Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, January 23, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated January 23, 1862 Page 4
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——— CHANGE OF DAYS • • TO TIIK PATUXENT RIVER. | Jf -._ I OM mm! after SATUHP.i Y. Sejdeiaher 28, 1 Hi; 1 tlx- STEAMER GEORGE WEEKS will leave B.ltlnwre vvefy SAT URDAY nmniin.' at 6| o’clock f-r the Pa frraout Htver. lUttuming. will leave llill’n Lauding every TUESDAY umrning for N-*t-, tingham, leaving Nottingham at 1- oclo V. f..r Benedict leaving Benedict every WKH NKSDAY morning alCoVloek lor Baltimore. THEOIK)KR WEEMS, Matter. October 10. 1801 —If. Tlie Steamer SIAR\ \SHI\GTO\ will leave Baltimore every \\ KUNhSII.W fiiorning at li) o’clock for the Patuxent Uivcr. lb-turning, will leave Hills Landing every Kill DAY morning ft Nottingham, leaving Nottingham at 12 o'clock fr Benedict, leav ing Benedict every SATURDAY morning at 6 o’clock fer Baltimore. M. L. WEEMS. Master. The above .Steamers will call at the nsnal louuling* oiijthe 115 vet, also at Fair Haven . and Plum going and returning. Passage to Fair Haven £1 bR Meals Extra. ** “ Plum Point 1.00, *• Patux’t Uivcr 1.50, Freight received every Tuesday* and Fri day* up to *2 o'clock. October, 10th, 1801 —tf lUMEBRNOTICE. BURNS & SLOAN return their sincere thanks to the Farmers for their liberal I patronage for the year past. Their stuck I AM BKII is larger tie. never and letter a- Bortcd; and \vc are determined to offer great inducements to cash buyers. Apply at Ihe corner of Eutaw and German streets, or at 132 Light street Wharf. BURNS Sr SLOAN. Baltimore, Md Feb. 2i.1.1Pf0 CONST* RLE. J. EDWIN ABELL aimouiices himself nc a rardidate for Constable m Leonard Town Dis tric ai ihe election in JHC.I and asks the sup pmt of hi* friends and fehew-eitirena, Nov. 2rtth, lf*6l. FOR SHERIFF. PHILIP If. DORSEY, thankful to his friends and the public for tlie support he re reived at the late election offers himself again us a candidate tor Sheriff and solicits ilie voles uf lio fellow-citizens of 51. Alary’s county- m the next election. Nov. 21st, It-l* 1 . HARRISON EDWARDS, offers himself to the voters of St. Mary’s County as a can didate for Sheriffat the next elect mu. Not. 21st, lHf,|. a card7 Doctor gustav us canter, having located himself in Charlotte flail, re.-:pccl ully offers Ids prfession;d sen ices to the pub lic. His office is that formerly occupied by Dr. .1. F. Shaw, where lie can always he fotnul except when professionally engaged. UtKKRKNCK.—SamueI Chew, M. D. Pro fessor of Principles ami Practice of Medicine in the University of Maryland. March 7th 18tl—10m. AI.IIHT TIC UU. J.S MORGAN TREGO & MORGAN, PRODUCE COMMISSION MEUCHANTS, And Wholesale Dealer?in LIQUORS AA D Cl (S AR S. No. #7 CIIEAPSIDE, near Pratjst., BALTIMORE OO Every description ofcountiy Produc entrusted to ou i car* wiilitc i.iMr.clati tion. Apn 18th ,1 858—U. STOLEN from my stables in Me<lley’s Neck, near Town, on Wednes day the IStb mutant, a blight Sorrel M„re, with ('axed mane anti tail, medium size, stout ly built and about 12 years of age. 1 have been informed that an animal, answering to j the above description, was ridden past Char lotte Hall ou the I4tb, by a negro man, and, i from his description, I am tatblied that he is j the parly that stole the mare from my stable*. The