Newspaper of The Sun, January 16, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 16, 1861 Page 2
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HIE NEW YORK SUN. tntPWCTPAT MORMWO, JAMT It, 18dl. Dtsaatea a lY watte rluiB. The Baltimore Su plead earnestly that net. Iker the 0TnuTieni,wr lb people of the North, hfl regard th miwlerr preparation making by th roathern tte a hostile measure, or M evidence of a disposition to provoke civil wr. The preparation, oar cotemporery assure tu "are jt consistent with th political mim" of th foulliprn states, "timjJy drfttuirt (" nd ll hope that they will prove lo bo "vastly dls proportioned to any necessity tt future iny jirerlpitaU upon tin m." But It hope Uke a longer end grinder stretch. It My i Indeed, wo do m despair of Ihe time when the re-united Mates will. In splrll of g mini i trstemlly, mntiiM (As trctdtng Half (Asm Irrs I hf rxjienas vf lhnpatofvl rjitsnuV m vur nofowl Aisori , or U least (al tArtr fi k of anna ff Ihnr htmln al a fiut lalvanon. Wear more UirU lo b ipe It thin than to predict llo I. Cn It l, (hut after nil lh mitcy alwul Hit ionlal of .Southern right nd Aj.iinst DUck Ke pnblicanism, the real object of tin- disunion lead er In Ui (out hern state la a grand money spe ruUtion ' Are they going out of the Union only that they may In brilied or hontit baik into It? This Idea is "Just consistent with Ilia political career" of tin i'l-ntn's, th Cunii'a anl the TuOMraonaof the South, They h epculled Upon a grand scale within Ihe Union, and they Aro entirely repaid of making the Union Itself matter of corrupt speculation. The Aoj of till llslllmor .Va certainly o)ena tip to ti a new view of the dieunlnii movement ll U the 11 desperate stroke of political gam lilera and bankrupts. While they protect against coercion lymeausof the bullet and hayonet, they will submit to the ns'tcloii of "tlm almighty dollar." Hut it ia rather a strong strrtdi t.f the Imag ination hlch ran picture the Norlh re-iinbura. Inn the receding state the exnec of their secession rplanle, or at leaat taking "llinir atink of arms off their handa at a fair valuation." Verily, our aouthrrn brethren will noon have a! reuUtion for cutcneaa fjr f xceeliii) that if the fiidera of woolen nut mega. Think of South Carolina heinfr, riimhuraed the exjienaea of elz liift the araenal at Charleston, Kurt Moultrie mid Caatle l'liuknry, and of constructing hatteriei m Morria leland to oj'pnan t?nitd .State vea. M-la muring Clurlcnton lmrlr ! Think of ua liuving Morida, a aa'ond time, and p.iying hnr reUl leadira their till of roata iui urrod in eell inRoor furtaand tho nnnillioni of contained therein. And to wc mlht atlr the imagln.itlon of our readcra in regard to tho rrpurihaMof Iouiaiana, and the trihinrf of all tho other ao itdinjr atatea. Yet if Kmvi, Yaiit & Co. will agreo to eml Krate to South America, and not to return, we might la' iliaaHHl to urge the Government to oinfiromlaa tho present dhVn ulty lv hut iii the ktoikof arm now on the hand of the weeding aUteaj hut we muat have aome aecurlty the rebellion uUtlun kIuiII not lie remtit.. It ia a prarlical measure to huy up all the arma in the atatra whhh have Uon Inf.'cto-l with the diaunion mania, and we submit ll tv tho atten tion of Mr. Shw.iiin. Too liood fooal for I'owdVr. Thk Mobile llrgi$ttr aaya that if war Iraromea A reality eadi Southern Hl.lo muat mt an army in the field, the imn to l muintalnol at public Coat. It will not do to rely upon the present volun teer roinuiuIcs, which are rather acluxd for ofll cera and the military art, and are too valuable in "personal and material" to he made to do the duty of common aid Hera. Sjxuk ing of the volunteer rorapaiiti'e of that city, re cently ordered on on duty, it aaya i The ranka of IkeM ratiiniiM are reeniltoct from the IWer Hie youlh ol ll.e ell. They all puU of restMiitl1 Ity In aluv every deinineni of buai new, ami there la lexnely a Innrauilit Lmiso lu Die riljr whom raiuce if biMinewi has iiul lieu leniiii;e4 by the limif aeleik. Fourliva hMii taken from Hir own i.fhoa. We fuel, ibmbtienH, im every iiwr. cluuitfeela, that weraiiiii. f) ,l to wy aolariM l clerka anil iflva their nervicea to the ll, the ite tiimenl of mr own tiualnem. We meiiilmi ihla, lH lo la'KnKuia the auie ll.e iwwiit aerrlce, but i; illnatrale. Au aoconillsbni Iss.kkuepi, for eaarti. pie, whoaeaervlvee are worth three Ihonvui.l il,). Ian a year, ia certainly too vatiutlile an 1 coatly a to carry a lunskrl at eight .1 illara wr nesith an. I rallinia. He ran aerve the auto Isltor hi a civil otiaH'lly, than aa a prlvalo In the ranka , or if duty calla him to the field, til Mil hU tralnluif have flunl him to reniler the most ein.'lent serrlea la thepnlillcaaauofflier. In the event of w.r, which now aeiiiua lu.l prulatbla, an army niiul be orioiu lied by euliatliuf for ritfular eervice, or the elite most vail (t voluuloera for the war. K.ther plan will epeeillly aeeure the (r.e liee.lo.1. llul II will never do V eviiee the flower of our youth, the cream of mr mllitnry Ulent Mil aplnl, en m.wsaa food for luwdar." They would fl ,, Ka.lwtly, Init the laurel ilniilt'la which tbey would hatiK llsni the Mrma of the coiiMimtilih would be wreiahed with ryia-ew, aud carry tuouruliiK to every hiiully In the oily. War, certainly, would m ike disunion a (ad m well aa a coally business, ami we agree with tho lltyutrr that bookkeepers worth $11,000 a year are too Rood food for powiler. We begin to have liowa of tlio South when we Hon tiuh evidences of returning rcaaon of aoUir calculation of the coet of war as are contalnoil in the H'-yiiltr'i article. The It'iifter may neat discover that It la far letter for the "llower" of the aouthern youth tn live eaccably wllhln the Union, with Jill its honors open to their ambition, Uutn to be made food for wwdvr III n trea.iouable and dia grareful attunpt to destroy it. The Mt-lxur of tJevrniuveut 1-roiwny la Florida. We have thollo ing itema of news from our Iss'muooU i-orie-i.iubtit nnder data of the lith: I haetui ti notify you that the .-nnvole Nvy Yard la lei lonprr In the MHcaioii of I'ncte tliiu. Tlieaitireryottl''erat Port IWrnincoe, who liadacoui Iny uudrr lua tsaiuuun.1, and tj.miin si tra Arm- raoau of tlie Yard, )tciday rri-elvisl liitiuution Uiat the M-riweiiajlrM wanted .i drive the I'nitod HUtlea hti awiy Inan lie re, and this morning ll.e rnnaa-waa ciaiflrlueil. Over iau luen, e iareutly well dllllod nisi annel, deiuiudeil peaemi. tile eurreii.ler f Ihe w, which, ufier s.iun. eonmlt btlou. was tnv'O- The mariuM, of whm wd ha.t 43. svereauxuaiM Ux reaiauia-e, aisl 1 believe C-pl. War hom waa aleo, but it aeeimi AaaavaoMo oiaviaed It. The fovernm.iit lrnoM avall.ible had the artillery aul the few fulled Btalna nV.lorahere Weea esMM-etitrateLwTuld bava been mifncleut t keep tbe riilwls at bay, wore ao.-h a isiurae deairahle. A It la, there la nuthlnf w irth talking of lo Ajht lor. There are aiifiV'lenl iItmmI pruviaiona to lost be eaptora for a while, but Ihe gtoreahip Supply Vsjk a Urge cargo away, Licit rakjhl lwe Ihsjii imsed. flonda my l put duwu as Ihe Aral shad ing aUU) to aelas a luan-uf-war. The V. 0. aleamer Vuluw la In the randa f ike warrlori, and I wish thMn joy with her. The Cru. ler had lerl, and the Wyand.itu waa alao, I lltev, out ol Win's way. It would take more time, aud cost msre monoy ti ivattt the Kulbai, whose mli-uculoua Mpe from d. trnctkai on Ihe const will be reruianbered by all, tUeu he would be worth. The marlnm, aailora, au.1 ar tltlery soldiers here have telegmjihnl for insl ructions. J have reweai to kuow (hat they will all go to Wash ington. Vuiaoiod.ire AamviOHo ought ti be a Union mau. lis waa U-u in Xeulurky, appuuited Irum tliaala tifA, and la a eiUiD of atuMachiuetu. VYimh la a 0.) ths cud of lbs affair Is tUt Pvuaa s4a and Bemuax are (paM; koJ Ihe South has stolen 4bs Ciat-boru ui Its navy, a be ty CbaaabrrbUa aad Ihe Park Dank. Tbe Park lUnk has furnlahad for publication aUtesuent of the groanda upon which It re fuses to deliver over to Mr. Dhvuv, the last ppoUud City Chanberlain, the elty funds en lrosted to it by Mr. Platt. TIm mala facU sua M follows I On the JJth Instant, Mr. Par u ootlAed the Tark Bank that he had been ap. 