Newspaper of The Sun, January 12, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 12, 1861 Page 2
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THE NEW YORK SUN. BATUBDAT MORNING, JANUAET 12, 18G0. .Treoveee e irrnf .The whareebrmla nf th Star m fe Wtmt I iIH u oneetletnty. A tutderatond try ton suthorltlea, to be lb xptctatlou of Dm Oov. rn I thai the firoellyn would bring In BH.rn lAdWssf be to Norfak ft tMh snarl, Other da-redone 1 17 that Ik D. B. steamer Fo'ton l Un dlalolMil IcfiaLtur lata OhiIVn Vt-bor Major Antteajexoa order of eoerwe can herd y htv etertedfrra Washington before thla morning, and Wt 1111 i nYy kt ow no' hlof ef ahem (If they ar what Ibey ought to b) oiiil 1 b act trptn lb,. But th CUrVswtonlen ar qaleled with HinM enrt ofWatblngton mollltcetlou, unalla whet The fa ( th day en three points may U (ummsd op M -ma naw. A'abam passed lb ordlnaae 4 Bins! il yesterday, and another hnneat pi-Mot COstal Da) tut tk plac of traitor la lb Cabinet, Both house of tit Nw Tork LesUlttura, ye-Aridey, raised unanimous resolutions, tendering to Ik Tri dent whatever aid la nun and money nay t needed to enforce Ik lawe. Vim I le reeed lb ordinance of Monrelon by large raejotlty. tbt fort uid enenals ta Louhaenawer ansa pte doa o ly stele troops. TbeYbitala A-ermby v4ed to refer Ike question eof nnl a to lb popular Tut, nd Ih Federal IhiOMaff I la Si. Louis war occupied by U. 8. troops under otd from Oen. 800. The rnmaseary af the l'eleu. lb frightful tjirttd of tt prsat epidemic Insurrection, tbrongbout tb South, would t eocugh aider all th circumstance to axtln gulth th last bop of preserving any other rot nimat than or, under the tun w mean, so far at U ravelling ttaUt concerned. Bat a moment' rtfltcUoa upon Ik radical dlffroc of condltlone, bt a our government and all others, will taflle to alleeltU lh fctri whlc such, a volcanic popular eruption naturally cite at Brit, aad t Dtrr th pttrlotlo ttate to a determined aad hcpnful ilacd for tb preterra tlon of th Union. Th IIsive-dirto'.etl wll tlora of th framtrt of our Conrtlutleo, li now t reoelre la xtrniit aad probably lla moat glorious teat If oar central government were, lilt all others, a complete ayaiem rf InUilor ordar aa wall at of external dfanc, It could be overthrown j a mart UUioal rarolU It woull btr to cruth th rTult or aoocumb U it, at ooca. But whaa w talk of tb difficulty of rwdallsg Mcaatlon, w forgt that tb goYrnniDt to b ncM from b alraaat axoloilraly onaof protection I It lalit tl mor than a ijiUra of attornal dfD0 and comBrcUl facilltlai and a tiat which atttmp'j to withdraw from It, braakj it op by- to doing, about a much aa a u ky child braakj op th family by rafutlnn to cat lla tapper. Th only cooaldtrabl or lndl'ptnaabl ictlon which our govtramtct mtkn upon th obadUne of Um iUUa, la cooulnd la lta rrnu lawi ) and th aol aoarca of lta rTm If of such a Data' that tb e.ovrntatat raqulr no actual looal JorUdlctlon, no tori if municipal nooKnitiwi, nor a foot of land to itand upon, In any itata, in ordar to collaet all It rtTtnoav all It ab-olu'ely dmiIi or aka from lta tubjcti. Oan la a gormmnt whoa rital functlooj can t folly oarriod oa In Try aouthrn ttaU at thk tlaa, by Tlrtu of 1U naval power, without firing a btll ahot, or abtddlng a drop of blood, and it U tszpnaslby lad to think that but for tnacWy In Um Cablnat, tb poaawwlon of our aoufaarn forta could not bar ba iUfntl, and wld not now or bartafur b mad th tubjtct of a cJtII war. Our nayal fore b amply tufll cUnt to anfore tb duty o all Import, aad to prTnt th lm porUUon of arma, minltUna of war, and all that b moat Motlal u th iilpmnt of military or naral fere, into th aouthara Uta, through hoar rrapeot for l!a nmrltd power. Thr la no ural fore to miat it foreign pwr b intriad to Interfere and n merchant Teasel brTt aeltar and cenfiacatlon rather than lub tnlt to rTnn law backed by heary gun. For tb tarn reaeeo, If a blotkad became aeoeaaary, a proolaanatlon and th prmac of a alngl armed Tael at aok port, waald b luOldeat without any other aotlra, to exclude the South from all coaaaauDlcetloa, not to apeak ef commerce, with th reat f th world; and thy oould nTr help themaelTM, for th very power of arming wtuld b denied them. Atd now, what mor do th Union need ? A'J th remaining power of th government are mere beaefaotloni to It (object, which w may comfortably permit them to do without a long at they eia atand It. They may repudiate th authority of th Union In erery repct, with email dataag to any but thamaelT. Tbaymay xclud th malla, th court, th patent and other law, th merchandU andcltUanacf tb Union, from their border. They ut telly ruin tbenuelTM by It, but who b hurt beride t Th world can do without them, at tome partial lou. Hut for thm to do without th world, U very nearly lta of all. In a word, tine all th Decenary work of ft ernmmt It in cur ayateta already reaerrtd to the ctatea, rTlU?n ImIC oaa acarcely make them mor iadpeudent than they are, and It practl cally llAl mor than rrolt from paternal pr tactlon and bounty. But at tb.1 bounty Is th product of a mutual fund, th contentetl Utea will certainly neTr k'v up a contract proluo'. lre of uch vait power and advantage to th whel, andaotlmply and easily to bereta'ned. If the aoutharn aU'.ea prefer to do without th IwnttiU they receire from l',tbej oan be Indulged lalhie HO they ar tired. But they caouel be permitted to withdraw the advantage of na tional areata and th common enjoy man t of Uaditg territorial aad commercial prlrlloi", from Um other partis who hav an IndafeatlbU right to Dkh by th Conatltutlon. We may de pend upon It that the Irttritr Statu will never loot their present Cim and eeocure hull cf th channel of oomaerc, and of th river, ooaiti aad poiti of th vt continent they call their own, nor of th Import dutle by which tb majeetM protect I v powr of thir gerernmett b tuatalned. Ard th lrcamtano may at well command th attention of Mayor Wood and Ul kr Bat Moarr, at of other allly traitor In other etatei, wbo are cnly dolag what th fcrmar at praatat only advlae. A Heath Ceuelina. HeeoaeloaM, ! tb Oolambia (8. C.) UaorotMi of th th laat., w find a card from on P. W. Katrr, In which ho t forth hit reawnt for aecedlng from "the Bioolapd Volunteer Bifla Company." Th gallant Katrr, ai w learn from hit card, when th eompuy'f mtvIom were demaaded at Cbaileeteo, mad a jaeiific of bia buain In- trU, and Joined th company, although two of hi workmen bad already volunteered. On T't": Charleeton, Ue captain aaked him to algn for bU mentha regular aarvic but at no auch ooadition bad been made before th cm paay left Colamtla, and at h taw no proe- pett of Um immediate oommancement or hoallU tie," ho refaaW to Ign. II did not believe in tucUcUfig U bttilneaa for lis month, merely , to play notour. Th rrfU1. however, would not lurtea to any zcnM or argument, though Kbai-t declared thathowoald boat hi poet whenever thawar , ahoald aBmao,9d would farniih all nb own - aqulpaaanl. For tab offer, he eayt 1 I waa ' f MrpM4 to addition laaulUaf om 00 warily f maam " Um oapaay, who might wall threat- ' J Tbtky bdavrpowriagforcttobtok : . TUmfAtitJt Um auttor vu, that Kmirr , t4tdtnmtm acmytayand retarnad to hb ' bjaaaaMlaClBbtB. What a eomntantary on thotJMnIaeU,JcrUi agamot xram b their wa'rmWfwoi torrorlam and blhhdd tatratal i Tl koadn with whloh Kaurriy l'WJVaaT altbani of OolumbU, abow Vt 1kkwm'lkBovik CareUaa manly hlillltaJaani.TaalT'- -"' far UmUov, vaaluukad ky UttmlnVUw ptwotUa bytt , )itat4B0 art haw rftdtoi