Newspaper of The Sun, January 11, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 11, 1861 Page 2
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t rniENWJi;oilKUN. KIIMT VORNiHq .trVNUAKY 11, 1C0. '" Jr.". I Lisa 11 I'mM par. Vkde all i4i(iu ontor, at II uewt of th r. daelr-M end recklea conn . . f kf t SouU Choline, la log m.t'.atur if tU Weak TUd.Ua of lU aft Ir eel rU 'oWed will U tour d In tU tH a h .urn- Ti enttan-i 1m ti uh tar Vine If ic,A d fr,m i, ,n , I l-ary Mid ap He ton. a, llll.n a re ,...,, Jfini,iTf.iiy rftrtrmi A Tiiitm'i It . m tu b bi.lnir is1 lU Pi . n.vy A .a .1 rnlHU'llnrtol Tu w,. mvu- U nit J I MllegSU. Lwb Mil miff r.iuth.ta It- tic ii ro.vrtuat.ia t-t., p-,,4 n, IhtBvm'B. Tui ..mrM7 f plltm1l etc! im'V t draw iif Im it d ki.o . hi p ie I"( im r t tiki Mi iiu. The etiva . f li R'vklj liHirae . rd fur with Wil-h e-.n... " " '" K .,.. . 44 lb tTMk' ST-be flbt eAvr..B- ... , ... Bbdetf Wil - w hi .-- mi.ij . twin .in.. iUimMiiiliillh hr 11 li- WKt o f.rgeo4 ln lnSi j nor Ve uve title lai.dr '' 'bi Inpi hjiir A a of the VfK W.birgon end II. t in i dia-peori- a-n th at cr.e-.fal landl-g ih i il tro,-. f emd. ,lMf r.t.' fi .Ml ft rt';s iu Witch lU rttmttat oiiiviitiK I r tbia lalru thi Che leak n ffl w nttl hev .opprteaad I1, at d garlrVliha m-ita" itie eev.'.lu.lj. The marW no nf lejiw ill llr II Oov. nor Tu tana, thrtltitt I'lion l h f.-h ar dor, LI epp om'meal Li felt l hit trfudenlfiif-b-arscc in a eat lug in answer frun We bin: Un t but L" c urt in ist be r'm' 4mHtMi to hr b-fii Um i;r on, In T1 o' tb (tct Uit tutintiwili' fjrit'r on r u to ba tpu!Md triT Uirfir to prviiil D. critjr fur b.wiiiiJoi. txUtwL ltu eia't,i i lyir .Kr" tnc kIu tropin linoit ttk tttny 'Tithi.ot xtrTrfti m, ihX on tlon mijr In ii U.U In l, otiblox '?vu, VDttit riJT mnrt.ioK. tta llth ( itj, tit ' of lin llnTnHTMlt pl Hrar nd faithful d.f.r.Sr. Ktit-j itrl 4 rntw mini bo thit 'bt riprMe m U worthy o.' ib Am ei04 loU "d Cl fj' " ""Wlrr (n D.,lu ll it eir.L llr un (Lull U, it it "III Imm. IImto U its mercy rxi'r.lo ur turn asid tti Kvilty midomtf TrMMtot hoot cn ll h' hen oft tuug turpetdtd ootilnnjcr tbrJ of drtamf'wot, In lb T'rtof ChtrUitoa. Mr th Qottrstaint UmilnUltwl tUr wllhoot tU htddlni; of blood -bat it ill Teotn,MilnUlnl. Ab Owtrm f Mar Ike WaU Tfe nam on trtrytoagua thttof thaiUam er employe d In th firit rtsoliiU moramtrit of lb Amaiican Uoloo giimt tha Southarn Tra- aoocfl61 ltbaipr(ila hublDR.r of tba new era about to deralep luelf In tba polltlai of th Dnllad 8UU. From tha Fourth at March ntxt, tba Quit Wan will d.U Itt aucoaaaloa to tU political a.r.lccy ao Iook mUtlnJ by tba Booth. Not bicaoM tba 6rtt Wattara rrwi dent aid be a thuNnhlypa af tha wwUro thir-acer-Ultbo U ioasgaraUd. TbUwlUbath occuloa, tba clonal, of tba new apceS) but In ium acd nacaridty ara faiind before, la the al moM n. prorldautUl prow lb of the Went In the vehement yet oooi-headel energy wblca fit It mora than to cope with th Impe taool loatbern furee that baa heretofore dictated the government; aid In th coojunctlom of erect which bibvt forward th Wtat In allth mlfiht of bar ttaourcea and of bir Imperilled Jalmeta, and by bar reprcnentaUT man, In th very hoar when th South hat dropped th acipUeand a new aicnlln power waa neadad U haad tha Dnlon. "Weatward tha itar of empire hold IU wy.r V ntmm m llu IVaaI mbI II AW lnl(AKl hTA th etildloi; atar of Liberty and Uoloo. Tha i Union, with the free and peaoafol aonmuil of all itmium U tba tteboard, are th Tlttt Inter est of h a,tant Wait, which will graap thani with an Iron hand la wbith th bene of traiaon will craokU lik pipe teen. Vk Bftarefibo Wtl Earttrmfnt, Iu dUpatch pahtiaked yaiUidty mornlnK, xnootclrK that tha itamr Star of to Wtt, carrying reinforcement for MtJr Asosstoa, had, oa enteilng Charleaton harbor, been fired Into by tha raTolnlocLiUi, and compalUd to put back t (, produced the greateet excltetnent throufthoot tb city, and waa the chief theme of converaaUon In all clrclea. Many hoped that the dijpatcti would prove to be falae, nn willing to believe, that far at the South Ctrollolane hav been carried by nnreaaonlng pealon, they woul I, eves In llwlr freLiy, dfy tbe power of th United Ctater, and commit an act of open war, by firing lute a Teasel ailing ui der the United State lltg. The nnaxlmoua feeling, however, wan, that If th Charleaton rebel had proceedml to Hi laat extnmlty, tbe authority or the natloeal tiovernment and the lawt of Congreea muit be ttutalctd and enforctd promptly) and at all baiatdi. During tha afternoon, the excitement vu somewhat allejad, though the feeikig of anxiety did not abate, by the pteadlng of a rumor that Cpt, MtCio-wm'a wife bad reoehed a dUpatch from her huabaid, aanoucdng that be had ar rived aefely In Charleston harbor and had landed tha troops for Mjor Anaeo at Fort Sumter. Whan thia rt port vu announced on the Mock Exchange, It wa ncalved with hearty cheori, and atecki ro. What tended to rsonim tb report ill a no' from th agent of tha AaaocUtei Treea, publlthed la the evening peper.' eiplalnlsg that the dii patok relating to tU fliirC tsto Xii 8tr Weat waa ilgned " Foan," " ' not mployd u th CharUaton correapend.nt o. " Aaaoclated l'reai. Upon Inquiry, however, It WM aor talned that the ownr or the Bur of the West Lad received no word from C.pU McOowe.', and they knew nothing of a dupatch to kit wife. t Bat at a later hour th wont rear war re vived, by a dUpatch from Mr. Laint in, tba regular Charlantoa telegrapbls (gent, atetlng that 'Kobd vu hU arlatant, and that the dhv natch he lent were true. Then cune tU t'la- patch from th agent of th AaaocUted pre la WaahlogU n, that "th firing Into th Star of tU Wt ll rr Uyond a doubt." Thee diapatche wf pxted oa th aewipa p.r balWlna, and u the new iproad, the extlte enent and Indignation of our dtlxea without dlatltctloa of party, diepeoed la InUnrity. There waa ote general demand that the Oorern meat ahoold now aot wl'h tbe utmoet energy, and many a wUh waa uttered that the nation had another Ajrataw Jacneoa at It head. After the confirmation of th newi that the BUT of th VTet had ka fired Into, thir waa much ipecuU'lon M to the wden gjven to Capt. TAUUotT, commanding tbe United State war atoamer Ilrooklyn, which tailed frvm Km folk for Chaiiatton, oa VTtdneaday. It vu hoped that ha bad lni Suction to foroe an eotrenoa Into Ct arlettoa harbor, If b found that tha entrance of tb Star of th Weat had Un oppoeeJ. Th DrooaltnBuaruret 2 000 tool burden, acd ac cording to a reeent lUtement, lira wt tot much water to croaa the Coarleaton bar. Iler armt aeot oooeUU of 16 nine Inch Dihlgren shell gue, and I ten Inch pivot gunt. We have no doubt that tb could pprech near enough to fart Ialatd