negro it* 5 feet 6 inches in height, thin laced, of a dark chesuut color and about 40 years of age. He represented himself, when in my ueighoorhood, to In- free, hut 1 have Karntd since his departne that he is supposed to be a runaway slave and probably stole my marc with a view of reaching Washington or some one of the Federal encampments in Chariea County. I will give the above te ward for the delivery of the stolen animal, or liberal coiu)>eii*a(ioii fgi infordialiou lead ing to her whereabouts. EDWARD DOWNS, Leonard Town, I*. 0. Md. Nov. 21st, 1861—tf, M. 11. HERBL JAS. R. HERBERT k BRO. TOBACCO AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. ’JSUrant Ac. llOlllngsw or I I. Sts., BALTIMORE, MU. REFERENCES. John llopkins.Presideii (Merchant.-Bank Trueman Cross ,CashieiCummere inland Farmers* Bank. Geo. \V. Howard Si. Co., Baltimore. Duer, Norris St Co., •* Jl. flickley &. Br., “ IVnntnian fci. Bro., ** Whitney, Cushing Sc C. instock, P.nlt. JAMES 8. DOWNS’ A ITOKXKY .V OI.UNSKI.LOB AT LAW, Leonard Vo* 1 *, St. Mary's Co.,Ed., V> :i practice in St. Mary’rand theadioininj Co tTitles. Feb. 10th 1859 - j • ; ro.miitD 1852 charteiep 185 LOCATED COR. or BALTIMORE Si CHARLES Sr liUTIKURI) Mp. The Large *t. Mo%i Elegantly Furnished and Papains Commercial College in the United Simltt. Designed ExpreislY lor Young Men Desiring to obtain n Thornuih Practical Bn* m* Edwa'ion in die auorieal possible tim and at ihe le.isi expense. A Large nml Bemlifnlly Ornamented Cirru- Ur, containing upwn -cl* of Six SiCAr.r F ekt, n'itli Specimen of Penmanship, and a Large En • graving (the fine*! of the kind ever mruie in this I -minify) repres'-niiiijf the interior V ietr of the College, with Catalogue stating terms. Ac., will he sent toevery Young Man on application, free of charge. Write immediately and yon will receive tin parkact by return mail. Address 1 ’ E K.LOSIER, Bullnuore MJ. January 2411, 1861— If. ' I PF.TITtON FOR THE PFXFCIT OF THE , LSSOU K.VT 1.1 US OF M.IRYLA.M) , | Circuit Court f**r St. Mary’s C>,. I , March Term 1861. J ORDERED by lleO*urt that theCmlitors , of .lAM ES A. MOHUA N, a petitioner for tin* Ihmu’Hi of the lns<|veiit lotws ol Ala ryland. l*c and appear In-fore the Circuit (>*nrt for St. Mary’s County on tlie third Mom lay i of NovetuU-r next, to show cans**, if any they j have, wliy the aaitl .lame* A. Morgan, shad not have the lienefit of the saiil laws: provid ed a copy of this order be inserted in the St. Mary’* Beacon mice a week f*r three month i before the said third Monday in Novtuibc next. By order. JAMES T. BLAKISTONE, Clerk. July 25th. 1861 —3m. npilK commission* for county oflleem elec- j J. mil on the si\li day of November last were received and filed in this Office on the 22nd November, ulioni. The Consiiruiion rt-fjuires all person* i.-lected to office, rc-ceivni-/ \ commission from tl e S a'.e, to quality within j thirty day’s afier the commission is tiled. JA M i-IS T. HI. A KISTON E, Cltik. Dec. Sili 1851—tf. THAT). K. I’IITEUSS, A t tor .icy anl Oounaellor at Law, i And General Agent for Claim*. WILL at fiend to the colhstton of all ( claims against the General Govern- 1 ineut. All communications aildreissed to me : at Leonard Town will meet with pr-mpl at- ; tentioii. Jan. 9th, 1862 —tf. NO TICE. E. LEO SPALDING return* his thank* to his numerous customer* for t! e liberal