Newspaper of The Sun, January 17, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 17, 1861 Page 2
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; a l li 1 B. d t t r li a H tl t 1 tl a Ji u a. n a si H tl K V l a li tl n a S a II I sa il P a t, ti t C nr I t ' 1 s c ! c a I r c: 1 r J, wj. p - .iU I . I. .SiXC I al OiT fci rW THE NEW YORK SUN. niObSDAT MORSINO, JA1TT 17, 1ML Two Duty a TTOt. Tl puttie ln'1 wtlu ,0 Pto,,, "Tn. Ihe reeuUrf rending daliberatlona t Wiuhlry? tM, relative! to thaorta and force! U the United gut l Clurlwton. It tl of course" lmrioeU M t JnS unfely of tho propt r tourae to I parsood by tba Frcaldent, In oor present Igno rance, lrth of Major Apfrho'ii dbepalelic and of Qorernor riCKKis' overtutrw. IJut we are not without tleaf and evident prlnclt toe, both of Imperative duty and cf aounJ discretion, which tnnkt Rovern fllhful f.ul lie officer In thia mat trf, whatever the circumstances. The die tales of mrlct juKtlcn to our It es, are not to le Mindly anl exrluaivrly followed In tMM of collision, letet of (II with rnir I rcthrcn. Any honorable iirvl consistent eininw, to evade or postpone MomMicd, onghl to I inxlouidy nought for (lit eilulouly pursued. Hut wo kaxanl nothing In eating tlit any nmrruinn to tlir trailers, of the lii'li-pilAllo righta and authority of Ih United States, will I a terrible aaorifiee of fuluro In prcaciit poieo. It may I a question whether it la necessary to aend Major AimHiioi re-lnforreincnta, or whether It la wire to (end thorn unnerevcaarl ly, or whether the expedition of the Star of the Weet waa not a feeble ami iluiney Munlrr, aa Ill-all lsrl aa tarlv, and a III managed aa lll-advlsil, nri't fit only to Isihnekct out of. It mav Isi Mill more nuestliuiihle at time It will ho Mot to elrmind aii't enforce i certainly must I c done sooner or latir at all harsrdr Ibe rmlc nll n of tlir pul.lio proierly troaaMiaM) rclrd. lint we Insist thul there ran I no question, thn Just position of the Union ahnuM l.n lu'l I without the slightest compromise. No terms should le mtde with trailora, which do nut intolro the full aurrnider (4 Ihe public irnsrly to the United Mtatea uoTrrnmeiit. Iet llirm t.iko their own rourMvnivt let I ho (loremment alw taVe ita roiirao, pru'lently but (irmly, without romlillnna aicoplvl orplnlea Krantoil. If tiny ileciro to lieei the w.ue unlcr Ct-rtain tlrrumMancr let Ihein. If llietiuvrrn ment ftui korp the rfnco without ilttihonor at the aamo time, let it by all mojua be done. Hut any further agreement! or uinleralaiulinca, while thn rcliela loiitiiitie to iMinpy ihe military pmta of tlio Union, or offer to mrrender them only on Ihe (!nerimvut rh.ill lint i;irrim thun or f-Iial I urniMii f iIt thn worthies r tieai of them, wuul I only illehonor and weaken the Uorernmetit, nnd thin inemiraRo and In rreaae Ihe proeila of elil war. We I all Ull the rreeident to aUnd firm, and ronaent to no romprnmirw or armietleo witli the traitora. If re-lnfonrmentacan bo aafely de layed, and if it i not U-Kt at prewnt to apply force for tlio re.iplure of the other Southern forta, then let quid l preaerved by Independent artion irreeaf live of that of South Carolina. The country, and the Iiimim'k of tlio roun trv, do not fear thn onfe.pi .net a of maintaining with aM ruvrmuiry force the military portion of the K"vcriitnenl, n I Ita control over tho coininrna of all our our porta, Dvi-ry-IkxIv knnwa tint in thia rourao tin ro la no doubt nor danger of the result. On the contrary, erry Mmplom of tiuiidlty, vacil lation or roniproiuiae, in theee plain dutiea and norraaitlea of relf-irefH nation, on the part of the Oovernmenf, Jitijuin wiifidiuco In tlie future, t nd paralyzna the cntcrprlae ot a country otW. wlao abuudautly rich, prorpcrona, and act ure. A Caution. ' The (irand Jury, under thn charo of Jadre Mmaixkt, arc engaged In Invcatlatlnx the v rioua mattera aulunittel to tlnni. It la to tie hoped that they will examine the movement "aid to have lawn act on foot 1 4 our city, to en llat werklngmen, and eeravUlly thoao who arc temporarily out of employment, aa aoldiera t go South and fiht the buttlea of til.) men who mre their lahorcra and are making war on tlio North for preferring to hire and pay them. We warn thoao of our rcvlira whomiylie ttiua approached, tint aurh enliatineut la plain treaaon, and aa aueh will be detected and pun lahed. The law, aa defined ly Jude Hm II I kr, lailcar. Kvcry one of the atatea whiih lute aerwled, ao far, liave phicod tlieuiwlrea in an attitude of active Inutility to the mitional gov ernment, and any aid, comfort, or a.irtancc ex tended lo them in furthrraiue of their hoalilo devicna, whether by rnliatment or otherwise, ia a crime punMinMe with dnith. Let working men beware of the acamre who will attempt to ayluco them into aiuh whkojneaa. It ia uuderatnod that worklnjpneii will be hired, nominally to go to the Smith at l.ilmrora, mi imaginary lanala and railrouda, and when Uiua got there will lie inmpullml either to atarve orenliat. Ileware of all fhiIi otfera. No IiiIkin era are needed or run Jrml iy lf honr$l nn plomrni at Iho S'utli. All tra.lei there but war, are nearly al a atand-atill, and will aomi lie quite so, If the rebellion cnitinuea. For puMIc worka, Uicre are no fail)lo meaua at the South, Tho acceding ttaUa ure liuuLruptel in advame by the mere Koveriiiiu utal and military expense which they cannot eten tie-in to pay. Any at;ent, therefore, from the South, who may pretend to be In queal of laliorera, fhould be net doviil with out circumlocution aa an Impo-lor, It li a notoriuut fact, that for wnn timo pait free tailoring men arrUiu at aoulhcrn rta, have lioen ayatcmatically driven Uh k in the vea acla that bruiifht them, on the ground that there waa nothing fur them to do, and that they could enly bxcome chargeable to tho atate ua pauper. Any man who may be approached with offera of louthrni cmployini-nt, will tlu'refore do no more than hla duty aa a Kood citUen an 1 a free man, by reKirtirg; the attempt to the Urand Jury forthwith. "I'ood for rovedrr.' We copied from a Mubilo paper yolerday, an article Belting forth the ahamefulueaa of cxikxIiu; the "flower of the aouthern youth" to uniliacrim Inatiuff bulleta, and tbua aendl aoiTow and deaolatlon into thoae homea of luxury and refine ment which are tlto eoutherner'a favorite liuaat. We receive-! information ) eater Jay which ex plalna the maanin and object of thli exhorta tion. The chivalrous ac lona of tba aouthern ar istocracy feel themaelvee to be altOj(t)ier "too good food for powder" (aa our Mobile contemner ary eiia-cMua It) and therefore a grand recruit ing effort la on