Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, March 6, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated March 6, 1862 Page 3
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cmrarsMTicE. i PERSONS owing mi* Taxon for 1 S.VJ arc rotj'icsimi to pay before or during Court. Those failing, will have their property ndrcrriscA. JOHN C. TYtMBS. , Late Cull, ctor.' March 6th. 1 Sfri—tf. mmm m. I ON APPLICATION f Ga-rge M. B**- (/.iIWi .r gf Slate and County I T.xxu* for tiir year 1861, it la ordered by the i C unity C'nniaHi.n.era fur St. Mary’a conn- ' tv. that the *:iid Cillocter proceed to aril, af ter et'-or twenty d I_v< previous mdier, at the t Cetrt Ilni*o door and the nv*a public place* in tlf ■ *h;h ) and hv puhlicatiun in the St. ; Vai \ Reason, a tract or parcel of land called and kfiiwit lv name if . SUITER’S FANCY, : tr> the bigbe*t hiddri, to pay (lie Taxes and i Wal charge* th.-rr *n due, and the Mine.; nh- ii sold, to he Iranaferred l*v deed f ha. - i pun and *alc to the purchaser thereof. By .rder. i G. I. SPALDING. Clerk to C u) Couiaii*i**M-ra for Saint ; • Alary’a county. T*b 27lh f IHA9—ta NOTICE IS IIRMEPY GIVEN, That the! f .1. .f !>•• *d*-vr land will take place at the 1 < •rt Hoiim> d'Hir, Tonn, on ’11! I I,'SDaY. the 2vth day of March neat. * n ‘J .*!•<• k, J*. tn. G M. BOHANAK, ! i’olkiur fr 18tl! 1 M*. 27th. 1*62 20-1. t mm m ; ON APPLICATION of Gr.*rsf H. Dent, ’ Collector i.f Mate and C*muty Taxc for , \ .-ar 1800, it .n ordered hy the County j <..*>inm-tu -n r* f-r Saint Mary's CMiut}*. that t:.o sxid (Jollectiv pr*riHfd to sell, after giving * t venty day* pr vi u* •••••- at tl*e Court ’louse -r and tin* m**st public place* in the ; r .ui,fr and by publication in the M Mary’* i J;. a' <•!. • lr *ct .*r par*e| .f Ui.d called and ‘ knows. i*x the name f SUITER’S FANCY, to Ihe highest hiddef. to p.iv the Taxes Al.d thelejjil .-hare** there*** d*e. and the Mine, w hen •.•I.!, to Vm* transferred hy died *t Imt c.uii and *ilt lolhr ptirch.isor thereof. Ilv < rdi r. 6. I. SPALDING. C’erk to tlie f.iinty C*n.mUiuncr' lot St. Mury* county. Feh 27th. 1862. NtVflcr. IS HFIREUV GIVEN, That the aaie ..f h r ’ above lnd will take place at tr (’ r.rt House do->r. in !<l Town u. 'l l j C.l *1) \V, the I*7to day **f March next, at *i oVlock, p. ill. GEOROK. It. DENT. C'4lector fi-f iB6O Eh. 27th. 18*2—2od. J- V- WILKINSON, GIICEI & CUNISSin M IE li C IS A M % No. 122 • Dugan'* Wharf, HJLTIMORE . a K<*cp onnutantlx on hai.d a large assort rioMii ofSl I’KKIOU K v.vwlA G hOLht.l fIS, E -reign and Dou.c.-lir (.i*ii**rs, Tobacco, Sc j.ars, Ac., which will be **dd. w holc*alc >r rr t nl. it he lower narkei price*. COUNTRY PUODI CE. 4.1 all kind*. sM • i r fuo.i**oii. and >p*--ial attention p.ti-l t.e ea'e *>f Thll.UV'tt, W IIKA'I :i*l *-thei <>Ii.MNS. riniuiit)f;F •*!' all kliid* rt*fii fed promptly, with the Mru-ti"..! regard (• tin inter..d .*f the c-n*ix. , r, Piiidic pat mu ag. i* m<t re*pocllully a.*li- Cilril. Feh. 27th. I MS—tf. ! ■■■ J 1■ ■ V FOR SALE. VN KXTR \ earu i.r.a* l of IKISII I*OTA- which 4.inr to maturity in *ix wcekn after they r.