Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, November 14, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated November 14, 1861 Page 3
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tutVcv. In a word. they have attempted, without consulting you. and again**t your . r wisbt*. to place yn in active jollity lo your South**™ brethren. *1 to $x yamr political dentin) with the Whatever rosy be the condition **r mo- of the mcmliw at Fr*kf* rt. tin y hnvc eicreded their authority. X leci**- ( Utive awetnWy or other body. oJ.r than one elected ly your sov* reign voice for • purpoae. has the right, in this great; ye\lutioii. to determine finally y**ur poHt- 1 acal future. The people, although taken hy surprise, ami almost unarmed. hare riscu to vindicate their wishes, and expel the Nrthern invaders. The eagerness ( arith which their aid has been invoked hy those who have plunged the State into h*r present unhappy ceudition. is the stron gest proof ot their conviction that but for the presence of these soldiers, the action of the members at Frankfort would be | repudiated by the people. Whets the j Nor*b*ni invaders shall be aent back icross the Ohio river—when the State shall Ih* relieved of all troops from abroad, and the pc. pic of Kentucky, by a lair election, j shall determine their destiny, i? will I** fhe clear duty of every ciliaen to acquiesce nr to retire from the State For those who, denied by the l/ghli* j tun* the protection due to the hnnU'>t citiarn. hare Ihcu delivered over to the tender metrics of foreign tm rcniaiies, ai:d hunted like partridges on the mountains, what remain* but imprisonment, exile or rusistance V As one of them. I intend U resist. I will avoid conflict with Ken tuckians, • xeept in m eess-ry scll-defene •. I at I will unite with my fellow-citixetis to i wsist the invaders who have driven u> from our homes To ihi** euro* w*> atv impe)b*d by the highest actise l duly, and the irresistible instincts of maiilmod !• defend ) our birthright and mine, which is more preel"U* ; than domestic -ea-e, or pro p-Ttf. or life. I exchange, with proud sat isfaction, a term of six years in the Sen ate of the I’nilcd Slates, for the musket of a soldier. This 1 ■tier is written at the first nionient sluce my expulsion from hornet lint I could place uy feet upon th soil ul l\e..t e.y. 1 nave not Wen able to see or eonimutit t le with mv friend and colleague, lov. I’oWell, nor do 1 know what course lie will think it proper to take. Hut this \ou and 1 know -that hi** conduct will L.* controlled hy pun* motives. Your fell*W-eiti'/en, John <V HiueKiMtn.ct Howling Orecii, Ky., Oct V I*ol. illarricb. On Wnlwiiv list. by the Rev. Mr. En ,Ur-. J J JARBOR to Miss ANNA V. IVaTHKN. \SJSrW£MS>* UAN away from the siriwetilier. . negroes IIK.NUY & JOHN*. Brother*. Henry, who left ab>ut Oi. 14th. is almut. 3.* years of Jfa j black couipSexi-n. of lew s’ ml figure, and remarkably h-u*- I'ggrd. Has a wife at Mr. J n hn C. 4 near l.e**n rd Town. .lohn bis briber bit i! ..ut Nov. ‘rl. He is about 2ft years *f a.*e. also black, rather prominent cheek I- nes. is of tall bn*** liijurr, lias a long stride • 1 rather sloitebing gait. 1 will give the ul sure reward for the apprehension ami b*dg ineht in jail at I**onard Town, of both, or half the sum for either one. F. C. NEALE. Sot. 14th, 1841 —tf. rucsurti hiW ci tarer.KP 1*54 I,or.\TED CR. or BALTIMORE A CHARLES Srs. Baltimwri:. Mi>. 