Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, January 30, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated January 30, 1862 Page 4
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CTIANGK OF DAYS MTUXENT MB. ON and after SATURDA V, Sepinnl*' w ß> j ßf> | iht* STEAMER GROIIGK WKKMR wril leave rUhini'Ti 1 every SAT-! URDAY nieniiug ai C| c.* clock f<r tho Pa tutent Hive* Returning. will leave fid!’* i V .aiding every TUESDAY morning for Nt- ( lingham, leaving Nottingham at 12 u..!ork fir Benedict leaving Benedict every \\ r.D- j NESbAY m .mini! at 6oVhck ir Baltimore. , THRHDORB WEEMS, Master. ! lit. ISO I—if.1 —if. _ The Steuncr MARY WASHINGTON' will leave Baltimore every WKDNRSDAY * morning at til o*elik for the Patuxent River j Returning, will leave 11*11’** Landing every • FRIDAY morning ft Nutriugbun, leaving j Nottingham sit 12 o'clock f.*r Benedict, leav-' ing Benedict every SATURDAY rooming, at C oVluck Per B iWmore. M. L. WE RMS. Master, j The Steamers will call at the usual Landing* on the River, also at Fair Haven . and Plum Point going and returning. Passage to Fair Haven SIOO Meal* Extra. ! •• Plum Point 150. “ “ j •• ** Palox’l River 1 60. Freight received every Tuesdays and Fri- • days up to 2 o’clock. Otober, luth, 1801 —tf LUMEBRNOTICE. BURNS & SLOAN return their sincere ■ thanks to the Farmers lor their liberal u.igv lur the year pact. Their slock l } ..t-miikr i. larger tl. never end better a- I texted, and we arc determined to otter great) Inducements to cash buyer*. Apply at the, corner of Eutsw and (Hetman street#,or at 132 : Light street Wharf. , , „ BURNS A SLOAN. pjdtimore, Hid Feb. 2i d.lffcO- j FOR CONST tBLE. J, EDWIN ABELL •tmouueea hiroaelf ee a 1 candidate for CTonsndde in Leonard Town Dni tric at the election in 1*63 ami asks the *up iioir of liis friend* and fellow-citizens. Nov 28th. I*C|. Ft HI SHF. RIFF. PHILIP If. DORSEY, thankful to his Triemln and the pabhc for the support he re j eeivetl ul the late election otters Inin sell again a a candidate tor Sheriff and solicit* the voles f vf Itis fflluw-ritir.ens of St. Mary county at ihe next election. Nov. 2l*t, 1861. HARRISON EDWARDS, offers himarlt j lu the voters of St Mary ’* County as a can- ■ diddle fur Sheriff at the next election. Nov. 21*t, IBCI. A CARD. Doctor gustavus canter, having located himself iii Charlotte Hall.respoel uily otters Ids professional service* loth* put'- , lie. His oflb:* is that f.Tincrly occupied by Dr J.F. Shaw, where he can always be found except when professionally engaged. Heff.hesct.. —Samuel Chew, M. D. Pr*.-; feasor of Principle* and Practice ol Medicine In the University of Maryland. March 7lh 18*01—-10m ALBERT Tnr.GO. 1 •* MOR'I.V N TREGO & MORGAN. FRODU C F COMMISSION MER HUNTS, | And Wholesale Dealer fin LIQUORS JA I) Cl GAH S, | No.’JZ CHEAPSIUE. near Prattst., BALTLMORE : Every d**cripiTon ol country Prodtae •■ trusted to ouicare will ie i\ strinatn ’ tion. I ApnlSth.l ?sS—if. ms STOLEN from ray stable* in Medley** ■ Neck, near leoustil Town, on Wcduc*- day the 13th instant, a bright Sorrel, j with ttaxed inane and tail, medium si/e, stout-1 ly built and about 12 years of age. I iiavej been informed j|hat an animal, answering to 1 the above description, was ridden past Char lotte Hallow the 14th. by a negro man, and, 1 , from liis description, 1 am satisfied that