Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, January 9, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated January 9, 1862 Page 3
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ruOKDKi CNAlUllt 185 LOCATED COR. *r BALTIMORE 4k CHARLES Bt. UiLviMeat., Mu. The Lmrgeit, Matt Elrgmmtty Fmmltkti owd P*p*lr Cmlhg* iulkt Um'Utd Stmtft. lNaigd Expressly for Tm{ Men to olilain Thrremgk Prmetirmi But ttimrmtimm iu the shortest p—this tim •wj at tbs Ic4i ei|nM. A Ur; aiHi Beautifully Ornamriilnl Cirrn 'r.r.l,ui)„ rtCUf .w.d< of B<S SC4S Frrt. wub Speeimem *f Pemmmukip, a md a Ijutf Em tprmrMg (he Silent of th* lusot ever mad* in this .-ouuiry) reprecnntinc the View of the triili Catalogue sTHB terms, will l*e sent tottery Young Man otf application, free of .-barge. Write inum-d lately and tru will receive the packtge by return mil. Address e. k. Loaieit, Baltimore Md. January 24th-, |HI |y. rr.Ttrrny rott the bf.m oir or the i.s'sou k*\~t unr* or .xmrujrn, Circuit Court for St. Mary’* C,. i Much Term 1961. J OitIXCKRD liv the CVairt ilrat fhs> Creditors of JAMM A. MOIUSAN, a petitioner tor l?tr larJirllf of the Insolvent I .aw* of Ma ty land. W and ap|o*ar hefiire flnr Circuit Gutti |..r Sr. Mary’s Comity on the third Monday * of XotremlKT next, to show cause, if any they have, why the mml Julies A. Moreau, ahull i it**t have tlo" In-neftf the mM liw: pruvid a cqv of this order le inserted in the St. Van * Beacon iniit a week for three looiith . the miUl third Monday iu N>\imh rext. r.y order. ' JAM KS T. KLA K ISTf VK. Clerk. ; .Inly 2*lh, IHCI Sui. fill IK coiu missions for counts (!i w* rlc- : 1 trl imi die sixth day of .November last j were received and' filed in tllia OfK--* mi the ‘/iwl .\oveioler, ultimo. The CuiiMtiintion requires all persons elected to udi- e, Meriting | m •■ommiakioti from the State, to qualify within j dtiiiy day ’s after the commis-hui it filed. JA M iJi T. BI.A KIBTON K, Clrtk. Per. sth. 1351—if. ARCHITECTS BUILDER f ITMF. undersigned liar made Ktich arrange- ' I meat* as wilt *iwM him tu eirrHtr all work in Hie line at HAi.TIMOUK with prompt..t-ea ai.d despatch. He solicit* i * call from Ida frietida and the public. V. CAMAI.IF.It, Leonard Town ISCS—If. x 9 o f/cic^®. K. LKO SPA 1.1)1 NC returns Ida tbiikr to his auuieroue cut uuers for the I literal |<atMU> hr haa received frtau lln in, and pledges hi Intel f t k- ! j m CHOIC E STUCK UK titHl|) dwaya ou hand, which will he sold very low for caah or iu equivalent. *•' K. LEU SPALDING. • . v.Aptil 2nd, iHlid April Mil. l?f.O— It JAMES WILKINSON, tiCHI & CMHISSIBH M!E B (D B & M ’f, No. 122 Dugitn'it IVliari, BALTIMORE. Kee* eowatiu.ilv on hand a larse vnmrN mewt .<SI*PKUIOK FAMILY < i l!< M KKI RS, F*ir'*t;n and Ihnnealic Li*|ti**u, Tolacrit, S gar*. Ac., which will lie sold at the lowret aurtft prices. I'rotiaec uf all kinds o|.l on eovninisHon, I shall only do a CASH cowwiwhN IfIWM. Ntr. 2flh. 1840—tf. NOTICE. |\R. WILLIAM.S. DLAKISTONK. hav in>j Idnilni-iu Chuptic**. otters Ids pr*.- fcs<oiial serricea to the I'nldie, ami cat. al way* lie found, when not pr*d* asionully en gaaed, at llo*wv!r Hotel. 1 also retiii nmy thunks t* Mir friends in the nviolihorliotal of St. Clement f > Hay hr tl.rir finacr and will alwnys Im- happy to wait iu them at the shortest notice. Not. 28th, 1861 — tf. XOTICE TO CREniTOKS. NOTICE i* hereby given that the aubaerilier has obtained from the Orphan* Court for Sami Mary's rnnnty, in Maryland, lettera of j a Imiiiistratwn.on the relate of Elixu H ; .1(4111011, hue of >MMd o„ deceased. AH per- i on* having eluiiu* agsinat the au id dee eased. 