rion imani flea. l)U la I be tfeblaet. Tn prxntnot of Ex-Senator Joint A. Vlx m Scrtry of tb TrtMnry wffl U hail ed with feeling of general asUsfactiaa, Gen. Vix hu had long oxparUno In publl affair, and ha alwayi commended hlmelf to the rt tpwt and eonfidetiMof hit fellow-cltiien u a man of nnlnapaachabU integrity, tine t -funxd th direction of the Tost Office In thb dty, ha bu ttoppd tak and effected reform which have greatly benefited the public tra ry, and added to the public aooemmodation. In hb attention to all the dut'eaof 1'oaTnaiteT he baa txn mott awtdaout, and Lla treatment of all wbo bad bulaeea to traaaact with bin, waa mwt court u and honorable. Alan onwavtring fiitnd of th Union, u a man who can glv wla couniel, and who pnt- aaaai tupulor axecutiv bllltia, w eta con gratulal th country on lit being called to the plica which Mr. Conn dlauslonbt and traitor filled too long, for tb good of th coun'ry or th reputation of th Adminbtration. Our Htato aad Vkr. Tira dtltan of New York ought not to per mit tb agitation of national paUUri to withdraw their attention altogether from their own domes tic conotra. Our itat lejUUtar b la Mwton, and wbil there I no fear that It will propoa any action tending to weaken th tie which bind New York to th Union, yt to watch eloaely it proceeding b th duty of every cltitn who ha th good of tb (tat and of tbb city at htart South Carolina may rath Into reUUlon. and all tb aottoa etatet may follow her xtmpl, but TW huld they be allow! petoeaUly to try tb wild and rulnoat xprimnt of maiataioing an independent government, on th narrow and Iniecurebtkbof alar labor, New York atate, though taraporary affrr frena th (hock of Corruption, would still ttand tha fir matt and nobleat In tb grand dlflci of th atill free and United Slate. Our tta'e b one cf vatt agricultural, commer cial and manufactyring retourcea. Itcontalnia large populttlon, Intelligent, nterprtdng and devoted to the advancement of all the uieful art. It rellgiout, benevo'ent and educational ImtituUena at austalned with a rpiilt and a lib erality wblch how that tti peop'e ar widely and de ply Influenced by true Chrblian princi ple. Ihe people of auch a atate need a t fear the future, if employ lag rightly, and relying firmly upon their own energies, they see to It alo that thoe whom they antruat with th mak ing and (xecutlng of th law ar faithful to their tiuata. We, tbarefire, appeal to our cttlieu to obsarv and rcrotlniz th act of their legislator at Albany. For many winters, Albany ha beea made a e'en of thieves, a alnk of th foulest cor ruption, during the session of the LtgUlatar. Th atate has bean disgraced, plundered and bur deied with debt, by niwte and corrupt legbla tlop, aid our city bu been made the prey of a horde of depredator who, whll fattening npon their (poll, labor utcatttngly to demoralize th public mind, and by purchasing power la party orgtLlttions, to control the elections. Th sptthy hitherto, of the honest mats, or their deception by the cunning dvics of unscrupulou, politicians wbo always eon'rlv to stir up pro judloe and inflam lb pualona with party cries when they bar a bad purpose to acoompUsh hu enabled the oorrupUonbt to obtain a com manding Influent In our Stat La&lslatur and In our City Councils. But the tlaee Aa ma wbea the peotJe mash for the honor and tb la'aresb of th state, array tnenuelves in stern and solid mtee against th oorruptlonlit, who rule only because they hav not yet been reoltly opposed. As tb changed time are compelling citizens to aconontii and be prudent in tha management of their privtU affairs, so most econonomy and pradtno, aad abov all, honesty, be aiforcad la th manage, ment of (tat and municipal affairs. Lot th people look to It. otuara of th RtcaineaJa Haries, Tb ittamiblp Marlon we owaed te a larg extaut ta Obarleeton, end her Mlsur for Met eer vio by the aorerueual of louth Carolina was with Ike cenxat of her auulbern owaeri, Cept, Wumu, her ootumender, proteetlag lor the owner reatdlng la tbla clly. The abov lnrormtfon Juttlfle th linguig w used, characterizing Um act at piracy. To reader who hav noted th private Information we hav publbtbed from Charleeton, It b unne cessary to explain what th consent-' of south ern owners means In these times. If th Hew York owners bsd been so unfortunate as to re side In Charleston, their " ctnsent" would alsi hav bean had. They would not hav had va the poor prlvileg of " protesting FA. 5tm.J vTautUaatoa Baasoru. A dispatch to th Ommtrdat A-drertittr my ; There la torn bope, boweve'V that S nth Osro'la U baguminf to dlaojver thai aeoMeua ia not so food and p eaiani a thing It ImoVt represented it I be, (or It la known that Mr. Tasaoon, tie late die onUm AartataatSeeielerynf But, he, some oa her trim Waahliuiton wlih peolSo overturee aal proo. atiloiu fkiaa tbt Uovwnor of Ik Palme to nuloa. TbeleelliigamoiicaUmaanvw la that lei than ever een e eummlaaTonrr from South Ottntlue he lie tiunl to tij the Pre-ideut, and that Ibe eiiplea atHi'ojT mua I made for bar outrage upon lb dig u( Ibe L'ulied Bletna, before peclna lueuunia 01a be even thought of, IboHe buiag tiiaulte that Auertotna will beer from no one. Ibe Kttnitg rott hu the following 1 To Uulied SUIm ekamer rultno hat aalM. with ndraloaetbe8iarot the Waal aos in f As AorOer CharlHton. TkeFulion is a aide-wheel ateamar of Ibe third claw, canylug B gnna Bhe wee butll a Niw York In If ST. and haa ganeially been employed lathe nonoBiuadion, Navy and Altnv IirtetUareiwi. Major BarnoLD, if th Marines, arrived at the Drookljn Navy Yard yetrdy. Ml butlneai hu net trueplred. The t'ulttd Hate oortette 0 rmantown bet been docked alNoitilk, to aeBMed out fciraerfke. Buls aa rfflaUnl ablp, AI bat advioea fiom reueoola, the following United Statea tun-' I war ware there 1 Bleeas gunboats Cru seder and Wyandotte, both carrying eight guna, not able to aland fort Silsg 1 atonehlp Supply (one guu, nlled wlih shTee end prevleloaa, reedy for seat steamer Fulton, In dock. None of these Teasel eould long retb t eta ci The D.Jpbln brig-cf war, wblch arrived at Marklk from B etU, be beea put out of ooaunbnloa, aud her crew put on shore, t wee thought aha wou'd be aeat South, aa bar draft of water ia light, liar offloei beve beea deiacbed. Tt e ruarlnei now genleoulsg Foil llonenrv will return to Washington when re'leved by the trojpa from Fort Leeveaweith. AI dey light ytetetday morning, detachment of U, B. drtgoent, enllaied reeenlly at the mounted ser vtoeestabUskmectileritbbi rllylor Csrllele, Faln charge re? an c-ffloar of Ibe reonildog readtsfou. Th meu weie spkndld soldiers, aad looked as though they bad been ytars la th army. W ar requested toiepeelthat ro far from reorulunj baring been 1 BDuawelly acllT'' lately, la towa ud leawhar, II bae bard'y ever beea duller, Ik newspaper report to lh ouLtrerr uotwlthalendli g, Tbetffiserewho weitwtui th troop that left la tk 8ir uf tk WeS oa Beturdsy, ar u M iwa; IA Ool.Thauas,tan,ofDeUwa'es U Wm, A Webb, Mb UbBtry, of alalnei IA Cbalu K. Woods, th Infantry, ef Ohio IA Charles W. Thome, of Maine. Thee, It will Uaeen, araaQnorlkein men- 8,v eaJy aoldler of th penaananl peity aooompanled the rtorulls, who hare nel yet beea algad to regt- Ia LaUeet free Kaaaaa Geo. S, C FoMaaOT announoM la his laat let ter to the Now York Kansas Belief Oomalttee that daring th nazt twtaty years day $10,000 will b ceeeasary to pay freights 00 grata which Mr. Atht li about to (end from tb Wot. Oen. FoiuaoT aka the people of tb Xmptr State "Wha am I to do f Let not the cry for help be la ta rain. Ta nun, women and children who ar bow hungry and stanrUg la Kaaaaa, ar oar own brothers and sister they hav gone out from us to cut Ovat and Tlapatfee rlokw of tk territory U whieh thoamodJ mor of our fileols and kindred will yt eenlgraW. It mar yat bo our own lot to depead upaa th aeootefal urapt of KuUM for bid. Lit U M I bititaf tow, amid all tk din of eeewwion and reberUon, to rtoogtlt Um elalmi of our Kan fellow cl titans. DonaUons of money my be mat to Um Treas urer, Jobs K. William, 17tdat to th Met ropolitan Bttk. Bead elethlag, 4c , to th room of th Kanau Belief Commutes, No. J5 Cooper IotUtato, N. Y. FerionihavlagarlidM to (end ar requested t se that peek sge resch Ihe Committee free of expense, inasmuch at trery dollar b needed to mtk glad soms baplessfamlly, rUtjihtm n. Braaek Faro ere II fo th North. 