patron age he has rcc< ived from teem, and pledge* himself to keep a CIIOK’E STOCK OF j GOODV always on h.unl. which will be sold i very low for cash or its equivalent. K. LEG SPALDING, April 2nd, 1860 April sth, lSt;o 1 v ■ I 1 JAMES AVII.KINSON, GROCER & tnm m ie e <u ini a No. 122 Dugan’s Wharf, BALTIMORE. Keeps constantly on hand a large assort ment orsupEßioßfamily groceries. Foreign and Domestic Liquors, Tobacco, Su gars, Src., which will be sold at the lowert i market prices. Produce of all kinds sold on commission, I shall only do a CASH commission I* i nets. Nov. 29th, IB6o—tf. NOTICE. DR. WILLIAMS. BLAKISTONE. hav ing located in Chaptico, idlers his pro fessional services to the Public, an I car. al ways 1h found, when not profissionally en gaged, at Boswell’s Hotel. 1 also return my thanks to my friends in tl.t: neighborhood ol : St. Clement’s Bay for tl.eir former patronage, 1 and will always lie happy to wait on them I at tl.e shortest notieu. Nov. 28th, 1861—tf. NOTICE TO CREDITORS . OTICE is hereby given that the subscriber J. v ha* obtained from :he Orphan* Court for Baint Mary’s eonnty, in Maryland, letters of ! iiniinislra(iou,uii liie —ersonul estateot Eliza ii Johnson, late of said co., deceased. All per ' aons having claims against the said deceased, I ire hereby warned to exhibit the same, with I the proper vouches thereof, to the subscriber, I on or h.fure the Ist uny of June 1862, otherwise i they may he excluded by law from ult benefit of : ihe said estate. Given under my hands this ilsl day of Nov, le6|. DAVID W. TYLER, Adimnistrator. Nov. 21st, l>-61— 4w. ! S ) IMtJiOSAIL* CORN MEAL, f’rcsli from the Steam- Mill of J. 11. Maddox. 1 Alsu, a fresh supply of BUTTER, UIIEESEj&c iu store and for sale by SIMMS & -MADDUX. * Dec. 20lh, 1800. BUSINESS NOTICE. t A LL persons irdebted to me on Tavern nr • x\. count will come forward and settle the s.iue without delay as 1 wish all claims due rtu . clw.-ed forthwith. I intend liereafler to do at exclusive l ASH business and am deierramed t" give no ctedit fur EATINti, DRINK l .NG or ll'JitSE FEED from the Ist ol Jaiiua ary, PCI. JOHN F. PEN WICK. o I Propi leior, L' HoteM I iuiiuaiy 3rd, 1861 —t f -* 1 BUILDER'S M ATEIUA L S lr— M.Z m j£SßfrnL. rJ 1 liW' * wm ~ “ jfaH The under*'gne' would respectfully call tli .. cution of the Public to their large assort inmi .f POOHS, BLIXMS, SASH, DOOh FHa.'U.S, WINDOW Fit A MBS. WASH HO. f It OS. CAS I MIS, MO I LI) IS as, if A S TLBS, ami every description ol House Build” ing materials, which they have constantly 01 (i.iiisi. ami which they can furnish at the shut est notice. They are also prepared to furnish at the shortest notice FKAJIE WOIIK for Country Houses, Cottages, and suburban Residences. according to any plan or design, all ready lilted to be put up on their propos ril sites. Fanners and others, desirous of building in the country, would find it to their advantage liy giving us a call* before purchasing else where. as we are fully prepared to execute work on the most reasonable terms. And the advantages, which we oiler in preparing all the materials that may he necessary in Con structing a house, will he found to save the Builder a great deal of vexatious delay and expense. mt All orders left at their office cr ad dressed to them by mail will meet with proton and satisfactory attention. MAL’GHLIN & JOHNSON, St emu Plaining Mill am! Sash Factory, Fast Falls Avenue, near IT.U Street Bridge Warehouse No. 55, Pratt street. Next door to I’eiin Jfc Mitchell, Bait. Md. April 19th, IbhO —ly. CHAIR AND FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. WK. ANUKUSSO.N, II) & 1 s Second Street between Frederick Sire and Marsh - Market Space, Bahnnore. Having the largest Ware rooms and best assortment ol Cabinet Furniture in the city, is prepared to selle very atticlein his line upon the most liberal and accommodating terms. Having had a long experience in this line ol business, he Hatters himseli that be can com p-te, as to excellence ol material, beauty ol workmanship ami range of prices, wth any establishment ol the sort in this or any other city. His general stock emhract s a lull and complete assortment of Parlor ( hairs. Sofas, Harking Chairs, Sprint/ linages. Chamber Suits. Far room. Office and Dining Chairs, French Tetc a-’Fetes, Setters, Arm Chairs, Mathases, Looking Classes, dr., of’ every va riety and description. He also on hand | Bedsteads of his own imiuulacture, which 1 can he pul up and taken down in two min utes, Persons from ?t. Mart *s, wishing 1o purchase Furniture, are requested to call and 1 examine his Stock before buying else when i lie sure to find the right place Nos. 10 k 12 j Second .Street—War* house with SO lee ' front and 8 large Folding doors. ; August 11th 1851)—lv. DENTISTRY, PERSONS needing the services of a fiTit rate Hentist will dn v<4! t< emplow Dr. J. KANDOLPII WALTON, wlm in tends litcating himself in the vi'iige of Leon ard Town, Ortlers addressed to him through the Leonard Town Post Office will receive prompt attention. His terms arc cash. Hr Walton has had considererahle experience in Ins profession, is moderate in hi* charges, and has invariably given satisfaction to tlnae who have employes! him. To give the readers ol the Ikacon some idea of the standing of Jir. | W. at a PRACTICAL HKNTIST, the fol i lowing letter, addressed to him hy Dr. Niuiau j Pinkney, U. S. N. f is appended ; U. S. Navai. Academy*, ANn a. I*ol. is, Maryland, April 21, 1855. Dear Sir:—lt gives me great plasurc to express the confidence I have in your skill ai j a Dentist, and to recommend you. as* far as I : have inti Hence, to the patronage of tha Public, j I have had an opportunity of witnessing your ; mode of operation, aim have no hesitation m i affirming that it exhibits your thorough knowl edge of you pr. fession. 1 am, sir, very respectfully your obedient s rvant, N INI AN PINK NEV, Surgeon I’. S. N. i Dr. Randolph Walton, Annapolis. April 4th, 1801—-tf. LUMBER? SHINGLES!? FLO RING, SIC, invite the attention of ot r friends an * • consumers, generally, in St. Mary’s an adjoining counties to our extensive assort men of seasoned BUILD ISO MATEIIIALS. All parties contemplating the erection ol Dwellings, Barnes, &c., will find it greatly to Ihcir advantage to give us a call, as we can veil at low’est rates for cash or Negotiable pa per. Doors, Frames, Sash, &c., furnished at Mill prices. Orders tilled for Bricks, Lime, Hair, Nails, &c. No Wharfage charged on Vessels receiving Lumber from our Yard. CARSON, ZIMMERMAN. A <T>., West side Union |).ek, Norfolk Boat Whart March 20th. 18G0—tf. j I NOTICE. A LL i*cr*ons indebted to me for taxes for this year will please come forward and settle the same to me, or Capt. J. A. A Hsian in thirty Javs. If not settled in thirty days from date, I shall l*e compelled through ne cessity to collect hy law. GEO. M. BOH A NAN, Coi. of 2nd, Dist. Nov. 21st, ISCl—tf. SPUING GOODS. A Urge supply of Howatd D-uck. Peni t ,*m.t*utiiry Plaids, *kc. just received and for sale by R. LEO. SPALDING * i THRESHING MACHINES.

