Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, February 27, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated February 27, 1862 Page 4
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LUMBER, SHINGLES, LATHS. BRICKS, LIME, HAIR, BASTI, DOORS and SHUTTERS, FUUsalr, at the eerf\u*e*t price fur CASH or APPROVED credit. IMurc buy )•,({, call nud *fr n* at the corner of Rnttf and German Street* or at IS2 Light Street Wharf, Haitiai<c, Md. BURNS I SUDAN. March 2l*l IS6l—lf. NOTICE. Dr. wii.uams. bi.akistone. i*v iug locate! iu Chaptico. utter* hie pro traMial services lo the Public, ami cai. al ways lw found, when ir< professionally en gaged, at lhn>!fa Hotel. 1 also return in\ thanks to my friemU in the neigh Is e-boud oi St. Clement’* Hay fur their former patronage, ami a ill always be happy to wail on them at the shortest notice. Sum. 28th, IbO I— if. j PROFESSIONAL. DR. J. K.TIIOS. REEVES has locate,! at -WHITE PLAINS," about a mPc bum the village of Chaplico, aim respectfully offers his |sufc*iuPl arvioa to the public. Jlr wifi devote r ia*eit exclusively to the practice of his profesWen. Jan. loth. 1862—if. *— ! XEW FALL AXI) WIXTER GOODS | rpHK undersigned has just returned from the j I Crty with ibe largest, aim best selected stoc' 1 ol FALL,and WINTER GOODS ever uttered I U> the citizens of St. Mary ’* County. consislinr •n part, of very superior quality of Heavy Qeodp ’ Un Servants * clothing, at the must umderot; prices—also Boot* and Sh,*es oftl.e most subj stantial make, and best material. Besides Cloths. I'.iMiineres, vestings and oil kinds of £ne dress Goods, lor Ladies and Gentlemen—-a carefully selected, and well assorted stock of ready made clothing,manufactured expressly to order, and a variety of articles ofnlmosi evei y kind no where lse to be found in the county. He respectfully so* hells a call from thosedesiring to purchase, feel ing assured that his thorough acquaintance with j the business, resulting from a long residence in the city, will enable him lo offer such induce ment* a* will uefy competition. I E. H JO.NES, CUlton Factory. Septembej2>h ly. NOTICE. | THE Co-partwrehiy herctofoie existing under the ttriu of CXHTINGIIAM k ' HAUDIN’G is this day dissolved by mutual ! consent. Wut. 11. Harding is a lone-author- | ized to settle the business of the firm. 8A MC EL a)TTI NOII AM, i WU. H. HARDING, Haiti more Jun. 11861—4 w. 'Hie undersigned, having Bought out the • interest of Samuel Cottinghiiiu of the tinn oi j i’ottingham A Harding, will hereafter conduct | the business in his own Name, —and lie most ; lesprclluiiy solicits the favor of the friends o ! the old Firm. . WM. 11. HARDING. MARYLAND j j AGRICULTURAL WORKS ro Tin: fakmkhs of si. masts —1 would most respectfully call yonr at- j ten (ion to my largo assortment of iMPI.K- i MtlATl'S. i am luaimfactnring and pre- I paring a larger assortment of Agricultural Jut- | }Jctienta than 1 have-ever Ik*fore otfered to ! he public—Horse Bowers and Tluvohvrs, Wheat Fans. Corn Mills, Corn Shellers, Ploughs, Harrows: Cultivators, and many other articles to numerous to mention. 1 au supply the Farmer with every thing he may waul. With regard to Horse Power* 1 would call particular attention to a 6ur lot of HKJ.J’OXS TRIPLE (iKiHKh L'OWEUS, to icoik urilJl or icit/nnit Iteuol, tc/nth ace mot xurjntaxnl in this or any othci market; and 1 m<st rsj**ct fully invite lie<w v, Im ore in want d Machines to give me a call. I ns 1 feel cotilidcnt mat 1 can suit tl< (sir- j • lower. 