Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, May 1, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated May 1, 1862 Page 3
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JNO. V. L. F[NBLay7l Attorney at No. 29 ST. V flu BALTIMORE. J April 24ih, l. 62- I Ttnt SAINT MARY’S FEMALE SEMINARY TIIFST M\RYS FEMALE SEMINA HY is again open for the reception of pn- I pi!, under the charge of Mm TRIPLE, of I IktiUinorc, xsiHtd by Mrs MILLS, of the •sine city. Mrs. Til!Ill,R i* n native of Kurland, Imt has had eighteen years eX|M*u -1 eace ns a teacher in tins country. Her rejit-r --1 eiice* and testimonials .ire of the best; she p!a ys f finely ou the piano, leaches French and speaks i< lineally, in.l is altogether :i thoroughly ispn \ I c*t-d wuniHii; Mrs. MILLS, —a lloimin i / ('alh<ili<'—is s native of Haiti more, ami ns, J itefnre man iage, a Alias Alagruder. Tiiongh f ■ tit lias bad no exj*ei ienr. ns n teacher, j, el 1 her adoration bs been thorough, her manm-rs tut highly areoinplishad, and she is reruwnjjel l*v all who know her, as eminently fiiltd for > her present position. They are engaged fur I) •! less tli.l n eighteen montlia, an arrangement which pnes stsinlity to the li:sti!ntini. >Ve bespeak fir (he srhool, a liberal patronage on t.e part of the people of St Mary’s Terms a- usual. For further infotinaiion, apply to Mrs TRIHLK, Principal, or Hr. Hrnn.r, St |uigoe*’ P. O. Hy order of t!ic Hoard, C. HI LLINGSLY, Presl April I ith , 18U-! —11. 1)1 SSOLUTIO N NOT! CE. THE partnership heretofore existin'* be tween .1 AM ES R. IIMMASA IOS I A H f) ROOK E!!, is by mam ft! consent Ibis day dissolved. The business will be earned on hereafter in the name of James It. I’hiiHins, v ho is authorized to settle the business of the late hint. JAMES It. THOMAS. JOS O. ROOK lilt. April 17th, IHG’2—4w. R\ N away from the subscriber on Friday n*ght last, living Hear tle Great .Mill-', St. Alary’s country, three negroes JACK, HENRY and ROW. Jock is about OS or 00 years old, 5 feel 8 inches high, black, rather slender, w’llh small features and a pleasant intelligent expression I lei ry is alsnil ihe same age and height, rather s’ont, a bright mulatto, with whiskers. Row, the youngest of the three, is larger and Wavier than either, is about 18 yearn of age, copper cnioied, w itii rt large open bee. As a boat, with three paddles, belonging to 1 niy nearest neighbor, was stolen the same 1 night, it is probable iliey have attempted to es- , cape by witter. The above reward will be given for their up- ! prehension and delivery t<> me, nr in Leonard 1 Town J*il, if token out of (lie county, it ta ken in the county, £25 will be given for each. L. C. CO.MHS. Great Alills. April 17th, 1862—tf. COLLECTOR’S SUE. ON APPLICATION of George jf. TVv banan, Collet tor of State amt Ouinty 'Paxes for the year 18b!, it is ordered hy the County Commissioners for Saint Mary V coun ty, that the said Collector proceed to sell af ter giving twenty days previous notice, at thg Gmrt House door and the most public places in the ciamty and hy publication in the St. Mmjv’s Iteacon, a tract or parcel ot hind called •ml known by the uame oi PUfDR POUT, ♦o tlie highest bidder, to ppy the Taxes and lgal clwrgiv tla-mon due for the year 1861. and the same, when sold, to lie transferred by ♦Ha’’! ol bargain and sale to the purchaser thereof. %By order, R. C. COMBS, Clerk to County Commissioners lor Saint Mary’s county. AprH 17th, 1802—ts. NOTICE IS m’REHYWfHVRN, that the Pale ot tin above laml will lake place at the Great Mills Store, in the Factory Histrict. on SATURDAY, the Join day of May next, between the hours ol 1 and 4 oVha k, I*. M. G. M. BGIIANA-N. Collector for IBCI. April 17th, 18fj2-20d. NOTICE. 4 LL person* having *’.