Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, February 20, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated February 20, 1862 Page 2
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SAINT MARY’S BEACON I,EO* 4 RD TOWN MO i THUftWf'A* U*RNJjia. SO. 13€ t? Y banks One ihsiA* ;w duo to B A Jiin*.wa. R-q., Ei-r a box ■'( choi** cig*>rs from his monufo#i<ry. it this village. Also, to Ol#. lHUingsby. Harris and Lent for reports of Ue procseCngf of the Maryland Legiabaarc. i—■ ■ - - ■ ■+ m ■ iim i ■■ Release of the State Prisoner# wr irr if the War D. partm<*t*, t*f the li’li in#! . it u directed, #, lhat all P'diiical ur State prlvoeers, now held in military custody, be released on then iab ►erihiog to a parol, engaging them to reu* i f no aid or comfort to the enctnicM in kf*(il<ty lo tHo Cnitcd States. ‘‘ To this proposed jail dviiiery. however, a quail* fixation has Wen annexed, which is tu the effect, that the Secretary uf War may ex cept frouv the operation of thia order Mich persons whose r lease in his discretion may he deemed incompatible with the pubfie -safety. An au.ncrty is granted to the parties who inay be released for any past offences of disloyalty or treason, pro vided tb<*y phall keep their parole. IT*eaflcr, rxiraurdinary arrests will he iuad* nttdor the direction of the military tuihoritie# alone. These acts of graciuus *. vo ais told, are due to the con viction. that the insurrection in the South tfVStat.-# has culminated and is declin ing A favorable change in public opin ■iuW. it i# stated, has occurred. The liuv Wtvoen loyalty and disloyalty has Wen plainly defined The Government has. all #t onov. become firm and stable aud is now qaiu strong enough to be merciful. It is entirely foreign to uur present pur pose to contest these conclusions or to assign motives to the Government other thin those by which it claims to have been actuated. We arc content iu this wiatanoe to accept the fa tor and not look the gift horse iu the mouth. Wc are r*t vUlhig, however, to admit that the logic by which Mr. Secretary Stanton attempts to show, that the arrest# were originally justifiable has impend upon us. But ;v<* rj* too highly gratified at the rebate to quarrtl wtth the l-'gc or expose the ti<ra of Mr. Lincoln’s war secretary. A great wrong has been par tially repaired. An able and a faithful “ Jtehlie servant of our people is about to be restored to his family aud frieud-t. t'iii • mi#, lea# ditingui-b u d by public eonft dence but of sterling worth and amiable character, will return to u* from Lafayette and the prison bouse of Washington. We ( are Liking forward to the pleasure of maetiag those friends, and arc willing to forget, for a season. the shameful out rage by whch they were toru from their families and home#. j The Hew# The war new# of the past week is of a diciddly stirring #nd Important char acter. Indeed, the agent# of th Asso- j Mated Pres# and the reporter# of the ; Northern journals teem to h-vc found a ! theme suited to thdr t.vetca. and arc ‘ gladdening the hearts of the ‘•loyal,’* ♦rerywhere,, with their graphic report* Federal victories. Contrary to pre vious impression#, U Is now anerrtaieeu that the Burnside cx|x-dtttou ha# bec-n a complete sums*. and that the scries of heavy storm# it encountered only delay-! vd. fir a lime, the aecompVumrnt of its purposes. The previous reports of the marine attack wpou the batteries on Ro anoke lUnd and thj repulse of the ex pedition. it seam#, were correct, but a vnbwqment demonstration, it appears, proved entirely successful. The report# of iht light, official and otherwise, show that, after much hard fighting and great loss of life oo both cities, Roanoke In land has been captured and the whole Confederate forse, numbering about 2500 men. taken prisoners. The l<*e iu the fight has been so variously stated, that it Is iiupepsiblo lo form any accurate •occlusion as (o the number slain, but tbs Federal reports