Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, February 13, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated February 13, 1862 Page 3
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BY authority r.f law. 1 h*vc *?!s tad taken the following property to sat- Isfy xud County Taxes and (W I#gal charges tberon, dot* me for the year 18CI. pimi mu pm, now owned lv William A. Sradly, jr., and assessed to W . W. llit. And I h*r<dv give notice, that on TI’EHDAY, the 4tla day <f March next, (If fair, if not. the next fair day tbewswtW). at the Court House door in I-couartfTuwn, l -tween the hours of 12 o’clock, tn. and 3 i/ulock, p. m., I will proceed to sell st Public Auction the shore named property f>r cash. t satisfy the State and County Tai*. and <h* legal charges litereoo as ab'ife mention'd. GKO. >i. BOIIA.VA V. Collector. J-’rb. C h. 1802 - ts. EBLLETOn SAIS. | >Y authority of law. I have seized and I # taken the following property to sat i-fv State and County Tax'* and the legal i charg- s :herrm. due me for the year 1800, pm! mu niiLin, tmw wn*d by William A. Hradly jr., ;nii aaeeemd to VV .. W. IH*. And I hrrliy give notice, that on T! BSDAV. the 4tii day-of March naxt, fair, if wot. the lira* fair day thereafter), at rb- Court II- use do->rin Leonard Town, between tbe b-<urs *f 12 o’clock w. and 3 nVlwck. p. to., I will proceed to sell at ‘ public Annum tb- mimjvc uauo'd property j for c:<"h. to **tieiy State and o*<uuty Tax- | f 4 and the U-gai c’uarg- thereon as above j am . j UKO. 11. DK.VT, Collector, j F.b 6th. 186*2 -ts. WANTED. " Vl* VNTi I) a If. 'CMKH foe Primary- Svlm-.i V*. 2 t< r th* ye.r TSC2. lie! r usr he rajutiilr ol teaming the usual English j r-irrfa-? slid be ef s** d IJi- ral charm “rr. — A ’l.uchtr of middle >r advnn-e-l age pre frTed. AdJre-s. JAMES I- LANGLEY, JOHN H HOLMES. . i VvM. MtK V. Jw>Kl H liIt.'HAIIDSON. Sf. li.i 0 u " I*. 0 .) r. 3<>tb. 18b2 It. NOTICE OF DIVIDEND. Sr. Savings Ikstitt rtny. ] ; Dec. aist. ISGI.- j \ DIVIDEND bun tbiS d;iy bem <iu clarcd t ,f f> per. coni. on the capital k rr of tUi < * Institution for the lust twelve *h* payiWe nn and after Thursday. I - 23rd day of January, inatmt. Hr order, W. A. LOKFR. Trcumrcr. S T A T K M ENT. V Staieriimi of rh- condition of the .St. - Mary** Saving In.-diiu'ion, made in mn-1 funnily within the rjuir*ucnls of ihofitli seefom sf an Act of Aa>eaibly, passed December sosrion, 18M Bills and Notes IHsuounted, $33,009 37 i Ci h. 5.034.171 Du from Hanks, 1.14(1 ssl lit*.. Ac., 1.153 12 $40,343.25 Stock paid in. $29,230 DivUmud, 1 Mftf 30 \ ■ j if. posiu, 9.227 $5 ,vw . j S4O 343 *25 W. A. LOKKR. I Xvcaaurtr. , Jn. 23rd. IBC2-2*. % j AHAMS 4 DAVUISON. {ROGERS AND COMMISSION merchants, -Vo. 7 Commerce street, Baltimore, Md. AE MICE supply of FAMILY GROCE. HU& constantly wt Laud at luwett t rl ft ptif cs. d j OBACCO, GRAIN. &c M strictly U‘ u;ed f. and prom)-1 returns mad*. J-tn. l;u . iso —Cb 4 . u^Wtoavn cKiinpi. nAVTNc the entire iutefeat of, fk *s 1 ifrWSffh ~f \f ■ fjriti J:imiiun Jt Co., j •t* .