Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, February 13, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated February 13, 1862 Page 4
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LUK lIJJMTItL BtriNS ft 81/JAN rrturu thMr dnrrrt thanks t* fbo Farmer* for their liberal for the year pwt. Thek <rock 1 fcSIBFH to I****’ tb- B ever and Wtter a sorted; ar.d we are determined to oiler great Indocemerts Sc cash buyer*. Apply at the oonser of Kotaw sad German treel*, or at 132 Lightitrtd Wharf. BURKS ft PLOAK. HeU'iscire, M<! Feb. fnd.HCO wmmammmmmimsßsagsssssßssß^ FOR CONST iBLE. J. EOWI2f ABELL announces h’rnaslf nr r | candidate for Oaaadile m Leonard Town Oia- Inc at th* e.n in :n ISC-1 and asks tbs aup. | pr..t fMs fr * 4* tnd fe lew-riuzma. Skrr. 2&h, lodl. FOR SHERIFF. PHILIP H DOftSEY. ti.ankful to hi* frir-da and the pnbiie f.H- the oopport lie re carved at the Isle election offer* himaelf again M a candidate for J**eriff ami solicits the rotes *f fei!ow-ciMei* f S*t. Mary’* county at tee re*. eleciw**. Ko Slat, Kl. HARP.I>K>K EDWARDS, offer* himself to *.be rotere of Si. Mary ’• County a* a cun dida>* for Sheriff at the nex t !uion. .Not. 21st, 1061. A CARD. Doctor gustavus canter, laving healed iumeclf ;:i Charlotte Hail,respect •ills offers his servicer fn tie ptib lie. Hia uftlon is tki*. formerly <ccr.piiil by Dr J. F. f<baw, where he can always be found except when professionally engaged. Rlterknc*.—Heratirl Chtw, M. D. Prc.- Ibaaor of Priociplca and Practice of Medicine ia the Un.vfrsitv wf Maryland. March 7lb lß6l~loia . ... , ■■ ■ ...I— - ■ * ▲Lt'.ST TKfctO. J.* MOftian I TREOO fc MORGAN, PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And Wholesale Dealemn LIQUORS JAD CIGJRI 50.77 CUBAPBIDE. near Prattst , RJU.TlMiiiii fc> Bwry description cl country Pic-du entrusted :ooaic** will itc i.i r cat tin. ApriiSth.lfllW—it. sai> STOLEN fr m my stables in Medley Keck, liter Leonard Town, ;n Wedun Way the 18ih instant, • brig jl Barrel M-r • -h flax'tl mane and tail, medium ailv, st -u ty bntit and a bunt 1? years of age. 1 ha\ b*tn informed that *u animal, answering j the abort description, was ridden past Cfiai k<H Hall on the llth, by a negro man, am from his description. I am mu-fled tint he i the party that sto'c tit* mare irutn my stable) Tlu. negro i* 6 feet 6 inches in height, -.h; faced, of a dark chesout color and about i years of age. He represented himself, whe in my neigh o*rhi-or!. to be fro*, but I hav (earned since bis depart at that he is supptw to be a runaway slave and probably stole *n mass with a view of reaching Washington ii soma om of the Federal encampments ii Qmries County. I will give th shove re ward for the delivery of the stolen an Inal or liberal compensation for informatics lead Ing to ber whereabout*. EDWARD DOWNS, Leonard Town, P. 0. Md. Nov. 31st, 1861—tf. J. a. USMKKT. M. ■. USKSCJ.T JAS R. HERBERT & BRO. TOBACCO AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. tSirsnth tiOlllnfsworlists., lUTINOIt, M 0. REFERENCES. John