1 am making a CORN MILL f.i ; grinding Uru at Ibane. This is a good Mill, has lieen tested ami pronumiced s> by cx |e rienced judges. To tide 1 ask your sjit ,-ial attention. I tender you my sincere thanks for the kindness heretofore shown me and lieg a con tin dance of your favors, determined to make a strong effort to please all who give mu tlicit custom. Onlent will inert with prompt atten tion bv being directed to WILLIAM U. HANDING, 160 Pratt afreet Wharf, Haiti mure, AW. j Feb. 7th, 18 i'—ly. DISSOLUTION OF CO-1* AKTN EHSHII*. fEI HE late fum of Simms if Maddox h JL this day dissolved by mutual consent. Persons indebt, d to us are I tore by notified to I come f, n ward and settle with George A. , Simms, with,ait delay, as he is authorized to j tittle the business of the late firm. GEORGE A. SIMMS, .108. H, MADDOX. Sept. 3rd, 1861—tf. BCSIXESH XOTICE. f B*l HR undersigned, having purchased tin? -*• interest of Simla* & Maddox iu the Mercantile business, will continue to sell at lha old stand, and solicit a continuance of the very liberal patronage exlendevi to the late firm. They will keep constantly on hand a good assortment of goods, and will >ell on such terms as cannot fail to please the old customers of the house and the public gen erally. GEORGE A. Sc F. X. SIMM*. Leonard Town. Md. September 12tb, 1881—tf. WANTED fVIO BVV or HIKE IB nr 1* likely JL NEGRO MEN and WOMEN, for which the market prices or wages will he pI AUo, FATTKD CATTLK mlo W for lha heat market prices by apply iug to or addressing, JO. 11. MADDOX, Leonard Torn V. f\ Jan. Cnd, 18C2 tf. Tnm SAINT MART’S FEMALE SEMINARY XfE next annual session will coin r rr I oa SATURDAY, the Uth of femem ler. under the direction of Miss I.OTTY LEIGH, a* Principal, assisted hr a corps of pftitwni and experienced Teachers. I The course of instruction is as thorough as at any other institution in me country, and xt less than half the usual expense. The ’I scholastic yeai is divided into two terms ol 1 five months each. i hnr?r*. per Icrm. pnyVle in ttilittncr: * nr all ths hranchcs c.f a thorough English eduoitimi. including lbtard. Tuitmn. Washing, Fuel, lights and Bedding, $75.00 Stationery, 2.5 C ’Tuition for,lav pupils/mclmling fuH, ' 21.00 SEPARATE BRANCUrt-: French. 14 Oo Muac. writh the use of Instrument, 25.00 ’lrawing and Painting, exclusive of materials, 6.00 . Painting in Oil (Jolors,exclusive of materials, 10.00 t For fai*Ueri nformation, or for Circulars, apply to the Principal, St. |mgoes Pos* Office, Saint Mary’s Couniv, Md. C. BILLINGSI.RY. President of the Board oi Trustees. ! August loth. IB6o—tf. WTUXENT MB USD CO It SALE. IFvk4 sold at private sale befioe SAT- UKDAV, Ortulw the 20th. 1860, 1 will ! | offer at public sole, in the village of OH A It- I ! LOTTE HALL. n that day. tire FAIIII ! on which I now re4d. i Tins Farm is situate,l on the Patuxent i Nicer, adyiinieg the lands of Mrs. K. L. i Thomas and Slaj. James Collins, and con-' tains ONE THOUSAND ACRES OF LAND, j I Persons wishing to purchase laud efstipe j j rior quality, where gNal health ami all the 1 i tlelicMcie* of the water are to le l,ad, are reque>t,-,l to call and examine the premises, j Stenim-rs. to and from Baltimore, pass this : land evi-ry day. This Farm will be divided and sold la three parts. Terms ma,V* know'u on application to the undersign,*!, and possession will be given on the first day of January, 1861. W. J. CAHTWHICUIT. Chari,4te Hall. I*. 