*me up. They hare l***en lately imp rteil fr in Kufo|** Anv unewi-h - buy, enn have thcui at $2 3u per huli> el. Deference to Mr. Wi*e, Milestone Landing **••1 Mr. Sewall, Cwlar Point. Fir sale at L. U. SmithV Store. Pine; at k’r, Taylnr**. St. (nigoe*'; at Mr. Wine*. Mill •tone, Jtnd at T. Murphy'*, Point Look Out. Feh. 27th. 1862—4 t. liiiiiim BY the CtHinty Commissioner* for Saiui Marv’a r<nty— ORDKHKD. That M. Ih.hanan i CJktiw ol State and County (jiir in the 2mi eVetion dintrift f Hf. Mary'a cottnly. r.aina adrertiacment fX|*f >i|* tl* 1 wine tract of parcel of laml, the amount ol t dr* due th tcou, togetlier with the name ni the )HT><a cliArxertlilf with the Mine, to h l erted ciwe )M-r week for and duricif foul Veeka in the St. M.ry*a li acm, a ttcwrapapei piibhdinl iii St. Mary*ac unty, notifying luile-a the aid C**unty t iXtM due on tin ►aid lands *hdl lie paid to the fetid (I*l led• ] v itliin Ihc aptce of* thirty days after tin* p'lh licalioit of the notice f>.r<*aaid ia eoniplele*! the lard* * f ore*aid or anefi p*rt<* th“r**f t lra\ > • receaeary to rai**-limenm dnr therc.i *hal| la* <-.Jd u* the UigheM tailder Itmthe jmy luent **| the mine. 18nl J*hu M. A Rebecca L. Springer own er>; nanto of land |‘t. Cedar F*aot. 120 Sxrt, amount of Uu* due tkurauti, $(/.(*! Bx G. I. SPALDING, Clerk - - '%■ . KHTTCEi* ojeen, that *n |e-a th*‘ Stall ai d Ouutv Uxe* tine *.** tile lain)* Jf- reeidd shall I*!* paid f. m< Mi 4if hel re the rno U thirty day* alter the sh ve puhliratem I* e**n plftei. lie *aid lan I* **r -u h part* thrr*jt a luar la* io.tx>*ar\ toraiW the >uind’i lli*-re** UtgMlhf with tin* C'ad of adveii*ng and lega interc.4. *l..jl| Ik- *i4d *• (in highest bidder the paynietiC of lla* wauie. oeoiuiF m. non' v\.v. Collector fel 20th, NOTICE. ——. IfIEREIiY forewarn nil peraaa fcrir iruatitfg n*y xxifr, M \P,Y F. WNBRKKT. . on my -arcotml. a* 1 will pay n* debts **f her , eonfractinp after lii* date*. Ah**, again*! i i harboring her. Said Mary K. Whirr, t aft; my house Smuiav night U<t. the oth in- j ; >lant, and when h *i*r! front wa*. ir* 1 party with two *-4.1 hi in the n* ight*ori .*%, ..f • Edward Tu iman** at re, ou the Threw- .NoV::i --■ i l Road. , 1 JOHN C. WHF.RRKT. , i „ , Feh. Uth, ido2. ! Feh. 2 th, ISC2—BI. . am sue. t . authority of law, I have *eized and la- I rn •he f. I louring property to aatiafy • late and Ouinty lax*.* and the legal charge* tnereon l*-r the years 18 >S 1802 and itoo Negro Mau i “BUY,” j. the property of S. Guythrr. And I hereby give n lice .'that on Til C KS- ; 1 ; DAY. the Olh of M irrh n*t, fif f:;ir. if riot, i X ° "*■*! lir ' ,a y thereafter) at ihe GREAT p MILLS Sn.tllK, in the Factory District, he- < 1 ‘ *** houta .f 12 oVhwk ni. and 8 \ } dock, p m., I wjl! proceed to sell at Public ! i Auction the aixive named priw*rtv f.*r cash. ' t*. Mtisfy State and County Taxi’S and the • i legal charges tUre*>n. a* ahove mentioned. GKOROE IL DENT, . Collect cr, 1 Feh Uth. 1362 —ta. j, *— - _ ! CO-PARTNERSHIP, j! THE Undersigned have thU d*v enferod ' Into a CO-PAHTNKILSIIIP, under the] ! name and style of FEROUSSON A TYSON, i f'T lit. p*ir|.w i.f r*inilurliti£ thu r.UOCRRY 4. PRODUCE COMMISSION BUSINESS, i i VT THE OLD STAND, * 7 j j Ao. 121 Lombard Street. CHARLES KEHGUSSON, HENRY G TYSON. ftS* CHARLES EEHGUSSON w-.Ktld n- ! • apeetfully ndicil the patronage of his old friends for thr new firm. Halfituore. Kb. Ist, 18C2 j Fell. 13th. —2m. ’ wry**** ■'.. i. r.ji ■.! I ROAD NOTICE, i i ; ‘ * OTICE is hereby given, that the under j i. v signed iu'epds t* njiplv to the C-nrnty ! 1 1 1' •mmissioucni f-*r St. Marx’* c**nnty f*>r the • j prix ilegc of closing a Public Road, xvldch now • itii.s through hi* Finn. ARCHIBALD PRICE. Feh, I3th. 1362—801, j _ i 1 NOTICE TO CUED I TORS. NOTICE is hereby fivpn that the tnhacii ber* hax!• otilainrd fii-m vlie Orphans* J Court oi Si. M iry’a county in Maryland, let . rr* of adniimairaii' n’ on the persoanl ea.ate ■f Joseph H*crt, iate .