foot to procure leaa valuable ma terial to fill ditchea, in the ahape of tuiemiloyd worklng-raen from the Kprtk, who are to ! ea trapped by promiat of employment, and tm prtuni on tlielr arrival, nmli r punulty of starva tion If not of inure direct pnninhment. I'ewdVr for food Northrra flre-ealer. Himultaneoualy with the aouthern demand ut " food for powder," w are inaile the medium of a reaponau from a number of unemployed men who aeem to imagine Uiat they would rattier eat tuaa tie eaten. We do not publish the fol lowing communication Iweaaae we like or ap prove the too South-CaroLna-llke atrocity of iU proiioeals ; but to show the enumioa of the Union what sort of " aid and ooinforl" tiiey an likely to get from the lion and alnaw ut northern democracy. Oar working-men are ahrtwd enough to aee which aide of the bread Um butter la on, and If any are really depraved enough U fmht for (poll, thy will lok out for chance of tncreea, In chooaing aide, l'rlva leering la hardly a game at which two can play, in the proaent taee. The aide that Is without a abipa aod aailora, or a nary to protect either asoeiat or commerce, niuat take all tbe apoillng $ad Hon of the apoiU "Jim aeriously the auggeatlon of our mia galdad oorreaponduiit opeau up a frightful plo- c.taraof tiathorrortof rlril war, Into which the belligerent atatea are "recklenely ruabing. We do 04 believe in the danger of a general eivil fjrw, alfflfly Ixcatua we ia sot believe our Gov. ernment will be ao diaorganlxed that the Union can be rent witnder. Dot If the wicked ambi tion of the aouthern potltlciana should lo raaliaed, In the ereranreof the South from the North, no mortal mind can Imagine the meant which could tare ui from a ferocioxu strife, In which luch dmadful rnterprlae aa the following would be the order of tire day, with ft without " the sanction of the National (iovernment." Nkw Tonx, Jav. if. To Iht l'.liltr nf the ejrw 1 and some SO rountf men of mj aoqM-ilntCiiee (anil there are thoweuidanf other In Ihe city) wbi are out of employment, wrn'd like to v ,hinleer V go (couth In caae of conflict la tween the N rlh an 1 S ) itli aa prujateere to act alun the co . of tie siulhern atatea aainat the aeentara. -If eomaof 0'ir rlc'a ahlp owneia would caider the aauliou of our mt.otvil Knvrrument Al out a few tfwnla aa privateer, Iheta wmild le nod fnculty In rJittmtn a aiiffi 'tent n'en lar of heto.c yunnrf men who w m'd eiieet fully brav4 alidauiiertirtheiqnil anl the inarchauta wou'd tiid a profitable ret'irti fo' their enplUl, In the ae t ve eiii'lo) meiit of the.r now Id e vewiela, which wIP eonn rot In our d.a ka, lil which In ee of lielurf put mi thia service will ew-wm alial the c ait at the Booth airl d 1 1 ff. 1 1 ve woi k, and rhx 'i.rei the treaialle roml a I of the amthero fire entora. John m cki.v, M Or.iJ si. Jlnlioh Meiillinent. We copy on our lint pipo, from the Iain Ion 7i', whiih aertm never woary of recurring to the subject, a frcdi nxpreaaionof the prufoun I sentiment excited in Knlanl by the wirin re iTpllon of the Prince of Wains In thli country. In view of the extr exMi t ilioni of the lenders of aouthern tro-non, from thn lnfcrete. support and ajinpathy of r.iilint, I' ianppir tumi to rcmaik that Iho only strictly wiutliorn cil virite.l lv the l'rinee, was Ihe only aouno nf -rsonal Indignity which he encountered in the United Stateaj and tint the di,rraroful inri clrnl at, lliihmond etblenlly atun Ihe most sen sitive nerve of Ilritish honor S1 keenly aa it waa gratified l.y the kindly rcpe t everywln'ro inini foetcxt toward the young stranger In the North. Iho laHidnn 7'iik-j its, If, of late years somo v. hat mora thin rirrumipeet, coiihI lerato nn I fair in Ita intarl.iMo Ireitincut of Amerlcin slavery, waa goaded by that inri lunt into a 4iili pic against the brutality nn I barbarism of slmery anlof Mavxhol ling character, which we felt couatrainod, in quoting at the time, to sup) rea for ita Intcnxe, hltternesji and exicwsivo k icrlty. 1 he Ilritish press, is-nplo and govern ment will lose, if the South succeed In acoling, all motive for restraining the lutouto repug nant o of hum in nature generally to Am iricau shiviry. 'Die same miy bo Slid of thn North, and of the world at largo. I brlolinn iHcdlntlon. A numU'r of emiiiint clergymen eminent too among tho northern alogiita of slavery have Issued a circular on the subject of prewit na tional p rile, addressed to thn clergy anl I city of Christian i hun hea In tho aouthern states of the Union. It la signed hy such men aa the ll.iv erend Doatnra SrniMi, Tun lira, I'ott, Di Witt, Hi.iimni--, IIa kh, IUncm, McmtAr, and others of similar antecedents; nnd, by whomso ever written, lafolrautlful a modul of Christian graue and courtesy, aa well aa of rhetorical force and elegance, and ia withal so remarkable a tea tiinnny at thia late hour from such men, that we Intend to make room for it tomorrow. We can only regret that these able andiniluontlaldivtnit had not much earlier brought forward their weighty testimony to tho loyalty and moderation of the northern anti-slavery sentiment gener ally, and had not much mUw uni! itir groat iutiuenre at the SautK, against agitation Slid sectional bitterness. Wo understand that thia truly conservative and pcaco-hreathlng address has already been forwarded to about three thousand southern tier gymrn. farnlehmat Arose to Ihe Mouth. TiiKyoimKirCimieirrir, which, aaitinime iiidlcntea, tskea a cotmiien lal view of all public quuntloiia, and ectliiiatea the value of the Uulou hy ita iia.le ndvautaiea, makes an elogy for IIiom isiitlierudea'era In "thednodful liiiilciiieulsaiid mil nitloiia of war,Mwho have been doing a proAUble trade therein with tbe aouthern diaimloncnt. 