Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, January 9, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated January 9, 1862 Page 4
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UKHRNOTICE. BURNS * SLOAN return their -fncm thanks It* the Farrow fur tbr libera Curouage f‘>t ib vrar P Thr <tock t'MOER i* larifit than •• am|o*trr *. Miftnl' mid wr afr drtfrißiMi! t*i oner great inducement* **• htiyera. Apply at the corucr of Eutaw and German street*,or at 182 IJ< r htstreet Wharf. g BURNS * SLOAN. It.-lftmotc, Md Feb. Jml.lW.A- * FOR CONST %BLK. J. F.DWIN ABELL announces himself a* a fo[ dictate for Con*iß*hle in Ltmnaid Town Die* fro* mi the in 1953 and ask* the siip poit of hm fnenif* nod fellow-citizens. Nor. 38di. 1-61. HARRISON EDWARDS, offer* hi in self to the voters of Si Mary’* County a ran didale for Sheriff at the next election. Nov. 9lt| Idf.l. &1(D STOLEN from my stable* in Mcdlry’s; Keck, ticar Leonard Town, on Wodues- ' day flic 1 Jih instant, a blight Sorrel M-re, ' with llaxed mane and tail, medium size, stout I) built and ab..ui 12 years of age. I have ! been informed that an animal, answering to ( the above dracripli'*). was ridden past Char- : !< ttc Hall oil the 14th. by a negro man, and, fr<*ni his description, I am satisfied that he is the parly that *bde the mare from my stables. Tle negro in 5 feet C inches in height, thin faced, of a dark chesnut color and aU>ut 40 years of age lie rep rex •.tl himself. when ; in my neighnorhootl. to Ikj frin*, but I have j learned since his departin' that heir suppled ■ to be a runaway slave and probably stole my j mare with a view of leaching Washington or potue one of the Federal encampment* in Cbarie* County. I will give the aluve re ward for the ilelivery of the stolen animal, or liliera) coni|*enralioii for information lead ing to her whereabouts. EDWARD DOWNS. Leonard Town, P. O* Md. Nov. 21st, 18GI—tf. FOR SHERIFF. * 1 PHILIP H. DORSEY, thankful to hi. fnendM and the nnlihc for ihe anpport he re ceived hi the late election offers himself again u. n candidate lor Sheriff and solicits the voles of hi. fellow-citizen, of St. Mary ’* county at the mxt election. Nov ttlai, ItfSl. NOTICE. DR WILLIAMS. BLAK (STONE, har ing located in Chaptico, idlers his pro fessional service* to the Public, and can al ways bo found, when, not proli sMonally en gaged, at Boswell's Hotel, i also rutinn my thanks In my friends in the niighlsirhoud ol St. ClemeHl’s Bay lor their former patronage, and will always be happy to wait on them at the shortest notice. Nov. 28lli, 1801—tf. .VOTICE TO CREDITORS. NOTICE in hereby given that the auhacriber tins obtained from the Orphans Court for Smut Alary county, in Alnryituid. teller, ol diiiiin.lri(ioii,*li th = -ersoiiiil estate ol Klizh H Johii.nn, hue of Maid co., deceased. Ail per oua having claim, as/insl the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the proper vouches thereof, (o the subscriber, on or b. fore the Ist Uay of June IHti*?, otherwise they may be excluded Ly law frum l* benefit of the said estate. Given under my hands this- , 9bt day of Nov. 1681. DAVID W. TYLER, Administrator. ! Nov. 21ai. IHJ|-4w. ramp mm TO THE LOYAL YEOMANRY OF ST. MARY’S. CHARLES. CALVERT AND PRINCE GEORGE’S COUN TIES. THE undersigned, by the authority of the Executive of the State, proposes to re cruit from the above mentioned counties, oue Company of CAVALRY (80 men) as a portion of the Maryland contingent for the United States service, with the same pay, ratious, bounties, emoluments, equip ments. clothing as advertised in the Balti more papers. All young and able-bodied persons, who wish to join, will report to we by mail. This is necessary to enable me to establish a central recruiting ren desvoux where recruits can be