Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, October 10, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated October 10, 1861 Page 4
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LUMBER, SHINGLES, LATHS. BRICKS. LIME. HAIR, BABH. DOOR 9 SULTTEKS. FOR mI. • Ibewr, tmtrapria Im CASH or Ah'KUVKI) credit. ReKVe buy-j lag, call and ace ns at tlio c*rier f Euts v •adtiiniMii Hitrrtanr at 182 Light Street Wharf, Baltimore. Md. BUKX& A SLOAN. March 21 at 1861—tf. JAMES WILKINSON, j CRSCER & CHMiSSIGR' MBBCHAMT, ; No. \2£ Dugan’s Wharf, BALTIMORE. ’ * i * Keeps constantly on ham) a large assort *** of superblit family groceries. s fbaigo and Domestic Liquors, Tolecro, Sc gtaiV, Ac., which will In: wild at the lowest market prices. Prod lire uf all kind* sold on commit ion. I shall only do a CASH commission 1860 —tf. NOTICE. ’Vltllß uwlrtsigned has just received a large • supply of Ladies I'AKTV and BALL <Juuds consisting oi White and Colonel T.rrletons, ( Ladies white Kid Slipper Ladies White Kid Gloves. Ac. Lc. Also, Oenta White Kid Gloves, Gents Fancy Neck Tics, i Gents' Pine Shirts, and Collars, Ac. Ac. K. LEO. SPALDING, Leonard Town, j January 3rd, 18C1—tf. NEW FALL AND WINTER GOODS fIIHE undersigned has just returned from the A.. City with ihe largest, nno heat selected stuck oi FALL.and WINTER GOODS eve. offered to theeitlieiis nf St. Mary ’* County, consisting, in part, of very su|crior quality ufllcavy Goods for Servants’ tiuthuig, at the niosl moderate 1 prices—also Bouts and Shoes of the most sub stantial make, and best material. He.-ndes Cloths, Cats: meres, vesting* and all kinds of Sue dress j Goods, tor Ladies and Gentlemen—a carefully 1 selected, aad well assurin'. stock ul' ready made j clothing,manufactured expressly tu order, and a Vanety of articles ufalmost evei y kind ou where 1 -wise to be found in thecuunty. lie respectfully so- ! 2i<*tta a call from those desiring to purchase, feel-| •ng assured that his thorough acquaintance with <ht business, remitting from a long residence in ! 4ltecity, will enable him tu offer such induce- ! -taenia as will defy competition. E. If. JONES. Clifton Factory. September 27th —ly. w AUtm WHOLESALE AXD 1 A RETAIL STOCK OF FALL AND WINTER DRYGOODS, FOR CASH ONLY. HAMILTON RASTER & CO.. Nos. 199, 201 and 203 Baltimore street, BALTIMORE, Have new to store, and are constantly \ adding thereto, a large ami varied stock of FALL AND WINTER DRY GOODS, embracing articles from the lowest to the highest prise, in every department of the irtw. Would call particular attention to their , stock of Goods for fanners and planters” use, such ns 3-4 and 0-4 .Fulled Choir; Penitentiary Fluid Linsey* and Cottons: Servants* Blankets; heavy Bleached and Brown Cottons; OsnaHurgs; Canton and Wool Flaitodf. and indeed every thing re- j qtiired by an individual, family, or forscr- ; wants* uae. IMPORTING AND PURCHASING j ‘•wo the most advantageous terms." and SELLING FOR CASH OXL Y, JIT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. • we are enabled to mark our goods at such ■ prices an will make it the interest of all to deal with us. An examination of our stoek by peraons visiting Baltimore to make purchases is invited. Sept. 19th. JBol—Gw. JESTRA Y. j TAKEN up astray, trespas-ing upon the premises of the subscriber, on the if* *■■*, two heifers, one