to threw her thelU Into tb work amatol there, and to make their quirter o the Uland too hot for th Charleatoa rebel. At th vaikua alub-rooou and Cher placet of paUic reaort, th wlldeat and moat contradictor ruaaott Wr dmlatod during th ereoing. It wal reaorUd up town that extra were out an noauctag Out Major AjroBasoa had ahelled GbariMtoa, dartroyed Fort KoultoU, tt Gutl ltoatoToiiflra,aiidwa awoerally ylctorloua. Imvaaaoa vu hero everywhere, and U be bad a xeaar laea ander bi oommaad, a there Mn tlTwa fcc hlm,hmi4ht drfyth ajUa-lfadoeaBouaCaxoUnaa. fMaJM ratv- "- . aaaawA t Toa, Tiiawvoei A Oo4 agenM o . TT7--.iilalett,-'--',T"-'"'rtUj" JTSHZmStt auarloa be born MtaedbylU mmt CavoUaa fcr ataar aervie. TwaiTiuw HoablveytolaJolyW raUree. MJr Aadereea a thrtalaa. A- clergyman from N Jrty, who bad been well adulated wltb MJor Arnruaov vbll lUtloDtd at Trentor, gtvis it th gratify ing Information th.t tbt brave and true-hearted offieer la 1m a bright of ChrUUaa Mtb-"anohir navnuoca," a tur lafor traat exprit el It-and or. with whom It I Dot Mrytoerjiven fiv minute without feeling It The rab Ing ef the patriot flag oa Fort Samter, M d.KilU In th 8ci yeeterdty, U no trn an Ii luree cf tbe IliVRUK-i iruality, that we ean tot fori ear to repeat part oflt, in the freeh .JrM if thUI&UreetlnK knowledge i A r1lln.brWenin llij Aeorm aaamt l.d vwbu'ei'f&uKtJaft.iov wiali iu t n i n )'t in the fnt,eonnd llef.H- ll; 1 ii trr. T!e'gn wei atiacwt I iiitm-i. e o X Affru abo'dlrviUen'i A the U ia , o.wii- knell tvi mil fd". X 91 a ' iin1f tvil) en niil, riu. f rm lio'i o n. Tichip'ln m Hit p ' ilriimtv vie , oi d he n r 1 ! I mn ibfrt.4eTa' rt Ih.vel n i.l mitif r M.Ji Ai-a" rt wk'sr Hiniil ti'.r' up We p . T make rf bik.ui wuli Keilll il el ..'Ml il C llrnl.'V M irt ar rl till e', rr f ir'n n I xea, wie ivii tr tie- O ide ud w rk m,l . llr felulrel raeHlew. 21 (, 0 .e e, N w Y a. J .n'y, lt rirmafrn IkmlMii n'xc in-r nrihrlp Mi.r ik f..uuHu.D, at vou nuy p' ve e rtle eue en v. or N H em Hi, ym f.yihlOtn r er'M'i.1 en ap' m.ai4bi J-fl I !" e. ml.rr jo" o inof friend Imf at ririall Y iure repo'H v, U V Tuei-v. We fcav copied Mr. Il F. Tanni'e mn,if.i e vetbtllm, with all Iu Uimmio e1 ll.n LiSee el.e yaabU owntanv aaj feeling hit m phwired and on amen'ed It. At b p'lrpre ap pekra tebe, rsteoiiiach toariufy .'ien c3.oa m rciipnr rdl ito punUh ui (.if dl'Urri; fjiinhnlnO i(n, webave cnuuiudato4bi'm ' utlor fnudv ebara bn I'om to ' remeinlier" wt to Tiour qkaltrr million ( el y reedera, mvia t.r lew, w fimki) kv loiicei Tii wua'd ptrlicuiwly grairMr. D. F laaar, !WJj Orrene Kireet, by wn Iri; at oooe, one ei1 ell of vou, to tha tol'i of tte Son, 'Sror mi l'trtn !" ualng fini.ll r larte ctil'ae ard don Me excUmi lion in: tit. Tar iatendt limn many cf ji i pi.iona !y aUut It aa ba ean. In the meentlaie, we freely advertiat the whole of you that Mr. Turn hat dieoovered what he call "Republican proclivities," In C7ruwuenoe ef wklch ha feeU lrjored, ladlgiant, and deter mined to do the bos all tha barm he can de con veniently and without neglecting hi other but owe. In other wordi w nnbeelutlngly accept the Li'ue thrunt upon ui by our aatallant, and take bla atUck tqaarely on a bared brow. W ihU not even diaclalm any "pricllvltlei" that ha rnty a fit to charge ai with, truly er untruly. The queatlon la not what our procllvlttei are, but whether or sot a citizen of 9 w Turk, and aa la dependent JournalUt, U axpec'ed to crlnj to th prtjutllcea of tb different poll leal paritti In the ccmmuLlty, and tmother every free aenlimmt, and medli enry maaly ton, la timet lik then, under penally of a malignant p:otcrlpUM frun every reader of dbtentlng vlewa. We, of courfe, ia not aak man to buy the Bo, udeat they prefer It. We do not expect t malatala the general drcuU'ioa and thelade psndent Influence which 1 our ambition at JournalUt, by waging war upon th poUtleal viewt of any hanett and patrtetlo clan of our countrymen W have no party aaaoclatlont whatever, perioDaHy or editorially, nor will we deicetd to any. W know no cleti nor kind of poUtlclaaa, and will hav nothing to do with them la public matter, either openly or aecret ly. 1 he Sua It neltier BepubUcio, Dcmoeratl, ttortmtral. It U tlmply independent, patriotic, and InaeDOout. To deecend to U a party tool, would be to abdicate all that make our protec tion honorable ia our eye. Jo grovel In tneak Ing teutiallty, to ahlrk the tacredeet reaponai billtle of a public poaltion, to hva no fearlaaf word for tb right or tb wrong, to "dar tell neither truth tor Ilea," to maka oof tbeet a mere ocver, cloak, wrap-racl, to wttj (arty that eaa lunlah or protcilbe we had rather be a gal ley liar, or th blickeet and abjeeUet pUata tlon nlggar fa tb cotton lUtee. Now, at to "Uepubllcan procllville." If that meant Northern, free and democratic feeling, our rtederi know whether tU St il full of it or net. If It mean a love of equal right, cf the freedom and honor and Joat remunaratlou of labor, aid a tympathy fur tbe poor, the tufferlng and th belplot everywhere, the true-hearted and gen erout maaiea, who are at once th eboeeo support acd tb pride of tb Sea, know when to find It. If it mant parUxanahip, ptrtlallly and favotit lam towardi one aet of public men, and agatnt( another; if It meant tecUonal UtUrnenM, arro gant and eelf-rlghteoui proacrlptloa, unreaton abl and nckleat lnaoratlon, or an ntpatrlotl and unbrotharly rancor agatoat eur fellow clll xeci of other tUUt it It unDooetaary to lay that the meet attentive reader will rwf kaow where to find It la our file, put ar future. At to Admlnlatrationt, we Intend eiway t tupport oordlally th xiatlog government, pliced In office by the loverelga will of th peo ple and mere than that, "ordained of U ju" juit ao far aa It ia falthfal to Itt truat and at cordially and faithfully to denounce vry recre ancy and corruption, without a ahadew of regard to party or person il consequence. Smtwhat tco much if thir, A public journal mutt be a falltful public servant and monitor perhaps our reader! knew it juit at well before reading thit article u now. Iteeaer fresa TTakta(1a. A dbpa'ch lo the Obmnirrnal Ainrtiter says I VkjeyFreelc'eut lleaoaiaaiaaa akaaduoa all bnpt uf preoe, unleaa the pr,.p Miiiun of Brnaur Carrrea. new i hall to adipbal inuuedlaiely as a bealt uf ad justment la ama noerter, a Bom hem Frovblonal O veni mtml te 'a aad t ee a maane uf Ike eeoedlbg eteaaa untd a ieular arovernmant nlbi organiatd. Tte nameaof IU tfarereof tU Ftor aiieial U rvemiurmaie euggeated, Thu-. Baaator lldaTaa.of Virartala. I meatloned aa rrealdeot, Jtrraaaoa Davis aa CJtumtoder ln Cbbd ut tU army; Baoator Maaow, at Baoretatr of Foielra All J re. Adbrpetchto IU JTuwifv F turraVUe lUfi lowing I ' Moaea Iiur, lale CTilef Clark la the Department of iU lutertor under Bacvttary Taoar ia, baa baea rpi4nttd hi euooeewr, aad I now la IU dlaobarg ul IU duties of IU i IB n, Oykalea ef Ike frcee. TU d'y preee oommenkt vattouely njwn kU Fret U dank's Bptetal Meaage. TU World eayet TU Fiealdanlexp'eeaei hi daiarnlDaMon toed- leettupubuorevekuaaand p o'eet the publls pro perty, and yet eppeneuly eeeks to a taw bia raaoooel. blUiy la tU pieultee by eve ring that neither U nor Oucgieea tee poeer to make aggreaeive war oa e Dui wUl It tbe ue of qui am qtBnu ulna oa toe mean lis of wurdtf AfljruuH uort Woo p easels lil Congrees oQM to make aa aggveaalve wer aa.'' ,h m" vnv lW exited tke g.virnmenl tincauune, seeai, arms otau w -.