Hopkins.PreidenMerchanr Bank Tmtntan Cross .CashieiCccnmerciaia nd Farmers’ Bank. Oeo. W. Howard A Co., Baltimore. Doer, Nvrris h Co., •• R. Htckley It Bro., M Pen oi man A Bro.. •• WSitnsv, Cushing A Oomatock. Balt. JAMES S. DOWN'S, ArrOKSEV A COl NSELLOR ATT.AW, Leonard Jbmu, St. Mary's Co.,ifrf.. Will practice in St. Mary’rand theadjeining coontwu. Fao/lOih 186 b DISSOLUTION OP CO-PARTNERSHIP- Lzoauxn Town. \ Jan. Ist, 1862 I rpQC CO-PARTNERSHIP herviolure ex * Ulmg in the Cigar Maimfactory f Mor gan, Jamienn A Co., ia this day dissolved with mutual content by the undvraigaed, partners iu interest. All persons indebted to the firm wih please settle with B A. Jamison, who is authorised to receipt in full. J, FKUX MORGAN, B. A. JAMISON. Jaa. feh.1863—21. JALEX. PRICK, nnr Cm. * Hooker's Divieku sno the Head Q<otr> tens of the 3rd Regiment of Indiana Cavalry, wiU attend the COLLECTION OF ANX CLAIMS against the GOVERNMENT that •ny no contracted by tbf troops in St. MrrV r, Nangsmoy Poal Office, Charles Ravaaancss. Qsn. Walter Mitchell, Fart Tuba are. M 4; Hon. George Brent. Port To \ 11 ■**■. *H Fuel TuUec*; Jss H. Key, Es,.. Port ToLeco. Juanas* Bth. IGS-tf. A C A ttl). TV I -j***!"* * S*YtX). 1.*,, u- JLF led m C\o;Uho, lenders H : J rvje+ttvnal jerevns tc ike . ***** of the vtlUge auu v- j many Office at tbo rest jmc uf Mr L, ‘ iia>'ea. i I*F^jwnc*.—Frof N. R. Pruith Pa&awsv * wd. * Jan. 18th, IM-U LUMBER. SHINGLES, LATHS, ' BRICKS, LIME, j HAIR.i SASn. DOOM uui SHUTTKRS, I .IPPROVKI) credit, before buy- j fig. calf and sec us at the owner of Kutaar j tod German Streets r at 132 light .Street I Wharf, fialuißMrc, Md. BCHNB ft SLOAN. ? i March 21 t 1 SCI-tf. NOTICE. ' r f'HR awed has;oat rT*'.t*d a h:;e . of l adies tA KTY and B ALL j o<skL coita*>tittg oi '.Vukv and CU jred Tarletone, Ladies white Kii 3*..pp:r • La lie* White Kkl Glutca. ftc. lac. Also, ; * Grata White Kid Glove*, Oenta Fancy Keck Ties, | Genu’ Rue SMrfy, and O flars, ftc. ftc. E. LKO. RPALIMXO. Leonard Town January 3rd, 18C1—If. i' y XE IT FALL AND WIN TEE GOr !>}■ ‘ r j r pf!E isdertigned has just relumed irjm the ' - .X Ciiy with the largest,ana beat selected stack ! e ol FALL,and WINTER GOODS ever nfTered I :o thecititeu* f St. Mary* County, contisitr.g • •n f*rt, of very superior quality of Heavy Oooct | ( f- BerAnts' rlothiaa, st the mest modern: ! ■ prices—also Hoots and Shone oftlie n>cst mb! ' j vt.nntis) make, and beet maimsE. Besides Cloth*| j ’ Cneaimeree, vest ngs and all kinds of fine dress! J Goods, Jrr Ladi ;s and Gentlemen—a carefully , • selrcted, sad veH assort; J stock of ready msde J - expressly to order, and a ' : variety of jfa'.iros; every kind no s here j j tlseto btfo ifid M the c- untr. He respectfully eo- ' J licit* a toii 1 from thoe* Jeeirmg to purc.hsxe, fed- ' ing ns* that U* thorough acquaintance with i thehusiress, rasi.liing from a long residence in ! the city, vc.II enable htm ty offer such induce* , mente as willdefv competition. * E. H. JONES, Clifton Factory. Septeba27i h *N&-ly. NOTICE. eJf/TTEi C*>-psrtnerhiy heretofoie exiaiing x n-rlt-r : l ’.e firm of COTTINGUAM k HARDING ie this day diasu-Ired by mutual i\ conaeut. Wm. ]{. Hanimg i* alnut-autiiur izcd to nettle: lit tualness of the firm, re BA MU £L CO mXjillA M. :t NVM H. HAKDINU, v . Haiti more Jan. 1 1861—4vr. k rf Hie nndersigniil, having Biught out !h< I ,j Intereßl uf Samuel CuUingham ol the firm m b Nottingham 4 H.irdiug, will lß*reafter conduct . the buaiin-.:s iu hia .iwn Name,—and he moat i{l respect fully solicits ibe favor of the friends o It, the old Firm. ft WM. H. IIARDINS. I MARYLAND i AGRICULTURAL WORKS £ TO TITE PARURRB OF 37. MART'S. j. —I would moat reap* cl fully call ymr at tention tu my Urge assortment of IMPLE MENTS, 1 ana manufacturing and p re _ paring a larger assortment of Agricultural Im plement* than I have ever before offered t ho pulhc —Horse Powers and Threshers. Wheat Funs, Gnu Hills, Corn Shelters! I PU-nghk, Harrows; Cnldvalors, ard many other at titles to numerous to mention. I can supply the Parmer with every thing- he may Wa6. With regard to Horse Power* I would rail particular attention to a fine , I* of PELVOS'S TRIPLE QEiRED POWERS, to vork *eiih or ip itkeut band , which are not surpassed in this or any ether market; and I m re|iecif-iy inwlie tbofv who are in waul of Machine to give ue a ca!i, as I feel confident that I can unit the pur- chaser. I am making a HORN M'LL Vr I grinding Corn at Hns. This is a good Mill, i has heenVsted ami pronounced so by expc : ritfoced judges. To this 1 ask yenr ape- i ciai attention. ,j 1 tender yun my sincere thanks for the i kindness beretufnrv shown me and beg a coo- 1 tin dance of your favors, determined to make j a strong effort to please all who give me their custom. Orders will meet with prompt atten tion by bring directed to WILLIAM H. HARDING. 1 160 Praii street Wharf, BaUimcre, Md, 1 \ Fsb. 7lb. —ly uicsoimoN or co-partnership. 9 lt HE lata film of Simms d Mtuklox is ~ ****? *** rtiMuh*rd by mutual orniseot. I erso: u-Urbiui to ub are ferretv notified to * forward and settle with George A. >imms, w;?hotn delay, a* he is authorized k> • ttk tfee busiue* f the late firm. GCOKUB A. Ml MM3. JOM. U. MADDOX. Sept. 3rd, 18C1-—tf. BUS IS ESS VO TICE. fp HE undersigned, having purchased the * interest f Smkus Si Maddox in the , Mrrrsutiu- htuducs*. w ill rontiore to kU at the old stand, and joJiris a ircnrimiaore of tfee eery Horrid pat/oas*e to Je L*tr firm. They wiH k***p rouutUy on baud a good aMOMW'fMI 'MS goods, and will on *ttch Urrow. .i* fail to ptiise tfee oki customers of tfee bouse aad tfee pnbttc gen* OUOMOfi A. ft F. X SIMM*. Leumtrd Town. Md. September I2b, IMl>-if. . WANTED rno bcv r nigs 10 r ia iui< M MSURO MEN Md WOMEN, hr tlutfe tfee met feel priori) er wage* till be gt\ea. I Aw. PATTED CATTLE Oo be add 1 for tfea Lewi market priwea by applying to, j or eddreasiug. i JO li. MADDOX. j I , Letmard Town P. 0. I Jut Mi, 1863-if. | i SAINT l\trs FEMALE SEMINARY iflE a*t attßoa] sn**>on will com mer I on SATI’KOAV, thf 1 Sth