Newspaper of The Sun, January 15, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 15, 1861 Page 2
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e-v if a ll THE NEW YORK SUN. TUMDAT MORNING, JANUARY 15, 1861 Oe eiitea. Norm and South agree that there should b tu co-ertion of elates. So ssya Mr. Htf-nAKAiv, ,nd so ey Mr. Lkcomi 'a irlm minister. Th only aneollon at Inn It that of reciprocity In thli norMwrcloo. Wt Inaiat that no itata shall xe-ere the Union. Out th fomentera of tra ton clalo a right to eject tha Union by force irate: lu property, for which It nat alwayt pal I -the most liberal equivalent and aeeured the moat folrmn act of perpetual cession from the ; (UtM la which tt ll eitualad. An.t their Idea of Urn-coercion la, that tho Union shall submit ! ' The gorernment of the United States wi) uadertahe no coercion, will declare no war, will violate, In all probability, no foot of stabs terri tory. It will simply hold Itt own property, jaat ai any private cttlten woul 1 do, if he had M ranch power. It will maintain the commtnl of all national highway and keep them open for the common benefit, anJ will prevent all etrroggling U dutiable foreign gsoda Into the country. Then, If any elate chooea to outrage And defy the Cuiulitutlon within lie own borders, to exclude the federal court, to deny t cttitena of other states their constitution 1 rlfhts, and to withdraw from all participa tion In the national government they will doubtless lie permitted to go on In thli hrutt-h oouree of lawleeanc-a and eclf-lsolatlon among themselves, as long as they can endure its con sequence. l)ut they will not l allowed to co err the Union, to rob the people of the United Slate, nor to shut up the national highways and outlets of commerce. A linn and quiet guard upon the ports and great rlterais the country, Is aft that la needixl to amort and main tain the authortty of the Union, and to strangle treason with Its own rop Twe Continent earCaaatry. "Wr. are one country trrnimallg. We are phyncaBf, "what Ooi) hath Joined" and man cannot put asunder. There was a geographical necessity for the extension of the Union from the northern lakes to the Gulf ef Mexico, and from the Vocky Mountains to the Atlantic. And It is just becsuse the physical necessity did not ex tend beyond these limits, that Mexico and Canada are not ours, anil that California had nerer been thought of but fer war and gold. The Mississippi Hirer makes our country nn alterably one, from North to South. The lakes, the Erie Canal, and tho chain of railways, are its physical "constitution" esstward and west ward. And the Pacific llallroad will soon ex. tend that same potent material "constitution" to the western coast, and make dissolution 1m poasHde from ocean to ocean. The Jain reason of all this Is, It Is not In the nature of man to surrender interests so vitul as the unobstructed use and control of these natural and artificial highways are to the inhab itants ot she Interior of the continent e-jmilslly when they hold them by a confederacy sterotes all Its power and confines all Its opera tions to the simple maintenance of Union 1 This Is the sublimely simple nature of tur na tional structure a single shaft, a slnglepurposn, of maaalre solidity and majestic grandeur Around It all our greatness gathers and embodies itself, and In it all our dearest Interests centre. The whole cohesive power and gravitation of a populous sivl opulent continent, presses to ihf centre, and Idnde It like the foundations of the everlssllng bills. Volesnie convulsions may rend the bowels of the mountains, and hurl red hot fragments Into the sea, but the ceiilluont will stand. Sectional passion, prt lo and rapac ity will struggle In vain to break the course of rivers and to divide sea-coasts which Iwlong to all, ami are the arteries of llfe-hlood to all. The whole wIH always be greater than any of Its parts, and the vital necessities of the whole must control thcra in spite of themselves. PaUbfat among- the Fallaleu. The arrest of Collector Mkkmman of fjeorge. town, S. C, for South Carolina treason (which mesns the performance of sworn duty to tho United Status) Is described In s paragraph from the Charleston iftrrury ou our first psge. It will be seen that here was a fodcral officer In Aoulh Carolina Itself, supporting the government of the Union, transmitting Information, and calling for "rn-lnforrements" ami facilities for collecting tha revenue, In the spirit of a hero. Let South Csrolina beware that a hair of that man's head Is not harmed 1 Ills name Is dear to the American Union, and will be rememberod In tilgh honor, If tho story of his enemies be true. If bis noble and solitary fidelity were to cost him his life while It would give immortality to bis name it would cost South Carolina, not lives enough to equal It, for all tho traitors there have too few for that, but mora lives than alia is prepared to spare. An art like that would sesl the doom of its authors beyond a chance ut par don or pity. , A faille "Aral." We have been a little entertained by reading ' (from the Waynesboro' O0 Ainw) the pro cording and resolves of a convention of " Min ute Women," a kind which we calculate to be considerably "faster" Hum "2; 10." The fl iowlng are the racelest bits of tha sport I Auuls-d, Thai our honor, our intersHt aud our social reeillliai, demand IniuioillAln anceaaluii front the abolition atetosol this demoralised and dehaiwd Uiibm. Jfolmrd, Thai uthern women will never consent to luiltcle withe people whose-stun! rd ol religious and social "milium Is below the lasts of truth, vir tue suit Chrislacuiiy, nil 1 whoas, ble, whoao syin. jsilhtes, wbuae wfumtloll siad whose sasiwlatiou are discordant with srsry grate which adorn our awx. A woman's tongue for sharp-stiootlug 1 We bare heard humiliating Imputations before; but this pitching us down "Inlow the basis," Is th 4 'pitch profoundest" of contempt I We ero con lgned to the sub-cellar of "truth, virtue and Christianity," vihere soutliern women will neu-r consent to mingle. We cannot l too thankful tliat there are a few Northern girls left to take jlty on ns. Next comes thunder. Hoar the report of "tho Young Ladies' Committee" i itssorred,Tbst we. the young bulls of Durks, re ject with kaugUtv Vxnt aw. proU iliiatu ail elvlU-i-"lvuinygentlsion who nJusaa or usglect to wu the rauks uf ny B mtheru SUU, that shall lu her sv-sratfu c-'Hy willi.lrsw hsr slUilancs from this! ymfe-leracyi holdlna- it t be sslf evident Uist a Uira's glovs eau nover wlu a wo rnaas love, nor drcnd hor tumor, "Haughty scorn aul proud disdain 1" W would'ot be in the slioes of any "dastard' with in eye-ehot f these disunited maidens, who hss neglected to join the ranks of South Carolina, JWlda, Alabama anl Mississippi, all and sun dry, with two muskets on each shoulder. Cruel quadruple, and noliody-knowe-how-iuany-more. times-to-lw-multlpllol, service! Insatiate sr chars would not one suffice 1 The final demonstration was offered by "Mrs. C!ol." or perhaps we should say Col. Mrs. CjLt:k, whom we presume to be the command, tng officer, and was received "with a joyous out burst of apidause" curiosity In the natural history of hen conventions, which no reportorlal naturalist has yet described. It must have been m roast musical and gushing hurrah. Rdolrtd, That lbs UdlM ut Burke county do ten der their warmest s7Dithlas and plethrs thslr lovs and devotion so the proud, aallsui, cUvslrous aud "Free JPeople" of South Carotins (or ISs (sarins and liersis art ef Dm. Koth, ISM, which bu oowsd a ftit la she history of huatan gtwlrni. ikst the fertile of man shall hsrald through all ttmt, end wo sMtfiilifJIssS aud noblest aflvvtusia euusdu (or all Lot It not be andsrstood that the southern Cslr re is lenlsts, Far otherwise. Like all the jtiaeasel to, they have) nothing so Bach at heart Muslim' They have grievanees far ntors serious rUsJkes'lorda. It la lost, stolon, prereotod ,ajslaiMb they seek to recover. And we art vwitk tfceen. We join them heartily la the do- T t" " " -a-ly J..S1 Iw. A m fjUtlmrUtUt on Tank, girls, and eta ajsjoHf 'a 'tail wpeal datgr m MttMra ak:sa.