Newspaper of The Sun, January 1, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 1, 1861 Page 2
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W '"tr '5t S rw. lfmi o . - ,. " V' - r5 sit I 1 K t n 'UN. j;. . -jt No Taper TiKorror:. In order to arTerr! the employ cf th Srjr lbtablkhment a opportunity to pertlclpaU la Q ftaaMUe T th day, no regular eiltlon of litis paper will be published tomorrow, (Wad aedy.) bit AN et.TTRi .!, toaJaiolnrjall tre entrant ntwi of the day, will t kerned derisa: Ibe fonnor. Tm rortVAU Oomcso I It milter little ritw, what depravity and madneet may ruU lb boor la Cbarloeten, nor what help! fright mty boU poor OociuaAx ipel)-bound t Waihlrig tea. la fart, the worse their work may bi, tht mightier and twlftr will tx tht uprising of the American people in tht cauM f their country. Wa bar bo fearful of iuccufal treai, orr or even Hrtmgk lb eiTtromtnt at Wsfhiogton. AnairiAM Urcoi.s will b Trwldant of th United State at twelve o'clock, nooa, on tba 4tk March gent, from that ni xneat tba army and nary of tba United Stttaa wUI I wider bia orders, and what li mare, they will bey these ordarr, wherever they are. Nowbert an earth ara honor atd loyalty better nndari'ood nor.r our own brav navel and military .. When American ollloara ara foand Kuflty of tretchery to their fltgaad tba eonttl tutianal autbotl'leiof tbalr enntry, wa tha'.l oonclnda that henor li axtlnct among men. 7VywUl not ba found elinaltaneouily draw. Ug pay from tba I'nlon, wearing 1U uniform, ad employing tba power they have recalrad U trnat, for tba lubvertlon of tba nationality ttey have LUharlo defended and rendered flit triout an erery Me aa4 ihora ' If there ara dlnniotiUta among them, evtn they will bare Ue eelf-rfpect to absolve thernlolve a offi cer! and gentlemen, by reelgnttloa, bafora rank lnr there .el ye wtj tbaaaemleaof tht Union. And If treachery In high, placet were to (trip tba ctpltal if defence, aa It ('.ripped Cher lee ton barber, and remove tba military arm of tba g- rarninant far bejond reach of an (oration ef vTaahingtoTi, down to tba but moment of tba ex airing administration' ten thousand of tba military (lower of young America will nndoabt ly ba present In arm, of their own tccar J, to lea fair play and uphold tba constitution if tbalr cc on try. Tba next rreeUaat will ba peacefully Inaugurated and loyally obaytd by tba cltiiana of all parti, from tba uiutl heur on the 4 th of nut March Ard If there should bi any uncor taloty of the peaceful order of tba acrtalon, a to looteer nard ot honor will ba there ancallel, tiefwa wham all the embattled chivalry of tacat ttcv, would La at Uaci In a tempeet. Altbade af Ik. OawMlr, It wu deemed worthy of the Idgheat ctrlo Lanart, by a Reman Sonata, "net It here dit peired of the republic," In an hour of ireaerel paalo ard dlimay. They ware right, Ha who sterna aa epidemic t terror and confuilon, and with bit own Inkling cooriRt ra-ajiurat a timid and watering penple Jutt fainting lato the Jewt of Hi foe, jxirformi tba greateet public tar rioa that oan ennoble an IudlTtdael m. Jltt a, la the ooorara, tba treeaon of ctwardioa, wbich drepa frem 1M trembling handa tba word ofnn'lonel power, and luppllea audacity to tba foe while paleylng the heart of tba people, la Um cJiJeot bf the most nnmltlgatad toorn and tba moat costuming wrath tf natlont. It b tba (jreat happbMra of our country to con tain many courageous, cool end raaoluU men at Ihia critical period. The utterance of our pub lic men and prittn ara replete with tba at Hence tf tkJa fact. Tba party about to aeiume tba ratee ef goTtnnnent, wbatarer mty Itttaldof Ita princlplea, will nowhere be denied the poant Ian af at bold and firm a eat of public men at rar led the eouncU cf a nation. In tht break lag ap of partiea, It baa Incorporated tba back bone and sinew of both the eld partiea, Demo, cretlc and Whig. Llxoolw, Eowamo Dana, and albert, wall represent the letter party, and IUhux, PauTon Koo, DarAwr, Ulub, IllHia, and a bott of the peculiarly lolld, prac tical and determined daet of nitn in public and private life, whom Old Ilkkory unaroidtbly draw around hlra, now ctrry over the glory cf the Dameoratle ptrty to tba new almlnletratloa, letvingjatt one northern man of mirk atd force, Bona or 1) jrouaa, In ai OQtJJ,bot Independent and Impartial poel lcn. I rem all tbeeo Jacktoalin ard Webitorian eort of men, wt bear not one ui carta! a or wavering Yelee. We ara yet a me-cjllue pteple, and ara net repreeeited at a.1 by the nhhered rpulmen of aid fedaraU'iti which raprodacai the truckling traaaan or tba Ilartfotd Convention In the Traei dantial office. Honor to tba brave tide U tu meed of erery itrugala aad victory on rarth, In epeaaa or war. Honor to the man who ean "ba Jutland bar rot" in a time that triet men'i Beula. Tba true America and the true man, U be who aeeortt among tba rumbllngi and toroai tf Umateaad diiaolaUon, the Inviolable mtjeatv ad might of tba Union of the great Ameilcaa nation, now too firmly coneolldutid, cemented, with blood, and arched with glory, to be thrown Into ooLftuuon for me bour by the thotk of a kcutbem ac.(loru rstranga Kum.r. Tin rumor of Uenaral 8ooti' ep,olntment a Hecretary af War, axdte th pub le miod in teriely, bat U a yet neither rarlfltd nor dlt- pravad. One thing only teem certain, thtt th iravernment I in utter confusion, the President laving virtoally rtigned, nl thrown th who! riponlblMty of admlnli ra'bn upon Lit cabbtt It would not be Ung If, lu bis Urror, ba iboulj cluto'l at Ibe arm of the eld chief'aln and entreat tht pro'ectltn of bit military ooorage an1 reaourct. While the pra Itut to-rule cocUaDU, the ship or tltt driiU toward the braaktr li th cottiul of a hidden rrivUtcot alone. CJfTicrie af the ItlnUlf . Ibe KepuUican caucu latt nlht agreed upon B. C. LiiTiajotia for Bpiker of the Assembly, 1L A. Kiiur for Clerk, Citi.u D. Earros Ctr Bar rut-at-Arret, Oiso. C. Dtjnnt for Doorkteper, and IltiBT Haauaaaoa UrAlas'. at Doorkeeper. Tbey acopttd laiolution pledging them elvet lo tus'aln tba prinelplei of Gov. Monaawt Ttto nitteagt of lart winter, agsloat the schemes f aonuptlcnlsti la future. The ipecUl corretpondant of the Comm vein AtnrtinT, telegraph from Wathingtoni A rrport bat been received here, that the mllllle of otufa Carolina have seised the I'ultel S'atee anni and aoonsunltlon In lbs areenal at Caadeston. There la aleo a report here, whleh to tna, bowever, eema InoresUbla, tbal lb Oosventlim by formal v Jla, aave ds'erealued loaouaamo rav ticarrss. If tbt nport a-ovea true, there oan bl ll'tie duubt that Ma )e Aaroaaoa, la self-defenoe, wl4 lura bit guns poa tba rlty cf Charleston. Hat a lit of h. Uajor Aidiuw 1 not as ajUwatnaa, If tba CVevstrrctar corretpondant r U. Tba toccaatlon of replying with "grant, " IT ', U Ceo vanUoo bombardment, I Inferior at ka,aad7 U tba bombardment itselt fort Sump. UisrU likely t eland til tba epeecsc that aa b inaia at it, a d all the " arilinanoa" tal aea ba discharged apoa It wall by par. raaaal conranlioa af aeeeaelonist from tbl to aoedy, lb lnaailKy of Ssuth Carollrato LBMk a ancb a an attack bam tba United .1 Mai, at tar llt, U parbctly macssWU aaaaanssastBSBaBtasasBaiaavaiaaIBal,B(Bt) twrS"44 rf aart, attacUan t , " waraaU jAocMM'f haolaauUca k?T,k CJina la 1, axpraealng th d. tba ptcpU of tba Unlaa tody ,-, , .7"' ' " Vrt Vm ftu wftviiKr.' I 1MII. T ari tba f t 7 ffe wawUh linear. lv "4 Itcfr. 