8okln aa the organ of thme dealers, Itanyathat they will un juiliiMiusly plea.1 "in guilty" to "treaaon," m defin ed y Ju.lge Kvci i sv of the L. 8 District Court, in his charge to the Grand Juiy. Tbey will claim. In the flint place, that they imjo their sales tociliatlH of the seceding stale tie'bps tlifMe stales stc4.t mil of the I ulou. Al lecwk two mouths lieloiti Siuth Carollut nMsel her ordi imneeot seecwsiou, Hie demaist trom thai aUle tor flieicinis was unusually lirisk, and shkked very liuuh. If it did hot rntiitlyccAM, try Hie lima alia hadsendid. Irfiug before seces-ilou waa aeriously dlMiutnicl In Aliilwiuia, Mississippi anil other stiles, oideis iHinimenced to ismr in rVcmi them iism our Nnw Yolk cbwlcia, niitl all the sslea which II was pnt aihle loluakn, weie elTixte.1 la fore those stales with drew fiom ilia I 'icon. It la t xi ecduurly JmiUi'oI Ifi.cHHIwoithol aiiiiaaud aiuniuuillou have lieeu dls ceul ot by New York dealers, to all the seccdiu; stsUs, since their sec esemi, unless to satisfy un finished contracts. If lliey hau efliUl such aslea alter seeiwuou, tiiey would thcnctiiun that they did hi will oulstiy kiiowlutrfe ol the lialloruua pur sM,"ror Ml.ich liie dead y mercliand ae uiight be designed. Of eoume they will ao plead but preteudod igiw raiux) la not a ai flklent defence in the eye of tho liw. Theee "duilers" are not stub chlldreu thai Ihey never askidthiiiieeltea, "What meaua thia uuusuat Mmlhinu iltniauil for howlters, rifles, iua.keta, pietnla, sjil.ies, .wdcr and bullaf " Hut the Journal tuf.a ma us Ihst iiHiet of the orders for these "imple mem of wai"iiimuatcduofiom thesLite authori tnw, but horn retail ili-ilcra In the South, whose Inisl iKaa it lslauply IhediMiimd for their "mi'lgiilnary waiea," aisl whose "sole ambiiimi is to make all they citil out ol II au niubitiou which is ahaitsl by ople wlio git IheirllMiig by selling guns in New York." Tho Jiitirmt also nigues, thai it would Is) "miper liui nl" of the Nuw Yoik dueler to ak their auiithem cueloiuria whclhei the aitit lea called lor are to be usidfor "liailoioua puriioaca." 81111, In view of Judrfe Bsai iJT'a vi ly explicit charge, the Journal deems llprcsleiillosdda ulld but half apologrite cHittioufi lu i omineieial filenla. Ilaaya If they have erred, however. In any caao, t'iroii jli llisuaise, ihe trT.sti,( this s-ilanin Judicial caution will l to make them moieiKrercii in iheir iljallus heriMtler. In Ihe prwwnl sUle o lrsle bulwoeu the Naih and boulh, Ihe tempuuious to sell gum are iiul likely lo be loo alrou tor oidliury ixitriotlfii to resist. VVbst Ihe Journal means by ordinary patriotism" eecsMiuit iositively iwy, but lu language jio4.Am the Infuruu e tht It la a silriotisiu which would re fuse to send anna South, when tbei e are no pun lua- eie and no isy. The 7Voiiiw, In an article on the eame suhjexl, niakaa the following piaillve slateinrnU About fiiur weeks ago an agani of the stila of Georgia, ailing with Ihe authority o( U ivemor llaoos, urnvi'd here to iwsiuli lor anus, au I es pecially fur Aald aitilleiy. Thia agnut put himself in a lueaauM ill the hands of Lluul. Col. A. J. Iltaiuw, ol the id Cavalry (late Cominanauil of UaJeu nl Wei rolnl), and Ihrouiih bis fileinlly oflties, uivla a contract wllh K. P. faaaorr, of the Went polm Puiiudiy, at Cold (CjiHtik, tor eliteeu tV-uuul.r Iron (runs, to weigh 1000 lb. em h, the Rims lobe rifled audio lie euppliwl with Dyer's rifled projec tiles. At the csime lime a cootnui w u entered into with Dr. Aroi'sn a Visa is, of West Tmy, N. v., for Id cariiigee, suitable for these guua, wilh calamus, tWUenr-wsgona and fbrgea complete, and Viaiia la luiw al woik on tbuni with all dilkgnnee. Dr. Via ua la also alsail oompleting an order for a flsld bat tery, ordered through the house of Coopaa A Povd, of this city, aud aa they have done an etlenilva bu-ahu-sa wtih the South thia winter, It la presume I thul this tstttery ia for that eactlno moat probably for the sum is Alaliama. Jusl atWr aiTangtng these contracts. Col. Hunan oIinel a leave ofslsuus-e, wilh nnlaalon to visit Kune from ihe tnsliorous Fiiotn, and it la well uu dirstuual auusig his friends that It wa merely wllh a view lo purchasing arma and luuultloaa of wsr.elther In this country or alirosd, for the sute of OsorgU, thul the Indulgence waa granted. Il la huiulllstiiur to leel thai there aie men In the service of Ihe I'uiou ao lost to honor aud all sense of ahama as to d i such Ihlaga. Dr. la the hired phyalcuui at the WaUrvliat ameiial, aul It ia the town-talk of West Troy that he baa nuuu use of hla position there to obtaia machsu. leal faclllilea to fulfil hla Ueorgia onulract. Clearly It la Ihe duly of the govenmieui to prevani thia ma lei Isl from going turward to the rebels, and to promptly arieal every i-th.ii eon. emad. We ootn meud the auUJat so Ihe Urand Jury, U'aahlagtosi ltuaaoras It ia propoeed to give the mall contractors la South Carolina (Wars en f As Sui-Tntrj nf CharU. ton, br the baUncea da theui 00 Ihe fourth quarter of 1SC0. IMvase advice from Texae ludloMe that the Dia unlonUle will la defeated there. It la also though! that In lUoulalana the oa-openitneUa way get oou tri4 of tli onavaitl.iii. S'lwtore CaiTTXHorv and Porous, Wei. C. Eivta of VI i Vol's, and a leaJJug geutlemaa from (ae Dor der ststea, are preirtng new plan br aeUliug the difncultlee of the eountry. With the reUremeol of leralor Ivaaeow of QmrtlA rom rtielpatlon lu the bualnea uf the gfoava, only three mure withdrawals are necessary to give the Republicans Control of that body, and with the eo- oprrillcm of Messrs. Dovm.AH, Btouta, Paiawr or Frrcii, they ran now peas bills aud confirm appolia merits, lu the House of Kepressntatlvea, BoyUi Caroihia la tlie only atal wholly unrepresented. It la eufgrisled, that acta a.lmluln(f Alahama, Mis alsaifil aiid Florida kito the Union, lie repmlel- thus placing them back In the original asibtlooof unnrgiiiilteil territVaHee, ao far aa relatea t their rela tions w'lh the Federal Oovemtnent, Il la also pro-" psnd hi rcis-al all laws making porta of entry along the coast of the encedlug sUtee, aud to aolae al yea aela aUsjnisiiig to enter tbem with cargoes, 'bu'vi wilicy, it la believcil, would soon bring the a esalour Ints to their aoIsM- r fleet on- A rt"publlcnhohaa travele-1 thrwigh Miry 'an I aa a Vlryiulan, and framed the ootid lsuce of the ooa s) I y taking the oath of serresy, rrpoits thit ten stiouastsl men have been ancretly organlxe'l In Marx land and Virginia, to prevent the Inviguralion of a-coi.rf, and stop all progres through the aide to Wardiingtun. Tliecle-kslnall IhedTwrtmrnla are ! bo sworn to mt'iilaln the Cnlon. It Is resasertid tUt Mijor Atmrataov has three fnoiitba au pine of fuel aisl irovlaiHis. Tbe resrt thst tlie South Csro'lna mevseugera were aolhorired to projiose a surrender of all toe t'lnlid Steles pmjierty aslaed at Charleston, Is met 1 y Ihe counter kUlcinenU thst the u.tinittuiu of rsith Carolina ta the iimvssl thsial attrren ler of Fort Sumteri tint Mijor AsoranoN hail len imtinnlby the at-tteauthotllles of their InteuUon tvi tike the fwt al whatever cost and thai Msjor AaoewMm re pllid th it he had nn authority to a. t otherwise lliin ttdefiisl himself. Thequivitimi wis then refteTvd to the Pits di lit, who df lares that F t 8 miter aliall not lsi rv leuuted, tin I sends ird are to Major Aisa aoa, ly Ills imvwenger I,leut. TaLlto-T, ti dafisii bia Issulimi if ictui ked. II is ahostsled that Mijor Avorosov has isieti or dered to jionnit no more luligmiles t-idoff ire.1 tVi llin t'n ted huitea flag, and