-o Catnra MeOwwaa. Tha Trti of yceierday makes a eerera, and w cannot bat think, somewhat rash attack upon Captain MoOowsjr, of the lata lU-etarred expe dition to Charleston, for not taking hit command Into Fort Sumter la splu of the oddsf which It describel as "the practically harmless, two-gun battery on Camming Point," (Morris Island,) "the stolen revenee cutler with one small swivel cannonade,'' and Fort Moultrie three-quarters ef a mile off at the nearest point In the psssage. The Timrt also mskee the grave charge thsT Cspt. McGowas had been furnished with a re. mmejhfl, with orders to raise it as a signal to Fort Sumter for claiming the protection of that fort, but totally forget or neglected to use it. We are Informed by parties ho were In the steamer, and Intimately conversant with all the events of the expedition, thst no one on board heard of such revenue fl tg, and if the statement Is true, the knowledge of It was confined to Capt. McOowan and the Timi-t. Our dealers In arms, ammunition and military stores, who have lieen doing so Irrlsk a southern buslnise for some time past, will find Judge Hmai.ikt's charge deliverod yesterday nn the subject of treason, very Interesting. We trust the Crand Jury will do their duty vigorously, and promptly Indict all parties whs may be found to have furnished military supplies of any kind to persons, offirlsl or private, who are In arms against the United Slates, ll Is high time this business were stopped, Tfce Heart of tb rrople. Nitw Yonx, Janitart 10, 1W. h'Aanr Tun. -A few dsjs ago, 1 pin hM ons of ymir pa pers, (I lists been In the habit of jmn basing others,) when I ssw the manly, Mmlght-fancard, loyal, I'nmi luring and frus prinnjilee yos alvocsts, I dilernilned to Uks your orr In futnre. Fur ons white-livered doufthfrtce you bisy lose, depend on It, yon will gain ton honest, Inysl, Union Mm. De- strurtlni In tb bis of all traitor tha Ood of niitiirs has decreed It. (jo on, sir, be temperate end Arm, and nature will do Ike rent. God and our I'nlrni for ever, A. II. W. V. lUllor X. 1", Sun Dr.An Sin I In readiag your bwne of j esterdsy, I olwerve one Tfnny , wishes yrsi lo "sti-p his paper" on account of "pre. tlivltles." Its pleiusl lo a. 11 my nams In place of sell 7Vnn.u, to your sulncnliers' list, to be lei by your carrier. Yours, very truly, R. A. fl tl Grand street. New York. ' Amy and Navy New It Is understood that the troops which returned In the Bur f the Wert, which were put on (lover nor's brisrsl, on Ksturdsy, st A. M., ars not yot to be SMlgned lo reglmenU, or sent WmI, but Ihsl Uiey will be liumedlstely prepsrsd fur the road. The Utesl resfgnntloitf from the army and navy are as follows) Major Vsn Imasx, Bsoond Dragoons Meut. roassr, loth Inlantryt Lieut. T. P. Tamr, J. If. Nostti; K. T. CnArv, T. It. Mitia, 8. 8. Gsa onsr, siwl Captain HisTsmss of " llesolule " fame. Adetsihiunitof V, 8. marines and sailors, from Iheeorvitlo 81, Mary's of lbs Pacini) squadron, ar rived at tho nmoklyu Navy Yard on Saturday. The ruier were traiwferrnit to tha barracks, end the latter to the Reeelvlng ship North Carolina. The nnVlst olrenlars addreaset by the government to lbs officers of the surveying vessels relutnd lo mal um of ordinary suiveylng business, sud had nothing whatever lo do with lbs crisis. Oil Friday last e Hoard of officsrs convened si Anno pohs, (or the final examination of the class of Mid shlsnen, who graduated In June 1H. Captain De rearr wss President of the Board. Tbs young men exsmlncd stand good chance of spanly sdvancament, 1 Ibey posMess evrn an average shars of msrll. On aatunlay light piece of ordnance arrived al the Brooklyn Navy Yard five of whlsa ww from Rich mond, and the remainder from Walerrllet, Mr. Hewmrd. Of Mr. Skwakti, the Washtaglon correspon dent of the Philadelphia Caitttt, snysi "Vnbks Mr. Wtasrsa, who was always careful thai the ' onurniau' sbouldbslu kseoing with the accaslon, be eprarcd in his rough aud ready suit of grey, without any evldene of preparation or care, Mr. 0BWASD ts not Imposiua- tn prsaenee or psrson. few nimnlieiBof the Benate would arreat the eye of e stranger lea al drat sight, or mors after lis nia-s ha canis knowu. His voice la hiinky, bis elocution is bad, aud bia gestures ar allogether uuaUmUiv. At ttinm, whi n ha altanipta to give physical ampbaal lo Boms forcltils and finished IhomrhLthe elT.irt aeaina altisMt groteeipis there is such lltlls apparent sym pathy between the mind and manner of tha man. Ill Intellect and bis finished culture, however, Invariably triumph over these strong natural defects, and ha i,eer (all to leave the lnreaaion ol superior ability, Brholarahlis thought and sagacity. "Eveiy ej s was rlvetad uxiu him ysalerday for more than two hours, and every syllabls hs uttered was treasured up and manauraj lor Its lieartng, as word were never welgheit tn that rhamW tielore. Eveit from the great ground-swell o( the human are lu the gallerie, which occasionally surgS't from the outward preasurs tn the halls and hssiTua, not s tosis of ths tote was lont ujam ths aariauiblad multU tilde. There were passaice of touchlut elopience wlili h thrilled all hearts, and exetted ths geusruus tnlmts of tear from niouy eyes uol much given ! lbs nieltlng mood. Tlie eomiiideut, In remarking npou ths speech llxi If, rs j s i This FH his well calculated lo remove many of Ihc pniudli-es ahlch have Iwcn luihcloualy clrculat isl, and fnlsa impres stiaia that have so aai lously allenalod the N mil aud South fnini each other. Perhaps It would have Imeu U'tter for the ieace of the country thai It had beam iuikIo a mouth agn, when the leinjiar of the UmUh was lea exainienlad by Iniaglnaiy wnaurs ami cniel luiansuioeutalion. lie has proved hlinselfcaiable of I lelnif above narrow prejudice and klguted eonstruo lion of n1y platforina to meet a national exigency sui h aa never presented llaalf before. He did ll line isis oHi'iwive or harsh wonl, and lu signifying what be was piercd to do, he only followed out to their logical nsisequeis'e the vote which be had glveu In the OHululttoe or Tnrrtean, on various occulous. Opinions of the Proas. Hie riitiunelsbul moderately pleased with Siiua tir8rwAsn's sjaixht We certainly should bsv prefernl a Udder tone. Btlll. Viecsiusit rvaaiaiably esiact all the be! quali ties of bea.1 ami heart to b eiulsidied 111 a single icr- isait aiki while it is given to aoine loupnoiii tna blar iiai UtKliI In the late of fXierUid aud formidable for, i IIicim limy t as nat'fiilly eiuoyel lu KMirlii2 nil on the troubled waleis, and pltAcliing thegosjiel of conciliation sivt icsce. The ll'ia-lif, In sn elslorate review of the Siech, says : Mr. Bsviasu's answer lo ths nutation bow to savs the I'liUin, will I sitlsfiHtory to ueither frleud uih fia1. Ajiplylng lo bis plan tbs sauis practical teat which b baa applied to the plnns of others, ths clear result spa ars Hist 11 is as Inadequate as ha bits de clared theirs to l. lbaopls can ami will savs the I uiuii, but rune, tlie poopls aak, Th ssnat-ir re plies that we may a well disosrd ths prevalent idea or prijudice, tliat u the I'uUiu 1 to tat saved by aome Isnly in paillcular." It ha nothing lo aaytothe plexiept Hint Ilia Union Is lueatliuable, aud It tlliMoliitionour unlveraal ruin. K publlcanlMiii, aial every other political nam sial thing, be di-clarus, la subnrUuial 1,1 L'uion. ami tha utt. raise la that ol a patriot, fa It Is lo lai aubor iliiialeil aliould bat Imcu Ih reiily of a Mtaloninsn. Wlieti ths lids ufeveuu Is runulng on with such foar ful velia-ily.ttiS moat iiatihaie avntunanU or alghs ars valusleaa, c ei sieiuplifted aud siti anted by sajd. ne ruuouiuienuiiuoua, Th TVmes ssys i As sn Indication of Ih sptVii lu which ths Admin Istralhai of Mr, Ijmcolm will bs uaidiicted, it leaves nothing to b desireil. It must couvtuc every can illd uiau thai it predouiisuit andparaiiinuiilaliu will lie lo jH-qicliiate th I'mioh, 4lu4 II will cnuau't with scnuniloiu care, ths luleresla, Ihs principle, .m.I ll. e MAitii.elji of varv aM'tlou. It leave no room for th ireumitln that ths ounducl of ths Adnilnlatrallou will b dlrw-tly, or Indirectly, lusrtlle lotbelnstllutlisisoflhesouiheru states or that II will be dsaf or Indifferent to ooiuplalnu lenm that quaitvr, of etlls sutferad orajvr-beadsdsl ths bauds tf ths federal Guvemiueul. The UtM says thai ilr, SrwAso has abaudued the higher law doctrine In this speech Asech which, considering III Ch.trotrof the orator aud Ihs alat o( foaling S4ibug ths pollticUu with wbisn hs Is alsllaud, Is euilueutly hvieful, con ciliatory aud visiMrvatlv. W u ay uow eiici that thl speech will glvs new hoa to tbs friends of Ihs l'uion, slid that II will civats a Ireuieudmu row smong ths sautlineutal K pubUcaua, who will charge Mi. Uiwitu with lnouu lsteis7 aiel vacillallou, Mr, sswasd Is uol Uwou slstent. A tbs reepisuibl niau lu ths next admiuistraliuu, be Is rlKhl In preiwrlng lo throw off si I vrty trainuisls, and to stand Wore his country. Incii "clothed and In hi right uuud." Tltjvumal of Cvmsa-rol finds "much to oom nieud" lu the speech, sud eppreolates "ths oonces sions offered." Bui II ssys I The reader will not bill u notice ons slgulflcaul eienauon la Mr, Bswasivs peeb. lie omits lo ds eUus kit osuious upou lbs duty of tbs Uovsmuienl lu th arootil sriala. 