Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, March 27, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated March 27, 1862 Page 4
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n ui k n ;; /.• ’ M A T i: ll I A L S *^rs •-- ■***-- -fljj , *" *~‘ t- ■• y y pyuWi ; pflß 8 * fl jfjyS * The um'iismif' would resyrrctfnTy cull th b-lfiitmii <>f t. i I - it.jir t* their large assert i :•!>! -*f DOOMS, J.LLYhS, SAS/f. i OOlt tit AMES. H /.\ ho IT fit AMES. 15 J.S/A jn> \/:ds, l as/.'hia, M(tru>/\us\ mas -77./:’% and i vt-rv des*ripti -n of H ..use iduild iog matcria's. w hich they have c onstautlv i n h u. si, and which they can lurnioh at the shoil ■*! notice. They are also prepare**! to furnish nt the ►hortwi notii*f I IITiiK WOltN. hr < in.?ry Iluiisci*. ( and suburban Residences, according t* any plan err de&ign, nil ready titled to l*e put up on lurir prop..-- • ■! sites. Farmers an*! others, desirous of huildinf in the country, would find it to th*ir advantage 1 giving ins a rail h. f**re purchasing else '•hire, as we arc fully piepand to execute "oik on the most rea>ni,,ihli !• rms. And tin iid van!ages, wh*:b weotUi ipreparing a !j Ihe (1 1.11 • ■ 11.1 1.-, that .may be i.eresstry in con structing a hoii-e. a ill be f.innri to save the Builder a great deal of vexatious delay and 1 xpense. H&d" All orders left at their office rr ad dressed to them by mail will meet with proinp and satrsfa* torv attention. M A UGH LI X A .!< Ml WON, Steam hUtinimj Mill and Stix/i factory.. hast Ka!U A venue, mar Trail Street Bridge \\ arvhouse Xu. bu , Trait street, X'e.Xt d*n*r to lV|ltl \ Mitchell, Bait. Md. April T.Mii, IstiU— ly, CHAIR AND FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. W k. .\.\i>i*:itso.\. to ft 1 • Second Sfrcf I beturven fvedmch .Sh e tin.l Marsh Sjmre, UaJ<i in ore. Having the Ware rooms and best assortment of Cabinet furniture in the edv, >•- prepaieil to sellevery atticlr in hbline upon t *e m*i>t liberal and accommodating lemis. 1 iavtii" had a long experience it. thi o line ol business, he Hatters hunsf-il that hr can cum |"*<>'. as to excellence ol n.-Menal, beauty 01 v/orkman.stup and range ol prices, \v:h am e.stablishim nt ol the sort in this 01 any ull.ei enty. IBs general stuck embraces a lull and complete assortment ol I‘arh.r Chain. Sofas, ■f-nkiittj Chair.*. S/i/imj Chiuubn •Shu 5. fui room. Office and hiuiiu/ Chairs, l ituch Tc/e a- Tcte.i, Sitter*, Ann Chairs] Alattrase.s , Ijooktny lUassr.* ( , of every va riety and description. He ha* also on hand Jtedsteads o| his o’.vii Manufacture, which can bo pot up anil taken down -n two mm nil's. T*rons (r.itn .-’t. .\LirvV, wishing tr p ire base Funiiiiii.*. are repiest, ( l to call and eyamine liis Sto. k buy mg e!-ev err. •••* sure to find the right place \ ( ,s. 10 x)g s. .Street -War# | ou-.e with fdJ lee lIOM and .s’ largo Folding doors. August 1 lih I .ot —1 v. DENTISTRY. TJ h-T'sl UN’S f..*edine the servi* es .f a fir*t- f-if.i I •enlist wil ,1., (\cll to einplow Hr Ji W.UTOV ivl,,, i,.-’ t. nds I.H-ating liiiiisetl in the village *f l.e. 11- aid I own. Orders a-hlresscd to him through the Leonard h*ti T**st < Ifliee will receive 1-ompt attention. 11 is terms are cash. T r uahon oas had Coii-i*lererable experience in 1 is profession, is mod. rate in hi. . harges, and 1 as invariably given satUfaelioii to those who 1 ave employed him. bo give the readers of the J-otroii some idea .f tlie standing of Tr. W. asa Tli.ltTH.’A I. DKXTIST.' tip f..1-I*•wing I*•wing letter, addressed to him by ]>r. Ninuti kllt;\ f L . S N., ih ~(,j.Clh|t ti ; L . 