Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, April 17, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated April 17, 1862 Page 3
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NOTICE. | I hereby forwarn Doct. Robert Nettle ; and bis Son Robert from entering my ; premises or travelling over nsy land on any business, or under any pretext what soever. For any disregard of this notice, they or either of them will be Inld to a strict personal and legal r^nnliility. J. W. TUTKTT. April 17th, 180*2—It. A becoming respect for the good opin ion of my friends, prompt* me to make \ public the cause of the above notice. On i the ith, inst., in the forenoon, the parties' therein designated, came unexpectedly | Upon me while plowing and violently as saulted me, with the evident intent to kill, the father with club and Howie Knife, while master Hobby stood by ready, as I am justified in believing, to complete ray aaeasaination with a pistol shot in case the club and knife should fail. Hcing alone, and unarmed, in a bottom where as I then thought no friendly eye could see me and no cry for help could ; bring me any timely aid, 1 retreated so to place my team between rac and my j trincipal assailant. He pursued me, \ rnndishing Ins Howie Knife and uttering . bind threats and imprecations, until my | horse, became unmamigcal le, and ran off with the plow in the wildest fright and dbordor. At this critical moment I saw a friend approaching, and my enemies took to flight, nor could they be induced to re- | main nr return, though urged and pro- | voked to do ao by invitation, taunt and i bravado. I had received no intimation of any at tack from the assailants, imr had 1 any I suspicion that any thing of the kind was 1 pending, i had not knowingly nor de-1 signedly done any wrong to l>oet. Neale, I or to any of hi* family, and not knowing when similar lit of chiimUss inaiimws may overtake him, I h.v thought it well to let him and master Hobby know how all their future visit* will he received. J. W. TIPPETT. April 17th, IB6*i—lt. R\ N away fra the siihrrilier A nn Friday mein last, livme f near lit* Groat Mill*, St. Mary's country, three negroes JACK, HENRY and ROW. Jwk i. ahoul or J 9 year, old, 5 f,.*! R incite, high, black, rather it tender, with small feature, and u {•lriomiii intelligent t-X|>n>ni<ui Hry la mlmoil the mine sge ami height, rather stout, a luight mulaito, unit whiskers. R.w, the of the three, is larger and heavier than either, i. almut |H yare of nge. copter cohired. with a liir; open fa<*e. As ab Mil, with three |>n.dlen. bel..nging lo my nearest nw;hl>or, was stolen the Mame night, It is prohalde ihey have attempted lo es cape by water. *l*ll* alone reward aid l*e given for their ap prehension and delivery to me, or in Leonard Town Jail, if takeir out of the county. I( ta ken in the county, $25 will •* given for yach. L. C. CO.MKS. Gr*nt Mills. April 17ih, |H62—tf. ' CBLUCTBR S Silt. ON APPLICATION of George M. ihi hanait, (‘<*l lector of Stale and Countv Taxes for the year 184i|, it is ordered by the. County Commissioner* for Saint kiary * ct.uu ly, that tliC said Collector pi-<* ceil to sell af ter giving twenty dav* previous notice, aj the Court lluiiw i|i r and ll.e imwt public places in the county and by puldteaMon in the St. lieacon, a tract or lured of land called and known by the name of PI. CEOIR PIIIT, ♦o the highest bidder, to |y Ihe Tax** and legal charges tinre*hi due lor rh year IK€|. •iml the same, when sold. I he transferred hy deed of bargain ami sale to the purchaser thereof. By order, R. C. COMBS. Clerk to County Commissioner* fur Saint Mary’s county. April 17th, 13<i2—ts. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That the •ole of the al*oVe land will lake place at the Great Mills Store, in tbe Factory District, on SATURDAY, the lOtn <lay of May next, j between the hours of I and 4 oVlork, P. M. G. M. BOHAN AN. Collector fur 1801. April 17th, 1802—20 d. NOTICE. ~ ACC persons having claim* agaiust Saint Mary’s County arc hereby notified to file I them with the Clerk of the Commissioners’ Court on or before the 10th day of May next, j otherwise they will he excluded from the bene- j fit of die levy for the present year, Hy order. R. C. CO.MRS, j Clerk to County Comnnastotiers. April 17th. Ic62—td. ‘ j DISSOLUTION ‘NOTICE. THE partnership heretofore existing be- i tween JAMES H. I'HO.VIAS & JUSIAH O. Rt*OKEK, is by inurua! tnnsei’.t this day dissolved. The business will be carried on hereafter in the name of James B. Thomas, W’ho u authorized to settle the business of the J b* firm. JAMES R. THOMAS. JOS O. HOOKER. Apnl 17th, Ibti-i—4w. i Titou*ii I. uall, ) I No. 143 W Pratt imHkRT V < street, (opposite | *• *at tits hall. I Maltby BAbTIMOUK. thomasTiTall & c°. COMMISSION MERCHANTS : Fur (hr ante of TOBACCO, GRAIN and ; all kinds of FARM PRODUCE Plaster. , Cloversoed, Grtfccries, Ac., purchased on coiiiiiihuioii. |1 March s>olb, 1802—6 m. NOTICE. TO MERCHANTS, •mMms* jm*vmm o rue U s. ALT. person* and bodies, corporate or po litic, in St. Mary’* entity, wl* are or shall lie d-iiig any act • * shall h* itn the occupa- j tion of any Inmse or place fir soy purpose, I for which a license is made necessary by the j laws ol Marylaial, are hereby warned to ob tain s ln*en*c or Miew Ibe same, on or before ! tbe first day ot Mar emuiiug, under the iu,n- ■ allies presrribed by said laws for the iufrac- ! U*hi tbcrof. Those interuated are notified of the follow ing requirements f the IJctim I*iwj passo! by tins General Assembly of Maryland. Tbe rates required for Traders’ License** are a* follow*: If tbe iniunni of foods on band at the prin cipal season of sale or expect*! to lie kept on ■ band, d<*rs not cxc4-4 $l(K)0 ll> price of license is fill *s—if over 1 lAOO and not over $1504* 15 Ho •• 1500 ** 44 2500 1h.36 44 2500 44 44 4000 23 25 “ 4000 44 44 6000 XU 35 44 6<H>o “ “ CUOO 4U.H5 “ B<mio 44 •* 104)00 •* 10000 44 44 1 ouOo 05.35 44 15000 44 44 2<M)4K) *0 35 44 2004)0 44 * 4 34)4)4)0 I Oi) 35 44 30000 44 44 404)04) 125 36 44 40000 44 44 150 *5 44 The applicant nnnd either ni-ke onth, an 1 heretofore, before the Clerk of tbe Circuit! (Vmrt of the r.mnty where ho i engaged Oi j bnsinsss of the amount of gomls kept un bami at ibe principal season of sale; or tbe oalh \ may be administerini by a Justice of the Peace 1 when tbe person wanting the license applies through an agent. If the batter course le a dopted, the following f nn will be <lcemed a ►ufliriont compliance with t*ie act; Sninf Mnry * County, to tn't: <)n this day of. IRO2. liefore [ the siilisrriliur, a Justice of the |V:ce of tbe : State id Maryland, in am) fr oaid county, ! per*>mdly apjiearcd and declared ! i that b> intend* t > apply f.*r a Trader’* Li- i cense under the laws f the State t> tbcCbrk id the Cinuil Cmirt fr Saint Man’s county, ‘ and oath that tbe amount of st-*ck of Ifi ‘tls generally kept on band by him (or hy He. concern >n trio h he ia euyayed, in caso it iis a par'nmbip) at tbe principal s**as<<n of I sale (<r if the applicant lias not prct'isely en gaged in such trade. th>it the of Ute alork of good* hr expert* lo keep, dr. ) does not (or will not) exceed $ . Sworn before If the oath n* a<lmiuister<) by a Justice of the Peace ®i;t of the county in which tbe ap plication is made, there must lie attached the | critilicate of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of I the county in which the Justice resides, t The rain* of license of femanv* vending mil linery, tSro., wbo*e slock at any scasiiii of the . year does not or will not exceed $5<X). is jjjt;,- j 35. If tlieir st<ick does or shall exceed the rates are the same os those of Trader’s . License, and the same form nf application j mut be nlwerved. The Law* require all persons, prop.)