I), avc for sale flic Pelfon Trij4e Geared | florae Power ami W. \V. Dinjtw fk Co’s Iron Thr-:*k< r, with fieruirimj Straw Carrier. The machine is warranted !<• render satisfac tion to all purchasers. The price of 8 horse I |xiwer, 30 inch Thresher ami Straw-Carrier, delivered at any wharf in St. Mary’* county, is $lB5. i Farmer* arc invited to call at my Store in Leonard Town and examine this Thresher. E. LKO. SPALDING. , June 28th, 180O —tf. FOR COUNTY CLERKSHIP. The friends of DANIELT.MORGAN pre- , ! sent him to the voters of St Mary’s county as 1 H candidate f.-r Clerk of the Circuit Court at tha election in 1803, and solicit to his claims ’ i a dispassionate consideration. Nbv. 2tith, 1857. FOK COUNTY CLERK. ! I announce myrelf as a candidate fur Clerk | ,f tl, c Circuit Court for Saint Mary’s county, 1 .*e*|>cct fully solicit the support of my ftu Is and the public. GEORGE U. HERBERT. DISSOLUTION OF CO-PARTNER snw. *|PIIE copartnership heretofor existing be -1 tween ilie undersigned, tinder the firm and style of Leach & Herbert, is this day di r.lived hy inutuel consent. All persons in debted to the late firm ar. hereby requested to I come forward and tattle their indebtedness without delay. Either party is authorized to utile the business of the firm. WM. K. LEACH, GEO. li. HERBERT, Sept. 2Cth, 1801—tf. NOTICE. rfHW. undersigned begs leave to inlormehi* i < M. friends and the Public, that he is still at I I the OLD Leonard Town, carrying ■ t on BLACKSMITH ING, GUN. LOCK-; SMITHING, SHEET IRON AND STOVE ] WORK—in short, iron work of all descrip-j ♦ions, such as repairing CARRIAGES, BUG- I GIKS ROCK A WAYS. CARTS. WAGONS, ( HORSE SHOEING, FARM WORK of all kinds: also REAPERS, THRASHERS and |, DRILLS. With his experience of 11 years in t a Machine Shop, he thinks that he can do any ( kind of Blacksmith Work from a kneedle to an anchor, and on reasonable term*. New Wag- | mis and Carts built cheaper than can he dime : at any other shop in this place. HORSES ; i SHOKD at the shortest notice. JAMES A. M’CATHRAN, i Blacksmith. t January 21, IB6o—tf. I’ ARGK WHOLESALE AND A RETAIL STOCK OF FALL AND WIS TER DR Y GOODS, FOR CASH ONLY. HAMILTON EASTER & C 0..- 1 Nos. 199, 201 and 203 Dollimore street, BALTIMORE, Have now in store, and arc constantly adding thereto, :i large and varied stack of v FALL AND WINTER DRY GOODS, f etubrt.cing articles from the lowest to the highest price, ia every department of the trade. Would call particular attention to their 1 -tuck of Goods for farmers and planters’ , !