'v' I'll'-" 'twolre mnnthaago vi errota, "W -ba V'l't j- ra, tba 'i-V( ti -aU ' m f ' eb' on of bo tuanfr aivin ! uut uua.d 'haii lv tSejear that baa papad." Elnct than, wa haam aeen ear wlrb fubuled In tie amandpttlon af Italy and tb offer of more liberal IniUtutinni to countriai which have long luffered under tba decreet of despotic authority. There baa lean meet re markable proRTeea In all that coocaru tba right cf tba people la European countriai tinea w latt e4dreaed our reederi New Veir't ulula'ioa. Our ih hat been more Ihia gra'illeil. A year ago wa did not anlielptte that any eoneldaraUe number of pen on could ba found la tbl broad Union, who would eerlouely engage In plat te dertroy the nnlty of our Bepnblic, aaj make the name of "American citizen," a nime f contumely and reproach amtng the dvilUed nation of the earth. A few ahort month have daalroyid all our hopeful anticipation, and we now are obliged to witnett the painful epectecle of man eworn to maintain the Union abandoning their traite, and Invoking tba fell ipirit of revo lution and civil war, Wa have, however, a Urn trnat la th aB controlling l'rovlJnce who ba hither! fa vored and pretacted our Republic, that lie will bring the tchetaea of traitor to naught, and convince them that their fratricidal policy I pregnant only with incurable mischief to them aalvea. In the year that bai reached It alow, wa have, a a people, been tpedally favored and Marked. Tba butbaulman ha had fall raturu fur bit cart and labor our barveat hat been plentiful, and no plague be! vlilled our beloved lard. Wa are In the fall enjoyment of uouuel prosperity, marrid only by our own wlcWne In abetting the frcjecU of tboae who ara madly ruahing toward te olati.n and civil war. May a merciful rrovldenoe save tie, a a nation, fraoi (bo conm-'iuenoea of tur dlaregard of th great and Immutable princlplea which ihouM be tba bai of all our act aa a professedly Christian people, Dut paalng from national to Individual res ponsibility, the rommenoement of a New Year I flt'lag time to f tm new re iol vet and wiser ruUt of conduct. If we wUh to do better lalMl than wa have dona In 18C0, wa must baln the year well- not In dissipation and act af folly, but In a prudent, rational and ChrUtitn manner. Wa must not only reaolvo. We matt aUtr to our reaoho. Oood intention ara of no value untesa wa put tbm In practice. Let u begin well, and persevere, aad eur paras vtranoe will be amply rewarded. Waver TTrrrkrd. Wa ire Informed by a letter from Nassau (Ba bamas undir dete of Dec Sit b, ihst aa Aneilota elever, wtih too A'rlienscn boerd, bed Jun len wiwked at Cay Liboe, In the B l.leb lerrttry. Tba captain of the elaver triced one of the enrtll eu-tUng v stb) aad taude'l bU cero of human b Jnge. N wa is" Iheai&lr wee biouhl to Maseaub one of the turning Vfneea,and the Qjveruor laaUatty dlspatok ad the llghthouee jeohS . J r'inlyn, wtih titty mm of the M W.I K-gtment on l.rd, but ihey ar rlvfd too Use to eepture the lattudere. Tna AMcan bad ln Ukea off by y Spanish bilg and arrived v. noreniae, vuba. Tna Gum or Tin Biiaon ara dtddadly the gift boakt of the enterprising house of W. A.Towav. nan A Ok, of Ikla city. Their Illustrated "Fossjt rims" of Bavaanr, I one of the most exquisite pro dueUow. .w. .-. y, -jravinj d printing. Tsjes en J Pictures," from VoorS m.Jil. , ,., . ejieouuea ef ibe eeioe aupeilor uleee, on a lavger Ka'a. Foreign Inteiligenoe. Flvo Days Later From Europe Anlral ef th Kaagaroe and North Asset Icam. Tba iteamer Kangaroo from Liverpool, on tba 19ih, ssd Quer niton ou tba SIHli Doc. arrived here yeeVirdey. The Anrlca bad arrived al L'verpooL The I'riuce Allsnt, which was lu Use laflOJwey for BI. J ilins, Newfoundland, on tba lSih, hed been wlthdiewn, and the Oa'wsyUaa lateaiiorailJytua jsnided. CVUsew rsi uTirictTioRt tionmain. On tbo afternoon of the 15ih Ioceulsr, Jo-it si the Engllth Csblnct wet ou lb point of separating, Ihey received a telegram from R Petersburg, announcing tut Intelligence fromr.kla lu lha eth of Novumber had Kecord tba 11 1st Ian Oovei uiuenl ; that peaw waa concluded m the !Cth of O jlober, and the ratifl -caUtrxihangilandlhelonlbe CJ ofNiveuber tlie aided force evsouated I'ekln, and the tliiperor was expected liuuiedlalely t) return lu hie oiblnut. The tepidity with which tba newt waa recdveJ CU'1 ettue doubts to ba tbroeru upon l's aulbentl d.y, but It It staled Ibsl Ibe Intelligence was com- tnunkaUd by the Russian (loviinuuent to Sir Jose Caaarr, . the nHi.a armister al Bl. Psiar.butg wbo foribwllh teligiejitjed II lo Lmd m. The lutel'Jgeuei was bkewise puUabod la lha Pail Mtmittur, and oonnrmaUon had a'so letu received la other quuter. The llorg Kong correspooddnt of the I.sndoa Timet, wrlllog on the Mih OctoUr, says: "Tna fol tm Statea blgtla Niagara Is here wi h Ue Jspvteee Amiasiedora on tsard. She prooeeds et one l ti Yiddo lo land them, and then rotums here to om balk lils Eictl'ency, Mr, Wain, Iht Aoierloan Min ister for Aden, en route o the L'n ted Sietet. Irfsigtliy fnoial dl.pelehee al lo the proceeil ngt at Ttkln, tli treatment of the English prtaatera, ele , are pub Mini 8 we of Ibe details ei lo the tntnner In wblih the prla.ucrs wer treated ai qitle sicken, iig. The but letters received from Ibe bast aourcot hold out no bopreof lb rtsovery of Cspt Usisssja and air, jw mv Ike eoirespoudenl of the Tmet, The tlimitrUT aleopubl.bes adbrne'cb frnm Biron Ortedaedl',kln,Ji4ull, reoetvej via St. Peters. tsirp, otflrinlrg the signature of Ibe treaty of peeoe. The Bhaugra ultimatum ted bn aooetsil by tlia (Julnese the raUfloslLm the treaty if Tieu-T.Ut bad bun exchanged-00,000,000 francs won 4 be paid lo Krauve at an Indemnity. A IV Vtitm eras te be sung In lha cathedral of relic, efier the rrplaoing of the orojs on the turn ail I, The Kussian government had ed Ibe news of the Kuglleh and French prisoners, DeN , Aa. naaaow and Howukt, end three rranih offlcert wbowti inaasaortdlytb CLlnete. Ureal Urltala. Psrlian enl lias been further p onyuM until the r4ht,f Feleuay, on w blob dsy il will auembla for the dbstch (4 bu.lneu. TbelXlkeifNewcaatlabedboen firms'l l..i.l , with ttia Order of tba Uaitarwlui Ibe usut'. oertmo- niee. There was a tumor 11 it tlie 1) Itlth G virnment lad sent out Instructions for a nsvtl foreo lo l-e con otntratm In M.alcau wa'eia la ooaewpienoe f lb) late gros oulrss peipelratid ot th projierty of Uiltish oitiseut. The dctalim irrtorU of the Njrth At'.eil T.I.. repu .ipedltion were aaorl y to l intdi public siL awauiim the ere publish anm miUmlu- u, VVl " t"irnar wun a leuor iro-n Bir Laoroka favunT-,2".B',0"4u ''. e?lvuig a ve.y Iber resptcting the pnnewd route for bsiirbiTSTih. aSS n",v !'". formerly be- A Uatsw.'u of the sanf h n Tb. uVV ltu,er guilty of nan.U.tvii 7. tlioed to liel servitude fiE' " tLLaoa, lha l.,uud tna was e.n-. Tie dbtiese at Coventry it euira tba aioojwas ver. .re said to be actually starving. ' WJ w The President's twags In dtall did ol reach Iffl-don tiJ the 18ih, and Uu) Lmdou piuara tl 2f era! orlllclse It at Ivigth. r ttt ' It Tinir, after rpteUng of Mr. Bueutaaa'a Iccg t xpesleno U public affairs, and uf the freedom with which be bee axptoieed hie v,awe wkea Bet clothm erllh re. pnnsibillly, seyt l Us would expect that such men wuald eaunetat tote iW doetruw, aad lake eotu dsoided aonree In oriel like Ihe present. When General Jaoatoa wa. Freeidtnt. South Carolina U, . .il... ... to that aha eeetnt ito 1st now presrecatlng eo tneoeav fully. Jae seos brooghl the t uUlfler.