11 Call to IndloaU his views upou the. nolu-y vt eoejsring or subduing seclluf stains. That Is Ihs quesMou of today, th queatleu that Is lu dsetrmln whether she strti going iat, sliall be bluodlaas or uiherwiae. Upon lb etitton of Uouw (reas tl this lime, without daisy, may bang Ihs Uvs and the kaplnea of the pantile, both North enl oulh. jBjg The Hfntag fW thinks Mr. Sswasd has guu se tVr a he ouuld well go, la the path uf eotwluatlou, but IS doe not expect hi sentiment lo tnaot th ap. ptavel of lb lese'sre of extrame eoutbera opinion, a their policy U to rubs when they oaunot hsve exabw ft rule. Bui w ar not perauadsd that the liberal tone of atr.IawawrtsaerU WW nut tsra a loneeVia (. feet npcsi the more modcrsle sentiment of the Bouth. Regarded e he ts try many as aa sttrems repeasesita. Ilvs of the North, his Impartisl, dlgnlAed andarsla He, yet earnest autemejda, mustdtsa many errors. If they do not entirely satisfy It wcejld not tiav tflmlnlahail th fore of Mr, BswAarr ad- dra-a, ravrbaps. If, while tendering the ollre-breneh," bs bad beent little mors emphatic In the exprsasloa of the resolute will of the North "to preserve the oon Utntlnn and tnalnUIn the Union." He was twt disposed In anticipate the dacbnnn of th rraeldent 1 t, who mnat be the leader and hsad of bis own goveminetit. Nor did hecnrjcetve II wise, as wabifer, toliallcate mwYlfte meaaurea In advance, to rmrVa them a largiA for the 0iiorlllun, long before ILey could be Uilllsted. The ( recommends Ihs eloalng of all ports of entry where the revenue laws snay bs defied, end a strong eoaat gnsrd to irevent mugglmg, a sufocl enl for ths necessary purpnse of federal authority. The Albany timing Journal says of the Union resolution paaasd by our Btate Legtelalure i New York has a right thus to sjiaak. Iter vole Is lha voice from four millions of (raaman. All Uie elatea that havs aenfged, tiethar with all the sUte Ihsl talk of aeradlng mil Warethsr, Bwth Carolina, Oaorgla, rlorlda, Alsloma, Mississippi, Liulslana, Texas, Nitth CamlliMt and Arkanaaa, do not contain so many whit Inhabitants ley four hundred thoussnd as lbs single stale of New Yorkl 8hs ran muster In fonr snd twenty hours more snnail and disciplined tmopa than all th cotton states put together can tiling Into the field In ytar. As fur money, where nV any great publle enterir1ae exiect to flaaln It exce4 from the coffers of her metroiollaf The Gen eral Government Itself haa to borrow there) the very sereaslmilsts themselves cannot raise money ou their beat serurltle unless ttie city of New York will lend it to Ibeml It 1 nn I'll Issul, then, for Ih stats n( New Yoik tossy thstshs can arel will furnish all thai may t ueeeded In ths wty of "Mil snd M'Sieyia Ths AHany AOat A Argiu ssys i It la In the power of this state to d ) much lo arrest the progrras of that rrevaasa that la every day grow ing wider, snd sweejilng swiy tha Imund of Ihs Osifederacy. Tha iaaaa';s of such reaolntlisis as Ihoaeof Mr. Rnsiasoi may savs the bnrdsr states VIsKinla, Maryland, Kentucky, Mlaamirt ami with (ham the Osifedenu y may b renaiatructed. Mr. Limjuona-s fores resolutions, will, ws (ear, no mat ter how hisieetly supported try many, only alienate aisl Irritate Ihoae slates and pilah thtim off from us, snd slill further on In tbe platform of sereielnn. Ttie Oswego VblUvImm blaming the Republican organ for Ihsir generally uncsidlialory lone, ssys A llttlseonceaalon ou point not liysuy means vital nay a ots7ioiRllon lo oismI aud oiiciIiste, wmdd n oonrsgs ths aaiaenraiives ol th 8 mill to rnak a stand against the traitor lrslers, snd endeavor to rally a parly imdsr ths (lag of our eoramsi cotuitry. The Phllailelphbt VnnsjliKinajn, which may be taken as the rereaenbiliv of the more violent op ismetit lf Retaiklicalilani, til the free stales, says I It la enough to say that this speech 1 altogether iiiuatlbXictory, and that it Is inadequate to the crlais. It nisily pisSMaiea, lu vus word, ths tewtisinsment of a revoiution. It iertiaai may lie regardeil aa a faint Inanlfeatatlisi of a teudenry towards waKeaslon on tha ttof ttis Reiublln leailera and ths Im-omlug s4mlnlstiatlou the laegtnnlng of an ausplaloiis Changs, csuliously ludkMed al first, lu order to lurs from vlolencs snd wsr, snd lo conciliation sihI psaos, and final aeUleinent, tlis tnaaaa of ths Reiubiicau sirty, II Is prl.a lulende.1 as aa-OT, thrown out in lbs right direction. If such 1st his aim, 11 la a good one, tail vary bodly, fccUy, timidly aud Incuat. pletely xeuted. Th IWlimor CUnr sty of the recent great Un ion meeting In that city I This meeting ws unqnealliHisbry composed of Ihoa who "rwqsn I the right ami would maintain the honor of the South," but Ibi y aim "lor th llnlisi." That then ar eceelonist among us I true, tail the maaaes of our peopl an for th main tenance of ths Union ami of the rights of ths 8 mill In it. They Isilleve, with their brethren In Kentucky, thai seceasliai la a remedy for no wrong, but a Pan dora's box of multitudinous evils, any one ol which Is greater than tha worst of thoes ws havs endured. Tbs fact Is snnmiuutd. Ths fiat of lbs ieoilo of llal llnMirehns gune dath. They era luibiied with the old Jsiksiaiiau spirit, whhh proolalniad that ths Patlsral Union must snd shall In preaerved. Tbe Augusta (Ga ) IHntch alviKatas co-oieratlon among tlie seceding state for mutual aid and de fcnaa. It says I Is ten dsys Ilvs state will havs ranmd their sov ereignty. If coercion Is attempted a Piovlaional Gov enuueul will bs a ueceeaity for ths common defense. If II la not sttanipttid, al once, such a form of cu-oar-allon will but airengthen Ih enlentt cordial between them, and tend lu dleuourage sggreaslvs purposes. WS tlierefora trust that ths sauwlmg elates will st once form such provlidonal alliancs ss thslr common interest and safety demand. Tha New Orleans Crssemf ssys l Ws must either edvanoe now, or ws mils! retreat In disgrace. We fcold no ninher parley with Abolitionism, wtthoiit an Implied admission tha is Is, at leaat, a thing worthy of oonaldsratliai. 8nch should not In, aa ll 1 not, tbe tnr of the eouth eru people. Abolltloniaui bi au uncleau thing, which weisuuot touch without using drilled. Ws must maks no terms with It, and lie ten to no Insidious csimpromlsea, which will only pnetpoue the doom of ths 8uth, and not avert It, Ws must meet It fairly and squarely, now or rwvr. The Columbia (8. G.) (Juuriian makes the follow big tlieracterlallo comment on the recent pelrliale address uf Governor Iliosa, of Maryland i lis bsa lasued su address lu reepons lo many ur gent ielN to couvoiia th Leglalatuie, in which b takea th luw4 ultra Uulolt gmuml, rate South Car olina soundly lietauas aha reluaed bi wall for tt counsels of Maryland. Its declares thai Maryland Is oisiservatlve. The whole address stampa it author as a dema gogus of Ihs Winter Davla strip one who holds ths Unlist sbovs Ihs rlghu ami liuitltiitlisisof bis sects), and who would aacrifice both for 11. We hop th ISKipl of Maryland will lak tholr hisior and Interest nlo their own keeitiig, ami giv lb recreaut Kxecu llv uch a rebuke aa he deaervea, Tbe Augusta (Ga.) Vaily Trut Vanacrat thus warns Hie North of the dsngsrs of a onerclvs (aillcy i II will be lolly snd medusa on lb part of tha Nolth to slteuiit ooerciou. Wauled of hsr means, (freaWtiUy tesi;itiedrn baffle, wan with exhauatiiai, she would retir (nun th conleat to sink into mon archy aa a iroteetion from agrarlaiilsm ami lo olto!l our trad to av her from kojailea averty n I ac tual suffering. Ths North aiul the H uth oaiiu4 live bstcibcr In fraternal sympathy. I,e! them separate, Ui (loace, as did AuaaiiAU aud Lor, THE LATEST NEWS. or TfxnanArn to thk y. r. sax. Political Intelllgonco. XXXVIth tXNi;iU-.TraI McwaWo. Nrute. WoMngltm, Jan. 14. Mr. Dioi.Kn I.j In tnodi ed a tail taAijsNilng tb following ameudmenls to the cssiatitullon, Ui be voted on, for rejeetlon or approval, ly tbe ieoIe, ou the ltlh uf feliruary. Mr, Itiuijc' bill U as follows) M A.timu, The I'nliui lsu linmllMmt danger of final dlamilullmi. In omuHaiuruce of protractad strife ami agilei MM,U tlie lUNtltutbai ol Afilcau ahivuryt aut wlieseiia, it hitwllevvd that legialatlv ruiiidie ar luauftVieut tomciit aud removelh cauieuf the nu uling dieaaieri and wheitaia, auwndiuutiu to the otaietilulinn can only be ubuiltttHl by a vol of two-thlnls of both llmisos of Congress, an 1, ow ing lo the unhappy divisions exlatlug In these II iu-um It is lua lailieved that ths aeaelit of Iwik-lhlnbl uf tha inrmlarsof either can lia had to auch amen InnsiU bi tbs Coliatllution ss will recia'lle ths ditfdrenoe Istareu ll e Nmthand the BjiiUi, and wbrnas it Is a larilimd pilia'lpl is our represcut-diva syetem llietlhe HepreMrnlallvO aliall nU'y the will ol the ieoptu, It Is deemed maier and uii-eiaiary to a.k Ilia opinion and Judgnienl of