ti open hla guna iiiiu the offending arties. (leu. Hoorra srrsngmienU for prossrvhi the psive of M'sshlmrVsi are irhs-t and a'most complete The Dlslliilrn Volliiilei n keep their tneetlnga anl duigs as an ill its isiiuble. f rplnlone of Ihe lrraw The H'orMthlnka that each dsy's history miVaa It i1siii thai the lloloott ifl growlllg slave sUtes will n il follow the disunion pnicrramuie wilh an) tiling like the snbiulspilveiiisia that wis counted iii-iii. The irei lp lata y nf South Csrollna anl the gulf slntris, tiietiiwl of hurry n Die others fuiaelvely al n In the same hot mlh, bus cxc.tnd a certiiu resent Inelit, and al-solulely rei. t.1 tiiou the s-irns cause il wisdi'siglied lopr iim la Ihe piv.ple of those suites are all 11 e to lnr and inne i mtious, f w too sight uf the wild recklessness south of them. It slso slows tl at the cottou sVctes hive a"tu illy not a single prailuwl licjury to complatu of. What ever gi li rata iw exist, affect abuse! exclusively the ismler atati-a, which are the slowest t ait, and evince Ihe tiK-et attac hnietit to the t'nloil The slaves of the dlsUtit states are far mil of therireleof nmlhern afitatinn Ihey are seld nn or never fiurltlves to the N irth, and liave no bill rnst in the miilergniiui I railroad an 1 aa reganls l.-rritory, there is tenia Vi whlilc lliey cau tie profilal.ty tiksn i y uieir nwiHii'i-s, ior mine is u is a usit in oiir serri lot lee wheienaicsi .an Is, grown. The WWId also dm lares. Ilia! the Inaoleut treason of South C inillna tamsit lie sHlaultted tt, as to atie cunib to It, would be a u si Ion i the i mth, that Ham cavort from thoN nth anything U has the ef fnaitery !o demaisl. Tlie TVicmneai prove nf the project recently alert ed, and already noticed In the Stnv, of iutroluolug Into diiigrc-w a proMiltlmi to buy out all the slaves lu Delaware, Maryland, Mlsaonrl, Arkaus.ta, 7rxas and Louisiana, "Ihaaaecurlng ! freed nn all Ihe ststea noith of the rotouiaoauJ west of Ihe Mlsaiaaip pi." If all tlie suitos named will uot mu cent tv thia inmrsMi, siw ws4j-aca.-is mighl be offered lo any lhal would aoce. Tlie Trltwnf ridicule the secession nf Florid i a atate which, la ln6, had only SO 000 luhakitiuiU, and liaa now irubebly no! quit 100 040, or something leae than the isipulaliou of tho Urn Ward of Ibis city. It nays I "We ceitalnly ahall no! advoeate eoerclon In her case, uulesa it le so the eaten! of aeudlng Imck a d.iren or twu of the Smnlnoles, whom the hsied Fede ral Uoverainent evisillud, at enormous exiense, trma the rvergbidce aud houiiimis ka of tliat delis talile ieu Insula t luliws the uew generathsi of Florldiaus ar ifditTrritil stiitT Irom their immediate auei-staa, six hearty wsr-whcssi woultl aend the whole hundred thousand scurrying bcyuud tbe borders of their lui sslng duminluns P Florida baa onst the Federal Govemmen! over one hundred millions of dollars, and owe everything !o her iutrtHliiitlou Into the 1'ulon i yet she secedse be- ceuso of "the unendurable vvila of Ihe Federation P, The Times ndvoesles the passage of Senator Mas mutes bill, tniusferrhig the appnlulment of City Cbaiuberlalu to the Comptroller, aa tlie ahortestand most effective wsy of settling the Plstt an 1 Divuv controversy. Tbe rimes opines that if the Star n tht HVr had la-riia shouting star, the courage of the Caroline guunera In firiuj Into her might have becu leaa qiiea llonable. The -oMrncit nf Commtrt charge that "8ae A Co ,"bnvuig, by "au alliance with alsililtoulsni, eleviited Uiemselves fi swer, hope to be able to ex ercise 11 by public eonfuKsloit of Ihuir eiTors, and an appeal In behalf of Ihe Union." The Jturn U eeetna to uke pleasure In the tluuighl lhal Mr. LtisooLN, Inntead of taking hla ssltlisi nn the fourth of Msrcti next aa the Chief Magistrate of Ihe United States, will go t-i VTasbingtoii to assume tho funetioua of government over a broken and divided people. The f.Venino JM has au article sliowiug how grml giiinerathecllleaof IViltinioreaibl New Urlranl would Is, ahottld Marylaisl and IiOulsl uia refuse to Jola South Cerollm, Alalsuua, nsorgia an.1 Floildt, In insklug the rutiMiiia exjH'riiueiit nf aetcaainit. These Iwo rillisi would draw to thein much of Ihe trade that la drlvcu away fiom tho jsiita held by the aeces aionlsU. Tho W mod Ash iU former opinion, tnat 11 siting custom liouseti, rotei.ti d I y armisl vessels, should be placed al tho mouths of the harbors coimuaudud by Ihe tnaurgi ills, au.1 now says i To (ifl mil no Imde of sny aort with the pirts no occupied Ity the insuigeiita ia by fir the mist com. Hivlious way, as will ss the most cosy to exA'ute und the leiu.1 likely to 1 attended wllh unpleasant couaciptcili ns. It la clraiiytbe duty of the fe.leral government not to allow supplies of any kind t-i be received hy Ihe Insurgents as hsig as they are in anna to resist the laws. To keep tlie custom housea otwu sisl U low the sntrsuie, even on the ptyimiM of duly, of wenions iiiel miuiltiona of war whk h are to be usel ngainst ns, and of provisions for the relwl army al ready orKunisil or In process of orgmlsstiiai, is a eo-oieratloii with rol-allUu which canuul be allowed to continue baig. INibllcallona,. TlIK TltltaNK Al.HAHAO AND rOLITICAI. Hvowrra, lor lMIl, less Jusl a veered. lUaria'e Mostulv andOovai'a Ladt'i Dooa are out for February, The laalrat from Kansas, Tbe following communication from Usueral 8. C roeraoT, al Atchison, ad It-eased to Mr. Dsisst' Chalrwiau of Ihe New Yolk Committee, will be reeid with thrilling Interest W. C. DavtaT, CutixviN, 4e.t To-diy has Keen full of tntei ret to ua. g vres of leanu fnan the "Nmsho ceiuitry" have Come tod ly trod tlielr weary way fin- rlirhl eliya, and have come throunh Ihe severe! storm ol the seusmi. Mr. L. C, front (iensva, Allen county, came wilh cattle In nlue tltya, Ihrouuh aw aud Ice hi ratll lame, hla own feet, out at Uah aldn and einls of hla altoea, had been froaen, S", " he walkisl, laterally IciA f.sprluU of, blood. Ban! I, "Ton have base had a hard lime." "Yes, but I waa ihe beat able of any of us to coma " "You must have a pair of n looked me earnestly la the taee, mi M,i, ..u ,, d , lor ,, leke Iheuai, there are other who need them more thau I do." f.."