Newspaper of The Sun, January 10, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 10, 1861 Page 2
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si e i V i v W THE NEW YORK SUN. THURSDAY MORIONO, JAM. 10. 101. Fraartm tf KrtnU-Xa P,e IdVnl- new Mareseg will be lied w Ih riwil epprehetlon and astorlas lloa. lb lrcoJtJl bei a tared so mack In e fw days, thai hi i Idea frtrnda would tot kin him. Toe who'e country will feel rer.vli f 001 timet at . IhiapTsf of resumed vitality la Ihe O m nrottn'. r Heed lbs Mr. ye Ho'tlU'lee htvt commenced at Charleston. TbeBwrofth WmIvu yee'erday fired Into boa- Fort II nil tad M tris I .Isnd.ani oh Igel I lo pal lo ere The ItnWIppI Crnivenrtia yee . It Jay f a red tb ord inanne of eroeaelon M lo 19. , " i triumphing tf th wicked I abort." Tbtl doe rot mean that wicked men miy not I ldurs.h U their dtje, In tome ce-te elis It I vs-onld sot be Inrplrttlin, for ohaervttloa tenti- j. lea to the contrary. In propor Ion to K rnlly r or ren to lime-tie lonwt Imw of ham in power sod priil Is abort en1 tn 1-r.p .rtint. Bat th cotton traitor rtaliM a brevity to ' their boasting, which kola tot loni( by the ' shortsst mawatti not tvea ly the watch Trey really suppoted their ttatei to In itrong, tlch and lodej-eudatt, for the (lingular reason, that they bed son sthlng to Mill It I oiutlly found by thoM who actually transact business, (bowrvsr it may U thought by men whose only experience ba been tj talk no lllo,) tli it lij'l, with full pockets, art th nabob, and tfnir the men who court and cringe. Anybody In Mew York would bar known the di (Terence, which we ventnra to aay not on regular cotton politician aver realised. Well, Uy promIid tbemaalvit and the world, to bar tb ships and fold of all natl'.na at their doom, entreitinc tie royal bounty of their kin, Cottob, th moment hla tnlepenlent monarchy ihould be proclaimed Dir (iltppiintmint " Don ao poor la do Mm reverend!" Ssrvt tlon (tar til faithful liege In tb face, and ling Corroa lie on hi back, locied up in wars housst, Impotent to more, much lew to iuocor tbem that ttus'ed In blm a fallen Idol, apit upon by bli vary menial, and wonblee to hi worshippers. In tlmpl terra, their whole moral and monettry credit fell proatra'a at th firit public act of tr won, and to commercial system by which alon th exchange of com mo dule can b effected on the large and rapU ecile necessary to tb daily exbrence of a clrtlzed com n unity, perished ao far a they are c mcern ed, tn a moment. It lingering life, waiting th ceninmmstlonof the madness of th Jacoblnt, barely ruffice to keep unlrenil famine from th doors, and leave) them crlpolod for even th or dinary ptocaam of botinea, la th i ary moment when they were to aieum tb gigantic burden of Independent and belllgerant file. If th cotton ttatee had bnt th little strength necseaery for large mischief, tbey mlgtt breek apth Union. Dot their phytic! Im potency li luchthitbtr collMon would bars been Impos sible to tbem, U ordinary military prndtnc and flrmneat had been ned by th head of th mighty Union agslast which they threaten to data their puny bead. Iran yet, with tardy rood management, tie covt mar be to held and th power aid will of th Union ao nunl- fetttd, ;that although many bregulatliJei and much disorder and dLloyslty may be left un punishid and even utcbecktd, th rerolleJ tUte my b coerced to I .y1 7 by their own lmpottncy and misery, without anaddinic a Jr0p of brothai'i bleod. Mew (1t (berier. Ocb rtadtia will find In aoother colunn an alntract of a bill to amend th charter of th city of Raw York,mtruduced by Mr. Biaomu, of lb 221 Waid. Acccordlng to Ur. Uiiali.' plan, th Mayor would ba almply Tntldent of th Board of Alderman, aa Iblt function, Inclad Ina: th appeinlment of the commltteei and the am toU a a member, on executive appoint meat, appeart to b th only on Uti tlm th Lard of which b li president, Ulog in fact, th lee'elature and executive In on. Th Aldermen at to represent equally th ma jority and minority of tb votes, Deselect ed on a Knaral ticket In th manner of the pre aant Board of Supervisors, each cltliea voting for only half th number to be elected eint ruj two years, the four hlgtuet and the four next them on the poll, being each entitled to eei'. The majority ara compansaUd by having the Mayor as Pretldtat of th Board. Tbla plan lookt to the removal of tb Board from under party cgntrol, and give the wbol forci reepeo tively, of henetty and rascality, throughout the city, a chance for ot decisive general battle at very eltctioc If th former would only avail thamnlvaaoflt. Thlt appears to be the on y thing needful to make th proposed, or th pre sent, or any other charter, all that could be do tired; but unfortunttaly It cannot bt Incorpor ated la the act. A Maalelpal DlSralCj. Oaa branch of our City LeUUture h Illuttrat Ing Into what confusloa th bualn of govern ment mlKbtb thrown wrlt placed xclulvely under th cwtrol of a local parllimtnt. A majority of the Board tf Council men c in not agree In the choice of a President. The Bjard Is composed, this J ear, of twelve Democrat, eleven Republicans sad one Mosirt Independent. Th Democra's voU for their caucus candidate and the Bepub'loana fur theirs, while the Indepen dent Moxart man votea blank or for himself. Ills vetefortheDtmocra'lc candidate woull assure hi election, but cast for the Republican candi date, tt weald orly caute a tie. Th vote, conse quently, Is worth moat to tb Democrats, but, perhaps Mr. Indepeadtnt it not eatJIy conciliated, teeing that te bu the power to compel the oppos ing partltt to break their party linei or to pre lnt tb ditgrittful rptctacl of continued disor ganlzatlta. Th PretlJorcy of either branch of th Com raon Coutcll bat become a potitlon ot great Im portance, a tb President appoint all the com mitt, and otherwise control the dispatch of busloeaa. To be chairman of an Important com mittee It aa object of ttrocg deelre, and perhapt .a little change In the atcret programme e"ttand- Ing oammltt, or some other "compromlie," nay enable th Councllatn to chos.e a Pre dt. 1 Mere KapteH f taw Jaweala Araar. W gave, yettertay, a variety of tpedmans of 'the ralgn of terror In Charleston. Evidence cf a similar nature arrive In private letters trtrj day, and tn dally Increasing sumSer, ahovlng that the southern re volutin I nothing more nor let than a desolating iruptloa of the vlciout and desperate, exclttd by th ruthless demagogues who choose to reifln la a hell of tbttr own mi king, rather than to aerre la heaven, or even be reduced to positions of tuaordlre'lon in the Union. The war, It li evident, will soon be be tween organised Kclety In the South and Its enemies between thoae who have wive and children, character and htpplneta, property and negroes, to lot, and tb gamblers and deepara doaa who, having Done of these Interest to regard, are Indifferent what destruction they may brlsg upon them. A Utter was rctivd yeeterdiy from Chirlta too, by a well-known mercantile house la this city, from which we art permitted to make the following extract 1 eta, day atiautt Men ntered my bout sad demanded dlnoe-. Of eoune, my wife bad to topp'y tbem with a dlnuer, sod lb lea) the Iwuat'foadaffoid tribe beet wee demanded. At- i dlan, lha afiaul M dwnandsd wine. or-1- awaaely the bed awn wUe, aad Jusi about aaoujh. otearfta1 tbeaat otbeiwUa, wba U iWy would ' tu'vedrenaavJd, nocnectnlall. 