sworn in and sent to Camp fur instruction. RANDOLPH JONES Address St. luigocs*. St. Mary’s eo.. Md. [Union papers out of (he county please Copy. Dec. sth, 1861—4 t. UNION HOTEL, LEONARD TOWN. MD.. FOR SALE OR RENT. THE subscriber intending to change his business, oilers the UNION HOTEL for Salt or Rent. The Hotel. Stables ai.d other buildings are in excellent condition, and the stand is equal for business to any in the Southern counties of tlie State. The Hotel is now in receipt of a very good custom, w hich could be largely increased with >light effort, the fixtures, bedding ami furniture will be •old with the Hotel. The Terms will be lib eral and made to suit the times. Persons de sirous *f renting nr purchasing are invited to give the Proprietor 4i call. Possession given immediately. JOHN F. FENWICK, Leonard Town. July 11th, 1881—If. HBHBBSHHHWLJ -.. 1. t HU 1 JLsi=lßg NEW GOODS. EX.EO SPALDING hasjust rccevedone * of the best selected stocks of GOODS be has ever had. which he offer* for sale very 1 low. He would call particular attention to his stock of— Ladies* Dress Goods. White Goods. Lint a Cambric and Silk Pock I and kerchiefs, : rdies’and Gee's Kid auu i-isle Thread Gloves . .d! :■ Mantlet and Points, Clothe, dies timer e Silk c.tmgs, Ac. April Rfith, ißc:—lT. DISSOLUTION OF CO-PARTNERSHIP. : f |IHR left* firm of Simms <€ Maddox i< p j J. thin d:iv iH-iJvrrl by mutual consent. ‘ ! Person* i:d-bt<l t* iu ate oereby to i route f.*twar*l and settle with Ge*>re A. * Simms. wiiliont delay, a* In* i< authorized to * x-tlle the busrtiier.J* i f the late linn. * GEORGE A SIMMS, •I JOS. 11 MADDOX. Sept. 3rd, 1301—1 f.. 1 j BVSIXKSS \0 TICK. e ifpilß nodenagwl. having purchased the J interest of Si mm* A Maddox in the . Mercantile business will continue to sell at 1 the <>ld stand, and solicit a continuance of the wry iilx-ral palrotujv extcmlwl to the late ! firm. They will keep constantly on hand a i good assortment of goods, and will sell on such terms as can hot fail to please the old , cu-lomers of (lie lion-e and the* public gen erally. UE KGE A. A F. X SIMMS. Leonard Town. Md.: : September 12th, I*o1 —tf. 1 | LUMBER, SHINGLES, LATHS, BRICKS, LIME, HAIR, SASH. DOORS and SHUTTERS, FUU sale, at the eery lowest jn ire f.r CASH or APPROVED credit. Before buy - i*g, call and see ns at the corner of Luta'v and German Streets or at 132 Light Street Wharf, Baltimore, Md. BURNS A SLOAN. March 21 at 1801 -tf. NOTICE. f|tllF. undeis.gned has just received a large ■ supply ol Ladies PAlllf and BALL; Goods consisting ot White and Colored I’arletons, Ladies white Kid Slipper Ladies White Kid Gloves. Ac. Btc. A Iso, Gents While Kid Gloves, Gents Fancy Keck Tics, | Gents' Fine Shirtc, and Collars, Ac. Ac. E. LKO. SPALDING, Leonard Town. January 3rd, 1861- -If. XK ir FALL AXI) WIXTER GOODS IMIE undersigned haa just returned from the City wrilh the largest, eno beat selected stock ol FALL,and WINTER GOODS ever offered l the citizens of St. Mary’s County, consisting •n part, of very superior ideality of Heavy Good* foi Servants’ clothing, at the most mndcrat j prices—also Boots and Shun ofthe most auhg j stantial make, and best material. Keaiilea Clothsp > Cusaiiueres. vestings atilt all kinds of fine dress j Goode, for Ladies and Gentlemen—a carefully | Selected, and well assorted stuck of ready made cluthing.uiniiufnrtured expresaly to order, and a variety of articles ofalmost eveiy kind no where else to be found in the county. He respectfully-so licits a cull from those desiring to purchase, feel-i mg assured that his thorough acquaintance with the business, resulting from u long residence in the city, will enable iiiin to offer such induce ments us will defy competition. F. I!. JONES, Clifton Factory, j Septerabej2"<li —ly. NOTICE.' rwi