Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, October 17, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated October 17, 1861 Page 4
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Brrrt. o e T' v MATERI ALS Thn would rcß*ectfully call tl vitentum of !).• IV Be to their large assort mem >f DOORS, liLL\l> S, SASH, DO OF. FRAMES, mXIHiW FRAMES, nwv// HOARDS. i'AS IS OS, MOULD IX OS, jjaS Ti K. and ►very W*rnp!i*n of Hmw Huild- mittirwU, wfiirli tiu-y have (-<*n*(MUlSy 01 hmiti, and whirl* they can Uin.uh at the h**r' v*t notice. That aw aln* prepared to furnish at th* shortest notice II OUR f n Country O tinges, arid •til*urba Lesult-bces, according t any plan or design. | all ready fitted to la* pul up >u lln ir |inp*. , ed sit**. Fiifuen and other*. dr*ir r >u of building! in the country, would tin*! it t- lhc*ir advangr j liy giving u* a call Iwforr purchasing tin where, as w* are fully prepared to execute j Work ml the ma reaa*n*hl** term*. And the j advantage, which we idler in picparing all J the nuucrial* that may be heevariry in con- j atrurling a house, will la- found to auve the ; Hitliht a graat deal of vexatious delay and expense. i Jrif* A)hWU left at their office nr ad- j dressed to tiiein by matt will meet with ■ nruiup and *ti*fad<.i) *u<-nli<*ti. IIAITOHLIN A JOHNSON. Steam Plaintwj SIM and Sash Factory. K*ft Kails A venue, near Pratt Street Bridge Wer-h'iuv 1 No. ft ft. Prat* street, Neat l<*or u> Penn & Mitchell, Halt. Md. April 19t # ivau—ljr. CHAIR AND FURNITURE; ESTABLISHMENT. WE. ANUKIISON. .NW. 1 u *. 1?: • .Heron I Street bettercn Fredthck Strn | unH Harsh Market SjHirt, Ilahimort. Having the largest Ware rooms and he.- assortment ni Cabinet Furniture in the city Is prepared to sellevery artb-lein bl.-line upon the moat liberal and sccuiiilnudating *ims,; Having had a long .experience in this line ol ! business, be flatters hiiusrlf that he can corn ; pete, as to excellence ol material, beaut) oi workmanship and range ut prices, wth any establishment ol the sort in this or any other j city. His general stock embraces a hill ami ; complete assortment of Parlor Chairs, So/'a-, Backing Chairs, Sjniug Lounges, Chamber Beits, Bar room, O/fice and Dining Chairs, j French Te/e a-Tetes, Settees, Arm Chairs, i Muttruse*, Looking (tla*se*. tic., ui every vn- ; riety and desrripth n. tie ha* also i a hand j Bcistsads of hi* own manufacture, which ' can be put up and taken down in two min tile*. Persons from St. Mary’s, wishing u. • purchase Furniture, are requested to call mu’ etumiue his Stork ’wdorc buying eUewher* le sure to find the right place Nos. 10 & I 1 I Second .Street—Warehouse with MJ le* front and A large Folding -.lours. Auguit Hit) 18.10— Iv. I DENTISTRY. , I PFRS INS needing the to rvj.-fw ~f ■ rate Dentist will d<* well f.. .-mplou Ir jr.KAJVUOLPII WALTO.V who in- > tends heating himself in the village **f I.eou ard Town. Olliers addressed i• him through the Leonard T**wu Post (Uliit* will nceivi prompt attention, fits terms are cash. Dr W allot* lias hail ciusider ralle experience i: hU profession, is moderate in his charges, and ha* invariably given sa’islai tiun to those win j have employed him. To give me readers o' i the Jlrtu<ni some idea of the landing ol Hr ; AV. os a PR ACTUAL DENTThT. the h i lowing litter, addressed to him by Dr. Niniat i Pinkney, L*. S. N., is append* d : U. S, Naval Academy. AnnaPui.i*, Maryland, April 21, ]B.'G. Dear Sir:—lt gives me great plasure t> exjresi tile confidence I have in youi skill as a licmiat, ami to recommend \ t, ns far ns I hav* influence, to the patronage of tha Vtddie. j 11 ave had mu rt unity of m massing ypur 1 an de of operutiou, unu have no hi*sit:itiou in ; athrmhiu Uwi it exhibits your thorough kuowl- ! d e e of you profession. 