Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, October 31, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated October 31, 1861 Page 2
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SUNT MMPtKMM LEOKARD Town MD-* TBOItbAY MOiININO.OCT. 11. IMI JOT la order to frni*h our modem With 110 foil eh. rion returns nf tha eunn tv and s.-o much as may be received from other portions of ths State, iw w next ta sae, we shall pcotpono the publication of tbe Bmacos until Friday. Kl action Tickets. Wa shall cnmjiaoee printing tha Ekc- Itan Tickets to- 'W* Uj will ha rend; j frr delivers to-morrow. Unless caifrd fvf SI tha office. ik Tickets for the local‘can deforce In the different district# wilt & ■sjlgd to their address or sent by private aoovayanas l*> soma central jfoce In each distil*. The Tickets for County and Rtata candidate* will ho sent to ths differ ent polls, but Wa shall give in*t ruction* frr their cqnitn’fo davlafra hetwesn the differ nsl candidates and the two parries. Trrlinitkn ttMMfr We Have received (be fwllc wing let let from William H. Thomas. kr*)r., from which it will b<> men. that he refuses to run aa a candidate frr (he Senate of hi ary land: Ohtplir*. Oct. 2*nl. ISOI. Editor* nf th* Sf Mkrjfs Pro.'on Gantt an ax.—My sftcwtwwi ha* been cal led to a notice iu yur issue **f the 17th. In wHNk my name i* suggested frr the F*nate of Maryland. I feel thankful to •hot* who have thought . I me iu this con nection, but private engagements, which 1 can not disregard, preclude my Wing a candidate for anything Ibiptctfuli) Tr. oh. j^r. \V H THOMAS. —w e> ■ Tha tontbern Rights Ticket As this U uur Ut>t issue, previous to the election, we deem it propor to direct the attentino of the Southern Rights voter* of the County to the importance of seeing j that full justice is done to the candidate* which have been nominated by the B<>uilt em Rights Party for Governor and Comp troller. for the Senate and Ilou-n* of Dele gates. The gentlemen, which the party hire presented for their suffrages for theae positions, ere eminently entitled to the oobidence and support, uf all Southern Rights men. They hare all occupied re- j tfionriUe public positions before, and, by the e.msrnt of sJI parties, have ac jnitted | then*solves of their reapi*c(irc duties with ; boner to ikeituclvc* and great ad- J to ths public. It is the duty of i HiSbtS voter ♦ o-it Hfhta party candidate* are traded off to j ir propitiate inffuenctw. It| is also hi* duty to etand by tli u-JuJ* tick- j (, whatever luay have been bis preb-r --enoea or prodilvctions previous to its being pnt in thr frl l. KJ'rts should be made to bring out the full Southern Rights vote of the county, that Ft. Mary’s may con tinue to be, as she ever bos bean, the banner county uf ibe dbtrictand the State. We wake the announcement with plea-1 anra. that the Southern Rights men ara contesting every couuty in the State, and they have finally determined to rnu a full ticket in Baltimore rily. No dual* i* in tvrtaiued. if (be full Southern Right# vat • can be brought to the polls, of the elec-, lection of How* an and J vrkktt and the n-tuN of a majority uf Southern Right* Deo to the Senate ami House of Dele gate*. Is not this wurtb laboring fur. nod shall it be said uf Ssiut Mary’s, in connection with the coming election, that frr the first time ebo did not her whole (ftntyl The Ammapolia Qisstto. A few week* ago. the Annapoli* G*n*t< s declared, '•that ev-ry man in Maryland who rote* the. Peace Ticket in aiding the rebel* and is a traitor to the Government, and (hat it would be perfect ly right to punish all who *o vote.” Aa we had boon committed to (he sup port# of (he Peace P* !icy and bad made op our mind* to rote the Peace Ticket, we were entitled to take, wc think, and we did take, exception* to the CazrtU't peti tion and we indicated our disapprobation of