l!E heretofon* exietfnp under the firm of GOTTI KG 11A M k lIAUDING i> Ibis day dissolved by mtiltiul consent. Win. H. Harding is alonc-authur ized to settle tlie business id’ the firm. S A M U EL.OOTTI XG H A M, WM. 11. H AUDI NO, Baltimore Jan. 1 18*H —4w*. Tito undersigned, having Bought out (hi Interest of Samuel Coitinghnin of the firm ol Cotliugham A Harding, will hereafter conduct the business in his own Name,—and he niosi respectfully solicits the favor ul the friends v the old Firm. * WM. XI. HARDING. MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL WORKS. TO THE FARMFAiS OF 81. MARTS. —I would m*et rea|H ctfully call your at tention to my largo assortment of IMFI.E -MEA~rS. i am manufacturing and pre paring a larger assortment of Agricultural Im plements than i have ever before offered to (ho public —Horse Powers and Threshers, Wheat Fans, Corn Mills, Corn Shelters, Ploughs, Harrows: Cultivators, ami many other articles to numeVoua to mention. 1 can supply the Farmer with every thing lie may want. With regard to Horse Powers I would call particular attention to a fine lot of FKLTOX’S TRIPLE GEARED POWERS, to work with or without band, which are not surpassed in this or any other market; and I mwt respect fully invite those who arc in want of Machines to give me a call, as I feel confident that I can suit the pur chaser. 1 am making a CORN MILL for grinding Corn at Home. This is a good Mill, has been tested and pronounced so by cx(ic rienced judges. To this 1 ask your spe cial attention. I tender you my sincere thanks for the kindness heretofore shown me and beg a con- ' tinaance of your favors, determined to make i a strong effort to please all who give me their ! custom. Orders will meet with prompt atten tion by being directed to WILLIAM 11. HARDING, 150 Pratt street Wharf’. Baltimore, Aid. Feb. 7tb, 186 *—ly % NOTICE. ~ IFOR WARN any anti nil person* from 1 receiving in payment m by tiansfer for any consideration whatever, a NOTE OF HAND of mine, with Charles Medley securi. | ty, drawn payable to James Th(>m|oii,<u the Ist day of January, 1862, for the sum of ••i.e hundred and ten dollars (|>110) as I hold the •aid Thompson’s Koto tor mure than 1 owe bllU. • EDWARD F. TLNERSOK. > Aug. lit!.. DM2—Bw. | TttK i SAINT MARY'S FEMALE SEMINARY THR oii annual .eion will ccirirene on SATURDAY, the 15th of Sept#*n- U*r. umlf*r the dirt-riion ol! Miss LOTTV LEIGH, a* Principal, arsisred hr a corps ol efficient and experienced Teachers. The course of instruct ion is as thorough at at any other institution m me country, and j u less than half the usual espouse. The *h'>U*ti( yeai is divided into two terms of five months each. UiarfK, per term, payable in advance: • or *ll tHa branches of a thorough , English education, irrlndii g Board, Tuition, Washing, Fuel, Light* and Bedding, $75.00 ! Stationery, 2.50 i Tuition for dav pupil*.including fuel, 21.00 separate branciiks: : French, H.Oq i Music, with the use of Instrument, 25.00 'drawing and Painting, exclusive of materials, 6.00 Painting in Oil Colors,exclusive of material*, 10 00 For fui*.her information, or for Circulars, apply to -the Principal. St. luigues Pos Office, Saint Mary's Countv. Bid. C. BILLINGSLEY. President of the Board ol Trustee*. August ICth. (SCO—tf. PATUXENT RIVER LAND t'O SALE. IF not sold at private sale before SAT UUDAY, Octolierthc 20th, 1860, I will offer at public mlu, in the village of CH AIL LOTTE HALL, on that day, the FA KM on which I now reside. This Farm is situated on the Paiuient Kiver, adjoining the lands i|£ Mr*. E. L. Thomas and Maj. Janie* Collin*, and con tains ONE THOUSAND ACHES OF LAND. Parsons wishing to pun ha*c land ofsn)ie rior quality, where good health and all the delicacies of the water are to lie had, are requested