7s fas Kdttnr thi fiun-Oa Thuradey last, J want Into iiur ami y tomb, and I etrewed the oofflea of my klidnd with Biwers, and beds them all an eter nal Csrewelli I then repaired to all my eorrowlng reU Uvee and imbraoed and klaard them and bade them an enVctkeete adieu I then went to lbs llvtag pos terity of Gam and fair, and apprised them of ray laanxdlete depetture for BouUi Caroline, and tbty etlrd ToeuVotMly aad prafurely, I beve eeea ay landord and wa herwomaa for the leal time, aad here purcheetd one of 0aot Law' mUiktta, ant hall lastaat'y dap I f Charleatoa and offer my eerTlowtoQv. Fioxss. On ray way ti Ike wet of war, I thall vltllOmenel Wiat, end sarure him thai 1 ikiU meet him ta Wasblsgtonou Ik 4 ih of afareb, and reetat the laauguratkia of LlaooL el the pnltl ef Laws leyonst. I wi born atd educated In the Natlk, end hare btocm deep 7 attached to the Nucthrona, and to ibe n enea, and poUoemen. and majors, aad a'dermea, aad Mher cffiotals whota t edu ee'td, and to Ike Uiutirul lalenda around New Ysrk, Imt I so deeily lore the Bramrena, aad Ihe remote puatirtiy of AssAUAa and TlAaaiBAUtkal I moat for a Ter abjure my tell re end adopted at tea end the bene of Gatara and Fntr, and of my father and mother end bro hers aad friends of the North, for Ihs defease of Ibe lames of Wasiiaavoa, end he embryo king dome rs the South. I eta awai of the awful retpoa elbi liy I aeiume u a w art lor, but I mutt g among the B nnhnie and merl Ihe Notthmne In the turrlbla encflict the! Is rapidly spproechlng. And If I die on the Be'd of batl'e, my laat prayer U Dial some kind friind wiJ lneloae my Ueediag (mil In a bale of cot ton and enriTsy II to my father' tomb in FrjTldenoe, Khnde It and. Aad now, in leara, I bid farevell ta Maneij. andTituaan, and the lnhebltaole of D.tck weh'e Iiland, whom I may nevar beheld again. Oh O d 1 eo aad em I That lika e child I err, Tj part wlUl Iboae I Iots Until ws meet abore. flTtmne II. Batno. Oplaleea of ih Preee. lb Bald more F.rcktnj approval at a Com pn.ajlae proposition, the aJia'julin of Ns Msxlce atd Ailaena as state, alavery la be permitted Ihere ln, end wlh th power of furor nbdlvialon Into (ti al ttates, when tbt population ahall Justify It. Del coupled with this propoelUoa b another, that 11 be presided by Cuostltutlat amendmsal thtt any teriltory beeeafter to be aoquired, by treaty or con- ijueet, ahall ouene Into the Union ae a stele, and with or without the Inatllutloa of slavery, aosotdlag aa Ike fact iheUsilM at the llnMofthe acquleUloa. By Ihle luls, asy portion of Meileo, if aoquired, would come Into the Union aa a elate, nigra slsvery net being allowed et preeeut In that K-publle, Tola plan, the Ezthanq thlnka, would put ea end to lb anarxaeloa lever, ae lbs South wou'd not bs llksly to swngf'.e for Ihs dismemberment of Me lie , In ordar ae In log a free elate Into Ihe Uaha, and th Nirth would be but Utile it to Juia ia aa projeota of pur. ohaea oreonqueet, barlnf for their loeull th lntro duotb.u of a'are etale bk Cuba, The (rente of tbe laat fewdiya al Curleatoa are the euttjeet of onmment la all the Journal, aad warm euloglum art paaatd on MJor Anoaksoa's conduot, Tb ITarU aya: htsjrc Awoxsaxm rlsga true. IKs letter, borne I Ojt Piraeus byL'eat. nLL, afe' Ibe Bring up-m Ibe Blai of the Wee, la mwked with loyally, tact aad niamaee. Ills very fine eentenoe, by a mere atate nanl i fao', pws tbe omieiue iilenlj la th wroogiandaaterts, wltnout seeming to assert, that preenilneat aulhoitiy of the national gorerneMnt, whloh tbe ateeaelonlaas are al 00 Ignoring aad en deavoring to ubrsrt. The IVftruns says 1 atesennsbls nrmnee, onureg. deoudno, at tbe heed of affaire, would hare long atnoe eared everything. With an Ajrosaaoa la Ike Fraat daniial ebelr, w might aaaiy but for Ih honor of our Uatle aimy have got aong with a Booaaaaa or two la tbe federal forweeees. Only lei the arreeu. ment d half Iw duty, and the People stand rsady to do tvtry Jot of thetre. Oen. Boon wants 0 Out good mlliua to hep him bo d Waekugteu City eeMy against any poaibl eralteroui onset before or oa Ike oa of ataiea. Let the athortrtee make tbeptper requttltleo, end they oaa here exty Ikouiand rolua tewe wlikln a week. Haver before was treason plot ted when eo masy etrocgamia aad true keen were ready and eager to crueh It, It neede but to speak the woid. Th Timet b rather disappointed (beetuie Major Anaaaoa did not open fire upon Fori Morrla end Fiat MocUtrlr, whaa th Star ef Ike Wast wst fl-d upon. It eeye 1 If Major AaoaaMa was awar that Ihe fllar of the We brought leln&uoementa for Fori Sumter, ws ornteae we do not aee Ihe necessity of his fotbeatenoe. The hot of their betng eeol was oertainly evklenoe of the deelre of tbe ajveraraeat that they ekould be protened la trashing their destination. IMaJor Aa vaatoa, boweTer, la bla otenmunloetlaci, make no ellusloa to lbs ebareotrt of the stesaae.'a mission, and It la quite poejb.'e that kt Old not know II. Ia teal oae be may reasoasbly hare doubted bla authority to kerp the barber open lor metehsal vsseela. THE LATEST NEWS. by TBLxattArn to rag s, y. spx Foreign Intelligence. a . Two Days Later frm Europe. e ' Two Aaaaslea al Halifax. Halifax, Jan. 11. Th lUamthlp America, frnaLltetpoul,I)eot.h, TisQaeenttowa, (0th, has artlvrd She he A1CI,000 In speck. Tb iron plated ablp of war Watrior, wa tuooets fuL'y leunobed oa Ihe Win. Tbe Journals generally omderaa rather than p rales the cloulartf Ibe AualilenMinUner, Tbepotleaf mlalatprofsommeroeaad mlnlttor ef pubUo inituo.loa In ike cabinet of Vienna remain vacant. Dlepeeeturia 0 politicians see that Qjunt Bsoastso sod M Voa BotuiuBUaa oennol p aelb'y pull well tt getter, Tbe Perl correspondent of Ik Liodon fsratd eeye thai the warlike preparation of Franoe are oa a br la gr tee's lhaa at Ibe iimt period of 1833, Tbe PeiU ratrU ssyi Ihs government b purchas ing steamers In Nantes, lo ooarsrt them late uien.of war and transport. A llalin letter stale br thai sooMweeke pert the purchase of hnrsss had been mads In K latom rruul, for lta F;eooh and Piedmontete gnemmeuts. Upleln Tuostaoa, be of the steamer Olasgow, bed obtained a verdict egelnat Ibe Lvarpiol, If iw Yi rk and PlJledelphle Bteemihtp Comptny,tur X130, oa aooouul of kl duenleal from their aervloe with out reeeunsb'.s cut , Fiaaro Th Rjuree we depieeeed. Klei CTf 15o. The Kmptwa Esuiai It not allowed to at'end cabinet niaeung', aa formerly, Italy. The eugofQteteaiatiauee dey aud night. The garrleon rrpUad. Iwai repo.