Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, November 21, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated November 21, 1861 Page 3
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IBUD WUM F°R YOUNBJLAO3£S. T.!l> Institution hs.s been o|*en*J f*r tl;- luilror’mii ~f jj-u’i/ - in T ih- Useful and Oruaniviiidt Rram/.e* o' lidu**a~ lie*. in which * t*• >r .>ll iri. a*.l arc .rat** tdge >f the French Luiguag** *il! be acquir ed with area? facility. The Teacher wim#* urmw has rMr ;t |. tended with tm:e C r,al sa’i.* faction, in th-v-.- Li’erarv Institution* wticre her se-*•;,-* have Wi. required, *u.i enn her muiMt drill in, endear wilug to brieg forward the Young ?n --trn >*•*>! to tier i , *ire. i i Li i:in the age? of n to cigh- j U*r. and upward will he admitte). Ibe Government "ill In? firm, ami un)i<>ld- ! ing. yet of the g*Mll**t character. Every bu:wr(ile means will lie need to <-re- < atr and sustain proper emuUdmi among the j Pipils. Prira-s will le awarded t** tie**** wh uuiitilVitt the greatest impr..\cmeui in learning ‘ and mnduct.! Music, r H V>m >i hiilv r\ rcise in *h.- ‘ Bch i*l. fliMriim<-nt Ai Mnhc Draw-i ,Ji. I’ainl- j ing and Needle \V*ik. I' am and Ona- I mental, will le attended to and (it i hid red) j dancing in prnvte Clause*, as a Moans **f iu- • parting ease and grace to ?’ <• rnai 't* maDamf, sniotfKOU Moortr, i Tcacntt Sept 26. 1861 —fit. i TiinusniNo ,i/.uv//-v/v*. I hare for *** the Hrlfn a TrifAt Graretl ( //*-*' t*v¥Vr ar.U W. W. 1 tinge*: \ t’.iVj Tktttker. trifh Herol-ing Snaic Currier. \j The machine i* warranted i render satiniac-!■ ti v n to all purchaser*. The pile* of R hm* | delivered vJ aty *harl In Bt. Mary ’# count*, * Jr * I Pani*.' f * areiavlicd to cdl at icy Store in . n*d Town and examine this T'rwhcr. I E LEO. SPALDING. >U' OStK, lbo~ rf. nl MBl K J I SIIINOLKSM PLORING. AC. | MjTTo invite the vtentu n*f our friend* an 4 j consumers, generally, in St. Wary'* and ; a*H -Jiang rminfic*; ta ur i!ib‘iuifc assortment * t.i >NO-ff<*./ nVIU'ING MA TKill A I.H. All parti*-* conroinnbuing the er*Tti*n :f ! lu*eUs||gs. Ban.*?, Ike., will find it gre>tiy tr. j their advantage to givcji* a cull, as we ear j full at lowest rates for i>h or .Negotiable pa K r - I<>>rs. Frames, Sash, Ac., furnished at Mill prices*. Njt Order* filled for Brick*. I/ic;c. Hair. NalU, Ac. No Wharfage charged on Venscls receiving Lumber fr-on **ur Yard. Carson, zimmermav. a co.. Wot >side Union Dock, Norfolk Boat \Vhar* March FOR COUNTY CLERKSHIP. Ttw friciuU of I)A KIEL T. MOTtf A N pre tent him to the votrr of ®* Mare’s comity as ;% candidate for Th.a of the tlirruit a: lh election in IKS, and '*>li it to his claims t di-pa-'siroiste considerutioo. SSor. Wlh. IH*7. 1 FOU COUNTY CLERK. I aononure royrelf as a candi*late for Clerk nf ‘.he Circuit Court for Saint Mary’s eou*ty. i 1 'wsiaTtrully stdicii the support of ny 1 fit. - U and the puhlir. , GEORGE H. IIF.BBFKT. , INOTIGE. 