Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, April 3, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated April 3, 1862 Page 4
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s --——a.' i ■ ■—■ BUILD ER'S %lATEI ALS The undersigned would reaj*ctflly call tli .Mention of the t’ublic ■• their Urge assort mentor DOORS, ULLYDS, SASH, DOOR FRAMES, WINDOW FRAMES, WASH hoards CAS isos, mouldings, MAN TLES, end even- description of Honse Build ing materials, which they have eminently oo hand, and which they can furnish at the abort mi notice. * - They are also prepared to furnish at the (shortest notice PBAME WOBK fer Country Houses, Collage*. and suburban lle-ddencc*, according to any plan or design, all ready fitted to be put up on their propon ed site*. Farmer* and other*, deirirone of building iu the country, would find it to their advantage by giving us a call before purchasing else where. a*? we arc fully prepared to execute work on the most reasonable terms. And the advantage*, which we offer iu preparing a!l the materials that may be necessary in con structing a house, will be found to save the Builder a great deal of vexatious delay and expense. ,* ffaßT AII orders left at their office or ad dressed to them by mail will meet with promt* and satisfactory' attention. MAIJGHLINA JOHNSON, Steam Plaining Mill and Sash Factory, j East Falls Avenue, near Trait Street Bridge; ■Warehouse No. 56, Tratt street, Next d.or to Penn & Mitchell,Bait. Md. April 19th, 1860 —ly. rmr.z jaz >■■ ■ Tiu = j I CHAIR AND FURNITURE; ESTABLISHMENT. WE. ANDERSON, Aoi. 10 &1 j • Second Street betveen Frederick Sire and Marsh Market Space, Baltimore. Having the largest Ware rooms and best assortment of Cabinet Furniture in the city, is prepared to sellevery article in his line upon the most liberal and accommodating terms. Having had a long experience in this line tf business, he Hatter* himself that he can com pet**, as to excellenceol material,beauty c-i workmanship and range ot prices, with any establishment of the acrl iu this or any other city. His general stock embraces a full ami complete assortment of Parle* Chairs, Sofas, Jb>clcing Chairs, Spring Lounger, Chamber Suits, liar room. Office and Dining Chaim, French Tele a-Tetes, Settees, Ann Chairs, Mai tease s. Looking Glasses. <fr., of every va riety and description, lie has also on hand Boisteads of his own manufacture, which can be put up and taken down in two min ute*. Persons from 3(. Mary**, winning to purchase Furniture, are requested to call and examine his Stock belore buying elsewhere T> sure to find the right place Nos. 10 It I*2 Second Street—Warehouse with 80 lee front and 8 large doors. August llih l#sjt—lv. OENTjSTRY. PERSONS needing the service* of n firrt ralo Dentist will do well to cm plow Dr. J. RANDOLPH WALTON, who in tends locating himself iu the village of I.con ard Town. Order* addressed to him through the Leonard Town Tost Office will receive prompt attention. Hi* terms are cash. Dr. Walton has had considererable experience in \ hi* profession, is moderate in his charges, and J lias invariably given satisfaction to those who | have employed him. To givo the readers of the Beacon soma idea of the standing of Dr. W. ns a PRACTICAL DENTIST, the fol lowing letter, addressed to him by Dr. Niuian Pinkney, U. S. N., is appended : U. K, Naval Acadfmv, Avkapoi.T*. Maryland, April 21, 1855. Dear Sib;—lt give* me great plasure to express the confidence I have in your skill as a Dentist, and to recommend you, as far as I *have influence, to the patronage of tha Public. I I have had an opportunity of witnessing your mode of operation. Atm have no hesitation in affirming that it exhibits your thorough knowl edge of you profession. 