Newspaper of The Sun, January 4, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 4, 1861 Page 2
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j i i i THE NEW YORK SUN. FRIDAY M0RN1N0, JAN. I. IS61. Todat wa Urn m poop le M onr not BVuga. WWa tha anemlet of corec-unlry rag Impi'mi Balance, mill patriot proper for war, whE men of Ibe world scan noxlouily tb mot mull of tbae la Wgh plseea, and whlbt the fearful and unbelieving lock with trcmi ling, doubtful hop bjmo lb possibility th4t 01 m7 da aomethlng. lfl answer to a nat'onei priju CifarsTuai will pray la til lb anl In firm expectation of ra talto. Mora of pejlrrtlc prtysr will be burl and answered today, m ri rerily believe, than oa any previous Uy of car Notary. If a; tba traa and acceptable epirit of a fait of humiliation and irayar m uranted to the pray tc pwople of thli land toay ' It U repentance that wa needi tkat ra'lcal reniiorUtlon of alt ur crooked weyt of party sutwerrloncr, Indif ference to moral fitness and tru'h li pditjcal aa Ion, and prsc leal clibUf la the aU.lty and determination if Ijod t.i prota. t and Meat the lilrp right sod turt the prudent wrong, that atall errata hencefor h a l 1 a of chlrelruui Chilslltn friemen. to.terd Immnvaibly auaivt theforeei and aedactlone nf political lerrcrlim and harlotry. Let u nrirx y our poll I'al corrupt! n l.y a repentance thai means soma thing, that (ball hold rrt In tha feturn, and that thai! uilify in to receive and kfO," t bleaeleg we Implore, tae irttKt of Hjarty and peace. The tlaaa('alrRt. Tna L'5lor, arc lrdlng to tha phllitt'Vha'T of eeteralin, I tiloU'ed and lheref.r a recital oo'iac'i null and mid, tecau" It ban not been wholly kept) If ec'i.f Infl-'rlite in particular reepee'e, can abrogate a contrar. then tba ultra llara-ita'ae hsverartslilv mda away wkh the Conrtitu'lon long aim a. Tev have trampled It to thrill snd tatter. Hut ibi it not sxsc'Jy what they maaru It i tha anrMra Infraction of tha compart which f av tila wondrous air tna, to mala en'lre pertilt ar.d total repudiation lesl ai.d hot Ml on tia op i part. Ibe "ctsirtl'utloiial Iswjers' of tha southern revolution admit that lhav a atetaa an simd tit a contract, eath wtJi thiity-one other states, called tlia Gnetl ulloa of the Unlwl cHa'xa. But thay maluUln that rer'sm of tha partis baring violated certain Item of tha aald on tract, in oartaln lnrtei.cs, ihet ara tbersby re lauid from all 1 1 oMUa lon, and from tha claima of all tha par la tftaralo ' Aeordin to tlila pracioua lm Ic, it la cmly nnrawary for ona of tha aharaholdura lo a railroad cimptny to commit aama Lraach of ita h iruir, Iionl.r to aipiada tha wbula erporaiiiin Into Indirldaal atoma, acd abrtRite tba mi Ira liability of '-ha concern. ISat f'lippad of all tha axt'ama airaTa'lona ef tba ca at It aUnda, tha principla aaaarted I finally unknown o law ad hnnmty, In any ahapa. Mcttra. Yacrt, IlraiaHia,, and othari who ara dim b g 'hit rihraofful argument Into tba aari of Um cirlllt d world, ara lavyara) and aa law jam, thrj lm letter. Not ona of tham wru'd dra to arnoe, oo auch xrounJa, tba InTalidatlon of a pirtni"rrip tMlwaon a wood -aawycr and Ml cltrk, lf ra a JwiUVrf court. Thay know wrfac'Jy wall, that a vio'atad arMmaat abjreta tbt l da'or to damage), to tha amoant of tba wron dim, and no farther. It daaa not daprlra him of all nthta whaUrar, to bare oommittrd aoma wronK. If a cllaot vara to iubmlt to ana of tham professionally, the caaa of a enntract partially falSUod, and partially broken, would ha be advleed that ba miht lafoly dunKard that eontract, aa null android f Not at all. T"ay wculd tell him that ba waa entltlad to rraaarfy, not ttlmt; that tha law would grant blm oo vlndicllra dun age againat Ida antagonist, nr anf proQtaUa prlvl laga af rarolt from tha eimajaminta ha had an tared Iota. Nona of thaaa aan'lemea could bare raid In a lawjor'a office the fjrt atx, munth, without laarnlnd that a eontract cannot be killed by a mere woond or partial Wretch but mutt bl riolatad entirely, la iu whole aptrit and iu'j atanoa, and that by all the parties eare thoje taklrK adranUee of the bre.cb. Ceatiacta often pro? Ida a mode for cle'r min ing diaaxroameota acd damana arlalng out of tha oondact of the partkM And if y do not, the law dots. It la thu wl b the ContUtuthnof thellilUd Btatoa. ICrery wro"R and oiranca fisda ita legal remedy order the Constitution, rorp' rei of trfiuiog lo uln,U by that legal rewiad'y. Tbia aloie lj that total rioUJm of thaoempict which, if perLitd lo, iacnrlly eapledaa It, and raleea from all obllijttlon toward tha olTai.dir.(r patty. And 1. U a alnpi lar fact that South Oarolioa la tha oaly atata which baa been f ulliy nf ta a. S.)U h Carolina aleoe hai dalilwralaly aanrUtad ia prerenlioK by force any aipeel to tba cncatitutional tribunala, afialoit bar own uncouail uuonii acta. If other atata bare p.iwU uncvnatitutlonal acta, tba way baa alwaja baen vpenanlunob atrocUd for thtlr review end mdemnatlon, and the Supreme Cturl ba always been aatlsfactory la III decliluoa to the Sooth. South Carolina aloca, refuaee to a jmlt bar Ua to the arbitra ment of tba Supreme (i trt, thus violtntly al aolrln baraelf from the vert I tat oenli tl cf the compact) and then torn around i'h matcalen elTroaterj, la abaolre Lar.aif over aaln, In a moral aeaaa, by the plea that oilier eta oa hare aoactad 1 ' n uuh (aid. Aa Old Arqulalaare Turtlem. Thus Is a tap-root to this duunion bad tew, frepar than elivery, Independent of slavery, of whlih. In trinh, slavery itaelf 1 but a shoot. Tba reuevn ray car am states tberiiU slavi ry, is the same that di p teas I bam to arlat cratio ibstltuil rut generally, and emrlnas their love of country wt bin the narrow and ezr uatva circle of Ibelr own IliIu.oc. and la'-ereata. South Carolina is tha rapreinia'lva atata on one aide, aa Masaschuaaits ia i n Uie ctber t and there is te'ilnir, accidental la the milled con'rwt end antajOLbm between these Kf. It existed in the Batolutlon-lt existed Uf a the Revolution and freue the first settlement of either ststs. Sooth CartlUa was sealul by tory civaliert, IU nearly 1-st to Indeprndencsln cmaaquania of bar tory populatln, waa acarcely drafted Into the Union in rite of her tory p-oclivitita, lias t-en kept lo it ever ainoe with difficulty aid annojsnea from the same ciuae, and has now been precipitated Into reti y tha tory arUV cracy, wklch bar almost aa 1-rapulilican oons'i tutioo baa kept in so.a poeneaaion of political and social power. In abort, theOry prolr.e of South Cuo'Ina. wu net er properly an America slate, and prob ably never will be. The same It true of olbur portions i f the South, in proportion to tha lotan eity of three twin paeions, state arroetanc and love cf alavery. If slavery were abolished today In Eoath Carolina, the innate toryhm which is Ita root, would baas bHier as aver agelnat tha lights and dignity ef labor, agalnat the dstno cratic tpli it aadiasT aliens of tha North, and against tha Union whloa binds them to the bs'ed fitM.nim of a truly free country. Wa shall Barer ba ona people except In name, until a com plete tmduslrial revcJi Ion shall have popularized aodety la tna South, ralaad labor Into