Newspaper of The Sun, January 17, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 17, 1861 Page 1
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1 NEW YORK SUN. itarrr mlm imml at n San knfa, amr MM ud N mihu, and d to Bwbenrtbara l Hew Tra taiy " tuumit, AMD A QUAETEB CEMTI pet mk. Wlwo nul bf mall, Ponr Dollar a nw fcofllatitm 60.000 Copies per Day, 111 WEEKLY BCN I published eltooeutper 1 1 i noama, 911 gtngi, 1 cent. rm "TH BOW," Corner Mmiu and Fulton Kin, Now York, EDIPLevnJKTT-Female. KLP WANTED AT MRS. HAY'8 INTEL. llmoc mcs eor of York and Orren sta, Jersey ! rlrU for ll kind of housework; situation, ready wn goo reonwarsennttiows. jiu riu IhURT HANDS WANTED GOOD SKIKT hand vuiW.A few flrwt rataakhrttrrrsaaa lamme or wonted at tbo factory, oornor Ah or end 1 at. as again, lot door. Houa bul firot rolo tuindo oood pir. i-qorin JJW1NG MACHINE OPERATOR WANT. oWAa nporloaord oprretsr en a Urever A Haker mg marhlaea, on light leather. MAKtfl Co, weyssai. i tmlv - IeWINO MAC1I1NKS WANTED LADIES to IrarwsV) Morale on Wheelar Wilson's Iniprorod 'In tnachlnea. by ono or IK oldest etp-rl-nce4 imvn la the elrr 1 Unhl oil kinds af etltehlng, bom. ,ng It Ulna, tucking guajraa, ono innrongu uieaag. rlof th srwtnt machine perfectly, ond reoom I anted la nn4 lafla ror 81. 1 bnoo wanting aim. I valors eon bo supplied at M Canal et, "i tho aii-e. aoYo xaac isi 1, 1WIKG MACHINE-WANTED, LADIES i to torn In frn-nt ah SIdiptX Whrnlt A W.Uni I ! m-chlnt. .ad firnrtlo till utUHxl, cm work nil th ftuum aoi t-vrr Prt kmi pr- mn rwwmmwidH to ytM whan iMrnrnt wrm iir " lieUnety . , -win OiftcuiM lor mm maa w h- ,n"nA 7 Ulll !. At EM PL.O YnCTT-nuIe. - CENTS WANTED TO SELL A PATENT V- Eight, tra lartg profits. No money re ml red. it ore making M Per oof. Also lnuiy ana mas U far palo oheoD. Coil at It Haaaaii sU room 4. ,(148148 . OENTS WITH FROM t TO 20 CAN L mm .Ith n .-a llnt Aimnrtiinltr to mko mnev Ulii ha lllna aiilltalB na. tljllt .rtli'l. of UnL ' Vaal nece-altr. luat patented, by calling at n t3 and (WO I loadwa (N. Y.)i room No 0. Jl taac'l IfEWELERS WANTED J JEWELEIiS. !' Ooly thoo" who bao worked In lroldii or Altl- rouh. and unduntando t niaaa puira wnro i-k 4pplr, ol n ChrlMlo it, In tho rror. JaIO VM jlTALE AND FEMALE HELP OP ALL lli. notlow wout-d to notion thrr eon b nilt-d wltk I good n)tnUmio In rrrrr rpnelt'. br opilrln to M N riM),insBiith aro. H.B. YVoeaa rcnmmnd thli oflw u relUbld. J UoMJ TVLW YORKERS-CAN MAKE MONET :VrIiJ Va"l HAIattJlW.11,1 rotnun. old and ronn, In a ro Ub1o it m B load Int-rt Tln with otnr mA. X. V UttonA.I'o-iOtno'.N Y, Hon and woi nmMf wlthnut liainjaa. AAArtm A Y onrkalM ono omt oUmp with aamo and HmMtim. , No aapttal rwinlrod. Jalft riM OITICIAI AltD E.EUAaL. POUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE, i- Now York, Jaa .H01. PuMlo wiJIoe h bcrobr irtron that on tho llth dar of Jannurr, Mbl. 1 nhall prortd to draw pnU of Jnron lor tho folUnrln. (xiru, to bo bald In and fol 'tho Cllr nl Uiuiar of Siw York, oath th dar of Febraarr, 19B1. Twopanrloofim Petit Juron each, for a Supreme Com Circuit, parte 1 and 1 , Two panel of l'H 1'etlt Jarori each, for a Court of Common PLeoa. parte 1 and 8. . , Two panrbof liH Petit Juron each, for a Sopartor OWlli, pertfl 1 ind V. . aa.-j,a paulo(MUrand Jarora. aleo a panel of 130 petit Tjrore, for aUourtofUaiierai Bwlone i. Uori JOHN CLANCY, Clork. TN THE MATTER OF CONTINUING THE X re ofthaeopartnenhlpnameof I11KU1) norxJH 21 Ooiwpanr-Cllr and Count? of Ntw York. The ud. xraUMd, ooutlnulo the nee of the eopirtnriahlp nam of l'UlXra, popUE a. Company, hirbr rtily and dselare tbtlhefoUo,ji are tlM, name add plaor of abod of la perwuii deallni tundir eucn epuraniruip YA. In Llri rpjol Knalinif, name, to wit. UAMUa JA vtiiXum r. iMUxir., jam tMM BltlKrJS WIU.IAI B.1MTUOK, Junior. I). W1U.U JAMkJ and ANOO: n. PUKXJ'flHluKlJI.all In the eitr of N-w York thai tbrlr principal place of boWine. le the city ol New fork, aai that they onttnn t bare toalnrj. r jtlon eVh TtbraU onautrle. i and that eald ANJON O. rilELPSBrOKKrl le admitted a raenrbef of aald Baitnanhrp from Ule oat. Nw I or a, January ., Gal7WM. K. IMMHIB, DANIEI, JASirjt, per 1). wTTLtn I JAMKA TAttTTJAIfrM sroitrj. W K 8TQKM. City andLounty of New York, ee (On the BTTIKtSall known to me to be Indleiduela da acrfbed In aad who amented th foroln oortlrlcate, and Mwarally aaknowladnd that they ieutd h pama. And th aatd U. wftXIS J AMtA aleo aekuow. eedead before bm tliat be eieouUd th earn aa the act ui4ad of DANIEL JAMES, aleo theruln deeerlbed. by rlrtu of a power of attorney duly executed by th unASln.JAMKMt dated February 11. ISM and neordedratheoflVneortbo IWWter of teCltr and County of New York. JOJlNJ.laArTlNOJ I'OBia. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TUB dlacharte of at Inmln-nt from hla d. bt. pnnuant to the proTlaton cf th third artlrle of the Aret title of tlw Mil chapter Of t he e,ood part of the Keylaod 8Ut Dtaa. JAMM tXiKNrXL, f th oily of New York. Ntlcollrat piihll.h'd Novemlr 14th, l""tO CTDdltore toapptwrb-tcreUnU n JOHN K. Hit VUY, ouo o( Uu Junit- of th lo-ui ol tooimon PUa lor the city and eountyof New York, at the chatubi re of aaidCwurlln the CRy Hall of the city of New York, on th aiul day el 1 tbruary, 11, at 10 o'clock in the fjreaoon, to ihow mm if auy Uiey bare, why an a-etirnn" at of the eald Iraolre it'a i,tatr elMmlrl not be made and ke dlechariod Ixom hi rl, M JAM13 CUU.NtLL, lnwlreut. uoU lm 1'A TWOTICE-TUE COPARTNERSHIP HERE A. lofor iUtluif under th firm name of J. U. YHY.80N U). Iiaa been thla day dUulred by mil. k: eoaaetit. J.C. DAVIMON only, la authorlaed U riwtandiatuiareall elalma and Ind4tlnea do Uva tat firm. J O. DAVIiciS.II P. I MM I IN New York, Jan 10, 1W11. J C. iAVIrN will continue the buatneea, at th aaml place, No. 45 Heraoth are. JalSiyiU MOTICK TO CONTRACTORS OFFICE 11 of Ilaekraaaek and Nw York Railroad Omptny, llarkenaack, Herren Coanty, N JiTa7,Jan litttwliol. Propoaak will he reorlred until the 1 ItU laat, fur rad inn atrectinilftw throtuhtha rillaeofl!ark. etuack, 1 mile In lenittha 1 or particulate, In tnlre of ( 1. q.ACJEltaON,rret. Jalti'fJ THE STOCKHOLDERS OF THE ME. ehanlca MlnLni Amoolatlon, are her by nntlted that (hefr 1 rueteee have made the aeoond and naal dlrl lend of the balance of eaatte Ul their hande, payahle on pre eatatlon of the eerlpt at the erne of the Treaeiirer, bUSUAU. nAriiiviuei on r, atcr , ear. jeinr. eon. a. w. nr.ivAiar, Decy, jel3rli THE BUSINESS HERETOFORE CON. ducted by me at Orann, New JTaey, or br B. TftK. Hull), ae Diy anuU ha been cloud and all farther purchaee oa ai, aocouut are hereby prohibited JOHN O LU. JaldnoO tl ff REWARD FOR THE CERTI Fl ip X UUaat' of the Marrlae of O KD R11. UOllk-K r PAUL with ClIARUrTl K UUr, niPIMaid to haree-ao tnarrisd rtth-r In Philadelphia or New York, between the month of June and llerenilirr, 11) Moawutaoa to b (leeo to U A 1 Kl Fll IT. l , lit Oold it, Phil ad.lpt.Ui erUU. r yiKLD, lalchlf Inapettorof th Vlr Polloe, tn PerareukOeurt, trtnp'X nilon. I-rtTaUlBtuu-yOme. UkiavriU tUkCMMMXHMY, tc3. DICK'S ANTI-FRICTION MACHINE, POK PINCHINIJ, BlIKAHlNti, ANIt PHKHHINj IHUN, 4hi.. im hoot ErricibNT, vx)nomicai, and I .ABOll SAVING MACUINE8 IN THK. WORLD. Prlotloo U all but don away with. Mat to n oil I re aauad tn roonin them t and no repalm are Beaded for ywan t tk large, maahlne reauir lee than ha bore power toe khearind and Punohln Iron, to an Inch la thlcknaw, with no parorptabU attort, detui the work la the meet emooth and perfect manner. ..... tf refer at taalarraet aad moat eaeeraefiil eeUMtah. caeuta In th auiwtrr, to luarn the value of tae rarloue machine mad under UlCKlt PArENT. euch a Uuoma a. Ilewa-rr, Tree too, N. J I Coatje tfiaau E. in c.i piw-tde. R. 1. 