a two |par4|ac ltd, the other a one year old, with a while he* and white at the end of Ihe tail. Also a white shoal, with bteek gpiii ahojk the head. The owner or ownen of the above des-1 erihed property ere requested to come for ward, prove property, pay charges and take them away, otherwise they will be disposed of according to law. TIMOTHY MURPHY. Point Look Out. Sept. 19th mi—3w. °nwr I shall oommenoe my fishing, this season , on MONDAY the \6th of September, in stant. Flibium wbe may desire to y t up fish will eenault their interest by giving me a call. My terms are—26 cents per bushel— nr $4 and $5 per barrel. My landing is known as Frederick Graenwell’s Landing, near the bead of Cuckold's Creek. . JOSEPH A. MAGILL. Sept. 19th, IM—tf. SPRING QOODST A large supply ef Hovt-.d Duck. Peai- Jm feotlary HMs, Ac. jnsl received and hfgh by £. IJEO. SPALDING NOTICE. THE nndemigned with to inform the people uf Saint Marys and adjourn ing counties, that they hat ** just compiler) a FIRST CLASS RAILWAY, and are prepared to haul out vw-fli mi any -site, i and will REPAIR, CAULK. Ac., un the i most reasonable terms. Prompt attention to all work, and quick dispatch will be given inail case®. Theßsilwavi*situated about 1 i a quarter of a mile from Leonard Towu on : a fine ov*ler creek, where we will alo build SCOWS. BOATS, or VESSELS, if required. on the lowest terms HARRIS, NORRIS & FOX WELL, j July 19th 18GU— if. j"” A CARD I p|OCTOi: GUST.WUS CANTER. having! |irated himself in Charlotte ilali, re*|ect- j 1 fully otter* Ida professional services to the pub- . lie. Ht< office is that formerly occupied by > Dr ,T. F. Shaw, where he ran a I way* be found except when prfes*ionalli engaged. j ltm.Ki.M K. —Sauuiel Chew, M. D. Pro- j fes.M.r oi Principles and Practice of Medicine , in the University of Maryland, j March 7tl 18<)1 —lO m, VUE SAINT MARY’S FEMALE SEMINARY The next annual session will commencr on SATURDAY, the lGh of >’• ptem- j Irer. under th** direction ul Miss L< > I i LEIGH, as Hriuri/ml. a-si<iei; by u corp* nf efficient and e> perieneed Tend eis. The course of instruction is as 'borough as it any other iiisiuulmn in lue country, and . at less than half the usual expense The j scholastic yeai is divideu into two terms of five months each. prr lorni. in ntlinmc: •r all the branches of a thorough English education, including Board, Tuition. Washing, Fuel,’ Lights ami Bedding, $7. r .OO } Stationery. 2.50 * Tuition fur dav pupils.ine’nding fuel, 21.00 ; SfcI’AKATK BUANCHF.h: French, 14 0,, Music, with the use <f Invtniment, 2. r .U< Drawing and Painting,exclusive f materials, 0.00 Painting in Oil Colors, exclusive of materials, 10 00 For further information, or for Circulars, apply to the Principal, St. inigoes IVs Office, Saim M^ir>’s County, Mil. C. RILLINGSLF.V. PresJdenl of the Hokrd ul Trustees. August li.ih, IBLo—ft, JAMES S" hmVAS, | ATTORNEY A->G4UNSKLMHi AT LAW, j Leonard Town , Si. Mary .*>• | Will practici in St. Maryandtlicadjuinlw i counties. Feb. 10th 18r.