Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, March 13, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated March 13, 1862 Page 3
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NEW GOODS. - ** 11TK nr. now receiving our supplies „/ f ▼ DOMESTICS FOR skrvakth* WP.AR, cow -t ng of BLUE DENIM* BLUE FLAIRS. OSN A UUUGA. ?.-4. 7-8 .11*14.4 BROWN rOTTOXS. whi.h we ofl'cr to our customer* very low SIMMS Ic UHOiUKn, March Kill*. 18*i2. FIEELAND. 1111 & CD.. GROCERS CHIISSIMMEIItUITS, Ao. 141! /'/off strut. Serf thtor h'tt of Lijht. opjtoitfr the Malt it/ Umir IMPORTERS OF FOREIGN LIQUORS, WINKS. HR A V DIES. GIN, *r. S large ami select stock **f < LL iIVK AND ItOURROX WHISKEY, a! vv m hand. \L.nh 1.'.11r. lr,Jf_ly. CLAUDE MELNOTTE. I IIS and t!ir ST.XL 3. |.|U.\ aill c*u*lieiice Id. stand tr tin* j ■ * ill \ir • *ii X OM>AA . tlir 2sd div of April mill Hr i* * bright Imv. lirol hy Mr. 1, >ll3. ■ nnH -t**i, if i* got hy II ..t.n <mf *. Sluder hv I ihi.irv, I. **U* 8 m uc-, hy '! hori.h-iiV HaiUr. Daisy CV ppr, by Ogle’* o-ca . <ir"v —Mall’* L’uiuiii i •u, hup. Othello. ini |. IJconje'. dumper, in:jit. M *rt *’i** Traveller. nut uf impt. Sclima Lv the Gcdolphin Arabia*. From the ah. v** p*digiee, it will le turn, , Clm Ip M ■ln**tt** combines more of the Sir Archy h! •**! in hi* vein* than any horse i *.v living, lrin|{ >|rKivß.|<.|, through his sire H-t'l'Mi ami grand -ire Tin*de*ui, directly fr*m SIV Archy. ai d through Industry,sire of Rlrn> di r. and our the be*t ni aof Sir Arcbv. ajaiu hr ugh Thornton'* Hitler <lhe sire of L ni>; Srniiiifi-L another distinguished ni f Sir Ar> hr i\ hi* g. g. dam Haisv t 'topper through h r >iir Gr**y Dioin*-*!, l.i i descended fr**m ■tn:|ii. M*dl**y.all his family U-ing cistiiigii.-h --e<! h*r game and .lniitiu. Claude Is the sirv of Col. Bowie's fun* i i lt, Ike Maio-I. wlddi ran in the Full uf ’ralMiiJ, t Li'ianl Town and in Virginia with suvess imim. F- rhh mini marc. S2O, tn Wdi*- charg.-d by $U*. it paid in the seas u. Ft i < r m u man*, sl2. t 1m d:seban.’*-d hi 5:8. if paid 111 tie mm.-i.|i. lin Mini fti’. f,(l cents.. Fill (inlher particular*, see hand-hill*, to I**- puh'h-h.d hi realt* r. •IAS. It. THOMPSON. Mar h mh. 181*2—ira. FOR RENT. f S MIE titular-i -iinl i* •l**ir*>iii<4’ RKXXIXO I htr tin* halain euf the pre*ut year the H< nsE he now iMcupii* in Li*onan] Town. '] dwelling i* new and entntuodin. and there is on the lot a large STABLE and other L>l T-HOUSES. Apply eartv t C. 0. SFALDIXO. Leonard Town. I March lath. if. j ESTRAY. I d 'I AML to tie reahience u| the sill Kcril-tT, ‘ V/' in l<eouard Town di>lriit.on r anonf i tl.c Id of June last, three YEARLING*, ot.o j ot which i* a I ml. One of th.em is marked ' with a slit in the right ear. and is of a hr .wi> ; i'li i*i*l of. The other i* a dark hroivu. The ! I ill i* hlack. Fentons owning the alsife I 1 perty will please Come fr>inrd without delay, nay charge* and take them away.— <t: herwisc thel will lie tli*|toed of b\ sale ac < irding to law. ’ 1 .1 FELIX MORGAN. March 18th, 182.