1 J. 11 i W. VT. Coaaau, Jane, Basal Co, New York I Wraauorra Roi la xron, mien, t iwlumaii r aotwt, uoiiub. and mane otJien In New York. New Enalaad. da, Illtnoia, Omnia, Ohio, dUL, Ac, many of , after uafii them fur two or three year, aey they tliaaa fa threw aw bur time their ooet, and otlumey that In oompartaou with any other macblaae kaowa t theca, that they pay tor their eoet In erery all mouthe ae. An orden nromutlr atteodad to. and all InformatSaei airvapy ... nnn.n L . rl r IMP DIUI . aiaj. BOLE AUENW, Wi PEARL HI RKKT. u n i nr w, i NEW YOKJC jatrn TEUIOH METALLIC PAINT-THK UW MJ denimed, arente for thla InraloabU paint, are pre pared to eupplr Ih lart eiaat dealer at th leweet aoanafactorer prlcea. llaey warraut the article te be enp. rW to any eold In thla market, baluf fully Is par awnt. mlal; fur aravervia Iron an ma ovner meviuL eou wood aad eaoTaae It baa no atiuaL Brick bulldlne painted with one coat of thla paint will ha kept perfect ly dry for many yeera-at a pun Joad-tt ie wortti rartle yeera-at about eaw-tblrd th prioe of more tor an euen porpoee. EN. HaMrTHKIt A Cl - eJtrn m roan et. New Tor. TWEW TOKK MACHINERY DEPOT, IIFR k CO , tw m PEAKL blKr rr, hew TORK, iCTl'RKMatviprlALriia u L rATIONARY eod PORTABI.K 8TE dBOILERi, WOODWORriltl PL NXWY YORJC MANTTA etooaf BT. deacHp. lu wd tipb planejLj, Celebrated Apti-KrloTloa HAfyM PATENT WTtWh MAOlllkFa L PlTfiTtra a raraeM k nr DOUBLE-AOTINO BALL V. ALYB rvpra. UP. rOTACALMlNOREATYAHIirrY, A A nenw aathew velaahaa Altiolea. " I III I -.a lOTirTORKlUCniNERY DEPOT. XI BTRTENll BKOTUIR A C04 innan oiree. ' wir toUonary r km! Mrlftjk ,W Imb4 UUkw, powwr ftal ho4 pvo- u maouotM, doii euiwn. nmu I mo amuv uia sp mllM f nriMt kkli i irun I I jrrtun nuu in ir All M U ftltto wylet ners fefimt OINEBai Bafl .Ul lUflr T IfPl' TT iiniw w ai ""iTBnl PIANKK, DRILl A - d .aA aulBf u WaKaT .tat artnAaa AatBi pArmlTTOTlnfffflNM,!TAM1 With all other artlclee aeadfoi U a MaoMae f bop, D.TlICK1 T H NUMBER 8900 WAIVTED. APARTMENTS WANTED-A SECOND it flonr, eonUlnln( I or 4 room In a rerpntebt he v eeM of th Heeery, and belew ltth . Kent, to pit Addme NKW t..SULANPLB, Dos 679, Bun Ome. with full particular. )i riM CADDLE WANTED-ANY ONE HAVINU O a rood LAD1 -8 SADDLE t dlenoee of AT A BAR- flad a eueinroer by addreeaind k not to Rl. ywi - IJ"Q eueKiroer y anur D1NU BCUOOL, box M4 Bun ofhc. la BOABD AID ROOmS. BOAHD WANTED-fllNOLK MAN, AK American, Www btatrd la eichaar for a new una toned lortaTeroeewondplano-fleeeh, and balance la board for piano. Addre. U. W Bun or&ce, tmi nth JalsriJi BOARD-A FEW Y0UN0 MEN CAN find rood board at $ I 71 p week . ant b I rnoms and eumfiartable alttlng room. In mire at tH Bcvmth ave, M floor, jalt ri'rj BOARDERS WANTED-A FEW TOUNCI (ientlrrai'ti and Ladlueean be aceimelatil with roodboeM andpl'aeantlMnmaatUlluetlSth , bit. d and W Aeuuee, (firrt o.ter..). Jal0rl0-J IJOARDA OEaNTLEMAN AND WIFE OR A- 1 r.lnle rentleinan ran bt accemmodat.M elth a back parlor at nl Serine it. jalS riol O A R D I N O-A FEW RESPECTABLE m. clianlc ran find rood board, warm rerooma, larre dlnln and airline rooms lor f i a week, at lie 1 turd are, entrance Beat the dru rtor. enrot lithet, dltMao'Kl LOIHHM..9-AT THE TRAVELLERS Heme, No OVarlckit, twedonrafrnmPrankllnat, when reenecUble men can be accommodated with clean Crnfertal4e elnrle bi-de at li cte pr nlabti romna for reiitifman ana wuo, ei ie w ct per Aiglilt rooa m -ale and rvtnwhmruta ilren to order. J4 IMac'iM T ODOINOS-WITH OR WITHOUT Board a-d aood clean eliiale and donbl ImdJed room. Ikard In m $1 U to li pir week. Blncln rooraa to let, by tlie nluht nr aetk. Lodiu atllotnlsat l'Mlak ClMarPearl. Uvtac'171 1 A S MONROE sr-FURNISHED ROOMS a to 1. 1 to 'melt quirt famlllre with faciliU l lor econo mical houa keeping. Trru tnodiTat. JallWac'lrt HATU BANUN. ATLANTIC 8AVINOS BANK CHAT, a. ham rVmare, enr of New llowery, np,e dally from 'tot, and fnm 4 tot p. m. I h u.IU of Ha ceuta ti i'pW noelrud r)ll p. r oent Interad allowed. All aiinia depoelted on or before the 1Mb January, draw iiiUret from the let. M. D. VAN PKLT, Prmldint. IIIAIUU D. IIA1LL1, Traaeunsr. J P Cixif-hK, IMcreUry, dlMWacMti CITIZENS SAVINUS BANK, 13 Arrnue A, between Hrt and M avenue. January luteraat 11. Dlildand notice. The Hoard of 1 rupta-ja have directed Intcreet to b paid at the rate of all per cent per annum, ou all auma of $4M and ua di r, thnt may be rutlUed thereto t and on all aunu over Nai, that mar be entitled then. .ri re rer cent pir annum, parable at the Hank during bauk hinra, on and aittr Mtuidar, January ilet tub mat not eattd for Ul b pamed to th credit of th depneitor aa prln rlpal. Dp,lta mad on or befnr January Puth, will bear Intenet from to I-t of Jaaoary. 1 he llauk la opua dally from a. m. to 1 p. dl, aad from D te 8 p. m, OEonaB rotAu. ... . I"rldcnt. 8EYM0CR J. WNCr, laehaBodbec'r. JallOtU DIME SAVINGS-UNION DIME BAVIN03 llank, tJ Canal rtreet, corner of Varick atraet, open dally from 10 until , and B to 1V.U. Bit par cent Intt reet alloeeo. Ten eetite depoelted each day for l"S yearn, with Intereet added, aluoiiuU t A.f 13. 1 hla Hank ha rereleed tn HH month from 4Tll d. Maitura, jaMie 67. INvTANCbd OK BATlNOBl A clerk made hla Ant delt In July, 14, of $1, and by dally eat Intra baa now on depoeR, $i0 06 Aaer vanl girl made hir firat drpoalt en May IT, 19, and no baa to her credit tW ". The above are only a fiwof menvelmliarcaeee Depneit made on or before J uiuarvfe'th, will bear Intenwt from Janaarr let. n. V. IIAlbUWOVT, Prealdeat. U. 8 CUAtIN, Se cretary, dll tojala-lee EAST RIVER SAVIXOS BANK-NO. I rllAMIirKMBT.DM 14th, lkV). IUXI,.rN,rT," nepiltre an hereby notified, the' a jnjtI-A.NNLAL DIYUuLnd, at th rate of SIX PER i. E.V1 , ptr annum on all auma of $VJ and under, and Ave p-r cent on alt came over that amount, which have bean depoelted Bt ieart three luonthe prevleue to the let of JANlAKY. will he allowed to depoaltora, payahl oa and after the Slat of January, daring th hum of koaa Dea at the Bank. All Intertat not called for win reroel aa prladpal and diaw intereet from to rlret of January Hank epea dallr-trew. I0A.M to P. M I and ea Thuradaye from 6 to I P.M. All euma depnalted on or before tlie llth of .tannery, will draw Intereet from the lat of .1 enaary. 1-K1T-K li. TULB, Preaidaut. U A. WIlirNEY, BccrrUry. dlT M'UW EIUIITH AVENUE BANK. Ibn Ileal dlvlduud will bo paid to the creditor of tllaliank etmyoOwe, W Ilroadway, from thla data, (Jan 14. 1KII ) K. t. tXIWLU, Jalot'liO Reotdviir. GRE1.NWICH SAVINGS BANK, No T3 Hiith are, cur of Wavorley place JANL'ARY lNIKKr-Jr K)R lfOl.-Tbe Hoard of Truatet liav rdered interaat to be paid to depoaltore at the rate of Five pur ccuL par annum, ou ell euma of llvfl hundred dollar and under that may be entitled thereto, and on all auua over five hundred dollare that may be entitled thereto, four per ceut, per ennum, ttyabla at th Hank diiriua Hauk hour on and after IONDA Y, Jan. HI. Intenwt not drawn wlU b placed to tlwa credit of uepoaltun a principal, and draw ar trrert. 1 lie Flank la open dally from 10 Cclnck A. If. to 1 P. U end eu Uoudara, Wedneadaya and Krldatl from O tjP U. D. A t (8I1MN, Prealdiint. w.""'"J "13." .' ill- JOHN J. DlCKklUON, JaliriM KINGS COUNTY SAVINGS BANK, COR. Fourth aud South Tth ata, llronklyn E. 1) Tnutaea: lUomaC.Monre,WUllamA.Cobb, JamaallaU, Hen. ry V Itlplcy. John iMighran, Jame B, Hearna. Andrew II IlorlKee, rederlek Bcliolea, Wm. Chrttl,(leo U. Hmmtta Jaoob Zlmmer, John Bchnalder, (Jen. H Ma rratK I'rlrr Hurray, Henry X ilearua. Tkomaa O. Moore, 1-reeWent- Jam Hall, let Vloe Pmaldeuti J a or.b Zininiar, td Vice I'ltwldeui. Jame 8 Hearna, Beo rt Ury. John McCann, Clerk. Ilepoait received from On Dim tottra Hll percent. Intereet allowed oa auni from $1 te BlVaai, oummcnclng lat of Jannarr, April, July and October lloura of buauieae from to T p m en each bualneaa day of the week IkepnaltaBaade ou or before tlaa 10th Jauuary neat will draw Intereet from the lit of eald mouth. in Mae'lU MECHANICS' AND TRADERS' SAVINGS Hank, Vn Grand at, cor. WUlett. Opeu dally from to f p. m. BIX PrKCKNT. Interort allowed en all enmi from th to tout), and D per cent, oa ell amount from B&Ov t &a). Alldi'poalhimad oa or be'ore the 11T1I DAY OP JANUARY will draw Intereet a above from