0., Saint Mary’s Countv, 'Md. , August ?.oth, 1860—tf. BUROIIE UML ] Misses Costigin bavin? secured tlie J ' A tierviev's of an exjirrience,! Music teacher i ■ w ill receive a limited number of young ladies j j for the sihol.isiic year loginning Ist Sept. ! TERMS PAYABLE HALF YEARLY IN 1 ADVANCE. : Board and Tuition in all the branches of an * Rugii-h Kilncathai pT annum ! Miwic Vocal tV lu*truoenlal $lO (er quar. i j French * “ | j Italian 5 “ ; Spanish 5 ** ( Drawing and Painting in Water | Odors •** *’ j Oil Painting 10 “ The tit most attention will be paid to I the health and comfort, and every effort made : ♦, advnnec the iK>nd ami intellectual lulhire ‘ i >rf their pupils. i Add rest — i SUMMEIISF.AT <l:vkville P, O. | St. Mar} s CV. i ! August Ist, 18G1 tf. j NO'l ICE. THE underKigued wish to iaform the pH>ple of Saint Mary’s and adjourn- Jiug counties, that they have just completed ! a FIRST CLASS RAILWAY, and arc prepared 16 haul out vessels of any size, and will REPAIR, CAULK, Ac., on the ‘ most reasonable terms. Prompt attention to all work, and quick disgatch will be given iu all eases. The Railway is situated about a quarter of a mile from Leonard Town on a fine oyster creek, where we will also build SCOWS, BOATS, or VESSELS, if required, on the lowest terms I HARRIS, NORRIS A POXWELL. j July PJth 18G0 —tf. i 1 MM. J. SICOIMJMCS. OKO, T. THOMA J. H. H A KUEST Y, WITH. 11EIM.XIOOUES1U8 A CO. IMIMMITMIS AND DEALKKS IN FHIKI & MIBTIC uaiiL ay EVKUV UKSCKirTIoK, KO. 383 UALTIMDKKST. BALTIMORE. March Ist. iß6o—tf. VALUABLE | MAXVFACTVRIXG PROPERTY ■i i i fflilE valuable pniprrtv, known as CUP” ‘ M TON KACIXIHV and GHIBT MILL 1 (water power),situated , m the. Ilcmi Waters ] of St. Mary’s river in Saint Mary’s cunty. 1 Md., and embracing about three hnndrud and r | fifty acres of land, is oth-red at Prirate Kalr. i; Thia (woperty has on it a BTOKK HOF HE, ‘ which is a gowl stand f*>r Inmuvss, IB.ITKL, I j DWELUXUS, Wurkthops. £c. Tins pro- i 1 |Mrty Will be wild m accvnumodatiug terms. For further particulars, apply lu. THOMAS W GOUGH, JO. KOfIRBST. a lowaanl Twwn P. fj. I Nut. I6th i 1860 -U. I W ARGK\UIOLKSALE AND MLA RETAIL STOCK OF FALL A\D wry TER DRYGOODS. FOR CASH ONLY. HAMILTON RASTER k CO.. • r Nos. I<J9. *JUI an I Balt strei f, BALTIMORE. § | Hare now in start 4 . and art* ronstantlv I adding thereto, a largcand \ariH stuek of • FALL ANH WINTER HUY GOODS. p embracing articles from the lowest tn the f i highest price, tu every department of the trade. Would call particular attention to their j stock of Goods for farmers and planters’ • use, such as ?-4 and ti-4 Fulled Cloth: ' Penitential y Plaid Liuseys and Cottons: • Servants’ Blankets: heavy Pleached and llrown Cottony Osnaburgs; Canton and | j Wool Flannels, and indeed every thing rc ’, uuiml by an individual, family, or for ser (• vanth’ use. IMPORTING AND PURCHASING “on the most advantageous terms,” and sell iso yon cash oxl y, - WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, J we are enabled tu mark our goods at such j price* as will make it the interest of all to , deal with us. An examination <jf our , stock by persons visiting Baltimore toiuake t purchases is invited. ■ j Sept. 10th, ISGI—Ow. TURKSIJIXG MAC MIXES. I have for sale the Triple Geared llttrae Power and W. \V, Dinger & Co’s 1 Irvu Thresher , with Jieeulring Straw Carrier. The machine is warranted to render satisfac | two to all |urchators. The price of 8 h*m , I