Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, April 10, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated April 10, 1862 Page 3
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by . thereto the following ntc tio* reUting to Partnership* taking out Li* WMW. Section. 1. IW it enacted by the Gene* AfstniMy of Maryland, That the follow inc s-tinD he and the same is hereby added I* the filty-MEth article of tlie Code of Public General Laws, to follow the eeeowd tectum liccw* may he olitained hr partner .faip* er firms, as well as by individuals ; but Jr ‘|i case*, the name* M all the partner* of . grin shall bo set f**rih in foil in the li *sc and no license shall protect any person ret ceding t<* net under the same, unless lie il named therein, or is entitled a* a reprmwu t live or assignee umler the provision herein- Iftsr iiaUlwd in U.i* article, aud the clerk the licensee,ahall enter up lle f Ucrurre, the fall names f ami Ho* nicinbers of a co-partnership to whom such license* i*- 2. And be it enacted, That this art *|.lll lake effect on the thirtieth day of April next AN ACT To amend the wrentielh section of the fifty, tilth Article of the Ode of Public Gene ral Uw, relating so Licenses fur Ordina ries. Section. 1. I* sl enacted by the General Ar vinblv of Maryland, That the seventieth t * c !i.,n ul the fifty-sixth Article of the Gale of I'ubli.- General Laws, relating to Lt -ousts (or Ordinaries la- and the same is hereby repeat* ~1, and the following enacted in lieu there- If any pera>n or L"ly politic shall propone li ojs-n or keep an ordinary ho shall apply to lhe of tin* CiPTili* Court of the county in v.hi. h -aid applicant may icside, ..r if he rr >ide* in tin* city l P.altimorT, to the G.urt of (\,mraoii for a license, nndr which liciuse spi.itiioiwor fermented hqiiorsor huger la-rr, may Is- bartered or sold in quan tities lc> than pint. • Sec, 2. And I* it enacted, 1 hat tins act tindl take effect on the thirtieth day of April next. AN ALP Tu amend the fortv-scrou.l seel ion, relating to the granting of Licenses to Trader-*, of Ar tide fifty-six of the Code of Public General | I aw*. j:. it enacted by the General Assembly j f ,J M-r 1 u.d, That the forty second section .f Article tiity-nx of the (’ulc of Public- Go- ea’ Laws, M-lating to thi* granting of Li. cases to Trndir*, l-e and the same is ht-p-l.y repeal*d, and the following enacted tt4 a mii lo( it tile tlu-rd'or. Sec 42. When any jktsou, body po -1.1 ic, or coip'-ratr, si ml I propose to sell cr Wrier any tiling nnnti->ned in the preceding section, except spirituous or l..rrHciilcl li quor*, he shall apply to the Clerk of the Circuit C urt of the county in which he mty reside, or if he resides in the City of Baltimore to the Court of Common I’lcaw tr a license thcrclor; but no lit en*e to trade, or to sell KpiritUuU* or fermented I uors shall U- issued by any clc. k- of a i-.uii t* a friiie-c.mrl, tr to any |K?rsHi t uder the age *l twenty otic, without the k|**cul order of tire Judge of titc court; hut no Jiitlgc shall give such special order t > is*t: lieensr to sell spirituous or fermcn t d liquors, Unless upon the recommenda tion of at Ica.-t ten respectable free-holdcr*, lenideiits of the ward or district wheroin the place of sals in iv be, and whenever any license shall Ik- isstt-d to a IrilliH-ovcrl, or tumor, tlir said feme-covert, or minor shall Iv n-iqionsiUe for all contract* math.