- to reason by the threat tf lu-lpg the foderal fo oea against thwn. On Ihe present ocralon, either Ihe Sja'h hat aa cmis of dbuontant, of Ilia hot th ha no! td in the Plrllof the C aistiluatia laaltha jutt.. a..1. dein. U I Ike Chief Msgkttraie aod lha awu guatdiaaUUie bubai, wuuidieembuund inirra . I L,ruui to'iv" .Tahi.'.'P'J,! pvwrreuiotoeneacurcngaaa rrrlog the Unjaa -. l.. v- . r -. - : -" -" ." ! oaMnsaof their wrorgdolog. Bat the Mavae. U appareatly 1 evasion of all twpon.llnllty, aod le not on j augatory but ooaaradlctory. Mot onldoee li announce tbM lit F.tawdv It potvartea lo conlrd sthevt" 'be caneeudlag ptillea, and presjive th must cheeUhedros., aim of theAmerfeaa psrn'e, but it et ono barge tba eouthein etale with a v i. Ilea' ovinia, ea at are Iballhry mty be JustlU d UtirvdaiKU fact, iiU its, toil p f Ihedxrniaeat he been the wrk, ot of a Jagta nao, Kot of e CslitiM. The result ef ihl Uel'laet tlakerleg of Ike Uev aege K that M baa bam f weak Inpntpoe. en4 al rwMt unlnU llalh'e la argummi. The PreaHest ar. gnes that ah seoeest m iif a eisus thnngU JulnsMe, muil ba rteo'n4rri that Is, lial the Onnetlla! m oVee not rsongnlM aha dlsrnptlnn of th Union, and PoTldenotjiecblnmybTWhle1iaiseecannall the Maratlon. Kt Omttituitnn nitv' tht estrM espan fm tnlrmpttt4 tu etra rfotarfow WelnEigeed eyJ that tjreaaleal prinnea msf be rriU ih el tVdlert art not bout 1 to stbr tbalr feLow'tt en al the bidding of etnhotlir, sod meny owe doe trine, without which rortrtr wea'd not rwe abort (he leral of Oriental fervllny Yel there I no rweg. BlMou of these morel righto la our law, which tHnuts la the euverelra Iheoreilael parlucloti aad pleoarr aatholtlT. The question ttmrralat't Is, what e-e Ibe dullest ibe Federal Else tva when a ilste Uie aVuth Carolina oatsmlts a n v.duWonery ect, la vlo'e li', ev a teeet la dlsief . it. ef the Ouoetlftntia f If the CarnUuians have rubtt rAry Ale otse (Ht4. Tliey owe etenethtng In lite Amentia nstlon, Ittbe (tuumuUon whleh sbelr turefstbar aubacrlbed, la the rlste which, by Itrlr own elmlseVm, hsve fslth' fullr kej their ewrawiMstte, to Ih etetae trhloh Lev piw,g into eristrnce toistui, aad Which the aeoe. .(ret of fkih Carallm wul ehul off from Ibe Atlantic. II le evident thel, Ihotia I nth Uroana has bar lights ae a ajve-eign etete, yet, having t ole-ed Into a federation with mbara, Aa gipm Ikrm rbtiwis en ktr trAtr sAs nannof thnkt f 1 teflj. Whs, then. Is tM r, evident w do he who Ub-iDd by elennehhee (Jo-leal the ooon IrylnMelhetlhelawibafalthfulryeteeutedr Mr. Item taan uia the iioaMloa plainly enmurh i - Utt the UiSntliuOnn delmeed to Coogrese the p-iwsr to metre a atase Into sabnileebn which Is eltev .Ueg li wllbdtaw, or hee srltMrswn. fiora the ConMerecy f -andhaennUnne, I have arrived al the cwirlu Ion that ne swh pewer he tieen deletreted Is On P"S or to any other departssenl of the redarel Onv.rnmenl.'' This Is the lame eed lmpaenl cnelo. el.n i a k-tig treLi of aigument. If core! as ought tot hi be used la case asoas eb leetUl ntote oujaalflslile in esse 4 etmp'e tnU Aeatkm. If s state msy without hlndrutre vl'v late the eerie- Constitution of lbs K-rmbllo, It my netsla'y eel aside aa ordinary ftda al lew, such et IbePuglilveBaveliillorapniWrllvelartn'. la teas the opialnne of the PssetnseT amount to this, thel uobleal olsigstiest waste ter can ba eaoroed on aay recoseal sse, Tlie Gll eeye the mesaege I la fact aa appeal lo the N jrth to mske enioessiuue lo Ibe South. The Pollf t'nrl eat The aleolioa of Mr. Lraootji, and lb nrototloa of publto t'laloo which II represents, depttvs of lm peiutoeany maavere which rreildent Bfontasa ten now denser. Tee lima Is gooe by for itleouaslnif aay eaaertlcsB whhh thus ruiu.d and brukea old u-e. man may uLa nlherwlee Lit prenoetaroui a le gaMtn, that It Is the long-ontitlnued end InVwaisirata late re-race of ibe Noith with lb question of slsvery lathe South tbet Nidsoeis the Vein, could not late fe-raiw of ibe Noitb with the question of slsvery a tna oi.u'a NJSY peas unrhallengid. The reilly tmpnrltnl emttderatlnn It what the fiw,rfol nnrtliesn elates -ere to sey on the matter. be irn)eel tnede by the frimtler sieve steles, a their retipe for preerlr,f lliel'olon, will no take tuert. i noer tue ne-ne w eonmroiaUM, it u etig snsti'.l Wist the fiee eialet must taped tlieir I'e aonsl L'beily leers. S Mlh CaioUoa ranks tblt p opotal the nut hsnd with Ibsl, m Ibe other bud, Ibsl F.ndsod shall, as a cmo'libei t brr alllaaee, eanAiisi the ruopralng of the African e'evt tnds. We ceM not ehrw tba aWuidlty of the latter aad the Ibrtnrr Is no wlier. If the free testes have obtslntd thoee prrolou. lew f aeoeseary enudliliau of pontic' and social freedom) by etrenu oe. end protracted effort, and at all pMsible risk, while llalr j-ty wat balp'eiay overborne by the II.MU lUy a. hardly likely lo iurremUr tbera now, when tht Jowir Is In their bends, and th llwubll I la make It tatl choice whether to abide by or for etkelhepilnrtpleeclll.rly It would beasreaeon. alile le espect Oreel lutein t1 reopen lha ties Irate fiw lb rake it th alliance of g-mth Csrollne aalasuipnaalbatNswKsgand and I'm aortbwesi state will tut a are calaber after a-Uaew that the pol.tloel belt e ha been tsigbl and woa. While they wet Die minority they arvd npon IL cjnvlc II' n Ilia! raoh tlv ne'e must lake care of lie r-wa alTeirt, sel sbry InslsWJ on lb uoorjrtlnceial eha'aclerof the fugltlva altve law, which bat teen found unworkable aorcs dinghy Mow that Ibe over-beat-tag force of southern upreraeey te overthrown, and the free etetae have their tarn, k wUI te pre stlcslly esssrted that eaah tteta moat tekeeereu Its owe domestic efUra Ueiesvaata among tba lest. If tba adverse malerlty In Onrreee thoul J wake tkla pre ka' eseenln work rf tbne, which le vary prvba b, It will trttU here to ba dJtte: for cjmmunltlea which base won a law of pereona! llbertj out of en JWf.nepns.uiei difficulty and danger, wl'l nut aiirrendar It when the geaie Is In their own head. Th question whloh noede an answer , why hare should be any talk of tn,pmnlee" et all. Tte aoulhern cMseus bare mil much more than their share of Ibe reptesenlatloa. Nobody hts wrongod them. Tbey