honor, and peopled tba walks ef knelt, oaa and public Ufa with tobar and aorarelgav- Ine oatry, Tha maitar of atavaa can narar lore Uberty and equality, nor yteU a willing rubselaeloet to Uw. Ualf-wsy psilrieal Hbarty la aa laapoaaibiUty tha prinel. Uaf aqaallty amowg all men, la tba only foun alatiaa of fraadoan for any , or of aatUad order and aaparUal law. n hw Iia a4. Ttsa avWaatwasaeaaadao " kalp alang" a priaUd paajtfaa) aow tateqWaiaf far atgaat are, aalllng Mfti CoBr isiMaad ooavaations la aU astaawaBAftartW,waaa a autllag ielagatea ll l Trftfr' "" ''UBNaTMtotbagasi. ant wMt;tat U aVrisa and adapt auk eaawrasM snaw twad (w natoM paaaa and aar- laaar, ajkl ! to aaok (tate aaWstrawMof (k. Union UiOt rUta, prinlagM n-1 in uunJ.ia to which Uay ara ju-.tly antlU L All tbla nay la - wall m l: ,n- bit the qiaatlon Jnit nf ll rvt Ah,-r wi hare or ought to have i ', . rot - ttt, ' her wa bare any govs imrnt , for aatUing that wa hare a (to- r at , that the fact U lmpufnied,) Uifr it m. It f it ther. If It is only what tha uiainJonlati ton aider It to ta, a sham Korersraent, extitlng by conrtafy axd rufferanee, It Is net of the aIJbteat enntrqoenoa whether It la Rood or bad, sad tha sooner wa know this the better. Mvlkrra Rlaku." Wa cotnmer.d Ue following letter lo tha alien tion of the fcatinavur General. Tba original has bean forwarded to Ida department. PoerOirics, Lnnntiita, N C,l V.. li, ltw. Hilar o tht Aiic Vers Aunt Daaitia-I c nanle it mr da'yto reTaat jn u, haw Vca Boa n thla itnua anj ln'gir, aal oaBnixleila tclr,uliMl tliruiwK iba ffliw: lliaiawai f.nlh C olna inihibit an ill pa- ia Uirv rlrrul-tM heie. Bnould any uora be wait, I iball rHum thm. Itaaj c Juilj I ours Acoterva l.arnait Of rrurae we can take na no'lea of J)e reaeript of this small dlautlon Satrap. Wa are usder contract, for due conaidera Ion rrealved, timall the tea to our subscriber Mr. Acocstdi La inaM'a approballjD, not baring been mado a cocdliion of the arrsnRemant, If lhy wLib to tut.jfct ibalr reailiaK to hicnMrahip, thoy are weleon.e to da ro. Ihr' If they eaoo e to toil the poa er (ritj poa n: esters to di-'a e what thay shall read aid aliat It ry elalJ not, they will havo the t pportut Ity to do that. tree auKaV'lon to Mr. Lathiv, If tli dla nr ion roowiis too ttVnt to endure an lidapnn drnt, t, t'rJon paper, such as the Sua le and has ever been, why not read aome other t apar tf Mi own choice, at his own expense, and let hia telf Jitters' papers alone ? Aentter Jea The Imocratic Governor of the slave Slate cMlwtotlai declares fur the L'aL.n, end denounc es treason, In the m!aK of which wa hare a tynojla by telegraph thbi morning. Neaa-apaprr Tiacrraa. Iha Albany I mitig JontiifappMreil yeater day In new tjpe and wild anla gad and a-tlill.mal OiJumnj. Itaaya Our friends will be (a'9l la kniw that the en larMinMhtir ttJ'mrnt wa eieid ly tha irrow Infr damJMirfa vki iu edfrnlalrs; c i uuini and that it laJuatlflL . eialeflfj, t f Ih 0 Hlitanai IniTnaa lac Mktmna(ra with wheh ll la fev iraid At no rmtlud In IW blraory, baa tba Trraiinfr Journal rivted up m a lela igret4 r paroantnne aLd pnpariy. The It-chmti-r ftmorraf. which be, n thirty yvr, iccupled a leading place am mg the preaa of abe atata, enmnimced the year up xi new type and ealaigcd form. Itaanete from WaalaUateau (Sitclal to tlit Kftnlnj real.) WaihltiyUn, Jan.i Tlia P raidanl aald laat nlgbt that if aovrrnor Whii tnvi lere vlalteil the D'stricl tn uranmlt an aaaaul, they nnat encounter ten cum paeJf of federal trw-pa. (..tyrWal to t h4 Cvnmtrrial AirfrtUtr) WtMhinylvn, Jan. 8. The depuUoa frotu the la. tUigtntaaiL'harlwitoii, tatce charao'ernf coinmla elonera, have leaurned home, finding tha Prealdent n ra In bla rtfual t j c f&p' wiib tbnlr unwanants ble denaanda. They could nn onnreal thau- dlaappntnanent and ohsgrln at the utter failure cf tbetr mUalon end tha ewe U a; prove! wlh which the Preatdent'e flruineaa la generally arokrn ft lalarmation haa bran remind here that rUa baa folk wad the tiamp'e of 8 mih Carolina and de clared beitelf eut of the Unbsu 1 1 U also rumoied thai the aacaealonlata have taken poaecaelon if Iba United States bras at Key West. attatr It attains Dpaltnsat. We have received a copy of tha annual report cf the rtoperlatei. deal of tha Basking Dpartoaant, tianamtated lo the L'gtaUlura now tn seaalnn, aad pieaeni lo tur trader the p lnclpel facta and flgvrea. in tenia kbig vp n the late rarulaion In fioaacial aiattera, wlilch tba Bupeilntrndaat attrtbutos I) mlltlcal agitation aloae, he aey r- The wladotn A the banks lo the city of New Yotk, In amblnliig lieir inhua, and extrnainfr their atrufuiueUaaujo, caanol be queatiouod t bal tue cauaea that pr dived the neoeaalay of ehufr aodtrtt, cannot be etpieliifd, but by Iba fo-cet e amgle word -jams aklllfvly and edrvi ly niauufWctunxl, ar poillcal andacuiatlve purpuaea eed umm. Towlial astiot and how luiooua the re-u taof tola eeil'in ruay Uf, ia twyoua bojuaa aen. xt, iitne ceptteiiee(ihe roeaxbau, end tue piodiwlpg c'aMea of ilua elata, It la none the toea diaaasroua than a ravulalou rcujalag either from war, paatl ence, or faulne Wlthom eadeevnlng to 4aloui lhe reraely for rxl-alTK tllfflaultlea, abe Surlnt ndeol iny ba ixcumd for earing, that capital, wbathur it a-wumea tha ahai of laud, labor, jam k a, or n.niuy, ean only find ileblltay in laa val e 1 1 lea poaeMur, In the p-r. menency aa well aa tba vlgoioua anf Orniait ftf tha Uwa ky wbk h we ere gnvei ned aa a p 1 , wbaikar adtmaieteiad by ILe aaa eor Iba eauruai jfnvrrutiwni. l'be nuinbir of baanka, banking aa tciatlona, and individual r .Vera, eiluady d lng luaie Iu thl eaa'a ifi the ID h dey ol dejitiu'wr iat, wa. ZDt, and 8T were either cUe-iag ttulr uwn an"ara or are M"! vml, and their tu-liua. te being o orral I y ibla l)a peiinimt. leavli gSU fpn sank aotvmnu up m the Uvkanf thla ( fttc - Tba cot rn eaila-tou vl be.ik niaua fiom the ll.nk lp tiueot. ti c uling thai of in,x raiatid Imi ka, tni k nir et-ocla luua. and indi v.dnal laiurars ta $S utll 800, eh'iut UdMliro, In lbb9. Ul tola amount I era waa lu tioanaira; eare atlwa and tudtvldoal ti.aV.rr. $ l S4t 4I To, mated laa. V. $8 193 841 Tlie $H tl,4!0olr rU'eUnn of the Irna tva,ka la protected by tue drp Mil of the fol nauig aeru tile Itiaare and m-ilrar-e ... a.l,4lJ3 7J n 1 0..OCI, e p cm. l",-' da do a do d da f'H do da do 4 do IT. State do r da do do u do Artaiela do 0 do llllaoU dl 0 dl Mich gall do ae Carh I.e.. ,vr. ua i in t?,0Ml J 4o54,mJ $',1,no no XO'.ami oo 3 t"n,(Hi no 14MXHI 111 s'lirvifo 41 oio on 1MW fti Titat Arerrret ot ti ri Ulra tuld I tauj.t for banking ee.'.i'tattoiie and tpdi- v duel b. nine fiat llll. . .J0,l'.t.HJ 18 iros... lornarte duitta tie tear uo. . : WhliiMd W VI M 4 40 Sl,t5lit 18 Aeit 1 1 e'rtula'a ouM'4 Srrt. 80, lll ls sr.4'8 im da d do do i). Vs l,U)a if) lor for (I a far mlW Hep lift, Ji6l V.ftl.i'.l tw Til. lie . uMii.' air.ltfl l.Ti iu ia aiiua uivJo up, N Y Vtate t ck 81 !'. 