- in the )io r utioli of their business Ulitler such li cense, and shall lx; liable to lie sued there fore iu any court* ul* thi* Slate ; and the *aid feme-coTrrt may lie Mini, or indicted aid pr muled iii cn; of a violation by her of the license- law* of thi* State, or in n*f she should keep a disorderly>, a* if she wi re a fume-sole; and, if judgment ho obtained against her on any contract, execution shall or may iwuc in the ordina ry way t>. affect her n-parife estate • provi ded, however. Iliat such res|*onsihility shall iu no manner affect <<r impair the reiqiusi l dily of the husband, or parent under the existing laws, ami that this act shall take vllecl uu the thirtieth day of April next. We certify that the foregoing act* are true copies of their respective originals, a* passed ■ I-y the General Asm mbiy of Mary land, at its! January session. ISG2 P. SNOWDEN THOMAS, thief CluiL of the House of 1 KdcgaleS, Md. C. SI A K WOOD, Secretary of the .Senate. r l lie aforegoing are truly taken hii*l copied from the laws recently received from the 1 Comptroller. TibiJAMES T. BLAKISTONK, Clerk. April 10th, 1862 —Cw. NOTICE To Traders. Keepers of Ordinaries and Other*- 7 l* A DEBS, Keeper* of Ordinaries and oth ers, are hereby notified, in pursuance of ti.e Act of AvH-iubly, iu *uch ca-e made and provided, to tak* out and renew their bICE-liSES between tSc Ist mid . 10th day Of Slay nest, s the law will be rigidly enforced againnt who neglect to comply wit i tlie provis i"i>s ot tin? Act ..I Assembly, passed at Janu ary Session, li>6B. Ihe law d.*.-> o.U authorize any person or )>er*u.i* to sell or bailer good*, wares and mer ‘ I'MiKiiz*, without first having obtained a Ll t LNSK from the (Jl. rk of the Circuit Court. By order of .butye Hrknt : JAMES T. ILCKISTUI\E, Clerk d the C. C. fur St. Mary’s County. April 10;h. Ibc2. TAILORING. THE undersigned ha* Wn.„ pi. lev of ItllytUTs* •criMs. He is thauklnl . f'-r the libe al patronage he ha* heretofore received and* a euntinuancc of In fv..r. Lu dug done at moderate rale* anJ at | •he aimrtcat Ui.lice. TiiOMAS I*. ABELL. Tailor, Leonard Town. April 10th 18C2.—11. TißTin mi. OFLVALUABLE REAL ESTATE. D? Tirfore f a dscree of the Circuit Court oTEon;L C l* r r? 7 ,1nl l r . "’Hirig n* a Court ?* krF,V ‘ e,1 * a " Tr ‘rtce, win offer at PWm S.| o ttt tho Court f[ n,*o d or •n I ort iolwcco, to the highest bidder on THURSDAY, the Stli of May next, (iffalr.Jf m.r therext fair day thereafter.) between the hoursc/ 12 m. and S o’chnrk, n m., all that tract or parcel of land called aild known by the name of INDIAN TOWN, containing five hundred acres, more nr lew of which J. Fergus* on Bruce, late of Charles County, dierl seize* 1 and )*r.eoFFrd. Thi* ia •übjcct to the right of dower of Ellen Bruce the widow. • baid land bind* on Nanjomny Creek, which i* navigable for bay crafts, is lieautiFnl. ly Afm dftiinMy lrntcil tan to wenorv oiul 1 lie waters have always l,oen fa mous Tor wild fowl and fish of the greatest abundance and finest varieties and meeting a j ready sale to dealers, who carry on an ex ten- ' sivn trade from that vicinity. The anil is in a high state of mltirttior, lc- f ing generally level or rolling and free from stone. It is well drained and enclosed, mid divided off in field*, of equal size by hemlock fencing. It is well adapted to the growth of Wheat. Grn, Tohacen, Clover and Timothy. The improvements arc a comfortable Dwel ling House, Intel. thoroughly repaired. Kitch in. Quarters, (iirn House, GBinaries, Stables, Carriage and Ice Houses and two large new Lams. It in not often a Farm containing bo many advantages is put In (be market. Per sons desirous of purchasing are iuvitod to iook for th<-inaelvo*. . The term* of sal;©, as proscribed by the de cree, arc, on<vtiiird t.f the purchase money ; thereof to lie paid in cash on the day of sale j ! ,r *'** Mlificatiou thereof, and the residue lin one and two years, in equal instalments, ; the whole credit payments to bear interest ■ f r * ,n * the day of sn lo and to be secured by the j b<*ml* of tbo purchaser with security to be approved by the Trustee. H|*on the Payment of the whole of the |.