8 N.w m. Ac.uikdv. Ann W' Maivlamf, April 21. UCS. I • KaK S 11; ; —Jt gives me great pia>uro to express the Confidence 1 have in skill as a Hetilist, and to reromineiid von. n< far as 1 have influence, to the patronage of tha Tnblir. f I have had an opportunity of witnessing your ' i.nnle of operation, aim have no hesitation in a.iVuiniiig that it exhil.its your thoiongh know!- oi you profession. 1 am. sir. very rc-pect fully y our olw-dicnt servant. MXI.W TI N K XK V, Siir®e.n U. S. X. Hr. Randoimi Wai.ton, Annapolis. April 4th, !;!—if. LU.MBKK J ! SHLNtiLES;! FLORING, &C. invite the attention of <uir friendu ar ' consumers, generally, in St. Mrj s an ’ niijoining counties to our extensive assort men 01 seasoned HU lU* ISO MA TflilALS. All parties contemplating the erection o ' Hw-ellin - I. Barnes, fkc.. will find it greatly t ttn-ir :•!vantage to give ns a call, as we Va' sell at lowest rates for cash or Negotiable nan per. Hoor*, Frames, Sash, Ac., furnished al Mill prices. Orders filled fur Tricks, lame. Hair, Kails, A c. X”*. \\ harfage charged on Vessels receivin*;; i.iunlxT front our Yard. CARSON, ZIAIMEKMAX. A CO., West side Union l>*K*k. .\ or folk Bout \\ bar! ilareh 2fth. 18ti0—U. -NOTICE. 4 UL I 'Orsons indebted to me for raxes f**r this year will please conic lorward tunl s.-ttle the same to me, or (iipt. ,1. .1. AlUtun Jo thirty days. Jf not settled in thirty days T”tu dale, I shall be compelled through t.e cesbity to collect by law. til’.U. M. IHMIAXAX, Cui of 2nd, Hist. Xov. 21st, lßtil—tf. JAMES S. DOWNS, ATToIiXEV iV UoUX.SLLI.OI: A'i LAW, Leonard Tcnrn, St. Mary't Co. ltd., practice in St. Mary u.d tbcadjoiuir.g CoUOIK^. fcc lOiL U 69. . • ... — z, A<> rich TO rftt JjITORS . i he.rhy <'iwn (hat :S*e .<uibrri!ser .Lx hr,* ohmiised from the Orphan'll Court St- Mary'* county in .Mnrylaid. i Jf”ers of admin >*tra!ioii rni the pe*r*ocai f ff JO K \ TAYLOU. late of S.T<J roilillv, (!■**** UIPtJ, All ptTMOnC liSVIM* claiiu!< against the *:ud de-ea-cc are iierebe warned to exhibit the sam- with ilic proper '"" r !iw thereof • tue üb*cril>er, on or before tl.r 18 day ot July, oihsrwi** they may be excluded by law from all lienetll of the *:;:J rotate. Given under my band this JGm day of January, ]i*G2. JAMES fIALFEV, AiiSniiMisirptor. Jan. IGth, ISCJ—Ju. 22 WMWAWJ) a AX AW AY fr >tn the sid-.s tiMt, living i.far I lie i ii! i_<*- of Cinptieo, a few day ' Jr,e itc -ro l,y nanod lIEXRY •HANKS, vi.ose t;!.* C* 1 recently K.ngbt *>f (’. C. I tally. I train tin* In* i.- in flu- lower part oi the enmity. jir-diaMy lurking :il..;:t Jutland. I k properly < 11. S. Ki-v, winn- be ea H.'. All ]*• rvms are f> i warn**.] agab-st ( harboring or . up!-vsn;-aid r.rjrr • l*..y. Hr i.' r.itlu r Mai h. s’ op* a--! <l< a;. and has an * awkward way id expressing himself. Hv i> •* I*oll l VO \iais f flgl . bad i.n u Jills in- 1- ft ;. t ffooil suit of clotitf> f.t \j • *,. fnlj c] j), and a ’ Mack bat. 1 -*sli pi\c the above reward for Lis appieb. ni-ioti d!iw r v f-> rue ; H dI.N A. LCRUOCGILS. Jut. lull, Im,2 —Gw. rorvntx) 18.j2 c:i irtercd l*!a LOCATED COR. or MALT I.MORE & Cl I ARLES Sr* If % I TIM OR X. , Mr. Tkf f.jf*rrt , Most Ehgnut't, I'umUhrJ ami Pvjmlar Commercial C >llegtiulht • L uitrd Slut *. Designed Expressly for Young Ken fV'inn;: lo ol.rn.n u Thouv-U Eradnal ,|M ' filtration ;n ti e sborlrtst possible tins and sii the least expeiic**. A and Lejusiindly Ornamented Pirrn ’ar. contuii.iiij; upward* of Si\ Si ( i iitr. a i:!i S/i,r;tiirn of l t > , nii>aiU‘liip, and a Lnr_'e En graving i the finest of tl e ko.