Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, January 30, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated January 30, 1862 Page 3
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DJSSOL CTiOX Ot' . CO-PARTNERSHIP LKOKAIfb IW*. \ Jan. Ut . 18f,2. f fit HE 00-PARTNKRSIIIP hereto h*s ex -1 Uting in tin* Cigar Mauufa.-t>rv of Mor gan, JuniMHi & C ; , in tl*i* day (linkjvnl with fm.tnal consent Wy the uni!ni<ipe!. partners I in interest. All persons tndelHrd to the firm wifi pleoss PrtHe with l( A. Jamison, who is auth fixed to receipt in full. .1, FELIX MORGAN, b. a. Jamison. < Jan. Bth. 18C2—2t. NOTICE. ; JALKX. PRICE, moling near Gen. t | • thinker's Division and the Head Quar- , ter* if the Srd Regiment of likluiu Cavalry, 1 1 wul attend the COLLECTION OF ANY : CLAIMS against the OOVRUKMKXT (hat < may ne contracted by the troops in Mary’s. 1 Address, Nangemoy Pint Oflkr, Charles ■ 1 County, lid. U> KKaaacM.—fJen. Walter Mitchell, Port Y.<twrxu. Md.; Hon. George Brent, Port To- j Wf'i; U. 11. iulrlcti, Ksq., Port Tobacco; Jns H. Kt, Esq., Port TulmOcu. January Mh. 1852—tf. fsumffiviim TOTtIK I.OYAT, YROMASBY OKST. i MARY'S. CHAKI.KS. CAI.VKRT , ASH PRINCE CKOKOKS COUN- I, TIES. I' THE undersigned. by the authority of thr Kzeeitive of the Flats, proposes to re- ' rruit from the aUtr mentioned eountie*, } one Company of CAVALRY (80 men) a* i portion of the Maryland contingent for , thi Putted States service, with the same pay. rations, bounties, emoluments, equip. I incuts, clothing as advertised in the llalti lnore papers. All young and able-bodied j I arsons, wbo wish to join, will report to me by mail. This is necessary to enable 1 ite to establish a eentra! recruiting ren-! dcsvmix where recruits can be sworn in and j sent to Camp fur instruction. The friends of the |!nh*n are requested to take ronnd. < in tbeir respective localities, recruiting lists and send them to me on or about the Ist of February next. ’ RANDOLPH JONES. Address St. Inigoes" Si. Mary's rtf.. Md. [rntott papers out of the county please 9 Sfcc. sth, 18C1—4t. rUOEESSIONAL DU CHARLES COMBS, having In rated himself at the G It K A T M I I, L S for the purjiosc of praetUing his profession can always le found at the residence of J J. Ailstau, K>q., when not professionally et.gaged. Jan. 2nd, 1802—lf. Clin IIIICE. 1* Y the (Vnntr Commissioner* f.r Haii.l Man’s county— ORDERED, That Gorge M. Pmhanau.a < - •Ileetof o| State and County taxes in die 2nd wlectiun dUthl of Si. Maty’s county. raii-e advertisement exprwiug the name of the fol lowing trs t nr parcel of land, the amount of i .x-> dm- there<>n, together with the name of the [tpr-iiu rburgeabh* with the same, to Im* inserted • nee p r week hr and doling fmr wr*i*k< in the St. Mary** I tea con, a newspaper puh’ished in Ht. Marv’s r-.iinty, (i<4ifvtng that' in h*s thv State ami County taxw due on the ►aid lauds shall k paid lu the said Collector wit the spare oi thirty days after the pnb !• afioii of the notii*e afoiesaid is completed. tn lands aforesaid or such |wrt* thereof a.- liiav le i-.eeufsary to raise the sum dm* thereon shall he sold to the highest bidder lor the )*ay luetd of th** same. Owner. Name of Uml. IKf.i W \V. Dix, Suiter’s Fancy. 