'pointed ChamUrUlnj that be bad taken the -oath of office tflvsat the bonds required by law, and bad selected tbe Broadway Bank, tn which to deposit tbe city fonda. He eoncladed his enaU with a demand of the monsys belonging to the elty on deposit ia tbe Park Bank. On th ruth, Mr. Pi-att notified the Bank (hat at be Wat reepoaalble oa bis ofBdal bond for the avataoejri dapoaltod witb h, H eheeJd not pay out aoy aaoseys deposited with It by him, "except oa warrant legale davm." jj Um IJtb, jfiurda B. W. Uowsi, Esq., rreeident of Ihe Tark Bank, reptint t Mr. Drv Lm'a note. He aaya I This Pank le now, and has at alt times been, pea pared to pay over tbe twUiv-e of said moneys remain ing IrUU custody. But as I am advlaal by emnael, It will pensoawistfy, lu order to save Ihla ftWk term- Im iioih iiui.iu vwjhis, isu in.iv . in.. llabtUlr, thai tha aald monev ehould be withdrawn In the mauner provided epeelflcall by law or ordin ance. Arrmnpanyinit this note Is M 04nlon by Ex- Judge Kl'Miwrtna, endorsed by tbe Counsel of the Bank, that the Hank would cot be JnstlHad In paying over deposit on the general demand made by Mr. IKVI.I! the demand not la-Ion In accordance with any statute of the state, or ordinance of the city. Judge r.i. moid Joes not (rive an opinion as to whether Mr. Pi.att or Mr. IMJi Is City ChambrrUIn, but only as to tlie mole In which the money deposited ly Mr. I'mtt In the Park It ink ran legally U drawn tin refrtm. InnasTnratlon scroti tl is authoritatively stated that the Spring field Zminvea will e-oll the Prealdenl ele.ll.. Wash liiKVm. aivt be present al ll e Imuguratlon. They Lavs ten Iborougtily drtRed j Oil. K.i.iaoani. sn-l are rrprivetiled aa rivalling the Chicago orlgl l,als In skill and discipline. New Hooka, Ac. I.II-R iw Tiif Oi.k Woni.K. A new work, try t-srieaisA lisnsra, Iraialalwl ley Mabv llowrrr, Is smsmis-ed y T. II. pirrraaoi A (., 4 I'hlladol. phln. It is a lk ol Iravrl and roman.'"-; the sceiiery. that of ilwiUcrlAiid ami luly. The Ira vol la what nt) er Iravellera overt; the rmnanca la that which the (rental authorem omild "Bml or there create," hi two years of leisurely esploratl'Sb Ills lsaiie.1 here In alvaiae of lla niblllhsi In Knglarel, Ixiliit prlnle.1 insii the trat.alaUir'a own tnanuarripl, purcliasvsl. It every lilairal price, by the enterprising Amerlean piiWlahera. 1 Vola., Hum., fHSl pp each. Tua Nsw Kaicarawaara for Felarutry Is alrmdy out. In ". Inl of lyisarraphieal baauly, It has never latriaiirpraaaeil, Ifequallial, by a ierhslleal. Very elegant taste un I unallnte. npcliae are lsslowel on this d.1Mtnn-nt liy the new and ambitious puUlshera. who deserve a beorly ieii.rt In their eff irt lo liwko IV e Kuli keilsa ker Ihe forrmoat nia,ratliie of America. The iiiiihUt lfore us eonUliis several aids articles, and ism deficient In vivaiily and variety. The fault of ll.e Kdltor, aofarasvto can see, la Ihe old m of the original Knlckeilsajker and of aliuad every Mher New York rnagaslne-wanl " earnest cian li tion and purpiaie. It Is In vain to make a period leal merely liilMnlnliig and Instnii live, II must bars a moral liidlvlduallly. A msgasliie.aa well aa a man, la Interesting only for what la -culir lu charai-ler. The suivcas of Ihe Atlantic was dus as iniieh to this aa to liitslleitual alnbty, and the sains la evidently tmeofeveiy mairaslne thai baa aiicreeded and sur vived. It la more irofllabe lo hold jsipular prin ciples than Is 'lie at all. Thk Natihiai. Famii.t Maoaxikk, A-en l,lira' JorasAU U a apular Oue Dollar monthly, imblihhed by J. Ivvrni.aas Rnnteao, UTi Grand sl.i New Yotk. lis moral aim Is earnest anl piuo, tu the d'anestle sphere for which ll la lutended- Nkw Mfsli1. We have la-fore tts an exlen alvefileof new Music from llnskea Wsrssa. Our naders will reineoilsr lbs blind blai'k boy pianist, "Tim," of wlmm a correeisoideut In the Bonth gave nor readers so remarkatss an aceotml, last fall. Mr( Wavrna has publlahe.1 six pieces of Toa's own verb iage comssiltlon, a rather lmprovUallon, which Lave lain taken dou frout his playing. They are a suigular ruilonity. lVwa from IlaytU I laytl Joumala lo Dec. a, have lieisi received. Ia Vwirrs, of IVirt an Prince, date of Nov. 2 lib, aiirsamees In nssil jubilant language tlie election o' Austins l.ixsj., li, hloillie great Abollthsi Ist, the true Ri'publl'-aii, the predestined rhlianthro. plst, aisl mils Usai the cities aisl Wwn hflls aal valleys of ILiytl, lo seisl up a otanbluud shout of Joy. I Vwrres admcatm a thorough union of IIytl. M. Larianmia, (Jomroller of 0aieral CusVnus, hail recently docesaad. The I,ambtis suliwcrlplliai was profrrerlng. 1 Oy.avs of Dm. 1 has quite fuM details of the American news, an 1 la evblautly puiilod what to niake of the sisitliem news. Tlie prodiutkst of coffee Is strongly urgcl ujsin the Ilsytiens. lit irtsrrs, in view of the prevailing prejudice agniiwl oolor, urges sdvaiw-omisil hi knowledge, In ait, and In commerce upon naytlnns, that they may prove by their worka their ailude for civilisallou. Tlie convention lietweou the and Prealdenl flKrrtAan la publiahel. Tbe conveiitten relates to the organisation and regulation is the CAholic re llghailuUaytl. (iplulom of Ike I'rrsa. The ll'oiM comments upon Juimik Mm ll I.kt'h charge to the (trend Jury, on Ihe taw of trraaon. It thinks that the iharge will ojieu the eyis of northern clUsrus lo the risks snd reepinisibilities which they thereby Incur, by furnishing those in revolt again the government articles useful ki war, II U also tiotieid that Juilge "uai.LKr Is, In pilitics, a ilettiis ii.t, and tluit his rhsrgs furnishes evidence that he has in eym Alhles with the republican. Tl HoWif also takes slmn ground against tbe Charter bill rw-ently recmtly Introduced InthsAa sciublyly Mr. lliRieui.i. It argues lliat the bill. If 4M4il, wiaihl vlttuully transfer the elwtiisi of the AMirioeii lo the arty cnnvititlons, choaeu al prima ry elections, which are coiilrollel by the uusl un scmpolous M.HiU'iaus. Tlie Txnn has an article, allowing that tho numW of large slavsltuldcrs lu the noulh, Is exceedingly smalt isdowr ten thousand persons, according I.) Ibo iS'iisus of ts'al, oMiiingOfty sloviw or upwards; and leas tlisu three Iboiisand five hmidre.1 own'n.r one huudie.1 slaves or uywuuls. The whole nitmlMr of alnvrbolilels lu lsfsl, was JUT.ti'tf, of whom, Os.SJU ov.isd but line slave; l(Ki.ds3 owued la-tweon one and five, aisl hO.Tufi owned la'twiwu l)e aud leu. In Wsl, there were 0,121,411 while i.rr,i, n the H rulhein slales, and ol this liauilier alsiut l,4.'a,oiH viete mall's over HU years of age. The slaveholders rijsiittd In Ihe census cuilirsce imoiy fsinaliis, as well aa those who hire alavss ( aisl If these could be tiedm led, thcte would remsiiiivt niorethaii ItAl.iSN), ia litre miss Ihmi onoHilxih Ihe niuutar of mbili wh ite lil'tles. Nearly ftve-al xths of Hi whits usipla ol the Houlh. Uisrclors, owu us fclavus directly or cieitiltgi fitly llul cxcqit lu Ihe Uir.lsr stales, this largs class hss Issu IhoriMighly liid.a-trinaled with lbs pro alavery creed, and has all the passions and Ihe am latloii of Ihs slavsholdlng ulaasus, while II lias under none of the reslraluu which Ihe svusloii of slsvos throws sroinsl tLulr wealthier neighbors. This u'ass Is iTutc.l tissiby lbs silithiil deuiagoguiM, aiellbss'avepii..ilel.TslH'giii t.i fear disniilon will I. lis hands, snd Dial they will loss Instead of giuulicj i y going mil of tha t'ulon. The TVituiw U'lievrs Unit the sevea.uulsts have nolalnulssdlbelilm of seising Waihlnjtou and nuikliig It Ibe Capital of u slsvs confederate, I feurs that Ibe naliiai la lauii deluded Into a lalas ae cuilly aa Ibe ssfily .4 Washington, which la, llss)s, "aliemly lbs bend piarters of tbe cuusplra lyss ;" aisl llspis-ats l-i the ss'.ls to bs ready .r (he emergeiM-y which may arise si any moment, aa iikiii Ibe flnit la.iliiluliii.U'e of federal authoilty in Washington, the jteace of Ibe eouulty, aud perhaps Ihs rmaiaucy of Ihe Krpubllc now ilemnl. The IliraU says that there ran be no louor any di'iiM of Hie rslstiis-e of a eoulheru revulutl.siary rons).irsiy v seise the city of Washtufton and Ibe ledi-nU lailldlugs, arvhlvea and other government pr.'iTty tberulti, for the government uses of a south ern eiaifedcracy, although tbe sileul of Its ramlflca ll.ais are is-l yrl kuowu. The IlirM aays i II now spiawrs that ibis ouiunilracy lu cmwtlon coninheiids -- ' I. Th seoaeliai from His ITulon of all Ihs slave states, lis hiding Vlrgluls and M Ireland. . The euufi uetsf ig s selsurs sn'l lavupalion br a s.tbenisniR-dloraofihscilyo Washtngt-Ki, in cluding Ihe public buildings, an Lives, Ac. tor the poii'wrsofesoiiihnmcouliHler.1.7, II. The exilal,i (wop rf.KK). by emw of arms, of Ilia existing federal guveniuauil, baluding tke ijnai-. tia and tha tuuiutlug adiuiuistrslluu, ou Ibatdor etu of Usech. ..'