of Sepiem under the direction } Mis* LiiTTY j i.KJGIf, as Primriptl, assisted by a corps ; of ancient and arpertennrd Teachers. The coarse of instruction is as thorough as st any otker institution m toe country .and ! st less than half tbs usual expease, srh"lauc treat is divided into two tcrmtomf; five months each. Citnrffc*' per term* payable ' ftti Mdfancr or a!! the branches of a thorough English c<iccstifn,ioclediop Board, Tuition. Washing, Fuel, Lights and [tedding, S7.OC '*lor.trtr, 2.C( i iu.*. .r. :ot i\y uo;;Al*,tacltiding fu -*. 21.00 1 stPAiAf* ixanmys: Frcr,'*h, M.flfijl V Ac. with the n*e of Instrument, I.VOO ! and Painting, exclusive j •f materials,; ’ I'nliTic in Oil Colors’, exclusive uf ...uteri*}*, 10.00 I For for.herinformation, or for Circulars.! ■ to the Principal, St. (nifties Pos ) Saini ?Aarv’s Couniv. Md. I* C. BILLINGSLEY. r President the Board ol Trustees. ii A nsrust Ifim, 1 *<60 —tf. c ■’ATUXEhT RIVER LAND : FOR S A L E. j IF nr>? *■ Irl it private sate before SAT -1 I’ItUAV, Octulirr the 20th, 1860. I will I offer at public sale, in the riling*' fCH AIl- LOTTE HALL, on that day, the FAKM on which I now reside. This Farm is situated on be Patuxent ‘liver. adjoining the lauds of Mrs. E. L. Thomas sud Maj. James Cvllius, aud con tains ONE THOUSAND ACRES OF LAND Persons wishing to pur baee land of mi| nor qitaiity, where good health and all the delicacies of the wafer are t le ha*l, are requested to call and examine the premises. Steamers, to and from Baltimore, pass tide land every day. This Farm will be divided aud sold ir. three part*. Terms made known on application to the undersigned, and possession will he given on the firs! day of January, 1661. W. J. CARTWRIGHT. Charlotte Hall. P. 0., Saint Cooatr. MJ. August 80th, IB6o—tf. fiBifiDIKS SCIBIL. r PHE Misses Coetigiii having peered the ■ services of an experienced Music teacher will receive h limited number of young la lie> for the schtdastic year beginning I*t Sept. terms payable half yearly in advance. Board and Tuition in ail the branches v r an English Education per annum $l6O Music Vocal Jc Instrumental $lO per quar. French [, *• Italian 5 •* Spanish 5 *• Drawing and Painting iu Water G**l*rs £ 3il Painting 10 “ The utmost attention will be paid to he health aud comfort, aud every effort made n advance the moral aud intellectual culture j( their pupils. Address— SU MM ERSE AT Oakville P. O. St. Mary's Co. August Ist, 18C1 tf. ■ ■■ T. - ii . NOTICE. THE nnieragned wish to inform the people ot Mary’s au<i adjourn -1-n? e that they have just completed a EIKS T CiaSJJ RAILWAY, and are |_r:r&;;.'i tv had out vessels of any rise, auu TiiVi REPAIR, CAULK, Ac., on tho most r*-.*? •nahle term a. Prompt attention to all w rK, vnJ qu!rV dispatch mill be given in all < \'he ILulwayis situated about a quarter of a iialo from J nmard Town on a BBC w.fcter rroek, where we will also build SCOWS. LOATS, or VESSELS, if require!, on the l< terms HARRIS. NOKRIS X FOXWELL. July IStiO —tf. , ** - t J JMCOnCMCS. ORQ. T. TBOMi J. li. tIAROESTT, WITH HEIM, NIOODEMUB A 00. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN Fttlßl IHIKIJE Utlll. • erevear oaacaimon, NO. 383 BALTIMORE BT. BALTIMORE. March Ist. iß6o—tf. VALUABLE