-ing to j sell spiritous or ienneulod ii<|iior*. or lager* heel, u) quantities nut less than a pint, to ap i |dy to the Clerk of the Circuit (snirt, in per- I son, it make the oath hefiTe a Magistrate, as 1 alnive, stating that he ih'sires a License to sell i spirituous 4r fermented, as the case j may Ij, unci the amount ol Klock in trail* in the same manner a* those applying for Tra der's License. 11 (he aniouul of stock duet not or shall not excsel SSOO the rate is $lB 10—if over 500 and nut over SIOOO 35.10 4 * 1000 “ 44 24)00 60.14) 44 2000 44 44 404)<) 75.10 “ 4000 44 “ 004)0 100 10 4 * Persons applying for Ordinary Lieentet in which spirituous or fermentiMl liquors or la ger beer ia to Ik? s*dd in qaarJilie* less than a pint must make application to the Clerk of i the ( ircuit Court for the county in wbitdt they . resitle, and must also be re. •.imnendcd by two | res|H-clahle freeholders in th imnieiliate vi i cinity of the applicant—which may be made iu the following form; 2'u the Clerk of the Circuit C oni - for Saint JUmry a County : We. the undersigned, (rtrelmldiTH of Saint i Mary's county, Mviug in tbe imaiediate viciu ; ily 4if who ia about t to i y4*u fir a license to Keep an ordinary at ( in said county, ih hereby recommend h m as a suitable person to obtiiiu the licence May *. 18(i2. Tbe applicant must then make oath to the Clerk, to tiiu following *llOOl. (hat lie has bon atidr and wiilmut inlending to evade the re quirements and the Acts ol Assembly f thi.* Stan** regulating the issues <f licenses to or dinary keepers ami trailer*, provider! and ex ; pi-ct 4 to maintain six giwsl beds with futfiicient 1 clothing there tor. ami three rooms mure than sufficient for the piivate Um-m of said uppli , cant, ami stabling and provender fur five bor | set) at least. In addition he shall also make oath to the Clerk of the rate of rent or annual value of th*- house or place at or in which the business is intended to t>c carried on. If said rent d-<es mt exivf*! $ lot) the rate is s2s.oo—if over RiO am) nut over S2OO 40 t 0 u 200 41 “ 300 50 4,0 44 non •* 44 4uo co oo * 4 400 44 44 500 75.00 Any person proposing to keep an oyster houw, Ac., or any place other tliau an urviiua ry for the aie of spiritoits or fernienUd li quors. or lagcr-l-eer in quantities less that; a pint, shall apply to th Clerk i>f the Circuit : C.urt for the c*uuty where he resiiles, ai;<l mint be recummendeil by two rtvqtectable fretdiohlers of bis iinmediste vuinily, a a suitable |K*rsiti to kc*-p such a Ihhim*. The License in ali 4*ase*. by (be late Act of the General Assembly, is S7O. Tlie oath required to be made by appli- > cams for Trailers' License, and Uecnse ti sli ' spirit Hons liqm>rs in quantities nut lest* than ' a pint, may le made before a Justice of the j Peace and forwarder] to and fiird with the; fillet k of the Circuit Ci>urt. ton whom all appli cations for License must be made. ififlT In addition to the aliava rales each party is rcquirei! to jury tlte Cltrk’s fee, mak ing an addition of 5# r(‘lits tn each license, ; in pursuance of a recent decision hy the | Cbmuirollcr. THOMAS L. DAVIS, Shir fur Saint Mary’s County April 10th, 1802—Ow LAWS Passed by the General Aanembly of Maryland, at the Regular Session, Coßittieneing January, IMft, llelat ing to Licenses- I AN ACT Po amend the fifty-sixth Article of the Code I of Public Genera! Laws, relating to Lice n ! *e*. by aiding thereto the f .’lowing aw-, tion relating to Partnership* taking out Li- j censes. SmrrtoK. 