have lost lha day In an electleo, Ihnujh their three fifth euff.age gave them IntLaJ otanniVsttWetWja I d toeing patty te not to be plt for it. loss by lb sTnYt er and If lha knar en kt or fumes, all thel Ihl winner ba t do le lo be ca'm, and gentle, and 8-m. Tbt re la no rill for compromise no need of ttaouseln It and certainly no promise of benefit to aoylinry aod lha pervrcu'ar act of ormpromlse prcfrfreed Is p eclsely what vrou'd ba moel parlkm lo ail parties, tf It were not Ibe moel Imp leelua. Th Mretior of lb Atlsntlc telegraph had raaolvtd at tbclr own eipene I keep th concern aflstl, In bopea (fffieretbns ue'ng frnrwod lai'uiure.' TbtlymdiHi Timrn pity eitlcle of Thnreday vn, Ug, Sflth Intl , eays The KnglUh funds ar dul1 lilsy fnsti vsriely of ctute. Tbey oened al a de cline of d , aad suhtequently (ipetienoed further Vll. The news from II tmUy of oigtnlssd retlstanoe, on the put of lha native trlbutirlee, tJ lha Income tax and lhaunsstlsfsotory etata Ilia army In thai presidency constituted lb chief reetoa for Ih pre VsllUig heevlueu. Th tendency lo deprculon on Ilia Ferti B)urc..nple.l with the Intimations given lo Ale aria, that she must otiisenl to sell Venetla, or be pre pared for a uew wtr la Ibe rprlng, like sit. bed swteff.ct upon the martrt, which wat Infl unci liy a sudden and con.ldoreble Increase bl tba demand for loaos on govermaeal sernrltles. The rale for ad vances ou tbt stock exchange Ihia morning, wat four per cent, al which there wtt an acllvt d-msnl. la (he alK'rnnon the rulrrranits lncreaed anlappll cation were in id to the Dink, wber th ml. nlniura rata of discount Is firs per cent. la the die. oouat market Ibrrell a'so an active denitad. AVsil a"M,0C01nbargld wet taken from the II ink today. it is espected thai lha AastrtlsiUa (CinsrJ) aVamcr on Btlu-day, will lake out twi mora go'd to N.w Yoik. Tna railway mt-ket remaloe gocd, but rose dspreadon wai caused yst esilsy, partly by sales lo olui spoatUv eeooueU, preparatory to the .holiday. Mist of the .atdlug ttockileftcjrel a rjusrtar eolhree-founhlper cmV lower. The Grand Trunk Csuadt KtUway stock experienced a renewed deciles of filly on per cent, yesterdtyon Ibe pu'slostl.m of Ibe vep.rt of the Ovumtttee of II Hidk'ldere. I 1 now bejend doubt thai the projected Turkish loan It a osnplete failure here, aiid It prof-pert ere eraice'y better at Pa Is. Marquia Dsiuocaii Is deed, and having nt mtta lue,lha Houtoh Kirldotn and tht enate of UaL. orxii fUU tohisoouslnLordrshMut. sinrfon, Dec. 201 A,-Th opening price of consols weieVt,e!3lifirauooiml Njw fureesm,','J3 " i Aviauis wr aoooiutt vo't, three MaT,. Fraare. The oftyrtfrfayttbEoperor baa decided thai f.oso Jsnuary nirt, and ly way of reciprocity, Bag. Uahnieu visiting France shall lie permitted to enter and travel Ibruutih Ibe country without passports. A drett Is pubUehcd tuppreeslng lb prohlUlioa gainst Ih (xpoile front Algeria of baik for Ian. nlngpuiere. A pamphlet bearing the title "The nnperorFll. ci J. sir I. and Europe" bad len baue.1 la Parle, and atti acted oonaiderabT attention, baring, it 1 (aid, rreelrtd lb tpprobaUoa of lha Eupenc NarOLMi. It uiges In forcible term th oeaion of VenetU fi a va'uab'a oasldaratlon, and eontendi that inoh a proceeding will not only bring about a puacrable solution of existing dlfflcultlea, but will, la U ret pet te, l a positive tdvautage to Auttrla. TVs Archbishop of Lytns hed puliUahed a haughty paaiphkt egalnsl lha Imp snikat uf a stamp upon lavrtoral lettera ttsaiing uf jiotltical uiallors. II. tba impo.ltlot of lb sump huinillatlng, and not to be submitted lo by lb bishop, JW, rArify MeoiftiffTa GmrfirnriVmai! publUbe en artlol signed by tu chief editor, M uuangiusr, on we question or Atattn and Vane Wa. M Uaaanitnu-or spates thai eolutloue ef that question at eveiywhere tougbl efx. It te lnitln.U trely tail thai a deolair erisle U apprueohlag. All Lun- seem to btve apprehensions for the oi mlng sptlBg. lie I oonvlnom thai lha wltdom of tht gova main of Ilia Emperor will know bow to pre vent a sUaugte without an objsot . The elluaaloa of Aurtiia, In Voartia, te deploraVa. M. UrandhlU erpreaata his oonvlotlon lhs Austria who kaews liow pruvlnoee ara gained wil eiso re nieuibrr bow tbey ara lost He ba levee tht II iron Von oVbrrerllns etas tbtiigi la a tLfforaot light fro a Ueusralllruedtk. and that the It iron baa already weighed lb chancre of new tlrugg'. Toe Jfenffrur contain l a decree remitting Ihl Juljmin'e wllch have been pmnnunoed for infra Hon cf the law ta oonueollou witn ibe p-ass, aad uulllfjing all prxaeoutloos wblcs ksve be jea uavioeo. The ambrrsllosl of Coolies tmj haaaill,mlaMt m ths govetnjusil. Italy. Tba Inwlligeece from Oesaetorheprcgreoief Ik ilege U cuatrtdlcVty, bl no new movent. al U tmpottsree U ckroidolad. Fasaci eU Second bad baud a proiCaniatwB calling apvn lha garrlaso te de trad the place to Its htst, A Keple dlepetob teyt that Franc had ram ltd id u ludnclng (be belligerent. eooeeoi to a eaepea ton of boMl'ltlee la order thai aegotUUon for lb car tendrrof Osete udeU U eatarad Bm Tcos - " vm easerea npon, Tlotoa ' olaevdllta.whlckenHllatFaaaoai lha aeauad to eeed representative to p'aad Id .1.. u . . seu-e starve uongreH. Tb Fretoh wa txpeeUd aaoa to Utv Oeeaa, A telrgrsea "rom Kne, of tb UHh, aayt that tb buala.datful ( CAeta wat to ba reeoniaaenem In ooawquMicaoftn ajuaocritirM try ratjul(.af lb aytrM uf titrtodor, TbaprormeeofTftetbefeiilaa-dlaaetats of In (mctkai, and II wa refurled that the r reach war petpartsg Is varuaM lha pstrrinoe, aTfTbe m Ullrtd Katloul Ouard of Kaplea, destined for tipper Ita'y, bvl been orgealaed, Th Bavarian Minister M Tort baring been recti ltd, lb Sardinian Mmleter al Mialck bad received otdtra to tecste bis pesn. lb Pari Journal were instructed to deny Iht trtrmtoa of Vhvrlsi ly the lieoch, and to state tea! Ih Fret cblrca had been evea aant beyond thai province. J 1 1 raid tl-at Ibtl'isnch F.mperor ba eeat Xl.Ooe In the rope, Tht Fart enrresponrbnt (ay Ikel King Ticroa Eutasn. ha df elded not lo return lo Turin until after the evacuation of Oaeta. Anefrta. r.umoriwr again current tht CjuM Bioatnc wa abetrl to relire from rS !. BJTh II lrgirlar-ICWsreuc at Oraa waa opened on l!ie llih. Th E ictutal law of ltll Wa promptly edtptrd. rspeiia. A new tsr.IT It lo bt sabmltled loth! Grrtecla Jenaary, Raasla. The Russian government has conlraoted with th Tbamea lion Works, Lmdoa, fur aa Iron eased frig. ale of 0 DM tons and great power. O-krr veeea'a of the tarce ' sr to be furalihed from year te year, lade. A new CTmpsay wet la conm of forrtttloa la L eidon f tr runnier ha of screw at wraer lo ladla. Advtorafrora Itrmhay by Ibe overleul mail are I Mot. Mb, and from Calcutta lo Nov. lTlh, Tht Bom. bay Gauttt gives an unflsvorabU aooounl uf Ih satts of ladla. Toe Kq-npean t'ley la dliooatenled and perl of II Is mutinous. The native iroop ar not to la tnirte-', end th who! pnpuVlon Is blllorly dlrUifled with th gov ernmenl that let Imposed the laoom tax, At I'oo nah aeveral Ihnuaand n aires had