||r mtiwt the burinesawiib -. an*) etev-T. * 1 1 A iar** *t ~i fileut CIGARS, ciaup- ;! •RtuffU fmm thr Ui( lo br übiuiued j * y t‘*e lunrkrf. will t kept tri-tant!y m l or.trrf will -mi iroiww if / '•c- 1 * Jvlivifrd at >ri. •*. i| either <>l iiirT' UUUC:J * l r^,iC<; Giorgo. Cbwdlwf St. a lihyral sl-!re of tUrtnss>e of (fan ‘ f NoutPepit Marrlafid ie eurne-ri' s-li-*il- '*'*'*****? *d MOMF XNIU tH I. bvt ,<<* er *n the motto *f liirge sales with { p f . . B. A. J-VMTsOV ; ly. : * WFKgwSAr-":j| TV* J. r*. TliOb. UKF.VER bus l-ran 4 1 f* at ' tl-ewtlUae i f Chap-tie* ,m. r*4jclfull3i s . f”* rv W to thl P dMfc* v will devue bamelf * to tlie j J * l 2b.lsc?™tt, j *OTJCE TO CREDITORS. NOTjfEw hsreiijr given that the •uWribir _haa obfained from the Orphan’ Court “I Mttrjr • county ln Mftrv aril, iev.era on Oie ntrrsonaS rrtate of JOHN T AtfVLUR, Mtt of . *? id unt r> dsreaenU. All peraina bans.# s s. i SSi3S!S7" “ r T* *" *%** JAMCS H. AEFIiV. Jm. l.h, |B-r,. Adn '“* lr * , ' jr I 0S i ils AW AY from tbe *uti#<TiWr, living 1 * the villas f Ouptieo. a U w | since, a foe n. gro boy named iI&KKY Hbo*c time I recently b-rnght of C. A I-mly. | learn that he is in tbe lower t,art i 7 tb,> cottn, y pVoUWy lurking aUmt .1..|1i1 4 d the property of H. G. 3. Key. wlwre be bus* relations. A.l {mt.vsis are fot* warned against bar(■>-nng --r empb.yiug said ne-ro U.7. H c w rattier black. *.i.op^ a gied deal, ami*U an awkward way of expreming liun 4 .!/. Ii w 20 vrars ..f i f\ mH [ “H* 1 M| ?f "bite full limb ami a : black bar. 1 will give tbe above reward fj.r • j l, w apprelwnilon and delivery to me. I r , Q J° IIX A - Btuiiouans. ] : Jail. ?Hb, 18C2—y*.v, 1 rocNbuii lj*s:2 cn*aT*ntn lts LOCATED COR. or BALTIMORE <& CHARLES Srs ' RiLTiMosc, Mn. 77ir Lcir-trl, Meat Elrzuntl* turner J an d PopuU r Commercial College In the United States. Designed Expressly for Young Men ; De.*inng u. obtain a Thorough Practical Bos | ness Education in the a buries I ooasible tun ! and at the le<u.t expense. A Large and Heiiutifnilv Ornamerted Cirrn-, lar. rontaii.infr upwards nf Six Soo.tac Ferr, j ! with Spenmea of Penmanship, and a Large Er . graving (the finest of the kind ever made m this j I unlry) representing tbe Interior V.ew of ’.lie [College, w.ili Catalogue elating terms, I , wilt he r.ent tr. svery Young Man on apnlicnuoii. ‘ j free of ehorge. j Write immediate!y .md v-tm will lh. package by relu.r. mail. Address • E. K. I.tKIEK. [ , Balumore Aid. I January 24tb, lbGj_ ]y, |H PkTfTtnX FOIt THE bE > r FOIT UP THE j lvsol vf~\t r.nrs op MHVL.t\D . i (.irenit Court f.r St. Mtn’rCi,,) • * . . March ’lVrm f J OIHiKRRIt hy ihi'Cmrt that il e Cr**lit->rv ; ot .!.\ MI.S A. MOUdAN, a |M*titioucr • I for the Iwr.rHt ..f rhr In.voLvent 1a...s Ma-1 j I'vland. b* at -i appear b.-f.-n* flic Circuit C*itnt ; | for ,sr. Mary ( -unity on the tlur.l M >uUy I .of N-iVctulw-r n-xr. t" sb-*w cuuso. if auy tie\ , i haw. vvim tl - Jrimcr A. Murgati,’ ehui; • i not have the I*u tit -•ftln- *n;d laws: j.riiviil 'ed a (vpy of this i*r-l i r b-ine<-rt*-I in the* ! Mary‘a Ib'.icua once a wix:k for thm* uion:b bef- rc tijc th:rd Monday in Nuvctii 1 --. nett. Uv order. JA W l’f> T. II LA KI.STON K. CUtk. July 2fith, IftCl —3m. : i cniiiutissious for county rt!TI-*era r.lec | -A led on tae six’h day .f November last