Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, May 8, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated May 8, 1862 Page 4
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BUILDER'S MATERIALS mmrlti' j* Tle undersigned would respectfully call th attention of thr Public l< their large assort tiM-nt of DO OHS, BLIND*. BASH, DO OH SHAMES, II /SHOW FRAMES, WAS ID i CARDS, CASINGS. MOULDINGS, MAN '! LES, and every desert jdhm of House Build ing material*, which they hxve comitnDtly on I.and, and which they can furnish at the short t notice. They are aV> prepared to furnish at the nhnrtrst notice FRAME M OMK for t'-Hintry H*>n*es. Cottage*, and suburban Residences, according to any plan or design, nil ready fitted to be put up on their propon ed sites. Farmers and others, desirous of building fu the country, would find it to their s.dvantage I v giving us a call before purchasing elw % here, as we are fully prepared to execute v .rk-on the most reasonable term*. And the advantages, which we offer in preparing all Hie materials that may be necessary in con structing a house, will l>e found to save the Builder a great deal of vexatious delay and expense. MST All orders left at their office or ad (trussed to them by mail will meet with (•romp and satisfactory attention. MAUGULIN & JOHNSON, Steam Plaining Mill and Sank FarJonf, East Falls Avenue, near Pratt Street Bridge Warehouse No. 00. Pratt street. Next dour to Penn & Mitchell, Balt. Md. Vpril 19th, IB6o—ly. CHAIR AND FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. WE. ANDERSON, Noe. 10 & 1 • Second Street between Frederick Sire and Marsh Market Spare, Baltimore. Having the largest Ware rooms and best assort men lof Cabinet Furniture in the city, is prepared tu sel (every article in tmline upon Ihe most liberal and accommodating terms. Having had a long experience in this line ul business, he flatters himsell that he can com pete, as to excellence ol material, beauty ot 'workmanship and range ot prices, with any establishment ul the sort in this or any other city. Uis general slock embraces a full and complete assortment of Parlor Chain. Sofas, Rocking Chairs, Spring Lounge*, Chamber Suite, Bar room , Office and Dining Chairs, French Tete a-Teles, Settees, Arm Chair*, Mattraaes, Looking Glasses, tic., of every va riety and description. lie has also on hand BaitUmd* of his own manufacture, which can be put up and taken down in two min utes. Persons from St. Mary’s, wishing to purchase Furniture, are requested to call and examine his Stock before buying elsewhere Be sure to find the right place Nos. I 0&. 12 Second .Street—Warehouse with 80 lee front and S large Folding doors. August llili 1869—1 v. DENTISTRY. PERSONS needing the services of a first rate Dentist will do well to emplon Dr. M. RANDOLPH WALTON, who in tends locating himself in the village of la*on rd Town. Orders addressed to him through the Leonard Town Post Office will receive prompt attention. Hi* terms are cash. Dr Walton has Inn! coiisidercmhlc experience in his profession, i* moderate in hix charges, ami has invariably given satisfaction to th x*c who bare sniploved him. To give the readers of the Beacon some idea of the standing of Dr. W. aa a PRACTICAL DENTIST, Hie fol lowing letter, addressed to him hy Dr. Kiniau Pinktiej, U. S. N., is appended ; U. S Naval Acadkmt, Annapolis, Maryland, April 21, 1856. Dear Sir;— lt give* mo great pla*ur to express the confidence I have in your skill a* a Dentist, and tu recommend you, as far as I have influence, to the patronage of tha Public. 1 have had an opportunity of witnessing your mode of operation, aim have no hesitation tu affirming that it exhibit* your thorough knowl edge of y< >u pr ‘Cession. 