MAjtcFAcraitjya property V4>!B SAWBo 1 TOS-issra-sM aa <watat pu*r). situatod oo Um M Wacn : i; Thfc property ha* <• it a .STORk wh.'a is a coo*l *ia*d fW buniiMW, HOTFf * ■ I)W£LUFCi&, Wofk#b.p*. Ac. Vbo pyol Sertr wtH ofc tenna. or farther pßrttruUra, apply to. j THOMAS W. GOrOH. JO. FOBREST. l*oqar>l T*ma P. O. j Nc'tr. mk t mO~tL aau|K The machine is wsnanled in render satisim tin® to all porrhaorta. TW mine rf t hens leaner. M Inch TVreeksr and atonw-Ohrrkt ddifrrrd ah any wharf in St. Mary’s neaacy Farmers are invited In call at mj Stoat fa [canard Tows and nsnmine this ThrrAer. £. LEO. SPALDING. Jane ISth, 1§0 —If. FOR COUNTY CLERKSHIP. The friends fI).\KIEL'T MORGAN pan* ant him to tiie *o<r *.*f St Mary's county ae i candidate f*r Clerk of the Circuit Corf at he election in IMS, and solicit to hia claims i dispassionate coiiridrrattoo. Nov. ‘idth, 167. FOB OOCNTT CLERK. I announce nyidf as a eandblate for Clerk f :bc Circuit Court fur Saint Mary's county, 1 'espertfolly solicit the support of my k is and the public. GEORGE H. HERBERT. mSOLVTJOX OF CO-FARTSSX. JSHIF I *HK copartner*h : .p hcretoA* existing" he ■ I ween tiie nnrWidgoed, under the Ins ni *4vie of I/si h & lierhevt, is this day rfi*> >lve*l by atulnrl-oeiscnt. All persons in* :• U* i to the late firm ar. hereby requested t >.ae forward aud * tile their indebtedness it bout delay. Kitl-cr parly U authorized to lie the buriwC** *f jhe finii. \YM. F. LEACH, Of.O 11. HERBERT, Sept. 26th, IStil if. t NOTICE. undersigned brga leave to infomehis -*• friends aud the Public, that he is still at the OLD STAND,in Leonard Town, carrying ..o BLACKSMITH INC, GUN. LOCK >M'THING. SHEET IKON ASU STOVE WORK—in short Jr-m w.irk f all desorip. tious. such as repairing CARRIAGES. BUG GIES ROCK A WAVS. CARTS. WaGOKK, HORSE SHOEING FARM WORK of ail hind?: ah*. REAPERS. THRASHERS and DRILLS. With his experience of 11 years in a MacUhe Shop, he thinks that he car. tin any kind •at blacksmith Work from a kneedle to an anchor, aijd *u reasonable terms. New Wag ons and Carts built cheaper than a in he done at any other shop it. this place. HORSKS SHOKD at the shortest notice. . JAMES A. M'CATHRAN, Blacksmith. January 21, IB6o—tf. W AROB WHOLESALE AND Wla retail stock of FALL AND WJSTBR URYGOQ&S FOR CASH ONLY. HAMILTON RASTER. A CO.. Nos. 199, 201 and 203 iiidtimore street BALTIMORE. ( Have now io More, aud arc constant! *, uddtng thereto, a largo and varied stock of 1 FA f.h AND WINTER DRV GOODS. : fnibracing articles from the lowest to the ! highest price, to every depart*rot of the i trade. Would call particular attention to their dock of Goods for fanners and planters' jse. such as 3-4 and 6-4 Fulled Cloth: Penitentiary Plaid Linejs and Cottons; Servants’ Blankets; heavy Bleached and llrown Cottons; Osnaburgs; Canton and Wool Flannels, and indeed every thing re jnired by an individual, family,, or for ser- 1 rants’ use. 1 IMPORTING AND PURCHASING ‘on the most advantageous terms.