•ini egninut Sa fit Mary’s County ar 1:.r0..y noufi-,i m file item with the Clerk nf tlie C’<*iiiiiiis>ioi;erM* .nnrt <m orlxfore fli* JOth day *>f May next, ther wise they will be ey*’liile<l from the bene l ot' the levy for the present year. by order. n. r. combs. Clerk n Co'iny Commissioner* , April ITth, JcCsJ—id. HOMAB I. HALL. A I* No. 143 W Pntt ROBERT FREELAND, r - Street, (opposite ¥. WATER* HALL. ) ( Malt by lloUSO), B A L T I M o 11 E. tiiomasTTTall&oJ commission MERCHANTS For the sale of TOBACCO, CHAIN and dl kinds of FAIuM I’KOltljCE. Blaster, Clttverseed, Groceries, Ac., purchased on tom mission. March 20i.1i, 1 9C/2 —Cm. NOTICE. | TO MERCHANTS, 7TJTT) AT ’r^pn ii wl vl < vi • o vms t: n s. i VI. I. persons and l<lie*, corporate or po litic. in Si. Mark’s cniuty, who are- or shall la* doing any act or s'..all im- hi tlio occtipn- I ion of any hutisc or place lor anj pmpu.-.c, for which a license is inaile hy the tiw* ot Mary land, art hereby warned to ob tain license or renew the sum ,on or before the first lav <>♦ May entitling, under the j* n fclties prescribed by said laws lor the inlVac i*m thereof. M’hosc* interested are notified of the follow ing rei|nirenienli of the Licence Liws parsed Aiy the tieiiera! Assembly of Mar , land. *1 The rates requited lor Traders’ Licenses Vri! as follows: If the amount of poods on hand at the prin •Hp;d season of sale or expected to be k A*‘ on | does not exec, 4 the price, of licence is SI2 35 if over 10(10 anil not over SISOO ]r “ | luOO •* “ 2000 2500 “ “ 40 to 22 “ 4000 “ “ cono :u 35 eooo “ “ f-000 40.35 “ 8000 “ 4 10000 50.35 IfiuoO “ “ I r.ofio 65,35 •* ■ 1 I*ooo “ “ 20000 80 .*■, “ : 20000 “ *‘ doooo oo.;;", “ ‘j 30000 “ “ 40000 125.35 “ 40000 “ i 4 150 35 “ ! The applicant most either oath, as [ heretofore. L-forc the Cl.-rk "f the t Circuit I Court of the county where he is engag'd in 1 business ol tie* amount of goods kept t .n l and jat the principal season ot s.-.l*-; or th mh | may b administered by a dtisticeot the l*vnce I when the person wanting the license applies ! throiigh an agwni. If the latter course be a | <h)p(ed, tile following form will be decoiej a !,<nfHch*nl compliance with the act: Brii/ Mary* County. fu tril: On Inis day of • 1 862. before 1 j Ibe Mil-seriiier. a dll-liee of the Peace of the : Slate ot Maryland. in and for said rormlv. J personally appeared ami ih-doed I that hr i: bn la to;ippiy for a Trader's Li j cense under the laws of the .Stale to thi-CJ, ik i j **f the Circuit Court f a Saint .Mary's c<nm-v, j and made oath 11 nit the amount of slock *.| < i g**o*l> generally kept on haml by him {nr 1,,/ the nmrtrn in irhirh he i* c/h/, ryt.<l. m ca<e it is a pirln* rdiip) at the principal season of sale (or if (he applicant has m>t precisely en : gaped in Mi ll trade. that tin amount of' the I .</<•*•/ _*/’</<***/.s hr "Xjierlx In LcCj>. ,f-e. J dijes not i (<*r will noi) exceed S . Sworn before j If the natli in* ii'liniuislcred by a .liutire of : the Peace i;t nl the county in which the ap j plication is made, there imi-t be attache*! flit | eertilieatu ol the t 'h-rk of the Circuit Court of j the county in which the dustice resides, j The r iles i*| license ol lemales vending tnil i lim iy, Ac., whose s‘<Hk at any season *>( the year joes not or wid not exceed S'.iio js elt;,-. 35. If their sts*k <locs or shall ex* eed 8 'nO, the rates* arc the same as those of Trailer’s License, and the same form of application lllllsf be itbscrvei], Ti.o reijtiire nl! person*;, propo. jrg to *cll spiritous or (hrmeuicd litpiors. nr lager hf*cr, in ijnanlities not less than h pint, t<:* ap ply to the (’!<*rk nf the Circuit Conn, in per son, or make iheontii before a Mayistrafc, an j above, stating he desires a I.icetise t,* sell 1 spirituous or feruieiitml Ihpiors, as tne case may be, and the ilnount of stuck in trade in the same manner as those applying for Tra der's Licence. I f the amount of slock d ies ' not f>r shall not ( \-<H;d .