-ted the! the yjuig Qaeea had left. A decree oonetitue the provlue of N iplsa, B'.el ly, tbe Maiobae, and Umbila, ai laVg al parte of tb Stat of Sicily, Tarhey. Th Jsddah aleimt havt been definitely sett'sd. They a to be paid in full la Turtles, nsole,at M. CfcUa. Tbe text is! the Ckinet e treaty la published. Ii tig. tain a rehrenoe to Mr, Wato'e agreeiaesl to pey eoveietgn boroege to the Emperor, but the te'egrepb at Liverpool make the sense obseaie. The BaglUh Indemnity I nominal 7 three million 1 sterling, which b eueiasdeted too aoiall. Tb U S. stumer Hartford tad loop of war Jjha Aiaine were el Uoog Kong, aad Ihe guebeal SagU new al Shangbae. ladla. Th TWes esys Maa Sabib b atill allvt, with 1000 or 4,(00 followere, la ThlUS and ha p'eaty of money. Sw Uroa Boaa'a proorpt measure had (topped fcrther Ineuboidmasion la She army, Oaao of Uaetd tltFO. Oansmsretal sod monetary aflklrs at IbeCepeef fleod Il'Jpe had latpreved. Letters bar beea reoelred from Zwalear, aad frossMr.MurrATC OewsaaereeaJ lalelllgeeirte. Th eelee of ooetoa oa Seturdayi Deoember nth, wet 1B.OM bales, if which , OOO war lo peau'ator aad exporteee. Hat reatket sloautf Irs. The ad rises Irase Mat oh eater ar mvorabas, Flour m and adrtoekag, qaoted Ms td. t lli.M, Wheat edTuaoInc lad par tally attghfly Ugh I red UsXd.aUs.Wktlls alas, Cwa quiet but td. higher 1 mixed and yellow (. a M IK l4 white Madia. Tb butloa la Ibt Bsak of Kagtead had desUaad ASa,M0. Tb money market wa decidedly mor atrlageat with ptaaslag demand. Coasuls olted on Friday el tVi X tat ouval ex. dividend, and on Saturday al preoletly th em rates, but prices were firmer, Amstoia Sacuama lUlnolt Cenwal akane were qureed on Saturday at IV4 disooual Bri share et IIH, and Mew York Ceatoal ebares al Malo. Political Intelligence. XXXTIlh CONOUKsV-rVoeeid BesUa. (tea a let. WaAmgio, Jan. 11. Mr. Biatn preevntei the memntlel of dureneof Ltoceaterottuary, Pa, r the reetnrallon of peeoe end lbepe-rvit mc the UrJ n, and la fetor of tha propltloa ef ab Sroeor fum Kmiutkyt aiat three memoriale of tinier Import bum ruladephU. TeUed for Um prent. Mr. Can I ana prefentad eight mernraie' from eierens 4 Perin ytvanle ntvutiag tbe peweg nf Mr, Cairrxseta's resolutiots. All tabled for th preeene. Mr. DlVia,f-ota lb Cntnraltlee on Military Affair, reported a tall Inquiring tbe etpenaee fir Ihe military eatebllebmeiite and forte. A dehete eaeurrrd a hoot the o-dar of buitn . Mr. Biolsb railrd for the ayei and aeya oa taking up tbe Cairreamawreeolutloo. Arei IS, met 11 Yaer Me-era. B (tier, II wrtf, Brlgbl. Oritteadea, I'ltch. HeenklU. Lemeoa. Ms lorv. rstroe, Rloe. l.nMKtt, Blide L, ThTrBpem, Wigfsli 18. N.y M.eirs. Anthony. BJrer, Bingbam, Cawe rnet, CLaod!er, Ceik Cmginan, Cttlemer, I) xm. IlonilMlH, llorkrxt, Pemnemt. FilBpalrtck, Koot, Ptater, Oreisam Oitinee, Ileia lltrien. Irarenn. K ng, Ltne, MsMm. Bimnmna, Biamtn-r. Ta Kiek, Toomb Tren.lil , W.O, Wilklnsoo. Wueotv IU rilrsle I4lle wrraonuldeteL Atremntv Bremlauiaetoont Mr, Ltn moftd Ij tek up tbe rnao utiime aforesaid Ctfvted. Mr, TsueauLL pronoed en era ead neat epproTlng of tnecnwinct of Mor Aaftaae a In wlthdrewing from Foil M inline to F ire Bunautr t a'si apfrenng thedeteiniluation C'f His Pretildea lo malotala that lift kr In hi premnl ottndltun, s-id avowing thtt we will etupnit tbe President In all eoneUtotlmial mea eme for ibe en tot cement of the laws for Ikep-eser-vsUtn of tbe talon. Mr. Uorreuio. k lbs floor It f,re the eid of Ihis month alt or eaten tatitlt beve eeeeded noet tlte t'n'oa. II la no more now e qeeetl'tn U easing or p-veetvuig the old Uul'to. We cau'i llitoie toe dead to He. We 1 1 rrontu trrol a new government a new Ua 1 si aLteh we prrqrae I) make pormaiieel. Ia l'i viaiftfewMdaolaiedegalaetlheenlelayiain of the Snith libotscoiswlrleralesfouadad In sin. Per. esiel L'bntybULe were pewul to ennui the Cmetl tution of the United M els end e tecUnnal Pieudesl wee nutuiaaied and e'rett tt, end wbo will ojroo lato power, who ones deviated thai all uu-1 be fie or all alare. The reeull has been Ihe creation of civil war among ua. Tbe soctelavetam of a pmple effected Ihe morel being. Tbe 8 lUth bee all the element of aa empire atd prosperity. Tcremuat let th following emeud DM nte lo II e Cauttiullon. Kires.Cor grew ehall bare no power to ebolleh e'arery la any Mate, or tbs D. tilcttf Cjhirolite, or tbt dk, fori or arse nal of Ih United BtaVe; Moond, no blag ahall ob. the elaTeliade lielweei tbe aU'cs; third, It ahall la tbe dulj o' tech stele to aunnret. w.lbi lia Jniiadlotioaa aimed lnvalon frimi aaoineri f siren, any esa a anaii lie aamitwa with or without elavery, aceoding tt tbe I no inaliun of the pe plst fl'th, 11 ehaj na the duty re a Male ieevs-e fugtdrsa, or per Ibe ve'ue ta the ssms to ihs sloe wbtoee they fled, si tth; fugl lie 1 fmnjoatles shell I deemed to be too te 1 rrimllnK Ihe laws wlikln ajurla-tlotton end eectp d therWromi ecrnntb, Cougie-e ahall isangntee and prt ttctropfrty whertvat the UnitMS etet here exslu slvejuibd'e Ion. I argae thai iha lews t tbe pseed, shall bs paael la tbe Banele, ty e maiiruyof the a,natora from the elaveboldln: or a majottiyaf tbe Senatois from the ntmniievfiholding states, eooirdlng lo tbe Intent Ibe lew, Tbe Supreme Court eaould be readjusted tt omelet of Br fiout eaoh sec Ion, and tbeCniaf Juatioeenenftkafira. Cxtrclon is aellher right nor pnaelble. It will destroy the ohanoe for a reonnstruoiion of Ire Union. On the retiooeeafon of certain fata, areana'a and dikye-de held by Ike United Statea, Mr. Ile-am remarked, lo you eupptee that foreign nttlae will allow o( a blockade of Ihe eoutberit eutet f Ejgeid wkoe vaey axlsteacs depeade 00 e (ton, will aoi al low this materia! uf haiutn lnduetry to be denied her. Other posrera wltl e'eoprerml the blockade. Suppoaethai the Nl.lh svcMde endomqusas tbe sou aernrtewe, cut ebe reduce them to depmdeat prcvinoeef I iw will Ihe N ntlt rxerol, e their p w err vTUIthrV( Ike doculne that 'tbeteu no property la eavea'' and runt I ea;ht nuiilos of while men and four mllUoe ot alsrss, and eee oultl rated fields return to the bu b end tbs negro reen re ed to bleprtmlUv eondlUoa of berberum. Ysu bsvs tbs power lo save all tbeee ealtmttlee. If you d aot rosea enereloei, you dtnol nerd las fires at Cherbt-tst. There la no telling where thtfltwee of olTtl war once tegun wll end. A ctrll war will de Boy ell ohaneel ot another Union. You here no right to hold armed forte 10 ooeroe a ala'e They eia to be need for Ih deeaes of a atate aot for offense. Iejunloeead diulry you ought to restore them. Policy ought to prompt this If there wee no other way to p reveal a civil war. There I Bothtag letpoutio ia such a sonoeteloa a the return ef th lorn unite you intend lo use there for Ice rurpoae of OJercWn. It would eeem at U few dealred to save the country. All hopes of a re eoeueroolton of Ik Ualoa will be lost on th break ing cut of civil war. Our motto la the union of tk South for Ih aak of tbe South. It will be lmpoad Ma for ear reunion between tbe M rth and Ike South when broibm abed their brothers blood I Mr liorma bare plo uied Ike horror oftHrtl war. Tbe Mtrtbareony hastening what they wlah to pre vent. IbeUevetoeleay attempt to oosroe tbe south, era people will meet tbe general deteatetloa of maa. kind, and there will te such a rletence t it ae was never belor knows la tb history of th world. But I oak give time to Ibe people. Let u eee If we eannot bring gw her one mor the acatteted remnants of th Union. Let us see If we eennot fled some p ace. acme ootnmtm ground, where en oen rally onoe mote t aud then, when tbe oolumas eoma from the Not in end the BMtb, lei them meet each other In peeoe, and from Ihe turlog to the sst ling ofthseun lake pert In a grand review. Tooo 111 ekeke ke heaven with auch gadeeaieelobrlag tbe Terr bird from flight and there wtll be pr clelraedel leal thaws e-e brothers U wsr. bvotksre la peeoe, end ready to Uke our plus In th grand march re human progteae, Mr. Bex a (O agon) Baked If a majority of lnla Lrscch and tbe other breach of Congress c.o-tl-lutloaal mjoilry eball paea aaiaavdmimu Is the Oonatlnalun, lo tetutimlited to the approbation of the peop'e. In Ik vmt of tbelr being such es te meet tbe views of Ihe gentlemen na the other eld, will Ike Srnetnr from Virginia maintain the Oonttl taiion and Ike govet ntnBl ae ft Is, aud Ihe laws aa Ihev 11 bow, Uuttl the penpa of Ibe etale e deolde t Mr, IlDBTaa Tsat la a question I aaaerer. I ant an enthariaed to tuawer for Virginia, Mr. Baxxa Tbla 1 not the quetUoa. Mr. UvaTBB If tbs gsullesaa li not lentfleJ, I