7Tkr l.argtsl , Most Elegant ly furnished and Popular Cotuuirrciui (’allege in the Untied Slates. Designed Expressly for Young Men! pssinns to obtain a Thorough Practical Must rit Education in the shortest possible time ami at ilit IdiKt expense. Alains* and Beautifully Ornamented Cirm lar. eoniaiiong upward* of Six SyeißE Fket, a itli Specimen #/ Penmanship, and a Large En grimns (the finest of the kind ever made in this country) representing the Interior View of the l**.llei*, with Catalogue statin*; term*, Ar., will be sent tv every Young Man on application, free of barge. Writ* immediately and yon will receive tin package by return mail. AdUres* K. K. HOSIER, Hnlttmore MJ. January 24ih, 181*1— ly. NOTICE. fjMtlE npdmigncd begs leave to iniornediu ■* friends anil the Public, that he is still at the OLD Lvonard Town, carrying on BLACKSMITH I NO, Cl T N. LOCK hMITHIN'U. SHEET IRON AND STOVE >. OllK—in short, iron work of ail descrip tions, auoh as repairing CAIiIHAOKS P.IVJ (iIKS, POLKA WAYS, CARTS. W ARONS. lIOPSK JtmiEIXCl. FARM WORK of all kind*; also REAPERS, THRASHERS and IHtllJjS. With his exjierienee wl 11 years* in m Marliine Shop, he thinks that be can do any kimi of Blacksmith Work from a knwnlU to an Anchor, and on reasonable terms. New Wnir on* and Carts built cbeu|*er tiiun can lie done at any other shop in (his place. HORSES SIIOED at the ahertest notice, JAMES A. M’CATIIRAX, Übckaiuith. January 12th, HtO—lf. .j- • ,-f _ ... NO TICK. E. LKO SPAIJJINCi returns bis thanks to kits numerous ctuioiucm lor tin* liberal patron age he has rcc< iveii from them, and pledges himself to keep a CHOICE STtK K OF CiOOi)* always m hand, whii li will le sold very low for cash or its equivalent. K. LE< SPALDING, April 2nd, IbGO April 6tl, 1800 — lv. I iiISftOI'.UTiOS OP OJ-FAKTSEKSHUL ! BT HE lute fiim of Simms Maddox t i this .1 .iv dissolved l*v r final r< Pi-rMiit intlrblt i) in iui air lifnl'V notified to forte ini and will** will, A. Simtii. with'Mit delay. as hr is authorized In settle the business of the Ute linn. % li HOUGH A SIMMS. •ins. |{ MAl>l*oX. Stp. 3rd, 1801—tf. BrsrxKssxo tick. fBT HE undersigned, having purchased llw -■ intercut of Rimrn Sc Maddox in *t!ic M rrniiiilf lunines*. will continue sell ai flic oH stand, and solicit a continuance **l the very patronage extended to the fate firm. They will keep constantly on hand a £*•*•*l asx, rt it nut of goods, and will sell <>n such terms hr cannot fail to {dense th** oM c>i'Tomer* of the house am! the public gen vrulty. GF/HIGE A. Sc V. X SIMMS. laxjtmrd Town. Md. , September 12ih, 1 ft* Jl—if. LUMBER, SHINGLES, LATHS, ERICKS, I!ME, HAIR, SASH. 1*0011? and Sll ITTKiIS, TTA< >ll sale, at the rery barest pt >•< to ( . i>il ..r A PIMP VKi * credit. Before l n\- cig, call and -ee u- at tin- corner of K'l'.i ' md I ii'riiiaii Streets or .it 132 Light ''in- W hart, l’..iitiun>ii, Md. P.I'IINS & SLOAN. March 21st 1 Si; 1— tf. NOTICE. f 'I Mir. Mtid-Ts : "in d has jil.-t received a iarg' • supply o| Ladies I’AUH and HALL G< >ds consist in** of While and Colon *! Tarh t • *lis, f.adi*s vtnte Kid Sli|,j er Ladies Wliite Kid yil*ve>. Ac. isc. A !so. I tents \\ bite Kid Chives, Gents Fancy Neck Ti s, Cents' Fine Shirts, and (A.llais, ,Ve. At. K. LI o. SI’A I.l*l NC. Leonard luun. January 3rd, 1801- -if, V/;ir FALL AXh WIXTFH coons WIIR undersigned has j.isi ceti ntni from th* jL Coy with ile Ini nr* f, aim best seleeie*! stork >.t FALL,ami WIN I KK COOLS ever ■ fiend I To thecili7.cns of Si. M.ay Comity, consoling, • n |iari. of very superior ijin.lii y il*a\ y Goods (in Servants’ clothing, .