Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, April 17, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated April 17, 1862 Page 4
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BUILDER' S MATERIALS The undersigned would re*jectfully call t:. attention of te Public to their large usson incut of JIOOUS. IJUjyif*, SASH, door Ell AMES. \MSIWW FRAMES, WASH HOARDS, OASIS OS, MOULD JS<iS, MAS TLES, ami every description ol House Lutii!- materials, widen they have OHislantly on haT : d. and which they can'a al the short •-.-t n*tice. Thev art also prepared to furnisn at the shortest neticc FUAiUE M OI4K for Ouintry Hnuivi, t'mlagea. ami suburban lU-sidenees. according to any plan or design, ail rea<ly fit teal to U put up uu their propos td sites. farmers and others, desirous of building In the country, would find it to their advantage by giving us a call before purchasing eLv w! ere, an we are fully prepare*! to execute w> rk on tb**ni<*l reahonabic lenns. Am! the advantages, which we ullor sh jireparing all the matenais that may bo necesstry in c..n stmeting a h*u>**. will be found to sa\c the] Builder a great deal of vexatious delay and i exf**ns. _ ! gictf’ Alt orders left at tkeir oflico or ad-j •tressed to them by mad will meet with promp and satisfactory attention. IIA UGH LI N A JOHNSON. Strum Waiting Mill and Sa.-di Factory, East Falls Avenue, near Pratt Stieet Bridge Warehouse No. 56, Pratt street, Next door to IVuii A - Mitchell, Balt. Md. April lb Hi, IB6o—ly. CHAIR AND FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. WK. ANDERSON, Xo*. 10 & 1 • Sccintd Street bet treat Frederick Sire and Mnrafi Market Sjmec, Baltimore. Having the large>i Ware rooms and best assortment of (fdnntl Furniture in the city, is prepared to sellevery arliclein his line upon ( the most litrvralaud iiccomiuodating terms, j Having had a long experience :n this line ol buvmesa. he flatters liiniselfthat hecr.n com pete, as to excclieuce ol n.uteria I, beauty oi workmanship and range ol pnets, with auy establishment ot the sort in this or any oilier city. His genera! stock embraces a lull and complete assortment of Parlor Chair*, Sofa*, Hocking Chairs, Spring linages. Chamber Suite. Barroom, Office and Dining Chairs, French Te/r a-Ttfcs, Settees, Arm Chair*, Matlraxes. Looking (Hasses. <fc., ol every va riety and description, lie ha also on baud Bedsteads of his own manufacture, which I can bo put up and taken down in two min- ! rites. Persons from St. Mary *s, wishing to’ purchase Furniture.arc requested local! and ( examine his Stock before buying clscwher* I Be sure to find the right place No*, lit A. I‘j[ .Street Warehouse with HO !e front and 8 large Folding doors. August II tb l* r t!—lv. OENTjSTRY* PERSONS needing the services of n first ralu Dentist will do well to cinplon Dr. J. RANDOI.I'II WALTON, who in tends hwating himself in the vilhgo of fa*on ard Town. Orders addressed to him tfir* ugh the laMtiard Town Post Oflico will receive prompt attention. His terms are cash. Dr. Walton has had considercrablc experience in bia prufwmbm, is moderate in hi* charges, and lias invariably- given satisfaction to those who bate employed him. To givo flu* readers of the Itearon voine idea of the standing of Dr. W.m PRACTICAL DENTIST, the fal lowing letter, addressed lo him by Dr. Nlnian Pinkney, U. S. N., is appcmbsl; L. S. Naval AcadfmY, Aksacolis, Maryland. April 21. 