! !Lh,r,h,? "'' ""? u1 f 'rrow and eurTarlng tmlil I fell obliged to close the acene. I found thai this young nun came from Rochester, N, Y.t svae a mrrotwr of the Ccsigregallonal Chnroh, Ksv. Mr NoTitrr, pastor. He fcdd me hla father died when be was a boy. He "longed lu Inyhnod for a farm s" had now goi one that Just suited him, and "amid no! give M up ( nis drought." He told me of whole famlllee ho bead on atoreaum-eead eVread, and iirewtd Utna mill eg hand. " II wa wilh diffteully I could make him take auy thing for hlmaelf, he wa ao anxloua to lake "every tiling t the poor Mas a! Oecueva." My dear friend In Mew York, I am ennvlaced that tbeaele no dlsfisae like hunger There la dospiclring surrow In a household that ar cry lug for brand slut! no earthly anguish con equal. To leal lhal oua la dy ing of hunger is a hell ocf horrors. But so av this, I am daily aaeidlng 8ff Into ihe Interior over thirty loads of provision. Through the generoatty of our friends In Ihe stale. I am dally ieedlug more men than the whole Amarkau army. I sin amired by Mr. Aasr, now ahlpplnf produce In Illinois, that the " frelghl be II for Ihe next rwealy cUvs will be over UnthouaauddoUars." Whitehall Idol Very eainoatly, ... 8. C. Poaxao'rt Ak-hlaou, K. T., January I, JM1. , Cootrlbulloiia of money may be aenl to the Treat urer, Joni E. Wiluah, rraeldaul of the Metro politan Deuik, New York city. Clothing, tc , may be aenl lo the room of th! Coca tklttee, tio, at) Cooper IntUtute, THE LATsEST NEWS. 0 m' TBLmiura to r s. r. tux. Political Intelligence. XXXTIlh CONURITM-aVs3sMsl Ocpetale. H'cije'aofm, Jan. 16 Th VlcevPrealdent presented a message from the President, answering the Senate resolution, re atlng to hi arnmaimanl of Joearti H01.T, lo ierf.irm Ihe duties of Ihe office of SsrreUry of War, mads vacanl by Ihe realgnatlon of Bscretary Fuvn. He fully sets forth th legal rea aona Fir the atep, Mr, Rica (Mum ) offered a resolution lor the an f ointment of a )icc!el Committee of Seven by the Senate, with Instrnrtloua to inquire Into the expedl eeiry of the paasayeol a general act for ibe almiaion of new aUle. and the rtmdjuidineeii of the litulta of Caliha-nla, Muuies. aisl Orem, as follows l First : New Mexico ahall lie bound -d on tbe north ly the rilh d tgree ot lauiuda i east by Tsxa aoutii lyTexa ai.d tlie Mexican bouudary, and weetby the lllth dogie of baia-ilude. 8rcmid - Kinsas, Including the present lenito res of IC visas, east of longitude 1 le i a smell por tion of New Mexico, nonb of latitude IT, and that rtiii of Nc-ts-aakft which lias smth of latitud) A3. Third An en'-irgenuiil of the jurlatictlon of M n neaolu to emlimce the profsesl territ'-y eH Deoo ub aisl tlie pittiisj ol N! jbraska lyucg north of lati tude 43 Fourth An enlergment of the jurisda-tion nf O-e-gisi ao a ly) merge aud luciudl the Territory of Washings, st- Fiftb: A re.d.uelnieiil of lbs state of Call'omla, eo as to iui luds that portion of luh and Now il)t len lying weal of longitads 1 1 1. Mr, (Pa ) moved lo take up M'. CaiTTtv iiRN'a resoiiititsis M". Laviue fCal 1 oppose.) Mr Pown.i.'a amend mens. Ii It e auimninieiii Is ecceiitisl, the Cnisiii t tiou will l so anailsle.1, that the extens.ou of slavery will Isi fir. ver prlii.e., and we will never gl Cut. II. d dnt wuittottke any resolution which wou'd again se -Ipitate Ihe question mi the American pe-oplv 1' lis uu lerst'SMl the quel.ou t .oroiiJhly, If thia ameispneiit g buf ire the s)ple Ihey will never OSItfl I to it IheClialimin fMr Foor) here deod-d that the lieAuisboI Hialness, being the Pecifl1 Ka Iroel Kilt, Ukcs pre.itlcui.e oi the sss.mi1 older, tlie Kansas n.'.i. Mr rtioi m moved to pnstiaie all other business, and take up the Critten len tewiluthms. Mr. Wai.x 'uhl ) o.i.le.1 f r Ihe yeas and naya, and It was carried cess, 97 . nays, "0. Mr, Stesra (Mass) inovid for vol on Mr. Pow. au aim ndmetil oil article 1st, line It, aflei the woid "terriu ry." li Insert "now held or hereaTter to," Tlie following la this Volej I'.tle Mesa's. Hiker, llayaril, Itlcja-nln, Tl'g ler, llrag. It Ig'it, C luginan, Critleihlen, Diug Iss, liUlutirisiu I1w.ii, lliuiphlll. It utter, Iverson, ,1 il nson. fTetui. ) Kisuii,'ty. l.uin, M neon, N liolm, Pearre, i k, l'iwe.1, Puifh, Rice, Ssulsbury, Sabaa t.nn, Hlideil and Wig 1 W. Aiivs Messrs. Aiilhouy, It ngliam, Cvnsnm, fliAmt', r, C'srk, Cillamrr, Dix.ii. II ml uln, I) u kee, Fissien Ion, F's't, Foster, Unmes, UarUti, llele Km, Ijsthnm, S"watd, Hlmuiiais, Ten Fly.k, TrutulnUl, Wsdenud Vlls.rti-4. Mr Wai (U ilu) luule a lu .tion li v its on Mr Piuirna motuai !i Nistisaie regciSr business, and centtnuetliecfin-11erat on of Ihe Can-rasno reeolu lions. Tlie f illowlng la the vote - Vera - Missra Hiy-iul, lletitain'n, Itig'er, Itrajg, ft igl t, C nctuaii, Ci itb-ndcn, D mgl is, Fit h, Oris-n, Hemphill, Hunter,, J ihnsoii of Teuusssee, Kililieily, Lane, Hwsi, NicholaiSi, I'aarce, Pk, Powell, 1-0,'h, Kice, Siulsbury, Solustian, Slld.iU, WlKfall r, ti i-aMessrs. Anthony, It iker, II n rham, C imerou, Chaisller. Clark, C illamer, D.xai, li.ilitlls, Durkes, I esudi ii. Fo a, Foster, (Irliues. II lie, II erlan, Kin, IjAtlnani, Hewanl, S mtisins, Sumner, Tuu Kyck, Trumleill, W fie. an. I Wilklnem-M. Mr Siteuoia (K. I i l-sik the tl r. Mr Simmoss and. I am a sLites-rlhts man as well a aa national in m. These is'rs.sial iibeity bills of Missih his Its I believe p-esaed when Isilh breui li es ot the Ig slstute ot that stue and tlie flivemir were Dreies-rstic Tlie slsve-y fuattai belftn t the I'tiited Suites b, divide. It Is a mete nvvtwr of nesilishuie als.ul iU bel'Sigtcig l the states lltdvldu ally Mr. Asneisv fK I ) obtained the ft sir rffl sa'd, "We ought is. I to ipiarrel ulsml temt'irii-s wtdch we have not Let us s tt'e the di.ucci.ty isiw srrrinul lng us. l.ct the public mind coot. Iei there lie nn ohec kel devotion to the b'nlou. Are we uorell still brothers of the seise houaehotd, through migration and intercourse I will not lielleve that In the madness of rnpnlar folly and delusion the most benlgnaut ffovemiiieiil on tlioeeith Is lo be is-oken d iwu. I is'lleve that there are no grievance that cannot tie settled within Ihe Lnlon uieler the Cututliutlcni. I believe that Iheteare uoditfurenivsi tlislcaunot tie aruloably eot Ued If Ihey are appisiacbed by the other aide In the spirit of tliiMie whom we have succeeded, and the frulu of whose lalsir we have Inherited. (Karmest aplilaua I. sk. vsllsrlas.) Mr. COM.AMIB (VI J called for a . on postpon ing Ibe cniislderatlon of the Crittenden resolution, and to take up aud fix a day for the oonaidtratiuu of the Kaunas Hill. The vot resulted yea. W t ntya, 3), Mr. lliannAM (Mich.) moved that a vole be taken on Mr. Ct-Aa'a moliiai to ametid Mr. CarrrxaDrva measure I y striking out Ihe preamble and th reso lution. Tlie vote resulted a follow t Yiua -Miscan. Anthony, II iker, Ftlngham, Cams run, Chaieller, Clark, Collamer, Dixon, Doolltlla, Durkce, Fesseisleu, Foot Foster, (liiniec. Hole, Harlan, King, Seward, Slmmona, 8umnnr-90. Navo Mcsaia. Ilrsgg, Uiight, Clingman, Critten den, Fitch, (li ecu, (twin. Hunter, Johnaon