* li.e iimpt nioimile prices—..iso Moots ami Shoes offl.e most stii - ei.uitnd make, ami Itcsr material. Bennies Cloths. Cassinien s, vesiinjs and uli kinds *•! line- dress Goods, tor Ladies ami Gentlemen—a candidly *cle - lcd, anil well .isro.-It sto*k of ready nine* ' cloth mi:,niaiiiifartu red expressly to order, toid u 1 v.inetv ot alludes ofalmosl eveiy kind no where i else i*t he found in the county. He respectfully -so* I li.dfsa call from those *l**Hiriig lu purchase, feel* j ii**j assured that his thorough Hcr|tiuhiiniire with the business, rcsnliiii" from a long residence h flieciiv, will enable liin* 1 1 oiler such indue**- men t m us w ill defy competition. E. 11. JONES, , Clifton Factory. Septend*ca QTtl. ,w *ti—ly. | ALE-WIIIJMFIY. ! B* shall ctniiH'iici! my fishing. this •cas.n. ! I. on Ml *N I>A \ the loth ol September. it.- , slant. Persons who may ihsire to put it) ti>h will consult tlu-'r interest iy giving tm- a .rail My terms HP* —21 cents per Unwind |. r£4 and per barrel. My binding i known 4c Frederick Greet.wi ll’s Ltnding. near the heai <d CtickohiV Creek. dGSF.PH A. MAG ILL. ’ Sept. 19th. 1801—ll. NOTICE. /yrllK C*>-partnendiiy !o*ret< foie evi<*mg ■* under the tirin *>l ('CI I'lNtillA.M is IL\ K!*l N’G is lids day *lissolve*l by Jttnlna! e**nsenl. Win. 11.- Hanliii" i' a'otie-anlhoi i/.ed tu settle the business of the lirin. , SAMI KL CniTINGHAM, WM. 11. H \BI*L\U, IPiUimorr -htn. I 1 si;| —4w. The iiudersi-neil. having Bought mt th- Interest ot Samuel Cottinchsnn ot the hi in >’ (Jotlinglmm *V llanlin /. v\ it! *^reafter■ condm t the husiness in his own Name,—and i e most respectfully solicits U.e favor •! the iri*-mls > 1 the old Firm. WM. 11. IIAHDI.VL i | MARYLAND i AGRICULTURAL WORKS. i TO Tin: FAHMKHS OF SJ. MAll VS. j—l Would most respi el fully eall ;<*nr .L --tention to my large assortment of A MI’J.J.- Mi~\~TS. 1 am manufactmin" and pre ! paring a larger assortment l .!•/< irnhornl h.i filewcuh than I have ever Indore uileml >■ i the public —Horse t**w-rs and Threshers, , Wheat Fmuk, C*rn Mills, Corn Slmllers. I’loltghs. Harrows; Cultivators, ;u i many other articles to numerous to mention. I i .can supply the Farmer with "very thing he may want. With regard to Hofs, powers i I would call particular attention ro a fin lot of I'KLToX’S TUWLK GKJJiHI' ■ I*OH’MIS. *" in <rk trith r trU/htni lmnl. 1 which ure */ Miirptwed in this or -my ot/ui market: and 1 nvo't res|*ecttnlly in vile those 1 who are in want *l Machines to give me a call, as I Kcl confident tnal I can suit the pur chaser. 1 am making hCgKN MILL i..i ; grinding Corn ai llomc. I Ids is ,*i g*.d Mill, has lent tested and pronounced so hy expe rienced judges. Tu tiiis i ak your spe iciat attention, i i tender you my sincere thunks for the • i kindness heretofore shown me and heg a c*n -:! tin aanee of your fav*-rs, determined to make • • a strong eth*rt to please all win* give me theii 1, ciisptm. Orders will meet with pioi.,pt .an n tion hy iH.-in,. ilireeled to WILLIAM II ITAKDINC. 