admit a loss on their pari of*■two hundred, in killed and wounded. The official Confederate re port shows but 8 killed and 30 wounded, but the Federal* claim that a match lar ger number than this was found upon the battle field. Among the Confede rate slain, arc O Jennings Wiee- ton of 11 y. A. Wise, and editor of the Rich mond /Twyutrer—and Capl, Cole, of the Wits Lgi<>6. Oapt. Craws, of tine county who commanded a rmwfuwiy in the Wise l*gio>. ie thought to bo among the prisoners, though, wc find bo men tion of hi# name in the published li t of captives. The fighl is reported to have Ue Stoat desperate in ill character and fa hart Lee purely triumph of num ber# ever a valorous and chivalrous foe. Th# '*Mu]uUo fleet,** commawsfod by Capl. Lynch, participated, to u limited extent, iu lb* fight, but {roved utterly fneapable of e#cte#d*ng wth the #tpe- teftghi tL i rag cl th* F’iufal j ecpuon .f ,c* steamer. V*tu Lart-cd rr ■ uiik, to avoid its rayrnre by t’be- *c>' j iny. ?L* fight xt R'aM;Ap, EL . I labfCa '“ltjr a*i Kdenlog have falien iu\j ! the haads iff the Fxdrralb. who, at Ja | test aceonut*. were roarcKing on Weldon g : and were only 35 n acs from that pcc. , This latter place if a fair, cad depot / r • much importance to the South, and iis I: *et*;ire by liurasb.? will, t i* stated. ! cut c§ the coiamuiilcatiun huwecD Ma j nu.*a# at.d the Gulf Slats#, and. st the ’ >aine li*c. cpcis the route* for a retr st , • tnck upon Norfolk. I • In thr Wnjt. also, the F'd<ra!t; are rc i ported wi entirely The fall r*f . j I' mi ILury Lhi keen confinue*i, and the • ! captun’ of lM>rt DodclsOW is officlal’y r*- l -parted. Tht; luter place is said to have i surrendered, after a protracted and stub . born resistance, and, if the report# be i ■ true, this is decidedly the rt'#i important . ! event of the war. The extent of this di*- i; aster to the Conf derate is iin , • at this time, lo estimate, though ..’the i’vdcraU claim that * it virtually ends , j the war.” They claim to hare captured j 15.000 pri.vonera, 20,000 stand of small | arms, 30(H) fe>rsca awl an immense quan ; tity of heavy and fi. ld or luaace. Geula. ■ A. S. Ji-huaton and Buckner are rrportc*i ! i*mong the captive officers, but l’b>\d, for ; whose capture they were particularly so ' liriious, escaped. The Col federate loss vs put down at 4uu killed and SOO woundad. I whilst the Federal losa is admitted to hve ! kn’en for greater. All of this rcpoit, how i ever, vrivh live cxocpuou *f un official dis ! patch to lion IlalU-ck, simply aunouoc • ing the surrender of th** tort. c<m<*s Ui u# through the g*ncy the Associated I Press, and xbould therefore be rcceirtfd with some grains of allowance. Unc part iof the report strikes u# as inconsistent, to *My ihc least. W refer lo the repotted i o#capc of Floyd wih his entire diriniun, ! nuiitbv ring 50tH) men. Now, if Floyd • could escape the over night with a force lof this site, whv should 15.000 men rc- I main tu surrender the next uv. ruing? If ; 5000 men cunld escape, why con’d not a 1 larger force do likewise ? And, if only j } mean# of transportation were at hand fur j I this number, why was exclusive prefer- | ; .mk-o given to Floyd*# comaiui '! Would] i Gcu. JoLnsiutt have r uiaiued that he ' might surrender the next meriting, with ] thl* mean# of escape si hatui ? There is j a screw loose somewhere in tbia report, . and we are C‘*nfi jcnt that further ud offi- . ! *:iul account# will dfcvtb'p tbs foct, that: | much modification yi‘d be needed ere the | true version of the atfvir flail reach in. I li ]>t>rts fr< m Missocri arc. likewise, | j favcruble to thu I niou cause. Piicc is j re|xirrd lo be on the retreat and the cue-1 my in hot pursuit. It is even stated. I that he Las butu overtaken and a cuusi i- | able portion of Lit command captured. | lA> those report# need confirmation, how fvver, tljey may prove untrue. Lati ft advice from the 3t*itb show the F< derail have made a demonstration i j against Savannah and *>me fighting is re j ported in that quarter. The reports. Uow ; ever, arc so meagre in their character j that nothing ba* been received indicative { >f the result. There is nothing uew from FurtrcMi Mouroc or Ship Itdaud. It is stated, that a steamer has recently suc ceeded iu running the blockade at the month of the Mi*#i*#tppi. and has reached Sew Orleans with a cargo of anus and coffee. i j Affairs along the line of the Potomac | I arc reported quiet, aud it seem# that Gen. | ! McClellan U resting satisfied with the! | brilliant achi.