1 am, sir, very respectfully your obedient servant, KINIAN PINKNEY, Surgeon C. S. N. Dr. Rakhoi.pii \V altos, Annapolis. April 4th, 1861 —tf. LUMBER j shingles:! FLORCNC, AC. j WE invite the attonlion of our friends an consumers, genet ally, in St. Mary's an adjoining counties to onr extensive assort meu of seasoned BUILDING MATERIALS. Ail parties contemplating the erection Dwelling,Barnes, fkc., will find it greatly their advantage to give us a call, as we cm •ell at lowest rates for cash or Negotiable pau per. Doors, Frames, Sash, &c., furnished at Mill prices. . Orders filled for Bricks, Lime, Hair, Nails, Ac. No Wharfage charged on Vessels receiving Lumber from our Yard. CARSON, ZIMMERMAN. & CO., West side Union Dock, Norfolk Boat Wharf March 20rb. 1860—tf. NOTICE. ALL persona indebted to me fur taxes fur this year will please come forward ami settle the same to me, or Capt. J. J. AlLtan m thirty day*. If not settled iu thirty day s from date, 1 shall be compelled through ne cessity to collect by law. m CEO. M. BOIIANAN. Col. of 2ud, Ihst. Not. Slat, 18C1—If. Will practice in St’. Mary ’aaudtkcadivialr| flK7ioth UM. I NOTICE TO CKEDITORS. NOTICE is hereby given :ha the subscriber has ob'tfined froo tie Orphan's Court Jf St. Mary** county in Marylatd. j levers of admoi: -Irtuion oo the personal j estate of JOHN TAYLOR, late of said county, decease J. Alt persons having ! claims against the vaid deceased arc hereby ; warned to exhibit the same with the proper vouches thereof, to the mibarriber, on or before (he 18 day of July, |W62, otherwise they may lie excluded by law from all benefit of the said estate. Given under my band this Kkh day ofJanuary, 1862. JAMES If. ALI’EY, Administrator. Jan. Ifith, 1852—4 w. j ; rnsm^rn^ j DAN AWAY fn*m the sulwcrilier, living *•* near tbc village of CHptico, a few days since, a free negro boy narm-d HENRY JONES, whose’time 1 recently bmght of C. jC. Baily. I learn that he is in the lower part of the county, probably lurking about Jutland, I the property of H. O. S. Key, where he has relations. All persons are foiewarned against i harboring or employing said negro boy. He i u rather black, stoops a good deal, and has an 'awkward way of expressing himself. He is hi-onx 20 years of age. had on when he left a 1 good suit of eh>t h<*s of w h to fill, cloth and a black hat. I will gire the al*ve reward for his apprehension awl delivery t>* me. JOHN A. BURROUGHS. , Jan. Sib, 1862—3 w. j I mgmmmmmmm _ __ ■! ■■■■■ ■ I .'P j I FOUNDED 1852 CHiatERtD 185 LOCATED COR. or BALTIMORE A CHARLES Sr* 6xLTiioßr., Mn. I'ht Largest, Mott Elegantly Furnished and Popular Commercial Cvllegi in the United Slates. Designed Expmsly for'-Young Men] Desiring to obtain m Thcrevgh Practical Bus I ness Education in the shortest possible lim ■ and at the least expense. A Large and Beautifully Ornamented Circu lar, containing upward* Six Stuart Fcr.r, with Specimen of Penmanship, nod a Large En graving (the finest of lhe kind ever made in this •ountry) representing the Interior View of the • College, with Catalogue slating terms. Ac., will be sent