fTeu) Kennedy, Ijsue, IjSlliam, Masou, Nicholas!, Peiroe, Polk, Powell, Pugh, Kk.e, eVtulabury, aud SebAstUn Messra. IlnuAiiue, SuimL aud Wuiraix did not vote. Mr. Doeoi Aa came In after the vote wa deter mined, and asked to recoid Id Vote, Th scilijee I was Iheu laid on Ihe table. M. (ism's, (Cal.J moved so tka up Ihe Pacific Rill road bill. Mr. Cou-Aaxa, Ot-.) moved to lake up the Kansas tall. The chair stated that the in itlon to ttke up the Paciflu Railron.1 bill was More Ihe Senile. Mr. Iliol.K (Pa ) moved that the Seuate g i bato Ex ecutive Session Motion carried 1 he hxecutive lasted twenty minute, when the door were reo)ened. Mr. Cancan (Pa ) moved a reconsideration of th vote laying Ihe Criltendru resolution ou the table, peudiug which tbe Senate adjourned. House of Itrprt-wrntallvcM, Mr. Cot (Ohio) presented resolution assed by th legishilme of Ohio, expressive of attachment to the Vulonags'nslsis.rselou.and declaring that the laws alinuld be nulutnlnnl agalnat one aute Interfering with the affairs of another, die. He mi d thst Oldo did not unanimously pas lhaee resnlutUsia, Iiul hna already begun the work eg con ciliation, giv ug a vital still to the Pemeual Liberty bill i aud he bod beau assured that the work will ge, on till eeciy olaioxluus act or legislation shall Isi re moved irom the statute book. Full Justice will be done to all sections. Mr, Cox said thai they held up the bauds of the Admnthtratlon in enforc ing the laws and malubiUi big the I ulou, end thst they were the aeuluueuu of the iHHipleol Ohio, Mr. Davis dial ) Aud what are the resolution f Mr. Cox .Well, air, they endorsed the sxoh whlc h I was making at the time they were isiaslug tbe Senate. (Laughter ) Mr, Cox said thai he would take the occaslisi to notice Ihe pervereion of hi reiiun k aud those of Mr. MoCikxhanu by the gentleman from Texaa; the latter hod perdlcotad hla atu. k cai a remark nuule by oullesgue (Mr,VAi i av uiiiiua) ,'ua to carving out our way from tiia West with a sw..nt. livery esie knows tbvl my colleague Is against cisirclon; yet, his rem irks were made a basis of a Mcee h, a If he (Cox) had tuvle emreascaitble IhmiU. v hnl he said wis thai Ihe Presldeut was right. He lud acted est the defensive and against aggrcwHlou, and he vrould be sustained. Thee reso lutions sustained him. Mr, Caawroevu (Ua j moved to lay them em the table. Mr. SiirxvAH (Ohio) urged that they ahauld be rvsid, auil they were read. Mr, Cox added, that already th Ohio Legislature, In Ihe tsisi freling of comity, wa al work end d ln their pert tu reieallug unjust laws, and they have kided Ihe Personal Liberty Bill, which passed Ihe hist Semite. Mr. HiamiAN (Ark) put a question lo Mr. Cot, a to one of Die resolutuais, and asked In relation to the right of transit with elave, whether Ohio pro. JHMeeel to give lhal. Mr. Cox Il la no! my province to answer what Ihey will do aa to thai. The resolution referred to la iu the language of the (Vautitutlon. Mr, nraavi-T. (Kr.) What will Ihey do a to Ihe reluming of fug-Hive from Justice t Mr. Cox aald already ablllia Introduced to exe- cut th Constllutiuu In thst reersxt, and to reoeal the obnoxloua laws, and I hno it will nui . r. i,i - The resolution were laid ou the table aud ordered to be prlutcd. Mr. UaiM(N.Y.)preeentMniernorlala numerously signed, ut citlaena cf New York, In favor of Ihe pro posltlcsia of the IVaMer Bute Couunlttee. I tie Ibniae wen! Into Committee of Ihe Whole on Ihe state of Ihe Vnion on Ihe army UI t. Mr. UAanrrr (Vs ) Ihoughl the lime bad com wheiithsy should eonalder the Unpeuding danger calmly without poaslou. The cauae of th preaeul crisis Is uot Ihs mere election of Llsoom and Haw un, Isil the domlulon of one aectlou ove another, differing In the character of lu Inssitulleu and r"- Th SepuUloan parly ha atalily advanced till II ho gained possession of Laexly all lb uortbern II controls th nona now, and 11 cannot be long before il will have esitlre poscseaaton of th legislative au4 executive deiartmnit, miles there le eome gratl ehsnge, which la not likely lo occur. The Bepubll. .Paly Is aoll-slavery, and wlihoul this il never oould have come Into being, and would be dissolved. The party ia eminently ettiotul, heoaiweno southern state could epirove or unite with li. The party mod up igaisilluoedsU, with American and desert ers tnm the Democratic party. Iu the coarse of Ulna lbs BspuM Icons will have lb aaceMary two-thirds to ehanae the Caut.tutlou, to Ihe detriment of Ibe Boulh and the desinatlon of her pnvperlv Mr. CiiaotJa, years ogn, predicted the re anil ol th vicious oreronlaaUon of northern aocletv The eomcpllon of the stale and city govenunenu of New Yoikwa mentioned by Mr. UaaatrTf. to show lb national woiklng ot IU govenuneui based on numeiirel roajiailhcs. The Smth oaunl exiec-t Ihe NollhtoiibiinilHi Its anil-elavsry prlaclplea, uir ran the North eiect the South tu al ondou their view aud pnmlplr. Let eech section be eonlsui lo differ flora euh other, aud reinemiier thai the only safely or Ihe L'ulou I lit alseilal equality. Than ran be no great svirlftoe la secure the rlghu de-dgnadtnlhe C-ssctttutlon. Hi alaU (Vlrgtnl) emnld glad'y iireaerve Ihe Union. Not Ustgsino aha woiiluvevive advlard her ouihern Istctr lo aotvep! mods letms of aixwnooVctioii. but Ihe KspubUoan Itutlou of all iaMuHxmuaoe, aiidat.ll inoce their tu aulcng silcn. and del semination in rule, yn hy the awcad, have streugtheiird Ihe conviction of appre he nsioiu of danger, Vlrg'n'a would Jln n B-srdor Siate t-ttiitdexrecf-, bul Wil4 ally hasalf with that South. A the oldest UI ah would be th leader. II argue lhal la resort t coercion would M a end I th Union, and ispofca confidentially at the power of Ihe South lo rswie her enemies. U advl". ed a negotiation so aeeure a Intee and Ibeo arrouge meul and adjustment betsreeuthe Isnt aecxten. t peaee can be encored a reexawtt-uetlon of Ihe Union t posslbl. He favored a eeearatlon of Ihe northesra and amlhetn aute each hating IU own govern ment, but both united la tnutoana, with aa aHlanee for dsfrnaiv purpose against th revet of the world. Thia would see or all the advantatrw, without the evtla, cf the preset polttical trjratem, Mr. Oraurr (Ohio) reiraenluig part of Cincinnati, eald thai M citlaens and thoce insioslu In Kentucky lived on term of most friend y mtercoursei, and eome what mar. thrr wll maintain the condition of affaire. Those whom h resiresenved were for thalf tjonstllulleti and Union, and Ihe enioreeaieni of Ihew lawe al ail rsuarda, and a! any eosV He spoke or me eeiture of foru, magna. oes, eta, and to crown all, the South Carolina authorltliM have fired Into a ves