1800. * Deaßik: —Tt gives me gieat piasur to •xprena tbo confidence 1 have in your skill as • Dentist, and lo recommend yon. a far as 1 ; have influence, to the patronage of tin* Public, i 1 have bad an opportunity of witnessing your modu of operalhui, aim have m> besitafimi tn affirming that it exhildU your thorongb kr.owl- uf you profession. 1 am, sir, very respect fully your olinlieut wrrvant. NINIAN PINKNEY, Fmjieoit C. S. N. Dr. Rawom vti W’ai.ton, Annajiolia. April 4th, 1801 —U. I - ■ | LUMBER t ( ( SHINGLES!! FLO RING, *C. ■mMTE invila iht attention of our frienda an coManara, generally, in St. Mary aan adjoining counties to our exteuaive asaorfineu u( seasoned BUILDING MATERIALS. All parties contemplating the erection Dwellings, Barnes, &.C., will find il greatly their advantage to give ns a call, as we can •ell at lowest rates for cash or Negotiable pan t per. Doors, Frames, Sash, &0., furnished at Miil prices. Orders filled for Bricks, Lime, Bair, Nails, 9tc. Mo Wharfage charged on Vessels receiving Lumber from our Yard. GABSON, ZIMMERMAN, ft CO., West fide Union IWk, Menfolk Boat Wharf March 29th. ISCO—tf. NOTICE. ALL persons indebted ic me for taxes for this year will please come forward ami settle the same to me, or Capt. J. J. Allstan in thirty days. If not settled in thirty day* from dale, I*shall be compelled through cc evasity to c*<llcct by law. UEO. M. BOIIANAN, Cc 4 of 2nd, Dirt. Nov. 2 1st, 1861—If- JAMES S. DOW>’S, attorney a counsellor at law, Letmard Town,Si.Mary's Co.,idd., . Will practice in St. Mary*t and thi adjoining counties. Feb.TOth 1869. NOTICE TO CM EDITORS. N" i) TICK i* hereby given ibm the *ub3<rler ! u* o!>lnii)d from (lie Court 1' of Si. Mnry** nonnty in MaiyljrH. 'i-tttri iif oHiiunMlrathui m the per>-tat , m:'c of JOHN YA YLAK, fcu*- of Saul t-nuuiy, ilcceniceiL All! perrons having; i claim* tine -.aid J art* hereby • war .ri :n c\liihit ihe smii* 1 wiih the prf*p<*i‘ I vouches thereof, tolhr jmfwcrrbei*, on or before tit H tiny <>t" July, other* t*e they mry ! Oe exclude! Iy law front ai! *ae lefit of the vaic l I octane. Given under uiy hs.rd tins IC'it d> lof January, ldt'2. JAM liS H A I,FRY, Atiiiimistiutor. Jt.u. Ifith, I?C2—4w. sctaamJKir. HAN A WAV fr..:n tl.c suls*ril*cr, living * near ll*c \rliaifc of Ghtptiru, a fen- day? state, a tree uegro LoV nmnd v-lioee time 1 iccvull* b<’fight of (V (J. Daily. 1 Warn that 1> is in t 1 c lower par! of the county, prolnthly lurking altottl Jutland. the property of 11. G. S. Key, where bi ha.s relation*. All person* an; biowarmtl against harlmrinj; or employing said negro boy. Hr id rather black, stoop* a go<H d*al. and hn* an awkward way tf a|irtuin Inin-wlf. lie in about 20 year* of age, had on when lie left a gord suit of clothes of while full cloth and a lilack lint. 1 will give tin: reward for his apprehension and delivery to me. JOHN A. BURROUGHS. Jan. 9lh, 1802— w. ! rouNiuD 1852 ciiartcrkd 106 LOCATED COR. or BALTIMORE Ac CHARLES Sts Hai riMoisr, Mp. The Largest, Mast Fdegantbj F>tr'.ihhrd and Popular Commercial College in Iht United States. Designed Expressly for Young Men Damns' to obtain a Thorough Practical Pa* mil Education in the ahortent possible tini ami at the least expense. A Large and Beautifully Ornamented Ptrcu tar. containing upward* of Six Soiisur. Furr, with Specimen of Pen man ami a Gigr En* graving (the finest of the kind ever made in this | .