°. PATUXENT RIVER LAND • F O H SA L j IF not sub! at private sale l*rf<*re SAT- j UIDAV, Oel.dK-r the 20th, 1800, 1 will offer at public safe, in tin* village of Cii All-{ LOTTE HALL, bn that day, the FAItM 1 on which I now reside. This Farm is situated on the Patuxent I River, adjoining the lands of Mrs. R. L. Thomas and Maj James Collins, ami con tains ONE THOUSAND ACRES OF LAND. Persons wishing to pun base land of snpe rior quality, where good health and all the I delicacies of the waler are to he had, are ■ requested to call and examine the premises. Sicitmers, to and from Baltimore, pass J in land every day. This Farm will be divided and sold in j three parts. Terms made known on application to* j undersigmil, and poss**ssion will be given on 'the first dav of Jamiarv, 18UI. * W. J. CARTWRIGHT. Charlotte Hall. P. 0., JSaint Mary’s County, Ail. August noth. 1800 —tf. ~iuui!Dißncmi. Misses Co>tign having secured ihe A services of an ex jierienred Mode teacher will receive .t limiuil numher of young ladies for the scholastic year loginning Ist Sept, terms payable half yearly in advance. j Board and Tuition in all the branches cS an i English Education* |r annum JflfiO ! Music A\a.l A Instrumental jmt ipur. 1 French * r Italian ‘ Spanish \ 5 ’ Drawing-and Painting in Water Odor* ? 5 Oil Painting > 10 Tlie utmost attention will lie paid to the health and com tort, and every effort made to advance the moral ami intellectual culture of their pnpiU. Address— SUMMRRSF \T 5 Oakville P. O, t St. Mary s Go. August Ist, 1801— 1& VALUABLE ; MANUFACTURING PROPERTY j ,j ®aasAH<a. ! THE valuable property, know n as CLIF TON FACTORY and GRIST MILL • (water power), situated oft the Head Waters ~vf St. Mary’s river in Saint Marys county, Md., and embracing about three bund nil ami fifty acre* of land, ia offered at Private Sale. Tbi profterty ha* un it a STORE HOUSE, which is a good stand fur business, HOTEL, DWELLINGS, Workshops. Ac. Tlie pro perty will be sold on accommodating terms. For further particulars, apjdy to. THOMAS W. GOUGH, i JO. FORREST, lienttard Tuu n P. O. 1 Not. 15th, 18C0—If. NOTICE. fM THE heretofnte exiting ■* uutit-r the Ihrm of Ik HAKDIXU i tLUtlay diKulvad by mutual consent. Wm. FT Harding i alune-author izpd to settle the bwinea* <'f tlie tinu. S A M U EL CUTTING HA M. WM H. HARDING, Baltimore Jan. J 1W1 —4w. i The undersigned, having Bought out the I Interest of Samuel CoUinghma *l ihe firm of Cauugharo A’ Hurtling, will hiiwfter vumhict ■ the business in his own Name. —and he rmsi respectfully solicits the favor of the friend# ul tiie old Firm. WM H. HARDIN J. MARYLAND I ; AGRICULTURAL WORKS. t TO THE FAHMKUE OF El. —I would most rw|KTifnl!y call your at ; te’iti<>n ti* my large assortment of IMB K ' .1/E.V7W. 1 am mai.Mftictnfing and pr j partn" a larger assortment of Ayrtcnffutnl //- ! jjftmrnU lhan I have ever before olfered to ■I he public—Horse Powers and Threshers. Wheat Fins, Corn Mills. Corn ShHlers, Ploughs, Harrows; (h.l;iv::n*rs, and many j other articles to nnmen-ns to mention. I {can supply the Farmer with **very thing ho I may want. With regard to Hor*e Powers I would cull particular attention to a fine lot of HKLfoy’s triple geared BOU'EIIS. to trork xritU or without lmn-1, tr/io ii are noI Mur/utxxtd in Uti* other market: and I most respectfully Tiivite those i who are in want of Machines to give- me a call, .is J feel Confident tt-at I can suit the pur chaser. lam making a (.’Oila MILL h.r ; grinding <’• rn at Home. This is n good Mil!, i, ;i> u r.