j i were received ami in this Office on the | *id ml November, ultimo. The Constitution j . requires all persons elerted to offi e. recvmntf j • oommissirm frdm the Suite, to qualify within thirty day’s after the romimssion is filed. J A M KS T. BLAKISTO \ K, Clerk. ! Dec. sth. 1851—tf. .: : , i j JAMES WILKINSON. GROCIR & CMMISSION i I I | No. I*2*2 Dugnu’s Wharf, BALTIMORE, j ~y, , r i Keeps romtßTttlv on hand a Urge assert- j meiit of SnpKKKMI Pa Mil.Y OHOC LIUKS, 1 Foreign and Domestic J-iqu- rs, Tohac-, Fi gars, Ac., which will be Sold at ths fowt at •iiarkel prices. Produce of till kinds sold on comniumiun, I shall only do a CASH commission j ISiNCSS. Nov. 29th. IB6o—lf. THAT). K. PKEUSS, ; ; Attaracy and Oaniiscllor it Law, ;j And General .IgerU for Claims , . < | id it cud to the rollec:i*n of all 1 1 ▼ v Haims ajfainet tbe (ieneral tvovern- J nntir. AU nbnisuunMHfbifw ;uWiwssl t- me , at 1/Couard Town will meet wilt, prompt at- ; i temi'm. Jan. 9ih, 18C2—if. • ■ • j j y.O TICE. R. LEO SPALDING ri-itirnr bis ffcstiks to Ida Miß.en-us cuat--mers for rbeJiWnd patr.u ■ age be lui^-receive*!, and -pi*.l-s 1 himself to ‘keep a CHOICE STUCK OF GoUi*. slwn.y’t 'in hand, wtdeb will be mJ.I very low fur "ash or its equivab nf. L. LEU SPALDING, j April 2ud, iB6O 1 April 6th, 1?C0—lv •• * * - * . •*'* i t - T--rr" . h .VOTICE TO CREDITORS. ‘ T* IK7 OTiCE is hertby given that the subscriber - Xw has obi*uVd from ?b Qrj*iiiUs Ourl for J arc hereby *v-rcd fo I the prorwr vouches ‘hereof, ftf che uhscnbf,.-j on or t.fort rhr D ofJm 1869, othewis* J they tusy iw ex rinded by hwv from mu benefit of - .1 the said estate - Given under my hande this _J, uf:v,,v ' ‘dav.ow TVLsir, Aimiuia:.-.irf. r Wot. lst, IMl—4w. * i S OflD EFT S MATERIALS Th# undersigned would respectfully call fh attention of the Public in tbeir Urge aMtrrt m-ut uf duo ns. ullvds. sash, noon FRAMES, n IS/WIV FRAMES. M JVI -MW S, CAS ISOS, MOLT.DISGS. MAS TLES, and every de#cripli<>n oi Horn* Btiiiu- Kig material*, which they have constantly on which they cau furnish at ihe abort eat notice. Hey are aJn prepared to furniah at the ahiirteat notice I'itAJlE HOKH for Gmntry lloiiae*, and suburban Rwider.c**®. at:ciinii g t any plan or design, all ready fitted to he put up on their propi- i sites. Farmer* and of] • r#. demon® nf building in the country, wmiM Urn! it to their advantage by giving us a cal! hef re purchasing else where, as we are tally prepared tu execute work on the m<*#t reAttctialde terms. And the advantage*. ah>cU r offer ix preparing all the materials that may l> nereasarv in con afructing a house, will be found to save the Luilder a great deal uf vexatious delay and ex pemip. Weir All orders left at their office or ad dressed Ui them by mail will meet with proinp and Bati#fin*tuy attention. MAL C.iIILLS A JGiINSON, Stcnm I’ltiimnij Mil/ und Snsh Factory. Last halls Avenue, near Trait .Street bridge Warehouse No. 55, Trait street. Next doer to Tenn & Mitt hell. Bait. Md. April 19th, 180 - ly. CHAIR AND FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. W K. JVoj. 10 & 3 • Second Street between Frederick Sire and Marsh JMarket Sjmre, BaUiworr.' Having the