ttie peopl isi uia proMMed aaieiMlininta to th Oaietilutlon Willi a view to their aul uilanlon, by a viae of tW'Vihirde of each braiw h of elUsena, for tallflcalion by ths aisles ss provided In the Constitutlisi, tlierrhy restoring to uur diatractod mainiry its at-citatomed aMo and proepurity. Theiclur le It enacted by th Beuate, House, eb. tl-sat the citlsius of th several staM qualified lo v.Se for luimlsua of Cisigreas, are bereliy raipiesteil to bold an kIm IUhi on Tuaaday the ISth day of rVliruary next, for lbs iursaw of deciding fur or againnt th aittaixad prievaid sanstwlluaul to th Couetltuliou of Ih l lUlen aisia. Bee, . And b It further enscted thai Ihoss who sr for Iti pniixiaed smmdmenta to the Osistitutlist sliall vole a balb I Iwaring the words, for the aineudiuetita," ami thoae oihssms! to tbe amendments, a laJlot Issuing the words "against lha smeud nienta." Ba. S. Tbe ssld election sliall m bald st the asm placa, In lb am niannr aiul uudr the aaiu laws a tha laet rltaliiui for Prtaudenl and Vlce-i'reaiilent i th UliiUd HUlca, awl t caiductd by th aaul Judges, lnsiectors, and tahnr ofilcers. Bee, 4. lli return udgr uf th several election illalrlcta III eat li miinly sliall meet al Ihs snunty seal iat tbs Thursday following the day of the aaid elao tlon, aisl coiua tlie returns lor ths said county, sett ing forth ttis w luils uuniber uf vote cast for Hi aiuoudjiiiiu, end ths whols number of votes cast sgauist lbs fuutidiueiils,otieoopyuf which shall be forwarded y mall to lh8ecretary ol tlie Senate of th lulled jjtatca, aud another lo Ihs Governor of Ih state, and list sA4 in. Hovern sliall e""laln a atate meul of ths actual ueceessry exienST i4 LoUlng Uie aid electlisi. Bee. IS. Tbe compenntlnn of Ihs Pincers holding the said election, ami lbs other expeuae thereof, shall be the asms ss the other comiwusallou of tha e xveiuas of holding the laet election for Frssldsnl aud Vice Ptaeldciit, and sliall bs paid out ef the I'Llled gttlee Treasury lu maimer WelueiWr pro. vldid. Bao. C. That thl fbrvernorS of th asveral stales are bet el.y iawuully requested to caua to be made out aud forwarded to the Seoretsry of Ihs Interior, a tabular statement of the amount of expense for holding tl s said election in their rsspscilvs stale atillstlug th aroaunl dus each eouiay, allealed under th seal of th slat by Ih proper officer t and lb Secretary of th Interior ahall draw draft iat th Uulled State Traasury In favor vt the Gov mors of th iatKtlv state for tb ainnuuts due the several counties, to be paid lo Ih parilM In esoh dainty, entitled le receive the seme I and the Becre lary of the Treaeury is hsratiy authorised and re quired to ray the amount of said draft out ofaay nwiar lu the Treaeury. 8e. 1. Thai II shall be the duty of the SsorsUry of the Battels to eeuse the said election retaros to be lued, counted, end filed as fast a recalnd, and cans tabular sSalsiaaiils to be mads, ihtWUng the reeull In each seat, oos oofy of which shall be deliv ered o the rraatdanl of lb Benats, for Ih us uf thai Usiy, anathartothaBpaakerof lhUvuof Kspre asaiaHves. Ibc th uaa of thai bedyt aud U I harebr Bi0!kdaryuf"ahod ailiOerki now U the eaa Ideyeeesa ef the genaae, la adduiua I their eaaar da- Bee, A. That the President of Ihs United Blaise Is hereby authnrlssd lo Issue e proclamation to the Gov ernors snd all others kaetvfc authority, and lo tbe people ot lha several etatee, announcing lo them tb uay nxea ror tee seta siscuon, presaisung its general otijsri, aad requesting Ihetr cordial oo-epsrellon In a prompt sal faithful xoutioa of tb prorlafon of this set, Bsct. That It shall both the duty of Ike Beore Ury of tha Interior, Immedlataly eflsr Ih paasag of this set, lo causa accurate copies ef the same lo be printed aad forwarded by mail lo the sheruti of Ihe several counties of each etetei ami Ihe aald aherlff ars hsreby requeated lo make proclsmalhsi la no more then two newspsiers In saeh eoimiy of the day of said election, setting forth Ihe npoaed amend ments lo be voted on, and the expenses incurred un dartli provision of Ibis serilnn be paid as herein after provided for the other expenses of Ihs said elec tion, and that the following articles I aud they are hereby proposed ss amendments lo the Constitution, which shall be valid to asl Intent snd purpose ss part of said Constitution, when ratified by the Con ventions of three fourths f the stales held for that purpi). Article 1st. That territory held, or that may altar wards be held bylhe United Slates, shall b divided by a Hue (rum Kast to West on tbe parallel o( SO de grees So minute north latitude. Art. d. That bi all lha territory notth of said Una cf latum, Inwilunlary servinide, except ss a punish mei I tir crime, Is prohibited, ami In all territory South of said Una involiuiUry servitude, as II n iw es tate In th state smith of Mm and D.xoti'sllusls hereby reooKiiltrd, ami shsll tie susta'ned anl pro tetiist liyall Ih detstrtmeniaof ths territorial govern ment, ami when any terrilnry nmrth ami south of aald Una within snch tmundsrle as Osigreas mty pre scrlb ahall mnlalu the poiulatlon requialls for a metnlMa- ol OmgrveM, according to Ihs Ihen feilnral ratio of rpreeiilatiiof lha peopl of th United Btatea, tt shall then lie the duty of Congress to admit such territory Into the Union on terms of equality with the original states. Art. td. Osigreaa shall not hsve power lo sbnllah alsvery In places under It exoliuivs Jurisdiction, and situate within the limits of sUlea thai permit ths holding of slaves, ' shall Congress bsv pnver to stsillsh slavery In the District of Columlila, i long M It e isu In the states ol Marylaml su.1 Virginia, or either of them, nor without Just enmnsatlou be ing made lo the owners of such slaves. Art. 4th. That In sdditbsi lo the provisions of ths Id paragrai-h of ths td section ol tbe 4th srttols if ths Usmtltutionif Ihs United Stales, Gougraaa shall havs powi r to provlds ley law, and It shall be its duly eo to provide lLat the bulled Slates sliall pay the owner who shall apply for it the full value of bis fugitive slave in all ca.w whsrs Ihs Marat at or other cflkar whoa duty 11 wa lo srreat ssld fugitivs, sliall b prevented fnan sii dollar by violence or tutlnildation, or wbn after srrrst Ih aald fugitive shall lie rescued by fin and lb owner thereby prvveiited ami otsanicted tn the iunwil of his renioily lor Ihe recovery of his fu gitivs slave under said clause In th coieititiltion and tb laws made In iuiauanc thereof, snd lu all auch lane, lb Lulled Htalea shall psy for such fugi tivs, they shall have th right In Ihsirown nam to au Ih otainty In which said violence. Intimidation, or rescue w aa committed, ami to recover from It with In Ureal, damages to that aimiuut paid tiy litem for ths said fugitive slaves snd Uie said oounly alVer II has paid the said almmn! to the United Btatea, may fr Its Indemnity sue end recover from the wpng doeie T reacuers, by whisn lh owner w irovouted from the recovery of hla Tufltlv alave. In like manner as th owner buuaelf might bsv sued aud leoovered. Art. a. Congress shall have no power to prohibit or hinder the transportatlisi of slsve from isi state to another, or lo s territory In wMch the slsves are by law iermltted to be bela, whether ttie transportalfon be by land, tutvlsabl rivers or sea but th African alavs trads shall never b revived, exceja by the mianlmoua cuaiasnl of lah branches of tsigreas. Art. 0. Hereafter, the Prsaldent ef ths United HUles shall hold nfllcs during the term of six years, and shall not Im eligible for re-elartlou. Art. T. The C"UMilullcsi shall n bs hereafter amended so a lo deetroy ths effect of ths third para graph of Ih second ectlon of th Ural article of th Couatllutlini, nor tb third trgraph of th as-tton of tb fourth article of the Constitution, nor so aa lo authorise Congress to Interiors with or de stroy Buy domeetio Inelltutlou of Ihs statea, without tlie if sieeut ef all the stales. Mr. Wiuon (Maaa.) moved It reference lo the Ju dUlal Ccniultte. Mr, otijerleil, Mr. Tacaeol.t (111.) Thl Mil projioass bi Changs Ih ootiatitution In an uncxsielllutionul way. Bo iiu nantatnll changing tbs fundamental law of ths eountry lUiould be referred to the committee. Mr. rvun (Ohio.) I dou't nmlersland Ihe bill yet, Mr, HiuLxa was unwilling lo bars ths bill referred In Ihs slaamce of lbs Senator from Ksnliu ky. II Is not sn slteuipt to inwfsrs with the rlghu of the (cnpl. Mr. Ilsovni said, several slates, Alalama, Florida, ami Mlseiselppl, liavs taken stesi to wllharaw from Ih Unlou, of which w are not so well luforoied ofncially a b Juallfy our filing a formal male with the Semite. We Ibiuk llourduty not to lak sen ac tive part lu th yroweilii. if thl bmly, Mr. (M via.) withdrew his