** and SELLING FOR CASH ONLY, nr WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, re are enabled to mark onr goods at saeh iriccs as will make it.the inn rest of a)) to leal with on. An examination of onr took by persons visiting Baltimore lo tusks tare bases is invited. . Sept. 19th, 1861—6*. WANTED. 'pHK subscriber wishes to buy a let ■ LIKELY YOUNG NROROBK. *f both 6*r which the highest market price* will be paid. Person* wishing t* sell, who may not •ee himr dnriug bis present tour through the Sohthea counties of the Stale, will have their orders promptly responded to, liy addressing— ALLEN 8. DORSET. Washington. D. C Fab. 2nd. IB6o —tf UOBKRTSON k BKIBCOE. SUCCESSORS ro R. H. MILES, AT HIS OLD STAND. 149. W. PRATT STREET BALTIMORE, Respectfully yier their service* as agents, f*r the salt- *f TOBACCO ORA[y, and all kinds of PRODUCE, pledg ing their jutiring effurti to render satisfaction to all who may patronise (hen. Libera) ad vances made on coasi^umeota. March 22m1. IB6o—tf. LIME AND FEED STOKE i*. a ■•lUuvwti at- iiiumn. W. m. iMIM*, SUCCESSOR TO JOBS aunt) wmuau > mm **■**. ni Uwi Brick*, ■air, CriMrnl. CAUJWBB riAHTEB, \ VMl.Ckop-ay*, ; ,| . M ■■■ t>i.u .ra'ufi jiupßi * I T NOTICE. > | A LLp ersQue wittusf 19 coißHißicle I .'-*1- wuJ* tut by: *nr ,‘Wftr<hfrc itmircW* ' r .'.ipondmc* by raailto PnnTabarcoTkailM omiaty, M4. t or by itvtittr it. Kidtlif. ■ I o Cluppei Paia(,Cbarlicoat* Mil. I ) Wii. T. CAMBgLU ] J Fb. a*.ISSS^U. m* BOiLD MR' (MATERIALS % _ ifIHH B B I 1 IIP ' i ’* J 4; V ■ Tit ondeoegned would napctifatr ctR lb attendee ef the Pnhlie to tbear lam aaeort acutof DOORS, BIIVP% SASff, POOR FRAMES. WINDOW FRAMES, WMH BOARDS, CASINOS, MOULDINGS, MAN TUBS, and every aeecriptiun f House lag metmV~. wkirii they have ennwaatly m bond, and they caa furnish at Ike mot* eel notice. They are also prepared to femaeh at Ike aknrtert notice FBAfIC WOBK fur Country Huaare. Cagea, end suburb*# Hfeidcncee, according to any plan or dnipi. all randy tiled to be pt ep oa their pm pun cd slice. Farmers and ethers, deal tens of WMisg ia Ike country. wonld find it t tkeir adeaatapi by giving ne a call he&ra purchasing ebw where, as am are fully prepared to execute w<*k on the most raaaeaokla lame. And the adeautafas, which we ofer in preparing all the Brtartdi that may be aarearwy la con structing a house, will ha loand to save the Builder a great daal of Taxations delay and , expense. JNT All orders left at their titter ad dressed to them by mail will meet with promp end satisfaelortr attention. MAUGHLIN A JOUKBOM. Sftmm Plaining Mill and Bash Factory. Beet Falls Avenue, near Pratt titreet Bridge Warehouse N. 51, Pratt street, Mrs* door to Penn A Mitchell, Balt. M i. April 19th, IMA— ly. icHAiR and Furniture : establishment. j W R- ANDEHbUX .AW. 10 A j I ’" • Atennd Strut between Frederick Str> j and Marsh Merktt Sj>ate, haUtmore. I Having the largest Ware rooms and heat ♦ assortment of Cabinet Furniture in the city, j is prejitrefl to seilevery article in hisline upon the m.