sel In the service ef the failed States, carrying at her mast head thai flag which everywhere la a shield of prutectioti. The S-iulb lie buulted and treated northern men a eunquerrd people. Msrchans of Clnclunatt have been ordered home try Louulaua for no other reason than upholding a prestdinUal candi date of ihelr own choloe. We should slop this work of traitors and vlkllcote th laws. They mcut piss vail, aud Ihe government must put d wu Ira tore by the strong arm. Fortactnuice ha oeasad to be a vir tue. He rtiaracterlred tlie aouthern movement a cold blvodi d rerlielllon. There era no cause for rebellion In a Ooveniment whicre people make and control II. Rebellion la a leap in the darkt a high crlmri wild eiiarthyt and If auo easful must end in civil war, and conaespicnt dsoliti.i. He riggested btthe secea alinlsu would II be an a-t of prudmue for them bi stand agiunsl the ten tulllioiia of freemen of the West, whets there would be gathered a storm If et tm4 were mad to Inlsi-rui. tlie navigation of Ihe Mlsslssijil, The uow peo-ebil foclieLctiotu of New Orleans would Isecum the bed of a lake where nibes -ansild live Itsitead eg men. Mr. MataAao (Tcaiu.) asked If such acU as those to which the gent email alluded were d sie In the tui on, what wou d be d sie If th Urnou wa broken upf Mr, flcaiJtv replied, lhal If the union wa broken up there would be war and the tcvl will be a to who Is ttie strong!. D.deoulhetngenl'euienexjKVi that the ,.le of Ihe N irth Wesl wmi.d fo'd their h intl with liidifTeeeia aisl ses I) lr slesunbiisU fired Into aud Ihelr merchniiU driven boms. II rm long were the N nth West to uinl.nue peaceful un t r thia aute of Ihliigs. If Mil should be passed giving Ihe Prus.detit authority tj auslaiu the ua!ii tl givern inoiit you could have a hundred thousand nu-u from the l est and Utcu let Ihe worst eome. The tieople of Ohio have through their Leglalature recently untul mnualy suse.l rasululiou in favjr of iiiiliiUlulug the (lovemmriil. Mr HotAf an find ) argued against enreaalou. No one would quft4lsj the ri(hl uf revolution fir hibilerable rsirrssioti, but those did nit rxt. Theref.e-e, If the govsnunent ws overturmvl, II would Isi wilhoul Just Aoaticst or excitse. The eo I le whom he rerireseiitcd would not asissu! that Ihe .nlon sliould be desiroyel. They would rally srutuid it. lis couM tiit, however, desiair of the Republic, aud Imstol lhal il wiu'd osjt.nus W en dure, Mr, M'ltats fill) sad There Is treason again it the Couslltiitust and it has grown so large prneiof tioiio, and IU heavy f sHsteiis are beard all aroun f u. Tl.e most ho)s-rul begin to dispalr of the republic. Ibeeooner we make upnuriuui la to resist disunion, the IsHter, We should move ou wllh steady nerve aul un'altcrlng step lu the line of duty. Such U Ihe vordictofeveiy psiriot. The last s.ene lu the Le eoiiivn dissnia haa !een plsycd out, pnsluciug oh ous baud the overthrow of the Dama-raltc Isf-ly, and csi the oilier, Ihe desires tmu of the goveru irent. Who winild lutve au sMed that Mr. tie e iiasav, on hia return from abnsid. would have tie ctene ihe Instrument of the naiiun'a ruin. Nsbo A ! died while Rsue was bunting, and Mr, IteueiAVAsi while the whole RepuUic U lallinij Into rulu, enni plscently come te-wanl atst ssys be Is no! resjsinal lle tor it. Hut he, (Moaxta) aald wilh the whole country a Nathan aald to Daviik "Thou art the man." The tiltckness and darkness will Mr. ItreitiiNAN' memory. It there were needed any other tnsc riitiou on hie tomb, tt should be " have mercy cm hltu." (A voice front Ihe Be-liublU-en side. Amen II ne refenvd to bis former remsrks to show that hla pirdutl.siAliaVtlircu realltnil res) mx ting the braiklng eaxwn of the TV mot rallo party by an odious dmou slnitlou. Th President bad descended from hi high isis.llon to martrloualy nfverate against Mr. Doooi.a. t had tsmi aald by outaid'ira that line iianai 1 the last oT the Cnnst.lutloual PresldcsiU; bul tl might, srllh more truth, be regarded he I th Aral ot CMVi'ltuU'ikl tyrant and usurper. The Presidsnl bad vbtually aurrendere.1 Ihe Uovernmenl In Ihe ae ceselonlsts, who gained his ear. He travelled with them to the verge of dbuolulion, but refusing to lk th leap they turn their keen blade against him, aud be now nie for help. While he praocbe Uke a pa triot, kisacUarellkethoseofalraltor. lis would eery to htm, deceitful men, be trure that your ein weci nnu yene qui.- In lb oours of hi remark he eald Ihe Admlnla trallou Icrul Itself lo disuulnulsU, who, ensboldaied by hi councs, deslroyed Ihe Demucratio party. The lUion would have lieen In safety If Dotrout had been elected President. Th southern peogge are hie to blame for the defeat of Ibe Democracy and Ihe election or las.vsje. Theoliiecl lobaaUaluadlu thia waa th dlsntemlorrmenl eer she Unioti. Mr. TiKiaa (Temt ) toitolned Ihe flour. Th com mute rose, aud the House adjourned. NEW YOUK IJt.LH(jaTUUE sVuata, Albany, Jim. 15. l.rroRTS. Mr. Him noes, fioui tba aelerl committee on Federal Rela tions, presented a m ijorlty report Mossrs. SriNOLA, aud Cot in dissenting. WKma The Osisiitutlon of the United States wo ordained lyaud for the ieople thereof t and, whereoa It retablUbe the aram milt aulhority of the Uovemmecit, aud provide for Ih perpetuity of the Union i TAcreorr, I'aolwJ, (if th Assembly enncur.) That lh tecijile of Ihi aute, Irreseieclive of strly dw licstions, do hereby declare, that the righuofthe lX'le of a single slate r several sutes, lo aliaolve theiuselveeot will fnan their eulcmn obligations to the Federal Union cannot la a knowledged. The principle and Ihe nbjecU which Ihe UeueraT Oivoru ineift wia fonned to sec-ure, are repugnou! lo aueh authority, aud the exeivls thereof, whereeoever or howsoever attempted, I trcasonalil, aul mcut be resisted by all tbe remedies provided In the Consti tution. The first duty, therefore, of the oltijeiLS of New Yoi k, U lo be directed to Ihe presurvallou uf lh Union. ybvolW, (if lh Assembly enncur) Thai lh Legis lature will nutun the .executive of Ibe bus la the olfor ud pledge ot the miliUry power and reeiurccM of Ihe state; and lhal they will "provide for eialllug for the militia to execute the lawe of the Unl.m, ami pros Insurrection and repel Invasion," whether wish In or without lh auto. JeVsntped, (If Ihe Assembly eoncur) Thai Ihe Bute of New York I lailhfcU to Ihe Fedeief Union, and will make every iwo&ul aacrtnVeto iiuuuUin tl lu lu In tegrity. At tlie eame time New York will make apial aucrtAce lo aupjairl lb several auto in alt their ceuiatirulloual rlghu. yiesocW, (If the Assembly eoncur). Thai Congress ha no (lower lu Interfere with alevery tu Ihe oeveral