*f 4<ud county, de ceased. All person*, haxin? elamia against the j said deceased, arr hereby w amed to exhibit the j same with the proper xMiiche* thereof, lo .* • <ijbgerit>rr* on r jiefm r the ii’di day of Aiig,, i j ullitiwiif they tuny l>e excluded ty . • law troiu all beneitt of the **id rrtate. Gixen under our hands this 13ih day of February, ;1832. ' r ANN C HERBERT. KICHARO PAYNE. " ; Administrator!'. - j Feb. ISdi, B-Cl—4xv. i i. .■*■■■■> -ejs" ii,ji.-* ‘. ADAMS DAVIDSON. SftOCERS i AND COMMISSION ' MERCHANTS , A*. 7 Commerce street, Ralthuorr*. Md. i i A LARGE supply of F.xMILY GIIfK’E HIKS couaiantly *r. land at lowest - | market priea. i Sdca ixfTOBAC ’CO, GRAIN, &r„ strictly attended to and prompt rcturua made. Jan. Dith, 180. —Cm. t LEONARD TOWN i CIEIIFICTORT. ■ WAVING punliHK'l the entire iutircst .f ! I M, the late firm *l Morgan. Jamison it (.**„ k t j the imler*igne*l will conduct the business with 1 promptness and energy. A Urge amckof excrllrnt CIGARS, inanu t| j fact nr oil fr-'Ui llie U*t T**htuioln r ; in the market, will he kcj*l constantly *n | hand, and orders trill **• m*civril from, anil \f Cigars dcHvrred at Factory prices, in cither nf f j (hr countie*. ol Prince George. Oiurlvs or St. a.l Mary V ir | A lilwral share of patt*uage of the peo pie *f Southern Maryland i* earnestly s**liit |-d f**r the advance incut of HUME iNDI.’S ; THY. ha*etl njHin the :u-<to of Urge sales with , reafemabk* pr* (its. *\ IL A. JAMISON. , Jan. 9th, 1862 —ly. *j A CARD. >I . ■ DU. HFA'BY L. NA VLOPi. having U*a ted in Chajttnn, trtido s his J’rvfe*.'‘U-nul „ ■ strriem tv the ttizens of the village and vi | riuity. ftftice at the re*idei.rc of Mr Z. Hayden. . iit/ui: set. —Prof N. R. Fmltli, (hltiiriorc, V.I. ; Jan. U.l , 18g2—D. j‘ - - i L PROFESSIONAL '■ nil CHARLES COMBS, havwg U |j | JIT rated himself at the (! lx K A T 4> M I L L S fur the purpose nf praeti-ing Ihia prof or-im i can always he found at the retidetice of J J. Alltdau. K-j. , titm oot r. prof.;*ioriallj ct.gaircd j Jaa. 2od. ItWi-lf i BUILDER'S MATERIALS ! . ; ! | I The inderaigrel would rwwtfuHr call tl> attention of thf I'ublie t tla-ir large a*ort > iit>*iit of DOOMS, DLLS'DA, SASH, DUO It FMAMES, \MSDOW FRAMES. WA SIP JIOALDS. CASINOS, J iOULDIXOS. MAS TLKS, aiji every dencriptiim of House Build in# material#. which they have constantly on i hand, *nd w hich they cm., furniah at the short j **#l notice. They .ire also prepared to furnish at the _ shortest notice f'lt .4 Ml* WOESk for* Country Houses, Cottage#. suburban UoshU-iices. according to any plan or doigu, :i!l ready titled to he put up on their prupoa eel sites. Karimr# and others, hit run# of building ! in the country, would tind it to their advantage ' hy giving us a call before purchasing els%—! where, as w# are fully prepared in execute work nit the nisi reasonable term*. And the J advantages, which we offer \m preparing all ; the materials that may he necessary in con- ! atrurling a house, will he found to save the Builder a great deal of vexatious delay and exjH-nse. u& All orders left at their office or ad dressetl to then hy until will meet with promp and satisfactory attention. i M A UGH UNA JoHNSuN, Steam Plaining Mill and Sank Porto, *y. East Kail# A venue, neat Pratt Street bridge Warehouse No. Oh. PraM street. Next door to Penn St Mitchell, Bait. Md. j April nth, 1800 — ly. CHAfR AND FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. W E. AN HE It SON. .Vo*. 