largest Ware rooms and he*l assortment ol Cabinet Furniture in the city, is prepared to seileverv article in lifeline upon the most liberal and accommodating terms. Having hid a long experience m this line oi business, he flatters himself that hecan com as to excellente ul material, beauty oi workmanship and range ot prices, wth any establishment ot the or'in this or any otl.r r City. His general stork embrace® a lull am! complete assortment of Parlor (‘hairs. So fits, UorJciiHf Chair*, Spring Lounge*. Chamber Suite, Itar room, I tjfirt and Dining C/iairr, French Trtc a-Tetes. Settees, Ar n Chain, Mol frames. Looking Glasses. dec., ot every va riety and description. He has al>o on hand skdsteads of his own manufacture, whii h can bt pul up and taken down in two min utes. Persons ironi St. Martwishing to purchase Furniture, are requested to call and examine Ins Sou k hviore hay ing eisewher. "* sure to find the right place Nos. 10 A 12 Second .Street—\\ arehou*e with bO lee front ami- o 1 arge Folding dot?rs. August 11 • u ISTdI- lv. DENTISTRY. PFTSOXSS need;tig the services of a first r ife Dentist '■•ill <|n Wf.ll to f inplow l)r J SiAMMH I’ll WALTON who in utiiis 1 aaiiug himself in the village of Leon ard i own. i irders addr Mied r.i hnu through the IcMi.ard loivu J‘-hi Ulli c will receive ir mpt attention, lit® terms nr*- cavh. Pr \\ a 1 ton lum had coi-;iierer:b!e experience in his profession, is m;-d< r.rte in his charges, end has in variably given satisfaction to thn*o who , have employed him. To give the readers .| the lit aeon some idea of tlie standing of Pr. fV*. ns a PRACTICAL DKNTIST, the f.J-! lowing letter, addressed to hint by Dr. Kinian ' Pinkney, L. S. N., is appended : i L . 8. Navai. Academy, As s a Fonts, Ma ry laud, April 21, 1855. j Deab Sin:—lf gives me great plasnro to express the confidence I have in your skill as j a Dentist, and to ncommend you. at far as I : have influence. to Lit* patronage of thw TtilJic. l I have had an opportunity of witnessing your m sle of op. rati aim have no hesitation m 1 affirming that itexhibits borough kuo-vl e Ige of you profession. 1 am, sir. very respectfully your obedient servant. MM AN PINKNEY, Furgeon U. S, X. i Dr. Ha WaLTOjt, Annapolis. April 4th, I*ol —tf. UM.. J'!Li!_ L..J 1 J i| ■ i LUMBKK ! SHINGLES!! FLORIXG, itC. invite the attention of <air friends an consumers, generally, hi St. Mary s an | idioining counties to our extensive assorfmen i >(xeusoned IHTLDISG MATERIALS. All parties contemplating the ertrtnm of; Dwellings, Barnes, bu:., will find it greatly to | heir advantage to give us a call, as we cat rll at So west rates for cash or NegotitLk pa er. Doors, Frames, Saab, Ac., furnished a) I Mill priexts. Orders fillei! for Bricks, Lime, Hair, X'ails kc. X*. Wharfage charged on Vessels receiving Lunilier fr -ni our Yard. CAT.SON, ZIMMKRMAX, ft m , Wcet side Union Dork, . Norfolk Boat v\ Lari 1 March 2f*P . 18M —tf. -NOTICE. . * ■ ALf. jiersons indeliteil to me f.-r taxes f.r thn- year will pleat* come hnward and • <*ttle iJi*- -anie tome, or Capt. j .