—3 w. NOTICE. A1 f. pcrsnji are hereby forewarned fr* m negotiatint. pun ha-iug. or having any tiling t do with a |>roiiii*fMirv KOTK. druwn 1 y 11. M. A HELL in tavor *t ti I, \\ Ist* tor Mu* aunt uf twenty-five dollar*, dated in Au gust or September. IfMJI. Said note was plnet! in thr of W. G. Miller for safe keeping, and has been !o*t <t inisplacetl. GEORGK X. WISE. Kvb. 20th, 1862 March I3tli. 1802—4 w. WOO it! WOOD!! WOOD! M FIN (IK nrnlertgiietl will give the 1 IIRiiIKST MARKET PRICK lor 1000 to 'iii Corda of*good ursisourd" Pinr Uood. lo be delivered in Washington Uiry. Hv corresponding with uv, we can f. ivc asaiirance of such factlttiea to aasittf ' -wl* iu passing the blockade us will likely prove TtlUfoetary. It will (re lie -1 ■•saary in weitiug t* u* to give tbu uaiav t'l VCaecl. A A T A. RIUTIARDS. Wnsbingtuii, 1L C. March lliib. IRo2—4r. J V WH.KINSON. giogei i mmm MKBCa&HT, No. 123 Wharf, BALTIMORE. Keep* constantli *n a* large n**4rt m.t,t • isUt'EKion family gimkieijies, F*treig< and DuinesUc Liquors. l’hac t, St gar *. Ac., which will be adtl. k liulumlt or re fer. it the (owe* i.arket prices. atUNTRY FROmiCE, ..f nil kinds, s.*ld ** oeimiibioii, and s)tvial atte-ti -u paid to She ***** ..f TOBAUH WIIKAT awl other GRAINS, (kaniuiwaoi.a f ah kind* excu fell pr.Nliptiy, with ike strict*.-< regard (u lire interest uf the i'tiolic patmoage i* moat nspcctl ully aJi cit* a d. 1 Fib, 271 b, 1802—If. CDUICTORIOTICI. PERSONS owing me Taxes for 18.M4 are requested to pay b**fire or during Court. Those failing, will have thrir property advertised. JOHN C. COMBS. I*ati: Collector. March Gib, ISfrJ—tf. ;”ciiacm suf" OX AI FLICATION af M. Ru, Udleci> ruf State uni Cont.ty • (axes f*r the year 18CI, it is ordered iv the iOnnity Gnniuisnotieni for St. Mary's conn tty, that the said C*'l!t-cfr proceed to sell, all j ler giving twenty day* previous notice, at the (. *iirf Home dierand the m**st public place* in the o-iiii y and by publication in the St Ma* \ ’* H aeon, a I met or parcel of land cale.l awl known hy the name of : SUITER’S FANCY, t the highest hi.idea, to pay the Taxea and l h gal charged thereon due. *ainl the same, j hrn s**ld. t. he tr.iLafenvd hr deed of bar gain and sale to the purchaser thereof. Hy order. G. I. SPALDING, i Clcik to C nt.ty C<mnd*sioMers for Saint Marj’s county. F.b 27th, IBC2—ta ; NOTICE IS HKIIEbY GIVEN, That the ! i sale of the above land will take place ;it the Court lion*.* *hor, Leonard I’own, oti ! I 111 the 20th day vf March next. ! at 2 o’clock, p rn. i G M. ROHAN AX, Odhctor for 18t;I. ■ Feb. 27th, 1662—20*1. COUECTCn SALE. • AITLICATIG.X of G*-rgc H Dent. t/oll'Tt*r f State am! G*unty 'l'\**>. for ■ the year 18*>0, it i <*r<h*mi hy the County < Co.iimissiotiera for S.iint Mary's cotin'y. that the s;iil C*i!U*c:tr jr*K’**l t scil, after giving twenty days pnvi u* m*ti*c at the Court: . ib'Uw l*s>r ami the nn-st pnhli * ]dace* in the ! County hid! hy pnblicati..n in the St Mary’s 1 . iWacoii. a tract r parcel >if land * al'tal and known by the name of SUITER’S FANCT, I t the highest bidder, to pay the Taxes and ! the legal charges th*’r**<in due. and the same, when sold, to In* Transferred hy de*l *-l bar-; gain and mile to the purchaser fier* f. Hv **r*ler. G. I. SPALDING. Clerk to the County Commissioners for St. Mary's cauntv. F* h. 27th, 1802. i 1 NOTICE IS 11 Li. LEV GIVFN, That the ‘sale >•{ th** laid will l.ik** place at' ■ the C-airt Hmim* h**r. in f.'tinard T*wn on , 1 I ID RsDW.lhc 27th <lsv of .Match next. ; at 2 *•**.•!**ck, p. tn. - GEORGR. R. DENT. Ck'llectiT hr 1860. 