-<iirciiave money, the 'I ruati-e is authori/ed to convey all the right, title and interest of the parties to said decree in said real estate to the jmicbascr or pun baser*. B. G. HAKIMS. Trusti**. April r>tb, 18G2.—ts. AM TIFJCA TION NO TU 'K. Ann Howard \ In the Circuit CourJ * vs - z fr St. Mary’s county, ! W dliam F. Perry. ) sitting in equity. OIU>KKKI>, that the bale made and rc- j ported by George C. Morgan, trustee ' lor the sale of the real estate of Willi tin F , Perry, Lc ratified and confirmed, unless | cause to the contrary be shown on or be- ■ fore the 16lh day of June, 1802, provided J a copy of (hi* order be inserted in the St. Mary 1 s Beacon., once in each of three suc ecssive week* iiefurc the >aid Kith day of June, 186*2. The report states the amount of sales to be $:J000. JAMES T. BLAKISTONK. (Tlerk. March 27th, 1862. April 3rd, 186*2—3w. NOTICE. John J. Altaian A IntheCir- V 9. k euit Court for Sarah A. Crane and others) Saint Mary’s county, sitting in eijuity. fBIHK object of this suit is to prornre a ' ; JL decree for the sale of certain real | estate mentioned in the hill filed ju this case. The Bill states, that James Edward Crane died some time iu the year 1801, leaving certain real estate mentioned in said Bill, aud also personal property, aud I that letter* of administration thereon hud jln-cu granted to William Walts, of Saint j Mary's county, aud that the said personal . property is insufficient to pay the- debts j due and ow ing by the said James K Crane at the time of his death, that the said James E. Crane left as his heirs at law, William S. Crane aud Janie* P. Crane, his children, and his widow, Surah A. Crane, of whom the said James P. Crane reside* out of the State of Maryland. The bill prays for a sale of the seid real estate or so much thereof as may lie neces sary to pay such insufficiency of debts as j may be owing his creditors, after exhaust- 1 j ing the personal assets of said James E. Crane, in the hands of his administrator. It is (hereupon adjudged and ordered by the Clerk of the Circuit Court fer Saint MaryV sitting in equity, that the complainant, by causing a copy of this or der to be inserted in the Bt. Mary’s Bea con, published at Leonard Town, Md , ) once in each of three successive weeks he- j fore-the sixteenth day of June, 18(32, give , notice to the said Jasnc-s P. Crane, who is an absent defendant, of the object and sub stance of thi:* bill, and warn him to appear iu this Court, in person or by solicitor, on j or before the said 16th day of June, 18t2, , to answer the premises and show .jaase, it any he has, why a decree ought nut to ; puss as praye I. JAMES T- BLAKISTONE. Clerk. March 271 h, 1862. April 3rd, 18G2 —3w. NOTICE. A I.L persons are hereby forewarned from ‘ .iV nego(taring, pun-haring, t having any thing t. do with a promissory NOTE, drown by 11. M. ABELL in favor of G. L. Wise for the sum of twenty-five dollar?, dsitid in Au gust or SejrtTinl* r, 1861. Suid in>t was placed iu tli'ii hand* of W. G. Mi!i-r h r safe . keeping, and has