0-1 V.V. eto) . ttrarioiai - - - " 6U,il IM lm Ave re 1 1 the lillwl'iii Dt'nOe aLd iroit fK.t $ 8f oo lit.mea BUt a eto S "V an lal ItiUiiett t do. u.cni at Uaih ,11 4 4.'l1nilfil tVll.lISM la ailditnei to lb we from the free bank a lteSiar InirLib nt bo da arru itlea for loo h p ratM bauka, and iruii coupaule-' uuder rpaciel acta of tha L vla tatii'e, luakUg the wbule aoiounl Iu biabaudtaa follow.: Frreb.oke.n4 .okr a3o,19l4illlt jne tKrated bar la Sd M v 'Iruatctropentaa.. . . Vo,oij no Total .8W,'T.9T7i OflbaftMOOObaidfnr truat ocuinenlae, $tOu.fldO Uf. rtbel'. 8 Tua' Company oftblaclty. Tbad' Bnwlton aoo'Uiilie lne'Waiia ad bauk tali rrdrei.i tiie outaUndlng nttt of tbra e eloelng Ihalr hti iae a. Tha Burlntrndrnt acknowlaJget the reoalpt, duiliigtuspaalfltoal year, f rum Iha Police D 'part uunl i4 ibla clt), of 38 CCS In euuierfelt notes aed four steel and e 'Pr p'a'aa which has been deativy td under Ue previa ona of the Uw, Tbla U Urcatlng rrpvt conclude aa follows t ' THrlrg tha lae years that the preeat Incumbent of theoKoaif Bupnrlnletidenl of tha U taking D. paitiiiaut haa held that poaltloe, his eipartoaoa ba taught blm Iha ve ue uf the pre est eyelein a e vrgeu-uKioii, ay so sue ae-eue or sue uepar tnei V rcjui rea no fanber Irgtalaalon. Tba leal eel of tlia tluature fc.uobliii tha genetet letaaeet of tha bankr, waapaaeedAprUllib, laoS. It waa naaaad tn eooa-deue with the rrqoo-l ot thaSuparjitemlant, la bla annual lapurl, axd tboae whobava teed bla tawvWua irjvati know that ao kaat-aiton ail tad on bla it i lo a-eiurgeal ear aoaeodeaaaiia" which he ialtit have Ihuugl I beBeAolal, either to Ike aystaoi, Iha saalhod tn wbloh the dVpartment ahnu d be bald to a Hi lot re-eotvlblllty, or that abou d plaea our enrreney uoa a tooudanua entltuog 11 so the oont. d"noa it tta oommunl y. Us baa full eonfiiasace to the prerent ayetare cf baakino aa punwd la Ibla eHie. N, later does be baibvaiperiuularl tuvler the preeaal ouadluoa aa Ike bueiace ef ihe onuatrv. that elahaa tha ne Ala of tbeateiear the baoke rrqalraany change ta our p-wenllewelarrlailnw voteAilofi aad, tolbeUav. (wage ofUaietnit of leat year, araa HupulBteodent aaaal tetiwottuLy ulletbia neoitlo tkalgtal. tote, wubous any eugtreauoa lor an aiatlat auvsalnnt so our p eenl benktag lawa. ' Ab wbloh Is I a VMetrallT awboiaaad. Jataaa U. Oooat, upailaeaisfleat. Ansa sJioonso u wits', ta a fit ef anger. lr. BaieTLAcru b'aw out hia rwi bralaa, at Tmkersrtlle, 1' , oa Friday . Joaia E.TairT, a wdux avaotia, li ke'4 to answer at Boibuy, llasa oa eight ladle V snaats tit eourinj heunea tor plundar. THE LATEST NEWS. bv ry.irQRi.rn to ran jr. r, ynr. Political Intelligence. XXXTlOa CO?COnrH.tual sveselaa. fVaaJa. W'l' tnffn, 4a,3ThagallerielaailbUe8 ware ag.Ln erowded. A mearaga from the Ilotiaa, announcing the pes aega ca aha Iedlan A pvprlailoe Ml, wairc(al. at r. llioLaa, (Pa ,J p-eeaa'l menirlela, namer oualy signed by el Iran of Pbl'a4lpe.ia, akicghe Senaae to peaa the Caimanaa ravilit'lon taUo the prjrredJegi of a mee.lng al IlarrUburgh. lie aald meetings had been ha d la atvaral parea la ibl etese, all bea blag ah p'hi of loyal derotlnn tube whole cot niry, and all spreading a d-Ji ti have Die Camtnni reaula lone pea d, If Cong eaa vnaild nniyglv the peop'e an oppor unity, they would embrace I', and tkrlr friend at IhefljUih woud di.oover tluti the paop e were pre peied toeuet Utelr oocDplaieai la aeoLrit tf oouoala. laon and klndin a. Mr. Cninxaou fKy.J ofTered the followlag reeolu tl.wi Whnriu, Tba t'nlnn la In rfengir, and It Is d Ml onla, if tot Impxeelote forOaigrewao concur by toe rct'Lii-ito m-Jiiitry, eoea ao e. able ll to take audi a.aau aa Wl iaOiniad Iha etaMW alien aruNiidiaeaa to IU Utuiuu Un aa ate nacaaaxy ao are 1 11 dan gar rVArrree, Ia so great an fmeginry tta obitjn aa.fl iwiriaa.tof t la ogl u te heard Tlrfvr itraofrrd. That p X tiemaHa 1-y Uw, witiMiiia d e , lo Baku g ete aroaefa aba mi e, Bl.fl au'rflilHlog to Ibetll tl fobnwiog laero u ioa I Tbi-olaika thea teed laa Caameosa reao.utl m alrraily publlebed. air. Lsirrartaair aaUl aanetldeg m'il be dona. ll woaajaae sat epan ate i.e e. the goaer-nrna li ruin be alavWrtl so ourneon itie count y, Toe 'acrlflreto la) naida waa caiiparaiively woithleaa. Tna peaoa and aafrny U a gnat aaatry were never puicia M eocbisply, lie wou d apiiral wi'hc aifl tenca ti iba rra.p a. Tory have the greaiaH Intaront la abe g v eminent. He bed aiaift lence Iba the people would give gutd edvlon, lie reanlu'b'eui wrre 'eld ovrr, and the unAalehed bablniaa ra yaaterdey taken tip. Mr. Haass liaumd hia raintrke It aail he waa of Iba tilulon thai dl cue-loa oa a-l p ilaaa of dff.rrnce wa uaaful. II are willing ti meet all )n ceuee ra caanplalnl la a fair end h mireMe way. lie (ioo'c frora the era-see ia Saneaor Uvarsa bufore ibe llraekleridga C uo at CbarMewvlha, admlatloi thai tlia oilnt(ai of the S jaih be regard to elevtry hai cbaaigrd, and that her opinion wa agalnel the repaa' oftte fatiaaouil Ctanpronuae and fur tbasiKiaaloaof fcheryeaeu. Mr. Ilcaraa (Ta ) aa d ba never adrn'tted that Iha South tlioughl C aigreea bad the right b rretrlct aeveiy In Ihanrilaorlea. Mr. Ilairaaald lnodanrVxl thai gentlemen en the utlier elde, some time In tllr lives wee In fav r of rarteb Uhlng a line tart ween freedoaa and alavaty, Mr. Daruiuui aald ba bad never admitted that OaigTeaa bad any power to til ude slavery from any trarttery. The South had been In favor of eitradlng be atleanui 1 line aaa matter of e aaipact me-aJy. Mr, Daxaa thongbl if the Senator a-jv Liutaiant brilevi'd that Omgrrwa hat no right loexiluda alav ray, he muat have violated bla oaih when he v ted tor each sxolaaien. Mr. Daajtma aald Ongreas bad ne aucb power under the Conetllution. Mr Daata aeldlbeSenatir frian Lid at ana eon plained tliat Ihe government mteifiired with Slavs y In the 8 at h. Mr. llaejama raid he did nol Complain of Oft greaa tnt if iha aula. Mr. Baoaa waa glad In href the chemplon of sit wry admit that Oougrets bed not tatntned, but Itiat hat orrrap slat were of lhasietei. 11 w could IC1 nJa o; lutanoe, tnserfaia wlthslsvsry In Tit tnl at Mr. Dalitii said ah could nol by bill, but arm ed men might go naada mt Vimola and aelre tea United States arms and mutdar peas ful men, and try lo excite slave to revo t. A aaon In Mewa. chuiati waa found to aey It was tight, and M awa chaeasta elected blm Oovemor, and thue endoreed murder. Mtaraobaratie had aent Bonator bare to alru-e aad vtllify the Boulh. M naaaa sdmitted that Indlvldaa's might stal la slave siesta. There ware bad man everywhere. Dot thbi la no cause of aeparation aad war, Mr. DrtJiUta eatd thai the Rapublkea parly In. tend to aui round tba alav stales with free Biavjr, so as to fotce aoianelpatloa. Mr. lain ptooeeded to a gua that it wa a naeee-eV-r that larery nine ba surrounded try tree atata. If the a'avca ahould revolt, she N arth would be hound so saelet the South, and would do II. The great principle of free government would not be aur recdired. Case weal, ome woe, alavery aball never ,f extended by the powers of the government of the United Stater, 11 would not yield one Inch to ae orerrlon, but there we e thing he wou d yield, among them the rrpeal ia Ihe I'raonal Liberty bllla, ahould Ibe Supreme Curt of Ibe I'nlkal Suva pronounce tteru uneonatliullonel. Ue wou d agree to make all the le ilk rlea atatet now, and let Ike people de oida rn alarary, but he wou'd never agree to protect alsveiy In the name of freedont. Alter a'l, be bad great onnildenoe In lbs loya'ty of the people of the Sou h. Ha heard loyal aeatiuienta tvry where, end eou'd aaa the cloud breaking, and he waa not without the hope that wiib time lo a low Ibe frvcriKb brat lo autaddr, the Union would y re main safe, If trusted to iha hands of the peop'e. The Bontt r fiom Louisiana had raid tliat a elate actuary bad seceded, and we mrut acknowledge lie Indepen dence or make war, Ua said be would not acknowl edge Ita Udrpendmoe, and said he thought II m very alrarg thug if a government bad sjrae lliaeslo rnfiHoelaw. Us qiottd the ordlnanct of lieu. Jenseoh Iu regard to collecting Ihe reveuue when S ruth Ca-ollna once before re tolled, a an at awir to the Btautor fiom LiuUlans whrn ba a.ked tow we wou 4 collect Ihe revanue Aud above all, IttlbaUwabe malntalaed and the Union preatrv ad.'' He e'raed with the wiada of Waiisrxa'a speech Inrejly lollaraa, Mr. lloooLaa, (I'd ,) a-krd that tha rj.rl of .he CViim.lteifTlilrV'i te taken up. M-. 