0( eovre you can, Jmajln the teeie of th esie, fr you k our bouet l"M a 'it ot of Charlaeton. Yu nan have no Idea of ,eiraebdatoaw" ( Sht) WatWiigVan dlapttoh to tb lWtuiu tart that ferreU litlir- from th beat eouroea In CoarleUoa, "& 0 Baawrdey, xaa th. f 'vet dUiruet tl to waind fr hat blood may Aim at aay moment. Many of lb UnlTas ar itnmlag fro th city, na. tier abet sppvtbttiatona. The miat aafeolma laedert Uve kau abelr pwtr. od are a' the mercy ef aa ex. died end axaoana; pf War at tlasd. Tn nct-betdt at Charleston hire at Utt rushed Into open war with the Ojvarnmeirti ttsy y trdsy opened fire upon the Star of the vYs and that steamer, being unarmed, was, of court, obliged to turn about and put U sea. Tbemifegeeftbe President was not lent la a moment loo toon, and we shall look for Cos cm to teke soma Immediate e ion today, in this tuddtn emergency. Pl7Baj Baetare, Tlep'sce of i crrfa-y Taoarsoe Is generally at eniod II1 . J.kra Wilsos, at pretent ejtnsus tumer cf the Lend drnuient. Cue of ihelnrtaivfMlmafirthBew Cabinet It l!ii if C 1 Fataoat, for It Wer drptrinieal, II it, onto lULew y, be wnti d be th m l unilksly Indi vid na1 t" Midnfre li ly tccp'ta. M IloiT I i aclt all bit ImporUnl buitn-eeet Om 8 mi fflos In n-wfimce 4 a dullnct Inil mt n kIh 7 Mr MiLM4 tint B ruth Ctnil.aa deU rdtna n V th rrveidtnt, tba' lb y bat mana tl Inrwtr g whim relnf 4omwintii were oidernd, lal a I. Trfs-r n l.M irl tn m 1 of the Drp irtmmla In the IT rf tie Oo'e nrnnl. Tbe) nnHrtt bti lafenLttlon Oiet lbs rrVfttTie crilM-r 1 t . Ilrbriln ts cm Islag around at iblle herb with lb r mt flf at bar rosin, and Uiel eht lilr ty pemJtld Ike erlsur of the 111U la the her bnr.even renting the tnxipi at they paised beroa U.clf trt eKontt1 mlwtnn. Tn r.lo1-o(-sr rrnssct'e wis brought op on TurMlty to recti te ber machinery al the Wanbingt m NevyYeid Tue utde-s art to prepare bar at auonai rtb.e. Theevraraer Cpl. N e bss lrfi tlMwm H vy wbh fori) tn a deaitnelUn bellrvd to bl fori C rt te,NrU) Carolina raoosLia tsamastTOoiatinx roar aimiMi. Tte llruoklya S'f ears that the Tulrtnib Il-gunrnl, CiL Arm. Salts, has reoetfed order from hrd quajlert lo p eoi themMelvee ii a war f nl 1'K" inparalsry lo taking charge of fori lit alltii on Ibe withdrawal f the L'mUd Bialm Irmipifmm the dal to a rxdnt wb neadrd by the (J mm moo I A O bgrert was n t In aoaetn cm the 81b, eht Prrwldtnl was vlsllod by la-ge numbers of friends of the I'nlon, U olodliig ineoy B pa'illeuis, wbideslird lo loiUfy, by this multerte'l. of Iheir reieet, their approval of bis rsorat e ur.e, and ti oh'.lwiret a'l ptrty Uiite La ibe rt nltiun. Itr. Ilouaajiaai was quite gieUn-d. Aa unusual LUTiWr of prominent seen are now In fWlhuuce, from dilTrant counties In lb rtst, It la Jadged. From algnllcaat Ladiotel nr, tbry ere chiming and matuilng plana to call the If try latirl trllaur frfcthrr, lndriendnt of 0v. Hinsr. Tlial n b e-bnarVd patriot writes at followt Si Mr. CaiTTsanaai 1 A'l mes are brlag turned to you al th itatMnaa miwl likely end mM.t eanpelent to propose a remedy f.v the trouble anrl dl-e d m w reignlag snpreme la Ibe lend ot uur fir itnirtd it ehuuld not In calhduura. We ar unwuriLy Lnbarlture. Ureal U d I sen It be tht this once gretl end beautiful onuntry this Ojveinmeni, lb admiration (ihwsils',wlUoreuibe broken Into frtgmenttf No, oh, nn, tl raanM bt I Butve off a collision 1 let Ibe pnle her two week more fur HflicJn. ami (Atwia te the nitlter la baud I and then farewell to the efforts of featrtoe, I it timed 7 biunb ).!, Njrih aad Boulh, Bred with the leva uf bed, will L tx lngutsbad. I) lr ttsle l said In bt raunTpra-enlrd In this Com mutes. It t II so. Yethtr. DsvialtagoM man, aa bonl and bold men, not poe-eeeuig at muoh pirll cy, pirbsts, usoisemni. 1 have not agreed wlOi him In many ihlnga but here onondenee la hla hm esly end lit aerv and the latter la a I Tip men I at ibis tlin as the Brat mentioned valuable requi site. A'l ehoold l ciol frr the present, bet Bin. L-t Bou.h Ctroltaa go wllhool oolUilon the aheddlng of bliaid. I mraa (111 Ibe 4ih of Msreb, and lha ex. UHnlft will be ashamed if what tbey ara now an. doavunng to do. e e e e e e Taoaisa H. Ilimu The Trtbunt lrarns from Wsshlng 1 n that the retiring- neaoutlve from Biulk Carolina aenl back by the OommlMlunerr, whom at.. Booasaaa wouldn't treat with, and collected a Hill stationery that wa dut thtm. la the exgllemenl of the rev -,uUoa th7 I a-gut to call for Uielr etathaiery aooual btfunthiy left. Thlt builaea th Emuaasadom fislshcd. They took lack In their trunks the piper, and tend, and qui It, and eteel pens, and aea'iug wax, and tnvelopae, that eeoh functionary wal an. luVcd to, to make up hla t?B. Oilaaf Us rreea. Th TVittras continual lis bitter opposition to aay concesslist or comprasulae on the part of tb B. .uUlcansl Iiaayti Thai a party which ha Jost triumphed In a mo menarua and determined stinggle should. bMsoat ef that very Irtimph, be summoned lo concede to lie entegtinbes what It sownfuJy refused whan It was a power is nrlnotitv, ta not oonoalvebl on any other theory than that which aemme tbat any son of preo. ttcaliapugnacceto alavery on the pari of the free tales, la a epeolee of bad faith, of Incipient treason, whkh cannot be too sternly resented, too promptly disclaimed, wr to thoroughly irpenlad. Uf Ibe pretensions set up la behalf of 'King Cot ton. lb TYmss say 1 Tbeflnlbreeaeoflh flnsaolal atone aiarp'etaly leveled lha whole commercial tsVto of the a nsuu King Cotton was as help eta aa hit subject. They thought lh.7 could fl rut at all ommtrclal ateailly a al a'l legal or acta) order. II at the nioaviat tbey at tuned lo cut themselves eff from lha N "rth, they ervared the tte upon wolch thtlr very life depeodeil. BoloDgas the7 maintained piltuoel and oommerclal fsilb, the capital of the world was bnfure them, lo as 1st ta all their operations. But tliey plumed Iboro selvee like Lucifer and dke h wilier they fell. Toe delurdm Is al an and. They lie txpoxid la Ihel- n kdnersand tmbLClltty to the world. Tneycomtntad either Ihe re peel, conddenoi nor sympathy of er-ut tn Christendom outside c their own nnrnbT. Their ra I baa bsan their own wo k to mutt be tut of tbetrreoovety. The Journal 0 Contm-rit1, La a dorpalrlag mood, aayet It cannot b expected that thoae asdlontUrU who have brunghl the eounlrj to the threahhMd of die. union, will elst to a rest the pmgrea of their work. Axirrdlng y we deraiolr rot au7 coooaitad or uniform mevamenl to atop lha pnogTms it the dielntegrailiia now going on. The handt of our pub la men 11 paralsied, and Uiare ta no appa'anl algn of re'Uf To aod o hope Is, however, Vr deolare our wsnl of eonfidenc in an overrudng power, aad we therefore elil clln- to Ibe anilctpatl n of light f om some qter. lev, to relieve the dark abadea which now encircle the pnlitce) hotlson. Tb OrraU, evldsally ignorant of the fact thai Congress cannot by law, or elmple resolution, sue. petd or annul tb Constitution, aayti Let the power of Ihe Federal a imment, lt proirT, luiffleeend lis beatBu, bt euepeaded wlthla the limits of Beuth Ctmiae, and of every otk trrscsdlng elate, lor a linuVd time, end the tee uf ton, lor iscaoreomiiuJiiues wtu coon go out; Navy aad Araar Iatetlia-eaee. The preparations of the ttoraahip Relief are nearly covplate I and la a few days the will be rea dy to lake har dspariure A large cargo of provis ions, etoree, and other naval naoeaaarlas wdl be put ourxard. lha U. S. store abip Bellaf, will tall from the Navy Ysrd, New York, abjul the IS J January I net, fur the Coast of Afilea. Litters and paokagaa for Ibsofleera aad men of the Bjusdroo, will be duly forwarded. If ue4 to the Naval Lyoeuin, at theNtvy Yard B-oklya,la da !" CSptlanot wl h Older from Ik War Depart ment, om hundrtd and ftty army treop 11 lb birckalNwpirt,Ky,im Monday