10 &. I • Second Street beitreen Frederick Sire and Monk .Market Spate, BaLimcre. Having the largest Ware rooms and best assortment oi Cabinet Furniture iu the city, ■ is prepare*! to sellevery articlein Uisline upon > the most liberal and accommodating term#. ■ Having had a long experience in litis line ol business, he Hatter* himsetl that he can com pete, as to excellence ol ti.Mcria 1. In auty ol i workmanship and range ot prices, wth any establishment ot the sort in tht* or any other .city. IBs general stork embraces a lull and ' complete assortment ol Parlor Chain. Sofa*, Forking Chair*. Spring Lounges. Chamber Suite. liar room. Office and Dining Chair French ’Pete a-Tete*, Settees. Ann Chairs f i Maltrarcs. linking (Manses dr., of every va riety and description. He also on hand I Bedsteads of III* own manufacture, which i ran he pul up and taken down in two min ! liter;. Persons from St. Mary *s. wishing to I purchase Furniture, are requested local! and | examine hi# Stock hetore buying elsew'nrrt 1 t**sure to find the right place Nos. 10& |‘? j Second .‘:r*et—\Varl.ou*e with 80 lee ! Iror.t and 8 large Folding doors.. August 11th 18* r tf—lv. j DENTISTRY. ' JJKIIStiNS needing the service* *f o fi 1 r;ti! I )•!.: i>l v.i! di well t- cn.plou Hr. 1 •i. Itil' HOl,l’ll U ALTON, who in , | tend# I-*tatittg himself in the villim* .f I .eon. , ! ard Town. Orders addressed . him through ■ the Leonard Town Post Office will receive | prompt attention. His terms are cash. l>r. . Walton Inis hurl conddererahle expMUT.ce in * his profession, is moderate in hit. charges, and j has itvariably given satisfaction to those who , . have employed him. To give the reader* of , the Beacon some idea of the staiuiirg of Hr. , W. as a PRACTICAL DENTIST, the f.d , lowing letter. addressed to him by Dr. Niniau i Pinkney, U. S. N., is :ip|*>nded : U. 8. Navat. AcamUY, i A K S'atoms. Maryland. April 21. | DkakSiu:—lt gives me great plasure to | express llic confidence I have In yur *kiil a.- h Dentist, and to recommend you. as far a* 1 have influence. to the patronage of tha Public. | I have had sn opportunity of witnessing you. utodn of operation, nun have no hesitation m [ affirming that it exhibits your thorough k:.o*vl -1 edge of you profession. i am, sir. very respectfully \our obedient #* rvant. ’ MM AN PINK NT. V, Stiryoeii U. 8. X. Dr. Rasdommi Wai.tos, Annapolis. April 4lh. 1801 —if. JJ i... .11 lIUMBKK f SHINGLES!! PLORINO. StC. j iuvit n the attention ol mir frit nds at. i * * cuiisutitrrs, generally, in St. Mary's an ‘ adjoining counties to our extensive aivurtinrn !ot seasoned lit ILD IS(i MA I'F.ii!AI.S. I All p*ttic* contemplating the erection of ' Dwellings, Burma, &.C., will find it greatly to - their advantage to give us a call, as we can i ! sc‘l at lowest rates fur cash or Negotiable pa 1 j per. D<srs, Frames, Sash, A'c. f furnished at : Mill prices. Orders tilled for Bricks, Lime, Hair, Nails, ■ I Ac. ■ j N*. Wharfage cl’arged on V'easels receiving - Lundwr from mr Yard. , CA UKON. ZIMMERMAN, A CO., Wcaf sile Union D*<ck, Norfolk Boat \\ hart March 1MB v . 18150— tf. i IVOTICE. i f 4 I.L persm i.ndi'bte*! to me fr taxes for this year will please come forward and settle ij.e same to me, or Capt. J. .1. Au-ma jin thirty days. If not is, thirty day* ’ ; Troni date, I shall be oanpeUed through l.e- to collwt * v hv. • gi:o. M. noil ANA N. t. 4 of 2i,d. Dial. < \*>v. 2lt. Urtil—tf. j. pj JAMES S. DOWNS, l AtTOKNKI a UOUNSKI.I.OKA'I LAW. Lein,aid Tutrn ,Si 3/anj'.' Co.,Md. t 1 Will in St. 'iauU(i.vad|oii>iag ] counties. f A or ICE TO CHEDJTOR3 NOTICE i herebr given that the subteriber ku i>buind from The Orphan' Court , of St. Mary’s county in Marvtar J. t letters of Administration *>n the personal estate of JOHN T \ VLUK. I?te •! t said county, deceased. A.l iwrtns having I claim* against the ta d are nriov warned to exhibit the sant** wuh the proper • | vworhes thereof, to the *nlarri'er, on or irf.r*: the HdtV of July, Hfii, oilier wise they .uav ‘o* rxdaded by law from all tieneftt of :he enut '

