Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, March 20, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated March 20, 1862 Page 3
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~ CILLICWS SUE ON APPLICATION af Georgs M. Rn hanau, CTolWvtwr of State and Otthly Taxes fnr the yenr 1861, it is* onleml by i ! . County C. inmii<neru for St. Mary’s coun ty, that the raid Odlrclor proceed to sell, ail ter giving twenty day* previous notice, at the C .nrt !b>u d**r and the nv at public plan* in the rum y r.l by publication in the St. M ny’.i Beacon, a tnrt or parcel of Sand called and known iy the name of SUITER’S FANCY, to toe highest biddet, to pay the Taxes and legal charges* tht-icon due, and the Ktior, tv i.i-n sold. to be transferred by deed of bar gain and sale to the purchaser thereof. By order, O. I. SPALDING. ] Clerk to County Cwmmissiouers lor Kaiut Mary V county. F b 271 b, ISC2 —ta. NmT!CK IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the f ile oi the abat land will take place at tbv . House d hit. I<emanl Town, on j TIM BSD AY. the 20tb day of March next.' at 2 oVi’s k, p in. 0. V. ROM A KAN. Collector fur 1801. >. b. 27ih. 1862—20*1. CiLLEMSSALI. t * N APPLICATION of George B. Dent. Colb-rtor *f State and Canity Taxes for C•• \< :r 1800. it is ordered by the Canity C .rii’obH-'nera f*r Saint Mary’s rmiy. that | t‘.,. Collector prc.*ed to sell, afn*r giving 1 t eenty day pr-vi.u* notice at the Court I in use door and the llioat puHi* places iu the I ( ;iunt x and hy publication in the N. Mary’s lieaemi, a tract or parcel *f land called ami k iown l*v the name of SUITER’S FANCY, t>> I lie highest biditer. to pay the Taxes and the legal chargci* tie re*u due, and the same,! when s Id. to be transferred by died <f bar gain and eai.- to lire porch user thereof. Hv order. 6. I. SPALDING, j •Clerk to the County Con.misrioners for St. Mary’s countv. Frh. ?7fh, 1802 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the *alc of the alv>ee land will take place at the t’-*urt ilrniae dt-r. in la-onard Town on TIM’RSI) \Y, the 27th day of Mutch next, , ai 2 o’clock, p. in. GEORGE. B. PENT. Collector for 1860. F* l. 27tb. 1862—20*1. FOR SALE. A N FXTR \ early breed *f HUSH POTA TOKS which cn-e t< maturity in six werke ufter they come lip. They have keen lately imported fr-in Europe Anv one wi-h --io ’ to buy, can have them at $2 ”u per bush el. Hef< rcnce to Mr, Wn*, Milestone Landing hi •! Mr. Sewall. Cedar Point. For sale at 1.. O. SinPhV Stote. Pine; at >tr. Taylor’s. St. 1i ir*•*•*•’; ai Mr Wi-*’. Mill ai**ue, and at T. MutphyV, IVinl L*.k Out. Feb 27th, 1862—41. mrai sbtm 1# V the County Commissioner* for Saint Mary’* county— ORDERED. I hat George M. a Ollecloi ol State and < ounty taxes in dn* 2nd election district ol St, Mary’s county. ranee advertisement expres-i* g the name .-I the fol lowing tract ot parcel o| land, the amount of t ves due thereon. t**g-lbcr with the name ol ♦he person with be atm.*, h< I*- h crte.l rncc p. r week f**r and .luring f 4 ,nr v *ck< in the St Mary’s Beacon, a n.*vspa)NM p*ib!ihed in St. Mary’s county. notifying that nnlcs*. tin/ State and County taxes due on the aani lauds shall be paid to flu said Collector vritliin the spi;e ol thirty days after the pub lication of the notice uhrrcsai i is complete.!. ♦hi lands aforesaid or such parts tli*r .-of u luay lie i.ece>Mrv to r. is.* the sum dm* Iht reon rii.ill be sold •. the highest bidder f.r the pay punt .*1 t lie same. ISfil dohn M. & Rebeeca h. Springer own ers; name of laud Pi. C**sr point, 120 acres, amount of tux.