-.l ever nnuJo 7n ibis •ountry) tbe Sute.iur V r ievv of tbr ( with C terms, ib,, wnl In- sent to evil y .Man on a* i.| 1 1 ee of cis-trjre. W rite iMuneiliatelv and will re*eii.e tin pHck.i o 'i- by return t/.sul. Address 10. K. LOSJER. _ Rahimore \IJ. January 2ltb, letr,|_ ] y . fft inns ran rnr irsinnr or the isfoi.i e*\ t i.nrs nr M.m\i .iM) t Circuit (Vint f r St. Mary VC*,. ) V \ rcii Tent; 18G1. f O,RIt RF.I) L v tin-Court li at Ibe (Vrilitors ,! t -I A M i.S -\ . M( *fi(i AX, a petitioner tor tin? i na-th i f tin Insolvent Laws of Ma t vLkmJ. I i am! j j ear efi n tin- Cirruii Court f-;r Sr. M.mCs C.anity oi, tt.e tLin! M . n .!n> ■ I Xotunbi r to show imiim*. it u.v tli*\ b-ivf. why tl.f s.i i .1 a rises A. M-sr-iii.' si nil , m>t have it,: la mfit of the ?ai !>; pr.nM ••■i ar>j \ litis oi,]>>r In* insertni in tiie Ft. Va> \ < t'-rai i.;i -i re a wi i k for three month | before tbe suit! li.iul \*. i n .\ovemhe j .* 1 1. Ry older. JAMES T. RLAKLSroXK. Cifrk. July 2'ith. 1801 3m. j conimiwsio.i. for enmity offi.erscVr-' J md on till- si v'li do vof X**\emi-rr Inst were received and ii .-.I ui thin Ofli *e on ifi e *J*Jiid Xuveinber. u'lnno. Tlie ( .institution • orpiire? l- peis-ito elected 1> off! e. a foujioission from tl e State, to qiiatifv* within ! tidily day’s -afiei (be c i, miissiun is JAM.ifcJ F. BLAKISTONR, r C!k. fife s*h, 1 .**.'] if. I THAI). K. I'lttrss, I Attjr.y a a.I (Jouasellot* at Law, 1 -laJ Cnura’ Claims, IV I IA. itltnul to the collec lon „f all ! "▼ vlaim.H ML'ainst the linn ml Govern-i nit nt. A!! Coiiii'jm.ieati- iis sidi.irsseii to me :.f l.i'i'iuml lowii r. iU laeet with pn-nwt at tention. 1 Jan. 9th, ISC2—if. { .v o T i r K. I.K() SPA LlJl X(1 tt'lnrns bi thank* to Ms numerous customers {,r the liberal patron- : ate be Inis received from th in, and piml 2 es! liinisrlt to keep a CHOICE STOCK (')]■’ GOUlk* always on han.l, which will be suld very luw I■ r c.tsli or it eijui valent. 1- LEO SR A ijllXO, . “April 2nd, 1800 April ith. ISOO— lv NOTICE TO CREDITORS. is hen by I lint i!,e suWnber baa olnained from the Orphans Court tor •Saint Mary’a county, in Mnryland, letters of dm in Ist rxt mu, ou the —frsuisnl estate of Eliza II Johnson, late of said c., decease*!. Ail pm-, a.uia havinif clHiins tbe said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, wills me proper vmichea iherrof, to toe Ku!enber on or bi fore the Ist uay of June 1 otherwise they may be excluded by law from all l.enetd ~f the said estate. Given 'under my l ands this Vise day ut .\oi. le'tl. if A V ID \V. TYLER. Adii'.iiiietiaiur. Xuv. 21st, I*6l—4w. - " ■• rraini -•-- —:— IMOTICE. yon rm: r.\ tcaext nirm v ; V FAIR HAVEN AND DLFM DOINT. ir will h-nvebcr wharf . very WI DNKH>AY IIOKMNG at hall R ;,sl * K ‘X ..clock tor ttie Ra'nxcnl Uiv. r. lie turning, will I-m- liiH’r Ltsl.d'lia fMttv Friday uion inp foi Ib-ntVkt, leavii Re. !- dn t ecery Fatutday UK rnino at a ..Tlmk tor l.aitiiiv re. Ciiinij; -it sill the usual on tbe River, a .-u ai RJum Rjiut und Flr llsivea, goin*; aud rc'urnirsi. , . U L YVELMS. •-> "Ail. 1 - - w WANTED. YW^ n TKACIIEII f>r Primary Tf 8cl:.,I \o. •_* f. r the v*.ir ]pr,2. JJe 1 ran* i *•> and !>#• n; S mot d chura*-!* r.— • lea her • I middle or advanced age pre ferred. Add revs, J \.