the let luat. HARRISON HALT. PreaMent JAMIS P. IIAlariT, Bee. jal CWThPMWt" MARINER'S SAVINGS BANK Ne. 1 THIRD AVENUE. luturpteomiiuneaon January lat, oa all deposit made on or before tlie rvth of January A Dividend will be paid, ou end after January 114. on all dt poaite entitled to the aamo, at the rale of 4 p,- cent on euma of $000 and under, and 6 per auot on rum ever ouu. Bank open dally, from I a.m. to f p m-i and oa Mon day, Wednraday aad Saturday evculnga, from B to I TIIOH n BTII.tMA,, PreaX P W. K-K1H. Vlce-Pnaldeut. C1IA8. M1LEB. ISAAC T. 8imU Secretary. dell t4ac141 THIRD AVF.NUE SAVINGS BANK, CORNTR d AVr. a tflth BT. CHAKTrRU 1. BIX ri'U Ct.Nl. INTEUK8T allowed oo all deposit, tram eae dollar te on thousand dollars. ALL PaTOalT MADI OB M BIV lAaVAlT Mra, WlU, itaaw nrrsaKer raou iaaBaav lav. Beak open daily from 10 to (.ale oa Monday, Wed- needay end Saturday evenings e irntu e to o wcaooa. BPENCER K. URCKN. Pre g. 8. CUILD8, See. n "ii R OSE HILL SAVINGS BANK, CORNER or leu. at aad tan avenue, open dally Drora 1 to a I nu Wednredays and Baturdaya, until T pan, DepoeKa romlOeanUtotOuMreeeivwd. lutenaf attha rat of 4 per oeac will b allowed on euro of $Aa) and ander. Deposit aiad an r before th lnth of January, will draw Intenwt from th lat. RICHARD II. 111.1 J. K1CIIARD 1L HLL ,aeie -.! a a a 1. .. .. ' . i Booratary. fTTIE TRUSTEES OF THE SEAMENS' X BANK POR BAYINOB, have ordered that inters be paid lodepoaUora entitled thereto, fog the ill mouth as follows t Oa aims of Fire nuadred Dollars aud ander, at U rat of alt per cent per annum i and On eum eiceedlng Fir Hundred Dollara at the rate of tve per cent, per aoaum, payahl on aud after Moo day. t let luat the Intereet will be placed te the credit of depositors e principal, ew Bora,tfauuarr ein, iiwi. enuarylKh, 111. P.PtJUT.Prawtdent, tary. JalO O'llt Wn.UiM Ntiaoa, Becretary, PEBSOAI NOTICKfli BOUNTT LAND-SOLDIERS'. BAILORS', aad widow' claim for bounty land, pnalon, Ac, eansasBflillr yreauuutsd by the euhaeriber. to all ease what valid alalm axiata. Particular attantiou give U osupended. elaime. CALVIN W. BaiiTlLWorUh East corner of rhemben aad Chatham atraete. Jallea'll"W DOUNTY LANDS, eWaOLDIERS, SAIL. - ova uwaaw, wae aai veeerved la Bay of the ware, eaa obtain their warranto Bg'afaA netaw r luxoa. u, B, IF WILLIAM FRASER FROM INVERNESS fti.wm.U X. Mertk WUllam at, he will as ula brother Jines. JaUflOd MONEY TO LOAt200.000 TO UiKS ?" bond aad mortgage, sum eull ar4iaa ale Bib UUO for the paroGZoVr iroodaaiood morttge7 Uoat eShetaaea DrHtny aad Naeua , iela?lk) E FINANCIAL, ho. NEW YORK, WeJoeaJay, Jan It. Tb Block market tnlaywae adverelyn(luavl If the advene of one per cent, lit the Dank of Eug. land rat of dlaninii.t, aitd a consequent fall In Aniert ctii Becuritic la Ltl sv. T what eitent tlile uewe pprrated our talkie of flurtualloue will tliotr. At tu alums imvieeud a lUer fvcliuK prevailed, and the rnatkrt itKwe than recovered at Ih cl ae The ticlie- meut In 111. Central continue, the Block htvlug etaa. ' dily advauccd to SJ, afaltul IJ three dyt ago, Th lkatliui of the street having tecum absorbed, teller on option hare lout hearllj-, Birult aalesof V. 8. tlte of 1SCT were made at tT, and of flvee of 1m at 1, For fire of 1474, MM was asked. BUI etotks were a Utile tower, ft notice but liule change ill Bailioad Inuda, The Tark Bank publishes In the Tinvg this mora lug an oj.lulon of It counsel, Judj Edwaiisi, rela tive to the cui4.atr of the city and county tnous, held ty II on deoai. Mr. Edwabuo says t If the deposit Is li be regarded as the likl vidiit di-wlt or N. U. Puatt, II cannot be ld to Mr, Drr. I in without Mr, I'Lirr i consent i aiel tie la ,, lar from run) tiling that he h Inrlilil.leii tl,e bank t roy out any money f t.-ei uion regnlnr a trriuita, jiordidl) the out mravx, II ills to to itv;ii:do,l aa a di it i.f tmlilic inmieya, BUiyeet I thr cmtrol of iil lie fins ttonarle. It can lie nid o it oty In the rrrxlc iTrecrlUd by law or ordinance. IntHltlirr aa;t would the luk bo Jiutifl.vt lu paying on three (iflpera on this denial d A pKprrtietwoullte to ani'e that the Pirk Iliuik aliould comply with this de naial and hand over lie whole amount tn Mr, Dbvuvi ibil the our. (imtlnn ehnuld aflerwanla an the lank lor the aiiwnuit, hnd the lank should si I tip the piyiifintb Mi Dm m aead,friKn-.wou'd PiedHitK'etgmlf I trty mm h doult It. On the other IuuhI, I th uk tlieanearr ol the corjxirat on tj the would l- r np!i to, iMinrly, that the lank ha I rcelvnt and he'd tlie mi ,im y altli kiKiwInlof the ordiuuKe iuuI etittitemd In rennltlonof the tililgitams Ihereliy In awctl in l as the denflitnry, an I had a d It out In! luii uloitiiily with tlielrreaptlrcmetitf but tn do laiiturr tn m them, and therefore liad ld the ni. ury In their own wniiy. Ihe ful'owlugleaoomianliTeMlAtemontof the ex. lairt feti luslte of ejMcleJ from New York to foreign IirU, fur the wetk and since January 1 1 Ho0. 1. Total for Ilia weok,.,...,. l,44,4rj 1.0.13,404 Preiloualy ni-lle.l 1,041,4:? H.UAJift Since January 1I $J,M7,71u -1,ul'i,i; 1 lie til orte, It will te souii, coutmue o i an attire erale The Loudou .Vivs ,y the Di emeu 0.' J.mutry 1st, anysc American railway entiirttle were tkewlso heavy In the afteiiiuon llllivil Central ehirns were taut q'Hited 81 to SO die., aul New York and Erie, JStoX" lu money matter we notice no uew fe dure. Tlie grnrral rale for rime till is 8 tu 10 r rent , with rxiTitlonal tnnivullongBlT. Theforelfi liitue liiailcWIueadettadyet lXX'l'1t kr IuIji b.lls on Imdoii, ami b 3t t n Paris. The following are the currenry qitoution for the wcik, correiltd lor ua IWun th rate curreut at the lanklng office of Moewr. Thompeuii Brother i New York Btnlecurrenry , V4 die. New Kugaial and East Now Jersey,,, Ii4 .. Philadelphia , V4 ,, Hilllmor ,..,.. , 1 (4 Interior Pnui K'4 S Do. MI. .. ,,,,,,,,,. H(4- e Ol.l.,, Ky.aikl Ind M. 1 (4 ., rl Caioluiaalid Alalaina ,,,10 (4-. ,e N l'jrullunaiidO)rgla., 0 (4 1 ,. Virginia. .5 14 .. i,,Me (4- e lit 4- ,, ,..,, bXA M . lVO- M 4 14. 9 (& aa 1 OiVe. STOCK EXCHANGE SALES-FIRST BOARD. lnoo L'.B. Ca.'CT... tT 101 10 U.S. N, 'CO... St 1000 Kf. Ce M lOOOTonn.ta'VO... 74M fnoo do 73 V Mm Y. G' X DOM do 74Ji RUU0N. C.Ca. 74 6000 cU 7 tnx ,o00 do 84 1000 Mo. Ce CSV lnuO liar. 14 M.... VuW V, narlranR 15V 800 do.,..W0nj 100 do 15,' 10 do., lv (00 BMdlugK.t... 89,'t B0 do ,,, 40 CSO do 40V 800 Mich. Can. R... 53 V 100 d slOBSV loo do,...U0UV 60 M.S. A N.I.. 112 too do 14V WW M. S A N. I.g 84 loo do liJl V, 111. Cen. H. Bp. HO 13 do 81 di 81V IV) do fi llji 800 d 0 84 irvo d all) M tOO d aJO ii) too di 10 M SO0 do alS n l.V) di Hi MOal. A Chi., tl CSV 4ia) do CUV ton do aWI (Kl, BO do. ..1.10 00 ol liar. M M.... 17 4nnnl(J.AMlRl14 B'Nmc AN W. 1 M, 41 SnOO C A N W S M. It SHOO C II AQ 8nc. 89 4010 pit. M AT. H. CI 14 MrtmIIUll II 108 5 Hirth AT.K....138 6 Pacific M.S.... M) M di HV M N. Y.Chi. It. . 77 Iils.alal Whwutialn ,.., HillllfMl. , lllineeeec. ., ,,, Prielud Li.iilsiaiia M eiile ,,,, (! M tevulrl , , Culdj .... 77 .tiGO 77 V .....77 .all) 77V .aJ77M ,.efi77V ,.al TTJ. .b30 74 .... 71 tot) CI. A D1. U. a too d !13V coo d u; 100 lo ....til) 81 400 d U 34 100 Chi. B. I. K. . . . MV 800 In.,ti4) V SCO do., W 100 do ...,tli) B 100 do alW;,' ini Erie R 8SV 10 do 8 -"i lis) do ell 801 DudaKv. K.,,, tn!, ft) do 47 fe) Chi. II A Q B. 0V 11 N.J.Ceu.l.....l07X SECOND BOARD. SOiWU. 8 o,t. 1 tnnllud. Rr. B.. 47 8ial Trea. lip r.. ,101V 800 i id 47 10K) Trun. Ce, -PO.. 74 100 d bU 4t 1""0 do 74V lOOIIirlcmn Wi Na) do 74V 8000 Va. C 74V 8'i Mi. C 8iv ""0 do ChV lni Cal.T 87V 8000 v. A N W. 8 M 17 V J mo Mhh.C. Bpo. 0V 48 Ilk, (iiiunen.e. 81 $5 Chi. II AQ.... 70 M d W0 70 10, IH) 171 Pacific M.B.... KtV nN.Y.Uua.B... 7S 40 do 74V IKK) do. ,.,B30 74 V.0 do tuyt ) do... .hlO 7iV IM do 71V tn ErleE fX 100 (1 89 V 4'1 do 40 0"l RoadliurK 41 loo do 41V BOO di 41V 100 Harlem Ff..30 87V 100 di 84 . d 7V too d sJ0 8T 10 Mich. Coo. It... MV f"0 do fit 1W di 64V too M.B. A N. la.. 14V WW M. B. A N la.g 14 10 IU. Cen. U. Bp. 84 BO di h3 H4V M) ill 10 84 I'M) do...,.sl5bl BO d rioV '0 till ,...bW MC 8.'a) Oal. A Chi. K . 