-ounuy) representing the In lenorVieiv of ?!ie ( College, with Catalogue statue tprui'i. Ac., j will be sent to every Young Man on application, ! free of charge. Write immediately and yon will receive tin package by return mail. Address F. K. I.OSIER, Hnllinrore M<L January 24t1, laT ly. PETITION FOR TNF. PESFGIT OF THE ls' laws nr Maryland , Circuit Court for St. Mary’s Co,, f Mutch Term 1801. \ \ ORDERED bv IheOurl that the Creditors of .1A MKS \. MofUl AN, a petitioner j for the lienelit of the Inaolvetd Law* of Mn- j , rvhmd. !>e and appear tielbre thn Circuit Court , for St. Mary’* County on the third Monday of Novi-tnlfV next, to shew cause, if any limy have, why the said .lan:e A. Morgan, shall not have the benefit • the *-aid lawn: pruvid- < ed ropy of this order be insetted in the St. ' Mary’s Beacon oner a week for three month he fore the said tidtd Monday in Novcmhe next. Fly order. JAM ES T. P.LAK ISTON R. Clerk. July 2fith. 1861—Sin. ffIHK rominittainnH for rountv offlcera ele*-- X ted on the sixth day of November lust were received and filed in this Office on the 22ml November, ultimo. The Constitution requires al! persons elected to otiire, receiving a couiiniasioii from the Slate, to quality within thirty day’s auei the commiHsi.m is filed; JAMES T. liI.AkISTUNK, Cletk. Dec. sth, 1851—tf. THAT). K. riIEUSS, Attorney aml Cotniudloi' al Lag, j And General Agent far ('lni nut, \ liT ILL atttend to the collection of all vv claims against llio General Goveru mrnt. Ail comi'iiiiiicationn addressed to me at Leonard Town will with prompt at tention. J at.. Dili, 1862—tf. x o ticf. E. LKO SPA LI>I XH renirne hir thanks to . his nuinuroith customers for the liUral patron- ! age he has received from them, and pledges j himself to keep a (‘HOICK STOCK OK | GOOlhti always on hand, wvdeh wdl bn? sold' very low for cash nr its equivalent. K. LliO Si’ALDINQ. April 2nd, 1860 April sth, iß6o—lv NOTICE. FOR THE PA TUX EXT RIVER FAIR HAVEN AND PLUM POINT. ■mm ON and after WED* 18:2. the‘Steamer PSan ter will leave her wharf every WEDNESDAY MORNING at half past six o’clock for the Patuxent River. Kt turniiig, will Lave Hill’a Landing every Friday nmniing for Benedict, leaving Bet e- ! diet every Saturday morning at 6 ojcU>rk for ; | Baltimore. Caihng at all the usual landing* j on the Hive*-, also at I'htcn Point umi llavan, going and returnirg. M. L. WEEMS. Jan. 30th,1862 —tf. i DUSSOLUTIOX OF , CO-PA RTNERBIIIP- Leokaxp Town. ) Jan. Ist, 1862. £ THBCXLPARTNERSHIP heretokre ex isting in the Cigar Manufactory of Mor gan, Jannarn & Co., is ibis day diaaclved with ir.ntnal c*nei.t by the undersigned, partners in interest. All persoi.s tudebtt-d to the firm ili please settle w ith II A. Jamison, who is authorised to receipt in full. • , J, FELIX MORGAN, H. A. Jan; 9th, TSC2— 2t. WANTED. \ir.\XTKP a TEACHER f- r Primary j Sehool No. 3 f.r lii* year 18U2. He must hecapat4cof teaching English’ branches and lm of g.nwl moral chara* tcir. — ( - Ti*aebcr of middle or advanced age ptc- Ictrcd. Address. JAM KS To I. A KG LEY, .TORN 11. HOLMES, WM. MoKAV. JOSEPH RICHARDFOK St. iuigt'ca’ P. O Jin 30th. 18C2—4t. I j I NOTICK OF DIVIDKNU. ON caliin ol M. M. Hayden and Geo. Kfrd, Madd x. Jiitinisirtors of George i Haydn, late of Sr. Mary’s county, dc-caed. It is oiderert hv ti e <V*nrl. tlat the said ad r ini; trati i notify the cushion* of Hit said j d.