-s .iitv ihcroon, Bv ordor, G. I. SPALDING, Chrk. NOTICE hereby given, bat linhaus the State and (Jouutv tax.** dim on the lands aforesaid, shall he paid to me n or before the euU of thirty day* after the above publication is com plete*!. tlie said lauds or such parts may necessary to raise the suinduu thereon I- gether with tUcist of advertising and legal Interest, shall lie sold to tht ilighrst bidder h r the payment uf the same. GEORCiE M. BOH A NAN, Od lector. Feb. 20ih, 1861—4 w. CO-PARTNERSHIP. f IYHE Undersigned have this day entered 1 into a iXI-PAKTNKiltflitP. iiiuler the > aide and style of FER6USSON A TYSON, lor the purpose of c ndurtii g tl GltorKltV & I’itl'lUCK COMMISSION BUSINESS, AT THE OLD STAND, CHARLES FKRGCSSON, HENRY <E lYc-ONw WST CH ARLES KKUGCSSON would re •pectfully svhctl the patronage uf ids old friends lof the new linn. H-dtiiiiorr, Ftb. Ist, 1862 Feb. 13lh 1862—2 m. BBP9aRVBin!in!P PROFESSION A L* Dr. cu.iki.ks coins, i*. catctl bituMdf at tins GREAT WILLS fur the purfsiew %$( practising kua profession u always las fuuud ai ibe Maid* noe of J J. Alletan, Km <” when nut profosaionally er.gaged. Jan. ind, -tf. *t I ‘*" 1 11 NOTICE TO CREDITORS. NOTICE is hereby given that the BuUcri >era have otuamed from the Orphans’ Court of St. Mary’s eminty in Maryland, let ; RtlmiinAtraiitm on tUr penmiinl iof Joseph IJlerherf, late of Mid comfy, i?r i rensej. All persons bavin- r'mms against the saiJ deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the with the proper vouches thereof, to the nn nr ireforeihe ii h duf uf A a--, IHii, otherwise they mny be , xduUcd by hw from ail nencfi: of she said estate. (<irr*n I muter our imuda ihta 12:h day of KtLrunrv ANN C lIERPF.RT, RICHARD PAVNE, _ . Admifijiitratorsu \ Fb. 13th „ 1862—4 w. I *• ■" !e'V". I - jl|Nl, , , ADAMS & DAVIDSON. i GROCERS AND COMMISSION | MERCHANTS , Ao. 7 Cinuntcrcc tlrtt f, Baltimore, Md. -| A LARGE supply of FaMILY GROCE IUES Constantly m. hand at low vet f ! market, I Sdvs ol TOBACCO. GRAIN. Ac., strictly : , attended t and piompi returns made. Jan. lUth, 186. —Gui. | LEONARD TOWN i CIEli FtCTIIf. nA VINC* punhaMd tin* entire interest of the late linn <•! Morgan, damixiti A* ♦he undersigned w ill conduct the btirincss with proiiiptnciw atnl energy. A large stock f excellent CIGARS, manti- , f.ictnml front the best T’ubaoe*'t Ih* obt:iii:i*d j jiu the ntarket, will Ih? kept constantly <n 1 hand, and orders will oe received from, ami (agars delivered at Fa-tory prices, in cither of i the cunutne* of Prince George, Cinulcs or bt. J lM *ry’s. A !ii>cral share of the patronage uf tlw* peo- : pie of Sou.hern Maryland is earnestly solicit- ' . *d fr the advancement of HOME INDUS-j ; ’l’ upon the motto of large sulca with i • r*as**rjable pr* fits. K&r AIL order* addrcs-cd t the undersign ed at la*oturd Town V. 0 , will l>c promptly j I attended t<>. 11. A. JAMISOX. ] Jan. Oth, 1862 Iv. j ’ j "H" AUGK WHOLESALE AND SLA RETAIL STOCK OF 1 FALL AND WINTER DRYGOODS, 1 FOR HASH ONLY. HAMILTON EASTER A CO., i Nos. 109, 201 and 20R Halt 'unurc street, BALTIMORE, Have now in *l ro, and are constantly ' ( adding thereto, a large and varied stock of i FALL AND WINTER DRV GOODS, embracing articles from the lowest t" flic highest price;, in every department of the ' trade. Would call particular attention to their stock of (D>ods for farmers and planters’ use. stub as Jj-4 and 0-4 Fulled (.huh; Penitentiary I’laid Liuseys and Cottons: ! Servants' Blankets; heavy Bleached and ■ Brown Cottons; Osiiabursrs; Canton and i Flaunt I**. i?ml indeed every thing re | quired by an individual, family, or for *cr } v:ints ? use. | IMPORTING AND PURCHASING • “on the most advantageous terms,” and SELLING FOR CASH ONL V, hy WHOLESALE AM) RETAIL, 1 wo arc enabled to mark onr ptods at such ; price* as will make it the inn rest of all to I deni with us. An examination of our I stock by persons visiting Haiti in ore to make • purchases is invited. Sept. lUth, ISGI—Gw. THRESHING JfA CHINES. I i V have for sale the f’eltnii Triple Ota red ■ H*r*e Power and W. W. Dingce A* Csj’s 1 j In-u Thr**h*r, irith /iemlrimj Straw Carrier. ! Tbo machine is warranted to render ati*r*c -1 tion to *ll purchasers. I’lie price of 8 hum* ■ : |n.wer. 20 inch Thresher and Straw-tairricr. j delivered at any wharf in St. Mary’s coitaty, ’ is $lB5. I Farmer* are invited to call at my in (iCouard Town and examine tbi* Thresher. E. LEO. SPALDING. 1 June 28th, IB6o—if. FOR COUNTY CLERKSHIP. The friends uf DANIEL T MORGAN pre sent him t the voter* •f St Mary’s mnnty as a candidate f>*r Glcik of the (’-.rvuit Ooirt a; Iha cb-et i* n in 1862, and solicit to ids claims a dispassionate citn.-i*lcrali**li. ISiiv. 26th, 1857. FOR C<*UNTY CLERK. I atrmnnee mytelf'as * candidate for Clerk f the Circuit Court for Saint Mary’s county, I n i ’tnjiKi flnliy solicit the support uf my fIL * !* and the* public. GEORGE 11. HERBERT. m 1 !i " "" . NOTICE. rrf. '.K undcrslgt ed begs leave toinlormehii frauds and the Public, that he is stiiia' the OLD STAND, in L*uard T own, carry in) , on BLACKSMITH I NO, GUN. LOCK SHEET IRON ANDSTOVC j WORN —1* ah*rt, ir*n work •! all descrip I timis. such as repairing CARRIAGLS. I’>L (! Igies. rogkaways, carts, wagons ! HORSE SHOEING, FARM WORK f ai ikinds: also REAPERS. THRASHERS an. i DRIEES, With hi* experience wf II years ii * ! a M*~liii*e Sh>p. he tltinks tlmt he can b any I kind d Blacksmith Work from a kneedletu ai ! anchor, and n reaa**ubh- tfrms. New Wag ous and Carts built cheaper than c in be d *m at any other simp in this place. HORSE? i SHOE!) at the shortest notice. • ! JAMES A. M’CATHRAN. BUeksuiuh. Jmci: 21,.1ffC-tf. NOTICE. 1 A LL persons wishingto communieat* JaL with me'y ! etter,willdiree’tniror- I; respond* nc* by at ail to PortTobai *?M 'harles *■ count), Md., or by steamer St. Kichoia#, 1 u Chappel Point,GhsrlfnroiiHiv . Md. WM. T. CAMPBELL, j Feh. 3rd, 13.19-tJ, - —- MP-— ■ ■ , BUILDER'S M A T E R IV L S \ , The unJcnngnel r:nu',l rwSprcffolly call th 1 a’tvi.tion of the Plihhr to ti eir larg* assort ; S ni*iit .f POOPS. /ILLS 7S, SASH. POOH I FRAMES. \MiUdJ\V FRAMES, WASH ) BOARDS. CA.jJSOti, MOLL DISCS, MAX 7V, AX. :sti uvtry description of House Build • iug materia**, which they have constantly on [ ; ban J. and v hich they cau furnish ut the shott ■rat notice. They also prepared to furnish a* the • ! rif-rtcat J.oive FISAJIE WOltli hr Country Houses. and jmßm-li.ii! ! Residence... according to any plan or design,* all ready fitted tu W put up mi their pr*|>o* ‘ cd sites. Farmer* and others, desirous of building in the country, would find it to their advantage j by giving to* a call bef-rc purchasing rlw- I where, as we are fully prepared to j work on the moat reasonable terms. And the • advantage*, which we offer in preparing all | I the material* that may he necessary i u Cun . ! structing a house, will be-found to save the 1 Ibiilder a great deal of vexatious delay and j expense. fit®’ All order* left at their office or ad-! dressed to them hy mail will meet with \ proinp and satisfactory attention. MAUGIILIN A JOHNSON, Steam Plaining Mill and Sash Factory, I Hast Kali* Avenue, near l*r. l l Street Bridge Warehouse Xo. bo, TraH street. Next door to iVnn A Mitchell, Bait. Md. j April lOtit, ISoU —ly. CHAIR AND FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. W E. ANDERSON. J\W. IB & 1 "* • Second Sired between Frederick She' ! and Marsh .Market Sj>ace, Baltimore. Having the largest Ware rooms and best; assortment ol Cabinet Furniture in the city, ! is prepared to sellevery artich in hisline upon j the most liberal and accommodating terms. 