to every Young Man on application, : free of riiarge. Write immediately and yon will receive llu j package by return mail. Address i E. K. ROSIER. Haitiir.oi'e MJ. . January 241 h, 1861—lv. i > i ___ , .. . PETITION FOR THF BEN EG IT OF THE \ j INSOLVENT LA It’S OF MAR Y LAN I) , Circuit Court f< r St. Mary’s (a*,. } 1 } March Term 1861. j ORDERED by the Cunt that the Creditors of JAMES A. MORGAN, a petitioner 1 ! for the henellt of the Insolvent Law s of Ma ,: ryland. le and appear bcfoie the* Circuit Court [i for St. Mary * County on ♦ itc third Monday | of November next, to show cause, if any they 1 have, why the said James A. Morgan, shall i not have the benefit of the said laws: provid ied a copy of this order be inserted iu the St I Mary's Beacon once a wed for three month before the said third Monday in Novembc next. By order. JAMES T. IU. A HISTONE: C’h rk. July 25th, 1861—fcm. THE commissions for county officers elec ted on the sixth day of November Inst were received and filer in inis Office on the . 22nd November, ultimo. The Constitution j requires all persons elected to office, receiving ( a commission from the Sialv, to qualify within | thirty day’s after the rommissiou i filed. JAMES T. BLAKISTONE, Clerk. Dec. sth, 1851 —tf. THAI). K. I’REUSS, Attorney anil Counsellor at Law, And General Agent for Claims, WILL xtttond to the collection of all claims against the General Govern -1 ment. All communications addressed to me I st Leonard Town will meet with prompt at tention. Jan. 9th, 1862—if. N 0 Y I C E. j' E. LEO SPALDING returns his thanks to i hik numerous customer* fur the liberal patron- I age he has received from them, and pledges ‘ himself to keep a CHOICE STOCK OK | GOODS always on hand, which will be sold very low for cash or its equivalent. E. LEO SPALDING. , April 2nd, 1880 j April slh, iß6o—-Iv 1 1 ! NOTICE. | i FOR THE PA TVXKNT RIVER l i FAIR HAVEN AND PLUM POINT. I mffrx ON and after WED * i A, KESDAY', Jan. 22nd, 2, the Ste.*.mer Plan tvr w jjj her wharl | every WEDNESDAY MORNING at hall ft past six o’clock for the Patuxent Biver. Ke -1 turning, will Lave Hill’s Landing every • Friday morning for Benedict, leaving Ret e i diet every Saturday murniug at 6 o'.vlock foi i Baltimore. (Jailing at ail the usual landing* ! on the River, also at Flutn Point uud K-ii Haven, going and returning. M. L. WEEMS. r Jan. 30th, 18C2—tf. I j! BJSSOLI’TIOX O ; CO-PA RTNERSIH P- TOWS. ) Jan Lt, 1862. j 'pHE GO-PARTNERSHIP hervtolore cx > Lung in the Cigar Manufutlury of Mor gan, Jsmiscn A Co., is this day dissolved with mutual cuosent by the uudu.-igt.ed, patinora iu iuiercsu All for*ur>s imii-btrrj to Ike firm will please settle with P. A. Jamisou, who u authoriaed to receipt ia full. . J.KKLIX MORGAN, B. A. JAMISON. Jan. 9th, 1862 21, ■ ■■■ >- Ml' ■ WAHTID. \ TET AN'TF.D • TKACH EH f<r Primary j | * * Scteol No. 2 U r the sar 1H62. He ■ f must te ra pubic of teaching ifc** usual English r branches and be af g*ot| moral character. — ■ Tenet ter cf middle or advanced age pre r ferrod. Addr©*. ’ JAMES L. LANGLEY, |f JOHN 11. HOLMES, 1 ' WJi; McKAY, JOSEPH RICHARDSON. Si." P. 0 Jan. 30lh. 1862—41. * i- : i ; NOTICE OF DIVIDEND. ’ , OK appliffllk.n of M. M. Hayden and Geo. jj Fred. Ma*ld<>x. administrators of George , Haydn, late if St. Mary’* county, deceased. ( Iti* oidrrcd by the Court, that the said ad ministrators notify the creditors c f the said drcristsl, to