. T,i" ,."u'l,ll1""n the general gerermneat of Ihe Houlbrrn omlederacy In Washington, au.1 lu isUniKliisi 10 Ihs world aa lbs government which hss siia'rsilJ tha ejected (ovemmsul of the Uul le.1 states. Tu clear the way r the realisation ef this erbenie, tl U necessary lo gel Virginia aud Waryland oul of the L'uiou. Vlrglula has called a eoaveatlon, but Oov. Iltoaa of Maryland rerWe to convene Ihe Leg islature, la which It belongs to' call a eunveutluu. Tsklng the same view ae the JViewna, the ifsnld says 1 Of ell things, la order to avoid a civil war of end. less calamities. It la timet Important ! provide again any treesonsble or revolutlntMrj nsivsmniu uei Wsshlugtiai, dssigusd to overthrow the esub. Ilsned rrvsrumsirf Ibsre. We dare esy, howsvor. thai Ihe rrasldsut and hi new eaUnst, aasWud by the counsel aud oa-uperaltou ef Oaoeml Snort, will provide Jur Ihe peaosaUe Inaiigumlloa of Hie Pes.1. dent elest, la punruaisie of Ike Constitution. Ia the maamlme Oovenur Hioaa, In refusing to aruvide oasecsirJtacTi4ouUMrTlaiei,haaiicsj, we dm.! r4, the most substantial arrrlre In behalf s Ihe t'nion nxsw and la behalf of M 1. The lioston W, which hss been among th most lira of northern Democratic, joumala. In Us evpnw Vsia of synawlhy wHh Hie Risiih, nunsSl stard the of the tolled Riaiee y the amthern trai tors who have seised t'lill! Blnlei (eia aad srssnale sjsl flre.1 ou the War ef tbe West st Charleston. II says' Bmh Isxtlle action makes a sorry commentary on en entl-viTi'i 'tUy. There is but 011s optulon bera as lo Ihs treatment for lbs moli force, or an rlsr lore, that fired Ml ll.e filar of tlie West, with her cargo of human frelgld. Th Is f ring, Iswldes be-. Ing a piece of Irvasist. wss sn act is liartjarlsin. How ever strong tnsy be the puirssie re the nathaial men ! Ihs N'Oth tbeeisialltiitlisinl rights is Ibe Houlh In Ihe 1'nl.m, there Is tsi mistaking the tsirsaisr lbs same men tn stMiH lelhal precious nherlunre, atunssl ll.psigh irecioiia bhssl, the Federal Tubal. There was s time when the Nirthern Dsmoersyy went far lii tl e wrong Irs. k In the rase ef Ihe Knode Islslsl suffrage men 1 but when the constituted ail tlMiritlraof their country deride. sgaiiiMl them, and the Huireme Oairt prisssiisv d tbe law, ibis 1) -mo-, rnwy, ss ons man, tsiwist to the derision. Theu Chief Jusllce Tssrv, In his greal nplni'm on this rase.held thai (Ae rbiiim tms aswiranfgasroVr mf nut tfannrrhv: every sUle and ever ritlren bsveatlalinlnlhisguarMily tbey have right In tins Aaraiess t aios, aa a national Power, thai are, most ctrialiil), as misti als.vs and Isrisel the eitilitil rd Ihe issi buislreil end thirty-seven thoiis-osl while nsUs citlnns ot Hmith Carolina as Ihe local csistlln tbsml righls of lust stale are tyoiid Ihe nsitrol r.f the Mms numlsr of cttiftriw of M issa. hnsi'tts , ani AortAern men lefll ond lM (As eonsrirmed nwaorttias easiissiclAewnoiwiolriyWs. It d e delusion to think ottisrwlse. TILE LATEST NEWS. HI' TElrXllAM TO TUK H. K. SU.X. Political Intelligence. XXXTIlk C'OXIKIMH-Herond Hesalon. Hrnale. HVuA.7'ofi, J,m. IS. Mr. Bataiii. (l).d.) prr4.lited ' a Ineiisirial fiom citirens of Dnliware, villueil resisHt to rty. praying for the latasitgs fg Ibe Critteteleii res.ilutiOiis. Tlne resoliiliisis emlssly tbe linirl' of no more than the public ariil.milil T the alaveholdln f aisles will dimaiid. I will viae fur the resolutl'SM and sk isi them mxl week. Mr. HawASiiprewnieil the memorial of Htatirr. P. II. Moses. Ihe Illustrious Invinlor of lbs magnetic lelegrspb, prsying Ciaigtess for an ettenshai of one of bis ntefiU. who ll colisiitiiles his title tl Ihs I.pijs-rty in that Invrtilli n. Us asks Ihsextenslist of he isie thai expires enihest In opler li protei't his Toirty. Kelemtl lo Die Comniilles on Patents. Mi. Hraaau also pnsenteil nieneirlals of rltisens f New Yoik eoteimibig the slateof the 1'nlini. Mr. HacismiuI, flkl.) reported thai hs lial this lii'inilng iseseiitsil the President of the I'mleil HUlss with the ail for the rebel of ll.e assignees of the Daviii C. Haoiaii a, dis-roaed, Mr. Iiiotra. (pa.) seseiitisl ictitlisisffom Ihsrili xi ns of I'tillsdelphln, praying that a peAaiisi be gran leil lo Uieeiliviv aithswar l spi, mini to the wtiL.wa of Ilea. who l.avs die.1 is may heroafter die. Itefernl to ll.e Committee lai Psusions. Mr. Kiaaii'V (M4.) priaiiiiisl a memorial from the rltisens of 1'ie.lcllik county, M trylaisl, withnul re gent lo rty, aeklng ll.e ad-liou ol Ibe Cutt-uhu ries.lutlisis. Mr, CAarrtni (Pa ) Introduced a resolutiee) chang ing Ihe name of the steaiulssU "John C. frsniout, ol I'ltlslsirgh," to "ll.-rljai." rassed. Mr. Ill.lJts (Ts.) i.r. ieiill eight memorials pray ing that Ihs issiltiisi of Mr. Caiiraaiiss tsi suli mltte.1 as amruJiueiits lo Uis Coustltutliai. Tallied lor the pti-eiiit. Mr. WitJei (M.ISS.) ntovisl t.) lake iif. the resolit. lusi pniHsing i-ertaiu aiueiebuentsl'i IbsC'Sistiliillim or Ibe fulled Btles. Mr. I'oenj. (Ky ) prcM-nted the pnsee.lini--i of the Ilelissirstie Cisivetiteai st lemlavills, fai the alb ot J. .nuary, fotitainli g a reaolution Uvorabla to tbe CaiTTxai-rji nini-rtHiilse. Mr. IUijiCI. II.) i4-is1e.l ti rernivin-f tliut le-t t-fliclally dlirtteil to tlie HilrUe. Mr, I'awKtx The resoliitl.sis express allaihmoiit 10 Ihe t'lllnti, Slsl prMeet sglinst isien-liSL Mr. Usui insisted upon bis olijn.tion, and tuovod that tbe dociiinent bs laid oil Ihs table. Tbeaperisl order (Mr. CamiKbaa'a resdulions) was taken up. - Mr. Cuaa (ti. II.) moved an amendment, striking out tbe pi wimble and first rsaolutlnii, and Inserting thai Ihe provisions ol Hie Csisllliill. 11 re sniily suf flclenl for the prsNervslion ol tbe t'niisi. Mr. (ian-a Os.k Ihe flour. The pr-meiit Cmsti tutlon, In lie, I good enough for lbs whole I 1. Ion. 1 hold II111I a slate has a right tsi -rede. This Ian. a government of a unit. II ts a iimlilpltcattiai of ttnits, em h state Is a unit, and the whole I'll ion ia a niullllplicalliai of units. A county caiiuot sect da from a slnte, tv-rauee II ts not a unit of sovereignty. A slate baa lbs right to go oul as 1 1 caine lu. Thers la no -mwer In Ihe government to l-uniali them 1 they are aivereign-a unit. I am aa liiiinedlale Mi-eesion, If my stats ia is 4, unless there br a revolution of noitliein puhltc sentluisuL fnither cissiidrrslltsi was -ustissiei. Tlie Pa. ifie Ballrtsul Mil, bring the S)clal order, wss taken U. A ukrn on sil.iilist Indefluilely, Ihe rerrfk' Kallnskl bill, resulting aye 11, nays H. Yraa-Mewrs. llayaril, Heujoiiilm llraag, Cling nuui, ClllU'lslsu, Johu-sai, of Arkansas; Laoo, Ma is si, Prarre, Klce, Baiilabnry, and nil. loll -rt. Naya Measrs, Anibisiy, luker, lligler, llmgham, Cauiepai, Chaudler, Claik, Collaiiier, Dlxou, list little, ISiuglss, Diirkee, Feasanden. Kllch, Kis, K.ia ter, (Ire. 11, (irinirs, Uwlu, 1111, llsrlan, U..iii.hlll, .lobiwii, of Tsnnesaeei Kenueily, King, Utham, NlcboUsi, IV'lk, Piigh, Btietiaii.