1 am, air, very respectfully your obedient servant, NINIAN PINKNEY, Surgeon 0. 8. N. Dr. Randolph Walton, Annapolis. April 4tb, 1861 —tf. LUMBER I SHINGLES!! FLORING, AC. *RX7R invite the attention of our friends an ” consumers, generally, in St. Mary’s an adjoining counties to our extensive assort men of seasoned BUILDING MA TERIALS. All parties con tern (dating the erection DwelliDys,Barnes, Itc., will find it greatly their advantage to give u* a call, as we can •ell at loweat rates for cash or Negotiable ptn per. Doors, Framcii, Sash, &c. t famished at Mill prices. Orders filled for Bricks, Lime, Hair, Nails, Ac. No Wharfage charged on Vessels receiving Lumber from one Yard. CARSON, ZIMMERMAN, A 00., West side Union Dock, Norfolk Boat Wharf March 29th. IB6o—tf. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. THE partnership heretofore existing be tween JAMES B. THOMAS A JOSIAH (. RCOK.BR, is by mutual consent this day diaatlvad. The business will be earned on hereafter in the name of James B. Thomas, viiu a aalhonvsd to settle the Lus mesa of the late firm. JAMES B. THOMAS. JOS O. HOOKER. April 17tK, 1802—4 w. -. ■ ..... ■ i JAMES S. DOWNS, ATTORN KT A (XU’NSEI.I.OK AT LAW, Leonard Tomn.Bl.Mary * Ca.,M4., Will practice in St. Mary’vaadtheadjoining eottnue* Fob.' 104 h 1849. SS KAN AM'AY Irian ?he lirine ( iw:ir tbr villa!’!* •( Uii ttion. 1 d>iv i a fnu negr.* Ky imniiil HENRY JONES. *'h<>m,‘ time 1 muitlr fanight of C. , C. daily. 1 leant that he is in (he lower part, of the comity, j..1 will, lurking about Jutland, j the property if li. G. S. Ksy, where he ha* relations. AH are foiewarned again*! harboring or employing *atd negro hoy. He i* rather Imat k, aloopa good deal, and has an awkwar.l way of expn-**ing him**. If. He i* i aUxii 20 yesint f aer. had on wlhh he left a , good suit of •cl<4’ik of while full cloth ami a black hat. 1 will give the U*vc reward for lib appn-Imbmou aial delivery t > me. JOHN A. BURROUGHS. Jan. 9th, 1862—3 w. rouNDcu 18h2 cHimßtv 185 LOCATED COR. or BALTIMORE dt CHARLES Sr H*i.riMoar, Md. The iMigert, Mori Elegantly Fumitked and Popular Commercial College in Ike Untied Stales. Designed Expressly for Yorag Men! Desiring to obtain a 7 borough Practical Pv* nett Education in the horfel possible (ini and at the least exjn*n*e. A Large and Beautifully Ornamented Circu lar, mntaiiiini; upward* of Six Sip ark Frit, with Specinter- of Penmanship, and a Large En graving (the finest of the kind ever made in lliia country) representing the Interior View of the College, with Catalogue slating term*. drc., will be sent In every Young Man on application, free of rbarge. Write immediately and ynn will receive the package by return mail. Address E. K. ROSIER. Baltimore Md. January 24th, ly. THAT). K. THEUSS, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, * Ami General Agent fur Claims, WILL atttcml to the collection of all rlairn:t against the General Govern ment. All communication* addressed to me at Town will meet with prompt at tention. Jan. 9th, 1862—tf. NOTICE. E. LEO SPALDING return* hit thanks to his numerous customers for the lilieral patron age he has received *rom them, and pledges himself to keep a CHOICE STOCK OF GOODS always on hand, which will he sold very low for cash ur it* equivalent. E. LEO SPALDING, April 2nd, iB6O April 6lh, iß6o—lv NOTICE. FOR THE PATUXENT RIVER FAIR HAVEN AND PLUM POINT. ON and after WED 18'2, the Steamer PSan f,.r w j|| leave her wharf every WEDNESDAY MORNING at half past six o'clock for the Patuxent River. Re turning, will Dave Hill’s Landing every Friday morning for Benedict, leaving Bei e dict every Saturday morning at 6 o’clock for Baltimore. Calling at all the usual landings on the River, also at Plum Point und F-ir Havon, gokig and returning. M. L. WEEMS. Jan. 30th, 18C2—tf. DISSOLUTION OF CO-PARTNERSHIP- Leonabo Towx. 1 Jau. Ist, lHi.2. j THE CO-PARTNERSHIP heretofore ex isting in the Cig;ir Manufactory of Mor gan, Jamison A' 00., is thi* day dissolved with mutual consent hy the undersigned, partner in interest. All jh’ixxiih indebted to the firm wili please settle with B A. Jamison, who i* authorized to receipt in full. J. FELIX MORGAN, B. A. JAMISON. Jan. 9ih, 1802 —21. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. NOTICE is hereby given that the subscriber has obtained from the Orphan’s Court of St. Mary’s county m Maryland, letters of administration on the personal sstate of GEORGE PSAKE, late of saul county, deceased. All persons having claims against the raid deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same with the prone* vouches thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the filh day of Nov.. 162, otherwise they may be excluded by law from ail benefit of the said estate. Given under my hand this Ist da\ of May, 1362. * G. FRED. MADDOX. Administrator. May Ist 1862— 4 w. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. NOTICE is hereby jiven that the subscri ber has obtained from the Orphans’ Court of St. Mary’s county in Maryland, let ters of administration on the personal estate of Ann P. Latlirum, late of said county, de ceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased, nre hereby warned to exhibit the same with the proper vouches thereof, to the subscriber on or before the sih ol November, 1862, otherwise they may be excluded by law from ail benefit of lb# said estate. Given under my hami this Ist day of May, 1862 JOSEPH LATHRUM. Administrator. May Ist 1862—4 w. / NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ' NOTICE is hereby given that the subscriber has obtained from the Orphans Court for Ssmt Mary's county, in Maryland, letters lestimeniary, w. a. on the personal estate‘of Thomas Lynch, ate of Kind co., deceased. All persons having Haims agaiut|the said deceased, are hereby warred to exhibit the same, with the proper vouches iherejf, to the subscriber, on or bcibipe the fith of Nov., 1862, otherwise they may lie excluded by law from all benefit of the mud estat*. Given under my hand this Ist day of May, 1862. THOMAS A. LYNCH, Executor May 1| 1862-4 w. ; NOTICE. A LI. p‘nnn itKh*i*ed o me f*r ft* ■ /* this veer will |>t *-*-*• roH* fcwaard end ( I K'i'ir tiie ►aim* tn me. r J, 4. A Hsian 'in thirty days. If im*l nettleil in thirty day* fmm dale, I shall la* compelled through to* j ctfcily U> collect hr law. GEO. M. BOH AN AN, Cc 4 of 2nd. Di*. Nov. 21-st, I?6l—tf. NOTICE OF DIVIDEND. ON application of M. M. Haydn and Geo. Fro*!. Maddox, administrator* ul George Haydn, late of St. M try* omn ty, deceased. It is ordered by the Court, that the raid ad ministrator* notify the creditors of the said, to file their claim* *t;aihbt the kwJ deceased, in the Register of Will*’ Olfice on or before the 15th day of May, 18C2, ft'f div idend, and that this order Ik? published in the St. Mary’s Beacon, once* a week, until the stand . 15th of May, 1862. J. T. M. RALEY. Register of ilia, of St, Mary's couuty.Md. Feb. 18th, 18C2—JJui. NOTICE. t WPIIE undersigned Inis just received a large , i I supply of lanlies PARTY and BALL Goods consisting ot White ami Colored Tarletona, Ladies white Kid Slippers 1 Ladies White Kid Gloves, Ac. &,c. Also, Gents White Kid Gloves, Gents Fancy Neck Tim, Gents’ Fine Shirts, and Collars, Ac. Ac. E. LEO. SPALDING, Leonard Town. January 3rd,lßGl —tf. FOR SHERIFF. PHILIP H. DORSEY, thankful to his friends and the pnhhe for the anpport he re ceived at the late election offers himself again as a candidate fm Sheriff and solicits the votes of his fellow-citizens of Si. Mary’s county at the next election. Nov 21st, 1861. HARRISON EDWARDS, offers himself to the voters of St. Mary’s County as a can did ate for Sheriff at the next election. Nov. 21st, 1861. 