100 Prnti stmt HAur/. Jtattimvie, Mi! I- Fob. 7l‘i, ioiil —ly. NOTICE. ranm; nncVm?rue<J w'-h to inform tb# ® j*eople uf Saint Mary's and >iu n •*lll’’ countie?, that they I ••vrjuste r -tnple T <-d s* FIRST CRASS RAILWAY. an! :r --prepared to haul out vessel? "f any size, and will REPAIR. CACLK. kc m the most U-nu?. Prompt attention to h)1 na>rk. and‘puck dispatch will he given in all case*. The Railway U situated alout a uuarter of 11 miW from Leonard T>vvu on a fine oyster crock, where we will also Wild SCOWS. HUAI'S, or VESSELS, it reunited, on the lowest terms HARRIS. NORRIS \ FUXWKLL. July 10 ih 1 sW) —if. TSFR SAINT MAWS VO All SKMINAKV Tyjß a**v annual 'priori will pri?nnr>nr on S \TI liOA V. the D>ih of >epmo !>cr. under the drreeiioi*. of \ior l.‘)i I Ll' J*i inrijmt. as>i>ieii by a eoips >1 edi'-it iil and c> jienenreo ! cat nets The course ol iii>lnictiui is t' '’mo a; i auv other institution in tilt* coimtn . .m --• i 1.--.? than half ne u-ua! expense ■. s*h da-tu vein is liv uleii into Iwo lern e( r \\ e months each. tlidi'fff** s>it term, nnvnhlt in a<hiiiic , t > : ..r ill *h. h*n )<•*ir*s of ath Tough English <• location. including i> i i. !’i t! n. Warning, Enel, L'.gtns ill■;! Redding, e< >..rioi erv . - * l * s’ui’.iiiu t i lav joipils.iiiidiidir.j; in. I, ■ SJ; 1• A U \TK I'.lt.i.Ni •V M,. 11 A. Mo.-ic. will, the use of Instrument, Jfo.fth Irawing and I’-imtii:^. ext luivi: ,f materials. ;* • • Mi." in tti! (,'■ d>os,exclusive M-ri d-. _ 10 00 l-’nr further ; isf inm-fion . or for < ‘ircuiais. l ply to lie Pr'inupa*. St. lingoes I'os < ‘free, Saint Mat \’s ("oi:i:t\ . Md. C. IJILLIMiSLF.V. Pr idea "I the Hoard ol Trustee?. '.IIJUm l‘.t 17*U : •—tl. PATUXENT RIVER LAND /’ u it S A L E. t T not sold at private sale hef-re SAT* ■ i f{i)Al . October the *i‘ii!i. iNhft. I v\il! I ji• |- jiiihlie, in 11 te village "I CIIAK- LtlT'rE 11.X1.1. "I! that da\, the I'Ali.U >ll v nu ll 1 now reside. This I nin is situated mi he Patuxent i.’iver. i ! "inii g ihe 1 :nds d Mrs. K. 1. I'li.iinas ai.d M‘j. James C> ions, and Culi • litis ONE TIIOIVAND ACRES OF LANI>. Pet sons \vis‘>uir to puri ha.-e land "I siipe rior tpialil. - . "lure it' u ■(! hen’ll, at.d all the 'delicacies i.) tie wafer tire to he had, are reijiit sti d !•> e.d. and cNa'n'.t •* the premises. Steamers. 1o and iiotu H.itlimoie, pass this ' ie.d every day. This Karin will be divided and sold it. three parts. Terms made known on application 1“ the in Wrsijined, and possession will he given oi. •ho first dnv of January, ISf.L * \V. .1. CARTW i.’PJUT. Charlotte Hall. P. <>.. Saint Mary’s Countv, Md. August noth, ISO0 —tf. i BOtFDIfiGJCHIBI, r |'llE Misses 1 'ostium having seemed 11.• • services ol tit i*\[eriene<'d M i.-ic te.e i.ei ill noeive a !i iit tint mimhei of \oiuiii la,lies lor the -elndasiie year hegaa.iiig 1-t S< pt. , TMR MS P.WARLE HALF YEARLY IN I ADVA NEE. 1 P.oai.l and 'ruidon in all the o f an Kd;ie:ii*n per annun* . v 1 Mu' .- X oe.d A lii'iniineiit.l Xi [ > per <p;ai. I'rejteh , ! tali: n •" Spai.isli • Diawing atid l , ..:i.ting in Water (!..! a • hi 1* liming t“ '1 a* lit inns? fffenti -u will It- paid h> ti ie heal Pi amt e-anlert. f. el ev*i\ ehort n i ,i.; \.ri. e 11 o Mi' ial aJtd tut Heel nil i i? their 4 ipim A util ear \t •. ikwl!e r. C. M. Mary's Co. August Ist, W,l —if, K J . Nl< ‘ I• I V ! S. i.Fti. I*. TlloMA J. il. 11 A i: D I>T V , w mi. HEIM . XIC< I>EMI'S A- CO. IMPORTERS AN!) DEALF.RS IN ; fiIIK&DOMEffIC IMS. cr r.VKKv nt>i uir-riox, No. :;h;j RALTIMORKST. P. A L T 1 M U ll E . • M ire a Ist. I SCO—t f. Paint I’liiinli Woolen l-'aclorv. iWOOL: wool::wool::: ft r! ai.Us to tiieir tnni.i r ciistonter*, ami Uit -rin them, and the public, that tia*y are prepared to In.ilUll.u lUle V, I)< 11, into all knass of negro CioiuM.g, HUaketiilg. iVe.. Ann. iat .short: nolire. Toey solicit the v"m aw— iiLK-ral patro: age of Farmers ami Kianters having U < M-I. or in want ut sm h g .-ds. —