- r--iffljatChe.keV f What ba the power to make eggiBivwuiodiwliBtUQueBjoaoi aiawoguig lb lebabf Wby ralae each Mvulou punCilUo when tU very exl keuoe uf the govemmenl 1 et atek I What th ouuniry weals la to eee ibe atcuilve clothed wita tU ampleat aulborlty permtttad by the Ujottiautlon C.'uJ."! of kU tu-penatua of katrat oerpus), ead tU lo ete that kU'horUy exerted, aot iahly, not le dLa eety,' not with Wavon dLwegard of 'Ua, bul ooniildtaetely, flrv'y, wl h tU aw el uofliechln- d-Ittiiiln-V i to uaiuktla the eupreaiaoy of tU federal lew. TU TVirtms reviews IU rat eg, ergulng tbat w admbatona prove that lU Ftealdeal allowed hlraaelf toU Ufluenoid by IU eouaael end aasuraaee of kralttuT, wbea a arm policy was bla Imperative duty. It eeyt i oaipaly say kranseoaiua la oar history nlioV e auob aiagreoe on IU OovemeieB as IU eowa.d ye rlaxoduaataleavdtotUtarkaot OuariaaaeaUr- lor. Tba anytbiog baa, at thl la knur, bee doe to ee-evt IU right end npaMd tU dignity tbe UbttadBieaea, ledeeaotko Mr. Bfoaeaaa but to Oea. Boost aad Mr Holt. TUoowadieaaaa tat. btctllty uftUFraidaalUv(1vaag eeieejauue to kee'on. 11 td tU rebel ton Uea Brrenawy ead vlgurautly mat a tU ou'eet, it would aerer Uv ItcoUd Iks praeenl dlmaoaVaiai TU Oriartar A ffagwrVer fi It 1 by far jte beet msessge tUt Jaua Be-maaiJt bat eml to that body, Ineomuch at It rk-iae aba so U BTakanlng kr aenettilnf Ilka a t tens -f kiaraapeava binay.aurtdentaf IU whol Ualaa, aad aet atare'y tU haad of e party. lUPrtWotbctUMBakiprt of Mtyor Woone MOaskloa reeeeag-t, tb PbUadelphJ 'erl Aavrfcwrt leyt of U Thl ttmnutreUoa ne4 make too bmad fere of avwl teueiaon eretedy to pwaen t otofaenar. Vbo tU bra orn, iU f' plar la ! kBAwaeotodoa, and bow tUi are exmenert rums of earn eW Iweaqoe bee rvm pal knk grevely, ta UniuBeiyUfitinaM.oeba, the auioa wUl Ur aelde lat tarn, truuilad a pe-t, and break cut la mirth. TU rmvkteer Jmmnt hat tU Mlowbig I. .. Alrximto Tonn, VT never UenJ ef bul bien-e.betrwnal bue llcama Woon, w we V. d ta lljih itImi lif weervia -a gai( at Iiai neve. Toe r.ew Y rkWuot now (. to wet mi il tU . m uke ha 11 1 e titf t II blio. Thiatmuett.. i.( Kiaeeeonalt no trQ u. a.-oua tiila now im I k lili re e ")y1r oaa " Pifuml dl. n&lso it. . h rrelne let IU rntiH it ilnin If TeaN.wp.! AftUr it etin-tit.f PeeaaaiMt wl k tnia j.4, p tMl, ' e k aiodav. N - ... k lla le 1'bu.r) IU 't-K Thk I'h.Vla iMi tin IYM kecks ly V. net leeev. ei b nt.vts iiu rbialahtn .tt'Chtnla w.,id not tbeQ Inipra-t I ft' r.-t -.fn 1 1 l N V k aa th y now I, yd Wok 'iiatniiT.ajlitf id United Mia w, H Ii ii if if He file it e kiutil, axttvore levulld tM, hreniitl. l-, ead ntLerente r' le t, njrfl.t m lit.d kj rl e few a her rl e. fl4bdrelu4nl N rkn etaml i. Folly -ti,e it ree tin ,i d tvwv j 14 bow 1 buf ellhoa'll) trhtntrater-J 0 trt In IS poouuel wnt rl, Ik it t . ib itti. It 1 N Yt 1 11 te rwt-i ba.iii e, th a.k 11 u be tbe ei I u. lo, oel lihl I TleP IVftAUffi.i ipf.klfjif theet'eckoa J 8 eri(Ue Wl.r.j4l The Ini wb e f wla-e'emvi wet obl a vt let ke b. w la en rat'l, m'A ar le t e ntin --rl. A iith Cart, le inu t p-ere. e- tawi ! ., f.t a batni r.rkonnf 1ie iI.e tliat Ut. ttftll le Nim e.d tttlff I waa' ti mj rj ni la wmi ..ttitlte. wi nl le uU. ell ttr tn a tit I7 'ke Atiia'ie 1 tifi e and if. kt tejre hit HitM) 11 ttrl mual la at d. wnt httH tb ee w at iiitr aiarii a It war Jce u-ef auoteaty THE LATEST NEWS. '! TUMUAIU 10 TUB A. Y 8V3. Folitical IuttjUlscncB AVWIIh UI.NUItKt taeeead (tmles fat kal. tf a.h'tflvn, J.m. Iu -Ur Sawaao (N.T.), pte.tttt.1 e mwuirikl if kbe clilaoaiHn Yjtk oliy, e)iig( vikaadnpilitatwl Jen, oi'Ulail meeu lal.r Uie pieieiteUua of IU Union. Lttdou lb tab e It r ike eo-ent. lr Btmnea (live.), prwaeaead e menrbti tf the Svbtid ul tue I eabytawtai Oiiujok, aov bttldtef el all(hany tjtiy Pa,, enaibir lMifrata that provuttoa b raMda lor tU asp ea areaitaldfiMiifbl ut .be ta li g end fcutboiitv t u 4i dnonul y, f r tbe eoko.w Wdtfeutrbt of (jitd end Cluii Tiri. lor lite rrcivtelttun uf ibe Una ib'fel u tt obey Oju' lew; P o th, ibet ilia pniuiiltx of (I l'a law ai a eteai ly advene Iu e every. Kdtnrnxl kt toe J mil cm y C utinietee. Mr. Kit a (ktua pteamtad a p-tlHoe pnylaf for Ike rfw a aecnnnt i f tile laoin j ft t tra-i ul i, un the 5naiid that It la Injudioktua to laoieeae tba pubue t4i. Tel tl r Ike pre eat Mr. Kaaaiot (III) pnawaiied rneni'Mlal from twelve tbtiuiead Oitia ua uf Baiilintrn, prering tw Du-aaato iiato.epeaoeeiidkeratooy. Tak'l tortb pr-fnt Mr HaurM. II)pre.eekdtUortdeaiialtf kit eol BKOf, UaaiiL Ctaaa aa a new for eix yeera erirw.riiuribt4Miroobil It onivtal aa4 reaa. Mr DiLM (f ; prtanw et a nt tu rial of ctti at cf I'm a-l peia, a-aiog lor tue p Uioi of the eur viir, euili the cbltlrtn etiu wAjntuC eoldine uf Uwaroll8.J. Alan, a ntbotlal uf otklsana 1 N J iMy, preying Air ibe elt ptm ul mea u ee fur kbe atta uatllaif a omvttitlon to atuokd Ibe Coo-tiuil urn. Tabedier ibe pieavbl. auo, a iDmottl 1 f dilaaoa of Pblla.lelihU, pray. ib fur IU adurokitt of tte uuoauf tU ttauator lit in,rt-p.