tte persecuting temper iu term* some what pointed, but not more so, wc are cure, than was deserved, lo some stray remark of ourn. though such was not anr intention, we must have lunched the Ga mM* In a lirkliah {dace. Be this as it may, tha Editor has worked himself into j • white heat uf rage aud is down upon u* in hi* last ifvue with a reply, which is at • •not charaolcrintieally firwthy and evcccd ingiy eoarae. Ai wc have uu taste frr vatgar reerimination and no feeling in ft feronee to the Oom*r'* attack upon aa. •xeopt oentempt, wo shall beg to be ex cnaad (row taking any further notice of the mutter iu mar column*. ■• m m EOT To rriiovo, nil apprehension* *f military Interfereuee at the coming election in the lower counties of (tontbern Mary trinnd where Iroononreor may be*talioq, wo would stole, that we have been reliably informed, that Umi. Helper, who it iu OMMunmi of the Federal troop* uo the Po toamo. has declared, that none of the troops wider bis eommaud will be permitted to visit the peNa e® tbc day of the election or interfere in suy maauer’wirh the free exer dm if-the right cf Miffrsga. .. \ Th* traioe hA Maqrini Whil* th #U of the Waihinff* OovdAtoeftt art f*4mm4&j aatooicb d dial ihfw should in tUi Amts, aajf mn**U*r*bb* nvitlar of voter* m* copying ■ prautmo rf to the Union purty, wr ooAiv Miwlrn rmllj •nrprited that iht party., onUidf* of the fra f*p n awl - aboiitiiH bn in onr iuiJ*, 4ioui< ami any *nppr>rtr at all In fiinr* past, when the ino> of the Union was a thing tiDted of, and whou Union win was regarded aa (be opposite of *cce*ioo. we eould well understand aad appreciate the portion of men who sustained a party that baar*l !♦ claim* for •nppwt npon it* declared devotion to "the Union, the Constitu tion and the enforcement of tha Laws." At a later day. whan iwdar the lead of Mr. Crittenden, U eoanaalad eomprontiae and advocated a peaceable adjustment of our National (roubles, tha people of Ma ryland, iireapective of party, steed, •boulder to shoulder, with those of Vir ginia. Teuucaaea and Kentucky, in the support of every measure looking to an "arnica 1 la' settlement oT'our difficult*-*, and the preservation of tha American Union. But, the North stubbornly re fused to make any concessions. and the Gulf Suit*, failing to obtain the riipii *itc guarantee* fi-r the inahitenance of ! their Constitutional rights in (hi* Union, made good ihir threat to with 'n a ft* m it. N*xt followed the inauguration of Mr. Lincoln and a declaration of cotr cive war against the seceded States.>- The conflict, which took place at Sum ter, King followed by an official publi cation of the "riot act," and by Mr Lincoln's procluiuatit.'ii, calling out a force to q:*ll the rebellion, the Border Slates—Maryland ami Kentucky except *d—true to the doctrine embodied in tbe resolution* of 1798. left the Union am: linked fortunes with the Confedv race States. The dismemberment of the Uuiun, thru, had been consummated, through whose instrumentality it matters not, it was asundered beyond any pro bable hupc of reconstruction. The Un ion pa:ty had failed in its efforts to cf feet a compromise, and in its laudable attempt to preserve the Union. In the ofh*T B-irdor Stales, with the exception of ft few thousand in Nouh Western Vir ginia and Northern Missouri. am! som* i huckrarr* f*ttr{ttr iii Iwt Tcuucaect: and | North Carolina, the Union party ceased 1 their Ule aud delusive cry of Union, and i prepared l* defend their i tirothvrs’ Uou#-s I mvag.'a th # Mr. ! Lincoln was gathering together (o I sweep d. wn upon them. Bui now has it been in Maryland? The Union party here, which proved fo he in a considerable minority a year ago. when the noble old common wealth uf Virginia was Wiling for the Union, has graJually grown strong er since its traces have left the Virginia auil # nd has praven itself, under each ty