1 am, sir, very rcspectfidlv yuar idn-dn-nt s rvanf. NIMAN PINK NICY, Hnvyer.n 1-. S. i. Dr. HaKPOumi \Valtun, AnnnpoiL. April 4h, leu I—it. \ 1. H. LOCKETT, : Slock, Note, Bill,' Rkal Kmtatk Brokkk, i b 1 Second Street, BALTIMORE Reference s. P. Gibnnn, Cavhier Hank f Balt. Ha lit mor < C. R. CoScman, Cash. Mvchanica* Hank, .1 M. Buck, Caah. Pruuktiu Hank, Tin anas J.; CXyrson, Banker, Tin •ma* D. Johnston, J. C 1 Adama. Warwick, Fri. k A Ball, R. Mickle, Caah. Umon Bank of Mary land Halt. B. A Vickera, Pres. Marine Bank, Johnston Hro. & j Co., Kanhera, JuMvah Lee & C<*., Hugh Jen kina A <V. Young A Canton, Wm. Pinkuex I Brooke, Washington, D. C. May aitb, 18C0—tf. LUMKKRJ | SUI.VGI.RS!! FUIRISe, AC. invit* tlie attention of onr friends atm ** consumers, generally, in St. Mary a and adjoining uninties to our extertKive assortment of scuunttf Itr/LDINO SI A TFIUALS. All parties contemplating the erection of i Dwelliuga. Barnes, &c., will find it greatly to ! their advantage to give us a call, ns we can •ell at lowest rates for cash or Negotiable pa j per. Doors, Frames, Sash, Ac., furnished at Mill priest. Jk W* l * for Bricks, lime. Hair, Nails, “ v * Ml * ****"■ I CAXHOSv WMAIKRM AN. t 00.. j West side Union Dark, .. „ . Norfolk Boat Whaif March i j UNION HOTEL, I LEONARD TOWN. md.. FOR SAI.K OR RLNT- i THR suhscrilier intending * ‘-hange hi* i j for Sale or Bent Tlie Hm.d, KtabW nt.d | J bnib’.lnu* nret in nxreHei.t rotuHtion. and j the .-lain] i., equai Js hosliteas to nny in the j Soutliern cennries of the State. The Hotel .- •w i recehpr of • vtry gnd rtnar rr. which J add L* largely increased with sliglit i-fUat | h- iitNirsji. ht-ddiug and fumitme will .he ' j Id with tha The T-rui> v. ill he lib ,tl and made U tlie times. Pen- ns de- : oik nf rrming or jin <cl asing arc it.vitod to , Ye the Pr pri. l>r a c;.;i. n given I iemediateh. JOHN F FFNV irK. Leon aril Town. I July IHli. 18C I—tf. ; I | rocKHeh |M5i chartered IRS-i LOCATED | COR.or BALTIMORE A CHARLES Sts. i Baltimore, Md. Thr Largett, Vest Elegantly FumuheJ and j Pojului Commercial College in the United States. DetiETned Expre&tlT for Toong tfrn Dceinng t ohfiija a Thor>urh Prurtirnf Bvsi ’ net* Education iti the shortest no.ijl>le tune j i ami at the least e\fere. j rrrp ->rvl HenntMllil \ OoiaiPWltld CifTtt- ! i tar, contaii.iar, upwards of • > 'iv NicAßr Feet,' ri'h Sjtrrimev oj Pi nMattshif, Riid a Large Lri- , , graving (the lne>i f>t i' <• knul eei iimdr in du.s j j country) ie|*ri-***ntig the InTermr Vine of tin : College, with CaLdogs.e stating tt-*m. Ac., ' Will be sent me very 1 ouua .Man ou apphcutian, 1 free of rhurre Wn re Jiatelv and you will receive tlu package by return mail. Ailtires E. K. I-OSIER. Haliiinote .\! J. Jan.uuy 24'h, 18-l ly. • ! i * NOTICE. I ■ * | rMH V. undemigi ed ls-gs leavr o inforntehi j ;-* friends it-d fhe Public, that he is stills*, j 1 the OLD S'f.VND. >n I.** Hard Town, canvii ■on BLArKMfIITmNO. GUN, LOCK : SM’TIIINCi. SHEET IKON ANDSToVhj I WORK—in -le rt. iron work f all deseii;*- j : tiuns. such as r pairing C.