caamsi eerl-f) hire. Mr. BaaLaa (Iowe)thentjok tbe Bur andspiVs al length ou Ihe Futt re B are lew II 1 oppurd eht erg unit of Ibe gjuih t- ctolrol end g trim the North 1 tl el tbe North route oliey Ike 8 m Ji: tbtt the mejotity meet mixnlt. The real grleTenoe of the 8uther people La eiplalned by admliting IbeBv publican Tlotory oa the 0th of IlJTembe latt. Tbay dlsllks lo resign tb reins of Ike govsrnmenl lo their oppi nrnts. A meeasg was bare received f om Ihe Freeldeat. Mr, IIablab oona'udsd I7 aaylng that human li berty, liberty of eprech, tbe pre and conscience were ell et stake. Mr, Wiuom (nTaas) meretl lo go Inlo EteouUvs seseioa. Carried. Atjourned. Ileae ef Hepreeealaltvee. Joiin Cjoibasb prestntod th memorial of the New Yotk Chamber of Commerce for mall null I'lae through subsidies lo eVamer lines between Set Fienoieco and Bhanghae, SVe Beferred to the C a mltlee on Oonuaatoe, Mr, Lovaior aaked leave to offer a reauluuon thai a tbe Judgment of the Ilouse, In en praeenl etale ef tbe oountry It would be wrlat and paliUtio for tk President to eontr temporarily (As jmrrr 0 m-Mandpr-fft-CAfeofaSilrmyaad JVswy sw JAtu tenant Otntrtt Boon, end ohnrge him to see that tk Kspuboo reoelvee no detriment. Mr. Jons aad other objected. Mr, CctTit suggested ehtt Ik President oould de'egate no eueb ptwar. The Bjweker aail the retolutlon was not received, but merely reed for information, Beatles oscrioa waa made. Mr. Bttacn hoped that th raeoluuoni would bs voted on by yeas and nay. Tber were no farther proceedings on tbe susjscl. Mr, Ilioaaaa atked aud wee e 10 seed from eeivlng 00 the Beleot Committee, to whloh wet referred the Frwldent't message, lis said hs had a greet many for the request, but it was not neoeeeary 10 repeat them. Privet bill were then considered. Tbe IIou e eutdered Ihe olvd end mteoellaiuout UUa, tneluding lb one to auppotl light touase, the eatah'lakmeat uf marine hospttela, A 1. Wul le voting on the amendment, whloh wat rejene ed, to Lnereeee tt eppropitatloa for e eurvey et the AlianUeaMlOuir eoaal from tlM.OOO to 0,0Ot, Mr, Diawta (Ak ) raid be wee aaxlout to assuit Ike K-puuUeena la bank uptlng, aa aoon at possltle, a BnatrTiiiisnl wboee puree and standard were aooa to he -need for tubjugeilng tuelr erethxon of Ih utn. Th bill ws passed. Mr. Fumawoa (l"a) preatnled a memorial from Fblede-jXIa bem ct.lan of all partuw, aeklng CagTa to pss In CarrraasBa ataxiprotnl. The Nary Appropiletlou bill waa merely read Adjourned. NEW YOU LEaiBLATlTW Hriaala, Albany, Jan. 11 Th rrtsideat preeetUd a Onenmuninatlnn from the C-anmoa CoubcU of the el ty ef Wew Yirk. eeliog upow the South to refrain tram vto'ist meeeuiea 1 upboldlag the ooura ef the P.ot. deal of ihe Ualtei B eiee, end epji roving of tb 00a duot of Major Aaotaeoa, B f rred. an.u Bonoao. By Mr. BoBnoa To Inoresss tk power sad duties of It a Ire Public. By Mr. MAHiiats To IneTp" a' th frawh ere" Ad 8 et-lj la U oily ot Mtw Y.ik. Mr, MABuaa a eo tnemtnoed a ittl for raserpe raUag the PopVsSvieg.t Beea a Mew Yotk elty. Mr Bawbobd reporeel f.vureb y tea Mil re eilva to lb autatdaoo of path) Jarore la Ihe Oourte uf the State. Aleo to Ire-see Ibe bee of Junius re th Pstitla 01 td bi d or leiiael eteea. Declerettra of right of yveviota Jcara taCalaii BALCa(tlodeTmbithelewBdfhe Uodor a eoosioo toieonintnlslhepsweeTeor the btd eras ad tmeatsdeyaVnetoreOoifTB, One, teeeteas, J. Mo laow Mfrarwv, HABteoao and LawTtawna. Tb bill wa ll endured la or awqusn a ef a Judge la tk etty of Nw York denouiidog Jury a a eat of pro Judtad rain, for peeetngupoa tn law a well as tad la a erlm na! eeea a depetture, en lb perl ef the Jidg from the great rule of the raiaoa law, a Mr. Coins rematked. Tbe bill peaeed. Cncurtentteaoluttsu on Natonel Affair war received from Ibe Awembly, fee A-eembiy proceed Inge landonmasionof Mr. Ooea, th rule ware eue peided Mr. Col Via frored an amendment to strike out tbe words t-bat actnel y 0e a-ed wsr," and insert Megirlltyof lire on agl'n-t th g tvernment." He deiled thai g.u h Caroiae or any elate wtibia tbt t'ntnao"'d dec a ewer, Tb language le aot appro pflale. BheberornrnlMedtieaeinBRetnatberettr aiatee. II la tieje ru by Sine to speak out. Worn ihe pnlnw Ihe gune ate has Irraeoneb'y erased, eg-abiea a gt Vet nment vewel,ake oa not deilered wet Imt I guilty 1 rtreeioa. Mr. gntOLt: Tiweo,'lr, I lb word to Toon a, thewoatebet wee tbe woid. 8 tub Cro.lne he nomu-etnontnplBln, Bbe bet never teld the Onv titution wee niSe piorer one. Bo bee adopted It. Bhe bae adopted our levenue leoe. Treaeno waatbe word, end wa mo! meet tt meet It, air. The Star Spangled Banner wiu( wave o'er the land of th fiee t nd the home of the breve. ( Applaute ) Mr. Ores bad enrneebong to e.j oa toll question, and pe,beps tte preioul lime wee Ihe proper one, if oauee axUted wiuel and paramount to thai whloh animated our leeeratbare la their et-nggte, (I jd forbid thtt b ak'iu d deny tk right of any atate lo eeced Why bars no evanp alata been mil at firmer pert id Fourteen tlaaae before Preei'eata have beea cbceen ia the asm manner aa Aaaaaaw LtBOoLB waa a acted, yet ui nsltbe' cosselon baa It beea deemed expedient or neoeeeary for any atate togi out if lb Union. It I neneeeery thai we ekouid epeek word of menu egemrnitolb Prealdeal, and give tmtoe lo the Union aantlmetl of the State I to 11 anoTS re-ty aptna, and aertioie ta queetloase An mean eillsena determinnd to ptrpetust our free Inelimlona. Mr. SriaoAA mired lo amend the amendment by addtrgi Wkrriu, Treatjo, a defined by IbeOneilrutlon of Ihe Unltrd 8 eter, sxlt la 1 or mor uf the lake of the Union, As. f Agreed to. Mr, rsertl moved a fnrther anxdmeul, when Mr. CnLTra rematked that the Senate waa get lag Into dlfBoulty. lla understood thi A-eembiy had peerd the reeolutton unanlmooelyt each a Teie wa neoeeaery here. lis wltbdre hie metltalu amend, andetpteteid Ihs htipe ttel tbe loeolationa would receive a unenlnums Tuee Mr Psoeera wlbdrew his anendnvtnt. Mr. SnatLAI amendnenl, barelufor alopted, waa reo nttered, Tbe quealhiri tree then taken on lb adoption of the ajreDda,enS ar.d egam carried IT to 10. The leen'ntVnt wer then al pad syes,!), noes, 1-Mr. UtiBT. Mr J Mi I.soo Mcxrnr mered that the O rrernor ha rrqrmtet tt tiansmlt Ihe reao'utaona ed.ipted thla momtng on Matltnal aff Jre, to th Preetdeal today, al tte eipenre of tbe e ate. Agreed to. Adjourned to 11 A M. tomorrow. Aaeemfely, Iam'dlate'y after reading the journal thla mora. Irg, Mr. Lrrnxjonw took th II mr, Mr, DinoiAK la lb Chair. Mr LiTTLaootni saldi Mr, Speaker Tbe Intmnallon w kave reoalved ettr tbe the telegreph wire this morning, points out tb pat tod when ike partisan ekould be awailowel up In tbe patrtoe. I tLerefote eik the ooaaenl of Ihe Mouse to 1 ffr al thla Hum th fo lowing preamble and resotuttnnr, width I beg leeve to reed la my pleoe, and wkub I hopt may be paaied without de bat TAsTftu, Th Insurgent 8 late of South Carolina, aelrlrg th pol vmoe, cueBtm noua, monies and fotilnoikm uf th Fedetel O .vernment, has by flrlrglnto a ve eel, ordered by the Oiveromeut te onrvey tro"ie and ptovWlon to Fori B'lmier, vtitu- ly ctttotared weri J nd Whrruu, The frrte and pr.