estate. Given under my hand this 16th da> of January, 18&2. JAMES 11. ALFEY, AdmiKistrator. Jan. l#th, 1855- 4*. 6sj RAN AWAY from the snliscrHirr, living ] near tl*e village f plnpliM. n few days : since, a fn-e negro h.y named HEN BY i 1 JUNES, *iu*c lime I recently of C. ‘ 'C. Bally. 1 learn that he is in the lower part ' i tf the county. |m>lailly lurking abtuit Jutland. ‘ ' ihc properly of 11. It, S. Key, where he I.a 1 •rt laiioiie. All persons are foiewamd aguiuM • : harboring or employing said negro l>.y. Ib is rather black, .-loops a go-1 deal, an : has an a" way **f exprc#<itig hiihsi’f. He i.- : alum 20 years of age. had i n when he left a qihml -nil of clothes *>f white full cloth and a . black hat. 1 will give the above reward for , his apprehension at d delivery to me. JOHN A, BURROUGHS. Jan. Swv . | ! ( ; i fockocp.l3ss cuvaTF.nLD 185: LOCATED COR. or BALTIMORE & CHARLES St# | Bvi.timork, Md. > i j ITit Largest, Most Elegantly Furnished an,l Papula! Commercial Colltgt in the United SlaUs. ; Designed Expressly for Toting Men Desiring to obtain a lliortvgh Prartiral Hus j nt Education in the mhurtent possible tun I and at the lea si expense. A Beautifully Ornamented Cirru-i Inr. containing upwards of Six Sytr,p.r. Fr.r.r, I . with Speeimtn of P,nwanship, nnd a Lars’e F.n- i j graving (the finest of the kind ever made m this ■ country) rep resent in* the Interior View of tb* College, with Catalogue stating terms. 4<-. ( i a ill be sent tu every Young Man on application, , free of rharte. Write immediately and von will receive tin f package ny return mail, Addiess , E. K. ROSIER. Buhimore MJ. I January 54th, ly. :j j ’ i PETITION FDR THE UESI.GIT OF THE ' ! j LYSOLVEST LAW’S OF MARYLAND , Circuit Court f.-r St. Mary’.- fin.. ) * March Term 1 ‘bJl. j" 4 /''VUDEKF.D by the Court that the Cn •lit-.n.. ||\T of JAMES \. MORGAN, a pciiUouei . j for the lamellt of tbe liuudvent Laws >f .Mu- j ) iyland, la; and appear before the Circuit U -uri * i for St. Mary's Goimty on the third M-*uda\ ; uf November next, to -how cause, if any tlse.\ ■ have, why the said J unes A. Morgan, shall j 4 not have the Wmefit of the #nil law*: pro*, id jed a copy of this order be inverted in the St 1 ‘ Mary’s Beacon •- n* a md f*-r three mouth . before the >ftid tl.ird Moi.duy ui Novnube . i next. By ordi r. ‘j * JAMES T. r.LAKISTONE, Clttk. ' ‘ I JuU 251 h. 18G1 Sin. , r | 111K coinniissiona fr '-mmiv e!ee- JL led on the sixth day '>■' November la si ; were received ami filed in ibis Oflj.c on the ; 22ml November, ultimo. The Constitution - 1 i re|iiires nil persons vlemed to ofti.-.e, receivuit ! 1 , a couimisaiim from the State, it* qualify within j • 1 ihiity day’s after the romnu—iou is filed. JAM L 8 T. BI.AK ISTO.N K, ' Clerk. Dec. sth. 1851—if. i I j , ..... ... ' i THAT). K. PUEUBB, i Attorney mul Co it use I lor at Lam, And General Agent f'>r Claims. WILL Xit*tid to the c I’-e i<ui of al ' clainu* Mcaiust the General fboern- • tiH'til. All romt’itinicatioiu addn-wi t*. me i , at l;ta-iinrd Town will meet with prompt at-j tenth in. J it.. 9i!