he is . the party that *ghi the mare from my stable*. \ The negro is 6 feet 0 inches in height, thin faced, of a dark chesnut color and about 40 years of age. He represented himself, when in my ncighnorhood, to bo free, but I have learned since bis departuc that he u supposed to be a runaway slave and probably stole my marc with a view of teaching Washington or some one of Ihe Federal encampments in Charios Couatjr. I will give Umj above re ward for the delivery of the stolen animal, or liberal compensation for information Ical iug to her whereabouts. EDWARD DOWNS. Leonard Town, P. O. Md. Nov. 2Dt, 18C1—tf. M. M. U '. t 9 JAS. R. HERBERT* BRO. ... TOBACCO AND PRODUCE Commission merchants, So 39 3rant A UOlllAfiwoHLSti.. kUTIHOKE, Mil. REFERENCES. John Bopki at .P r eiidea iM ere h a n i ? Ba nl XniMDift Cross .CisbietCommercialam Formers* Bank. Qeo. W.iowtrdfc Co., Baltimore. Doer, Norrislt Co., M K. Hickley fc Bro., ** Penaimaa fc Bro.. M Whits*}, Cushing k. Comstock, Balt. jamWsTdowks, ATTORNEY * COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Leonard Tow Ce. ; iW., Will practice ia St. Mary’raadtkeaJirfßin (tMBSH. >’c. lath IM9 LUMBER, SHINGLES, { LATHS. BRICKS, LIME. HAIR.; I BASII. DOORS and SHUTTERS, j I ; II III? sals, at the very lowest / ice f*r CASH ‘ uc APPROVED credit. Before buy-j • ing. call and *ee * at the Corner of Fiit*v | ! and Herman Street.-* or at 132 Light skrwt j ; Wharf, Baltimore, Mil. i BURNS JL SLOAN. * March 21*1 1801—tf. I _ ; NOTICE. I FISJIP- ttcdets gned has jus! receive*! a large i ■ supply of Ladies PARTY and BALL Goods consi>ting ol ; White and C-jlored Tarlctons, Ladies white Kid Slipper : Lilies White Kid Glves, Ac. itc. Also. Gents White Kid Glove*, ) Gents Fancy Neck Ties, I Gents' Fine Shirts, and Collars, Arc. Arc. E. LEO. SPALDING, Leonard Town. { January 3rd, Itttil—-tf. • I ! \F.W FALL AND WINTER GOODS j FlVf | E undersigned has just returned from the i X City with iheiargexr,ana best selectedHtork ’ of FALL.and WIN TER GOODS ever offered to the citizens of St. Mary ’* County, consisting j n pari, of very superior quality of Heavy Goods v for Servants’ Nothing, at the most modern! ' prices—alio Roots and Shoes of the most sub* ■ 1 stamial make, and best material. Reside* Cli>ths|. j Caasimere*, vestings and all kinds of fine dress I Goods, tor Ladies ami Gentlemen—a carefully > selected, and well assort!a Htock of ready mnde t clothing,insinifsctured expressly to order, and a . | variety of articles ofalnnmt eveiy kind no where ' 1 else fo be found in the county. He respectfully so- : | lieita a cad from tltoaedesiring to purchase, feel* j trig assured that tiia thorough iicqiunintauce witii . ; the business, reauliing from a long residence in the city, will enable him to offer au* h induce ments a* w tlldef) Cuinpetition. E H JONES, riifi.n Factory. Sept cm hr x 27 d •y**U--Jy. i NOTICE. THE f’o-pMrlnvr.