jMiwcr, 30 inch Thresher and St raw -Harrier. I delivered at any wharf in St. Mary’s couaty, is $lB5. j Farmers are invited to call at my Store in Leonard Town and examine this Thresher. K. LEO. SPALDING. , June 28th, 1800—tf. FOR COUNTY CLERKSHIP. ! Tbs of DANIEL T. MORGAN pro- ! sent him to the voters of St. Mary’s county as a candidate for Clerk of tlte Circuit (knirt at, tha election in 180 S, and solicit to bis claims a dispassionate consideration. Nov. 20th, 1857. FOU COUNTY CLERK. I announce myself as a candidate for Clerk tf the Circuit Court for Saint Mary’s county, I i. 1 .-aspect fully solicit the support of my < 1 fiL' l is and the public. GEO HUE 11. HERBERT. 1 DISSOLUTIOX OF CO-FARTXER- 1 i sun*. I ! 'T*HE copartnership heretufor existing be- j tween t!ie undersigned, untkr tlic firm • . and style of {.each k llerltert. is this day dis rolvcil by imttual consent. All person* iu- J debit'd to the late firm ant hereby requested to i i come forward aud settle their indebtedness t j without delay. Kitlicr party is authorised to j settle the business of the firm. WM. F. I.EACH, GEO. 11. UEUiIETITV j Sept. 26th, 1861—tf. NOTICE. I fJtIK undersigned lcgs leave toioionwhis : friends and the Public, that he is still at i the OLD STAND,in I/eommt Town, carrying on BLACKSMITH I N(t7 GUN. LOCK SMfTHING, SHEET IKON AND STOVE WORK—in short, iron work of all descri|- • lions. such as repairing CARRIAGES. I’l G i GIKB. ROCK A\V AYS. CA UTS. WAGONS. HORSE SHOEING. FARM WORK of all j kinds; also REAPERS, THRASHERS and I DRILLS, With his experience ol 11 years in j a Machine Shop, he thinks that lie can do any j kind of Blacksmith Work from a kneedle to an ! anchor, and un reasonable terms. New Wag ‘ ons and Carts built cheaper than can las done |at any oilier shop in this place. HORSES i SHOKD at the shortest notice. JAMES A. M’CATHRAN. | RUckiOuith. i January 21, IB6o—tf. | WANTED. I rpHK subscriber wishes to buy a bt o I i LIKELY Y’OUNO NEGROES, of Gul. I sexes, for which the highest market price* will ihe paid. Persons wishing toeell. whmnisy not 'seeVnnv during his present tour through the j Sold hew counties of the State, will have their orders promptly responded to, by addressing— V 1 ’ ALLEN S. DORSEY, Washington,D. C. Feb. 2nd, 1860—If IIOBKRTSON St BRISCOE, SUCCESSORS to 11. 11. MILES, AT MIX •OLD STAND, 149, W. PRATT STREET BALTIMORE, RESPECTFULLY offer their services a* agents, for the . sale of TOBACCO GH MS. and all kinds of PRODUCE,pledg ing their untiring efforts to render satisfaction to all who may patronise them. Liberal ad* vances made on consignments. March 22nd, IB6o—tf. * ~ ■' " "" " " ' ‘ 1 LIME AND FEED STORE . 10.4 lolliasvorUlt' Baltimore. Wfl. R. ICRR4IV, (SUCCESSOR TO JOHN MEAN \ ) - - WIICLKSALK AKD KETAIL DKALKBS IK ‘ Lime, Brick*, Hair, frntenl. CALCINED PLASTER, i Coir, OaU,Ca Heel, Chop-Bye. Mill Feed, Ac. | Dec.23rd. 1858— ly. I • NOTICE. •A LLperswfi wishing to rsnuuiieth Aithmebfietter .willthree itneircor responds net by mail to PoriTobaccut’baric* county. Md.. or by steamer lit. Nicholas, o Übappel Point.Charlescouatv , Md. WM. T. CAMPBELL. . Fei. IrJ, ISs9 —tl. BUILDER 'S MATE RIALS i 4 * I SMB

