Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, March 20, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated March 20, 1862 Page 4
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BUILDER’S MATERIALS ! The uridoncgncl would report fully cal! th attention of tin* I'uhlic i their lrg acrt >n> nt of duo ns, blinds, sash, noon FRAMES, WINDOW Fit A MM, WASH BOARDS, CAS IS OS, MOULDINGS, MAS TLL’S, and every desftipth'n of 11 unite Build- In;* materiaiii, which they have coiudautly oo hand, and which they cau furnish *1 the abort ehl notice. They are also prepared to famiah at the ahortcht notice PftAME WOKK for | Country Houses. CV-ctajjea. and aiilHirhan ' Residence*, according to any {dan or design, ai) ready fitted tu h.- put up uu their propos ed aito*. Farmer* and other*, desirous of budding to the tfotliilry, would find it to their advantage “fy giving aB a call lief* re purchasing eloe trheri, a* tv? tire folly prepared to execute Work'oa the meet reasonable terms. And the advantage*. which we offer ia preparing all the material* that may lw neecss iry in con ktriictlng a house, will W found to save the Builder a great deal of vexatious delay and ex | louse, fcgf* All orders left at their office cr ad-I dressed to them by mail will meet with iirotnp and satisfactory attention. MAUGHhIN Ar JOIINStiN, Steam Plaining Mill anti Sash Factory, East Fall* Avenue, near Trull Street Bridge Warehouse No. Go, Trait at reel, Next door tv Tetin & Mitchell, Bait. Md. i Api if 39th, 1860— ly. CHAIR AND FURNITURE: ESTABLISHMENT. WE. ANDERSON. .Vos, 10 &. 1 ■ • Second Street betrrent Frederick Sire ! and Marsh Market Sjuire, Baltimore. Having the largest Ware rooms and best : assortment of Cabinet Furniture in the city, ; is prepared lo setlevery article in hisline upon the most liberal and accommodating terms. Having had a long experience in this line of business, he flatters bimsellthat he can com p* te, as to excellence ol material, beauty oi workmanship and range ot prices, wth any establishment ol the sort iu this or any other j city. His general stock embraces a lull and j complete assortment of Parlor Chain, Sti/as, Rocking Chairs, Spring Lounges, Chamber Suits, Dar room, Office and Dining Chairs, French Tele a-Teles. Sellers, Arm Chain , MoKrases, fjooking (Masse*. <fcc., of every va- ( riety and description. He has also on hand j Ret!stead* of his own manufacture, which ' can be pot up and taken down in two min- j ires. Persons from St. Mary’s, wishing to | purchase Furniture, are requested to call and ! amine his Stock before buying elsewher* : ll- sure to find the right place No*. 10&. 12 i Second .Street—Warehouse with 80 fee 1 front and 8 large Folding doors. August ilth 1859—1 v. DENTISTRY. PERSON'S needing the services of n first rato Dentist will do well to ctnidow Dr. j J. RANDOLPH WALTON, who in tends locating himself in the village nf Leon- I ard Town. Orders addressed to him through , the liiiian! Town- Tost Office will receive prompt attention. His terms are cash. Dr j Walton has had cotisidererable experience in ) hi* |irufmioti, is moderate in his charges, and , has invariably given satisfaction to those who j i have eniployed him. To give the readers ofj the Beacon some idea of Ihe standing of Dr. W. asa PRACTICAL DENTIST, the fol- I lowing letter, addressed to him by Dr. Xiuian Pinkney, I’. S. X., is appended : U. S. Xavai. Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, April 21, 1855. Dear Sir;—lt gives me great plasure to express the confidence 1 have in your skill as a Dentist, and to recommend yd£ ns fat as 1 have influence, to the patronage of tha Public, t 1 have had an opportunity of witnessing your a mode of operation, aim have no hesitation in \ I aflirming that it exhibit* your thorough knowl edge of you profession. 1 ant, sir, very respectfully your obedient servant. XIXIAN PINKNEY, Surgeon U. S. X. Dr. Randolph Walton, Annapolis. j, April 4lh, 1801 —tf. a LUMBKRV •< SHINGLES!! FLO RING, AC. ■RR7E invite the attention of our friends an consumers, generally, in St. Mary's an adjoining counties to our extensive assort men o( masoned BUILDING MA TERIALS. All parties contemplating the erection o Dwelliu *t,Barnes, &.0., will find it greatly t their advantage to give us a call, as we cao sell at lowest rates for cash or Negotiable pan '< per. 1 Doors, Frames, Sash, &c., furnished at Mill price*. , 1 Orders tilled for Bricks, Lime, Hair, Nails, &c. , No Wharfage charged on Vessels receiving Lnudier from our Yard. CARSON, ZIMMERMAN, & 00., West vide Union Dock, Norfolk Boat Wharf March 20h. IB6o—tf. N OTICE. ALL persons indebted to me for taxes for this year will please come forward and settle the same to me, or Oapt. J. J. All* tan m thirty day*. If not settled iu thirty day* j from dale, 1 shall be compelled through ne cessity to collect by law. GEO. M. BOHANAN, ’ I Col. of 2nd, Dist. i Nor. 21st, 1861—tf. JAMES S. DOWNS, aTTOUNKY a counskllor at law, Leonard Town,St.Mary's Co.,Ud., Will practice ia St. Mary ’sand t head joining cuUDtie*. Feb.'loth | nones to exstnoex. f Si. Miy 1 . r W M.rrhK4.j 1 "fr, of<ii m tm >k. 1 estate of JOHN TAYLOR. I*** .nd romitVi deeeutf. All persons having claims against the tail Aerauwd am hereby warned u exk&tt the ‘WRi ‘*ih the propsr touches thereof, lo the lalanilMT, on or bemre Ihe 18 day of July, I RAJ, otherwise they may • * excluded by law/rmn all beaefit of the said •Slate. Given under my hatSf line Itidt day '**' JAMB. i M Jan. 16th, 1c62-4w. 1,1,14 ' as mawiUßffi. WAX AWAY from the aahseviher, living j RR near the village of (Jliaptico, a lew Uy* i nce, a free negro hoy named HENRY 1 JON ES, whose lime I recently bought of C. IC. Baily. I leant that he is in the lower part * of the county, pndmhly lurking about Jutland, the property of H. G. S. Key, where he has relation*. Ail person* are fbiewarncd against { harboring or employing said negro boy. He is rather black, stoop* a gcasl deal, and ha* an awkward way of expressing himself. He i* alvnt 20 years of age. had on when he left a good suit of clothe* of white full cloth and a black hat. I will give the al*ve reward fie his apprehension and delivery to me. JOHN A. BURROUGHS. Jan. 9th, 1862 —Bw. ; FOUNDED 1852 CHABTEtCD 185 LOCATED | COR. or BALTIMORE A, CHARLES Sr* Baltimore, Md. j The Largest, Mo't Elegantly Fvmirked and Popular Commercial College i Ike United SlattS. Designed Expressly for Young Men j Desiring to obtain a Thorough Prneliral Bus iar Education in the shortest possible lim and nt the lei*' expense. A Large and Beautifully Ornamented Circu- I Inr. containing upwatda of Six Squaiie Fef.t, with Specimen of l\nu.cimhip, and a Large En graving (the finest of the kind ever made in rhia i :ounlry) representing the interior View of the College, with Catalogue sitting terms, Ac., will be sent to every Young Man on application, free