-hiy beretofmc existing un<l*r the firm of COTTINGIIAM j • HARDING ii* this-day dissolved by mutual J { consent. Win. 11. Harding is alone-author ized to settle the business of the firm. SAMUEL CHTTINOIIA.M, WM. IL HARDING, Baltimore Jan. I 1 B*i I—4\v. The undersigned, having Bojght out tin j Interest uf'Stmmul Cottingham of the tinn ol i Uotlingham A* Harding, will horealter conduct j 1 the business in his own Xante, —and he tnu>i. i respect fully sol hi Is :tu- favor of the fiientU i* | the old Finn. WM. II HARDIN 3. I MARYLAND | t AGRICULTURAL WORKS. TO THE FARMERS OF SI. MARY'S ' —! would ni*st resp ctfully call your at • leutiun to my large assortment of IMFI.E~ i j MFNTS. I am niauufnctitring and pre-1 I paring a larger assortment of Agricultural Im l - iJcmrufx than 1 have ever before offered to J tlm public—lLrse Power* ami Threshers, Wheat Fans, Corn Mills, Corn Shelters. Ploughs, Harrows: Cultivators, and many j other articles to uumeruiis n> mention. I cau supply the Farmer with every thing he j may want. With regard to Horse Powers ! 1 would call particular attention to a fine jlot of FKLTONS TItIFLK QEARFI) j FOWEIiS, to work with or without bond, tchuh are not surpassed in this or any other market; and 1 iao*t respect fully invite those i who are in want of Machine* to give me a call, las I feel confident that 1 can suit the pur j rhapcr. 1 am making a (X)RN MILL fer ! grinding tV>rn at Home. This is a good Mill, i has been tested and pronounced so by expe rienced judges. To this 1 ask your *)>e cial attention. i I tender yon my sincere thank* for the | kindness heretofore shown me and beg a con tinnance of your favors, determined to make j a strong effort to please all who give roe their ! custom. Orders wit) u:ect with promptatten ) lion bv being directed to WILLIAM H. HAKDIXO. 150 Frail street Wharf', Baltimore, Md. j Feb. ilh, 18-j l —ly I i DISSOLUTION OF CO-PARTNERSHIP. | f IYIJE late firm of Simin* <f Maddox i i X this day dissolved by mutual consent. { Persons iudebt* d to n* are hereby notified to ■ ; come forward aud wiUe with George A. i \ iinans, without delay, :w he I* authorized to - settle the Uwiuei* of the Ule firm. ,j GEORGE A SIMMS, JOS. 11. MADDOX. Stpt. 3rd, 1861—tf. BUSINESS NO TICE. f HE undersigned, having purchased the -B intent! of Simms & Maddox in the Mercantile badness, vuill continue to sell at the old *i?.nd, and solid: a continuance of the very lil>cral patronage extended to ihe Lat** firm. They will keep constantly n* hand a geod assortment of goods, and will soli i*n uch term* as cannot fail to please the dd (U>to(mr* of the hmo-ft aud tie public gen erally. GEORGE A. A F. X SIMMS. Leonard Town. Md September 12ih. 1&01—tf. WANTED fWIO BUY or H IKK 10 or 12 libelt K NEGRO UKN sad WOMEN. fi which the racket prices or wages wilt bt prw. Also, PATTED CATTLE can be wolc for the heat market prices by applying t< or addressing, JO H. MADDOX Ltotmui Town P, 0 Jan 2nd, 186‘2—tf. 1 IT UK SAINT MARI’S FEMALE SEMINARY next annun! will comnea# I on SATURDAY, the 16th of im* j i*r. under the direct*** ol Was IX TTY • UF.iGM, as Frimripml, a**i*!edjiy • norps • f efficient and experienced Teacher*. Tbe course of instruction is as thoron ;h as | at any uitterianimation in toe country, and jit less tban half the usual expense. Tbe j ■scholastic yeai ia divided in tc- two tern s of ' five months each. per term* payable in ailraorr: 1 * : ISjak* I i >r all the branches of a thorough English education, including Bard, Tuition. Washing, Fuel, Lights and Redding, $7 5.00 i Stationery, 2.5 C | Tuition for Jar pupil*.including j fuel, 7 1.00 •tPxRATX BtAMCnr.6*. j French, 1 I.Oq Music, with the use of Instrument, 21.00 drawing ami Painting, exclusive l of materials, LOO ! Painting in Oil Colors,exclusive ! of materials, |i >.OO For fut*. her