\ I! TIT AO ES. P.Ufi- 1 GIES. HOOK WVAYS. CAHTS, WAGONS, HOUSE HIiOKING. EAUM WORK of all! i kinds; also REAPERS, THRASH El'S and t 1 DRILLS. With his experience <d 11 years in a Maeiiine Simp, he thinks that he can do any I kind ol IShtck.*-inith Work from a kneedle to an j ! anchor, and on n asonahh terms. N*nv Wag- : j on ainl C , built cheaper than can be done | |at any other almp in tins place. HOUSES' | SliUl.D ui the shTt st notice. JAMES A. M’CATHRAN, H'Ucksiniib. , : January 12th. IS*>l> —if. i 1 ' j : petitw\ ruv. tup bexi:git or the } j.vsoi. n:.\ t / .; sor sun yl.ixd , I • i Liivliit ('• lilt for Sf. Mareb T*rm OUDKRRrt by lb* C*:urt fliaf the On ditors { of JAMES A. MuIIUAo. a I for tl;e la-neHt of the Im- l\-nl Laws of Mr,- : 1 ivlsmi. be and appear lad* re the (.‘in->iil f'>nri | ■ f r St. Mary Ouinty on the third M->nda\ ; ' of N.iv*-n.l>.T i.i \t. to w cause. j| any th* \ I have, why Ih** said James A. Morgan, shall • not have the bem lit **t the said law-; pro*, id- j • d a e<>py of this • pier be inserted in the St j Vary’s Beacon him ea week for three month, j before the said third Monday in .V*v* mb* i ; m xt. Hv < rd* r. JAMES T. HLA KI STONE, Cltik. i ; July 2*th, iNo { — Shi. | m swAi&iL | RAN away from my estate in Medley’s Neck, about 10 days CrjESjp ; ago, negro mab 1 roLUMDUS. Jfv lie was bou-l.t *..t of the estate of Jh mTSan j i Mrs, Unsick and | 4 a v.i f * l:v*? ?r at Mr ■ j fieorge TarltonV at Forrest Landing, head of' } Cuckold’s creek.-. J *ar \\ hich place h*i' d*uhl- i | less lurking. H* sti*>ps a little, is of a ligl ' . ' chocolate c*r*nphi*\i*n. and about ft years i ‘ | ago. I wiM give (be above rewar*! f->r his :i| j prehensi* n and delivery t-* me or for Ids cm - ; . lin -rncnt in the countv jail. Leonard Town. ‘ JO. H. MADDOX, f Sept. 1 *,*! >, 1800—if. | DISSOLUTION OF CO-PARTNERSHIP. ' *fl HK late film **f Simms <f* Maddox is ! I. Ibis day dissolved by mutual comet,f ! j PenK*ns indebii d t u< are lu-reby riotd'nd t> j come forward and settle with tio**rjre A , Sin*.ms, witlmlil delay, ns he is anthuii/.'d I- j settle (he business of tite late firm. I GEORGE A HMMS. i JOS. 11. MADDUX. Stpt. 3rd, 18b I—tf.1 —tf. BrSI XKS.S NOTICE. j f HE undersigned, having pnrehawd the j J interest of Simms & Maddox in the ■ Mercantile business, will continue to roll a the old stand, and solicit a continuance of th* ( I very liU-ral patronage extended to the lat* , i tirm. They will ke*p const.iruly on hand i j ■ good assortment ol g.s*ds, and will sill on j j nUeli (t-rms as CMttnot fail U* please the old i j customer* of I he. house and the public geu- j : crallv. * GEORGE A. AF. X SIMMS. Leonard Town, Md. September 12? h, 1801 —tf. XOTICJt OF DIVWEND. ON application of Mary Davis and John W. flarprr Adniinistrator* of Jamea li. Da- 1 I Vi*, idle ol’.Sl. \l;p-y’s Cunty, tJisr.trised. It is ! ordered by the Court, llat the said adnimisl.a tor* notify the cr*dit**r* nf the said dect-Hs;rJ, | to file their clM*r,it the said dri in the H.gmrr ot -Wills ..tfi. e on or before die Sib ol*September,* infil, for dividend anti that (hi* order l*e published iu the ?S*unl Mary’s Beacon ones a wei.k uniii the stud Dm ui &ep- Utother icfil. f J. T. M. RAI.EY, : Register of Wilts, of MarfV ro**(V, 1 July -id. ' ' t ■M ■■ , • - - , ----- v ' ■- LUMBTR, SHINGLES, LATHS, BRICKS, LIME, HAIR. SASH. DOORS snd FfirTTERS, I .l UH sale. at fh rm; lovrxf j.