nuralag frr Jeflerern Cl'y, Mlsaouil, where thay are to lakt chug of lb U. 8 government proparty, Tu4 nun aie rrporled to be tn Ike Ulghert ittta of affl ctarry, and provuird with neoeaariaa la- aojie montha. Tb V. 0. alorp-of war Sivaiaah, which arrived here front th bom eqnadroa acane tun alaoe, baa Just bean atrlpptd at the D'oklynNvy Yard, aad alhraca efulauivey, bereian condition ba beea rrp s-ted t Washington. Tnar ar no ordere what evi r to have bar fitted out for tea at preseal. Army and naval Iroop are eonoeatratlng rapidly at Wsshlngiun. A detect ment of marina arrived Hereon lunday nvanlng, and were transferred to quartan at once. Yeeierdsy 1T0 soldi Mi 1'ort lionio ft the same place, end have doubdaa erri vtd tb" l-y Uilt time. Th truoii tlisl hfttl vemor'a dad on letup. dsy consist chiefly ot Infantry, wllb eoiai arlllU list. Capl. TaVLOa,oneof Iheofllieraln oomrstad of uatineaat this I'elloo, yeeterdiy received orders from heed qoailere to repair al ouoe Ij Weblact-ia, in oucsplianoe with whloh b tmrnedla'ev la.t tni city. It la be laved Diet he la to be plsoed In a u mand of a trooi st Wsthlngtoo, and dl psloltl Ira aoutliarn poet, ITunds bav bean reae'.vej f -nm ISl T earary I pay the bands al the li voklya N ivy Yrd out tusy tamed In lha month of Njvoaber, Usirort hsv atra II up long ago. Free Havana, The Quaker City arrived frost fJavaia yet terdey. The ship Lesbls, under T ensh o'orn (mppoied tobelheahlpMintauk.of N. V, wat lakea off tk pi t by a Bpaatnh ateemar-of-war, awl broikllnto Utvana, with MO negiwa on board. Tjs Aueiloet brig Crulnar arrived I) oamharlle) from forttukl, M having ploked up front lha eohoene 8 i veyer, offiektira, iffCipKUabelu,on the 14th uelrao, Ceptaia Vol a at and three man, who war brought tt Ilevaaa. The Borveyor wa aa o'd veeae, loadsd with wood and bay from U ia, bouvl to B sttua. She was left la a slaking eondoloa. THE LATEST NEWS. a nr TBLKonirn to rait tr, r. sax. PoUUcal Melllgenoo. XXXTIla CtrNOHBtl-ajeeaetd faenleej. JfasAeatrtoei, an. 9 A, menage from th Fraetdeoi wa received. T Ih sWmm and Bnn RirttmtaHwt: Al ihanpniirgi- your proi se-alna, I called yur euen loo to the daagara whial th isteued the tll-leneeie'llieUeion. I ,lp mm4 aiy.plnl.n free lya4ierrnngiheisl(1nlMi o' kM dangers, an teoTrniAi.dMliUiin mmara, I m leved wouvt hsv Ihe IT ct rs-lranqirlittirg the oounlry, asvlpg II (ri ru ll.e pe li It 1 1 b ik It bet betr. need eesly and tu toluusley tbroein. irie rrrjiona sod tvcommietdttlona I da not pnseiiiwtreea. My own eonviotl ap-m lb i wtHie eulroi rm-li Mukmrai Toe iscl tlel egrrM ctannly was lopiidliig rrvi tht ne la a , even el ibai tune, actnowiedgMl by every liteilginleltisr-ei f had alseedy eraxla l-er fJl Ih tugumt the length and breedihr' las and Tne nca-ey oweiMUisrfef lb a aim Mils pro-liMed, ww nrnri d:. .1. Tn Import! fs I off wi h tap dity neve knrwn before, eieeH ta Mrs of , IniliehMnty 1 f our forelga enrnase oa. To Tree-u ry WMunrirnoKdy Uf. withoal eieens whtolli bed ikmiiI! 0 uowj upoa to meet its puilie nn-ssgi-iunns. Tied wea pvslis-d, manu'M'ure rr tud, the be a pub lo eearl.kaiutdeJy I'lok Ike nia ket, every prclee of propnny dp eolaaxl rsor or less, aad thoosaada of p-ptr mna, au depsadrdaijnatlMlrddy labrsr for tnair daily btfad, w a turned irnl iT emp nyrent. I deeply ra gre tlisl I am wa a'rla tn glee you aay lain rnatuai opon the tta-a of lha Uah wb en la ei.e.Wci-y alien what 1 era tbea ntlrid 1 1 e-twtjuatoe-e. Oa Ih 0- nwary, natla lineiliv - a pr eat the tliey ibrn were Wben Cong es mes a awong hoie pervaded lha whole pnhlt nairul that some emu able Bdjivtawt.1 of ilia ie-jot weuld he rpadllv aatda by Iberttreeanlavlfreicif ihaelaaes which might real lie p enebrtwtea tbaotiflic'4igci4eui4taianiry. That bope bst been dlmtnlahed try ave-y Umr of de ley, end at Ibe prmpeeiof a binodiese svatermioi fade away, lit pa 1I10 dtatrae beoorrje mora and neas aggravated. la naiy Mea'y toaey,ttieTeaury nita a-iihortsed by he eei of the revenieei.tirif ireeaher las were ad vertjd sooordtng to law, and tbat ao reaponelble blilder offrtred 1 1 take any e--aidrebla sum al par at a u-wi r late of InWtiet than twelve per seat, from tt feet It e peara that la a gov-eramiaai nrgttjiasd like ours, doiriieaic strife or evej a welt gmuadel ! ar of evil but-tliilea, u n destructive of or nt te and p Ivjte Intersil than tht moet formidable sign war. In my annua, rneevsg I rxpre-aed the oonvlctl m, wbtirb I have long delib.rH bed end which re cent ri A ctlon ba fnl) ttaded tvi drapen and c v Brrr, Hai nn sva-a hi the right by lea owa ad to ne cd'Lorotoe t'nliur throw iT li federal oblige tlotia al plea Ura I alas declare my opinion ti lie, that If lhl right eibned and ah u d be exercised I y any etst i ilia e K,rda spy, the at mm ri d-iri-trienl of this grrrernnv rft bad ni auihisrity utder lb C rurlltu'Un to leoonln it vaMl y lj ackaow Irdgii (the lidrpetidmcenf inch eta . Tnla hii me no aif-mative, aa lha chief ex -ru Ive rltw un der UieU Antiunion uf lha Uulred B atoa, bul te to 00 leot the puu la revenues and protect the public pv prriy ao far at this might be p aotloiHe frnn ex Isung laws. Tbi Is still ray pti , Mr pnrvlaee la to rircute, not to mike Ine law. IlbeUng to Coograea, ttolueively, to repeal, m idiry, or enia'g their provisions to meet enianreaeis! at trwy may oc car. I poeees no dispensing p rwer. I carielnly bail no light to make ao aa-gresalve war up hi any atate.aiid I am perfectly aa l-Oed thai the C nattlulloa bee wisely wl ihe d thai p-wr even from Coagraes. llui lha light and the duty 10 use anlllia y fn-e defrnatve y egatarl tho-e who raid at the faaWalofn c-re In Ilia ex cuioo of their legal fuacUtrns anil agalnul Ihuse who awal' lb p-orriy of th fedoral girve-nineni Is t'eer a id undealalrle. Itul lha daog- rrus andlsktllaatltlulaiif Ihe sta'et tnwtrdt each tnltrr b ra alrvauly far Iraoroendrd and Cael Into the shade lha oidina y exseutlv duties already piivuled fa- by law, and bee aeraaied such van aad alarm Ing propnttioui a lo plana Ibe eahjeot entirely above and larrond exeeu'lvo oontrol. Ta fsol raunot b dh-guleed ihel we are la Ihe midst of e great revo lution. Therefor, 1 reeommend th question to CoogTeai asiheonly bu nan tribunal uuder P.ovl. deuce ptsuatf'ug the power to meet Ihe exlettng emeiseacy. Tuihem rsimrtaYy tvlooguhe power bi dtcl-re war, or to au hoi lie ih ampin, mem of military force la a'l oa-ea cxmtampaini by the oonstitutlon, and they al na po- lb piwer l rttnove a'l Ibe grievances waioh tnurht 'rvl te war, end to irearepesoe end union ti state) OKiartei ooubUi. O themacd on tbem alone 1 tub ie. ifaanlili-y. The Union U a aaored rrost left by 1 ur levolutlou y raeben lor thalr deacjndaxts, aid never did any other people Inherit so rfc a heresy. li tat tendered us p-o perm In peso, and flu apb anttn wsr. Tna nsloos1 flag bat fl tstad tn glory over tvery ana, and mdr tie shadow Anaricsn cttla-na have lound prjasotlnn ad raspact In all landa la,aeth the sua. If we descend to eonsld era-i nt of pa e'y malarial latereet t when. In the hlsoty tf j all time, baa a Coo'aderecy been twauau tr-sanuea by such strong tl of aratutl Inler eatf KU porttoa uf II Is dependent upon all, and all upon tact rss-uio, for p.departty aad drmelo routliy. fie tiao throagbout Ilit whole, aupp'de Ibe want of one portion from tb produa torn of another, and rctwer wealth everywhere. Toe great planting end (arming etalea reiufre the aid of the pswmerilal niA uavlgatlns ateta It send thalr pro ductlona so domaevla end forelga ma-keta, aad fur. nUh the naval power to tender their Iranepariatlon leou'e agalnat ail