-prty of lb Ul led Statea OoTirnmtnl In Owgia, Alabema and L m Idena bare b, en unlawfully aeissd with beetle la tsntlots t And kVVrrae, Tbtlr Senator la Oongreesavow ami nainlala their ei n.i.tnabl acte therefra, Hatfi, If Ike Senate concur, that the Lgt'eur of New York It pmfsirdly lrsprsseed with the train of lb Union) and dete-mined to preeetTe It ua Im pelled 1 tnat It greet with Joy tb 1 eoent firm, dlgal fledendpatrlowctprctalmsaesgeoltneFrtBUenl of tbe t'nued gules end that we tender lo him through lb ChUr Megbitrele of our own Stele wheterer aid In mrn and money may b required to enable bla to enforce the ktwe end uphold the authority of Ikl Fedetal Oovemmanl 1 and that in tb denme nf th Union, which hs eonerred pioapeity and happiness upon Ike Atnerleea people, renewing tb plelg given and redeemed by eur tatksm, wear reedy to devjte our fortune, our Uvea and our Beared honor. Aeeofeed, Of Ik Senate concur, that th Ualoa lovleg cltleroa and repreeenUUtes ef Delaware, Mv rylaud, VI gtnle, MVrth Carolina. Kentucky, Mia eoorl at d T.nneease, wbo labor with derotsd oour. sge ana past foil mx to withhold their atatea from Ik Turtex ol aeraea jei, at eluded to tk galltuds aad aomliatlori re the whole people. (eeersed. If th Senate concur thai Be Oorsraor be reepeolTuliy requeteed lo forward forthwith eople ef lb foregiiM reeoluuoae to tbe Pieetdeat of the aa Hon, aad the Qorernore of all the 8 etee of the Union- The question waa taken oa the adoption of the preamble and reeo-nUona, aad they wer adopted by Mr. CotAsa and Mr. YaaiAn a-ked lo b aruiisst from voting, on the ground that while enproTtag of the fit m atand of the general moremenl, tner did not deem II TrinandpatilotiefortheSieMof New Yoik le deelar In cavor of (oarckaw or d any aot to hasten Ih ua et earning of the sword (not exouaedj The fol owtog committee oa Federal Ka'aMoa wat then announeed Meeera, Boaraeoa, BinnatLL, Fish, II ix, Abubll, Fuaoa, Kltaaji, MnOaauoT, aad Elldiowood, Ao tb foUeertng ealeot oommlttee of erven from tbe New Yik deleaeUon, on eel to a aand th law In rrforenoe to the firemen of New York elty Meeare. Craft, Blidral, 8hew, Sherwood, Varlaa, Walah, Young. Mr. PiKBoa gave notice of bill to amend tbe law la relation to It worei, anil, to reorganise Ihe mllillaof tbe atate. Nix DrraeDvoxD. Try Mr. Futon, lo lepsal Ik capital puulahmeat lew. Aleo, to tubm It tb question of eallleg a oaveatlou to rerl e end amend th Cornell lull uu fo Ike pa pie of the 1 tele. By Mr. Woonatrrr, I repeal section 41 of Ibt Ms tsonolllan rolls law. Relating to the Sunday L'quir Irene. atonoBa abb lasoLsnoss. Tbs TIouss resumed the eoasUemtion of tbe rseo luuia nadtr dehtte yeeterdey, relet! te lo lneeon duct of Major Aanaasoa. A debate eaaued, la which Mseeve. K-raao, Flak, Penedlet, liobuaon, Barber, D Bight, FeTey, R'oe, Elllrgwood, and Pleroe look part, Mr Ellibuwoob moved to poHteontthtfunhtr couktdetetlauof the quriiaoa until Monday next. Mr. MrouuTT movtd the previous f uaatloa whloh weeofdeied. Tbe que lion was then taken ou the motion to poet pot.e, end tt waa ad, pad ayes M, noes 49. Tbt Bttnate relumed the resolutions adopted by the Aseenibly I hit morning (thoeei ffared by the 8ekr) with a Bseaeag that ikey bad adopted the earn with the foil iu tng amendment 1 " kVArrro, Traaaoo, ae defined by Ihe rfoaeMtuqen, til' te lerne or more of the elate of this Confederacy, thMvfore, tad " The aniendmenl of the 8 mete waa agreed to. ArlJobJtrd. Vroaa Alkanv. Albany, Jtn. 11. Qovernor MonoAjr hat to- n'ght telrgraphed the rasotuUcnt adopted by the Bsoaleend Attembly today, to tk rrealdenl U Ih United BU'ee. North Curetlaa Leaklalaro. RaMjk, Jam. 11. Both lloustt were engaged yesterday and today oa the Stale Convention qua, lion, which has become (ompllieled by mlilog atate a nstllullonsl reform with federal matters. Amendment for an open aad.' for a teswIoMd Cos vsotloo wer offered, but no Tot wet taken oa any, II I Ihs special order sgela for Monday. North Cer ellna la conierrettve, and would reapond to a prep eiaioaroraaequlatbUadJuattaant of dIfBouluee, but wm liar bar right at all he urde. Thutlems pub Pe si ailment her. Tbe t;vtrsesral Prepanv la St. Letala taken eaeeeafaa af by tie Federal Tree pa. St. Iu, Jam. 11. By order of Oen. Heorr, a dstschmeBt of fo,ly ladsral troops under Lieut. Boaimon, took poweeakm of Iha Bub Treasury, Oua-Bom-IIouae atd Poet Onto building, early Ikil morning. Everything 1 quiet. Tbe rial object of Ik appearance of tk Federal tiorpa al tbe lub treueury omoe this morning la atill involvrd lnmyattry. Crowd of c't!aanahaTsnr. rounded tbe Custom Bona all dey, but mar ui oalty than txcltemenl wat manl rested. Many ru mor prevailed, but nothing of a reliable eharae ar ran be stated. Etarytblng I quiet at presenV Ukeeoart rasrrlp, Jfs , Jan. 11. Aa ultra teatceiim mV lng waa held her laat night. Resolution were pea eed strongly denouncing tb 81. LouU Dtnucrtt and forblddlcg lta dieuletloo, AaaasiAM Lmoous wa burned In tfflgy amid Ih firing of otnaoa haiug, totohllghts, moato, Ac. Praas Vraahlagtaa. WaiMngl a, Jam. It. Th cast of Kenlaoky BgBlnat Ik Oovannor of Ohio, who refused I Issue hi warrant for (V arreet of, eharged with bavktg aatlotd a slsvs from Ctnluoky Into Oslo, wm aM for to day lath Suprsm Oourt, bal Ih Attor jaf fJaneralofOhlo having forwarded aa affliavlt ajaaaprohwalonalstigagemenl prevented hit attend -eXata, th oaa waa postponed nil th 9th of February. Kentucky wa reedy by oanfueL OtneiBl Da wat, as B-dPtweetardar, tendered Ih poalllon cf g.oieearv.oe'gartiot prefsrrmg thai of tbsTieeemy, Int. WtiMftiday sent hut nomina tion to Ik aVenetnQntfaoe, Beoretery Taonaa bavug resigned. TbtjPiuqulimg a rerereao of rumination to Ih Bporopttat eoumlttee 1 alway couitaoualyeuspandedwhan Ik aomtneat a lit leaator, a la Mr. Drg. oa h ground thai bla char sotar and quahnoaubo a aufflolently kaoura urlth. out tproisl Invaetlgetjon. Taetule on that ceoaelsa are unanimously tuepeaded and Mr, Du learnt atelely esc firmed. Th rnwabx a rw la th OiMm weanlliahep.wwtpoateel ooaeenona, all Ihos sjsatalng aba right of sscssslsa harVag tid. Th Frtetdsn ha mad formal order, direct ing tk heads of Ik various department to withdraw all their edttaxsiag patronage from tbe Queer trrrlen newspaper, Th lmmedlaae csoee of Ihl scl.l (uppoeed to be th Maaura of that jotnaal regarding th tea ding of troop to Charlaa l. Al a peivele dinner party yeeterdey, Ugh words peaaed between Senator Took ea aad Lleut-Qsneral Soon. Aeeordiag to relation hi Oongi national our. olee, Ik oouTsraatloa turned oa th eeadtt-g sf troop to Charleeton, when Mr. Toouee sipreaeed (he hop thai Ih people tber would (ink the Sear of tb West. Tbe General with much earnestnasa, taked aether 11 was ponlbl that he, ea aa AoMrtean, de ali ed auch aa event. Mr. Toons rrpliad aa-mattvely, and thai th who et nt the vowel there, ahould be sunk with bar, Oererei Soorr Ikeriupon ld be wee responslb' for wl l be eeld, and Mr. ToOHB remarked, You hav known m for twenty-lv year, and r aware that Ikttn