*ticr f. r CASH XA ** APPROVED or..lit. R *<*• hu>- \ ing. call and t ut* at tin* corner of Euta'v and German Sireefs or at 183 Right *Slrwl • Wharf, Da Hi more, Md. ♦ 1U UNS * SLOAN. March 21 at 1861 —tl. ; • j JAMES WHJaNSON, GROCER & CMMISSiOX mEBEH&MT, ’ No. 122 Dugan’s Wharf, BALTIMORE. i : Krt'* <*mtfantlv on Imi d a large a**ort | ninii of Si’ *KUIOU Fa MILY GHOCKKI ES, , Foreign and Domestic Tidiam-, Se • gar*. jkc., u hich will b p4d at the lowest j tiarfeet price*. Pro luce of all kind* a<M on commission, I shall only do a CASH Comiutuiva t tint *3. • Nov. 29th, 1800—tf. NOTICE. r s , lir uiuhfa.guptl has just received large ! yn l , l , h’ °f Li’lL** I’AirfV ami DA LL Goods cimsi'ti!i" .r W.du aud Colored Tarlef ■.*, . Lad tea T\i i Slipp c. L lies White Kid Gloves. A*c. !kc. A ho, , (ieiita While Kid G'lo'c*. (ifnix Fancy Neck Titf, ; •.•inis' fine Shirts. ai d Collars. ,Vr. ,Ve. K. U.U. MOLDING. Leonard To an, j January 3rd. IHfil- -tf. . .v/;u FALL AXO \VL\ TKJUJvOIk i H R unrlermgneit H a just reti. rned from tin ! ■*. Cu y o>ich tue iaisrest, ana best acUa ted stock i ol E ALL, rind WIN I’EU GOODS ever offered to theoalizeiis ol Si. .\faryCounty, consisting, I *n part, of very suiernn ounhty d lleavy tiood? j fo Servanis’ rtothin*, at the most nwJerm? , price* —also Dools and ol lie must .sui** js' ni tiiti inaKe, nmi ■t.i luait i ud. He.-;.ties • Jiutli . i C.-ssiineifs, vesuris and all kinds of Sne dre-s | Goods, for I.ailn > (rn‘!e<ijcn—a raref'dly i elet ted. and well HMsrv. te*i slock of ready ninth c.loltiing,manufacture'! eviio'lv to order, ami i var iety oi articles ofuimost eveiy kind no i ei-e to I e funid in ihe Count v. lie respenfuMy s- •- j li "us a rail train those desiring in purchase, f'eei , mgassured that his tiioron”ii act|iniuitance win | the business, reauhing from a long residence n ■the city’, will enable him to otTer such induce ( aienis us wiiiUdj competition. E. El. JONES, C-hftnn Factor y, Septemlica 27'h 1 fh'O iy. IAUGE WHOLESALE VXD A I JET A if. STOCK OF t ALL AX I) WIX TER DR Y GOODS, FOR CASH ONLY HAMILTON EASTER CO.. ! Non. HID, 201 anti 20‘i liulfitnort street. liALTIMOIiE, Tlttvti now in store, and are constantly ' atldinp thereto. a large and varied stock id FALL AND WINTER DHV GOODS. 1 embracing articles from the lowest to tin ' Inches* price, iu every department of th* • trade. ! Would call particular attention to their J stock of Goods for farm ‘i ? an } planter*' ! use, sin-li as o--| and *ll Etilled ( I tli: Penitentiary Dlaid Dins vs and Cott. n*; ■Servants' llankcs: in-avy Rlc-udie<l ami .Drown Cottons; (hn thuips; C-irf-n and i Wool Flannels, and if* !c< d every thing re ; jitired ly an individual, family, or former ! vants’ use. j iMTOUTING AND PCU(TI \SING • on tin; advantag 'ims term.,” am: u i ux dash oxl v, h\ WIiOLE>ALL AM) FETA™,. | '.n* arc maided to mark onr at such ] nrlc-. s a. k - will make n th* ni r t of all fi •dal with ns., Ari .x. ipiiiatnai of <>ui j h> persons viirnj tiahimore lu uiak ; pill chases MHOImiI. ; irejd. lilth. 