1 I Having had a Ion" experience in this line ol i business. he Hatter* himtell that he can com pete, a* to excellence ol material, hearty ol workmanship ami range ol pnees, wsh any establishment ol ilie sort in this oi any 011.. et city. His general stock embraces a lull and t complete assortment of Parlor Chairs . So firs, Hocking Chairs. Spring LonngtS, Chamon Sni's, Par room. Office and Pining Chairs, French 7 % de a-'Fctes, Settees, Ann Chain, ! Mullinses. Looking (Hasses <t-c. of every vr> ! riety and description. He has also or hand Bedsteads of hi< own manufacture, \vh:-h can he put up and taken down in two min utes. Persons from St. Mart *s, wishing to purchase Furniture, are requested to call and examine his Stock Indore buying elsetvhcr* II- sure to find the right place Nos. Ift &. Eg Second .‘itret i—Warel.oti-e with 80 lee i Iron* and 8 large Folding doors. . August 111 It ISA*)—lv. j DENTISTRY.. . p>;nisox.s nooding tin- service* •• f a f r--f --; ft. rite Dentist nil! do well to emplow l)r. J BAMIOMMI WALTON, who in tends locating himself in the vill tge of Leou | ard Town. Order* addressed to him through tin* lastnard Town P*st Office will receive pfiept attention. Hi* terms arc rash. l)r Walton has Inti! roiisiderernble experience in his professit.n, is moderate in his charges, and has invariably given satisfaction to those who i i hav# employed him. To give tin* reader* of ) J the Beacon some idea of the sfending of Dr. ■ , W. hs a TR\CTICAL DENTIST, the LL , ! lowing lett. r. addressed to him by Dr. Xiuinn • Pinkney, I’. S. N., i< appended : I . S Navai. Ac-.iu mv,, Maryland, April 21. 1855. Dear Sir If give* nw gre.u pia.-uie to : express the confidence I have in your skill as i ■ a Dentist, and to recommend you, as far a> I - ■ have influence, to the patronage of th.) Public. . j I have had an opportunity of witnessing your ■ i mode of operafoii, aim have no .hesitation in • J affirming that it exhibits your thotuugh knuvL of yon profession. . i 1 am, sir, very n sport fully } nur olwli**nt servant. NIX IAX TIXKXKV, Surgeon U. H. X. j Dr. I<Asnoi.i>n Wax.ton, Annapolis. April 4 th, 1 I—if. i LUiMBhJf ; SHINGLES!! F 1.0 RING, AC. 18 1 ’VV’E invite the attention of* our friend* an , consumer*, generally, in St. Mary* an 1 adjoining com. tie* to otir ex reunite assort met. ot seasoned IWII.PIXO MATERIALS. j| All parties contemplating, the erection ot Dwollin.-i.Barnes, &.c., will find it greatly t I their advantage to give ns a call, a* we ca*' sell at lowest rates fur cash or Negotiable pa per. m • D*<>rs, Frames, Saab, &c., furuisbed at Mill price*. Orders filled for Bricks, Lime, Hair. Nail*. . j>c. N*. Wharfage charged on Vessel* receiving i* l LutnU-r from onr Yard. ‘ . Norfolk Boat \\ hal f E ! March 20 8 . iß6o—lf. 1 ij NOTICE. I) y ALL i*ertsnns indebted to me for taxes f r n X* tLi* yctir will please conic forward and r. settle the same t> me, or Capt. J. ,J. Alhtan if. in thirty days. If not sett ltd in thirty days S Cron) dale, 1 shall l>e compelled through’ i.t ecssity to collect fv law. OKO. If. n(HIA.VAN, Uo| of 2nd, I b*t. Nov. 21st, 1861 —tf. - JAMES 8, DOWNS, ; AITfm.NKV .VColiSßK|,U>i!-Vl law, I I Leonard Town, Si. Mart- (-'0../V., Will urootki iu St. Mary’t and thcal jot sic® I counties. | Fd. lOtb iftaP. SOTICE TO CREDITORS. NOTICE is hereby fiven that the suhsrri’-tr has ohTaireJ (roan the Orjhnn** Court of St. Mary’s County in Msrvhtrc