-♦<•! and pion*unced so by exj**-- rieneid judges. To this 1 ak y**ur spe cial attention. I ti nder you my sincere thanks for the ■ kindness heretofore show/ me and bi g a con ! tinaance of your leteru.ined to make h strong eff- if to please all who give nte thou ; custom. Orders wiM meet with prompt alien i tion by being directed to WILLIAM 11. HARDING, l r >o Pratt street \Mtayf\ Haiti more, MJ. ' Feb. Till, ik;i—ly U. IIKIM. .1. SICOUKMKS. E*. P. THOMAS J. 11. II A R DE6T V , WITH 11 KIM . NKMIDKMUS * CO. IMPORTERS AND DEALK.RS IN [M&niimc mm. i OK KVKI; V HKSCJ; I'TloN, Nu. 383 PALTIMt RLST. 1 11 ALTIM 011 E . j March Ist, ißGo—tf. Pniiit Branch Woolen Factory. 1 WOOL! WOOL! I WOOL!!! I j sntswribers respectlnlly rctim! their I X thanks to their lorn < r customers, and J ! inform them, and the public, that they are j I prepared to manufacture WOOL j-rtKSjt' j 1 into all kinds of negm dialing, I Flannels. I*l mketing, &c.. Ac.., {at short notice. They solicit the i<Frrww !ib-ra! patronage ol Farmets and Planters j I having \V(lOl. or in want of such goods.— t • I’enns liberal and aeconunodntinsr, and will 1 1 he made known on application by letter or i otherwise. Geo, W Wilson, of Upper Marl-j j boro Prince George’s Comity, will receive : j Wool nr orders. The undersigned will cull j ai-.d get Wl* 1 when notified. Wm! will also i | In; received from Commission Merchants of ! Bai'itnore or Washington at our exj**nse and gi>ihls returned. All work warranted to give satisfaction. B. & J. FAWCETT. Colesville. Montgomery Co., Md. May no, 181*1—2m. H USIMKSS MO riCh\ Af.L persons indebted to me on Tavern ac count wdl come forward and ettle the same without delay as I wish all claims doe me closed forthwith. * I intend hereafter to do an exclusive ('ASH business and an dele mined to • f, i\e no credit tor EA I INb, OftlNK ING or HORSE FEED from tin Ist of Jamu ury, 18GI. ’ JOHN F. FENWICK, }’i oorie: or. Union Hotel January 3rd, 18C1— ,r . lUMBERNOTIOE. BURNS & SLOAN return their sincere thanks to the Farmers for ihe.r libera! patronage for the year past 1 lieir stock I LUMBER is larger than ever a-nd better a sorted; ami wc arc determined to offer gret inducements to cash buyers. Apply at the corner of Kutaw and German streets, or at 132 Light street Wharf. ( . rniV BURNS & SLOAN. Baltimore, lid Feb. 2nd, 1800 — ROBERTSON & BRISCOE. successorsto n. 11. Mißfc, AT ms OLD STAND, 140. W. PRATT STHEET BALTIMORE, RESPECTFULLY offer thrir services at agents, fur the sate of TOBACCO (J HA IS. and all kinds of PRODUCE. pledg ing their untiring efforts to render satisfaction ito all who may patronise them. Liberal *d j vanccs made on consignments. I March *2 “2nd, IfebO—tf. I MEAL, fresh from the Steam ! m J Mill of J. 11. Maddox. Also, a fresh supply f BETTER, 1 CIIEESE.&c in store and fur sale by SIMMS Si MADDOX, j Dec. 20th. 1800. PROFESSIONAL NOTCE. DK. HENRY C. FDELKK has r-redrem I,’is Office to the Law Office heretofore oecupiud by O. Fred. Maddox, Eqr. He can always he found, either at hit Ofl.ce or Moure’s Hotel, whenjnot professionally en p-.vged. * Jun. 10. 16411 —tf I' WANTED. auhscriher wishes t buy a lot ofj ■ f,! K KLY YOUNG XEO ROES, of both