1). pro crad.'.l lo addiaaa the Senate. lit aald no sot nf hie railaio life aver gave blm ao muh ptlaee to vjte fir the ircolutjon that tha Oimmttiee could not ag-ne. In o dr toieatlia teal eauaa of the trouVea, we tiiue iro back of the late election. Wa ehou'd aa rrtrt,e that whenever C mg eaa uidertoik li art on eheiiteriuu of e'avery, dlaoord and agtatlm waa sure to follow. Wnm Cmgreie let the iue4lon akvte, there was pea je, II r J red to the at ile-tuea-t at the time iba Miaaiuri O tmp-omlee wsi en acwd. Ttefiwifulaglte'lnnof lS'JO wai aettlM by Itie eetab Uluneul of the corupronU-e Una. So long aa that arjUitinaulweacB'fied cut, there waa peao aodipilel. Ttxa waa admitted lufety uader Ihla rale, though there waa a g eat contrariety of optnl ju. Util no cue ohjao'od, beaaeae ll rxnavded that una. Again, Ca Itbrnla and Niw M xco were aormlrerl, aad tba extanalon uf the line, t tie I'ao.flo uoran, wat drtmandnl. This waa adopted In Ihe Senate, tail when It waa seat 0 the n u e ll waa rijirtul l nrttleru votoa. When Mr. Clst came Uik to the Banata to aee if be ootid na b.log lack p'eo, he found no trouble wph Ilia loulhain niewberr, but be ouu'd find no anpprot 4 thla Hue from the Narth. The Mlaaoul .Ine was abaadoned, brcau a Its friends said It ecukl nal Iw car'.id tot In gord faith. Then they turned lo e whalmxlwai beat. Tkere wa a dealre to lake the iiueation out of C mgraee, and eeourethe )aoe of the country. At text 11 wa decided to leave the tur allon to the people of the terrltot tee themielvee The blaVary i Ihe Uovsrnment might be divided Into throe parte, Bdfore 1980 tha aovernmant ad milted uaoy lenltolU-a, but a 1 waa peaoa. Aterthl agitation of 1880 wat all wa peace again till laCO. S nee tl en we here had a e mtlnuai eontro varey, aid tha leeull of tha bate election haa con. eineed Iha South thai tl Is the tied policy ufih dominant party of Iha North a lavads their eoaatf. ntlanal rlghla. Tba Beoator fiom Ohio (Waoa) ad misted tha existence of this belief at tha Sooth, but charged it te tha wbnepreeentatlona of tea northern Democracy, I matters not whether these arils are leal or smaglaaiy, 11 tba South were resolved to rush Into tha horror of dhmnlon and war rahar than suf fer them. Ba wm sorry to see tha Senator bring la a patllran queel bete; but as ll waa brought In, be felt bound to defend tea Democracy. Mo man was beater pleated to Uera that he had ntlsi e, i eeeatel tha KepuhUoaa party. Usstked lb Saaiaaor from Ohio If litre not the po'Ury ef that party to ooataa slavery within it present Bmlkj by tba action of tha Ldiral gavarnmsaa, aad whether kt was not the policy of that party la exsluia slavery from Iha Teriltatias ore new poeeesa, er may here alaar aaxrakra whether er net tha party wart la 8wor of retmalng fugitive s'eves and la shH wVoMrtrtt waa not the policy of that party Brt all the power of tha ftdsrel government, nAa tha tcatautban, acaordlag to their Uaerpretattoa, to tava!aaadotsiaawMtasiatUaef saavwy wtdia rtewWlUuksriasaeaatieeaealnawa essaaa, ot at weUM&asaorthaavdBwrh. Mr, Wats aa.d ba ecald find tba aaa-wsr In his speech already anode. Us had na additlona to make, Mr. rrwuLss raid ba did n a expect aa useypxtvo. C dan' war. It r-r.ce.ded to argue thai tooh waa tha pol cy of lbs Espub lean party, and thee quoted Mr. Iranota'aepeecheajwhaaba said, Thacriala trmet com sad Iba atalea all becrena rn thing or 8-ber," to abow that h maintained such policy. Ua aid be tad a hepe t't Mr. tuoou would npudiaa al extren e seutlments I tul be that aa ll may, nei ther he nor his party has the prwer to d harm i Iha Boo h. The South, however, art teady to rush Into revolution, and meet tba oooseqaeaces. Mo msa weadgo furtrertbaa hetoexjotoitbelewr, bo. are mu t k facte In the fane. Bebelilra often lcomaa sureeeaful reT.4ottno, and a governmrnl Is tfwn luronl to rem guise it arts g vernments la revolted province. Ilo in thla government Ihe lawa moat be i t,o ced y clvi pneeaa. U rw are we g dng to ex. rcute Ike law when the federal government Lea no power t How are ws grtrjg to enforce the s. Iry dill proceaa In 8 nib Jarollna. U denied the light of eeoewlntv, but sfas baadma It, ann b.nrooud w help lit 8 uth Cero'ina aril not be alone, and how era wa going to enforce tha lawa, unte-a we n.eke war and eotviie'' the atat. A a we prepared ft r war wlh our lithren. Ha would n it tolerate the Idea MB every hrpa tf edjuatiamt wa g. ne. He waa (or paane lo rave lbs Union, Wsr is 4 1' baton cenaln and inevitable Ha r r fen ad to the purcha-a of Liubrtaua, and alt II was u cbaaid tor tha l-rtuli of iha who a V I n. end foe the safely nf Iha t'np-r M Is paiUcuar. Tee ptsawabai if that river n w, la run e n cea-ary than it wa Iben. Waeeanat expect ilia imp a if tba Inkrlor tisdro I the tight of a frr ean a ate tak'ng roaae-elon tf Ibat nver H-al-onta redtolhaputchaieof F.otida and ths amrunuid and akedif she c iu d g i rail aow I1 The P fa Id. tit, in Us Maniaga, 0 at raid ws coud ai4 oaaoa a atete to remain In tha felon, bu In a few seeiienn. ha advleed Ihe ar-qaleltUn r f Cuba, A If we ebou d pey 8300,00a,( oo for C iba, and then the nest day eke n,ighi eaoeda and re aatex heraelf e rlln. end Spain ae I bar again. U had alnlltat tstT.xaeeil us a war with Mexico and 10,io Uvra In II a name nf the 1,101 ge lanl turn fre IlUnraa who f mghl Ih.iMbatl ea, be proteattd against th t Ight irf that saa'e to a carte. Mr Hxiaruiu.