1 FOR WARN any and all persons receiving in paynu nt or hy transfer f**r ftOV considiTation whatever, a NOTE OF HAND f mine, with Charles Medley securi. fv, drawn paiah'e .lames Thompson, on tin l*t day of .lamiary, ih* sum of ••:* Vnndrod -tnd ten !Maia as I l*<M the %iid ThomiiJtm’a S*itf : (ur more than 1 **•• him. . EDWAUn F. TENfcKSON. Aug. lith. litf.l—3w. a M. N. MI NSK, a JAS. R. HERBERT & BRO. TOHACCO AM) PHODLCK COMMISSION MERCHANTS, N. 3)Orunt A iiOllftaiKswortl St*., 1 lILTIHOIt, MU. Ef.FEHF.NCEB. John Hopkins. Prestdcn iMerch art ißank Trueman Cross .CashieiCominerriuland Partners’ Rank. Oeo. \V. flawardfit Co., Baltimore. Duer, Nurrit &. Co., •• H. Hickley Ik Hrn., " PcnoimaD (k Hro., ” Whitney, rushing A C'inst*.>ck. Balt. DISSOLUTION OF COFARTXEK SNIP. r copartnership heretofiT existing he ■ tworu ti.c uioWrsigncd, under the firm and *tyle of l>*aeh A lierhft, is thU tlay ilis mUol by mutnel e*narnt. All persons in debted to the laic firm ar, hereby requested to come forward and settle their imirl*tednesH without delay Either parly is ant her. Zed t< aet(k the busiLCM l* the firm. WM. K. LKACif. OW ii. UKKBLRT, Sept, 'idth, 11—if. NOTICE. /VtlE undereigued begs leave to informelu* - friends aud th Public, that he-i* still at the OLD STAND, *n carrying .OU BLACKSMITH I NO, OCX. U>CK YiMITHINU. SHEET IRON AND STOVh Wußk—in short, iron work of all descrip Gus. such it* repairing CAKKIAG.KB, BUG ttIKH. HOOKA WAYS. CARTS. W.\GONH HOUSE SHOEING. FARM WORK of al Inode; *l*o REAPERS. THRASHERS m JVIULI-H. With his experience t*l 11 years u a Machine Rhcp. hu thinks that he can do an; k:n<J of BUclwmilhl Work from a kn*dPTo ai anvhAr. and nn.rtwtMwable ternis. New Wag ooa and Carte bntHßeaper than cayi b don •i any other shop in this place. HOUsEJ NUOKU at the ahrrtwt uvfcu*. / JAMES ArWATHR'iN. f. | J. H. IUCKETT, Slock, Note, Bill , AD rikAi. KuTAJ I U,KLk, 81 Str *, ) BALTIMORE 1— KUMRFIf r * . r. (ladder Hank of Rnlt. PmHitneert, j*'. R, F*nsh. M'* Ibu k, .f. IM. PtirV. Cash. Franklin Rank, Th.ttna* .T. j Carann, IWiArr, Thomas D. .T<*l I \dam. Warwick. Fr k A I*.all. R. Mick-*, , Union Rank of Maryland Dal ß. A. j Vii-V.rrf, Pro*. Marinp P,*? k. Minnon Rr’. & ; Ho. TtnrWor*. .I-Jah l.pp It (>.. Hugh Jon- I kin* Ac (In. V"iinj| jk ('ar> -n, Wm. Pinkijrv | !!.'■*. >kc. D. C. j May 21th, ItCU—tl. !, ! B&ILDER'S IMATER I A L S i ! ' \ Th* undersigned wan hi respectfully call tl. J t tt*ui n tf the Public to ; .rge hust’ 1 1 iiiffti *f L>vuUS, I’LLS'D, S. FAS/f. DOOti FRAMES. WfSDOW FRAMES, 11W67/- j 1 HOARDS, CtUijyOS, MOVED IXOB, MAX- I !'i L*S. and every ties* ri |.1 i*ti of flutist? Build ing materials, which tun have c ustantly or 1 hand, and which they ran turn .sir st the lnut j 1 I notice. { i They are als* firopared to furnish at the i 1 shortest notice Fl 451 K UOKK f..r I . ry Homes, Outages. and suburban j according tn any pan or design.! [ ready fitted to Lc put up on their prop s- j (**d site*. j Farmers and other*, desirous of building i i it; the country, would find it to their advantage • jby giving us a call fn-fere pm; basing el.*v-; i ahem, ns \vp ar*> fully prepared to execute ! work m the irost reasonable !urma, And the ! advantage**, w fiirh we offer ir pit.paring nil j the materials that may he necessary in ru- ■ a'ructinff. “ house, w;ii he found to save if e j Builder a great deal of * delay and , expense. j Xtif Al? orders left at tkeir office rr ad- i •lr**ssed to their. by mail wilt timet with | prulnp ami saltsfroii ry itliiti<in. M \ Uc; 11LI N A .1011XSON. >/cam Plaining Mill ami Sa>h Factor)/, Fast KalU A venue.neat i'ritl .Street Bridge : Warehouse No. s:'#, Prat* stict. Next 'tie-r t.