-j. All-tan J n lhirif days. If not settled in thirty days | I rom date, f ahall be compelled through rt cattitv to collect by law. 4 GIX). M. WHf AXAX. If| * Cul of 2nd. Pi>t. TIToiTXSinNAT ’ fail. COM As, haunc l- IF Mini at H K A T I I LL S for the j urp*.® 1 !: of practising , ' h isk be found at the t e L*std< ice of J. J. AJlstun, when not 0 rofi s?ionaUj etgnfcd. TnnEsmxo mac mixes |Urefor sa e tl a iKM n TripU Geared ■ Dorse Dover and W. VV. j iug > S< C’< f rm * ThrttAtr, teilK S rntc ( a>-ur ! b’-.c marhiue is warrant 'd r th.n rial! pnniu***. I’Im: ;.r>. ~f * h r, . power, ft J inch Thfesher nr .1 Str. > Ar ri-c,, delivered at any wharf fa St. M in\ .a.'vi 1 ' is £lB5. farmers are invited to call a* my St. <* jr >oard Town and \ indue this Thri*.h*'r. ■ £L F LEO..sTALPiXij. * jphDe 28th, mo-;f. I

FOR COUNTY CLEUKSHII*. ! The friend® of DANIRL T. M( *H •A N pr.*- j seat liim tu the voters of Si Marv’s \au;ty as j a csiwlidaW f-r Clerk of the Ciriuit C-.urt a: tiia election ia i SC.t, and solicit to hot claims i a dispassionate consider.ttioii. ’ Nov. 2Cth, R>K COUNTY CLKRK. I announce myrelf as a candidate for Clerk j if the Circuit Court for Saint Mary’s countv, ! i i es|*ectfiilly solicit ti;e support of my fiU" Is .md the public. * * • j GHOUC.E If. 11 TItBF.K U. j Jf AR6B WFIOLKS*\LE AND wLA R KTA! L STOCK OF ! FALL AXD 117.V TEE DEV GOODS. ’ FOR CASH ONLY. HAMILTON KASTKH ft TO.. • Nos. 139. 201 and 203 Unit tin lire rtrerf. 1 BALTIMORE, j Havo now In, and are i adding thereto, a large and varied stock of , FALL AND WINTER DRV GOODS, ; ! embracing arliylcs from the lowest to the ; highest price, iu every depart mint of the ! trade. Would call particular attention to tin Ir ■ stciclc of (i<xkls for farmer® and planters* use, Fiich as 3-4 and 8-4 Fulled Cloth; ' ! Penitentiary Plaid Linseys and Cottons; : ; Servants’ Blankets; heavy Bleached and ; Brown Cottons; Osimhurgs; Canton and I U 00l Mannrls, and indeed every thing re- : j tjuired by an individual, family, or fur str- . 1 vants’ use. 1 ; IMPORTING AND PURCHASING j “on the most advantageous terms,” ami SELL!XV FOE CASH OXL Y, *Y WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, i we are enabled to mark our goods at such price* as will make it the interest of all to deal with us. An examination of our j stock Ly persons visiting Baltimore to make purchases is invited. iNpt. 10th, ISdl--ow. : .. ! DIS.SOUTIOX OF CO-FAJfTXER SUIT. ! HE copartnership lu;ietf ( r exiting be j * iw**en (he und.-r.-igned, under the firn. and -tylc of ft llerla-rt. i? this dav dt> | ro.ved by inuturl consent. All per>oii# in i debted to tlfhlitle firm ar. hereby t*’ j C '-me forward and s. ttlo their iudebndnes> ; without le!-iy. Either parly is authorized t.. settle the business of h*- finu. W.M T, I.EACH •ii n. H. hku:h:t.t. I Sept. 2*;th. l**il -if. NOTICE rtX ¥. umler.- : gT cd leave to’ntorm hir friends and the Tubiic.that he ia still at the OLD STAND. i. Leonard Town, r am n. .