1. Be it enacted by the Om*; ral Assembly of Marvland, That the follow ing *ertiu le anil the same i* I tend>v added to the tilty-sixth article of Hie Code f Public i General I*aus, t< follow the second section thereof: Any license may l>e obtained by partner ship* nr firm*, as well as by individuals ; but ' in alt com*. tlie of all tin* partners of any firm shall be set (wi th in full in the li cense, and no licence shall protect any person protcuJiiiv to act: under the same, unless he is named therein, or U* entitled a a represen tative, or soignee nnder tin* provision herein- i after contained in dii* article, and the clerk issuing the li-vn*s. shall enter upon the record •f licenses. the fall names of and the memlwrs of a c.*-partnership to v. hmu sucit licciiH* is- j sued. Sic. 2. And be it enacted, That this act ! shall take wffect on the thirtieth day of April next. AX ACT To amend the seventieth section of the fifty- ' rixlh Article of the (V*l# .f Tnblic Gene ral Lavrs, relating to License* for Ordina- . tie*. SicTiojt. 1, Heft enacted V.y the General Assembly of Maryland, Tlat the seventieth section of Ihe fifty -sixth Article of the tXsle of Public Geuwral Law*, telstin" to Licensi** (or Ordinaries lw and the same i* hereby rejvcal ed, and the following enacted in lieu there of : If any person or laxly politic shall propow to o{>cn or keep an ordinary he shall apply to the Clerk of ihe Circuit Court of the county ir which said applicant may resale, or if he re- \ ride* in the city of Halliinore, to the C’/ouil of Conimon l’lc;is, fora lieciuM* therefor, under which license spirituous or fermented liquors or larger beer, may Ikj bartcrctl or njd in quan titi.** less than n pint. “Skc, 2. And be it cnactcil. That thi* act shall take effect on the thirtieth day of April next. AN ACT To amend the forty-second section, relating to the granting of Licenses to Traders, of Ar tick fifty-six ol the Code of Public General laws. Il it enactf>l hy the General Assembly inf Maryland, That thu forty-second sci'tion : of Article tifty-six of the Gale of Public Guavral Lawn, relating to the granting of I Licenses to Traders, be ami the same-is hereby repealed, ami the following enacted as a sultstUnie therefor. Hko 42. When any |ersnn, body po litic, or corporate, shall pr<>|K>c to sell or j barter anyliiing mentioned in the preceding M*etiHi, except spirituous or Unneiited li qnors, be shall apply t the Clerk of Hie Circuit Court of the county in which he may resid*. or it tie resides in the Cily of Baltimore to tho Court of Common Pleat lor a licenso therelor; but no license to ; trade, or to sell spirituous or fermcntel liquors shall be issued by any clc k of a i court to a feme-cuvert, or to any peir-on ' under the age of twenty one, without the i special order of Ihe Judge of the court ; i hut no -lud<>e shall give such special order |lu issue licetise to sell spirituous or fermen : tod liquors, unless upon the recommenda tion of at least ten res[rctahle friv-hukli'K, residents of the ward or district wherein the place of sale may be,and whenever any license shall he issued to a leme-coveri, or minor, the said feme-covert, or minor shall la* responsihio for all contracts made in the prosecution of their business under such li cense, and shall tie liable to lc sued there fore in any conns of this State; and the j aid f. ine-covert may Ihj sued. vr indicted I ami pr.*emted in rase of a violation hy : her of the licvuise law* of this State, or in case she should kceji a disorderly house, as ]it she were a feme-sole; and, if-judgment Ibe obtained against her on any contract. ! execution shall or may issue in the ordina |ry way to affect her separate estate; provi de* 1, however, that such responsibility shall in no manner affect or impair the respond kllity *>f the husband, or parent under the existing laws, and that this act shall take i • fleet on the thirtieth day of April next. We certify that the foregoing acts are true copies of their respective originals, as passed I by the General Assembly of Maryland, at its January session. ]hG2 f . SNOWDEN THOMAS, • Chief Clcik of the lloinie of Delegate*, Md. C. HAKWOOD, Secretary of the ISvnate, The afort'going are truly taken and copied from the laws recently received from the Comptroller. T.