1 ere hereby warned to exhibit fhe aanie. With me proper vouchee thereof, to the suli*crilier, on or before the l*t uay of June 1862, otherwise they may lie excluded by law from ail Iwiiettt of | the said estate. Given under my hand* this 2lt day of Nm. |HI, DAVID W. TVLEft, Adnnuiatrator. Nv. 91st, IHI- 4w. j * 1 UNION HOTEL, | LEONARD TOWN, MD.. VOR S.UsK OR Rp:NT. TIE subscriber Infendini: to rlitngi* his Nmimw, otters fle LIN ION HOTEL f..r &U or fieut. Tin* llidt-l. Ktshh-s and mWi lot dd in us see in excellent condith and j the .land is equal Sw business to any fonb* S.(tith<-rii i-onnties of (he Stsb*. 'l'lii* H*4cl i* now in receipt <ifs nry pd custom, which could he largely iiH-ft-ased aith dijiht rtf'it. j the fincres, bedding and furnilure will ht-i •old with the Hide I. Tba Terms will hr lib eral and made to suit the tioirs. ,IVr**us de . strous of renting of pmviM*ing are invited |o pr the l*r<qrit|uf a call- I’.sscsston #*eu ' ; JOHV* r fCNWICKi ; Lci*t4fd Wl nth, J BUILDER'S i MAffiRIALS I ■ mlb # ■* • i :k i i Tle undersigned w..tild res;>erf fully call tk I M riitioti *4 tlie I'hWk to their larife assort , uient ,4 I>OOMS. Bl.lXl**, SASH, hOOtt THAMES, mshOW PHASES, W.9BiU ii o a/um, CAHixas, Movuiixm, TI.ES, ai.d every description of House (luild iog watrriale, whk-h they have cmuluilly ou hand, and which they can furnish at the short cst notice. - • They are Also prepared to furnish at the shortest not tire ritAME HOHk f.. r ! • OuMitry Hmises, Cotiagro, and snlotrhan Uesidciicrs, according to any plan or design, ail ready titled to U put Up ou their prolMie- 1 nl Mtes. hanui-rt and others, desirous of latilditip jiu the country, would find it to their advantage 1 i !, y Bj r *hf ul • purcliaeiuß de whraa 4 it tth are nuly prepared to execute , wiwk ou tlie Ui*el reasonable terms. And the i advantages, which we offer in preparing all the muterialN that may lie necessary in om . •!fueling a lodise, ill U- f. nnd to save the . Builder a great deal of vexatious delay and uX|>ense. WST Allorilets left at their office ir ad dressed to fneiti Ity mail will meet with proinp and satisfaetof) attention. M A L’Gllid N A JtHINSON, Steam /Voiniog Mill and Sa*A fWary, j Fast Falls A venue, near I'rhif Stuet Bridga Warehouse No. 06. Pratt street, N it duor to Fenii A Mitchell, Bait. .Md April Pith, 1860 !y. • j CHAIN AND FURNITURE tStAj&MSHMENT. R. ANl)Hlsso.\, AW. iu k i j , • SouHti Sirrtt behrren Iraki irk Sire *itd Matrk Mdrktt S/Mtre, Uohimore. Having the lirceat \S are rooms and best ’ assort men |o| CatMuet Emr mitare in the city, ia prepared iu lellevery article in hisiioe upon the nioit iiiheraiand accuuimodaliug, to-ruis. ' Having had a long ex|H>rienc in this line ol . business, hp Hatters him-i It that he can c pete, as hi eXcctleiK rul it.Nierial. heuuty ut ’ worktuaiiivitp and rauge ol prices, wth any I *tt>blid(iuHit ol ihe sort iu this or any other . city. Hi# feHerai stock embraces a lull and , complete assortment of Varh* Choi it, Sofa*, ! IhtrkiHfi' Ckairt, Spring Lounge*, Chotulter ' Suit*, Hmr roun i, O/fice and hitting Chairm, ! T*fe a-Tetee, Settee*, Arm Chair*, j Mottrure* . ImoktHg l!la**e*. Ar., of everv va . rieiy Aihl Uescfiptu n*. He has also on hand , BahteAd* of hi* **wn manufacture., which , ‘*■l* hejMit up slid taken down in two min uiee. Ferrous from £i. Mary *s. wishing to k pdrchaae Furnilure. are requested to call and > examine Ids Block before buying elsew hen I"* sure lo Hud.