1)7 V 10 do all) 1)7 V 800 CI. A 14V STOCK FLUCTUATIONS. This tali! la derived by ooiuparlaot. f the First IV ard aalna each day I AnVANI'SD. DinuagD, Teun. C4.V0... V r ret Va. 6 l,-' Mo. 4- V .1 PaciHoM.B.... V a Hud. Rv. K.... V e C'bl.AK. I. R., ; ,. ChLH.A(J. B. X M llarlciiitdM... Vperct N Y. V ,. KneR 1 ., KiadUur R V .. M.B AN. lag, ,' ,, M t. A N. la,, V .a III. Cen. R. Bp.lV (lal. A Chi. K.. V .. Cle. ATul.Il.. V .. Daawwtlo Market WwmnjDAr, Jan. IU, 14G1, Aaiua Th market I nm hanged. Ihe duruaiid fain eale uf PoU at S, aud rarl lato UX. Puwa Ann M Sit The Inquiry for Western and Slate Flour I tnialeraU, oalug to lh et,iu. Prices of th low grade are a shads easier, and we hear of email eaius Miiow our quoutUAi, which, bower, cannot terrguid'dasatalretiraailoi of Ihe rnar. ket. The sale are fJ.GOO at ' l'$5 8.1 for Bojier. flu Sua aud Western, $.1 tnul oo for Ettra Btite, aB0tS0OforCholvdo.$.1tAt5 70 lor th low grade of Western Elm, (3r$.l oB lor shipping hiend of Bound II ion Eur Ohlu, aivl fi KViil 1,1 lor the la tier brands uf do. Cauadlau Flour Is without much actlrllyi the sup. Jy of comiuuit trauds I larger! sales of loO this, at JobOaMtl for Ettra. Boulneru Flour Is fnely offered, and Ihe low grades are mwiw there la more deelre to rtalls ; sale i4 l bUa, at -1 0.'iJ for lulled togo-il aormrlliis a.ltluKse and AUuaudrla, aud t& 10f I 23 for the tetter grsdea. Bye Flour I firm) lli supply 1 light; gale of 900 U.le,al3 40at4t0. Corn Mral I In fair supply and quiet) snlns of Jer sty at J 10, aud Brandywlu at $1 b0il 0'). Mm kwl aul Flour 1 lu steady rqueal at tl 11 V $it7Vforl001b. Winnan The market Is Ann and ra re active, ealea of 01 C tbla. at 14Val8o. Ogam The Wheal inarkel opeued qull dull awl heavy, aid ere Ihe do of Chang Ihe in ices yield ed i)gliUy at Ih ouu.lulou a tetter demand pre. vailed. TU sale art 70,400 bush, at 1 19$1 V 'ir Cliltagn Bprlng th latter rat last srtnlng; $1 19a ft to firMUwBuJu Clubi tl tuatl tl tr Amber low and tt iaontisln; tl M for B4 Weetem, In slurs i ft U f,.r Rtd Kentuckyt 81 (1 (or While Iudluna, and tt MM for While Michigan. Barley ie In fair request and l 8rmi sal of B,M0 btiah. at C8r. tir Four-Rowwd Btata, aud 7io. for uu roiuid Canada East, in store, liariey Mall Is Tile! at rtwDt. OU are Ana but quleti sals of Western and Canadian at tOe., and 8(1 Vs. for State. Rye It not plenty and la flrmi aaleeof tOObtU. deUveredal the Railroad Depot at 7tVa74c. Cora la again lower and la not very active; Uvtwet weather cbetka btannesaj sale of 11,000 bush, at 10c for Western mixed. In etore: 71c. fur do. delivered, and 7874c. lor Old Bound Yellow. Pbotibioiii The demand for Pork la fair, and Ihe market I better i galea of 400 at 817 to a 817 80 Ma81jrharyunuipectd,ndUUeiU13 tor urimeL Beef i In limited requeat, and la gleady tales ol 16 bUs. at H 78 a J M tor B-1-ki Kte. tot fit a J19 CO t nil, Vi do. Hal rl'i 100 do.. vm tlo. 8i do. . M do.. Soil do... Son do ., S.'iO do... NEW YORK, THURSDAY. JANUARY 17, 1861. THE NEW YORK SUN. THURSDAY M0RNINO, JAN. 17, I'm. Fallen Htiwe P-,,,, Mexl... ..,.. P.....VH. ChiUlr,H Ailmg iVuyer, "A l.tllo to earrv. rVy Jmirr Ihe prsyers of Christiana In the Pulton street prayer Metllng, that he may become a true vurieiian, ana love Jesus wilh all hi heart I The above request we actil ly hi luothor, who adds I "This little) boy I eight year old, and hewu led o make this rmpieel by heating Ihe aocuuul of fowif Iowgu. II, MoCotxpa, of Byractwe.'

A gt ullitnau aroe and eald that a fewdty aijo, ho aeVcI prajer lor two little children, a boy and a gtrt. On of thiwo chlMrrn la couvcrted, aa we hope. I want you to uay lor the cmivorelun ol Ihe other. Atitmri to iVtiyrrg. A mtn, etldcntly In humble life, troee and aa d, that somi'tnue ago be aalul for ptayer tt a lather and mother, two brothers and a suiter. Bum e thin the father Iim died rrjnli Ing In Jceu Christ, and ha gone to be f irever wlthhiiu lu heevui. Theie could be in innUVe hie miiverslisi. All hi hoie wm in Ihe hlm-i of Ihe Lamb, who lakrth away the sins of the world. Now 1 waul you to continue to pray for my mother, Iwo brother aud a sinter, 1 r ipuct to ace tin in bnitight Into Ihe fold of the good thnpheid. On (An Uy of Uu ItrlxtabU Mjuntiuiu. There are Mitious young iihii lu Hoe nmiing, and a spaiker, Tlry wish t.i know how to find C'hriaL They wishbl W Christians, but thryd) Hot know what to d . Do a 1 d d When I was lu great distree of miud, some isie told me, Kiwolve to ek xinl m for any and cvctysm, as sikui a it i.unee to y,.nr mind, and n elve to serve Christ tircver and forever, and let, In now, this nilnuui, aoiiu where i lay right liu'd of r 1 1 ntlng for sin, and living for Christ." I ea d -"la tliat it 7" "lie," an d his "thai Is Jiwl It " Lot ma tell you an lu Incident to Illustrate. IahI summer I wi nt out In the looming with my family Initio, al the fm I o' Ihe CaUklll tnoiinlaln. We kt 1 1 riding aial rid ng and I did not kuow where 1 was. Hyu and I ye 1 came to a loll gale, for I wit on a turnpike. After yiiig my bill, I aald to tho gnle krrvr, "Will you be so good a to tell me alieie I am f "Why sir," said he, "you are on tl.o l. of tlie tlieC'iiltnLill inoiiiiUlnn." " Win n d d I como up, then f why, yod hire tri li coming up them for the Inet 14 mllee " Bo grailiuilly had I axendid, that I d d not know I was going up at all. Hut I found that I was really IMS f..r rou d aco In every dirtxtlou, at lar at tho rj a con'd rein h, Howthjim. Ifyoit will lieglnrtally liegln to fight againet elm aial devote yourself to Christ and Im ro-o'vn.1 lo serve hint every way a you can t liule here ami a little there, si he will give jou little con. quest, and jou shall cud by such low and e,y at, m thai you will evarcely wrrelv that you at a rising at all, lint In process of lime yon shall find thai ) our fuel are al the lop of the Delectable M run. talus, and the Celestial City 1 full before you. The I'.xritrmrnt Spreading, Dwicriite cfforlt ro liclni? mado to draw Tn m sere Into the vortc of revolution. To show tho kind t f ap ealg nude lo Ihe prejudices aud paumliau) of the southern iwuplc, to (ziite them t-i madnosn, a e make a few extract from rouout article lu tho CludUiionga (Turn) Gd2clttA Douguw paper, by Ihe way, In the late Presidential campaign, and for the Union, lefore the disunion conspiracy developed lis horrid turin and put lu tire all lu puwerg of tu linddallon. In one article II says I Al least one-third of th eVitet of our Fetcrat Union are now In rtmn rebellion ami liu'.llflcallnn, and self protection, honor, and a decent reapeilCir ourselves and Ihe opinion of mankind, li ol that we HA Icauree nilnl our Mart of a tssilrai I whore It luu Iwcu so ruthleasly t Mated by Ihe northern contract. Ing iartie. 'J.osUUui.t to tyrauU 1 ubedltuc to God." In another, ll snya of th man who would ttunj up tor th Union al present l If he love an abolition Union an unconstitutional Union, thin we scorn the traitor jus baeuueas of an vile a wrukh. If he la willing lo recognise Ihe lie- tro aa Ms prniul sts lal bimI . Jitlcal cpiaL, then lei liu "shriek" tsi for the "glorloiu Uulisi" right or wrung, flludly would we sue the bland of Inferior ity )ia of IreiMeiii aud Infamy, placed upon Ih brow of smh an "I ulmi ahrlrkcr." In another, lu whlih It mhiiui to clavt all the peo ple of the free sUlea as abolltlisiIeU, II nays l What do they proposer Nothing more nor lew., Ihau to plate slavuy In asuteuf Ultimate eitoic lt.m lo turn the slaves knew tqionus Ukeeoiuuiy wild Isaets, ami lone southern men to reoogntse mem as BurAi. iiur MHithern negroiir not only tlKploodt-pialsof euch alolllluii wrelahaa, but are emphatically their aiiisuiora. We it ny, kowsrer, that the negm Is the equal of any while mail raised ou eoiithriu soil, Tluwe are the designs, olejnit, aluis, disluMieMty aud villainy of Al.illtlouLam alio tlinca l.t'1 uuucaiiisiu, Mate tlie inoel of ll, tblncwe frarliy. Tint nirmtits of Mr. 1'Altl.Kii treilment while In tlitt liiimls of the Cliinceo, affords it cu rious lurlglit into the workings of their rvntcni, and cxbil Its (Wit. devotion lo prinripla ami loveof country whli h lita made Englund wwcr ful ami her gong lioimrod througliout Uionarlli. Ou being proklralinl on Ills kuovs Imfore l'rinco Sam-ko I in-sin, by llin vlolouie of Uu) soldiers, Mr, 1'aiikm was tirdercil In writo to the Eiuf liali and French rniniiiandrrt to stop the a jiroaihlni; altaik of lun-chow. All Mr. I'.'g asstimnietof bis want of tiowvr to irveut titilt at taik, wiriirrixhoil with lucrodulity audcuii tomtit, 2b l'riuie tail 1 "1 Ry tliat you do not direct theno mili tary movements, but I know your name, an I that you instigule all tlie evil lint your ioplo commit, lou havo also used bol I lantruatfo In tlie proaoiuo of tho l'rlina of I, ami it it tlnio that forolKncrt tliuuld In) taught re.poct for Chi Dean noblu and ministers, write to your peo ple and tell tlicm to Hop the attack." 