ranic or oppressive act of the Washington Government, more and more the fawning and cringing component and all}* of Black Republicanism. At the late Congression al election, when the contest was one of peace or war—when ?hc issue of future reconstruction, base 1 upon proper Consti tutionsl guarantee* to the .South, was to be battled for—when Maryland had been subjected to wrong* and indignities to which no free people were ever before sub jected—when her soil bristled with Fed eral bayonets tuu her people had been outraged and plundered—'when the traitor Hick*, after betraying the honor aud in terest f the State, ld turned ‘‘rebel" aud again traitor—after this, all this, we find the Union party in Maryland armed with the strength and authority to cast her Congressional vote, with a single excep tion. iu favor of Northern aggres sion. in favor of Southern subjugation, and commendatory of the flagrant and un constitutional usurpations of Lincoln.— Since then, new aud accumulated insults have been heaped upon the people of Ma ryland. Her Legislator**, after being driv en from the Slate House, has b**e Mtppre*- sed and its members imprisoned—her ati acua have Wen dragged from their homes and incarcerated in felons’ cells and mur ky dungeons, in a distant and hostile State —her people have betn driven by thous ands into exile to escape the vengeance of Federal wrath nr suspicion—the freedom uf speech and press has been suspended in almost every section" of the Htate—the the civic function* of she city of Baltimore bare been supplanted by military authori ty, and. in ehert, flielw bw subjected to every species of wrong and degradation that a despotic and licentious ruler could visit upon lbs veriest dependents upon the * face of lbs earth. To all this, the Union party of the State not only give their as sent, but hold out threats of similar treat - meat to honest men, that they may be come converts by i jtimidstion. Hueh is the plan adopted by prominent Union or ! iu this State, aiwl by such mean# they expect u> secure the success of tha Union ticket, at ths spproaehing elect km. The Pence party they detwucee a* ihc advent** of wmog ad war. ad Jnpaid Hd Ac i Ooteniucbt ikiQ punish dl Mb foU [ nbt Phc ticket. They art Cot atktoisfog , d•• Gwvaramewt, which, - war, aid we ara called upoa to i them at the peril of oar paraotil aafoty r —to briog fence to the tndr|. lU 11 subjugation of the Soatli, although itihat 1 1 liiua far proves r rugged Uak, aUl,dte t nujr enough when the GovenotMUit phall be aided by he people of thus a apedjf pec< is to La pmewred. i Such. a thing as giving op the plan | co ercion is not dreamed of by the Uidoni> a ; until the work t* fully coioplolmlPljrct, ■ theirs is (he peace, and the Peace tM ac- I rr-Micn or war party. To the policy of subjugation they would fully- commit the State, and, yet, they claim that the hflgpors of civil wet c*<only be averted through | the ; uccrs* of the Union ticket, By-lhnd cowardice and degeneracy, jKi'T jar§Sal<3 make Maryland a a reproach to her sister Stales cf tieflfeath, by fully committing her to the doctrine "f coercion. and by arraying her once gallant people against a kindred who, to oppreaaion to which she is now sOT^eteu.' •. were forced to dissolve their connect ion | wi’h her. Bucb, voters of Maryland, is • the object and policy of the Union party , ( | and will you be deceived by it t Will you ’} suffer yourselves to be>H>ned or in j ‘i initiated into the suppo rt of a party wlftae 1 policy and principles cannot but be obnox ious to every true MaryUud.r? Without | material aid from the opponents of the .war, th'Umcuitfts ar; fully aware that I 'l'Ttaiu defeat awaits them, for they well ; know that, with a full and fair expression 'of public sentiment, cause in this ! State is in a hopeless minority. Thou, lei | every advocate fur Peace gc to