\IFS K I.A yGT.F.V SOUS li HOLMES, WM. M K W. Joseph kk’l! vrh^on. . si. luigiW r. o Jan. jOth. 1 dr.2—4?. NOTICE OF DIVIDEND. OV o! M M. Hayden ami Geo. I MaiUox, nfliniMiMrutors of George Haydn, late of M. Mar\V mi i ty, deceased.! ll i* ordered hy ll*e Conn. that the raM *•!- i:-5i Lirator* notify the credit *rs of t| l( . said daeased. file tln ir claim* against the raid >lcc;'i-*J. i i the Register of Will*’ Office on or before the Ifith .lay of May. 1 2. f..r div itlc-i.?. uii.l J.. it this or.lcT !• published in the Mary ? s Deacon, once a wed;, until the said 15? h of Mav, ldt2. J. T. M. lIAKEY, Register of Wills, of Sr. Man * county,Md. 1 FVh. 10th ISC 2 —3 m. I ! NOTICE. f \ ’HI- tinders gned has just received a large >ii}ij !v ol'a r.MJTV ami BALI. Goods ( o; . \\ tjiti and Colored Tar’et* ns. Ladies white I\i I Slippers Ladies White Kid liioVcs. Ac. S^r. A ' it Jits \\ 1 ite Kid Gloves, Gents Fancy Keck Tics, Ge:.r.s Fine Shirts, and C. liars, kc. kc. K. KI.O. SrAI.MNTI, 1 Leonard Tuw n. i January 3rd, 18?. 1— if. tor sheriff. PHILIP fl. DORSEY, thankful to 1,,* friends and the fuddle lor ij, t . sum,or; he re- III the hue rite non offers himself n^ain *"* h '■'"■dulate for She. :fl nni! solicits ihe votes '•I las -ei. jv.-. iiizt-u? of Sii. .Mary’s county nl Djp next VIUV. t2lsi, jNli J . MAH it I.Si \ KHM ARPS, offers himself - Ihe rntm of Ft. Marys as tt cun dJd.-fe I.M- .Sherill at li.c next election. Nov. 21 m, lofil. A CARD. ! l) r -<T(>i: iirsTAVFS CANT!-:!:, having h eated himself iii rjatri..ite ila!l,ics(.fcl !ih\ ofi.-rs his professional -u n ices t*. the pnh lie. 1 Jis . fl.fe is tlost f..rn.f'rly occupied hv • h J. I*. Shaw, when* h. ran always be touml except ivh. n profe->i*inaily engag* d. j Km-i.i.KM i;.—Siimtie! Fhew, M. J). lessor id Principles and Practice of Medicine in i!ir 1 niversiiy of .Maryland. March 7 tii 18til — lom f ffll K'N’S A’ S.I.OAX return t r fir sinruc * tiiank.s to the i aiiiitis tor flair lilx’ra! ja fu, tlie yc.-.r pa.-t. Their ttock ! ■* MBKIi is larger lli-n ever atal heller n surteu; and we are ih teimii td to offer ureal illdiKeuieiits to cash huverf. Apply at lot orner <d Eutaw and German st reel.-, Jr at 1 ;J‘J Kight 6tie-el Wharf. LL'IiXS A* SLOAN*. r*aitUitJlC, All) ; I eb. 2nd.lf?*;o— CONsr iHLK. S- EDt\ IX A MLLL ammuiicts liimself :*.■ a rariKlaic for < in Leonard Town Ihs ric at ihe election in L*.*] and nskii the sup poii of hi Inends ami leilow-c itunis. Nov., ■vnaxiiT Tutuo. j .vckoa.n TRE G O k M<)nG AN. v it o D c c i: COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And \\ iiolesalr Dpalenin Llqu oH S .V .\ n c/C.? /; .S j No.'ll (MILA FSIDE. near Pratts t., BALTIMORE. Cr?* Every dcscriptu nol count)\ Picdue c'ttrusiecl i o our care u ill rtc* it csiric la thin. Ann IBth,l 85S— tl. i : H TOKEN from my stables in Medley’s I Neck, t.ear Ixtouard Town, cm Wednes day the 13ih instant, a bright Sorrel, jlaxe.l mane and tail, medium tizi*. stout- j ly built and ati< nl 12 years *t age. 1 have ls*en informed l.iat an animal, ansivcring to • the ala>ve deeeription. was ridden past Char lotte nation Ihe 14th, by a negr> man. and. I irom his description, 1 am satistied that he is the party that stole the mare from ny stables. Ihe negro is r feel t. ineluw in height, thin taee.l. of a dark che-nnl color and aU-ut 4o years of age. He represented idinsOf. w | JCI , in my neighim>ili<nxl, t . l-e free, hut I have •earned since his depart tic that he is supposed to he a runaway slave and stole mv mare with a view of teaching Washington or s ino one of i| ic IVderal etKainpmei.U in CTismes County. I will give the above re wrd for the delivery of ti.c stolen animal, : r Kl'cral compensation for information lea-l ing to her whereabouts-.. LDWAUI) DOWN.S, Leonard Town, I’. O. -- . . Md. ’ Nov. 21st, iSt'il—if. I'JSSO/A TIO.V ur (X)-rAHTNi-:iisini. ■ LKuxAKti Town. ) Jan. l>t, f r | , HE CO-FAHTNRHSHIF heretoh-re j i'*mg in lhr t mar Manufa. l. ry of Mor