*vmcntH of bis arms in other ! quarters. No forward iuoTß>cnt Is now | urged, nor do we bolieve it is contempla ted. Th.* valorous ebieftaia wo doubt | remembers the homely old saying —‘id { well enough alone”—and. whilst be can •be lauded and foted for the exploits of i others, will not rik aw encounter against ; the foe, that gave the death Row tu iba ; uiilitary reputation of his once illustrious ! predecessor. Bwt. lock out | There arc revolutionary times, aud, we | repeat, look out for Grant I In (.’oogress. nothing new has trao | spired except the final passage of the re | port from the Fioanee (.loMuuiUce, under | which Treasury note* are iwtds a legal • teuder. Iu the Senate, the dtsewssioa j was qwlte warm upon this point, many j Senators regarding the measure as uncow- Uiitutioual. They, perhaps, forgot, for I the time being, that military necessity. J not the Cuusiitutiou, is now the text booh | by which legislation mast be guided. | Hc{Krts from the Mary lawd Lrgtfdaiarr ► : show that Col. 11. <♦. Harris, from (bis j County, has iufnviuced a srrt* of resolu- Uune into House of Pclrgatca dipreostiug . i (he introduvMloa of a Bib into thtr f**ngnwi I iof r. r l . looking to the ebohflfoa of slavery .’in th*- IHftrict of Cwiumbia Nothing lolsc bar of hfectal inLrwSt lo | our .readers. i | W are gratified that !k Gowrnmeut i has at last determined ic mtease thr pcl;t%- • cal prisoners now at Foci# Lafoyettc ad I Watewn awd sw Ika jsjlwteii fdtew ■-111 r — ■ - Waihi; glov,. Tic t.'.nJilion annexed i* r - tbit they give tifif p,.rofe:-. whereby l(.rj iuatl(wlri u rdxkin from a!^ - tctf of hostility W iho Ovwnl Vir**ra > mrnt. eepecislly, * renaming to the tx . ittir.g “rebeUiea ** Thfinghtlv opr ratio* , •*- tbii set si tburariT* ilmwae/ -as fte -uayaliste” s/e plotted UUfm k—*wv look f to 1 rtutwn saii many of oar F *f!3feiends #btin tike fr-*.-n aslbi lure I sbat oat from our ga* for months past. Dr. A. J. Spalding. who resides near 1 1 this village. had a small dwelling. which was occupied as a negro quarter. tODfSmcd kj fire on Sunday last. Th*> fire first broke oat in the upper pert of the t - building, sod is -supposed to hare keen ‘ prlv accidental CHARtOTTI' OO&CAY mx ooa.f s. c. 4.*fcorr. f j During the French Revolution of 1796. > | there livU in the uitj of Caca, France, a , j yauug lady. Charlotte Ovrd.ijr d’Armont. ; a grand daughter uf tbs celebrated Cor -1 ucille. Though blood, she 'jhad keen nurtured iu tbo school of ud ij versify, her father blng too aristocratic 11 to work, and too poor to live comfortably : without work. In early life she was j placed in a munaMery in Caen, where h*-r ; w hole future destiny was influenced by < j the peculiar (ii-cipliae ii whiiu she was; I exposed, and thy ideas of duty which! j were inculcated. In the dreams of th* j ; cloister her ardent soul became fired with : | the ambition of exalted deeds, which should reader her a benefactress to her i race. | After thus living fer six years, the Ja- j Cubin government suppressed the convent, I J and she took up lur residence with- an | j clicrly relative in Vies, where sku re i tuaiuud until she was nearly twenty -five jycacs of ago. Living amidst the terrible j scenes of the revolution, wh<-re the guil j loliue was in constant exercise, and the ; meb daily demanding the blood of new ; victims, her thoughts natn-ally lamed to