*t ;—JAMF.S T. BLAKISTONK, Clerk. April lOih, 1 BG2—Cw. N OTIC 10 To Tracers• Keepers of Ordinaries and Others- TRADKHS, Keeja?rs of Ordinaries and oth ers, are hereby notified, in pursuance of the Act of Assembly, in such case made and provide*!, to take out and renew their LICENSES between the I*l and lOito day Of Hay uext, a* the law will be rigidly enforced against tho**; wbo neglect to comply witu the ptuvis ions of the Act of Assembly, passed at Janu-; ary Session, 1808. The law dve> not anthorize any person or persons to sell or batter gisnla, wares and mer chandize, without first having obtained a Ll ( ENSL lioiu the Clerk of the Circuit Court. Hy order of Judge fItKNT ; JA M F-S T. ULC K IS’K )N K, Clerk ot the C. C. fi r St. Mary’s County.

April loth, 18C2. TAILORING. THE undersigned hits a. removed from bit 9 formei pia -e of bu*ineiss tot he liousoUtely occnpi cd i.y C. C. Spalding, Esq., where he will con- jJBk tiuue *0 make Coats, jJBB Pants and Vests niter VhHB IKw tlie latest styles and fash- IW LH ions and np-*n hi ..Id term*. He is tbanklul fi-r the 15!<e al patronage he haa lierlcJi>re n*ceived and sol it its a coniinuance of j.ub lir favor. Cu*ling done at lutaierate rates and at the shortest notice. THOMAS P. AHULL. Tailor, lawnard Town, j April H)th 286*2.—St. TRUSTEE’S SALE. I OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE . By virfitre of % dwroe of the Circuit C<nrt fi*r Charles mnnty. sitting ah a Cnrt of Equity, the I' n<ler*i£i.-ed. as Trustee. will offer at Public tide a the C .urt in Port Tobacco, to the highest bidder on THURSDAY, the 9th of May , next, jif fair, if not, the next fair day then after.) iietwcei) the hour*, of 12 in. and ;> o cloak, p. in., all that tract or parcel of laud called and ; known bv the name of INDIAN TOWN, j containing five hundred acre*, more or less, 1 of which J. Fergussou Hruce, late of Charhs County, died oeiiu.*i! and josses*ed. This is ; subject to the right of dower of Ellen Hruce. • , the widow. j Said land bind* on Xanjemoy Creek, which , ; is navigable for bay crafts, i* m<t heauti ful ly and desirably located a* to tn-enery sod shipping. The water* have always been la- ‘ molt* for wild fowl and lUh of tlw greatest | abundance and finest varieties and meeting a < ready sale to dealers, who carry on an exten sive tragic from that vicinity. Tho soil is in a high state of cultivation, be ing generally level or rolling and fn*e from j *loiic. It i* Well drained and enclosed, and * : divided off in field*, of equal si/e by hemlock fencing. i It is well adapted to the growth of Wheat. Corn, Tobacco, Clover and Timothy, j The improvements are a comfortable Dwel- ' ! ling House, lately thoroughly repaired. Kitch ti, Quarters, Corn House, Granaries, Stable*. Carnage and Ice Ilou.-e* and two large new ; Earn*. It is not often a Farm containing so . many advantages is put in the market. IVr- j • *on* desirous of purchasing are invitud to iook | for themselves. The terms of sale, as prescribed by the dc- ' | crec, are, one-third of the purchase money j i thereof tn be paid in cash on the clay of sale ! or on the ratification thereof, and the residue 'in one and two years, in equal instalments, . the whole credit payment* to bear interest from Hie day of sale and to Ikj secured by the bonds of the purchaser with security to be ' approved by the Trustee. , Cion the Payment of tho whole of the purchase money, the Trustee is au'ltori/aKI to ( convey all the right, title and interest of the ' parties to raid decree in said real estate to the purchaser or purchasers. H. G. HARRIS, Trustee. April 10th, 1802.—in. lisnrsMiifim BV virtue of a Deed of Trust from J. R Htdeman and Wife, and hy authority of all j concerned, the under.