„, |St’.2— *,f. I , I | NOTICE. \ E. LEO SPAJ-DING rcfnrns hi# thanks to* hi# Mimerottb customer* for the "liberal patron- i age he ha# received fr/m tk-m, and pleige#| himself to keep a CHOICE STOCTv OK ■ GOOfV- always on hand, which will be sold very low f-r cash or it# equivalent. E. LEO SPALDING, Aptil 2nd, IBto April sth, iShO— lv 1 ; i XOTICE TO CREDITORS. j j >j i hertby given that the stibscrtWi Ili. v has obtained from the Orphan# Court feu 1 Saint Mary’# county, in Marylnnd, Inters ot * drainMtraibrti.aiKhe —ersonal e#ute of Elisa H Johnson, tote of Naal co,, deceased. AH per -1 I aons hnvitigrlnim# ag#in#t the smd der-ased, | are hereby warned to the same, with! , me proper touche* thereof, |<> the subscriber. on or before the Ist way nf Jim* H6*J, otherwise > i they may l*€ excluded by lew from Ml. benefit ol he said estate. Given under my band# tin* : 31#t day of Nov. ]B6i- DAVID \V. TYLER. j , ; Administrator. 1 . Nov. 21#t, |e6l_4a-. - - - ■ - - ' NOTICE. FOR THE l\\ TI XE.ST RIVER I V,A i! FAIR HAVEN AND PLUM POINT i .| . ' t r w ili lcaV-" l*T ■ v. ry WEDNESDAY MORNING at hall ! past six oVl.wk tor toe PaM.xent lCiv*r. He turning, will H ive 11:11’# Landing every . Friday morning f Itemxiiu, leaving IW r ' dirt erery Saturday uierniiij; ut t uj'loi> f. r Baliimcre. Calling at all the usual lauding# |i i* the River, aleo nf j*luni Point uud I" .if t U7cn, goiuj' and fcU.rt u.g. j M 1.. W”EMS. ! 1 Jan, mh, |Si2 If. * i WANTED. * i Tl r ANTF.D a TE ACHER f. r rr mary TT Schotd No. 2 f-r lie vt;,ir 1362. lie. p.nxt l*e lapaoltrvf tear king iW usual Eng'is'j I ran, it.*# rrnl l<- r.f *•! i„..ral crxri. ;*-r - • lik Ih t uiiiklic •r a Tvati. eu age ptt ternii. Address. .1 \.\IEB f.. I.A.NGLF.V, J*'(lN H HOLMES, wm m k \y; JOSEPH lilt I!\RDSON Sr. v* P. 0 J*n. 30th. ISC2—4t. t i NOTICE OF IMVIDGNI). ’ ON applirefi. n .-f M. M Hayden atid G*\ Fft*l Ma?d-*\. ndniiiiistrst"f# f fb .r-** Haydn, lilt* nf cvt. M irv * c* uolv. hcea-e-i. It i** .*idt-rtil by flit* G un, that tlie #:id ad luinistrator# uolify the rin)iln tf the said Hcc*.i>d. l< hit their claims ngaii-st the raid dt-cca.-ed. in the Rcgi.-trr Wills’ Olrice on ••r before the 15th day of May. 18C2. f*-r div- I idrtid, ami that this urdcr bn published in the St Mary Rcaroi.. once a week, until the said i 15th of Mav, 18G2. J. T. M. RALF.Y, Rt-gi-tcr of Wills. i of St. Man'# county,Md. Fch. TSth. 18C2 —Stn. NOTICE. '■GIF. nodxf# gned ha# just rar*ivrl s large . * supply of Ladies PARTY ami BALI. <omls consuming ol White and Colored Tarlrtonp, Ladivn white Ki 1 Slippsr I-ailic# White Kid Ac. S*c. A l#o, Gent# While Kid Glove*. (anf# Fancy Neck Thf, Grill©’ Fine Shirt#, and C-dlars. Ac. At. E. LI 0. SPALDING, I.eotnrd Town. January 2rd. 1861--tf. FOR SHERIFF. PHILIP 11. DORSEY, thankful to hi# ; friend# and the pnhlir for the support he re : -"eived at the laic election offers himself again , a# t candidate tor Sheriff mid solicits the voice ; ! Ins fellow-citizen# of Sit. Mai j’s county at : the next election. Nov ai#i. leei. , t HARRISON EDWARDS, ot“vr hiraerlf , to the voter# of St. Mary’s County a# a can ! didaie for SheiuT nt the next election. Not. 21#t, 1861. • _ i A CARD. Doctor gustavis cantkk. having located himsell in Uharhdie J!al!,rcspcft ully li# pr*>fe#-i* rl #rr\ic *to the pub lic. Hi# office is that occupied by Hr. .T. F. Shaw, where he cr.n always hr found except when pn-fe-Ki-uiallv riitragi-d. B>.rrßi’Ncr. —Ssiumei Chew; M. T). I’u. . lea-or of Principle# and Pr.irti* o of Medicine • in ttie I'uiver-’lv of Marv’ui i. | March Till 1801 —1 Dm LUMEER NOTICE. BULKS a* SLOAN return their eii cere tbattk# t>* the Farmer# h r tlrcir lilr.*.! patronage lor the year part. Their -t.irk f I LUMBER i# larger tl.-never mdoctiira a-nti-d; and we jre dolermii H t-.