gan, .latnisi-n i*w Co., is this tby dissolved with n i.tnxj Consent by rl s e uinl* rsig-ne*!, } ailiters in innrest. All j er-ons mdehitd to the firm will please set lie win. H A. Jamison, whu L authorized to receipt in full. J, FLUX MO UMAX B. A. JAMISON, Jun. Vdi, ieb2—2i LUMBER. SHINGLES, LATHS, ERICKS, LIME, HAIR, SASfI. POORS ami SHITTKRS, 171 OR sale. at f 1 c rerij Unrest pi ire Ujt CASH or A V 011 > credit. Re fore buy ing. rail and see ns at tlic r >mrr of Eufa'r ] and German Streets >r at ].”2 Light Stm-I Wharf, Haiti more, Md. ferns & sloan. March 21st 1801—tf. NOTICE. rjn. willi am s. p.lakistonf.. k*v ** iug located iu Chaptiro. offer* hit. pro fessional servers (.. the Public. and car. al ways be f<*uid, when n*>t j*r<*fsshmallv en gaged, at Hnsweli’.*. Hut. .. I also retm: niv thanks to my friends in the neighborhood <H 1 St. Clement > Ray f r their f rmcr patronage, and will always be happy to wait ou thvtn at the shortest notice. Nov. 28lh, ISO I tf. i IMIOFI’SSIONAL. DR. •!. K, 1 JR <s. RF,K\ MS has located at *■ O 111 H? PLAINS, nU ut a miW’ hoir. the village of Chapt>co, anc r. *pectfuli\ oilers id* professional service** to the public, ile will devote him-all exclusively to the practice •*1 hi* profession. Jan. 10th. ]m;2 tf. A/; IT FALL .1 XD H7A* TEH GOODS Ull ‘|* r ignetl has j"st returned from the J Cil y w ith ihe iai ?e;i,nu hesi selected atock i‘ -I FALL. WINTER GOODS tver ..fVe.e.! n> thecitizen,, or St. Alary ’ (’ounry, consisting* •a part, of very s.Jj erior i;i>.ilily of (Davy (joo,!, I•• Servants rlotliin®, at the mom mudernt" jmres also Roots and Shoes oftl.e mom sub* plautnu nn.Ke, and best materinl. Reside* Cloths] rhixsimeiTic, i cstmg.s and uil kinds uf fine dress Goods. for Indies aid Gentlemen— caiefully selected, mid well assort*- stuck of* ready made dothim:,manufactured expre**uy to order, and a variety of articles ol.ilnu.m einv kfud no ’where i f. ,5e, ° he found in ihp county, lie respectfully *r li 'ifKa c.dl from, those d<-sinni: to pnr< hast-, fee’* i '*■£ ftssmed that his thoroughac(|uainiiinr.e with the business, resulting from a long residence in the city, will enable him to otter such induce ments as willdefy competition. E H. JONES’. Clifton Factory. Septembej 27'h , ?Ko—ly. 7 : NOTICE. r V*' • I** Co-parfiinr.-hiy loTrtofoic pxi-tii.£ i;i ! *f l ‘*v firm of CITTINGHAM k HA IHM NG is this day dissolved by mutual Oos.seiit. Win. 11. 1 larding in alouVautlior ■/ted to tiiAlc tin' business i>| the firm. SAM ILL CUTTING HAM WM. H. H A RDLNG, Pal (tin ore dan. 1 I .*.ij]—4^. The Undersigned. having Ri.iijjhf r,„t tbt liiiricst of >.m ud Ci.ttinghaiu ol tbt firm o( b’- •llingham &'. v\ i l hrrcaitcr condurt th. business in j.i* ov u .Name.—and he most respect Hilly solicits the favor <<l the friend, o •tiii.