-4award,Hlmiiivii, miimier. Ten Hyik, TruuibuU, Wede, Wilkinson, and Wll'li-.8H. Ma. He a (Mum.) objactel k the Iron, bel-ev nec Hsailly AliU'tlcau. The price should lev only $1,1,. (SSI 1 it mile fnnii Lake lo the Kocky M mil talus. There is not a clause lu lbs Nil which binds 11 e sl.s kholden in anything whatever. Me. tin in (Cal.) aaid hiaconsiiiin-iit were In favor of the Mil, and were willing to bike anything pre sciitcd . The IJ.iveriitnciit has the first m.irtgage 011 the ristd. Within twelve moulhs slier the bill lie coiueaalaw the grealealol-abwle will lav overcome. We will have a load over tbe Hierra Nevada to Ihs W.isl ao iiiiin-s. Mr.I.Am (Uregim) Tills Isan .J.jsell.nal.U bill. This is not tha time to pass a I'.iclAo Kill road bill. Let's Like up Ihe CriUisslnn rws.liai.aia, to remove our real dilheiiltiee aisl restore pess. Mr. (Iiv (Csl.) said ha waa f.H- a I'sclfls Railway and tl e Cl illeislni resol utnsis, Mr. Ittkva (Oregon) was going to v ite for Ihe Mil as It Is, allliout altsralion. Mr, Wii-eiM fMaaa.), wiaild oppose any reference lhal might Iw asked. This Is aa goad a lime lo new alder ll as any. We have a gnvaranuuit of tha United Blatmof Atiieilra, lis could so nothing that has transpired III any port Ion of tbe country, that mo vents isir llin- the Kepubllc of the Culled Htiies. lis lor this bill, lis wss will ng to bavs ellhsr, anoitheiu or eouthern rivad, or lsh. lis might wish lo make smneallitatlons lu tha bill. The p pie of Ihe l'sclflo cost are more lulereste. than those of the AUniillc, In title) matter. Ms.t pmUtly the nad will lie in charge of Hallway Kings, If euch they raa lis c.tlel. Ma. Taa Ktoa, (N. .1.) This Is a measure of vast Impuliaiu'e In mankind. Its waa In favor of a l'.sl flc Hallway an. I in favor of (lovernmenl aid In con structing ft, Imt was not lu lavor of ihreu nsvls, ss is rR-sieeil by the Henste ameislnieiil lo Ihe House bill, e was uit ill Tavor ol two Mwla, as Is .ro-.wo.l In Ihe Mouse bill, and waa n.4 In tsvorofons mad Ik giliiilngbomehereniarlhesiliil Induutod by the ainaiKliiieiit pnp.sie.1 by Ihs Hiuitor Iroia Mm tini, which was can list in the ttiaule. rniliilng ss nwrly iltl.e uel Una as Is (siesihls lo Sui Kiaucisai. lie v.. .11I, I a t In Ihe matter aa though he were iudl- lilually disposing of his owu funds. If the HUlca In Ihe volley of Ihe Mlssnans,ii, and on lbs P w.flj uut coiifliul, ll Is loo much lo ask lullliiais 14" lbs Atlantlo Hmliw. Mr, Itaaoo. (N. U.) adv.irate.1 a sufficient m.irlgigi lo piotis't the l'n. ltd H'ates. We must refer Iheau men lolbelenltoues of the stales respectively tor llusssirhtlisi. Mr. Lass (Oregisi) askel. Dial the further conald to uke up Mr. CaiTTiaoss's resolutions. Mr. (iwts (Call said ws will fsclliuts legislation by finishing one thing el a time. Mr. CsiTrrai.ra (Ky.)sald weire providing kr fitlupa generaliciia. The eisuilry is In danger, mvs lbs lnusi fllst, fas,iUnse III the galleries,) and then vole ou Ibe Pnciflo Railway, It Is a lenui IVInr ll leglelats uow, while the nation tremble. Ws are al lb point betweru life and death. What la a Kill way kill cssnpared with resnlulksis for Ihe peons of our dislraclod country f What sort of lutein genu Is this lo go out to the country T I will vole no Kallwsy weals Die country Is In Ihs comliilon II t now. lu rrgsrd lo this Kallnstd we are lo osiald'ir, thai tbe eiirnse are to corns uul of Ihs Public Tivaaury. It Is unmsary to osuiert Ihe dilT.irmil pis-lbsisof this vsst empire, but until my reaolu iliaui are dlnssaat of, I shall vote against the P.iclno ItallroadMU. Mr. (I wis I will vige It them all, anl al any time with pleasure. I tuua) eland by Ibe Pacltki railroad. Mr, mimosa (R. I ) waa in favor of any maasiire ki carry Ihe public laiainesi forward lu a pnmor stilrlt. Mr, Caiwonsiawhal do I w.a.l of Psi-tlki Ksilruad, when I see lbs country ready to dwindle dowu Into petty Keaibllea. I feel more like hiding lay face theu ingairlng In mailers is to mvelhe luhsi. All are trifles elougatde of saving ihe oouu rry. Why leave tbe L'niiat to later aud reel r Mr, Owin callei tbe ayes ami noes on Mr, Pstou'e maiou to amend the nI of section, flrst, by a.ldbig " lair until said ai of Inoorrioratiou shall hsvs bssu submitted to, aud aptiroved by, lb Osigress of the Vnile.1 Blalw. Mr, DsaiAutM, (Ia.,1 uffered an amendment, pro. hlriltlng Ihe euoiiany fmm acting lu Hie rapacity of bankers lo ilrcutale msiey as ier, Mr. lis aiio (N. C) offsred an amsndineul ki lliull tha tims of coqioration, tail aflerwarda withdrew ll. Mr. IlnjAuia (La.) offered aa an aiuenlnient in Ihe Wth aud BMh Hues to sinks oul " Ihs nvJorHy of such grantees admllled aa aseisaalea, and Insert 'MA aliall rhnuse lo associate with them aud become with IfaSin subsciiher Muljruniornkir a bsreluaiter nro vtded." ' Mr. HswiiD frf. V.) callal fur the yea aisl nay on this motkst, itsudsiig which, on motion of Mr, Fxesoisu (Ma) al 4 o'clock the Sruate adjourued. Iloaae ef Ueproaeatallioa. Amn other preliminary businass, Mr. llssxia fMd.) iimsinted a uemorUl, slgnad by 11,000 rill aens of Ualtimore, lrresiet'tlve J party, praying for lheado4ionUlbeCriUudeueompruiuise. lie ssUl If ibsre weie a desire k traispilllae the publle mind, it would not tw done luore effsclually loan by Ihe adoption of that measure. Laid ou th tatil. Thellonee went lot eucnialUee on tlieann MIL Mr. Kxasas (Texas) said he cams hither with the hor that Mich meeeuree mlghl be brought a ward by tho who bavs th power to control the question, would seurth0nilh of future cu-riy. Th Keputa'lesn have held sullenly back, and de clared that they rave re) lenaeef peaoe to offer. Ia view of noh birts lour states have already fori owl of th L'nkax, sud others are rapidly earedlng. iniees is tiie th of Maecb aoeaeQilag U don arrest this muvrtnesa, we will see but tew Smrihem state In Ihs l'u.00. Th trrepresslts oonfliet bad culminatsd loo sesm tar It antknra. and astsdd la result. They mean to effect Ihe hamlliatkm and aa- aoiatun 01 in aoran, or a oaasumoTA of in llama. They have reached thai barical snd. 11 praoredsd lo show that Ihe condition of th n. groealnnopnrtlnaofthe veorld could oompar as uw vnral4y la bffsstnrs as tniswof our own eoyntry. W.sil.l Ihs Nslh, lflhry were freed, rceSl then a freemen j No. Yon would fight the Ronth with all yovr energy and power against mirh an Influx, and yet you de mand the nutith lo blierate four mllllisis of slaves, and lo Israk up the am ial rs-iler and wsnmenial aisl tlltlsal prtsqetU, aud relaiu Ibe negro element anssig us. Ymi never ronslder the relative position of the two races, and what Is k be tbe eisl ot our c-si-d'sl. He sfwike of the destruction of manufactures an 1 csniriene vbtib wouid be produced by Ibe abolition ol slavery. The ny of treason bad leen raised airalmleer tain ststis. aiwl the hbakadeof their tirts threal rsiisl 1 but If this be attempted, those umremed will, hkeatimouactneral, find a li In front as well a the rear, 11 knew no southern slala lhal aske.1 mire than lis (isist.lull.ijil rights, aisl en far as Texas is csi censdsi.e Is unallsrali'y deterniine.1 nsvio; t sil milloloas, aisl If shecanisa get her rights tu she will have Ihi m out of the Union. t The irirthrrn stoles hsre done nothing to show the amithemataiea that tbey aliall have aaourity In the I'liiou; licause,kiglveissithenienillieir coiisti lutiisnl rights would I hi dialsmd Ihs Rspoblican party 1 bul I y Ihe vloUlhni of tbe constitution tbey are eniblivl lo make war on Ihe B nilh. In rrvirwlig parts ot Mr. MiCutasAk' fill) speech Mr. RsAOASiaid Oihi aia-epts ln.lesli.lenca Willi ail Its isies'ieiici rather Uian Istse subimssl'si anl eternal ruin. Mr. MiCutaAan refilled -Ite bcbsigs.1 ti a nnbai ity agaiiinlexIreiiKM, and slaislllig by the csisti- lull. si. Mr. r.sAatasald -Ilekls-wthe getillenvui's posi tion, aisl asl.e.1 hlsa k' couslder vlial hiwl tmeight tiie H-iuth ki lis s-eaiit Cisi.lill'Si. If their rights lout lea lean denied, tei voIlo ot ihsiniai would hsvs lavoi raised, lis referred to Ihs history ig Texts, aisl Hi means by which sbs wisi bsr independence, aisl ig tbe ruceiil aJsgeil uiriitrroiliou lu Dial BUI. Mr. FVASToa fohln) felt ronstralne.1 ti vinticale the Melhisbsts fnoti Mr Hsaoas's rhsrge, and said kiattnlsite 10 that Urge and reaiatUlile (ss-'lety a wide spread orgaiiix'iluai for the airsmeof stirring up liieurrertlisi, waa a lilsil nn lhal aoeiely at largs. Mr. Hkaoas exi.laineil lhal he did not wlshlolie iili'lerstssl that the Inaorreellisis were luaiigumte. by thai sia:U1y as a tssly, bul by luelulsirs of il in Texas. Mr. HtAs-roa, resuming, said, no d.mM a large pnr thai of Ihiil sialety lsllevss Ao-inui slavery uiiwiss, uiuiiristlMit aisl linusirnl, and wherever luey may lie found will carry thai liellst with them,bul It ibies u it therefore follow thai tbey wilt organise to stir up insurrei-tion snd wsr, Ths siewch of lbs geiittenuin fnim Ttxss ass extiaonlinsry, While asking lor measures of . irlllstlisi from Ihe Riiiiibllrml sids ki avoid rlvil wsr arel dlsunl'Si, yet ha said the party whhh lisd Ituit elected ths Prent.lent call outy pre-si-rvs Itself .y Ihe dcstmrtliei of the (loveruiusul. He would Infism the gntlleiuan that the principle ist whiih tlds Government was f.emdeil camst tie surretslereil midur eny threat of civil war, end If Ihe irinclples of the Republican irty are uol ki lie Vln-dii-ated historically, sud as oaisecratist by lbs fathers of the lUi'iibllc, then he should tie prer, Lo alsuebsi and surrender the organisation ig llial rsirty, He was ready here ki maintain that the Kiiaihlltan fairly has ivi purlsme, prits'iple or silli-y issius'lliaiail ley ths Repurilii'su