1 K*b. 27th. 1862—20.1. FOR SALE. ! i N EXTRA early cf IRISH I’OTA ! ** r IOF.S which come to tnatnnty in six Wp*-ks aft* r they come up. They have I een : I lately imported fr<aii llur -pe Anv oiu*wi*h ing t> l*i. V, ‘Rn have them it £2 .30 per httsh l-L * H* ?ercnce to Mr. \\ isr, Milestone Landing ; and Mr. S* wall. C*dar point. F*>r *lc st L. O, Smi'li’s Kt**r** Fine; at I Mr. Taylor's, St. li.ig****’; at Mr. Wise’. Mill ] stone, and at T. MmphyV, Flint Look Out. Feb. 27th, 1862—4t.’ llama m i V the County C. mmissioners fv.r Saint 1 ” Mary’s r* nnty— . (• RDLKED. That tc*>rgc M. Holianan.n , O'lh'l.if of Stale and (autnt v tax**- - iu dc 2nl I election distrh-t of St. Mary's coimtv, muse .idveTti***iiieiil expres-ing the name of the fol j lowing tract or pared of land, the amount of tax*** dm* thereon, together with ihe name l the |T*rs*Hi chargeable with the Kiinn*. t** la* ! nTfol *me jwr we* k for and duriug four week- in the St. Mary’s H**nc*'ii, a ncwsjaj*cr ' pnh!ivl.el in St. Mary’s ('••nnty. n •tifying lint 1 unless lh* State and County t *xcs due on th*- ! sai*l lantl* shall l*e paid to the said Collector I within the sp*cu of thirty days after th*- pub- I liesti.*n of the notice aforesaid is completed, the lands aforesaid nr such part* thereof a may la* i;nw*Uirv to raise thesuii* due thereon ' shall In* sold tin* highest bidder lor the pay ment of tin* same. ifhil John M. A Rebecca L. Springer own er-; name of land Ft. CVriar Point, 120 acres, amount of taxis due thereon $6.89 1 - |sv **rder. G. I. SPALDING. Clerk. NGTICL is hereby given, ibat ui.lcaii the State i ai..l t V.ijnt v tax**- due oi* the lands aforesaid, shall ire paid t. me on or hef re the etui of thirty days after the ah*rr piildirafi**n is c*in ! piieted, the s.*id lands T Midi parts thereof as tuny U* nece-sary U* raise the stmuhie tbvreon t r |ict her with the cost of advertising ami legal iutercM. shall )*e s*4<) 6* tin higiu*st biihler for tin* pay mviit of the same. GKOIU/K M. BOH A NAN. Gdlei'tor. Feb. 20th, 1861 —lw. t CO-PARTNERSHIP. THE ( nder-ignel have this day entered inti* a CO-FARTNKRSfcIIF, tinder thr name and sfvlc **f FER6USSON & TYSON, lor the purpose of r*>ntlnciing the fiHOC’KItV * PKom’CK COMMISSION RUSiNESS, IT THE OLD STAND. So. 121 Jjomhanl Sturt. CH ARLES FKRC.rssOX, ■j HENRY G. TYSON. HOT CHAKLKM PERGUSSON*- |*p*dfully solicit the patronage ..f his old ! friends U*r the new firm. \ Baltimon*, Fib. Ist, J6C2. | Feb. IStb ISC2-2m. A j ROAD NOTICE. JV OTICE i hereby given, that the under i. v signed intends to apply to tle C-uniy C*nintM:nner<( for St. Mary'* county f..r the privilege of < losing a Public Kind, which ui* triu* through hie Ftrui. Archibald price. Feb. 13th. 18C2—30d, . i SOTiCE TO CREDITORS. .TWTOriCKi* hereby given that thetularri j-i her* have obtained from the Orphans’, j C*urt of St. Mary’s county in .Maryland, let- ' ters of administration on the personal estate • of Joseph Herbert, .'.He uf -t.mJ county, Je- , reaned. All persons having elairrn against the said dert.-xned, me hereby warned to exhibit the same with the proper votteher thereof, to the subsrnliers on nr before the 15.1 t daf of Aug-, otherwise they may be excluded by hw from all benefit of the said estate. (men nndei our hands this 13th day of February, • ANN C. HERBERT, RICHARD PAVNK, Adiuibutrators. Feh. I3:h, 1862—1 w. { ADAMS i DAVIDSON. GROCERS AND I COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Xu. T Commerce sinet. i 1 ’ 1 I Baltimore. .MiJ. A laugh supply ..r family g rock- : LIES constantly or. hand at lowest market price*. S ilw of I OP.AT (0, CHAIN. Ve.. stiictly attended t. am) piomjt return* made. Jtn. IGili, 18i. —Out. LEONARD TOWN i CIEIB FICTOBf. i j - • ( T r A VINO purchaser] the entire interest of . the late firm of Morgan. J.unison A G-., ( the undersigned will coiuliu t the business wiiii: , j r<anptness ami energy. J A large slock of excellent CIGAR - '*. maun ‘ factured fr<*m the l**t T"lkutu In b obtained j jin the market, will he kept constantly on I j haml. ami ordt rs will ; jc received from, and j j Cigars delivered at Factory price.