* on BLACKSMITHING, GUN. LOCK- S\|fTHING, SHEET IKON AND STOVE; WORK—m short, iron work of all drs**rip- . tiojis. such as repairing C’A Kill AGES. HUG- j GIKS. IH.ii K A WAVS. CAKI’S. WAGONS, 1 HOUSE SHOEING. FARM WORK of all kinds; also REAPERS, Til RAMI ERS and} DKILIiI. With his experience of 11 years iu a Machine Simp, he thinks that be can do any kiml of T.larkstuiib Work from a k needle to an • anchor, ami o reasormldc terms. New Wng- j ons and Carls built cheaper than e.n he done I at any other shop in thi* place. HoHSKS J SI 1 OLD at the shortest notier. JAMES A. M’CATHRAN. Blacksmith. i January 2l,l€CC—tf. . I WANTED. r | J, HE subscriber wishes to V>uv a lot ol 1 LIKELY YOUNG NEGROES, of huh I sexes, for which tht f highest market prices will ! he paid. Tcrsons wishing to sell, who may not | see himr during hie present tour tl rongj, the Sohthea counties of the State, will have their ; orders, promptly responded to. bv addicn<ii.g— ALLEN 8. DORSEY, , Washington ,D. C ■ Feb. 2nd, 1600—tf ... _ < IIOBEIITSON X IMUSCOE. SUCCESSORS TO 11. It. !I,i;s, At iiib OLD STAND. 149. W. TRATT STREET BALTIMORE, RESn.Gri.ULIA offer tlitdr nervirea agent*, for the rale of TOP, AC CO GR A LV. and all kind* uf PRODUCE, yrledg ifg tij|ir tAitiring efforts to rcmler iMtinfacti.m to nil who may patruiHuc! then.. Übcral ad vances made on oouMgruncnts. March 22nd. ISso—if. y IJ.M K AN D FEED STOII I So. 9 HolHntwortl St Bsltimcre. 1 iJBE w. n. noßo.rv. (SUCCESSOR TO JOHN. HEAN ) • ■ * VHOLWIU ASP XtTAIU PfAL Z'St Ift Lime, lirirfc*. Hair, Cc im^iiL CAUTNED PL ABl LH. I C*ni ot, (kirn Heal. Chop-RT*t j| HUlPeed.^c. Dfec.iltrd. 1858— ly . \\ ••■■ - . ■ — i lj NOTICE, ALL person* wiahmg tc commußirtt# [ with me y etter . willdirecitnnrcrr- v cesfiondf ncr by mailtq For tToba* y euouty, Md.. or by steamer St. XichoJax, o t*happe\ Point .Charle® coniiti . Vd. , WM. T. CAMi'BJJLL, J Feb. 3rd, 19."9— 11, TMK i SAINT MARYS FKMAI.K SKMINAKV THE annual ®s ; *ri wdi c m non. tfli s AI I l.ljl \S ( I. t I jlli C St •tier. ind*r th*- lic 0 t Ni k- M _ li.l 111, xs l ß rinri / ,ni. a bv a cor;> Ot tfStirtUfchJ eip.-n. need ‘I earu rf.. The ccoirso- of ifistrtuth>n lx I* rfunoogh v at any olh- r.iivtitutK-u in lt;e country, ron! half ike jnal exn< me |Khiltsiie yeai ntdiUUeviinto iw o terms o; five mouths each. | Chnrgrx, per terra. paiahß in adiaure: *-r dl the branch *.® of a thorough ; English Mucatior. including Board, fuitiou. Washing, Fuel, ; Lights and Redding, f7O w • Stationery, o jf Tuith.n fur day pupils,including j 21.0 C BEP.\iuri; BiAxrwrs: French, !4.H. ; Music, with the u.®c if hr frument. * 20.0< Drawing and Tainting, exclusive of materials. f. of Painting in Oil Color®,exclusive r of mntrrinG. Ift Of \ For fm’herinformation, cr for Circtdar apply to the Principal. St. inigo*** l‘u®; Office, Saiui Mart ’> Couuiv, Md. ’C. fSILLLNUSLF.V. Pre®iJent of the Board oi Tru>t-*s, Aiigujt 16th. iSfiO—tf. PATUXENT RIVER LAND y o k S AL E . i IF not S4ill at private .®a!f bef rr S I'l*. 1 ■ I It IIAI. Octolirr the 20tb. 18.0. I will I offer at public pale, in ihe village ..f CH Ap ! LOTTE HALL, on that day, tlie K .UIII jon which I now reside. This Farm is'e.| or ♦!. Tat;i> m 1 River, adjoining the 'lande of Mrs. K. T„ k ITiom.i* and ilaj. James Collin*, \.i,. | tains ‘OXK TIUICSAM) aches OF 1..VX1. ; Terxous wishing to purchase Uw] . rior quality. where good liealth ami all i‘- vlelicacics of the water ar to h*; had. a.