* Penn A MU -hell, Bait. Md. | April l‘Jth, 18(>0- ly. CHAIR AND FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. \\’ K. A-NUtU.'ON. .Vi, |(i d i " * • Sc'onci Street between Frederick •'/ ’ind Marik Market Sj*u t. haiciinMe. Having the largest Ware ruur.i.s and :eet iiVurtiurnl (>i Cabinet Furniture io the city, prepared to sellevtr\ artn;h in hislim upon Lite most liberal and accoinn.odnting terms* Having iia>: i-- rusiues*. he ftstters Imasefi that he can com ijete, as to exce’lence ol ir.l*‘rial. beauty oi workmanship and ranee ul prices, wth any <iHhli.<hment of the srrt in this or any oilier ins gem ral xioek embraces a full am! rnmpleie assort men l of Parlor Chain, St-Jar, Rocking Chair*. Spring Lonatcn, Chamber Suits. Par room. Office and Dining Chair* french 'Pete a- ’Petes, Settees, Arm Chain, Mntt^nye*. Ranking (Unties <fr.. ut every va r>ri\ anl ue.<cnp'ion. 11 aho on hand ItedsUtuh* of hit own manufacture, which ran be put up and taken down in two min utes. Persons from St. Mar\’s. wishing to purchase Furniture, aie requested to call and examine his Stock huying else* hen !*,- surs' to find ifie right place Nos. l<*Si 12 Hr-cond .Street—\Varlou*e with 90 tec front and H largo Koldjrjnr d<)ura. August liih 1859—1 v. OENTJSTBy. PHRSOXS neediMg tf*e eerviccii of ?. first- , rate Dentist will d?* n-.d! employ Pr. , ( J. RANDOLPH who in tends locating hirmudf in tf.c village -f I.een- j rd Town. Orders addressed t him tf*r>u?h * the Leonard T*wn I'.i (>fT3cc will nc*i*c j pr.n>pt attention. lh- terms are cash, Dr j Walton has had conddercraUie experience in , hi* profession, is moderate in id* charges, and j has invariably given ti.*r to those wl>o J have empl*yd him. To give the readers *f; the &*ucoi some idea tf the standing of Dr W. as a HI A( TIC A L DKNTIST. the f-l-j lowing letter, addressed f t littn l>y Dr. Nintan 1 Pinkney, & S. N., is H|*|ended : U. S Navai, AraorMT, Amnapolu, Marvlatvd. April 2!. 1855. Dear Sib:—lf pive me great piasute u* | express the confidence 1 f.ave in y.?ur drill as’ j h Dentisl. and to recornmct d you. as far a< I have iuiiuence, to t)e patrnOAfte of tha Public. I have had an opportunity of witnessing ycnx ; t n ,,lie of |. intioti, ftuti !•> v wo tivlrt4> 1 j (farming that it exhibits yoar thoruiigh kr.o*vl j tiige of you professing. I am, sir. vefy repectfiilly yuaaci.u-dient servant. \ JSINIAN PINKNKV, j , Furjieoti I’. S. S. Dr. JlAKnoLFli WaLTO!.’, Auttapoli.*,. April 4th. 1861 i-tf. j ! i UNION HOTEL, TOWN. MU.. FOR SALK OK RtiNT. *V • I f|\flE subscriberlutrmlin® to change his * y iiosiik-w. i l.ers the b N T(IK I i OTI - 1. •|ft*r Sale or Rent The lf-tel. Blal.fis ui.d ■ luiihlings arc in excellent condition, and , (he stand is equal fr business to any in the 1 jSoutheru counties of the .State. The H<4el is Mfow i: receipt of a very gsd custom, which p mild be largely increased with slight effort, r! he fisturea, bedding and furniture will he i' ]U with the Hotel, The iVmis will la* f ib . a! and mode to suit the times. Persons cle j ou* of renting or purchasing air imiu-d to >* ve the Proprietor a call. I*.aMM-ssi->u given • mediately. JOHN F. FENWU K, 0 -% o-vumiu X J* U July Uth, Uttl-tt j “■* Ip GH AND 11j RETAIL STUCK OF t'ALL