-aiM aitouacutjaie to tbe Cooad lola-u. TalJteU tt IU prearett. Mr HLUiau. (Lt-J ee led ap Ua reao'.u I-o uf yea keidev. ie.ietaUieeppuUiuuebt by the I're-idaul of a Brertaaiy of War, Mr Buoaix aald Uwl lla) e ha been a groee vlale Un. The Jrrealdeul of tbe Uuikml BwkM bee not eotedilgklia eppolutuigaaiffljer to botdtjfflje oay Iwe ve or fuUiUwa deya, witboul th' fkol beiog mad known to tU Senate, and wltboui ra being aa wall ed eutbttir et-piuiaiUuB, TU prwer we uo y Ukeuded toUaXMclae-1 wa tk in ata area B' la eeaalon. Mr. BioLaa (ra)aelduai a (rial maaj-aiu-ajai-kieaiu rouudHl tbia caae Mr.Oaax-a (eto) end tba U Woud Twkt for tU att u k.n. -amnt-ui oeaaa log anybody. BHr. BaOLSaoat ea lad tor tke vote on Mr. 8li nelLt Ita. Julott, ei d It waa adt p ed. A'r M-ie. rtatendan. Ooliaauar, iFooka, Foe li, t). -on. TeoEyck. Uflar, Fi on, lllghsKee, Krtinarf-r, Uouter, C info-aa, Bragf 1 1 nraoa. J ay, ntaiatHik, U.vlr. Mtiory, Yalt-a, BUdel', Bjnje n to, Ueniphll1 W";;': Bbetian. Poweil. CmMia dt-a, Jitn--ia,V(lrlHonlbreen, P'jk, Lthaal, D. ata-j atan. rugrr 0o Aea Mar. Aoth'-nj, BlogUr. Camaroa-, Claude', Cark. D o'lulr, (Inu-, lieta. King, Baelabury, Baward, Bmiuona. gioaoer, Tmmuuil, Wade, Wlklniou, Wiia-b 17. Mr. Dana (Mine.) eddieaeed the fltnete oa ibe tale uf tue Union lie aald, what te lb ua lo rer rlaon tletee wh.e U la ao ua if defeo, Tn raear-ag bad IU obaiaote-rualoe ef dlpluoiaiy. TU a.uluiluB gave ao power to eueioe a aaale. It gevetU enry pmely to oWeneo. Wbea Aa rriaaaoa dutuautit-d tlie gune akd burnl kbe guo oarvlagea, be put Bomb Cetaune ia tU eaaiude t-1 bt enemy. Tba furta wie Bo built kt War on 8 rath Kiodua, but tarlke pTuteotloa if Coarla-tk-a tar r, end to ruek e . ha rutcciilon oxnpi e Tue la euntcilon Ln F. oa-yiVatda under Waeoiaav iaa edmiblaeikiUa, I not bke kue pnneal inatece TU giiaemmrnl lht-a eaaratd tbe a ate la que ling it. Fall WeeUngv, arar where toe aahea ia" Waaa leevoa ippn-a la aa rl oot-d by a f roe oral fruca IU VreabUig-k a Mary Ye'd. lor Nar uf a aarprlae O .ba entie uak-a ol tba a-th of Mr Davie, Mr. (II) and ia d that tbe 8 -aa-ur front Miaalaaippl bad eamffbt-d IU veiy leaauae matb katauig tU OjoaaituuoQ and ptaervuig tbe Ualon. Wbeu tba Bat at rr fnir-a MiaatMlppl wa evoretiy lo- roitaia, aa ii eeten ne wee tag afi. met tne puoiic pievwriy of iU Untied But at Uaeruaaam waa a a openy of iU Untied Biatea at CaerUartua wee a a U ni-oteotad. U abtaiid beve advteed at thai tlmtk aa a uaii aiy ilbo. in rianunt vi ana -jaiaati e a to pal IU publbe property el Charleston la a p trltkia to l defrtidtd. Baoe eloa, Lbea. would nevar beve roreaand eofer Btlt eeme tut aarareaoee ware a. n tl.t tha ITnluwt nwri nn la. I aaf. Ii e.tma alal II bae bera aald. "Qi on, you aoOtCjng ttaier, end gaiher etrMUjth, the United Bleiat w'ul do nulu' w pruteot ll-eU from (your -e.uU" M .Davie-1 sever bee diUI Mr. TarjaiiSLL I uuderetuud tba Saaa'nr Id lay thai a pad, bad baau givao tbal tU f TkBiadoae el Cner ekk .bou 4 rniaiu a tbey were. Mr. Davis WU adid yoageiyour lafoirntUoat Mr. Tiomuull I duu't aauw M Iiavut. lo.Unrwrpettraf Mr. Tarjaimix I take It bauk if It Is not rerpnaat- b', bull eutjualnlie-iutdbf Seaekire around me, tbal tbe Btmaati from Mua-iadppi did aav eo m ami Mr. TauujiaiL I in wfoimad that MaJ ir Aanaa aoa will aball Coanaat ia aud burn it to tba ground kt aaiabe. gun U filed et Ibe Blar ol kbe Weat She waa rxrrbliltd to pe through the noile cooduona' HaJ.' Aaoaaa-ia. Ut saved IU eUldlugof blood tliaaeby, Mr. liana. (Ut) DoeetU Benakor (TaoaaSLL) hbew ou wbat g oukdieod wbate.ii e or J I p Crelentka Maj. ANneeeoa bad la leafing Fort loull I and giei g k. K..rt Buraer, X,a TmaiiliU. I kUwe U whole country Mr Qaau. Ido tot wablaupoaldonx. I waat fU Mr. TscantiLi. Th-'len'or (Qaaaa) knowtvary we I that B u Ca'oJne u'aw'K-'d w awuiae tov. e elgnly. Iib.bM.a putllo.'r a'kd alait the eh wl.I b o-xopelled Uker eovat,".'? destled te B-eart Ur Jurltu OUi. Mlr.Otua 11 cs her et oeaaloo tmp'y Ur rlghl of Jurl-dictUo ever U wbo lerrlvxy. Mr. Ixvamru. liar arceaatoa movrment la my Judgment, u b. luleg (Uugbter). Ill nothing !mt Ineu leotlou. B M b(4 iiwrly B eitk Carolina rUr Uv Uve pretesoaa that e-oaaal.m Is JaaMOalile. wklch reeliy mail o nothing, but Oarrgta aad Alalama we e lo a that IU panlu p apart? ooald U erla-d wiUm.pi ssawa u V.4 tU Bauatar from Mia eiaalptrlieyetrikltU be war ee avrideivtl war I so wiiba aw tb atro-, ana wtt to neg unaer wbioh U be eo i f at ma chad ebonld be taken doerr , and IU pa metkt 11 tg run up In Ua pleoe. Tae t)i-fr4kat l, oaa ooaailtukliNiai UUrly U nialatalaed Uathiagivai anient any power to pnaaot tbt-tf? inoebarwita Uve wa e goverarabt Mali. Tbe ptwple uf I luaole U'ltrv w bev govrrn went, and IU' IU go-r anient U power te malatala ilrel--Bkby aekhigeeivll war A by tntugureungoivtl w Mi uul WeiaiivaekoaiaoawUieUweuf kU ftdeia guvt-nuuenl. Tbey wb i e aaataoorf U war est it e oeeel g. vereweot tnoutrureke kU war. Waaa did we ever talk utl ouereUig a aeata f TU Benakw Mlealanlp4 lefera to tke Ooevtmioa wfctoh kruwal Ui Cuoatttution of IU United B akaa. wbrre It Waa argued that tU ardent (oeamoainl ro dd not araoeettaU. I egne wltabbn there. UaderlU old ooeiederaaiia. IU aeled oa tU eteeee. Mr Oaaaa brre gut tU fljor iur next Mwday, aad IU tea at adjourntd. ITeaee ef Ilerreeeatattve. Mr. BotrLBB (V.) rseuowd bit perteeal x. panatkA Ue dattlad iU slattm-at made In a aewe paiaaT, pubuthed la tie (LUrpat'e Ferry) dUrtct, (bat he i nVed e reolutbiu u.drr wharn tU Coot-nalta-e of Tilrtj-tbrr was appoint", el IU In teuaauf lb mtntbrra of lUB-publcaa pe ly. Ue cateicd hi rveitluu at after a eoaiultatioB with D eaa rata and ike pa ly with whloh U aelt. pa metal to tret whether ba reapueee to tU ollv braMUIbai p enled, IU Btoubtteaat wvu d uffar the award. Uebedke-adiapr-an'ed ba lU action of IU Oaa mtita. tU aiif - ka wblcb ll waa fcraerd. and IU delay af er aauaeaW amva la making a rrpoii IX tb IL uae due Bot kak km bl saoaUr weak, too who datlra to f 'wetv tea at punu wiu naa a aw Mr. Mane an (Tana.) asked leave to ooV a reeo vai. diraoatug iU eecl Cumraltte eoeoavdder IU rreakdeaVe epaoial naeaaga, to repo.-t on tUl pert valk lewenee to nbmhvle IU quaatkata watch ar aow tbraaseobig tU dleemuUon vt tU O veramanl, and tUi tU Orenmlatee tauort tbaveoa M aa eeriy dy( by but i r 1'Snl reeolutlee. Mr J wit (Ov) oritoktd to IU tnkredooUoo. M M Baa (Fa ) prmaked a memorial of athbran cf FoaavWpbl. aajned wtboot latiaeatna of party, atrawatrgaaasamaleoaveeJaiaialaalalayaai Ibe nTUrabruery, wltk tU vtaw to adJaataU praaaat dlBV-atetes aad aea-ed It U artaatd. Mr. Baaaoa cm t) aajtetea oaty lor n tba M wet aot ewatueaary to print peper saiaasllag fnaa prraJkt parties. Mr. JwasCOa.) alee oojeaktd to prtottag. MMIoremw, (Oa.) taldlrat tharrHntJn rt f memttia could do ao harm. If a eanveoivia of Us ear cturt te celled to epp'y reaitdy fr lied film lira if ibe country, 107 may, at teeat, anti peeonfol irparetloB of tbe Ualon. Mr. Cox. (Oalo.) ,eaatked that U mrmorlal vel 'fried bi inbtletnea of all pentae . and a-oponad a Ita'looe! CotivrBeaTi, to axt at ladVpandenoe Utl1, whi lUn.earatkja of I drrmmleno vu pro C lmad eed tU O ettrtnttoo framed. Mr. Moan vrtthdr tda rnoilrat to print. Tn m- monel Ilea on IU reb Mr. Sintu(N YJ protanltvt ah rmrtlejtion of tb danujtei Oauioll of New York, evpreenve ef ympatr y wl-k U arlvanoi of ike Sowtb. epp-rrv-Inf of Major Aaneaerm' eoodnot, and of IU deter r 1 Ik rraaMaal an exrcnM the lawt, A 1, On m aunn of Mr (mxtas they war UtVt on tke lk bl enat ordrrrd tn be prutrrl. Th Hun. p'toMd Ii tb e iMeretton of th order, via Dbnrlct C tluniMe bnelaeae. Tie bill ftartUoreut oUlita of