information, or for Circu ara, j apply to the Principal, St. Inigoes *os i Office, Saint Mary’s County, Mltft C. BILLINGSLEY. President of the Board of Trustee i. August 16th. lbf.o—tf. PATUXENT RIVER LAND FO K SALE. _____ IF n<>t sold at private sale before SAT -1 (JBDAY, October the 20th, 1860, I sill I offer at public sale, in the village of ClLilt j LOTTE HALL, on that day, tbe FA II IN on which I now reside. i This Farm is situated on the Pains ent River, adjoining the lands of Mrs. E. L. j Thomas and Maj. James Collins, and con tains : ONE THOUSAND ACRES OF LA>D. Persons wishing to pun base land ofsti[c 1 riur quality, where good hotilth and all the ! delicacies of the water are to be liad, are requested to call and examine tbe premia b. Steamers, to and from Baltimore, pass I his land every day. This Farm will be divided and sold in hr**o parts. Terms made known on application to the . undersigned, and possession will be given on the first day <>f January, 1861. \V. J. CARTWRIGHT. Charlotte Hall. P. 0., Saint Mary’s County ild. August 30th, 13J0—tf. I BOIRDinyCML. , r |^ HE Misses Costigiii haring secured ’he • " services of an ex|*ertenced Music teac icr I will receive a limited number of young ladies j for the scholastic year beginning Ist Se pt. t TERMS PAYABLE HALF YEARLY IN ADVANCE.^ ' Roar*’ and Tuition in all the branches of an F.ngiish Education per annum $l5O Mu nc Vocal & Instrumental sloperquar. French 6 *• Italian 5 ** Spanish 5 “ j Drawing and Painting in Water ! Colors 5 44 • Oil Painting 10 44 The utmost attention will be paid to I the health and comfort, and every cfifoit nude 1 fo advance the moral and intellectual culture 1 of tluir pupils. Address— SUM MEUSE AT Oakville P. O. St. Mary's Co. August Ist, 18GI tf. ■ ■■■—.l * T. .■hq.i.M- -V T i NOT ICE. THE undersigned wish to inform tic people of Saint Mary’s and adjoui n ing counties, that they have just completed a FIRST CLASS RAILWAY, and <re prepared to haul out vessels of any si: e, and will REPAIR, CAULK, Ac., on t le most reasonable terms. Prompt attenti n to all wprk, and quick dispatch will be giv en in all cases. The Railway is situated abc nt a quarter of a mile from Leonard Town m a fine oyster creek, where we will also build SCOWS. BOATS, or VESSELS, if required, on the lowest terms HARRIS, NORRIS & FOXWELL. July 19th 1800—tf. I j 1 .( J. SICODEWOS. QBO. P. THOM I J. H. 11 A IIUESTY, WITH HEIM,NIOODEMUS ft GO. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN F6KSKN & Mem umi, sfrvxkv DKsctmrtojr, j NO. 383 BALTIMORE ST. BALTIMORE. March Ist. IB6o—tf. VALUABLE MANUFACTURING PROPERTIT i f|TfilE valuable property, known as CLI r * TON FACTORY aud GRIST Mil L j (water power), situated on the Head Wall n |of St. Mary’s river in Saint Mary's ouutr y, y j Md., aud unbracing about three hundred a ad )r ; fifty acres of laud, i offered at Private Sa e, c Thia property haa on it a STORE HOUS S, j which is a good stand fur business, MOTB L* j DWELLINGS, Workshops. Ac. The pi • Q uerty will be suld on acoummudattng tenths j For further particulars, apply to. THOMAS W. GOUGH. ' JO. FORREST, I- Leonard Tawn P. O. Nov. !6iL. UCO-tf.