-., in Other of| j , the counties ol Prince George. Charles oi Sit. M-.ry'-c. ; | A libera! share of tl eratror.age of iho peo ple iif Souther : Maryland i* earnestly *•• n it- j * rl f--r the advancement of HOMF. INDUS- * TRY. based upon the motto vd large sale* with ; 1 reasonable profits. 11. A JAMISON. Jan. *th, I&C2—ly. A C A RD . DU. HENRY L. NAVLOI 1. l.av lug lora ted in Chaphio, Itrii/tr.'i Ins J'roftssional | set rices to the itiZfh* of the village and vi -“•idly. (Mlice at the residence of Mr Z • Hayden. lint KKSci;. —Prof N. U. Smith, Baltimore. 1 V..1. Jan. hub, 1802—1 C PROFESSION A I „• DU. CHARLES COM US. having lo cated himself at the G 11 K A T ■ M I L L S for the purpose of practising I his profession eau always ho found at the' : residenee-of .1. J. A list an, K|., when not I professionally engaged. Jan. 2nd, ISG2—if. ' iima _ • [•a . -s~- j T AUG K WHOLESALE AND MJ RETAIL STOCK OFi FALL AXD WI XT CL’ DU y GOODS, FOU CASH ONLY. HAMILTON EASTER •& CO., N O3. 190, 201 ami 203 Holtmom street ; BALTIMORE, Have now in store, and are ronstantly i adding thereto, a largo and varied stock of; FALL AND WINTKR DU Y GOODS. ; embracing ariielrs from the lowest t< the ' highest price, in every department of the trade. i Would rail particular attention to their , stock of Goods for farmers and planters*, ■ use, siuh as 3-4 and G-4 Fulled Cb th; I ; Penitentiary Plaid Linseys and Cottons; j Servants' Blanket*; heavy Bleached and j Brown Cottons; Osnaburgs; Canton and' Wool Flannels, and indeed every thing re- 1 • fjuired by an individual, family, or for ser vants” use. i j IMPORTING AND PURCHASING ! “on the most advantageous lerni." and SELL!XG FOU CASH OXL I. .V WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. we art enabled to mark our goods at snch : prices ns will make it (he interest of all to Ideal with us. An eta mi nation of our * stock by persons vi-Iting Baltimore to make purchases i> invited. Sept. 19th, ISGI—Gvr. T/IUFS/UXG MAC HIKES. I have for sale the Triton Triple Geared j ■ Hurst Tmrtr and \V. \V. Dingee A (k;V Iron Thr tuber, tcilk UevolriHfj Stunc Cm tier. ■ The machine i* warranted to render teati*fac tion to all purehaiM rs. The price ..f b hoot powet. 30 inch Thresher and Straw-Carrier, delivercvl at any wharf in St. Marv * .couaiy, is $lB5. Faraiers arc invited to call at my Store itv I<et>hrd Town and examine this Thre*her. •’ F. LKO. SPALDING. June *2Blh, 18g0—tf. FOR COUNTY CLKUIvSIIIP. I The fi lends of DA N I KI, 'l*. M INi A X pre ifiit him fo the voters o( St Mai v’s rainfv as ■a candidate fc r deik of the (Jircnit C-.nrt at t!t.v rheti<n iu IBG3, ami solicit to hi* damni i a fis| -—donate consideration. Nuv. 2Gth, 1857. FOR COUNTY CLKIfK. I anttonnre myielf as a candidate for Clerk f the Circuit Court tor Saint Mary’s county, L 1 . espert fully solicit ihe support of niy and the public. GIXKGU 11. IIFKIIFdtT. - i i BUILDER ’ S M AT ERIALS t Tlie unJrrsigrel would rcs;>ectfnily call tli