1: Hilling Mr, 1'AitKt Intractable, Saxi-ko-i if. NIX sent inn and Mr. Iam 11 to 1'iklu, tho goldiort 'iieklnif tho lufterinirt thev endured from the jolting of tho curt oir the rough roads, 'liter 1 ...,J a....... ...... 1....1.... ..t l..r .... I- .1 .. N..M-e an,, iic, vua le.nvi, u, luioanciy ail pusiiiou along tho road. 'Jlio 1'rince of 1, Mun-Vlt, his fellow commlailoiier, and Haxo-Ki paasoil them on redan ihairt on the road, but did not d tyn tn notice thrm.Mr, I'ARKKit tn aping many Indignities by fflnhiiC ilikiiest 1 the ranllve acre tarried through the) illy of I'ekln In IrU uinpli. At length, with a shudder, they found tliemHcIvt lu tuo huudj of tho Hoard of 1'un lrhnients, Mr. 1'AnKiH wt pcparatoil from Mr. Lout and fliinu into a 4ison, full of tlxty or 80 wild looking irtalurea, filthy and diwaswl to an ixtrtme. Afur having been aoarihod by Ills jailors, they bound hit anna with corda ami lalcf hlin on tho ralaod lioanllng oa which the prisoneri tlept, and mado him fatt by a largo chain to a beam over head. 'I he chain consist edof 0110 heavy one ttrotchlng from the nock to the feet, to which lha hands wero fastenoil by two crow chaiD,aul hanckuffs, aud tho foot iu A si mi Lar manner. Exhausted by want of tleep and food, which he had not tasted for '21 hours, lie slept In tbia miserable condition, but was toon awakened and dragged before a board of Inquisitor!. It wag midnight, but the examination was attendod by a crowd of the myrmidons of Chinese law. The Mandarins, liefore whom he wag placed kneeling, warned him that they hat power to force tho truth from Mm, and In proof of Iholr earnnetncea, ordered four torturers to Ue him by tho eara aud the hair of the head. When the answer 1 were unfavorable, which waa generally the case, they pulled at him elmultaiioousty, 'I hey lirst questioned him respecting his ago, and hirth-iilace. In reply to tlie allied forces amounted to 30.000, thev tald "So large an army do you call It. V lut are 30,'KJO men? They art a inert nothing." 1 hey examlnedlilm reepectlng the number of Knglish sliipa, cavalry, ranga of their flrll Slices. Hearing that the horse! came front lo la, thev questioned him respecting tliat couu. try, and were dlepleaaud with tlw italtinent that It waa but Vi days' tall from China, and con. tainca jisijtsaijisjuof people, i hey were m displeased at being told that the population of Great Dritain amoamted to IW.OUO.CiOii, but when Mr, Farkea applied a term for th Queen deno ting equality of rank with th Kmperor, tlw tor. turcrt Inflicted on hira aevere palo, "What do you mean by using such language," Ibr T aald, "you hav youratlf shown thai you, hav bev4 long in China, list you can apeak our language an1 read our book, and you must know, theretora, tha lbr I but on Empror, who rule ovr all land. II la your duly lo eoinmuulcate your superior know!, ecbj en ibis subjoct lo your eouniryrtteo, uistead of uouuraglng thtin lu thalr extraragaul Id." A few dayt afterward! Mr. Parks wag again brought before torn higher Mandarins, who wished to enjoy the Motacle 0 teeing him kneel before them, aa ha wig compelled to. Among them waa tb Freeident of tba Board of I'unlth. menu, who abused him bitterly, and appeared at Ignorant of foreigner! and a prejudicod against them u hit lubordlnatea. When brought beor Mandarin of rank, ha alwayt protested Hjalntt tha pexfldr of lit capture, aad complain. I that thry were not even treated a rrrlgonert of war, but aa rouimon felons; lieeldea, hn urged t lat I waa a civilian, and acting undor a tug of I nice. "That Urmtr account." laid liter, "but wa llnt e aiioincr eiory, jti.eiiicn, li. as jou state, you are civilian, and have nothing to do with hat another glory. Reside, if. at rou itate, toldiert or their movements, why are you alwayg Peeu with the advance " To thla ho answered tliat thry tlw) g Kept an Interpreter In th front to Iss ready to receive overturn or communica tions from the) Cliinesn authnrltloa, aud to look Alter in interest! 01 tne people. The Mandarins of the iloard having ordered that he should be supplied with food that he Could eat, the a Iditional coit of hi m tintentneei, amounting to twenty-five rent! a day, fell on tho private purse of ttio Jtllor, but this did lint bale hit kindness to Mr, 1'ArtKM. On the 24 1 Cf September Im was removed from the common prison and placed in a ward about eight feet antiare. Here he wa repoatellr visited by Mandarin, who seemed lucspibfo of compre hending th it lie It id not the pjwrr to order the allied arming away and dictate a favor iMj peace. In fact theyaecniel In a grlevont pornlev.Ur. Tho popular voice demuiled vace, but tin) Mandarins knew that that woul I be ruinous to thenuelves. 'I hey complained to Mr. I'Altkra that teryfrteli drintnit for ). wit followed by Im reaaoil deinaii Is from tho Allies. As the Micoeiws of the Allies an I their mtrrh towards 1'ikln frightened the Mtndarina, they KTiuliially treated their prisoners I ait 1 or. Hut there It no doubt that thev would h tve lieen put todiwthwrra it not for' Hmi threat that rukLu would be destroyed if thry were killl. Affulr In Ihe Noalb. I of Tin at mil having reached tlie I'oeUOiure Deportment th it under an order of Ike Oovernor of .South Ctrolina the rorrcaioiidenf of Major Asi'i limit mid his rmnmind it siiljocted to sur eill.inieof the rosi-OiTtre, or othcri tn authority at Cliirlesltm, Mr. llm Tn Idrcaeod alcttcrto Mr. Iltiillt, Ihe i'oslintsttr at Charleston, making iuqinrt In tlie 111 ittir. lie replied tint "when the communication Mwrcn tho city and Fort wa lirst lotirci pled, tinder Hie intrnsarxcite no nl, ami in or h r tn avoid rollielon lailwe 11 un aulliorinl pnrtii'a, distinction wa mil", by or tier if (iov. Pit kkns. In two instances, lad ween tills. I il and privnto letters for Major Anhkuvin. hiiliMiiiieiitly, this decision aooiin to havo Ihwh rei ouslilereii, 11 11 1 I have sent nil tnall nntter for Mslor AMiiKiiHiit, and for hit ennnn ind, under sealed cover front this ollli-e, and Colli lime to do to In this dar, January Wile, Aa npiiortuiiity oc cttrreil, and I do so witliout survi tllanco of the l'ost Oilier) or other authority at Charleston." (iov, T.i 1 1 of North Carolina hat writlen to the President, Informing hint tint tho forta wbiilt wire recently selreit without authority will lai pninptly restored In tho rusloly uf the Government, accompinied by a lMcntnmg ex. priB-iouof hit condemn itlon of the liwlessnit. 