the possibility of stopping these horrors. She mingled as muck as possible with the iiiroudists, to "ascertain who were j {the principal agents in those Woes which ♦ were deflating her native land. Though Datitou and Kobei-plena were then Is their ascendency, the sanguinary delirium of Marat rendu red Kim more j conspicuous to the mass of the people. I who saw ’‘tyranny and freedom in one I i man’? hand only.” To Marat, then, the I j yes of Charlotte Corday were directed. l as the one who was deluging the repub* j lie iu blood. She thought that his death j would -arrest this flood and save the lives of thousands. It bad b>wu announced that he bad proscribed twenty-five hun dred victims iu Lyons, throe thousand in Marseilles, twenty-eight thousand in I Paris, and three hundred thousand iu i Brittany. Conspiracies • were being or i gainst d all over the republic fur the over throw of the bluody-ttiiroty tyrant. Th** lover t<f ('harlot** Corday. whom shi- I idolized with all live purity and fervor of 1 her impassioned nature, .was engaged in l nne of thoae conspiracies, which, if suc cessful. would cost the lives of thousands, and, xf UdMiccetydul, would only consoli date the power of the kyraut. Charlotte resolved to free France of the monster at| the certain sacrifice of her own life. All th-i energies of her being were now aroused for thy accomplishment of this i oljeot. It was no easy mutter for un ob -1 soure young lady to get access to the ty | rust so aa to bo able to assassinate him. i She, however, formed her plans so eau ! tiously, as to guard against every con | ceivahle cause af failure. Not an indi- I vidusl was admitted tu fer eonfid> nc. ! Religious enthusiasm contributed its strength to her enterprise, fur she doubted not that she was engaged in a holy undertaking. Her well read Bible contained a pencil mark around the pas-’ cage; ** I • ’Judith west forth from the city adorn jed with a marvellous beauty, which the i Lord bad bestowed on her to deliver Is -1 rasl ” j Having made all her arangements. she I informed her friends that she was going to I England to seek that asylum which Prance I no longer afforded. A few trifling me mentoes w-rs conferred upon hsr inti* mate acquaintance*. and. on the Hth of] July. 1703. she took the diligice for! Paris Her whole worldly possessionst I consisted of a small pared of clothes, auU ! a volume of Plutarch’s Lives. Charlotte was tall aud dignified, with profuse black hair, and kmg eye (ashes, which seeming even darker than her clustering ringlets, gave great depth to her piercing eyes. Her ebcaks were well filled, and had &hs freshness and the health i i oPycuith, and were often crimsoned with the bhifh of excitement or modesty. Her daxaiing beauty, winning manners, and viva city- in conversation, quite won the hearts of her fellow travellers, who •trove unsuccessfully to draw from her the object of her journey, sod her address. One young geftticnaa became so enam ored that he begged permission So solicit f Uer relatives her baud in marriage. She pleasantly repelled the honor, but promised that be should know more of her ere long. After a twu days ride, she arrived at ( Pahs, and weut to a hotel, where vM ah j lowed herself a-day’s rest, that her fe-H I cttitics might be iu the best condition, aHe hd no desire to figure as u heroine, t It was not for feme that she wished to, saeriAee her life. lm (he elsittff she had learned (he Imsdh nf relLahecg attun. nod i rather desired oblivion than notoriety, as i mure pleasing In God. Sfee also wished the act of aseassioattou to be a sacred, •oleum scene, which should strike terror info the hear*# d tyrants. Nha wished! it Co be public, that many might witness the lost retritotiem sfliagddike cruelty. Urt first pfen wag to tilt Mint in the ('kawrp d* Mart, u a great orfehcauon, ’’ which was l o occur g the Ifiih of duly. 1 The ofefe enremauy neens jsi Sated * change of thcstM j aud the ds- . i w ■ - 1! ■ 85 -■ 1 * • ev(f ( to strilv him in th* mi ht f .!