<SOO the late is SIR 10—if ovc? j sio and not over SIOOO 35.10 *• j 1000 “ “ 2000 50.10 2000 “ “ 4000 75 10 “ 1 4000 44 “ 6000 100 10 *• Persons applying f>r Ooliuarv T.ieens(*s in ! which spit it lions or fermented liquors <*r la-, j ger beer is to be sold in *)a:iiri>i,-•> less t! an n pint nuihl make application to the Ci**ik of the Circuit C**url, l- i tiie county in whi* h thev roiiilr, ami must also be recommended by t\v<* n'spcctaMe ireemmi,. . :. v *__ einiiv of the applicant —which may he ;.na*!e . following form : To the Clerk of the Cirrnil Court for Saint .1 ftri/'s County :: We. the undersigned, freeholders of Saint Marv's county, living in the immediate vicin ity of- who is about to apply to you for a license to Keep an ordinary at in said county, do hereby recommend him as a suitable prrou to obtain the license May The applicant must then make oath to the Clerk, to the following fftect, that lie has hon ulide and without intending to evade the re quirements and the Acts ol Assembly of ihi-* State* regulating the issues of licenses to or dinary kce|ier-s siud traders, provided and ex pects to imih.uin six g*ssl beds with sufficient ckithirg theref**r, and three room a more tlian rufi'ulent for the private uses i*f sail appl - aud. and stabling and provender bar five hor ses at least. In addition he shall also make oath to the Cloak of the raU! of rent or annual value „f the house *-r place at or in which the business is intended t<> le carried mi. li saiil rent ■ does not excoc! the rate is s2s.3o—if over 'j IK) and not over S2OO 40.00 “ 200 “ “ 300 50.60 “ i 31 !0 “ “ 4<() 60 60 i 4 400 “ “ suo 75.60 • Any person proposing to keep an riveter house, iVc.. i-rauy place other than an •*r*in:s trv tor the saie *f spiritous or feimented li ! 1 1 n rs or lager-l*<-jr in qiiantilic-* !ss tii.u: a I pint, shall apply to the Clerk <• f iho Cir. iit Court for the ccujity where he reside.*, ai.d i 1 mn-t res- nmrrvkd Vv two rc<p i ;l*!c freeholders of his immediate vuioily, x* a suitable person to keep house. M he Licri.s<; in all case*, bv the late Act * r Assembly, is SSO. , The CKttli rtq lire* Ito Iki made hv appli cants fo- * ! *ra- rs T.i*--nse. and ! .'>*er t. i spirit'iou- Mqitors ir. quai.tiiiies n,.t I*.— : han a pint, may be icvic lh f.*r* a -1 ol tin* Pear** an*l fnrw*r;h**l l > mid file ! with the *Trk ol tin; fsr**iiit rt, to w i. >m all appli cati**ro* f>*r I.i,;er,s<? must ’o*? ria*le. jfc.ln ii'Mition to the ulvoe rale* each |ia-fy is i < jiiirc-1 ti* pay the Ch rk’s fee, mak ing an addition of 50 Cents- in er.-h li * n>e. in pursuance of a recent d< *.i'.i<*n by the Oiinptr jllc-r. . THOMAS L. DAVIS. Sl.’ff fur Baiul Mart s County , April 10th, j'nj— .-.j,. I K A W S Passed hy me 6eneral Assembly of M.njl.i.rJ. .Lc itegalar Scidmi. (Vii'men* ! A"- Mtu-y, 146*2, Relat ing t< License-!- AX \CT ,To anw-nd tlic fifty-sixth Arli *le of the Chic j of Public C.;ut *.i Laws. lel.Umg tu Licen- Ises. ov ihereto the following ccc ti**n r*‘hti* gto Partnerships taking out, j cen-r>. Sic* fjr '' t T. tf by (bo Cc: r r*i \ sn I,l*'• • r T‘*at Mi*- f. I* r- il*2 H*c*ioi) in' mil 1 l.f* *. if to |4. l.r.rol*i* t ! s t< I*'** tilt V -sixth :* r i-tr r,\ < fvjr* of Public (ti'Mieral s, to Pillow the sr-v-oiH fectiuii thereof: Any Sii'ensr i*.ay ’*o obtained by partner ships m li*;ijv. as well as by individuals; but in ai c , in-- j j.*. l .■* ui i.. I at- p.iiua js *i any d* b. s t f.<rt’ i*i fi it, tlie li rr-nse. *0,4 no Jjr*i n=* -bab protect any person pr*-1.-****'n -* to *■.<■*♦ *|* 4**?* 11. a *?**?ne unb-ss Ve is in.mi-*,I tbereii . rt r e..tided ic a rep-esen tHlive, or mo r*n.-e *mlt*r rh,* (>rovii iii lierein aller contained in tin-, nrin le, svnd tin* clerk Issuing th, liccns,!.