a rai.way IkruOa-b War Mr (ton wen lekrm np. Mr. flaitaarrva (Ve.) o.immnod a aparoh oa aa tii,el politics and read IU teceetion ordlnenoe vt aViaai Camllne, Mr. Cum fM Y) retard a pHnl it ordr, on lb gvnond fiet Dlttrlcl uf ConaUe bualnaea wee pe oierly are'trred f ir tnrlay. Mr, UMltnrrrt wou'd onnvtnct tke ireitleman ibe ble ntnarks wet pnlaat Thl bill propna but on'y io'Miracl a talirtad la IU tMeklci oT OnktniHa, bat la Virginia, brme IU qtieatJoa of ttet eove (Ignly til. Elgbkaea nonhera etatet doy iU i larroaa of tU rlgat te aee6, whl'e IU rtbrr If a hold lo the eoatre'y doctrine Mr. Ir ate (Ttan ) laqnlrvd wbetker Mr Ptilte arrra made IU elatement Ihat Tenner-tee hold the ribt t f aeceaalon. Mr. Duaanrn rrplted that be ruver prw-umed n. It- 8t ate Tou aald the (llena eoulhem eiaeea. Mr DtJtnarnwbibedfoaik Mr, t oat t qoa. I n. M (laewfPe) injected. If this er-unw was per. t'4-l ihi tl.trtctlmaar woud bedoae. Tat, etker pro tern , (Jon Cooaaajiaj dtcldtd tba. M I)JaiiTt we out uf order, ar. Dretaaa-m eajd II we apparent thai eon. in rrpivatititaavee vrera subjected to Ibe cruel ope reilou i ILe gkf Taw. Mr Bvnaaa aald, U had a dlpotlatoa to prtvrat Mr. InjeasTT bou meklnf rrpeeob, but had only detLn-d to pot Tanneaaee where U believed ehe ataada. Mr Dxjaanrrra Than I Bay fuUrVrea auuthera ataloa brjd to ihn rtabt ki arcrda. On IU eoluM m of IhU qiitatloie may dt-pend Ibe furor pe of th t-uatiy. Mr. Oaow ralard annihar'p'-tal of order. Mr Cox (Ohio) sng-rnatul khU Mr. DuaaaXTT Us k-eve 10 print tha remainder of bLe remarka, Mr, Oaow bal no olijtcuon (w all genlleinrra prtat lag tbelr ap erh-M, M BdiTU (Ve ) nl-jed. Tbe II mm rrumd the c-mldralloa ef iU Rtll rued U I, end it wet Anally no irnml led, Aljiuraed. MEW YORK. LftJIMIJkTVUS-eVi Athm Jan. It Ur. Miaitan nttleed a kill to laonrporat tU Aniete' Euad clety In kbe my ot Mrw Y.k. Mr. MoLaeo Moarnv Botleed a bill to Inoorpi-rat tU laJkrera' and Uva-eetiu BerUvgi Utak, Mew Ytrk. irmnMjoao. Ft Mr, Porea To amend be eol e xtcerolag th rluht and rala'tnaa uf hatband and wle. H Mr. Hiaiuti Torepttaltbe 19ib aactlon o' in ect ntaoiiabirg irgu ailuat rur Vie purl " York Mr, Maaoaealdop IU A'aomblf reeo'utloa t net t Cerial Ceniulaalieiflr tei the 10 b loatatii, kt fij Ikep'aoaof Baavel. Baaeaa. danraaed. Adopted. ar. aiaivKKa rerioneii reaoniay an oiu lie tiva lo Ine Motbialiat EplKOil okureo in Jjha etreet. Mr BriB' ta nn.t.d ki take up the raaolulloa k aru the ata'e, aid apjcoprlaUng tea raiillona of dot em t IU purpnre. A we m dtbat enaurd opuo Ibe leaolulloa. Mr, (JXaJiT eppueed tU reeoluduo and drprectted be.te. M-. I mtet-a evtavoaTI wtvhdrew tbe mntloa fur tU llroe belt if. Tbe 0unute of IheWUlekeuk up tU bill al lrlngikJuiy In O'lmlbalcaacekobejadrot of the law ee well aa Ike f.c. Mr, Cot via ajke In fevor of Hi bill. Aaaeaabl. Aamy, Jam. 10-at,. K-aia pratented a letitkio Kuttra CL4BK. nnlntlnir tbe ilcae r VHaltkn Kuicu CL4UC, ouoleetlng tbe ila-ae

AotTra Mm to a eee ia ine aaaeanDty, Tb ouioumail raaulatkn of tU Senate tt edaonrn ei'ru dis Brat Marob waa laid on IU labia. Aevmg tu notloes of bill wore tb following I By Mr. Omenta of bill to farmer eeear ue pe pi ui tow aaaia agamaa laTotaaaary awvitUa. B; Mr Kubv to reduoe tU par eentagi oa Fawa- u.iaieraiie.naiuaDeeiy or new lorx. Ur. Mr. WaiOnT lo Utter puolab erabeailamaat. By Mr. Baauaato repeal kU art for coang the AUaatMitiatt railroad tunnel and te prevent IU running if ekaara engtnaa. By Mr Fiaoa A Mil submitting th rrueaUio le th wtaple aa to the pr prlery of calling a ooavtutloa to nrt-e the eonetituiku of tU eUke. By Mr. Vtoonarrr To rp eel all Ihat part of IU Mrtrut71IUa rollos law rlalog to kU appotutmea) of larp-eWr. biuj saajaosemra. By MrBoarstOia-TU New York, Kaft end Kwbmoad Cjuatlse Ilaaltb btl. II make tu couu.b naaied kt fcrm tbe Metropolltaa Uealthdlatrlettkhe aove-aor to tr-xlnl eevan eom ihrte to U praej.tng pbyalolanis who, with lU Health (-roonrv, eball ka-m .be B rard uf liealth and glvaa Ibtm all tha powera of omoer at tU Quuantlte and f. r reglatratlon I II make their fee fr birth or atatb reglatrakkat flv oaau,aat for Bur rlagta IBornta. Mr. Wairaraa moved IU refreoc of the bill to IU mtruber from new Yotk, Kmgs and Blah. DTBd. Mr. ttonisuwataldlUbUl wae ef Ink-root lo al IU people t f the ate', and lie rtferacc to the tkaod-lacC-mnilteMoncltlaiand vllUiges. Agreed kt. Mr. Kouiaa n 1. truduoad a bill to rejieet all le yea a oity nllmad bllla, lno udlsg In oonlrmaUoa of the tk ewnue gram. Mr Caarv lainalui d bills In envrad th New Yoi k trernne tmrr and ' a B td of Coot mlarlocera of eppeakt for IU Fire Dtpartmenl, whloh we-e nferrtd to a eeUol cjmnilllee of tvalttw Yo k rprente'lvei. Mr. TowaaxBD lalrednonta Mil to amend IU capital puiil bniet A act by retaining the two Brat re aona, e awify u g the crime of mardrr la tU fl-st sid eeound dg . end revtvlng IU old Mtal making hauitDg tha draih penalty. TU kibowtng Una war Lnkrodooed I By Mr llaaur, toautnoitis the pircUa of the Srtattnt Foat Offios aiieoasw York by IU U-iled aua. By Mr Bono at. making aa appmprlailoa to italaamtUaial emok laaaod to Ike Auburn and B chilc K.I nad C omenta. Mr. Fibh, B pubUoan, off-red ennour-wat reaolu. time la levor ol r-ne Ini tbt Ferauoal 1,'bertr tall-. end aaandlnx the FaTilve 'ew t no Interference with very In lU etatee, or ln the dxk yard or arat-aale. or In the Diolrkcl of Ctilumbta oo inter-tnrenoawllhlUlnt-raaat elere trede I aha rasfcwa tlun of ila Mlaaonn .In Ibmugh all tenilurUs, tU ediabeloa ol K meet. Laid over. Mr. DaatMCT oelled up tU Banakt raeo'ullon, awardu B twotd to Major Aaoaaeoa. A ling da ta eoeurd. Mr, OuriL Introdnnrd a I IU to HmU the 'p'etanrer feieoalUUudeunlUvarlUilruad tolwocsola ptr aiile. Ialaaa ItaUaUare. I'diantpoUt, Jem. 1. The LtaglaUtare met at lOototork ebla morning. TU n oaa eleeted Mr. C. M. Atua Spaa.