‘ ”| r i 1 • undersigned, would respectfully call tb ( attention of the PuWic to their large assort ’ •ment.'f DOOHS, BUMVP, SASH, DOOlt ! FRAMES, ttiSVOW FRAMES, HASH ' HOARDS, CAS4SOS,MOLLDJSGS, MAS• | ! TLt'S, and every tescri|diod of Moose Build* ting materials, which they harve constantly o j : baud, and whkhtbey can furuisb al tha abort j est m<ke. I They ars also prepared to furnish at the I shortest notice FRAME WORK furl Country Houses, Outages, and suburban Residences,acceding t* any |dan or design, ! all ready fitted lu be part up on their propos iti sites. * Farmers and others, desirous of building ; in the country, would find it to thrir advantage j by giving us a call before purchasing else where. as we are folly prefuirad to execute , work on the most reasonable terms. And the j ! advantages, which we offer in .preparing all the materials that may be accessory in con- : |Structing a house, will be found to save the 1 Builder a grout deal of vexatious delay and j eX|N*nse. i gar All orders left at tknr office or ad-j dressed to them by mail will meet with itromp and satisfttototy si tenth n. M A UGH LIN * JOHNSON, j Stem* n Flmiminif Mill aad Saak Ftnfsry, East Falls Avenue, near l*rstt Street Bridge \ Warehouse No. 56, I’riUntrwi, Next d*or to IVnu <k Mitchell, Balt. Md. i April 19th, 1860 —ly. ! CHAIR AND FURNITURE! ESTABLISHMENT. j WE. ANDERSON, AVa. 10 <l 1 j • Second Street between Frederick Sire : and Marsh Market Spare, Moiximorc. Having the largest Wan* rooms and best; assortment of Cabinet Furniture in the city, is prepared to sellevery nriiclein bicliueapun ! the most liberal and acrosniHudnung terms, j Having had a long experiesiee in this line ol * business, he Batters himself that be can com ! i pete, as to excellence of material,beauty ot : workmanship and range of prices, with any establishment of the sort in this or any other | city. II ■s general stuck embrace* a full and . : complete assortment of Parlor Chairs, St*fas, < Hocking Chair* , Spring Lounges. Chamber ; Suits, liar room, O/ffce asui Dining Chairs, . Ftmch Tete a-Tett*, Sdffecr, Arm Chain, Milttroue*, rooking Glasses, 4 c., of every va ; riely and descrt|)!iun. He Ua also on band Bedsteads of his own manufacture, which can be put up and taken down in twro min . utes. Persons from St. Mary’s, wishing to ■ purchase Furniture, are requested tocallaud | j examine his Stock before buying elsewhere j ■ Is* sure to find the right place Nos. 10 A 12: i Second .Street—Warehouse with 80 lee! I front and 8 large Folding doors. . August lltb 1850— Iv. DENTISTRY. |)F.]ISON’B the services of a first-, I rate Dentist will d - rll t* eitiplow Dr. l J U .4!% DO I. I’ll WALTON, who in-I 1 tends healing himself in tin* village of Ixoii i ard Town. Orders addressrti tu him through • | the Ixt'iiani Town l*st Office will receive* I prompt attention, liu terms arc cash. Dr. j \Vall*m .ms bad coiisidereralde ex|terirncc in ! bis profession, is imsleraie in bis charges, and lias iuvari.ibig given satisfaction to those who have employed liini. To give (lie reatlers of the Bearun some idea of fbr Handing •!’ I*r. l |w. as a I’RAirm-AL DKVtIST. the M i louhig letter, tu him by Dr. Niuiaii * I Pinkney, U. S. X., is apfieiidtfd: V. H. Nat at. .ItaHMT, AySAMI.I'. Manhunt, April 21. 1855. l>s;AnSin:—lt gives mm great |daure tu] express ibv tiiifidmoe 1 have in y*ur dkifl as ■ I a Dentist.ami to rmmimeiMl you, as fin- as I . , have influence, to the patronage iff tlw l*uMic. * I have bail an opportunity ff witnessing your : ! iin-'le "f operation, atm bare no hesitation in ' ; affirming that il exldbits ivwthorough kaovl | edge of you professHMt. 