rmssmxa machines. I have for sole tbe Peffea Triple Geared Hart Tourer ami W W. Pongee ft Cab] Jrtm Thrtnhtr, utfk Revolving Sir* w Carrier. , The marhlw * warranted tn render fttwfiii.- tum to aJ! patbww. Tbe price of 8 borne' power. SO Sweb Thresher and Straw -Carrier, delivered at auy wharf la Si. Mary’* eovuty. 1 • i* $lB6. Farmer* arc invited to call at my SitW in. ! I Leonard Tuva and examine I hi* Tbrrelet. Ij F. LEO. SPALDi SO. 1 Jane 86th, 1860 —tf. r i i J FOR COUNTY CLERKSHIP. Tbe friend, of DAN’IKI. T. MOST. AN j- j : tent him to the voter* fSt Mary's county a* ’ ! a candidate fie Clerk of the Circuit Court a: j | tha election in 1883, and solicit to hia claim* j : a dispassionate consideration, j Nov. 26th, 1867. FOR COUNTY CLERK. I announce myrelf a* a candidate for Qerk [ ,f the Circuit Court for Saint Mary’* County, i i i -aspect fully solicit tbe support of nty | fiU" la and the public. GEORGE H. HERBERT. i \ DISSOLUTION OF CO-PARTNER SHIP. 'pHK copartnership heretofi* existing be " jwwi the uiitlrrdgned, under the firm i (ttdjiyie of ft Herbert, is this day dis rolred by mutUßl consent. All person* in < deUei! to the late firm ar. hereby requested to j cane forward aud settle their indebtedness i i without delay. Either party is authorized to settle the business of the firm. WM. F. LEACH, GEO. U. HERBERT, Sept. 26th, 1861—tf. NOTICE rnllE undersigned begs leave to informehis j friends and the Public, that he ia still at the OLD STAND,in Leonard Town, carrying on BLACKSMITH! KG. GUN, LOCK SMITHING, SHEET IRON AND STOVE WORK—in short, iron work of all des:rip tiuns,such as repairing CARRIAGES, BUG GIES. ROCKAWAYS, CARTS, WAGONS. HORSE SHOEING, FARM WORK of all kind*; also REAPERS, THRASHERS aud DRILLS. With hi* experience ol 11 year*in a Machine Shop, he thinks that he can do any kind of Blacksmith Work from a kneedle to an anchor, and on reasonable terms. New Wag ons and Cart* built cheaper than can be done at any other shop in this place. HORSES SHOED at the shertest notice. JAMES A. M’CATHRAN, Blacksmith. January 21, 1860— tf. TM ARGE WHOLESALE AND 1 A RETAIL STOCK OF FALL AND WINTER DRY GOODS, FOR CASH ONLY. HAMILTON EASTER k CO.. Noa. 199, 201 and 203 Baltimore street, BALTIMORE, Have now in store, and arc constantly i adding thereto, a large and varied stoek of; 1 FALL AND WINTER DRY GOODS, ! embracing articles from tbe lowest to the | highest price, in every department of the I trade. | Would call particular attention to their stock of Good* for farmers and planters’? use, such as 3-4 and 6-4 Fulled Cloth: j Penitentiary Plaid Linseys and Cottonr.! Servants’ Blankets; heavy Bleached and j j Brown Cottons; Osnaburgs; Canton und j ' Wool Flannels, and indeed every thing rc-! quired by an individual, family, or forscr- , vants’ use. IMPORTING AND PURCHASING “on the most advantageous terms,” und SELLING FOR CASH ONL Y % BY WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, wo are enabled to mark our goods at such prices as wit! make it the interest of all to i deal with us. An examination of our stock by persona visiting Baltimore to make purchases is invited. Sept. 19th, 1861—6 w. WANTED. 