the pulls ■on Wednesday luxt, and cast an hour*! and fearless rote for the PEACE ticket, and let the result of tin; approaching election prove a final decision of the p ople of Maryland upon the ques tion of coercion. Let the ill cats of Fcd •th! vengeance, that have Le<.n promulga ted by the Union organs of the State, fall idly on yonr ears, and go to the polla and do your duty to your couutry and | maintain the honor of your State, even at ; the risk of incurring the displeasure of I Mich minions of Lincoln ms may he among j vnu. Vuu have a right to vote and exer ; vise it, for the deviation of Maryland, at 1 the ensuing election, may , destiny. We repeat, go *'-* i vote for PEACE, uud • The Kalboro’ Gaiette. ; our uta men a nun -.•..05. wf the Modhoro' trd upon most j.-es, ' on t iso subject of the 1 Fie is nn open advocate of re-election. Wc do not nor have we a word to say of the per sonal and judicial character of Judge Tuck, except in way of compliment. We have been informed and do believe, lha he is an amiable gentleman nnd hut made an upright and an able magistrate. We claim however, that Mr. Ford is in no respect* hi® inferior. What we do object to—if our brother will pardon ua—ia ike cant talk and flummery about “political aspirant*” and “mixing up politic* with the Judiciary.” In the drat pi ire, no iuau understands the issue which i* upon 'he people of Maryland who supposes that it is an ordinary political or partisan issue. The most sacred rudiment*! primiplns of guVw-rnuiObt awu La are bound up to (h* contest now going oo ia this State The rule* and maxims, .therefore, which apply to ordinary political contest* do not apply to this. But suppise that the pre neat vm a contest of a purely political or partisan character. Arc parties acting anywhere else as the GazHlt propose* they tthould act here ? Is it not notorious, that the Union party h nominated for the Judicial office in every district in th* > .State except thb, and can it be doubted that |fit w< uld have nominal din this also, if i( j liad had the slightest chance of success ? What has been the course of the Soar horn Bights party iu all oihcr districts except i this i It has nominated wherever it has had a show of success. What is (be his i lory of the Judicial office In this respoo* . since the adoption of the present Constitu- F (ion 7 la 1851, in the districts where the \ Whigs had the power, a Whig was elect i ed, and in the districts where the Dcmo \ crats bad the power, a Democrat was t elected, and. with few ezseptions, this - has been the result ever name. Alf the I present members of the Coart of Appeals, i who were elected at all, were elected on I account of their political affiliations. And 5 yet we have never beard that any of these dialing airbed gentlemen have ever “mix - ed up politics with the Jodisiary.” If - the Soothers Bights men in the other dis • (riots of the Buts ore sapperting only t such candidates Car the Judicial office as - have 1 cen nominated by then or are f known to be of Southern Rights aaati- menu, why should wc ooi imitate iheir e example I If they are wrewg, then tho • Southern Rights party is wr*ng, and . A.--—" • * the eooarr it is beveled up or purified the' | better. But they ar*< one swag. They' [ * know that iheir forty cot noly be w-; tamed by fidelity I** each other, and they | i have wisely determined to stand or fall Hugetber. Is there a sing le good reason , ■ | why the Southern . Rights* men shpjdd] | pursue a different policy in ihu i diawiol i claims have Rirhsrri I. Bowie, or Julge Tu k qffipl iheir suffrage* T Nne wliat-'vSr. and w'7| Cannot believe that either nff the*' gentb- > • a \A* ’ men wnl receive their support, nj i' claim that their support ia due aione l-! the Southern Rights csndidale. Mr. Fomn. I , Ills defeat, if he U defeated, will be her- • j aided to the w*r!d as the defeat of the, i Southern Rights party iu the *ti oaet j Bou hro Rights district nf the State. ii<-r ! 1 will *t 4w po*.ib)r to gainsay W or WWi- j it. He * the inlv Souths rn ,