220 acres, sum due, SB4 57 llv order, U. 1. SPALDING. Clerk NOTICE* is hereby given, that unless the Plate County taxes due mi the lauds afore said shall l paid In me on or latfon* the end ••f thirty days after the huv puhlication is completed, the said lands or such parts there • fas may 1* necessary t<> raise the sum dne thereon, together with the esl of advertising and 1-gal interest, shall be ski to the highest bidder for the pav-ment of the same. GEORGE M. BOHAN AN, Collector Ike 12th, 1861— 4w. cnurni Mnn. BY the County Commissioners for Saint Mary's County— OItOKItRD, Tliat George B. Pent, late collect-* of State and County taxes in tin? 2nd sKtioa district of Sf. Mary’s county, cause : dvertis-meuts expressing the name of (he fol -- wring tract parcel f laud, (hr amount • f taxes due theson, together with the name •* the person chargeable for the same, ♦ hr ioearted ones per week fcsr and during four wsrks in the St, Mary's iW-ac**, a newspaper )i'dli.'hti* in St. Mary’sc•tintv. notifying, hat i i lrss the Stale and County taxes, due on the ►• id lauds, shall be paid to (he said late Col i etur, within the )Nkce of tldrty days, alter publioalhai of tier notice aforesaid is com ) Jeiwl, the lands aforesaid, or such parts there of as may be nn emiy tu raise the Mini due p.crpon, shell be sold to the highest bidder ft* the payment of the same. Owsr. . Knna of Uml. imui. f tix W. W.. Hmirr’s Fancy. 926 acere, sum due, s4l 70 Hr <*d*r, (*. 1. SPALDING. Cierk. NOTICE is hereby given, that unless the Stale ai d Cant V tuxes du mi the lands dmi said. | si ait lie paid to m*‘ 141 or beft*e |he end of j ti iny days after the above pvbtlcaliou is even--. p'eted. the said lamia or such parts liu ntd’ as ! n sy be nesMssary tunhr the sum due thereon tegriher dth tkscoi of ad%*ertitig and legal ! irreresi. shall la* odd to thr highest bidder for ' the payment of the same. GKOKOE B. DENT. I Collrctwr for '59 and *6O. j Dec. J?lh, 186] —4w, 1 ! rovKDKD 1859 emsmrs 185 4ft- LOCATED COR.erBALTihtORE A CHARLES Sr.t Bmiaeu, Ms. 71c Largul, Mtt EUgmmUf FumuMrJ and ' Pfitmr Cmmmertmi CmiUgr in tM* . ' United JCabc. ' Designed Express!? for Tout* Men Dcstnng to obtain a TWersttgk Prmetirml Bvs acts Education in the shortest possible tiro and at the least ex|>ciise. A Large and Beautifully Ornamented Cirrn- 1 Ur, contaii.htg upwards af Six Savsaa Pi er, with Specimen */ Pmmaiukip, and a Largs En graving (the finest of the kind ever made m this country) representing (he Interior View of dir College, with Catalogue stating terms. A *., will be sent loerery Young Man on application, free of charge. Write immediately ami yon will receive thi package by return mail. Address E. K.LOSIEI?. Baltimore Md. January 94th, 18f*l— |y. PETtTWX FOR THE BEX EG IT OP THE LSHUU ILST UUTS OF M.iRYJ~IXD , (srenit C*url f.*r Bt. Mary’s J j March Term 18G1. y j ORDERED hy the Court that the Ciiilitors ! ofJAMEK \. MORGAN, a petitioner for tlic la-nrflt of the Insolvent lavi f Ma- j ryland. W and apjatar Wh-re the Urcuit Onirt j f*r Ht. Mary’s Oninty on tlie thin! Monday i of Novemlwr next, to thow cause, if any they I have, why the said James A. Morgan, shall I not hare tlrr benefit of the said laws: provid ed a ropy of this order be inserted in the Bt. Mary’- Beacon once a week for three month In-fore the said thin! Monday in -NVvemhc [ next. By owler. JAMES T. BLAKLSTONK, Clerk. July 2ulh, I8;l~3m. commissions for county officers elec- ! | A ted on the sixth day of Novetn>*er last , w ere received snd filed in this Office on the j 22nd November, ultimo. The Constitution j i requires all persons elected to office, receiving . i a commission from the State, to qualify within | ' thirty