aeeembled, aad pub licly lore up Ibe Income lit pipers. Al Tlooibay a pipnlar deenonstrsst ift had been made agsintt the tax, The BimUy G&itttt aay II wanes lilts now lo entirely s"p lb oollectlon nf lb t.x. To Ilisnbay preea raise an outcry again! the eliamrful delay t lb ptynunt of tbl Indian prise tuoney. The leal army Is aleo trrluted by the d"lsy In Is suing tb dslal's of th ama'gsmttlon with lb roysl army. Tba govamtnenl of the Kstra has ceded lo uaarlohCiloa growing country, including Dihar, Il will ba panetratud In two yea- by th railway from It unlay. A suites hit taken place InNsJpn. tsns, Alandofrtbel amnnailng l about 80, ted by a parnly, ht been arrested In Mextw. The eenti nee of death of private Joirat for muti ny, has ben already announcsd. The Cramandar in thiol bat dltUnded Ike rtvUnent ca IU ground ef Ht usulordlnale and mutinnui oonducl. )r then a tenth of lh regunnni lukd Un endemued by oisirle-inartUl In t few vetks, yet th lnvubordlna. tl n Continued. Th Conduct es tbt aon-0 jmmlsslua ed offlorr bl been eo bad that 11 was neceatary lo reduce tham to Ih rank. Tbprvieawerelobtdraftm to lha other regb menta of the local army. While marching to thtlr new dislrict they were not to be allowed j carry arm. Ce'outl larers aay tut tba disbendnent of the Mh llengal European Keglraeol was follow. (d by Ibe Immediate military execution of a pris oner. Be wai rss ched araonl tbt iptre la tba new of hi ceflln. and shot dead al the first vUey. lit acknowledged Iht jastlce of his eeulence, and met bis death with mtnly rsrtgi nation. Scarcely bat this lerrlb'e ecn been enart ed when lha 13d Rglmenl of foul moved np la front of IhoBth Earopean B'glmant Th artillery wa loaded with graj on either Stnk. The Hih It iftroeot war then cimmanded to order arms and than to pi'. their arms. They obtyed, and were at onoe marched ass ebondistanc e'earof lb pile. Nt sooner wr they qui a e rar of the piles than two companies of the Tib and II Beglmtnlt fl log tepidly lo the rpot Intervened between lb bib X-glment and their ermoi to rrrtventtt possibility ex any ruth It' reed'eVora'er ateMompjlaked tht oflheBoglrnens. Il wat struck from thtarmy lUaaT All 111 comrolaeknud c fflorr wer redooed to Hit rank, aad themea wer drafted Into th Br re maining trguueiil of th Bengal army. If en with medals on tbalr breast who had fought England' battle all Ibe world over meny of lha old soldiers who Ud ben draiyd from th plj fj ,,J fnm iue Rr,jal regioietit appcarm lo b uttsily heart brtkea and eobbrd eloud. iVrflaad, Dt, JlTta oVanuhlp Njrth Ameri can, fiora Liverpool JOih, n'a Londonderry Slat, ar rived al this port el 10'i3 this morning. TheOa-gowbedsrvlved l Queanttown. Tke fullowtng I lb latest rid Lndouderry I Lrtimraot, Corrox MtnxTar.('ernr, lf. The rales cf cotton for Ibe week reached 138 (00 bilea. Including OJ.UXI lo epeculetont, end 80.000 btlee totxportrr. Tb laie-t advices from the Poltm BtatMs and Ilia announcemrat of peact with China. ceased aa advance of lu'Jy . on all descriptions, the market closirg buiyant and e11ve. The sales on Frldsy were H OfsJ U'ea, Ino'udlng 4 000 lo spec ulaiora and erp.sVcs, the mtiket euufdnxt firm at the

fol.owingiruotsUonsi a i sue vuI:'a.,,i!r,r,?!,,?.r'".n,,n',.d''T,'l Mibtle Mr. nifd ? ' ' lJudfall., I tplands The fcl Kk In portle atllmatal at M6M ba'ee.luc.udveofWiOOOofA'aerloeu deec Ipilona. I.ivsiroot liaaantTrrra Kiuiri. Tk. n.s stuff, market Is arm, with a good demand al ex. Ireme price. Corn he an advancing tendency. IJvaaroiL raoriatoa Maaan. Tht Provision maikel U geaera ly quiet, ',w, ktaaav Msliiv-7..aif,n. Friday JSeen. -Consul. o' a wount. Amerleen Stioke o"F,h l,l!" rMT werefllin,4s C.ntrsl .lkll?., ' "" BR "WW ' THE LATEST 1VEWS. " o nr TKLi-aiura to rasj. y. svs. Political Intelligonoo. XXXTIth t'OMUUM-fJeaj faeeel.a. II oiotejcea, ltc, il. Tb gallwief were crcwdej, Thar wet Urge crowd aloul the doors. Ltdles aleo wer la the lobbies and on the fl roe. Mr, Cirrrannwi fly ) offerad a resolution that a portion of Ihe gallery be set add for fomlga minis tor tnd their famlUr end suit. Mr,PTIt(Mialolgeied. Ut thought lbr wss no reason tor It. Mr. Miaoa (VeJ epokt In favor of the reeolouon. Mr. Sawaon (N. V alio rpke 1 favor of II patasga. Agreed lo, Mr. Powau. (Ky J reported, from tb Bpeclal Com miitee i Tbarleen, that lha OommlMea bad But bean able to agrt upon any general p'an of aJJusimtut, le asked that Ibe journal of the Committee bo printed. Mr Carrrxanra fBy t asked that Ih Ssnate veottld eet apat e-sne day lir the onatleraUon of Ibe Joint reeoluilm ntTered by blm, end II wss mm Ih special order lor Wedueedsy. Mr. W il sos (Md ) tff.rtd a resolution lbs Ihe Secirlsryof War Do requested to inform Ih H.nate wt ttdlsioleitai bad Uen luad.of ths arms menu ftrnirmat Ihe national armories. U Reeled to aad The bill to organ's, lb tenltolUI covemment of anaoca was taken tin. taken tip. Mr, TstrKeoii (I J t epok In fsvor of allowing Ihe Mexican lew abolishing slavery lo oontlnue to tiiee. The ererial order, Ihe bill providing for Ih admls k of Ktnaa., waa her taken up aad pjetponed until Mxidey next. Mr. IISMaam (U ) rpoke al great length In sup. pert of the rtgbl of eeoea,!,, and urged Ih lmpossU bl lly of ooerctin. At be concluded ba wat greeted with nptnimat applaue. All over the gebede. tbee were shouts SKd ibeere, and wavlag oi bandkerchise. aad hur rahs, end Ihe gna'esl csifusloo and txoltemeot pre-Tel't-d all itir tba bcuee, Mr. Mini (V), et cn at ht votoeoould b t - d aNive the uproar, movm that Ihe gatltite b tustaally cleand Tide motion was seconded by a number ef voices, am'd hi tee eud whistling la the gallery. TteF osldral (Mr. BaioaTlatao ohalrj otdarsd the Seraeanl al Aims lo clear tht gallery, Tbehleeeaaowecalab iaout. hi-. Voir (Fl ) mevm to adjomn. Mr. Maaoa (Va I hoped lha lbs Senate srouVl nol adioura unaU the dlgu ly at the S-oat we (seeried. Thas and nay waraaaliad oath Button to olear tb gallery. Tl ai'tiou wes csrried. and Ih lifaanl-et Arm Cleaeed Ih gai!Tj. Tbe tuoUou lo aJJeura wtt lost by yeas, II nay, Mr. Mteoaeald thai Le did oot Intend tkat Ihl ledies gelriee ehaa'd be 0 eafL Mr. Bsaxa (Oreg-o) bar got the fleer, but yielded to a aacaioa to adj. ara. Adjourned till Widatadsy. Daaaa af UcarasaBiaUvesi, Mr. MiFasawow (Fa) asked, but did aot oUtla keave, to trier a reeehiuon, ceding on the Steretery efWarto I sport wh teoaJereo? ceanoo, eruaei- uoa ot war ntv Data teoaoved rrota th treeatl also April, is1 1 what aale of aratakad beta mad auWrqaeat to thai tine) j to wh n aad whether, by privata orpubUe eala. Mr. McZaaa (H. Y.) askm leave to offer a reola lieu ahal the reopl aad aef th atatat ordsuwd and aatabUabed Ihl vtsatawat, tM asp aatiua Ut tb) rtatt to den ad Iteetf from enetniex without aad tret. trnwlthln, and that it le our duty lo txereas tuoh JJfTna.)olrJected and Mr.MCaaa Mr. llraoasjrWhlo) InwMnred a bill to further provide rtr the eoUeetlouof dy on Imnorte. Be femdtolritJadklaryCjiissuieee. Th Speaker laid latore e Uoue a lengthy eommtinlcatiin from Iht