1 liisionilin t Manilsout Inmarkoil coulrast with the retoliillonary priK-cc lings olsewluro. Ni line of lb leading .Hocrgsioiilat havo become ashamed of the barbarous and rruel treatment to which Major Aiiikiihox and his command have been subjected, being tut uir from all communi cation Willi their friends, and denied the oppor. tunity of procuring tho ordinary supplies and provisions which are recognized among clvllltod nations In a suendcil state of hostilities. Jgy. rknsoi Davii ha written a letter to Uovernor I'lrKPH, urging him to change thla nolicv, which Mr, IlntrritR and others have endorsed. It may produced the desirod effect, though (Iov. I'll Kkss has already lost all iiitliteuen, and is a Diero iustrumetit lit the hands of rccklosa aud tlotperato ntanagert. fcicvcral gentlemen have arrived In thit city within a few date who luo, for a long time past, been engaged In trade at Charleston. One of these kept a pro ialon and grocery atore. A demand wts mado upon him for an exorbitant Hum to sustain Ihe ttato authorities. lie offeroil them atate tUxka, but they would accent only ti moderata amouui of ilMweurfi'e, and fin illy they rrmoivif by font about oaeuAii of all M ytMHUJiom An tfoie. lie did not dare to remon strate, but ho quietly tout hit slavta to Hldt mond, Va., and, betweon two daya, picked up the remainder of lilt pronrly and IcA the state. Ilia case, he says, It only a sample of multitude of others. It ft no uncommon thing to notice tho closing of store, when an Inspection of tho premises revests the fact that all the morchau din has lieen remmed, 7im. 1 here It a rewrt that the einclat session of the Alabama ure, now in session at Mont, goinerv, ronliitnpUlo tho patsago of a I iw tern jsiranly forbidding llio planting of cotton, tlin professed objott Iwinit to reduce ihe supply of cotton so at to foren England Into the recogni tion of the acceding states. There must I at lcael ono .Solon in Out body, if thla report prove to be true. Tlie Hrlzare of Fort Marlon. Tin) following it an extract front a private letter, date I hirniudina, Horl It, Januiry olh, lxiil, and addrcascil to Messrs. W, M. LAwtof & O1..1 An older 1 sine fnini the Oovernur thU afternoon al II re o'lilis k, and the Everglade will leave here at midnight fir HI Auguntiiie, to luiva the fori there laken, aii.l 1 1 tiring ua some gun isl ainall arms. We have s, nee h and that a di'lachmeiil of tho Finuiuilliia o'imtieis has exeoiiteil promptly the wisootri r of Oovemor Pgatv.'-rMirlnaven jifrewry. Fort .Marion, whit h is tallud ono of tint de fences of Iho luirlsir of St. Auguidlno, Horldj, wns 1 11 i it by tho Spaniards whiiii Florida was a Hwtnisli protlnce. It It not a fortress of much in igiiituil nr strength, but Is an Interesting relic of llio st j lo of fortiliiationat thoisiriod in which it was euiistruclt d. It is situated at the extreme Houtli-wintcru lutrlnf Iho town, wlido the soldiers Hre giirrieoneil at lliu harrai k.1 mtu itod In tliooi poit puriinn, and which was onco tho Convent of St. Krain is. It Is prolmblt' Die oldest fortress In the Unite. 1 Slates, aul Is Inlcrof ting at an lie of thosUlo of ancient formication, and for Itt association with eveutt in the old, English and In dian wars, Tho precise J ear of Iticoiittructlun la not duflnitcly known. It may hive lawn com. tncnccl by tho Spnnisrdi In f'i or not until manv ) eari later. It waa named by them the Castle of St. Mark, and waa completed hi lToO. It 1 tituated at the norlhoru extremity of tlie town. It It built of ttonu 111 walll aro alwut taciity-oiio foot high, 'terminating lit four bit. tloned angles, at tho tecrul tornort, oach of whh h U surmountol with towers corres ponding. It la caiuiated and liomli proof. The work It enclosed by a wide, deep diti h, with poriwndicular walls of mtsonry. oter which Is I hroK n a bridge, which was oriLrliiallv ....,.- H ,..." 1, proteeiect oy a uruw, a uu ion uas a sea wan. 11. a mile In length, built breakwater. The In aald to lie full of dar! mile In length, built fur the mam iiurjioHe of a breakwater. The lull rior of tint old fortress It gloomy idltlle v retreats, and aitb- terranetn passages. A Utile work of "Skoti hea of St. Augustine." published In IM. suvs of it 1 " WiliiluthelMtstioii of the northeast anglp, far iimhr ground, it a dark dungeon-like rocesa, coimtriu ted of solid mason work. Thit place waa accidentally discovered kmiii after tho work fell into the hands of Ihe American army. It wag then wallod up. At to the history of the tjacc wliillur it wat once an Inquisitorial diamlier, or theiceiieof leiigeauco, there U al ienee." Kxtraerdlnary lkeaomcnon In India. Srm AniMMiLiuif, professor of Hindustani, Univtreily College, I.oiidon, aendl to tha Timet an extract from a letter he hat received from Ind iu, describing an extraordinary fall of me teoric etoiii s, preceded aud followed by most lingular physical convulsion, at Dharani Sal, among the mountain la the lower range south of Ihe Himalaya. The writer lays I" On th 2oihof July horrible discordant uolaoa rumbled forth from tho Imweli of tha earth, following each other with the utraott rapidity. Then (uccreded long and loud explosions, which gradually decreased In degree aul duration. then cania luteuaely luminous (lame of lire, caih flame almut It fret la length, shouting with extreme velocity from north to south, ks though belched forth from the mouth of ord nance of extraordinary aite and calibre. These again were replaced by a shower of meteoric' tones, which, wherever they fell, ploughed up the earth like bo many cannon balls. I sub. lequcntly ttrollod over the ' Held of doitruc. tlou,' and discovermt a numlwr uf boulduri and moteorlc ttoneg of diverse forms and lite, m my of which bore a great resemblanc to ordinary cannon ball! Jutt di hargwl from the engine! of war, but which, when touched by me, felt like so many placet of Ice." No lose of life or is-reoual Injury it rexirtcd in connecllun with thit ttrtng freak of nature. Kpt la Ik Dark, Tlie amount of Information, at to tha tlata of affairt at the North, that It allowed to reach tha southern ample, may ta learned from the fol. lowing, from th MobUa Aclixirfutr of tha Bin lost. A FtHin-TTci Fact BUrvttlon I ttarlng atxly Uamaaiid ienotu la th faot In New York city. The funds si present in hand will glv to each of theiu, Cr Ih winter, lvn dollara and lxly-evan couu, Thlg Insuflkleol sum muat aSunl thaui fiaal. ol.jh. Ing and thltr until spring, or lby must aiuxiumb und'r tbelraurTerlnirs. A dcrker hue Is addeil to Ih terr 14 plclurr, waeo w consider the exceeding un likelihood c f thalr ctUaluuig gatploywaul iv at after Ju wlnler la put, -" SUN. 1 j PRICE ONE CENT Aaarrtran IfowpltAlky AaltawwMal. The London Tmn, In Itt review of Ih event of the pasts-car, thus alluded loth hoeplubU reception plnn to the l'rinco of Watet by tha freemen of America) Freemen elon havg It In their power Vt offer IKwiiltalily lo Prliire, bocause they can withhold II al 11 elr pleamire. If the name of Ihe Qotx hail nit deserve,! and oommandud ttnlversal roriwict, not a lowu In CbiukIh would have troubled Itself alTcclalloii of gisalwlil lo her represenUllve and heir, Th ovation which wm awarded lo Hit Prluooof Wales In all irta of Ihe t'nltcd State wa still mora aatlalactoty ami remarkable. The Imaginative or eveu 1aiM.m1I leellng which oause Amert. can lo feel an interna in Ihe mya! family ol Eng land, la not the lea strong Imaiiae lli wholly ui-. aiiurtcd with olitlcsl relations. A repub'lc.n who La never cuius, vol the possibility of livug lueler a ninnanliy hvla himself al llbelly to ail 111 wlthonl srni I the highest lnil-ers.aiAll,ai of (on n and htstorto grrntm-s which be onga H his bio, d and language The great quablias whh h hire bfl Ihe J n nt reign tied try eren a tier al error, Lave confirmed the d wili,ai of Am r. kans, and rclally of American women, 10 recognise in the y leen ol K.o:snl the io clalthlrfof their nwe. Tie youth of the pnu e, Ihegraieof his manners, sihI Ihe imlfonn to d Judgnici I which he dlaplsyed, wei e well cnlcolil. d lo sustain Ihe enthusliiHiii which waa exiltrd by Ids lutiiie aud inibige. Il cauuiut ls doulitnl Dial thinking Amrrlinus wished at the aams lime to asilhe Ihe aapiritie which have too often arisen b. latSII the irriwt U'lSilill., en.1 lln.i.iltaikai,,l-.. It Is II e d il of Ko-l,l,nieo heal lily b Becel and to ..