boatlle attacks. BbouldUiat'aionpaisbuitha mlde) of Ihe pre. aenl ex aiemeiit, we bare already bad a aad loreeaaM of Ibe universal soRetlng whloh wou'd result from ludetruouoa. Toe calamity would ba severe la every portlm of the Union, and would be quite a gna,toiay lha let, la the southern aa la tee northern aulas. The greatest aggravation of the avu, and thai which wou d piece u In the most unfsvortble light both bafieie the world and posterity, Ie, as I am Bna lv oiaivlnoed, thai the aeceeilea movement hat been chltfly based upon at the B tilth of the eenilmeuia of tb majority la several of the nor earn etalea. Lit the uuwMnu be trau-fer-red from the political aetembllee to lb bal lot box, and the people themealvel wou'd epardlly redrew the aerioua gTUvanoea which tna South have eurTateL Bat tn lleeven' name, let the 111! be made, before we p ung Into an armed conflict upou tb mer aaruuaptljo thai there la no other eliernauve. Time I e great suneervstlvapiwer. Lt ut piu a at Ihe momenloaa p ilnt, and atTa-d th wop: Dotn ot l)i Ntnand8eutbnopporranliy for riflaollon Wou'd thai B ruti Ca-ollns had ban 0 tivlneed of this truth beore bar pierlpltale action. 1 barctort appeal through you to the people of tht cmuiiry, to deolai la th-lr mlgfal thai the Colon mo -I a.d aball ba pieeervtd by au eoAatttationel mews. I moet earnaJtlr rcoommend lha you dero-eyou-itlvt-toihequistlonhoa this cat be eocoinpluiied In wece. A 1 ctner qua.tluna, when c wop ad w tb this, link Into Inalgninoanoa. The prei?t tlU dm for leUliatlvee, Prurapt action is tequl ed. A da s lnCuogiea to preserlb or lioiauieid a dieiinii andpiariical propositi! lor us ai a point Lom which ll will b he run.. l,np M stble to reoede. A eommon gromi 1 on wbl jh oonci Uah and barraijiy may be p udured Is surely not unattainable. To n eomp-vjil. ly letting th North bav exoludv control of the territory eb ve a certain lute and lo glveBmthera Inatltniioi piotictton below that Una, ought to re ceive uutver el approbation 1 1 Itself, tndead. timer not beotiilyiatjd'.ctory,bulwbealb alwmaviv I ltwera reasonable onuceesbm oat huh ebleiand the deatraotloa of the Unkai, ti 1 ai Imputanon oa lha pairtoli m of Congreaa I a aert that It member wlilharUat e moment. Em now the danger is upon ua. Iasevara atatee whloh have not yet ae cedid ihe forts, areenala, and rugatut of ibe Uall ad B-aiee have been tallied. Tela 1 by far tb mis) erunaelrp which he bean taken ainoe the em mmaieroeni of tt lmutile. Tnla panic prirnriy laa long been h ft wlihoal garruuna au troop i lur Ita proiecUon. btcaosa no person d tabled tt eternity under tb fltg cf tb caiatry la wiraiawnawuqiua. uaaaues, our amau einiy nai oareeiy bean euffloirnt te goa-d our rem 4e f rst llets agalnat Iadiaa Incursion. The aelture oftbli Ivprr.y, irons au apptareuoes na o-an purely eg gne ive,andnollnreslalaijoe to any at ampl to e i eroe a itau or eUtaa to remain ta the Union. At the tiegUiElng(ribeeaubap).y IrouVea. I datermlnad that no act of ulna aboud Increase the ex oitemant In either aeoloa of th c-mntry. If the p -UUoal ooLfllot mi t end In civil war, tt wea my devsmlmed pa-pee not to eommrno It, nor to furnish aa eauuse far II by soy sol of this government My oplalon rental as undented, thai jualot well aiaonad aley re rnrtis D4 -iul to tf.a a p-ec(uj ao'u let of tasqve. tiona al Uaue between the Na-th and South. Eaiar talulng tbla convmalen, 1 rerralaed eves from leading reinrorceiBii to Major Aansxeoa. who eommandeel tba forta uf Chaikwlon harbor, until an absolute ae M it y f r di leg ao ahould make Itaelf appa eat, lert II Ri'ght ! tefardrd aa a manaoi ot mtlltary eoeratoa slid uua rurtiish a p ovooatlun. or at laaat a p-sttxl fur an truibreak on the part of Uriah Carellnt. Ni ruweaeity fur Iheaa rWiloroetneutl aaatnad toexlat, 1 wa- assured by dlstiuguistied, upright g-ul'e-(M of eVsitk Cro loa, thai no alteok on Major Amiiuoi wat tnleoded. bnl thai on the eia- Uarj. U was the deatie of Ike stele aatkarlttee ai much as It wa my owa to avad the fa at eonsa quanoaa which must evaatua ly follow a military 4- usios. ami oe-e, i aeetn u proper so aabmit, ror fourersuuleretion, eon'eeiga eommonlasHon dated hIeoamb-, lbOO. addie red tn me, by B W, lUsewiu,J II Ansae and Janes h Oaa, Onoa. mbaloiaiaof Bu h Uaiollna, with Iheacwnrptaylag d cumeots end ceptesef my easwri thereto dated Peoember Ilea, la fuither exp anaalon of Major Aaaaasoire lamoval f om Foil Mmlarie to Ifjrt B-uuter, tl la proper to s'a'a, Ihel eltvr mv aoawer lo IbaaVuu'bOaro'UaOjanmtaalonaraib War I) pig ment received a la ar I oui that gal aal bill Mr, deled UtCrmbarlTth, 1H0O. the day after hUmevement, fiom which lha following l an cxtrait I ! will a Id a my opinion, that many things eon vutoedmatbaltlieaathorttlai of Ihe alata dtdgaed to prrceed to aa Ivwttle act f evtd -ally referring to Ihe order deled Psseinber 11 lb. uf lb lata Bee rotary U War), t'udst thlt Impressioa 1 could noi hrdtate that II was mvaoleoa aiitylo move myeommind f om e fort which we sou d n A proliabiy have held I ger Uua forty-eight or alxty hours, to tbl on wbete my power uf reaietenei 1 Inoreaaad lo a very g ret eagree.- I all be rrciTrcted that lb eonolu'lltgptrtof tit uvtier wae In the following wordsi The anialu.ara of your torct will not permit you, prhs, ai i ecupy ra.s-e than one of Ibe three fori, but an a !k t n. or attempt to lakt poena letoa of either . ut tbem, wt 1 b rtga ded as an act of hoev Ii'I-t. eit you may then pet your e immand Into cither 1 1 iheia wlwa you may deera moet proper to taorraee the Dowai of ra lataoes. Yow a-e aleo aa- i thonsad to tke alm'lsr defealv else wbenaver yrtt t ava langiu tnoeoot or a aaalga to proerM to an hnrtl.e act. It It aald tktl asrlous armhenatooa are Ie some titrntentarteriKd, la which I di not share Ibtl tb paene ol this Dletrtot aug be dleturbed before lbs taarthof Misahaaura, la any even! tt enU be ray day a prsaeive It, and ihU doty aball te performed. Is eoao a-iiaa, tl asay ba roermllled tomato re ma k tbat I have often warned my emit ymea of lb dangers which Bow suiround al, Tut may b tba leat aim t etaari r-fe la wm e-tl-t trflcle'ty. I feel thai my doty bat been fattkfally, th ogt II mtr artedyraJtlBad4,ad, wteaever the reeul msy ba, I shell ca-rv to my grave the tnaainiinmein hat I at Isaet raeaal wall for my rtuetrv faTISM) JAMBI BUOnANUf. WaaarossTow Crrr, Jan. I Ji. 1M1. Mr. Bswaaa (H. T ) prwealtd lb memorial of Pitt New York Obamber of Cent mere, eatdeg tb ajetab lbhmenlof atrsv postal aetvlce between Baa Fraa ckoaadwUna R aevred lo th Oomaaltta on ra c flloe and Pea read. Mr Stweaaalao preaenled a memnrtat ctgued by lbs moat promlaenl causensuf New Yrk ctty, n. cenlng the pteeenl suae aad future happiness of lbs iauex M-. Bawa an got lha 11 lor In (spree hlavlswioa tb Prsaldenl'a nvweag. M . lots (Ps) preettted a bU to adjQst the prexml d flica ilea between lb steles whloh wat or dered to Ie pruned. Mr Ilaowa (hti-s ) pneealed Ibe petilloa of W. C JtwitT, if r.kes Peak, piatlng thai Cmgreetsa thor-ae loe election of Oraa-aiee by lb prptia .Ovivrttloj , fonn a new O tl ution. and am d lagforantw INeaidaut end Oongresamaa, Ibe it. eun ptlnn of national and ataw dolus, akaowsrdgisu the rlgbU of property of th Sou'h, and aoknowadg Ing our re lane aa a Madoa In th A'mighly Power far the perpetuity of lb Uoloa and lbs proepiiliy. eoe and bappinesa ai a peopst. Mr, BuntLL (L) pieeenlel a nxikition of la- 3uiry thai ,he President lnfam th tei wsether onaB Puivb el prveanl Bus Ihe offl ie ef Boretery - Wer if a a, who Bli lb ofn f and tf lae aa p itntrsanl tf acting or provieloual serraaary bat