> |rerjin‘ptid t>* call and examine the ]ircmi*e. Steamers, to and. from Raltimor*. pass this {land every day. *, This Farm will be divided and sold ir. ; part*. i Terms mad known on application to *,Lc ; undersigned, and**! >n u;l] b- given on the first lav of January, IS6J, W. J; CARTWRIGHT. Oiarl-tte Hall. Y. G . Faint Mai’v** ’••uutv Md. August 30lh, 1880 - tf. t ■ BUIDIHG SCHGOI. r |'HL Miiscs (’.a-tigiii l aving sef'Vir.'j the f ■ mTvice* of an :*perieuced Sfudc teacher a ill receive a Incited of ;n t*T ■ i lie scholastic year hegmi iig ]-: i TERMS I’AYA HLK II AI FVI ARI.Y LV ADVANC I*. r , H ard and Tuiii n in a’i the brar • .* v F.iig.i*l Educafn-t y<r annum Mu.!'' V.-ral A y--r rr: it Fr - rh 0 • iCaliin *> ; Drawing and Tainting iu W:*ter C •l.■rs .. Gil Tainting i|r) ♦< < The utmost attention will bo rum! to ; Ihe benlrb m;d fin< rt.-and every effort matle j f < advance the moral ai.d intellectual tuhurc of their pupil*. A dares#-- SUMMERSF-AT . I Oakville V. O. St. Marv’s Co. i August Ist, 18C1 tf. i NOT ICE. ! -- . . i fBIHK uudereigued with to inform tkc , JB- people of Saint MaryV ami adjourn-; ing counties, that tin y have just completed ' a FIRST CLASS RAILWAY, and ar* ! prepared tu haul cut of acv tizi, and will REPAIR, CAULK, 4c . ou the; most rcaionable terms. Prompt attention to all work. and quick dispatch will he giveu in all cases. Tbt Railway i# situated about 1 a quarter of a mile from Leonard Town oo i u line oyster creek, where wc will also Luilrl SCOWS, BOATS, or VESSELS, if required, on the lowent terms HARRIS, NORRIS ft FOX WELL. July 10th lßt>o—if. .i 1 gri n-.M 1 nr-'.iafc iim. j. yrrcpr.xira. ar.n. r raoMt J H. II A R Ut'ST Y, wrr irriM.NTUoDLMUS ft CO. TMWiHThKh AND DhftLrHfc IN fIIIKII DOMESTIC IIIKI, evfki k’> ri-.*i, NO. BALTIMORE>T. B A LTM! r. I; V.. March i#t, lH*;f._tf. VALUABLE Vi yrn.4rrrKT.vo rKoHrrrr 3ikUkUß-a fWfC.V. rxluabb- prrqvpr* v. I; t ,c.v n v r-f ]; *, TVS KACTOJxY nd HR IST MfU. t water j-.w. situated on the. Mr*d M'alei* •jf Jit. Mmy * rrvir ir. Mary* cwtiulr.' rmh/a u.g b- -ut ilrrce hundred • d fifty a-w of !ai,d, >h i-ff.Trd at fiiritc Saic TL# |>r*qC rtr baa STORE IH>T'pV whi-j, / >u . HO I EL* lO\ ET.LiJfGH, W. rk*h ftg. J |, e T * [Wty will braiki ur.. xarMnTStdirtihg term#. For iurtnrr parrirutnr®, applv la. * >' TIIOMAB W. GOUGH 1 JO FORREST. I>eo.|oi ( . TuWU r. 0. Nuv IktL. ibcu u. (.mm*! ShiMCLES. ' LATHB. •t BRICKS, l LIVE. H A i fii, SASH. ITiOliS an 3 6 *, .ti vti: <t L < r iP|*KOVJSI v :r „ 1-.. . i-i;!,'•all an! n* *t |lm o T . * *r.J Orrm m Street* tat iu* L* w v * I-f' r- : ** U iMtjfi l.t*, M.i. HFRVH * RT O.\K. March 2l*t If Cl— It. NOTICE. 0 f | , HF timK-l.t giih} iia; juft rr* rvt<i a ’ar. •• 1 n;.|.lr o Indies I’AHTV and BALI. *.i,*!<!■> Mi*; ■ 2 '' \VUi? .itid Color/*,l T:r!*t**r:, hj ’ii# *' h.w* h i >li t . r . r 0 I.aiir.- 'Vi; t Kid <t.!uvr* ir, ,<, A !m\ < i**n*a 'A ti|* Ki 4 / ' Fin/-" KWli Tioi, * (Irnts’ I'm** Shirt?, and V • \ K. U (A. SI \ *! T.cuttwd “ January 3r,1, 106*— U. 1 1 "• • > v£ w r.u r ax:> tf.v . 7 f f IMI F an Jr rallied ha* j...*. r • * < iv iriiU ibf far**.-:. t.:i ’.* r • .. - f FALL, and WIN !*• 1 * ’ t<* *.hr .1 turns of St. Mu. \ > v ' -•/ I ‘U par!, ofvr\ ftilien** sj-. f; , r . ■ br%Ufc’ rUiLu)f. .