of rharee. Write iimrurdirtlely nnd yon will receive tin package by return mail. Address E. K.LOSIER, Baltimore MJ. January 24th, ly. I PETITION FOR TDK BEN EG IT OF THE , INSOLVENT LA WS OF .MAR VIAND , Circuit Court for St. Mary’s G>„ > March Term 1861. J ORDFKF.D by thoGmrt that t lie Creditors of .TAMILS A. MORGAN, a petitioner , for the U-iieflt of the Insolvent of \]a j ryland. I and ap|Kmr l*vfon: the Circuit Court ! for St, Mary’s Gninty on the third M'.inday inf Xovuulx-r next, to show vanse, if any they j have, why the said James A. Morgan, shall • not have the liencfit of the said laws; pruvid el a copy of this order be in-ern-d in the St. Mary’s Beacon or re a weik for three month Indore the said third Monday in Nuvetnbc next. By order, JAMES T. BLAKLSrONE, Clerk. July 251 h, 1801—3rn. fflflE romniijtsions for county officers olec- JL led on the six'll lny of November last were received nnd filed in this Office on the 22nd November, ultimo. The Constitution requires all persons elected In office, receiving s commission from the Slate, to qualify within thirty day’s after the commission is fiied. JAMES T. BI.AKISTONE, Clerk. ! Dec. sth, 1851—tf. THAD.K. PREUSB, | Attoney and Counsellor at Law, | And General Agent Jar Claims, iLh at item] to fiiu collection of all; Tv claims against the General Govern ment. Ail communication* uddressid to me at Leonard Town will meet with prompt at tention. Jai<. 9ih, 1802 —if. XO TICK. E. LEO SPALDING returns hi* (hanks to his numerous customers for the li)eral patron age he has received from them, and pledges himself to keep a CHOICE STOCK OF CiOOIJS always on hand, which will be suld very low for cash or its equivalent. E. LEO SPALDING, April 2nd, 1860 April sth, iß6o—lv NOTICE TO CREDITORS. NOTICE is hereby given that (he subscriber has obtained from the Orphan■ Court fur SSuinl Mary's county, it) Maryland, letters ot 1 dininistraunn.on the c-ersonal estate of Eliza H. Johnson, late of said co., deceased. All per sons having claims against the Raid deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit (he name, with the proper vouches thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the Ist day of June 1868, otherwise they may be excluded by law from all benefit of the said estate. Given under tny hands this 21*1 dny of Nov. 1861. DAVID W, TYLER. Ad oui u airs tor. Nov. Slat, 1861 — 4 w. NOTICE. FOU TUB PATOXESTKIYER VIA FAIR HAVEN AND I’LUM ifOINT. womh-i ON nd after WED JL im N ESI)AY, Ja*. 22m1, j Ilk 2, the Steamer Tlao ter will leave her wharf) every WEDNESDAY MORNING at halt • past six u’cluck tor the Patuxent Hirer. Re- j turning, will Lave IlilT*. Landing everv Friday mun.itkg (ut Bemact, leaving Be.e diet e*ery Saturdai rooming at 6 o'clock fi.,r! Baltimore, Galling at all Hie natml landings on the River, bleu at Plum Punt tend F.Ar liavco, going and returning. . U WEEMS. Jao. 30th, 1962— tC, 4 WANTED. WANTED a TEACHER fer Primary School No. 2 for the year 18*. 2. 11 MUft In; capable uf leaching lliri)wil English . branch** and ho .f moral chirm Ur. — i Teacher of middle or advanced age pre ferred. Addrc**, JAMES L. LANGLEY, JOHN II HOLMES, \VM. M< K AY. Joseph uichardfon. • &t. litigcc-a’ I*. 0 Jan. >Oth, 1862 —4(. ,i I ! 