(Trseaaekidir ll.e prrtectloa ef Trxea waa the only rre-nn of the ws-, and If ah United Suitaa paid enyiblnn to Texas for ths laat, aad If we did not so.) a re Ce ICania from that war. Mr. Iorji,Lss aald Ibe on y cai-a nf complaint of M'llro was the annexation rf Texas, tnd ws had enly paid Trxaa 818 one. 000 fir a ree barren Ian I ah (Ltoghtar) H a aeld Ibe Coautitutioa waa lnleLded to le perpetual, and ha denied Iha right of teoe-rlon under the Cjoau tut Inn, at against ths Cotutl ullon. ad man agalmt Jurtlct and ged ialih. Us aald there ciuld be no government withoot c lercloe, but coercion most be ueed in Ihe mot preae tbl try lew. Till la not a qneetlon of ooerd'n in a etate. Where no authority of Ihe federal government re niaine we a-e liound to reoognlre a gavernmenl da oWo, wbtn Ihe atata maintains Individual away. Tba man who lovea Ihe Union, who luvee to eee the lawa enfiacM, will love to aea rebellion put down. II rw dnee he Intend to aninree Ihe law la a eeoedlnc stele eieepl tf Booking war. Ia hie o4nina, we had reorhad the point whrn dlcaolon wat Inevitable, un ices a erenp nml.e, frundid i ereceaaion, caa he made. He prerened e anp omlae to war, andooncer' eaon to dl union. Itocornpremb would be available which djra art ataxy the rpietl.ra of slavery beyond Congress. It totd ha had voted fur Ibe proposition of th Senator xrem K-nturkj, Mr Cairrsjanxa, aad wu reedy to vita for II airaln. Why aeenot the Repub leans utilaa onthe Mlaaourl cetnpromlae line f They bad beeped cu-eee esongh no his head forrepaallag It, to be gad now to leeatehlah ll. lis had he polio eupp it that neaanra till be was Compelled to elan d n 11. lie ws willing now lo meet on tanas if mutual e T.cearlon, It had ofTered anothsr prop ad lion, lo b v tha terriaoriea In stain quo Mil thay have ansa a Inhnbilanke, and shea settle she question themnelvea, and ai. .uua for the rtiuoTel of I) a nrgroea, If the territory ehonss, toea.i . Iscaa. I the Repnbtleaaa do rvt Intend 'o Interfere wlah e'every In the alatea, why not put In en araand menl to the ConaMtutton, ao they cannot do UT There muet be s setlienent of some sort now. It cannot be pnatponed. Ws are la a state of revolution. It la enmptemtas or war. Us pntferred comprornlas. 11 said it teamed aa though the Senators on tha o'her Idedertermlnidto act ea a party. Let the parple deold ths qusetloa. Me doubt th people of Maa ehaaeSM are oppoaed to slavery extenxtna but he thought If the queaalon wire nlrmllted t Atj, of th reao.mlons uf the Senator trom Kentucky, they would ratify them. Ue a'gued against making war against 18 000.008 pwple. lie aaw there wai aa eternal separation, but be vrvu'd not consider war till all hope wat peeawt, though the present Indications seemed to shew there wou d be hloodahed, but he would not de-palr. Mr. Tonune (0 ) moved to poeepnne llll M nday, when hsp pped to offer some remarks. Afrred to. Adjou ned till Saturday, Ilenee ef Mepreeeaaailvca. The Speak r laid btfore iheUjut a Crmraua'.ca ion from the chep'eln, (Mr. StooxToa.) In Tiling Ihe rrerobetito attend tba Union prayar-meeCng In tha Ua I of 11 p eeei let lvae, tomorrow, li waa agreed thai when Iha Ujo adjourn tomor row, it tw ti M nday. Mr lltjT. uiaa(Ohls) rrreaented rero'utlons paased by amieting In J. ffaraon, Ohbs rpu Hating lae Idea if compromise tat the part of the North, and eniUra UiglVsia.nibnenlaof Stnalur Wans and others, and tutved the rcfertoice to Ihe Commi4ee tf 83.

Jouia Coruxaas ilV) oppo el Ihe returnee. The iuIiJ. ci wsa so r farrtd, Mr, d-xuraa, (Pa ,J moved to reconsider the role, Mr. Urvruis (U lo)inivedti lay that motion oa the 'a'e. M' Cot, (Ohio,) raid Ibrwi rewlutlon were con odved lu hypiv by andbaihid In disunion, Mr Hit. nlee s motion p availed 88 agauttt SS. Mr. iaeN. (Oalo.J by nqueat of his fa land, w tLlitw ibeapieJLa jsiteiday mad dou lbs de C b n tf the t eker. M Pianutu (OblN) friinlhe Judiciary Ctramil- teo irKinid lack wtih amendment, the bill faiih o; lo provide for the oollectiob if tha duty m tniporla, kivlng the Preeklent fa ther owere for that purple, II' moved ll le prlnkal and reiAauuillled. Mr, ltorot.K (VJ wlabwl l kuow la rearroneeto wl at pditU n or reajluil n Ihla tul wat brought be tore the II ruse, Mr, Itisuuau rrpbed, that It wat n A reepmsivs to any pittilonor rerwlutlon, bul was thl bl 1 h Intro. ducad 'a-lMmdayundtr tha ru'es, and which wa rrgu'ot'y rtf.rred to the Coxualltae on Jullolary He wanted the bill and amendnienti printed, that tvety memlwr anlghl aee what II waa. Mr.Haaaca (M. C) demanded ths p-evlout quee llcnonlhe motion to reoomull. II did nil want tie bill t le kept In a poalll m I) be called up al any time, end wanted the qucstUm djrporel of now. Mr, Eorrroa (A a) laldaitha bill Involves In ts tint changes In the 'awe. It ahou'd b discussed lathe Couuiiillee of the Whole on ths tit e of lbs Union. Mr, rUxonau rep'led that 11 ojuld as wsll bs la ths n.uae. Mr, IIovsTOa Ties, If tbt majority were not die p.aM to doiumser ovjr ths minority. Mr, Draoiian-.I have al eady eaid that I dtdrs th bill to be pilntsd, thai eVcry entleman,uity see whs ill. Mr, Bororx WIS yon gtv us fab? nrtloewhso you wtl ceil up tha bill I All w dealre Is to bsvs an opportunity to lift up our voice la behs'f of Ihe Con et!tu'lon,andhava reasonable opportunity to op po Ihe bill. MMnxuatia Iserlalaly do not desire to thwart suofaanoppoitunity. 1 shsll not oali up the motion to recommit without giving reaeonab'e notice, aad I an sure the genUeuiaa from Virginia would atk lor nothing mora. It waa general'y agreed tliat Ihe question should be considered aa unSnlehed huaneae on Tuesday next. Tba Uoue went Into eoenmlstee on ths L-gla'aktve, Exscudve and Jodlolal appropriation bill. Adjourned, for want of a qaoium, till M mlty, MIT YOUK USaifOJLTCUB-tm. Aoaery, Jsra, 8. Koricaa were given by Mr. Fibbo af a Ull to raguUes eteaabaa placa la tha atay of Maw Terk by Mr. Lawaavae to repeal tha Binidsy leave. Bl le were latreduosd by Mr. Goes to repeal the act U U 4 session rwatlrs to sapttat p .nldusaat, alee OjaJaatlxg on Bards tt Bap-rvoea piwe.a of loeol k gUsSUiai by Mr. Cot-ria, a btll daiTeratore. cf thartgfaasofalurr to eriaslaal trial prarealteg that tn Iha trial cf sll ptosseaylnas er iadtsfeait tar a tape, the Jwyahall have the right toisasrsalss tna Uw eavd tba lasts I by Mr. Ltwaawes, repaaUag tea est tasthossB t g the aa'e ef tkewaat We aaastea mar" ktotbe aarVaaiasef txatelrei HawVoxk by M'. Tstrsuia, l proeU (er the ) aoaatloe) aaa ex tavloaofsha Qhsnange nansl by Mr. Baarsv , at tb)mefTvxe,rf alrrartag air roes tv isra penraM ae-tded la the state Art years trr three yt wUful dieertlon,aad forcrael and iabnmsa l.-eat-tneait 1 ona year. AaeanmMy. Tha Ooy.raor- mamga was taken Up la eoromt. tea of the whale, and pruejresa was nporwd without cVha'e Tha annual report cf tha M dropolllan P.Jloe C am xelareonara waa preaeneed, the pnncpal ba.urea of wb cb are allodad lo In the O jvwraoe'e meneago. Tha Comptroller tent la his oaanal report. OTiiia or arua. KyMr. Axnxaaoa Te divide tha lilh ward of Brook ti Ity Mr, Towasxaia To repeal Iha persona' llbvrty Uwuf 184)1, aad to i e viva toe tben exteUng eututee. By Mr. CaarrT . repeal the uau.ylaws aofaraa Iber teiate en abs C y of New Vo k, liy M Caarr To leorganle tna New Yotk Fire Detjer-rnerrl II f Mr. Haru-Te divide Swat-en Couety Into three Jndioia duirtrta. M Baaaxa the first bl 1 of thaeaeon I A Uli povadlag forth axaenalia of the Caenange Cenal M . Eoxiarwa'a reaolutlon to divide all th terri ry raa.ogit g Um Uatsrol Stete Into twi gnat, waaca d an and o cored ti 1st prtotel. Mr, Fiaa otTrad aaioutenl toolauon so a to iLawisane mure cwtain poaiahrol ot bribery at elertba Ld over. II ab It aa ra have adjourned 113 Xf o'clock en Monday eveoirg. fllghly lai,nasi frant tTeahlegtew. Fort Sompter Besieged. Wathimg'm, Jan. 3. -Intalllnee wss ra ceived teal nlgnt thai T rt Sumaar is