- .... n.a m, .i,iiniiiie Mil getienuis ovsiturc. The Inten liange of g,aal wishes may ooiiimmsi with a cold al desire for a va, oable end pro-ipro u solution of Iho si r otis . litiial d.m.uilli-s wbieit uow lucuact tliesalcly oilli I mull, Imllnn Troub'ca In Trxaa. Tiik m.rlbern inrt cf Texas appears lo lie In a stale of alarm from the proximity of a Urge Ixsly of lift i ma riie.iuiied 00 miles from Waa tin tford. The srtthrs arutlceing Into tho town for safety. C.iptiin KuLfits, of Kiln county, ha nioiinieil and rpii n I v5 men, and It on hit way lo J do Ciptnin (Jciikihin, who It eneanip cd near Delknup with ll'ij moil, waiting for ro In foru meut a to attack the atvages. The In ili.inasreesllmalo.1 at from finotn !ivi warriors, and have ovi r l.tO) horses In their possession. Vast (tit nit it io tf wood are tut aul piled unto dry on Iho stream near their villtge. Al Loet Valley, Derrmlar 19th, Captain Itciw lia I a light with Ihe Caniiinrhca, killing 11, and took the thief 'a ton, a lad 7 tears oil, and 11 white worn in mid ImmIiiIiI, prisoners. The while woman had lain kiilnnppod In thil llnssl, Copies of hooks nirnfoiinil, witliowmrs' nainet tin them, lull (.iting rtxeut niaasacrns. "1 list exritnl Texana ess:' mgrwa in these outrages, and ilalm that tho Indians ire Instigated by abolitioiiistt. Irovlng riouth Carolina. A gentleman passed through this city yester dit, with alamt tlxiy negroes, from South Caro lina. We reim niU-r th it In H ti, ttiousandt left that di-lruc'e I sLite, an 1 sought a homo In the more quiet and total slab a of Alabimi and '1 runes, ce. We export to see a similar eonlltlon of thing now, '1 here are more in South Cam. I111.1 who can appreciate the blossingt tlier lute enjoyed lit tho Union, an 1 have ton muili good sciiHo to exthaiige tlietii for an uncertainty. Wo (lip Ihe foregoing paragraph from tho Hernials lullrhH of Saturday last. It record a gigmllcaiit fuel. We expect to hear of largo mimlirrt of klai clmlders iloclng from South Carolina, if tho resent ttato of thing contin ue mu h longer. And aa in South Carolina no it would Iw in Virginia. Truly, no man can furonwi the ultimate result of tho wild project of accession. Jih h. 1117. rt'avrry lu New nicxlco. Tho rt preecnlatlve from New Mexico In Con grosa ileine that slavery hag anvfoot hold in that territory, notw Itlutainling all tins efforts of got eminent in lit fat or. It la merely a lystem of apprenticeship, or temiwrary voluntary ser vice, whereby a man it enabled to burrow money or lontract a debt in consideration of personal seniles for a Ur-l'l perl.-f. rtTiffe 1(10 Uir eurorcr thofulnlmint of thit contract, It se cures to the in the right of ehnnglng bit ser ricciwhelthe coutldert himself unfairly treat, ed. The social or civ ll rights of the Individual it not Imjuilreil by this tatem, vslilcU lut uvuo of the eleniciitt of ilarcrr, Major Andersen. 1 his officer, whooe iiamn la now a houaulioU word, ll coiisnlernl on of the U'st artillerists In the army. Ho la tho author of the standard hook on that arm of the aervlie, usrsl at West l'oiiit and In tlm uriiir. The country mav rest atturesl that if ho Usea Ll guna at all, he will um them tor. CriminaL Thky ini mot aiiaw profane iwearhu la Fjist lladilam, Ct. IIknj imii Huttoi has Leeu tincd f 1 mid toela for Indulging In the habit. If A KIPIIK AT A MtlIKIll stioov, at Ilnrtfird, (fl., mi Monlav, a gun wag acci ibntally ills, Imrxd. Um Ion I entering Juiia MllltA'aalHlltlllll. Iloelled in two hours. A Pit Klin, kkt lii llo-tou, while tha plastering fell in a Catholic ihurch, ou -Siindiv morning, rnibraied tho t banco to follow hla 'trade lie was arrested. a ...... -. v,f in, ,, AOAI-lir-srii lT IKIIII I'AUkirTBt nt Cambridge, Mass., built bluiself a little koi in whh h to sleep. Ileiug wtiliotit fuul, ho was nearly frozen to ilcuth when fuuud ou Friday nllit. ' A PAitrr oPMKsi and wow.y tiiikvkh n. tonal a eUi'ping tar nt Clin ago, uu I roblwil a Mr. llMtsKHof floOon Wodneadaviilajlit. 'Ihey were di ovcroil lafuro tho train "left, and were arrested. A wiiktiiiiiiUkiimiw wovttv. In tho last tugo of di lirium treiiiniis, wa found In a cdhovdut lliillalo, uu Suulay i npiueuf rag. giil id bed ilutlung waa all that covered, her uukolucM, Fooil KTI11KT llOHBEItt AT OtfAKITOsr, Tkxah, mudoa raid on the titUcn on New Yeur't evo. 'I hey garrotnl tlirco geiitlenien, ami got tlMI from one, tM from another, aud A gold watch aial cliaiu from tha third. Willi KI'llAITIslXcj at A taiiokt, oo Situr. day, at Augutla. Ua.. a voung man. uaniml Fna., ungiiardeilly went lu front a a comrade tired, iho ball nasaod throuiilt lilt lioad. and i rlruck tbu target half an lucli fium thu bull'l etc I 'A SMAHT RKflllO HtVlt.J H0HI. IOMICTIBNO strong, w.8 8.nt to the police offlca at Monu I erimerv. '.""..r: "." 1" ' "" rciuostiug at it la ... ..,.!. .11. . a- a 1 .. hmi lo hate. UU lashes iniiuiaiereii. iiaviuit an Inkling of the oMoct of the letter, bo cot a friend to deliver it, aud tu take tho whipping In uis piucc, Mr, David II. White wai Rnnncn of Ua ovircoat from hit wagon, at llaltimore, on 'I liursday evening. Driving to hi daughter's house lo pas the night, he urged vigilance, aud securing the doors ami w indowi iiotwilliatand. lug, burglari entered and cleared off (100 worth of boots,, A k Cosirll.EsJtK Of-KRATOR, at San Francisco, J. S. Mtxwriihas recently lies n exposed by the AVraiiw .Wirrot-. He got up an association called the l'acllio Uf Guard, tbu assiimnd object being th establishment of a colony in Mexico, and the real cut waa getting 10 entrance feu, audfl A moMk lubacriptiou. He alto hut Iwett doing a good buainuai 111 get. tinir money front peopla who wanted to go into bueincaa. Besides winch matrimonial advertise ment! have been traced to him, and he hag reaped a rich harvest by telling the virtue of giuiiy gins, to reiurite.1 miner! at f.'u a ueaj. At iiik Adams GxritKaa robbery trial at Ilridgrjiort, ft., on Saturday, the Stati'i Attor ney, at the Intimation of the judge, entered a nooV urotrqiti ai against Samuel ltoberlt ind he was iliac harged. Ktldence for the defence waa Hull taken. Wltuctaet tentiliwl to Ihe good character of Stetbint,and to Ihe fact tliat h had considerable turns of money, before tile robbery. Dr. Hugert, of New lork, testified that at tha time of tha robbery, he wai attending Andrew Kol-rrtt at hit house, where he wai colli! ned with iiiilainmailonof tho lungi. On resuming the trlil, on Monday, th Uohertt' brknrwr iwore that Andrew wat in bod tick for a week from the 13th April, that Kinney called there with an olhier. ind tliat tlw former told him, that he tliould tettlfy agalnit tha Roberta at th only way he could lave himself. Mm. Samuel Hub ert! teatirled to her brother-in-law'! sickness; further evidence wa given to tliow tliat Andrew Iloborti waa not without ample fund pre v loos to the robbery, and the animus of the Company wai shown In rrprovlng the jailor at Bridgejiort, for allowing th prisoner! to ie counsel, with out tha Company'! permission, at it wai their Interest to convict them at all htxard. Calamities. Josiica yism was rnozm to niArn lu tba road near Oloomlogburg, N. Y., on Friday night. Tun asi k op a thai brokb on the North ern K, K. of Canada, near Ilradford Statlou, an Friday avenlng. Klght paatengeri in a baggag car which wa upct, were lerloualy hurt. Mm. McLaxi thu. dowk itaib, with her laabv In her arm at kfarlhavrA M.aa All Satur. div i th infant'! head waa eruahed lu. aud the i mitUer wm taken uj UciUUt. TESsOF ADVERTISINO. 4 TEBWk CASU IM ADYANCa. xx&&S&&?tt Mirrfafe and IMitha, Vt cwrit f MrA ,. -- asiisnwaee awaaat anaarai ga. .. - . li ... mUTLL.:, .. "'."'