day’s after the commission is filed. JAMES T. IU.AKIBTO.N R, Clctk. i Dec. sih. 1851—tf. 1 THAI). K, PIIEUSS, j Attorney and Counsellor nt Law, Aiul Central .Igrnt fur Claims, WILL xtttciid to thu collection of all claims against the General Gover 11- nicut. All communications addressed t> me fat Leonard Town will meet with prompt at ; tenth m. 1 Jan. 9th. 18C2—If. -V O TICE* J E. LEO SPALDING returns his thanks to I his iiumcrous customers for the lilieral patron -1 uc he ha? received from them, and pledges himself to keep a CHOICE STOCK OK , GOOJW always on haftd, which will be sold very low fur cash or its equivalent. K. LEO SPALDING, April 2nd, IhUO April sth, lßCo—lv JAMES WILKINSON, II (RICH & CMMISSION :• MEECM&rJT, No. Dugan’s Wharf, BALTIMORE. 1 Keeps constantlv on hand a large acsAt-t --meut of si; i’EUIOK Fa MILY li ROCF.UI ICS, Foreign and Domestic Liquors, Tobacco, Se llars, &v., which will lie sold at the lowest market prices. Pnalncc of all kinds sold nn commission, 1 shall only do a CASH commission MINtM. Nov. 29th, 1800— tf. NOTICE. |\K. WILLIAM S. BLAKIHTONK. l.av • ing loeateil in Chaptico. idfrrs his pro fessKMial service* to tlio I‘nhlir, am) car. al ways lie f Hind, when not prolisrionallv en gaged, at IhwwcM’s Hotel. I alu lettiin my thanks to my friends in the neighborhood of St. Ch-nu*ii’> Ray fur their former patronage, and will always be happy to wail on tL-ni at the shortest notice. Nov. 28lh, 18I—tf. XOTiCE TO CREDITORS. NOTICE is hereby given that the subscriber lias obtained from the Orphans Conn for Saint Mary *s county, in Maryland, leuera of diniuisiiwiisHi, on tbs -moual estate of Elira H Johnson, late of said co., deceased. All {wr suns I laving claiiua against the said deceased, sre hereby warned to exhibit the same, with 1 tie proper Touchea thereof, to the suliaeriber, on or b.fore the Ist say of June 1862, oiherwiae Uiey may le excluded hy law from all benefit of the said estate. Given under my hands this 9lt day of Nov. 1861. DAVID W. TVLER. Adiuuiiktrator. Nov. Slat, isfil—4w. aKD iek CORN MEAIi. fresh from the Steam- Mill of J. 11. Maddox. Also, a fresh supply of BUTTER, CHEESE,Ac in store and for sale by SIMMS & MADDUX. Dec. 20th. IStiU. fiVS IX ESS NOT WE. i A LL parsons ii dehted to me on Tavern ac , count will como forward and settle the sosie without delay ns I wish all claims due rue [ rJwscd forthwith, (intend hsreaAer to dn an 1 sxcJusivs CASH business and an determined )to give no cradil fur EATING, DRINK ; |NC or HORSg FEED from the Ist ut Janua i try. D>CI. JOHN P. FENWICK, Profirietor, Union I Intel * J January 3rd, IBM—t'.. BUILDER'S .1 MATERIALS |l | ! i * i> Tluft umlers'gned would respectfully ca.lT th i a? tenth'll f the Public to their large Mjrt j i outilof DOORS, ItLLYDB, SASH, DOOR , FRAMES, n/AT) OIF FRAMES, WJSH BOARDS, CAS/XGS, MOULDFSGS. MA-V -TI.EH, ami every rtrscriof House Itaihl | ing materials, which they have constantly on t hand, ami which they cau furnish at the short | , rut notice, . j They arc also prepared to furnish at the ! shortest notice FRAME WORK fur) Country Houses. Cottages, and suburban ; Residences, according to any plan or design, ail reiuly tilled to I* put up on their propos- } ed sites. Karnn-rs sod others, desirous of building in the country, would hud it to their advantage . [ hy giving us a call before pure where. as we are fully prejiared to execute ] work on the most reatouuUe terms. And the advantages, which we