Git their claims against the said elect- .sed, in the Register of Wills’ Office on or before the loth day of May, 18f;2. f.r div- i ! j idets l, and that this order be published in the St. Mary’s Beacon, once a week, until the said* ; • loth of Ma\, 162. J. T. M. RALEY, , j Register of W ills, • of St. Mars’s comity,Md. Feb. 18th, 1862-Bm. j notice. ! V|HIE undersigned has just received a large j * supply of Ladies PARTY and BALL! i Goods consisting ol White and Colored Tarletons, I Ladies white Kid Slippers j 1 Ladites White Kid Gloves, Src. See. Also, . i Gents White Kid Gloves, Gents Fancy Neck Tics, ; Gents’ Fine Shirts, and Collar*, Arc Arc. E. LEO. SPALDING, Leonard Town. ! January 3rd, 1861 —tf. FOR SHERIFF: * PHILIP H. DORSEY, thankful to his 1 friends and die public for die support he re ceived at the late election offers himself as a candidate for sheriff and solicit*: the vote* ; ’ ' of h,s fellow-citizens of tic. Mary’s county at ; * I the next election. J 1 Nov. 2ls-, IdtiL , j HARRISON EDWARDS, offers himself , to the voters of St. Mary’s County ns a can didate fm Sheriff at the next election, t Nov. 21st, ISGI. A CARD. Doctor orsTAvrs canter, having located himself in Charlotte Hall, respect , idly offers his professional set vices to the pub- * lie. Ills office is that fornierly occupied by Dr. J. F. Shaw, where he rati always be , found except when profession ally engaged. i ’ Rkkerknck.—Samuel Chew, M. D. Pro-! r | of Principles and Practice of Medicine ( •! in tie University of Maryland. I j March 7th ISGl —10m. I LUMEBH NOTICE. BURNS & SLOAN return their sincere thanks to the Farmers for their libera! ! i patronage for the year pa.-t. Their •'took 1 j • LUMBER is larger than ever and better a- . sorted; and we are determined to offer great .'inducements to cash buyers. Apply at the corner of Eutaw and German streets, or at 132 Light street Wharf. BURNS & SLOAN. Baltimore, Md Feb. 2nd,l SCO— FOR CONSTABLE. j J. EDWIN ABELL announces hj.nself ns a : candidate fr Constable in Leonard Town Dis i trie at the election in 1563 and nsk the sup ) poit of his friends and fellow-cicizens. Nov. 26th, lufii* ALBERT TREGO. J.S MOR'iAM TREGO &. MORGAN. PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, fP j 1 And Wholesale Dealemn LIQUORS AN D CIGAR S ! N 0.37 CHEAPSIDE, near Pratts t., i ’ j BALTIMORE i > | $3- Every description ol count:) Picduc j j entrusted tc ouicare will reciiv tstr.c ta : 1; tion. j Apn 18th ,1858 —11. |sun mswA'juxi. STOLEN from my stables in Meilley’s Neck, near Leonard Town, on Wednes day the 13ih instant, a blight Sorrel M..rc, with fluxed mane and tail, medium size, stout ly built and idiom 12 years of age. I have ! been intormed that an animal, answering to • , the above description, was ridden past Char | lotto Hall ou the 14th, by a negro man, and, from his description, I am satisfied that he is ; the parly that stole the mare from my stables. ’ I The negro is 6 feet C inches ia height, thin ; j-1 faced, of a dark cbesnut color and about 40 ! I j years of age. He rcpiescnted himself, when _i in my neighoorhood, to be free, but 1 have learned since his departue that he I* supposed ■! 1 to be a runaway *Uve and probably stole my i j marc with a view of reaching Washington or i i s*>tn? otie of the Federal encampment* in • Charie* County. 1 will give the ateve re-j ■ ward for the. delivery of the stolen animal,! * or literal compensatiou for information lead- i i it:g to her whereabouts. EDWARD DOWNS, _ Leouard Town, P. O. * Md. Nov. 21st, 1861—tf. -i PROFESSIONAL 1 l *i WTE R. CHARLES COMBS, having lo “ I cated himself at the GREAT M ILLS for the purpose of practising