1' NOTICE OF DIVIDEND, i ON *;plii-ati<.n of M. M. Hayden and Gen. Fred. Maddox, adminiKlratr*r of George Haydn,, late of Si. Mary's county, deceased. It U ordered l.y the Court. that lh* raid ad- I mi i■hi r atari no!ify ilc creditor* of the said i deceased. lo file tlirir claims aga : r*t tie said I deceased. in the Register *f Will* Ollier on •r U-fwrc the loth (lay of May, 1862. for div idend, and that this order be published in the St. Mary’s Beacon, once a week, until the said 15th of May, 1802. J. T. N. RALEY. Register of Wills, of St. Mary’s county,Mil. Feb. 18th, 1802 —Bm. NOTICE. fI*HE nndersrgtied bar jin.l received a large t supply <f Ladles PARTY and BALL j Goods constating ot | White ami Colored Tarlctons, Ladies white Kid Slippers Ladies White Kid Gloves.. Ac. &.c. A Iso, Gents White Kid Gloves, Fancy Neck Tics, j Gents* Fine Shirts, and Collars, A*<\ Ac. E. LLO. SPALDING, Leonard Town, ! January 3rd, 18C1—if. j FOR SHERIFF. ' PHILIP H. DORSEY, thankful to his 1 fnend* and the public fur the support he re j reived hi the late election offers himself again * I as a candidate tor Sheriff and solicits the voles i * : of his fellow-citizens of Bt. Mary's county at the next election. • 1 ! Sot. 2lt, 1861. ! ,j HARRISON EDWARDS, offers himself , lo the \*oter* of Si, Mary ’* County as a can ! didate for Sheriff nt the next election, i j Nor. 21st, 1361. A CARD. ! f|OCTOR GUSTAVrS CANTER, having! I located himaclf in Charlotte Hall,respect-i . nily offers hi* professional services to the pnh- | ' j lie, llis office is that formerly occupied hy j j Dr. J. F. Shaw, where he ran always he found except when professionally engaged. Rkfkrkxcf..—Samuel Chew, M. I). Pro fcaaor of Principle* and Practice of Medicine in the University of Maryland. March 7th 1801 —lOui. • LUMEBR NOTICE. BURNS A SLOAN return their sincere j ( thunks to the Fanners for their literal i I patronage for the year p.IK. Their stock I j LLMIiER is larger thsu ever and hotter a • ited; and we are determined to offer groat inducements to cash buyers. Apply at the corner of Kutaw and German streets, or at 132 Light street Wharf. j BURNS & SLOAN. Baltimore, Md j Feb. 2nd,l SCO— | ■■■_ _ , A. . u . ■ ; FOR CONST.I RLE. J. EDWIN ABELL an nouucea himself nr a ■ rnndidale for Constable in Leonard Town Dis ■ trie nt the election in 1863 and nskH the sup poi t of his friends mid fellow-citizens. Nor. 28lh, Ittl. A {.BERT TREOO. J. 5 MORGAN TREGO &. MORGAN. PRODUCE COMMISSION MER CHANI'E, And Wholesah Dealcmn LIQUORS AN D C IGA RS N 0.37 CIIEAPSIDE, near Praitst., B.II.TIMOUR Every description olcountiy Produc entrusted to ourcure will rtcuv etiric ta tion. Apn.lßth.lßsS— tl. STOLEN fmm my stables ta Medley’* Neck, near Leonard Town, on Wednes day the 18th instant, a bright Sorrel M-rc, with fluxed mane and tail, medium size, stout ly built and about 12 years of age. 1 have 1 keen informed that au animal, answering to the above description, was ridden past Char- I > lode Hail uu the 14th, by a negro man, and, from bis description, 1 am satisfied that he u the party that sbde the marc from my stables. The negro is 5 feet 6 inches in height, thin faced, of a dark chesnut color and about 40 ’ yean of age. He represented himself, when ! in my neighoorhood, to lie froe, but 1 have i I teamed since his departue that he is supposed ! to be a runaway slave and probably t< fe my ; man with a view of reaching Washington or j j some one of the Federal encampment* in , , Clmrie* County. I will give the above re- j | ward for the delivery of the stolen animal, ; ? | *r liberal compensation for information lead- i, I ing to her w herealmnt*. ! t EDWARD DOWNS. i, Leonard Town. I*. O. Md. Nov. 21st, 1861—If. DISSOLUTION OF CO-PARTNERSHIP Leonard Town. \ Jan. Ist, IHC2. j ' fpH£ CO-PARTNERSHIP hair to fore ex tstiug iu tlir Cigar Manufactory of M>r- * i gan, Jaimsi*ti A Co., is this day dissolved with | mutual consent by the undersigned, partners ;in interest. All |erson indebted to the firm ; wih please settle with U A. Jamison, who u authorized to receipt in full. J, FELIX MORGAN. B. A. JAMISON. j