* . vcofinii. rurr■ -undf i Hy bin rati Liles.— • ; She had no doubt that th tisolt t* hef- Kaaff Would that W balv Wowld 't HfU * ittsb from Iftub. The* plan wa* frustrateu, ■| xv Marat, fur somi* roasofi. no lunger at i; t ndei the cejveiilmn.,; .. ? . | Qr only cittnee no# of meeting him . was at his own house ; •id it was by no J means ca-y ta ohraiu aSCSM t# bi<u (here. r . l ouring, as all tyrants da. the dagger of • j areaMtuation, he wn< enrwfnfly guled. I I>isMmuUtion wa n rcesa/y to aocotapliid) . her purpose, and she recoiled from this more than she hesitated to strike the blow. 1 Her Crank, huneet nature was pained by ‘the necessity of resorting to artific*. but

• j in no other manner could her end be gaui- She therefor j wrote two K-ltcra to J Marat, rctjneailng an audience, so warded ‘.as to induce him to believe her one of hia admirers, yi*t capable of a different inter* pfrtatSOU. About half-past seven in the evening of the 15<h of July, she attired hcraelT iu the 1 most attractive manner, and proceeded to 1 :hc house of Marat. It aa an antique, I somewhat dilapidated manaiou. where the i blood-stained lyruut, crowned by the mob. > affi*cted the display *f the utmost dento -1 era tic aimpKrity. He was in his bath, j penning inflammatory appeals and inreigb j inf against hia enemies. It :;s not un- I usual in that day oecaainally to receive viai | tors in the barb, and Charlotte, after eo j .-ouatcring considerable opposition. Was I conducted to hu room Marat was wrapped in a .soiled bathing; j robe, his muttered hair bound in a dirty j handkerchief. His receding forehead. ; protruding eyes, promim-nt cheek bones, and sneering mouth, presented but little to emus • woman tend* rnnis to withhold the meditated bh*w. He excited wich*a I loathing in Cbarlorte that she feared to cast { a second gUnce, te*( he should no ice her I | horror and su-pect h'*r errand. With downrsst eyes she awaked his f ]uosttour* lie inquired as to the stale of: Noimandy, and asked the names of the deputies iu Caen. She gave him i lie wrote them down, cxcl-iiu>ii>g in a voice I of exultation ; ’ Well before they are a we-k older, they shall have the gmUotiuc.’* j At this Charlotte, with all the strength j * which excitement and the inietisi?. enthu- [ 1 siusui could iuspiro. plunged a dagger l* I I the bilt into hU heart. With one pierc- j ing shriek fer help, the miierable roan fell J dead. Charlotte was immediately arrest ed. tried and condemned to the guillotine A few days after, a'd Paris was drawn to her execution, attracted alike by ike mag- ; , nit ode of her crime, and her youth,aud wonderful beauty. Hhe a.e*ndcd the scaffold with a cheerful and elastic step, and was bound to the block She wav dressed in the r- d robe of a murderess?.— A c-ld rain which was then falling drench el her to the skin. A vast crowd sur rounded the guillotine, assailing her with oalbt and execrations. She looked around upon th*m with a smile as if it were an hour of triumph, and they were friend chanting her prais* v. Th* plank ?lowl\ descended to its place. The axe glided swiftly through the groove, aud her head dropped into the basket. The execution er seized it by the hair, and holding it up. smote it violent I v upon the cheek. Th-1 observers report that those cheeks instantly suffused with a eriiqaon blu>k. | as though dignity and modesty bad lar>tvd | j longer even than life. | W HAT Till OotrULAS PifMOCKtTS THINK or Foknicy —The Pittsburg post, the leading Democratic, paper in Western Pennsylvania, and a firm and consistent supporter uf Mr. Douglas in the last Presi dential election, administers a scathing rebuke to John W. Forney fir his impu dence iu presuming to speak for the friends Jof Mr. DiHigla* through the columns of tha Philadelphia Press while he is iu th* pay of the It* publican party. His game now is, to keep np the division iu the Democratic party