<e, such as ‘>-4 and t>-4 Fulled Cloth: j Penitential y Plaid Linsrys and Cottons: j Servants’ Blankets; heavy Bleached and > Brown Cottons; Osttaburgs; Canton and 1 Wool Flannels, and indeed every thing re quired by an individual, family, or for scr- * vants’ use. f IMPORTING AND PURCHASING ‘‘on the most advantageous terms,” and SELLING FOR CASH ONL V, BY WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, sre arc enabled to mark our goods at such prices as will make it the interest of all to deal with us. An examination of our stock by persons visiting Baltimore to make purchases is invited. Sept. 19th, 1861—Gw. 1 I WANTED. ; '■HIE subscriber wishes to buv a lot o{‘ 1 LIKELY YOUNG NEGROES, of both : sexes, fur which the highest market prices will . he paid. Persons wishing to sell, who may nut 1 see hirnr during his present tour through the ! Sohthen comities of the Slate, will have theii : orders promptly responded t, hy addressing— 1 ALLEN S. DORSEY, , Washington , D. C. Feb. 2nd. 18G0—tf ROBERTSON & BKISCOE, SUCCESSORS to R. 11. MILES, AT HIS OLD STAND, 149, W. PRATT STREET BALTIMORE, RESPECTFULLY offer their services as agents, for the sale of 7 'OItACCO (iRAIN and all kinds of PRODUCE, pledg ing their untiring efforts to render satisfaction to ll wiio may patronise them. Liberal ad vances made on consignments. March 22nd. 18*;0—tf. LIME AND FEED STORE No. 3 Hollinswcrtl St- Baltimore. WII. R. JtOßft.fflV, TO JOHN BEAM V ) WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN Lime, Brick*, Unit*. Ctuirnl, CALCINED PLASTER, Com, Oat*, Corn Meal, Chop-Rye, Mill Feed, tc. Dec. 23rd, 18u8—ly. | i NOTICE. A LL persons wishing to communicate • wtiu uieby eller, w liliiirec itneirtor respondt uceby .uailto Por iTubacctiCharles county, MJ., or hy steatiter Si. Nicholas, o * 'UappeJ Point,CnarieseouEtv , Md. . WM. T. CAMPBELL. I\'h. Sri, 1859 —U. I 1 THK SAINT MAM’S FEMALE SEMINARY THE next annual session will corompne on SATURDAY, Ifce IBih of Fepiem* ber. under the direction uf Mi? LOTTY LEIGH, as Principal, assisted by a corps of efficient and experienced Teachers. The course of instruction is as thorough as at any other institution in me country, and | at lets than half the usual expense. The scholastic yeai is divided into two terms of five months each. Charfct) per irriu, payable In advance: or all the branches of a thorough English education, including Board, Tuition. Washing, Fuel, Lights and Bedding, $75.A0 Stationery, 2.6 G Tuition for dav pupils,including fuel, * 21.00 SEPARATE BRANCHES: French, 14.00 Music, with the use of Instrument, 25.00 drawing and Painting, exclusive of materials, 6.00 Painting in Oil Colors,exclusive of materials, 10 00 For further information. or for Circulars, apply to the Principal, St. Inigoes Pos Office, Saiut Mary’s Countv, Md. C. BILLINGSLEY. President of the Bo ml of Trustees. August Kith. 1860—tf. PATUXENT RIVER UNO fok SALE. IF not sold at private sale before BAT- I BDAY, October the 20tl s I*io, I will •ffer at public sale, in the village of ('HA II- | -.OTTF. HALL, on that day, the FA Kill m which I now reside. This Farm is situated on the Patuxent liver, adjoining the lands of Mrs. E. L. I'homas aud Maj. Jamca Collins, and con- j a ins )NK THOUSAND ACRES OF LAND.. Persons wishing to purchase land o| mijkj ior quality, where good health and all the lelicacies of the water are to (>e had, are : cq nested to call and examine the premises. Steamers, to and from Baltimore, pass this and every day. This Farm will be divided and sold in liree parts. Terms made known on application to the I inderstgned, and possession will lx given on. he first day of Januarv, 1861. W. J. CARTWRIGHT, Charlotte flail. P. ()., Saint Mary’s Countv, Md. Augusi 30th, 1860 —tf. BOMDIinCHIiI. | IMIK Misses Custigin havin'; httired ihe wn icw of an experienced Mu.