attention of tic Public to their large ssmot unnil of DOOR>6, HLIXD&, SASH, DOiJli FRAMES, H/.VDO IF FRAMES. W.iSHn HOARDS, CAS(XOS, MOLLDJXIiS, MAX. TI.ES, and every description of House I’.nild in< materials, which they have constantly on hand, and which they can furnish at the short ' est notice. i They arc ah"* prepared to furnish M the | sWtctt notice FKA.IIE HOKk for Gwintry Houses. Cottage*, and suburban Residence*, acwnling to any plan or l->i|gi.. all ready titled tu be put up uu their propos ed sites. Farmer* anJ >ther. desirous of Innldin" in the tind it to their advantage 1 ly giving ’Arull lef**rc purchasing else where. as we arc fully prepared t* execute w<>rk on the nvst reasonable terms. And the advantages, which we offer is. preparing all the materials that may be necessary in con structing a house, will be found to save the Builder a great deal of vexatious th lay and expense. - tGF All orders left at their office rr ad dressed to them by mail vvil! meet with I romp and sati*factoiv attention. MA UGH LINA- JOHNSON. •S’ team TUiinimj Mill autl Susb Cat lory. Ihist Fulls Avenue, near Pratt Street llriilge Warehouse No. 55, Prat* street, Next door to iVnu A Mitchell. Bait. Md. April JOtn, 1800—ly. CHAIR AND FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. IVT R. ANDKIiSON, ,V.. id ie 1 ’’ • Second Street hetu ecu Frederick Sin ftud Morsb .Market Sjxtre, BaUiinert. Having the largest Ware rooms and best assortment of Cabinet Firuilure in the city, is prepared to scljcvery article in losline upon the ino*t liberal and accommodating terms. Having had a long experience in inis line ol business, he flatters hiinsi It t hat he can com pete, as io excellence ol n.tertal.beamy or workmanship and range >} prices, \vth any estahlijdunent oi the sort in tins or any other city. Ilis general stock embraces a lull and complete assortment of Tartar Chairs. Sofa*, /locking Chairs, Spring Lounges Chamber Sni’s, /larrfiotti. Office and Dining C'hairs, French 'Fete a-’TeU •*, Setters, Arm Chain , Maltrases. Intoning Classes tie., ol every v: - riety and uescrip'.ii.n. He also on hand Bedsteads of his own manufacture, which can he put tip and taken down rn two min utes. Persons from Mary’sj wishing to purchase Furniture, are requested to call and examine his Stock ?ielorc buying elsewher* Tl* sure to tind the right place Nos. 10 ik. 12 Second .Street—Warelon-e with 8U lee Iront and 8 large Folding doors. August Iflii 1859—1 v. DENTISTRY. PLKSONS neeiling the services of a fir-it rtte I)enti>t will d i well t< einplow Dr. J. BA.HDOU'II WALTON, who in • tends locating himself in the vill ige r f , ard T own. Order* addrt***ed i<> him through the Leonard Town Post Office will recejvi j prompt attention. Mis terms nre ca*h. Dr ■ AValtop lias had colisidercrahle experii nce in j his profession, i.- in<s!rrntr in hi* charges, and | h i< invariably given satisfaction to tlmsc who j have employed him. To give the readers ol j the Deacon some idea of the standing of Dr. I W. a* a PRACTICAL DENTIST, the f..J --* lowing letter,’ addressed to him by Dr. Ninian , Pinkney, U. S. N., is appended : U. S Navai. Acaui mv, Annapolis. Maryland. April 21. 185a j Dr.AitStsj;—lt gives mo great piasurc to I express the confidence I have in yutir skill as i a Demist, and to recommend \>u. as Car as I , have influence, to the patronage of tiia Public. I have had an opportunity of witnessing \out tii'-sh* of opt ration, aim have no hesitation in aflinuing that it exhibits your thorough knowl edge of yon profession. 