5 ' ; A CARD. TJOCTOU GUSTA Vrs CANTER, having located hitnselfin Charlotte Hall,respect nlly offers his professional services to the pub t lie. Ilia office is that formerly occupied by j Dr. J. F. Shaw, where ho ran always be found except when professionally engaged. Hkfeukwck.—Samuel Chew. M. I>. Pro fessor of Principles and Practice of Medicine in the University of Maryland. March 7th 18G1 —10m. LUMEBRNOTICE. BURNS A SLOAN return their sincere thanks to the Farmers for their liberal patronage for the year past. Their stuck f LUMBER is larger than ever and better a sorted; and we are determined to offer great inducements to cash buyers. Apply at the corner of Eutaw and German streets, or at 132 Light street Wharf. BURNS k SLOAN. Baltimore, Md Feb. 2nd,1860 PROFESSIONAL DR. CHARLES COMBS, having lo ealed himself at the G 11 E A T >1 ILLS for the purpose of practising his profession can always be found at the residence of J. J. Allstau, Esip, when not prufusMunally engaged. Jan. 2nd, 1862—tf. DISSOL UTiON OF CO- PAR TNEK SHIP. THE copartnership hcretofor existing be tween the undersigned, under the firm and style of Leach A Herbert, is this day di*- rolvcd by mutual consent. All persons in debted to thelale firm arp hereby requested to come forward and settle their indebtedness without delay. Either party is authorized to ’ settle the business of the firm. WM. F. LEACH, GEO. 11. HERBERT, Sopt. 26th, 1861—tf. NOTICE. ALL persons wishing to communicate with me byl eller. wil Idirec it heir car nwpondtnceby inarko PonTobaccoGharles county, Md., or by steamer St. Nicholas, o ChappelPoint.Charlescountv , Md. WM. T. CAMPBELL. Feb. 3rd. 1859—U, J- V* WILKINSON. GROCER & cmmssiM IB EKE HAMIT, No. 122 Dugan's Wharf, BALTIMORE. Keeps constantly on hand a large assort ment of SUPERIOR FAMILY GROCERIES, Foreign am) Domestic Liquors, Tobacco, Se es rs, &c., which will be sold, w holesale or re tail; at the (owes market prices. COUNTRY PRODUCE, of all kind#, sold on cimmission, end special attention paid to I the sale of TOBACCO, WHEAT and oilier

GRAINS. Coniniissior.s of ail kinds execu ted promptly, with the strictest regard to the I interest of tin? PuulL p.urouage is most reaped! oily soli cited. 1 Feb. 271 b, ISo 2 —lf. LUMBER. SHINGLES, LATHS, BRICKS, LIME, HAIR, SASH, DOORS and SHUTTERS, j Ft Ml mle. at thererv lowestprice ft* CASH or APPROVED credit. Before buy i:ig. call end see rs at the corner of Eutaxr amt German Street* or at 132 Light Street Wharf, Baltimore, Md. BURNS & SLOAN. March 21 l 1861 —tf. PROFESSIONAL. DR. J. R. THOS. REEVES has located at “WHITE PLAINS," about a mie from the village of Cliaptico, and offers his professional service* to the public. He will devote himself exclusively to the practice of his profession. Jan. IClh. 1862—1 f. NEW FALL AND WINTER GOODS THE undersigned has just returned from the City with ihelaieest.nnn best selected stock of FALL,and WINTER GOODS ever offend to the citizens of St. Mary’s County, consisting* in part, of very superior quality of Heavy Goods for Servants’ tlothine, at the most modem" prices—also Roots and Shoes of the moat sulj* stantiai make, and ben material. Resides Cloth | C;*tsimeres, vestings and all kinds of fine drena Goods. for Ladies auJ Gentlemen—a carefully ■eDeted, and well asnorted stock of ready made clothing,manufactured expressly to order, and a variety