1 am, sir, very rus|>ect fully ymir nletlienf servant. NTNIAN riNKNRV, Surtreon I. S. N. ‘ Dr. Ranoom’ll Wai.tox. Annapolik. April 4th, 181—tf. J ' I.UMULIt J suiXGLBs;: FbORIKfI, AC. I invite the attention of our friends an . *, Tv consumers, generally, in SI. Mary’s an j 1 adjoining counties to our extensive assort men j ; of seasoned HVILDISG MA TKHIALS. \ All parties c<4iti in plating lira erection ol i I Dwellings, llarues, Ac., will find it greatly te ; their advantage to give us cull, as we can ■ sell at lowest rates fur cash or Negotiable ua ] j |*cr | Doors, Frames, Sash, Ac., furnished at! i Mill prices. Orders filled for Bricks, Lime, Hair, Nails, • I Ac. J J N. Wharfage charged ou Vessels receiving; LutuU-r our Yard. CAILSON, ZIMMERMAN, A CO., West side Umow Dark, t Nurfidk Bust WUrlj March 29h. 1860—tf. ] ! NOTICE, f i LL I‘crsoiis indeftfed t me f*r faxes fa ■ this year will please rums* torwsrd ami! , settle the same to me, or Gspt-.J- J. JUUw . , m ihirly days. If imc settled in thirty days' , fr.-m date, I shall be caupulled thrungk te ■ ccseify to collect by law. . ] ! bUI. M. KWAXAH. • uf 2uJ, Dut. j Nov, 21st, 1861—If. * rROFFSSION AL~ j \ OAK. CHARLES COMBS. b<be b- i >; ■■ rated kiaudf M lb* UKK A T ‘ . H i L L S Use the purpose of peaetMag * hie profession can always ho found at the *' residence of 3. J. Allatau, Km*., when But i profes.* ion ally engaged. k Jan. 2nd lMi*J -if, * s otic it to rwuircai NOTICE m hereby given that the subscribe has obluaMd iron the Orphan** Coui of A. Mary's county tu Mary bid lettcse Ot >duisutfrtWß an the persona' estate of JOHN TAYLOR, it* i md rsua iy, deceased. All person, a ha vine els mis agawist tite said decease*! *re hereby warned to exhibit the same with the pru)r ’ vouches thereof. Vs tbs subscriber, un or uvi.n> the 18 day ff July, 1963, Mbarwut they may ■ tte rUSded by htw front all beueil of the said estate. Given under my hand this 16th da> of January, 1862. JAMES 11. ALFEY.. I Administrator. . Jan. |6th, 1869—4 w. I ss mm : 1 RAN AWAY* from tbs sulncrther. living near the village of Cbapticn. a few <lay> since, a free negro buy named HENRY ! | JUNES, sbisr time I recently Uaigbt of <C. • !C. Haily. I learn (hat Its is in the lower pun of the county. prW4y larking about J utiand | the property *f 11. G. S. Key, where lie ha j i relations. All penousare fotcwamej agaiuar ; 1 hssbnsinf or employing said negro buy. ll* is rather black, stoepea good deaf, anl has at awkward way ff ex priming bttostN. He i> ; I about 20 years of age. bad on tHkii be left t I good suit of dollies of white fail cloth and s * Mack hat. I will give the above reward An ' | bis apprehension and delivery to me. ! JOHN A. BURROUGHS, j Jan. fih, 1862—8 w. ! 99a5B9Blsn9 mmn M! m rocKfED 1852 cNttrms 185 LOCATED COR. er BALTIMORE A CHARLES 8v Baltimsbk, Ms. j The Gtyrit, Mast Elegantly Ftmisked and t Poytur Commercial College in the Unite d Slates. Daaffned ExpretaW for Tn| Met j Desinac to obtain s Tharaugk Prmrlieml Jtu* ; ant MUlneatian in the shortest possible lien I and a* the least expense. A Large and Beautifully Ornamented Cietw \ (or. costsh.tng upwards of Six Sroiu Fur, 1 with Specimen af Penmanship, and a Large Kn ; graving (the finest of the bind ever mode in this ( country) represenring the Interior View of *.lie 1 College, with Catalogue stating terms. Ac., | will benent to every Young Man on application, i free of charge. Write immediately and von will receive thi package by return until. Address £. K. 1 .OSIER, Baltimore MJ. | January Sltb, 18*1— ly. f j ; PETinoS FOR THE BEX KG IT OF THE ! L\'SOU K.