vtugh its candidate iu the (Ldd. and. by th< . , agency of the Southern Right® press, tbi- . j has now been brought to the attention of : {nearly every voter of that party to the. {district. We hope and believe that the, | GuzttU Is mistaken when- it assert*, that, j ’’in Prince George** the Urge majority of j parties will vole fur Mr. Turk.* : |W# cannot uuderstaiid how any Southern . | Rights man of that county can support j Judge Tuck in preference to Mr. Ford j Whenever Prince George’# has had a cm-1 |di iate iu the fi< 11. St. Mary's stoo*i | foremost in hi* behalf. The r >ull of tin ( election on Wednesday next it) that couu- ; fy will show whether pnrty fidelity and ; obligation are all uis one .-ide. j The Pi enters ’ Advocate 1 It i with sentiment* of beavtful regret. ; I that we make the aiimnmei nsent to our i ' rod'Ts. lhat the .erlinr! and able journal, \ wli ’se tMtne heads thi* notic*:, hag suspci - I ded publication, in consequence of the j j Post Orti l *e !>• p.nm* r*t denying it the us- j i nal nisi! facilities. Bv a sort of uuaiii- . 1 mous eonsetif. the Ai.vocate was regarded j i . . ; :by Southern Rig?t* men m* one i*f the | ! ahiest. If not the very ablest. d*Tei,der of ! their principles in the State, since the sup- | | prt-vsion uf the Uoltinnne Exchange, and i the conduct of the Government toward* ; ; it, uflorda satisfactory evidence, if any were wanting, that it wa* s thorn in th<- ! J side uf dospotitfui which it wa* w 11 fur j • despotinm to reiii 've a* nptwli’y a* p ; ; Me. Tin 1 Anvorvrn br.i*-lv sto-vl by i- ; i ~ . i I ouLrs tu lha la*-t, and ha* ftibni amid th - ; aud regrets of :.!1 right mimLd Win n “a restoration of the ancient j af the people of Maryland shall! [j^Babli.h again among u> she Fna-dom of: and of the pro-s,” iljc j iihiioalit n JuftVOrATB will i*e ill j of the prist dplev which it has sustain- j with *ue? marked shiliiy and itidvpcr.- ' Bcncc and for which it is now suffering.— j Hv(n] grant that this ‘TcHloration” be near ■ 'at hand ! It afford* u* pleasure to notice i in this connection the gt-ncron* conduct of j , the Editor of the Marlh>rn' (insrtte. It i- j through hi* pajver that the Klitor of the j Advocate addresses hi* touching ralodic- J I lory to his readers and rkposcs the gros-- I >n< s>> of the outrage which has been com- i | milted upon his rights. Speaking uf this j j outrage, the Gt*xct f c remarks : : ! “The “liberty of the prc*ii” which was ; j once considered sacred and inviolate, has j ' become a hyc-wurd in this fnw land of j j oars, and all the commonly accepted dofi- ■ 1 j nit ion* of tre'inou have been ctiangei to | suit the “necessity of the times.” \\\ j tender our wympathies to our neighbor in ! this abi log uu-ul of hi rights.” [ ■— The Kew. Since out I publication, wo have re ceived both Federal and Confederate re- ; p*rts of the fight near Locaburg, all of! which sustain the* Jut ell ipence r * statctr.ent ! ’ of a Federal discomfiture, anil agree that I it was a fight of “some importance.” The Confederate estimate of the Federal lots reaches u very high iignr*. and the Fedcr . jals acknowledge a total defeat with a 10.