Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, January 16, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated January 16, 1862 Page 3
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CDLIECTfIn NOTICE B Y ,°^ n% y C (or Saint Mary sCm it tv— ■an li , ORDERED. Tbit (mtrjf R. IW* o>lk*ctr of .Slate cltti'Mi district of St. Mary’s cminiy, cam* advertisement’s expressing tlirname of Ure f.d- 1 {•■wing tr*ct nr parcel of land, the aniiitinl •flaxes nu the.eon, together with the tune j ~f the person chargealde for the same. to W I once per work U* sml during four' week* in the St. Marx’* I Wen, new,pp t published in St. Mary's oeutr, notifying, that' unless the Stale and Count) taxes, due on the j *;tid lands, shall be paid to the sen) late C - iertnr. within the space of thirty days, alter the publication of the toitice aforesaid is com* jdeted, the lands aforwaid. or witch parts there of an may be necessary to raise the sum due Ihcrom, shall hr mslsl to the highest bidder for the payiuenl of the same. Owner. Name oi (ami. 180. iHx W, W., Suiter’s Fancy, 226 acres, sum due. s4l 79 By or.lrr, Ci. 1. SPALDING. Clerk. | NOTICK ia hereby given, that unless the State and County taxes due on the lauds sfmrsaid. shad I* pah! to nut * or bd<n the etui of l lirty days after the above publication is com pleted. the said lands or such parts thereof aw mar he necessary to raise th* sum due thereon together with the cost of advert Ling ami legal iijtprmt, shall In* mill to the highest Udder (or tlie payment of tlie same. G EOBG RB. DKXT, 1 Collect vr for ’sj and 'GO. Dec. 12th, 1861—4 w. “ CIUECIM’S imct ■ I BV the County Commissioners for Saint Mary's county— ORDKHK.D. Tint George M. Bohanaa.a C.llectoi of State and County taxes in the 2ml election district of St. Mary's county, rain* advertisement expressing tlie name of the M -1 wring tra- t or parcel of land, the amount of tx* due thereon, together with the name of tlie jhtsou chargeable with the same, to lie inserted once per week fur aud duiiug four w.eks ill (lie Hi. Mary’s Beacon, a newspaper pub!i*bcd in St. Mary’s county, notifying that unless the State and Ouinty taxes due on the { Mid lands shill h paid to the said Collector j within the spare of thirty da vs after the pub lication of the notice aforosaid is completed, the lands aforesail or such parts thereof as may la* necessary to raise the sum due thereon sn til lie sold to t ill* highest ladder fur the pay ment of the same. Ovnyr. Name of Land. 1861 tr \V. Dix. ’ Suiter's Fancy. 226 acres, sum due. SS4 57 By order, 0.1. SPALDING, Clerk. NOTICE is hereby einxi, that unless tlie State ai.J County laxr* due on the lands af*re nd(i shall laj paid to me on or Iwl'ore the end ei’ tiiirt) days after the shove publication i completed, the said lands r such parts there < T a* hilh* necessary (•• raise the sum duo t sureon, together with'the vest of advertising are! legal inteiesf. shall i# sold to the highest bidder for tlie payment tlie same. GRUIiGEM. BOHANAN, Collector Pec 12th, 1861—4 w. uJ i I! ■ I J ' lUMEBa_K6I!CL BURNS ft Sld IAN return their sincere thanks to the Funnels for their liberal patronage lot the year past. I heir stock I LUMBER is huger th.II ever and U tter a sjrtol; and we are determined to offer great Inducement* to cash buyers. Apply at tin corner of Kutaw and German streets,r at ISii Light street hart. * BURNS & PT.OAN. Baltimore, Ud Fch. 2wd,lHf FOB CONSTABLE. J. KDWIN AHRLL sarmuaces hiiMselfnr