-*.siian < nternpon tiic rrn-.iid ot licenses, the lull uaines ol and the meml*er of a co-partnership to abwill such is sued. i Bfc. 2. And Ik it enneted, That this act shall t;ikc effect uu the thirtieth day of April , next. AN ACT ITo amend the seventieth section of the fiftv wxth Arliele of the C*odc of Public (1.-ne rnl I oiwk, relating to Licenses for Onlina ijes. SkctioN 1. P>*‘ it enacted bv the Germral As<eiiib!v *if Maryland, That the seventieth [section l the tilly-sixth Article o| the Code of Public I ■ eiier.d Laws, relating t- LneiiscS l<*r j (Irdimiiies be a■ ,1 the saiae is hereby repe.ij i c*l, and the following enaclei! in lieu lliere- S f ; i if atiy person nr lx**ly politic shall propose to r.*>e*-i or keep an ordinary he h;d! anplv to Ihe tllerk of the Circuit C >urt of tb.-t con*.tv in whiih said applioant may rcsi*iit. * r it l.e re si les i i the city ol Baltimore, to tin* (loiirt ot Comm >n Pleas, for a* then-tor, under widi h iiceiisie spirituous or fermented liq'i *rsor larger bier, Jn.i\ b*r bartered or sold In qiiau titles less than a pint, i 2. And lie it enacted. That this act ! shall take ilicet on the thirtieth day of April next. 1 AN ALT I'o amend the forty-sen-r.d section, id ti**g to I the granting ~f Licenses to Tnnb i.-, of Ar I ti-*.l<* (ifty-six ot the Code of Public hiencr.i II ,a\* s. H<* if enneted by the Ocneml Aswmbly •of Maryland. That the fortv-verond sect ion ol Article iilty-sj\ of ti ** (’ >de of PuLlic I inner d Laws, relating to the granting of Licenses tu I’radcis. ht and the same is lic.aby rvpc.d.d, nod the ioiluwiug enacted i as a sub-tiuite ihercf**r. j Bn* I’. When any per.nn, body ]h>- ’ ( liti<’. **r corporate, shall propose to sell or , b i r ’cr anything im*ntioi?c*l in tin* preceding o*i, except s*ir?t h*hus or farniented li qii >rs lie sl.ail apply t > tlie (’lnk of the It in nit C*>urt of the county in which he may reside, or il lie resides in tin* Lay of * j Baltimore to the (Lurt ,*f Common Pleas dor a license thudor; but u*, license to trade, < r to sdl spirituous cr fermented , liquors shall be issued by any cl.- k of a j C"|l b* a feme-r*.*v< 1 1, or to any perron j iiml'-r the age of twenty rne, wifiiotU the i sp,*ri:.l order of (lie .l'i<lge of t’ne court ; j hut no dung** shill giv • sudi ‘••pedal order I*u license t* .s,*!| spirttuous ,r fermen t**l, unless tip*• the rt*<mim, nda i! tioii i*l at least ten r**spi?clable free-holdcrs, re.-alviits *t the ward or district wherein 'the p'acc *-f sale may*l whenever licen.ix he issue*! io a fenu’-**'.iert, <*r minor, ti,e said fcme-ci;vert, or minor shall be re.spo,sible f.r all oe tracts in the 1 prosemtion * f thr ? . - business n*i*!cr sr.cli li cense, nn.l Shall ho liable tu be stted tlicre -1 tore in any courts of t is Statr-; and the • saul I’cme-coveit may bo sued, ir indicted tand prosecuted in ca-e of a vi !.v.’n,n bv j tier of the license laws of this State, or in ea-o idie should keep a di.-*or*lcrly house, a if she were a feme-sole; and, if judgment be obtained agairst her on anv contract. txcc*iii,*u shall or may isMic in the ordina ry way t<* affect her s**j> .rate estate: pr*-vi r*ed, li,.wr\ •r. that such respoi.sif inly shall in rn manner affect or impair ihe res*puiisi i existing laws, and d.r.t f l ,',' h'.-'f 1 | effect ou the thirtieth day of Apiil next. We certify that the foregoing nets are true copies of their respe, tivc originals, as passed I by the General Assembly of Maryland, at its January session. 1*62 T. SNOWDKX THOMAS. Chief Clcik of the House of l>cleg‘< s. Md. v. hai:\\ (hi>. Secretary of the *Sei ate. The aforegoing aie truly taken an*! copied , from the laws recent!) received from the j Comptroller. Test: —J AM ES T. FLA K IST ON E. Clerk. April 10th, ISo2—llnr. ADAMS & DAA'IDSOX. I GROCERS AM) COM^iSSiON ; MERCHANTS, •Au. • ConH.atrrc street, Baltimore, M l. 4 I.AIIGi: snppK .f FAMILY • 1 1'* • F.- • J\ HIKS constantly cr. hun*l at lowest • maiket pii*cs. i *S*ies ol TOP A CU), LiJATN ‘L’ . -'rict , alien del tu and prompt r* turns n.adv. 1 Jau. I6lh. —6tai. 4 NOTICE To Tracers. Keepers of Ordinaries and Others-