seae. f t jr which the highest market prices will j le paid. Persons wishing to sell, who may rmt J see himr ■during his present l<nr through the So*'then connl : e> of the State, wdl nave their orders promptly reapooder’ b>>v addrwwir. * ALLEN 6. DOKSKY, j Washiu^tou, D. C. j r Feb. 2nd. 18C0 —tf. j HHJIMIMCO.. TIG Alt MANUFACTURERS. (KiCC.XS.-OKS TO 0. v\ DmVEll A Co.), PP. IMF. CIG ARS, ut our own manufac ture. cunstantiy on hand. Me have also a large stock <f excellent UM’iWINt: and SMOKING TCROACO; SMTLS and F\NCV AUTH LES, Which ’>vo are prepared i * tnrni>h our cus , turners <*n re.isonaMc terms, dan. loth 18g1—tl. - = * - =— j NEW GOODS. ELKO SPALDING Itasjnst reccvcdoiif • of the best selected sticks of GOODS he bas ever had, which he uffere for sale very >W. He would call particular attentioi. to bw , stock of— Ladies’ 11 revs (Joinls, White Goods, Limn Cambric and Silk Pocket .Handkerchief*, Ladies’ and G*’i sKidaml Lisle 1 bread ti loves Ladhi Mantles .nd ponds. Cloths, Chusyimere Silk Vestings, Scr. ( April 2ith. IS: ly. j QUICK QUICK LIME !! 1 KENNEDY’S SCHUYLKILL LIME, I I SO well known in Pennsylvania. IVlawai*- New .b and the Northern mid Eastern portion < I this Slate, as being superior to any I other b.r ivjr'o-nlti’iul improvement, i> for th*' 1 lir.'l lime placed w i'Lin tlie reach of the fai* - ers and planters St. Mary’s ami adjoining CoUiitu s. through ti.e igemyol ti.e ninieisign ed. wlioi> prepared Iu sell on <v<fwiiio*lalilUj teruix any quantity ol fJun-U lame, deliverabie i as per agreement on the shores of any of tie; 1 rivers or bay sin said counties. Orders solicit -1 I cl. ; JNO. A. CAM ALI KR, i j A'jent ; Leonard Town, Md,, March 3rd. 18oH—3n. | The allowing •.n.tlysis recommends this lime f it. ponsvssing properties (fai su;erioi to any nliier) necessary to be.ippheil telh lands!ntlnp j section, A liu h are known to he detlcien 1 1 n boll. ! me and utugi;esiu ; I LaSoratory oi 'll;; tvC li ernist Nu. Kxc.liange Puildings Rll into re, M d., .1 nee 31*11., IkVi I j Report r.f analysis of o sanq ie> >t hi !n\ ; 1 Li.neslone, marked iesjc i\sl y I j ! .No J .\ <• 2 liite), Nog (Idtie), I 3 (top), for John Kennedy, Kj<|.,of 1 Kennedy .* Aloft ij in er y Co., Pennsylvania. I The above samples of • ‘brlmy ILi 11 Liir-eston i were foind, apoii analysis, to be c<*uj>osci! j O'WS No 1 (W> 1 (I.) Q (w) 2 (!>' 3 (i) i Carbon, o Lime. f 0 tl, G 4.7, UU.S, .Mi.l, o7 I j Carbon, of Mag ,38 2,34.1, 3H.3, 42.4, 40. 1. ! Sand, Clay & Iron, ().!), 1.2, 1.2, 1.5, 2.3 100. The above SchuylKi!l Limrsfr ner n e .dan Limt-ai tones, ol preuy nnir ! y etp al cmni • litnm. They are inns'e>pt* iallj ads:pic! loti c spplica*ion on soils whn ii are def.cieni in boil Lime ta - Alai, i.-sia. JAMES HIGGINS. * ' LIM K AM) FKKD SlOUlb No. 3 Hollinswokti St- Baltimore. i w?i. n. noßf..f\. fSU CC KSSOR TO JO fI Ml E A N Y ) WHOLES A I.K ANI> BETA 11. PKALF.RS IN J.jmc, Bricky Ifisiir. fViiit nl. I CALCINED PLASTER. Corr, Oats, Corn Meal, Chop-Rye, Mill Feed, &c. Dec.23rd, 180b —ly. NOTICE. ALTj ’ier?ons wishing to coiumunirate witii me by . etler . w il I direr '■ tncir irr- , respond* hv m 11 it* Port Tobacco! 'liarles j •onnfv, M 1.. o. r by steamer St. Nicholas, o Cliuppel Point.ClsTrles conn*v . N*d. i ! WM. T. CAMPBELL, i Feb. 3rd. IBA9 if, ARCHITECT & mm\ j fEIHK mnlersigneil has made such arrange-' Jl meat>■ as will enable him t> execute all work in his line at BALTIMORE PRICLH. with prainpti.ess and despatch. He solicits a . call iroiu his friends and Lie public. V. CAM ALTER, > Leonard Town , Jan. 2Gth. 1800—tf. j !; ~! At.BERT TRKUO. J. . WORMS _ i TRE O O & MO R GAN. PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHMfTS, And Wholesale Dealer? in ‘ LIQUORS .1 .