motion. Mr, Gsimss flown) lutruluceil a resolution request tna; ths president lo communicate any lufa-matlon he may have, rawaeUlug attampta mad or ccsaeuiplatod by any bug body of men to Inserfaaa with tb free navlgatuaiof the Misalaalppl, and what rlUrthv bera mails to suiirM th same. Laid over. Mr. KrMuurrem (Me.) preenld a memorial for a bill for a railway In feuierylvanie Avenue to George town In the PiatrUI of Columbia. Laid over. Mr. Wneovr (Maaa.) Introduoad a resolution In structing Ihs Committee on Military and Militia to rrpott whether the apiiropnauon of laet seasloa lo ooniplite the Washington Aqueduct hss been ex peuilsd according to tbs plsn if C. MtiDi, giving powr to aivjil drr persiais and papers. Mr. FiToa (la ) .resented meima-la's from the rep reanitaliv of tha Ohm law Nation aul Ihs Chamber of Osnmorce cf New York. Mr. Ivxasoa (Us ) obtained leave to retire from the Committee n Claim, fiar th reaaou that the dull war too lalsajnoua. Mr. Maeos (Vs.) called np the reanluilon Baking Ihs Secretary of War to oommuulcate Information! ralutoreenieut el Cbarleeion aud other Smthern HtS. Mr. Cuax, fN. II.,) ofTerad an amendment, sub stituting Ihs President of tha United mate b iwiueeted to commimltate, If uot luoompatiUs, such Inliitmatloii to tbs Senate," Ae. Mr. CoixAMxa (VI ) callsd for Ihe yeas ami nays on Mr. Peuire motion to amtione Ihe House bill for ths adiniaaion of Kausaa in order to taks up Mr. Uvn- ma reaoiuiKaw, witn the loiiowing result t Yen. Meaara. Itenjamin, Rlgler, llragg, Rrlghl, Cllngman, Fitcb, Green, Hemphill, Hunter, IveneMi, Jobnaou if Atkauaaaj j.Hinaoil of Telieeean; Ken nedy, Lane, Maann, l'carce, Polk, I'owell, Fugh, Rice, Belsistlau, Bauisbury, Blidell, Wlglall it. JVe; Meaara. Aulhoiiy, llaker, Iliugham, Catue nsi, Chandler, Clark, Coiiamer, Crlllcndum Dixon, Dooliule, Duikee, Peaaenddti, Font, Foster, Grlmsa, Hals, llimlln, Kuig, Lalliaiii, Seward, Siuimniu, Sumiwr, Teu Kyclc, Trumbull, Wads, WUkUuou, Wilsi ST. Mr. DmjAHDi, (La.,) aald th vol was unworthy lbs Senate. Mr. CarrnMium, (Ky.,) did not supoae the genets had committed anything unworthy lu Ihe case. Mr. Wilson (Maaa.) inuvod to atue the CrlU Icislsn rcaolulluus until balf-aMt li o'clock on Thursday. Maiisiloat. Fro Miwsrs. Anthony, Illnghsm, Chandler, Clark, Iljoliltle, Durkue, Feaaeudeu, Foot, Foilsr, llnnua, lisle, Usrlan, King, Simmoua, Sunusr, Teu Kyi k, Trniiibull, Wak, Wlheal -1. A'irj Meaara. Ili'iOamlu, iligler, Drlghl, Cllnir man, Ci Itlcmteu, l uigtaa, Fitch, Urseu, Uerophlll, Hiuilvr, Iverauu, Jobnaon, of Arkauaua, Johliaou, of Teluieamie, Xutuiedy, Lane, Latham, Maaon, Nlchol mai. Fearer, lolk, Fuwell, Rice, Saubibury, Behaa llsu, VlkfulI.0. Mr. Gastw, (Ms.,) moved lo poetwus till Wednes day, aloueo'cliak. Mr, Cu, (N. 11.0 moved l aubetllul balf-avit thn Hits evwuug. Tb flml nsaion wss carrtetl. Mr, IVm, (Tmiu.,) bk the rtssr on Mr, IlssTsa's nsmliiluai of withdrawing th fierce from th os dUig statea. II aaid I Th I'nvildeiitlal uuivaaa U now over, and ant 1 slsveiy fiiiuititiiani baa lrluinihd aial left sabailsU uiriitand legret. Now sn unnatural aiUiuosity ss lent bt Iv. ren th sccioua, aeSkraUid by a geographic ll Hue, aihla luiivereat auile prevails throughout ths oiauiliy. The publlo sud private cnalil are pniatrate. I If the gi ivemiueiit foau of fiv inUliou only half wea taken, aial that at usurious rales ol interest A meseaga fnau Ike Fieaidout ol the United Stalet waarisielvid. Mr INuji nsitlnued. Cunmerce Is curtailed: tra.b i check d (Industiy isparalysid aitlaanssial aue lliauic are Idla I manlUaoturM ar skviied, and lbs iarulivv ibacbaiged, 1 be ouusequeiio 1 waul and atarvatiou, Tb l'uion la louring and ready In fall. Four pillars have already gviw, ou being of Ih origuial thtitecti. The ailiniaskiu of California dlaturbel Ihe iUilit4tumlaeweentbe elaveholdlng end ism slave bolditig statea, A cause of eonflcl against the acttoo of eel lalu Butts aud tbair iopl theaa states being trtie lo the Unbai was that they addd to tha Insult of the paaeag of irsoual libeily bills, umlerground railroad operation, not only lu th badar statea, but the entire South. II knew gentlemsn havlug toe! thousand A dollara worth of negro, who fear lo attempt b recover them. Kentucky lose $tO0-00i) auiiually lu alavas stolen aud sntlosd swsy, Mr. Linixii m Is the first man elected to Ihe office of Fnsidtnl, who Bummnoed the disirlus of ths Irre ltstslble conrii I. This House buill by our foreCahera, now lavome a Mouse dlridsd against Itself. IVilltlcal aiwrr has paased entirely from the non slsrlvilduig stales. We behold a iolltlcal rty whose nrgaiiisatlon was effected for the abolition of slavery on every foot of American soil. That party la atul lo aasuin power on tbe fourth of March Mklltwmiheiibelu a condition t-J trrtr u the rvvwtr of th d 'lf1ucuy of (Jjc .-OYtrume:i ' bear upon tlie inatilutiisi alavery for Us dsatructton. 1 bs leirtsUitlvs branch of ths government might at tempt Ihs abolition of slavery lu the District ol Co lumbia, la Ihs dot k yards and arsenals of Ihs SJiith everywhere In ttcl In the United Slats where 11 has exclusive Jurisdiction, eveu lu the slavsboldin? slats. Tbet ar mors than thirteen thousand pesrt-offlje lo la filled, aivt there are land officer, surveyors of lends, forts, revenue officers, eollactors of reveouea, Judges, Uulte.1 States Marshal and and District AUornles to be enpolnted, aad all other possible Inlueuce wUl be brought lo bear for the de struction of slsvery. It is high time the Southern elate began to be excited and alarmed on Ihe sub Jart. Their very existence Is sl staks. Their social syatem Is llaUe to be tiroken up. Feoparly worth lUree aud vhalflo four hundred ntlllfoue ot dollars 1 al staks, sad would any peopl submit to the de struction of such an amowul of prrtwrty without re sistance t No people In any age. la any climate, or under say form ot government, have submitted I aurh aa Inipuettlou as th destruction ef a hundredth part of property ot thai varus without reststsnoe aad revolution. The result of submission would be a servile lnsurrertlue. Thar mat be aa adjustment ff dlrnculttes by granting sumotena ooamruuouai guarantees, thai ehal property, but the Uv dreu fouad la thai sac snail secure, nu inavaiv so of taa wives aad cut- mi fouad la mat section c country. Aa aoar was laea eoaeuaiea ut aiina a tint aw tha further txasxldnalloa ef Cailiswuf rasoluiioa. Finally Uveas eel for toanorrvw t half-past twelve otoek- .... Cat motion or Mr. Kaaraver, aajouraeci ai ovtoca Haass) af Kepreisatstlrrai Mr. EirotJni ffs.) aaksd leave lo offer tb follow ing, which wss reed for Information. (rsotsnf, That'lh present alanatag aoadlllon of tha country Imperatively demaad the OongreM should taks Iromedlste steps lo preserve the peace, and maintain lb Union I7 removing, aa far as poaal bi. all cause of sertlonsl Irrlutlon and division, smi to that end patriotism should prompt a cheerful surrender ef all partisan prejudices snd minor differ eneee of opinion; and this House believing the plan of adjustment proposed by Hon. Jorrs J. Can-raw-ran, In the Bent, December lsth, 110, would be sa equitable erst honorable compromise, involvtsg no sacrifice lo any parly or section, should promptly be made, for the sake of tha lueatlmabls bleaalng of peace end a umted eountry, hereby Instruct the com mittee of thirty-three, heretofore aipolnted by this Uonse, lo report without delay the nwceaaaiy meas ure lo carry that plan into practical street. Mr, Lovsmt (III.), and other Republicans, ob jected. Mr. Eoi.ian said st th proper time he woual move to suspend tbs rulss. Mr. GAaaxrr (Vs.) Introduced a joint resolution to mispeud tbs execution of ths federal lews wlthla certain state. Referred to ths select committee 00 tbe Freaident's eiclsl meaaage. Mr. Ilsaais (Vs) Introduced a bill lo revive the tariff ai of 1M4. Referred lo the committee on wsys snd means. Mr. McKrsa (H. Y.) Inlmduc! a bill lo repeal so tuiMih of tbe set as relsted lo Ibe oollertiou of duty isi Imports In H'Sith Carolina. Referred to the select cisnmittee of five. Mr, rxsntnow (Ohio) IntrolncM s bill making Cincinnati a pott of entry. Referred lo Ihe oommlt tee est conimerce. Mr, AnaAiiv (N. J.) preaeiae.1 the proceedings of a publle meatlng of worklngmen and mrhanic at Newark, N. J , on the Vth lust , ou Ih preaant condi tion of the coiu.lry. Referred to tLe committee of tblrly-three. He atated thai Ih resolullons breaths a srilrll of devialon to the c4ietilution and the Union. Mr. Yarox (N. C.) remarked that gentleman had of ten apriken for I unromtwj. lis now wanted Dimromla) bi sjieak for Iteelf In relation lo ths cisiditlon of th Cfainliy. lie presented the proceedings uf tla peo ple of thai cmudry. Mr, Wssunrsa (111.) asked