been mad.r end wben aad by what authority tl wat ruadef and why the fast of such appdatmeal wa not comntunloated to the Senate 1 M: Ci-aax (N U ) preaenled s resolution, which ha aald be should isTar as aa aiaen Intent lo Ihe reeora lions fib BmaVrr from Kentucky (Mr. CaiTriantn when they came n Jbsnfeed, Tbat tba prrrleton of Ihe C metttrnlna are amp a for the praam vat m ef Ibe Ual n. end Ibe pnentin of e 1 tlie material Intereat uf .hs eouatry i alist it needs to b obeyed rather than emended i ami our eiti teuton from our pesentdilBia nee la lo ka loikrd for tn ttrenurma ta rrts to p oasot end pre arrve Ibe pulrlle pr rperly, and enfo oa lae law reanar ttian tn new guarrnittet for particular Interest or oisTiprrsTUMarTfrrrieaaatirna m uaraaejaatidemaods. itrttd Tea a I attempta lo dlaenlv the, or overthrow the C mstttuuen, with th etpciatloa afs nstrarting It anew, ar dangemat aad Uaory, and In Ike opinion ef th BtuaVi, ao reo melructinn 1 praitlcab a, aad tb etora, ao the mtatanaac of It rtisung Union and U rnstltutl at ebeuld tr da rrcvd I Ihe energlr of Ih (1 ivemment. k The resolution wi ordered to be priutod. Mr. IliaLiafPsJpreaen'el CJ meonr isis of olU n na of Pennsylvania, taking that lbs Crittenden ree-olu-lon be uli'nltled lo Ihe people, Mr. BswaiD (N. V,) ealWd lor Ih reading ot eht I'realdmt'e Meeage, aid It was read, M Dana (Mi-)cdl,d forth reeling of lit c. letpondenoa wiaklheSraah Carolina Caamlealon era, already rniVlshed. Mr. Dsvia aald, while tb country wat looking aoiutixly to Brum Cam laa, ker Cimuutelone a anivrd here, with power lo make e petoeabl adjaat matitof ikedifllO'iillee. The high cherscter of meet Comru teetotum Ie wel known i yet the report weal oui thai tbey bad violated Ml i laita. and laau Ml Ihe rntaldent and that ihe C rmmtaarhmera had retired. Tba P.e-ldenl In his Mwage doei not even allu Ie to Ihe caura of thefedureof thenegatiatloas. and aot v.ntr-ta u lha C-rmml winners are gone. Ill al gia with a Ie t-r which be mu t aay wat waning n few. neae, and wa a ierveralen of Ibe argrUanu they p eaeoted, Mr. Davi ea'd he bad an authariUa Cipyof the Conimbe.lnae. a' teply, and atkod tTSw II be read by lhCI-tk. ' Mr. Kim (N. Y ) 1 1d Ihe 8-rja4-r talks of Ihe high ehararwrof th Cornmlarrionera. Bsasoinr Asbold snd Aa a a Mess once also bat high 'itraetere. Mr, Devi. Interrupting Tb Saoakir from Nnv York once occupied a higher poattton than he duel now. I call Ihe Senator lo order, Mr. Krao Tbrse men weie hers with a area no able pa ie. Mr. Davit I call th Seu'tor to order, I seal paper lo let teed, air. Mr Kisu-I oa'.l the Saia tor lo order. I object to Ibe rraduig of lha paper. Mr. 11 via-If alia Senator hat lb meanntea lo nrct, m it com back, lr Ki aald bo i'Jeced to she reading. lit did nr I want to bear the ppera reed. A long dlaouau-m ensued on a p Hat of order, and the erna and nose wer ca led on aha decision of ibe reisakaauaepeperwwundaratoodtobaparlof the Senalejwpare. r Ut. Bubo aald he objected lo Ike tm,ruom a the

paper, aa he eu pp. reed II we supposed to supply B d. f ct In the r.e.ldea.t' meae. ' Mr. Davis sxplauiad thai be aenl the paper alm ply lo be read aa part of hla remerka, eenseqaaally he wt much urpnsed Ie beer Ibe objection t bat If the Senate chnee lo lake she paper aa a paper of his ov.i,.hebidriootia-tloai. At the Sena a bad taken Charge ofit,bs wanted tLrm to dlmo-'s of ll " Mr. Kmg aald he almply objrntedto ihe recarptl-m, Mleiaypssd It waa Intended to supply a detect in Ibe massage, and thought II wou'd b a rabukt aa, the Preetdenl. II wa willing the Saoalor ahould aaaV Ihe paper, hut be wat aot willing to disapprove UatvaV etuaa wt aue a inenriari ua awyuag n-H"ing Of tne BBBjay, The daclalonoflh chair wa ariataiaad-aysa.'h naye, 1. Tb ayes and ntyt war eaUad on leading tht pa per ajee, SO f nays, 13. The Lert letter of the Commlsaloners was than read. It ha already beea published. Oa motion of Mr, Biauo, (Pa ,) that the eiowJere- tlon of tte maaaage ba poatpnaed till to-morrow. Mr. Cam Banes, (Ky) moved that his resolutions, to submit amendmenat of lbs Constitution to lbs penp'e, be taken up. Oj motion of Mr, Wojoa,th reaolutlon war than poatpuncd till to-morrow. The Pad do Bsllroad bill wat taken up. Mr. WiLKiasoa (Minn.) moved thai tb UQ bl re fer ad to a aeleol comnalttse. Mr. Owm (Cal J said bt thought It wou'd dealroy the bill If tl were referred to a e rm-nlMea. Mr. Lara a a (GU) ea. acred his protaal agalnat any reference of the bill. Mr. Bioa (Minn.) aald that II wal evident that th frlendi of tb bill Intaudad to piss II without giving I iM irthtreil a Is'r ahow. U moved It tndeflnlie pr' pit emeu I. Ma. II axis (0 egon) erconded Ihe motlun, M , LanuK (Ca' ) demanded Ihe eyes and ate en ihe mollou. Mr. Lias (J agon) tbourhl that Ibis wa not the tito paaaauohablll. lie thought II wa better la .y to the South that thalr right ahould be protected. II fLsasi did nol believe laal this railroad would neeo, peace. Adjourned. Ileee wf SeprraeausUvee. Mr, SrsaTroa (KJ) a iked leave lo preeeal t me mislal uf lha cit tans of Pitncetrn on tht subject of national affaire, entailing practical suggeatlont. Mr. Bcaasn (Ky ) okjeclsd. The Speaker laid before the II rue a message from th Fierldtat. Mr. Ilowaao (M ch.) moved lha. the aneseag be referrtd lo a epedat eommlltee of five, wltk Uttraj. lion lo le quire whether any executive ofllMr o at UnlUd B'ate hv been or art no trailing or boding communloatloa with asy person rr p--sona fur lbs Innater of farts aad other property whether any demand far their avrander ha been made, aad by whom and what answer ba been gtv tn whether any cOoer or offlier bav ank-red lata any pledge not to eand rvdnforoement of troop, to jj harbor of Charlawloa, and If ao.when, wher,by whom, and on what consideration, whether the Caitom bouts P.eSoffloe end arsenal at Charleston hart been aalatd, by whom held In posaeaatoni wheJier any revenue cutter ha bsan seised, and whether aay So.taUvsbmraadetoreoUlmll Tbeeommlttreto bav power lo aend fur pereons end paper, and re port tram time to tuna such facta u may be required by th rational hsnor, sto, Mr. Ill lit ji (Oa ) raised th pout thai such la struct loos wrrs agalnat the rulaw. Mr. llowiss replied and nmed lbs prvlou que tlon. Mr, Caswreas (Oi ) aald thtre wat aooanva lo txclieanenl. Tbey had pavaed beyond that polnl. VoaoeeTbare la ao aioHenjent, Wa are calm, M'.Cxawroeo continued! M-n ahould be eool. and understand th una on which they are getng. lit Ineffectually sought la offer a subatiiuis li lb reso lution. Mr, Oassm (Ta ) desired to hive Ihe P.eslJeaV Mereag oonttdared In the Oouuuluee of theWhol oa the State ol lb Union. Mr. riiaxr (Ohio) remark ad that the President la form Iti-ro thay war la tna mld-tcfa revoluiloo. Invttlng the edopttoo. of anach meaauraa ai may avert otvU war. Tn fresklsnl appeal a Congraaa tt make an effort to reatore lb fistemal laotltona whiob cught to exist. The recommendation made by the President la entitled to tb rasped of tht Ameri can peoplei bul tbe resolution pending. Instead of prop slug a remedy, took to a special cxnmltaee t Indicltuwslsdy. lie would vow) against ihe reaolu Moti, as it did not meet the eanargeacy, M r. Furaawos (I'a ) be levlng tne reaolutlon pro ductive of na good, opposed lt- Mr. Uiu. (0 a ) aald the raaolauen wel not bated on e pae flj plan to adjust the difS in tiea. Mr, Maavta (Ta) looked on Ihe reoranon al fl au. and to be thrown law in c unlry which we already txittad.' lha resolution pacasd. Yeas 1U I naya, 02, as fot rav-Maara. Adam (KassJ, Adams (Ty J, At- rsln, ajdrlob, Altaa, A ey, Andaraon, fXf