Terms ihera! and •■oint;.l ilti-if. and will Ire made kieo\ n .m ,ip, li. i(|..n nv h ller or •liiei Wise. (i.s*. \\ list in, of I ppei Marl boro Fume In tigv.' < "Untv. will reetire \\ hii nr .r*ters. The undersigned will call and get \\ ••< i when iioUtled. \V..Jwil! aio is* re*-e veil li>* Cmi.mission Men harts of ihiiiiiifie * r Was! ’ -gt- n at uir and e.ssls reMirned. AH v.elk wat ran to give sulislactiun. T* J KAWCKTT. Coiesvilli*. ,M..i fi,..|nety Co., Aid. il.kV iiU, .50 i 2a. * ' ‘ VALUABLE mam FAcrmixc won ::ty r*'R v tin hie l;iiw n t" 5 lUK TON FACTOKY ami GKISP Mll.l. pvater r|. situated #n ile Head Water*. *f St. Mary’s river ii. Saint Mary’s C“to.ty. M L, and enthracins three hundred and fjft v jK-rec .! fam?, is “tiered at l’ri\ tie Sale. ThU |*r..i*ertv La* * n it a STdIE HOI'SK, which is a 2<-*l stand f<r business*, HOTEI*, ( pWKI.LINGS. Workshop*. Arc. The pro perty will in* <**‘M nr, jur<wnni“tlating tern s, fur I'm liter particular*. apply to. THOMAS W. COUGH, Jv). FOUHF.ST. Fyouarc fovvu P- O. X..v isr.n—if. HOISKH TSON & BRISCOE, srccF.ssniis t> n. h. miles, iT Ills M STAND. 14*. W. PH ATT STP.EET HAI.T*Mo|IE fj, ! • 1 i'U,. T V Jf.-r •ini* -• rvirct t ,■ ~,,,1. it ; f *.d. - t TOfjrrf cmx. .n .1.. i u j i /‘*'".- I -;, j ! .-ii tin tiring elf. r?s to render s;cnsta*': r w.i.. may pair ?|>< p. LilnT..l ad< . r.‘l. - l l.lilc u* fOlH'JlilUllili. March JJnd.-4HU)— tf. A CARD. D ct* ii; r\NTi:i; irmij ! '.lt. —ft it- <'i ari-•:t- li.i-i. >*-sj<e f -1 . c ,. ! ! ■ >■ f■ set \idsf* l! ■ |MI• - i<\ lii* ..nice L that I'.-1 mn 1\ occupied i>\ !> r ,| I". Sii.i" , "In re he ran always I*. I'lind *ept \\ i.c; ir,fe*i<i:aUy II M KKr set'. — S;,j|i*u ;t!. u. M. I 1 r - ' >s..r ii Principles ami Pra - ltd- oi Medicine n tin - i him r.‘i|\ <•! Mai} land. Mrch Tlh U'm C4OH\ MKAI,. troll from ilio Sleani / Mill .f J. 11. Muddf^. AN. afn sh Mijij-ly "I* I*l 'ITKII, CHEESE.Ac in sjoj-c :tml for sale hy SIMMS A MADDUX. I>. c . -Jtuli, 1 Stitt. CHANGE OF DAYS T> TIIK PATUXENT RIVER. ' ' ON and after SATi’lthAY. Sf t Sn > ' •jK Is ] the STKAMKK GF.ol.'.i! J WKKMS will I- •a. e it.-t!tiiii<*i•• •Vi rv S Cl ■ ! II’ Ir! >A V liiernine at .VS.s-k f r tin- Pa j ■ mxei.t Kiver. llctiinnc. will Imve lln Lamiin;* every i t ■ I.S 1 *. i i.e.mine t >: .n■ >- 1 Intel,am, lesi\’in N'tHi' at I*J j f.i \',X -m - .lid having every V.T.h \ 1 .SI>AV tin<rnii*ir at Vh-ek I*r tV*liiiuoiv. , THF.nnollK WEEMS, M.ieUr. i IVlolur 10. ISGI —tf. | ■* The Steamer M A I?V W ASI il M iTON ; | I will le:i\e * ,- iv \\ I,DNI - SD,\ j mi.rniiie at o*elnk lor the Patuxent Kitvi ! ilef iirnitf*. " ill leave Hills I.amlit.S’ • Vl ; i’KIO.W moiiiiiio loi N"tlit|._'li:liii. Uaviii-I Nollinghain at I'l • ,eh>ek !•: I’et,edict, lea'* joe I’.ciH <2i< t ev. i v SATCUDAV morniui; it G ucl >vk ler laltim<.ro. M. L. WKKMS. Master '1 lie aln.vr Steameis will fall vt the n-u i f,ai linu' “ii flu* Kiver. al- at fair Havei n..1 Plum I’ ami retiin imr. I’assaee I . Fair Haven on Meals Extra. •• •• Phan P- ini I *>o. *• *• Pa tux 1 Kiver LoO, Freight reeeivil every 7 tituhiys owl I'n rtill/.v I! p t’> % 1 ‘’>l Oek . o inhii. loin, is;l —tf i:i >:\/:ss xotick. VI .] , i>prxmi< i> J* I.fpii t“ me on Tavern ne e,,n,.i will .