AX It W! XT Eft D r l V GOODS. FOII CASH ONLY. If A MILTON KASTKR & CO.. Nn. 199, tiOl and 203 Huh ignore jfrw#, BALTIMORK. FI.ITr now it: store, and j*r* ?onstan?!v adding thereto. a large j-'*d varied Mock *f. FALL AND WINTER DRY OC'ODS. enihraeing articles fron: ill**. IntrM to the • highest price, in every department >f the trade. Would rail particular attention to their ! stock *f Goods frr farmers and planters’ | u a e. so h a H 4 and 6-4 Fulhd Ch'lh; ( Penitent*. *ry i’Uitl T.insys and Cottons; i Servants* Blankets; heave Rlcsehod and t Hrtwo Cottons; Osuahnrgs; Canton and i W ooi Flannels. and indeed every thing re- j •pored ly an individual, family, or for ser vants* u>e. IMPORTING AND PURCHASING “on the luo.-t advantugeons terms.’’ and SELUXG FOR CASH OXL V, BY WHOLESALE AM) RETAIL. W are enabled ;,■ n:nrk our go**]* ai such | ptic a as \vi I mukt it the interest of all to deal with ms. An tx • miuatioti of ur to*.k hy persons visiting Baltimore to make pun bases is invited. Si pt. 10th. 1861~-iiw. WANTED. f CHP anVisoriher '*i>he- boy a lot i. ■ LIKKLY V‘l.\G NKGIttKs, oi h..ti •‘exes, for which the highest market j>ri* *s\til; he paid. PerartnsVishing to sell. %v*io mae ie-: see himr during hi?, present t-.ur through tin counties oi the State, wil* have then STIt r* promptly respond*dto, hy addressing— ALI.F.N s. ijoiish \. J Washiiighm .It ( . Feb 2-1. l?Mo—tf HBU. JUKI til. CKiAll MANUFACTtii’lilts, (SuCCJCffFonf TO C. V*’. JtWiKlt \ Co |)l(IMh ClhAitS, *1 ur <ovi m&mif' - * ti re, eonsfai.i!*. hat.o. We nave aft* ■. l'Te >|if k of e\ , lift 1 CMt*. tV!N(> and SMOKING T( I <.■*'• . SN ITI'.S a.*l F\.\CV Allill Ll>, we arc prepared i furnish o U r n toners on reasonable terms. • lan 10th ISO I—if. •I >! K AND FKEI) S IO ft i Vo. 3 Holliniwoxtl St- Baltimore. wu. k. viokcml.y. r,SUCCESSOR TO JOHN H EA .N A ) wMfi.KSAi.r am* ritati. draleiis ik Litiie, Knck< Hair. fVnirnl CALCINED PLASTER. Corr, Oats, Corn Meal, CkopTye, Mill Fee£,ftc. I)er.*23rd. lGb—. NEW GOODS. fA LFO Sl’ \l,Dl.\(i has just .J • of the hest .selected stocks of (i(!()I)h ie ha? ever had, which he ollere lot sale very • ivv. Me would cal' particular atlei tin*, to hi* .lock o| — Lii.lirh' Drwvs Gosls, White Golds. Lim n Cambric and Silk Packet Handkerehbfs, Ladies* and Get v Kid ant! Lisle Thu ad 4 i loves Ladies Mautto nd Points Oiutiis, r.i;s*in;ere Silk .tings, Are. April 2tiih. fSC —1 . NOTICE. A I.L persons vv ishint ie rommumcatr with me by etter . w ll*lre <• their cor es pen dr lie* h\ n <iito Por tTohaccr Charles uiiilly. Md,. or bv -Uojinirr St. Nicholas, > (’kappel Point. Charles eon ►t\ . d. WM. T. CAMPBELL. Fefi. 3rd* I£."0—II. $ ARCHITECT & BUILDER Fltllß undersigned has crade stirl. .irnnge- I trents as will enable him to everute nl{ work in hia li/m at BALTIMORE PRICES. I with pr<mptt.rss and despatch. Me solii its a all fr.ari Ids friends and the public. V. CAM ALTER, I Leonard T-wr Tan. 26th. 1300 —tf. NOTICE. ntVIMJ rjurejiasctl the iiitcres! . f Wm f laa. li.u; t|.o late lirnt of ti * fh-iK-rt I htnhv iotorm the old cnvtitnm of the firm, hi d li.e pnV.lic jj.-i erally, lluft ) shall continue business a* the o!d sfjtnd, at the Head of >l. (.h-tiaut •* Bay, and shall, ly strict atteiitinu to business. loj* i s merit : roioii of tl* very liU ral j atr< nsge >: tended t< the late firm II IIEIinVRT. 2Cth. Itfiil—ll. JAMHk WILKINSON. GROCER & CKMISSIDK m E B € H & H l, No. I*2*2 Dugan’s Wharf, BALTIMORE . Kccjif amstnuth *n ttatd a large assort ment ..f SL* PKKIOU Fa MI LY u iIOCLK IKB, Foreign not! Duuivsitc Litju *r>, ToWre. Ss cars, ike., wliich will he sold at the loutst i atket priees. Produce of all kinds sold I shall only do a CAfiH commissu**