now be-lrged i e all Major AanesMt' c loimn d letinnt a-e caa cfl i thai Pott M .o.trie hea been comp ee'y repair, tdendtba gunreronund, end thai eve-yihlng le In leaduieaa to rr n a fi emM Jor Anorano. Niw twlfrha or Wing erected anaind him ry Ihe ar eewlonleie, aid eviry d.y hia daager end the d ffl outlos 4 leikfrreiog bla ere Ine rewd. Ulafre qneolepp'loeal nafor leiafairtmante, and svantrte tsars and prayere if hie wt'a, baring fallel la m .ve the Piaal tent, he haa daternload never eialn to ic new bla terira.ea, but aril paruh, tf ha raui. In tba trt. Hie aen hav buried Ihernsalvei by an oath to etaodai.d (rail h with him. It la bey nil a doubt thai a combination I fjrmlrg to taks 8rrcibe poaeeaeloa t4 Ihe gorernmmt a Waehlngton on or hefae tie4Jtof Mich, bat lbs priewe time la not y. I deiormlned The above la fiom eoil eel whlcn leave no doubt of Ita itllabUty. bare reneure the apparent Inactivity of the P e ideal, cowtendlrig that by availing htmae f of ihe craincli and aee vicee of Lleatanait Q.nere Scorr el pmadUIt y nf danger oou d be everted. II I believed, f on what I known here, thai In Ue cures ta a lew deye tba fort el Peaaecola end Xiy Wsat, Fort M a-gan, Alabama, ths fort al Skip Idai.d, near lb nxrutb of Lake B a-gne, tng inar with tha stw ns s II tnn R mga, and Fort J iha-on, oo the Cape Fee- Ulver, will be ee a id and ga rtaonad by the trtope of the rtiecUrt steles la Which they lie. Senator Tianaaraeelved a dispatch today seylag that Ihe ante la Georgia were eeired by order of Q it. BBA.WB. l'rtvde information ea)t thai If Bay attempt be made aiihar to reiniurce the arsenal at Aoguita r remove Ihe arms It will al once be selitd. The South Cerollaa oomxdastonar oon-idered the abrupt lermlneilon, by the Praeldent, of their bod Daaa with hlra aa groae y In ul lag to themes! vea end the ete'e. They treat It as a declaration of war, and ta thla spirit they left the city this morning fw South Caroline. It la aald the Preeldanl yeeterdey returned their ntte with mt comment. II U not true, a irjoW, thai Senator Ui'Uxx haa sent dlrpeiahee to N.w York saying Ue ne kmal diAcuaiea would ba sett sd by tha ltSJt of Ihla nuothi tor haa ha aent eay dlspatobet en the sub ject. Three pretended dlara chee wwe circulated In financial qua. tare. The use of hi name waa alto gether wP btatl authority, Vo motion was made today In the Senate 1 1 go Into Biecutiva Sew Ion, on the nomine loo of Mr Mole. Tras,tjrCJertorbf tha Cu tine In the neighbor hoodofCbar'eMtonUubor. Us Is a resident of Yoek cuUBly, Fetueylraala. Tba Mowing resolution were adopted today aa axt f ihe rlewa and foaling of tha Committee ef Tbl.ty.Tbra. n .llUonl wwt t(rod by Mr. Baisrew, of Kentucky ftesofeeaf. That w reoogu's slavery a now exist ing la fit rent the I'nieed 8 aee, cyloe useges and lavrstfteeee setae, and we reongnUe no auahirtty, legally or ntbrrwtae, outside ot a ate e wbe e ll e j ex lata, to Inierte. s vnth s aeea or aiviy in suoa statea, la die. egad ol the rights of their owners or the peace ofanchly. Jtrtvlnd, That we recgnlss the Jueeloa aad pro. p lety o a rklu.ful sxesn ka ." ths e metltuiloa end ad awe made In pa Buence seereo'. Including lliesc on the eubjoci ofugi.vs slevee, or fugitivee from te1 vice or bnr, end dtaoouaieuoooe ell mooe ar bindrebees Vi tea of aucb law aad anal ihectnaens of rath alaae aball be emit ed 1 1 all aha p lvi llgee and Immunities of the cllissns of several ala'ea, flmo'serf, Thai we reocgnlaa ne aucb dieting eliuaietnliao.Hiip.ltlm,or ebAreai can a f.o.a eny aourca Iu ada olad at ot ihla g rvarumHot i that we were not sent here an daetroy, but to eu lain and haj monlse lbs tnaaltutlona ol aba .ua.y, sad ao aoe thai equal Juatee ia d eia to ill parte of tna seme . aad fiaal'y, ta perpetuate Ita exi fence en terme of e.U Ity and to all the states. Bapreceulailve Ioa, nf A abama, left for horns to day. Frivats dleai'cbee to 0 torgians say tlie Indk-atinaa are that Ihe it elght-o'it terreel nlata have aiioceedrd, and tbi.t Senator Toonut 1 t ected a delegate to the 8 BteCavmtirn. Wmih'itgion, Jan. 8. Me, Dnt.irtAH'9 bill, ra p.rrtad ty bin. from Ihe II.U.e Judiciary Commit tee kt-dey. pruvidae, whenever try reaaiu n( u I ewf ll oual uciHaxe, ouaubtoationa, or aaaemb eg- of mr. Mna,la aball Ueiome im,iracaeoe la shejatguul of the 1 e-idrut to exu-ut th rvvenu aw eLd o ri led the duilee in tup. rta ta the ordinary way, It ball be aefullorhlmto direct tba Caaaoin Uou-e f.a- aucb district to be e tabll had and kept la any eavitre place wt.bln aaui port or bartair or said dia etilii,eitl.erim lLdor on l d any vswel,andlJt that ca a it ehall la. tna duy of ahe Oojecior to atauth p'are, and 4urredHalnal venabiandoa gnt anlvirg aittun the dstr ci, until tna dutlea taip i on there gaa ly law alia I b-pll la oaeh, any ntng in th. law or the 1'oit.d S a ea to the contrary, no.. withataudinir, a d ui au-bce-ee it akab beuniaatult'i lata be vaaael or cargjfmm the cu tody or Ibe proper l flier of it e Cl aaiv-. un'eaa hy a pnnc ae frt m eotee Cain oftte I'uiimi 8 a ea, aud in ca a any a tnpt aha lire made to taka suoh vsel or cargo t.y auy foioe oroomblta'ton, cw aa mneg-e of paBvn t o great to by ahe imrrreol inecuraana, ia eba.1 and tray ba lawful for aha Fme'deu', or such pemei or airona as ha aha 1 hav empowered for tba rtirpe to aropury aucb pa of ihe oud or naaa1 wore, or ml I le of the l)at rat S alas ea may be do.rned kecee ary f.r alie purpose uf preventing Ihe rew i va of iiuui vael or ia gtj and protvcalng toe outcrre (f the cuaaus in retaining the citetxi U.e.aif. Cleewgln. Seixure of the Forts. Charttttor, Jan. 3 Tje return from aterris lndloUe that a la ge majority of the secsaalon dele. galea are elected. Forts Pulsskl and Js. keon biv bsea oocaplel by IhsOwagls elste troop a, u-tder the lnaaruotions of tba U veixor if abe etala, B 11 for this action on lbs part of tbeOjvernor, ths Savannah pipers say, ths furls wjuld hsvs been lelsedbyaaponlaaeriiiaa rialrg uf lb peop'e. Booth Oatrallast Ceoveellea. CrtarbwVn, Jn 3 resolaIon ain-rowering tba ciilsens of the United SlaWw damloUed ouieldt of South Ce ollnatehold aad dlpwe uf ital sstals without hind at as or so. Isstatlon was Inlioduoed and Ubled f.-r lb praaanl. Mr, Umnaa from tha committee on Getnmerelal Relations made a report on Ihe communication from the Ooveruor, tn rela'lnato Mr, Patau!, A distant Treaamer of the I'nUad S atat. The Convention then went Into secret aassloa to eonalder the aijoarnmant, and appointment of dele gate to a general oonvcntlon. Frews Ctaauleotaa, Ckarlctton, Jan. S.X nanthar of tltva and free negroe a a engaged oa tha redoubt on th Hxjuahih Moaoaoti, yesterday peesented th tale with 810,000. Nerlh Careikaau WSnit ton, If. C, Jan. 3. A aecaasloa flag, surrvunded by afteen stara, wsa raised bars today. The gathariag waa large and enthualaatto. There la a Urge sseeeilnst nwvesaonl at tha Theatra toalghl. The untasina bellag I lacreaalng dally. Vrwaa Aiaeiay.l' Tba BabaxavaeaM sV-asel Jltaaap, Jam 8.