- I Mr. J. W. Ooanoa, Prtno. ralCetkiMr. A. r, Mawaiaa. Aealeienl Ola.k. To Sonata tlootad U . jVu K. Cava.. Freal dealiMr.jaa Lvaaa, P Uiclf.S Oerk. Tn Qot ei ata' tatag wUl U delivered tu-morrow. Vtrgtalaw JKcAatoaJ, Yt , Jan. 10. Qova-nor Lctob eoairnunlcaked to tba legislature a dlapatoh from th MUUIppt OoaTanllou statlag Ut Mlsaiaatppl by IU asarly unanimous vol of bar fM1 Courenaoa, Ua eeoeeded unoendlrioaany from tU Union- and dralree ea tU be Is of the old Coaakituttoa to lam a new Union wlih IU lecadUg eliles. aawiTB. Mr. Ctrroaaai Joint resolution drpracating lb dlapleyuf mllllary force agttaal kU Boalh wa taken up Mr. Tuovat offered a ubetttuM reoommandutg Cungr. to repeal or sutpend all law oinistltalliig port of ant y, ew , end tut th P.eeldenl abataln from IU exerota of all power calculated t Jepar dlee IU peace and qolel of tU eonakry la It pre. aent eiolted eondltloa- Laid oa tU Ubl aad or. da odkoU piloted. Mr. SicttT offered a resolution, requattlng IU Oivernor, InOkaeUkUUU aaala&ed of th pnrpoa ianyelllieo of Virginia to engag la auohltwles pbea ea tbe talanie of the federal property and InvaaloOtf tU Die lot of ColumWa, to empoy all IU newer WU whtah U I ve.ktd k prtveul IU aaaUtrom Wing earrted Into effaol. LtldoatUU. bias aad ordered to U printed. AbUiwMiportiiiirvAlngtora ataw ouva. hen. govs a. TUlWVjwingbajpeaaedkUUJOMl Jtaeolesd. TBellnvWw of lUlmsatoeat danger of dvUwat, tkl Ataantbly to behalf of tU CVinamoti. waabb nf Virginia, a.k revpeodve y oa tu oa hand of tUY etdant, and an eU oaker ef ktt antaertda of each of IU euwtUra ekataa, to tU and, tt poastbl. tut peeiutyU ii eats till Ihat Ibey laspe-tlvely aad rwr-pruo-I r oauu thatr aaauraaaea In r erweei a no, tut tU eSafe fate of all the rnovamenU kaadlegtoooUkdonaadeortoerTdag IU fcrt and ar BeoeiTtf tU natiei abatl on either band to atrtotiy roainWloed f wtU preaeat, aioept to repel acauel ear eatlve aHampt; Bleu, that tha Oovavnor eotnma Bloata by talrgtapk kamadlaktly. tUae raeolnatest to U Fraeldent and rs wnorv of lb aialhwa eaata. TU new (rem outh Caroana vai read and re ceived with loud ebeerlag. Oaorvwo anatkrw are made by tUBergeaat at. Aaaa. TU Oouveutlon btll wa dahaatl, but B1 acttea kt yet been taken oatl. TU alky U aiueh xeHd, Civil "War Bognn I I O i Attack on the Star of the West ANDERSON AT HIS GUNS. ORDXliS AWAITED MOM WA8HIS0T0!f Ckarfrtfoit, Jan It The dlaratcUt enlya-kr. day, aekithaBiarif IU Wl are e.r not. AujHtta, On , Jtn. 9 D rpakrhae ra ad Ore firat Cberlatrc,eakt Ih-ttkaatattm It pHarof ta Weal Mrrxpd In rriaf afi'l thl i awt, Irg, wkialbe lattertaa an M rl I-laud e flrpnlfcr. bVim) Ir ttetta er. i rd BltrutB of lb Wtet, wkeoeU retbed. Vjrt M uUU dl aot Br gun. Cknrttsten, Jr. 9 Ab art 11 o'ektek thus ranra lug, a boat from Fin Boiuier, bating Ltrut. II tu, vrllh a wilt Bay, r ecrrad IU eity. LmtJ.fl.u bad an IntrrvWw witn Ouverao Pieasaa an.1 wa. etarwa-da eaoorkrd In I It laaai, and rt-ata -i'tt f.n Fori BuBater. TU ootu lumoatloa front Mtjo. Aa ta oa I a M'owai Tt Bit afzeeflrnre; f V tTeearnor oWA CamU; Bra: Two of your bartarlee tied Ibie m irolug ua aa UBaraced vearei bvarli g 'h Big of my g mrnavel. At I Ur at Ua boklS-4 tUl wer U Uaa oV e 4 VnViuthCe'iillr egla-l tbe Umkd B.ek-, I oaa aot but th'-k kklrkb-trtle tart erantltt-4 wiihat your tenedoa or tuthriry. L'uda: thtt bupatre B-ala (rara opening a B a oa your batk-riaa. I have tU honrr, lUrtie, re"rcAftil y to a'k ebskw Ik above-antauVaid ed, one whloh I bt lv Ii aiikuit paiallel In tU tletoryof our eiu.ttry or any other clrLlatd goveinavut, wet c-atuiliud la eUdieeoe le y tur Inst nekton, and n.i'y y.m. If it U Bra dLte'aiutnl. tbat I rtgard II a aa act t f war, aad IiUlnA af cr treatable time for lb ret a -a of a y meat eager, rnul any vaaaet It pert wlthla tb rtbgtof tUguui if ry ftrl . Ia or le I eava, ee far a II I In my power, Ui aUddutg of b'otal, I bg yoawiUlakadoanolltsiMon of roy deebnoa for tba good of ell eoncetned, hoping, howtver, your anrwer mty Jualify a further Cuntlauanoe ef forbsaranc oa By pail. I lexjtla rerpralfu'Jy, BOBRKT ANDSRSON. Oo-rrnor Fioxawa, after alatlag IU pjeitloa ef Boutb Oaro mt te tU United BUte, aaye, Uial aay atta-rpt to aond United SUIas troops Ink) Ciarleaton llarb. to lelnforet IU Forkt wou'A U regarded et aa aot ef hoailllly, and, la eonclaeloa, add that aay etircopt to relnfjrc IU troop at Fort Bu-nter or I iVtk eed return paneeeetoti tf kU fort Wilk in tU waters of Bou'h Carolina wbioh M.J or ABoaaaoit abaaAaaad after aplkiag the Cknaoa and doing otUr damege, otnnot but U regard ed by Ibe enihoriUes if the attte at ladlea tlvtof any other purpose ttian the cicxloa of lU tUkt by kU armed foio of the government I -peotal agosar, thereto e, Uv been off th bar le wa-n ap pr aohlng veaarla, armed and unarmed, having troops to relnfoie Fort 8 imter abiard, no! to enter lU Urbr. Bpectal trdera bev been given to IU etm manders tt lU futl not lo fir on such reveal, unkl a abut ec.oaa their bows sbou'd warn them of the pro hibition of IU elate. Under theoe clrouinetsaoes tU Bhtrif IU Wset, It is understood, thl morning at tempted lo enter tU harbor wnh troop, after having bean notified, aU could not eater, end cmaeqa-ntly U wt Bred Into, TU not 1 perfectly Juttifled by ana, la regard to your throat abjnt Teasel In IU harbor, H I only neceaaary Ut me to aay, you mutt U tU JoJg uf your re-ponalbl'iiy. Your porltloa la tU harbor he been toutraaed by tU authorities of IU tkola, and, wbl' kU et of which yon cuaplala UUpeiielcrialpteBoywilh thl tight and duuee ottUeUtrsltia aolperoalved how far lUooudttot yourpoatloadoplcaafiada pa-allel in kheh'eko ryof anyotrunkry, or be reoonclled wl'h any othw purpose t-m that of your government Imposing oa tU Ute IU condition of a e-aqnarai province. 1. W. Pinaaae, acoan ooaavBioanoa raoa uuom uraaaaoa, Tt Bit RtciOtncf (Jovrraor PxUni Sir, I Uv tb honor to acknowledge IU receipt of your eomratmloatloo, and aay that, under the oir-cuni'ano-a, I Uv deeasad It proper te refer IU who'. matter lo my aovemmenl, and Intend defer ring tU course Indlcakrd ln my not thl mornbag until (U arrival from Washington of auch Inatrtir Uoa aa I mty receive. I Uv the honor also lo li ana IU bop thai ao oraarootlonx will U p'ac-4 la tU way, aad that you will do tne tU levor ef giving vety lecUlty for th departure aad retura of IU bearer, Lieut. T. TaiJiOTr, who la directed to make kUJouia-y, Boaaav Ainnaoa. Ooveruor Pioxta haruodlately g-anted lh para miaeloa dealird, and directed LUuVTiLuorv to Uve very facility ead courtety sxVnded to blm aa bearer of dlrpaljchaa to th United Bailee ancrnmenS both in gulag and returning. CAarletfM, Jtt 10 Lieutenant T. TiL-crt left Charlrston lake htat nJgba,vrith diapatche from Major AeDxmaow to lb Prasideal of the Ualted SU'ea. Lteut. TaLBorr goaa to Washington for further tnatr ustlon from IU Freeldank A party of gentle. mtn tatetulned him at the Cberleatrn Hotel prerloue to bis departur. TUra kt ao txcltemrat bar. August, CAt fait. 10 Tbt CUtlton OourW, of today, seys that about half peat ( o'clock yesterday morning, tha steamer Omeral Clinch dUooveredlhe tteamthlp Bier of Ibe West end algnalled IU fart of Ur approach to IU occupanta of lb battery on M -rl Itlacd. At eoon a th algnala were aeen by tboee on guard there, Morril I land wa attlr with nun et tUlrpoaUbefi-theoider could U glvrnthemto pr-ii for action, Taey reaiklaed in aaxioui tua- peaia, bul ready br whet Ibey U'ieved was sure to cane, a vo'Jry from Fori Burnt r. TU B ar of lU Weet rounded IU putak, took tha ablp ehaanel lnakl IU bar, aad pruoeedad etialgbt