le'ter* of administration on the j ae of JOHN TAYLOR, I tie . r -ad roe.jtV, <lrrf.i!ii-il. All prrM,jt* Unto-' cia-i'us against he ia;J deci-.ise<! .e l.creb/ a-arneil m exhibit fJe same with the pov-er vnnrhe* tu t;;e snbacri' er. mi or to-ore •:t ]S day of July, laG2, <>?her*ise thev .nsv excluded by law from all benefit of n> ,cajd "state. Given under my hard this 1€: i ib> i of January, ] SCti- JAMES If. ALFEY, Ailmikisirrlor. Jan. 16th, 18G2- 4ve. S 3 OAX AW.AV fran the Milxrriber, Htlbj ■ near the lilluit <>f Cbaptico, :* few day* since, a fnr negro l*>y bHiiied HKNRY •J> I -8, w no;if time 1 recently Unght of C. C. Bttily. I learn lhat he is in the lower j*art I of thecunty. probably lurking aUuit duliand. | pr*jxrty of 11. G. S. Ivey, where he Km. 1- Jiioil*. All |* r.Mins are foiewnrmal !::i.rburiiig r employing *aid negro lx.y. He t i- rather black, Moops a go>*l deal, and ho* an ankwar.’i uay <if expressing biuiMlf. He i* .•bout 20 yer* of age. had n when he left a givsl suit nf cltt?tcs ..f white full doth and a black hat. I will give the aU-ve reward for hi* tippreheMsh*n ai.d delivery to me. JOHN A. iiUKUOL’GUB. HauTblh, 1862—8 w. ' * I’ - ‘ jaa— f ■■■ ■■■■■■■'"' KOUSDKD 1*53 C tI.VRTCREO 185 1 LOCATED COR. or BALTIMORE & CHARLES Sis BsI.TIMORI , .Mp. 77;r Largest, Most Elegantly Furnished and Popitltn Commerciid Coihgtinthe Cuiled Slah s. ■ Designed Express!? lor Young Men Desiring to obtain a Thorough Practical lies | nrrt Education in the Hlipi ttbt possible inn and at the least ex[ ti*e. A Large and Beautifully Ornamented Cirru i Gr. iipwanln of Fix Sqrutr. Frr.r, * ith Specimen of Penmanship, and n Large En graving (the finest of the kind ever made in tins , toon try) representing the Interior View of '.hr College, with Catalogue stating term*. will be sent to every Young Man on application, fi re nf charge. Write immediately and von will receive tin package by return mail. Add,*** E. K. LOSIF.R. Baltimore Md, ; January 24t1, 1861— ly. i __ PETITION FOR THE EENFCIT OF THE I.VSOIA EXT LdtTS OF ALIR P , Circuit Court f r St. Many’s O*.. I March TTin l!*b I. OBDKIIF.D by the Com t that il,oCn hfors of.IAMI.S A. MOIIGAX, a pilit.omr for the benetit of the lns*lvev>f Laws nf Ma. i \ land, be and a| pbar bef< re the Circuit Court for St. Mary * County on the third Month*} | i f Xov. nil*-r i,e\t. to slew cause, ii any fh*y j linve, nny I In* *.id A. Morgan, shall not have the benefit of the said la\v>; pro', id led a copy of thi* order be inserbd iu the St. ; Mary’s Beacon rret* a week h-r ll uv n.onlh ; before the said il*id M* tehi} in Novemlo I .tit. Iv or b r, J A MILS T. HLA KISTOX K, CU-.k. i July 2hlli. 1801 Sin. rpHE enminissions for roimlv officer* elee- X. tul on the sixth day of November lust were received nnd filed in this Office on tite I ti2nd November, ultimo. The Constitution ' require* all persons elected to office, reviving i a commission from the State, to qualify witbin iliiity day’s after the commission is filed. JAMES T. BI.AKISTONE, Clet k. Dec. sth, 18."1 —if. 1 TIIAD.K. PBEUSS, ACtursey Hint Outiasellnr at tax, Aiid Gcnerul Agent t‘<>r Claims. IMT li/L 'ititimi to the eollec'ioii if all * * Caints against the Gnmal Oovern , ment. All communication* addre.-s- d!