1 SGI (*w. ESTRA V. /HI A KEN up astray, trespassing; npor j i ■ fin* promiscH of the subscril cr, on j [•he 1 t>*h instant, two heifers, one a two j year old and red. the o*ber a one year, old, with a white face and white at the ; •ud of tie* tail. Also av. hite ahuat, with i black sputa about the head. The owner or owners of the above deg- i erihed property ar • r*•quested to come for ward. prove prop rty. pay charges and take thorn away, otherwise they will be disposed of accord in c to law, TIMOTHY fcCRPIIY. Point IxKik Out. Sc pi. 10 th t9&t —Jlv. 111-WIFE FMSY: - 1 shall commence my twleng. this prnson, iiii MONDA V the t"ii!i **i Spu niiirr. in- ! I’ersoun who may ci?r to put up’ tish wih consult their intcre-t ly giving me a eali. My t rn.a ar* —2h cent* jkt htishel— or £4 and j*i |ht barrel. -Mv latitiing is. known as Fitsh-rick Greencii’a Liudiug, I near the iiead of FurkoJ i’> Creek. JOSEJ'H A. MaGILL. I Sept. 10th, 1801—If.

SPUING GOODS. AUrjje >*Uiply of flowatd Duck. Peni tentiary Plata.', &c jiibt received and for sale hy E. LEO. SPALDING; ! 1 ?r‘> NOTICE. IffHHK undersigned wish Wo inform the j ■ people of Saint Mary V ami adjourn inc countie*, that iky have just auujiiuui a FIRST CLASS RAILWAY, an i are prepare*! tn haul nut virxls of any ale, ami will KKPAiii. CAIXK. Aic.. oti the most reasonable. tvnna. i'rompl attention U> ail work, and quick dispatch wiil be given i inr** •use®. *1 he liaiiWav i> '•iiiir-tflabout a uuariei- of a u.iie from LoonarJ Town on 'i a tne oyster creek, where t*e will also 1 1 build SCOWS. HOATS. or VESSELS, if * rviuireu. on the b>wtst terms HARRIS. NORRIS A FOX WELL. July 10tb ISOU—tf. A CARD. Doctor gustavus canter, having located hititfcir iii tliarh.tti* Hall, . inilv of!er his jir"fcs>i<*i ‘servicesth. pul>- I h<* I]G office is that formerly occupied l* 1 Dr J. F. Shaw, where he car. always Is | found except when prele-T-innallj <ngagetl. 1 liFFi- ia \<-K.—Smmu l Clu-w, M. I). Pro ■ Jes -'t >•( Prioeiple* and Practice ol Mcdidm • in ihe U'li er'dv •>! Maryland, i March Tih 18>1 —lO m ■ I ; | the i SAINT MARY’S FEMALE ■ SKMIJNAUV i Y’lE next annual session will conunenr* { I on SATE RDA V, tic loth of Sipiem j tier, umh r the directic-r. <>t Mm l.< Tf \ i f.F.lGfl, as Principal, assisted by a corp ; ul ptYlci-u* and pyperiencee Teachers. The course <it instruction is is thorough as !at any other institution m the country, and .\t less tlian haK the usual The ! scholastic yeai ts divided into two terms of ‘ five mouths each. pci* term, pnynhh iii <!vnet*: I sr ,iM the hiMnclics <>f n thorough English education, including board, t 'l’ttoii. \\ a.'i....g, 1 utl, i LigiiU aid I’ediiii.g, : Sfati i t ry . U.fii ;Tuitioii f*i day nrpils.iucltidirg j fti-l, * 21.0*. skivabatk sitAKntKs: ! SVcmh. 14.0, , Music, with the use <f Iu trunient, 20.(‘- j Drawing and Pad.ting,exclusive j of matt rials, 6.0* ; Painting in Oil Colors. '*xc]umivc , j of mat. rials, 10 Of 1 For further information . nr for Circulars , apply to th* Principal. St. lingoes Pos 1 Oflice, Saint .Mart’s < Md. ? I C. DILI.I \t;s!.EY. Prc'ident of the Hoard oI Trustees. ’I Angus! liitli.lM'.O —tl. ' | MTUXEMT MVULUjD ■ i F <) K N A . iT F ru>t ...Id at sile before S.4T ■ LSSVtAV. 0.-tohi i the 20;h. 1 wip ) olTer at public sale, in the t illage ol j LO'ITE HALL, on that day, the PAUL ; on which 1 now reside. Thu Farm is situated on *he Patuxent j Itivt-r. adjoining the lands >.f Mrs. R, L ; Phomas --laj. J..;..cs Cui!’;.s, and con ■ tdr.s ! ONE THOrSAND ACHES OF LAND | Persons wishing to pun hast land of snpe ; ior quality, where good hc:i!th an! ail t! • idicacie.s of the wnfi r are ■ he had. a.