bet-n lost or mb-placed. GEO no EX. WISH, t Feb. 3l)i h, 18G2 • March 141 th, 18C2—iw. YBWIAMBLET6IMI WAS aired by “Vermont Hamhlcto- ( nian, w (belonging to Messrs. No- Wee, of \ cnnont.) his dam by Marshall ' A ictory, g d. by HaswolT* Eclipse. ho by J-ong’s American Kclipv. he by OW j Kcitpse (llie three last thorough 8/W) — ’ er *iont flautbletonian was sired by North- 1 era IlambleUnian (belonging to Mr. Ifwr-' y eriuonl,) his dm by Comet by | Bishop Harobletonian. got by importetl * h'.ntrufffr. Northern II amhletonian was j alo sired by Bishop’* Haiubictonian by iin- | ported Messenger. It will thus i*e seen that Vermont Hum - . j o*** !; ire of Young Hambletonian) .* mure Miu nger WW tfvtn any Stull ion ! \“ ,0 3’ and all the Messengers and IL.m --• etonirms are gr. at trotters. The Eclipse W<kwl in ‘ Young nambletonian” should give him power and lasting qualities. Jlc will only be let to a limited number of marcs. He will stand at my Farm in Medley’s Neek on Mondays; At Leonard Town on Tuesdays; At Cbsptieo on Thursdays and the Fac tory on Saturdays. | reason will commence on tlie lt i | Tuesday in April and end on the Ist Sat (urday in July. j Terms in the season, out ! Insuiauee, £2(t. . .. „ J- IL MADDOX. Aprd 3rd, 1862—tcs. bMcklwl~ WILL stand for service this Spring— On Mondays and Tuesdays of; every week at J. F. Fenwick’s stables, j Leonard Town; On AV ednesdays and Thursdays of every week at the Great Mills; j On 1’ rid ays and Saturdays of every week , at St. 1 uigoes and the Ridge; Commencing on the Ist of April and i ending the l*t of July. Terms. £1(1, to be paid within the sca fon. or sin if not paid in the season. Insurance, §2O, to be paid as soon as the mare proves to be in fjal. Jo those * who wish to improve their stock of horses, cither for the turf, saddle or harness, Black Hawk is highly recom mended, as coming from a family ot horses of fine si/.o and stylo and remarkable fur ’ docility, wiih great life and action. Croat 1 care will he taken but no responsibility for accident or escape. Pedigree. Black Hawk was bred by Mr. Abraham Kriso, in Adams county. Pa., and will be eight years old this I Spring. He is of a rich black color and stands full sixteen hands in height. lie ■ was sired by Goliali grand-sire the Amer i Scan Eclipsy, which stock is well known in I America. Black Hawk's dam was got by I Foxliunter, grand-da in by Potomac, who , ; bred by Col. Thomas iStepinson in 1 | Bourbon county, Ky . who was sired by j : Old Pofonioc, of V;. F deem it unnecessary : j to (race bis stock further, as he will repre sent himself to all competent judges. JOHN K. HOLMES, Leonard Town, Md. April 3th, 1802—tcs. BEK BELT. BEN BOLT is an iron grey, sixteen i hands high, of easy carriage and of great muscular power, is very docile, is a fast trotter, performs well under the sad dle and also in double and single harness. Ho is nine years old this Spring, is a sure foal getter and has made several successful stands in Charles county, where bis colts are in the greatest demand. Ben Bolt was sired by Register, his dam a fine Emigrant mare out of Lady Clifton, one of the best saddle mares ever raised in bis county. He will stand the ensuing season, com mencing the Ist of April, at the following places on the days named bi-low : At Sassafras A Oak on Mondays; At lconard Town on Tuesdays; At Great Mills on AVedncsJays and I Thursday**; At thu Head of the Bay on Fridays; At George 11. Morgan's store on Satur days. He will be let to mares at the following rates : £lO, to be discharged by £O, if paid in the season. £lO iiisuruaec. 