1 anG sir, very resj*ert fully your obedient M'rvant. . * NINIAN PINKNEY. Surgeon |J. S. N. Dr. Wai.ton, Annapolis. April 4th, 18GI—tf, LUMBKR t * SHINGLES 11 FLORING, SiC. invite tlie aitemi< n of onr friend* an 1 * consumers, generally, in St. Mary san ■ adj.Jning coni.ties to our extensive assorltnei. , of seasoned lIVILDIXQ J/J FEIHALS. , Ail,parties contemplatin'; the erection ~t Dwellings llarnc*, kc., will find it greatly o their advantage to givt ns a call, as vse ran *eU at lowest rates fur cash or Negotiable pa |*cr. fi.Mirs, frames, .*>aah, A’c., furnished at Mill j.rices. Orders tilled for Bricks, Lime, flair. Nails Ac. No Wharfage charged on Vessels receiving Lmnlisr Iran utir Yard CARSON. ZIMMERMAN. A CO.. West side Union I).*eic f Norlulk Bout v\ Lnt I March 2TH 1 ., 18C0—tf. NOTICE. ALL I'crs.'ns indebted lo me f.r raxes f*r this year sill please couiv forward and settle the same to n.e, or Cupt. J. .). All-tan in thirty .lays. If i.t setllid in thirty day- I fr.-tn dale, i shall le C'liifrllcl I;.rough i.e ccssity to Collect law * GEO. M. urn IA NAN. U*4 of 2*id. Dial. ; Not. 21st. ISCl—if. JAMES S. DOWNS, ATTORNEY A* COUN.SEJ.EOI; A’i LAW, Leonard To* n ,St.Mury* Cv. f Xd., Will practice in St. Mary’rand thi ad jo.nn g count re*. Fel.Toth 1858. r SO TICK To CREDITORS. NOT IUK i* lnre'>iy *i.rn that tbs auSacriher haa .th'aino.l troni the Orpltan’s Court St. Mary’s omuty in .TJarylnd, of on iff* pt-raomU **Lve of JOHN TAYLOR, hire ~f ‘"'l eo.urv, dceistd. A.i persons laving innus agwiiisi tt,e .md dr.'fDsec ate liCreii* warned : exhibit the same with the pr{er v.HirhsK liiere-tit the *uin>rriier. on ~r lel'.rr the l day nf Jul*. ISC!, otherwi-p liter mat excluded iy i-tw from nil l>enht of the eai.iie. Given under niy hand this 1G n da> ol January, I *t2. JAMES if. ALKTV, t ... . Adliruusiraior. Jan. 1 fit h, 1802—4 w. i i ££ aiJTITAI&D* rj ... , A\N A \ frum the sulocrihrr, living near the village of Chnptico. a few tin'* . dree, a five negro boy nann-I HF.NUV * ( ; -IbM-.S, * !)■' line I recently I*night •! ( (’. P>ailv. 1 h-arit Hnt he is in the lnv.t r jtai t °f the eotinty. pr..Mhlv lurking uUnit Jut!mo. . vlte pr-perty ot II (i. S. Key. win re he ha* r relations. AU |mtmi|is .*re nguiust x iutrlsnii.g or employ ing said negro I*.v. He is mther b!at k. sttopsa gts*) deal. nmi. h. .in * awkwitr-1 way of expressing himself. He is vKnit 20 years •>! age. had on hr‘it he Uft h , , *nt of eh>thr* of white full rh.|l, and a j' black hat. I will give tire als.vo rcwanl (-r Ids m il dclivrrv to me. . I JOHN A. BURROUGHS. ,j Jan. Oih, 18G2—3w. fol'nded eti vr.rrnti) |B. LOCATED COR. or BALTIMORE A CHARLES 8t HuriMbtr.. Mn. 77tr I.arfetl . M W Kleganlly Furuitlod and fo/'iilin ( cumin rial College in the L tuli U Stati I. Designed Expressly lor Yoanij Men Desiring to obtain a 7/rorrvg/i Prnrtiful lh s >ir* l.rturalinn in tbe shortest ioisibie inn and :ii tli* expense. A Large and Hsantifidiy Ornamer.tsd riren- ' • !nr. tq waids of Six Suer nr. Kr.r.x, 1 willt Specimen of P, nwenship, anti Large En- ' graving (the tine:t of the kintl ever matte in ibis vnintry) *epreseniing tlie Inlenor View of the College, with Catalogue stating terms, f r will be sent (n every Young Man on npphcmioii, free of charge. Write immediately am] yon will receive tin package iy letiun mail. AJ(Jre* E. K .LOSIER, Hultimme M.l. January 24:h, 18 i: I ly. 1 i , PF.TITIOS FOR THE RESFC.IT Oh THE I.VSOIA E.