*t liberal nod acrommodncing terms. 1 Having had n long experience in this Hoe cl business, he flatters kimsell that he can com pew, as to rxceUenreof material, beauty o> workmanship and range of prices, wth any establishment of the sort in this or any other c ty. His general stock embraces a full tod complete assortment of Farter Cken, Sofas. Sacking Chairs, String Irmngu, Chamber Suits, Jktr sworn. Office and Dining Chairs, French Tste a- Teies, Settee #, Ann Chain, Mattrases . Looking Classes. m 4?., uf every va riety and dc*erip*un. Ue has also n band Bedstead > of few own manufacture, wb eh ran be put up aud taken down in two mir-. ute*. Personsfrsr" ,<t. Mary*?, wishing to?) purchase Pitman#*. are requested to tall and j examine his Stuck before buying eleew hen fc 3- sure to find the right place Nas. ink IV ( Second /Street— War* house with $0 ter * front and 8 large Folding doers. August 11th !5tL- Jv. DENTISTRY. PERSONS nctiiing tlie *crvices of a Sr*i rale Dentist will .U well * rmpk n Ur J RANDOLPH WALTON .who m ti'uls loc&ting himself n the village of !<e n *rd Town. Orders addressed to him tbrugl rite Leonard Town P*at Office will rvcrivi prompt attention. Ills Uvms are cash, Dt . Walton Uas had ct*nidrrerahle experience it hM profession, is moderate in his chargee, and has invariably given satisfaction to thine win have employed him. To give the readers l the Brecon '•ora? idea of the standing of Dr. W. as a PRACTICAL DENTIST, the M i lowing letter, addressed to him by Dr. Niniaai Piakney, V. S. K., is appended t . U. 8. Kavii. Acamdit. AdXArotls, Maryland. 1 April 21. 1866. Dkab Sia;—lt give* me great plasure te express the confidence I have in ynur skill ar a Dentist, and to menrnmead yon, a far as 1 bare iufinence, to the patronage c 4 the PuWie. I lure bad an opportunity f witnessing your newts of operation, ann bare no heshatMan in affirming that it vxhibits ynur thorough haowh 1 edge of you profession. I am, dr, very respectfisHy • ynur nbedirnt srrrahl, 1 MINI AN PINXMRT, r fiurgeun V. R. K. Dr. Rainwtof Walto*. Anuansße. April 4lb, I6l—tf. nw^wwwowwmi—wM— LUMBKK { SHINGLES 11 FLORINO, AC. TXTE in ril* the attention uf our friends at Tv euneumera. generally, in Bt. Mary aai adjoining runntice l* our eiirtalre asauifcmei of iwueuad BUILD ISO MATERIALS. All parties enfitempUtisg (be erection o Duellings. Barnes, kc., whl find it greatly t< Iber advantage to give us a call, aa uu cai tell al lowest rates for cash or Negotiable pa per. Doors, Frames. Sash,-Ac., ftmuafod a Mill prices. Or den fitted for Bricks. Lime. Bair, Nail* Ac. No Wharfage charged on Teasels receiving Lumber fr.m nr Yard. CARBON. ZIMMERMAN. A OOi, West ride Union Dock. , > Norfolk Beal WlarJ W A Agyi jjjki nf i HlWPP l ****# NOTICE. A LL peresue indebted te me hr (asm to A- tU> jsur vi please mm toward and •uuia the same In me, er Cbpt. /. J. Alfetan m thirty days. Jf out settled