Nov. 2?)lb. iS W-tL VALUABLE \fAXCFACTURING PROriIRTY ' ;* nn ?R valuhie property. known as C* iF ■* ms factory .i gukc y ll| • (water power j. situated or the He.* I U ; ~rs •if St. Mary’* firpr in Sa ; - t Jtury** c<>n i*Y. M<l.. xml miKa'-itijr xhm *tr*r iur><!nr>l .. I fifty a. ns i*f ’and s* rferesl .it Private Sa , Ttji?* property has on it n STniJK which is m a>*i stand f**r HOTKIi. :DW KU.IXGS. Workshops. &•*. The pns- I forty will !tr <**ld or, acrornn**ilatme term*, i 1 F--r |arti.'uUra, apply to. THOMAS W. GOUGH, •in. FORRF.ST. • lo*ouard Tuwn I’, O. Nov. —tf. kobkktson & bkiscof.! : successors TO h h. milks, AT MIS I OLD STAND. I4f. W. PI I ATT STB I.EI SALUMORE, RESPECTFULLY ffrr thir p amenta, t '■ r the s;!e of TO PAf'CO | fiHAfS'. aril all k : nd • f PRODUCE, Pl-dp ii / their uetirh ei'-rts *n render satisfaction ;to all who m;>\ j*atnttj>o them. LiVsral ail- i , (iittit* on I March 22n-S, 38*', 0—tf. A CARD. Dr.cro:: GI STATUS CA NT!'.!:. Lavittf located hiiuselt in I’harlott*- rlali. rc-j ect- j •ij 1} V < *fl ts * ; s | i* 4 ft*ssi>*nl s r vii >t> ll'** |nit>- i Mir. Hi- office i-* that f*rincily s*eupifd l> ,pr .1. P Shaw, ttlnw he ran a’.ways he 1 f<.mid except when nr anrly ■ ’ d. RkKK t;v vrr—Samuel * -hew. M. D. l*r< • ' 1 fes.*r .t Principle* .md Prictite "f Meduitu ; m the l’nvor*i* of M irvimui. Mar !; Tti; Ith’l —lO m CHANG K OF DAYS TO Til K | fATUXtNT RIViR. j 1 j r\V ami n'tcr SA/’('it D AY. SrfJm:l*r p -jS. I<;l the sTKAMKII GK( KG'- ■; \\ J!t'Ms will leave lO;tirior* ivery *SA I’- i i I’ll DAY ni'*ri:iuf h uc'Uh’k h*r the Pa j jf;x'rit River. llc’tmr.ins'- will leave Hill’s! I i every Tl I.SD.W tuornifc f>r N<*j- ! i t’H{.‘h:ttu. leavt iir Ni-tiii i*l am at 12 oVloek I ! f..r |.t ltd hit t ilt}' i’.et' hrt •< erv WF.D-J 1 NKSDA V in* > nit C 111 <>o’e!o I. 1 r Ihtllimore THKOIMtIIK WEEMtv, Maxtor. I Octobtr 10. 1801— tr. The Str \mer MAI f V W ‘ ‘ .y i uil leave IW'-wre V. D.KM> \ l j nn ruin* HI .. V-- h fnl : *•• 1 1 ->*■>v-..' lover IMnrnn.jf. l™'* H.Us ‘mm ] FRIDAY nmr ting f*i Noni*-*ain. navii; ' \ .ttirgh:u. = a l’- r IVn.-li.t, hav-| i,p He,..din SATCHDAY =*l 0 oVI-wk fer IGltirnonv j M. L WKEMS. M- 'r call at the usual TI o. V- ‘.teoirorr ~ . ~ r R.a’ino on the I"”.*]** ar K.ur Haven P*’i 'f anil r*n.i. u.if. Passacr t*K ,T tf tno Meats hxtra | o t. |oim Point i fO, “ “ j •• •• PatUJC’t River 1 GO. ** Freight every TvcaJay* and AO- ; I Jnyf 11 J to *i 4 clonk. | Octuin-r, lotli. 18t3l—tf CORN MEAL. frt*ph frntu the Steam- Mil! o: J. 11. Maddox. Al*<*. afn sh supply *f LT TTKR. j CHEESE.dcc in store and for sale hy STM MS i MADDOX, j i Dec. ‘2otc, 1 ytiO, I _ BUSINESS NO TH E. ,4 f.L nmu'f infilled t< me on Tn* frn r- ' mu in v.'ii* I’Miif fiirwnnl H.fl settle the' 1 R.nni* without deliy as I wish all claims do*, ire , , e|ftf:ril forthwith, i intend iiercsftcr to tin io . I •xdusive C AMI business hiuJ nm drterir.incd ; !to give Dt> I’ridr. for F.A 1 IN’tS, DItINK j ! J NO or HORSE fKEDfrom thr let ofjnnitii- . arv, 18C1. | JOHN F. FENWICK. Proprietor, Union Hotel January 3rd, 15C1— ,r - A 1 El. KT mO<i. J.b MOfi AI TRE r; O fti MO It GAM. P R O I) V C R COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And \Vholali Uealertin i / /Qr OU S A.