offer i preparing all I the materials that may be necessary in con* ' structing a hMise, will be found to save the Builder a great deal of vexatious delay and j j expense. I All orders left at their office rr ad-i dressed to them by tnail will meet with pruinp and satisfactory attention. MAUGHLIN & JOHNSON, I Steam Maiming Hill and Sash Fa rimy. | blast Falls A venue, near ITstt Street Bridge I Warehouse No. 55, I’rati street, *' Next door to Penn ic Mitchell, Balt. Md. , April 19th, IB6o—ly. - ■- —1 CHAIR AND FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. iW E. AMJEUSOX, 10 k I 1 ’ ' • Second Street bet treen Frederick Sire j and Marsh Market Space, Baltimore. Having the largest Ware rooms and best assortment f Cabinet Furniture in the city, is prepared to seilevery ariiclein Imline upon the timet liberal and accommodating terms. Having had a lung experience in this line ol business, he flatters himsell that he can com > pete, as to excellence of material, heauty 01 1 workuiaiihhip and range ot prices, with any I establishment ot the sort in this or any other city. His general stock embraces a lull and complete assortment of Parlor Chairs, Sofas, Rocking Chairs % Spring Lounges, Chamber Suits, Par room. Office and Dining Chairs, French 'Pete a-'Petes, Settees, Arm Chairs, MulUascs. Looking Glasses, dc., of every va riety and description. He has also on hand Bedsteads of his own manufacture, which a j can be put up and taken down in two min * I utes. Persons from St. Mary’s, wishing te * i purchase Furniture, are requested to call anti r , ! examine his Stock before buying elsewhert “ • sure to find she right place Nos. 10 8c 15 Second .Street—War*lou.<e with 80 le* front and d large Folding doors. , August Ihh 1850—I y. DENTISTRY. j PERSONS needing tlie services of a first j I rate Dentist will do well to emplou Dr. J. RANDOLPH WALTON, who in tends locating himself in the village of Leon ard 1 own. Orders addressed to him through the Leonard Town I* Ofticc will recciv. attention. IBs terms are cash. Dr \\ alton Las hud considcrerahle experience in i his profession, is moderate in his charges, and * ■ has invariably given satisfaction to those who j have employed him. To give the readers of - ■ the Beamn some idea of the standing of Dr. i W. at. a PRACTICAL DENTIST, the fol - , lowing letter, addressed to him hy Dr. Niuian t Pinkney, U. S. N.. is appended : V- S. Naval Academy, i, j Annapolis, Maryland, •' . April 21, 1863. i DeauSir:—lt gives me great phisiire to express the confidence I have in your skill as a Dentist, and to recommend you, as far as 1 have influence, in the patronage of |ho Public. I have had an op|H*rtunity of witnessing your mode of operation, aim have no hesitation in j affirming that it exhibits your thorough knew). iedge uf yon procession. 1 am, sir, very respect fully your oliedient servant. .j NINIAN PINKNKY, Surge..ii U. S. N. 1 I • Dr. Walton, Annapolis. f j April 4th, 1861—tf. LUMBKK SHINGLES 11 FLORIKC. AC. i TFfE invite the attention of onr friends an ! i ” consumers, generally, in St. Mary 's an i adjoining counties to our extensive assort men 1 I of seasoned BUILD IMG MATERIALS. 1 All parties contemplating the erectinn<pf • Dwellings, Barm?, &c., will find it greatly to j Hieir advantage to give us a call, as we can sell at lowest rates for cash or Negotiable pa .