a earilulste tor Constable in Leonard Town Dis* trie si the election in IftCl sud asks the sup poif ul' his friends and fellow -citizens. N*r. 28th, IHI. FOR SHERIFF. PHILIP K. DORSEY, thankful l his friends snd the nqhlic for the support he re ceived si -Ahc Isie election offers him sell again s a candidate lor Sheriff and solicit# the voles of his fellow-ci men* of St. Mary’s county at Uie next election. Noe. 2|s, I*6l. HARRISON EDWARDS, offer* himself M the voters of Si. Mary's County as a ran didntc fur Sheriff st the next elcclioo. Nov. 21st, 104*1. CHANGE OF DAYS TO TUB PATUXENT RIVER. ON si.d after SATURDAY, SejdrmUr 28. 1861 th* STEAMER GEORGE M HEMS will leave Baltimore every SAT* I RDAY morning at C| o’clock for- the Pa tJixcni River. Returning, will leave Hill's Landing every TUESDAY morning for Not tinsbm, leaving Nottingham at 12 o'clock ft Benedict leaving Benedict every WED NESDAY morning at fi o’chk lor Baltimore. TUBDDORK WEEMS, Master. October 10. 1861—If. The Steamer MAIIY WASHINGTON will leave Baltimore every WKDN MHDA Y w"nth,g 4 f iG’oVha-k for tlie Patuxent River. Returning, will leave Hill's Landing every rK|().\Y morning fm Nottingham. having - "ttingliaiii at 12 't’d'ek for Benedict, hs*v l"? iWdict every SATITIDAY murt.inr •t h y’c! ck fer Btilimore. M. L. WKRMH. Muster. Eh ah. VC Steamers will call at the usual j' n " M dw Uiv r. also at Fair llavei. •' him I'uint pang and retuning. tn Fair Haven £| ftlf klenls Extra. “ Fhun Point I ’df, “ “ *’ Lnux’t River 1 50, u • F> r i '***’. loti,, UMiS—sC. ' j *■* | , roevnen 185:2 enumu kBS t LOCATED I jCGR. or BALTIMORE 4 CHARLES Sts’ BsLTiMeat, Mo. (The Largest, Afotl Elr~m*U 9 FmmnktJ nnd Popular Commercial College in Ike United Slates. I Designed Expressly for Young Mem j Desiring to obtain a Thorough Practical Bus nets Education in the shortest possible tiro and at ths least expense. A Large and Beautifully Ornamented Cirm- Ur, containing upward* of Six Sen ire Pket, with %nwn *f Penmanship, and a Large En graving (the finest of the kind ever made in this ountry) representing the Interior View of the \ I Cell age, with Catalogue .slating lertns, 4r., will be sent to every Young Man on application, , free of charge. Write imm-cdiately and von will receive tin package by return until. Address E. K. LOSIER. _ Baltiraore MJ. i January 241 h, 1861— ly. PETITIOy FOR THE BE If EG IT OF THE ' LVSOU EXT uurs of alirylaso , Circuit Court for St. Mary’s O ~ ) March Tonn 1861. ) 1 ORDERED by tin* Oeirt that the Cn-diton* uf.IAMLS A. MORGAN, a |wfitio, Kr . ; for the Itenellt of tlie Insolvent Lnws of Ma ryland. he and ap|tcar lcf<Te the Circuit (!>mrt for St. Mary's County on the third Monday ' ♦ of Novetnlter next, to show cause, if any they • have, why the said James A. Morgan, shall ! not have the benefit of the said lawc provid ed a copy of this order Ih- ineerled in tlie St. • Mary's Beacon once a week for three month t j la*f‘*re the said third M<*tday in Novrmbc next. By ord<r. JAMES T. BLAKISTONR, Cleik. , July 25th, ISC I 3ui. , nmiF. roinnitwsinus for county olTi. ers elec ,i i led un Ihe sixth day of November last ! were received and filed hi this Office on the 22nd November, ultimo. The Constitution i requires all persons elected to ufKce. receiving s commission from the Stale, to qualify within : thirty day's after tlie commission is filed. JAMES T. BLAKhSTONE, , Clerk. j Dec. sth. 1851—if. ARCHITECT * BUILDER % . fill IK undersigned ha* made snob arrange ; 1 meats as will enable him to execute all ; work in his line at BALTIMORE PRICES, I w ith promptness atid despatvli. He solicit* a call front his friends and the public. V. CAM AUER, Leonard Town. Jan, 2Gth. IB6o—tf. NO TICE. K. LEO SPAIHHNG returns his thanks to his anmcroiis cnstmnrr* for the lilral palron i! age he has received frnrn them, and pledges ] himself to keep a CHOICE SSTUTK OF GOOD* always on hand, which will he sold I very low for cash nr its equivalent. K. LEO SPALDING, * April 2nd, 1860 1 April sth, iß6o—lv | JAMES WILKINSON, j GROCER & GIMISSION !' - MEBCEANIP, ‘ i - No. Duguu's \V liarf, BALTIMORE . dj j Keeps ■vm*Nntlv on hand a hue* assorf i meut of SUPERIOR Fa M1 LY C ROC Kill E.S, { Foreign and Domestic Liquor*, Tobacco. Sc | gars, Ac., which will be sold at the luwot ) market price*, s J Produce of all kind* sold on commission, '* i I shrll only do a CASH commission * ■ isiness. Nov. 20th, 1860—tf. NOTICE. '. 1 |\i; WILLIAM S. BLAKLSTONE, hav i I "" ing locafetl in ChuplitM, offers his pr.'- i , fessumal M-rvires to the Public, and car. al t , ways lie f •nn|, when not professionally en- gaged, at Boswell’s Hdr|. f also return my | thank* to my friends in the iu’ighborbod of j f , St. Ch HK*m’> Bay for their funner patronage.! . and will always he happy to w.-iit on them ! : at tin* *hrtet notice, j Nov. 28th, 18ul —tf. :VOTJCE TO CREDITORS. j OTICE is hereby given that the snbscriher ; 11l has -oliiained from the Orphans Court fur j I Saint Mary’* county, in Maryland, h.-Ueis of' dmini*iration,un the ernmai estate of EJi/.a H ; Johnson, late of uid CO., deceased. All per | aous liMVing claim * agsinst the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit he same, with ! the proper vouches thereof, to the "iibscrilier, on or h fore the- lit Hay of June otherwise 1 they may be excluded by law* from nit l-enefit of the said estate. Given under my hands this' 21st day of Nov. IS6I . DAVID W. TYLER. Ailnuimtlra|ur. Nov. ai-t. IWH-4W. ( j UNION HOTEL, LEOXAUK TOWN, MI.. KOU SALE OR RENT. THE suhscriUT intending to cluing* his ‘ Inisinee. 4 -', *lii*rs the I NIGN HUIKLi for Sale or tout. Ilte HoUd.-Ktfhhvi ai.d other hnihlit%N aw in oxcelh id cundirion, and , I lie *tain! i equal f**y to any in the ; Southern counties of (he State. The Hotel U I now in nvcipt of very g*si custom, which could l largely iumuMwl with *light effort, the iixUMe*, bedding aud fitruiture will Ik s.dd with tlie Hotel. The Term* will he lib eral mid made lit ml the tjqie*. person* d -irou* of renting •* purchasing are invited t* give the prprieior a call. Pswe**i‘n given iiMMieiUalely. i JOHN F FENWICK, I Leopard Town. 1 July Uth, IfiCl-tf. BUILDER' S MATERIA LS I The urukrtgne 1 would respe I fully call th ; tU-nti*n of the Public to their larcc mrt ; ■Min of /toons, j/ujv/fs, sash, do on FRAMES, W/XDOW FUAMES, W.iSII BOAtIDS, CAS/XOS. MOULD IXGS, J/AX- * 7V/AW, and every <lc*criplion of House Build- , iitg materials, which they have constantly on . band, aml which they cau furnish at the short , eat notice. Tlm*v are also prepared to furnish al the shorti*t notice FUA9IE WORM furl 'Country 1 louses. Cottage*. and suburban ' Ursitlvnces, according to any plan or design, all ready fitted to la# put up on their propose ; rd sites. Farmers and others, desirous of building in the country, would find it to their advantage | by giving us a call before purchasing else where. as we are fully prepared to* execute work on the most teasoitable