-igned will offer at | Public Sale at the Store of Messrs. Thom i as A* Iftioker on THURSDAY, the 17th of April, between 2 and 3 o’clock, p. m., the farm I known ns , formerly owned hy Jam<*s Penn, late of St. j Mary’* county, d creased, si Inn toil upon ih* I St.. Mary’s river, mid containing 300 acres, | more or less. Mr. R. II IKhh will show ; the premises to any desirous of looking j over them. Term*. —One-fourth of the purchase mon ey to Ihj paitl on the day of sale, and the | remainder in one, two and three ) ears, • equally, with interest from the day ot sale, ;to le secured hy the Laid of the purchas er. with approveil securities. These terms may Ikj varied to snii purchasers. The mi dersigned will also receive private propo sals until day of sale. JOHN W. MITCHELL, Trustee. April 10th, 1802.—ts The above sale will lie postponed until WEDNESDAY, il.r 3d;* of Apr il. April 17ih, I*C2—la. NOJIGS. John J. Allstan liithcCir y*. > cuit Court for j Sarah A. Crane and others) Saint Mary’*' county, sitting in equity. rBIHK object of this suit is to procure a JL decree for the sale of certain real | estate mentioned in the bill tiled in this ca*e. The Bill states, that James Edward 1 Crane died some time in the year 1801, j , leaving certain real estate mentioned in j said Bill, and also personal property, and ! : letters of administration thereon had j tact) granted to William Watts, of Saint i Mary’s county, and that the said personal | j property is insufficient to pay the debts i due and owing by the said James K Crane i at* the time of bis death, that the said James K. Crane left as his heirs at law, [ j M ilium S. Crane and James I* Crane, i ; ids cliildi en, and his widow, Sarah A. ) Crane, of whom the said James P. Crane 1 resides out of the State of Maryland. The bill prays for a sale of the said real estate or so much thereof ns may be r.occs- j ,sary to pay such insufficiency of debt* ns may be owing his creditors, after exhaust- I ing the personal assets of said Janes E. : Crane, in the handa of his administrator. It Is thereupon adjudged and ordered by I *be Clerk of the Circuit Court for Saint Mary’s county sitting in equity, that the complainant, by causing ft copy of ibis or der to be inserted in the St. Mary’s Rea-, con, published at Leonard Town, Md , ona; in each of three successive weeks be fore the sixteenth day of June. 1*62. give notice to the said James P. Crane, aho is i an absent defendant, of the object and sub- i stance of this bill, and warn him to appear j in this Court, in person or by solicitor, on or before the said liith day of June, 1862, • to answer the premises and show cause, it . any he has, why a decree ought not to pa* as praye 1. * | JAMES T. BLAKISTOXE, ‘ Clerk. March 27 th, 18J2. April 3rd, 1862 —3w. yoie min! WAS tired by ** Vermont Hauibleto-; nian.” (belonging to Mwn. Nv I'h-*. of \ ermonl.> hi* dam by Maraliall \ cl or j, g t| hy 11 a* well's E.dipse, he bv L'ug * American Eclipse, he by Old Eclipse (the three l ist thorough Urr,l).~. \ erumnt ! I nnblctonim wa* aired by North ern 11 ambletonian ( bi-longing to Mr. Har ris. of \ ermont.) his dam by (Vn;ct bv Bishop's Ilamhletonian. got by iutfMtrtnl .I/.** , Northern llambletoniau was also sinnl by BUl.op's Humbietouian by im- ! 1 pert cd Messenger. It will thus be seen that Vmtmnf Un,n - Urt'.Htmt ( the i-ire of Voting Hanildetonian) httg more Mrsurmfr Uoutl thm ant/ S lirtnrj, and all the Messengers and Ham- * | bletonians are great trotters. The Eclipse blood in **Yonng Hnioblctonisn” should give him power and lasting qualities. He will otily be let to a limited number of mares. He will stand at my Farm in Medley's Neck on Monday*; At Ix'onard Town on Tu< k sday; At C’haptico on Thursdays and tlie Fac torv on Saturday*. The season will commence on tho Ist 1 Tuesday in April and end ou the Ist Sat urday in July Terms £l2. iu the season, £ls out.