[ p<*r. I Duma, Frames, Sash, &c., furnished at : Mill prices. ; Orders tilled for Bricks, Lime, Hair, Nails. Arc. No Wharfage charged on Vessels receiving Lumber from our Yard. CARSON. ZIMMERMAN. ft CO., West side Union Dock, i . Norfolk Boat Wharf March 29th. 1800—tf. j MQTJCE. ALL persons indebted to me for taxes 5* \ this year will pleast l come forward and ' i -eltle the same to me, or Cap*. J. J. .\llsian : m thirty days. If not settled in thirty days ! from date, 1 shall \<e Compiled through i*e- : ! ccwty to coih-ct law. [j GEO. M. BOH A NAN. ■ ’ 04 of 2nd. Dist. ! i N"V. 2lsf. iStH—nf. spring goods. A large supply of Howaid Duck, pcnl-! temiary 1I a ids, Jfcc Just received and t for B s.Je ly j E. LEO. SPALpINO TIIRESHtXG MAC MIXES.

[have for tale tbi Petton Triple Geared j J Horse Power ami W. \V. Dtnge A Cr** Inm Thresher, Kith fUsvlriaj Straw Carrier. 'Hie machine i* wan anted to render salt*far lion to all pttfchnavi*. Tlie price .4 8 li-mv 1 power. 30 lock Thn slwr and ftraw-terrier. ■ ilt-lireml at any win rf in St. Mary’* wounty, is $lB5. - L Farmer* areiovtud to call at my Hl'fp in ol Leonard Town and rxamiue this Thresher. K. LEO. SPALDING, ■ June 28th, 1860- -tf. f. g FOR COUN T CLERKSHIP. t Th. friend. of l).i KIEL T. MORO IV pre *cnt him to the vote * of St Mary’s county as a candidate i<t Clerl; of the Circuit Gu;rt at 01 tha eieciion in 1803 and solicit to his claims | a dispassionate coin deration. Nov. 20th, 1837. FOR COUNTY CLERK. I aniiouncnmyrel fas a candidate for Clerk ’ if the Circuit CUii for Saint Mary’s county, i i opwlWljf sc icit the support of my ‘ fiu." 1 U and tlie puu lie. j f GEOROE U. HERBERT. 3 DISSOI.CTJO.S or CO-PARTXPR- ; , ill IP. 1 i '|*HK coipartncisl ip lerclof..r existing he ; A tween (he urn ersigned, under the firm * and tyle k Herbert, is this *iy dis- C . rolveil by mutual imiisrnt. All jhtsoos in* ! to the late ti rm ar# hereby request( d to i come forward and w tila their imlehledness , ’ witli- ut tlelay. Either parly isauthorizut! to - settle the business uf the firm. 4 j \:m. f. leach, I f EO. H. HERBERT, ; Sept. 2t;th, 18b I —tf. NimCL j rrtW. undersigned licgs leave tolufortnchis j. A friends and tli | Public, that he is still at i I the OLD STAND, in T*ouard Town, carrying 1 1 on BLACKSMI'I 111 NO, GUN, I-OOK* SMITHING, SHEET IRON AND STOVE WORK—in short iron work of all descrip tion*, such as repairing CARRIAGES. BUG-i' GIKS. ROCK A WiiYS, CARTS, WAGONS. HORSE SHOEING. FARM WORK of all 1 kinds; also READERS, THRASHERS and DRILLS. With Bis exjiericnce ol 11 years in ; a Machine Shop, hr thinks that he can do any 1 kind ot Rlarksndll i Work from a knecdlc to an j anchor, and on Tea mnnble terms. New Wag j ons and (Jarts buil I cheaper than can Be done at any other, shop in this place. HORSES j J SHOE!) at the shi rtest notice. JAM 1-18 A. M’CATIIRAN, I 1 Blacksmith, j January 21,1 BCO —tf. r ; ( I I I , ARGE WHOLESALE AND r JL i RETAIL STOCK OF , FALL AXD VUXTEH DRYGOODS, , FOR CASH ONLY. : II AM I LT( IN EASTER k CO.. , Nos. UK), 201 and 2fRI /iaftimorc street, . BALTIMORE, o Have now ki store, and are constantly d adding thereto, x large and varied stock of • FALL AND \ TINTER DRY GOODS, embracing articles from the lowest to the highest price, in every department of the i trade.' Would call pirticnlar attention tn their stock of Goods for farmers and planters’ use, such as 114 and B-4 Fulled Cloth; Penitentiary I*l aid Linseys and Cottons;! Servants’ BlanVcts; heavy Bleached and j . Brown Cottons; Osnaburgs; Canton and i . Wkl Flannels, and indeed every thing