of articles ofalmoslevei y kind no where else tn be found in the county. He reaper tfully so licits a call from tliost ilesinus to purchase, feel ing assured that his thorough acquaintance with the business, resulting from a long residence is the city, will enable him to offer such induce ments as will defy competition. E. H. JONES, Clifton Factory. September 27th 'Rfl—ly* NOTICE. _ i THE Co-prtncr.diiy heretofore existing under the firm of OOTTINGHAM 4i HARDING is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Wm. 11. Harding is alone-author ized to settle the business of the firm. SAMUEL OOTTINGHAM, WM. H. HARDING, Haiti more Jan. 11861—4 w. The undersigned, having P*ought ont tin interest of Samuel Cottingham of the firm of Cottingham & Harding, will hereafter conduct the business in bis own Name, —ami he mon respectfully solicits Ibe favor of the friends u the old Firm. WM. H. HARDIN j. MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL WORKS TO THE FAHMEHSOF SI. MARTS. —] would most respectfully call your at tention to my large assortment of IMPLE MENTS. 1 am manufacturing and pre paring a larger assortment of Agricultural Im plement* than 1 have ever before offered li he public—Horse Powers and Thresher*, Wheat Fans, Com Mills. Corn Shellere. Ploughs, Harrows: Cultivators, and many other articles to numerous to mention. I can supply the Fancier with every thing Ik may want. With regard to Horse Power* I would call particular attention to a fimr lot of FELTONS TRIPLE GEARED POWERS, to i cork with or without band . which are not surpassed in thi* or any other market; and 1 most resjiectfully invite those who arc in want of Machines to give me a call, a* I feel confident that J can suit the pur* chaser. I am making a CORN MILL for grinding Com at Home. This is a good Mill, has been tested and pronounced so by expe rienced judges. To this 1 ask your spe cial attention. I tender you my sincere thanks for the kindness heretofore shown me and hog a con tinuance of your favers, determined to make a strung effort to please all who give me their custom. Orders will meet with prompt atten tion by being directed to WILLIAM 11. HARDING, 150 Pratt street W harf, Baltimore, Aid. Feb. 7th, 186*—ly DISSOLUTION OF CO-PARTNERSHIP . TfY HE late fiim of Simms A Maddox u> A this day dissolved by mutual consent. Persons indebted to us are hereby notified to coroe forward and settle with George A. Simms, without delay, ns he is authorized to settle the business of the late firm. GEORGE A. SIMMS, JUS. H. MADDUX. Sept. 3rd, 1861—fcf. BUSINESS NOTICE. FEY HE undersigned, having purchased the A interest of Simms A Maddox in the Mercantile business, will continue to sell at the old stand, and solicit a continuance of the very liberal patronage extended to the late firm. They will keep constantly on hand a good assortment of gtiods, and will sell on such terras as cannot fail to please the old customers of the house aud the public gen erally. GEORGE A. A F. X. SIMMS. Leonard Town, Md. September 12th, 1861—tf. WANTED rw% O BUY or HIRE 10 or 12 likely JL NEGRO MEN and WOMEN, for which the market prices or wages will be givan. Also. FATTED CATTLE can he sold for the best market prices by applying to or addressing, JO. H. MADDOX. ' Leonard Town P. O. Jan. 2nd. 1862 tf. NOTICE. TYR. WILLIAM & BLAKISTONE, hav iug located in Ghaptico, offers his pro fessional services to the Public, and can al ways be found, when not professionally en gaged, at Boswell’s Hotel. I aUo i elm amy thanks tu my friends in the neighborhood ul St. Clement’s Bay fur tluir former patronage, and will always be happy to wait on them at the shortest notice. Nov. 281 h, 1861 —1/. BIIIDING SHIBL, THFI