to call and examine the premie*. Steamer*, to and from Baltimore, passthi* land every day. This Farm will be divided and sold in three (tarts. Term* made known on application t# the undersigned, and possession will be givtn on the first day of January, 1801. W. J. CARTWRIGHT, Charlotte Hall. P. O, Saint Mary's Constv, Md. August 80th, 18 o—tf.0 —tf. BURDING SCHOOL r|MIE Misses Costigin having secured the *■ service* of an cx(>erienccd Music teacher will receive a limited number of yousg. ladies for the scholastic year beginning Ist Sept. TERMS PAYABLE HALF YEARLY IN ADVANCE. Board and Tuition in all the branches o r an English Education jkt annum $l5O Music Vocal & Instrumental $lO per quar. Frt nfh 5 “ Italian 6 “ Spanish 5 “ Drawing and Painting in Water Col *rs f “ Oil pHinting 10 “ The utmost attention will be paid to the health and comfort, and every effort made ♦o advance the moral and intellectual culture of their pupils. Addresf— SUMMERSEAT Oakville P. O. St. Mary's Cu. August Ist, 18G1 tf. NO'l ICE. THE undersigned wish to inform the people of Saint Mary's and adjourn ing counties, that they have just completed a FIRST CLASS RAILWAY, and are prepared to haul out vessels of any site, and will REPAIR, CAULK, Ac., on the most reasonable terms. Prompt attention to all work, anth(uick dispatch will be given in all esses. The Railway is situated about a quarter of a mile from Leonard Town on a fine oyster creek, where we will also build SCOWS, BOATS, or VESSELS, if required, on the lowest terras HARRIS, NORRIS A FOXWELL. July 19th IB6o—tf. U N. J. XICODKXCI. OF.O. P. THOM* J. 11. HARDESTY, WITH. HEIM, XI GOD EMUS & CO. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN FHUHfciIBTIC utiu srtvsiir oEscKimov, NO. 888 BALTIMORE ST. BALTIMORE.* March Ist, 1866—t1. VALUABLE MANUFACTURING PROPERTY VQIB /WTHE valuable property, known as CLIF- R TON FACTORY and GRIST MILL (water power), situated on the Head Water* of St. Mary’s river in Saint Mary’s county, Md., ami embracing about three hundred and

fifty acre* of land, is offered at Private Sale. This property has on it a STORE HOUSE, which is a good stand for busi nets, HOTEL, DWELLINGS. Workshops. Ac. The pro rrrty will be sold on accommodating terms, or further particulars, apply to. THOMAS W. GOUGH, JO. FORREST, Leonard Town P. O. Nov. 15th, 1806—tf. I ROBERTSON 4. BRISCOE. SUCCESSOR* TO K. 11. MILKS. AT 111* OLD STAND. 149. W. I’KATT STCF.ET BALTIMORE, ;T1 ERPKCTFULLY .'Rer their rervires a*; ■ JRR agents. f<r the mli- *f TOBACCO I GUMS, and all kind* of PROD CCS, |4edg- I i ing their untiring efrU to render MtisfiPtimi to all who may p*tr*ki*c them. Liberal ad ranrw nmde on coiMKiimeiit*. March Sind. 1880—tf. CHANGE OF DAYS TO TUI PAIUXINT RIVER. OX and after Sd TUB DA V, S*jitmU*r 28, 1881. the STEAMER GEORGE | WKKMS will leave Baltimore every SAT* I’HDAY nmminc af 6| o’clock f*r the Pa tuxci.t Hirer. Returning. will leave 11 ill’s, landing every TUESDAY morning for Not- ’ tingham. leaving Nottingham at 12 ’eltrk I for Benedict tearing Benedict every WED NESDAY morning at 6 o’clock for Baltimore. THEODORE WEEMS, Ocluber 10. 1881—If. I, The Steamer MARY WASHINGTON! will leave Baltimore every WEDNESDAY 1 morning at G| o’clock fur the Patuxent Itivrr. j Returning, will leave Hill’s Landing every | FRIDAY morning fei Nottingham, leaving- Nottingham at 12'/clock for Benedict, leav ing Benedict every SATURDAY' morning at 8 o’clock fer Baltimore. M. L. WEEMS. Master. Tlie aU vc HMwaers will call at the nsual Landing* on the River. alo at Fair Haven and Plum Point going ami returning. Passage to Pair Haven $1 00 Meal* Extra. 