re- j - quired by an iiu ividual, family, or for scr- ’ * vants* use. IMPORTING AND PURCHASING | “on the most idvantagcous terms,” and i j SKLLIXG FOR CA SII OXL V, j JIV I • WHOLES.ILK AND RETAIL, j we are enabled tn mark our goods at such : prices as will in ike it the interest of all to ; deal with us. An examination of our j stock by persons visiting Baltimore to make ‘ purchases is invited. Sept. IBth, DGl—Gw. WANTED. suhscribiT wishes to bu)* a lot o! 1 LIKF.LY YOUNG NEGROES, of I*4). i sexes, f*r which tlie highest market prices will i paid. Person* wishing to sell, who may tmt , see himr during liis present tour thnmgh the | Sobtlion counties >f the State, will have then j orders promptly nopondedto, by addnvsii.g— ALLEN S. DORSEY. ) Washington, D. C t ( Feb. 2nd. 1800-tf j I IU) BURTS ON & BHISCOK. | UCCESSC)]IS to R. H. MILES, at ins j OLD STAND, 119. W. PR AIT STREET BALTIMORE, r jf3 LSPECIWr LY*offer thrir services a* ! |\ ageiils, for the sale of TOBACCO i GRAIN, and all 1 inds ..f PRODUCE . pledg-1 ing tlieir untiring !tbrts to render sat infection j to nil who may pHtomisc them. Liberal ad vances made on n rsignments. March 22nd. It CO—tf. i- 1 LIME ANJ) FEED STOR fc Vo. 3 Holliniwortl St Baltimore, i w*. i . horimlX, (SUCCESS©;! TO JOHNHEAS> ) WHOLESALE ai d retail dealer* in ! IJIUC9 BricUxy Hair, irinrnt.* CALCI fED PLASTER, Coir, Oats, C nrn Meal, Chop-Bye, ML I Feed, 4c. Dec. 23 rd, 1851—ly. , f >r, * ! 11 NOTICE. A LL persons wishing to commuuncut* with me by liter. willdn ec lfteinr>*- j I respondtuct hy in liilo Pori i'utiac<4T.arles j 1 county, Md.. or By steamer St, Nicholas, • o Chappei Point Charlescountv . Me. ! 1 Ifni. T. CA Ml DILL, j Feh. 3rd, 1959— 11, TUK SAINT IIARV’S FEMALE SEMINARY rllE nex annual session will romnneiic on SATURDAY, the lsih of Sep mm mr. under the directioa ol Mi*,- F.IUTY* jKIGM, as Prinriintl, asi-ied hv a corps >f efficient and ex|icrcnred Teachers. The course ot instruction is as thorough a* it any other institution in the country, and .ties* than half the usual expense. The j choiastte yeai is divided into two terms of; ive months each. DhftfVttu per term, payable in adranert r all t'i hr.laches of a thorough English education, including R<arl, Tuition. Washing, Fuel, Lights and Bedding, $75.05 Stationery, 2.5 C 1 I’uition for day pupils.including 21.0 U SEPARATE BRANdIKS: French, 14.0,i Music, with the use of Instrument, 25.00 drawing and Painting, exclusive of materials, c.OO Painting in Oil Colors,exclusive of materials. 10.00 For (in*. her information, or for Circular?, apply to the Principal. St. lingoes Po* Oftice, Saint Marv’s Catuntv, Md. c. billLngsi.kv. President of the Board ol Trustees. August 16th. ItftiO—tf. PATUXENT RIVER UNO F 0 R SA L E. IF not sold at private sale before S.4T I’KDAY, October the 20th, 18C0, I will '*tfcr at public sale, in the village >f CHAR LOTTE HA LI., on that day, the FA 1(31 on which I now leside. This. Farm is dtnated on the -Palnxinl River, adj.lining the lands of Mrs. K. L. Thomas and Maj. James Collin*, and con tains OXK THOUSAND ACRES OF LAND. Persons wishing to pure base land of sii| rior quality, where good health and *ll the delicacies of the water are to l had, are requested to call and examine the premises. Steamers, to ami from Baltimore, pans this land every day. 'Phi* Farm will be divided at.d sold iu three parts. Terms made known on application to the undersigned, and posses.-ion will be given on the first day of January. 