libm CiU);m having >i*cured tl services of on experienced Uiiiic teacher j will rxiv<‘ a limited number of young ladies f<r tit#* scholastic year beginning Ist Sept. i TERMS PAYABLE HALF YEARLY IN ADVANCE. | Board and Tuition in all the branches of an I Engludi Education |>cr aaoom $l5O ; Music Vocal & Instrumental $lO per qwar. I French 5 ** Italian A ** Spanish A “ Drawing and Painting in Water Color* 5 ** Oil Painting 10 ** The utmost attention will be paid to the health and comfort, and every effort made to advance the moral and intellectual culture of their pupil*. Address— SUMMERS!? AT Oakville P, O. til. Mary's Co. August Ist, 1861 if. NOl ICE! I f undersigned wish to inform the JL people of Saint Mary’s and adjourn ing counties, that they hare just completed , a FIRST CLASS RAILWAY, and are prepared to haul out vessels of any siae, and will REPAIR, CAULK. Ac., on the most reasonable terms. Prompt attention i to all work, and quick dispatch will be given jiuall cases. The Railway is situated about i a quarter of a mile from Leonard Town on ! a fine oyster creek, where we will also build SCOWS, BOATS, or VESSELS, if required, on the lowest terms HARRIS, NORRIS & FOXWELL. July 19th 1800—tf. HKIM. J. XICODKMU*. OKO. |>. TUOil.i J. U. HARDESTY, WITH. HEIM.KICODEMUS & CO. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN FBIIKK & DOfi£STIC Ml or kvkuv usscarrTiuH, NO. 383 BALTIMORE.ST. BALTIMORE. March Ist IB6o—tf. VALUABLE™ MAXUFACTURIXG PROPERTY I?(DIB SAlfcO* rt IE valuable property, known a* CLIF TON FACTORY ami GRIST MILL (water power), situated in the Head Waters of St. Mary’s river in Saint Mary's county. Md., and embracing about three hundred and fifty acre* of land, is offered at Private Sale. Thi* property has on it a STORE HOUSE, which is a good stand for bui!;t*M, HOTEL, DWELLINGS, Workshops. &c. The pro perty will be sold on accomminuting terms. For further particulars, apply to. THOMAS \V. GOUGH, JO. FORREST, Ix-ouard Town P. *q Nov. 16th, 18Gd—tf. ~CO^PABTNIRSrtIP. - THE Undersigned have this day entered into a CO-PARTNERSHIP, under tin name and style of FERGUSSON A TYSON, tor the purpose of conducting the GROCERY & PRODUCE COMMISSION BUSINESS. AT THE OLD STAND, No. 121 Lomltard Street. CHARLES FERGUSSON, HENRY G. TYSON. CHARLES FERGUSSON would re spectfully solicit the patronage uf hi* oh: friends lor the new firm. Baltimore, Feb. Ist, 1862 Feb. 13th 1862—2 m. nuun. mu & ci. GROCERS CSMMISSIONMEfiCHINTS. Xo. 143 Pratt street, ‘ini floor West of Light, opposite the Malthg House. IMPORTERS OF FOREIGN LIQUORS, WINES, BRANDIES, GIN, &c. A large and select; stock of OLD RYE AND BOURBON WHISKEY al way* on hand. March 13th, 1862—1 y. mil ©M IBMUK WANTED. OOnn BLACK OAK BALK want- f ur which the highest market price will be paid. Prewitt price $9 per cord for a prime article. Apply to JOHN H. HEALD, & Co., cor. of North and Madison uls., or at Chesapeake Mills, near the Draw Bridge, Baltimore, Md. March 20tb, 1862—2 m. NOTICE. | JALEX. PRICE, reading near Gen. ! • Hooker’* Division anc tlw llcml Qair- I ter* of the 3rd Regiment of Indiana Cavalry, will attend the COLLECTION OF ANY I CLAIMS against the GOVERNMENT that may be cJtitracti*d by the m>-p in St. Mary’s. Address, Nangeuioy Post Office, Charles ('minty, Md. . Kkvkhexcei*.—Gen. Walter Mitchell, Port, ToUtcco. Md ; Hon. George Bient, Pori To bacco; H 11. Edeleu, Esq. Pirt Tobacco; lav 11. Key, Esq , I’ctt Tofcaccu. January 9th, 1862—tf. TITHES mxc MAC HIKES. fhave for sate the Peiitm Triple Gtar.d Horse Power and W. W. Dingw A Co’s ' horn Thresher, with Rewiring Straw Carrier I The machine is warranted t remler satlafao ; lion to all purrhaMcm. The price of 8 hono power. 