-ic teachei ill receive a limited niiinl>er of young ladies j <r the scholastic year beginning Ist Sept. ( TERMS PAYABLE HALF YEARLY IN 1 ADVANCE. 11 Liard and TuilLm in all ihe branches of an I ’ Education jar aiiiium ! (usic Vocal A Instruments! $lO per qmir. 'renc h 5 “ 11 taliail 5 ** | •pinidi 5 ** drawing and Painting in Water Colors 5 )il Painting 10 “ The utmost attention will be paid to he health and coin tort, and every effort made o advance the moral and intellectual culture j if their pupils. Address— SUM MRR.SK AT Oakville P. O. St. Mary’s Co. August Ist, 1861 tf. ii i • -■ -- ~ ■ • NOI ICE. i _ THE undersigned wish to inform the people of Saint Mary’s ami adjourn- ! ng counties, that they hare just completed > FIRST CLASS RAILWAY, and are irepared to haul nut vessels of any size, md will REPAIR, CAULK. Ac., on the nost reasonable terms. Prompt attention 0. all work, and quick dispatch will be given nail cases. The Railway is situated about i quarter of a mile from Leonard Town on i fine oyster crock, where we will also mild SCOWS, BOATS, or VESSELS, if, enuired. on the lowest terms HARRIS, NORRIS A FOXWELL. ] July IDth IbGO—tf. j l , t J. NICUDCMCS. CitO. P. TiIOXIA J. U. II A KDESTY, WITH. HEIM, NTCODKMUS A CO. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN HUM & MMISTIC Util, 4P EVKUV DESCKIFTIOX, NO. 383 BALTIMORE ST. BALTIMORE. March Ist, 1860—tf. VALUABLE MANUFACTURING PROPERTY SAILS* rl IE valuable property, known aa CLIF TON FACTORY and GRIST MILL (water power), situated on the Head Waters uf St. Mary's river in Saint Mary's county, Md., and embracing about three hundred ai.d fifty acres uf land, i* offered at Private Sale. This property has un it a STORE HOUSE, which is a good stand fur business, HOTEL, DWELLINGS, Workshops. Ac. The pro perty will be sold on accommodating team. Fur further particulars, apply to. THOMAS W. GOUGH, JO. FORREST, Leona: d Town P. O. Nov. 16th, IB6O—X DISSOLUTION OF CO-PARTNERSHIP. fIIHE Utc fiim of Stusim <f Maddox i this day dissolved by mutual consent. ** Prrsnm imlfhitd to us are hereby notified to ' n>im* forward ao<l settle with Georsre A. Simms, without delay. an be is authorize to settle the loann* of the l*te firm. GKORgK A SIMMS, JOS. H. M A UIHAX. Sept. ltd, 18G1—tf. BVSIXfSS XOTICE. , f undersign*.l, having purchased the J interest of Simms A Maddox in th* Mer.-m.tilr business, %\ill! continue to M -H a t the stand, .uk] solicit a continunnce ..f th* very liU-rul patronage extended to the lat.j firm. They will keep constantly on band a , good assortment of goals. ami* will sell on such temw as miun>t fail to ph-ase the old customers of the house am! tiie public cen trally. h GEORGE A. A K. X SIMMS. I>. ; Town. Md. September 12th, Ifitil—lf. i ■ 1 m ' ~, . i LUMBER, SHINGLES, LATHS. BRICKS. LIME, HAIR, SASH, DUOIIS and SIU'TTKBS, FOU sal*. at iberery [nice*/ price f-r CASH of AITIJO\ lil> credit. Before buy ing. call ami sec ns at the corner of Kuta’v and German Strvets or at 132 Light Stmt Wharf, Baltimore, Md. BURNS A SLOAN. March 21 si 1 Sr. I—if. ; NOTICE. f|MIR undersigned has just received a largo j supply of (.allies PARTY and BALL Good* coi.*:;.tin of V\ Lite ami Colored Tarletun*, Ladies white K i 1 Slijr er Ladies While Kil Glove*:. Ac. . A ho, Gent* White Kid Glove*. i * Gent* Fancy Neck'Pica, Gnats’ Fine Shiite, and Collar*. Ac. Ar. E. LEO. SPALDING. Teoii:iid Town, January 3rd, 18GI- -tf. XEW FALL AXD WIXTZh' (.UODS HHII E undersigned has just reti<r"nl from t1,,. 