-a. ; .! in killed, wounded and prisoners, ranging ! II from tido to i.GCO The Kiehmoud l)i- 1 ! patchy through the otfi- lal report uf Geu. j f I Evans* fellow* the Federal ! ♦*• to have j , I been from I.UOO to 1200 in killed and! 1 ; wounded, ntiu GOO in prisoners. Gen. . i j Evans rtpirt* hi* force engaged ia the | . j fight at 2500 men. aud estimates the Fed- j t! era! force at 10.4*00. He claims to have . j captured 1200 stand of arms, and report* ' •' the Confederate loss at from 250 to 300, 1 .! in killed and wounded m ! Our exchanges report everything quiet; • across the Fotumae. though, as usual, oar ! i village is filled with miners to the contra- - i ry. W were informed, on yest* rday j , morning, by a gentlemen from the viciui- i i ty of Washington, that a severe battle! I was fought near Arlington Heights on | i Tuesday, and, as heavy and continuous : - firing was heard in that direction, on f that day. there may be some foundation - for the report. f Those is no wows of importance from p Kentucky, Missouri or Western Virginia, e The great naval expedition, which has - been the übj -cl of boastful comment by r (be administration organa for weeks put, j j left Hampton Rhode*, on Tuesday even -1 j iag Ui, fir Ms point of destMaUun. I The T *<*nee *fSB remain* rff Hnally | 1 blockaded by Confrdrrala batteries, wnder J jrnvrr rf which. We learn, the “rebels art it the habit wf eroding to the Mary laud side and annoying the detachment 8 € brigade which has been ta?i mid to k***p a wacb upon their more pWc&t." These saucy demonstrations. uf have induce*! l|Piau #> rreally increase the foßt j lat this point, which now reaches, We apin ! told, Ifi.Oik) in 20. W men. The WoaUugfon paper* are filled with m tours *f lbs removal of hreciumt, bat. j ; as yet. no official publication of ijjch sefion , w the part pf the Govcrnmcul has been i , made. The Peace P-rty of BallimorW #y Ihh \ noiuiuauM a full ticket for the en*uinc electi*n, *nd. wc learn, are d* ii' o thei. ability to e’.ast it by a mm • ! some tukj’Tiiy. The Government has in-fitnted n rtriot blockade of the lower IVlowssc, no vessel* frutn the river being U‘*w permitted to leave the county fur Baltimore, unletfeby prrmis- j rtiuu of the aiithoritic*, and all vessels' from Baltimore have been furbi idvu, on their icturrt *ikipe. the landing of any thing oa the shore, Ci'.’fpt al Blackifetone’s Island. It is thoug I that the prohibition of enlercoursc between i Baltimore and the Potomac will soon be : removed, though tin- blockade ia other rc*p*clt> will be ugioly luainluiuud. THE BILL OF RIGHTS. We sincerely wi*h that all nicu of Ma -1 rvhtivl. in tills momentous cri i*. w uiu 1 take up and *rri:m*ly *t"lj their *>F :KHhi* aud Ct>Narin.iU; beet us-. i,j ur ;judgment, it vuuld ho all intelligcut ! liberty-lot ini' citixeit* a suiricieist a;ei iu ihll.Me chait hy whii h iLc.r aciiuu should !>e gi-i led. Those who desire to see all State line* 1 obliterated, ami all centralised in ! the Preeidrnt —thus making him the b -s-duie si uitci of the di>tin< k uf ihc peo ple **f all /•’ Siufr* — may disregard llmsc I in.txims of puM<c lio.-r:y and i riifbta, widoli li i>e over since the da>* ol O • ! the revolution been regarded a* the T-mu- , Ida lion priueij ie* ut Aimrieaii freedom. • But tlm*e who have b*' n earn •*? disciple* lof the traehit.e.s of the pr . e-1 f ;tli in u ill ; ‘ )iof f’nrfjet vt - t’btilidon tit?St tul 7iwi‘J#U* i iiittl •ir;:ir::* :r>j prittrijJc*. ; The 2nd \r‘. .<! the Bill of Iltghls of !th; po[ >l.try land, adujit *d l>y llieir : ' sovi r* it;n -nti'ii. nod raudi i ov ifmm “ . . • 1 j at the ballot-box. in ibbl. d* -itetc THAI ; ;tiir. i ton.K o| rii;.' i\ \f. otmax r > juvi. ; TilK *OLt . TIMt TilK I>T.H\AI. liuVICK .iMt.NT A>o J‘o- ! ' i.iCX TIiKKEOr. Uho are thu.-e ira.-tocuiu 'and disloyal + on* of Maryland that now i coUiitmiuneM’ or sunctiou *iy foreign or j I cxterual iiitvrferuncc wiih ihs* tumiatnen- | !la I right of the petqJe uf MAKVDANDIft j JCiuy arc tlpife gho seek ihc intervoution ; jof bedtral aulhuflty Hud strive to iuiimi-' I date (he flee pc pir ni this Stale and keep i j them from the poll* by threats of Fe-leiai j j power! I hes*r sa.i.e uieu, many o < j have again and again ®worn to “*k r.AtTi ! ; rrt AND Bfc-AK TRUK ALLMJIANOK TO lUK ! ■jSTAixor Jla.:vl\m>;” and nvr iu alt j | their lives did *w at - alltjinnee to the Gov- | | eminent