* old Firm. WM. 11. MAR MV?,. MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL WORKS to rm-: fanmi:ns or si. maid s. I 'V.iui.l most respi 1 1 fully t all at ■•••dioii to rny large assortment of /.V/7.A --/iS. lam timul l factnring aiid jn— paring a larger assortment of Ayrindhnnl J, u . pfcilicnfs than i have ever before often d ir. he public—ll. r*e lowers and Thresh, rs Wheal Fans', Coin Mills, Corn Si.filers IMotiol s, Harrows: Cultivators, ami mnnV 1 otli-.r ailulls to mm,croup to mention, j esn supply the Fanner with every thing he may want. With regard to Horse fw. r > I would call particular attention to a fi,. c h.t of Phf.JoX'S TRIFLE ny.nnyjj POWKUS. to icok with or without band which are not surpassed in this nr any other market; ami 1 n\ot respectfully invite flint* who are in want of Machines to give me a call is 1 fid confident that I can suit the pnr ebaser. 1 am making a CORN MILL for grii.dit g Corn at Home, This is a good Mill, Ims Ut u tested and piononnred so bv expo- 1 rieiKi d judges. To I hi* 1 ask your sue-' eta! attention. * 1 I tender you nty siuerre thanks for the kino ness heretofore shown me and bog a con tinuance of ymir fiv.-rs, determined to make a strong dibit to please all who give me their custom. Orders will meet with prompt atten tion by being direetid to WILLI AM If. HARDING, I luO Pratt street Wharf. Baltimore, }M Feb. 7. h. 18/ t ly DISSOLUTION i>F CU-I•ART^*t!RSIJIi , . fll UK late flint of d Maddux is. J- this day dissolved by mutual emsent. iVrsons indebtid to ns me hereby notified to come forward and settle with lieorge A. Sinims, without delay, sis he is authorizid tu settle the business of the bite firm. (i FORGE a SIMMS, i Jos. H. MADDUX. Scjit. 3rd, 18b I—tf. B L 'SIXESS \0 rii 'K. fffl HE tmdersigmd, having purchased the J interest of Sinn*. Maddox in the! Men ’Untile b-usitioss, u ill couliniie to sell ai tin* old stand, and solicit a continuance of the < very liberal patronage extended to the late I firm. Ihry will keep constantly ou hand a good asscrtim-i.t ..f g.K*is, and' will sell on. .-tin, terms ;ss cannot tail to phase tl.c uid i ciutoincrs ol tha house and the public ctn craiiy. 6 GEORGE A. A F. X SIMMS. Leonard Towr. September 12tii, 18b I—if. *** "wanted , fSl‘) DfY or HIRE U* or 12 likely 1 JL NEGRO .MEN and WOMEN, for f wliicb the market price;, or wages will Lc *1 givon. Alw. FATTED CATTLE eat. be sold 1 for the Ust inaiket prices by applying to ! or auiircwaing, * * JO. n. MADDOX. J.futuid Town I*. 0. Jau 2ml ISR2 if. , rnr SAINT MARY'S FEMALE SEMINARY T!in nest an nnal se*ion will com rr rr nn SAT I Uf).-\\ , ir,e Irish of Scpiom f *-r. under ibe Jire<*ii(. B \]„ s 1.l VJTY LKKJH. ns Principal, assisted by a curj, 1 ot etncieni and evperienred Teachers. Tii#* course of instruction i* fhorougli a> ■H any other i in tne country, :*nd . •* liian half the usual evpene. T’i c ?r!i>lafi- yeai is divided into two terms of ive month* each. per form, payable in -suitsince*: ’ ■>r ill the branches of a thorough rnjjlieb ednrath-n. including ** n*ar*l. I uitioii. Washing, Fuel, Lights and I'eJiisug, $76.0b • Stationery, o I'uitiun for day pupil*,including r,ul 21.00 SITAKiTF IHA Kill Rf.; French, 0 Music. with the use of Instrument, 26.00 'rawing and Painting, exclusive . of materials. fi.oo t amting m Oil Colors,exclusive of materials, 10 00 ' For furherinformation, or for Circulars, apply to the Principal, St. !m*oes Pos* Office, Sami Mary’s County, Mil. ' * C. BILLINGSLEY. President of the Hoard ol Trustees , August 16th, 45<0—tf. PATUXENT RIVER UNO r o r | SALE. ■ F not sold at private sale Wf. rr SAT- I 1CD.41, October the 20th, 1800. | ujll "Tq ** public sale, in iht* tillage of CHAR LOTTE HALL, on that day, the F.ICt.TI [ on \* huh I now re.ddc. 1 luk Farm is situated on Me Paluxenf ; I liver, adjoining the lands .f Mrs. E. I. l Thomas and Maj. James Collim, and con- I t.