falhera. Knan this sisilli4i the llspuM leans could n. latdrlv en. He was litu-rly astoiuiilfsl ki hear Mr. Ksaoa assiune as a oes eile.1 pnsssntkoii that the Republican airly wss itrgai7id on Ihs Idist ot the utter exllno tiisiof slaveiy In ths 8111th. Now he knew of lei Re publU an who lisiks ki llial orgaiuaitioa as designed dinstly or Imlimtly, st presiitir 111 Ihs future, ki Inleifete In lie rismaest degree with slav ery In the states. lis laid down the great distinguishing fsalurss T the two pill ticsl orgauiaiitions. Tlie liefub:icuia hold Ibil African Jsvery Is a local Ins.iution, d.'ta'nd-'iit ou b cal slate lsws, sisl cams exist Isyonl the limits of tlie stele, Ly wl.issv virtue II Is established. Ties Domucials bold Unit Afl lean slavery Is a natiisial Instl tuUirtiand exists evsrywbere ky virtus ol the Cm stitution, when tst pnihilated 07 kical state laws. Our difficulties arise out of tlieso differences. If gentlemen desire a acfful sefstratiott of the stales and a H.sithfs-11 Colittalerecy, they ought kikieiw lliat 11 raAnot le accomplished I7 Ihe mode ad'iptcd. lis did teil brlh-ve Ihe govenimenl can lie permamsilly held kigilher by military force for one Hrtlon w-aild ultinmtoly subiugaui tbe other. It was against the genius of lbs age. llul geuUeiiMSt must ses that se cession must bwvltnbly bring civil wvr. If we have a government at all, o hsig as 1 remains operative, its laws must be executed. During the proceedings Mr. Caawroan fOa.) l. In rrly lo Ihe remnrk of Mr, Bvabvov, that Deorgla aetseil Ilia (iris becsuee they were Intended liir her ai4ectlii and defense, aud lake all lb resinual Ulllly. Mr. HvAvToa undersksst that Ooorgla takes on herself the luaugiiisiiiai of civil war, and maksa no pretense of a umsUlulKSial justification loe her act Mr. llnx (Ua.) said lliat Usisgla has not seissd any pia-tion of the pulaio pnisirty, II was done tiy banda ig sohUers without sulhorily. lis disulsimsd Ibe act on lbs part of Osorvia acting as a stats. Ciira of swjud," and alight epleue ou Ibe Kspub hcan side. Mr. Caawroan ffls.) said that he and Mr. llux diflnred as Ihe ailea. He thought the selsurs or the forts Pulaski and Jat kson w is justified by tbe p'pit lar viae of 40.000. Mr. II11.1. remarked that Ihe selsurs of these forts wss not authorised by the legislature or C aiveu tlonof the people. He sVssl by that. Hs had al ways been hoping for a awrful solulhsi, aisl hoie. the pe..pleigjeorvta would flo.1 11. Its would ssy, ins fur all, be had thought Innn the laarluning thsl such sisst hes aa we have recently hcanl here do u4 Is-liig ns nearer ki a isaveful eoliitlisi. In this re

mark he bail been strengthened since yesterday. Mr. Lnvx, (lie.,) thought the position ocruple.1 by laith his collrsaTiies (I'xavi roao ami llit.t.) wrong, and retaaiki'd lliat th f.irts wer ssised by the onlers of Ibe (hivonsir, as a deieiwlvs e.'t, there being alarm, end a probability that the government would eend ganiaiuis ki ll.e fis-ts. If the Coiiventinn of lliairgla deternrlnrsnolloseceds, the furls will be eurreil derail k the govemimsit. Mr. HAanmASM. (la.) mailea slmllsr remark. Sliding It (loorgia shmiM secede he wss determined ki sustain ths Governor of that slate In his act for weal or woe. Mr. Htastos resuming said If we garraVm th forts, Siillriiirn is" Ihe t).ivth aty it Is coerrbsu If We eve them weak, iersons seise them, and tum the guns agamsl the constituted authorities of the coun try. II ssike of the delusloua and mlsapprcben auais existing al lbs Booth lu regard to the .llcy of the Republicans. Hs ventured k say when the R. pulillcan adioiulstratiisi comeg Into mwer, It will act on tlie principles of Jxrrxasoa, Mamims, Mosaoa, jAoasoN, Jmts Quiarv Ahaus, aisl ierhais those of a. lis did is believe Ihe great miss of ths H0111I1 are disloyal. Tlie ravings of lltansnv, Piiiujiw, snd have ha. I a bwl effdet. diilIi iersons are uniting their hearts aisl bands wilb those al Charleston lo overthrow the government. Thisie ravings and utterances have laaai diaaeiulnaled aarxpiTsaiseoflhadoctrlueofthe RiijmuiIImii liarly, aisl the aotithiru people sell ngou Ibis l.bia, resist the rxisvlsn of constitutional power eiL lb Laws, lis wss willing for au aiurnduiuii! ki the Usistitulliai In order lo it move a delusion, for preventing the fslcral government ricr Interfering with SJlvsry lo th slates, excel by all unanimous vols of lbs stales, lis was alao willing 10 remov Uis agttathat ou the tenlliirlaliniv.lliiii by ailiuittlng New Mexico as a stole, in accunhus-e with the uf tbe asiimiiuie of thirty -three. Mr. Knsr, (Aik.,) ae a memlwr of that fia unities. iri4nslisl thiit tsi such reeumimasLailon ha. lawn linide by Dial Committee. Ha ilid uol understand II. at anything luid bnsn eipnived by tlial Oorasiilttoe. On a uiint vis., hobclisstsi Ihey repudiated what piir)aitnl ki Isi a newrt. Mr. 8TAST0N cskiude.1 his remarks. Mr. Aorais, (inlbecourse of his sierh sai.1, he did is Ulleve the wlu.leB.iulh were so dlaatl.s'ted lo Die Kt-ilem! L'nionas to drag down end lramils un der fist Amerh'au Ulairty, It the uiu.nt was ki 1st dissolved, it would not lie without au eff irt by all .trlilr men, lo prevent It ley all oonatitutliasil mraiia. The peefile of Ibe North will defend Ilk) Ihe butt, while h"i'ug for its preservation, lis urged was the duty tgvsry oue lo allay n l excite fOetliur and u4 aitd fuel lo Hi fir uow Intensely blam ing. In glauclng al practical evenU, he aaid, tf Ibe aipular sovereignly caiidl.hits bad Iweu thiml nakal al tlie Charleakm Couveutlisi, and vote.1 for by I Mm semis North au.1 noulh, Ibe country wuukl uow lie muted. As to Mr. liniu, be bail as una-h right ki regard slavery as au evil, as southern um hsvs to think lie bleasiug.'ur tbe highest type of Mr, I.iaou.a, be priwoedisl to. show. Is a roiwervaliva num. from whom Hie csiulh will liave is4hUig lo tear. Hs made, lu csuluslou, a s.irUalcaiswl declarbig for cwesaion aisl coni pn mlae, end agamsl sis-essiou Ths doctrine tsf iei.ieful stviswion was utterly faltsclnua, aud was taiwr druamisl of by those who framed the Couslllu liitu Hs Intetsleil 10 rise abovo jatrly, aisl devote biiusel! liir his cniuilry. Mr. ANionaoi (Mo.) omild aasur gentlemen that there bi au Irreversible dieruiluailouou tbe vrt uf Ihe alaveholding sutes t-i Lavs slavery agtlatlou qu Med and delluitttly sullied. The Bouth have sub milled to iwirtberu aggreselisia fur years. If thess weie not rrdrreatdaial removed, ttMaiulhern elates will absolve Ihemselaes Iruui tbe preseut Uulou. Iksitheiit wsmlugs hsvs been regarded aa Idle Ibivels, while assaults have been made ou eouthern Institutions, which Ihe Kepublloans have avowed their uulaltering delenuinatlun to destroy. Ill see libu of the I'libai uever asked or demandiid more than lu constitutions,! right, bul II demand it au eai'ialllv of 1I11I1U aisl nrlvlUarea. lis lavore.1 a meeting of the border etats at au early day to take into uaislderalion Ibelr future course, and aaid, lhal In hut cpluliai, IhsUulf state wsr loo pnotiitoi. There should have been caioerleud unl.ii betwMu all tbe elavse slates. AU having ao imsi Interests, cummuu ressiot dmuaudad that all shisild have been ivnsulled, beaire any one elate veo lurid on Ihe resialblUty of secession. He apiaHld to isathsni mou lu yisld to euieudiueul to th Ouo eiltutlon. an as lo prvvtul auaruhy aud bloodshed aud lo riskire peace. Mr. tUsssTV (Va.) obtained Ihe floor. The Commtike roee, and the Uouae adjourued. Free Albany. AKiy, Jim. IS Th Republican held a jolul legislative cauoti ksxlght, to nomlojl candl date Caual UarunUskaier, Tbs&rsltMlol stood Penjnmln r, Ilruoe, of Madison County, fifty lbur Geo. Oeddes, i Ononilaga, Iklrteeut B. U. Sdwarda, of UutavUga, flftsen Jas. A. Yoorheee, six J, J. Foot, oa 1 K. Dlakely, one 1 Ou th eeooud ballot Mr, Drue received asvsuty lour vote aud was tbere ujsai deobrad luiaaltnoualy aouunaied. Th Demo eral Lev already nominated w. W. vTrbrul a their caudidal. From Wnahlngtom. WaMgm, Jtmnnry li. It Is reported thai private advice from Bakm Rouge art to th effect thai lh election of delegate k th Louisiana Oiw vetAlon reeulud la majority against seossskm. ThpecbofMr. MoCLnsaan, of Illinois, In It arajraphlcal, comrnerrlal and national etgmlnonr I tsvsluclm qnlM a wenalion here. It 1 rallybig the Colon feeling. II hi understood thai Ihe South Carol In agent now here demand the unconditional ev.icualiou of Fort