'OTHE subscriber wishes to buy a Ist o * LIKELY YOUNG NEGROES, **f both sexes, for which the highest msrket prices will 1 be paid. Persons wishing to sell, who may not ■cs himr during bis present tour through the i Sohtheo counties of the Slate, will have their ‘ orders promptly responded tn, by addressing— ALLEN S. DORSET, Washington, D. C. Feb. 2nd, 1860— tf ROBERTSON & BRISCOE, SUCCESSORS to R. H. MILES, at me OLD STAND, 149, W. PRATT STREET BALTIMORE. YffcSPECTFULLY offer their service* a* JLw/ agents, for the sale of TOBACCO | GRAIN, and all kinds of PRODUCE.pledg i jpg their untiring efforts to render satisfaction to all who may patronise them. Liberal ad vances made on consignments. March 22nd, IB6o—tf. LIMB AND FEED STOft E Mo. 3 Hollinswortl St- Baltimore. HT.n* R. BORCiJN, (SUCCESSOR TO JOHN HEAN Y ) WHOLES ALT ASP RETAIL DEALERS IN , Mine, Brick*, Hair* Cement. CALCINED PLASTER, Corr, OaU.Cora Xtal, Ckop-Rja, ; Mill Food, fte. . {. Dec.23rd. 1868—Xy. I !. ———————— j NOTICE. Z A LL persons* wishing to commun>cnt i. jBL with me byl otter, willdirrcuuetr to respondenceby mailto PortTobaccoTharlea county, Md., or by steamer Si. Nicholas, jo CiuppelPoint.Ohnrleecouaty , Md. WM. T. CAMPBELL. Fab. 3rd, 18.19 -il. BUILDER'S iMATERULS j I !■ The unders'gnad would respectfully call th , , cntion uf the I‘uhlu- to their large assort }, Jrnt f DOORS, Dl. tXD, SASH, DOOR \, Frames, tuxdow frames, ujish~ ; BOARDS . CASJXOS, MOULDINGS. HAS- : < i TLJCS, and every description f Huttae Build- • rmg materials, which they hare constant!v Ofi | 1 i baud, and which they can furnish at the abort ! eat notice. ’ 1 They are also prepared to furnish at the shortest notice FRAME WORK fur j Country Houses. Cottages, ami suburban j Remdsuces,according to any plan or design.! all ready fitted to ba put up ou their propos ed sites. Farmers and others, desirous of building 1 in the country, arontd hied it to their advantage j by giving us a call before purchasing '• | where, as we are fnliy prepared to execute j work on the most reasonable terns. And the ! advantages, which arc offer ia preparing all the materials that may be necessary iu con- j structing a bouse, will It found to save the Builder a great deal of vexatious delay and expense. fifiF All orders left at their office rr ad dressed to them by mail will meet with promp and satisfactory attention. MAUGHLIN * JOHNSON, Steam Plaining Hill and Saak Factory, East Falls Avenue, near Pratt Struct Bridge; Warehouse No. sb, Pratt street. Next door to Peno ft Mitchell,Bait. Md. April XJth, lltiO—ly. i i CHAIR AND FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. WE. ANDEKBCN, -Vos. 10 fe I • Second Street between Frederick Sire and Harsh Market Sjn tre, Baltimore. Having the largest Ware rooms end best; assortment of Cabinet Furniture in the city, t is prepared to seltcvery article in hulinr upon i the must liberal and accommodating terms, i Having bad a long experience in this line of) business, be flatters himself that he ran com pete, as to excellence ot material,beauty oi workmanship and range ot prices. wtb any . establishment ol the sort in this or any other city. His general stork embraces a full and complete assortment of Parlor Chairs, Sofas, Rocking Chairs, Spring Chamber , Hints, Bar room, Office end Dining Chairs, j French Tete a-Teies. Settees, Arm Chairs , ; Haltrases, Looking Glasses, Ac., of every va riety and description. He has also on band Bedsteads of his own manufacture, which can be put up and taken down in two min- j ule. Persons from 3t. Mary’*, wishing to purchase Furniture, are requested to call and j examine his Stock before buying elsewhere Be sure to find the right place Nos. 10 It 12 * Second Street—Warehouse with SO lee j 1 front and S large