Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, January 9, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated January 9, 1862 Page 2
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SAINT MART'S BEACON LCOffJMID TOW % ID f THtfRI>.%T MOUim JAN. 9. I*€? WVmMHHBSKaMP To Correspondents ? “My Maryland." a poe*ie ronlribnlmn, by Ca|H Kamlolph Jones has Ucn ncsiv td and will he published Mi our next w- I MM. - *■*!* I Hi likMi CwOm Hrtf Wc do nut tiwgHMi from ourselves, not •re mm 4|*mc4 to disguise from our rea ders, that it *m the trim and purpose of Halo and Trumbull, aho hate taken upon ihtmseho to call iu question the high* handed act of President Lincoln in u pending at will the writ of ituhnu I'or piu, to break down the Administration in public opinion that they may nioru effec- Inally inaagaritto an ixtr tuc Abolition i policy in regard to slavery, wherever it . may U (umm). Heme inhering. aa wc do. •hat there rclf same gentlemen have stood funmoct in defence of every aggression* upon the Constitutioual right* of the Southern people before their secession and have since sustained by their voter ami , their eh quenec many acta of the Presi dent aa high-banded amt illegal as the out* they arc at present d*nmuring, wc can-1 not help thinking that they are now | straining at gnats and swallowing camels, j Nevertheless. whatvir the ulteiir pur . puses of Hale and Trumbull, we accept them in'a modified degree as allies of the , great Constitutional Party—for great it j already is and greater il is growing—which j is seeking to restore the Constitution ami ; ike law* to their original power ami eft eat-y and to bring to judgment all win* | liave trodden them under their feet. That j judgment Mr. Lincoln, do what he will, i ran never escape, but it is yet in bis pow- | vr to break bis own inevitable fall and the , f.dl ••Lids friends and to take the wind out ' of the rail* of Trumbull and Company who, as (hey are sailing under a black flag, are probably not a whit better than they i should be. I*et him make such repara . lion for the great and manifold outrages i he Iras committed upon the laws and Con- , btitutiou of his country ax may now re- , main to him. Let the gales of Fort ar reo be thrown open ami a general jail, delivt ry be had. that men, who have . been guilty of UO oilier crime than loving i the free institutions of their iiuiLe land • not wis ly but too . v*dL uiay l s|eedily ; restored to liberty and the bosom of their I families. For the remainder f hit term ! >f office, let all *•'..sU be h ipped, cxeej I ■ upon regular warrant. . Let no wan's pro- j perty be taken from him without compeu-j sal inn and in accordance with the laws of; the land. let the (Nirtali of the tribunals of civil polity be thrown wide open that 1 justice way be done, though the Heavens fall! In short, let the Constitution here- ’ after, and not feeling or fancy, be the j rule of liis action. In this way only can | Hale and Trumbull be checkmated. It, a* only by thus acting that Mr. Lincoln can hope to mitigate and in a measure dis-! ,yw the gathering popular justice which is rolling wi'h the unerring precision of geometry to the high (the* where he is seated, whose saered duties, never before j in all our history, have been so grossly j and so wantonly betray* das by himself, j It has not been forgotten, tliat pending I (he delivery of Messrs. Midrl! and Mason * to the British Government, the Maryland I Legislature, in the excess of a patriotic \ and heroic seal, and by a note nearly 1 unanimous, passed a resolution approving j the act of Capt. 