in Pennsylvania, and* afterwards transfer as many of (he Doug las men a? he can to the Republicans. Forney’s paper has been at this game for more than a week, and after it ie properly wc arc to have another conven tion of such Douglas men as himself and I John Hickuiau to propose and accept j such terms as they can command. It is the • ! old dodge, but it will not succeed. | We are glad to sec, says the Harm- \ ' burg Patriot, that the genuine friends, of I Douglas arc so fully aware of the game which this insolent demagogue is attempt-' ing to play fer the benefit of his Rcpubli-1 I can masters. If Forney can succeed to detaching t-uuugh Democrats from their organisation to again defeat the Dvlow er at ic party, he would be in a position to claim a magnificent reward for hiv Kerri ces. aad, this is ab**ut all be cares for. t They seem to know what be is I driving at. fn the language of the ■ Pest, **his power fer uiischn f to the Dem- i ocratic party is gmc. and gone forever ; j they know him, and none so well as those j he tms so shamefully betrayed—-the Dong-1 las Democracy of Pennsy lvania.’’ M.r Buxom** Expimo*.—The Nation al Intelligencer condemn* Mr. Bright's *- I pulsion at an extremuity of rigor net jus- ! by historical circumstance? under i which the letter forming the ground of | the indictment against ittm was .written., It says: I “That who voted for hia expul lino saw in it auffiiuat evidence of hie '•dfeloyslty” ire do not d*mbt. To suppree I that they were influenced by personal or | . political 'Considerations would bo to cherish j the suspicion* of the partisan; and none will suspect on nf being the partisans of Mr Bright, as U has rarely, H ever. West in our power to neeir with him in kin views of public ues or measures. Hut we owe it to our team as well of hitturi t eal an of pobtiml jmttico to say that those of hie opponent* nfeo voted wwh his par- j ty friendc against the reedufioo of expul sion mam to os to butts mere Happily, we da not say ouri onweefentiauily. illustra* ted the judicial fmoMtr they aero called to dMchorga in their judgment u this ’caco.** I =AJSSrj= ■. 1 ■■ ■ ■ !!■■■ ■ I ■V- ” rr ~ ! A IrtJOV.% -Speaking o? . the bftirfc Fair's with •]khsb ike Pifte-rmk . Mimifpi KcginHWt it Armed, a Mobile i piMf to dijaHbr* one of It-* ; r It as about ttra fcet six inoksa 1 in .the blade. tkirh w ab-*it a band’a tr* a-lll* io slightly curved it-, n't gr *aoJ. i and 4thick as M be utterly imlast.c — ( Tb-i Mei# Aright of the fr.P-.ig weapon Would almost ch-c..'* a man fr<.m erewn lo r elsac ; and la the hand* ' ualwart. larg**- Luibad, back-country Alabamian*. they will shear away heads in ! limbs as ■ i; scythe ikel corn-stalks. 1 her were funn i ed* in the country ttoithirt ft mo old mill j am, rag>ui spring!*, and sack good steel jas could He had. aud are worn swinging froai the bch straight on the thigh. A : regiment of smut and gallant fallows. arm td wi.h these and mi*cuilauv>ctij firearm *. |ha ve just occupied an important position )on the line of defense between the city and and the coast. Tb-v are deterintt**d to and will use these terrible siticanru it they < meet the enemy , aod whvo they do meet him a U*k\ jbig will wave in the Wv..- over their charging column, it the ene my advance on Mobile, the worst slaugh tering stork of the irar will hr done.— The ‘’fire* aad fall back tactics" will oof be practiced iu this latitude, for such a consuming rage of hatred aod vengeance is burning in the hearts of ibe prop's as will know hut the alternatives of death or victory Tnc AsotmoNisra to Afci.NUO.v fii* l.'.vioN —The fo4i*>wing opening paragraph of a letter from “Oc camcnal” published in Forney's Fhilad.