0U cents in each case to the groom Season to end the Ist of July. GEORGE A. SIMMS. April 3rd, 18(52—tea, —*—-- - - - - - A. TUEUO. J. a. MOUUAN. trego & iMOrgan, COMMISSION MERCHANTS AX l) WHOLESALE IX ‘ LIQUORS AND CIGARS, HAVE removed to No. 22 Co mourn *tre<t, one door from Pratt street, where they solicit a continuance of the for mer patrons of their Old Stand and the community in general. Their attention t will be given to the inspection of all To hacco, to the sale of all Produce consigned to their care, and to the purchasing of all goods on coni mission. April 3rd, 18(52—1y. THOMAS I. HALL, A C No. 143 AV Pratt tOBKKT >BLKLA.\D, V } Street, (opposite I F. WATERS HALL. ) ( Maltby House), j BALTIM O 11 E . tiigmasThaliaco., COMMISSION

MERCHANTS For tie s.le of TOBACCO. UKAIX and all kinds of FARM PRODUCE. Plaster, Clovorsced, Groceries, Ac., purchased on commission. March 20th, 18(52 6m. I r Tim SUE OF | UIUIUpiIES. BY virtue of authority vested in me. I trill w-ll as Irma re to Thomas 11. V*fmt4 h I the village of Chaptioo, j SATURDAY, 26th of April next, • . between Use hour* of 10 awl 12 n’cbrk, (he ■ personal pr- petty of said Thomas H. Payne, consisting of a negro woman aged about 18 1 named LUCINDA and child; also a negro girl named ROSE, aged about IS. . Terms of Sale cash. • DANIEL J. PAYNE. Trustee. March 27 th, 1863—ts in HOTICL 4 LL persons indebted to me for Iho year *■ 1861 f**r Slate and CtAmty Taxes will pbwie come forward and settle the same hy the Iftih 4f April nest. If not, I shall pro ceed to collect them according to law. C. 8. THOMPSON, (kdleotor 41h Dis. March 27th, 1862—td OVERSEERWANTED. i fIpHE undersign de>ir<- to cmpl<v. imrr.odi -1 I alely, a GOOD OVERSEER for his i farm in Medley's Neck. Addles*— JO FI. MADDOX, Leonard Town I* O j March 27th, 1862—tf I NOTICE TO CREDITORS. NOTICK is henliy given that ihe subscriber Iks obtained from die Orphans Court for Saint Mary’s comity, ni Maryland, Iriteis ot dminislintion, on liiepersonnl estate of diaries K. Gougli, cc of said co., deceased. All per non.i having claims against the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit t!ie same, with ihe proper vouches ihereof, to the subscriber, on or before the Ist of October, 1862, otherwise ( they may excluded !.y law from nil benefit of i l * !e s;l *d e.sinte. Given under my hands this 271 h day of March, Ibfi’J. MARTHA E. COUGH, . Administratrix. Mnrcli 27ih, 1862—4 w. MOTIVE TO CREDITORS. NOTICE is hereby given that the snl.seri beis have obtained from the Orphans’ Com t o'St. Mary’s county in Maryland, let ters ii| mlininisirnlioii on the [personal estate ■ i*f Perry Co.nbs, bttejnf said county, de censed. All persons having claims against the j said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same wiih tiie proper vouches thereof, to ihe | subscribers on nr before the Ist of October, 1 IHJ2, otherwise they may be excluded by law from all benefit of the said estate. Given under our hands this 27th dsy of March, 1862. HARRIET P. COMBS, G. M. BOHAN AN. Administrator*. March 27th, 1362—4 w. ELMSK oak” lmke WANTED. 