* ofler great i Indiaement# t<> ca;h buyers. Apply t tbe i of Kutaw anil German Mrtcte.or at I;V2 l.'glii htrccl \X ban. 1 BURNS A SLOAN. I’:*lt>more, M<l Feb. 2nd.lKf.o - CONST iRLE. J. EDWIN A REI.L nnnoumr# hjmreJf n ••m di'iaie for f*''iiT ’l>l* ;n I..eon#rd T" u fli#- inr at rh eleetioii iu I#6.T mill a#k* I! # up f.oit of lus friends and fciiow'-ctiizri.#. Nov. 28lli, I*.Cl. : * Af.KKHT TARGi. J. 5 MORHM _ _ _ _ _ -i TRF, (1 O & MORGAN. vuoD u c n COMMISSION MKR ( HANTS, And \VLol**sal Dealcrt i o i. jqrn it s .? .a d cit;.l n 5 No. 17 t’HLAPSIDF.. near Prattst., j BA INI MORE 1 Every tl**seriptir n n? cr ui f. \ Produr entrusted loouicurt v. ili rre iuMrictain } tion. ! At nlSth.l 35S— :t. I .. _ _ I \sm ißarrjtiKDi: t STf /LF.N fr> m my Mahles in YltdleyV, Ntvk. i.oar I/Col.ard Town, on W faint-#- ! day the 13ii< int.ant. a S rr.-t .\|. re. 1 with fluxed mniit* and tail, medium #ize, .-t'-ut !ly built and al# ut 12 year# rf age. I Lav*- Hen int.aiued that m auintai. answering to j the abve df#f|ipli-*i, m# ridden part Chat ! bitlc Hall ot. the I | h. hy a n-gr.* man, and • from hi# de**ripti-<n. lam rati.-tied t!.ct he i> ; the party that rlok- the marc from r. y stable*. * The negro i# 5 fvet li niche# in height, thin ; faced, of a dark cl.frnut c f 4..r and aLa.t I year# of age. He r< prerented I ini-e lf. wl r . ' m my u<*igl,n.a invl f to I#? free, lut I f.xiv} , l itiice hi# drparltie tliat I # i# fiipp- 'tohe a nnu.i) fLivc and probable >i mi j mare with n view of reaching W##Kindlon or ■ **imc one rf tl-c FeJeral encampmeio'# in, i Charicw <’oiiitty. I will give the r , ward for the delivery of the j-t..hen nromai, • r hlteral compenr:u->n for iufurrnatJ-u K ii :t g l>. her w i;< rtuk•*!. EDWARD iKtWN.S'. Lt-ciiard Town, P. l>. Md. Nor. 21*t. —tf. p/ssoli thkv or CtH’A KTN ERSIIIP 1.1 osmkd T'-vjc. ) , * •!?. 1-t. !M/_’ I r | , IlF. on ex- ! ■ Ltmg in tb. Ctgnr Manufaernrr • f Mor gan. Janiiscti A I’<•>.. !*■ tbi .lay dia*-irrt wifi, no tuaJ c uinetit Wjr t**e tind>-r>tgnr>i. (♦Krtni'f' in in lire#!. All j#*r-ra. nvleot#4 f.. toe firm ! wth j lea#e will* with B A Jaiuie-n, iiv in • tfllthot:zrd t*> rrc-l|t in full. J. FhLIX MORGAN. 1 I* A .1 AMI>O:N. Jsr Soil. 1862-21. I ,1 MIIKR, SHINGLES, LATHS, BRICKS. . LIME. HAIR, S [.lOll •*al*,it tl **r9rylrtrtsf pri** fur CASfI . *r .\rPIIOV hID fSwUL by* ap. r, n an! *ee ii!* at the rornct -4 Kutnr nd (Jrrnmn ISireef* or at 14*2 bm<t VkitTi IV.itiOor*, Md. rrr.Ns a ?jt ovv March 21m I^*l— ll. NOTICE. ||R. WILL!AM S. m.AKISTONr. V„r. inf Itvaleil iu Chapii.*% offnit hi* j>- ►* M-rvict-s t the i'tiliiir, a;**} v;i. a'* ffsiys ]>r f dial, wiu-ti fi-U |> r*l* *- >a’ v ♦••.- fayed, at r. *swliV llmi-I, 1 o!*e Mm*i n '1 ai*k to my friend* in ll.r neipJ-U-rln-'*l *f "it. ClrmpMt'r Uiv for their former p.>ti<*iiag , nd will alwax I* happy tv Wait *u thr:-x it Ilc dinrlM n .tire. Nov. 28lh, ISol —C. * PROFESSIONAL. Dll. J. R.THOS. KKCVK.S has lexi, { at -WIUTK PLAINS,’* *Un a irf’4 (ruin the tillage uf C'bapiiro, sue r p. i thih / tdler* his- jirnff'tal service-* to the publi. He Hill | hi*n‘pl< exclusively t> thu practice ofJ.i- pr te..-;on. dm.. 10th. 181.2— tf. SEW FALL AM) WJXTKRGOOhX E|^HEnder. ir ..e.lh? just rm rnrd frmi ii,. A f*it y w itl i lie in’ s;eei. hoq burs' ,>Wf<'lfi) -tn< k rl E ALL. !il 'IS IKK (OOl*.S txrr il!>l-*i la tLc ntisens of St. Mar} 'i* < ’ouny, eon* irtu; in pail, of x art soif arim rp*nbi x of Heavy (km ■ r. Sri v*nl> ’ t'otiiirp, hi ihe mom [irirra —uiro Hoot* ltd ?!v*Pa of lie . .