tesptnalble. Th matter her ended, but Ike ml Jest, It la (aid, I now In Ik band of Mends. II tt probabl thai Ih Mlaalaaippi delegation will formally istlrt (rata Congress tomorrow, L'eul T Alitor h arrived tromMtJor Aannioa wtih dlspatehas to (he 0 vernment. Benator Ilcama speech today prod seed a pr fouadeenaauan. Ex Secretary Taoarrjoa baa replied to la Presl dent's letter of aeoepteno of hi rsatgnetlou. Whl adkerltg to his opinion formerly eipreesed, Imply log beeaeh of cabutet hlth,he speak In th kindest terma of tk President and of his pelrtotism. A pi It ate letter from Florida, dated January Tat, rays lbs a aumber of sUlewetes from Weal Florida exprw themselves to Ik offset thai If th Matt thou'd secede without a proper general understand' log, Ikey wMeeoed from the other part of Ik atate, and all weal of Ik Apalarblcola River trlH annex thtaWvee to A'abama. Tbe arsenal al Cetahoochut he been reiaed by order of Ihe Governor, under Ihe pi et( litis', a United Slat officer wat about le r movettms. Mr. Botaaiit laldtxlty In thelioie, that after tb Nevy and A toy li 1 shall havs beea disposed of, Ike rpportunliy desired by aouthern men for d bet win be afforded. It I raid IhatMr.TATLOB, chief cl k of the New Totk Poet Office, will be appointed Poetmaeier. Ta Alabama HteOo Ceavenllea. Jutiafo, Ga., Jan, 11. The following fasted 1 Slate Convention, today 1 Aa otdlnanoe to diiwolv lb union between th tie of Alabama and other elate, united under lb euniact aad ttjle of th United State of Americ 1 r-wwa,ih bo Ion of Anitaex Lummji aad t;mAJ. iAua tu lb otBoe of President and Vice President of the Un'ted Basle America by a ssoilonal party BTowedly hostile to the demestleln. Btltuiluo and peeoe BLd eeouilty ef Ihe people of the etas ol alahama, following npon tb keel uf naay and del geteu Infrsctlena of the OonatliuHaa of the United Stalrat Ly many of ibe etatea and peopl of In bonhet n eeotloo, I a pohtloal wrong of so InsultiBg snd nwnsouig a oberaoier a to Justify th peopl of Ike atate of Alabama In Ike adoption of prompt and decided meaaurea for their future peeoe and aeonrlty, Iheiefore, be II dee'ered and cadalaed by the peo pl of tb atate of Alabama, In oonventlon aaaembied, that Ihe elate of Alabama now withdraws from the Ualcn known aa Ibe Untied Bailee of A-nerioe, and kenwfoith ore to be one of the said United Seat, atd Kaudef light ought to be, a aovarelga and In dependent etale. Sectluu ML And be 11 further dee'ared and ordetnei by It e people of tbe etete of Alabama la aoaventtiut aurmbied, thet all powers over the territoi lea or eald etete, and ovsr ihe people thtreot, heretofore delege led 10 tbe Oovwamenl of Ike United S Btee ef Amen ea, be, and they are beseby wlthdiawa from tea mid government, and are hervby resumed and mill ta the people of tbe fate of Alabama. Aid a 11 la tbe deelre and purpoaa ef lb peop'e of Alar mete bow lb alevehelding aaa-ee of the South wbooppro-Mof suoh apurpote, la order to bams a ot netilutloo, at a permananl government, upon Ike pitnerplec of the OoverBmsnl of tbe United S eelee, be it aleo issolved by lb peopl ef Alebama, tn eooren Won seseailjliid, that th people of the elates of Del ew aavjiena, vtrawta, xtoian ueroima aoum Oerehna, Feoatda, Oeurgia, Mst,leippl, Lml.Una, Texas, Atkanea. Tenaeeeee, Kentuoky, aadMiB. aoml, be, and they are hereby Invited to meet ike peopl of th Stat of Alabama, try thslr delegates, tn otinreeieioBi, on ane etnoey or rsoruary nexs In Montgomery, la th S aw of Alabama, Ibe puraoae of neeunltatl. a with each ether a to the aaoat effee laalraodeol eeouttng oonoarted harmonious notion la wbatrrer mmsuiss may ht j sioat da.Ua bl for b oommon peace and aaouriry. Atd iian farther rtuolred, that Ihe Pneldeal of Ikl etonventloo b and they ar hereby laatrueled amaernlt loilbwnh a oopy ef Ike foregoing pro. enible, cedmene and raaoiullooa, to the Oeverasr of Ihe aevarei eseles named la the eald rtueluaona. Done by Ih people of Alabama, ta oenvaataon aa. aambled, at Meaigomery, thla ele-renlh day of Jaau ary, eighteen hundred and atxty-oa. Th preamble, ordinance and tatoluuon were adopted by ay 01 1 nays M, Alter IU adoption of Ih ordinance th ntQ waa cpeaedto vbltota. A ip'endid Bag, preeanted by th ladle 1 of Alaba me, was eocreysd to th Prastdonf eland and for. naDy pteaented t Ih eonventlon ut v-e Ji eloquent addreea. Mr. Smith, delegate from Tuaoalooa, followed ta fee tag reCsreno Is the ewaar and 8tripee,'t and then Invoked th bltalng of Ueaveu on lb aew Sag. AtrnxTJ Baku, of Eutaula, than relumed lb tbatka of tb eonvenHon to th ladies la th moat eWquanl tarat. Tb oldlainos of aeceetlon wii b tatlflsd nsit Monday, whan It la bellsvid thai many other dele gatee will ilgu II. An Imuen iws mcstlng Is now being held la fnnlof theCepltol, and dletUguUbed ooperallea dalrgate 1- piedgirg their oonatHusnta a unit to suetaln the tcilen of th Oonvsntica Th roeselm flg preetntod bylh ltdii It bow waring ovsr th Capitol, amide th firing of eannoa and Ik chrei lr g of Ibe people. Tk mo I tnteue sntbuelaem prevail Montgomery, Jan. It The oiry ta brllUantly tllu ruina'ed tonight from Ih capi to to tee river while the sWers are fl led with enlhutiaetlo peop'e. An liumens crowd asaembled la Mm'gomeiy Ilall atd wat add reeled by Congremman CcxxT, Mr, MATuawa, of Mississippi, and others. A'l Ih prkr( wr loudly ehearad. Chatlealoa Newe. Oiarttiton, Jan. 11. Th txolUment here be retehal abated la ooneequenoe of paella news ffomWsshlngioo. Tb enlletnunlof Boldlsngoej cbeot ell U quiet. Th LtlUture did nothing to. dy. Ckarleton, Jan. 11, A privaU dispatch to Ih Courier eayt that the federal troop htv aVt doncd all tha f arte In Pensaeole harbor exoept Fri Pickens, where they are oonoentrated, and that B00 men have left M .bu to (urpi Fort Piektna, Th BBttmaUp Marion will raaum bar ragu'ar trip toMtwYoik. Uaaar W. Corona, member of lb South Cere He e Oonventlon, died at Coleok this svsnlng Hswaaababkir, doisgbuatneas al narlaaVst end MawOletns. JTns OItns, Jan, li Th Btton B tug areeaal was tekea pnnloa of by tn Btat troop al II ovock today. Forte Jackroa and St. PhlUlp oa the Mlaaleelppl Pike, at ah ntran of Ponohartrain Lake, hay beenseirtdby UsNewOitaana sreep. Thy Basel wth ao roalBtanf. Xnt OrUont, Jon. 11. Btturo Indlcat that th seosastoalat savs a majority la the convention. JrUselaatppl. Jatlfn,Jn.l.Ut, Btav, Oocnmuuuonar from South Carolina, 1 speaking, wlih Ik Ion aatr fief pendant in th hall. Th OouTenslon um cetuplad Ihlt morning In tn dlroueekn of aoimportaat local measurs. The following war Ik Iraasaclion of Ihe Con vention in at ret seealon yetterdsy 1 Tb formal reosptfon of tk rwaialeeinetere from abroad I Th laalgnaiion of Mr. aaoLaoa, Judge cf Ihe United Statu Ooui It Tbe adoptioa U a reaoluUon reoognlalng South Cero'lna aa torero n aad Independent 1 To adoption of reeolauoa that th poaSsnastera, Unoer and (gaals oontlnu until otherwise orlwad. .. The ordlnaaet we eignedol ht'fpaH tt laths atornug, TU OtatvtnUost wO probably adJoUra to Yltk. bag, enoooountof Ike Legialatur wanang Ih na, pika. Mr. Boar' patch wa warmly applauded. Tb otdlnanoe deola-et thai all law, nguleUoa and ecntraots of Ik United Btatai ralatlv to th mall at Tie akaU bs eonauuad la full force. TheOoremor ha dared Ih military to be la readrneeBatsnaetoenl warning, A ceil he ba issued for nAtordeynlgUlooompleattkeorgtalaa. ttoa of Ik mlttu-y of Ik atate, Tbehvjohea deooreaed uriih tTwtreen and th km star la pmaainent. Jfsut Orfctsms, Jon. U At th Oarrealoa alectlou oa th lib, Ik csndl tales favoring a tmbsri Coafoleracy chtstaad taafortay. ladiaa HayradtHah at tb Tax frotMtr tan. Tlrghtta. aasAia. Rietmvni, Vm tan, 11 A Jotat rtosrriertVr frl tMneue,riativtotn pitsMvaHiia of Ih eter? jue, waa reoalved. A ttaSetttutewes offered, teklag of Ih PaaU anamerticeofthepreeervatonoftbetbeoleAealVi ots for sixty days, sxospt to repeal hoatU Uvaelon Thi wa adopted, aad thetnibjeelflrjadlrsthrvadl Select Oomnaltto. Tb nous after a hot debet adopted aa sensa, ment Is Ih Courontion bill, aatberlaing the openli 1 f poile, at Ik him of Ik election for delegates, sake th eenee of th Totere whether any aoaloa' th Coaveatioa, relative to Ik Ftdeeal Ualea, ah, b nberdMrd to lb people for ratlneaiTrecael by sya T7 nay 01' I ATersU, U Jam. U.