Jan. !>th, 1862- St, *- r “ “ LUMBER. SHINGLES. LATHS, BRICKS, LIME, HAIR, BASH, DOORS and BIUTTKRS, | i FOR sale, at the rerylowrri price f<*r CASH or APPROVED credit. Before buy ing. call and see ns at the corner of Euta'v j and German Streets or at 132 Light Street Wharf, Baltimore, Md. BURNS Sc SLOAN. March 21st 18CI— tf. NOTICE. DR. WILLIAMS. BLAKISTONE, hav ing located in Cbaptim, offer* hia pro-' fesß’onal wrvices to the and ean al* i ways be found, when not professionally en- ( gaged, at Ikswrll’n Hotel. 1 also return my i thanks to my friends iu the neighborhood of, St. Clement’s Bay for their former patronage, j and wiil always be happy lo wait on them ; at the shortest notice. Nov. 28th, 1861—If. _ I PROFESSIONAL. DR. J. R. TIIOS. REEVES haa located at "WHITE PLAINS.** about a mile i from the village of Chaplicn.anc respectfully j offer* hi* professional service* to Die public. 'He wiil devote himself exclusively to the | practice of his profession. ( Jan. 16th. 1862—if. j ' NEW FALL AND WINTER GOODS IMIE undersigned has just returned from the . City with thelnrgesi.sno best selected stock jot FALL,and WINTER GOODS ever offered lo thecilizens of St. Mary N County, consisting’ j in pari, of very superior quality of Heavy Goode ! foi Servants’ clothing, at the most moderat* (prices—also Boots and Shoes of the most sub* stantinl make, ami best material. Besides Cloths| Cusnimeres, vestings and all kinds of fine dress Goods, tor Ladies and Gentlemen—a carefully •elected, and well assorted stock of ready made clothing,manufactured expressly to order, and a ! variety of articles ofalmust eveiy kind no where else to lie found in the county. He respectfully so licits a call from thnsedesmng to purchase, feel ing assuted that his thorough acquaintance with the busunesa, resulting from a long residence in the city, will enable him to offer such induce ments as will defy competition. E. 11. JONES, Clifton Factory. Septembej27>h ’SM)— ly. NOTICE. rp\\K Gpartiift>biy heretofore existing j under the firm f CUTTING HAM k IIAUDING is this tlsy dismdvwl by mutual j consent. Wtu. 11. Harding is alone-author ized to seAle the business of the firm. SAMUEL CUTTINGIIAM, WM. H. HARDING, Baltimore Jan. 1 l.Mil—4w. The undersigned, having Bought out the Interest of Samuel Coitingham ol the firm ot (Nottingham I Harding, will hereafter conduct the business in his own Name, —and he most i nspret fully solicits :hc favor of the friends t [ the old Firm. WM. If. HARDING, j MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL WORKS TO THE FARMERS OF SI. MARTS. —1 would nn*st respectfully call your at tention to my large assortment of IMVLE- ! .VENTS. 1 am manufacturing and pre paring a larger assortment of Agricultural hn plemenfx than 1 have ever before offered to he public—lhrse Powers and Threshers, Wheat Fans, Corn Mills, Corn Shelters, Ploughs, Harrows: Cultivators, and maiiv other articles to numerous to mention. 