terms. And tie ad vantages, which we oiler in preparing ail the materials that may be neeess-iry in con structing a house, will be found to save lb* Builder a great deal of vexatious delay and • *X JH-IISC. ieiT All orders left at their office rr ad-j dressed to them by uiail> will meet with pritinp and satisfactory attention. MAUOHLIN*V JOHNSON, Steam Plaining Mill and Sash Factory, Kast Kails A venue, near Pralt Street Bridge j Warehouse No. 55, Pratt street, Next dor to I'euu & Mitchell, Bait. Md. j April I'Jth, 1860 —ly. CHAIR AMD FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. W E. ANUEUSON, .W, ID k 1 '* • Second Street between Frederick Sire and Marsh Mur Let Sj>ucc, Baltimore. Having (he largest Ware rooms and best assortment ol Cabinet Furniture in the city, is prepared to selAevery article in huline upon the mot liberal and accommodating terms. Haying had a long experience in this line ol business, he flatters himsetl that he can com pete, as to excellence ol materia I. beauty 01 workmanship and range of prices, wth any establishment ol the sort in this or any other City. His general slock embraces a lull and complete assortment of Parlor Chain. Sofa*, Hocking Chairs, S/tring Lounge*. Chamber Sails, For room, Oflice and Dining Chairs, French Tefr a-’Vetes, Seller*, Arm Chairs, Halt rases. Looking (Hastes, d’C., ol everv va riety and description, lie has also on hand Bedstead* of his own manufacture, which [can bo put up and taken down in two min i utes. Persons from St. Mary’s, wishing to purchase Furniture, arc requested to call and | examine his Stock before buying elsewhen ! sure to find the right place Nos. I 0&. 12 I Second .Street—Ware louse with 80 lec t front and e large Folding doors. August 11th 1859—1 y. DENTISTRY. PERSONS needing the services of a first rife Denti-I will do well to < mploxi Dr. I. KAKDOLPII WALTON, who iu | lends locating himself in the village of Lei-n --t ard Town. Orders addressed to him through the Leonard Town Post Oflicc will receive ! prompt attention. Ihs terms are casli. Dr W niton lias had con-idercraole experience id his profivsion, is moderate in his charges, and ’ j lias invariably given satisfaction to those who ■ have employed him. To give ttic readers of • the Deacon some idea of the standing of Mr. ,! W. as a PRACTICAL DENTIST. the f.. 1-. . j lowing letter, addressed to him by Dr. Niniau .Pinkney, L. S. X., is appended: i U. S. Naval Academy,, Maryland, I April 21, 1855. < Dear Sir; —lf give me great plasiirc to* 1 express the confidence I have in your skill as 1 j a Dentist. and to recommend you, as fur st< I j have influence, to the patronage of tha Pnldic. 1 I I have had an op|Hrtunity of witnessing your j I mode of operation. atm have no hesitation m ! i aflinning that it exhibit* your thorough knowl edge of yon profession. 1 am, sir, very respect fully' your obedient servant. XIXIAN PINKNKY, ! Surgeon I*. S. N. 1 j Dr. Walton, Annapolis. J April 4th, 1861—tf. ! I- Wi J-J .i.JL ■ LUMIiKH shingles: ! FLO RING, kC. j WR invite the attention of our filends an ; j " * consumers, generally, in St. Mary's an j j adjoining counties to ni Jr extensive assort men 1 iof seasoned BUILD ING 3/A TF RIALS. All parties contemplating the erection of Dweaiwp*, 1 tames, &c.. will find it greatly to their iHvjintage to give ns a call, as we can ! i sell at lowest rales for cash or Negotiable pa |KT. i Doors, Frames, Sash, &c., furnished at Mill prices. i Orders filled for Bricks, Lime, Hair, Nails, No Wharfage charged on Vessels receiving* Lumber from *tr Yard. CARSON, ZIMMERMAN, & (XX, West side Union Dm k, Norfolk Boat Whnrf March 29 f h, 1800 —tf. NOTICE. ALL persons indebted to me f.r taxes* mr this year will pirate come forward ami settle the same to use, or (-apt, .1. 