1 “ *• Plum Point 1.50, ** M * “ ** Patox’t River 1.60. ** M * Fivight received every Tuesday* and Pri- t day* up to 2 o’clock. . October, 10th. 1881—if. { * V 1 A CARD. r|OCTOnGUSTAVUSCAXTKR, having . UP located hitn*elf ip Charlotte Hall, re*|*ect- t fully offers bis professional services to tbe pub- j lie. His office is that formerly occupied by Dr. J. F. Shaw, where he can always hie found except when professionally engaged. Rkfeekscr.—Samuel Chew. M. D. Pro fessor f Principles and Practice of Medicine in the University of Maryland. March 7th 1861 — 10 m (SDIBRJUIBiUL, CORN MEAL, fresh from the Steam- Mill of J. 11. Maddox. Also, a fresh supply of BUTTER, CIIKKSK.&c in store and for sale h? SIMMS & MADDOX. Dee. 20th. 1860. BUSIXfSS SO TICE. ALL persons indebted to me on Tavern ac count will come forward and settle ih same without delay aa i wish all claims due me dosed forthwith. I intend hereafter te do an exclusive CASH hutineaa and am determined in give no credit for EATING, DRINK ING or HORSE FEED from the lal of Janua ary, lotil. JOHN F. PENWICK. Proprietor. Union Hotel January 3rd, 16€1—if. AI.BKRT raxoo. J. test'll s TREGO & MORGAN. PRODUCE COMMISSION MERC I LISTS, And Wholesale Dealer mb LIQUORS AA D CIGARS, N 0.37 CHEAPBIDE. near Pratitt.. BALTIMORE (Kh Every deseriptii nol erui.trl Ptodnr entrusted to on f can n ill i< c i man tion. Apn 18th .185 b —if. PROFESSIONAL NOTCE. Dr HENRY C. KDF.LEN hasovedrem his Office to the Law Office heretofore occupiod by G. Fred. Maddox. E*qr. He cau always be found, either at hi* Office o Moorv’s Hotel, when, not prufcusionally en gaged. Jan. 10.1861—1 f • THAI). K. PBEUSS, Attoaay ami Ceanscller at Lav, Leonard I own,Si. Mary* County. Maryland IXTILL practice in the ConrtiofSt.Mary’ vV and adjoining Counties. Jan 18th. 1859—t1. JAMES S. DOWNS, ATTORNEY A COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Leonard Town,Si.Mary'a C0.,1td.. Will practice in Si. Mary’rand iheadioinin# counties. Feb. 10th IMS M. H. HtSltl JAS R. HERBERT k BRO. TOBACCO AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Re. stortau BMUiiweHUto.. 9 A LtlMStl, - REFERENCES. John Hopktas .P reside® tMe rchanf * Bar *. Trueman CrosajCashieiComwercialaini > Farmers’ Battle. . Geo. W. Howardk Co., Baltimore. Doer. Nrri* L Co., K. Hickley k Bro.. Peonimnn k Bro.. “ Whltuef, Cuahiug k Comstock, Balt- j ranssnixa I have for sale tk Vdttm Triple Gemrtd Hnr*t Ptmtcr ami W. W. k (>'* Irott TAreaJker, tcitk BtfAring Sirair Carrier. ne machine i* warranted to render tiou to all purchasers. The price of 8 b* •> power. 10 inch TkmcWr and Straw-Carrier, ddiveml at any wharf la St. Mary V couwty, 1 usj. :] Fanner* are inritcii to call at tmy Stew ia Leonard Town and examine this Thresher. K LKO. SPALDING. j Jane 28th, IB6o — tf. FOR COUNTY CLERKSHIP? J Tlie friends of DANIELT. MORGAN prc I sent him lu the voters <A St Mary's county as a candidate f.*r Clerk of the Circuit Court a: the election in 1863, and solicit to bis claims a dispassionate consideration. Nov. 26th, 1667. FOR COUNTY CLERK. I announce myrelf as a candidate fur Clerk , ./the Circuit Court for Saint Mary's county, I I*l -ospei tfully solicit the support of my j ki,-' Is and the public. GEORGE 11. HERBERT. DISSOL V TIOX OF CO-PARTNER SHIP. copartnership he*etof<*r existing he * tween the undrrigned, under the firm and style of Ismcli & llerbeit, is this day dis nlro>l hy inutusl consent.. AM persons in debted to thelate firm sr. hereby requested to oune forward and settle their indebtedness without delay. Either party isauthorised to settle the business of tlte firm. \VM. F. LEACH. GEO. 11. HERBERT, Sk-pt. 20th, 1801—if. • - { NOTICE SVUIE undersign* d begs leave to inlormehis * friends and the Public, that he is still at the OLD STAND,in fjeonsrd Town, carrying >n BLACKSMITH I NO, GUN, LOOK SMITHING. SHEET IRON AND STOVE WORK—in short, iron work of all descri|>- tions. such as repairing CARRIAGES, BUG- I GIES. ROCK AW A VS. CA RTS, WAGONS. HORSE SHOEING, FARM WORK of all kind*; also REAPERS, THRASHERS and DRILLS. With his expert* are of 11 years in * Machine Shop, he thinks that he can do any kind of Blacksmith Work from a kneedlt to an anchor, and on reasonable terms. New Wag •ns and Carts built cheaper than can be done st any other shop in this place. HORSES SHO.KD at the shcriest uotiie. • JAMES A. M’CATMHAN. Blacksmith.