1 can supply the Farnu r with every thing he; may want. With regard to Horse Power* I would call particular attention to a finr lot of PELTONS TRIPLE GEARED POIVEHS, to teotk tcilh cr without baud, which are not surj>a**ed in Ihi* or any other market; and I racst respectfully invite those who arc in want ofMachinrs to give me a call,. as I feel confident that I can suit the pur chaser. 1 am making a CORN MILL fer grinding Corn, ai Home. This is a good Mill, j has lieen tested and pronounced so by expe rienced judge*. To this I ask your spe-; cial attention. 1 tender you my sincere thanks for the kindness heretofore shown me and beg a con- I tin uuuce of your favors, determined to make! a strong effort to please all who give me their J custom. Orders will meet with prompt atleu- j tion by being directed to WILLIAM 11. HARDING. 130 Pratt atreel Wharf\ Baltimore, Md, Feb. 7th, 18ii—ly DISSOLUTION OF CO-PARTNERSHIP. fIY HE late firm of Simms <t Maddox is •A- this day dissolved by mutual consent. Person* indebUtkto ns are hereby notified to come forward and settle with George A. Simms, without delay, as he is authorized to j settle the business of the late firm. GEORGE A SIMMS, i JOS. H. MADDOX. Sept. 3rd, 1861— tf. BUSINESS NOTICE. fIT (IE undersigned, haring purchased the -1 interest of Simt.s 9t Maddox in the I Mercantile business, will continue to sell at. tire old stand, and solicit a continuance of the very liberal patronage extended to (he late firm. They will keep constantly on liand a ; g<i>d nMcortinent of goods, and will >*-II on i such terms as carvnot fail to phase the old ( lUftointrs of the house and the public gen- ' crally. GEORGE A. k F. X SIMMS. Leonard Town, Md. ■ September 12th, 1861—If. WANTED ij fWV> BUY or HIKE 10 or 12 likely JL NEGRO MEN aud WOMEN. Ur I which the market price* or wages will be givon. Alw>, KATTKD CATTI.K an be mU tor ihv W.t market price, by applying to ! or addressing, JO. 11. MADDOX. Leonard Tows X*. o.' Jan *Jud, l*Hi2 - If. THE SAINT MARY’S FEMALE SEMINARY THE iex( annual session will com raenr on SATURDAY, the 15th of Septem her. une'er the direction ul Alisa LOITY LEIGH, as Principal, assisted by a corps of efficient and experienced Teachers. The course of instruction is as thorough as si any other last notion in tne country, and at less than half (he usual expense. The sehnbatie yeai is divided into two terms of five mouths each. Charffeat, per term, payable in advances or all khs branches nf a thorough English education, including Board, Tuition, Washing, Fuel, Lights and Bedding, $75.00 Stationery, 2.50 Tuition fordav pupils,including I fuel, 21.00 SBPAEATB IliXCiri: i French, Id.Oo Music, with the use of Instrument, 25.00 I 'drawing and Painting, exclusive of materials, f.OO i Painting in Oil Colors,exclusive of materials, 10.00 i For fui ’.her i a formation, or for Circular*, .apply to the Principal, St. Inifoes Pos* Office, Saint Mary’s Countv. Md. C. BILLINGSLEY. President of the Board ot Trustees. August 16th. IB6o—tf. PATUXENT RIVER LAND FO K SALE. | IF not sold at private sale before SAT ■ (J It DAY, October the 20th, 1860, 1 will offer at public sale, in the village of CH AH | LOTTE HALL, on that day, fchs FARM on which I now reside. llus Farm is situated on the Patnzrnl 11 River, adjoining the lands of Mrs. E. L. i! Thomas and Maj. James Collins, and con- IJ tains I! ONE THOUSAND ACRES OF LAND. Perscsis wishing to purchase land ofsnpe ( rior quality, where good health and all the | delicacies of the water are to he had, are , requested to call and examine the premises. . Steamers, to and front Baltimore, pass this ,■land every •lay. i j This Farm will be divided and sold ir. ■ j three parts. j Tern* made known on application to the undersigned, and possession will lie given on the first day of January. 