\ I) C IGA It s \o. 7 CHEAPtSIDE. near Praiist., BALTIMORE fy dear rip. i r. ofci ui to Piodm j ...itruMed vi, ou tcirr.i .~ r j T j f ,, I l 'ion. | Atn 3th. 1 <*SS—II. PROFESSIONAL NOTCE. ! I Lli HENRY C. KDF.LEN has ovednm 1 M-P his Office to tht Law Office herctofutv i -ccupi illy Vi. Fr if M-dd*-x. Ksqr U Aan alway s he loiu.d, ritl er at hi* Office .* | M- rA ll jtcl, n*n pr *l€<sioi:ally en | 4 .!. j Jin in. ißi,i_tr j~ thad: k. tiTevass, 1 Attoney and Oiiunieilor at Law, 1 La ©ward 1 >wn. Si. Mary’* Confiitf Maryland i 11* ILL practice in th* O-tiruolSt.Marj* W ano a Ijo-ua.,* Countier. du 18th. 1859 it. JAMES S. DOWNS, • ArroKsta &oocNta.Lu i a', law. Leonard Totrn . Sf J/ory'* Co. JJd.. j Will prar-in in St. Mary ’tancr.uiad, *oi Iwittit:*^. Y*o. Ittb IM9. TUK SAINT MARTS* FBMAI.T: I SEMINARY , Tm n*xi I'tnurl sr-- ; on vri *! •m S \Tl’R[> AV. tn** !">h <l Sfpi. m-. ♦. *t. ih* divert;. i of \l-> LOT* Y 1.1 TfJII, p* t*i innpttl, by curp of it*i • and experienced T> j(Kr. Tn* co. J r-' of i >irurtin is .i thorough as • a* any other .a?! :, "'ion in trie country *p4 ni |es< thtm half t’-i* u*tial •‘rmw smo 1 stir v is 'liridfd into two term* Off five months each. ('Starve** prr term, paynhlr in advance*: or i p t hmnshes of a tht-rrtugh Fvrlisti education. including [Uurl, . Washing, Full, Ij-r’i*' v. d ?'• 1 ling, JTS.AO * Stationer?-2.r*C Tuition for dav pupil*.including luvl. 21. 0* , SKPaUATT BU.SCMr>; - J Fmr' . * ¥ t It.Ch,; sf>ic, with ♦>* use of Increment, 25.0 t 'drawing :*u \ Punt;!?", exclusive . j <’f m-'ter!:;?►. C.uf F*tntin;r in Oil Odors,exclusive of material*, *■ Ift ftc' For further inft/rmation*or for Circular.* ‘apply to the Principal. St. luiguor Po* i i Ofhee, Saiut MaryS Ouintv. Md. ♦ C. HIT.UNGSI.F.Y. Pr?tdnt of the Board ut Trustees. • August lflth, I >6o tf. PAIUXENT RIVER LAKU 0 R SA L . at pri v .!■ y'.h *• r , >, SAT-' I Ititi V. (Miiifr the t.'UiO, 1 vi’i j ! at puhl:i ,in iin* ili. ctiifOlAK* iLO’ITi: HALL, m. that day. the FAIMI ’ on vV.i 'h | ; o'v r°>iie. This F .rtn is situated m t’.r IVtuxcn? ! ! Ilir r. s *Sv;i“; ?Ut i-t:.'s ,f Mrs R. 1- i Thuma* ayd Maj. James O bin.-, rtnd cun* \ ONK TITOV SAND ACHES OT I.AXI' ’ Persons nishlng to purr base land ofsuj • rior qualry. win re g.*'d hca.’h ai d ail thrj >1... ‘aeits of the *.tcr are t ho had. ami rv.pi; >ti r; t . os it am. vs-onii'e the pre-mi*.*. ! •Steamers', lu ami frv>*;i Baii.i;;on, pa this t every day. Ti.i* Farm will he divided and sold in i! T“. parts. Term* made known >•? apportion to the nai!*‘rsi?jri*il. and purses.'ion will be givtitci:. 1 :hc .lay of Jann.irv, lR r *J. \V. J CAKTM KltiHT. Charlotte Dali. I*. 0., Sa ■ lit Mar\ *s C Jouutr. M . August SOth, 1860 —tf. BQtRBIH.G SCHEQI. 'I IMi Hisse < having ►i-riinij tlie , ■ sc-i if. sofan . xp'.-ri -nrud Mini-* teacl.t r , "til irevive a iiinited nnuiher of ynuisj; tadier ( t"i the m‘li**lirtic \ear St pt.jj I KUMh P..VA P.u; HALF YKAKLY IX J advance. |( Foard ai d Tej.