I* thirty Asya hw data. I shall he emupsllsj through &a> ceeaitj to*diact bylaw. om M. Pon A NAN. i i . IN of m. tm L s l*T\V*r mi ~*i n. fpensuo UU cssifsMt :gf . oic.r* C>:**M(.ttMO|ie * rBAtLISfn Www, U> Tttlsffwi.Bni * fill rind Pjpm!r Crnsriici CiUget%tk4 Ftiel Mttott. *"**■•* S*rmriT H r Touf ( MOnH •Mn . n-,„, , . . *22, 1^22? A Luc. m 4 ■muiMiC, rtmro,*,-, r t£Jf7STL£ 'TSTSs-^J ss*r. : v - ♦" *: £ 5 SET"" T ~“* "SLSSLSS*. sJSsgftffSgrss* ar *. £ - K. LOSICR. tawTSM**-!,. rtTnin* rot ntF.BKvnir / r /e CbenH Ci-urt f..r St. Mary’* Ob i March Tstiu la# if OUmfißD by the CWt that nr. ,: r vf lAMFAi A * for the Wneft' * |h I Jim Uws‘TilT he W. the third U’entav | f November aat. t„ show <*#*>.,, .hsve, why lf>r *# Jssurs A. Moreau’ *hs r l ,‘r £ v f s* “ u *•-* k “ * WII in th. Bt. *2 * "“T • • >* L.r ,‘ - Lr. I* *A IM I, VMI b , Dj ir4<T, j-tma r. blakhtoxe. Jtdf Mia. 18Cl--sm. Citrk. THK ronmiessens for <•*,*, v • -* Or -f iw rXprd and .rd m thia n*- e brother, ulumo. The Cono.itluJn dwwtl to o lAirty day i after th sootfntaaion is JAAIEB T. IU.AKIBTONE, Dee. Ah. 1861— tf. Clark. THAP. If. PHEUSB. AMorxey aad at Law, And 9*wal Agaufwr Ctuimi. MMJ 'l l, tTNrtxi • ratlrr-hn of *’l ▼ ▼ riaiaa *rstnl the fWrai U..r- r ... meat. AM - npunrsti..n, *.fd esswl u, m* at l e.osrd uen wdl mrsC with pruwp: kulint. r r J*|.. !Hh, lAti—lf . * NOTICE. E. ZXO SPA C DIKG refarm h:§ H *pk* to hli ntnrruM c*ut mrr fwr thr Übcm) age be Ue wivrW fnacu lUm. Him “ l ", W * choice Siork of UOL I . '* Land.which U| be *oU( wn fur ceifc *r ii* equivalent. K. LEO SFAi niKO Afril 6!k. JM*_ J, **■ ,W# JAMES WILKINSON, GBOCfR i CMMtSSION merchant. No. 122 Dugan'i Wharf, BA Krtps MtahatW p him) i !r; n*\rt "•** nf SUt’KHIOR T i MIL TU KO TKIEB. Foreign Ml) Pumetuc Ijqunre. Tobacco. Br *., wfcKto KH Ur *oW el the k>n( nrkt pncp*. ProteM *1 ail kin* kM on ernmi^c*,. I MmII oniy 4o a CAfcJil rommit*urn IMKII. ><"• 3*k. NOTICE. VIIXiAM S. SI.AKJKTOyJi, |)|y< *•* *Wfol in Cbftftico, t-flem hit pru fwa'ooai rrrfem In tU I'tibfcc, ami cat aI "V ha tand, when m i prJhm*-<..11r en tHanka to my fnrn.le in Ute aright :hoot of St. CU>met* Bay lor ibri* former patrol *ft, and will a.waya bt happy to wait .* them at the ehmmt aolire. Wue. Mlh. ICSl—if. .VOTJCB TO CRMDiTOMt. NOTICE ie heraby f*eaa that the aabaer.brr haa ahtaiaad free* the Orphans C<*nn frr Marr*. caoatv. hi Kwjiaad. lettera 'i dtaiawtri jw.fli the ft-traeaal relate ef a H Johaem laic *f aid wdacaacad. AM jmr. aowe ka*.. ima the amid dereoeed, act hereby warned to exhibit the um wita tbe proper tmkJmb nhecaef, to the ewheer.ber. on er before the Ut my d June )dt. mherwiaa they may hr aadwdad hy law foam al bawaftt of the amd eetare. Gwm aader my haada thia Siatday ef N. IMI. David w mu, *ee. &*, ' (DDiBRJOIB&ba i V Miifj BM. AUe. a*eh tappijr of BLTTMt, CII££SM< i **or# Mjffmlikf PTMM3 4 MADDOX. Dm aOik. IP6O. BIKUiSSS XPTiCB. I *!MMPD'ImIVVvp • w • . MdMM CAHkI (M>m*wi writ w*| C f* m, ‘ *ww rrt&wtc*. n - ijji ir -■

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