Burster, with a view ki avoid th shedding of tikes). The adrulnlstreliiei has not yet oisxaidered the is-nposiUons. Dtakhea received In emithern dales kulsysay thsl fienrgia will secede from the L'ulisiby Svlurday On the happening of Ibis event the delegates from South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and On.rgla, will lejsilr ki Mllleilgville to Institute a provlslotsit Ooverummt, and elect a Presideul and Vli President ftro letsrs, tsldss providi'ot for a hsletal army and other defenslvs messures. Minis ters will at once be dlsitched k 1'oreigu Tower to neg-slsle treaties. The roudiKt of Opt. Aavsraosi) In urrenderiag the PrnaacuM N ivy Yard, hi strongly disapproved of ly the administration. F'ar several months tbe workmen there have tmt been paid, aud have been suUlstlng on goverumeul rati. sis. Messrs, WAsiiDmrrs, of wiscinisln, and Taitas. of New Ilsmishire, of Ihe CotntnlUee of Thirty Three, hare signed Ik tillowlng a minority r porti iranleed. Thai the pmvlalons of Ihs Constitution ere ample vr Ihe preservaihsi of Ihe Cnlon and Ihe pronation of ell the material Inks-eats of Ihe roun try 1 that it needs lo be otieyed mhsr than ametelsil, and that tvj !rlili9tt Irvw our present Is kilsilonke.1 f. In rfTorts to preserve and irolecl the aibllc irrsrly and enforce Ihe laws, rather than In new giiarautree lr wtrtlcuar interests, or com prrsuises, or etsaaissnais lo unreasonable demaisU. It Is not true, as aisled, lliat the sloo-ot-war Mveikinhiu sailed with sealed orders. She was more then six weeks ago ordered k the (lull mptadriHl,!).! Is isi her wsy thither, ."frsvwl asisirA (o (Ae Kerning fW.l H'usAiaiav, Jim. 15. The President once more sbi inks (mm vlgious measure. You must sit up with hlui all night If you wish to keep hlra straight. A mimls'rof lie revolutionary IsuiJ which was going ki Invade the capital says llial m heme has bean given tip, la-cause It has been tautd that the enter prise will likely tsxove unprofitable. Tbey don't like Ijitural Horrr and Ida military. Nevertheless' 11 will lav wi11 lo be prepaid, Tbe tit of the Committee of Thlrly-lhree Is not a re)siilro much as a mere record of their doings without ssa iflc riaiiiniiutelallmsi. Co it's oiajorlly rrsirl suggest an amethlmenl k Ihe act iA 1TVS, ao as to require fugitives ki be snrrmdertd by a Judge of the Culled Hlaies Omrt, Insteml of Die Kiisaitive of the stele to which they rnoy hsve Hid. ThlUpmmed by the 1st dim cully Mswieu Kentucky and Ohio, nn tbe question of aiirri'islering a slave kldnafaier, and the action ttt Mr, pxwAan wneu uoverm 01 New Viak. The amendment k the Fugitive glare law give a juty trial In the state from which the alave has eisd, aisl provides for hlscapture aisl relnm al Oie excuse of lite t'uikd StAles. Tbe Ht at Military. Alhnny, Jiitt. 15. Tlie State Military Conrra. that assembled here ksbty, an.1 was well etkHed. ImpnrlAut amendinenU were oe.l to the Mill tia laws, with the aawiranre frsn the legislature that thry would tiiret with favor. Uther lui.sirtaul busi mew waa transacted. II was aisled IUI h whole numlier of musket received l.y tlie atst frsw tk fulled state In 1460, was Hsirtern hurslred seventy-seven. Msjnr lUrm t ffinrsl aud reaolutlona on Fisleral Arts I m, declaring Ihe opinion of Ihe AiwosJ. tluu lo be, Hist a surrender of any excluajve right or prerogatives t),, ginrramenl t any sute,lbreaten a dlanithai of lb fuvemuisnt, and declarbig all a, ts ennlemiJatlng a diasulullou of Ihe Unlou aa treas.ur Me. Adopted. Ce. HntAii RnnA offered aerie of resolution expressing th admiration aud tilt, approve! of the Aasiclallon of Major Aavauwmi'a course, and making mm a Honorary Member of Ihe Asaoclallon. They will be diecussod lomorrow, niaaaarkasesu I-aWalar. Uotton, Jan. 15 In the House of Keproaenta ilve yesterday, Mr. TrLxi, of IkHlnn, Introduced a resolution that In vlrwof the greet Buffering in 8-mth Ceruliua, tbe Inunediat ounsequoiKe of the ctliien of that skiav ailing nnder a mistaken Idea of Ibelr rights and 1 alligations, an.1 In view of the ahundaiu'e aisl isvsqarity of tbla oisuroonwenlih, e sum be ap propriated fnsu tbe Mate treasury ki 1st Invested In provlahaia aud stores for the relief of our suflarlng follies- countrymen In lliat slate. The resolution was referrnl to ll.a Oounfiittre on Fdleral Relatious. Ths Belial naiiuillte on Hi militia yesterday Ifnatuted a bill whk'h waa read rase relative k in creasing Ihe active militia of the stil. Oov. Asi.asw sent In a commuulcaUon. aoiaiuiiiauied by a coromu ulcatiisi from Oov. Moxuan, transmiltlng the resolve of Ihe New Tisk Legislature, tendering the aid of that state to the President of lb Uul led aisles. Maine I-rgMajar. ft yVrflund, Jim. 15. A resolution was Intro duced hi lb Legislature today, setting tank Ihe loyally of Maine, acroniwuiled by au order that th aamnitte on lullllary affairs be directed to Inquire ba.1 the avslLibl strength of th mlUUry force of Ihe state, with a vrw thsl au exigency may arise for ld ki the Ueueral (Juvernmetit. Ahxhaaaa itaiilgnmrry Jan. 15 The Legislature organ Uid Uiia loietKssi. It will confine ll action as far as pisenbla during the eeeeluu to business arising from the acthi 1ST the Convealhsu Tbe llovcnior"s message urges Ihe uacesslly Ilia Alulama al tas-e I plsi-nl nsm the most elucienl war-dsUar, aisl the apiliiliueut of a Military Ikaird I y the Legislsture. The uiuvsnt.ou waa In secret session talay, II Sh bsUt loiveiMljouriaHl until kHiiorrow. Itrnlarky I'olillrai. hmurilU, Jan. II, Tho ConivVr publishes a Inter of Col. IU-astos Doacis, secretary of Ihe late I'uksi Convention, oiBiaiug coercion and favoring a ivuiivieracy of Ihe whole elave-boldiug North I'aroUoa-, ff. V., Jim. 15. Th Henat ha hecu engaged all day on lb bill providing for the calling of a State Convention. There ws considera ble debate on tlie detail. No vol ha yet been taken ou the Mil, and there are uo Indication as to how ll will reeull. Th House has bn considering nearly all day Ihe eoervhei resolution. There wss a spill on Ibe dstails. Many wecbe wsr mad awl. various amendment othinsl lo ihe resolution, bul no ri4e waa laken ou 11. All the rnrtiilsTs are egalest coercion, tail amis ar agamsl lb right of secession. There waa sots exvllsmeul In lb debet today, laauaaratloa and Mnasage afll. rwrtla. 7iirruoary, J'a Jim. 15. Th inauiraratloa f Uoveroor Ct ana occurred Ibis nsinilug. Ills ad dress ts frank aud manly. He pledgee himself lo etaud IsHweeu Ibe Cnistltutbni aisl Its encnswhineut, inallgated by haired or, fanaliclam or tilly. lis sayslheelectiisiof Fresldsul has been made a ptrtaxl for dlstnrbltig the ijaace of the oountry, by wrrvaliig fiom Ihe federal government the powei the peopleasiferrvd ou It when IbsoousUluliou wasailopA cri. There is leaning In ths life or act of Mr. Lia ou.a to warraut that bis administration will be uu tnendly lo stele or local Institutions. NolbUig hss occurred Justifying the excitement which has blludsd th Judgment i a llt of Ihe people, aisl which Is now prevtpltatliig Ihrni Into revulullou. Ue eay If Feiuiitylvauia ha aay laws Infringing ou Ihe right of any etatee, or which eiailravene any federal law or otemcl its execution, ought to be reieatd. She user baa (altered in tbe reaapillkaA of all Ihe dulls ltnssied by Ibe national cotniaict, aud will by every act crasihTieut wllli devotion to the interests uf bsr poop!, proiuole fraternity and peaoe between Ihe slates. Wheu her IraiU waa pnsrtralod, aud her In dustry pnralyaev! Iy th legislation of th geueral government favoring adverse Interests, Peuiuylvsula walled patleialy lor sovahsr o()ioi1unlty to declare Ihe publM will lu a constitutional maimer. Al Ihe late aiectlisi, pnantion to labor was the great principle InarriM on the banners of his party, jl- ths had no destgu to Interfere with or alridge id right ol other stotee. Though lb state has suffered from adverse legislation, no voice uf disloyally or treasuu, nor ana hs lawn raised lo strike at the sacred IsbrU) of oar balkaial L'luiai, It will be ou duty to unite with ihe people of th loyal stales lu ust and Insurable nuaumree of eurw otltetiiei. If tbey are just and muderet, the danger nsy be svsrlal. Our 1 a national goverauiswt, having all the auributs of sovereignly, aad anvsag Ibes i lb rttdil of se'if-preeervaUou. Ns stal,or naiiMnstion ol state, can secede, nor absolrs them selves from th oMIgattou of th Union. To per mit this