(he right place Nos. !< k I*2 See.iad •Sireet—VVarloiin* with 80 tee i front find d lay re Folding dour*. August lh|i.|B.'&—|f. | DENTISTRY. PIKRSONS needing th* services of a fir<l .rfite Dentist will do well to cmplon Dr. |J. tIfiIIHILTII W A 1/I*oft. who in- ’ trnd4 hicating himself in the vilUge of la*<>n- • J ard Town. Orders addressed l# him tlmHigh ! lli*ia*onard Town Post Oilice will receive-’ ) prompt ntteiitioti. |lu terms Dr. j Walt "K has had cotiddererahle expcrirncc in his profession, is rns|erale in hi* charges, and . (has in variably given satisfaction to tlu>sc who ' have employed him. To give the traders o| • I the Heiuvut some idea of the standing of Dr. > I W. as a PIULTMv'AL DENTIST, the f..'- |: low ing letter, addressed to him hy Dr. Ninian 1 ’ r Pinknri. I*. S. N., is appcii(ic<); ( I*. S. Naval. Academy, i Assarous, MarvlanJ, ;l * * ' April 2*l. 1865. \ j ‘Dean Sir:—lt give* me great piastre to ! express the Conpdrucf 1 have in your skill as a 1 (elitist, and. It* /.ero(i)iU-lid you, as far as I , I have inllnence, pi the |ia(ronasrt of tha Public, i have had an •*p| M *rtunity of w itnessing your 1 mode of o|N-raiiwu. ann lmV( no hesitation in j artirining that iic*xhihity your thorough kuo*vL edge of you profession. 1 am, sir. very your oliedjeiit servant. !'* NINIATf PUNKNKV, - , . Burgeon L*. S, N. * : ' •i Dr. ISanimu.pil Walton, Annapolis. • April 4th, 1861:—tf. ‘ '* | ' . ■ ■ l. i ii LUMBKIt f ■ , . . 6111N0LKR!! ! FfsUfJNG, fif, ! | UtTR invhe the attention ulf ii*tir friends an ; | "Y cousutiM-rs, generally, iu SttJHLuy' an ( d>iiniiig counties to our cxrwiwUr JMwurtmen IHILJUXd SATimjALS. i AU particß contemplating the erection of’ | Dwellings. Barnes. Lc., will find it gn-afly t their advantage to give u* call, aa we can 1 , acll at lowest rate* fur cash or pa j ipw. J , | |b*rs, Frame*, Saab,. fire,, Tarnished at , Mill uric**. . , I Order* filled fur P.ricka, Lwne, Hair, Nails, ! i Ac.. ; j Wharfagecharprdu* Vessel* receiving, Lutuler from our Yard. , . ... ; 1 CAUSnS, ZIMMF.fI#AX. k 00., I Weal sidf l ; tikm Bek, j •W.4k Hum Start' Muck *•' . ISM—(f. * NOTICE, , ALL |wr<u* titMtel lo inf for Tor; lids year will pienit* c.ape forward and | xttls the same to im, or Gaiit, A. J. AlLlan \ ■in thirty day s. If not MJltlel in thirty days > fton) dale, I *MK ha Coiifel&l thtuvgh ce-. ct.wsity to odlect *w Im*. - - J GKO. M. IIOHANAN, Cut. of 2nd, Dint. 1 Nor. 2lsl. 1861—tf.' I SPRING OfXDS. A large supply of Rowasd Dnek, Pent- * tMiliary plaid*, kc Jtad received anil ; < fur sale hy Jg. AJCo. KPAJ4HNUf ; TIWKSniXG MAC FIXES. I have f'*r *lr the Pritom. TrfjJe firartd 1 Hmr I’otrtr and A'. W. Ding*-e A Co’ /> Tkr.*hrr, with RrnArimg Straw V-trier. Tlhj machine is w*rr*uted to render sarisfoe- Hi* to H pan-baum. Tbe ;>rie if 8 h<*r.r §•. : f >0 inch Hirmlirr and Straw-Carrier, •lilivffnl at any vltarf iu St. Mary'* county, I* SIH6. Farmer* are inribd to call at mr Store m lanmard Tuv* apd naninr lli* tlirwiirr. K. LEU. HFALDIXG. • * June 28th, IB6o—lf. - FOR COUNTV CLERKSHIP. . 1 The friend* of DAN J EE T. M< l i A X pre- ; sent him to the <f St Mary's omnfy a* 1 a candidate fr Clot of the Circuit C >urt a: , (ha election in iMibLond **4hit to hi* claim* Si dispassionate conshlrraliuo. Not. '26th. 1867. f '* - PUR CWJ XTY CLERK. 