J. Athlsy, Bttblta, Baale, ttiagbasa, Bsur, Blake, B avtoo. U lggs,&tatow,uunuigvn,aii so, D triingsme. uara hem, ViMflld. Ceupbell, C'ey, Oartor, Otwneos, COiurrj, J ha Co thraae, O than, C rvode, Cox. Cur. lis, Devie ad ), Daw, Dslsao. Dosp, Daaa, El gsitun, Klwarda, B loa, y. KrawkUs Faros worth, rretop, Ferry. Foster, Fouke, Frank, Fraauh, 0 It er er, Os eh, a ow, Outlay, Halts II I!, II mt'tm, Ha tie. HamiiJt. Ulukmai, Had, Ulmta, Uawaid(Oilo).Bwad.rMlcli). HumoVrey, Hut. eblas, Irvinrs JtUtn, K-ng (Htob ). K-d ogg (I.g, Kaayon. Ki'ga-a, Li-Tehee, Lieeh, (ktab.) Lea, L gn. L-aogaecket trtoala, Lveejtv. Maalay, Ma-saor.efrTe nand lieK-e.M-Kourk4,Mariareaa. Itatwad. M-a'caaary, MowbaaeV. ItarrU, Mirrla, fPana.tMaatsNelagai Nlxoa. Nral1, Oil rmrt Perry, Ptritil, Porter, Potala, El win B. Iiyuill, Jormll.rurynnld. Roe, Bggv, EoWntow, It F. Bobma,, SI. Raw, B:rantjn, B dgwica, Bher maa,, Bpeudti g rlpinnar, S aaaon, Bwvaua, Senrard, (Tenn.) Btnke. gtatt-n. Tsppeai Tieyar, Trsraksr, Tntbpklna, Train, Trtmbta, YaadWver, Wad. Watdroa, Waakbnrn, frTI.) WaAhnrrta, flu-) Wehatar, Wella, Wilaen, Wisdom, Wood, Woodruff feuj Maes Anderson. Mt.l Avery, Ba-kalals, Barre t, B om k, li n-itr. B siilgny, Branch, B trwa, Bui teat, a u M i.- Clopkon. Corrb, C aertrrd. Da Jerneto, Dttimlet. Elmundson. F glA, Fo-eooe, (Janei, 0 I real, II, daman, Harris. Ta nrtae, llewkma, Ri I, n asion, Bukea, J aasa, Xeakea, lAirdram, Lrsi-h N O ntna, Lak. I.ree, Mairory, Ma tin Oh oi Merlin, Ta I Meynerd, M Slaty, Ml Ke Mil roe, M rns Ky, Nitrierx p,o dlatvl, rsykrn. Paelp., Pr,.rr Q lar as. R gai But, Rinkles.8mma 8 alaa. Ve ttal. N Ol Term-, Teliarrtlghsm, Taooe, Wn.teey, Wuuow, Wood ron. Wrght. Mr MataaA(Tena)-kadrvmeot airfr-r are Wrlomi in minority rep Htm got ba made treat tbeUi4nnlilaai,(Triliy Tai-xi. Mr llitlMsK (Ark ) cJlad on lha chairman to state lb. uuiu'a-i of nxmberi atnd ng the meatloga; wliih,ril, re wat any pr b-ttellty ofiuaklBg a teooo) erdtateeanbrsrioaan a w,ud baeeioulaasl to abrdaere Ishlrm tbn iuIJ ct, M llrtatrv rKy ) said he uadetnl f-nm the rr-eriibar frtraii A-baoeaa ibat tke-e wa n pro-ei-atlir ofegia,rig, A aurabar trflh aiemriar rt aaanitag trie eieve aaslee Led arithorawrt t mm I. txr. t. tterWore prMitlo orwlee toeooainu the mnmiUaa, wheat tliera was no ppit ihel thay ever wool rep el. lie wsotad to dl cha-g tbem. No sou au waa I. ten on the t o uuoei The Urea w.nt Inl i 0 rrrrml-vwi . iheWki'aoa aa Bute tt Ihe I'atoa tn lb Civd evl Misceilaasowi Amart tsisuoai Bilk Toe Oerurjitaea rote wlthoul oornlag lo a o-me'u- On motion t4 Ut Letts (Te ) the Beleol Coat. aillt en tbe P aaldsot's Slel Massage are-e In f acted to loqal a wheiher eay arm have r--lir been rem ved frrwn Harper's Kerry Plataburg end V ai i by erbrsw snahortry, and 'or wImi reesms f Theteerda4ri weeeeueulid so a to attend lb tt.qry aa lo tb remaval of arm from ai the eroe aaU. Mr. Mrwwa fPa) p-vvsmled a aiaraorul fmm claU ansif Pnisuleiptiua fatamed by men of alpa-il a) la fsvi r of Mr. Cairruoaa's e mpmrntaa. IU(tr red lot ootnmiltee of tblity three. Atjourasd. NKVF YORK '""' 'TTItff ntiaatie. AOtrnty, Jan. 9,Ut. Uajmaan autr'a a re port fr ra the majisity of Ike committee in favor of a bill tn lelatlr a In a department of Snanc la lb oily of New Y oik. arus UTsoKOoxa, To amend tbe act lelativs to lbs bea andeirar pensailonof certa'npubUsofflceialnthaclrjof Naw Y.k. Br Mr. gn eo.iTo (trill iate the eoleotloa of debt against foreign municipal eorporeiloBe. By Mr, Uorts.For Ihs relief of Ike Naw York State Inebriate A-y tit, By Mr P. P MrsrwT Tj err at Ih efflm of Gtra. rnlasloner of Luaacy aadlorrpector of A'mi Ilraaes n. th-rughoat ih state. By Ml Maaitsas Tolimil Ihs Itm of offl tars ta Ihe Save MiUila. Mr. Wilusm celied up hi cajicurrrml resolution lo adjourn on the 1 l if M arch r'as dl. Mr Haaaosn gav notice uf e bill for arming aad equl ping the militia of lha state, Mr DfU Introduced a onacurTent reaolutlon lo Inquire Into lb number of officers of Ihe Senate and Aejembly, and fix their compmaatl , Aweaabry. Mr. Dorr, private aecretary of tht Q rrernor pre aenled tbe annuel repoit of aba C saauasa-y Oeneret, wl'b a message from tba Governor ea ling eUenuoa lo tbe fact that there eitste a deflcleucy In Ihe mili tary stores, which Ibe L glslal'ire ahead lake eeny mraaaiettoauppty. la eSditaon Ie tbla be reeees maoditbat, tntndertdmaeteny aaaergaocy which ruty arts, the L-flelature make e tollable approprU ailon rrn tb Tea arrr, to be used under the ordl nary retlrlolioss at the discretion of Ih mliiaryd peiwaent. Amorg th nofce of bills wtrs th f ilbwt; By Mr. RoaiBtoa, coucernltg th public health of New York, Kiagaand B cbmoud count tea. By Mr. Towaatap, of Ulla lepeallng al Ih city railroad bills of last session. By Mr. Ilatar, to grant consent of lb elate to I urcbaae cf land la tht city of New York, by tht Unlttd BUtea. By Mr. AaorLaarcs, of a bill tierest com ml -si on oflbeterddeniaoftbecityofNew Yo k lo frame a dry darter, to be rabmliled to xbsp tpl for spprov al si lbs general election. Tbe tallowing bills ware introduced: By Mr- Besswoon, w wanaferTtng Ik colleotloa of asteatenenla cf Naw Yk f.wa the Street loth Finanot Dapartmril. P; Mr Pssv,io Mithcti Brook')n to build a new tsaiket ta Ibe West District. By Mr. Bill, fur tba ooileotla ef agilculluial ta. lUttcs. By Mr. Ascensions, to amend general militia laws. Tb qneatton pendlsg al the adjourmtat yesttrdsy on Mr Diioirr reaoruttoniforeaword for Major AapuaseB, etme up, and the resolution wars bid ea tbatabewtiout debet. Mr. Frssos moved Ihe rrenc of varteu portion cf tt Oovemor'a rasaaagt to approprUtt rrtasdlng Sonunll', with Inetructton to report on the eame. M'. KsBBXT moved for a report from Ihe Metrepe. Illaa Folic Commlsaloaers of tht fine oaUectad, and howdlrpcaedot Ad-ptad. The queitlon pending on the adjournment yetter tarday, on Ihe reao'utlont awarding a werdtoMaJ Asusssost, eame up, axd th rsaoiullons war laid on lb labia. Mr. Baasosut aaked uaanunout consent to lake up the B an eta eoncarrenl reralatton on tbemm turject, but Mr. Daaur objeoted. Mr. KtnT moved for laformatlon from tht Metro politan Potioe ComuJaal mere, a lo the am mat of fioeeeoheota-dUendttMirdkpoolaaon Aiopted. The resolution to make tne fee of wttatetia In crtntnal ca-ei Ihe same at those la civil eeeet were etiUd up, and opp reed by Meter. KsaseoX and Biaauakt, and were laid on Ihs labia. Tbe iteoluilon to make lb Commdta en Federal Beallooaaj itnt ewoaiittee, so aa to ensu a harmo ny and unity of action betweei th two II suae. wat, on motion of Mr Msasrrr, called up and adopted. Hew Jeraay Iteglalalaia. aflfow, Jan. 9. The IIoum met, and after rome confuib-n, elee'ed T. H. Tarsa, of Ewei, Spaakt-, and Jaooa Suasr, of Warren, C erk. Toeae peraons w s not lbs tegular nomlaaes, though bout a a Democrats. Tb Contest lamed bet we a Btaox isaiuus and Potraaaa, the BepabUosna uppa-tlag tb latter, wlo luooerded. Ta Asvarteaas and Pe rn crate, who have a majority, were not able lo make aa agreement. Five Itemoorsle voted with the Re publican eed produced Ibis tesalt. After along slrugg'e for Engrossing Clerk they adjou nd with out Irotlng. Trrnen, Jan. I After a hard straggle all to dty the llouae conpetrd He organisation at six o'clock tile evening. Tn fflaeia elected Ihutafaar noon wer M-. Jons It If ansa, of Kex. Eigroaa Ing Cltekt Mr. ALaxaansa M. Joaarroa.of Mer cer, Awletanl Clerk i Mr. Taoats Dvaaas, of Psa. aalo, Docikreper U.l)ooglsa penaoe eta, baa voted for by tbe Bepublioan. Tae Tbaraniat Iatgvslatar. rTtotrnoad, Jan. 8. ResoluUcm hsv bean laid bb) lb Senate for a N4onal Convention, to