4. .Mi lan lin thirty days. It'not Mettled in thirty days : from date, f lml| l<e impelled through i:c --' ecssity to culler! bv law. GEO. M. DOHA NAN. Col of 2nd, Dist. Nov. 21st, !Bdl—lf. SPRING GOODS. A large supply of Howaid Duck. Peni tenti.iry P| |ids, Ac jitst received and fot aide b)f E. LEO. SPALDING. { TURK SillXG MACHINES.

I hive for sale the Pelf>n Trijde Genre/ Horse Pv*tr and W. W. Din get; A Pj’s Iron Thresher, with Decolriag Straw Currier. The machine is warranted to render sati-ft.- rion to at! purchasers. 'Hie price of 8 horse mover. 30 inch Thresher and Straw-t’arrh r. ‘ lelivere*! at any wharf iu St. Mary’s county. 1 is £!.. Farmers are invited to call at my Store in-* I/eunard Town and examine thi* ThreshiT. E. LEO. SPALDING. June 28th, 1860 —tf. FOR COUNTY CLERKSHIP. The friends of DANIEL T. MOUO AX pro- : >ent him to the voters of St Mary’s county as ! a candidate fi r (’Jerk nf the Circuit Cburf at tha election in 186:1, and solicit to Lis claims a dispasaonate consideration. Nov. 26th, 1857, FOR COUNTY CLERK. I announce myrclf as a candidate f..r (Tlcrk tf the Circuit Court fr Saint Mary’s county, * 1 .■pectfully solicit the support of my fiU'* !• and the public. GEORGE H. HEKBEirr. DISSOLUTION OF CO-PARTNER SHIP. : r pHK copartnership hcretofor existing be- ( b tureen the undersigned, under the linn and style of rolvml by inuttud consent. All js-r>ons in- ; debleil tulbelale firm ar* hereby rcqnesteil to i come forward and settle their indebtedness 1 without delay. Either party u>authorized to ,i M'ttle the* hu.-incss of the firm. WM. K. LEACH, GEO. 11. HERBERT, i Sept. 2Cth, 18G1—tf. | NOTICE. ; fill IE undersigned l*egs leave to inlomuhis friends and the Public, that hots still al the OLD l<cuiianl Town, carrying on BLACKSMITH IXO. GUN. I.OCK SMITIIING, SHEET IRON AND STOVE WORK—in short, iron work of all descrip tions, such as repairing CARRIAGES. BUG (IIES. ROCK AWA YS, CA UTS. W A(j( )XS, HORSE SHOEING, FARM WORK of all kinds; also REAPERS, THRASHERS and DRILI.S. With his experience ol 11 years in 1 a Machine Sh*]). lie thinks that he can do unv ki ml of niarksn.ith Work from h kneodletoan anchor, and on reasonable terms. NeW Wag ons and Carts built cheaper than c.m be done at any other shop in this place. HORSES SHOKD at the shortest notice, JAMES A. M’CATHRAN. Blacksmith. • January 21. ISoO— tf. I * I W ARGK WHOLESALE AND JLi RETAIL STOCK OF FALL AND WINTER DR VGOODS, .1 FOR CASH ONLY. ;! IIAMILTON EASTER & CO.. • Nos. 199,*201 and 2tb‘> Daftintorc street, [ BALTIMORE, * > i Have now in store, and arc ronsiantlv I adding thereto, a large ami varied stock of , FALL AND WINTER DR V GOODS, J , 4 . ■ embracing articles from the lowest to the highest price, in every department of the i trade. j Would .call particular attention to their | stock of Goods for farmers and planters" • use, such as 3*4 and 0-4 Fulled Cloth; j Penitcmiaij Plaid Linseys and Cottons: Servants’ Blankets; heavy Bleached and Brown Cottons; Osnnburgs; Canton and i Wool Flannels, and indeed every thing re quired by an individual, family, or for scr | rants’ use. i IMPORTING AND PURCHASING i “on the most advantageous terms,'” and SELLING