*< easil. to fi’e hcr claims against the said dm eased, i \ the llcgister <*f Will*’ Office on I -r hrf rc I lie I.lth day *>f Ma\ . Ixt;‘f. for div i idtnd, and that tins order bo puhltsiieil Ln the I St Marc’s Rear*if*, or ce a week, until the said loth of May, 18152. J. T. M. lIALF.Y, Register of Wills, of St. Mary’s county,Md. Feb. 1 3fh, 1862—Siu. Y._ NOTICE. Tin '. nmh r.i gned has just received a large supply ol ladies. PARTY and LALL • I i*s! consisting ot White am. Colored Tariff on s. Ladies a bite Kid Slippers Ladies White Kid Gloves. Ac. Stc. A Iso, - Gents White Kid Gloves, Gents Fancy- Neck Tie ( Gents’ Fitv Shirts, and Collars, Ac. At. E. LEO. SPALDING, Leonard Town. January 3rd, 1801—If. • FOB SHERIFF. PHILIP M. HORSEY, thnnkful to hi* fti-ndi mu' the pnhhr for the supao*-t he re- I naveil al tlie late election offers tiinuell atfam :\f * rnnituinie tor Slie/ilf mnl snlirits the votes iof his fellow-citizens of tit. Mary'a county at : tlo ill XI eli fnon. Nov. glut, Ibfcl. HARRISON IJAVAttDS, offer*, himself to die voter* of St. Mary’s County as a can didate for Sheriff st the next election. Nov. 21st, lofil. N A CARD. |y>CTOR GUSTAV US CAKTEIf, having : |i*-atid himself in Cliarloltc Hal!,re* ject nl! v offers his professional servires to the pnh , lie. His office is that formerly occupied hy Dr. J. F. Shaw, where he ran always he 1 fottu ! oxc< )t when 11 \ engaged. 1 Kk.kf.kknck.—Samuel Chew. M. I>. Pr<.- fessor of Principles and Practice of Medicine in the Um. ciitv of Maryland. March Till IcOl —10m. LUMEBR NSTICE. BURNS a SLOAN return their sinerrr thanks to tl.o Farmers for their liberal patronage for the year past. Their itock ! LUMBER is larger th-u ever and better a sorted; and we are determined to offer great inducements to cash buyers. Apply at the corner of Kutaw and German si reels, or at 132 Idglit fctrect Wharf. BURNS & SLOAN. Baltimore, M<! Feb. 2nd.18(50 — ntOFKSSIONAL DP,. enAIU.KS COMBS, having lo cated himself at tlie G K K A T M I L L R for tho purpose of practising his profuse ion can always bo found at the residence of J J. Ailstau, Kmj., when not nrofcssionallv engaged. Jau. 2nd, 1802—tf. . DIS SOL UTIOX OF ( V-1 *A R TXER snn\ TIIF. copartnership horetufor existing be tween the undersigned, under the firm and style of Leach & Herbert, is this day di*- ndved by mutual consent. All prisons in dehl*sl to the late firm are hereby requested to forward and settle tiieir indebtedness without delay. Either party is authorized to settle the business of the firm. WM. F. LEACH, GEO. 11. HERBERT, Sept. 2(;th, IStil—tf. NOTICE. ALL persons wishing to communicate with mebyl ellrr. willdirec ttfteircor rnepende ucrhy mail to PorlTohaccoCharles county, Md., or by *teamer St. Nicholas, o Channel Point .Charles county . Md. WM. T. CAMPBELL. Fab. 3rd. 1859—ti. J- V- WILKINSON, GROCER & COMMISSION | mEMMAHT, | No. 12*2 Dugan's Wharf, BALTIMORE. | Keeps constantly on hand a large assort f mem ofHIJ PF.IIIOR KaM ll*Y CROCK KIES, Foreign and Domestic Liquors, Tobacco, th*- ’ cars. &c., which will be sold, w holesale or re tail, at the low cm market prices, j COUNTRY PRODUCE, of all kinds, aold on cimm.htfion, and*peeial attention pa d to the side of TOBACCO, WHEAT and other GRAINS, Commission* ‘f all kinds execu ted promptly, with the strictest regard tu the inti rest ol the cotisigi.*e. Puuiic pitronagu u cit 5. Fvb. 27th, 18t2—tf.