** t,._ .. i; I . prirr.*- -1.0 H v .f .•>'■ . . ' eianttaJ inn]/*, and Lr.r .w,.. I C.,i;.iOieri *. vr.v.!ir i•, t.v r.a-ii-f c : i . . •*%, a. vv.-i,a%.r . - * cl-oljivif f ’.isnMtnf|i;ri ta ”*c!i!v • ■ verier* tv rv'-iff. ofimsi # tv-iu. : •*- *. d*>r !•> hr (<••*•*.] tn ih<* riitilitv IJ -Vc u. iiH 0 c itfr *ni tUosedctln - i. i • t . " . • iiiT a<; fl .oat h’s *h >r<*i. , ■* . ~,. r- : th;* ismi*,r#uhiiij* from a >u~ :isb „].; ~, lUf/Uty, will f,<arle nu; r,. jJ* r ?„rl n.dur#* s i!lucf*. •'fra>rtli.n. c; if. J'inks, * hfi . ia< t.*r* ?T'h r j NOTICE. unHvr tin- firm <■/ it '| A M ar ! MAH!>IJC(i :*• thu Jav ) ••hir.-m. VV;i. H h i’ tic-author ;XnU to iHlttlt* i'lf toiftLiCfS Of fjr... * S.-\ Mm. ovr Vv M. H H AKfilNO. /.‘‘l'tin-*re Ju*\. 1 *■ - 4 a-. * ! 'T'l-r- ji flrrsij*n/ - t ha\htjf J? .ijfrH r- •• ■, * Irs-f*r :t .*t r •! t'i ,i„. f ; ..- **f f'-.n \ Mir li h'T. rt.T ■ ; hijMu.r? *r I ; s <.*i, \*u - *j*J he ti -m : ;IT. * :if 'av,r u| the friu.d --r i .•! ■ i 1 Ol vm h riAFftr- MAUYLiM) AQHICULTURAL VV . py, l rf) rv; FAItMF.U.i ny r - V.- —~ T • *l3td . S ; H ., .f..1*,. ~ 7 j t/'t.f -m; I.r-< tiW.UKW *f ?' v ’' X .vy .vrv. I am mv ’ hirtnn - f J q lari./** - t r.* . .•• / _ i thm 1 hvt , , <f t Mm, )>ubln fl-iMo J’-*rrre simc ’’ i . - ; V'lu-at Fans. C<rft MtHe. r. rn * fc|.f 1 TlougU. Harrow#; re. ind n„-- Hi,rr aMir-hf. t<* nini/*r.a)|i t< n rotw.n. I ‘ can fuv) ti • with .) t, :li\ want. With r. f., Jj, r % < era ; I would nil tmrtirular -.tic nr?* n f ; > lt r„„ { i.f -f ;*a :r/o\'s rf jrrr or.*m:ji rOlf W.S, t>> work i rHK <*r vithmt I zc ?rr mnpnsst'i in this nr any cfhtr murktt , ami I r., -t r#*,fnrt ‘ vrl .. arc tn \\nu\t4 Mar.iu. t* gii- i., rii F t !a* I l*cl c rihdcof that J can *,,* m i, 4r .’ { :ha?'*r. I 4i. a CO.IS for 11 C-rit J}f* U * v . Mill. .fi** 1* v:. tr.'L c* u;, c , ,J j, , | y Ci I|e . I rirt.c- ,1 hid,;:-* Tv ‘V; ] u k roc.* f ; cut aiui.*; v.. I tcr:dtr T.m my *ißr#r f;,- Vhidnrr* iuwu*f re ehowi. *r* a.';U h'g 1 tti of y,.<ir f*<.rs, d* irru ’• a etrvi.g rftort f.. ptram? a !( v ... p tv - cuet to fJr<kr> Vit‘ r; rt *: h \ tiois by hvlrg dirt-cud t* WIM.IA.VI I. JI M 1W) Pratt rrc-i 1 r r_ % Vrh. Tft !?;’ lISFri T TTON* .rr. j- >y Bl HF, fi rr> .<f i ff. . M '.tit, Ua.> . ,i rtifKl .ll ijrhlt'.? i. *•; ' -1 cil v -HI 51. n-,;;. -o,'rh'Ut •. ;. .• , su;’., ! ■ ;, *i • 1 v.?.. .;1 . • f.,,, iaT.lvK C i - ,Tn.s >f "; ; i 7 v ? r*. n :d' j tf &L SLM SS yr. : :cr . 1 •’ pt:rc. -i<%; . ;.e I ’.I tni?4 , { b-fni.i* k: V-.’:,* ~r rr ih • u *(■) ’ • the ■ i .-i.iml, ~;] ->t ; cr; w,. . •• ■ „ VTt it. ) Xli- irkij ! j :• Wf.. T; , \ hr- f . .• ..*fr t y nr •. . r ,y M **•" •tn.vht p g?.w. 4 wi‘ a: -•<. .. rUtM ic.<i ** **iroi f, , -j.# :Us **i JCC iivtut a.:.. ; w-ai'r. to a. a r. ;c .viij.r *>~.. • Ir I J’v: . * '/ ■-. Srjsfrtii'hw 1C:;;, .wanted:. TO IT i ?r iUi* V. tH -r 1 •' K•i A 5 MKN. *aid V.' ;Mi/.N. k, ih maiket j/T-ct* or w'Sfc-nr'wiU la? A In, i- ATTHf) f’ATTIF #. v: J • •%- {'•T th* !•■♦ D;ifV'-t i ri- *r , ' ... *■ • rt n • • • '.m t: X A JiJ-f if 1., •--ui.ra iv*‘ - h| J*Ui. 2u:. !£££-- u

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