1 announce myidiff as a candidate fur Clerk •f tlie Circuit Court for Saint Mary’* county, i I 'es|*eet fully *4irit tin Mt|i]ior( of my i fiU ■■ !* and the public. georce ii. Herbert. . ■ __ D/SSOL CTiOX OF CO-FAFTXER . siiir. * . i •pilK copartnership existlnp W ’ • tween llie under tin* firm at*! style of la-ach A* Herbert, in this iay. dis rolved hy inutnsl consent. All jo-rsuns in j debh-d to the late linn ar. hereby requested to c-am-forward and settle their indebtedness without delay. Father parly i authorized lu settle the business of the firm. ' WM. F. LEACH; * GEO. 11. HERBERT, Sept. 2cth, 18G1—If. . NOTICE. 7H T. undersign* d l*egs l<prp to inlormehi* • friends and the Public, Hint. he is still at the OLD STAND,in Leonard Town, carrying on BLACKSMITH INC!, (SDK/ LOCK SM'THING. SIIKKT IRON AND STOVE WORK—in short, ir' work C all dcscHj*- i titmii. such as repairing CARR I AUKS. lU’t J i GIES. ROCK A\V A VS. CA RTS. W AGONS, ; IIOK.SK SHOEING. FARM WORK of ail kinds; also REARERS, THRASHERS and ORILI.S. Willi hp> experience ul'll years in ' a Machine Shop, he think* that he can do any kind of Rtu ksmiih Work from a kfus'dle to an anchor, anil on reasonable term*. New Wag ons ami Carts built cheaper than can be dune at any other *hop in'this place.: HORSES SHOED at the shortest notify. _ JAMES A. M’CATIIRAN. ' Blacksmith. 1 Jill 11} ll.lftC—tf. W ARGK WHOLESALE AND , li RETAILSTOCK OF FALL AXI) U7A TFH DFY GOODS, FOR CASH ONLY. HAMILTON'RASTER k CO.. ■ No*. UlO, 201 and 203 Tkiltlmore stmt, ' BALTIMORE, Have uw in *ltre', and are- constantly i adding thereto, a large and varied stock of , FALL AND WINTER DR Y GCOD.< , embracing articles from the lowyjd- to tin/ highest price, in every urpartmvut of the trade. ; TV-; ) Would rail particular attention brfhei* | dock of Gooda for farmer*' mid *phmf*rjt’- use; such as 3-4 and fi-4 Fulled Cloth: i Penitentiary I .Maid Lijisey* and CnHons; Servants* Rlauket*; heavy Rle-aclfdd -and llmwn Cottons; Osnahurg*: Canton and I Woti) Flannels. and indeed every tliinf m -joired by an individual, family, or for scr- I vanta*’use. *’* ■ • ; IMPORTING AND PURCHASING i “on the most advantageous terms,”/uul SI'LUXG POn CASH OXL K, nr WHOLRSALK AND RETAIL, we are enabled to mark our goods at such 1 prices as will make it the interest of all to ' deal with us. An examination of our stock by person* visiting Baltimore to make purchases.i invited. Sept* llhh, ItiGl —Car. WANTED. r ‘suWcriWr wbhe* to buy a* lot • : * IdKELY YOUNG NEtiROES, of 1 •exe*. for which the highest market price* will , Ih* paid,. Person* wishing (•> sell, who may not ae himr during his present lour through the SohtlieD counties of the State, will hare their order* promptly re>pondedt, by addressing— ALLEN S. DORSEY, Washington, 1). C i Feb. 2nd, 18IJ0—tf ■ i KOBKUTSON & BKISCOK, SCOCBSSOItS TO 11. 11. MIt.F.S, AT III* OLD STAND. 140. W. PIIATT STREET! R.VLTIMORE, ; Respectfully ..rer their , mm ar agent*. f.*r the sale of TORAVt’O frlM/A.wnl all kinds of PUOttUck, pledg ing their (inuring etlWts to remier satisfaction to all who may patronise them. liberal ad ranee* iiuwle on consignments. March 22nd. |gi;o—if. •• - i •■ - " i I.IMK AND FEED StOUE ; Vo. S Hollimnrortl it- Baltin ore. WN. R. VOV*fB. (SUCCESSOR TO JOHN HEANY ) WHOLES Air AXp BKTAIL Bit AI.EMS IX IdMey BricliO) Usair. friiarnl- CALCfNVD ri.AMTKi:, • i Coir, Data, Cora Kml, Chop-Bye, Will Feed,4c. Dae.ttrd. . NOTICE. ALL pcfoa wiahine tu communicate with me by! eater .iwLhrec teeircor respondeitc* by inailto Pur lTubccoCLarie* county, Md., or by sleamer St • Nicholas, oOiaapei i’oiot ,CkkHeßoui) . hid. W.M.‘T. CAMBELL. Kb. W. IBS9-U.’ ; ’ " . t Tr#J SAINT MATY’S FEMALE SEMINARY Tflß next annual session will r < r n ne