Folding doors. August 11 ih 1859-1 v. i DENTISTRY. PERSONS needtug the services uf a first rate Dentist will do well to emplow Dr.; I. RANDOLPH WALTON, who in- j : tends locating himself in the village of j ard Town. Orders addressed to him through the Leonard Town Post Office will receive j prompt attention. His terms arc cash. Dr : . Walton has had considercrable experience in > 1 his profession, is moderate iu his charges, and | I has invariably given satisfaction to those win* I have employed him. To give the readers of ■ the Beacon some idea of the standing of Dr. j W.asa PRACTICAL DENTIST, the M-j ; lowing letter, addressed to him by Dr. Niniau . Pinkney, U. S. N., is ap|ienlrd : U. 8. Naval AcADr.ur, Annapolis, Maryland, April 21, 1856. j Dear Sir :—Tt gives me great plant rc to j express the confidence I have in your skill as a Demist, and to recommend yoli, as far as 1 have influence, to the patronage of the Public, j I have bad an opportunity of witnessing your , mode of operation, ann have no hesitation m 1 affirming that it exhibits your thorough ksowl- > edge uf you profession. I am, sir, very respectfully your obedient servant, NINIAN PINKNEY, Surgeon H. 8. N. I Dr. RavDOLrif Walton, Annapolis. April 4th, 1841 —tf. LUMBKR f SHINGLE?!! FLORIN*;, AC. j U7E invite the Attention of our friends an consumers, generally, in Bt. Mary's an adiuming counties to our extensive assort men uf seasoned BUILD ISO MATERIALS. All parties contemplating the erection of i 1 Dwellings, Barnes, fee., will find it greatly to 1 their advantage to give us a call, as we can • sell at lowest rates for cash or Negotiable pa 1 per. ’ t Doors, Frames. Sash. Ac., furnished at i Mil! prices. Orders filled fur Bricks, Lioie, Hair. Nails, Ac. . No Wharfage charged ou Vessels receiving , i Lumber from "Ur Yard. *! CARSON. ZIMMERMAN, ft CO.. West .ide Union Dock. | Norfolk Boat A barf j March 22th, 1840 —tf. NOTICE. • I who ALL persons indebted to me for taxes f>r this year will please rnmc 'forward ami settle the same U mq, or Capt. J. J. Allstan lin thirty days. If not settled in thirty dai i from date, I shall l compelled through i.r --• erseity to collect*w law. GEO. M. ROB AVAN. Col. of 2nd, !Hst. Nov. 21st, iStil—lf. e ''Wp .i " J * SPRING GOODS. i, A large supply of lluwatd Duck . Peai .XmAcotiary Plaids, AS ju*t received and fur'eale bv * E. LEO. SPALDING i roriiau I§M (saiusu Ififi LOCATED COR. or BAi.TJ.MORF. A CHARLES Sri bi-uiMutc, Ms. The l.srfrt j, Meal fllrgunity Furnished m| PsfHUf Commercial College in the Unite J .Slain. Designed Expretsly tor Young Men' Desiring to ohnun a Jkircufh Prmeticmi Bvs nett EiursSism in the shurtest posable tim and at the least expense. A Large and Beautifully Ornamented rrru iar. upwards ef Six ftaea** p, lT •nth Specimen of PmmmnsMp, and a Larva En fsavunr (the finest of the kind ever made in this country ) representing the Interior View of the < allege, with Catalogue stating terms fir mil be sent to every Young Mas on apph^auoo, I pet of f'hirfp, Write immediately and yon will receive tha package by ret urn mail. Address E K. LOSIER, Baltimore Md. January 34th, 18| |y. petition fur the bfnf.git or the INSOUEAT L.IWS 0F MARYLAND., Circuit Court for St. Mary's Ct.