'Wilke*, and (kat nothing a—(iug to rofitnn Her Hrittanie RNHaefUf the sentiments of the loyal -people of Maryland, they directed that the ‘ ssanjutimißshould be engraved—upon brass. 1 ondriilne.AHnd sent with the least powi- TBs dilry dr hrr la*ly amjesty. The en graving had scarcely been accomplished | Mun the -astounding developwent wws made that (he Federal Government was | Mt only unwilling to eland up to the act of our gtrat naval hero hut had determined to release the captive rebel commissioners from prison and send them on (brir way . se**i*r This determination of the Gov uwi placed our Maryland law-makers as- 1 aatljr her* the monkey had the hen.— They could not afford to By iu the face of | tbs Government or question its action, be- j sauas by thus acting they would bavesub- 1 jfeted their loyalty to suspicion, which is i • quite sufficient to break the heart of an honest Union man. especially if he has an •sets grind at Court. But middenly and , of —Boo afterthought to eat their own res- ; elution, brass plate and ah * The thing eras not to be drought of. Vet (his is precisely the hsp’toskkii Mr. Magnsdor. mho iatvkhfHly s.ndsGueV-umhpf by pro- • iesaion, has invited them. He torn offered Vftidcring the thunks a£ (he T the funeral fsr dm maimer an tstlnadi casm. apul Mason wsro onoanndepadL, and shs pliwealing Mr. Seward lor tho mgmi(pi> manner In whack he apulogiardP fur out apologising fcr the taking of .the two en- ^ — • -- ■ - vovs from the Trent Mr. Hammond aasells rath-bane in die dishes and will bare n**ne <f rfacm. Mr. Smith a** finds ’ something in llnir flavor that he canm* stomach. and sn tli*>y alt find who are . proper parties to the feast.. If they move forward, they are guilty of treason —if they move track ward, they arc guilty *f dishonor. Stand still they wav but this t * can avail them bat Utile. Neither pig n r puppy, they >ocnpy the situation ••{ being taken out one position withont be- , iuj? put into any other. Alas, pwur Ma r\laud ! T*w Ktn; l* sad to trace. (!<••'lt •!-;• from •olrador *o flirt; wr ; Kiiwopli—no fiTri-u (to fiHiM ju*Jt Tlijr awul, lilt train ilwil it fell. - - Got Hicks Mungo Wc. i**o, iii common with the Adminis tration Dress of the State, have a word of congratulation on the subject of Gov. H ick a message. Wc congratulate our selves that il is the last. Il is impossible to say what future evils Heaven may have ,iu store for our unhappy .State, but unless . it is given over to final perdition, it will never again be afflicted with another Hicks. We know little of our new ruKr. | Mr. Krmpl. and nothing to his credit. He is Ktmblie a man of exceedingly bitter fet-lingr WhJ of strong Abolition prr- ( . clivities. jk* it so. Wc welcome any t change thwl HU rates us< from the vulgar! < dominion of a Government pimp and iu-; farmer. Hicks is the first Governor in our ! hivtory that Mar} land has had occasion to ' blush for. He may not be tbc last, but tuHse lower than be can come after him.! His present message neither better nor . worse than those which have precluded it, ami, indued, there is a pretty strong fa mi-, I ly likeness between them. Wc have no-. . I iced, that ho is fond of referring iu de preciating and slanderous terms to those good, great and brave men who arc now , | suffering for Mar} land in Fort Warren : lie is not worth} to tie thoir shoe brings. : The best thing he can do fur them is to? hate them, and such as he is may all that ' ever hate them be. j _ - j Tb HMD-SUdtU Aflkir. i The wound that has been inflicted upon { I every true American heart, by the late aeti.