TRADERS. Keepers of Ordinaries ni .1 otb r-4, rre hereby notified. in pursiiai.Oc of ine A* I >t Awcnil'ly, in such made and ided. to take out and renew heir Litr\?'ES between Ui< I*l and IO:h slay Of 31 ay isexf, a the liw will l>c rigidly enforced a£as?!it v.Jj neglect to comply wit . tlic p; ns '<>ns of tiie Act Assembly, pa.v-od at dauu . irv Session, 18',S. ! The law does not anth-rize any {verson or ( i> to sell or flatter god.r, wares and rnr*r | dize, without tirst having obt.ined a 1.1- ItAtSK arum the <;ii t ; of the C icUU G-uil. I Hr or*W of dudt'e Hhfvt ; J.Vl t*> •- J: : L KtMoo IClerk .! the t>. C. r oi. M. _\.i, , ry April 10th, 1802. TIIITin Sill. CF VA.’.UAni.F. REAL ESTATE. rV, vrtnrc of a de* re• ff 1 • fire’!*! o**’trf P 9 f r 4’*},■> rl <>i r-..u* ( v v’M ii" r"- a Oeo*-f of fijiiitv. the 1 •id* ,- ‘-'igu d. as Tre tee, will otter at V*iil>lie Si'i; it the * Mrf H-d or , in Bort Tobacco, to the highest b.u.u ou iTHUUSDA Y, the ?t! oi’ May next, j (if fair, if not, f be pa\t i-fir dav the;or;ftrr ) i Ivetween tfp hours ot 1 2 m. and :! o’cl ' ’k. jn ! | tu., ’'ll that tract fir paivcl ol land called and known tiy thc name of i 1* I fVf AKI Hvl • ' cont iinijM five hnnditd acres, more < r less, of which J. IfergUsSc.n Bruce, lati of Charley ! county. di*%l seized and possessed. This iv subject to the right ol dower ui Ellen Bruce, 1 the widow. land lends on Nanjemoy Creek, which is navigable for bay crafts, is moat beautiful ly and defir.ibiy loeailed as tu scenery and ; ; sitippings The waters have always been la -1 r.iuus for wild fowl and fi.-h of the greatest i abnn lance ami finest varieties ami meeting a i rca ly sale to doaDrs, who carry on an exten ’ sive trade from that virinitv, s Toe soil is in a high state of cultivation, be ing generally level or rolling and free from sione. It is well drained and enclosed, and did<l< d o.l' in fields, of equal size by hemlock fencing. ; It is v.ell adapted to the growth of Wheat. 1 f • ' 11, lViacco, Ciovt r ai d Timothy. J a improvements arc a comfort.vb!e Dwel dug Hou lately thoroughly repaired. Kit h en, i Quarters, Corn House, Granaries. Stables, i ( image and Ice Houses and two large now I'.arns. It is not often a Farm eontainii.g so nt.o.y ad vantages is put in the market. IVr s..i,> desirous of purchasing arc invited tu iouk i for thc-m.-ei ves. i 1 lie terms of sale, ns prescribed by the de oiee, arc, one-third of the \ nrclnsc m my 1 ! thereof ti be paid in rash on the day of sale jor on the ratification Hereof, and the residue lin one and two yenrs, in equal instalments. 1 1 the whole credit payments to be-ir interest *; !r jii the d.vr sale and tn be ;-ccured by the bon Is of die pure! ~.ser with security to be I aj.proved by the Ti -t. e. j i pon Liie Payment of the whole .if the pmvoato money, the 'l’rn.sfep is authorized to con. y ali the right, title and interest of the panics t<> said !•< ice in said real estate to I lie . purdiascr er purchasers. ; r>. u. n.Mi ms, Trustee. j April lOtli, 18G2.—Is. -j The “above sale lias been pv;tpon<d until r ! TUKSDAY, the 27th of M iv iu>t;m‘. rj B. G. llAnns. Trustee. May Ist, 18o2—ts. j. I ! MMBIETKIIII *| sin d by jrmnnt TTiiruhleto ’ i wXf nian,' (belonging to Messrs No ble;, of \ ermonf,) Ids dam by Mar In. 11 ’ \ ictorv, " J. by Il.iswt d’s I>!ip.ic, he by Bang’s American Eclipo, be by OU , I M'dicso (tlic three last thorough hreJ). — \ < rmont liambleionian wasbiiA 11 \ N>rtb ■j mi llani bh lonian fix longing to Mr. -1 ris, of Vermont,) bin dam by (lomci by Ui.