„ > 4 March Tarm 1841. f ORDERED by the Court iliat the Creditors *f JAMES A. MORGAN, a petitioner for the )<emfit *f the Insolvent Laws ot Ma ryland. be and appear beK-re the Circuit Conrt for St. Mary's County nn the third Monday of November next. t sh*ar cause, if any they have, why tla said James A. Morgan, shall not have the Vciwhl .f the sahl laws: provid ed a npy uf t his nrtler le inserted in the St. Mary's Beacon mice a week fur throe month before the said third Monday in Novcnibe next. Bv order. JAM PIS T. BLAKIATONF. Clerk*. July 26th. 1861—3 m. THE rnnitiaissintta for county officers elec ted on the sixth day of November last | were received turd filed in this Office on the 22nd November, ultimo. The Constitution | requires all persons elected to office, rece vm< , a commission from the Stale, to qualify within thirty day's after the commission is filed. JAMES T. BLAKISTONE. 1 _ Clerk. Dec. 6h. IHSI —if. j THAI). K. IMIEUSS, ' Attorney an.l Counsellor at Law, And General Agent for Claims, ; MM7 ILL StJlefid *n tin- cl'. a *io:i of a ) ▼ ? claims against the Central Conorr mrnt. All eouiriuuicathois a<hlifMs-<l to mo at Leonard Town will meet will. prompt at . tvntiou. j Jai.. 9th, 1802 — tf. I X O T /CL'. E. LEO SPALDING returns b ; s thanks to his numerous rn. mers fr the libers 1 patron age he has recsivrd from them, and pledges himself to keep a CHOICE STOCK OF ftOOJW always on hand, which will be uU very (uw fur cash nr its equivalent. K. LEO SPALDING. .. . A f* it 2tid, !buO April 6th, iFbO —lt JAMES WILKINSON, GROCER fr CMMISSiON MiEKCIHANY, No. 122 Dugan’s Wharf, BALTIMORE. Ketpc constant!* on baiid a l.irjre assort me..i..fsuperior family oimxjekikf, ; Foreign and Domestic l.iiju're, Tohaccu. Se -1 gars. Ac., whi-.h v ill be sold at the lowert ; market prices. Produce uf a.ll kinds sold on comnnseion, I shall only du a CAHIi commission i to iness. Nov. 39th, 1860 tf. NOTICE. DR. WILLIAM 8. BLAKTSTONE. hav ing lucalcd iu Chaptico, offers his pr i fciaiona) services h> the Pubhc, and cat. al ways be found, w bru nut pmfrssiimall v sn j gaged, at lWw*e!l's llottl. 1 also trtutu my . thauks to my frnmd* in the nighUrh*''-d of | St. Clement's Ihiy lor former patronage. : and will always be bappy to wait on then* ; at the siiortcst notice. Nov. 281 b, HWl—tf. a xonez TO CREDITORS. NOTICE is hereby given that the subscriber has obtained from the Orphans Court for Battic Mary** county, iu Maryland, lettsss of daiuistrataMi,on the c-ersonal estate of Etna H I Joktison, late of *a*d eo., deceased. All per aoits having claimswpinst the said deceased, ■re herelry warnsd u exhibit the sante, with tn proper vouches thereof, to the subscriber. | ou or before the Ist Say of Juno 1882, otherwise they may be rxch’ded by law from sit benefit of I the said estate. Given under tuy hands this 21st day of Nov. ISfiL . DAVID W. TYLER. . Administrator. Nov, 21st. IMi | (w, ■ jn-ituL —i Mwawea I ©uarr saatMi, ... . • i. *' ' C'tOHN MEAL, frceo from the gteautv J Mill of J. II MU do, Also, a frf.h applj of PI'TTtK, CHEESE,*' m tor u 4 •)>_ SIMM? * VI.VDDOX, i Dec 20th. 1040. i . ( - * hvs7Xlss yvncF. j 4 LL persons trdsbtrd t# nr no Tavrrn ae £%. count will cotu# forward a*d sattle iht mm* without delay 49 I Ml r lhlß| .Issed forthwith. I usiend htfaaftrr M do at I NO us HOHJiE FEED from W Ist af Jfifiua. ary. Ilffil. JO ||jj y fFNWIfK. Prspriemr, 1 Union Hwivifi j.-.nt*vr 3rd, 4*l-I'..

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