} 21. IPCf— If. .— j m ARGK WHOLESALE AND ■ A RETAIL STOCK OP FALL ASP WINTER DRYGOODS , FOR CASH ONLY. HAMILTON EASTER k 00.. No*. 109, 201 and 203 Baltimore th'tei, ! BALTIMORE. Have now io store, and are constantly ' adding thereto, a large and varied stock of FALL AND WINTER DRY GOODS, embracing articles from the lowest to the highest price, in every department of the . trade. I Would rail particular attention to their i stock of Goods for farmers and planters* use, such -as 3-4 and 6-4 Fulled Cloth; Penitentiary Plaid Linsoys and Cottons; .Servants* Blankets; heavy Bleached and Brown Cottons; Osiukurgs; Canton and j Wool Flannels, and indeed every thing re- j quired hy an individual, family, or for ser vants’ use. IMPORTING AND PURCHASING “on the most advantageous terms.” and SELLING FOR CASH ONL Y, BT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, we are enabled to mark our goods at such price* a* will make it the intcrcel of all to deal with us. An examination of our stock by person* visiting Baltimore to make purchases is invited. Sept. 19th, 1861—Gw. WANTED. - ” r IMIE subscriber wishes to buy a lot o 1 LI K ELY YOUNG NKG ROES, of both Mies, for which the highest market prices will h* pauk Persons wishing to sell, who may not me himr during his present tour through ih Sohthen counties of the State, will have theii orders promptly responded to, by addressh.g— ALLEN 8. DORSEY, Washington, D. C Feh.2nd. IB6o—tf nun Jiusntct. CIGAR MANUFACTURERS. (StccEsifcu toG. VI. Dwtxr A Co.) PRIME CIGARS, of our own manufae mc. constantly on hand. W have also a Urge itiek of excellent CHEWING and SMOKING TCBOACO; SNUFFS and FANCY ARTICLES, Which we are prepared le furnish our cus tomers oa reasonable term*. Jan. 16th 1861—If. LIMB AND FEED STOKE X*. s idUMMrtUt' Mtiam. • wa w. uoac.rv, (SUCCESSOR TO JOHN HRAMt) — n ■■■! ■ in >KTIIL MUSI IS Wrick*, Bair, Central. CALCINED PLASTER, Carr, Oala, Cara Xaal, Chr*ya. am its,u DK.iird, IM>—l>. NOTICE. ALL persons wishing to communicate with me by i etter, willdirec meir cor respondent! by mailtoFor iTobaccut'hark* county, Md., or by sleasser Bt. Nicholas, oChappel Point, Charleston nty .Fi WM. T. CAMPBELL. Feb. Ird, lr'9—ll. BUILD ER' S M ATEIUALS ■ B HI || jni/f J The undersigned would respectfully call ih It ention of 1 1* Public io their large as-orf ■ **' of DOOHiLDLIXDS, SASH, DOUR FRAMES, mmfiow Fit AH EH. \VJ§SU~ HOARDS UHSTSas,MOVUUXUS, MAS rues, and every description **f (lunar liuiltl >■{ materials, which llwy iuvv constantly va hand, and a bid* tiny can furnish at (be abut c eat n<4ice. | The)* are also prepared to furniab at the j short *t notice FKA9IE WO UK for | C"untry Hiue, and suburlieii . Residences, according to any phut or design, I all ready tilled to hr put up on their prop,*- i ed titn. Farm* re and other a. desirous of b lihlii.g i in the country, wnhl timl it to their ad ran (a; a I *.v giving ua a call before purchasing the J where, aa era are full}* prewired to execute work or the ov at reasonable terms. Aim! tha ’ advantage, which • idler in preparing all ! the materials that may 1 h-< miry in. con structing a house. will be found to save the Builder a great deal of vexaliuus delay and expense. fIH“ All order* left at their office or ad dressed lo them by mail will meet with pronip and satisfactory Attention. MAUCiHLIN A JOHNSON. . Steam Plaining Mill ami Sash Factory, Kaal Falla A venue, near Frail Street Bridge Warehouse No. &6, I'ralt street, Xixt do.