< requested l< call and examine the premise*. Steamers, to and ilaitiinorc, passthi and even day. j This Farm wiil he divided at.d s.,ld ii I hree parr, j Trims made kun-vv 'n application tr> fj . undersigned, and possession will he given on ! iiic first un\ i J.o.u.ui, JfStll. I * \V. .1. CAK PWI.’IGHT. , C.arh.tre Hail. P. 0., t ...ill’s C’outPv, *Md. ! August 30;'.. IH,;0 —tf. : BMRDiHE^SCHBOL, | 'll EE Mi-?e- < ‘o-’igi.i Laving e.*nr i il • * services o an experiencud M .uc teai lc • i will. rtceiv a iimite i : nnl .T of young la<lie.- i I.*r the mSi -i.u-tic year hegn i i'.ig is* Sept , TERMS PaV A PEE I JAM YEARLY IN A I VAVCE. 1 Hum l. l and T* i'i -n in {V- hran.dies o f an I j Engli-i. l di.e..ii np. r annum $l5O Music V cA A L. i tuu.cntal per ..nar. i - ••*:! ft •* ; HA n j°p -.".ish & “ Drawing and r.dniing u Water Cohus Y “ jOd P tinting 10 “ "1 he utmost a'fet.rh n u I*s 1•• nnid t' ! I ! ‘he h'.iPh ami o in • -rt. and ♦ ety effort niadi j '•* adi.inv tlit- t.,0r..1 at d iu'olJctti.:u cuilur* I >jf tin ir pupd*. Ad.irc.-s FVMMKPSK \T Oakvilie p. (>. i St. Mary's Co. . .August M. 18GT—tf. VALUABLE If.I XrFAt 'Tf'RIXG RRORKRTY IFsD^iDil^JSa ; rWIHK vaitiiihle pr. perlv. known a> CLIF- I X loN FACToItY and GRIST MII.L i (water {s wet), situated mi tie Head Waters iof St. M. ryA river ir. Saint Mary * cmintv, 1 I Md., and eu.oracing .ii ut three iiui.ilrctl ami i fifty acres ol mod. is nftired at Private Sale. . This property lias on il a S'l’ORE HollsE, which is a g'*d aland I>v luisii.ess, ItO l liL, IDA KLLi Ni*S, \\ ia 'jis. 4f. 1. c* > rt> petty will he sold oi, accoinii.o'lating terni-. For turiher particular.', apply to. THOMAS \V. GOUGH, JO. FoHUEsT, LtH.nartl Tow n P. O. I Nor. IRlh. 18<10—tf. JAMES S. DOWNS,’ A’ITOiLNLY u GoUNSKLI.ob A’l lA\V, Lev.iura Totcn . Hi. Mary'.* Lo. JJrf., Will practice iu Si. Mary’. and theaii *i.ig cot.nuea. ; * we. iuiL iiuJ. I NOTICE. ! Co-pa rtnrrfjv ) prrlijmf fxt**inf • I M nnder tlu firm .. O*TTINGH \M fc li.\Rb.N(i Wtn uiy by mmnyl I oorsenl. Wm. |J it* nVof-autlivr’ I j izi to settle (>•> busim-ss .<f the firm > AMt EL COTTINGH AM. 1 WM. H. HARDING, Hnlfi tnt\ Jau. 1 lM;i—4w. * liif nwkfficDcd. having IVvijght ont lht .* , icrwt of ."jimurl ik-ifingham ot the tin i m C' i Earning. w ill hi rcalter ci*m!uct * i ti** I’nsiw* it. hi* own Name,—-and 11 m“*i ri n>| ctMilly K | iliiits it-.v favor of tin* frivnd. ut Hie old Firm WM H. HARDEN i. MARYLAND M AGRICULTURAL WORKS. TO Tin: FAR ME US OF SI. . i —! w..r;!d mot rta*prtftifty call Vo*ir at . jlent ion to niv large a?**.vrtne ut ot /.•//'/ t .IHUM'S. 1 am manufacturing ami pre j fwvring larger assortment of A-jruHlhtrnl int | yieihtn** than I have ever before offend t<• , ! tin* pul in-—Horse Powers aw? Tl'm.-hor*. I Wheat Fans, C-rn Mills, Orn j Ph*np:hs, Harrow*; Ciilla;U>jrK, ai d many j >thir artn-los f■ nuo'.ir ns to tuei l.>u. I !an supply tit la;m*-r with farrry thing lu j may. want. With regard to lior?e Power/ j I would rail pariioulxs itierdion to a fine j 1..t of /*/:/. THU LE OPJUKJj poll /'lts, U> r.*i- Kith (r without hand, ' teJnrh art wt *lo7*l*■•/ in fhia o any otiitt I mnrlct; ami 1 in<>l res|*<ctfuily invi.e tlu ; who sire in want • f Maciiii.t r to gi•. c m, n Cull, *as I feel confident I can suit the pur-1 :el iser. 1 .u. making a (\IKK MILL . grindii g (’• rn *i Ih’itic. ’l*l is i n good Mill, 1 has been t' -s(< d and pitne-niic*d ao hy fX|*c * ritaictd jmlg;*. 