> me • t Leonard Totvn vv ii 1 meet with i>r mj*t .u --tenti. ot. Jan. Dili, 1862 —if, | X O TICK. F/. T/I/O .SPA 1.1) 1 N(i reMtrns his thank* to 1 his nnineron* customers f>r the liberal patrol.- ■ age he lias reenved from slum, arid |dedges hiimell to keep a CHOICE SKX’K OF ■ GOOD, alwaj* on hand, which will he *uld • very low for cash or its equivalent. E. LEO bI’ALDIXG. ; April 2nd, iB6O Apiil stb, iß6o—lv I - XOTJCE TO CREDITORS. DTICE nr hereby given that the ettbscnbei •| A.ft baa obtained from ilie Orphuna Conn foi 1 SSauit Alary *a4>uiity, in Maryland, letters n j dnunistmtMMifUn the —ersonal estate of Flum H t : Johnson, tale of aaid rn., deceased. Ail |nr r ! anj,s having claims against the said dec rased ,vt hereby warned to exhibit he same, will the proper vom tie* iberwjf, l> the subscriber , un OT b-fore tbe l*t oay of June 186 i, other wist tiiey may be excluded by law fruiu ah beiiefil oi •he s.oci estate. Given under my hands ihii I 21sl day of Nov. lti€L DAVID W. TYLER. ' .. Adnuniatraior. Nov. 211, IBCI-4w. . ! ""* : - ' i 'Ti NOTICE. r : you THE I*A TLJXEXr RIVER 1 ViA ‘ FAIR HAVEN AND IT.HI I'OINT. , 1 tr will • In r u eviry WEDNESDAY MUHNJNg at hail past l.*.k lor the Ba’iixent Kiv*r. K<- tnriiing, uili Lave IliiC* la.|nlin" cverv I'ru’ay morning f.i Hen edict, leaving j ei c diet etery Saturday morning at n o’eU>ck j. r Baltimore. C-dling at all the Usual landing* on the Hirer, also at i’lum Futnt und ■ Haven, going and rtiuiuing j M L >NEi*:MS. ' Jan. JJU*],, 1303—tf. WANTED. TVTAX'ITI) a TKACHER f*r Trimsrv Sclioll No. 2 f r the year 18S2. lb must l* tar-aide of tf aching be*s! EttglLb' and be ..f g.iorl nv-jal eltarar ;*rr. — . TesHirr . f mi*Ulle * odwttiMt*! age j - tel rev). Adrress. .1 \MKS LLAMihKY, j JBH.V 11. MOI.MI.S, ; WM.ILK^T. EICHARDfOX St. Inig. ea’ I*. 0 Jar. 3tb. 18*2- 41. NOTICE OF DIVIDEND. 1 1 „ . I 0-’ applicjili- n of M. M. Hayden ami Geo. ; Fftal. Madd-'X, ad.iiini*tia(ors *f (iertrgf Haydn. late of St. Mary’a cam tv, (heea*rL | It i* ••idered hy the Cmrt, that the said ad ministrator* notify the cmlitor* >f Use mKI i , iWxaraSed, to file their flaim* agaii >! tbe raid : I deceased, in the Regi*t r *f Will*’ (Mlice on ! ; or lief, .re 11 e 15th .lay of May, 1862. tor div idend, and that lhu> ..pier l>c pubhshe*! in the j St. Mary ’* Dear.*., a w cek, nutii the Niki loth of May, 1862. j “ J. T. M. RALF.Y. Register of Will*, ttf St. Marv * count v,Md. Feb. 18th. 1662 S:n. I NOTICE. ; r |'l!F ha* just reeeived a large | ft supply of Lillies TARTY and BALL i G.khJ* consirtin" ot | White and Colored Tarletonr, Lavlics white Ki 1 Slipper* ! I.mlie* White Kid Gloves, Ac. Skc. A l*o, Gent* While Kid Glove*, Gent* Fane} Neck Tic* Gc. t’ Fine Sturts, and Collars Lc. Ac. IC. LEO. STALLING, Leonard Tov. n i January Brd, 1861--if. j- —a - . ■- ■ FOR SHERIFF. PHILIP 11. DORSEY, thaikfn! io hi* friend* and the public for the' he re reived a* 11.e fine flection oflei* hunse’f again , as a candidate fo. Sheriff and *rlsci.s it l( . vote* • ..f l.i* feliow.ritizeii* of fci. Mary’s county ui i (lie next election. Nov 2U .IS6I. HARRISON EDWARDS, offer* himself" 1 ,(o the voters of Si. Mary a County ns a vu.l did:.)* for Sheriff at the next election. Xov. 21 .<t, 18G.I. A CARD. ■ Nt'CTOi: GCST.W I S (MNTI !:. having I bK.-aled hinteell in t’h:.rl*lU-Hall re-| ec?- ■ idly offers lis professional service* to the pni<- 1 lie. Hi* office is that fonnetl} .xanpied b> hr .1. F. Shaw, vv hire he can always he found except when pii fe-*ionallv e.gaged lIf.rKUKXtK, Samuel Chew, M. D. Pr* - ’ fes- .i • Pi inc i|*l( s itiul Practice t.f Medicim in tie- L .jivor-'ty ..f Maryland. March 7tit ISlil Klin i LU.VIESR NOT IDE. BURN'S SI.OAN return their sinene thni.ks to the Kai liters !