-n of the GovVritmcut in tho Mason- , ! Slidell afl'sir, if not likely to prove abso- : | lulely itietirable. will eontinue to rankle slid suppurate so long as American free-' uun shall retain a vivid remembtanee of, j tiro bistory of tin ir ancestors. Nor, is l the question of legality dr illegality, on i ihe part of Commodore Wilkes, a matter ' - to be considered by the American people, j * The action of the gallant Commodore had ‘ | l>een approved and applauded by the peo-. i pie of the North, who rose up, rn imitse, \ 'to do him homage. Ovations, such a* ; might have done honor to Napoleon I, the I Iron Duke, or—or —even McClellan him .self, greeted him upon every side; and.: ! the heroes of Buintr and of Lexington : ! sunk iuto obscurity beside this new can- ’ ' didate for popular favor and this new re- 1 , cipieut of a people's adulations. And,! bad the matter stopped here, we should j have no cause to complain of the Com mo- '' dole's good fortune. But, a higher au- j thurify than the mnsscs at the North eu- i * *** • J domed his action. Congress endorsed ‘ ! ami applaudd him—the Secretary of the! ! Navy approved his conduct—and—and— : j even the Legislature of the State of Ms- 1 I rylatid gave its official sanction to the ■ transaction. F.ngland was to he taught. | onee again, to respect American rights, | and to be chastised for this manifestation l of sympathy with the Southern *‘rebel- j j lion." Her ships should not be used for * j the purpose of aiding and abetting the | ! “rsliels," am) she should learn, to Hit ' ' east that “we have still a Government." | i Here chart the first scene to this drama j ♦or Jaroa m anr mails nuniy. kest please*! i to term H. The curtain riae*. A few weeks have | transpired, and a special embassador from Kngbud has reached Washington. ! flh Govermnent. through him, demands, j in •* ntmt pmuuptoij manner, the uncon . diitonal surrender of Mctan. Mason and ' 9Ule)l and aa apology fcr the outrage committed in their seisure. Mr. Seward; j pent a lengthy response—apologitcs fw I uot apidwgixing—and coneludvs by “cheerfully” restoring ihu prisoner* to; • the protection of the British flag. .A war > with Kngland has been thus avoided, and Mr. iSeward is content that a belter p -j poitunity has been preserved for the sup pression of the Southern “rebellion." The scene changes, bias imagine an ’ American citixen travelling in Kngland or ;oh the adjacent ewstitimt A stranger to aH around, the taunts aitd jibes mi a tri umphant and arrogant prop!* must ercry- ' where grecubim The proud 4^o^ • Kagle has been by the British Lyon, to hit* jtfcc dust, mud pre- MtmptUut has ugnsjly rebuked. Nur will! the nmlhisg wtljtrc ~uf the Fr* nrib tiMMi he bus sja*ia|g **r olmoxi*us ibas KngtiHh Ldlyins, to Aha |*rnl <•!■ the rims of American liberty. Tho Dutchman, as he rwtpem bem the days of Van Trump and D* Ruyt. r. may awik-. Van WiakW lile, akco the A/di/nwi exploit of Wilkes '•ball reach kia, Imt wo h |ln A mcrieaa | who shall encMkhr the leer of ku eye, wlirn the sad Jimnlr shall be luitiu know*. Welter, Kay we. that the IbpaMic he sbuni of half ill dimension*—belter ■ hundred —slave oligarch!