1861. , ' W. J. CARTWRIGHT. Charlotte Hall. P. 0., Saint Mary’s County, Md. August 30th, IB6o—tf. i IIIIDIIG SCHIBL. r pilK MUsn (Wligiu having secured tin* services uf mi cxjHiricnced Mu.-ic leacln r will receive .1 iiinited duiolxm of yung ladio for the scholastic, year Lt Sept. TERMS PAYABLE HALF YEARLY IN ADVANCE. Board and Tuition in all the branches o f an English Education per annum SGSO Music Weal & $lO per quar. J French 6 *• j Italian 5 “ j Spanish 5 “ j Drawing and Bat tiling in Water I Colors 5 “ I Oil Painting 10 “ The utmost attention will U> paid to I the health and coin tort, and every effort made :to advance the moral and intellectual culture 1 of tlieir pupil*. Address— SVMMKRSE AT Oakville P. 0. St. Marv’s C>. 1 August Ist, 1 SGI tf, ; 4 NO I ICE. THE undendpnod wish tn inform the people, of Saint Mary’s and adjouru -1 ing counties, that they have just completed a FIRST CLASS RAILWAY, ami art;- prepared to haul out vessels of any size, and will REPAIR, CAULK, &c., on the j most reasonable terms. Prompt attention to all work, and quick dispatch will be given in all cases. The Railway is situated about a quarter of a mile front Leonard Town on a fine oyster creek, where We will also build SCOWS. BOATS, or VESSELS, if | required, on the lowest terms HARRIS, NORRIS A FOXWELL. July 10th IHGo— if. I I t * n -"R jagwrrs —sbbbsrb w.w.t ! f J. xicoDKWrs. oko. r. TUOXJA J. 11. HARDESTY, WITH HEIM.MCtiDEMUS & CO. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN FDllffiN 6 DOMESTIC uwi. arKVKUV liKMlt in ION, NO. 383 BALTIMORE ST, BALTIMORE. Marcfi B-<. IBnO—tf. VALUABLE MAXVFACTL’RJXG PROPERTY IR valuable pr<>)H-r*v. known as LT.IU- M TON FACTORY ‘and GRIST MILL (water |NwerJ, situated *n the Head Waters uf St. Mary’* river it. Saint Mary’s o uniy. Mil., and cfnhraring aU-ur three hundred and fifty Hi res of land, i* i-tli-rH at Private Sah. Tin* pnqarty ban n it a STORE liol'SE, which 1* a gi*a! ssand n.r burine**, HOTEL, Uh El .LINO S, H\ urk.-hop*. &c. ’1 lie pn jK-rty will be *4d oi accoiitiiKalatiiig terms. Fur particulars, apply to. THOMAS W. GOUGH, Jf. FtfRKKsT, laroaaru Tuhu I'. 0. Nuv. IttL, 18-iiO—tf. LUMBER' SHINGLES' LATHS, BRICKS. LIME. HAIR, *asH. boohs ana shrttkfes, OK sal**. at fit** rery burnt ftt irr fir CASIt 7 i* AFPHOVEIj credit. Uefow fcny i tag. rail ami see ns st the corner of Knta’v 1 ami Gentian Streets,*r at 132 Light Stm-l Wharf, Baltimore, Mil. ! tUT.NS A SLOAN; j March 21*1 1301-tf. NOTICE. '■GIF. uiolefa'gned bwju>t receiv'd a largs* 1 * supply of LmUrt I’AUTY ami BALL Good* oonsistiug ol White and Colored TarloliHtf, Ladies white Kill Slipper | Ladies White Kill Gloves. I't’c. Ko. A l-o, Gents \\ hits Kill Gloves, Gouts Fancy Nwk Tie*, dents’ Fine f r*, ami Collars, ic, iV". E. LEO. SFALDIVG. Leonard T | January Sol, lt>6l—if. I XEW FALL A XI) I(7 XTUiuf Oi>X f JVlEunderaijrnetl has jutl**? fiom t* n 1— City with ihe largest ,aiio brsi srin-inj stuck <f FALL,and WINTER GOODS ,v, r fTcicd to the citizens of St. Mary V ('nun'v, couioctmip • n pari, of very superior quality ot Heavy tinr.Os fm Servnnu* rlothine. t the nmt moJera i prices—hl> Hoots ami Shoes m rl.e most jnahl •tautial make, and beat materia!. KrsiJes C'loihr 1 CasKimeres, vestiu's and all kinds of d ,e drti" , Goods, for loidies and Gcutiemen—n raiefull'- selected, and well asaorut stuck of ready made i clothing, manufactured eXi<n*saiy to order, snd a variety of articles ufalmost e\eiy kind