80 ioch Thresher am! Straw-Carrier at ary wharf tu Si. Mary’s euuatv’ is $lB5. J Farmer* arc in riled to call at my Stove la Town and examine this Tl r’sher WANTED. auhacrtlwr wishes to bar a lot LIKELY YOUNG NEGROES, ufhL.I aexea. for which the highest market price, wifi bimr tn * ell who not 2! r •""■ff his present tour through the Sohiwm connl,, „f St.u, will h. urder. proapllj MnJotl ALLEN S. DORSEY* _r 1 k.2od. 0 d., 8M -,f w “ , ““ to *- Da ROBERTSON iiVItISCOE, SUCCESSORS to R. H. MILES, AT HTB OLD STAND, Ml, W. PRATT STRFET BALTIMORE, ‘ RESPECTFULLY offer their service* a, ,*T, J he . o1 TOBACCO (mHAIN, and all kinds of PRODUCE nkdif mg their untiring efWt* to render sati tUetiva toall who may pat native them. Liberal ad vance made on consignments. March 22nd, 1860 tf. lime and feed store 0. 3 Holliniwortl St- Baltimore. WH. K. HOKI.JY. (SUCCESSOR TO JOHN IJEAN V ) WHOLESALE At *TaII. OF ALF.Bp f Mine, llrick*, Hair, friurat, CALCINED PLASTER, Corp, Oats, Corn Meal, Chop-Eye Mill Peed, Ae. Doc. 23rd, 1868—ly. FOR COUNTY CLERKSHIP. The friend* of DANIEL T. MORGAN pre sent him to the VUCTK of St Mary’s county a* a camlidate fi>r Clerk of the Circuit Court at tha election in I rtv;3, md tu hia cloime a dispassionate consideration. Nov. 261 h, 1867. A. TREGO. j . MORGAX. TRFOO sTmoRGAN, COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IX LIQUORS AND CIGARS, HAVE removed to No. 22 Commerce si mi, owe door from Pratt street, where they solicit a continuance of the for’ mcr patrons of ebeir Old Stand and tho community in general. Their attention will be given to thy inspection of all To bacco, to the sale of all Produce consigned to their care, and to the purchasing of all goods on commission. c April 3rd, IBti<—ly. FOR CONST iBLK. J. EOWI tf A HELL snnouucs* himself as | candidate for ConaiaLlr in Leonard Town Dia trie at the ete~Unn in and asks tha sup port of his friends and fellaw-eiuzena. Nov. 38th, 1861. FOR COUNTY CLERK. I announce myrtlf a* a candidate for Clerk vf the Circuit Court fw Saint Mary’s county, w 1 -espertfully solicit the support of my fru • U and the ptt'olir. GEORGE U. HERBERT. NOTICE. ALL persons having claim* ngniust Saint Mary’s f'ouniy are hereby notified to file ttiem with the Clerk of the Commissioners' Court on or before the |Ufh dy of May nevt, otherwise they will be excluded from the bene fit of the levy for the present year. By order. R. C. COMBS, Cleric to County Commissioners. April 17ih, Ic62—td. rnoMAS I. jiall. Y I No. 143 W Pratt MOISKKT VRKKLAND, v ' street, (oppoaitu V • WATtHS hall. ) ( Malthy House), BALTIMORE. tiiomasTh a rj. & c<.. COMMISSION MERCHANTS For tbe .ale of TOBACCO. GRAIN and .11 kinds of FARM PRODUCE. Plaster, Cloveraeed, Groceries, Ac., purchased oo commission. March 20th, 1802—Cm. RAN away from tbe aubacriber w it on Friday flight las!, living (/$ near the Great Mill*, 81. Mary’* cuuotiy, three negro •* Ife^ JACK. HENRY and ROW. \ Jock is about 28 o 29 years old, 5 fret 8 inches high, block, rather slender, with small features and a pleasant intelligent expression— Henry is about the same age and height, imther smut, a bright mulatto, with whiskers. Row, the youngest of the three, is larger and heavier than ruber, m about 18 year* of age, copper colored, with % Urge a6en face. A* a boat, wtih iki** [w-dles. behaiging o ray nearest neighln*/, suden the unit f ,ight, it is probable Uey have attempted to es cape by water. „ . . Tbe above reward-will be given for their ap prehension and delivery to me, of in Lemiard Town Jail, tl taken out of lk oouniy. If ta ken in tea county. sls will te van fee sack la. 1/. UUMdo, Great Mdie. April I7tl, IHB— if. _

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