1. City with thelaigest,,ino besi *ele. ten! .sin. k Of FALL.mid WINTER GOODS ever otlVnil to Ihe Citizen* ofJsl. Miiry V ('onntv, m part, of very miperior quality of I (envy (i. ,!* fio Servants’ rlotliins. at the most model at prices—also Root* and Shoe* utile most ml* Maniia! make, mid hem material. Leaden t'lndnl Cossnneres, vesting* and all Kind* of fine d.e.-* Good*, for Lauiev and Gentlemen—a selected, and well assort* • stock of ready nu de clot hinz,inaiiiifni'ln red express!) to order, nut! a variety of articles nfalmosl cveiy kind no itlure else to liefound in the comity, lie respectfully •>- licit* * cit!! from (lioMedeKinnir m pnri base, feel ing aasmed that In* thoroughacpmininme with rhe business, rexoliiiijr from a Ion*? residence m thcctty, will enable Inin in oiler am h memo •neiits a* willdefy competition. E. 11. JONHS, Clifton Facto: y, September27di u MI-Iy. NOTICE. IE Lo-p:irlnet>liiy Inretofoie existing * under the firm C’OTTINt ill AM 6* HARDING i* lids dry dissolved by tnulnal consent. Win. H. Hardin;'is alone-ainin i ’ izetl to kettle the laisiin *> of the firm. SAMUEL NOTTINGHAM, WM. 11. H \ I!DING, I Haiti more Jan. 11H 1— 4w. The undersigned, having Bought out ILa | Interest of Samuel Cottingham ol the firm of .Cottingham A Harding, will hereafter Conduct j the business in hi* own Name, —and be most ! reaped fully wdicits :ne favor ol friend* o ‘ the old Firm. WM. 11. HARDING. MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL WORKS. i TO THE FARMERS OF SI. MARTS. —I would most respect fully call your at tention to my large assortment of JAIFI.E -MKXTS. I am manufacturing and pre paring a larger assortment of Ayriruthnnl Un /dement* that. I have ever before oliered to the public —Horse Powers and Threshers, Wheal Fans, Corn Mills, Corn Mhellers, Plough*, Harrow*: Cultivator*, and other arturlc* to numerous to mention. I can supply the Farmer with very thing l.u may want. With regard tu Horse Power* I wonid call particular attention to a fine lot of FEZ TOWS TRIFLE UEjUIED ROWERS, to work frith or without band, whnh are not snrpa**td in thia or any • market; and I tm-l respectfully invite those • who are in want o| Machine* to give me a call, {as 1 f>el confident that 1 can suit the pur- I chaser, i unmaking a IXARN MILI. fir ■ grinding Oru at Home. This is * good Mill, 1 has licet; tested and pronounced o by expe ricncrd judges. Tu thin 1 ak \our *j*- | rial attention. 1 tender you my sincere thanks for the* heretofore shown me and hog a con ■ tinaance of your fav* rs, determined tu make i a strong effort to please ail who give rue their custom. Orders will meet with prompt atun liun by being directn! to WILLIAM I! HARDING. lio I‘rati street Wharf, Haiti more, Md t Feb. 7th, li> '—ly | | NOTICE. f FOR WARN any and all person* fmwi receiving in payiiient m by tian>t< r for any consideration whatever, a NOTE OF HAND ol mine, with Charles .Medley ccuri. fy, drawn pa]able to dan es Thompson, on thfl l-t day ol January, Iht2. h r the .-uni of ore bundled anil tin dellais (>-1 Hi) a> I hold tlei void Thumpaou* N**te lor more than I ow- Uim. HOWARD F. IKNI RSO L ! Au/. 16th. Iboi- I

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