his profession can always bo found at the 1 residence of J. J. A Hsian, Eeq., when not professionally engaged. j I Jan 2nd, 1802-tf. • ——A—■ mmmsm ae i LUMBER. SHINGLES. LATHS, BRICKS. LIME, HAIR. | SASH. DOORS and SHUTTERS, i FOB •!•, t ih.ry hurtwtfria tor CASH j J or APPROVED credit. Be*w i i n g. call and see us at the corner of Kutaw | and German Streets or at 132 Light SKrcel ( I Wharf, Bahi more. Md. 4 „ BURNS ft SLOAN. March 21 at 1861—tf. ( NOTICE. |j DR. WILLIAMS. BLAKISTONE, har ing located in Chapticn, offer* his pro fessional service* to th I‘ublic, and can al ways be found, when not professionally en- | gagcih at Boswell’* Hotel. I also rctuia my ; thanks to my friends in the neighborhood of St. Clemcat’s Hay fur tketr former patronage, and will always be happy to wait oo them | at the shortest notice. Nor. 28th, 1861—if. . * - • ' - ' ' ) PROFESSIONAL. DR. j. R. TIIOS. BEEVES has located at “WHITE PLAINS,” about a mHe | from the village of Chapticn, and resjiectfully . offers his professional services to the public. , 'He will devote himself exclusively to the i practice of his profession. Jan. *Glh. 1862—tf. NEW FALL AXD WINTER GOODS HE undersigned has just returned from the X City with the largest,sno best selected stock of FALL,and WINTER GOODS ever offered to thecitizens of St. Mary’s County, consisting* • n part, of very superior quality of Heavy Goods fur Servants’ clothing, at the most moderat" prices—also Boots and Shoes of the most sub* ttantial make, and best material. Besides Cloths* Ciissimeres, vestin'* and all kinds of fine dress , Goods, tor Ladies and Gentlemen—s carefully ! selected, and well assorted stock of ready made, clothing,manufactured expressly to order, and a | ; variety of articles ofalmusi eveiy kind no where ; else to be found in the county. He respectfully so- i | licit* u mil from those desiring to purchase, feel- | ; ing assured that his thorough acquaintance with ; ! the business, resulting from a long residence in ; thecity, will enable him to offer such induce- ; ments as willuefycoiufieiition. E. H. JONES, Clifton Factory. Septembej 27th ’?K0 —ly. NOTICE. THE Co-partncrshiy heretofoie existing under the firm of (NOTTINGHAM k \ HARDING is this day dissolved by mutual i consent. Wm. 11. Harding is alouc-author i ized tu settle the businoss of the firm. SAMUEL (NOTTINGHAM, WM. H. HARDING, i Jen. 1 lA6I 4vr. • Tht nnderwgr.fd, having Bought out the 1 Interest of Samuel (Nottingham of the firm ol 1 Cotlingham & Harding, will hereafter conduct the business in his own Name, —and he roon respect fully solicits :lc favor of the frivud. o the old Firm. WM. H. HARDING. j MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL WORKS TO THE FARMERS OF SI. MARTS —I would most ru£p*clfully call your at tention to my large assortment of IMPLE MENTS. 