimry, lhti2. lor tire sum of urn • luindred and tin dollars I^llh> as J l.ohl lie j said riiompsou's Note lor more luau I o t* him. EDWARD F. TFNFKSON. Aug. loth, 18hl- 3w. I anHMMHMfIMHHHmMWIHB !> is sol cr/ox or co- rj rt pym sun* . ■ • . '■HIE copartnership heret.f.*r existing, he i ■ tween ilks ui der*ivne*i. under the .lino and style of lomcli \ lierlicrf, is this day die* ' rolvfsl hy niulurl consent. All pernuuM iu ; del-led to theluie firm are hereby requested to . ( come for\ ard and sttle their indebtedne** without delay. Either party U authurized to . settle the buviuess of the firm WM K I ,KA(’||, CKO. ||. HKKHKKT, ‘.Mth, 1801—tl. r :j NOTICE. VI AA 1 Nfr purchased the interesi of Wm. * ® F. Uadi, in tho late firm of lasich A Hertiert. 1 hereby inlnrrn tne old cuatomera of the firm, and the public llutt | shall couliuuc business at the old stand, at the Iliad of S. Cicim-ul's U.:y, and shall, by ; strict attention to hu'ir.ess, hope to merit A J continuance of the very Hhcra! patronage tended to the late firn. GEOUfJE 11. ÜBRBERT. J Rept. 26th, 1801—If. - i T/'RESUrxaMAC MIXES. (have for sale the Triple Ciorsl three. Power and W. \V. I tinges fc Co*s i frvu Th, *gher, with /!er*Jrittff Shaw Cnrri'f, 1 The machine is warranted to render satuhw* lion to all purchasers.. The price *>f 8 horse power. 80 inch Thresher and delivered at auv wharf iu hi. Mary's county t is $lB5- Farmer* arc invited to call at my Store 1q lieonard down aud examine fids Thnsbsr E. LEO. SFALDINU. June 28tb, IB6o—ft. N O7?CE OF DIVIDEND. ! -/ \ N anpuvaiiun of Mery Davie <u 4 John W. V/ Harper, Admunetniiore of aomss H. Us. vie, late of St. Mary’s county, dier.ooed. Uis ordered l>y me Court, luut the said adminidtrs ; tors notify the creditors of the said Vkmpkl, > to file their claims agaisst the said deceased . in the Register of WilU ..thee an or bsfore tie b 9th of September, lc6i,6*r dividend sad that ‘ tni order he puMislied vr lbs &aat Mery’s 1 beacon once a wsefc uuti! the said Ml S t fisp- J i Umber 1861. J. T. tf, UUT. |UgM as WAs, of Bt.' csuif, MJ. | July 25. h 1981 r|, i

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