late Serwtery ef War. ex I priwlsg He reasons why, aod Jo 'tlhlaa Ue eoure in giving certain aoorptaneas to auemx, aUroa A Co. Mr. Bocotk (V J moved the oommnnlettlos be re IsTtd to the Setae, Commit? to Investigate tnes tb abartctkra of the Indian True! bond. Mr, Cra-n (lewu opposed Ihia eouraa. Mr. PooonafVa) raid Mr. Ctrans e-mld appear a witness the Committee, end briefly contend. d that tb re'O'rUons should take that direction, at tlie ecretarv of War say h Am been implicated to arena extant a a parry to lb question baton lb .un,iMra. Mr. Ctwna, flow,) denim that he hed offered hlrc.elf as a wttnast, and remarked thai the It wtretary bad mad tb contract Eo aiLL, Muoa at Co , wtthnul auUiutlty of law, aad t J tie prajodiai of other pa tlw. Mr. UaoakfTa.) raised the nntal that the Serrre- laty of War bad no authority by law H (naul- tal. L. IL. . .,, -' ". , aiuivar ai all. Mr. Ilonoca. f'a.) said trie attestlon esma tno la'e When a publl offlrer h lve hlmwh fa'eely iBipucated in en ImBroner trinaaotlon, ba hat a rviNlli eomebereeidek tor an Invoetlatioa. TneSpeakM'eaidlt did not appear t blm thai whUeltlamedatbadatyi th Prwtdent lo l-ane-mil ormmunloeatiaie, the head of tb d-parteaeaas con d nol do eo. Mr. CLtwwm, fTa,) re'erred ft the act nf Aiw that II la expre e'y provided that the B ternary ex War aba'l have lb rtKht to make coramualce lloria In repent to eon trad. Mr. Oaow did not consider that tht law wa pp Icabls to Ihia rase. Theonniimloation was nfsired to th Select Cm tnlltee on lb abetreotlon of lha bonds. Mr. I looms (delegate f,om Uieh) preseate.1 a momoiUI (rating for tlie admlerion of IhtlTerrt ("yasauale, Klerrtd to Ilia C nnmitte on Terrl. Mr. Brrrtserrs)lntr.Joemsree.,!u'lnnreqsest InglbePiraldtnt V c-snmnnUiO ths eondllionof ne eevs anraae tna otnnr property st Charleston. Mr.tnunosifN O ) ollecwl ahal the rules reialre such calls en the rieeldent for Infbrmstloa to lie over on day. Mr, 8 Tissue moved a euspenalon of fie rules. TbeBpieker iepbl Ibsl thorootl. a wit not now In es der i one hour must fl -et e'apse. Mr. fare r'a )offm a reerHirUon I iJiAnd, Tcet any attempt lo prase T tli Ualoa by (sea. would ba lreprecHcab'a and destructive to Hi pub lesn Ulsa ty, and demanded tba previous qat tt'O which wee ordered. ' Mr. SrsaToa ((Jbloj toovl to lay the eu'sect on the tab'. Mr, Ha. I, (Ot ) I move lo edjotirn. Afr eonslderahte skirmishing, th motion to ad Joera ras negatived. Thq.un wet then taken eud tb resolution waa labled. Yens, M I nsy, fA Mr. BvariTon (Ohio) propwd a robrtltrte dr if r. Bvtvas' reeolmkin that lb Oommlttea nn Military Allaire report what inn hare been ditiributm since JouarT,T00; and a'so lb condition of lb forts, areenale, dock-yards, ele, of th country: and Uel Vt C mxlrte have power tofmdforpersona.pepera, and hers ease to rrport at any at me. Mr, Srrvtae refused to accept Ibe ntSotllute. II wanted Ibe I'reeUlanl lo spesk for blmsolf. Mr. Btxtxks' qistalon lo susprnd the ru'es for ths reception of Ih resolution wa disagreed to (1 against 04 aot two II Irda, Mr. btsstos's aubstilut wat al ptm a an lnde penilent resolirtton. Mr. Dtril find ) ssVed leave to offer a reenlutioa, Instincting the OsnmltbMon the Judiciary toln cmlie what learlslstlon te aeceasary In consequence of the poslttnn ft-vuth Carolina has tout aisunaed. Me srs, Ixrrevov, (III,) ami Bttasnaut, (Mlee.0 tverally objected, and Mr, Pavi moved a eu-pon-al the rulei. Mr. Ilouisa vrishwl to offer aeubnituta, asserhtag that lha right of a state to withdraw from lb Uaioa. la not rsrsraim by the ConstlluUnn. Mr. II n J. (CJsJ moved to lay the eubject on the tahle Negatived'-! auelnal UX W.thcnt waning to a oonc'n.ion on the robject, tht Iloua tdJcumM till Wfdneadsy. TV SrsBtaari Lagtalatara. Af. uif, Ttc. 80. A tptcial dirpttch U the XrjmUuvn from Jsfferwm City, stales thtt Mr Coorxa, Commlseloner from Atebama, mad strong eoesaioa speech but ntght, In th TlaU of th IIium of Beirreaentatlre. 11 did not believe In a commer cial or Industrial point of view, the eoulhern stales wcu'd be the beers rn rase of a dltraptlnn of the government, tie said th South did not desire to open the Afi lean alar trad. Ills temarVs were oo- " Anib5iwk.,5M.- to consider th. tmggefSjnslJ-MrfJr!; Cmbw' ttonofMr.PAsto-,tht kit Baaranaiooa ctniC data fi Llentenanl Onsnur, Joaa Uirta, Senator fiotn Dent, took tba chair. Mr. reason farther I ntoved At Z'l J"1""'. ."bsj, be BecreUry, I CobBaiiCW declined. IICuM notapproT any I me'ur tending lo secession. He WjuU T 1 Caton until h wi forom out of It, TherawatTk. bo thai mattes might b amicably adjusted, A resolution waa adopted, Mating lha during the enmlng session of the L-gtilature, they would eipraee their opinion cfflclelly upon the rptestlon now dls lurUag the Union, and furnish the Qovernor of A'a bama a copy of th resolutions on th auhject, a lha General Assembly may direct. The Awwrubly meeU tomorrow. Major Iltixia. Gun. Faioa and Col. Billow ar most prumtaent ae candidates for Ihe apeakerahlp, but It It considered doub.tul whether either can be elected. Tb fbjiuMdian urges Hint no eeceatJonlrt aheuld la elected speaker, but U'ges the ptawg of an act at an early day of the ecealon celling a C invention of C. mmbuioner from lbs lv ttil1 st Bslllntor, to . evpuciuy their g.levancos and Ihe ugrassiori ofthoNorih, Freat v.Vnahlaal.a. rTeuirriofeM, Xc. Bl. Cerula partiei la Kew Visk have ptopeewd to take the remainder (over 13 000 000 of lb late SS 000.000 loan, but the partU eular bsvs not yet lent received her. II wee said, however, al the treasury today, that the last ni-ned um would probably U realism In the iurta of a week, when lha requisition, of the variout di.luralng offtoert wou'd l met. The C Bgrwermen are among thoee, whose amir. agee have not been eett'ed. The report which prevalbvl throughout the oily this sfleraoon that Lieut. (Jon. Soorr bad been ap pulated BecreUry of War vf interim, produom a thril big tffucS and oeeailoum much Indignation among tlie atoestionurU, who are ful'y ewara tktl Gen. Soorr kt tn favor of titentlvs nulltary proper atioaa. The truth Is, PestmasUr-Gsneral DOLT 1 la temporaiy charge of Ibe Deptilment, and tonijhl wa. attending to lha duilee there In company with the Chief Clerk Gen Soorr has not been either al Ihe Depaitmenl or al lb President' lionet todsy. Dak Tuoareoa- aad Tuoy.e were al the Cities) tneotleg today, though rumor had declared It other wise. Mr. ruTriBiu'i Mil, further to provide far tht od bctUnof duty oa bnporte, Introduced In the neuea today, and referred to Ihe Committee on Jadldaty, took to Ih lacrtass cf th Pvaeldaut' pjwer to ea IVsroe th rtvenu lawa. Ms decisive ectten wat taken to-day by tbo CU tut relali te to Ih Chartetton Ibrta. Tba President's special nieeeag will peoUtily he tranamlttm to Congress en Wednesday. It 1. un derstood he will eebrnli rock facts aa have oxnt le bis knowledge for euch leglsteUv' action aa may be needm concevnlog lb eeeeseinn movements, Benalor Uraraa Intend Inlrodaclng reeulu Ion, bering In view an adjuetroenl of th property anl other question with any seceding steta, Mr, PsasoOTT, the Seeretary to the South Csrullna Cxumlssicusis, trill leave Waahlngtoa tomorrow tor Charleston, The Curumlsslms s will reosala I) await Iieooave and a.