1 am manufacturing and pre paring a larger assortment of Agricultural fm- Yemenis than 1 have ever before offered lr he public —Horse Powers and Threshers, Wheat Fans, Corn Mills, Corn Shelters, Ploughs, Harrows; Cultivators, and mant other m tides to numerous to mention. I can supply the Farmer with every thing he may want. With regard to Horse Power* I would call particular attention to a finr lot of PEL TONS TRIPLE GEARED POWERS, to work with or without hand, which arc not surpassed in this or any ether market; and I most respectfully invite those who are in want of Machines to give me a call, as I fed confident that I can suit the pur chaser. I am making a CORN MILL fer grinding Corn at Home. This is a good Mill, has teen tested and pronounced so by expe , rienced judges. To this 1 ask 3*our spe ! cial attention. I tender you my sincere thanks for the ( kindness heretofore shown me aud beg a con j tiiraauce of your favors, determined to make J ; a strong effort to please ail who give me their i • custom. Orders will prompt alien- | j tion by being directed to WILLIAM H. HARDING, 150 Pratt street Wharf\ Baltimore, Md. Feb. 7ih, 185 *—ly J DISSOLUTION OF CO-PARTNERSHIP. | FIT HE late dim of Simms <£ Maddox *ts j X- this day dissolved by mutual consent, j Persons indebud to ns are hereby notified to 1 come forward and settle with George A. 1 Simms, without delay, as he is authorized to ! settle the business of the late firm. GEORGE A SIMMS, JOS. H. MADDOX. Sept. 3rd, 1861—tf. BUSINESS NOTICE. i rp HE undersigned, having purchased the | X interest of Sinus* & ‘Maddox in the I Mercantile business, will continue to sell at j the old stand, and solicit a continuance of the < • very literal patronage extended to the late ; | firm. They will keep constantly on hand a, i good assortment of goods, and will >II on 1 ! such terms as cannot fail tu please (he oki I j cmtooitrs of the house aud the public gen- ; crally. GEORGE A. 8c F. X. SIMMS. Leonard Town, Md. September 12th, 1861—tf. WANTED j TO HUY or HIRE 10 or 12 likely ; NEGRO MEN aud WOMEN, for which the market prices or wage* will be given. i Al*o, FATTED CATTLE can be sold for the bo-t market prices by applying to or addressing, * t JO IT. MADDOX. I } Leonard Town P. 0. • , Jau. 2nd, 18U2—tl. * HBH ■■■- ■ , g— the SAINT MART’S FEM.IIS SEMIXAHV THE matt annual afo wUI cbm cm SATURDAY, the 15th of ***** bar. under the direction ol Mm* LOTIT LEIGH, as Principal . as*rated by a mp of f£rini and aaparienced Taacnara. Tha course of instruction iaaa thorough as at any other institution in me country, and at less than half the usual expense. The scholastic yeat is divided iat* two term* of fire months caeh. Cb*rffr, per terms ptfaMf In advance: oral) Ihe branches of a there ugh English education, including Board, Tuition, Washing, Fuel, lights and Bedding, $78.00 Stationery, 2.6€ Tuition for day pupils,including fuel, 21.00 urstm iiisciu: French, 14.0<> Music, with the oee of Instruaiant, 20.00 T )rawlngand Painting, exclusive of materials, 0.00 Painting in Oil Colors,exclusive of materials, 10 00 For furtheriaffirmation, or fer Oirculara, apply to the Principal, St. I argues PoiJ Office, Saint Mary’s Countv, Md. C. BILLINGSLEY. President of the Board or Trustees. August 16th, 1080—tf. PATUXNT RIYERLAHD rox SAL E. IF not sold at prirata sale before SAT- ViKDAY, October the 20th, 1860, I will 1 offer at public sale, in the village of CHAR-1 LOTTE HALL, on that day. the FARM \ on which I now reside. TU* Farm is situated on the Patuxent Hiveir, adjoining the lands of Mrs. E. L. Thomas snd Maj. James Collins, aud con tains ONE THOUSAND ACRES OF LAND. Persons w ishing to purchase land of stipe l nor quality, where good health and all the ’ delicacies of the watsr are to be had, are | requested to call and examine the premises. Steamers, to and from Baltimore, pars this .land every day. | This Farm will be divided ai.d sold ir. ’ three parts. ! Terms made known on application to th* | 'undersigned, and pos*cM*on will te given on: the first dav of January, 1861. ’ W. J. CARTWRIGHT. Charlotte Hall. I*. 