2000 cords IiLAf ’ K OAK HARK want <-d, f'r which the highest market price will l>e pail. I’n-w-nt piict* £9 per cord fur a prime article. Apidv to JOHN 11. IIKALI), & Co., cor. of North and Madison U., or at Clic:pcake Mills, near the Draw Bridge, Baltimore, Md. March 20th, 1862—2 m. A gentleman to teach Primary School No. 23. in (’haptic:* District, f*r the present year, 1862, is wantt d. It is desirable that lie should he quahtieii to bach Lttin, Greek. French and all the ordinary branches ut an English cdiicaiimi. Ib-commcndations as to snorai standing will also lo reejnin-d. Ad-lr*ss. Board >f Trustcr-s of Primary No. 23, Milestown iVst Office. March 20th, 1862—4 t. NEW COOPS. WK are now mreiving our supplies of DOMESTICS FUR SERVANTS’ WEAR, coioiding of BLUE DENIMS, BLUE PEA IDS. OSNABI’KGS, 3-L T-8 and 4-4 CROWN t’O'ITt).NS. &c. f which vo idler to oik cii.-loiners very low. SIMMS & BROiIIER, March 13th, 1862. noun, uu it n. GROCERS COMMISSION ffiERCHIITJ, Ao. 143 Pratt stmt, 3c( door Beri of Light, opposite the Maltiy House. IMPORTERS OF FOREIGN LIQLORS, WINKS, BRANDIES, Gi.N, Arc. A large and select Dock of .OLD RYE AND BOI'KBuN WHISKEY always oi. hand. March 13th, 1862—1 y. CO LLECTORS NOTICE. PERSONS owing me Taxca for I Sol) are requcatcJ to pay before <*r uuring Court. Those failing, will have their property advertised. JOHN C. COMBS, Collector. March Cth, IS(S2 —tf. I CLAUDE MELNOTTL ! spills UndsmiM and thomigh-bml STAL- ! I 9 LION will commence Ids stand for tlic : ! year *m MONDAY* die 2ml Jav of j Apr I nest, lie b> a brisl.l lay, lwe.l by Mr. | 1 L*ng. owner V&wtmi, was s*l by Ibeldu mil j of Shinier hv IndiHtry. Laiiaa Semmea. hv I : Tl.oratmiV Butler. On*pjier, by Ogle** I (Near, Grey Dkmni—llall’t Unkm. TxuiJ- ‘ da*, fcwp. Olhclh., imp, (*-org** Juniper.' impt. Morton * Traveller, out of imp*. Sclima ly the Gtubdpldn Arabia *. From the above pedigree, it will l *een, t that Claude Melnotlu combine* more of the | Sir Archy U<*d in hi* vein* than any hor.*e j ww living. leing ib-sceudoil. through his sire ILe>ion ami gram) sire TumdiTO.dirrrtJy frm { j Sir Archy, and through Industry, sire ofShtr- j der. ami *m* **f tlie hr*t *nt* ard Sir Archy, again tliWMgh 13M>rnb*n** lUth-r. Ithe sire of Latisa Semitic*), another distiuguuhcvi of Sir Arrhy. By hi* g. p. dam Daisy Cropper, through her wre Grey Di*med. l.e it descended fmm impt. M'tlley.all hi* family beingdblingui*h cs? fr game and stontnes*. (Sarnie McliHitle n the sire of Cul. Bowie’s) fine colt, Ike Marvel, which ran in the Full of j *SO I*4h at Ixsnard Town and in •Virginia ' with success Tcmis. For l*b<*ded mares. £2O. to l*edis- i by Slo- if paid in the season. Kofi rntnnum marcs. £l2, to l*e rilschargcfl hy £B, • if paid in flic *t*as4i. tiruotu fie, 50 cent*. : For fnrfher parlictdar*. see baud-bill*, to lie | publiahctl i*ercaft(*r. J AS. R. THOMPSON. March ! 3th. 1862—les. WOOD! WOOD!! IVOODmj THE undersigned will give the HIGHEST MARKET-PRICE ! for . i I 2000 to 3000 Coinlm of^ood i M*nM)ii<’ti Wood. to be delivered in Washington t^ity. _ it & By corresponding with us, *.vo can ; give assurance* of rueh f u-ilities to assist i vessels io passing the Lhxknde as will 1 • likely prove sntisfaetary. It will be uc- J ; ccssary in wiling to us t,o give the uautc of vessel. A. k T. A. RICHARDS, Washington, D. C. March 13th, 18(52—41. I ADAMS A DAVIDSON. ! GROCERS AND COMMISSION ME ii CHANTS, \o. 7 Com metre street, Baltimore, Md. A LARGE supply of FAMILY GROCE RIES constantly or. hand at lowest market prises. Sales of TOBACCO. GRAIN. Ac., strictly | albixletl to and prompt returns made, j Jan. loth, 186i—6m. I W A RGB WHOLESALE AND H A RETAIL STOCK OK ! FALL A ST) WINTER PHY GOODS, FOR CASH ONLY. HAMILTON EASTER & CO., Nos. 11K>, 201 at*d 203 Haiti more street, BALTIMORE, Have now in store, and arc constantly adding thereto, a largo and varied stock of i FALL AND WINTER DRY GOODS, embracing articles from