on SATURDAY, the Istk of S-pt*<in~ her. tinder the direction o| Mio |.nriY LEIGH, a* Primripmi, assisted hv a rurp of efficient end ex (rerienred Tewchers. The course of instruction is a* thorough a* at any other institution in me country, am! half the usual expense. The *rh*itasucyeni i* divided into l wo terms of See months each. - • Uaife. err term, payable in advance: or ill branches of a thorough I. English wlncation, including IWrd, Tuitmu. Washing, Fuel, Light* and iWdding, s7u.of- Stationery, , x.SC Tuition for day pupile.racluduig fuU, * * 21.00 • eerA.BATr. brakch.s: _ , v- o/;i r nnch, * - 14.0, t . Murie; with the use of Instrument, 25.00 drawing and Painting, exclusive 4 materiar*, * C.OO Painting in OH Cobirs,exclusive •*f material*. 10 00 ! For Hu therinformation. or for Circular*. •PP 1 )' to the Pnneipal..St. lingoes Pos Grace,Saint Marv's (oiiniv. Md.* C. HII.LINGSf.f4V. President of the Roani ol Truster*. Aug |pr,n—tf. . PATUXENT RIVER LAND t'Q-li SALE. tfta- * . ! BF not *ld at private sale da-fore SAT -1 r I KDAV. October the 20th, IMMI, 1 will i;otft-rat pnhlh- sale, in the village of t.TiAR i, LOTTE- HALL, o„ that day, the FA IC.II i uti-44ich I .now rc.'idc. 'Hu*. Farm is situated on J*e Patuxent 1 River, 'adjoining the lamls of Mr* K. L. ThVltnm and Maj. James Collins, ami cun • tahw , thousand acres of land. !•' wishing to pun huM* land ofunja Hor ipinlity, wberc gtsaj lioultli and all the 1 delicacies of wafer are to had, are , fiKjiwsted. to call aihl examine tbe premises. 1 1 Strainers, fo ami from Haltiiuoro, |Kus tliis ' land day. H- This J-’.irm will be ii\idrtl and sold in * j three * - -v- , Term* lilade known on to the utll**tigocvl, iuid possession will be gtvViioA ■ Iho first day of janiiarv, fßi;|. * W: J. CARTWRIGHT. Cbarlotte Hall. P. ()., Saint Mary’s Countv. Md. Augxst 30th, 1800—tf.. 1 r |'IIK Miss*s < ’ostigin ' having -seenp-d the .( * * services of an ex)o:rii a iiee>l Music leaeher i ‘ w ill-rcerivc a limitni iiiiinlier of young ladies j ff # year U-giiining Sept,** i f PA YA*RLE IIA LF VE.\ULV IN J.. tii advance: • : t ' Hard - *nd Tuition in all the*Wxnciies an I Englisii Education jH-r annum St*>o . | Mjasic Vocal & In-trumciitai per fpiar. " | French * ' 5 *• i j Italian- ** ‘ i> A ! Spanish 5 ; Drauing and Painting in Water ! .I t “ , tlil Pafutibg - -• * - • y), . “ Thy utmost attention will W paid to 1 tlje, health and comfort, and every effort made • io advance the moral and iiAellectual x ultun ’ •’f JhiHl’ * * AiJdrwt— . , ! SUHMERSEAT • * G.ikrtlh- P. O. r St, Mary's Co. [ August Ist,. 1801 tf. * . , • ... j; notice. j TtlFI undersigned wish to inform, the ' pß*ple of Saint Mary’s and adjourn- , I ittg counties, that they havejuift compldled ' a FIKST CLASS RAILWA Y, and are 1 1 prepared to haul out vessels *of any sixe, ! and will REPAIR, CAULK, Ac , on the moat reasonable term*. Prompt attention ' fo : all work. aml(uiek dispatch will be given , in all case*. The Railway is situated about ..a quarter of a mile from tomnard Town <n a fine oyster creek, where we wifi also build SCOWS. I*OATS, or VESSELS, if rdijuired. on the lowest terms HARRIS, NORRIS & FOX WELL. July PJth ISGo—tf. I- I s==s *" i i ■ n ■ ■ |:i • ' j. xtcoorxr*. oco. p. thoma i j . J. 11. IIA RUESTY, i • WITH. j . TIF.IM.NICODMMUS & CO. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN \FBUKI pififlC Ulil, *K RVr.KV HKM’KtPTIoN, , NO. 383 BALTIMORE ST. i - . RALTI M O R E. ' March .I*l.lßoo—tf. VALUABLE MAXCFACTCKIXG mo FLUTY ' : a®2B 3AU.28, > IVfllE valuable property, known as CI.IF x TON FACTORY and GRIST MILL ’ (water power), situated on the Head Waters of St. Mary’s river in Saint Mary’s county, Md., and embracing a Unit three‘hundred and fifty acres of land, i* offered at Private Sale. Thi* property has on it a STOKE HOUSE, . Which i* a gs*l stand fr bu*iio*n, HGI'EL, DW LLLINGS. Work*)>o|i*. Ac. The ‘pro perty will W sold acctenmudating terms. * For further patticufar*, apply.(o. * THOMAS W. GOUGH, ' ; JO'wißßrirr. l/iihard Tuw u f. O. , Nov. Uth” IfffiO-tf. • , i rw iMtarum....... , DIFFI 1.1 TION OF OfVpARTN ERSHIP. , 41 t fffT IIF. late fiim of Simm* it Maddux i* A thi day by mutual consent. Person ■ imlt-bt* d lo us are larvby nut i fits I t • jC*-me foman! ami etile with tits-rge / .Simms. leUy. * la- is autla-rtZ'| |,. I ktlllc the business 4 liie laic firm. GEORGE A SIMMS. * JOS 11. MADINI.X. Spt. Snl, iKMf. f BCSIXKKS XO TICE. I fBT HE maiersigttnl. Yiaving purchased |br -1 iutercst of Simms A* Maddox in the I Mercantile liustnc**. will continue to sell at Hi® dd stand, and licit a cvaituiuance <4 tlie 1 hlo-ntl |Kttronage extetaleil to the late firm. Tiirv will ke>p coii>tanily ( i hand a ! god axtcntickl of g<HU. and wiil all on *4i term* a*.cannot foil to please the old cu ntio-rs of the iioase and the public gen eral! v. GEORGE A. A F. X SIMMS. I a.-oi iard Town. Md SSeptcmU-r 12lh, if. - mi— m ■ ■■. , a.ji-'-o”f 'I • a ■■■ LUMBER, j SHINGLES, LATHS, BRICKS, LIME, . HAIR, I SASH, DOCKS and SHUTTERS, Ft >1! sale, at the rrnj l>nr?*t ;u in- f-r CASH or APPROVED credit. Iklorc buy ing. call and see it* at the corner of Enta‘t and German Streets *r at 132 Light Street Wharf, Haiti more, Md. RCRNS A SLOAN, March 21*1 48C I—lf. j " —————— : NOTICE. i • V. tindL-f*:gM*d has just received a large * supply of Lalies PARTY and HALL GtNHitf consisting ol White and Colored Tarletoii*,. I.xdh-s white Kid Slipper lanlirs White Kid Gloves. A'c. Lr. Also, *- Gents \N bile Ktd Gloves, * * Gents Fancy Neck Tie*, Gent*’ Fine Shirts, ami Collars. Ac. Ac.’ E. LEO. SPALDING, . Leonard Town. January 3rd, 1801—If. I X£IV FALL AX/) \VI XTHH GOODS i _____ 7"JYH E undersigned Inis just retimed fiom the X City witii Ihr largest, ana best srle-teU stork j f FALL,and WIN TER GOODS t\er-idlercd to (heritizens of St. Mary’s County, consisting •n |*ri, of very superior qvaliiy of i leuvy Good.- ; foi Servants'rlathing, at the most inodenii prices—also Roots and Shoes oi thc most sub! slantiai make, and best material. Re.