LUMBER. SHINGLtS. LATHS, EKICKS, LtME. HAIR, SASH, DOCKS aoJ BHUTTEK3. j FOR sale. it thf rer|/Jrirf^ f>*T CASH rr APPROVED credit. Before buy-1 i rtg. c.>ll and -sec us at the r >rnrr of Knt.-rv I and Gemma Streets *r at U 2 lAjrltt Street i I \VUarf, Baltimore, Md. TURNS A' SLOAN. March 21*t 18C1—tf. NOTICE. DR. WILLIAM S r.LAKISTOXR. liar- j iii" located in Chaptiro, otters his pro- I fcsKioTia! nervier* to the Public, un i oar. al- > way* be found, wheu not ptufchsiunany cn i gagtd, al HumvaH’s Hotel. I also Mnmy ! { il;iiks to inv friends in the neighborhood ih | St. ClementY Bay f..r lit ir former patronage, j ami wilt alwnv> I*- happy to wall ou them at the shortest Nov. 28th, 18(51—tf. PROFESSIONAL. DU. J. It. TI!OS. RKKVRB ha* located at ‘WHITE PLAINS/’ a mi'e ' from the village of Chaptico, .me respectfully offers professional service*- to the public. He will devote himseil eicluaivvly tu tile practice of ids proieaiiou. Jao. 1 Oil.. 1802—tf. XE IF FALL AXD I VIXTEE (lOODS F, undsi sicrit ii him just referred from the 1 City wmh tlx- In £eat,nna best .itle*leii slock ot FALL,mid WIN I KK GOODS ever offered to the citizens of St. Mary’s County, consisting hi part, of very superior quality of Heavy Good* foi Servants* elothtn;, t the most modern" pr res—also Roots and Shoes oft he most sub* st; ntial make, and material, lie? ides Cloths* C’.ssuueres, veHlinjs ami all kinds of hue dress G• nd. for Ladies and Gentlemen—-a carefully sell rt***l, and well ussorttd stock of ready made clothing,manufactured expressly to order, and n var etc of articles ofa most evei y kind no where ! e!-et*' lie found in theeo mty. lie respectfully *- ! licit# a call from ilmsed siring t purchase, fee!- | mgassured that his thorough acqiiainlnnc# with the business, resulting from a long residence in the city, will enable him to offer auth induce ments us will defy competition. K If. JONES, Clifton Factory. Scptenihej 37th *BM)—ly. NOTICE. THE Co-paitncrshiy heretofore existing under ihe firm of C(fi llN(illA Al i. li A UDiNG is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Win. 11. Haiding is alone-author ized to softie the Ijnsincjss of tin* firm. SAMUEL GOTTI NGHAM, WM, H. HARDING, Baltimore dan. 11 .Ml I —4\v. | The undersigned, having Rough! out the ! Interest of Snnntel Cot ling ham of tho firm ol • Dillingham Jc Harding, will hereafter conduct the business in his own Name, —and he most respect fully solicits the favor of the friends o the old Firm. WM. 11. HARDING. MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL WORKS to rut: far me us of si. marts. I would most respectfully call your at tention to my large assortment of IAIHLE MEATS. I am manufacturing and pre paring a larger assortment of At/rietd/nral fm pte meats than I have reel before offered to he public —Horse Powers and Threshers. Wheat Fans. (.Dorn Mills, (torn Shelters. Ploughs, Harrows: Cultivators, and many other articles to numerous to mention. I .‘an supply the Farmer with °very tiling he may want. With regard to Horse Powers I would call particular attention to a fin? lot of HE 1. 