-liophs Ilambb toaian. g *t by <ng> >t f> >1 .l/f'nxf ."f/f/-. Northern Hambletonian w:u also sir-. l *! by Hishop’s Ilamblutouiau by iru i ported Messenger. It wi l thus be set n ibat T ~ nnoiif Ihnn rJ<lonitrn (lire ;-irc cf Voting llaniLietonian) : i h.'iy hum Jj< sSfmjcr iL’tu <t:ig Stull,\>)i '• i <;, and ali the Messengers ami !lam bl etc ui ans are great trotters. Th - Eclipse ! L*eod in ‘A oung Hambletoniau’' should , give him power anl luffing qualities. fie will only be Id lo a limited number j of marcs. I* 1 ’ ” *'•” ,• Neck oti Mondays; At Leonard Tvrn on Tueaduys; i At Chnptico on Thursdays and the Fac : tory on Saturdays. A The season will comm cnee on the Ist j Tuesday in April and end ou the Ist Sat i unlay in •! uly. Terms in the season, £ls nut.— Insurance, £2O. I J. 11. MADDOX. April 3rd, 1802—tea. TAILORING. *'? a HFI undersigned has jg% tfk § removed from jfff ' loiiner plar* of business • he b* •iis*-l;itely ocenjii jcdby C. C. Spalding, giJdM j E.-sjwhere he \\ 111 *i - Yt| (JrijA i iiiiue ‘to make Cksiis, ik^jA . I’a.nts' ind Vets am r y'r|p ImK liu; latest styles and f th- M I ions and upon his whi i t the lilietaS ]-.ilr.>nage he lm heretofore received auci soliiits .* cunliiuiaroe of pub lic favor. (-••ting done at niudurate ratrs and ai l the siiortect notice. , THOMAS P. ATVTT L. *i aiit.r, maid 1 own. April lOih 1802.—it. 1 . .KsS BSI.. ' 71• -1 stand service this Erring— * * Ou Mondays and Tuofedavs of‘ r very week at J. F. Fenwick’s stables. : Ijcmmrrt ,‘ov, < Pi \\ cd: rt sday. nn 1 Tl ursdays of every ■ week at t’.c Glc t Mi.U; Ou 1 rid ays .. i Sat of every week at St. Inigo m" and th Kidgc; i Comiutmeing eti f!ie Ist of April and ending the l?t I July. I rertu's. £!>, to be paid within the sea son. or £lo if not paid in the season. Insurance. £2>>, to he paid as soon as llic marc plot .a to oc iu loal. j To tin'o wh w'd; 1 1 i:npr* , v'‘ thur 1 stiH-k of liorcos cither for the turf, saddle jor ii.iiiiers, ihiti'k Hawk i 3 ictuai* j nr n.loj. a* coniine from ft family of horses )ut Jnesize and style and remarkable for ; | vl.h grout, ii.c ..d ouu. ca-e wi’l br; ♦akenbut no rosponsibi’ity for ; .-Kvidciit or escape. Ih-digrce. Black Hauk was bred bv J A hrahn’n l\ri>c. in Auams count v. ! ] P ; -, and will be eight v*ar old this v ;iritig. If- is of a riefi black color aid ■ stands lull sixteen hands in height, iie Was sir< 1 by fr dirh p 7 rand-stre the Anifr ioxii he!ipse, wliieh stock is well known in America 151 ick Hac k's dam w*s got by I*hunter, gruii l-d:'"* by I'ninuMc, who Was bred IjV ’•*!. ’l’homae iu • p.i rbmi conntv. K v.. who was sired by j* Bd potorii i<- ( of Vn. I tier in i* unnecessary to t race his -tot-k further, ns lie will repro , Scut himself to a’l competent ’udi/os. JOHN M. IIOKMIN. j Leonard Town, 3iu. , ! April 3-. h. -b-M. rww. OKN HOLT is an iron grey, rixtr r ! ! hands high, of easy carriage and of great muscular power, is very docile, U a fast trotter, pcrfoims well under the sad- i die :.nd al oin dcu! 1c and ait.glc liarncss. j Ho is nine years old ihls Spring, i? a sure | , getter an I bus made sever:;! successful * stands in Cliarlcs county, whore his colts are in the greatest demand. , Ben IMt was Mil dby Ucglsfer, his dam • a fine- Emigrant marc out of Lady Clifton, f< uiit of the best saddle mares ever raised ‘ I in bis county. j i Ho w;ll the ensuing reason, coin- ■ meaning the Ist of April, at tbv following 1 1 j laocs on tlic days named below : i At Ba>.":dra.- V ().ik on Mondays; j At Leonard Town on Tuesdays; At Great Millo on Wednesdays and. •Todays; I I At ti e I lead of the 15; ly on Fridays; i At (icorge 11. Morgan's store on balm day s. Ho will be let to mares at the following rates; £l< ! , to be discharged by £d, it paid in the season. 