— Insurance, £2O. J. II MADDOX. April 3rd, 1802—tea. mix im' WILL Stand tor service this Spring— On Mondays and Tuesdays ofi j every week at J. F. Fenwick's stable*, j Leonard Town: | On M ednesdays and Thursdays of every week at the (irvat Mills; j On Friday* and Saturdays of every week *at St. Inigoes’ and the iiidge; Conimeiicing on the Ist of April and • ending the 1-t *f July. Terms. £li), to be paid within the rea son. or £ls if not paid iu the *e*son. • Insurance, £2<t, to be fiaid as soon as ; the marc proves to be in foal. ! To th •*e who wish to improve their stock of horses, either for the turf, saddle : or harness. Black Hawk is highly recom mended, as coming from a family ot horse* of fine size and style and remarkable for docility, with great life and action. Great care will be taken but no responsibility for accident or escape. Pedigree. Black Hawk was bred by Mr. Abraham Krisc, in Adams county. Pa., and will be eight years old this Spring. He is of a rich black color and stands full sixteen hands in heigbt. He ! was sired by Goliab grand-sire the Amer ican Eclipse, which stock is well known in | America. Black Hawk's dam was got by Fuxhunter. grand-dam by Potomac, who was bred by Col. Thomas Stepinson in Bourbon county, Ky., who was sired by Old Potomoc, of Va. I deem it unnecessary to trace his slock further, as he will repre sent himself to all competent judges. JOHN K HOLMES, Leonard Town, Md. April Jib, IS(l2—tvs. ' ~ ill BOLT. ‘ nh-V LOLI is an iron - grey, sixteen 1 hands high, of easy carriage and of j great muscular power, is very docile, is a | fast trotter, perfotms well under the sad j die and also in double and single harness. , He is nine years old this Spring, is a sure l Ibal getter and has made several successful stands in Charles county, where his colt* arc in the greatest demand. B< n Bolt was sired by Register, lii dam a fine Emigrant marc out of Lady Clifton, one of the best saddle mares ever raised iu his county. He will Pl.snd the ensuing season, com mencing the Ist of April, at the following places on the days named below : At Sassafras A Oak on Mondays; At Leonard Town on Tuesdays; At Great Mills on Wednesdays and Thursdays; At tho H>id of the Bay on Fridays; At Gcorgt H. Morgan’s itorc on Satur day s. He will be let to marcs at the following j rafts: £lO, to be din-barged by £O, if 1 paid in the season. insurance. 50 , cents in each case to the groom Season I to end the Ist of July. GEORGE A. SIMMS. April 3rd, I*o2—tc*. A. TKtGO. j, g, MOXOAN. 1 TREGO & iMORGAN, COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IX LIQUORS AND GI6ARS. HAVE removed to No. 22 Coumurrr' strut, one door from Pratt street where they solicit a continuance of the for nor patrons of their Old Stand and the community in general Their attention will be given to the inspection of nil To-* bacon, to the sa! of all Produce consigned < to their earc. and to the purdbaaiug of all! goods on commission. April 3rd, 1862—1 y. RA TIFK'A TIOX jtOTWM. Aun Howard \ In the Circuit Court vs - • > for St. Mary’ county, j \\ illiain F. Perry. ) hitting in equity. ORDER Kit, that the bale made and re- • jiorteti by George C. Morgan, fnislee for the sale of the real estate of William F Perry, be ratified and confirmed, unhss eatwc to tho contrary be nbown ou or be fore be 16rh day of June, DsC2, provided a cepy of this order be inserted in the St. Mary a Beacon, once in each of three suc cessive weeks before the said 16th day of June, 1862. Tlie report state* the amount of sale* to be £3OOO. JAMES T. BLAKISTOXE. Clerk. ‘ March 27th, 1*62. April 3rJ, 1862--3vr. CLAUDE MEINOTTE. THIS handsome and thorough-bred STAL LION will rrtntrnwiiT his stand forth* present \M*r . MONDAY, die 2ml day of A|-rd next. llf i>* a bright lrt. bred by Mr. [/;'. ow ner of H wfoti, was gr* ly B>*ton <•* of Sh-nder by luiiiiKirv. lamia* Semtwr. hr Thernloti' Haller. lbi#T C‘r|*|aT f hy (pie'll Oam-, Grey Di'im-d—Hulls