-ini.e C irwaru an.l settle ila •..tine wiilnml delay vs i wish nil claims tine m clesevl f.iiliiu ith. I intend hereufttr ti d > •>. ‘ mvIihtHASH ••UMiiess and am dev-mim ■ ... . jve (da fr EATING. GKINK I 5 NO “!■ HOUSE I’EEO from the Isl otjmaia i V, IMil. JOHN F. PEN WICK. Prunrieior, Union Hotel F .unary Hvi!, l^CI —if. AI.Ht.KT rat-'*J. J.s M'Hte, A> TRE fi o k Mo\\ G A N . r it o i) v r n COMMISSION HUNTS. And Wholesale Deahrsin /. /qI OH S AI) C/GA It S No. 17 UIIEA PSIDE, nrar l*tatisi,. RALTIMOUI , H- Every tlej?rrip'i< n otcitii t \ PrmJtn entrusted to on lea r< ti i.l m i o r titai tinn. Apri isth ,185S —H • PROFESSIONAL NOTCE. Dli. IIKNUV C. KHKI.KX ha. rai.!m. liin OflMt- to the Law fithce Lt-ret• t t•. j "iYU|)i'd tty I*. I'Tcil. Mih'X. Ks<|r. lh ' can always l>e han.d, either at hU < like nt M*rt ’> Hotel, wheu not |troftfai**naliy mi* : jpise*!. ■ .lan. 10. 18'i!—tf THAI). K. IMtEUsK Attoney ami Couasrllor at Law. Git mini 7 >?r t. .s/. Mart/ . (\tnvtt, .)/-n ILL practice in the C..niM . Ai.. % IT nml *>li>ii-ine G- - nj.t ue. •fall loth, iH.j'.t—tf, JAMES S. DOWNS, AJTOKM - :' i o>l Xsl.I.I.Ol! .VI LAW, Leouuru Tturn, Si .Mary' > (n..2 t fi.. Will practici in St. Man hamlthi .n Ij**L irg .s.nones, fu. iUiu WANTED. 'pITT v i.'if? t<* l.w : ’<>l 5 RIKKf.Y V'lt’Vi NT.t.KoKS.oI l .*•!. f r winch {hr highest moke! prin swill !*e i-sio. Persons v. tshii j h'wli.w! nntsy t*'f -* hirer dnm Irt.*- rrc *s*rr t i r throng], the r?<* ! il u c -m.tio of the Slate, w ill luve *1 nil orders |iMiii('llji re>]M>n<|e<l in, lv •llresit.*— A LI.KN S. IKJKSFY. Washington ,1). C. IVU 2nd. 1 SCO—If MCRGAK, JfIMISBN&CO., tCIGAII MANUFACTURERS,; itSt n to 0. W. I>wvtr. A: Co.) , llUIMi: CRi AliS. ul ..ur **wn mannfi,.-- ! tun - . ••ooslantlr on hand. We* Wave al- • t a J irge stock excellent nt;-:\MN<; ami SMOKINC TtT.OACO; , SNFFF.Vand F\.NCY AKTICRF.S, Which we are prejsarid t iuruUli our fus ion..-rs mu reasMimble tortile. •tan. Imh iw;l—if. W A UGK WHOLESALE AN U , J. ISKTAIL STOCK OF I ALL AXL 117 A’ TEH Lit V COOLS, FOK CASH ONLY. ■ i IIA MI I.TON HASTEN A: CO., *. ami l*ff*nvorr *tr(rf, , ‘ NALTIMOKK. Have now in store, ami art* ron-tatifly •uldinir thereto. a lirje ami varied >t’ek ot FALL AND WINTKII I'RV HOOPS. • • mhraeing nrifrom tin* lowest |.* i!m , highest jiiiiT, ui ever* department of the . t lade. AV--1.l l rail particular attention to limit -;.ck of Roods for fanners ami planter-’ um*. such as o-4 ami (4-4 I - idled ( I<-Ilit Initciiii ii v Fluid Linseys and Cottons; Servants' Blankets; heavy 81-aehed and liiowii Cottons; Osnahurgs; Canton and Wool Flannel*. and indeed every thing re quired Iv tin individual, family, or tor mi van!s’ use. IMFOHTINt. ANI > IT-11CIIAS1N0 i -on ilic mo*! advantageous terms, and si:llixo fox fash oxl y, v WHOLESALE AM' retail. ! wi- are ellaMed to mat k our poods at Siteli ! nr'tt •** a- wid makt it tl.* interest of all to It al with us A n examination of our itoel; l*v persons visiting Baltimore to make purchase- i- invited. Sept. I*-♦:lt, lSdl--ow. i UMI. AN I) M l I) S 1 OUK 1 Ho. 3 Holliuiwortl St Baltincrc. \v?s. tS. ,sr, i to John in:ana ) WHoI.KsAM INI IMTMI nf.MIKS IN Mine. Hair. fVnirul. CAI.CINKP I’l.ASTi'.l!. Coit, Oats, Corn ilepl. Chop-Rye, Mill Feec , &c. Dee. 23rd. Ifcub—ly. NEW GOODS. JTA Id-:i> SI’M.IMNC liiisjimt rereved ..!• | i> ol ljie he> si-leeteil sl- eks ot l.iuiim iia.-evei had, wldeli hcolltli l*.