of the l,’nied states. Vet, now, ) for the sake of office, or with the \L-w to i promote the sueoesK of haihy, they ignon I their Stata: Uonstiti’TlON and the AU tt.l ! ancu they have often sw -ru to iheir native j Slate, and are prepared to make Maryland ia mere province or dependence uf the ! Government at Washington, which is situ j *3 j ply the tru-tec or ag -ut uf ihc aovercigu i States. Again. The Bill of Rights in the sth i article declares: That Ute right uj the \profile to participate in the legislature is j the best security of lih*’rfy, and the fant ' d>ttion_ uf all free. Cronrnmrnf; for this purpose elections oujjhl to b; FREE aud fr. quent, and KVKRV FREE WHITE MALE CITIZEN having the qualifica tions prescribed by the Constitution, ought to have the right of suffrage.” Well, what are the qualiji&iUuH* prescribed by *. the Constitution ?—Art. lt uf the Co • stitutiou declares that: Every free white ; malt person, of twenty-ouc years of age or upward*, who .-hull hav been one year next preceding the election resident of Ibe S’ate, and frr six mouths a retudeut of the County, and being at the time a citi j sen of the United Suites, *hMl be entitled ,to vote. Ac Now no other qualification* ■ thsu such hs are required by the Consti ! tat ion can f* prescribed by any Judge of I election. Thu* the question is clear uf •difficulties. No Judge uf chcti>n DxkK, , without subj.xEng h:m*< If to s prupeuu ! (ion and iouiutiuent, rvtiMc th: vote of any ' man alto has the quaiificati m prescribed ;by the Constitution ! hi uu man tbere : fore, fail to corns forward u:. J assert his ' great right—the right of the ImHat—the right ol chousing and being choacii lo office. i Tks people do know rr shall know thrir . Const it utionul aud legal rights. We I have no doubt the election know j their duties—at ii event* they must sflffi ' the consiqueoces if they fail to perffiH | them, securding to the Constitctaox a<q| ; laws ox MARYLAND.— Citi**. THE STATE ELECTIONS. i Ohio. —The Cincinnati Enquirer mjn j that from the return* received, we enfimate tkc vote of the Bfite at 350. divi ded thus.—lodd 200,000; Jewett 150,- 000. Under the circumstances to have I given 150,000 D mocratic votes agstusl • 200.000 for all oh>r pr rtirt it a great achievement, and show® the vast strength jof the organisation. The 200.000 voir* lof thv majority n made up of antagonis i tioal lcu**w(*—RenuMicsns, Americana, ; Democratic Radicals stH Conner xiivw, 'differing upon iaipurtnnt that jcatiiiM tong bold (gether ut ulvj. \ IW -•‘•Via if a fatl w# •!r3- i tincd to spring ip it ! rcantrea n ta pwdK't tht, ere bag. she Dcih **r*cv will regain their ,\t~ c* ml' WOJ la Ar &• Wording • -Id P*rfy Hue* J'***” l * w W be R*pubH* m and the House Vwmtir. vmmrnf** n * i ~ rh * iw hn~ s a . ion says: MM yr* —'' *-<5 retwup * F • ajjvv.vydpa* **r oplvte if .tiam- -4: | *rdcr fhc ; ii|* r cßii "*i tbit * | Republicans, as a political argauismu u will no* have wii<|irw* d n0n?.. 4 f *hc ’ Il<u*e \.f Up#* ntniie.-# If the 1 orr-ilft hsw nut elected a deer majority ! .f mcmbvr* -f the L rrisbtu. *. it ii p;> %-bnble lb <t til*, .i.iiuco of p‘*Wcr tr iU a.? fan die bund* f the aiereben* elected on ! Union ticket** *> I pie Kd W igoff*. a ' fur as !• •c'u-ibj- T* tr§ T itCHi ******* .i*maS *af**i* aa repr. ; setdetives j Th# -lphwi North American nndt of tle Iwto (rtiertn H PhiiadHpii* tarn* not m be inure dia* tryit than at h>t appeared. Boft* branches of the City Councils Have la;- ’ Icti into the iiDii of tho Democrat* tv j bare ui*i*riH '* carrying with them tb. J } various departments of the ntygneemmeut, ! The name ptrty carry leu out of weveateer member*. l Assemwly from the city, and a Senator ; m l th majority of Thnrnpmr , (People**) f-*r Sh ‘riff is > snail tint tb 1 army it aiid to • .ramp it. ) The Dm IfHlown DeWhbbat *edys:—The 1 return of tb: rcoeiit election ibroyhnut ! the State c.iiue in very slowly. but as far : mi received, in 1 irate a D n >eratic aaaje I-f ty **n joint liailni. in th*. Legislature. In I many coan'ic*. Union ticket* w-ce eot**.f. 1 llie Senn*c *ll tauu *t2 K publicans a*d •Id Deiin-crai-t. Tb.