I'uion, ?,e..ri da*. imp. Othclh*. Imp. George** damper, hnpt. MWttiV Travellrf, mil yf impt. Selim* by lk'Ui)>4)>ltiii Arabia l *. From tlt above pedigree, it will lw irra, that Claude M tin-•tie combines more uf itho Sir A relay Uoisl in his veins titan anv bonwr now living, Wing descended. through hi* aim Uoston ami grind sire Titnok-oti. directly front Sir A why, and through Industry, sire of Sloe der. and one of the bel sons <>| Sir Arrhi. again through Thornton s lUilcr. (the sire of ! Luisa Svmmoe}, another distinguished ton of Sir A why. 1 Iy his g. g. dam Th'nv ("copper. through her sin* Gwy Diuinol. I.e is descended from impt. Medley, all hi* family being di*tingui>h ed f.w game and stoutness. Claude MdtH4V is tin* sire of Col. Howie** fine coll, Ike Maivel. which ran in tlie Fall •if i ’oO Utki at Leonard Toa and iu Virginia , with sncceas Term*. F*r Wtsulnl mares. S2O. In bedia j charged by s!u. it paid in the season. Fof ci mm.*n m ires, sl2. to I* d.achargud by SB. iif paid in the season. Groom On*. ,*0 cents, j Ft further particulars, ate humi-bil!*, to Ixr published hereafter. IAS. K. THOMPSON. March !3ih. I Ho2—tcs. mSTBOSAH VILUIBIE fffilßES. V virtue of anthoritv vested in me. 1 will sell as trustee to Thonuia H. Payin', iu the village of Chapnm, SATURDAY, 26th of April next, i bet ween the hour* of 10 and 12 o’clock. th 1 personal pr< petty of said Thomaa H, I’ayue, ror.siMing of a negro woman agel about IH named I.UCI.NDA aud field; also a negro girl named ROSE, aged about IS. Terms of Sale ca*h. DANIEL J. PAYNE. Trustee, March 27th, ItaS-t* XOTICE TO CREDITORS. Notice i* iimi>r given that tlie snbscriltef has obtained from the Orphans Court for ; Saint Mary ’■ oo inly, m Maryland, letter* of dulim at ml ion, on I lie personal estate of Charles ■ fc.. Gough, me .f snid f., deceased. AM per nnna bavmx claim* against tle said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the Maine, with the printer vouches thereof, in the sulwnber. on or Imfore Ihe Ist of October, otherwise ; they may lie sxrlinled by law from all lierefit of j the sni.i estate. Given tinder my hands this ! *27th day „f March. 1*63. MARTHA F.. COUGH, Administratrix. March 27ih, fHg?—4mt. M)TiCE TO CREDITORS. NOTICE is herel y given that the aubseri l>er Imre obtained from (he Orphans* | Court of St. Mary ’a county in Maryland, lei* ters r( nilniiniatralion on the persoMal estate of Ferry, late of said r.enniy, de ceased. All persona hating claims ngamat the said dec eased, me hereby warned lo exhibit the i same with the proper vouches thereof, *r the subscribers on or before ihe ist uf Odolwr, IHJ2, otherwise ihey may be excluded by law from sll benefit of ihe said estate. Given under our hands ibis 27th dey of March. IHtt’J. HARRIET P. COM UN, U. M. ROHANAN. Administrators. March 27th, 1.162—4 w. ■MfiE (DAK WANTED. OrifUj cords (SLACK OAK HARK want ed. for which Iho hi'.*ln st market price will be paid. Promt piict* $2 per coni for a priirif article. Apply to JOHN H. HEALD, ft Co., cor. of North and MjiNmi sti., or at , Chesapeake Mills, near the Draw Bridge Mallimore, Md. March 20tli, lH62_2m. FREEIASIE, HALL ¥CO.. GROCERS CIMMIIIIIN MIRCIIIITI, Ac. 11>I I 'rat! *// ft ( t Zrtl tlnor I i n f Isiyfit. iur. \tuWty / loue. IM FORTE IIS OF FOREIGN LIOI OKS, WINKS, PIiANDiES, Gl\. A... A large ami select Muck of OI.D RVK AND ißd’lillON WHIHKKV always on hand. March. ISth, lßt>2—ly. ADAMS i DAVIDSON. GROCERS COMMISNON MERCHANTS, A®. 7 Commerrr Rnrl, liultiiuore, Md. A*? , ? GK ’* F ‘WILY OROfTK. CoiiMsntly tn, liiiiii] itl joNevt ni iirkei prn . attended In and prompt rcturna made. Jan. Itith, 18t; —cui. FOR CONST %m.K. .7. LDWIN A HELL announces himself as rncdiuale for Omsubie in l.em srd Town Dis inc st the election in am j umUm tll€ pcirl ol his friends and f*lJuw-vtU4u*. Nov 28th, llGl

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