****’ 1 fiwe4— belter a thousand rcvdnti exist among ie. than this iuwlt to our National kunbr should go unavenged! Wut the Government mj, it had to right to detain Mrh. Mou ami Slii*4l, because their arrrM waa> illegal. Thi* admission come* 100 late. Why iWah the insulting ami threatening dr maud of I • real Untiau ere this error was discov ered? Why reflect ignominy ami dis i grace upon the American people, by .raf tering them to become committed to a policy, which, upon the demand of a for eign rower, U instantly abandoned? The Government may nay wbal it pleases about the matter, bat it* action will bo regarded abroad as an evidence of its wraknosa. and. viewed as sueb. cannot but detract from its frrstiyn and renown, as one of (he leading Powers of the age. Cigar Factory liy reference to our advertising IplraLk ( it wHI be seen that our young friend, 11. A. Jamison, Esq., has purchased Ur. J. Felix Morgan’s interest in tbo Cigar ; Manufactory, heretofore carried ox by H. A. Jamison A Co. The excellent character of the cigars manufactured by , the late firm, is too well known to require comment or praise from us, and m may add. that, under the sole management of Mr. Jamison, tbe old customers #f the , establishment, and the public, may have ' .no fears,of a falling off. either hi the quality of the cigars, or, in prompt and punctual attention to business. We bc i speak for the establishment a continuation : of public favor, and of (U patronage ex tended to the late firm.' The Prince Georgian. | The tir.-l number of this neat little weekly has readied us. It is published •• |by Messrs. Slay man k Co., from the office of the late /'tauter s Ait wrote, and . 1 bear* upon its face traces of tbe ability j • and enterprise that marked tbe career of that useful and popular journal It will | bn devoted, politically, to die interests of .the Slate, especially of, the Southern Counties, and should, cuts quently, re ■ ccive at tbe Hands of the public a liberal, ; support. We can do no more than wish ; for it the brilliant snceesa that attended ! the career of its lamented predecessor. j Tht lew. The war news B*4ll remains scarce. ! and devoid of interest to tbe general .reader. Affairs in the vicinity of Wash ■ iugton remain unchanged, since thesklrm- i ink at Drainsville. though rumors of a I Federal advance are more thaw ever j prevalent, and. we learn, arc n* with-; out voiue foundation. It t* reported ’at i tbe North, that the Burnside expedition |is intended for operations in the ttap | pahaunock, and that, simaltaneae with ; its arrival at its point of destination, a I general forward movement, along the line of the Potomac, will take place.— | |On the upper Potomac, a fight ie re ported to be now going on, between. ; about 6,tHH> Confederates, under, Gen. | .Jackson, and a portion -of Gen. Balks’ I division. The Confederates first attack - i cd a Federal regiment, stationed at Han cock, on the Maryland side, which, af ! ter a‘brief skinnUb retired. It was sub l sequently reinforced by Gen. lender's * eoqunand and a Urge ferce from Fred- i j crick, whilst tbo residue of Geu. Banks’ fuicc waa trader marching orders for the ' scene of conflict. Upon the arrival ol ! m greatly i auperior force of the Fed#- rala* it U likely Gen. Jackson retired. ’ and we doubt whether Hd affair TflMihcd in more than a Skirmish, and tbe dcs- I traction of a portion of tha railroad tbe * Federal troops were guarding when at ! tacked by Gen. Jack ran. * Report* from Kentucky, show that : there bus been no fusing, though, of ; course, a general engagement is thought its be imminent. Gen. PfclfcV force, at Columbus. is now rati malted at 45,606 1 men, ami be claims to bo able la Mil 1 tbe place against any Come tbe Federal* ; can bring against Mm. 1U fMlnfiaMt ‘j at that piece are said to be vdi con tracted and nameroue, and artillery is • reported 4o be rery abundant. ! There is nothing new from Miemari. { Fortrem Monroe or Want up Virginia. Late advice* from flat Boyul that there baa been twe skirmishes In that vicinity during the paid jretk. The first is reported to have lom * brilliant affair, bet wnm* 6JWG Fwfierala and two mqpammrft of fto&k ihraHnierr. Upon landing. It is stated, the Federal* were attached, a* the point ef the bayonet, and dweed to fall Ira* wider tha gwna of their ainypiag, mkk* Urn af 16 hil led and a prsprafowafeCtasinbcr wound ed. The Confederifa Mm is put deem 4 at 6 killed and aranrsi wounded. Tbe aecqrf aJsir is reported to hurt bcen^ brought on bv the advance of Gen. Stevens, with 4 SIUI men. and is said to have resulted in the rapture of none (\mfod* rat.