\‘T LA ITS OF .VARVIfASI) , } Circuit Court fr St. Mary’s fi*,. f f March Term 1861. \ | ORDERED hv lh*(%mrt l*nt (IteCniliUn i of JAMES A. MORGAN. * jutitiMnei | for the Iwnvfit **f tire I us.>l rmt latws of Mr- j ryland. Ic aud ap|*ear ieliife the Uircuil (!*ur • fr St. Mary s o*uut> mi the third M’>n*ta > * ! of Nuvcjulier next, to show cause, if any ; ( have, why the said Jallies A. Morgan, shftl ( , not have the benefit of the said laws; pnaid cd a ropy of this ohUt he inst ri*-*! in the Si ; Mary**. Ihracott mice a k f*r mmiii before the said third Monday in NovunU next. Bv order, ( JAMIES T. BLAKIdTONK. Clerk. s Jnh 25th, 1861—3 m. r PHE rrnnmiiimui for county officers oler 1 I JL ted mi the six'h day of November ht < were received and filed in this Od.'t on th * 22nd November, ultimo. The Constitutior require* all persons elected to off -e, rcretvm; ] n eumntisshm from the dtate, to qualify within, i thirty day’s after (hecommission i filed. j JAMEST. BI.AKIBTO.NE, Clerk. 1 Dee. sih. 1851—tf. JAMES WILKINSON, j tnen t cmmissim \ MBKBHAHV, ' No. 122 Dugan's Wharf, BALTIMORE. Keeps constantly on hand a iargs assort ment ofsivKßioi; family grckt-kifa I Foreign aud Duioestic I jquors, Tobacco, 'Be cars, Ac., which will be sold at Urn lowest ' market prices. rroducc f all kiuds sold on communion, j ' 1 shall only do a CABLI com mission mime**. Nov. 29th. 1860—tf. i THAI). K. PHEUSS, i i Attorney sad Csssasllsr at Uv t • And General Agent for Claims, WILL stitriul to the collection of all ; claims against llfi General Gmm>- 1 ment. All c*imrsnknli**ns a. hi resard t. me I at Leonard Town will meet with |aompt at- * • tcaliut. ! Jan. Oih, 1862—if. .VO TIC E. ! E. LEO SPALDING returns his thanks to | his ■ entfi its cnstittwrs fur the lilwral peln*n* qp be has rrurivml from tkrm, mi p*ed*> . I himself to keep a CHOICE 81’OCK Of . GfNHK always am hand, which will he sold very U w fa caab nr its equivalest. E. LEO SPALDING. April 2nd, 1860 April fitk. iB6o lr , | - *_ | .VOTICM TO CUMTOU. I j NOTICE is herbv given that the suusenher has obtained from the Orphans C>urt Sr taunt fifinsy’s county, m Maryland, letters d i dminiwtrtn*n,na the enuieut DmH • j Johnson,tale d onid eu,, dreanstd. All psr ! sens hunug Hiiini against the stud deceased, ■ I are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with I me peeper vouchee thereof, tu the iwlmtnAer, an nr befincc the let env uf June 1062, otherwise j they asey he eaelnded by law from all bandit of I the said estate. Given under my hand# this f Slat day uf Nnv. INI. DAVID W. TYLER. Atanidhtor... 1 N©v.2let,lßg|-.4w - • • fom iftAnrr. PHILIP . DORSB.Y, thankful to t;s friend* nnd tin* public far (be 9<<ppar! lie re re*e4 a> the bur election affcrn hinutif -riu;i V** 1 ’ ,or Bher;fl‘ mol (be rain -f hi* tfc. Alary’s county at 'h# I r*t flfaioß, * Not f|r # 1861. MAKRWO.N EDWARD*. w , t. .h. <m ..r hi. C. y , Mu . dijatr for Sheriff at the next election Not. 21*1, UNI. I ' * A CARD. : IVJCTOIt lIfSTAVI S t-ANTKIt. hiviar b , **al hiiM-li in i.'lutrlotYe Hal! respect nMy oftrr* I is professional services mthirpub . ic. Hi* .Am*, m that formerly occupied be J )r J * K ‘ SUw - *• I*o always bo except alien profc*i.mullv engaged . KerKiiKxric.—Samuel Ohesr, M. 1) p r .