-l phia Press nf th 21st ult. i significant: ’•Some of our public men do not hesi tate to fifty, that rather than bring back the sec*did slave states into the Union ♦bey Would agfv-e : to a peaceful and i prompt separation. They coo fend that in j the event of reunion the slave uesp Utsm 1 will rule by Us unity, and wl;h the aid of the Hrcckiuridge Democrats of the fun; Stihs, and by means of the divisors n r the Republic .ns. the destinies of our coun try will be completely controlled by trai lers tv the Federal Constitution. Al though uv open dcinunslratiou nf thU theory has yrt been made, it i* uinKnibied ly sincerely entertained iu certain iufi'.icn tial quarters '* Tiir Exeunt *.r Guru to Hvsm - GAd is gradually leaving the country ; i From the first of January to the Bth inst. I there was ** ported from the port of New ! Vork *1.A79 ,ob 2. Rut once b 'fore iu j I the last ten year* has tin* amount in ih'- corresponding time been exe jaded. and that was in wVn the rzpu:t be tween the l*t of Jannarv. an * IVlatiitrt • dih, was $7,722,733. j- ;at y*-ar. iu the | same time, thv amount war but sl7T,ot>7. ,• and the av ragr frr the past Mm* xca’-s; has been a.litti-* ov:-r two uiiiiiaise, or! about half as much os has Wen rhipj-u • thus far ih* present ye*r. , _ i Fvtbcti .%;.•! D-ir-irrui i# nr. | prettier piytu. la life than that of a Uaugb- j *r r reading to her ag. d fat Ur. Ti*e uld ! man. while t* h-r silvery uotes. | gn:9 bark t* other liwiea when anth* r ■ sat by hi- aide kwd wluap .cd wal ls f*rj J will never hear again : uor dwes Kn wi-b ? \ to; far in (he soft evening light, Ur re -f : | her ifnag-. refl :eiin* in her dill 1, an 1 a. • I one by cue. gentle emotions steal ovri 5 him, he veil.- his fare, and the daugh ei ! thinking him asleep. g<v s noiselesuly iu : sssrch of other itnploy iiwi:. Virgin in- I uuceooc wa ching orcr ihe carep and lit It- ; vrunts of old age. is“ a Kpr.-tacle fit for angels. It is one of the links earth and heaven, and takes from tin face uf (he necessarily hard snd selfish 1 world many of its harshest features Vset Laconic.—- An amusing swoni presentation was made on tbu 17th by the 1 officers of th Seventy-eighth iVnnsy'lvun- i ia to their Cd<md, Win. Birwcll Th.- presentation speech uf Cape. Gillrspic wss; "Here tt are, aud hero it i. This is a bully sword, comes from : bully fellows. Take it, aud use it in a bully manner.’* Colour! Sirwdl*s reply ■ was :—•'(’aptain that was a bully speech, j Let us take s bully drink.” I ! ceußCTors lom | KY ibe Cvni.ty Ck-mudcsioasrs hr Saint j■— Mart'a r •nnty—- | OnnilMF.D. That f>eorge M. a | Collect w of State and Osmty taxes in he 2ud j eirefon district >A I?t. Mant’s county, esnsr j advert isem.-nt espn-s-i-c th* name of the f*>i } lowing tract ur parcel nf Urd, the imovni f j taz**e due thereto, together with the Name •>( I trie rbargealde with tlie same, to he J i;.scric*l once |wr week for aad durieg f.-nr ! w#ek it> ti*-- St. Mary’s IWcou. a uqr>{;o>r i pat !'shud in St. Mary’s c*mnty, notifying tiiat j unless ths Stats snd County tszw dre ou the said '.sntk shall be paid to the said C-Hector i within t>*e space of thirty days after the puh- j li aticM. of the notiew aforesaid is completed, J the kinds aforesaid or such parts tfi*re f a ! may be necessary to raise ih** rum doe thereon ! shall be ’ki u* the toghest Wider for the ]*%j- i went of the same. iMI John M. A Rebecca 1,. Hprinjpnr own er*; aamc of land Fu Ordar Point. I*2o j acres, uf taaia Jne iloreuu. (C HQ By . I. wauhkg. I Clerk. i XOTICEis Weehy given, that unless hc Stan • snd Owntty taxes due on Mm Modi afmaiU shall be ppid Iu ase oi or Wf-do the end of thirty days after the aW puh&aaiioai u c pitted, the sai.l lands '* eoA thereof as mar be nroewary to rahw tHrtMim{it(idhereev together with thscort of aderttsdwgwtd hgal interest. shaU be *ohl to tht liighest ltd>)er f-r (ho payment of the same. GEORGE M. ROiIAKAN. • ■ CklWeur. VWb. 20th, \H\~4w. STRING GOODS. A of Uowsb.l pjict. pini- Aem ry Plaide, Ms * jurt sosttrvd and fut sale bv * B. LEO SP AlDtro. NOTICE. I | V Mk'flß Hi Sfl|jMh|wn Si’l r^r-•.* frwa I I iru- i./my *PV. M.iKT t. YVHEWtRT, 1 , o.jr a c o.j.t. :k* 1 i..i Jt-bti xA‘ 'ir •IrotoUSnir afu ftw date! A!