* batteries after a slight re sistance. Tbe C’enfedrrates have fallen bark upon their (atifimtssH, which are ram to be tery extensive, ami to lc oc cupied by a force of men. nn dcr Om. Ppe. Gen. Elevens will not risk a further advance, until reiufiuw- MfsU shall arrive from the North. He estimates bis bos in the aeroml skirm ’ib at 6 wounded, among the number Major Wntran. mortally. He claim* to

be now within six miles of the Charles ton and Savannah railr*ad, about as far, wc predict, a* he will get. unless be re ceives a very large accession to bis pres ent force. In Congress and the Maryland Legisla ture. nothing f spivial interest has tran spired during the past week H e guess ( neither party has, a* yet, quite recovered from tbe blow struck at their importance. 1 by the late action of the Government in the Mason-Slidell affair. Me advise thi’in j —at least the Maryland Legialature—like : good ••loyal” eitixt iM to keep quiet, in deed. to take back all they have raid in praise of Com. Wilke*, utherwi-e the I portals of F.rt Waren may again be. opened, and, mayhap, another Maryland Legislature suppressed. A private in the iird Indiana Cavalry, | stationed in our village, was shot and quite severely wounded, on Monday night last. Insubordination to an officer, we i learn, occasioned the shimting. The wound U thought to be by no means > dangerous. Wc learn, that IV. Wiu. M. Abell and I and B. L. Hayden, Kq., have been re leased from * Fort lafayetle, and have j probably, ere this, .reached their respee- j live homes. K. 11. Jones, Eq , arrested at the Mae time, is Ire regret to learn, still held as a prisoner. A detachment of infantry, consisting of i the company lately stationed at Pibey j Point, in this county, left here on Tues day morning last for head-quarters in ' r Charles, or for some post higher up the County. •—— -••••—- ( t'rum the Wash i *yton Sot it > nut /'epuLliciin. FiNASi'iKKiN'Ut—The financial position i of the National Government is very sim- | pie. If i*ir nritkout momeif to rtirry on thr \ wor. of oy mfr y’ iatrrrtt nrh irk tkt j .trg ritkrr trt’U or unyltt to ply. Nobody* , will think of liorrowiug at the enormona ! ' usury a hick has 'Characterised Mir loans rbe tnc past year’. N* iiatum was ever I rich emsagh to cacry on tbe unprofitable | business of war at surb tales of interact: | it is not a thing to' be (bought of for a mo ment. I There ie nothing to be done but to is sue Government paper, not rr, hntu*Ut. but receivable for ike public dues, and ; trust to fortune and good management to make the best of it. Large taxation will prevent any serious depreciation, unless ; the events of the war take an unfavorable ! turn } l/tkr G*rfrmntf*l ißhnJc*H fsrn, not only tht tr*iMnrjf hnt nU forms nf th * I mit inn til iWdffdsoi, trill Urrautr mirthless. | That will be one of the results of a defetl 1 in the straggle for the Union and the (’on- j stitutiun. It is an issue which ie, nf j course, possible, although it is Hot- to be i anticipated. If it comes, *we must War it. j las we do other mis fortunes, the best way I we can. j In addition to being made receivable J | for taxes, tbe Government paper money ito be israed, will undoubtedly be made convertible into funded debt, at some rate of interest, and this rate ought not to ex ceed five per cent. That is higher than the-average return of capital in the coun try. and it is a* good an offer to capitalists as will command their confidence. I . •: Bi nsfinx's Kxpbmtiox.