no where else to hi found in the county, lie y k>- ' licita a cull from those desiring to port base, feel* ir>tr assuied that his thorough ncquuinmn e with l the business, resulting from a loop residence in i (he city, will enable hint to oiler eucb tndure- ; ■ men is as will defy coinpctitiMii. E. If. JOKES, Clifton Factor \ . Septeihej27ih ‘SKO-ly. . j NOTICE. THE h<n tof> t ~x i it og tiinlur the firm •• C(I’fTINt ',]• \'.j HARDING i* this day . hv.l h; r. 1 ..1 consent. Win. 11. liar lit:” is ... ~ ucd to settle the business < t’ tl.e Sim. SAWLRL Ct i j'T'N*lri WM. 11. HARDINg, Haitimart ♦/mi. 1 IPr. j i . r The undersigned, huving I' ii w ‘. ii u; ;1.0 r I Interest of Samuel OoUinyu:;i.i <>: r ; ,i ~t Cotiingham * Harding. w;i| ; t rcatt< r <■ >udn. t ; the business in his own Naim-.- ami i, t k respectfully solicits :nc favor o| iU fri* nd o { the old Firm. Wll. ii IIA RDLNG. !; MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL WORKS. ro rut: farm Etta or si. juurs. , —I Would lintel resptctfnlly call yotir at* tention to my large assortment of LMPI.K --• MKJV'fS. 1 urn manufacturing am) pro* pa rim; a larger assortment ..f JyrnuUuruJ h„. • • {firme*!* than 1 have ever hefiue offer* d .? ilie public—ll • rse }*owets am! Thresh*-'* Wheat Fans. Corn Mills, Corn Hhdhrs! Ploughs, Harrows: Cultivators, aml rn-vy ; other articles to numerous to mention. I can suppK the runner with every idng I,© may w mt. With regard to Hof*; I* ,went j 1 wotilil rail particular attention t> a fi,. e :u.t of i’ki.tos's rnin.E uMHKf* 1 l*Oll to work \rt*h or wtfhout kanu, which arc not *nrjHisserf in if, f.t nr (toy nth r market; ami I trt*>—t res pectin by invite ~ who are in want ol Machines to give ne a call, as I lid conliiirnl that 1 can suit lit© j.Ur . j chaser. I am making a CORN MIL!., u.r 1 j grinding !>•n at Home. This u a go-.d Mi:!. : !. has iM'fti toted and proiiounti tl so by ©xj-i* , rienced jtnlges. To thi* I ask yi'air ej • i cial allenf jofi. ( I tender yuti n.y nincerr thanks for lh ( i kindness hen tof .re shuwn me atid Ug I tinalcc of your favors, to m.iU* a strong eflorl to phase ail win nu, r 1 custom. Oftlers will nm-t viiih ptoii.,l -.* 1 lion by being dinctid to r . wiujAjd :l Ha!::un<,. 1&0 Pratt Mfrret II hdrf\ ffuti iwore. Ml, F©b. Tilt, itJv 1— Ijr i | DIFfOLUUOX OF CO-FA iJT.VKESiiIp. f 1111 I*. Sale tii tn o S-ioum u Madci. x n thh day dlsmditd lijr tnutual;.;, IVrsons ituh-iu* d to ti* cre Iteft he tiwified tot conic forward and settle nitli Oc.*rfn A. •, without delay, a*, he Is anihvti/ed tu Mrtlle the busim>s of the late firm, GEORUK A. SIMMS, JtS. H. MAltltUi, 1 Spt. 3rd, ISdl— If. nrsrxxss xo tick. I^l^HE uiidtrrigncd, haxiog purchased th<* J ii trrrst of Simnia .V MadJ. * in ti,© , Mercantile luMOCss, uill continue f. -rl! af the old stand, and solin', a continuance .f it,© very iilwrai patronage rxleiHht] to the mte firm. They wilt I .*.j, cotiatai.llv . n l.n-•} 4 | *1 assortment of g.*.d, and will sudt term* m cannot fail to phwee foe oi i. I custom*ra of the hou* and the tiuh; -• t rally. GE'iKuß A. tk F. X .';M V ,* L. J ... ‘ c . i; 1. Sept*niber I2h, 18*,!—tf, WANTED ~ TBIO IH V or HIJiE it 111 Jiketv M NKtiRO .MEN and (VHML.N fi. r whidt llie uiaikvt prie s <r will f.j glvan. - Alhs. FATTED CATTLE can !a <..ld for ih le*i market priecc uv apt icing tuT ur adJjfi's.Mng, JO 11. MAM'Oa. litouard 'iunu 0. t Jan. 'inti 18C2- tf. ,

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