* House ** fr as heard from,*dr 43 Dcai’crata. IJ l*. : - io-i. 21 K* publican* .' ft Jlu. '<IB .-*u So til Waa im 'lt-w>eM —A c re*fo*- o ’ the nut Rijicdur wiit.'s i from .Missouri vie lolioUttig di# fcs-'ii.g i obcu . of thing* ia that Sude : j We are not only in the worst pha*ci of civil war, b if aN', to a large .’.cleat, in the midst of a chl *rif. and even tif i il.uij ftic variance. Wc have not only ' org-tnis J, and rajjuc, aud pifl.agt ; but faiutli'** form rly in the clos*rt and most cordial intcrcoiirae, are strangers ■ ami aituUa to cm h olln r. Good Uoi n : fathers hove sum who have titrfiud their back* ujvui nare r Ij. ami and lo" ing tear* oudentre itica. to Wage war in t’ % i i’Oel ra;ik*. I am told that lha la** | a Ariicne. North-east Mi<3ud, ! C*d. Moore, in ro uiuaml uf the !Th}~ii i i‘opra. (Missourian*.) had two s *ua in • the ranks f the enemy, who wri ran- pointed out their father for tho . range and skill of tho rebel rifles 0:* (flu- other hand, I am told that the lain Col nod declares tint bin die-; ao.nlist Ib ,■ u*-:i>v, , -tnr.e b on* to Hi- ncart r* !•••! ;n hi* .v •v. ■ i n. itti i rt-Ll.oii* ht sustain* to -i i* on*- of !:u tin- Coiou. Ji* u-ri e\t lit L'lif *IX N< W 101 1 Suite of IMaaaie ■ .ivi i. <i into upvarti : C(uuti*-*. Tin- •' at ; lumdr-d ami ijlity-fjve mil ito west, and two hundred | miles from uorlh to south. ! 1L - LJM "I. ~a*e~mSSBBS?S£ WSSSWRS®rT FOR THIS LKiHSL-vTURR. j St. Mary* Cn. % Md. % Oct. 29th, 1861. j JOSHUA JONKS announces himself J s an lud< pouilent Candidate for the Leg- I isl.tture of Maryland at the Klecli n. No* jtivli, 18G1. lie Ua* never approved flf ! any political order or C 'nvention, and, if elected, witl know uwihiug but the emin try and the CunstituTOu. He will follow none other than the flag which brought J victory to Washington sod our fdr‘fathcf , i and to that be will stand at all hasar 19. | FOR COUNTY SURVEYOR. j JOHN H. CHJ-NN is presented to the j voters of St. .Mary’s County at a candidate I for County Surveyor the n#it term by j many voters, who are prepared to endorse j his pretensions to the favorable rounder*- lion of the public. CHAPTICO. Oct 31st. I*3l. for magistrate. B. F. GRAVES, u<*t like <noai ef iW 1 candidate*, who have friends to bring therm , out, n-couiutcuds himself to ihc voter* af j the Sixth hiecii-n du-tnet of os. Mary’* county M a suitable candidate for the Ml* Sec of Justie** of the Peace, and would W j thankful for the of bis fbibiMHlie sens at the uuxt EieCtiun. Oet. 2Lh, mi. NOTICR. Tb the voter* c/ the Factor j DUtriet.-* I respectfully announee myself as a MS* didau for Magistrate and aulioii ymf Mf* part. J. H. MILBCW. Oct 31st. 1861. koTHR VOTERS OF MT. NAftfl ■ Cl* A K UA, CALfERT. PSUICS CKORR*ti t MONfmMfkTi V A.V.VK ABVNDBL. A3tW Mt* \ A HU CO UN Tilt*. • In April last, ta anmr la inynsiaa Nm every rtuoty o* U.a iudictal District. I aa -1 nonnead myself • • mndrdatc tor t* shefisn ■ to the "Court of Ap)*ela. wnb a wsSHUwui. U*g . before eapresacd, amiir m *i*a a>a*ee taas rept a souniMuion by aMaw mf name to b edw ee J wish ptnjrwnaahwu. ’ 1 have too mu- b respect far my fc*lmlemd<sas l to suppose ihnt they will Mp4f jpiHfPt. ; aasortanne it won (HmOwhl iSswim Wf ! adaere to my [weasmt yaotioa <9*o •* vorabte and snppon. 1 mf mmi m T ■ characier and experieace on iba bssA, %t * • h now Mge of tbe*c sbatl miiiy MMMk w Mm , propriety of rrcaHtc mm lua M><et Afeo Mi* uea oi whico u mm ‘w*a mf ewgawilf *i Me ’ churls fan Mail/ -wuwdtag lw IM ami laws. WM. a IVOR. 0

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