propose ameaidments to Ihe taaealtutlcavi JJrasMat, Vs. Jan. 9 A Jotnl rasoluUon was In troduoad In tbe Ben ate today, to appoint a oommltUe ao reptaaenl Is th President of (hs United States Ibatmlhajtalgment oftheOeaerat Aejembly of th BiateifTtrglnU, aay addlttonal dlspay of tnlutary power tn tbe S uth vrlil Jaopaidlre Ihe tranquility ef Ibe Rapubne, end Ihel the evacuation of FortSurnler U the first atap thai ahould be taken towards Ike ree-to-aalon of peso and harmony. Ltldover, Ti e resolution relative to a National Convention, with the Bmeodaienl for a Convenusn of Ih alar. be ding atatee Is product oonoert of action, wer rs ferred to Ibe Joint Committee on Federal Balatlan, Tbeniuae has passed Ike teeond eeetlon of tht Convention bill, dealgaaung Ihe 4 th of February ntxt for Ihe election of delsgataa. Acre-txaaca ky Ilea Wan II. aVwaurd aflh untre of twerwaas-y wf Rate aader Mr. IJawaia. Albany, Jan. 9. Th Xrtning Joumil offl clally nnounces tonight Mr, BawssnS aooaptaaae a Secretary of 8 a a under Mr, Lraootjrt dmlnlsira tton, 1 1 aay that lha Pepartmanlwt tendered te Mr, Bawtao eeily la Peoember last, and, after aoa. su'Utlon with friends ca whoa affaouoa and judg mtnl be la aoctuluantd Is rely, a aooepaad Ihe poiltloB, Tbe Journal closes lbs enanunoareant aa follow i And with Ibe remark thai on no I a-mer oooaeloa ia a Pre Went offered or a Seoretary oooaptal that Pspartmant In a manner more deueete ead raspecttol lo each, or mure ladepaudeal and honorable to bote, ar dlamlaa Ibe aubjeoa, not, however, without pal. ting an teeqtd Ibe p alksbm thai Ihe Pretldent end tbe Prauiler will ao dl charge their dutux, end all Ihe dimou tl tnai aairouna tnem, at to ute reive taa bleaalnga) of uoloa, and lo deserve and reeelve Ibe homage of thalr country aaen. leaMyrvmiska lHtttoVas. McCuJtTJI AB QtMajsnaT. iiarrrianv, Pa., Jan. -It U Bald on high anthoriry that Mr. MoOlal received a letter from Mr. Ldjoolb today, lb exact ecalauta of which have not trenspi.ed. Eeugb, however, Is knows to war rant ih belief that Mr. MoCurturt eprnlana,eipreead rlir-a"a retu-n torn Bprlngllald, lha Mr. SxwtiV Ixfluence would sio leteu Mr, Csktsaos in itK cabinet of Mr. Uaooui. are aotreta, Mr. MnCiSts has, bsrttofora, beea siVsva, Toer U eu IrsHty la pubh etre'e to know what action On Aali.OanBwon.ttas will take In opposition to Mr. Can taoirt appoint ii sal Smet lb recetptof Mr. Lis. outers lesser, M. MoCi ess anrifldanrly exp eases hut belief ihel Ut Casrsaoa will dtellne an apprdalrnMil. Mr MoOktraa seem la bl well advised. Means, Staples oa aad Catir, 1 admg Cernaron men, left tbla orly lor Waahtegtoa last night In great baete, acd It le believed iber departure be rvn sonneo Hon vri-h Mr Caunnsrs dec'lneton. The friendt of Mr CiataoB here era folerab y e-atadeol that he wll rrcaivsan ipotntmenl lo tht cabinet and ae oridla. Startling News. aO ' Great Excitement at Charleston. Till STAIl OK THK WEST FIUEI) INTO Csaatfifu, Jan. 9.-1 he Star of the West, ta endeavoring;! enter our ka-bor ah-ut dsyllgkt this rooirJrig, asii.ed upi n by Ihe farrltonon Mirrs IVsnd, and also by Fort Mru tile Toe iemer put ehrui aid went tt sea. I have not bea n able to Vara wtrlVr th rVt-aer or asy perenn on b d waa injured, Th batof U that no Injury wa euatatned by either the bitlor ebnse nt boetd. Fott Sumter did nol respond teul. II a IX, Fort Suaatrr, Cam over to the city alsmt 11 o'clock, with a flag of bus. lie repaired lo Ibe quarteri of tb a iveraor, fill iw,d by crowd of otuieoa. n waa la aeeret Oommunlcall m with th Governor tod Coutcll br two houre. At t o'clock, be waa tent In e carriage with Ibe Oovarner aid lo the wharf, aad retu nad lo Fori S araler. The object of his mission la not known. lilt supposed thai It ra-atee to tbe firing on the S er of the Weet. Tbe people ar In tensely etc. led. Tbeiewirt ao dam mstrattou sgmlnrl Lieut. TJalJ., There la s gnat curiosity lo know what Lieut, UaJX oaoje lor. Our clllr-nl were dawn In crowd It our whsrvit tarly tblsmarnlag In ronanqtienoa of frequent re pott of cannon from seaward. Sieve twelve or fif teen reports were beerd, many of thtm proceeded fiom tbe wark on Mo ri Itland. LATLB. L'eut IlaLt. closed hie Intaivlew with the Gover nor end Council ebout iwooc'ock, Tbe fact have not transpired. We learn from high authotlty thai they aeof a meat threatening chtrao Vr. Yb Alabama Miatr Cenvenllea, Mmtgommj, Jan. 9 Tee C eventlon yesterday and kodsy has moat y been la arc el aeerlcm. A commlttot of thlrlaan, conilatlag of eevta ercee. stonlsla acd all oo cperatbtoUta, were appotntod yet tarda?, lo draw up Ihe ordinance of eeaeaaton. The oommlttte will probab'y makt their rrpnti tomorrow, Niehlngof lntarett waa determ'ned today. Five Volunteer oompanle departed fir Pensacila, Florida, today. It lsundeistocd thai they wen! on request of the Governor of Florida, Oa a teat W, tba lec'citon nrdlaene will proba bly be pesacd by taw majority. NavaU Aeroll, Y-t Jan. t-The Brooklyn baa put to era- 8b passed th oapra at I o'clock tbi afternoon. Frews Wuhtagtsaa. rTasoMofovi, Jan. 9. Thar leemi to be a mletak t or ndaafprvbanslon aomewhsre. II I de nied by genlletxe3a vary InUmalaly ra'ated to the Administration, thai tbe ncult to Fort Sumter weie otdered vrlthnut the prevtrut aanctlon cf the Pica Idanlt and further, that the subjicl waajlls cuered la the cabinet, and that ac Ing Secretary of War, JJeLT, aa wall aa tome other member cf the cabinet, clearly understood thai It waa the wish of the President thai Ihe reorultx ahoild al ouct be rent Half a million ef dola-s I dally expected from New York by the Treasury D;p.rtmct, Commander Mac at eay a thai Ihe pesaage of Ihe Levant doe not, In hla judgmeaS Justify ah suppo sition of bar loa. II giv.a hi reason f hie belief rFaMom, Jam. 9. Commander IlAtns tjbb, ea douth Carolina, ha resigned hi pueiaton la wataUvy. Atasagraphlcdlspevoh fiotntaaN.ry Papofunent, toanofflaaral Key Weal, waa iwoantly Inleioepled at Mobi'e by the saihoHUaa Ibete. Tb United Slataa Ag.Wu.tural Soetety --a td their aanaal leaalou al the Smithsonian Inattta Hon today. CoL Wans, of Virginia, was s'ected Fiesldant pra Import. The act cf lnco-poration gtvea by Congrsas was aocrpled snd various com aitltass were tppornttd. Xnrgatlo mrasurei art beUg made fur the protec tion ef public property In and about the e'Jy. The object of the departure of Ihe Brooklyn lor Cbarlastoa la snppoaed lo be re attag lo lha Star ef Ihe Wee, la oaae Ibe eulhorttte of 8 ruth Carolina appose the lagreee of lbs Utter lata Ihe harbor, by bringing back Ihe troupe lo Norfolk. Wat n.Kcaatxt waa baled out today. Ills ball was qua Had to over one nuldom of dailar, but al the instance of tb United S-atea Platrld Atltraey, II waa reduced lo a hundred thousand. Frwnt Aleaay. auntj A Hang, J-. 