Ihe lowest to the highest price, io every department of the trade. Would rail particular attention to their stock of Goods for farmers and planters' j use, such as 3-4 and (5-4 Fulled Cloth; Penitentiary Plaid Linscys and Cottons; Servants’ Blanked*; heavy Bleached and Brown Cottons; Osnahnrgs; Canton and ! Wool Flannels, and indeed every thing re quired hy an individual, family, or for ser vants’ use. IMPORTING AND PURCHASING “on the most advantageous terms,” and SELLING FOP CASH ONL V, nr WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, we arc enabled to mark our gtssls at such ; prices as will make il the interest of all to I deal with us. An examination of our stf*ek by persons vi*<itiug Baltimore to make 1 purchases is invited. Sept. l!)th, ISO I—Cw. THRESHING MA CHINES. ■ have for sale the Veli<m TVijJe Geared ■ Horse Pmrtr and W. W. Din gee *V Co’s Iron Thresher, with fierolrimj Sitßic Canter. The machine i* warranted to render Kaliafac tiou to all purehas-rs. ’1 lie price of 8 li*r- ! |n>wcr % Bo inch 'l'hn-shor and Slraw-l'airier. i delivered at any wharf iu St, Mary’s uouuly, 5 s £lB5, Farmer* are invited to rail at my Stoic in Leonard Town and examine t bis Thresher. I. LEU. SPALDING. f June 38th, IB6o—tf. J NOTICE. * Tiie undersigned Ueg.s leave to iulormehU ; friend* and the I‘ublic, (hat he is still at the OLD SIAN I), in fjconard Town, carrying -*n BLACKSMiTIDKG, GUN. L< H’K SMITIJING, SHEET IRON AND STOVE ; \\URK—in short, iron work of all descrip- i lions, such a.- repairing CARRIAGES, BUG GIES. ROCK A WAYS. CARTS, WAGONS. HORSE SHOEING. FARM WORK of all kind-: also REAI EW’S. THRASHERS and DRILLS. With Ids ••x|M*ru-ace ol 11 years in a M;.*hine Simp, in* he caii <!n any k:nd ol Black.-milh UmL frum a kucedlt- to an anchor, and *n reasonahle term*. New W .ns and CLtrts built cheaper than can )•*- ihm at any other shop in this place. HORSES j SiIUED at the sherlPst notice. JAMES A. M’CATHRAN, Blacksmith. Jai l at} 21,1800 —tf. FOR CONST*RLE. J. EDWIN ABELL imnouuces hmiMlfa* * cat (iidale tor Cnntiaiilr in Leonard Town Du tnc si ihe el—lion in 1863 nd a*ks the up ‘ |Kn uf hi* friend* and (edaw-ciUzen*. Nor 2ath, le6i • i BVJL DER'S MATERIALS ■lb. Tlic undersigned would respectfully rail th attention of tin in their lar**r iioort mmt of DU OHS, Rt.LVPS. SAS/7, POOH f HAMA'S. UIXPOW FRANKS, IMS//. toOARDS, CAS IS 08, MOCLDISCS, HAS TLES, and every desert pi in* of House Build iaje imtrril, wlikh llwy liavr cnnMauliv on hand., and which they can furnish at the abort ♦•ml notice. They are also prepared to furnish at the abort cat notice K'liA Jl E WO 1114 for fVuinlrjr Houses. Collages, ami suhurhan Heaidriices. according to any plan or design, all ready fitted to he put up on their propoe l iiin>. Farmers and other*, dost roll* of Building in tl* country, would find it to their ad van lag* hy giving us a call Wf.rc purchasing else where. as we arc fully prejtared to execute work mm the most reasonable terma. And Iho advantage*, whieh we offer i* preparing alt , the materials that may he necessary in con structing a holier, will he round to* save lh* I’milder a great deal of vexatious delay and expense. Ut*f AH orders left at their office or ad dressed to then hy mail will meet with promp and satisfactory attention. malcjiiun a Johnson, Straw Plaining Hill and Su*h Factory. l-last Kalla A venue, near Pratt Street Bridge Warehouse No. f. 6, Pratt sires*!. Next door to Penn & Mitchell, Bait. Md. April 10th, 1800 —ly. * CHAIR AND FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. \y