> uniitidl make. and best matt ’ltd. Keoti r r Cwrtmrrfs, ve-xtoi** and ail kimlx of' i Lfoodf, lor Ladies ami Li*.il!er<‘i~*i f Selected, and xiril assort*f .-.i>ek of * i*Jothuip,mamifiirti.rfd expresslx to o .- x - aneiy of uniivirH nfainu'Bt exri y kir.w •lee to he found in the count y He <* gp* • lifjts a rail frrtin tlioacdeatrir? u* pisrc mg inmiiril ilul Hi* thorough s,c<pu>.n. thr bueinte*. resulting from a Imig ret the cur. will enable lum to auc! tnentr. as wilidefx competition. K VI. JOS* * . •' / I'r. Fur. September sTds ,c lT -ly. NOTICE. rfiK C'-pailmr*i "x h. r,,.f. to r: if.; moll r Il*c firm -f * (<1 T! .M ,A ,M H AHIHNO is thie d<) flit-sol\i hy rr.i;,. •rtus-i‘t Win. H. Hard log ,k a'.-nv-b. :iit. r i/cu lo e ni i!t hiiMi . ■;* • f i' c {inn. S WILL iv.TTISC.IMM. MM. M. M AJMHNCi, P tl’intoyr ’an. ! I*u] 4m . TVr nud if-i-jut d, ha>iii I! iu!i >\i rj.a intrrert of Saniiirl t‘>uii tl iim oi tur f - r:. • c A Tiardit y. ixtalji. r ii!‘?er dt r f;*> l.u?Jiit ain l.i> t.v. N..ii.i*,— a:. ', hr ni. -( r.e|*-t;l Milly etdii Us IfK* lax -j ul the . iho uhl h it iti. WM. 11. llAßlil'x 3, MAHYLAND AGRICULTURAL WORK? ro Tin of m. j/ t nrs., I Wfii:l no r l jvfj*. tfil V rail x.. r tentifin to my hu / iim iit i>i /.VVI.I'. • 3/L‘.V7>'. 1 mu manufai-imi; l' ai < j . pwriui: a Ur”-i a.-.>rtmrnt of Ayi irulivy ftlrhirni* than I hvr c\t 1.-f ft* off. i.! (. he pulftr- H T.*e Pixxit re ai..J | ; r hx:;, Wh. nl Thus. ('.*m Ml I i u S's.'.r-, lM>Ugi:fc, ll.liroVIe: l .'fid Mi t V other arlirU's lu nisn .r ua t. noTijt.ii. ; •.ca sup] ly ti I- i linm x ith *X< t f - ; |,i jf ;uay M ith ir#;ard to !! . \* ,v, . I xxoiild rail pmlirular .•titn. ,; > -r( ) * f . lot of VEI.TOS'S 7 till}.}. r,r,h t L.i /’Off 7. l!S. )<• ir</ (. intfi if t; • t. in i trhtih arc lnr *nrf>a**r.<i tu o>i.* t.r art', , <>.• mark it ; ni.d I m<<'t r*a} t-rtSuliX Mirn it>>> .• who are in •>! Mstrl.ii.iK £,\r ■ tA - r.e I feel Culifi’lf 1.1 trial 1 ran suit tK- 11.*. f am n f'f'KN Mill ** * r C- it: at H-J’.C. 1> ao< u .ti M, lias laa ii Yx*4xl ai d pfoneurrrd u hr • - rienrid judge*. To thin I ask tm r all. t.lioo. I toj.d. t mi Xll.err- I'.r.iik* 'cr • ! kiltdnr-R.'i hm t*f.-i fl;< xxt. i e >..! i< r , t . ttnaanec of reni favors, .1. tt rii.i; tl t , R ,„i 0 3 dlM.g ffii.ft t*. pl'-a>f ail MOO fr x ctisd’-n*. Order* wtM mn-t will i.r. ifi* t atli i * t.jn hv iaiu*. dir.ei.i) {., WILLIAM H lIAIiDIKD. 150 f*io!t .t ‘rtst Tl harf, Haiti future. Ml, Pth. "lit, Itf . 1 — ly a. -X- r. -a . DlhhDLI IION Of CO I* UiTMIIMi!!’ f I 111% kite Tint i;f Sit. uss tf *5 11 • •*• • v M Ibiji dax d:*|i Jx - .-d hv “ooh-; r. reot* irilfl>l #! to t,> n*e !.,♦!. i•: i fii-< t : ■ t-inr lunar i ai.d entile v. itii t it-rg 'iiein*, W.fho.jt dt*(v. suit* •/. ►Vfllt the Ijjrii.f.!, of tf,* Liter l.rtu. (tLorii.K A MV> • •TOS. Ii *! |Dt 'i. S<ft. fi -t!, IR-; 1- • /;r.v/A rs. s a • tv'f 11 HE * • r imunjr pure 1m- ■* .1 ••,(..> <• i'ori, /v Mnddi X Mf ar.ltle hu.’ii't#, \ ’irtui' ::e t i’. Id etsiid. -ud >• :i- i; ar • ’if •.. 1 l rr_\ 1;S. th.‘ .it: . xlti .i.'. ’■ :. . firm *! :#• *• *. r- ♦. j.t’ ; a * * , g *•! a-wrim' (4 g'K-Kl? -#• H,i. -ucl. te- a* rant*ft hi; t • . •:# U*onx* r- C-l lh. irntluv at--. ft. p .1) ; ■ ft *ia y. ni 'c:*a. a \ \ mm .•?. iAt-i).i<l i*> - .xp. _ Aid. Mil xr 52*1., i* I T, WANTED ~ TH V Of IIIlljr! Ul .r 12 • J MKN and WOVKN. .r whixfi. *•.• Mist, feel |>rt*,f *>i whif**-* vtrii l gi x en. A!*o, FATTKD f’ATTI.K mti be r.M for the |r*| market pri r-s hx apt !•.;• to or odd/vJeiLg, JO M. M VDfKtX. L'-nuarxi Tyttu I*. 0. Jan 2ml. IHJ2—U.

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