1861. W. J. CARTWRIGHT. Charlotte Hall. P. ()., Saint Mary’s Countv, Md. Angtrst 80th, IB6o—tf. BUROIIIICBNL r I'IIK Misses Ciatigin having seen rod the * service* of an expcricnced Music teacher will receive a limited number of young ladie> for the scholastic year beginning Ist Sept. TERMS PAYABLE HALF YEARLY IN ADVANCE. I Board and Tuition in all the branches n r an { English Education )>rr annum $l5O Music Vocal A Instrumental $lO per quar French 5 •• ! Italian 5 “ j Spanish 5 ** Drawing and Painting in Water j Color* 5 “ j Oil Painting 10 “ The utmost attention will be paid to ! the health and c<inf>rt, and every effort made . to advance the moral and intellectual luiturc of their pnpiU. Address— SUMMERSEAT Oakville P, O. St. Mary's Co. August Ist, 1861 tf. NOTICE. THE undersigned wish to inform the people of Saint Mary** and adjourn ing counties, that they have just completed I a FIRST CLASS RAILWAY*, and are I I prepared to haul out vessels of any sixe, j aud will REPAIR, CAULK. Ac., on the ; ; most reasonable terms. Prompt attention to all work, and quick dispatch will be given jin all cases. The Railway is situated about ; a quarter of a mile from Leonard Town on i a fine oyster creek, where we will also ! build SCOWS. BOATS, or VESSELS, if j required, on the lowest terms HARRIS, NORRIS & FOXWELL. July 10th ISCO—if. BCIM. J. NICODEMCS. OCO. P. TOMA J. H. II A KDESTY, WITH. HEIM, KICODEMUS A CO. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN FnnH&niism mm. SF EVENT DKSCBIFTIoV, NO. 883 BALTIMORE BT. BALTIMORE. March lat iß6o—tf. VALUABLE MANUFACTURING PROPERTY SiUblßo > rffE valuable property, known as CLIF TON FACTORY amt GRIST MILL (water powar). Miuaind on the Head Waters of St. Mary's river in Saint Mary’s connty, Md.. and embracing about three hundred ami fifty acres of land. i offered at Private Sale. THi ptoperty has on it a STORE HOUSE, which ia a good aland for buaiuesa, HOTEL, I DWELLINGS, Workshops, fie. Tl*e pro perty will be anld on accommodating terms. Fur furtbor (•articnlars, apply to. 1 1 THOMAS W. GOUGH, < JO. FORREST, ; Leonard Town P. n Nov. 15th, 18C6—tf. i Tf ARGE WHOLESALE AND I MJ RETAIL STOCK OF | FALL AXD WIXTER DRY GOODS • FOR CASH ONLY. HAMILTON RASTER A CO . I No§. 11)9, 201 ami 203 Haiti more ttrrtf. BALTIMORE. HtTe now in store, ami are constantly sdiiug thereto, a large and varied stock of FALL AND WINTER DRV GOODS. < embracing articles from the lowest to the ' highest price, in every department of tko ' trade. Would rail particular attention to their ’slock of Goods for farmers and planters' use. such as 3 4 and (5-4 Fuih-d Cloth; ; Penitentiary Plaid Liuscys and Cottons; ? Servants* Blankets; heavy Bleached and Brown Cottons; o*naburgs; Canton ami j Wool Flannels. and indeed every thing re quired hy an individual, family, or for ser vants* use. ! IMPORTING AND PURCHASING *o the most advantageous term.*,*’ and SELL!XU FOR CASH OXLY , ■Y WHOLES ALK AN D I-ETA XL. ve are enabled to mark our goods at stub prices as will make it the interest of all to deal with ns. An examination of our slock by persons visiting Baltimore to make purchases is invited. | Sept, lyth, !