without th euossul of Ihe real. Is to tonfos th government a bolter, rennaytveala will nevte owumsiI to such a evuspiracy, nor aaarnl to a daotrln luvolving th dsstruotiou uf lb govwrnicavak. If II t k eaiat, 11 must hv Ih isiwer r-'rigrw I ih enliirevmeut of the susrme lew lu every etat. It la the first duty of the federal Roveresrut to Uy lb progress uf anarchy and autorsa the laws, and rvxmeyivBiua wiu give a uiuteii, aaasaa and Bdlhru! euissa-l. Th piJle nasui lo pnn U bitagrity of th I'alua at very hasard. Ameudmeol lo Ur fJonstUutlnct, mad in a onraalUthj,ial taauaar, our poplwlUouusldi-,andr4-tM dUleJrakily upuii u thVsarVaidluand, Tlrgtn'l l4ftUnlai KiJimrmA, Va., Jan. It. Mr, NAb offered lhe.nowtu preamble and joint resolution I Aersa, Tbewndln( of retnestssisxnt atilki farts and arasnal of Vlnruiia ha causad ii seel mess. awl la source ef diaaukerod to the ottisena ef Ih Comrmsiwealia, therevore fovnliisd. That the President of th fnlted ttatat r rrsspei-lfully requested to Inform the Oovermor of Virginia ins onsee tn u girrsrotneot in eeneuae; m creaecd forcee lota the la-ls aad arasnal of this etale, and lhal whether, lu hie opinion, the object of Ue erertlnn of mid strongholds, the defense of th pro pa;rly of Virginia I likely la b realised by doing so. Laid over. Ilotwa. Mr. PArrxsao offer.r a total resolution ki apjsilril Hon. R. M. T. HcimtB. Jona J. Auas, W. . Rrvrs ami Uanan w. (teasxas. Curnmlasiotv trs lo coitessssl with th government of all th stales, to ascertain on what terras. If aoy, th present Vnlon can l preeerved, aud U ll eanuut, then upon whsl terms, su.1 with whai sutes a nw contederarr can be n-rued which will eecor th peutils of Vir ginia in Ihe full enjoyment of their ruftila, and report ..r ir...a v. ram --s. .-nrMUIl. XtSISTTea fO U Committee isi Federal Rslatlon. The Comiuissiisiers fnsn Alabama addreiwie I the memta-rs of the Leglslalure, and their remarks were wrll recslve.1. ArttvoJ of the I'. H. Meep-eCWar Drowhlya la llaeasilon Fond. ffotoll, Jan. 15. Th United HUte sloop. of-wer llrocktyn arrivwl In Usinaon Roa.1 Ihi morning. Hre. RiUiyh. ,V. C, Jan. 15 A tn In Newborn last nlgbl burnt the Court House aud other building. Ne.4alln for thai Hale of Iks Marytaasl aad Doha ware adavro. A Mincepondent write from Washington that fhere 1 a project on foot to make Delaware and Mr)lsnd froo tUUa, by having th General Government, with th consent of th owners, purtliae their alave. Several loadlog citi rens of lialtimore had an interview with certain northern members of Congress to ascertain their opinion a better opinion whether the new Ad- tninlstrstion would be willing to nurchaae th laves in those itatci at a fair price, If the own. en wtmld consent to sell them, and then colo nlr en. li of them as their master refused ts re tain aa hired servant. The Congressmen trxv n ailu-mativ answer, and thought the people of me nor ui wouni cneruuny acquiesce in tha nrtsssiitlisi. The lialtimore gentlemen stated that If tho Union waa to t dissolved. Maryland, aa a slave late, would go with the South, though her In- ii-rvwia aiiit Kvaigrepmcai poaunin ptace.1 ner with tbe free states. Hut whether the Union continues or divides, alavrnr 1 felt to Isi an incubus on the prosperity of" Maryland. Slavery Is slowly dying gut, having; decreased 6.1)00 in the last decade. It was stated at the conferrnco that there were only 80.000 alaves In th state, which, at o00 tier head, old and vonnir a higher tiro than tliey will bring; fur year to come wouKi only 1st ajiti.isai.iAS. A dutr of iv per iint. on the fioo.oiio.tsio or annual im port would py ror them In a single year. One per rent, duty would pav th Interest en the Ismils, and create a linking fund that would linuidat the principal In a few years. Th lialtimore gentlemen remarked that one a free state, nor I hern capital, skill, labor and enterprise, would flow In a broad stream Into Maryl irylaml, tiriiperty would enhance, business prove, and white nnnulatlon rsrldlv Increase. imr lialtimore would rvmu rival riulaitclnhla aa a manufacturing city, and Maryland woald lie rorrrerlcd into a garden to supply the waatU of northern cities. Delaware ha only two Aouaand (Uvea. One mutton 01 uonars would indemnify the owner and make her a Free .State. Missouri has bat Ola) hundred thousand slaves, fifty million would py for them, and mala her rival Illinois in wealth, population and Improvement. Thus lea thin i lie hundred mlllhma would rid them all of an institution for which neither their cli mate nor prodoet ares suited, and Iwatow on them tlie advantage of free lalmr. The IUlti morean said that free trade and direct taxation will becrme the established policy of a southern confederacy, as It will be read by the South Carolina and Cotton-Stale school of political economists. Tlie federal expense of a Southern confederacy would not be lea than thirty mil lion a yce-r. of which Maryland would have to pay two million. ller present Hate taxes are throe hundred and ftlxtv thousand ncr vrari hence hnr taxes would ls increased eix-fold, while her manufacturing interests wouia neuearroyea under me operation of free trade and direct taxation. Virginia wtmld hav to par over four million, Kentucky and Missouri each three million, and little Dela ware one-quarter of a million of dollar. The border state could only escape from thl Jan gcrnstit machlno by seceding from th cotton nasfencrary aud reuniting with the "Stars and Stripcs,"or setting tipfor themselves. In either event, what would tweome of their slave ? The llaltliaurran thought the best thing for Mary land w to ell her slaves, employ the proceeds to build manufactories and Imnrova farms, and place herself In the society of the great family of rrc 1-alMjr Mate, partake or their prosperity and enjoy their powerful protection and friend ship. Tbe Itevekelloa la New (iraaada. From th Tanam Star of th 25th December we extract tlie following Intelligence! From ths Ixteuior In Santander, Colonel Krj.K imk) Lnrrz had routed, for tha fourth time, the general government troop, and had a force of one thousand men. well armed. In all tlie town Hie people hail pronounced against OeriMA, and the I.llwrala bail obtalued again th possession of the government. Tlie state of Cauca remained perfectly free nd quiet, with the exception of Honaventura, which soon 111 bo disturbed t there being one hundred and fifty men ready to march against It, and also other troofat of the stste were en their war. Urn. J I err an had stated to the Government that he bad assumnd the reioiiaibility of th armistice between llencr! Moeqnera and Oen crals Knao and IVeada, at Manixalea, ha Iielng at th time Commander-in-Chief, and having given order to I'oeada to do no when and where Ira thought proper. Gen. Herran bad requested of Osjiin his passport to go to the United Statea with hi family, which bad laxm grantel. Fhom Cahtiiaokma. An attack was made on'Kl llanro" by Osidna' forcee on the 11th inat., who were repulse-l by the I.llsraU wilb a lose to the former of -11 prisoners, 7 woundod ml 40 killed, besides lot) gun, 2 (words, 1 drum snd 2 Ugles. The lllieral lost 4 killed and 7 woumlod, among whom wrre 'i offi.-ers. In tho otllrUI report of th attack the com mander states Hut during th action the women wrre carrj log water and ammunition to the eoldicrs. Wraith vs. Ilapplneaa. Tiik Inmifllclency of mere wealth t confer happlucsa Is strikingly illustrateil in tlte life of Natiiam kle&us ll,i-rits.-,i.f f l.a V- 1 died in Ixnalon some year ago, "one of the most devout worshiper that ever laid a with ered soul on the altar of Mammon." For year tie wielded the purse of the world, opening and tA Vln.M at,.t AinnAS.- -- 1.- II.. I ...n .. . ---s,- " 'l-'ivi. wo I1SMS1, and uism certain occasions was uppoed to hay more influence in Qreat Ilrllaln than the proudest and veealthb'at sf hav nol.lns ,-.!.. h.a. 1o. ence than tbe bouse of parliament together. si our purcuaeeo uius 01 in government In a single dy to th amount of twenty millions, and m.v Kw.v nux m sure, vim Hovernment would hav to pay them j and with tlie profits of a aingl loan purchased an relate which cost him even hundred thousand dollar. But with lb clsareet and widest comprehension In money matters, with the most piercing Insight into all possible effecting causes in tha money market, and with Ingenuity t effect the profoundeet, most subtle, and moet unsuspected combinations aa Ingenuity Iwfore which all the other prodi gies of calculation sink Into Insigulikance be waa. withal, a little oul. II exercised hi talents and calculating power, not only for the accumulation of mil. Iiorut, and tbe management of national creditor, but also for th determination of th smallest possible pittance on which a clerk soul ooedd be retained in connection with hi body. To part with a hilling U th wy of charity cut him to the heart. One of hi grand' fuse, " Never to " Jf "y,bllnr t0 u0 itl "lucky man or place "which w.s slso on of Joim Jacob A. tor principle however threwd la wordl point of view, waa the very quiateseetice of m. Ishnee and Mammonism. 