whether the proceed bur were Ui lamrst, Mr. Varix The pantile of rtiinoonih never apeak but wheu she Is In sanaMt. (laughter). The proceeding were referred lo the committee of Thirty-three. Mr. atooss tny.J preoemcu tna pus sellings tn tn t nion and Iiuga meeting st Lrsnavllls. Referred lo the Committee of Thlrty4hree. Mr. Mavrasii (Tcnn.) offeird a raaohaton Inctruct lug e select oisnmllte ou tb rraaldeat Sieclal Mreange, lo consider that portion which recommends lo e vise of the peiale the questions at lssus between the d fferenl sections of Ihs eouutry, end now agile ling ths pulilic mind, and that Ihs committee reptt tbeiersi st sn early day j Ml! or Joint reaolullou. The resolution was sdopted. Mr. lloijtAR fl.). offored a resolution d eel Bring that ths right t4 a atata to withdraw Irom ths Union tsisiteoiiiaenataed by ths House or rsuognlsed by Ihs fetitutlnu, tilt Is wholly Inoonsinteia with Ihsl lisarunani, end that ueither Congress nor the Preel-di-nt Is Invested with authority lo reoogulse any slat our admitted, exeejit ss a stats of th Union; that iwr to prMed Ih public property should be exee ciaed, ami that the Committee on Judiciary Inquire aud rrsTt whi ther laws are now sufficient for this purje, ami If not that they rert a bill giving ad. dltlisnl powers, by the einploymeiit of the usvy or otherwise. Mr, Gabtxxi. Ms), wmnteil lo offer a aubatltut. Mr. llesRirr (Ky.) desired lo offsr Ihs Crittenden Compromise that lbs House might darld between the two reaolutloti. Delsite arising on the subject. It lies over, Mr, Eroi.mii (I l.) sgaln offered his resolution, as sbovs, but tbs lloua by aeveral majority refused to second Ihs dsuuusl for the iirevloua queetlim aud to vt4e t)ierrsi. Mr. Btartor (Ohio) moved lo make the special or der ror banorrirsr the bill In provide lor organising sud disciplining the mllitls of the District of Colum bia. Mr. 8TAHTOK In reply lo a question of Mr. tlorn xa (Vs ) said the pis wa matured last year by a hard of army officers with no reference lo any of tbs now exlstuig difficulties. Mr, llcsarrr (Ky,) said, according"! his under standing, the bill provide for e standing army of six thousand men, to be called Into service liy Ihe Preal dent, and In case of Insiirrectlim to take poeaeaslon of seen the capital ItsrU, if the President thinks proper to do so. Mr, MATRAan (Teim.) said they could gel along without that bill. II was only adding fuel lo the Heme. Mr. BTAR-roR'e motion to suspend ths rule ts- ths ruiou of ths reaolullou wa negatived, ou vote only being required to secure two4hlrd. The House went Into Committee of the Whole on the Stat of the Unbai on the army spja-nprUtlon bill. Mr. MoCuasARD (III.) said wheu danger can no longer be averted or stayed, II was ths part of wis dom lo meet and endeavor to overthrow It. In this Silrlt bs proposed to deal with the que!"? rf. iilti. isi of now upon us. II danledeuiphalloally the right of any state lo secede from the unlou, and deprecated tna oisiaeuucnces 01 any sucn assumed rignt as a mseeure of revolution which must neeeesarily In the present cess emoron tns cuimtry in a ssnguinary and wasteful war. lu his legal argument hs said Ihs Idee of nationality la sa old aa th Revolution itself, and Dial war wa a national meaaur. Tk treaty of 114 wa mad as a nation, whloh Orast BrUaia recognised. lis referred lo the decisions of ths Supreme Court In support of this view, saying the unity ol the American people pervaded the con vention which Darned the Constitution. Any mode of withdrawing from tlie Union excepting by a con vention, would tie revolutionary. The Government bring sovereign. Us first duty Is lo preserve Itself, and bslug sovereign, where Is lbs powsr to dlaeolvo Uf Hs argued It would be unjust, unsafe and Inex pedient for noma slates lo secede from Ike ethers, for with Ihs taaweaahu of the southern dirt, end Ihe aid of forelgu powers, hs would be capable of Inflicting great wrongs upon the commerce of the adhering states. lis spoks of ths Misslsslpi Valley aa a geographical uully, which the people ol tbe great NorthweNt could not eminent to share with a foreign power. He had heard mm h about coerebst. Out was ll coercion for u to do what we hsve sworn to do, namely, nphold Ihe Constitution snd the lews, snd stay tha violent law lee baud that would tear down the Government f Were we lo be required to submit to slat spolla tlisi ? No I Such ulsnlslon would b disgraceful, utter Imbecility. Hut If w must submit, let 11 be pna-lalmed that our eyslem of gnverniuout la a stileu did fnlluis. In the' course of his remarks hs eameetty Bpealed lo the northern states bt re move Ibe grievance of which we oomnlaln. He ta-lleved Ihe northern slate would all do ao when tbs solr second thought uf lbs clllseu bad tlms tn set. Whils tb sjaiHUsvery agitation comiusnced In the North, be could is) say that ths 8 nith war blameless. Tbe Gakxisons and ths PinLurass found thslr enuuteriart lu tb Riuttts and Yakcih. Such men In fact, formed the two great sectional parties. In conclusion, hs appealed to all eoiwervatlvs men to rally la flivor of the Integrity of the Constitution, merge the partisan la tbe patriot, and make a generous sacrlflie on the altar of their country for Ihe general welfare snd hspplneas of all. Mr, Cox (Ohio) here ross lo speak. Mr. Rxaoam (Texas) obtained Ik floor, when the committee roae. Mr, Costs in (Ohio) mads a reiort from the Com mittee ol Thirty Three, which wa md the special order fir Monday next. Mr. Tatios (La 1 iJSalne.1 permission lo bare the miuorily riport printed. Adjourned. MitV VOltK IJJIMIJtTX KU ewa. Albany, Jan. 11. Mr. SriwoiJt Introduced a Ull pnividing (tir sulsulttlug to the taaiple at an early day, ihe queellnu annealing ths of CounIiIuIUsi tg Hie Uulled Suites, by engrafluig ths CarrrRsiiKR amend ments; also, for a more perfect orgauixatiou of ths militia of the stste. Tbe following ISlls were passAl t Incorporating ths Veaaar Female College of New Yoik. Mr, FrxiDfffis-eil a reaelutlon asking the Hudson River RailriBtd bi lefvrt ths amount received duruig the year at each way station. Mr. TaeuAS moved for such report' from all the roads lu tbs stale. Tabled IS lo 11. Mr. C01 vis moved to lake from Ihe table the As sendily riwolullons Air a Joint oommiltee ou Federal relations. Lent T to It. Adjourned, Assembly, Tlie Assembly met al half-peat seven this evening, with a rather slim attendance. Mr. Woonacrr prevented e petition of the Commis sioners ol lb Crotou Department, for leave lo com pUes a Utdg over Harlem River, otherwise than by contract. Ths Hoard of Metropolitan. Felloe Commissioners, In reply to resolutions of lbs Assembly, snUnlttsd e report of the amount of fine received by thaw aud bow dlepoaed of, with the Information that It had al ready lawn furnished In their regular annual report. Mr. WArxaatrsT gave notice of a bill ernpowtrlug ths Hoards of Supervisors of Ihs several coutules to (awaalawallowlug wilusssee la criminal caaas ths sain fee aa now received In civil iwsse, Tb following bill were introduced 1 lly Mr, HnrEnioT To tranafsr the power of elect ing lisqieotora of eleotiiut, eud dlgnatliig ths poll In Altwuy, frotn ths tNniuou Council to the Board of Folio Commlssiouers. lly Mr. BisijUAU To further secure the people of Ihe stale agauiet Uivulunury semlude. Tha bill doe not refer to negro servitude, bul provldee that hndU ers or owners of sslatee In fas, shall mt bo held liable to Involuntary service, or touinijunlary oblbret fonof.auyklv, npeison,aa lu OOualllon'or "S-caiirA'of such ownership, except la cases where tikhciUlgatianhas bsaxt a lieu ou tbe premleeaby ntnitgage, and Judgment, Aa. It la ao aasi-reul bail. By Mr. Townsiotu To amend the ae) authorising the coustnk lion of railroads In New York city. Tht Ull xemia companies from paying license fees, and obligee tbtuito ylo tlie city one-third of all Ihe dividends istysbl t slorkhnldsrs, said dlvldsuds to he srioprlAd 10 the repair of streets. In organising e ccniiisiuy, books o( auUscriptlon are bi be kept open fi thirty days, snd a notice of ths routes to be pub lished for three weeks previously. All owner of property on the streets through which the road pass, lo Ins amount In value of tea shares, may become stockholders lo an amount proportional lo th value of Ihe property Ibey own. By Mr. Bwbxhut A bill repealing all lew provid ing for legal proceeding before etete authorities la taaea of fugitives from service! providing the the act shall aolbseonslrucleit eo aelo deprive any eilleeu of tbe stale of hi right of trial by Jury. Mr. Basuaawr moved Uld on the table. Adjourned. Aetettiet Bbxara far TlsUllsa af the nrarlatU laepinflsa lAvr. h'orfolk, Jam, It Tha echooner Leading Ureses, ef IMaaoetowa, haa beea seised la