*JI —w. TIiRESinXG MAC MIXES. | have for sale the Ptlion Triple Geared ■ Horae Pmrtr and W. \V. Dingee dr Co’s J Iron Thresher, with Her airing Straw Carrier. I The machine is warranted to rentier satiafac j tion to all purchasers. The price of 8 h*>n*o ; power. 30 inch Thresher ami Straw-Carrier, 1 deli ve ml at any wharf iu Si. Mary* eouaty. i $lB5. Paraaers arc invited to cal) at my Rtrre in I Ixetiard I'own and examine this Thresher. E. LEO. SPALDING. June 28th, 1800—tf. FOR COUNTY CLERKSHIP. The friend* of DA NI EL T. MOKG A N pre -1 ' wnt him to-the voter* fSt Mary’s county as ‘■ ■ candidate f**r Clerk of the Circuit Court at tip* election in ißCij, am) solicit to his claims 1 ! a dispassionate consideration. Nov. 2<ith, 1867. ‘j FOR COUNTY CLERK. , J I announce tnyrelf as a candidate for Clerk , : f the Circuit Court for Saint Mary’s county, * I 'eepectfully wdictl the support of niy ftiv ■* is and the pnMir. (JKUKGK 11. HERBERT. I DISSOLUTtOX OF CO-FAR TXER sun*. '■'UK copartnership heretofur existing Im *’ tween the undersigned. under the firm sud style of Is-ach A' llerl>eii f is (hi* day dis r*Jved hy mutiisl consent. All |H*rsons in debted l the lale Unit sre hereby requested M i come forward and settle llieir indebtedness without delay. Hither party is authorized to settle the business of the firm. WM. F. LEACH. GKO. 11. HERBERT, Sept. 2<;th, 1881 —if. NOTICE. /yiCIF undersigned leps leave So inlornn his friends and the I‘uldir. (hat he is still | the OLD STAN D. in Leonard Town, carrying on BLACKSMITH I KG. GUN. lAK’K SMITIJING. SHEET IKON AND STOVE WORK—in short, iron work of all descrip tions. such as repairing CA HID AGES, HUG CIEK, ROCK A WAYS. CARTS. WAGONS. HOUSE SHOEING. FARM WORK of all kinds; also REAPERS, ’iIIRASHERS ami DRILIjS. With his ex|ierien<-e ut 11 years in a Ma-hine Shop, he thinks that he can do any kind of CUeksinilh Work from a kneedle to au anchor, and on reasonable terms. New Wag ons and Carts huiit cheaper than can he dona at any other shop in this- place. lIORSEH SIIOED at the shortest notice, JAMES A. M’CATHKAN. Blacksmith. } January 21,18C0—If. I WANTED. 'pilE subscriber wishes to hnv a lot o 1 LIKELY YOUNG NEGROES, of both • sexes, for which the highest market priors will .he paid. Persons wiidling to sell, who may not see himr during his present lour through tha Sohthen counties of the Slate, will have their order* promptly responded to by addressing*. ALLEN S. DORSET, Washington, D. C. Feb. 2nd. 18C0—tf ROBERTSON k BRISCOE, SUCCESSORS to U. ||. MILES, AT ill* OLD STAND. I 4, W. PRATT STREET BALTIMORE, Respectfully offer thdr services a* agents, for tha sale of TOUACCO OH A IS. and all k : uds of PRODUCE, pledg ing their untiring efforts to render satisfaction to all who may patronise them. Liberal ad vances made on consignments, March 22nd. 1880— If. LIMB AND FEED STOKE Mo. 8 Hollianrortl St- Baltimore. WK. R. BORL.JV. (SUCCESSOR TO JOHN HEANY) WROLOAI.r AXD RETAIL DKALESS IK laiMar, Brick*, Hair, Omrst* CALCINED PLASTER, Cons Oatf, Cora Mtal.Cbop-Bjo, XiUFeU*e. Dnc.2Brd, 1868—ly. NOTICE. ALL persons wishing to comm unseat* • with me by! otter, willdirectmeir car respond* nee by tonilto For I rabaccoTbarfea county, Md,, or by sienmer Si. Nicholas, a Chappel Point .L’harlescoontv , Md. WM. T. CAMPBELL. Feb 3rd, 1 —ll.

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