fotward until oppoaiM Mortis Itland. buul three. quartan of mil from tUUttery,, A btll was then fired thwertlUbowoflhrUmer. Th Bear of he Weet displayed IU Hare anil "etripee. At Boon a IU flag was unfurled, th fcrtifiaatton fired a auo eeadun cf heavy suoU. Tbt) veatel oonllnaed on her coureewtth Increased speed, but two hoU taking effect upon btr U ceneludtd to rear. Fort Moul M find a few ahoU at bar, bul sU wa cut of their range TU damage dona to IU Star of IU Wt U trifling, a only Iwe out of seventeen abut took e ftct upon her. Fart amtar mad no demoaatretioa except at kU port holee, wUr fun wer run out btaitog on Mania lalaad. Lvtre frwtn Ckavrtaetea, Further Startllut, Intelligence. rr-raratieaa fwr thai fiUwp-af-Wat IlcWwklyB. CkarU-e'oa. on. 1 Dlayatcbe stating Cat Ua U. 8. tocp-of-wer Bwklyn U cjaaing her with an anaed (woe, create CU moat laWue uoiteraaul. Oreel prepaiaaloa ar being read la lh barbjr to receive Ur. A larg aleanvar celled IU Marion, cf th Char!. ton ead Maw York Una, he Wee purchased by South Carolina, aadoidered lo U raaeed for a raea-of-wer. Her upper cabin 1 ko U taken off, and aU la le U applied wUh a oompleks armaanenl. TU buoy ln IU harbor Uv been removed. TU AraeMiawlll U Bred Into. Foal iamket wkSlUa open on lU Brath Carolina fcrtmcattrms, and tU Ight will baoorae general. TU pl'l ar preperirg tat II and for tU won. TU Dreeliyn cannot com la without a great fight. Major Amnaoa win protect hsr. H only pladg. dbimaalfaol to prertnt enmmnnlratliat besweoa tU tonU Carolina tart until lieutenant Taunrr earn hack. A samtog called Ue Aid Ufa eU wharf tonlgkl log U rwrfoa of reeonnotaarlng. IU U mounted with on gun, aud 1 under IU eoeanaad of Usui., fctaoarhy cf IU federal navy. Tbere I much talk of sending to leiaan.k kar tag. boals,kaleUIUraeeogunboat. e A d-wele-t fcory. BaUtmcrn, aw. 10.A d-pteh froan Capt. -etm to an efflotr hsw eonrm tU report o' Major Aacaaaoara tslllag 0remor rtoxairt to gv lh vosnaa and children oat of OUrleelmi, r allow liMovavakUFeMtcUaa, erU vroald UU kU ey Qnoaaagrerf, aad tU Star cfU rest leaded kU troop aaajty. ata,or n-aaaaaa alMloldrwraXBiavietlfkU Ckariatkeeiena repeat. -ataaUiraUvroaiUcfnonrortMoultrUtndtM Ctaj tMBBWi. Tho War Sprcadmj. Tar. aoujurEST nnamsa r auxs. . at Kr OrUtrt, . ). :H . rka trope in Nw Or care war aauer ana utl rlg'.l IryrrJ i4 0 vnnv MiKiaa Fv erwpeeiea nSrkd Ihla -e alag tt lw 'tltk kn atleath e ira . Baa. The Oil aet Btlut tea Aittl airy mui rotar e-apaa-keamriaiktd at e ttr FjMs J ke e d Bt, rhihp, tuny atliat b- w, , i a 4 Jl-lfil, . B-dlIUapprattct I.Nt0 ixtt Tl wharf et nm.d-d l k ot 'area, wkv roolfar. o y ebmiad g, p aa a lia ttia , Ttr. owp nl. I.', trlaaf.Bo.a.Betraaer b.a-F IP Ldi Pmatral Maw itginnt Is uf iiv er .a-gta's-d K n.w nmbt ll at IU war t.tia On adrr ta otniig tp lb ilvr, uA IU klgkaa taeiiuaet p aval a. Trie aad Fe Ida wtl aao intra tbelr fjruaoa tm. a, Tl trwipv tf T.uoke-t aai Mitoleatppi are g. Bgittar.l edibnaatd Colaia In appel. anrvad ktUyf omMea Yak. aarlaaraai Far ok. Wllmhittvn. M O.en 1 Foes Jjhsuna and Caewrli wt akaa prma of ut In tvigbl ( IU Btk by kU 8m tbvl da gee da. Tb AUkaava mat Uaavraitoa. ymgt,mmt, Ala, Jat 10 -Mr. liTLOta, ap etotbieand Umt ia" a eo pmtijv aad cwu -vallva 'It.aot-r. at Minora RtmAc, Tut tap ete aU' actio a U gaejt ead tapojto. Jbvw'-'d, Ttai A abarne tbnvdd Invite It aouth-in t a to t natation to U bald atta ly aa piee lika ble, which -fca'l nuoaldai and agree bpja a eiatat.vii giltvroaad aberaaiar f oWtlamg red tat, whitr lo Vh lUk.a or out .f ll. lUabiVew. uf rad to tu oma tit of lair teem. Mr. Uinta, rf Kir I, iff. ed a reaoluMna re .ueelag kt Ojve me- to fa at-h IteOitrrn I, a a tUt a its eerv ttof IL touirr of ma iM-cma-l aider IU, eel ,f tbe a I L giaeta-. wrllaakh ir elarac tr. de c lotk a erjj p tori also what u her arm, rtn , w u d,r Lot catrol. Mr Jtmitm to- v d an ueodriei, rrqiMMtlng InXurmailua a to lU aurabar ut ctupaal a aud aoU dlera thai had t ffer ed tktlr Btrvlots to IU Q jvaraor at d lawn accepted. TU amtndiEent vu acorpwd and IU laformatloa dhected lo b Communicated a IU Cjuvanuon la arertl etaal aa. Mr. Yaaoii moved en amendment atklng Intor. natloa In regard to IB entrust of o-dnano and aruaranlilun owned by lh ttla,asd th (ileal of Ik Federal pioperty In Alabama, and what porlloa was found at Fo t Yemen and Fort M a-gaa. Mr. Jantaoal reeolutlona war to amended end adipted. Mr CoLUtaaifferedthtfoUewtngi ftroltW, By IU people of AtaUraa, that ai IU power uf ibis etele are bereby pledged to realat any etkrrcpt by lh Federal Q jvemment to cotrc any of It etctdlsg eutes. Dktcutaloa emued upon thl rerolntloe, pndlng wbioh IU eonvenlion adjourned to Car. Bianotn, of tb Federal Nevy, raeigntd rvelgntd ytetaidey, and lmmadlalely tendered hit ssrvloea to tU Oovrnor of A'abama. A bomber uf jdltore and coopoaitor ere lakh compeoie thai Uv geae lo Fenaaoola, Florida. Jfcrnf jromrrv, Jan. 10 Il 1 undentnot thai lb Cumaaittre of Tblrteia rrported an ordinance of a. oeaaim thl morning. Ii trill U dtbated, and per U) adrpktd today. It U also nnderatood that a rninctiiy report; will to prraealed In favor of ct operation. TU mejcrlry report kt lor prompt aeooealon, aad itqueeksaCoaveuticnof a'l tha Southern titles, te be held la Montgomery tally la February, It U believed thai lU majority report will U adopttd by about twenty majority. Borne of lU prominent oo-operatiiiobrki wtl. In tU veal of leoeasaon, lekt a promlnrnt stand la da fenoa of tba poaltion tUt Ihe etea aasume. Georgia. Avrtttra, Qm Jan. 10. Ua hundrtd guu war Bred kar today to, honor of lU pern eg of IU ordf aance of teoweloa by Muuteeippl. Utldn, Montjtmeiy, Ata, Jan. 10 -Il U reported bera on reliable aulborlty tbal F.oaida will paa th tecat- atoq ordinance today. tVe Neap af War Broa-jya. Jforotk, f. 10 TU (loop of. war Broofyn trrfcd off a pilot, named Of r. Bh wou'd not atop to discharge him. Maveexeau ef Treap. BotUn, Jan 10. Tbe icheoner Joseph Whit ney, after taking on board provlaloat and munitions of war al tU Nvy Yard, laeteidsy, propped od Ibis morning to Fort Iodrpandexo, wber troop war aul trakuerd vrl k terartl orneers. IU U ripected to leev thl afternoon. Her deetiaktloa U upoatd to U kU Coaat of Flcridt. OlleakwJppI Ceavrallea. Jackttm, Mki , Jam. 9. Delegation trera loutb Carolina and A'abama war Inv.ted to aeata la IU Conveallon. Tbey wer greeted wlU applauae. Kflorte war mad to postpone action, which ware voted down. TU 13 del-gate who oppoced th edlnanc will sign ll to-morrow, making the vote unanimous. FlrewotkawereillrpajedattU cepllolihl even ing. TU aiclteroeal la lnlenaa, Prwea Waahlagtea. fantn(r(ffti'on. II TU Seoretery of lb Tneru' ry has adverllred tat prr-mal for taking of