% I) C/GA RS, No. I*7 CHEAPSIDE. near Pratts*., BALTIMORE 3rj- Every descrip’im olccui li} P.oduc eutrusted tt ouicar* ill nc ita r cat*. ; tion. Apri 18th,I Ssb—tf. n | THAD. K. PREUSS, e Attouey an*l Counsellor at Law, 8 fjtotuud Jowa,Si. Mary G^unty.Maryland \ \Jkl ILL practiceiu IheCuiirtfofSt.Mary* if and adyuiiiug UuUlilir*. Jau 13th. iSiy- H. UNION HOTEL, LEONARD TOWN, MD.. j FOR SAMS OR RRNT. i f ■ THE subscriber intending to chance his I bncincss. .(fen. the UNION HOTEL * f.r Sale t'T Jitut. The Stable* am] { t il. r buddings are in excellent condition, and ! I th stand is equal fbr business to any in the i Southern counlira of the State. The Hotel i* j } rm- i: ; receipt of \ very good custom, which ! onH he largely increased with flight effort. !he ii xfurea. Ix-d liug and furniture will l>e j Id with the Hotel. The Terms will le lib- I si and made to suit the times. Persons de ous <>f renting or purchising are invited to ! . vt- the Proprietor a call l\sesriou given I n. mediately. JOHN F. FENWICK, Leonard Town July llth.'lgfil—tf. | FOCKDED 1852 CHAKTKRKD 1854 LOCATED COR. oi BALTIMORE & CHARLES Sr*. Bai.tiwukk, Md. The Largest. Most Elegantly Furnished anti Popular Commtrciut Collrgt in the Vniletl Stales. Derived Expressly for Young Men Desiring to oh*ii a Thorough Practical Rust ' ness Education in the shortest possible lime . and at the le.isf expense. A Large and lie.miifit 11v Ornamented Circn-j ! ai , containing upward of S|\ SitiußK Fi:i:t .vitli Specimen ol Penmanship, ami n Large Km ( graving (the finest of the kind ever made m this 1 i'umtry) representing the Interior View of *.ln \ College, with Catalogue staling terms. Arc., will be sent to every \ nuu; Man on application, free of* > barge. 1 \Vn*e immediately and yon will receive th. , •ackage by return mud. Address L. K. I-OSIER, Balunime M.l. I January 24t1, lßf>l ly. 1 NOTICE. 1 rrf, IF. undersigned begs leave to infort;v*his j ■R fnemU and the Public, that he is stillat' the OLD STAN I).in Leonard Town, carrying I on BLAt'KSM (THING. DUN, lAHJI\-| SM'TIHNG. SilF.l.T IKON AXDSi'nVK W'OllK —to sluut. iron work of all deserip i lions, su has repaii ing CA KKI A< lES. II (1- (HES. LOCK A WAVS. DARTS, WAGONS. HOUSE SiiOl'.i N(i. FA KM WORK of all kind ; also UF.APKKS, THUASfIKKS and | i DRILLS. With his experience of U years in j a Machine Shop, he thinks that he can do any | kind of Blacksmith Work from a kiurdlr to an ! anchor, and on reasonable terms. New Wag. ■ nns and Carls built cheaper than can be done lat anv other shop in tin- place. HOUSES • SHOE!) at the shortest notice. JAMES A. >i’OATH RAN, Blacksmith. January 12tb. 1800 —tf. j PETIT joy mu THE RPFECIT OP THE LVSOI. I'E.V T L.i IPS OF M. Jli VMM) , Circuit Court for St. Mary’s <-*. f March Term 1 Si*. I. ORDERED hv the Court that the (VcdibTs of JAMES A. MORGAN. a pctifionei | for the U'la 11l of the Insolvent Laws of Ma j i viand. l>o and ;ip|ear l*ef*'i - c the Circuit Coiir l I fi r St. Mary’s County on the third M>iilh\ ! i of Novuulkt next, to s!n>w cause, it any tiny | have, why the said J .lines A. Morgan, shall not have’the Iwn.