*—'The Wash ington correspondent of the Philadelphia , /*rem says: j Hurikstdes expedition, which will prob t ably rail within tbs present week, will be 1 followed by tbe most important results.— •It is believed beTc, in wdi-iufurmed cir cles, that its successful landing will be the ! signal for a general alvanec. But a short , time-ago,. Geu. McClellan inquired of Gen. I'ortcr in wbai limo be eouM move. Be , ing answered in twenty-four boors, be re- Joined that he **wialeil the soldiers' not' to • l>e ddUidrd into the hedief that they were • about going into winter qofftew. but to t kohl themselves in remlinew, as they would the Potomac, and alsa gfrra ua asstr—inii Of tbo terminus f the fcfSTay. 0 AyjiaCwO. *l wo CubM;. 1 — 1 bK Wk-O- s>d|wl. or bT i w -*l.** * . s 1• ’ How ratuKTin kw Kaos fan " Cwrvox.—diorae idea of fbr msnnsr joi ■Melt ilm CMtw jAMttn wfn, to ifc rccoMMiiAalka of Ac Ceirfkimlc Out the at New Orleans, ftrsm Bfi|. . M u lb* g 6,. !6tM. were eight bales. Thn huratpts for the same period, i. itwllb ha. TW Wtin ; MCtMffU UflH. have g.SfliS bale. ISm '**#*> for Om *pm # tg last year. Jtawa %N 0 Ma- Buta. Fax.—The Cincinnati Vn** t* lb the fidbiwlng g"d rridv bv Mrs. Jessie Benton Fremont, while on her iveent virit to the eapi.d. to frrr* I out the origin of the hostility which hod msnife*ti*d ilaelf toward her hudmml At one of ho interviews with 'tbe l‘r Mr. BUir. Sm.< Ml the P*s*Jauu4rr-t*cnTal ami rrank I . Blair, wa* present. Mr. Blair turned to Mrs. fWaiont vud rani: ••Mr*. Fremont, allow me to say to ran that iu iu) jinlpuiifit. madam, yor per place is at the head of your h.*-nd * household at .St. le*as. •* *kts inler uicdi!ing with the affairs of the Male I*, to ray the least of it. in very bad taste on your part. And iu conclusion. I wish you to understand that here is where we make men ami unmake them.** ( To which Mrs. Fremont instantly re plied : -Mr. Blair, permit mo to say > J™ that 1 have sru some men of ynt*r mak ing. and if they are the brat you can do. i 1 advise you to quit the business. i ' * A Goon Hit. —A volunteer and some ’citixens were talking about tbe war. at Kl mira. a fow-davs since, when, a difference having arisen. *mne jK'rwn promised to. is !tie it by taking a drink, -No. i.o . * said tin* volunteer. w not the way j to talk. You and all-other men. who can possibly leave Mine, should at once agree tu enlist. This war must be fought out and settled with all possible dispatch.-- ; Itriuking won’t rattle it; for if it Would. | our oflirtrs mniltf hare artHrtl it tony \ 'm-. mi i-ii. - i —i-w i itlarvifb. On the -'1 instant, by the Rev. kath ler Outing. WM. 11. MARTIN to ROSA L. STUNK. , Or. the same day, by tba Rev. Mr. , Hunting. B. F. GRANKS to JANK . WOOIHMHN. J ’ On the tith instant, by the Rev. Father , Catting. THOMAS ROND to SUSAN A.- liKA.V. j i On the 7th instant, bv same, WM. K. • RURCII to JANK K. GUY. ; 1 I j K*)NAIU) TOWN . i m FiCTHI. i HAVING pnn.loel tbs entire interesil **f, tl>e late linn .Umi*n Ss ( .. 