}, n j n n ij (J.e o' an ! \ r.Mt’i-h K near,.,, j M r i Muka V.K-ai & ludrumei.-.;u per q „ ai . . r r* , t* O , L . j. •• J i Spai.irlj o Drawmj; aiid Painting in Water o.i.T- a “ r Oil Painting Ift The nlrn rt nttenti >n will l pnid IC-i iHe health am! nmnt.-rt, :*ud every efc'-rt made • * • idvance th mural ai:d intellcctnai vulture; it Unii pupil<. Addles*— SUMMr.nsF \T Oskvillr I*. O. at. M.n’sCrt. 1 Augnnt l-t, 18t>t —tf. sotici: | rgyiiK uud*:rsigne3 w:.-h to inform lh. ' M people of Saint MaryV srni adjuuni-1 iug counties, that tL> y In\r-just conplct*jd a l lUST CLASS UaILWa i. auu an I proj ared t haul Out wheels ot uuy ti*c, ' aud will UEPAIK. CAL'LK, <Vc., uo the' oioi-t reasonable tertnd. Prompt altenlion t all work, audijuick dispatch will be glvcu xu all The Kailway * v situalcduLuUl a quarter of a mile hum Leonard Town ol , a fine oyster crcck, where we will aLo | build SCOWS, litFs, or \ LSSLLS, it j reouireti, on the ioWf.-et terms H A4UUS, iNOHHIS A l oXWKLL. July 19th lsto—if. Fll*. J. FICr-niMr*. MIO. P. THOM.. ,J. li. H A KliLwT \ . V. ITU IICIM.XICODERUS A CO. IMPOitTK.JIS AM) DLALFKB IX mini Hunt LUSH. 4*y ?vuv UEfrCUirTtoy, NO. ibZ BALTIMORE ST. B A LT! MORE. >1 ar:i ip. ... . Paint Biancii Woolen Factory, wools wool:: wool::: TTHF. mbkCtiUn n)<tvtrn}ly tetuu their tl.aukv to their f*ni rr cufttitna-m, ti>? mi rm them, and the public, that they >rc ptvparvti tu iMonUlstrc V.’Of/L into ail kn ne of Ci> tiling. * WauucU. Binkettii|f. ‘Be*' S’c., a*, siinrt notice. T..c> koiicit li*: liSjtrnnage >t Farmers a-d Hlaufcu having vTiXL or in want of such gts-rls.-Jt lArrr.j. 'literal *mi afc.numodslttijf, nd wiH be ;uad wm>wu *n applcalir>r by 1*414T *w , other win?, V.*. V'd-tm, of Upjwr Marl* ! bor.i Prince r tctrge’s County. v. Af receive ■ Wool t orders. The undr*tigued vtU Gail ar.d get W.ol when nutibed. WojJ V 1 ! also | be received from O-muiiMtion Merchants of ’ Baitunore or Wnnhingn-u at our eu }•♦•*• and : ga*<ds returned. Ail wurk warranted tu give | * B kJ. FAWCTTT. M ntg aciy Ck*., Md. I M*> Mt. ItKl—2ia. op~oo-r\jrr!nt^|PP f IIIIR life firm of Simma d Maddcx la M il day t*'uwild by mutual poi>ieut, Pfran-s iudi>bfui (o sMu Keceby notified 19 ’Ui- f.rtinr ? Hal settle with Ororgf A. > s itK**u lir’av. a* !• u* authorized to .-tilic lav of the lulu firm. GEORGE A. SIMMS, - JOS. H. MADDOX’. &?*• SrA, Iff J —l*. B CSL\ SS&~AC TICS. ; r IT'HE nndcgnt having purchased the I ■ uttrrrst .f cHitmw St Maddox in fht cmthmu to rr!l at i 1,,c “W Miaud. and solicit a continuant* of the I my liberal pnt ro..aj extended to the late hrm. Thrv will kern i-.muts-H* ro a Ig <A assortment of *ood, and nil) *ril o* >u< h terms as cannot fail to pU foM > *U *dd i 1 it- tomers of the acusc am! the public ucn ;rni:y. GEORGE A. Jr F x SIMMK | ■** Lunacy c ' Md. 'jr~“ '•*—~.'J?iJjgu.--Zgesga^gyree I.UMBIH. SHINGLES, LATHS. CRICKS, LIME. HAIR.— SABII. DOOIIS ana fnxvTTnno, FORs.dc. at t| t * rtry Imre** /trice frC *SH T Al‘l*K(A tU credit. Reforr buy ing. call and sec -.n* at the >f Knt^v and German Streets or at 132 Jdpht Mh-c* Whuri, BsiUmotr, Md. KUKNB A- SLOAN. March 21st 1801—tl. NOTICE. '■'HE under* jjned has iu>t received a Imgc ■ supply of Ladies PARTY and BALL Go*drf c*':niiinj oi White and Colon J Tarlet*r.f, Ladi<-* whit** K*d Slipper La-lit-.