11> lids, 1 ask your spe * ci.i 1 attention. ! ; I tenth ryn my sincere thanks for the kindness i.t ft *.ol. .e shown me anti bej; a <*•*:;• r tinaanot* of y<*ur favors, I a strot g clh it to please all who gi\e their , {custom. is v. id n-< t with p:* t..j. alien * ti - in lij being din-itial to WII T.IAM il. IIAUDINO, 100 Pratt I; , <uj, ItaUiiiinr<\ J/d. i IVm 7lh, 1 > ti. —ly il. HMI4. f. V l ;>•>;: \| i\s . iiKO. r. THujU.x*’ .1. li. II Ali I) K TV , WITH nicodkmus * cr>. IMPORTERS AND HK.MAihs iy I filffiliilfflS i mu <*r ::vku\ iksit;ipto.-n. NO. ISr. !JAI.TIMOni.."T. li A L T I ?! t ft I!. AT ireh 1-f I PUO—t f. [ Paint I’raiit li \V oU it Fncloi*v t m \ wool: wool:: wool!:: r EIHF resjnvtfully tlnii * f Bl thunks to their hri ar ei.sf. inr>, .and : nt rm them. ani the po.hhr. that they nw \ j .rejiareti manrd icture \\ Ot)I. ( •’ nto all kinds of negro Clothing. ’ j I'lua.iels. Blmk'-ting Ve., un , :at slit.rt notiee. They /•••iiril the 1 Mds-ral patronage o| Kanners and }*iai trs iiat ing V\ I)'.'!, or in umiil of siinh g .. <!* j lerrns lilwral and tifeoimnishiling, and vvii• ' ; ije nia!e km wn applieaiion hy letter or ■l her wise. ('). \\ V\ i!>n|i ( ~f I’pper 't iri I "in I’linne (JeorgeV C'*iM tv. will r'ei\ ( , I Wool I.r or Ts. The undersign* d will cal! : ir.d get Wool when notified. Wool will a!* •' 1 ! s* r-t-elver! In m r.n.nii-sioii Menh.i- s of* s !ino:c or Vv addugh-n til our expense and • j d> returned. .All wmiU nairautvd to s;ivi ; : '.ilist.u (ion. B & .1. FAwerrr. Co!. AI *iilg -tni ry Co., Md. May "o. is* l —2m. /;r.v/.\ h'ss orn i 4 1.1. oersoiis n (iehtfd to me on Tavern ar- i fount wid feme fortvani and settle lit* I i ctrne without deisy s I w i>h all rlniias due in* j 1 • linn'il forthwith. I ino-iid hereafter !• t!r* an ( 1 '.Xfinstt CASH hiisim .s .oil mu dele, united i j-.o give no ri edit f-.r KATIMi, Of! INK I * ING or ildSSt: KKKI> trom lire ]jt . i J.nuit- ! ! try, Isol. 1 ' JOHN F. n.NWItiK. i IVopneOir, Unrun ll>.tel i /.muarv o ?. ; | LUMBER NOTICE. | BrilXS vV SLOAN return their sineerr 1 thanks ti the I'unio-rs Inf th*ir lila-ril 1 i pair*•.age t i the Vi... pml Their stock I j LI’MBKB ;s larger tii.m ever anti lyitci a- 11 sorted: .mil we -?re determined tf offer gii-at ; imHicciuents to cash htjvera. Atiplv ut the ! i forner f Kidaw anu siaclf,or ul Fit* i Light stret i \VI ai f. BURNS & SLOAN. | I’eddin-re, Md ! Fel. ICCO-1 CCO - I SON & niIiSCOK. 1 SL'CCEs.SOKS to R. 11. MILKS, AT 111 OLD STAND, ! ID, VV. PH ATT STRF.KT j I CALTIMOUK. Rr.SITfTn-LI.VfKt r thrir *PMirea s | HgtMits, f"f ll.e ..le Of TOHACCO ; •,HMS. at.l | ? 1 kti.dt.oi thOhVCK.xA+Afr j it*g th.-ir I. ttiring efT.rtit *o rentier safi*factiio , ■ to all ivii'* tri\ putt- itdsc* them. Liberal ml- j Vance's mmle on^tiiiicuts. March *J2nd. 18Mt—if, mmt i C'iORN MKAL. tre*ili from the Steam i y Mill of J. ii. Mwiduj. | Afvir. afrtsh supply of HITTER. CHEESE,Ac iu jtoie aud for halt By SIMMS & MADIOX. 1 Dec. 20th, H6O. f — — j i PROFESSIONAL NO TOE. J. DU HENRY C. EHELEN haa ovedreu 1 hi Office tu ;he OiTice Loreioluro j ioujand hy G. I rc4 MatlJux, Eaor. can a way* be loin d, either at hi* ('fFce or M-t u’- Hotel, *heti|a<.H profwsionalfy en- } gu ged. 1 1 j J-n. 10. Ibol —if WANTED. ■ subfcrjl •r e i.-h* nr a I^B LIKELY VOU\o NVfiHORM, <>fjH| ! which the higia.i nn tkef 1 * P*<*. PefVonr wfamirig (•>> j! . oi.onnviS •ee hunt during ht> ptre*.*-' four | Soht hen courts of the , ordet s promptly reap. rvWt. . u, .(.l.Wit.ifl ALI.KN S. HOHBKY.