* to I’enn A Mitchell, Bait. bid, April 19th, IBbu I), CHAIR AND FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. W K. AMiKHBU.N, JVos. |u k l I T • Second Street between Frederick Sire i and Marsh Murktt Sj.t nr, Bui Amort. Having the largest Ware rooms and best | assortment l Cabinet Fur nil* re in the city, I i* prepared tn.sellevery ailielein hislioe upon | the uniat liberal and accommodating terms, j laying had a lung experience in this line o( ; business, he flutters himself that he can com j pate, as to exeelleure ul ii.merial. beauty ol i workmanship and raugt- ul prices, wuh any l establishment ul the sort in this or any other ; city. H* general stork embraces a lull and complete assortment ol Parlor ('hairs. Sofa Harking Chaim, Spring Lounges, Chamber Suits, Bar room, Office and Dining Chant, French Tete a-Tete*, Settees, Arm Chain, Mittrases. Rooking (fUtxtes, dc., ui every va riety and deacripfn n. He ha* also on hand Haiti etui* of ins own manufacture, which can be put up and taken down in two min utes. Persons from Su Mart’s. wishing to purchase Furniture, are requested to call and examine’his Stuck Indore buying elsewhero B- sure to find the rich! place No*. |Uk I‘d I S'Ctod .Street—\Var*lou*e with 80 lea i -ront and d large Folding doors, i August 11th IBA9--H. i | ] - 1 - -e. — r~n~ -Tt I DENTISTRY. I - PERSONS needing the sendees of a fir-d --rate Dentist will do well etnplow Dr. J. RANDOLPH WALTON, who in tend* locating hiin*ell in the village <>| |a*oii *nl Town, flnlers a<:<!rcrsi<| t w him through the Leonard Town P<j*l Oflicc will receive prompt attention, liu term* are ca*h. I>r. \Vll(N> has had cotisideremble ex|x*iiencc in liia profession, is moderate in his charge*, and ha* invariably given satisfa* ti .n to those who have employed him. To ai\ the readers of the Rearem some idea ol the standing of Hr. W.asa PRACTICAL DENTIST, the fol lowing letter, addressed to him by Dr. Niutau Pinkney, U. K. N., is appended: U. S Navai. Acannnv, Asnapous, Maryland, April 21. 1L r b. Dr. a a Sir:—lt give* me great ptasure to exprrvc the confidence 1 bate in your skill as a Dentist, and in recommend you, as far as I have influence, to the patronage of tha Public. I have hail an opportunity of witnessing your 1 mode of operation, aun hare no hesitation m affirming that it exhibits your thorough knvnl edgeu f you profession. 1 am, air, very rgapacf fully yomr obedient servant, NI.NIAN PINKNEY, . Svrae on U. 8. N. Dr. Wai.tox, Annapolis. April 4th, 18CI'—rtf. ‘nmmmmmammm&mmmßmmmmmmmmm LtMBLR! SHINGLES!! FLO RING, AC. TW7TS in vita the attention of onr friends nn * v consumers, generally. In Bt. Mary'* an vwHotnmg counties to onr extensive assort men of seasoned BUILDING MATERIALS. Ad parties emtemplating the erection of Dwellings. Dames, kc., will find it gently to lljefr advantage lo give ns n call, a* we can sell at lowest rates for cash or Negotiable pa pet. Doors, Frames, Saab, Ac., furnished at Mill price*. Orders filled for Bricks, lame. Hair, Nails, Ac. 'No Wharfage charged on Vessels receiving Lumber fr**m •nte Yard. CARBON, ZIMMERMAN, A CO.. West ide Union thick, Norfolk Boat Wharf M**b Utfi-tf. T* NOTIC E. ALL persons indebted lo mo f*r taxes fiir this year will pieaser mom forward and settle the *sine t me. or Gag*. J. J. Ailstaa in thirty’days. 'lf not settled in tidrty daya Aadpslsl*, i shall. 1 compelled through co tessity to collect t*v law. . GEO. M.-DOHAVAN. Cui of 2ml, IHak Nov; 21st. lS6l—tf. , hI’RINO GOODB. A large supply of Huwntd Duck. Peni tentiary Plaids, Ac ju*t received and fer sale by | £. LEO. PAU)INU|

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