*r salt \ei\ . ov. He w-'iikl call pavticulai attenli* t *u ki s!..ek L.i.oe.i’ (lootls, Wliite I.inen Can.liiie and SilV I* '-ket llandki rehi* fs, l Radies’ and lei • Kid ami l.i>U *i lo id (ilovee Rudies Mantlet and i'*>n t-. Ciutl.s, Silk ; Ve*fini's. Ve. April -JUlli. . —1 i | NOTICE. ALL persons wishing tu eoinmurnciitt n-itli MieSv ♦•Her . w tlldti# i tmoorr* ri-spond* lie. |.\ -u 11 1 1 o I’.i r iTot.-a, nt 1 arle; •ouniy. Aid., or hv <teaniM . Aieliolas. o ('loippel l*uint. <’linrfe* ron av .VR \V.\I. 1. CAAiIFLLL. Kt-h. is-!. I =.v..—H. i ~ “ ARCHITECT & BUILDER- fWVW. i;nd rs':g!.ed has tradr Mieii ' 1 intuts as will ei ai-h him to rxerute al ] work in hi.- litit* at HARTIMt *hK I’IJICKs will: pr.iiiij tr.c-ss and despatch. He solicits ; - all from Idr friend..- and the puMir. V. tJAM.M.irjR Li oiiafo iov. Jan.l’f-tl .1600—tf. I NOTICE. VI A VlNti jitnchasi-il the interest of Wn ’ ■ ■ V. laaeh. m lla. late linn of Reach A Hc-rl*-rt. I hrr>h\ inioim the old enstoniers l ofti e firm, and tin puhlie pn i-rally, I -hall -o] tinne 1 li.-ii.ti-s at tl.r I.M Stand, at lie II cad of .''’t. ( M inci.t’s I>;\ , and shall, l-\ -triet aitei ti. n to hn.-iness. i.npe to merit a i eorjtinuanc-i- i f ’he my liUial p.itrc.tiagc- x -* tended to the l ife linn. HKoimr. H. HKHiu.KT. ( Spt. 2**t 11, 1 Mo| if. iy.VM KS WIRKINSON. 1 GROCER & MB Ift its H I S. K % So. 1 '22 Dtijrjin’s W harf, B.ILThMOUK. cnret ir ti\ . ii hand a !n r "i- as-r.ri inentofSlVliKKiK K.tMIRV iI.OCI KIF..-, K -rnen and Doun-slic f.tqu >rs. Tohjrro. Si- Curs. Ac . whit h will be nulil at tSu- k>w>l -n.irkrt pric* s. iVodnee -f all kinds Hold on rointnisaton. I shall only do a CA6ii cumn-t**ioh r .o> Nw* -V-a, IftwO tf. IH. IMKEIX.. . Slock, Note, Dill A>'> Ur.'}. FVtxte RitbKr*. M n a LTiMote r KFUirsru. P ( U*k of flat* P, ft r I. non. Mrrl jiiirv’ r>r.rk, *f. M Cash. K.'uKlin Hank. Thofo** *L Ciwi, I’miikt r. Tli :>m> P -filiiioti. .1. 11. l Adam* War' iek. IVo k V Rail. 11. Mifkl*',• C;isTi I'nion Hank of Man lam? I*. A. I Vukvrr. I’ir. Marine I', .lohn*t , n Hro. A 0,1 . Ranker* .l.nsiali 1 er* & Co. fTnrh Jen kill* A Co. Young A" Catvon, \\ Ut. I’lnki-ej ' Rrtv.he, If aahirffkm, P. C. ; May •-•III., 180.P—tf. -. >• n L'JL D Eli' S MA T E 111 AL S ~ v:'.i la - * * ~st m- . v. *TI - f K^KimJS Aaf i n h^MmmBiIPBMWHbi f Tl i undersigned would res jert full i rail tM.n .H of he Hithlte 1., tdir large ns*.! t miln ..f /'#OH*./•/ /.V/s. SAS/f. inn ’i • : t'UAMIS. It IMtnW t'KAMh'S, V.'.lSt - i.oAI.PS. ( AS/.\ >,S. MiU l.hlSiiS. VA ’ • ri.HS. at, ll tui\ iif.M ri|.ii*ii of Mouse I ’nil* I— ‘png mah rial*, u hi* h they have eonstantly on • ' band ami is hit !i they < .ti hn iii.-lt a: ihc*nu. t . 1 O.'l li<>til't*. Tl.ov are al.-o prej ami t*> furnish at th* ■ ,li.-rti>t iiolirr IUA9IK UUlik if G'untry H i, t’miagea. ai nl Mihuihaa Jiesidi no i-. areoiding to any plan or desigi , ‘all ready ftiud to hr put up mi their proju.-- 1 11. files. r >rmir> ami * lhrr c . disirous of 1 uihUi £ ii> tin* rmn n v . w • •>.!<; lim. ;i in tin ir adiantu; o ! h\- *’ivii.r ns a mil hi-fort* pitreh...sii.g el - * m 1,,.re. us we are liilly |ro| ared to o vviilknll tli* iiu ft reasonable liMli.s. A"i| • oilaulages. nhirh weotVer u, preparing ..’I ilu- mat' rials ih:;t may hr t>e essai \ m era - stroeliug a I.olim*. will hr found t save fl •• ! i iliiilih-r ,i great deal ol vexatious delay .ml \pi u.-r. fix, >*• All i.nlt Tf h*ft at t 1 iir off.rr or a<; to th.fia hy I* l l \' :li rarrt v. ;ll pruinp ainl satiflair* i\ artnitii n. I MAI t. Ii I. IN \v .h *HNft N. ’ S>nw Phihiif/ Mill Si it h t’nrfnry. 