-.ins I ONE THOrSANJ) ACRES OF LAND Persons wishing to purchase land of wipe nor quality, where g.x.d health and all the ' didicacte*. of the wafer are to he had, a.e requested to call and examine the premise*. Steamers, to and from Hjdtiinorc, n.n-s this land every day. This Farm will be divided and $--M ' three parts. I Terms made known on apportion to tl„ undersigned, and possesion will U the lirst day of January. IflCI. w. J. C.U T WRIGHT. Charlotte Mall. P. ()., , Saint Mari ’* County. ; . , am. August SOth, l. c Co—tf. HUIHLSCML : '■ ’ll f. Mi.-se* t 'o.-tigiu having ni*urd the M-rvice.s of an experiei red Muate teacher • will mvive a limited number of Indie.- br tiie scholastic tea. imgiiii.inj; l,t Srpi. * TERMS P.WAP.LF. HALF VFA 111 A' IN alvam e. ' Buaid and Tuition in nil the I ranches r an English I'diicafj. u |, r annum e | iMndr \ uCtti v liotrumei.ltl £io j„ r ( . u:ir i rr r,ch r, Italian f, Spanish e, .. I'rawing and Painting in Water ! • ( S Oih Painting ](, The utmost atleuliow vill i, r j, : ,id to , Hit* health and conibrt. an I every effort matSf* *" n 'Lnncc the moral and intellectual tuiinrt of iluir pupils. ; Address— St'.M MKRSKAT i Oakville P. O, St. Mat \ f Co. i August ibt, 18G1 if. I **" tmm t < ~ - ~ | | AOl ICE. ; fgIHK undcm>ned wish to inform the _ -H. people of Saint Mary s and adjourn* inp counties, that they havcjuKt completed a FIRST CLASS RAILWAY, and arc 1 prepared to haul out vessels of any size and will REPAIR, CAI’LK. A*..Vn the most reasonable terms. Prompt attention to a ! work, andquirk dipatch will he given in all eas4g. The Railway is situated about a quarter of a mile from Leonard Town on a fine oyster creek, where wc will aKo build SCOWS. I*OATS, or VESSELS, if required, on the lowest'terms HARRIS, NOR HIS & FOX WELL. July 10th 18G0—tf. nriM. j. s iconicurs. oco. p titoma J. 11. II A II D EST V , HEIM, KICODKMI S A CO. IMPOUTERS AND DF.ALKIES IN 1 rasKMioifmc, lira. *r Err.ui ursokipii< x, NO. 383 HA LTIMORE ST. HAL T1 MOp E . > March Ist |gi,o—if. VALUABLE MAXCFAI TllilXG PROPERTY ?W ?iIE valuable property, kiu*v. Ir a? C’LIF- M TON FACTORY aid OKIST MILL water pow*:rb situated on the Head Water* d St. Mary’s river it. Saint Mary s comity. [HE, md embracing about three hundred and itty acres of land, is <*flerd nt Private Sale. Phis pro)rrty has on it a sTOHF. HOI’SF, viiicli is a g.ssl stand for business, HOTEL* KI.I.INOS, \Vorkbh>)<s. Ac. 'J'he pru ►erty will be sold on accomnexlating terms. 'or furl.her particulars, apply t- - , THOMAS W. (JUCGII, JO. FORREST, Leotard Town V. q Xuv. 15th, igco—ll. IAECEWKOT.TFAMJ AXI> tM.L axp nv.VTv;/; tmrGoous FOH CASH ONLY . ! H A>IILT<IN KASTKJr a CO : ' fm 2Mi and:>o3 Minwrt r,cct ( IIA]/n.\K)IiK. Tin VO rr w store, nnd nr? mmnanilf j 'Ni V. iNTKi; hi: V-Ccoh. 0 * article* from the | (wwt to (i j e f hiphct pne*. m cverv depart, lunt of the ■ trad*. * V'i 1 f r* r, *eukir atfonti-m to ,'fort or .'.'oo.K for farmer* and rlanter* use. stir!, a* J an] 0 1 Fulled fl-tV Pciiiicurinry I’U I.lcy- md r,„on..* V-rvanis ];i:.n]t. t>: 1,-:nv 1 an( j ft ‘ ir*" ! " V T : o r'!