-fif of the said laws: pr.oid- 1 *ed a copy of tins order be inserted in the St i Mary s Beacon once a week fi*r three months 1 before the said third Monday in November next. Bv order. JAMES T. BLAKISTONE. J Cleik. July 25th, 1801—3 m. I wMnAaab RAN away fr*m my estate in w |Pt Medley’s Neck, about 10 days | ago, negro man COLUMBUS. He was bought out of the estate of Oi j i Mrs. Cnsick and has a wife living at Air.) (leorge Tarlton’s at Forrest Landing, head of j j Cuckold’s creek, near svliieh place ho is d<>uht-; | less lurking, lie stoops a little, is of a light j chocolate complexion, and about MO year* of I age. I will give tbe above reward f>r his ap ! prehension and delivery t* me or for his con finement in tiie county jail, la-ouhi J Town. * JO. 11. MADDOX. Sept. ICth, 18j0—if. I | NOTICE. I ft, LEO SPALDING returns his thanks to liis numerous customers fu the liberal patron age he has received frthn tliem, and pledges , himself to keep a CHOICE STOCK. OF i GOOD'* always on hand, which will be wMi very low lor cash or its equivalent. I E. LEO SPALDING, April 2nd, ItJtiO April oth, 1800—lv. ■ DISSOLUTION OF CO-PAUTNEUSHIP. I i , fIT FIF. late firm or Sin ms A Maddox is | J. this day dissolved by mutual consent, j Persons indebud lu us are hereby notified to) come forward and settle with George A. ! Himms, without delay, as he is authorized Id I settle the business of the laic firm. I GEORGE A SIMMS. jas. H. MADDOX. Sept, 3rd, 18tJl tf. b ksjxkss xo tick. [ f EIHE undersigned, having purchased the j J. interest of Simms & Maddox in the Mercantile business, will continue to sell at j the old stand, and solicit a continuance of the vi ry liberal patronage extended to the late firm. They will keep constantly on hand a, g.>d assortment of goods, and will sell on such terms as cannot fail U please Iha old • ciirton.t r* of the bouse and the public geu- I ' GEORGE A. L F X. SIMMS. Leonard Town. Md. j September 12th, 1801 —tf. i The unJorsigned w..uld resjectfully callßr’ vttention **f the Public to their large assflf I.neniof /moin. nt.txna, sash doi^L FRAMES, H/MtOH FRAMES, ll.fSiH HOARDS, t’ASIXGS, UorLhISOS, .W.L TitISS, atid everv I'.csr-nplion >. House BuihlX nig roateri.tls, which I bey have constantly tut 1 uaud. unu wnicn liiey can turuisb ut the abort 1 j *st notice. They are also prepared to furnish at lie short eat notice FUAIH C R ORK f..f Country Houses. Cottages, and snhtirhau KeaidenccH, according to any plan or design, .ill ready titled to le put up uo their pmput,. cd sitivs. Farmers and others, desirous of building in the country, would find it totlwir advantage by givir.g us a all U fore purchasing clav wiiere, as we are fully prepared to execute wrk on the im*t reasonable terms. And the advantages, which we offer in preparing all the materials that may he tvereasary in cor structing a house, will Iks found to save the Builder u great deal of vexatious delay and i expense. SriT All orders left at their office or ad dressed to them by mail will meet with pron.p and satisfactory attention. MAUD HI.IN A- JOHNSON, i S/r mn Pi iii ut hif Mill ami Sash Factory, East Fulls Avenue, near Pratt Street Bridge ( Warehouse No. 55, PraH street. Next .t.H.r to Penn Ac Mitchell,Balt. Md. April I'.itn, 18n0— ly . i CHAIR AND FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. \y K. ANUIJI.xUN, Aba. lu & ]t j • Sccumi Street hetu reu Frederick Strcc j ‘hul Marsh Markit Spurt, HaUinwre. Having the largest Ware rooms and best ; assortment nt < uhiitel Furniture in the city, is prepared to sellevery article in his line upon I the tin is t liberal and accoimnodating leitus. 