0., Saint Mary’s Couatr, Md. j Avgust 80lh, 1860—If. ~ BUR DUE SIBIL, : I TKK Misaea Cu?tijfin having reciired the ; | * terriers of an experienced Music teacher will receive a limited number of young lathes for ti o scholastic year brgtmdng Ut Sept. TERMS PAYABLE HALF YEARLY IN ADVANCE. Board and Tuition in all the I ranches o r an Ergliidi Education per annum £l5O [ Music Vocal & Instrumental $lO per qnar. j Kretwh 5 ** Italian 6 ** Sp*ni.*h 6 “ Drawing and Painting in Water Color* ft ** Oil Painting 10 “ ’l’ho utmost attention will te paid to the health snd comfort, snd every effort made to advance the moral and intellectual culture of their pupils. Address SUMMERSEAT Oakville P. O. i SI. Mary’s Co. | August Ist, 18d if. NOl ICE. THE undersigned wish to inform the people of Saint Mary’s snd adjourn ing counties, that they have just completed a FIRST CLASH RAILWAY, and arc prepared to haul out vessels of any site, aud will REPAIR, CAULK. Ac., on the most reasonable terms. Prompt attention to all work, and quick dispatch will be given , in all cases. The Railway is situated about i a quarter of a mile from Leonard Town on ' a fine oyster creek, where we will also : build SCOWS. BOATS, or VESSELS, if ‘ required, on the lowest terms I HARRIS. NORRIS & FOX WELL. July 19th 1860—tf. j. KicoDcxra. oeo. p. Tiros a J. 11. H A UDESTY, WITH. HEIM,KICODEMUB AGO. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN FHISV & DOMESTIC I nm j UPBTKUT OEKCKirTIeK, j NO. 888 BALTIMORE ST. BALTIMORE. March Ist IB6o—tf. VALUABLE MANUFACTURING PROPERTY , ;p&Ui SA'Jt'Ji. j THE valuable properly, knewn as CfJF TON FACTORY and (iRIST MILL! (watfi* povitr), situated on the Head Water* ■ of St. Mary’s river in Saint Mary’a county. Md., and embracing about three hundred and fifty acres of land, i* offered *t Private KaV. This properly has on it a STORE HOUSE, which is a good stand for business, HOTEL,, DWELLINGS. Workshops, ke. The \*u- pcrly will be sold or. accommodating terms. Fur ftwrtter particulars, apply ta. THOMAS W. GOCGD, JO. FORREST. Leocar l Twwn P. *o j Nnr. Utb. 1866— tf, ULJ.a ... - ...r— — 1 arge wholesale and MJ RETAIL STOCK OP FAIL AND WINTER DRYGOODS . ROn CASH ONLY. * HAMILTON RASTER A CO.. Nos. 190, 2ul and ‘2OB Unit i more BALTIMORE. Ht* now in store, and are constantly tdding tberern. a large and varied stock of FA LL AND WINTER DRY GOOltt. embracing arihi.c* from die lowest !• th highest price, iu every department of ike trade. Would rail particular attention to their rtoelt of Goods for farmers and planters*- ass. such a* S-4 and G-4 Fulled Cloth; Penitentiary Plaid Linaeys and Cottons; Servant*’ Blankets; hoary Blotched and Brown Cottons; Oanaburgs; Canton and Wool Flannels, and indeed every thing re quired by an individual, family, or for ser vants* use. IMPORTING AND PURCHASING “on the most advantageous terms.” and SELLING FOR CASH ONL I’, IT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, ve are enabled to mr.rk our goods at such price* as will make it the interest of all to deal with ns. An examination of our stock by persons visiting