™ „ , , , AV.midngtuu, I>. fIH j Fh. 2nd. 18C0— tf, tB BKaJUBBItU !CIGAR MANUFACTURERS. | (Svcrrf?oa* to t. \V. Hwtcr & Co. I P IML OluAßb, o| our av.u niannfac- I*■ lure, cout .utlv *>\ hand. Wt have a!w I ’fgc skrk of x* I hut . . ; : ■ * CHEWING ami JsMOKfNQ TCDOAOO; SN U I'VS and F \XCY ARTTCLKH, U hi h \ve ate prepared U tutniah out cuae ti'* on rcaaoiMUd# term*, i Jan. loti. IMl—tt. 1 QUICK QUICK LIMIT? KENNEDY’S I soil UVLKf LI. LIME, * n % well known iu IVnmtvirania, IV!avra-> j ° Npw JtTvey and the Northeru and Ert-cr i j |M>rtion ol thw State. tf he?np anp# nr , r fo "titer for wrunttinaf ff,j> | > tir-t time phn td within the reach oft he fa-n - : ers ntid pa. t*rs .*| St. MaryV and ad M ni, • j coimuee. thn ugl. the n*e., v y t.| the Undcraig. : ed. whole prepared t, t u o n tuxwimodat'r.., .my quantity of Qui, k Umt dt liver V , , l >er ;* the of auy f # H „ i*t viol nay .t., c*.nutiee. Order.* sold I . lit. •LN‘. A. f.AMALIf i:. Town. M.i„ Mar-fa atd.lßW-V n , The rdlowinr k„ n j fclhu , £ or.*;enter (ha. a U pen,. r to’.^* Ot .er) tircea,.r* ... 1... M totllelandamX^ ; ZJ: ' T ‘ ht Sclent. n b ' me mim. ||. I'tMu : La Miratti. r •! *mt# Clieintat. t N>'.'iH J ictiangr Muildi *- ( ffi.l iitn.'ic, AC Jm .• 3tnh, I US’} S Report ol anulyaiK of 6 *aiupi u f Jicliuvi- S ! A , “ , r <t ,7 ,r ’ *c.< actively No I (a-Vue ' “ 1 "•*)* No 2 (blue), No i u*p), tor John Kennedy, i.;*.*., ot Po.t 1 heinirily. .Vl.inigtiinvry Co., j i ~ret*e.niy.|ii|lLl..isio. I acre I.Miid.apuii tu Ue fcU .p Wl / •it. tuihiW*. r '. , t ? u 1 I ( h ) - (vO 2<h) 3 a ‘-.t’on.o Lta.e.uo 9.n*4 fi11.:., se I , . ra,‘nM of Alan ], i,< :i..y a ji. n,o y, iy, jo t j Jnu. The above Sek.,. i;.,f; L n>t<tr v*, jvr, : pre’tt u*a. v eq- n r.oi, i Uilioe. l*|iryarenioje'p - luliy adr uc lo rt # *p!-"W.un ..n eoils whirl, , ir , JiucHUtin b...K I I unit l. . Alagw.-sia. JAMES HlGuiN.s, r | IdAIE AS D 1 I.LI) s roiu; No. 3 Hollinswortl 8t Beltifterf. vvw. ic. noficj^', (SUrr; iaspoH TO JOHN HEANY' WJfOI.K.SA I-> AMI K►T ’II MALI Hr IK fJme. Ilrick*, f rnifitt) CALCINKI) PLASTER, Corr, Oats, Corn Meal, Chon-Rye, Mill Feed, &c. l>ec.2Rrd, l6c—]>. NEW GOODS. LEO Sp\U)|\H ha**just rerwednit# -i* of the lies! arlt-i-lrd ut <iOOHS i- i as ever had, whn h hr uric re lur sitlu very low. * He would call particular attention to Ids ‘•fot k of— Ladies’ llrrvK Guimls, White Ot'oda, Linen Cambric i# ud Ss!k Pocket lUndkerchtef#, ..Hnive and Tier sKid and Lisle Thread r ~ , . lilove* Earjir-v Mantlet -nd I'miit*. .. Clothw, v/ht ssimere bilk V CktingS, &C. April lioih, Ifir ly. NOTICE. Af.L persuut vvisMupro c oti.Uiuoicat# with ttteliy fUrr. willrlirertiLctr.or respondenct-hy ititltu l*i>r ffoWcccC.bitrlea oonty. Md or by steamer bt. NirhoJa,. o ( happei Pmul.Charlocounty Md l^^. ] srZ" TrAMrntXt - ARCHITECT & BUILDER f lIOE un.lenH fc ’ncd liaa made auch arrauff ■ a* will aaWe him to eiectitc all wrrrk in his li&t at LkALTIiIoKC I‘KICKb with promptness ar.J cles|Mlth. He *UiUu a uaU lrrtn his friends and the public. V. C.UIAHER, . . , Leonard Town. •Tan. 2*iln. IbtiO—lf, Q ALStKX j, 4. trego & Morgan/ PRODUCE COMMISSION MPR CHANTS, And Wholesale Tirah min LIQUORS A,\D CIO A MR, N 0.37 CHEAPSIHE. aear Pvatraf., HALTIMOkK far Every dtt*np : on cfcctrrtry Piudttt entrusted tOUiCr< wil- ut i u llluu uun- A|r*!3rb.l it. ♦ m THAD. K. PKEUBB. Attouey aiul U*n*Hlur U Uunark 2awn,Sc. County Jiaryi**d Hi ILL pructac tu luc t> urihofHt-.Maey* aiJ adinitdup C-.nrfic*. 7 Jly*-, .Still — ii.

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