\ T L.i If SOF M.l 11 VIA Alt , ! Ciu h i l\ nrt l*>.r St. Mary’s C... f March Ti m 1 ST. 1. \ ORDERED by tin Court that ll.e Un iht-irs ..f JAMES A. MOIJGAN, . pititioucr i fur the henetlt <>l thtf Insolvent Laws t*f Ma ; • i y land, be and apj ear UI- re tin Ciu tm (/’oiirt . f..r St. Mary's Gmnty on the third M ndav of Novi inU-r n \f. t.. sh..w cause, il any they 1 have, why the said James A. Morgan, shall not have the 1 fin-lit of the s;d<l law*: provid ed a copy of this order be inserted in the St , Mary’s iharon •net a w*k fi r thiev month j before the *ai.l third M i.lay iu NovemVtc j j next. Bv orlT. j JAMES T. BLA K MT< •N E, Ui k. ' July 25th, ISC 1— 3m. T ,,K rMiv.nis9iois.s for county ofn. e s dec : J. leil on the sixdi day of November lai ; were revet veil and tiled in thin tithe on the ■J’Jtitl November, ultimo. The Constitution ! require* al! persons elected to t.fli e, ireviving v commission front the Stale, to qualify within 1 i thirty day’s :.fier the commission is filed. JAMES T. BLAKISTONF. 1 U!ti k. 1 Dec. s:h. ]B.".l—if. j ' . . I ■ riiErsß, Attorney aiitl Counsellor al Law, And General Agent fur Claims. WILL atltend tu the rtjlec'jon of all rlairn* against the General Govern ment. All coniiMiinications address* tl (•• mu , i at Lo nurd Town util meet with pr-mpl at tention. | Jan. 9lh, 1802—tf. I ’ i A o r 1 r f. . L. LKO SPAi.DING returns liis thanks to his numerous custom, rs f<*r t he liberal patron- • age he has received from tC-m, ami pledge* himself to keep a CHOICE SD ( K Ofi UOOIfS ultvavson hind, whieh will be ohi very low t**r cash **r its equivalent. E. LEU SPAUHNG. April L’i.d, 18C0 April sth, 18C0— 1 v I , .VOTICE TO CREDITORS. '•* DTIC-K i* hereby gi\*u that the su’i rnbor I X x lias obiained from the Orphan* Court ;.r i Maiot M.ii y’* potiuiy. m Maryland, If tins ol diuuiistrittain,tit the s-crsoital eililr of I.li7gj H ( Johnson, tale <•! said co., dM*f:tid. Ail {er *oii* havmg elitim.s against the said ipsisefl, ire hereby warned to exhibit die same, *it It ’ me pnqer vouvhe* thereof, |i, ii<e su bar niter, 'on oi b.fore the Jst uny f j>ioe ]cs?,oiherwtite e 'they may lie e\-imjed by iu fr<tm all benefit ,f :hv Mid teiatc. Given aider my hand* this *• J•( day of Nov. Isfij, DAVID \V. TYLER. I Adimnisiraior. Nov, !H*t, l fc Cl 4w. NOTICE. you THE n 7 r.XEXT UJVF.U I v ' . FAIR HAVEN AND PLUM POINT. (*N an.! after \VKD- Ut wl ij | ra .. P ber wt arf* every WEDNESDAY MORNING at 1 alt . past sij. uVbt kVr the f'a'oxert Uivtf. R.-- (nrniiif;, will 1-ve 11 ill V fandiig rcu ( Friday morning lt llenn’ict, b-sving Be. •- dirt cr.-ry Jamrda> m-nimg at 6 o’etnrk lor Baltimore. <Jailing at all the usual Uvudings on the River, also at Plum Point uud ; Hu . en. aud returning. M L. WEEMS. , Jan 90111,1802—11, WANTED. Wf ANTRD TKACHi:n f.r Pnm~r ” Sli-iul V* *j f,. r tl,,* year H*,| nuiit l rnTnitlf . t f t -echini' the ii-iml RrshOi I rated # a.l l-* ..f tr-Htl m: >r.t 1 rhwraf. * - • Teather nf middle or ftt!v*rcd I*rre*l. AI } rvy*, >\MK T* I.AXni.liV, JOHN n IIOLMKH, * VM.Mi-KAV. JOSFPII UlC!l.\mv:ON’. Si. Il.lgOta’ ? 0 Jau. ISC2—4t. . xoTin: of divTdexd. OV 'pj* n <> f V M. (Uv-lm ml Q f . r* l '"'. raf-r> Mav.ln, l:iif of St. Mary* .lit A •! i • **. It it I'liWil l<\ the r lirt. tl at ll > eM p > M'iii>tn.torv nr*if\- tlx rmlit-r* *f ,]. *' '• i* . tistd. t. lil* s.**ir claim* .!.*sif,vf Me *t! I <!• in tl.- Ki**.r f Will** Offxe q or thr •!.\ *>f May, f.*r *j •. . iiifinl, a*hl Mi-it tom iti.ii rlt j.ii 1.1 n.lie jip tl, • St. Jlan Hi-an i,. oure a%*e. k. nnfti tlx tm 1 loth of Mi\. tsr/j. *i t. m i? u.rv, llfpi'li r -.f ’.V’iV* "f s . M.m * count’, ,\f |, ivi., 1 9<it. iws .'tin. NOTICE. r I 'll I. 