'BOX'S Till IT. K (i MB Eli HO HE IIS. to work with or without hand, whan (ire not surjHi**°d in thin or any other market; and 1 most respectfully invite those who arc in waul ol Machines to give me a call, is 1 feel Coiiluleiit that I can unit the pur chaser. I am making a (’GUN MILL fn grinding Corn at Hume. This is a good Mill, has U-cn tested and pronounced no by expe rienced judges, Tu this 1 a*k your spe cial attention. 1 tender you my sincere thanks for the kindness heretofore shown mr and hog a con tinuance of your fav*.rs, determ.ined tu make a strong effort U< please all who give me their custom. Orders will met t with prompt atten tion by being directed to WILLIAM H. HAULING, 1.10 Pratt street Wharf, IhiUunore, Md. Feb. “th, 18‘J'— ly DISSOLUTION OF CO-PARTNERSHIP . f lIIIE late firm of Simms tC Maddox is .1 this day dissolved by mutual consent. Persons indeblt d to u are hereby notified l*. coinc forward and settle with George A. Simms, without delay, as he is authorized to settle the business ol the late firm. GEORGE A SIMMS, JUB. 11. MADDOX. Sept. 3rd, Ibol —lf. B USIX ESS XO TICE. rnilK undersigned, having purchased the | JL interest of Sinn as & Maddox in the! Mercantile business, v.ill continue to sell at , the old stand, and solicit a continuance of the j very lil*-ra! patrynage vxtended tu the late firm. They will keep constantly on hand a j gu*sl assortment of goods, and will sell on I such term* as cannot fad to please the oid J customers of the huu*e ami the public gt u- . erallr. GKO KG E A. & F. X SIMMS. Leonard Town, Md. Septemlicr 12th, 1801 —tf, _!L—iJJLi. 1 JtJBJg ‘W" - - ■ ■■ WANTED rwn O ITPY or. HIKE 10 or 12 likely j ML NEGRO MEN and WOMEN, for which the market prices or wages will be givoD. Also, FATTED CATTLE can be sold 1 for the best market prices by applying to or addressing, JO. n. MADDOX. Leonard Town I’. O. I Jan. 2nd. I*l2 tf rnn SAINT MARY’S FEMALE i SKMINARY T'TU. noxi annual session will comment on SATURDAY, the ffiih of fteplmn her. under the direction of Mtss LOI'TY LEIGH, as Principal . nsiie<l hv a corps ul efficient ;d experionced Teachers. The coni>-e of instruction is as thorough a* at any other institution in the cotinirv, and at less than half th** usual expense. The scholastic vent i* divided into tk o l‘t ns of *i\ * rron;l: each. Ciiar^e t pi*r trim, payable in adTan<*4*: or all the branches of a thorough F.ngbsh (ducation. including B .ard.Tu itiou, Wriolting, Fuel, Lights and Bidding, $75.00 Stationery, " •.&€ Tuition for day pupils,including SEPARATE BRANCIIFft: French, nn 0 Musi.-, the use of Instrument, 2G.00 ’drawing nod Painting, exdttajve of materials, 6.00 Pair.tmg in (>ji Colors,cxclnsire of materials, ]0 00 J For Bit‘her information, or for Circulars,! apply to the Principal, St. pos* t Oihce, S.iim Mart *s Cuniv, Ml. C. RILLLNGSI.F V, Pr'sulent of tii** Boaid ul Trustees. August loth. l£*,o—tf, BHißDlinilMl, ~ TII K Misises Corfigin having recttreJ the scrviccaof an cxi*eri**iicel Music teacher \\ti! rcckivo a l.mitcd number of young !ndir*s fa tho fcchokistic year Ix-gtnrdng I*l Sept. ! TERMS PAYABLE HALF YEARLY IN ‘ ADVANCE. , Hoard and Tuition in ail the branches of an Kngloh Kducalion pvr annum $l5O Mimic Yocid luolrumental $lO per quar. French 5 “ Italian 5 “ S]*anish * 6 “ Drawing and Painting iu Water j (!•,*• 5 11 Oil Painting 10 “ I’he utmost attention will lie paid to the health *iul cmulort. and every chart made to advance the iimral and intellectual culture 1 of theif pupils. Address— summerseat Oakville P. 0. 