- 'fba Alben.v Mtrnina Jvama faDy sudorssa tba reeola-trma latradneed by Mr, Baanaosi Bar tba ndsalarlon ef all tbetsrttsory stlwo abalet end says 1 tsjhevtbea aeo-uttonsbeadrp. ted, as wahcfiellMyiapbiryamalled rote, thay will exaat a'aaluey lalaecoa. The roio of lew Yeak wttwtd through Ita WirtiaiwreaaB a qaatslan ef greet pnbUe li iqi ui taxai 1' wt eVt atora than tsmesta 1 tba tatfetB, of bar1 ewa Bspraastta ttac.-. , ' Hasr nf tax Ottxsawa aarrtdtmatolpwin aei ttrt Orlaaa. ritfladelpala. Jan. I A assstlng of tt-t moat prc mlnent eMseat waa bald today, I consider what msaauias ahou'd ba adopted to aid the coos Itutwl arAhotUisa of tha staae and tha general gove-nmant fat th enforcement of Iha taws, Ona hundred gent eraen were prevent. Twoeeaa nfresolUHona vrer offeredma by Damn, Doroesxrr, denying tlia light cf eecewtlon, and ra oomewodlog tbsl tha military eaieh'l'hment of FMnsrlrsnta te put upon a new f j. Hag by the Bug. mentettenof Ihe rwent requirement, etiher by on Increase ig lb mllids er an approprlaiion. Jodga. Lawia tffored the other aeries, supporting lbs Su h. sod whl a denylcg tha right of eeoen Ion, declarli g li would be light to acknowMge their la de peadenoe Uetead of arsglng an nala arrol war. After aa eicldrg dehete on Ihe two set of reaolu !, tey we a lafeired to a committee to report oa Baa day, Ara-nutloa requrslsgMorr)ruerBl PiTTSXea te Call a ne Ing of Ilia (Sleere f hi dlvt-lm to adapt mrerurea to hncria the tree and tflotenry e' tba o 1 1 la waa s''0 rrirrrval. Ailj.'Urntd 113 Salu day. Tba Flat Ida atale Ceatrnilew. TiilWia'ttt, Fa Jin I A ls-ge number of the delegeie to the Baste C.aveo.luu have arrived tare. Beanlu'lrna all te t lorted dnc'aring Ihe right ef F isida to leoede, and tha e vactlon will than pre reed deliberately to diAeimine the of tba ordi nance of BerawMir n Judge MoLsroail haa resigned troen the Federsl Court. fa'laajar, Jan. 8, The emvntloa met at noo today CL TrriT ws chosen temprary chairman. A prayrr wae made by D.h"p Itrrbanoi. The a. v-ial eeuallee la the elate war thea etled and Uedeegatearn oiled their naraea. Naparman enlogenlse ion was aiT.oVrjd. Nir wat a ay orra mlttee app inted on the eujert. A lj jurnel tij 84uidy lojil Tha AUesrmey Araeaal. ISttthvrg, Ai , Jan 3. New of tha rwctad ug ig ihe i rder I7 the War H.-parimeal for In re. nmaal 1 f cannen In in ahe Ailrgany A aeoat, wa t ceived bar today with the ilrelire attafactioa. The DrlatvmrelataUtere. n't'mi'rirjfon ( , y .1. The Lagbtlatur of Delawere met al I ve' on Wedoedy, and urgaa a d bychonalng I)r, Maana nfSleex, Speakar of Ihe B.sste, aid Mr, WiLUeaeoit, of Newcaatle, Speaker nf UaaU ue. U n. U Dirxasena, Cimmlaatoaer from M ee leadppl, waa reealved talay, and addraiaeed both U-ai-ee In e atrot g aouthern apeech, taking ground In favor of S nth C rnlina and Kcaaelio, and tnvl' vilirg ItrUwarstoJ.ila In a ermlhern coifede aoy. Ue cbiimnd the tight of the southern eta'ee to aereda, and said that if they were a 4 allowed to do so, wsr waa Inevitable. Ttorpeichuf Mr. Diraassoa wsi greeted with sppisuee and biases After the speech Iba Urate alopl.d unanimously ibe following iseoludnn. In which the Batata av cunrd by a mejiity 1 JUnoltnt, That having extended to nm II T)iox saeoN, Cooamlwionee fioo Muatelftt, theuourey due him aean pre en'a Iveof aenveielgu etate of the ernederecy, a. well aa to Ihe se he rrprreenH, we deem II pr ir ar d due to on eelvaa and the people of Iieeweiffc lo expreea nueoaqoaliftadnappr rval uf the iimrly frr ih it'i Irg nifflnn Ine siisg.aaiid ey tba teaoluii na of lb L-gtaleture of Mialaairl. Democratic Lratalailve Cnaraa. Albany, Jan. 3. Tha Democrade memban of Ihe Baaale and Aaeembly met thle morning In caucus. Sec e"sry nf Sa'tWjar Jadgs Faaxsa and COLVtxr CotasToeo, of Iks AtUt and Aryua, were peeenl by lnvitaaton. Mr. Vaoiaa, of Niw Yok, prealdrd, and Me, Towssxan, of King's Ca4 acted aeStCietaiy. AUr a fill laaerchange of vlewis Is wsa reeolr.d unaalmoualy 10 auppori Iha 1 evolu tions Introduced byM. Boatmna, embracing the p ppoaitlon originally euggeeted by Iha Aflat ani Arrrias, for a set! ament of th exoltlng egt eMon. by tba admission of Ihe whole remaining territory after Kansas, aball come Into tha Union, at two greet Pe rntiaaa aa nasaar ef Mel err Aadereea aad Herratartee Hart nad ajuatea. Srnerj Falli, Jam. 3d. Secec. I firiag a hundred guns tn honor of Major Aaosaeoa, at Fort Senior, and S Crete lee Hotr end BTanroa, for their ge lent and patrlotid oevvloaa In the causa of liberty and the Union. Ham Iry, .V. 1", Jan. 8d Ons hundred guaa vreie fi ed heie yeetaidey la honor of M.jor Aenxa ton A a ge banner we dl-p eyed ecroea the meet, wt h the true Ipuoa 1 For V Balden! In 1804. Major Aaaxmeoa." A company of minute men wss organis ed by p pis regardless of parry. M ejer Aadareew'e Art la llosteav. Bn'cn, J,tn. 3.-Hot. IU.vks p-ealdsd at a dlntrrif crista lset night, and made an eloquent speech, oeing vrl'h the foilowljg eenanuent: aaThe gal ant Mejor Aaoixeoa, of Fort Bumtari nay the p op e give him the honor be duaervea, an 1 Oud give iba I nltcd Sia ea' government courage to berk blm. O bar ipeachec and sentiments wrre given, and the bi4.VBl waa ote of uiilve. sal interest and enihuaiaam. Tlie .tllohlaaa IiUlalnre. Pttroit, Jan. 3. Tba Michigan Legldtture mat al L-ii'log yeaeerdey, ead organ a el by the eleo th n if rxxTtx Massxv, of Macomb, Speaker. Tea rsalnng govs nor deJlvs aft but annual msersgs to both 11 uaax, ne takea ttrong gnrund agalnal the right tf ei ora-brn 1 cha geatt. rrealdanl of the United with ml rcprtaen ug prlocip ta of ihs Bpub iloan party, and a. tributes toe preaent eeealona. ex- cHtvaintiomorrp eeenutinn by the noithe-n Dano 0 aiic pi , aa to th Lulentl ms and de lgus of that party. leielat on to the perrooal liberty laws of thla etete, he lays If they ars nnsonatitutlnal, nod tn eon t ct wlh ths Fogltivo 8 avs Uw, they thou d tw ririalidi bul says there lawa a-e ilgh', end epek the eeaalments of the pe. p'e, are la slriol aeoordaaoe wlih the Constitution, and ought nol to be repsa ed. Let ihem staLd. TbU la no time for tlndl or vacilla Uig counsels, while lbs cry cf tiiatcu Is ringing In our carl f Bfeasaa af the Uerrraar af Silases rL nf. Xa-iru, Jan. 8 loaainor Srswakrs mesaags waa ntd lo Ibe le-glale rue, today, Ater reviewing the p i- eee of ths A'xiUtlon and BeaiHeaa pa' ties and ate lng tha itsu t it ihslr iuo cess, tba Govern r eaye that Ml aouil oojoplea a po siili n. In regsid to these I vubles, that ahould make bet Volet row! potent In Ihe oounclU of the nation. With tea oeiy a dbunlonlet ptr ee wlahin bsr bor ders ihe U eti'l dete mined to demand and ma'ntain her r gtta al every hasard, Mlaourl loves ths Union and wl 1 never submit to wrong. Ble cam Into the U 'oaoa a compromise and is wiling to sills by a (but compromise uutsiM.bibenMal amiretts as a e enacOud by Couguss tube and rrpaa ed tomorrow bul a 00m-1-rou.lae aaanrlcg all toejaiei tlghuiif the sine and sgteed wlasobiuinooovaAaloaa iU the jiariles ln- terealed. Missouri tat a right to speak oa thU subject ba eeeae els has suflMSd deeply, havirg prtMb'y lost aa much In ths past law years by abductions uf alette aa all Iha lesaul the eotteamn states pus fw her. Speaking kfise s-lon,tbe (1 ivsrnur dspre ales the action ol Sou h Carulli a. and says, our peopls would read moi sympathy wuh lbs m.vemeni kad tl