1,.,5i Kails A\> uur, iwin I’ralt Street ItriiltJ* \Vare*<• iUm- No. •<’. k’ral* >l l i*et, *m \l ihmV to I'fllli .V MIU litll, Halt. Md. April i'.'iu, l.'. f CHAIR AND FURNITURE: ESTABLISHMENT. • \?' r K. A\iKti'.N, .\h.v. Ml 1 i t * > I Sin !hi 1 1 ■■ a t rn.h, in'. Si. ’ mill Ahirslf .Vurhl Sf o< • . Hoi i?* <rt. ito - t,:v"* si *n are r< < lust assortment of f ’aliiwt /•”.//uihirr in tirrjii, i* preparei* to srHn en artirl# mhn line nj • n the i..itst iitii-r ilaiio Hfroiv.inmJatiitji’ it rim. Having a Uni: experinicr in lhi> Mur of ‘ huMiirss. n* llaiu-rs Unnrl? that h-”ran ccn t !pi !•*. as to f\rt!' i.i-r ol ria I. hrjiuty r.T workmanship ami ranee ol pnres, H>iii a’ v e.'tablishinent ol ihe mit m i Ins tir any ow • r citv. Mis general >*,iui , k eniluaees a In!! ami ompleie .msorlno iil of /V/r/m I font'?.. Sn/n t 1 lou lnioi I ioiirf. S/n nii / I.iouizcf. ( Imtul i r rimf*. fini rm to. l>//irc on,l fiinlio, I n,, •, I'rriuh 'l'il, ,i- I ,!<■<, 5,11,,n. An,' ila, s, .l/o Hr,II ~ ! i,nj hlnuo’* i1r..01 every u* rieti ami He ha* atni on lim J fii'ifi'fiiol* ol his ow n nuMinlacture. wi, • h ran he pel o ami taken ilnwp rn H\<j nu i ntes. I’m sons ironi >l. Muri V, ivirhii U >l* ■ pijrchase Km tntnre. are rerpieyi# d i, ral! ; i d (••xamiiie his Stork hetorc ImVinjf*(El*e\viti r* !'•* sure to lim) the ri<_ I,t plpi • !< S,. !*i serum] .Street—\Var*loii-e with* fO lot rolit ami li’iild'ii" 1 Hit 1 b~>\l — 1\ . DENTISTRY. . IjnS 1 'Ns neei'm.n iln-Mrii.i* if r. f r -.- 8 rale i lei.llrl •i| i l cjo o.eli tori- p’ow IJ r. ;J imr.hM’l! W \ 1.7*0!% w; o iin N liea'iir.' imisiliiii t(,i i ill mi-m I, .■>- alii Toi' It. t• 11 levy ad the* ~\ hll.. lin I • Ir tl r l.e.t aid Town I’-rt t'fthe v .11 ret •• plot, pt attei.limi. Hu- lon,.- are rtnh. 1 Wa’.toti lius had rm.sjdr r ra' h xp in tce i r • lis pr- f' ssii.u, i- tinali rat* ir. hi. rharrs. ::> • I has ioiaii.ihh pivn .satirfartion to th< ve who halt- eiiitiloiril iiim !<• ifiv il r readers • f jl the /.<• <.)< -< O c sill a r I the still.(line ol 1 *f. v \V. u> a I'IJAtT It Al li’iN'l IST. -tl..* I j, ietii r. ;oliin r:i ii to in, i.\ Ir. N:n - ..u I’, I . S N.. is a|.| t iul| il; 1 . S N mi. A ~ T mv. At.% ;i*oi.Ts. M.-irvimni. I April 21. iK’.r,. ! l>r.m Fir • —Tt pi*.r me prim j-lnsvre -to , express the r< i.fn’er.n* I hare its y.iur s.kjlK ■ a I leiiliel. aini to rer> loti ei i] yi u. n far "■ T j hint* iiiHiifiirr, to the pMtinnapr of tl a )*vH !'ir. • I hare an op pi rim.sty of m iti.e**|i.g. \ < itr iiihlc al • .jK’r.itiini, anii have no hcpilMth n ".nr r edj,e of i .n pti j I J am, sir. iry respcctft.J!y {* i-lu dii nt •* r’ !>nt ( MM AN TTNKM’Y. i ; fury tun I". S. . | IT. Hantioi r-?r Wit r.w, Annapoiu. Apni 4tii, lbiI —tl. i '• ■ UNION HOTEt, I.KONAUH TOWN. Mil.. . 1 IOK S.\I.K OH HkM. ' f I’lni r-h-r ih., it M huMi.r *r, oPeih the T’NION ItO’IJ I. nr Pair ( r to-,if The Ih c.. Ftat ItT • tiiej IrtHih i, ff .im ii. , x.-elh t.I (.oridiii. n. 1 the >f:itii if- r jtj:i! !.r ou| i slt aui in sr • S.-nthrtn i..iinln> 5 the F:;.|o. 'i jfi.o is <w in U'-eipt 'I a very jf* fUt.otn, u, n-Ji •uM la* hirjitly in'Tpaecd with *ii|gi.t‘ cftoit. he..mlr..s, Uihliii and fmniuoe wpl i,c hi ..tiii the Uo4el. IhcTeihu will be d a lie dc tu Mlit the tune*. l‘eiou>- I.e --• •its in pu ichaairij' insi to veti. ii. prit jir a call p. *fce*,*Lu pueu mini ‘.tali!>. F 1” NM'K’K. .. Leonard /low’ll • Ji..y lltl, IScl -lf.

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