FOR CASH ONL nv WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, we are enabled to mark our goods at sneli 1 prices as will make it the interest of all to (deal with us. An examination of our stock by persons visiting Baltimore to make purchases is invited. | Sept. 19th, I*ol—Ow. i | WAITED. j r JMTF. subscriber wishes to buy a lot o IA K EL\ 1 uL'.N'li XEG ROES, of boil. ; sexes, for which the highest maiket prins will j Ik* paid. Persons wishing to sell, who may not j si ns himr during his present lour through the * Sohthen counties of the Stale, will have then ; orders pr<>inptlv re-ponded to, hy addresstt.g— ALLEN 8. DORSEY, Washington, i). C Feh. 2nd. 18C0—tf KOBURTSON k BRISCOE. SCCCESfc'OUS t<* I!. H. MILKS, * AT HIS i OLD STAND, !4n, W. PRATT STREET BALTIMORE, RESPECT 11 Lid *Ser their !ervim at agents, for the sale of TOBACCO fwllAfX, and all kind* r.f PBODUCK. pled-- ing their untiring elh.rts to render satisfarliou to all who may patronise them. Liberal ad vances made on consignments. March 22uJ. 18U0—f, MME AND FEED S TORE No. 3 floUinswoilJ St Baltimore. WW. K. NOKI.h| i K ) (SUCCEbSCR TO JOHN HE AX V ) WHOLKSAI.I ASI* QETill. nEAJ.Lbt IK Limes Bricky llnir. LViaciil. CALCIXEI > PLASTER, Corr, Oats, Cora Meal, Chop-Eye, Hill Feed,&e. Dec. 23rd, 1858—ly. NQ.TICE* ALL persons wishing to communicate with luehyi etter . wilMnec .intii n responde nce-hy mi a i ho Por iTobaccof T.arlet county, Md., or by steamer St. Nh hulas, o Puiat ,Charl'? cou v . Vd. V\ d. T. CAAJILLLL. Feh. 3rd, 1 959 1 1, mm ~ ■ ■ t THE SAINT MARY’S FEMALE 1 SEMINARY I THE im*xi annual session will commonc on SATURDAY, her. under the direciioa of Mts LOTTY LEIGH, as Principal. aited by a corps of efTtcieatand experienced Tenrliers. The course of instiructiun is as thorough ne any other institution in the country, ami it it-ss than half *he usual expense. Tin eh 'lastir yeai is divided into two terras of five months each. Charge*, per irrni, payable 1 in aclvanrrs <sr all the branches of a thorough English education, inciuding B*nl, I'nitiou. Washing, Fuel, Lights and I’.eddinp, $75.00 Stationery, 2.5 C I'nitiou tor day pupils,s Deluding fuvl, * 21.00 separate BUAxriiF.s: French, 14.0 t , Music, with the use of Invtrnmeftt, 25.00 Drawing and Painting, exclusive of materials, 6.00 Painting in Oil Colors,exclusive of mnU-riftls. 10 00 For fiu’herinformation, or fur Circulars, apply to the Principal, St. lingoes Pos Office,Saini Mary’s (iountv. Md. (J. BILLINGSLEY. President of the Board ol Trustee*. August 16th, 1 ?00—tf. -, PATUXENT RIVER UNO F O R SA L E. IF not sold at private sale before S.4T ■ V UDAV, OctalK*r the 2Dlh, 1800. I will ; offer at public sale, in (he village of C|l.\lf t LOTTE HALL, on that day, the FAltfti on which 1 now reside. 1 J T'liis Farm is situated on *le Patuxent >’ River, adjoining llie lands of Mrs. Jv L. Thomas and Maj. James Collins, and con tains . ONE THOUSAND ACRES OF LAND I Persons wishing to pureltase land ofsnpe rior qualify, where good health and all the ; delicacies nf the waUr are to be bad, are i rejnestt“il to call and examine the premiH*s. i Steamers, to and from Baltimore, pass this .land every day. " This Farm will be divided and sohl in 1 , tlinx* parts. | Terms made known on application to the j undersigned, and possession will be given on the first day of January, 186 1. ' W. J. CARTWRIGHT, Charlotte Hall. P. (>., Saint Mary’* Countv, Md. August 30th, IB6o—tf. 1 BfIIRDIHCSCHQfII, r |'HE Misses