Hants. ton Road by th laapecter, for lour vbjlatloa of th Virginia Inspection lawn, and U now la oharg of a ewgeeok Tital af lataiaWiSi Trwtfoa. Jan. 14,-Th United Btate Cirealt Ceart meels lomccrow. jAoaAiow, tha Ctiranmaa. wtu to tried, for autrdar aad piracy. aiiiUutaWBig war fouad M tha last anna. Otarirsfoa, Jan. It. It I believed by many thai Major Asmnsvm shot two mutineers al Fort Bnreter bet week, and then art rumors Ihsl several mora are now In chela. II I also said Ihsl one of tha aaeaxneerg escaped lo this dry and wee returned lo Fori Sunder by the state suteorlUss. Inquiry, however, shew this' to be all fodg. Ther la no truth In any of It. Resolutions have been unanimously passed by Ih Legislature, declaring that soy attempt by the fede ral govsrmnsut to re-Iaforoe Fort Bimter win be regarded a an act of open hostility and a declara tion of war 1 also spprovlng of the set and prompt ness of the military la firing on the Star of the West, and promising to support the Governor in all measures of defense, A resolution was alao offered, but withdrawn. In quiring of Ibe Governor why th work on th cause way, between Fort Moullrls aad the mala land was stopped. The Legislature also passed a reaolullou to fir fif teen rounds In honor of each seceding elate. New military companies are pouring In from all peris of the stale. The Governor hss sent a maaaage to the House of Reireaeiitatlves, detailing plan for guarding the coast end for Ihe purchase of steam propellers. Hs isafers sniall Irou screw propellers of light draft; each propeller to lie provided with II seaman; one pro" petler to be stationed st Charleston, one st llsaulort, and one st Georgetown; also lo fortify all ths Inlets and mouths of tbe rlverswith redoubts and ordnance. and for boats to keep up a constant communication ltween them a a protection against sudden luvsslna ami lawless bands. Gov. Pinxne) sent sa sld to Fort Sumter at four Cchs k with disialche for Major Asnsasov, sup poaed to be In relation lo the matter of occupy lug the attention nf Ihe Department al Washington. N Jibing baa transpired since. The .people are quiet, but the work of defence goe bravely oa. A bill vre voted ilown In Ihe House of Rspresenta llves providing for ths punishment of whites or others circulating incendiary pamphlet or other matter. .OjKviol tHfOtck to (As Jrrrnffvi W. ITatfiinjtim, Jan. 14. The Cabinet had a meeting on Saturday. The President la determined to avoid a collision with seceding stales for Ihe pres ent. Inasmuch as MJor AaiaTjaoa doe not aak for immediate aid. The Osnmbadoner from South Carolina I expected this afternoon. lUviUpnpetr, uooU-iofly, (A sur render tthr onnait and ofAsr edsral prvjxvfe', pre Wd ARte-xsntv refurns to Fort JfouIfnV. The prevailing report Is, thai Rxvxbdt Jon-van haa ssld Ihsl SswAan' speech will ssvs Maryland to a certainty (mm Ih awful step to which ah la urged by southern fanatics. Ths Star, an Administration paper, ssys that Saw-aaii-s spooi h will eaauredly defeat Ihe echemea of Ihe traitor in Virginia aud Maryland. Virginia. JUrhmonJ, Va.Jun. 14 The report of the Committee nn the preservation of ths publle peace osme up In the Benale, Ms. Dosolas offered sn emendmenl to the effjca that ths stats shall declare herself out ef the Union, unless Congress and th non-slsveholdlng sutee shall give a sjieedy guarantee of the adoption of measures to nana effectually guard the rights of the South) laid on tlie table snd ordered to be printed. Fran Albany. Albany, Jan. 14. We had quit an exclte mnit her beilghl. Somebody, but who of course le not known, started the story that Fort Sumter had been attacked, and that Major Aaneaeoa la return ojieued hi Ut tar I as on Fort Moultrie, and Char leston completely destroying the former, and set th latter on fir by throwing hot shot. The story wss Industriously circulated, and tele graphers end newsper popl hav been frequently itsrrogated a lo the nature ef the new from th South. The report reached the capllol, and creeled quite a stir among members and outsiders. Hon. Gso, Aamrait of Massachusetts, who presided over the Chicago Convention, sod Hon. A. D. Jam of Rhode Island, were preaeul In the Assembly eham. ber this evening during th session, and war admit- l-v. te In floor, reewsjrvaalat Tavitslatare. norriJrtirg, Jan. 14 Mr. Smith's Union reaoloUeiia were up a th special ordsr this after noon. Mr, WnxiAU, of Alleghany, made a slrorur and powerful speech, averring the right of coercion, op poalng compromise, advocating a vigorous exercise f th powers of ths Oovernmenl lo suppress secession by force, essidilng severely the petitions for the re peal of the 96th section of the penal code holding ail attempts st cumromlse futile, past compromise having been failure 1 saying that Ih Union must be reconstructed ultimately by the readmlsslon of the conquered province ami that the eheddlng of a small amount of blood now woeld save oceans here after. There were vast number present, and applause from Ihe gallerie was frequent. Mr. Demxui, of Philadelphia, Democrat, replied briefly. Great Importance I attached to W11.I tAas" spea h, he taring Ihe exmunit of radical Republicanism, ami 11 lielftg regarded as foreahatlowlng the actlou of Ihsl portieu of the Republicans of Ibis sUte, NavaL i7o.fon, Jan. 11. Th sloorj-oT-wa; MaceJo nlsn,fjmra rurUmouth, passed Highland light this morulng, bound South, under aealed order. Tiick SAVAfrsAH Hldks. The ateamer State of Georgia arrived el this port on Saturday morning, from Savannah. Amoug bar psssengsrs were three of Ihe "Sevauush Blue," northern men who bsv for aeveral years resided in Savannah. They wsr allowed to return North or enter Ihe service of Ihe South 1 and they choae to return. The Savannah lllues, l will be reuieiubereil, visited able city a few months sgn, snd were the guests uf ths City Guard- The Federal Ieefvacea Hclied at tha Rente. Thirteen military posts, five United Bute arsenals, one navy yard, anil one revenue cutter are now in poseoeeion of the southern retails. We append a chronological table of the date of these seizures, together with the attack on the Star of Ihe West and the theft of tlie Marlon the whole forming a list of the treasonable act of tbe eeceealonlats 1 lierember tT Fort Moultrl and Castl Fluckney, I, CIW IIWHI, BV1EVU DeosiiiUr ITT, Rsveuus Cutter, William Aiken, BUrrendered by her couiniaudsr, and taken possession of liy South Carolina. December (0. Uulled SUtes Arsenal al Charleston seised. January tForta Fulsakl and Jackson and th United Slates Arsenal, si 8evaiiuah,seUed by Georgia lrrs.i. January I Fori Maeon and Ih United State Ar swacl, tt Fayettevllle, aelsed by North Carolina. January 4 Fort Morgan ami th United Stale Ar senal al Mobile, seised liy Alabama. January . Forts Johnson and Caswell, al Smith vllis, sataed by North Carolina. January . Th Star of th Weal, bearing rein-tvra-iurnu for Major AioaxaeoM, fired al la Charles ten bertM. January 10. Fort McRee, el Peoeacola, seised by Florids. ' Jsnusry 10 Ths stesuner Marlon seised by South Cerelln 1 rseeored on Ihe lllh. January It Tbe United Bute Arsenal at Baton Rom, and Fort Flk, St. fblltp and Jackson seised by Louisiana. Jsnusry It. Fort Darraneas aud th Mavy Yard at Fensaoola, seised by Florids, According to the Army List, th thirteen fort tliua seized are pierced for an aggregate of 1,099 Sunt. TbefoUowlngt table ahowa their loca n, coat, war garrison, and Uj number of gnat la each 1 Tu roam exam. Co. Ilea, fjun Fort Maonn. Iwaulst, N. C SMO.00O 00 CI Fort Johnson, WUlmlngtou, N. C. 6.000 Fat Uswell, 0k Islinid, N. C. BT 1.000,ClutrleitmB.C. 000 Fori Moultris, CbarleaUn, B. C. W.OCs) Fort Fulsski, Bsvauuah, Ga Ml 000 Fort Jet kaou,Bavsniwb, G MOM tort lUraacaa, Fanaacola sU.OOO Furt McRee, Feusaoola 184.000 Fort Morgan, Mobile l.tlt.000 Fort M.FhUlp, Mouth Mlsshsnppt 143.000 Fait Jacksuu, Mouth Mississippi. 