-\ . I Uiirlofi:.T hsr, Rare h. Vl.crr-t loft ■ my Rnmuy uiji.t l ist. *he !>?., ;Q . i ; stavf, and Wt troot w lt ilt ,; f*any wldk !•* s.!i!ict< in the ntioMorbi**! 0 f .: l Tu msL.*. .> the Thirv-V u ; jomn c wiiKmorr. k ! Feb. I:3th. me;. • f F. h-i th. isc’i -at. I! ! l außim sill | *} . i U atiilairiti •! .aw, I have M i z\] nd ku t • f tloairig prpeity •“ ! Slati* a< 10 :nty Tax* ■< .v ( il t‘o* luy i) cburgcs | thereon I * the years IS->I 1852 ar.i ]CO. . N'gfv. Mau I “BUY,” } I U*e J. ht* S. o*i_\ ther. I * Atui 1 hett-by sin* rntice, that on T 111*113- {DAY. tf*’ ti:b i March n xt, (if fair, if i.ot. • the mat fir flay ILercaftcr j at the GHKAT J MILL* STLRL, !n the I'utorv District, be ; Ivfsn fl c inLrs nf 12 oVioek in. aud 8 '- J cUkA, p in . I wi! 1 {iri -c-'l to sell M Public | AucftiOi li.e above named property f-*r rash, j (•• satisfy Ktate ami i % *ni<Ty Taae* aid the • leijal charges thereon. alcvs mh !. j ’ Cl J .URGE 11. DK\T, Culic t r, i Fvb Mill, InCi -Is. | _____ ! CO-PARTNERSHIP. j mb rssgin-i i*ave duv entered ! I In*.' B 01-PMITNEUSinr. noth: tu j T’ftUie At.d -I vlr t FER6USSON ft TYSON, ', f>r tior purpors t.f C iiiuliirtirig the j <JH(K’KHV & I’dohl’Ci: i COMMISSION BUSINESS, ( XT i’HK OLD M'AND, 7 Ay. 121 Ijcwth ini Street. nj \Ki.i-hs muirssftx, UF.NhV G. TVMN. mr <:?iAHLf:s ,i:.i specttsl.y *♦•- patr<>ua~r •! i..> ~;-i {fren-is r r the new fr:n. U.i.tiu n t I', K. 1 -t, F.*b. Ih u. • MJL '" ■■ *■’ . !'J " ."y. 1 ; 11 ,i ■i> ilj ROAD NOTICE. 1 vorrri: i-* hereby givjn, t;,- r.ndei j a * imcuds t > upp'y to tl.f Miui.ty j C 1 f S'. iJ’ifT’s c x-.i\ f r rj?^ | pri* ilege ..f bsiio a I’nbllc H-<.;>!. which i.-.w { runs thf'.ngh i i- P.n4. AItriUKM.D n;ir::. j Feb. 13th. lHi;2--30i, SOTtrE To CRLhtTOHS. I j TETOTICC I* iliri tJ.s ml sen- *[a ;1 a (<ri* hale nhlstm ii it imt il.e Orphans* If |<*‘iur: ! Hi. Miry's rratmy in Mary land, !el- i • lers if S'tiHO>’etra<l<>li on .*- e.^’u’e iof J<opl. Ifer!>ei t. ale .1! -a ij roitntv . (ie ifsnsed .%fl i,n\inp r;.i 'na ag<;in.<tt lie • nio (ieciwrM, m e hrrehy a srnti in ekhtl it tl . M.lltM i'h thr ).r>rrr vani'lies tl>rin>f, |i> ii.i> jsi'.rntter> un nr hclorr i.e ,5 It i*ay nf‘ Aur , • iitlnrWme they may ekrlndrd hy jhw fr.ui all benefit f the until eflnle. |,:nn | untier mu hanks this 12'h d.<v of i eomurv, l!dW. j ANN r HFRIGHT, ftIFIIARO I‘AVVf, t Aiimifatkiratnrs. Fe. I3ih, 1-fil—tw. j iMMIUTWTH’UIE, j r of the Orphans' Fourt of Ft. ; ■> Mu ry' county. •)*•* undcrsi?ntd. as i aiiiiiini.-traliw* of Jusyh Ilr-rln/il. lali* if Ft Miry * eouutv. deceased, will ie il ;•! Public FttD. ut tki* 1 ite residence of th-* Kaid d-ecaind. in Cliapiicu dirrirt. aVx.ui two and a half miles from the viJlap.* *’f j Chaptien. on MOST/A the JDa of /\h. I rMPirj*. iiisfunl, (if fair, if not, llm next fo.r I day th ert afttf, 1 ) al] the pcrsoiisl jrojwfty lof th* said deceased, (negroes jcon.Ni.-tiag if HOGS. HORSES, COWS, 2 YOKE OF OXES, r.t TiLE . SHEET, COR SAXO PRO VEX HER. CROP OR TOBACCO, BACOX, HOUSEHOLD AND KJTCHEX FUR SITE RE, EAR Ml SO JMPLEMEXTS . snd many other articles too tedious to mention 7erm* nf SaL Tor all sums of and under. tl*u Cash will be repaired Oi i sums ku •M a credit of six months will Ik given, 'he puichaMir ffinng u>te *itt j st-curity v* be appruxed V>y the ad in in is? rn j Waring interest iTrom the day of sale. ;£le to eomiucuoe at 10 i/etaek * tu. RKTIAKit P.WSK. me. HEKUKRT. A iuiiuirtrators. Frb 4th, I*42—ts. NOTICE. FOR TBl PA TUXFST HIVF.R : • VU FAIR HAVEN AND PLUM POINT. •. tHf * her wharf rtr> U> DNK'IIAV MORN IKG t barf jil si* odvrk ibr me F**ti\iu; Hinr. )u --tuitiiug, will Dave Hiii*s r’rry Tntirnjf uwauig fat Bwbedia. leaving I>. C* •hi ctiry Halgrdat sumulng at h '|,*lofk l*t BftJtii >r. Onlktig *1 ail ta u-u*i landing the River, aiau at Phiin I’uiiu uiml ¥ r iiavcii, g.dug and rvtiirairg. IS. L. W££MR. las. %48f• -sf.

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