CVtigin having secured the [• j services of an ex|M*riencisl Mu>ic teacher will receive a limited mnulei of young ladies f*r the sciioiaslk year Is-ginning Ist Sept. TERMS PAY \RLE HALF YEARLY IX i ADVANCE. Hoard and Tuition in all the branches of an •j F.iigli-h Education per annum .v I .',(i . | Music Vocal iV l.istrumciital per quar. [ ■ French 5 •• j | Italian 6 •* j Sp mish 5 “ * Drawing and Pa-nting in Water •j Colors 6 a ■ Oil Painting ]ft “ T’he utmost attention will \>v pah! to 1 the health and comlort, and every effort made . to advance the moral and intellectual culture [ 1 of their pupils. Address—- SUMMERM'.AT Oakville P O. St. Mary's CIo. August Ist, 1861 tf. I ' ) ‘ i NOT ICE. Tiiie undersigned wish to inform the people o£ iSaint Mary’s and adjourn ing counties, that they havejut completed a FIRST CLASS RAILWAY, aud arc prepared to haul out vessel* of any size and will REPAIR, CAULK. Ac., on the most reasonable terms. Prompt attention to all work, and quick dispatch will be given in all eases. The Railway is situated about a quarter of a mile from Leonard Town on | a fine oyster creek, where we will also build SCOWS. BOATS, or VESSELS, if required, on the lowest terms HARRIS, NORRIS \ FOX WELL, i July Hub I*oo—tf. , 'T ■ -r ■ ~ r~rwi-. "g~ w.iaa ) I*l f J. nicodi;MTS. CKO. |>. TIIOMA I J. 11. HARDESTY, WITH HEIM. XI C() 1) EM US k CO. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IX : FQKSffiN & DOMESTIC I UUH, ay e v tuv ie.** uirni.s, NO. 383 BALTIMORE ST. BA LTiUUUK. March 1.-*. loo—if. J VALUABLE MAN! FACTURJNG PROPERTY rI!F. valuable pro]K*rtv. knnvrn an CLIF TON FACTORY and GRI.nT MILL (water |*.w. r), -itnated . the lb-ad Uat< r.- *l St. Marx’.- mtt in S.iinl Marx s c •unty. Md., and embrai iug aln.nt titter hnn<l;i.d and fifty at re? f !'!, j iilTend at Piivale S; '<. , T’hw pr<ijH-rty ha* t*n it a STORE si , which i> a gt-t aland fiir buMiiuat, I* I*l I , DWELLINGS, \V <>i k?ii *p.-. Ac. ’1 !>t (>n>- perty will la*e<'l<) <>n accommodating Uim*. For lurther paiiii-nlars, ajqdv t<>. THOMAS \V, GtilGH, JO. FORREST, D-pj.a.d FtiW |i P. O. \./V. 15lh, IB6O—U. I I MSM Lt TION oF CO rAUTNEUSHIP. f riUK Utc firm of Simms rf Maddox is j X this iiby dissolved by mutual <nn*ent. Pt-mv-* imlfbinl fn n* aft* b*fely notified to < '°tn(* forward and s*filo with (ii-orge A. Simms. without delay. as hr t autinxiZed la settle the Uisitin* f (hr late firm. (JKORGK A SIMMS, JDS. H. MADIHiX. Sij.i. sid. —tf. I > HL'XJXF.' S* AQTICS. filllE undersign.,l, having purchased the I ilifrrM of Minims A Maddrvt It* fhi* I Men smile rmiinnr |a wll at • the fid stand, and soltri: continuance *f the 1 very liU-ral patronage extended to the late hrm. They will !■;j constantly on haivl a j gil •UccrtUit-Ml o! scat*] .ll *Il on j >ueh term* a* cannot fail to pU-aw ll.e .1! ■ru i- nuis of lilt house and tlij public gn • erally. GK >lkiE A. it V X SIMMs • Leonard To* i'. ‘ M*l. September !2lli, JBnl—tf, I rrrja. .* , . , ■ .-y , I I.UM liICIJ, -** ... ■j SHINGLES. LATHS. I SASH, DOCKS ami SHHTKKS, ! 171 OUanlr. at the very harr ./ f iff f, ,r UASi I 1? "f AI’FKON Kl ethlit. Ilrlxri l Uiy : call and see us at the corner of Kilts'V and (Ji-rman Streets or at 132 Light Street W harf, Fa Ilium re, Jld. HI*KNS A SLOAN. March 21st 18G1—tl. NOTICE. r |'HL uiulciA giiwl hah just recti' cI ji !. ,j ■ M supply ot Ladku PARTY a*.l P.A1.1, iilMili o| W Idle and Colored TaHeluns, Ladi •? witiu* K . v; Ladies While Kid Clove*. Ac \ A ho, , Cents White Kiel Cloven, •j . Gent* Fancy Xcck Tit*,. 