-ides (’lotlisl Cassimerrs, ventings and all kind it of Hite dies* Goods, lor Ladies ami Gentlemen—a carefully •elected, mid well .stock of ready made clothing,tnaiinfnrlured expressly lo order, and a ' variety of artich-s ofalntoat eveiy kind n adtere else to Itefound in the county. He re*)ee(f|iily so lt< iis a call front those desiring to purchase, feel ing assn led that his thorough aerpisintanre with the business, re-*ulling from a long residence ip thecily, will e table him to offer such induce •items as ti illdt fy competition. E. H. JONES, Clifton Factory; Septembej 2'tth 1 —ly. NOTICE. FMIUK (Jo-partncrHiiy heretofutt- existing X under tli firm 1 (YITTINGIIAM h • HARDING is this day dissolved by. mitiuni i -msciit. Wm. 11. Harding is aione-autbor .ized to kettle tbe business of tin- firm. P SA M V EL Cl >TTI Mill A M, WM. 11. HARDING, llallimore Juh. 1 18U1—4w. The unh-rdgiictl, having R<ughl out tin -Interest of Samuel Coitinghnin ol lito linn ui ‘ (Vittinghain A Harding, will hereafter conduct 1 the business in his own Name.—and he moat r-s)**cl fully solicit* hc favor of the friend* o the old Firm. WM. 11. HAJ|DI.\ j. I MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL WORKS. f TO 'VUK FARMERS OF SI. MAH VS. —I would most re*)niifully call your at tention b my Urge assortment of LMPLh- MKVTS. 1 am man u fact tiring . and pre paring a huger assortuu-ut of[ A-jrirvltitral /m --ptfmenl* than 1 have ever before offered to the public—Horae Power* and Threshers, Wheat Fan*. Corn Mills, Coni Shelters. ‘ Dough*., Harrows; Cultivators, ami many other articles to numerous to mention. I can supply the Farmer with every thing he may want. With regard to Horse Powers I would call particular Attention to a fine lot of. VK/.TOXS TRIFLE GLI HKD FOIYKHS. to work with or without tmioi, whirh art nut *urj*a**tit to this or any other market; and I tno-t respectfully ' I who are it. want of Maclunes to give me a call, a* 1 feel confident that I can mli the pur chaser. I am making a CGRN MILL U.t grit.ding Corn at Home. This is a good Mill, has been tested ami pronounced so by ex|ic net iced judges. To this 1 ask your spe cial attention. I tender y..ti my sincere thanks for th kindness heretofore shown me aanl beg a con tinuance of your favors, determined to mak a strong effort to please all wlui give me tbcit custom. Outers will meet with prompt alien -1 lion bv Icing ilinrlui t> WILLIAM 11. HARDING. 100 I*rati dlrrel Wharf, Haiti more. Mil. Feb. 7th, ! ly NOTICE. I FOR WARN any ami all person* fpwe receiving in paytm ut *i by transfer f*i any c*nsih ration whahver. a NOTE Ol HAND tl mine, with Charles Medley set-wri ty, dravru payable t James Thompson,*n the day f January , 1862, h- the sum ol o*.e l.ntidrcil and tin dollars ($110) as I l.ohl the •aid Tlk>Dipsoti’k Note tor inure than 1 * him. EDWARD F. lEXF.RSON. All#. 16th. IBtil—6w, CttANiiK OF I)AYS ~ Ilf f ’l"* ■' r I „ 'RwTllpit ' PATUXENT RIVER. JS^ ON am! afhr SATt' &p!r*rr I*H. tHfil \U ftTKAMKR ORoRhH WKKJIS vi 11 liyvr lliltimnrr every SAT* IUIUY immiin* ti ill ••Vlock (c the Pa tuxent llivrt. will Iwve Kill'* '. Ijhhlh; (tj: Tl’KSl).\V nu cuiaf fr Kul* tineliam. KmvKiit Vi4iiiijfliaiii ;•< 12 i*Vlrtfk ( !h lienedui leaving Ht-unlki every WE|K ’ SMMIAV n* warns ti tiu rlrck K*r fliiltinptn. \ TIIROIKUiK WKKlt.s, MUr. 1 > Oi.iuUt in. ii—if, i a.• • ... ‘ 1 Tlt* ?Mtmrr ISA It V WASHINGTON will leave Paliinwinf \ry WEhNESHA V m< u H| o'clock tor the Patuxent River* Returnin'.