-gleletlve action. Fraae Iveale F.tKJr. llsrritbvrp, fj Dctmhcr It It r. M. A die. feloh received by a citlira tonight anaouaeeelhal Oenarel Caaaaoa las beaa appointed Secataryef the Treasury, and tht b I now la 8p Ingflud, and will acoept the appolntnaent. Th authority for tbl U deemed reliable. Va Bealb CarelUa OaaTrattea, Carfefeei, Pee. SI. Th pretident (Uted tbatbeqaertnaberore Ih body yerdty, on lb closing of the r eteeetlon wa redutiof relaUva tolhramovaloftblighlhmHadbuoy " Mr. Cuierao, movm thai they go lalj eeorel eee- Tbe convention reuialnm in secret aeealoa Mil the edjoawnnieat, Freat therlestea. CkatUtton, Dee, 81, fltroajr fortiilcitiocij hare been orderm U aad around the karbor to raaiat any relnibreeBtentatnManay beaaatloMor rafrrt. Gov, Ptoxnt I la dally reoelpt of deepetchee frraatheSouatermertagrawwtodatemdatoaih Care Una from ttvtetoa. CeetkeraJ Weel ea la Crtasa 7rtw, Doo. 811. Tba Troy DMf Timet tbl afternoon contain two latter from (Jenerel Wool. asking saraag ground la favor of aha Colon, end la fimar ef aattalalng Aaaaaaoa ta bl poaislaa nt Fart aVanpter. aad eernealy urgtcg that a firm ground be adopted lo put dewa rebeflloe. U declares, that U Fort loaater b Mrreaulend to lb ,teewiaiet, la M dsyt we kaaatnd (hottm nd rja wou'd ba ta readiness to take vemgeaaae oa ill wh weubl a-. tiarthaUakaaUtolh1' I Tav CeaveMlea. WaAmstm,lhe. lTb, Montgomerr Om. ftifnto eeg th tnajortry fc, the Alabama Conven tton U uvvor of eyrperaeio, wUI be from 1 , u. mrrtar thru oleaweof arxDaratlanleta la A1a- Ocneral Telep-aphlo ITaws. iftitnavXi, Dte. St On gttarday alght, tba Lak Mkklgau MU1 ownM by Hioneia, j,nl 4 c. and the coulsat fMoststlng of Bos tbl. flwr uti T.tvsj buabtto wheel war destroyed by fir. Lea Wfi.000. buarad ,00. tl flsme cotnmanlett -d to tba werehtset ceera. pltdWCeUJirsndAoaadVryliig th balld mg tioed H ItMot, bvnranoe not ascertained. Al 1 o'cloek e grjad.yKirnug, aaoahar fl a b-oke outhleb butktlng on thaooraer of Htroa andEa Water evraea, tccrmbM byth, tk lulling, S0,tOOt lneured. OxoMa Dtrta Ar Co.1 aadiLery ami harnss estaUubrnent was also consumed. La teAOM t rsjetrred M0,000. An th record, and valuable documentj deyoaltad bt the City Clerk.' trie wer destroyed, with tttS,000 worth of obatte', mottgigat belonging t j th illy. Five person ar missing, aad U 1 feared Ihey ar burled In lb rules. Etertlon ara betag made to find the IsdJee, but the beat Is ) great that net much prrgrtea I mad. Marlac DbraMer. ITafni'aofon, AT, C. Dee. 31 The ihl p Emma, of Liverpool, 100 dsy from B ssle; fir Hiw Tert, wtih flax seed, vmol and asnna, la a slaking ooadi. tan turn ashore Friday night. Nth tail three mlaaa noatbeett ef New Islet L'ght. Th etptala aad crew were eavtdi vessel Uged. The weather ta heavy; wind front northeast. Arasy east Navy New. Tw cf tb Ungast mtrche ea ractrd bare bean eeouenp Isbm by I'nltad State troop, and one et tbera quiet recently. A large portion of Ut Tex Begunml of Infantry marched one thousand mflea, going (VisuCemp Floyd to New Msxlee, Tbetlk Reglnotut, lest year, spent Ml dsy ecLelly march lag, and 100 days altogether oa the road, daring which II travelled 1 800 miles and more recently, two cotnpenlat of troop Journeyed for over IT day withcul meeting water. History does not chronicle mor lsrgthy marcbee than thee aotlced. Th Vailed Saaee steam frigate Roanoke wat sno ewesrully taken on th dry doek el Iht Brooklyn Nevy Veld, yesterday, to b nttad out for servkt otdere, Th IVtrd State shtp Supply wlD mil from Ptnaa ooU, Florida, for Ih Balf of Mexico, on tbl Tth inrt Bbs 1 o-dmd to return lmmmiataly. A kHler leg iai ! Msdltarrea-j e1rjalm win o!oaltbBoVnLycumandIUtnU ontheSih. Tb Relief will lake on from Ihl port fir th Coast of Africa In a few days. Tba Vailed Bute steamer Mohawk wa al Ky West on the 11th Instant, lo sail la three dty for Cuba, Tba .Wyandotte ha arrived al Penaacola, where Ibe Oru-ader le aleo, abut ehowlng the quiet ooMsonaratlon of manned naval vessel al N irfolk, and lb Crwader and Wyeadutta, at Fensacola, ara all In scive eervlce oondiuon, wtih crewt tt. toobm. I 'T""- A lor AUbt , r . , lu Tho'c -an ... -i . . , , Tho'lt i" - .,. , J la ang r i I Vet,hlliv , That anal- ; s.v , Tbo on etar from clost fs 17011c And, ehlneth or Osrieloft ; Aad, tbo' anntber, yet may fall And yet another one, wtliial t Yet wlU we still rely npin Th "greater llghf' tb central Bin! Then will we on tbl Hw Teer'a Dey VnlU lo et Drive dull cere away ," Blag cheerily with festive Joy, reor let e pang of grief el'oyl Still onarard'' In rar Duty run. And about aloud Tax rjrni I Tib deal J. Q. Louim. oi IS' Iat7'm to b0 CVimrioalruT Dprtmnt th Fo7nLlafrBr" 0tt",m' Fat-ay, preerntm .i 7Is "" L BaratT, with a mag itlflceni act of perior cbalra, u , J jeoklng chair. Mr. BumUt beaaneTwith tM: Z "",7 lrtn 'tAn nJ " ctunony to lils fidelity, and to bit lmrartlal kl--i,.!! ? Ur f ?,,v,, blm, murt bt txecedingry grstifylig. Tna Btr. Mr. BortroaDt of rorkTiUA who tavlden Insanity we hare ab-eady aotloed, J -oeu yeeieraay morning. He leave a wUb and three children. Mr. Itonroao wt man of superior tal ent, and had labored with great aaal to eetab'lsh the church, of wbich he wat pastor, upon an Indepen dent heal. II bad hi trouble, a moat man bv who enter upon the MlnUtry, but the larger portion of hi Cuagregatlon were cueere'y attached to blm, and after recur ing him a comfortable house tbey looked forward to many year of hi usefulness among them at a Minister of Christ, To rinw MisArrnanox-tioM. Dr. Sam. eon wlaloas a to ttale, la Juetlce to hlrnaalf, that th effloe UI D-oedwy, wber on Aaalaa, af Mlcbl. gan, wa alleged to bv been cwlndim by a certain Motaa llira, alia Dr, Cttsaxa Atsttr, f nol hi (Dr. Saateut'tjefnoa, although il wat so formerly ha having lately removed to another part of the street. New Yui'i IUt nr KAnia. To-diy, Lb friend of Ih terulshlog In Kane may find a wab, eoeno al 111 room of the Be.lsf Committee, No. SS Cooper I aaattuta, where Ike y may leave donation ae oordlng to tbalr respective abUittea. Il It hoped that the desolate end cbeei lees home of tli Kmsaiauf. ferrrewUlW considered by all who enjoy a happy Mw Year, Baron or tux ScrxaiSTaJimT or Boild-tx.