crig. ieabdomobga thuae who, tike ourearee, harasuf faied MVaar lo-ses and c-aissaBt aanoysnoea f ran tha lnleterenc aud depredetlona of outddsre. M leaourt will lekl to lb L'nv.n so long aa ll U worth tha of tat to tre.erae Iu She caema be frighaened by tba naal uiif trvtdly leglalatlone of ita Nordu or dra guoaed into saa-saaion by Ibe restricilvs kgta'stlon cf the aitreae South. The Ooverner denies Iha right of Tolun'ary seeas alou, aud ray that II would be unerly deet.uctlra ef eveay p ucip'e on which the 'bai nt'tt U found ed 1 eppMbe to the great conee'TBlvs masses of tba perip e to put down oala h end dangulngpolltlolBna, is avert the threatened arils, and e ore wl h a strong left imendeiion to adopt all proper soeeuet lor our itghte 1 crtdtmn thle resort to eepe eHoa I perrtsaas acalnat taeiy sod unwise anion 1 and records hia tanalseieb'e darutba to the Union, so long aa 18 eaa ba made tha protector of equal lights. lb. BBicixniDoa bat written a letter ta Got. Maoorrta, la which ha takea tba groand that ana state cannot withdraw without tha eon sent of tba other. Bat ha wants new guann- Ttaa Aadeneax sTaaUve Cneaa ffsaniUoa, C. W., Jam, tX larga Maatfac waalasld last night, la reWtlsn ta tba fuglUvs skra aaaa ef AJraextaea. Bpeaohaawara made, JaeUfytnf AJOrauttenfa asoapa, and rasoluaon were adoptsd to not tvary exsrtkat 8a preraat bid rendition, RwxUagr af at Weaaera LtmitwiBt, Jam. UTU Memphld ataaatatX. iLLerleeunk eatdap algU aaar Piaa BAC. R Fiwki,xj A tTmrt EW1MO MACI1IWS, r Bf-otj. rarata Wltanaabvprcrvmna's T"tea Jol" td . . . eta, al. t ap'ata. Agents wanted. No Merratle acd ,158Fa!t 3 '. 'Tim Diho or rn Tti-u ?" I IneliHi gronnd. Falthfal TexaefKt uen as-akae DB.EKIXS POWDBBS te rnrt LOTE OF STRONG DKINK are Mantng txaatl eedavina eoae are eeb a rsrl.l TBkt OOOO TIMB U OOMIB&" "Men cf theoght, men af eetsoo, claw tha war. Pr. ZFXL'S Pewaen ana- be ebtalnei at tie. 8) BU vleioo.ljU tsrs. UK sCU'rt, Na. lit SUrttisv-'.aTl mtn a mum. i a r.e . ra , 1 1 1 raiaaa av, aneseaya PK1 B OMB DOl.LJB. rutrarntvntCAf. KXAtrtwaTOBS. Willi f IIARTH AND WBITTLN Utnt-KII'liOM Of ClUaUCTBB. blVBft D.ILV KV FOWI.EB ANU WFLLB, 8t Hariairwav, Csw Ynaa. aUE.tBAIa ItOTICJKsJ. HeDewar'e Pills aad Hasml hare teeeJ team ba all re. tail tba eor a forOew be aed Ulde al a keva never lara lie the vers araevleel a nnoaiei tnoiaaava errtincetiieea oesaeente er-va tut Wraeebeeirr feariey Tnxeax Twxaw hi V-raa Ul n tott, PeJumvtlle. WaSenaial tllinvtlK Va.hlr,Uovlir ee, water dee. eo4 real ba ea!4 Ua eueb th ek eeiler el his AVe e wear tatal aatbaaa t.ieea ae,u TburMiev. Vrlav, BeSw eeel MereVr and Tared -v.Jaa M. erh. Mv T.h. an tare aairnowie aa eaio. aaenaer aaa new law le'e arur mid ll.wyaar f ra.1 unpaid lataa. jjori a. ra uamstu toajact jr. jeaeri. which Is sold al tha extremaay lew prise af TWajfTYTirt enrra. sad warranted to axat taster, three eawtagl sneed lra oow ua oaa. neaid taa erdri or eaU stsral Ire4 44 Bouta k-eond etnwt. tl Ulaaaaabwntl I aril "AKNKal a Ot, II rerk Bow N Y. wtiotsaa Is siasj Fwaale brail reaeratable Draiata sr Faamstaxol tbseeabenllhaeieXBtry. satPl Tha rwantwHtea ew (trwawiaT miisaa as tiel Baud of Aidxam will mei ea F Idar, ta am Ueel at half peat t o'd ax. P al , lo rnom N.8Ctt Uat tor the ptirp e of a-a aaluli g the bid teeetvai fgl eieaelos ttH-ele-WI ttoartV All reitlea latsraated wlla pleese attend wltkeaxt fsl T'BTNPK PARLrr. 1 Oemwlsta j an riiUi i Utlll JOHN u. lirsaY, ) CleaowagBt NOfJlITTV moTices, . . A. O. II , rta. ta The) sraeUr swewaal me.tlnof tladlvt.gaa alll be he d on FrlAar ee las, J aaary thaSth 11 lietlBUeae afolt. e el dfti aid lloasUaeta,attMo'Gluea. ail mrenW he aed' to tble divialow are reriiltad It be pa-cu lbs eitie. enceand I ipa.tten'a B-a,bret BMee-e are ree 114. arnaaSra'ar, Hr iraVw ef J AHBd tfrUOWUH rraaaoens; tat aait. UAnrt amj, uciarvtaiy. jail Pert atarleey Tba Marlaftw' ftmratt, e-a Madleon and Oath-tie eto.-Frrweretnrr semea 1 tberaet r.Bev CHSKLM4J. JuNErl. B Jtbatheaor Irg; remmnlon In tha arteio-vja. Mow kt aa- lor ana new la we eranl n wbea addrreaea eaav ae a perud. Letters from seamae will etae be reed, r J A Braalar saeetklv rasrrtlwsr mt Ihe Cetpeelitae ta er af ' 8 rtflbak-U tt th M-r llrue-.ear itiwaer end Prjefk ete.raie Prtde atli eeieeeoex. a aoaauel aaa-aMBaee le te I aanaiaanf Ininmlaiiiia trrecar. stnaaixaax uallt. 4 ..:.... a. ... I. M. rUYPB, Adjt. ' Ll larbtlatea IlnD ttr. OrarsTa II. Fearal (rasrar'r "T LondoD, Kojla d will teeteee ea Teee-I aoc-rs in uie aoova. ne.a, -oa a.Baaoaaa oqoaro. ee iriKaj). Teomt, at lt aloca. Tickets text tea aj deetorestwea fJBJ Italtrra Aitrailea Ttaa turet eraartatl tneartai g ef the Jonroermea Bakers B. B. will a Bel ow reliaiaayevo lag Jaa. Hia. el ue oeoal ataee. 4J mevnbeae or the .acteif are raoaaatog t anawt, al aee will be abtctly eafoaea-d atalaat ail aaeeakn il airewertpg to tbblr nanr-w at roll eaL Br rarear of I BOYLa, Fiaa. P. SMALL, Bee Bee. Mretwt.el 1H. IteU eeil I e'cloea P. 11 a e ctoea r. at. It tUslH Nen-teterlvlslaWaw af Tasaarai ho'd e labile ln.ta'UUoo tale eve. log cf tea e nt fortbeee-eu! e tare mentba, 'eocaeie retna at It s-eea, a aset taroaeway. upreaanteuves rreae au dtvtrtooa ol Naw York and rotlra ant Unvdi U-epubUa. C. W. UENnlgOB, vT.r. I. OlaOTI A O. lUacrmanna Na. 33 The abwra aw her will hole taelr regu'er month. y m-etleg at t ga. t'e Halt, aad t near Le.xnrtnw eve, oa Frtdar ej, Jan. 4n, at JH eeloaa 1 tlae esesa re-staaal laavtaiiee U nun eted of ad membera Bf erase ef J MaMAM.B,Pra't, 8a DKA.TIIS. ABBAnTB-On Kedrwedar. 8d last. Oeorsa WBBl eon li aut n.pnia aorataa, aawa 1 year an Tba ramral artn taxa ataaa thla fPrldert artaral at 1 1 e'cloea, tn m tba ree deuce ef h a peraawl ar"evre sk tern leuvev alia DieaMe ea aaa a respenruuj tnvitra to aoeno. ULtCaiBV-Oa Taeadae.Jsa. lst,sf glpthJ Oeorsa rVsar, lofaot soaa al Ueorae ST. aul fawad 01 acn are. sga a t tear. motitba eon 11 aaya. Tba ralecre eod Crtiuaue of traa Caanalr aae a esiiT aovraee ao aaaeoei ana runeni. nraes teas r M b(aparesta.Kt8al.viakowFrtdaretera lata, at 1 acaoca, wiuioat turto-r oeue BBauT-nadeenlv, sn Thursday, Jan. td. ; B aey, faiar af nugb (trad, e native of w" Ce Car.n Irelacd. esed Itieara. Ttia raUnvM ajO cnejue aa tt e raafty ars it. IjiTtta to ebtann tba fa M.W . tn.e fFrlWel afuw at o'clock, bom the il his seat, lit SO.B aa CI RBIM-On Wednaaday, Jan. d. ortar a shell ne,kObia Lyurriu. a batieni.1 ne ratiaaef ui hart, CoeaAji Modaghan, irslaud, lotaeiethi nia isa. The friende and aeaaalntaena or ate raealxr ai seartroUy invitea ta aUaad the roiaaral, ea I'd aJveiu-xm, tin 1,4, at IX reuse- trnan tna re of krsseur. strv, r nan, on tieurees et. DAIQY-On Thursaay. .laa. M. TUxiUy, si Soma aau ana aeu n, aaxa i year, 11 atwMl relattTSt and (rkaaaa at wta tasallr en fjre invitea ba attend ths fnea. tua (f srtrinco-, at 1 s'dnx, froaa tba raskteaa et hi Itats si sieaieea at. DlFFV-tm Wedneadar nlrtl, Jaeeoh Oat neiktrrman, uuuuu, traia o, aaa It rear. Bla ralat.eea ana trvnaa m 1 sielia aar attraat lbs furaeraa. tale (fitdarl anWoeao, at 8 e aroaia aua taia raaioamew, aow aaa aoae sv- QEE lOHY-at Ooboker, N. 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