. -""".'" eataliltsl meoi tg-antfcstly elod eaj'; of bay, frjrn Toronto, (f. W. on rriiay night. tlT"! "m,r' imi ' "4. " arrlvln. at MliVi 7-rwo W."1" wowawott Ua ear it once put them off. On, fell prostrata, and a pol reman cmln( up. the clung to hit knaatL while th other nearly strangled him, andlM wa thrown down too. With tha assUUnc 1'jsUndert, tho women werg taken to tha station uou an, Mr. Jonwvisr, Caiapuw StmraToa. Ml through Borne wet tk Ice, m croeelng a small laka. lajut 20 miles from Lake Superior, on Hev It Is faare,! h., er. lr- anolher SurreyoT with three eompanlona, haa reriahe.1 from cold, aa the party baa not beam beard of for three week!, and tbey had only tw Week t provisions. A I itti k two-aml-a-lulf tear old daughter if Mr. M KT( A i.r, of St. Lou Is, lately fell through a long nlank into a deep wed, when tha mother instantly Inmmd In and held thaehill at --. length alaive tlie water for nearly an honr, call, ing vainly for help. At last, taking off her ahoaa, with the iMtatanre of a loom board th heroin mother mmaped to crawl near enough to the tarn to throw her chil I beyond the edge of tha Welt, and then extricated herself. The first wordt UM child spoke after the mother had caught it In tha trolly were, "mother, don't cry we will gtt a( Foreign Item. Mr. tra. F. TnAiw, cf street-railway faaaa, ha. rerriviil s rmlvlon to lar down an experi ments! lino from llal.'i 1'oiul to tho city of Lasl, don. hin Wu I iam P. Stow urge th formation at? another Arctic I.xilition, aul repudiate tb opinion that the fit isf Sir John Franklin'i ex illtlin tatliocn decided by tho lata royagaif the tot. A t ATHoi io piiikht at I'otx, Franc, baa n ii recently limil .'i) for planting jUtoe km the irmelirj. On paalmg to the Imperial Court, at 'I oulousc, the Dim wag doubled inta4 of remitted. Mr. llnHiny, or tiik Iiviov Timka, wka waa killed by the Chinesn, will live In tlw hlata rj of juiirimiiani, it be la the first correspondent of a dally pavr who baa reeeitnt the crown of niarttrdoni while engaged In hla professional da tics in adialaut land. AltitAMit wi tra aiik makk for housing several tin uaaiids of the Iioiiii leas fugitive of Syria itt tho (Jot eminent buildings of St. Jean u'Acre. 'Ihrtmgh the Initlatiterf Inrd SriUTrriitii net Uaikiidk, tho piel to Hie Forte of Lorel Jiiiim Ki-j.ui, and tlm xealout agency of bar llKMttr lit in Kit, this Ins la-cncfTecleil. '1 Ilk KUMi.hK of tho Catholic parochial priatt liood (rxrlinlte of monk! and others) al over 1 uroie, amounts to 2G0.4NN1 of whlckt Italy alono contains nearly 11 j.iHs), Franca 48,. UK), Germany 21,000, and Spain 31,000. Tham la in Italy one for every il, inhablUnU of am ages and sexes. Tiir chop op no, hat lieen thit year, verw abundant In Turkey, particularly in the paahaU of Aldcn, and In lira neighborhood of Magnesia. During the season lust rlniahed, 31.000 nrooln laden with thit fruit, arrlied at Smyrna, aa4 th export trade hat coiueviuently been very ac tive, Af PXTRAORIUXART RAII.WAT Arc'lPETT bw fel a train near Gainsborough, Kngland, on tha 20th ult. she wheels ufa third class can-lag came off, and It waa dragged four mile on ita tide U'fore lielng slopjieil jan,l wai lieing grad ually imaehcil io piecei. 1 ha bottom gave way, and tl out of 20 naasenguri were dropped be tween tlte ralhi. The only serious accident wa A fractar of th ikull of one gentleman. Tiik Annr Caarf t f or Piirvwrw la ..- 9 .In completing a telegraph which It to trana. um uieiaiciirs un ior line a rartimile of tM writing uf tiro erson who transmit! them. Ex perliiiunts are being carried on between Tarli aatt Amiens. Thlg telegraph it to nuke adouat trpllif, rercIilnatiT tratumlttLng at tha taoa time. The Klnt yet nndocldod it an Important one tho degree of twlftneii at whlUl telegTaaaf may In trauamitted. Lkubu if I'Aitia. Tho election of tha near 1 resident Lincoln soemi to have ttraagelr eiaa peruted tho alive-holding Americans. On Th art day last a scene ra curreit in the common break, faft saloons of MxoKlt a's. At one table lat lb Hon. M. CtiLiitiiisf, mil of Lord Skatoi, ant next him wcro seatml two African chieftain, from Aahantrc, wrll-lnfornieil gentlemen, ipeaa lug Frem li and Knglish Iwtter than moat of tha bouthirit laegrtw'a from Alabama, diacuaa ing tho alTairt which had brought thent to tho Imjicrlal court of France. Throe Ameri can ll ivo-lrlven were at work a 1 ogrrAaau, in a distant compartment, w hen they espied th native! of Africa, on which they Insolently ad mit cd to tlm table and vi nted their roar aaal unmanly pnjudicea in the most ruffianly lan guage. 1 he tiieinU r fi r Waterford, Mr. Ulax., aa well at ird Seitow' ion, protested againat till underbred and ill-inanncrod conduct uf tha Transatlantic bullies, whom the law of Franca would soon bring to their sense (if aey exialX ami tenth them that educated hit ftaina front Hint quarter of thu glulaj aro higher in the social icaie man loikt wtioso vscutcliouit la a cart-wuia. l'ormjionli nt cf (Jlvof. FitAM k, nMii.isii ami DcMitcx all hara public bathing houses. 'J ho first bathing boos rstiihliehod in Kngland went Into operation ia IHIj, ami tbey hail intrraaud so rapidly that la 1 Hil tin re were in Loudon nine, In Liverpool three, and In flo other largo towm there waa one tai h and there wa then in progress thraa large ami expensive establishments in London. ms n to lai o nod. At eight Loudon house, ia tho yeur 1H.1, there were H77,09a lather, a4 2011,010 washert; Ihe aggregate receipt beioa. over toO.OiH). The price of bath iu Load, vary from a cent, for a plunge-bath in a larga optii tank, toliceiittfor livst private accoma. datlons. 1 bo wash-houses have proved of great lanelit. lly tlicm a poor washer-woman la eav ublcd to obtain the use of all the requliltaa for asneiiw auei nulling iioiut in a comiortaota apartnlont, at any hour she cbooteg, for three four centi an hour, and her clothe are better washed in much leag tlm than If she used tha ' M j'l Mi'Wfe,1'? "","' ,,luU,,l,, U T. WaX h,?"?1"?.,? l"i vi viiHg MI-Oaj VVtyiui.tllt-nt 3BLKU111 - u .,. , , c- . . ,-o. .,":. . . I.T...J. -..T..TJ . -.. ... '..-w.( uiw 'Ann iiuui fyAVaxreyv Ms ayBU UNI: the annual receinlt from tMUUO to tlS.OOOi and the exienaea, Including interest on inreat nii'iit, from 5000 to (10,000, Miscellaneous Items. riiK8!iE'T Marsh, of the Taclflo University, " Oregon, has obtained the reiiuislte fundi tn aid of tliat Institution, during hla present TtsH ta Northern title. Tub Dirkctoiu or tiik Istkobiatu' Uowb at Uerlui, Cal., wean continued drunkard front a love of drink by feeding them for the firet fortnight on food strongly doeod with whisker they goon become disgusted. An tit ooMGimi Hixsiar with what la thought was roast thicken, on landing at Asnin wall lately, a vaa.-enger thought ha would reLurvn nautical fare by taking a supply; on going lata the yard to take bit pick, ha wa disgusted to aaa that his thicken were iguana, a huge Central Amoricau luard. 'J'iikiik ia A TcBMin Law that a man, for tYiry falsehood ha uttera. shall have a red mark set on bli house. If such a law war In fore hn the United State, w fear that tome people wb build Una house might have their painting without expense, except to their character aatt conscience. A 1PAD itAnr waa lately delivered by a eara-letsstage-drlter to a butcher in Ware, Maats, Instead of a box of sausage. Tb butch-, when ha recovered from hig horror, sent tha child to its friends, who had already weeping! dceitcd tha sausage Ia the Catholic catao tery. At tiik rcMXRAL t) rvk k, on Saturday, of the policeman who was murdered it a house of lUfstn at Cincinnati, tha keeper of th houaa apeuded to th sermon with deep interest. Oa tba contusion of the service, eh pprochadt the I.ev, Mr. Moonr and expreated deepcontri tinn, and assured blm of ber intention to lead a different life in future. A StM Framcisoo rKDUTMA, Jom Jcnvna, has offered to walk from there to litw York ta 100 dayt, drawing a hand-cart I then, aftar crossing lb Atlantic, to walk bom Uvwrpool ta London in 45 hoar and aftarwarda, ria Dorat and Calais, to I'arls, wben ha will return bom. AU ha want Is a well provisioned baauVcart, at acoetoff-NW, Mr. Cowav, tha newly alactad TJnltaJ Stala Senator from rennsylvanla, In plac of Mr. UioLKa, is of humbl origin. By mach read. lmr and iuttpsa studr ha so dlsclDUnad a nataw ruy acuta mind that ha roa to a leading paU tlou aa a lawyer. He waa an old Clay Whifc In J a tariff man, and a decided, tbeagt. lot axtrwaj Ketaiblican. Ha I sw yrs ot aga, aa afectiy nkcr. RAT 1