* U ' r ™ and . ooj J ami .wde.d <>v. rv thine* re •juirr.l b\ an imiiiiUiul. family, o. vants u>o. IMPOKTTNti ANh ITKCIIASINa i “on the most advantageous lerms,** and SJ.'LUXa FOKCASU (/XL V. i r.v AM* lIKTAH.. T,e are i-ttaMed *o mark c:r goods at sow I. P r ‘ c '’* a‘ will make it the interest of all 10 deal With us. An oxaininatio of our stock hy P‘*r>ni)j visiting lialtiiuore t o make purchases is invited. ' £ept. IDth, 1801— Cw. T I/JtL'S/IJXC \/A( 'l/1 XL'S. I Uvp for- MV til Triple ihar*l Ihrsr /Wfr \V. \V. A h-M Thttrkrr rith Straw Cart Ur ■ 1,,r machine n warrant.;-! render wuif- u .. tion to all purchaser*. Tin j.iie*. ~f |„. r . o power. ."0 inch Tf-rde, and Straw-farricr •Miverni at any wUn i„ St. M ar y* O omi'\* Fanue.s ars Iniii.-I fo oil! a t „ lV Store in la*<! I 'ii ai.J . x.m in*-this Thr r. Ik Li.O. M’AUMNc/. .lure 2sth, IS.-O—tf. r<n cor Mv ru:i:Ksiiip. Th.- frie..! Of liAXir.l. T. MnIUiA.V ~rcs ent 1.1.1. to the i. ~f Sr M o v's cm;,' V W “, a,C *’ r <>,k ~f *’ireuii C.„rf a . fl, |' m **• ~" l -!:•*. Uh. claim, l IIKJ .donate , nns'di ratloji. No.. I'fj.h, I''.'?. J o!-! C d'NTY rrj /.*K. I amwmM. n-viell u> a car..?; ! s t, for C!e,k •*. he ( ,ret„! Con; I f,r M.uvV c-amts ;*. 1 T’ t l ,rr | ,, ; n -v -‘lh-il tin- m-j of , lt y ii.s • Is ami ti.i j-i. 1-iir. ! t.Kt-Ktii; il. HKJjUKUr. NOTICE. Wr.,r.|rrsi,_.d 1..-s leave to informeM, • fj-M-ntN j ; * e f ~ S • - V - ! *• !, ‘ !•' '-nar-l T-.w ~on ru . o 0,1 i’*J-'rKs.MnniNt;. ~rS IC..N- ANI-mVlvk KS ~" ,U •' n,,rl "••-n Work Of all .1,-srrii s.irh as rejaij ji,. (j;m /;J (| M K •' u * vs ( i: rs. w ,\(.o\ s’ Mo .Sh sJlo[;i\ (l r,\i:m \ Vu |;k ~f .-,.1* in i,: iil .\l !.|;s. Til I(.\SH I PS 1 e Slw-p. to- f! -. Us t ha, 10-. M,, ,|., nf(V A ■ iU,i Work from uk,...,}|, i„ mi mr j“r ....-I -I. r.0v.i...1,„ N-w ais ai.-l ( r,P 'n- a, . r t u an.i shop in p'uee. IJOK.sJ.s 'I •• m- i * •iami:s \. mtathrax •C 11 }2 1. i* ((_ If. NOTICE. Afd. persons il'.sh.i.i I. -•„ mMI,irate ’fn me ,y -llrr. u ill ir . , i, ~, , „ r . •sj or.rl r .-. hy marlro I'or I l oha, e. I ‘i.zri* * ’oillity. M or hv n. a ,.,,-r Si ,\ M | O J., X . 3 ( ’ i r:.iui .Charles eon H M : „ . vv T. i'AMCukli,. he >. Irl. I /t/ssftLrr/ox or , yj./m ,v rxn:. | sum ; 'IMIK ropartnrrship l.ei.n-f-.r rxisline ka twren the un-I- m-h<-I. mn!. r !i-.- fun, Mini style of I/*.ie!i lari,, t t j N ] lls ,| ;)V ,j 1< _ r-.lvr-l l.y imitiir! r S m-M. Ail p rsons in! t.. tie law firm nr<* !. r.i.i r. .jm-sti-i) e.-n,*- forward and s. ..le il„ i r ii. 1. la, J,., nitii.-m delay, Ihloer party is an! ;iz.--! t-> 1 !-• Mil I-.1 i'Ui-inc.'.' •• f 11,,- nifi, " m. r. i.i \ni f i*: n h. ui:i:i;j:ht •Sej.f. 2nth. h*r,j-{f. i WANTED. r r!IK wishes to i.,j V n lot o ITKI’IA VO! NO NFoKoks. ~f for w! . h the liij.ut mark?! ph-.s *jU h- paid. w-isliiK” foMdl. u 2,0 time rtofc R*:t ilm iijr hi.-j-i.-nt t -nr fiw.-n<.'h the B’olttheo ..| the Smt.. wd. have tie- r orders pn r. plly rreponflnll- .hi r.dflressii,- ALI.TN s. DOhsKv" '*• F-l;.2nd, Ifcro -1 f ROBKKTSON & HUISCOK, tt. P H MII.FS, at nr? OLD BTAXD. I 4'3. W. PRATT STRr.TT H A f.TIMOKK, HK8 1 f.cTr! I.fA offer thiir s.-riires a, ajf r,t>. f. r the ►!. ~f TOHaCCO (Hi AfX and all ktr.ils of FHOItI’CE, plcrlp inu their unl.rinc cfh.its to ron-ier s.iti-*£aeti-n to all w-no may patrortse them. 1 Ahern! ad vanrrs n.ndr or '•rr.M£nnent, Match C2nd. lii*'A , if. LIMK AND FKKI) S fOKK Nc. d Hollinfivoit! St- BaltiL.cre. un. n. yiokimlA. (.S! ? (;ctssr-R TO JOHN (JEAN \ ) WHOT.rSAI.r AM* RFT4 'A OfALEKf IN IdHiff llric !••> Iliiir. i mini I, CAI.CIXKI* ri.ASTI.Ii, Corr, Oatf. Corn Meal.Chrp-Rye, Mill Feed, 4c. lh<.‘2Z:\ ItJ- ly.

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