• >i their liUml , patronage |--r the year Their stock I i I .EMBER is largct th-nevor ai.d better a , •!*.( .1; and we determined to . Her grent • induveioents to r.nh buyers. Apply at tut corner of E.ntaa and stieet.'.or at i->2 ■ I/ighl street Wharf. BERN’S A- SLOAN. Pi’ltilliOie, 3l<: F. h. 2nd.lf 60— 1 : - FOR ((NST tP.I.K. I ‘ J. FDWIN A BELL armcnucf* himself ** a cm didate for stable m ( |) - trie at ihe e!e-tio:i in h*<GJ ami asks tne *up (•o.r of his friend, and fellow-ritizeo*. Nov. 2b.h, It til. Ai.RRitT t:iku >. j s xor.iv T RE G O Se M O i’v G A N . PRODUCK C O.MMISS I ( J. V AIL HC J K l.\’t S . ST I v /\nd VVhrdesali Dealettm !liq ro n s .7 d cia.2 ns t ; No. >7 CUE.ATSIL'E. near Pratts t., i BALTIMORE t> j OQh Every d. scrip'n r o‘rr ui l-\ Picdur * entrusted ti ocicurt w i i) i c r. ctr eta *; lion. r , j Ain 18th.185JS—ti. M..... 'OirH.F.N fr >m ley stables in Medley** _ j Xeek. near I Leonard Twn, on W(ine •day the LJtl. instant, a bright S. rrel M. re. j "ilh llaxe.i> and tail, luediuni siz*-, st a;f- Ily built and ab ut 12 years of age. 1 have >r i Urn informed that an animal, answering to ' the alaive w* n.Men past l.’liar- I j li4t Hall <>u the 14th. hy a negro man, and. r . fr'-m hi* deseri ilKn. lam *atLfi{ thrt m- i- the parly that strdc the mare from my stable*, li | Tin: negro is 0 feet C iiv’l.e* in )id"ht fhin r, i faced, of a dark ehe*uut color ai.d Uiiit 4ft 1 years otage. He represented Lunself, when d> tn my neighn*, to Ic fr***, but 1 Live ■* 'earned since U departue that liei* raftpofoi to lc a ruiatway >Lre and pr..bubl> stole my mare with a view of rracliii." Washiugl in or , **nine oie of the Federal eucanipim-nt* in Cfjaric* (’nonly. I will give the rc • J ward for the delivery of stolen animal, j' t liierai coinpei.satioii fr infot rnuiLu U*a i ■ t ,f her wh. i. ab.Mtta. KDWARI) down.**. Lrouasif Tut, T. O. . llWftidL s - lid. Nov. 21>t, 1861— tf. DmsoLi’Tiox or co^AirrxKusinr *! ■ LMiW T-.-wn. , r ' Jon. l>r, iN'jL’ j rAnTXERSHIf hen sot. j. . x •f * sti* iu tbr Cigar Mit.uficlory ..| M i gan, Janitoci. ii (- %% fhta day di** lv.. w *t). • mninal cuarnt by the undersigned, p r inkfnC All (wixm* nalcbtvd to tin* hrn. * il I'leaae settle with It a% Jilillliaoli, V. ||t I |f* r antlwaisud to receipt m fwlL r J, FELIX MORGAN'. , 1 83 B A.JAMIJSGN. Lr.Mßl*!?, S MINGLES, LATHS, BRICKS. LIME, HAIR, ?ASH. POCKS an*l SHUTTER 3. 1.1 <)l; "tt I rortry I>-trrfpi fT (' %Jv I "f AITRUVEii crm'it. Ilefor* !uv •j*r. r.ill am! wr ns st ll corner of P.nhf ••! Herman Stnvl.* or at 152 Light btrti Wharf, Haiti more, V.J. rruxs jl sloak, March 21 si ]JC! _ti NOTICE. r|Tt.WH.LP.MS P.L\KTRTf\r. i>fT Imrati.; in (.haptic*.. .-ft* r> !.in j . - fosNilial M rvk'l-H ! •I n !'nMV, 1 C' ■ „V - way* he f*atml. wi-ni tv t pr**fr.i*i.n*f!v •••■ at H..t. I. 1 • (so i.ti r • - Ihsi.ho t** mv fn.Mt.U i. ;?,r t> i- F. -1 V St. demo I** Hay !• r li.t ir f* ru -r j iti-n-a ami will it- ;.*( j \ i.. u .it ..■ t',.—i at tin! i-Ihhum ti j X..v. 2Kih, 1 Sti I—. f. PBOFgssiONAL. D!L : . R.'Ph . CKKVivS ha* at -Wim l- 11 I VS/* ah w a i.Wv i’r*£*i lha village ii (h ji an*. nsjicctfuTv 1 offers l.i<* >ral nv*. to the public. 110 will ♦l.vnti- him-rll •xcluaivcff |u ti I raefire <ii hi- |.r->li->r.|.w]. Jai.. loth. iStl'J if. .v/; ir fa i. l ax n wrx rrr g gods nt! IK iimlrrstfnet! jimt'rcl' rceil ■' X ( jly wilii ihp I>%:cei. *•*■>• i*r f . • i PALL.nud Wi.