811.000 Fart Pike, Klgolete, Lb tjl.000 Futt Macoaib, Chef, Moutsel, , , , ttl.000 00 10 400 1 100 to (00 M BOO 100 TO It tBO 49 M 181 100 iri CM 14 000 100 BOO 40 ID!) 4 Total O.MT.000 B.4M1.0M t will tie seen that tha war gtrrUom required at these post amount to npwerde of five thoa saad men, although, aa In tb ea of Fort Bnna tef. they mar be held with far let than tha regu lation cotuplemeDt. Tha aggregate cost of tna public property thus seiied ft not far from Hz millions of dollan, to lay nothing of tb navy yards, tha arsenal, and tha menu ctitteg Aiken. Jivtning iut. .Gov. PicgEKt, of Sooth Carolina, having a Ulance of $3,000 due him, a 1st Minister to Baatla,eot to 'Waahlngt for It aftw day ago. Thedepertraentadjastedhl acoonntahy axilla kleaai at Aomf ea Avud sftilil at riM "-- urrli-mcaUvAlcilUHUod by Ut. - CITY NEWS. No LiccTtR ritOM ttmn xakvf.k Iai crowd coUected In and about Clinton Mall, last ovaa-t Inf. lo attend Ihe exported Dam lector ea " " syBtema of Isbor." Thl lecture wea to have beaj Cm last Wdnsdyvenlng,t th earn plaeag wea postponed "oa ecroanl of th rooghnexa the weather." Last night tt wa advertised te eeavaa off "eerulaly. Hut again th weather waa naW attended with "rougha" al CUnton BaU ef m slightly dlfferenl speciee. Tb lecture wa aow pa roned unavoidably." On entering th onaar d ofth Hall a poabsr In Urg caplubi met the i a " Mr. Itn-rrxa Lecture Foetponed." Aa e: letter, directed lo Mr. Uxu-xa from Ihe Ihe O In ton n!l Assodsllon, wa afBxed, that ' on account of ths excitable stats of Ih mind, a trustees of th Hall felt II their dakyta Clae It door for this (last) night" These poster erjilalned Ihemeelvee but Ihe kept pouring In, and a single glance wa deride IU ceneral eharacler, motives d t. j jrder.wW They were blusterer of th broadcloth order, had come for the sake of a riot. Whsre I Hautj was tb frequent exclamation. "Bring on th rteraV Carolina thief." "If he talks according tothaeest titutioo h can speak, but If he deviate ealeaetxa awalu him." Such were a few of the lii ll from the Imjsdlent crowd. Not a female II wa evident tliat a good proportion aaithernera or In dose relation with Ihe South. Several policemen were standing Idly about. th ticket office waa dark and th lector room closed. Nevertheless, the crowd war eosploleaa the lecture would come off somehow, notwithsasaaV. .; Ing the frequent pmleatatlon to the contrary, aanl . henr Ihey decided to linger about ae Ing aa waa allowable. A Union meeting wa Ironically suggest fl ed and a chairman waa chosen. But her la Calaa,, meeting ended. Th evening wore swsy, and al length Iti srdar wa given to clear the hall. Hut aeveral voicea aasW ronlslugly answereil, "Oh, dont hurry us." AndateV they lingered, though repeatedly told lo leave. Tfcear were determined lo hear Hxu-xa. Finally, the waa given with more than the uaual poaltl when, aided by a gentle pressure from the few lleemen preaeul, tbe "swell mob" slowly towards the door, and as the door was three groans" wsr given for Itauaa, "three tir the trustees of CUnton Hall," "three cheer Bar th Unlou," "three cheers for South Carett, 'three cheer (or the Southern Confederacy," A. Meanwhile an additional polloe force entered faa nail, headed I7 Cajit. CAmurr of Ih loth iiilix. the crowd still remaining outside on the walk, ly dlscuaalng "llxcrxx and hta friends." The was orden d to be olesred. but ths "soversLr" aa ll mated their rlghl lo aland on th walk as foasraa Ihey pleased. Al length Cspt, CArraxr ad' among thsin, and taking some of the more nous by the arm, told them Ihey must SUU resistance was manifested, when the Cast. east. td for some of the force from th Interior ef eta Mail lo com to his assistance. One Col. Titus of Nicaragua memory waa ae potlally belligerent. Cajit. CaflVey told hlaa sal must Isavs aud look blm by the arm lo eld hire. Test Col. put hi hand In th direction of hi coat peak, f ea If feeling for a weapon. The Capt. took tha kdafl and al once arrested the redoubtable Col. aad raawvaV-e ed blm lo th 15th ward Station House where he war locked up for the night. On reaching the Station House, he ws aeked If ha had wrapoua, when he drew a revolver and syfj. i it over. II will b brought before a polloe ) $ Irate today. A rabble of the Coionel'a Meads foUewwt "4 , him to th Station Hon and talked bravely aewaw releasing him, but the police beat them off, alts sTfrR 1 aud successfully. ' . a I Int rx the IIakdor. There waa deal of lee adrift yesterday. All about the harbor were compelled lo ueo and then met with much difficulty. During tha peal . few winter vessels lowing hi from sea have beea ev chored In th North River. Thl should nut he, aa' they are then In greater danger really drosa enalg lot, Hum If taken Into the East River, or Fat te , pier, which can always be done. Most ef lha lea v corning down the North River paasia down Ih Baft) and but a email portion of It returns. . Tha weather, at sunset, waa yet ll imj nt,t from northeast and snowing larg Bald of lea ware) naaalnff down tha North River and Imnadlno' nailaa V uon. inere were tut rew arrivals rroui sea. s schooners Ihsl were lowed In reported Ik weal 31 bring very heevy outside, with Intense oold ) aaeear . fhem, Ih choour Joha Forklns, fnsn Rockiaaxta I Maine, after e passsgs of thlrly-flvs days, having beam I blown off shore twice lo Ihe western edge of the flalf r Borne aamg wa don to vesnI by tbe toe. Ttai I Ilritlah ship Menonah, from Ardnsassn, al anohea axe the North River, waa ldly cut about Ihe b iwa. Thai British ship Btrathfleldsaye, had her rudder IrdvaBtVC' while overlaying lbs pier st font of Jefferson si B. R. Th Eastern boats left st th uaual hour. street. vJ For City We tj, 9 Tblrtl PLx.' llaAMcna or Tin rAi-aa aha unfortunately bar friend given tt LOVE OF riFKONO DEDfT. are advlaed te ass DR. ZELL-S FAMOUS REMEDY for THAT TERRIDLE DISEAffK. "(, Th powders, which are small, mar be gtvea enkaeaui le tha drinker, If neoeeearr. In Correa, Tea or Lfonar Warraated pvrfnrllr harmbaa, and will net ii ilsis.l nenara. 1 hey tak rif ht hold of tha Jliaeaee. Hold i Ct IHvislon st, end st Mrs. IIKACH'S, 111 Kiehth v N.y.andslMr. 1IAVM', 1T5 K.Uoo UrieaJvlri FRICK ON DOLLAR. ""v J TlIE WEAK AND MSIUTATkD lUOeXD neelert reading the advertlaetarnl ef Dr. i1n . 1 rawoea-ioineBicsan Anuctaa,-m the lourta fajje. of thU saner. It la a medicine worthy a trial. li Now wmim Cracii nr All. '1 ,. GKOVER A nAK.r.K.8 . ' CELEBRATED NUiSKLRul HKWING MAfDtM. to and spvanls 4U0 Broadwsy, N. Y. What is mt Bor CAranui or Donraf llav hla head examined. Fowl.ira A Wxua een Mi f. .. . V 1 . Qm or ouainaai n win Da masl 1 a i3 "reeavey, o n win save yea 1 Barrt' TRiroriixrion is ins oert sna ehrapivd article for drew frins, eleanlnr, enrllns, prawn Ins se ban-. Ladles try It. Sold by all drusjdsta. BEWEIUtls ltOTICKfl. Werkkmg Mevj A FrXIIW CTTTZENR, th BUek RevaMleaa FarV are niehius us Into all the horrors ef t.lvii War, thaw are rrfurlns te slvs th Houtii her laet rlehti nte eaa 'NJ1TCTI0N, settlns op ths CHICAGO FLAT- rlr.KFKr.TATIoN.thiwvesthrowlns tha COraTTW TLTlilN snaths UNION st ons blew. Let these, th. 1 fcrs.'bo produce the wealth ef thaeeontrrU ebwaaf paoa, and be e(ht her Uttlea U f f 1 - mil Iat th work In men amuea, bere thalr Utasrtla aa their ITV owrlhnwn by a MILI ILITARY 1UOTA1VR, KKiLoLIUAKCItr. , to the eeenieo ef CIUUAIW FKUK Let all eneeaed I y;Lrv2f awBanweadaV STATE, end CIVIL WAR. end bs (sr theOuutil anal 1 th Unla e Mr (eta. A lit WILL HELD AT Htumatx' 11AIJ. Ne Ml UKllOMK m'i Kkirr, NF.AR THE BOWERY, ON TUESDAY EVKNINO, JAN. Aad all rrmraithlsiiig At i O'riees. W1U llMaberessiiUmeasjar tea ' vienq 10 1 lien. Li. vlted to beprraent UIUTFITU T.W. KeMAIIOrt, aj.( otba,mddlastbspieUnc, t rn, I J. W. Cochran. ,1 .VIS CIU Al Jeffenon Brown, James H. I FUPUUN MBPP, F. Wendell aeee. iTborau Marphr, IR.G. ItortonT t i Chaa. Mathews J.rdelaUabey, jan-wCenaar, 13 kliHin A.Wea Wm-rooek, Aaetaraeats Mnla aknaabeva V surtlooeera Will ba aald at awhile anetlaa. en and Wedneaday, Jae. 10th Bad loth, 1M1, at 10 a. a iva cnian a, a larira aanrunen Of snssill, end black teea, soaara, starch, fancy and family ' t?. "??"" mraw aiiiis es rraeerM. ax a, ud black teas, sogara, starch, faney and family avaaaa I Urae Qoanutr efeploe. Sawatard. fana atnaa. tea ail eretpeaa leaanaltr .mixfS wasua saa straw, ppr, eaadlisa, auci alaaalarfvouVsf !; 1 lit 4 Imt-f-rUl (tTtk-xn wml ud Urirbtok w Ldm, hm T5a f t,tWvtwrtnhfWorUB aod Anmi Wknwum aauBtsrwa uraaaau swxasa ausani wxaamMaesat. auii aaisan m iniranar awawavsaa'i Tirtm and wU kewva fntrrn sWhtvltv ahtilTlnsx. , alas stare Satan, JSr mim oAm fturttWwxt 4. 90M mnrnlnf of ak clas-lra (too MftN t(l. C erttoof J. ftTaUJ, Am J4U TJ riir TV Haw Bhlaug Wanda Mnka lha rtUa a7 tVaada Mnka laa Itaaa Bawl L anl dlaaareeebte. Ladavs via eVat 3 n Ointment an admlrahleeaselaS plea end bbitsna and preaervva tna , awiaf thaakln. IM f sompwxion room a Hollow triReleemIe -Iteradleatea plmilae snt bletsha beauty end amootknea af the skin. AaIUr)UcCatvAileaMMlj. Anvrateratreubtedwttb COTJOIIS M.OMJMLm . wojdd set rpeedy relief, aheoii tay a esatla 7 Dtt.r txK-laaStSSS ?2Z&&&12 ihtt j yea. Frle ts Oents per battle. Far sale al tha Dalai .' eoVtettsoandArVUlieinataxrih, eaA ?( taerany. letlawg tYewtrJaravtcr Oaaaty Taaaa Wsttea. teas am new due, aad maybe al tkreagk sorlber, corner Grand and Fllssaeth sts-eal TeT. Wedaesdey aad Tt iifilar. JeeTltwi an aaox laxea anoaua ee this rear ax tiraore. rawtarrea ta !, ea aaly Dr. CilKTAUKJI win Bsatan t J rxfe Sl tTK1 'joiallrV 1 I 5U 1 1 e-

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