5 insurance. 50 1 cents in each case to the groom Season to end the Ist of duly. ' GHODGE A. SIMMS. ! j April 3rd, 1 'O2 tes. i GLAUSi MELN6TTL hail Isonie ami tl.r-rongh-hrod ST.\L • GH'N A ill ciiinr.-ienee iiis staeil t*r llie I pres lit year u M I.MI.'A . the 2n<l day ol Ajnl mxl. He is a l.riyi.t bay. bred by Mr. i 1 U"IUl <l n mtoll, wa.s e,,t Ivy 1 Motel, i till lot Clel.iier uV Iml list i\ , ..Mllhi b\ I I Ti„<<tK..tler, Dainj t'repj-er, by ; Grey Pi"inei Hall’s Fmoii, Lc<i:i- i | t!.u, imp. Othello, imp. George’s juniper,! impt. M >rton’> d ravelltT, jut ol inipi. by the < i dolphin Arabtas From the above pedigree, it will A c fpcii. t that (Jiamle Melnotto comi.ities more tvl tin Sir Arcbv I>|.km| m Ins veins than any Imr.-e | now hvm;;, bemz descended, iir*i"h i.ia sire ! ih Stoii and mate) site 3 ilsiokou, dnrcliy m m ’ Sir .vic.ij, and I 1.d11.-try, hire ui Sien- j ; der, and oi.o ol the tx - st .-ons ul Sir An.liy, .ez iin throiigh Ti.-irnton’s Batkr, (the sire oi L-'ttisa Seiijiuc: ), another distinguished son ol ' Sir Archy By bi-< i g. dam Daisy Proppr-r through 1 1 Iwr sire C ev |)i -med. i.e is utscended from j impt. M* lil‘-v, all nis family being distinguish- , ed |or game and stoutness. 1 ClaiKiu Melm lle ns Inc sire of Col. Bowie’s j I fine colt, Ike Marvel, which ran in the Fall ul 1 'db noth at Leonard lov.n and in Vir e iuia * with success. TV-i ms. For b!-;o.Ul mans. .s’2o, to be dis ; by tyi.-j. if paid in the season. F<>r i , ' emim ii man s. S‘l2. to be discharged by ,SB, i!I paid in t, e season. li . - (M>ni le<.‘. "ct cents, j F t Imther panicnl.irs, see band-bills, to Wt * pubhsiiet! btreaiter, •IAS. U, TliOilioOX. March ! 3:ii. 18*.2—tes. TESTH’S SALS OF 'TfilliAßU KLOHOUj. i • ; fll V v ; rtuc (,f niitlmrity v< st d in mo, I will sell as trustee to 1 ito.'nas It. in , the village of Chapheo, ( SATUUDAY.J i!Gih of April next, Utween the hours of 10 and 12 o'clock, th*-1 personal of said riuunuiv H. Bayne,; consisting of a negro woman agctl abvul Irt i I named LUCINDA and child; also a negro girl named ROSE, aged about 13. Terms of Sale cash. DANIEL J. PAYNE. Trustee. • March 27ih, 1802--ts NOTICE. jj\n. WlU.f \M S. RLAKISTONE. hnv f i inz h>i at' l in Caaptico, otters his pro • services *o t! t* Bublic, and car. al i ways be found, when not profession*ilv -n- I at's Hotel. I al-av retuiM niv j leaiiks ti my fnei.ds mli e neighborin'-xl ot t rif lacnl’v Riv for tb-rir f rm-'T atronage | and will always be happy to Wail >u them at the shortest Holme. I Nov. 281 h, ifeoi —tf. itr-fLntrn’s MATEK I A L S Jt -• ■ j^c^ySjtjplßpWj i I . The ursiieniigne.l wottld respectfully call th attention of the Public to tbeir lar"** svwnt’- '.w.i. i dvoh.s , Ji/jLMte, sash, tnuf'L FRAMES, II I\p oW Fii.4 J US'*, I P./# v ’ * £0 Altos. CJSiXOS, MOrJJUXGF, M.i. * • *—a:.d cvrry *r*v-*rrp*• ti rf H ,, ’e Rnilr) iug material.*, which they hve cotK>iuiiv u.i | iui. I, and w l.u I. ll.rj car. ftirnad. at tH? r* *rl v. :i"tk’c. They At# 1 nNo fo C,r|ib fb* h l . *tc?t not ire IUA.IIE %OUK i i* Corntry Houses. ctageiv, and Wrbr?rb HomU*u'i>. according to any plan or desf£t all ready tilted to V.c put tip on their propos ed sites. Fanners 21. .1 others, desirous of buildir £ in tue country. would lind It to their uK,■•■•< by giving us a Ciil before mT'di •*-•* . wh >->, o- w ‘ -ire fully prepared t.i r> , wotkon 1 t* most reasonable terms. Ann t, .f advantages. whjr-b w, i ureperie,* si| *be materials that may be neeessirx in c. - ‘.fritting .1 home. mil U* found to save t,V' liu.Uler • jjr?iat deal ol delay end ‘ xt ensc. All orders left tit (lke,r , ftm, or r b dleSstu to by n.ll tlKtfl aI?U plump uiul <*.itl >ty aft. nti<ai. m \nnn i\ .rotfx^nv .S.Vtrn I” lining Mill and S,uh Fan.., y. m F.a>t Fa-Is A nr TVr 'Jfp M arehonse No. f.f, |*r itt street N Next doi.r t.) Penn & M it* t .jj, Bail. M tl . April iyih, lato-i/. CHAIR AMD FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT, w. K. A.N iJelli.SU A, .N’ci. It | • .ie<o/(u' Mmi mik tt ii FiohriA, Slid uhu .1 iUiMtt Aluiktl '.'pare, liuiiiunn'c, ■ Having iln* largest V* are rooms and 'v*l assortment -if Cahintl Furniture isi the ct\ Is prepare. 