\ i lilt UOhps , v , r (o iiaOt'itireu* ol St. Mary V CotiMy. • : mpm:,ofviv )fi ttrivi uf.ilt'v . l*| !• ■ \- tot’ fi-'>tl.iii!!. at 'll.- p >. pricer—lv • ami Shore .*■’ ••••■■ wtaill'nl r.ti J- v, fin} liMlrriHl /, n ( L niii ail him..- G'vmls. loi Laities anil <j. iilen.r •*- - sclccnai, nml well asenrU •hi .-J< ,\t .•*. *\ ■ ■ oxj •>■ s- < _ ... variety f aiin'iff at almost et et yl* . , else in he ton ml in the county. He rer -ii. *■ lii-iin a c.* ! from those i.o (•.?' • , i . ir.C naauird that hia thorough acf|ii i-t- -• thf* hmiiness, rraulliiijr from a lo ,j. ilirciiy, will eiiu'ulc him iu olIVi - . nionis s wiituefy romjiemiwo. r. n. ;ns •:= Ciifton :- v • *. Se|.eui!)Cj *J7'li Jy. NOTICE. ayTl 11* Co-p.MTi *l i\ I r. t f limlpr tim linn if l t J1 / JIAUIMNtI i.* 11 i - il*j 'l’fcs I;i ■ll >■ nv i, nt. Win. 11 llariliv.” is alotic-rtnt 1 , i/.i-J to efftlr the laifitv.- • f ;| { - fm* S\ M I’KI. <'• TTI> ;II \>: wm. n. h \i:rin<:, /W/iwurs -/iin. 1 Ti e Mini* lia’.ii c P* lii.} • of •' Inti-rr !ot Sanihvl f. iim f . ( . , f •i'< -t lii Ok. 1 irmli:i". \\ IJ li- n a'! .<• . i(>. f 11 a! I tl-iti* f* iii li* <>v. it y i;ue, —•>' -i !.,* j . f . r*spi* etfully snlti its :fa\oi *>| il ~ m ( j, it tl.v .-!*i Tinn. WM. }f l!.\!•;; '\ 3! A UVLA .M) AGRICULTURAL WORK 3 to the ian mi. u s t/f s i y.\ ; *• I w- nhl ni< kI r.* j. i I j'ni y rail 1 fill in. I.• in \ as-*. :tn.. nt it L'll'l i - 1// * s . 1a in lnamiU. fijnnjr .• . ' p. . parin': •* larger ass- . f Ajri-uln r,<: (titwnfz ihr. 1 ha\t '\ -r h. turn cf. r .. lie piil-’iv-• !!• r.e I'i.'uir j-i,! Tl. W1 eat I'.ins, Mil)*, Cm t*. n.mglie, llurt'W*: CnitiraSors. ar-ii ■ *lh* r artir'ifr to ri.nvr.iif >,n rj, . can biippiy tl • v., • I, *wiv :na\ v\ai;t. Willi r :'ni! (.. •t , I W4.iM rail purtiriilar .•i• nri vin .. ..f / /./, 7 h.v.s mn i: f; :.- EC) It I ltS % fo inn I | t’itfx i r t trim it vre *nr/Hts.srii in yr n •... . umrkrf ; awl in. i { t-.f fi i’ v . iviin an in wai.l >-! Mu- In: <> to . j,.- ihm I hei r.'iili'uni j . ;<n si.,. ij ' i*hj'*er. 1 am luai.ii.v ,i vrii.iiu f <;■ ii ui IJ. n.e, ] | ij. ... j,j, , li;if hi* is t* sti ii anul prulioiuiccd . j i\. ( , rh’i" l * To n.j, I ad: y,:ir n t j rial :itU i.tmn. I 1 I 1 iaii r yii mt sit thail-f f • •, i kimlt.**-' l. relot. j, *how n n r- a <i it. | tin Janri- lit van J. ilef m . ..j r,. .. . ,aftr* i g rli> ai to |ii ate aII v. In vi* r. t i ' CUftnin. Orders will im-tt t-.iti, • ,(i. ti'ili I \ ovu.j; 'lllH !rj tn K*o I*rail xfrtel Wharf, VuAu-ut 1 11) Till. IS ,T_ |y ,mr * --- * . - i •*. !>!>> >KL MUX UK Cti-fM j; f f'III. hit* fit in .}' 11 ■t t . .f- Muifrl,.** ■ t* • <iav .!.*• Iv.i i onifus) fuji cm. I’fre. in nail (Kill Jo t.- r>.r<. lirrf-hv ■ 1-lnO lot tv •r. S :i *•! Ml‘ le UUI i, -r* , * -vu-m*. without fMa; as *tllit- the bu>!iif-> -t 'f■ fi •i, • t<i:u::( .j. vm ■ aos. :i ma: i. v , S J.t. fir 1 , lin,! -t*. JD SIXFSS . \f;T F 1 1 t f HE miller;-i-M l t iiaviirjr p , -■ of Kurt** H M-i’ 1 \ Mrfi nu;ii' ia.'i’ifi*, v <!! c... a,.,'!. the dhl ?,!, J, j; n .... ~, very Hhi-ia Jairo. arc evu-.i'.ttj him. 1.-ii s.t’i kivji •'.-mui.t ! y • n- ! ;i ■ .• f*ucli - J,. ... • tonatf >: 1a: ■ ii \ , ♦ ct^ly. oy/>i:Gr. a. a r x s-v - . 1.0"I]-.| J V| y, Si j t*. tiller 12" i, IF-jl—|L ' ~” 1 . 1 ! ■■ ! ■ n .11 ■f, I >rr4 WANTED fBV> f'A’Y or Hfl’K In . • ]•> !, ,-i y M Kntitto mi:> u 4 wo.\ik.\ t e !ntli file tnat!i< f prices nr .vn*:* - nil I c Ai-.., F.vyTK[> r.\TTI.K ni, tor th*T l est matikct prices I y npi.l* ~• i.j ur Madrivsiiig, JO H WAhiM>\. f/Otiitfii iuwr. i’. t). i Jau iscj a-

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