11 hr ninleTMgnvil will conduct lh btuincs* w ith ’ prompliicsa ami energy. A lrje raek of rxeellent ClfJ AK-’ s *. niann- < | factored fr<*n the l>**t Tol*anru to lot oM tim-d j in tlie- iuarkrt, will he kept ouMatantly on , i j hand, and order* will be received from, ami: I j Cigars Factory price*, in either of ( 1 lire ruiitalie* ••! Prince Geoige, t’harle* or St. • j Marxi A (literal harc of the patronage ef the p**- 1 I pie of Southern Maryland i* earnestly solicit- | led for-I he HilvuMViiH-u*. of HOME IXIH'S- ( fTMY.hoseil ii|mhi the'motto ot large il with j rrasttkahlt* pr* fit*. * • • I It. A. JAMISON l Jan. Hth, 18*2—ly. - mssor.£t/o.\ • j aWAUTNKiISHir i *—: •’ l.ltMßft Tow*. | | Jan, Ist, I €’.*. I i r rF.CO PARTNERSHIP heretofore extj • isting in the flyar Manufactoiy f gan, Janiiscn * CJo., is this day dissolved witht aiutnal consent Uy rim undersigned, partiierf ia interest. All persons imlrbted lathe firm-' will please settle with U A; Jainiran, who is '' ; authoriaad tu receipt hi full. ' . 1 r J. FKLIX MORGAN; It. A. JAMISON. Jan. 9th. 18C2—2t. .’I I o aawaam’r' j IF AN AWAY frmn the suWcrthfir, lit ins | near the village wf Chaptico. a few dart f t stare, a fn.e nryro U.y namml lIKNUY f (ONES, whose time I recently bmighl of iV C. Raily. I learn that h* lain the loWtr uarf * of the comity, probably lurkia~ls*it Jutland,? thv property of ||. . S.-Kcy. alters be ln^ : rrlaliaas. All person* are fcaewaraed agamat harboring .vs employing sail negmlmy. ff i j is ralkrr Idrak. atcsqiea gotshhal.aiMl has an j awkward way of expressing hiin*e!f. lieu ' j alamt 20 year* of age. hail on wl*u he left a j suit of clothe* id white full cloth and a black hat. I will give the above reward for his ap|>relirnin and drliverr to tnr. i JOHN A. Itl RBOUGIM. Jan. tnh, 1802—gw. • . -<r rr ir- T --i ffip- TT - rm > ■ j NOTKTi i T ALKX. PRICE, residing near Gen. ! w • I looker’s lb vision and the Ueml Quae- I ter* of the ird Kegimsut **f Indiana Oavilrv. • will alleinl the COLLECTION OF ANY i CLAIMS against the GOTKRNMKNT that I j may I* contracted by the tramps u. Si. MsrtV t Address Nangemoy Pat Offiiey Charley t oiiuty, M*l. I _ Rkveekscks.—Gen. Walter MStcMb Port , Tobacco. fild;Bn. qor C c Brent. iHTti e ifsw/ s*’ 5 *’ I j . _ *~ v • 11 ” ’ f '’ itIWMI i OMWH.t 111.., ’ Amt Ormtral AgaUJi* (XUmt. ' WIU. ttttoMl I. te.S>Uli< of SI rbkns ayiinst this Gem rai Govern-1 A AH c*ammntinHlona> a Airraid to me at Lranasd Town will araiffwHl. pnrapt at-1 I ten lion. • j Jan. fth, 18*2—tf, a ■ •• *,.■**■ Yie-J --WANTED lb rnnrkrn prieea g wages wid^j FATTEPCATTtK -■ to i ■ rariianwEg, _ • . .. .ran ] lunßvuiu I*o Til K IjOVAT. YKOMANKY OF ST. MAIIY** I'll Alt I.K* CALVERT AN4HMUNCK iiKUKtJK’S COI N- Tift*. TfIK Hy the authority of the Executive f ll* Stair. propose* to r •- rruit the al*ve mention*! countie*, ulm> Company of C.WAUIY <*t turn) a a a portion of lh Muryliml contingent f, r til.- L'nilcd Stain Hrrviw. will* the pay. ration*, oounlh**. emoluments, *|tiip> incuts. cloth In* a* wlvuliiMnl in the ihihj. more papers. All yount and able-bodied persons. who wt-h to join, will report to mu hy mail. This is necessary U enable me tu entuhlUh a rent ml recruiting rm di-svoux where recruits can krywiirn in and ktit to Tamp for instruction. The friends ut the I nhm afr rojimti J to take round, in their respective localities. recruiting Hats and send them to me on ur about the lal of Ft hruary next. BANIHILI’II JONES AtMress St. IniyaV St. Mary’* en. M,j_ frnion paper* out of the county plr*.t copy. iVnc. rth, |Srt|—lt. ntOFKSSIOX AI .• rrutt. fiiAKi.Ks ro.Mits i •aving lo- MW rated himself at the I* UK A T M I h I. S for the purjM*.Mj of practising hi* prwfci*ioii can always hr found at the residence of J J. —\llstaii, E*p, wluu not profisrionally engaged. Jan. 2nd, 1802 -if. NOTICE TO CREDITORS NOTICE ia herrliy rivm iln*t tlo> unl rrn lrr loot obtained from tlir Orol.nin' Court *! Si. Mary ’% county in Maryland, h>. Irr* i(Nina||tary wii thr ratati* of James K. Cr.oof, l.tlr of i.