-Joa. N. ruiLLir, Esq , Superintendent of osuioinga, yesaeraay presentad to the M lyor his II ret eeml-ennnal report, In accordance with th require mealecfaectloabl of an act to provide against t'n aaJe Building. U lb City of New York, patem April llth,isc. It embncee Ihe peiUlfron Jans 1st lo Movemler Kti, laaluilva. We aelecl tht asnel Inler astlng ioi lions i toctTioii or orrroi. The Common Council btvlng failed I j assign aa (face for Ih transaction of business, I have hee room palled allocate forth preenl el No. 6 Cooper Union, tth Avenue, between Tth and lib reel. oaaasnianoa. The lew of April lTib, 1M0, took effeel oa the loth day f June, 1 W. The Inspector wsrs hnmedlttal ssdgnm to a dlanct, eight tn al', eoulrrmmg a aear aa possible to Ih present Fit eUst-loU, arold, ln the aeiralar lines WHh lb axeerottoa of the tee districts No I snd f j these dlslriet emmenclng at Cxd street and dih Avean the first, sast eg Ihetih Avenue extension to Harlem, the eeoerad, west of the ( h Annua extending to Kings Bridge. In addition to the variolic duatee imposed bylhleectoa the on. cere, Ihey poesrer all Ibe power end perform eU th duties formerly possessed by tb Fir Wtrdena, rl. live lo enfo clog Ibe ordinance of lha Common Coo. eU for the prevention of fires, a wall a the Uolstrsy and Firework ordinance. Ttounea or ooaroaavioa oaoiaaaou. Nocovarlngto Hslstweye. . ,v m..,M llotstwayepenalFira...,.. m, 4 Dangerous Furnace. ,,, 1 tMnuaya and Bkire-plpea Straw aad Combustible Material. J Total 88 uronor rraai raoa aa ltv, tKt, re tOra If or.. ' 1800. Month. Number Fir. Damag to Building Jan... Jaly... Aeoratt ta,,. ,40. tt.oio 00 .M ..s Bl.....,. ttMN 4,004 M u,tu oo M til 00 suteaiber., UeVber..,, Noveenber,, Total tM .$15,470 01 The nmraber of fire, la each Dletric) U aa fella wr District. Fire ( HlllttlMMIIIillMMtlll 19 . Mttltl IIIIMMMII 41 W. II.. ( If, Hi llllllllllllllll llllllllliii. IT Mb, OU ,.. iMMite.M. ! IIHIIIIIIIMIIIMMMIIIMIMMIIMI a. ....(..... . 9 auann. P.ael aawMrteaaBTIraaei teats T Total amnbar of Fin ... ,,'7, , ,M I riaa Banana. In many cane thafire originate In th fiiejiiwr and Immel lately the tmaka. U aot (ha flaaata, I It way through tea paitltloa la Ih nr of huoee, vlus cuacag on au mean or aaaape fro i He tatatteor, tuvlee provided with Ar nrc4 partitU sas nu, auu aua sws ia tnepeotort I oa mrmton seas ia eu ceeee ernere tare or a. bxdldieig adjeaaina; arc of the asm eetghl and b t vt ttanratexeiia insa tb srper etory Uldlegw at root the fire-proof beloonkM and atalra aa prcvtrtsl ror ux ta aoat tngendeputl case of tVa, for in th Wtk aeottoa, mty ba caakaed. aa the tee.a tproi than aaaaa would b pmriiim r i as may ps ssou .net aner te no rxeneay arr (hi i 1 i Mty like New Toe k share le mitetnl meotss a Ingenuity to tnvenl eayablng to meet id reqeirv east ' of the law. Already leveral Invenlione hav tea . atadtoiasrli.rssalamareaoy, aa4U j jr,. ' ritl-nsetossroawrnecUB w win tied emv bset swrhnna and twT'.i!r p's to comply oftur Aje, vat Wil' ne on If, . eene new flebl bavhrr frf ieren are-t rvit rtnr to t.a . axewr JJs tt a'al. I. Kit ia r.w wilobty ei reeralree pvo eceana r e aa, law, M II doubly nteef I sry , JJ hanvlcmBbnfletlnof Ih a, ,. ersoeed. I has devoted mor I ,j I tare, frma th Uel of Ita bnnort &n J er pmaon r f my report. Tar Khi and B h trevl aa aei or erar Uratbltanta, and (o I ere of mr assistant and m left undone to guard agahaat a1 lareelamitT. To Ihl nor ion 1 behalf of Ibe aaaa of kesnasJtyi J v. sue owners, ana tnonlr ealim tenefnent a- they assy ta piers- -t in hwurtna' uvea ex tn oeens,ienOT m wn,r rul y reps' vy anventmg in avvnrWgeDthetamatea abet ai-s justly entitled to. Of building datTer.rr'abi aa) wtthla tb lira HmUs tM. There wert kreetad aad enckat year, l.HI buldllng. AJtereeasl FrCItrIt)Wsi, i Frwaxa 4 ttvrar ' iiwhb mollis, awaaxsaoaawiaxeaxt,' w f vTltAaewlmtwitBalrsatxar Aaamltwanasd. "' "' ' j HOtXaUT CXftsaxsJaW Jk We her leterutlatfC eh., at atatiaf t Wtatar attak al a eVgeexIca ' J-,V Cr tw rxioaiT. . Jt -,-UlUIl,'. , T. aafllTII lwt; Bee, in, la . SatJaT fob tal toTSl iMoyt naer Institute, ta this eitv eaadssjT '. V tns4s)Xaaas- js'lrsthaflsn . r aTTaVltaV aaftaVVt laaaat ekntaaeeaeii "" - ew. a av - sw--, a at esarej i neither tba roie rrom aia nd where the eroaa have been atmsaan thst thh te thonsan xonU ... a. est. tton, m.ny of whoaa, If net eiea nasi ' 1 a orstarratta-H ted many awn asm dlss.ssn v-blch teeompsny faailee X i li rS.lieli.i. iwiiiWIiiiI imimIiIsIsi t (nut for their relief, btrt menevltwa(s these le their ettlneticn. Thar aessrl radseneetariheeommlttos, eat ase' satit rralra ea lha Uheralttyafth ar ,; h-wd thai every tewa an city ef thei aJL foe the eitnVretela all ear Any .onatton la money nfreren esse be eenl ts " asntef the Metre. t Ai Cst.U Powvaait trerrjeraies W. 3.r,frssaA' ' leesaasawsaata- be hsrrrtn rrnnlis rims aim asrvlose an New Yeere Dsr, There eaa be a better way te es oss te OMam a written dr tsleawrltt-e deaarlrlUe ef f ff I taeek mstsi. aseratat rear M I ear eaaalses, I th asaaner hast 1 'j iraxeca.xdlatndrseav wm, i a.- . wniea win tea reatreaa rear Ueuceyoere. "Tub Dbmob of tib tW rf uitrowM, rutawu Tnfnrii MB M.k SSSSBOSeaU -irriu""'0OaUevf7 . - u et eeeaxa, clu the) asks t Tt. ZKLVfl Ptwetsrs nt he eheafaa .s f-'-a. . UJonet, etMreJIttiiJB'SJ' vision etut on: fioixeiZ BaJLT'a TsUOOraroBOOa J torn. ft "ii arnei. a aj,, , sv Tm arin TtCiajfthTa Ucaan, YnaV, week, bee been betod all areefaeat. Al ths taw CaSettAIs rnywicmm. mm - . . Theav'flrafora aonra. 7haaa enlreml ull.rff L. r psio, was taeet restart 4 elatlea and a me txluns .f .a. unerase in thai ar. The eeoaeeat ef OhbrA..! eumnder of booaai, Is of millions ef fjtu,, neere et eivlllsst tTii ante a h.adral of I ne efjepsa erllh the rat Awsrtatn 1 li ssii returneiieneri OluerpM Oerlba asrssmier tt out et oartaeas, e lijnrlen and Palaetes llht snd prexiees ftfaa friend the eeUi nn pieorftrl J i ?."" aaxaeeati axeatatsj ea aaj rIbbT Dr Ski rttatvtw. aaawaraat tv.. I-. Ta ' lhn 'JZm behind u. was thepw-ar mSZx JJRrf L.2ZL t aee fully and mefui It ta rn as tsLSeTi jX ra tb .nhllm pil'f llrrty lJveeWtIeWrtZ5A oenrl We rales otksns. el CiT aul Er?K!S, tsSu'issrAi eaHTiM .mUa ZzTl " ' " "r ss east niicnttt.lile rtaltM -- Young (bit ef gh reins, eteer at late sararie.1 ralUvstiwsd seTertatamest?. "JwrtoJoU taalallbaV slnraset, wtU C Bael ( a1head faxa? Ns a. mo asu. oeom ex st, al p SSS.SJSS!t!J'. Head ThfarioorJoiBalfiout er Sr3a-MSS9SB5, Netleew TTsiaaeal aeeMta. - .e.0" "X holeere ef the MeChaveh rhhgs AavtrTe sins rear. wUI le nlaaa at (hall ASSz Sa. tea Bonnie, ea Vrfar er.alve.jear.ars Mth .. ne vr s v, axwataatk tvJr?m i Tl Mirfiir I r i jHj Mtilr ttti itU . f ftt t tit i. M W4saaaE 'J tt ! 'if fl aaooir tf JQM t. .UWM.I MlWt ' " to vsne. -TO UtT. -r rrcatt with iast a1 I?Li',, rasT0iT m.7"zzr.m' rfr.T irt"( swsf at iman BJaTil UHaVfaaB ea'trecir '--HvxT (aid, FWaTaiV eTaM staTaxeTI hfL UtllfelOdlaa. la. tfaaa -Taljr bK J aUkTM 111 thai IsUtjaxl t maltlkaexbre. aaaaft bat UMHfiilt.LttMfaC i' LtafSj ti lltsa aurTat aaaaaxaxaxax. ETiaT i till t-r i Vll5 I ' I ' . etata aVTl?l tl jesa, rfW reewtli. L shart. .-esei MfJIMBM ' ..iaaaxeaaaxar z&m st,eet,be twa that ;MHSF.' B?! LW H. ta R"ir.?T1I Dam' 11 oiafTl rejolcini. beoltresiry-feeketa, firearaaeV" II lata . ES5waftv atIrxr3j7'" nyUtaaaaa-WtaT J a5 (Ua0O W ia fafl aad mmf, qS ,'-? OrarerC Bmmerta ataeraeer axaaaaaar4 l4Jliri'V llllliaia A O gorJeae. L-Tae etkasaV, ' '" ''(a- .IhlyjLSraW. ' eJ iu" rwJsetTaili. ' l""1 "TOeeJ.(iVt TV, (be . .. r A.B.aoteetegyjalttV .i r I tataastfallv aCtetta, i rata. v.).. r f amtauaa att'l dm2 Zml M