1 Having bad s lone experience in tills fine of i.miners, he tlaucrs himsell that he can run. ! pete, as to excellence ol n.nterial, beauty ot | and range .• pncea, wnh any I esiahlislimi m oi ihe in litis or any other i city. H>s general stock embraces a full and i complete assortment ol Parlor Chairs. Soja*, /lucking Chairs, Sprimj /.on /urea, Cham her I Sails, Par room, O/fire ami Pining Chain , French 7VV a- Teles, Sellers, Arm Chairs , .l/<t/ frases . /ookmg Classes, etc., ut every va J ncty and dchcription. He hsis also on hand i he*!steads of his own manufacture, wfifih | can be put up and taken down ni two min utes. Persons from Ht. Mart,’s. wishing to purchase Furniture, are requested to call and examine his Stock hclore buying clsewher* ! 1 sure to find the right place Nos, 10 &(2 I Second .Street—Wan Louse with bO lee fr. r.t and A large Folding doors. August 11th 1850—lv. $ OENTISTRY. PERSONS needing the serviies of a firit rate Dcntirt will do well to cm plow Dr. J J. U4\UOLPII WALTON, who in tends locating himself in the village of ard Town. Orders addressed io him through the Leonard Town Post Office will rvcafva prompt attention. His terms are cash. Dr. Walton has had con side rer able experience in his profession, is modeiate in his charges, and has invariably given satisfaction to those who • have employed him. 'l’o give tlie readers of the Beacon s.tnc idea of the Handing of Dr. | W. as a PRACTICAL DENTIST, the fol j lowing letter, addressed to him by L)r. Nioian Pinkney, U. S. N., is appended : U. S Navai., AnnaJ'umm, Maryland, April 21. 1865. J Dkak Sir:—lt gives mu great plasurc o ; express the euiitidencc I have in your skill as i a Dentist, and to recommend you, as far as I I have influence, to tin patronage of tha Public, j I have had an opportunity of witnessing your I ill*sic of operation, aim have no hrHitatiuu in j affirming that it exhibits your thorough knotvl ; edge of you proft^ision. 1 am, xir, very roapcctfully your obedient servant, XIMAN PINK NET, Hurgeoti IJ. 8. N. Dr. RAKnor rtf Wamou, Annapolis. Aprd 4th, Ibtil—tl, LUMBKR f SHINGLES!! PLOAING. 4IC. Wfyi invite the attention of oar friends and T ▼ consumers, generally, in St. Mary’s and ! adjoining counties to onr extensive aaeorUßeot | of saasotud HVILMUUi MATH HI Aim. AH parties cootemplating the erection of > Ifwellings, Barnes, kc.. will find U greatly tn j their advantage to give um a call, as wn can j sell at lowest rates fur cash or Negotiable pa ; p r - Doors, Frames, Hash, Arc., furnished at Mill prices. ( Orders filled fur Cricks, Lime, Hair, Nails, Arc, No Wharfage charged on Vessels receiving LumUr from oIK Yard. CAKBON, ZIMMKKMA N, A CO., West wle Union Dock. Norfolk Boat Wharf I March 20*h. l6o—lf. ! J. B. HCRSCKT. M. M.NKKBMT JAS R. HERBERT & BEO. TfHtACCX) AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS. No. jgurant 4s Hollingsworth Sin., m iriNsir, . REPkIRENCKB. ' John Hopkins .Presidca rMerchaotrßoolr Trueman Oroxa,CaahieiCominerciolond Farmera* Bank. Geo. W. Howard it Co., Balttmoro. Ducr, Norri? h 'o., “ . K. Hickicy h Bro., ptu ni man 4k Bro., " Whitney. I' Ar Com*tock, Balt,

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