11 waa, In abort, a thorough-going Manimoaevaorahlpar hi j converted into a marhiaa or angina fur oolUxui mlneaa. and sverv s.nw.itAs. Imi.i 1 i- dead within him. Ooliwaab did coin toataa almost fabulous 1 but vaitb all bla coloatal wealth b was profouudly uahaaMri and with aoraoarful aUTIlpa 1 Hill avansnaa aava ) la..a is n. .. l.ii . ...,, mw ,f iiwiniw www uonniiiniiu him on Ui gnrceotM MKWcncj of bl BUU4 risainatlWi nrl irin.rn tul sal n 1 I 1 . . .--, ., alum 1 iii Llial ui faxa fXIPj- ' ' Hum l w "Vr filcrcKanft MVDmr "-aVavAvsavavaaaaiiaHB-ysaavavaa Waal vein U aW with ntvW A Uyef jwarU, In ParU, amona the iWervU fiUwi!f -KlW,Nfll. " hiVkJety wIL .low biauKtf to be taken prisoner by the rata, ulnlaB. It b added thathewaUaot tbuaoa. lb adxi. of th Austrian Cabinet. rrewUII., In the hands of Ttetor Rraantud. woald be. a pe.cU eurioua a waa that of FtjkU 1., of France, In th aaad of Ik Km, jor Ovule VM in Spain. T aurped tlut uta Sardinian monarch would ba very ratich raile3 what to do with bl Bourbon u-laonac.' Houlh Carolina rldsntly wanU KUurwtpoo that 4tUs The London neper of th tilth nltim 1 for th firat tiro th foUcAyiajt Utertlrv I wcirn. vvtwrea in me iignt ot KoeeaaeM 1 read lia a propnocyi 17VAB vjocatn 1 as wrmia iss neiss lor s v pavav oul Ih nolltleal slat of th ramlnmia tnr Ihe arvat virlorl cat MageoU and BoUktias wmlhllsUd laa Inauenr arnica Atustna nsreuea urma our emiuitf. Tb lullana ar ao nwr Ik poc4e of thirty yassei avx lo be led Hke seep by their rulers. Tbey has acquired lb fall knowledge of their right, aad thaw possess Ihe wisdom aud strength as rm vary to defaval them. Puhllo tsinlonhaa, on Ihe other (tad, . Uoneei the prluripie mat vry nauon lavs to easasx teslibl rigl.t tj fovarning HeU a ll Ihiak When once Ihe overpowering kifluenr of Austrl vessj Corsrueitxi, ll wss oalural enough thai the people ef It aly shenld gel rid of Ihs minor princes, sud try nea etltute a powerful aud Independent eesatnunlty. WJ have, there, reaohe.1 an epoch al whiok Ivalw muat be divided Into two powerful stales, one la la north and lb other In Ihe south, which. W eilojalng a similar course of nalemal Ucy, show, assist the lulisn leading Idea of our limes, wklea. la unity. Hut lo carry Ihla project Into eflket, M ts, I firmly believe, nrcwssvry that your MaJsax should si mic abauduu lb tilsl course you aave hitherto pursued. Should you resist my pensr adwe, which I beg yon to beiieve I th resaat of Ihe trunl election to your welfare, aod aw Ibst of your royal dynasty hould you repwdlaka my frirtidly iaasl, a time may come In wateh I ehiaild te placed tn the terrible altemaelvsi of endangering the m.sit urgent lrarst of aw Own dyiwsly, or ei becoming In hd Ih ekf Instrument of your ruin. Tbe principle eg dualism, which, if awxesafully establbthed and be neatly carried out, will al Ibe earn Um waves our heptanes and lb hsppiuese of oer country, ssasy be still wtlhngly ared by Ihe Italian. If yosi al ow a few nssiibe to ia w'thmit followiisf laa Iriesslly dvir I give yen, your Majesty will, la aal prolsdality, experience tbe btlleroes of those lerrlkl wis-ds, ll is ksi Ule,' a a member of yonr Csmilf did at Pari In 1430. Th Italians will lhaa c resarale in me all their hopes, ami there are daklaa wklrn. nowever paiumi mey may oe, muss nana filled by an Iullan sovereign. Let us, therefarvs, wia-k together at smh a noble workj let ue arts 11pm the Holy Father the neresslryof granUogli requlsiM retirnui ; let us unit oar Slavs In a boest of teal frlerelshlp, from which th grealue of ar counlry wilt surely sia-tng. Oraot at one a llkaial ciawlliullisi ki yisr subjscta 1 surround yourxoxt wntu in nuiueisre ot ice men wuo are moet 1 ed ..r all thry bar luCered ui Ibe cause of libera t disisil all kluds of suspicion In your penplo, and lt an everlasting allium, be eetabilahed betweesttaa two moet powerful stales of Ibe Peninsula. VTa wfli Ihen work together k ensure lo our cmtnlry aha gnat bleeslng of being the sole arbllrees of hr rw tiiredestluite. You are young, anil experience I not generally the lot of youth. Allow me, IhersSbea, to unpree tiam your mind the uscesHity of kilkrxe Ing tlie advhe I give you In my twofold capscily af a near relsllve ami an lullau aivereign. 'I anxiously wall by the return of the conndenHsl courier wIhi will present Ihla letter to your Maskya a aallsCu-tory answer. Ilelirv m y.iur Mst-vj nuatt affectionaie cousin, "Varroa EstAjr. Florence, April IS, HCO." To this letter not only no answer waa gtrea, Imt the orderly officer who took It to Naple waa not even allowed to deliver it to the King, a ba had been directed to do. It wss Imt on that oc inn that flrst domestic quarrel tick place Be tween the young quern and her olatlnate aaav liand. This lady having heard of Victor RaaA mki.'s letter telcgrnphod through a friend U Commkniiatohk hi Martino, tlnwi at Uome, to ark bi advice. Dl Martiko answered that M Wss of the utmost Importance that the prnpss! of th Sardinian monarch should be iccepted at once. Tlie unhappy queen, therefore, urged bar husband to accept it, but the disastrous Infliieaoa of the Qsn Dowager had already Isirn lu fruit. Ka.lKcis II. ol.stlnately repulse,! th wise acli ice of his young conaort, and from that moment the fat of the Uonrbon in Maple wa decided. Death Amoaaj Ike (-alaeae. n There la nothing in the Chinese saharaotaT more striking thin the apathy with which tW undergo afllictlona,or the resignation with whirl they liear them. There ia so much elasticity ia their disposition that the most oppoelte change In their condition produce but little effect. A cool! can admirably ape th dignity of tha maa darin, when promoted, and a disgraced official ar ruined merchant, who formerly bad lived aa luxury, appear little to regret the change lea ha undergone. There is no fear of death amongst them, though they bar a character Axr cowardice. It 1 true they have the relic at ine oeau constantly before ineir eve. In t try I covered with trravea. and in many n about Shanghae tbe coffin are openly exp in the field. Tbey ar even knot In tha hs until a prcriitlou day arrive for the bariat. month tatteuig by sometime before tha bedxr hi removed. When tbe cofltn ia deciye.1, th bone are care fully gathered and in a country walk aa very often come upon Jar containing "poMaal ancestor!. " Money Is savad for the parch f a coflln, and it I put by till ready for aaa, Tbe flrst time I saw this wa In a little cottegw near Shanghae. There wa an old cobvrekbest coffin In tbe corner, I asked a youag lad vcW it wu there. II quietly poUitecT with kaa thumb over hi shoulder to hi grandmother, tending cine by. and aaid it wa far her I She wss very old, and waa nearly wearing eat aha cuflin before she was put Into It. At funeral female ar hired to do the M iav coiuKilable grief' part of tlie performance. It seem very ridiculous that each customs hU lie kept up when It I known by everybody thavt the mourner howl for hire. They certalahy work hard for their money, and their pHeeaa moans would be heart-rending If they were real. TWre IVars in C'Ai'nu y a DrititK Jlnnlml. For CHy New., Third Pi Krahkb or Tin I'Arsa hs unfavtnnately have friends ghrea te LOVE OK BTKONO DRINK, ar advised to use DR. ZELL-8 FAMOUd REMUDT for TIUT TERRIBLX DI8FJU9E. a .!. UMvwleaekandalMra. UKACHIt, 114 Klxhth aav M. Y, and alMrs. HA Yf. IJ Kalfam ek, ItresaUyiu a atai vv a. - tifia Tim WXAK. AND DRBIMTATRD inOU aXaV Deflect readlag th advertisement ef Dr. Axneavaaav eawi'oUisSkkaadAmicted.-ensh awrah faaa afaklsaaaer. II Is nvediolo worthy a trkd. What ni mt Buy Cafabi.ii or Deerar Have his head examined, rowrjra A Weiaa eaa r'tiTit'S!!? bulD h HI h aiest oueal an. 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