1 Cents’ Fine Shirts, and \>Uan. A<* A • E. LLU. Sl’Ai.iiiMi, Lein 11; d li,vu.. January 3rd, 18GI—if. ) : .VAT IT FALL ASD WISTKii *•< >/ s ! 'IM IF. undersigned l.a* Jnrf retimed fro 1 • - | J. City with the Inige.-M, aim host selecietl t <>( I- A I,L,amt WIN I Kit CiOOl'tS ever ofl.. I to tliec tireiis o| Si. .Mary ’s County, cousisin ~ m part, of very superior ijval: ly offfu.vy fi , fm Berviint* ’ rhrihins;, a. .lie mo*,, ttindeint . ; price*—.lino (tools and Shoe* iuomi *al.* 1 snuifiul make, ami hrsi m.iieiud. Uni.rn C(ofl,*| , Caa.n.eren, resting* and all kinds ul Sue Um>s (hmils, for Ladies and Otnih-me 1— a carefully ■elected, mid well aastir.i stock of ready made : clothing,inanufnrlnred expressly f ordei, and a , 1 variety of articles of.ilmost rret y kind m, , else to lie found in the comfy, lit rc* per Hull v ; ! I.cits a call front those desinutr to pun hnae, fi el j I a-assured that Ins lliorioijji ae<’|ii.iinir m-e with , tliehusine**, rpKulin*r from a hot- residence n. li.eriiy, will nwtlilc linn It nller such loum t laeots un vfiildefy competniuu. E. 11. JONES, Citium Factory. I SepteinU j 27di *JM>—]y. 1 I . < NOTICE. r Jjf UK t’o-paitnershiy lieri-lnfu.H * under the firm of (H'ITIXfiHAM IIA U!l| N< ii* this diy di.•**•!vt-d hv loiitnal j -Miisenl. Wtn. H Marditiw is alnm-;u,ih. r ./.cd to ad lie the hn*jiM-ss <f |he Siamrei. ctrm.vt;mam wm. 11. IIACIHNu, HaitiHtorc Jon. 1 IS.Jl—#%v. ! 1 Tlte tin dor* havt.ijr Ih.u-ht out 'ho ■ Interest ul Coi|ine|>:in ufi( N fj,, , . 1 Uutlin-I.ain vN Hardin-, u ill lu-n afti r .‘.nnlnei • 1 the lni*.ni-** in hss own Xiitne,.—:i.i<? rn - ’ n>|*-etlnlly solmjs aa- luv-r id ti.i ! .. j ~ , the old Hi 111. * WM. U. UAIiDINC. i MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL WORKS. | TO Tin: FA It MHUS OF SI. M:\urs, I would nn>*t re.spn rfnily rail your at tention to ray Lr-c assort..,ent of lAIFJ.F --MHA~iy. f am nwniiifWlurin- m,,? p rc _ | parti,v; a larger assort 1 unit of A-jriatKarol h„~ ( jJentntfK than I have ever Wfore nttcred !•> lint pnMtc —!!••! I’ovvirs a;,.i 'Feres} •re Win it Fa.ip. Gt.i Mills, Ou 11 She!'err' I’hai-hs, Harrow*: (Tnlhvatom. ntal ma; v ; arnlt* ly nuincr.ais to mention. [ j can supply the wuti •very thins he ; ;imv ’ftaiit. With ri -anJ to Hur*is l' u uvr* trrmtir friWonffriir’ ! irlnr/i are nut tnrjnuxcJ in fhi.< r a:>y othrr ' unuli.t; ami I - < ul," arc in ivai.l id Maehino to give use .. as I fed fotdidf.d that Imnsnit ru- m i clwH-r. 1 am snaking a COJiX :>r j grit.fling at llmnc. T1,..- g. •••. ha* len te.-ted and prutiutinei-d y t h*. , . i rieucr-t. judges. To till* J iak j. ur v - 1 cial iillfi lion. 3 tender yon i..\ n tl ank ’ kit.dia *.' la rcjol'-n- *i,< e and tinaaue ol yiHr. taVcls, i.cleru.iiapi' i< a fir,*’? '•fh-rt tn ph-Rs* all tl ho ||v|i n>< }. ' ruf foin. oiters iviH sin i t .v|ff’, j r-i' • 4 ff> <■ . Inm I•, iifiti*; dm rttal t<* t . W 11. Li AM .,. ■J*>o Freft/ trhrrf IMOI r/" Fa >- 1 l ei.. Tth, 1 j.f —ly NOTICE. { nl? WAUN ai r a.oi M •'rTwirj* fr>.i r veiv i.i.r tn I y uni.dir r.r anv coriH<h’iati"*> MhaHvn; k Ntt'l J.. F/r’ HAM) of ndi.c, with 1 l.arii-r. M,di-v *i> nr:, tv , lirac .; j-y va! J to .i.ii, f.h<>m>oor I: tl J I t day Af lannnry , h r Mt- -hip n,f u hiu.dte.9 u.d tin tt.,|Vs Sl||Ok PM 1 .j,^ **-dd L’h •tnpifo..'* Site 1 >,r tin -it- than 1 ~vvc•*11:1. •*11:1. • FHWaUD !*. TKM ilnN. Aug, ICtl:, I9ul —d.r.

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