-- White K.d Gloves, Ac. Sic. A Iso, lieftis \\ Lite K-1 j* itfi, Taury Tea, Gents' Fine Shifts, and Cellars. Ac. J-r. K. LtO. KPADDING, Leonard Tow a. dan'iary 3rd, 18*1 -tf. SEW FAIL AXh W/XTtRG^OnS 1 iin'Jeraisjnctl h.* ji*si rrti ‘fd frr-i;' ;!.e A City with the !a ttrrt.niiu lr selected pin:]* • t h Af.L,und GiVOS ever oiicitd n tlieriturns of St. Mary V County, com.htn<r, ( pari, of vary aupcrioi ijcality of I Itav y O n Servant* * rhvtlong, at **- most mode ate •rices—aian Coot* ii>u olihe (iimi! i.i> itenoal make, and heft material, llrndrv Clotrr, all kmtia uf'finv litrss .mods, for LiiJi** and l4eHtleiterj— * rarffuilv (elected, ar.d ***li assorte- stock of ready man* *■ 1 far Hired expressly to order, aod •ariety oi ar,.. ,e* ofaiiuoat eveiy kind no where •lae to •* iouiid H. ;!*county. He respectfully m * to IHirchuae, feal - ' *** i *’** l -o l r**it;h actjuaiuttuice with he city, nenta as will defy rompe'.itian. E- H. JONES, Chft/jTJ Factory. ly. 1118-WIFIFCIMY. ielivll commerce tny £*?iirp:. ♦’ ' e<z n, oh MONDAY hc I fit I; df"*tj •!* ir.- atant, !*enur,a who may d-V. r v.'t • p’’-t t h-h will consult their intc-roaf hy 'tno tit t rail M> teems are- ?*j p*T 1 .*Khe!—• ■ h and prr birre*. Vv a:;:?ir.K ‘s kijo-vu a* Krc!enc< (Jrtvn^ell's t near Hit* head of (.'tiekoUl'a C-r-. t-k. .M.-SKPII A. M-idILL. Sepl. NOTICE. FSiWIL &'*partiter-l:iy h-iet'.lm*- *-xii;j) 4 •* under the firm i.f COT'l iNCU.*.M U. II AUDI NO ie lilts day (Ls 1 ved i*v lutitni! m. li. IL-t£ :n>; L al;*r.e-.vuu. jr* ;Zl J sC’.lii t.. - . '.. * !" .* 0 a*'.... SAMUEL CO WM. li.lluT.Dil.G, JfaiUmore Jan. 1 IcCl - Je. Tr.a andarsiunctl, liav;r,y >:it i’ a luterei-t of-Hainuvl Ootti 10 oi the fi r:n '•{ C-jlungliaMi A: Hardin?, M'ri to rratte; cm J*i> t the huehutt in hie on. N.nnii-, —ai.d li<_- r- *f eoWcits the favor o| the friend, o the old Firta. j WM. U. KATIDING. MARYLAND AOoirt 11 ▼<<***•< wonKSi TO TV.L FARXIKHS OF SI. MAu l’ i. —I u-iuid cn*l ri*sp*ctfull> call >* :ir ui tetithm u> my Urga f IMI'I-!> XKS*Th. i ni m8 r .%facttjriHg and pr.- mv itiictitiii AjrfcuUural /••“*■ p'emcTr.'s than 1 bare err/ bnlora otter* d To the public— lUtso Powita and '4’fcn-:u-' t , Whcnt Fans, tru MUU, C*rii i PlitUgliS, Harrow*; (lidrivt*rs, a*l ‘ -.ur,y other article* to nutter, to* to meiitiun. I i can supply the Farmer v ;th "v. ry. /thii-a h xay y ant. With u?ard Wj ii.-rie P ra ► 1 would cal’ particular .•.trra*ivh a i : i i.d w f ff.uvs's mint: cuirbi* PQWBha, to V'jrk with ifr ifitM'.vt ftnttd. irAfcA art uo| surya**td fn Iki * or arty oU'.t.r 1 market; t*H mtd rt**|*?clln|!y imin-1; *+t wW are in wautt Macbinew i* r uic r. cl!, as i feel Ci*t!#drt; Inal I m. suit |.r j ,r --ebaser. I am utsfc'T k’h (X>!(N MILL \ \ •grii.duig C->rti at I!•*., Uh; i*t a jtu<>d.M< • has Isceji tcaUdi and pr<rMiinced so Xy .*p* - ricoexd judges. To thie 1 ask your *|h ci*l atte-ntioj. • ■*< 1 lender you my vinerre far ' kiudner* iu rtAoL-rt sh<ti%.ti me hwl a u> tinaancc of y*ur fav<.rs,.dcten>inKi U n.akn a strung sfiort to ph a all wlm fpv* ros tneir and--an Orders wid meet atu-n* lion by being ritn-cted to y WILLI All H. If AUDI NO. )30 Vra/t strut Iliur/, a*r s I Jfn. Its, Us •—ijf,

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