9. Th SanaU had a brief ex ecuttve tea loa today. Mr, Teo Arrroa, Metropol itan Potto Commissioner, tppolated In Ihe place of Mr, Aaxos Pnxsartr, waa cenfinned. TV Bllaaaslarl Btale Caaveatlan. Jaclton, Uiu., Jan. 9. The CooveutUs hat bean la eecret eaaalon nearly all Ibe morning. una. Tb ordinance for Ihe Immediate iccnaaloa of Ih ttata has paarid lbs Convention by Vol of 81 to IS. Tbs prominent places la ths etly are Illuminated, guns ere being flred and fireworks let off In honor of Ibe event. Walking Bleaw Bl aant BieeriaaT. JTruari, .V. J., Jan. I A rather latamperele cttt for a mass meeting, this evening, of working men out of employment, cawed eome apprehensions of a disturbance but lb ujlerlor dsrlgns, If any, were buatratad by the good sans cf ths meeting, under the Intarocliona of temperate speaker. Union patches were delivered by Judge Pisxavm, Wacon, and others. Arnajmby of a oornmltieeuf fire pre sented leaolullon Indoratag aad reoorameadmg Ihe Crittenden C jmpiomlea, and e snaaanding tha action of the Preetdenl tn supporting' Major laii tutsan, which ware p nail. Blecrtea ef n Btmtw, attasvufai, if a., Jan. 9. Ex-Governor hfoa MIX was today elected to th United State lea ate, lo fill tbe vasaocy once atonal by tte resigna tion of Mr. II torus. Tie vote la the Baaalewas snantrnona. In ths Itoutt Ih vote Mood I For Mr. Moaanx -, IM For Q F, Saerun ,- tt avjrrvs0tela,t,alai I lion Lvsuua TsoBasu. was today is elected 17. S. Seaator by a vote of M to id, tb Peoarcrat voting for Mr. S. S. Maasattt, flerversaaeat Tre nt Fort Mellenry. sVoJtvsMre, Jan, 9.A oompaay of mtrines, aumbailng forty muaketa, under Lieut. HOw-su, aaia kt I iprtal trt'n fm Wt"t'rl u thlt aaora lag, and look poaaeaslon of Fori McOonry, aad rale ed the Stars and Mi lpas. MfeBtai-y Bleveaaeata. AiceVA, Jan. WA. Trorp from Fort Leaveav. wot th, sum baring MO man, 99 offlje and fl horses, est rout for Fort McHeury, arrived here tbi vea lng, and leave tonight alt Pittsburgh, Tee Charter of New Yet. Tbe following I an abstract of tha bill to amend Ihe Charter of Hew York, introdictd In tbe Aaeembly by Mr. B.xMaU, t " ror tb aboU'lon of the Board ef Council, men and HnDea-riaors i alls that the charter alee. tlon be bald la April Instead of Oeoantbar that the Mayor be elected oa a separate tliAtt for two years I that a board of sixteen aUWaaen be eltcted for a Una of tour yean, oaa half every two years, snd that they be ehosea on a gaoaral tlckat, afiar tbe manner of the Board of Slyer, vlaon that la to say, each voter to rota tut-half tb number of AUenaea I be sleeted, abd th Mxtblgbste the toxkost to b appointed. Th Btayor b to prseide ia tha hoard, and kttma catt ing vote oa legUlativ otaeationt, and) a full vots on atppototrntnts. lleods of DapartmenU) are to ba appointed by the Coat moo OouteU. Tbebfll aiie lb OomptroUarsU law posar bow vested la that ottcar, and also prt col lect th rtvenaa from teat on dry rati eatata, and Interest tu bonds aad tnorigaaaai tlaav rsve nue arising from tb nt or axis f cirjr proparty awJDgUgtror managadsbythndty. He i also tobtvetis lupaeilon, resulalloa aid ntaaaga. aneoof thepuLlioniirkaU. It givsj th Uroton Board control of undergTjcnd drtlnsga, and tha Mslag. rapeiiiss of ureal, flirrjlnirnf alds- welka, curbing and gurtarlag sfisets, (Jigging of wviV. and th collection, sf tha Crotoo reveaua. I'D Ifaror sad Alds-rnvta sra to U tha aknv vrscrt, TbeOorrmon ftrmuriT, ortuydlj-ofl car, msy I n I trained from th Improper ass tublie fuods by tnjanctioa by soy tax-pay Tb Itreets U be daarted by erntraet, and tl oKttnct to be made by the Ooraaum Couaoll for term not ticesdiitg five rears to be adrar bv and contrsct Bwarded a in ths Judgaitat of U O mmoa Coutcll snail ka for tie best Interest tbe city, ferries, dock aad pier to be leas oy auction ay in uompirtuar. b for a period aot exoaedlng ten years, sad t ferry leasee shell be rerecabl by th Coatest Oaocil fur mlamsnagamant, er Baareette pr vltesd.qesUaocomatoda'ioi-a. Head ef ex. atlvi deoartments, except the attyer, ahall I appoint, d by the Common Council, tndhold a fica nnring tbe pleasure of tb sppdatiag paw 1 h City Icrpaeor' t)eprtment It abeklaha 1 he Major, a Preaj.leat of the Common Cam oil. ahall appoint all tbe committee thereof 1 1 ta ailee if the cl y nfflcara aball be fixed by ord rates if tba tsrrm-n f'ajuoeU, except Aid mer, wbraehtll Lave (12 0 Per annua. Tl Comptrrller and loobanl of tha Corpvrads bold t fllce ta tbe end or their term. All o'Bc now In flioa tn go nut when their auceeato ball be chiaen, under the ne w charter. Aa lacWosI al Fort Haases. Or of tbs haltimoreaia who recently retan td from 'tt Sumter details aa ImprsMva ini dent thai took place there on Mijor svaDsraie taking prsesioo. It la know that the Ameriei flag brought awv from Fort Moultrie wa rata si Bumur praolaely tt noon oa th T7th ultim but the Incident of that ' flag ttstng' hv a been related. It wa a aoaee that will be memorable reminiscence In the live ol tan wb witnessed It. a ihort tims befer ao Ma tor Aattaaeui aesembled the whole ef 1 little force, with the workman ropinyed est II fert, around the foot ef the Beg-tuff. Then Uooal arialga wa atliched to tbe corf, and MaJ A. haloing the ead of the Unas In hi bands, ana reverently down. Ibe officer, soldiers ai mas clustered artrard, many of them oa the knees, all deeply I a? pre tad with th toiemnttr th scene. The CD spUin read aa tamest pre ar such an appeal for support, enoourageme and matey ta one would make whs felt th ' man' extremity it Uod'4 epportotity.' Al tl earneet, aolemn wcrd of tte ipetker cessed, ai tbe men iwtrpooded Amen with a ferveaey tk perhai tUy bad Eevtr before txparienceri, M jor At dxriob draw tbe ' Star Spangled liana up to the top of tbe t'alT, the band broke o wah the na'loral air of Hall Ceisnibla, ai loud aad exultant cheers, repeated again ai again, were sivrn br tbe officers, eeldieri, at wotknien. ' if,' eaid the Dura tor, South Car lira bad at that moment attacked the for there wetiM have been a haeilarloa apea t pert of any mas within it about defending, tb flag.- Juifrmor stmrricatt. CITY NEWS? Mb. Richard Paaar, for maay year a oar poaltor la the Boa offlce, died yeeterdiy at hi re denot In B e. k yn, aaer a protraolei 11 neat, m Paiav wa muoh beloved by hi fedow-weriuwea ai all LI aorratlataoce. n leave a wUa and tht chtdnei, all quit young. Latjacii. The tteamlrott, City of Boat Jatooop'dby Saucsr. S etnas A Cea fort New York and Norwich T.aaaportation Oompaai will Is branched from lha yard of Ihe bnllde Messrs Basnaa A Co, ai O-eeermat.Rraoktyn. this (Thurrdt,) rnorsirig.betwenn ihe hoareofl at BoMlick. Taediraenai niofiheUiryof Battiat a a f slows, via t-L-wglh r deck. Ill fee i bread of brara, M feat depta of bold, II test Inches. CoMB-isaiosxJis or snaaAuoa. M mea Ing of lha B aud look p'aoa yaetarday aiearnaoa, : quotum being p-waent. Tbe now ber of emigres arrived duru g tbe part weak la BM , ,, gj,. j, year, KS: nnmbarrg Inma'ea In the tastttatt-au Ws-ds Islsnd 1.1M. Tna aargi-agase renalpaili week amuunied to $1 8dO t balance la Ike tana a 101 41. w Fine n MobbAt ITaxxT. A few Btlnnl before 1 o click tbla morning, a fl waa discover breaking out on the tbi d floor of the bui'dlng, Mx Mtrreyetn, Tre flames wtrs anon sxdnguleK Ktbe fl etuam. Pau-ag to building abien $Lt a piemiwa were fo. a erly oooupled by Jaw BasTssn At Saftensna. and IhepacswM burned aeveia weakaalnae. Wtakmenheve been eagat In rrpal Irg the Irulldlog, eed as lbs lira otlgtnat near a etove ued by ibam, It cause it suxvosad bar bssn nocidentaJ. Boabo of Cocsctuiig. ibe Betrd at gala ytsaardsy al 4 P. fct. After waiting half hour, and non of lb B-publteta astniber or 1 Rtirra (Mritrt JJemoerai) apnearing, the Chalrm lore avert, d-c'a d the Board adjoumad to Tkarsd at4P M. life stated thai Mr. Bairn will ops Mr. Jonas' election untU be can bar Ik apavati mem of ike doorkeeper. For City Ir,vrn. rc Third Psa. Anr or nn EauDicas or this Pat-sui wba may have frteaaTtven tsnfortuaaUssa LOYK OF STBONQ DaUNO, areadvtaad t nee OB. ZCLL'B FAMOUS BaOOfOT (or Til AT TTJUUBLX DUaUSX. -TkI ??WJ, TJ"4 araaTUaay be gtvwa aaraWsS wl,lf,5kw " r.eea..arr. la Uorlea, Tea er Idea Warranbd peraactly barmleae, and will set e-od ?.f?T; , Tbey take rtsht bold ef the lsas Bold MIMvieaoaetandataln. UBaott'B, MtmtSmt Nand at Mrs UAVia', Jib Fulton at, iCmY Pnee Out Pellar. 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