-Bsfer dayllgWt, J morning, a steamer wll. I to la Federal MegaafJ wharf, loaded with powder end left, Berdextiaaa laonknown. WaJMCeexrawsteei ad fraektatTataa. rutnik, Jam. 1L The mam ooaraatMa 1 wetklngmea to night was an lmmena getharhuj Uaaar B. McOAart, Prealdant of ta T.ede At amkly, urat called to lb chair, and W. C Moo of Ik Typogrephloal Ualoa, mad aVwrrtary. Bat lotion siBiBBBlT of fraternal alts nhm sal I UT Ualon, calling on Ik Piuaidaul to xeuut thela- Ihala- V hear. V galattaU traitora, were adopted wllheaaoatk aouu ttuj, ea eau lor a naeionai eontaiiiiiw as warn - lagmea al Phi ado phi oa Ih Md of February fjf adoretd. ut,; (loo-rale, Attfttia, Ga., Ja It. A taint of IN fum wa fired bet today for Florida, aad If) mor ft A'abama, Florida Itteu Csett atlsaa. Ij Tifsw, ., Jam, 13. Th FUrida ryisrh ConTantlon passed tbe otdlnano of sinsnlia year ' tsrdsy by a vote of 61 to T. ' ITIah Prlre es Deal al ITh. , I. .- -J I rktlaJ,lrUa,Jam. 10. Tk high prior obtain. 1 for nal ) Charlaalon bat Uduoed peevon la Ikii dty to Bttetopt eeudlng a ablp load of It there, be ablp owaera rtfus to Uke lt,tkougb K s ton f.lgh.l U offered. General Telegraph Newi. Th rear KxBrews. Fmt Karnty, Jan. II, The Vnj Eiprau rasatd bet ai Z o'o'ock. Ban franrUca, Ve. tt J 19 f. M.Tt stewn-lr of Ihe let of January trill carry away about fil MtV C0t. The itatamenl mat le In the Unlet d Sletee Seaeae, by Mr. Latuax, that Callfomla will remain with thn Union of the Nottn end Weal, no metier whet eo-. ra (I th South, I generally commended by aewspapers, and le undoubtedly t cornel lesion of a reel majority of our people on ta ualon queetloa. The most ultra aouthara bate an Idea that Oaliornut will ro with I era Stale, or Ml up for heoeelfU dliaaienl peo. Tbe Lrgteletnre of California will 1 Moaaay In January, The effutt to ect a aucoeesnr to 8 meter Owen promii ee 10 be a p-o'oorvd straggle, on tooouai ef great numhrr of nendtdela. Tk Canada FaattlTe Hart Caaw. Teroeife, C. W, Jan. 11 Tk fugitlTe slave Are BxaaoB, wa retnined to Brantfo d, C. W yesanr dst.10 await the action of tb Court of Apfoeak urklaat wul prtbably not take p'ao until susaaner. Rer. Sir. May aad Bhuaa D. AaUieag ha BoclMater. Itochntar, Jam, 11. Bar. Mr. Mat,8(Aji B. Aim obt, aad others of thai strip attempted ta kaat meeting hsis tonight, It was broken up hp ataVe ten, and retoluiloae In fitror of the Unten tretw reared, and ohoere given for Oeneral Seora, end aau4 JorABBUaaa. A flag bearing Ike lneorlptloa, -tS ooBiBTtniuae wua aiare'T,- waa aoa auewea at tt uapeaoea aoroa atiisai 1 Th ptrrtntod gsnsrml ilot, Bts4 ta tTktrla ttL CMcvasaotff, Jam. llr-Coa aaoa and hu ta Louaxa,wbo stabbed roli-smsa Loea and la. Haa- Laat at a hou of 111 name on WedaaarliT aloai. anwtedyeeterdayandtakea toprtaon. Thar we Jl s'S Man- 1 eoaataaraoi eanwtemena y aeroay ra ragarn ansar, ana an anucapt wa meae te ssxs ta ere from the lall br force. This wsa am wa put bb tad ha 1 ami out to prteteat I VS. If the Ouihrie Ore; , wbo were ordered out to ah Jail. Hat a 1 y ester Jay, CITY NEWS. 0am l B. Oaattjt, Zsq., wm yterdy aa.' polniedAwkaanlDlsttlel Attorney, InplaoeofMr. Snorwrox, wko recently resigned. Mr aaaeaa la aa Intimate friend of Es-Oovernor Sara-ova; waa for marly U. fi. Dleti lot Attorney for Ih Itorlkern DU trkt of Mew York, aad aflerwardt District Auoeraay la Oa.lda County. Ut moved to thi lty about tea year ego. Boaxd or CocaoiLaiaii. Th Board ntat Uat venlnga but no organisation wa effected. Tha eUven Bspublloana and "- 1 aril s'stiiataaai themeelvox, aa adjournmanl was had until this a -nicg at alx o-clook. It la aotbetlt Irely ateted, t I la car no election le affected tonight, a pr Hon will he trade that tbe Bpuhlloeas aud lbs Oaaoeruaa shall draw lots for Ik p stridency, the parky drewteg Ihe pieeldeuey to aocoed ta ihe other eide the finae ttoa of eoemnleleee end aa'ectton of cleika. Illaan dsntcod that Mr. Btr ran will not glv way, and tkafi It Is not llksly that an organlatdon can be off oted ha aay other way than that alluded to ebere. For City lfe-tra, aeeTlilrel Paxa. Air or THa Hunan or nu Pa at whs may bar frlsno alrsa unf ortnewtetr LOVB OF BTEONa DUTO, ar (drlssd to as DB. EELL'S FAMOUS BaTMH-aY far THAT TTOUIBLB DISBAUl Fm.a d Ltow' IWINO BAIHIIII, at aaeoeaB rasoaa. Wnfe new bear sTsatanla. Mt Jeaaa Aaentt atad. "' ' " . . tfe.tMrhee astSA Falaeast.Bl Ubbat Siu or Cuoica Oood 11 aaa. kto.Uaeotaeethl erealegal 11 Faltea stresA, IwosalB, will afford theea la, reeled, an e-esertaeaar to bur (laee wan. eroeterr, 4m, at taeU ewa p lee. TJbBMeeJmvmiboteldtvtryJt-ht BaiU the etieaTB BlBOAlHI, llAEOAIMt. WB CAU. ATTUnatg totneaTeataaieore etlr aadrioh te.da, whloh areaa. poeed for aal. end whieh a.a.1 re te Tthe klaet WA Jer, at Ibejuhlaa Arcede, Al eatle at, aew Uaaaaei . BreeeJya THIS BVLMHU. Thi will be e S aVw pw tea Itr for anaeefceeMta to iwaisntd k their eUe. a is ceaamenee at I P M. E-4E1U I JOTlCBS. Aa xoeilct Oongh Beeraadg. ABBkaaiubeuhlelt '.."iwSlSS l7?nV- . . COUOH KXTIBMINATOB. ttatrttcleef ta kiad aew en. e toTt Trytt r. -! " m touwBi veu wni i IT L.?T.,?,pt UOUSB ass. in.ryv. rraeie tjents B oeaoi fieuik Seeonde i per e-AUa. fee ee'a a aha 1st, vTlllTe ehesih. eadjar anisxiw generally. lam In lta bum! bImAiI (mvm, !& - arraSpelaa, eart r'T'i. hlrlnbea. nil aliiea-Jla vereorea. The wetat ea ef Sieiei af t becetsao. eurial eeeaaOeunwa. eVabUUr. Ura and kid rTk aptten, sVa. ar aausi aarta 1 eared a a iBWaai liVArSLlrB BALSAM HAS CUBBD THOV Lfses of tkeee eed elm lies dleeaaea, aad tt ward nSu-tt-rTto'e It Oeea not enntein e particle af aaereurr. or east ettaar Matertoaemtweel Iteen he teken wltk perntet !. i'Ji T.JfT "oiw.te woman or f IT IS TUB U"""!!!" BLESAIM OiT B rente pes bottle, nix berate. SL talFl DAPOT, SaiMOiCAJCD ST, 1W .IraJ-w rwrual for Froodeea Tie Matw. ALBXINDKH CLKMENTS will b atom en Ua ate etdeeet, for the aeoefil ef theyeer. fa the Pieabiwajlen Uennh,Ttht, tot. rth eaTtatli araaeei llaaMar ayyrt1?t?nr' Pea Onteo Meiteo -Tie ttaB fer IfeaveeMe via UTBUPOOU per U. , Bieeaaer altrltl tBV wUletBMBtthwerBce ea SATUBUAY. la Ixut aay - Jffl' li, rt,t-ud-. rtrgteet ha aaeietlag Pinter haa cetuoe! thee jida ef foraelae to a (reoiatare (rats IlOLlA WA Y8 Pttla aee th only raUebU reaaadr for the sea BUUIa laetaentei to Aaoaahw, whaahar at ta da we eg wiarnaliitd e th turn of Mi. MB Wwcateler Oaaaty Tnaaa) We-tfeev, W ethlntoaffaWaenelir ttrtedlfSiSt t a-e bow deeedBMrBBeMthreAMeB. eetrlaer.eerBer Oread aedin Beth Btaleaatoayt Inetder, Wedi -veoar sidThara r, JaaTlerh to IMk n Bask taaea eaealia.U.o tU Ue wig beeetd gl-for Mxwaraam. M JWi tn . Oea-a U T. Bsutch. Aa Trnaaw W? BTXtA.l awri, B1 ImfSPJLZ?"! ta CtXfos , Tea or I ilium. Warranted terteotly haraUeas, and wlU not Be is) rnattfM!;'IAW-l'ft, -.TC5ir2