'Unit is 2ii‘i| Ime ju*l f.vt>nr.| ’.*r^n " .f I..olit'K I* \ i;T\ and HAl.l. f i.M iU t •( Witilt .in.] C< I.rcl Jar!. I.a ho wlilf.r K . Shjipn* l.adie* While Kil A*'. \. . A I*.*, Ucnt* IN I>iu* Kid Gloves. fenl*FanM \VI T', Ment*’ Fine Shirt*. .inti I a*. A .{,• I-:, i.i.o sr.-u n\o. I e> int. T. W't Jaiiean 3rl, Iflf.l rf. v ion s nri.ii f. rmi.ip ii. noiisrv. u. k..i m i,. fi|ei:rl. and far |*ril.itr* kir the t*ijf- 4 -T )}• r reived m the !:*• i!ei*fn 011.-ir; loro •.•If •> w* n '•nrdidafe for Slienlf not *.>lin: c i*ie %••• *.f Inn tel;.>*r-rtiiz( n of fee. Mnry'i. r.ountv (lie next Her non. Not r| 1 **:, la6l. HARRISON KHVIROS, orVr Jj m# to tlx votern of Si. Mary’• rvMn*v m £ •mi did.Ue fm t!,e uexi e!r;;n 11. .Nov. 2|*t, 18fi|. A CARD. jAorroH or.vr wrs r\NTr.r:. i aut ■*l< fa toil liili’M 11 in t 'itr!* it* 11 .1 1 * , i i*n (O' i - • iM \ i lli-rr lin jti-.f' >* ri • r 11• tl.*- jxi - lie. Mi* ••lYii tt> tiir.t f mrj!v vr. j.nj \ y I*r .1. F. Sltaw, uhi re he run aUva\*. 1* f.itiml '\r*fit ulien |.r> f* >.-i >iialh n IIH KP.I-NTf. S inn.. 1 I l,i \v . VI. I. J’,. Ir>.vvf nl F’i ion} !, j- uni Fr if lirc ui Mcdiciit* in tlir I iiiv-r-’iv "! M it \ !a* .J. Mii-ii7 l i> 1 St’. 1- li*iin imm N9TIDE. Bl UN'S tV SI/’)A N riti,rn tiiai.k.* to ti e Faiiwtin f..r ■ (Mllf'iiam' l. r Ihe uar ’ i • I.L'MHKII i larprr tf.-niir: ;; • 1; ami we ;rr detenu;••*•♦; : • - . in.lik ( iii' iitr. In euvj* l*n% i j * , ( orn.r ..I Kutaa <itnt <;• • .• * (jijtjlit e'ticct U hal f. i-.niNs a >:.■ . . Fel>. 2nil.lM:D— -mi -v -n mil CONST \ HI K. J FDWIN A 1.F1.L annoinin n ' * ~ •*nrdni.iif fm t'< n-i**>lc* id I.eoiuiid H / • | trie at the ele-uon in Jr ti.’ n.| t.Kn * po i of Ins fricmjf "ntj f - '■ \ *, ,/rnm* !Nov. Uehh,l til. vr.nt.iti T iF.iii. j. 9 if./ • T H Ff; O K MO II C run n r f C MKS; ( I’.'.VIS, And Wholesale P' i* r r r* /. /qr on s ./ ,*\ n r/c.j h a No, i7 ( HKAPSIPK. r ar iVin-t.. n.ti/f i.'fnm. CfV F erv il'*srnji’tr i m "rir i • p . ru Mitru?i*'fltoouifi. ri v il; i i r i. • u ‘‘t: * i tion. Aj n/Btii .1 6H: — ii. STIri.RX fr.-m v'a.l.. j- } : -tV Nerk. i.enr |.r*ni.r i I*n*f, nn •.*, • :a_\ Ip* 1 -*ll. f-t i..!, a l ,*• *ri , idi t!.i\<*t •>ni.4‘.'i!!ii t :t uiuii /i • , ll litliif ai d HI !‘J Vi fft j,^. Mneti tid'.tn.':. 1 that au arupa!. a?,--. t Ii e aliirtf .Ira l ipi •*!,. v (■* I j'Vo ) ml liilr Mali nil toe I It! ir i .i,i !U i . ,• ♦ r**tit !.i* il *< t if.t; .u. airitr*'; . • the j trie *...r tL- ::is.ri , i-n,i . • f• iv is , r > iii • ui'!.r faued, of uda k riirw.?;t r* *.r at;: . \*.nr* i.t a/e lie r.-j-i " .(.■] •. i - in my linjiiixTin-i.:, f • if fr.- . ' *.jt Varisid 'i’lfi 1 In* jiartu* * to If n nuiAuav tiiu' ! ;o- i ;v mare with a new ■>f irar’oii.,' W •- .* nr *iic rf He I'.f Ji ra I • (Aiarte* <'mii.ty ? v.. i ;-• i 1 *• .* war-* l.r the *.c.iv-rv ui lit- >lei. r> .. • r li'ovial Cf.nipei><.-.tMi, f... iii!Vr„..j:n. h tr.~ to I <.r *•. ia r< .• Ihoi.t . i r>\\ mm. nmvN.s I T. -i, I’, d m.:. Nov. ?l-t. ‘f. mssowruts <>f < ’< )-l‘A it-TN I'lilSl 111*- IIIA'I ?■ f T’V ) jsii. i i, li*r. , r | , TIR Cf' rAl!TXr.|*sfi]| ; . . . * e*f?f'i; m (I**- (fan, •Kmte I A I'-*.. i 'in* ! \ • till.lll4' '•••l’M'1 t I>v fe um]i it. tnti n-l. Ad •<; • u t • i. will i.Untee *<llie wifn |{ / .' autliuti/.rd To rcci >j*t m ft:“ d, F*.: X V >H‘: \\, ll A \ x*': u.N Jan. Soli, IgG2 —JI

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