Baltimore to make purchases is invited. Sept. 19th. ISGl—6w. THRESHING MACHINES. | have for sale the I'eiUm Tripie Geared fhrte Power and W. W. Din gee A (Vs fr**a Tkrcther, with Iteroinmj Straw Carrier. The machine is warranted to render satisfac tion to all purchasers. The price of 8 herso I power, 80 inch Thraaher and Straw-Carrier j delivered at any wharf in St. Mary's oouaty’ Farmers are invited to call at mv Store in Leonard Town and examine this Thresher t E. LUO. SPALDING. June 28th, 18ti0—If. FOR COUNTY CLERKSHIP. The friends of DANIEL T. MORGA K pre. sent him to the voters of St Murv’s countv ns a candidate for Clerk of the Circuit C.urt ai tho election in 1803, and .solicit to hid claims | a dispassionate consideration. Nov. 26th, 186 7. | FOR COUNTY CLERK. I announce myrelf as a candidate for Clerk j af the Circuit ( ourt for S.iiut Mary’s county, j * ' 1 aspectfu!!y suheit the support ol my fru ■* Is and the public. GKORGK 11. II HUBERT. NOTICE. I nrHW. undersigned Wga leave to informehis ; friends and the TuMic, lljnt he is still at I the OLD ST I •eoii.’mi I'oh t<, cam i: ••n HI. A CKMM(THING. GIN. I>/rK j .SMITHING, SHEET IRON AND STOVE WORK—in short, iron woik of all descrip tions. such as repairing CAR 111 AG 11$, BUG GIES. ROCKA WAYS. CARTS. WAGONS. HORSE SHOEING. FARM \Vt|;K of nil kinds; also REAPERS. THRASHERS and DRII.I.S. With Uixex|ericnre ul 11 yearsin a Machine Sh**p, he thinks that !.• car. •!> any i kind ( f R’arkeniith W..rk from a kneedle to an ! auehr. and on reason a hie terms. New Wag | ons and Cart* huilt cheaper than ,• in h - iat any other shop m this place. HORSES } SHOlil) at the shrrtesl notice. James a. M’cathran, lilacksioilh, January 21, l.S'.C— tf. DISSOL CTION OF CO- FAR TNER SHIF. i f IMIK copartnership hcreO>f<>r existing be i * tween the undersigned, under the firm ! slid style of I/each &, is this day dis | rotvisi by mutual Consent. All |M-rsons in | debit'd to the late linn are In rchy requeued to 1 come forward and settle their indel.tdiiess j without delay. Either parly i authorized to i settle (he business of the linn. WM. V. LEACH, OEO 11. HERBERT, Sept. *Stk. 1861—tf. NOTICE. ALL perrons wishing to communicate with me by I etter .will direr uneirror* ■ respondent by mmilto PoriTonaccurharhsi j county, Md.i or by < *teamr r Sst. .Nicholas, o Chappel Point .Charles >;ou nty , Md. WM. T. C AMPBELL. Fah. Srd, 1859 tl. WANTED. r T'HE subscriber wishes to buy a lot o * LIKELY YOUNG NEGROES, of both i sexes, for which the highest market prices will jbe paid. Persona wishing to sell, who may not j see hitnr during his present lour through the ! Sohthen counties of the State, will have their ’ order* promptly responded !••, by m!dressing— - ALLEN K. DORSEY, Woh>ug:ou, D. C. Fab. 2nd, 1800—If j ROBERTSON & BRISCOE, ‘, I AT MIS OLD STAND, U 9. W. PRATT STREET BALTIMORE, RFJSPF.CTFU LL> offer their services ac a stents, for the nit of TOJIACCO GRAIN, and all k-nda of fILODi'CT. pledg ing their untiring sift •its to render satisfaction to all who ma\ patronise I Win. Liberal ad v.incrv made * n comigninents. Msith 22nd. I*6o -if. LIMK AND F KED STORB He. a HollUnrort) St Baltin.ore. W.U. R. ,UOR.f.V. ' (SUCCESSOR TP ;pl> 111.' N i ) wholesale ixs atiAii. uealeje* nr Jaime, Brick*, Bair, inn nil, CAIATINED PLASTER, Oorr, OU, Corn Mal. Chjp-Rye, Mill Fet4,* B . D*cß3rd, I*B*—ly.

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