1 to sellerery nrtmlein hisline njMi the most iiln ralaml accommodating irrrr.-. Ha ving bad • Ion? experience in this line of business. he Hatters hil that heean con. pete, as to excellence n| material, beauty of 'Vot kniMMstiip Mini range ol prices, w• th any establishment oi in* sort m this 01 any olh< r city, ii.s general slock a lull at <1 • onipieu assortment of ParUa Chairs. S>fin li Kuimj Chairs, Spring Choiafar S'liit, Fur roor/t, Off ire tin ft Pining Chnii , Frtnch 7V/r U-Tftfs, SfU.'.rx, Ann C%ni,\ yT*iff >'nsf v, /.of.fri j/ t ,]a \<(,y .fy t ot ovorv v,• and dec r.ptN n . jj,. a|su on liah j RfAs/aids ol his own iiiaimlaclure, which I car. la, pul up and taken down in two min utes. Persons trout St. Mary ’s, wishing *0 1 p'm-hase Furniitirr. are reiju’esied to call at.,f | e vjomne his hi l l ore buy in? elsrw hr r ! ’*•- fo f.,d f'r. r?!:f place Nik. |( &. |‘> Sei m! .Si.*et War#hott'e with 80 h.j : fror. and - birjo Folding doors. Aug'isi I I tii ] B.l*l Jv. DENTISTRY. Pr.K s*>XS nee ling the s-niet s of a first I• lit tw. >%i 11 T.. H•I! I I Mill.lnis |r. J IUNDOI.nj HMI/rOK. who { fernb- lo'-aling himself in Ihe vi’la je of I,eo. - *rd 1 ii. Orders a'l<!re'-si>d to Idrn thr* , *fi ,; i 1 r he Leonard l>.\vn l’.*st Oftiec will reeei’O ] prompt .itfentioii. lii tertns are rash. J , ( Aai ton oas bad coti'idercrabl. expr li.nce 11 i "hi prof- ssioii, is mod, 1.0, ■ in bis charges, and I. as invariably given t-ati.'fa tion to those who j lia.e employed him. To ?iv. the renders ~f , the Fear on some idea of the standing of 1-r. | W. as a I’KACTfCAL DKNTIST, the f. !- lowing letter, audressed to iiitn by i)j. A<tuiiX ; i'inkney, L. S. ?>., is appended : I. S. Nav.u. Aea I fmv, AsnapoMii, Maryland. April 21. 1 Hho. Dkai: gives nic great plasnre to , e\j the conH-lenrc 1 have in your skill a 4 : a Dentist, and to recommend von, as far at I j hn’’c iiilinencc. I*• the patronage of tba Public. , I have had an o|: ( ,,| lunily ,${ uit nesting yoi r l of operati ,1, ami have ,10 hesitation :ii I artiiming it exhibits your thorough knowl- I of you prof, .vion. 1 am, sir, ve-y repf n fn!>y Jour ~he.!i-nt servant. N INI AN PINKNKV, Smgeon I*. S, X. lr. IvAJUVit.rM Wa:.To.x, Anuaj>olia. April 4lh, lobl —li. ... ~1 L. L I .11..1.1 . _ „ LUMISKK J FLORINU, ip, invite the attention ofmir friends a a * " eoiisutners, gemraily, in St. Mary’s .a 1 ad joining e,.unties *o oiir extensive as^oitinCn i AM I ~,': ' MATliniA/.S. 1 D.vetin . ;/ fJ,, uletnp!.'iring te erection their advantage to give n> h call, as we c.-rt ft., l ' at lowest rales fur carl, or Negotiable pn 1 1 )>for*. Frame?, Ac., f::rnihed -,i Mill prices. Orders iillvd fur Pricks, Hair, Naiu, : X*, Wharfage charged on \ esse IK recrivirv Lumbvr from onr Yard. cau.jON, zi.d.Mi.itMAX, .v- rn. f ts* side I lilifii Ibß'k, Norfolk lloat Wharf March ‘jot l ., ISOO—tf. NOTICE. i \LI. indebtei to tnc f<*r taxes* 1 >r ills year will pleamt e,>mr forward and settle the uu,e to tnc, or C-pt. J. .1. A lint an lin thirty days. If •* V Ktlh d in thirty d 9 fmm date, I s*l..iSi lie Compelled through t.u . ics. ity to Lollcci by la iv. GKO. M P.onAXAX; tol ol 2nd, lhai. Nov. 21st. 1861 —tf. . JAM US 8. hOWNS, A LTt MiX KY .v O l XSKU.OI: AT LA W, /.eemrr#/ Town. St. Vary a VN ul pa<s me in M. Mary haadiht adpining . Counties. Feb. 10th

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