tU flv million treaeury note, trader IU act of December last Ths bid wlUU opened on tUlVtn of Jaauary, Th ritaldenl bMoopted leeretary Tanureoa'a rcelgnatloa. He, la letter, seys tUt Taoanoi I certainly, though honestly, mlttaken In alleging tbal ne eunciutlon was icaobed ln tU caulnet aa lo Band ing troop to Fort Banner without delay, Tne only dociimaal tianimltted with tU msessge ytttetday were kU Conimlaaonav Brat letter and kla reply, both previously publlthed. IU reported Bring Into tU Star of Ue Week, at CUrleseoa, U but beyond a doubt. Frlvat dlepe'aU from dialtgul.hed eonrces la South Carolina conflrm Ihe telegiaphia socounea of tU latest venl In th neighborhood of Charleaton. Oeneiil Ptt bad an Inktrvltw with the Frwldenl today, and kt 1 anderetood Ihat U can have tU poeknon ef Ssoretary of War If U vld acoept It. Watkingtm, art. lo-ii ti not vu aa aietaa in aom of tU nwspprt that Mr, Bnuu, of Ohio, atrent to the oorapromla agreed upon Ue 0 aml. lee ef tU Bxder Male. TU Buur Bt'eotOotamlttet oa th 'resident's rpeclal BMaaage, oonal t of M.ssi. Qowaan, of Mlchigani IhlalrcB, of Morth Carullaa; PaVIa, Of MaaaacncaaTTa, iiaui Oooaaaaa, of Maw Yorki 45 Ilioljun, tt rmntyrvaala. TU Bepubllcan ar to meat la census on Set, daytnlght, when IU ptopoeltion ef Ue Ojenmlilee A IU Border rtaU will com up for eor-atdaiauoo. TU Rational VolunkMr fcal a mtttlag tonight lor Ua purpose of pertketlag and etieaillrrg tbelr nJUkaryuganlaadon. On cf lU rsoladon adopt, ad I follow .rW -rtU aet, la tU avent of tU wltbdTaval cf Maryland .od Virginia from IU Uedon, la sooh mannrr at aball beet eoure cureelvee and khoa eaarafrerntUertlsof aforelga and boattla gavarn netat wllbka nd bsb tUbr border Vrkeeeaaka latsUlana MaJUon, Wii., Jam. 1ft, The Vyieoorjein Ltgla lalur met and organised today, aad Oovamor Bus. rJtu.'a Maaatga waa delivered al noon. Il .com mand IU rabjeot of military affaire to lb wiadom and dlaoretloa of tULgialatora, and oays tU algaa cf IU aim Udlett that tUr may aria a ocrtttu gorcy In tU ooudWon of th govcreraeak, whan It will btom neeeeeary ta respond to tU Q of IU National Oovarament lor man and mranatOBMnv tain IU Lntngilty oflU Ualon, ead thwart lUae tlgn of men eagaged la organUIng treaaon OatU nbjtct of seeeaainn, U keys thit la not a leegoe of , but a goveinaasnt of lUpcopU. TU Omeral Oovatamaal cannot cbaag U cbareclar of a tkat geveramenl er naurp any power over It act delege. tadi not can any ikat cbanga Ua obaraeeer of tU ir,B.Ot.viBXoant, reakriot or tacn las jurlsdle tlsst, or Impair any cf It light. H argues that IU akokVa of Mr, Lluoous wa legal and It ao Just euaeforeoraplalat from aay qoarter, Dsaya,tU Quastjttitliin make no mea a alar. Slavery caa- Bt go M fret tarrtlory under U Oonaaitutlea, aeltUr can Unlet outald of local law, tUrata-e gUpexeoeualfbeTtUv ait found or ahoold U up. oatUaUtule la every ataae. Kvety living hia Uaag U IU light to a legal tts,wbaUr U kt a Croa asaa ct v. Bacul th Lgrr tMak tU ptrwaaal htty Mil ef Wktoaaia la oon flci t'i IU ttilted fiitr Contti ration, tUa llerxtd UaiadttooorJb'mlbr-wi,bnl ue her end no kopecs' erew ard tVaxld lndoot a frtepeopg loir ekdovalU wall of ihetr p-vteetloa. WieU , maka a et-rlte cf our reeling to ooneillekr, bug a ' r-iftceof oar prir'pVe. TU right of a ttat to tdacantwr be adml ltd I once la tU Union a aaate meat temala uuu tba Union U dlaaolved. Tha Mteg glVt gr.t eatlararaka. Catea Bit Hit a nt Ualtlaeet a. Bolin tvr, Jan. 10 -1 te Uiion meeting le aigbd we In tueu aad abtuolet , abd untqiMad y a y aru tat ation 1 Be nm re tor many year. Nat- ibea 10,010 we. prreebt, and Ik perae aloe t. bipad to ul-turo Lt meealng b dlaubkaa rr-w. wiraiiua la aat tn daihaquick tint, arald cia-r- kt ifja nliniBd M Jo Aaurjt-oa, aul lot- r at ribiii.i .i uoaetbut uuae a prupwtttiea V till ta T.aaH,aa 14 ih tor IB f do bt pn)rcl kStlil tkalata euaan ala.dt. 4 rtoia t r nvn, raiuteri in . I at riqu r.d thelpiikw I ioj VI eaca. Tke eturrakB .be r luritar tl dattorllng lie enttna Avf H tl. Irrut M II Bavtanr Jjattirt a.d llaal.ViiBit at.auf ia ti tnta raatmta, e-e-r b itt. d kjeb eppe'n.a k.tbeeoU Tl. ta- utmua tut.b akal tt i.aiBWta of Weiubto a fj.a e I add r .Csaudeg tot. tVrWt'Ja rr !irt-kTjt rvfl) -f onr w J ttutrn Jo mi wwi In W wli 4 tj(B tMlt 14 to, Ultl - ft Mlt t . A mi iti ltu h-t wiih Ui i kfl Md h f4ffit ---M ih i-a'.M" ifffi turn b-nff tuuH It aarv ! f rl va.Hlta ( im III t ldwtfk i-tjuviWil w-ii, hi MtTM Btyirt j4 d qartft'. itOpoi id ' ( Mik iv-f-it d Vtoe. iUiuii'4 mi- fl tth Uit0-ik u' aitiu itiM in i Hi ! tA, w ii. cnl im ire - bib. p'K. ta Ut ff-'nt caf th ej . tl MU lbf tll-fl Utmj K It It4.ll tekd Uhti et Se .lay wir vj al and n p Cat aa u d II. &lty U'psW, (f jlM j oto-vrs tUIVHt rra-w, Ui" Hmf Uli b Mad ftp VT a. --,. p rrm-u' w r 14 aar lenaa)ei U RnAnd Tlt-I TkttiLaill.n kM mh-rkgt ' U-ifiiv-wa.1 ;oli1 lf o Lb ni !. , k vl oltttLn Htr - if,, Oj1iim. bi 4 U f Utitd 4it. rtf oc n C d pa-d ntf . lit kt.rt-Aftall -f bMf d 01 t.ej4 bN,fe w t I- lrt Orvtjft ! r 'nt nA Iti. m pl ao h- T.iitu'ia.M. tlj xu w'teiii, b t f I ji no id il. Sol Ltti h -vf- of ilj ' trwCtv.i)Uir( -IlluM-t itnl t9 f a-i UfktUkUt ltlkr i 0 til pldaJlA U. Af, ( fltit-'- u b i ur tr btitn ' rf l m tj tirrn Htu- l-m only wf l.i renvt. iK, ( I trUJttl iu-nLut wd turriKi of uwtf b it iv if Ui wrut'B-TB t,idfi rt"., f toi Mil ! Utu rPt f g rtrtJt UnlOU, tFa) ftt I'nr i In1 m whicrb (rufhl lo tMairJ im fcfrt-tlv -t ro - ii 0 Tb 5-c 1 wi 'C riOi rtl - ir. tvV io t t on ahil ifit r-i ttti toat'-i-(f iiaW f t'td t. tTiwt tt.; rtw m (Jtnr4 U ! Ultm t l lll.s.4) C HiUltA fail fttUakl Ike Stvannak (lie.) petwe rpri thl fet to U klnl in lu quiet p ka-aa on of '..'J rnluateera ottered tblttcr by the Unrerrer of tU (ate. One of the rulee. eaiabitehed I laar Art aaf, TraaL caoaUT alLbir ok hu ton auoviJt na hot. A aaaiatt aeeault float tbe water. It ia ) dafetdtd by an ample number of trirty lw a kiuhimii, muLu irn.iar mimaii, era tn a mack blgher stat of efficiency than bed been ea. poeed. lUUoveroor baa placed at the ditpueal of CoL Uaaioa, In addition U Ue tuaal anaar of each eoldler, one breach -loading earhloav. throwing, ia tbe herd" of an export marksmen, alxteen rill ball a minute, a CoLti revolver. and one aabre. Ibe ditch around the fort I beloa? ranidlak drat ted out, under Ue orders of CoL Lawtoa-. I rtoe-neid negroe Having been puoed at UA I war. rtmry added ta Trraswn. The Charleaton Afercary, at tha cloM wt y ppealtotb Flortdina to talis Ue ittfeate C l'necola and Kay Weat, thrtana th eaixara of the CallrUnia u-eaeure Mft by aoathera aria' vateara, We copy i "To our friend, ia Florida w vouli respect fully paa a word. 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