6t. Mary s Cku August Ist, 1861 tf. NOT ICE. THE undersigned wish to inform the 1 people of Saint Mary’s rind adjourn ing counties, that they have just completed j FIRST CLASS RAILWAY, and are prepared to haul out vest** Is of any size, auu will REPAIR, CAULK, Ac., on the uio*t reasonable terms. Prompt attention to all work, and quick dispatch will lx* given iual! cases. The Railway \> Mtuatodab'Uit a quarter of a mile •from Leonard Town on 1 a fine oyster creek, where vve will also build SCOWS, BOATS, or VESSELS, if j required, on the lowest terms HARRIS. NORRIS & FOXWELL. July PJih ISoo—tf. ■■■rr-iin ■ ■ w . v v ~ ni m. J. sieunr.MCs. oko. e. thoai.x J. 11. 11 AHDESTV, w !TU II KIM, XI COD ’EM US & CO. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN HB k DOMESTIC ill, *r E vfc li T DK.-C It I *’i loK , N0.:J83 HAITIMOHKST. BALTIMORE. March Ist iß6o—tf. VALUABLE j/j xufacn v :ixo rroeer t y It'vDlß Til E valunble projH*r*v. known as CLIF TON FACTORY and GRIST MILL (water p**wr), sit tinted on the Head Waters of St. Mary’s river in Saint Mary’s county, Md., and embracing ah* tit three hundred and fifty acres cl land, i* (>ft’er*! at Privai’e Sale. This property has >n it a STORK HOUSE, which is a good stand f<r business, HOTEL, DWELLINGS, Workshops, ibc. The pro perly will U* sold on acoenjuudating terms. Fur further particulars, apply to. THOMAS W. GOUGH, JO. FORREST, Leonard Town P. fj N..v. 16th, 1860— tf. m 111 —— m :m. CO-PARTNERSHIP. fITHK Undcmiznol have thin day ei.lerad | 1 into a CO-I’AUTNERSRIi’, under the ( name and st v 1c of FERSUSSON & TYSON, | for the purpose of conducting the j r GKOCEHY & PRODUCE jj COMMISSION BUSINESS, AT THE OLD STAND, j a \o. 121 fxatilmrd Street. CHARLES FKRGUSSON, HENRY G. TYSON. i6T CHARLES FKRGUSSON w.,uld re *|ieci fully s**lu.*it tho patronage ul hm oiu j fnemis ha the new firm# , 5 Baltimore, Feb. L-t,1802 i Feb. 13th. 1862 —2m. < SPRING GOODS. A large supply of 11-waid Duck. Peni- Icntia-ry Tlaids, lw jul received ami y fur sale by 1 E. LEO. SPALDING. 1 IARGF.Wi:OLF.SALE AND A RETAIL STOCK OP I FALL AXD WISTW: PRY GOODS, FOR CASH ONLY. HAMILTON KASTER A (XV, Nos. I'JO, 201 and 202 Int/timorr street. HALT! MORE. 11 IT*vp new in store, sn*l nrc ronstantly i adding thereto. j large an ! varied w ock of | FALL AND WINTER DRV HOODS, ~ cmhracing articles from the lowest to the p, highest price, in every department of the i Hade. Would rail particular attention to their 'stock of Hoods for farmers and planters* 'nse/rnch as 2-1 and tV4 Full'd ffotli; j Penitentiary Flnil Linseys ami Cotton*; Servants* RlankcG; heavy Rlev-ched a n<| Drown Cottons; Osnahrrp*.; Canton nn*l '( Wee! Flannels. and indeed every thing re ji'ir*d hy an individual, family, or for ser j vants’ Us-. IMPORTING AND PURCHASING “on the most Advantageous terms,” and SKLLIXG FOR CASH OX I. y, lit WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, I we enabled t mark out goods at such price’ as will make it the interest of all to • leal with us. An rsaminatiou of our stick hy persons visitiug Uahhuorc to make purchase* is invited. Sept- Ukli, IBfl—liw. TURKHIIIXO MACHINES. i have for sale th* /*<•// Tn'jife freared * Ih'r*e Pctrtr and W. W. iHngeN fk*s /com T’ircth ~r, triih Hrrolrinff Sfrair Carrier w Tlhj machine is warrant**} to rentier satisfac tion to all purchasers, The price of 8 Imrso power. 