- feasor f Principle* and Practice of Medicine 1 i the I mvenaty of Maryland. March 7ih 1 S(>l 10m. : LUMEIRI M9TICL i KB.I TXLZt SS isa J 1,,r , tl,e I***- Their stock f 1 Mltr,l u larger th.n ever and letter a • sorted; ami arc determiund to offer great ' indu.xmei.ta to cash buyer.. Apply at tho ■••rurr of hutaar and Gcuuao afreet*, or at l 22 Lgbl itrvti \S liarf. Hi'RNS A 81.0A V. Baltimore. M I Feb. tml.IlfO— • Km ooNirr.iHLiu. J. EDW IN A HELL •nnouacm hiinsrlf m r urdidate fnr ( nncaliic in Leonard town Dig. trie at the rirtum in ltd ami ask* tli* BU p. 1 n| Ini friends and ftiisv-rilixins. Nee. 2*kh, IMU. vi.oaur raca>. i.s TRKGO It MORGAN. PRODUCE J COMMISSION MERCHANTS. And Wholesale Dealer*in jL/q Vo R S Aad CIGAR* ■ N 0.17 CIIEAPSIDE. near Prattti.. * BA I. TIMORD t W- descripm n otciuuit) Produr j -mru>ted to outrun * ill r • r i inr utm ion. j Apnibth.l 858—if. ca-o ißawAajad’ j frtn my utildiM in Medic ’* I O Neck. ••elf l*e >iiHtd Towa, on Wedlie*- ; lay I lie 13th mutant. a bright Sorrel ; stth Haled m ine and iniJ. medium hjo*. sYoiit v built and *h nt 12 year* of age. j |, aVf . \ wh informed lltal an animal. .* lowering To ;he above deaenpfi.m. *** rnidni pant Char j ttf ilallott the 14th. by u iiiah, and, : Tom hi* drx-ripti'-ii. I am tati.-Hcd that he i* he party that rtolc the man* from my stable*, rise negro ie a lie! fi inch** in might, thin ■ seed, of a dark ehsviuit <-h.r and *)out dO rare of age. lie reprmeMed IdtUM-lf. when n my neighr<rhood, to lr fr.**, hut I have earned Mine hi* departue that he b *nppoM-d o la* a rUMay lavc .md |r*>b.tMv *tole me nare *sth a \ivw ..f reaching Wanhingl Mi ><r 1 HU- one d tle Keileral eucainpuuml* in i liarim t'*miifv. I will give tire above re vard fT tin! deifery <*t tin* rtoien aniinel, r lilertilrnMijiwiwtMi fur information lea l ng to her wIK reaUmt*. KIiWAIJD !H\VN*.f, Leonard Town, P. t). Md. Nor. 2l*t. 18f.I— if. m. it h i t-: i • IAS R. HERBERT & BRO. TOIIACCO AND PIIOM CK COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Hr aairtil A lluilingMiortliSU., III.TIMOU, MU. REFER KNr*KS. John Hopkins.PreMilei. iMerrhant. Rank Trueman i’ross .(JahieiCuinmorcisland Firnifts’ Hank. Qeo. W. Iluwnnik Co., Uaiiiniore. Duer, Norris A ("0., •• K. Kicklry A Hro., ** I’enniman A Hro.. “ Whimsy. Gushing A Comstock. Halt. JAMES S, lOW'NS7 .vrronxKY a a junß at law. Leonard Town, Si.Mory’i Cr.,M4., I Will psettisiu St. Maty TanUtbead|(nuiog counties. . Fas*/l Ath 1A WWHWHTJ! J ■ - DISSOLUTION OF GO-PA UTXKUKIIIP. -• Lkomsp Town, l I Jan. Ist. IMS. / rpHE CO-PARTNERSHIP hereUrfore ex *• Ulmg in ilnr llgar Manufat'tory of Mot gan. JamiM.ii A Co., t> tln> day dUaoived with . mutual consent by the undersigned, partner* ,in interne At) permi.* mdtbtrd to tlic firm j wili please nettle with B A. Jamison, who i* author tied tv receipt in full. } J. m. IX MORGAN. H. A. JAMIBON. Jan. fbb, 1862—21. NO!'HR JAI.KJ. PRICK, raiding near Gen. * Hooker * Itiviab n mil the Head Ouar iei> nf the 3nl iUginteni ( Imluiia Cavalrv, mil atiewl Hie toId,ECHOS OF A.\V CLAIMS against tU GoVKRNMENT that inny *>r contracted by the tmop* in St. Mery’s. Atbltes*. Sangetnuy i’lat Office, t'haVles 1 County, Md. lU.rvaßliia^^—tien. M alter Mitchell, Port Ttksm.. Md ; Hon. liesgc limit, I’ort To , hmr t || Ehr)en. Et|., Port Tobacco; Js. 11. Key, |m., f .rt Tobacco. January lilh, IfioSi— If. A cTriT. _ - || — . I\R. HENRY I*. NAYLOR, having b>ca- JLr ted in C'tapfwo, Um4>r ku | esrrmn is l* of the village and v siaily. Office at the .wdeuca of Mr I. liuydrn. Rirsvcxcc.—Pcuf N t R. emith, Ba i ■ore, : iHU. . > , . ib.t ; !tvti —■It. • *

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