*, will Kmc lirtl** Lauding every r’KIH.W ti*rt>ii*n I*4 .VoClinghnin. leaving i Nottingham at 12 .tVkck Kf Benedict, h*v in IV ixtiici every SATI'IIIIAY tinsrnisf | at li n'click Irr Hvlfitmire. M. I. AVKKMS. Mr.rfrr. j Tile *h< ve Steamer* will fall *1 the timd . oil 11)C Rjrrr. also tt tl#f Haven j iml Plum I*i*int y<ii am) retnri iu. ' , l*a*sa:d' t . Fair Haven Oil Mes*l> Extra. •* ** l*luui Pint I ;.0, •• M •* ** Paitix'i River 1.00. Kni(fKl received every Tttrtdnya and tri- Hayt up to 2 ii’clot k. 1 OctoUr. Ullb, ISCI if. A CARD. I jyk’TOß (irSTAM-SGAN'mt. Kaviiitf Kwtitrti himself in Charlotte Hall, res) weft-' trilly ofters Kir professional acrvicestofhe mih- H<*. If ti* "Hkv is that formerly Aenipird Ky Hr. .1. I’. Blisw. where Ke can alwavs (• f. nnd except rhcn professhiniilv eni'a-ged. RtCKI.IiKM I .—SiUimel Chew. \k It. Prf ieM.r mI Principle* and Practice of Medicine in the r.iirrrMiy of Maryland. Man'll Till lst>l lOiu •j ®D3iSIJtfJUUL, CIOKN MJ>AE, fresh from the Steam- J Mill of J. 11. Maddox. ! A Is*. a fresh supply f ' IIUTTDU, i'll Kl*K.&c in Mon* and for win by ‘ SIMMS.* MADIHJX. •1. Ikt. iMiiO. ursrxKss so tick. At.h. persona ii.d.eKtrd to m? on Tavern n*. ownnt will romr forward mid settle the .Willie without ilrluy an I wil till Hamls Hoe n> closed fort it with. I mtrud heienfirr t do mi tJr.luHit CASH i*iiiiii(M ami nm Hriei united • lo sue no rrrHil for KATENCi, DRINK ING or HOUSE KKKD from the let of Jut.uu- I ary, |htl. JOHN F. PEN WICK,* Proprietor. Union Hotel | January 3rd, IrtCJ— l f I ,4 m*.. •mm m , Alißl.Hl’ TIIKU). M - _ , .. ; —* I . TaK G O * MOUc AN. PHOhVVK COMMISSION MKH L IUS I s, i And Whuiesalt Healer* in L / VOIt S .IS I) clo.f It s, i No.Jl CHEAPSIDE. npar Prattst.. BAi.riMOHi: (CP Every descripiir u alrt tft Ui Piodur entrusted in ou tear, trj.lm l 1 i r <({><n linn. " • '.,-1. Aprii£th.l Sstf —lf. t , PROFESSIONAL NOTOE. DU. HENRY C. KhKEKN’ 'bf brninn liis <Mlir to fU* lav I tft'ire- -dierefotoro j*CCU|i(d 'l*y If, Fftd. Madilnx. • F.>|f. 1:0 ean always lie fottiid, either at Kip fiflicK < r j Miorir’ l!uttl, when nt eu 1 diili 10. 18til—tf , j . JAMES S.rSOH’KS, ( ATTORNEY \ 00l NSKl.l.f d; ATIjAW, Le<snanl Toiru ,St. ilttrif'* Cc.. }l<i. , Will practict in St. Mur} ’minitin adjoii ing ! counties. Feu. 10th Uift : ■■■■■ I I ■ M. 11. MKItCUK JAS R. HERBERT * KRO. toijacco ani> pisoih <;k COMiLISSIOX M E UCH A MS, No. 23Uraut k ni)llii|Motl).Xti.. BUVINoftj HU. REFERENCES. f j # John llopkius.Prrsideu iMeiehsnhliaitk Trueman Cross .Car,hi* .Commere iiilaud , I Farmers’Rat.v Qfo. W. Iluwinik Co., Raliimure. Huer, Norris f. Co., •• , | U. Ilirkkv * Bro., “ I’enniman & llro., “ . 1 Whitney, Cnsiiiii; A C*mslK*k. RaSt. mo ‘ 1 . h *■ BTOEF.N fr-a my Mnlh-i’* Neck, near I/‘oit.ifd ToWli. *h .Wlnej * 'day the tiiil. instant, a ’ui>iiit Ai..rc, j with flax<••! mane and tail, tupdiMMJ>¥f’■t'-ut -1 !Iv htiilf and lliotif 12 years ' f h; ve * t •'ecu informed that an lu the :il*.\e dex ripti u. w *-.1 Char lotlr Hall on I’te 14th, J> ; a. man, and, • fr.m hi? dnni|> f i>4i. lam *ah4h4ftil2t Kv is I lie | air iv that t*le Ihc marctri-ai mi* luK,a. I Mie nr;rti i> .* htf j itirliea in thin l.oeil, l a dark rl.onui n4or ami alnast 40 years of a|fe. lie r*pnrttilcd hiipM*if,* w!n ,in my rhood, ta It fits-, l-ut I ha*e *carn<<i his <! j.atluc l!.at he;.- -M|'p*a4*l to la* a runaway ?Javi* and pralaUv sd-le my I mare with u vi* w of in>-hit.y V.'aebtiijtiuu or one of the eitcnitii'iiiei.ta ill ilmfini t’•■Hill). I w il! iv* the r— ward K>r the .hdivtfv uf the stolen nt ilnal, <>r iii<eral c.>ui|*eiuaii* > ti tut !iforin:itk*ii teuJ* ’ iu to her wtfrmKxilit. KIrWARH IK\\.\.V. Leunaid Town, P. O, I . * Kd. . Nov. 2UI, 18tI —if.

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