40 inch Thresher and Straw-Carrier, j at any wharf in bt. Mur)’a oouav, is $! 85. Farmer* are invited to rail at mv Store in Leonard Town and examine this Thresher. k li:o. stalling. June 2btii, ISuO—if. NOTICE. THE undersigned in*”# leave to inlomirhis friend* and the Public, that iie i* still at the OLD STAN i>. in (jemWhrd Town, carrying or. ULACKSM ITHINfI, CIS, LOCK .SMITH I MU, SHEET IRON AM)STOVS WORK—in short, iron w. >i k of all descrip tions. such as repairing CARRIAGES, HUG GIKH, ROCKA.\VAVS~ CARTS, WAGONS. HORSE SHOEING. FARM WORK of all kinds; also HEARERS, THRASHERS and J .'KILLS. With his ex |h rirnee o| jj years in a Machine Shop, he thinks he can do any kind of Clacksmith Woik from a kneed It-to an author, and on reasonable tersw*. New on* and Carts built cheaper than can be done l ai ar.v other shop in this place. HORSES SIiOED at I lie sin iii si n..t ice. JAMES A. M’CATH RAN, Rise kstullh. J:<l USiy 21 , 18t0—tf. WANTED. ~ TfF, subscriber wishes to Rnv a R.| o LIKELY YOUNG NKt.ROKS. of U.ih I s xcs, |.r wiiirh tl i market prices wil| hr paid, i'ersoio wi.-bsng toseil. whonmv not | see hsn.r diiriiitr his present lour through (Re Sol,then couiihis •>! the Stall. will have tln-ir orders promptly rtsp< ndrdto. I>v aiklrewdr.g— ALLEN S.‘ HORSEY, Washington, D. a Feb. 2nd. IHf.O - tf IIOIJKUTSON Sc DUISCOE, St.'CCI&SOKS t<> I!. II MII.KH, AT IIIS OLD STAND, ID,W. IMJATT STREET HA LTI MORE, HRSiTt riT/I.IA i’/4cr llnir services at - agents, f>r tbe h.|i- <>f T()l’A(’CO iiUAiS. and all s nils of VI.OIU Ck., piedg 1r g tln-ir untiring elb.i ts ’•> rci •! r s:ui-taclion to all wir> nm patronis.- them. Liberal ad vat ice* made wn eomociilneiils. Mutch 22nd. IBio—ti. a— LINK AND FK.ttD S I OH K No. 3 HoHinawcrli St RaliiiLore. WW. 11. JIORtt.9!V, (SUCCESSOR TO JOH N IJKANV ; WIIOLEBAI.F A I*l KF.TAIL linaLKUs IH Lime, Ifiric L**, iftair. feiut uti CALCINED PLASTER, Corp, Oats, Corn Meal, Chop-Rye, . Mill Feed,&e. Dec. 23id. ISsß—l>. i.EOXARI) TOW N CHIHCRIT. n A VINO pun hased tiie ciiiiie inlcrcht of the Jalc firm Morgan, Jutntsoii V Co., •he n<i(TsigiM‘tl w ill cmnluA the business wiih promptik-ss and energy. A large stia*k of excellent CIGARS, mann f.u lured from li.e best Tuhaceu to be obtained in the market, will lie k<-pt constantiy on baud, ami orders will *>e mtiviii fruin, and (.‘igar* deliver*-*! at Factory prico. in cither of the counties ot Prince George, Charles or fc*t. Mary’s. A liberal Ji.ire *-f the patronage of the peo ple of Southern Maryland is narnotly soli -it c* 1 f<T thy advjtncrmeiil of HOME INDUS TRY, .i|mi|i tire mottou! large®a!i with reaaoiialde pr<ht. Wed~ Ail ffilen aiMn-fcse.l 1-* the uteierstgn e<l at Town i. O , will U; promptly attended to. 11. A JAMISON. Ju*. ath, 1862 ly FOE COUNTY CLEEKSIIII*. The f r iemU of I >A X 1 Kb T. M< illli A N pre sent him to the rolrfs of St Mar> ’■ county •• a candidate fLr Clerk of tin: tAn nil Court at 11 j* election in and soluit to hi* claims a coonk rai ton. Nov. 26th, 1M67. Fui; COUNTY CLERK. I aui|oun( Uiyrell a a CaiaUdule fur Clerk tf llie Orcu-l (.'ourt for Saint Mary’s county, . 1 tsjHctlidly *oluut the support of my fiiiv • Is and tbi public, i GEORGE 11. IIFUIIEKT.

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