E. ANDERSON. AV. IU & | ’ " a Steroid St re ft helve cm Frederick Sire and Marsh Market Sj.ate, Hal, iwort. Having Hie largest Ware rooms and best assortment ol Cabinet Furniture in the city, is prepared to sellevcry article in hisiine upon the most liberal and accommodating terms. Having had a long experience in this line of business, he flatters himsellthal he can com pete, as to excellence ol ir.Merial. beauty of workmanship and range ol prices, with any establishment ol the sort in this or any other city. 11 is gearral slock embraces a lull and complete assortment ol Parlor Chairs, Sofa*, Rucking Chair*, Spring Lonnies, Chamber Sui's, Par room, Office and Dining Chairs, French 'Tde a- Tefes, Settees, Arm Chair> , Malt rases. Cooling Classes, de., of every va riety and description, lie has also on hand Bedsteads of his own manufacture, which can be put up and taken down in two min utes. Persons from St. Mary’s, wishing to purchase Furniture, are requested to call and examine his Stock before buying elsew here I P. sure to find the right place Nos. |B& 12 Second .Street—Warehouse with 80 lee Iront and S large Folding doors. August lilt) 1 • V.)—ly. DENTISTRY. PERSONS needing of a fiisl r*to Dentist will d.. well li emnlow i)r, | I. RANDOLPH WALTON, who i. lend* !o aling hinisell in the village of |<eoa ■rd I own. (Irders addressed i< ( hint through the laniard Town P.t Office will receive prompt attention. Ills terms are cash. I>r. allot' has Inn! Con*ldrrerullo <*x j*erience in bis profession, is wmlcratc in his charges, and* I has invaiiahly given satisfaction to those who bare employed him. To give the readers of tie* Beacon some idea of the standing of |)r, W. as a PRACTICAL DENTIST, the fol lowing letter, addressed to him l.y Dr. Niniau i Pinkney, U. S. N., i appended : t*. S Nava!. AcADFMr, A Nnai*, Maryland. April 21, 1 Hbh. DkakSik:—lt gives me gieu plurr to e:.prew ihu confidence I have in your skill as a Dentist, ami to iveonirnend you, as far as I have influence, to the patronage of tha Pu’dir. I have had an opportunity of uittessing your mode of operation, aiit: have no hesitation in affirming that it exhibits your thorough knowl edge of yon profession. J am, sir. very res)tcr|f u l)y your olx-dient servant. KIN IAN PINKNKV, Surgeon f, S. N. Dr. RAMwi.rn Wai.tox, Annapolis. Aprd 4th, 1861— tl. ' * - '* - LLli LUMBKit f SHINGLES!! FLORIN(•, AC. IVR invite the attention ~f .ur fii. nds an TT ••". generally, in St. Mary's su ! adjoining counties ♦. mir extensive as*>rtinen j il seasoned /’ CI\DISC MA I'KILIAt.s. All parties contemplating the erection i Mvellip. •. Harncv K.O , will find it greatly , Heir advantage to give us a call, as we can ; ®el! at lowest rates lor ea*b or Negotiable pail ' i*er. | Doors, Frames, Sash, Ac., furnished at Mill price*. Orders filled for Bricks,, Hair, Kails, Ac. N. IVliailagccharge) >m Vessels receiving ; Lumlwr fr.nn onr Yard. . CAiWON. ZIMMERMAN, k CO., West side Lnioii I***, i „ , Norfolk Boat Akrf March 21) v . 18C0—tf. NOTICE. ALL jHpisona indetacd to me f**r tas?s ftr this year * ill piea* *me lorward and x ttle the *Arwc I*, me, or C*pt. J, J. AlUta i in thirty days. If not stith-d in thirty dnv fr-m* date, 1 shall lie compelled through **- cessily to Collect hy law. GKO. M. BOH-AXAX, Gol of 2nd, that. Nov. 21t. 18C1—if. | JAMES S. DOWNS, ATTORNEY * COUNSELLOR AT LAW, L&mard fotcu, Si. JJarg'* C0.,J4d., W.ll practice in hi. Mary ’.mdiLtaJiniiiiag counties. Feb /l oth 18W. \

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