\iH county, tit erased. All hat no: rlaims apaiust i|. r ■ait) 'dp-raced, ai* hrrrlejr annirti to yxlnbit the Muir will* lie |roj.rr oiirlir* thereof, In i|.* ■u*rrl*er, an *r twfore th* ISth'tUy vf Juh , |t*B2, otherwise they may n* eicludti) Wy law from *• II benefit of the said Milt, tiiun under my hand ihi 2nd day of Jumiurv, |S2. . WILLIAM WATTS. Executor. Jan. 2nd. nmenrs notice. BY the County Cuitmi*Min-*fa_. for Saint Man * County— , . Ol|)KI(M>. That ilturji IS. I>rnl. iM collector of Stair and C--mdv fair* in thi- ’J ! • lection district of St. Mart’*, •-oiintv. cairn: advertisements rxptrssiiig tin- mum* of the 1. 1--lowing -lowing tract -r parcel land, tin- aluoin.f •f fax*** .In** the ron, l*grlhr with th* nam* •I thr |>rr.on charccaldr f**r tin* -ante. In l-i inserted one.*. jut wvk for ami duri- g f-xtr stark* in the St. MiryV lira* on. a nrw W r published in St. Mary ■ county,mdifving. that unless the Stair ami e>nnti taxr*. dm* on il> * f|H lands, shall liepftid to tin* -.4i.1l late C I- Ifi-tor, within the ■pace of thirty days. al*r thr pnldii-alioii f tfr n><icr uforrsai-l i* **• u*- )dried, thr land* alWrat*l. or *in h partsthrrr rf a* may he br>*ort to ratsr- thr mm line Inrifotl, ahali !*■ **dd to the hiihh-r l"f fhw |tayiiHit of thr -aim*. I turner, Njiw l Uiml. lIMI. N| \Y- W., Snitii** Fancy, 236 irr, turn dnr. jrll T*J Hr oflrr. ti. I. SI ALHiNtJ. ' CUik. NOTICE i lrrrlv sjivrn. that unless tin* Stain ami C-Htnlf lair* dm* on thr Uirl* ah-n-sai-i. shall h* paid to ut* on or Wt>rr thr rini of thirty 4ay alter thr al**rr puMicatiou is ph*tn|, the aH lam I* .or *n h part* I li*t***l an tuay lc nti Hvf trv to raise th< sum due thvmn tether with thr cost of aih rrli-injr and Up*! VpTcawi, fkH **dd thi liight kl bidder f t flie p|t mud vf the -ame. .. . tfKOKOE 11. HKNT. i* (Vllrd-r I’or Tiy and Mi. iHc. Ilsh, IWI-iw. 4 * tmm notice. || Y fhf (;iii|ilr OiMiniiWis* for Saint if Mnni cotiniy— VROKUV.iI, That fJ**wgr M. IsJrm:ii . G-Urctoi of 4/ounty tax*-* in rim - *d elfcyipn dit|k*f pf St. Mary* countt, cais* itT<ttiMiiani npry**iit2 the name of Mir fd- R''plng f (act of of land,-tin* amount "f txea >IU tlifreoti. hufriher with the name ot tint {r*on cW*wU.' with tin- same, to h* IXiVyrtwi nlftr# |#r week for and lour wrfk* iu the 81. JlaryN 11-iicoii, a iis*>|a|*rr plihSeUf*! iu !k. )lar%** county, notifying tl“t ami Omnty faxes due -u tin* •aid "Half he paid tv> the asd (’ .llrct n within. t|> apaiw of thirty day* after the U(*at>un ut the notice aforesaid is complete •, tlif land* aforesaid <r *nrh part* H*rm>f ** may he neresaaiy to ralsr the sn-n dm- tln-n-on | •hall he. ail Mh‘ highest bhider fur the J) * meat the'*antf. i „ .y. jUrrnar. N*tte “f lsuJ. innl W. \V. lix. Suiter * Fancy. . i *p.,#liu. P** 1 By order, !• - **- ‘i \ U.I. SPAIJHSIr. ;. Clerk. [ imM*' 4|J‘ Si|rrr^ , jL that ualew tfc# -'ffiiftr unAtetiwH u the hid* rr * [ Mkid sWall h ward vm *m wr heh*rr the *** -r Hhrwhnn* jaW**Jt.< e>n t ddrl im mttAuwfeor di hf M ltM |v hr iurtKUrr > fwhn the mot thrre..*tot:e*h v with ltwns* *4 •M lcyl ininri, *h*U •• uIA 1 hadder ft* thit payiniHM of the K S*pny l) ia. -*, MmaalMHrsriit u *** -mm. wtict gfCKXS 4k BfOAN Vlun their **£*• IFthaUtla t* mo¥rnm*m t ‘.Vk 1 iiatronagr hr Bo* year past Ihe U.UnS^W IafUM lW* rwj ( ■ortt-d; and wc are daferwineJ W r / tls * i lwdhcanw>N l cwsh buyers. Apph' *• i ntniat inf Kihv au4Ccfiuau*tre* r • wr 8n . N . 8 4 I? . NJ ** m |;rltt*m i ' w i FtV

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