eubst, or any of them. leaofsnf, (if lue Assembly enneur), thai although we believe Congreas posceea the iower lo abolish slaveiy In the Dislr.rt ol Columbia, yet It t Ineipe d anl to even Is such lower nuleM ciou the follow ing conditloti t 1st, That aholillon should lie nn the vote of a ma jority of qualified Votera eg Ibe D.strlct, aud xfltU th osisenl of th slaU of Msryland. id. Tlial II should be gradual. &d. Tlat comiieusatiou should be mad fc unwil ling owner. JeVeuIsed, (If Ihe Assembly ooncur), Thai Congres should nolluhibil or llnslr lh luur-stat Iralfio of lrsons held to service or labor under th laws of the several states, or any of theeu. JUttilvrtt, (if Ihe Assembly amour). Thai while the rendition esf fugitive slave from aervlo or Ubur la a Jilaln ciauitlluticsul olillgotion, ou-t ahould b faith ullyobMrvrd, the law of 1-V) csiulna provlshsia which seriously obstruct. If Ibey do not pi event, lu oxecsitmn. These should be mod. fled. A motion to prim extra ooplea of lh report having been mode. Mr, LaniAM aald t We already possM resolution tendering the w bul force of the Oovcviunail to wards lh atllleiueut of Ihia matter, and he wa op sscrd to any actual at th preaeul time, thinking thai such ouuns would rather retard than hasteu a acttlecneut. Tbe motion to print wa referred. Mr. Fxaay presented Ihe elohweuth ann'ul report or Ue Manager of lh Now Yolk State LuuoUo AjpIcuu, bmls ivraoncoan. Mr. Ptoeeoi, nurklngan approirlatlon for tho sanal dl aud lualntatiauc of lbs cauals M th fia oalyxsar commencing (X-tober I, ItSl. The MU retail vs lu the Fuianos DVpartment of lh city of Nsw York coning up on IU third reading, Mr. IlAuwosro moved to lay the UU aald for fur ther exambmtlon. Mr. Colvw ahould decline voting for or agalnat any Maw York ctty matter without being fully aatlafrad that tho cillaen of New York desired It. He had not forgcassn lh manrilese charge mad agaliul Ihe Deruher of Ike last Legislature, for voting oil lb New York city railroad UU. If they voted fur, Ihey were charged srilh being eornipl, aud If they Toted agaluat them tbe charge waa th aame. Al aim fu ture time he would endeavor so how lhal Knwi D. MoaoAji was respouslWs for lh leglalotlou on New York city railroad, that wo bod at th but eesslon Thi UU, bo could not learn, met with the approval of those who ought to be eousultad In lhal oily. A nteasur of Ihta character eollod upon Senator so pause, until Ihe wishes of lh paailo were obtained. When Ihe olllsen of Nsw York undenUndlng lh provisions of lh bill ahall oak tor IU paasog, he should b happy I vote for II. Bu! wllh Ihe Inter. nation he now posseneed, he oonld not vote for lh measure. Mr, Htinnis-New York Senator certaluly were aware lhal every paper In Iho otry had advocated ihe ysuaag of lh bill. II had no objection lo the Bourse !ropord by lh Senator from Ihe 11th. Mr. Srneou favored Ihe bill, and reo'.ted she hla tory of the Chaauberlaln oonlroveny whloh rendered II lieceaaary. Mr. Sisaoiotr wa willing so vot for thia biU, al though members from Ihe rural district had often been louud taull wllh lor voting for UU relating lo New York. TbUU waa laid alda. Th hour of li M. havtag arrived, the Senate pro reeded to Ih Dorolnatloa of a eoudliaso for Canal Commlasloner, In plae of iAatrac U. BAaaa, d ossssd, vrltfa Ihe Billowing result 1 Banjul F. Haeo wa nominated by li Senator, and Wu. W. Wsjchit ley Sanator. Msssra. Mssaoaoud KsaAV war appointed soln urm the Ilous lhal Ih laial wae realy to rose! Ihe Uouao In Jslr CouvemUon which wa don, re nUUnf In lh elsctton of Mr, Bsoca aaeoeimos , Mr. McOtcw Thai ihe LeglsUluT proceed lo th election of United Beau Senator, in place of Wat. 11. BjawAan, on th Mk day of Faoruary, Laid over under Ihe rule. Wve dollars worth of autlonary was voted lo lb page of tht SeuaU. AdJouraoC Koreoas. Hr. Dacr,WoenUiiaoHnolSBcooklya. Mr, Fiasrw, lotey a railroad track In eprlng atrnl. New Tork. Mr. Hrrratieaa, lb relief of Jotrs ClAscv. Mr. Paovravr, to asnaod Ihe at authorising Ih Brooklyn Central and Brooklyn and Joniabsa Rail road Uaipaaie lo consolldaJ and nmtinct their read. Aim, In authorise bersr railroads In Brooklyn. Mr. AaiTlABir. In relation so the New York Marin Court. Abu, to locorporau lh YotkviUe Savings Has ik. t hi anrt'c -rem or hiM. Mr. Diarv, an at In relation to Ferries between New Yen k sod Brooklyn. Same a Introduced lu Ihe ftrnsle last ymr, by Mr. SrnsoiJt. Alan, lo widen MaM etreet, Brooklyn. Mr, WAtau, lu relstlon lo Qa O-mponle In Nsw York city. Mr, Monaa, lo amend Mccban'xy lien law, Mr. NrenrrT. In relation to urrles hetweea New Tork and Brooklyn. (Include both Kvctern aud wesiern cijcnii remee in isa provisiona i Mr. Wnvrm, to amend ad reluiv to firemen la New Yoik city. Mr. Sueaaoors to prorlde for proper Rupervulon f New York leeeneeill,eis,od fur oar eeal laalrue Uon of treiaul children. ma-no or a canal cxieeartssios. At It osrlia-k, lh Itma prooeedsd t voU foe a Canal Cotnmlaslouer lo fi'l the vacancy oocawoual by II. e death of IL si. SAmjai, II. Biases. WiUiAit W. Waionr reoelved II v. see. Dnuiais F. Itaeoa wa voted for by 8 member, and d"clared to be nominated on the (art of 1 1 As ermMy. Mr. FeM nrroN moved the arsiolntmsnl ef a com mittee on tl.e part of ihe II suae so wail on the Ssuils and notify that l.ely thst the Assembly bad ma.le a nominal csi for Canal C-smmissioner. Ad ips-sl, au I Messrs. Fouacbvon aud Josas were apiututed aald Committee. Beuslors Memtna and K IT announced slial lh SeiaU had nofulnatcd a Ctual C-immiesliHier and wer ready lo tnnet the House aud ceeupare nomina thai. Messrs. Fcuai-ros and Joeiaa t-eportod tluvl Ihey lied not fled Ihe Setacls a InMrurled. Tho SnisU then oamelnlhe Assembly Chamlmr, pteceded by Ihe Ssigeant-at-Arma of each lloicse, aud tl.e ITesident and Clerk to Iho SsnsAe, The President of the Senate (Lieut. Oivsruor Csartinj) thru loik the Chair, and U.e Clerk of the Senate and Assengsy rend Ihe s-occxsduig of tlieirrestssetive I mses bt Ihe case. t.leeil. Ouv CAcsraai L declaral Bsssasum F. Bsena, of Madia si county, duty elersed to fill Iho vsejeuey in II e ofTVt evif Canal Comm'sstoner ecx-aslon'sl by Ihe death ofSAuen. II. lUtses, aud the Senate retimed lo Ihelr Chamber, prntor-n.moN or bijja. Mr. ncBB, to oten un ihe ureal fliresU of northern New Yoi k, ly means of wagon road. Adjourned. Important Dlspnlrbr lo Ibe Cotasnandcr of Ibei Half Nqaadron. AVtis Orfc-ciei, Jan. 1J. Consul TicKKva went to Vera Cms tlii morning, bearing important dus-pab-bea from Washington lo lh Commander of Ih Uulf Squadnsi, Il la rumored Ihey wer for a eon cenlruLun nf the flecti at th mouth of the Mavsia a 1 14 and the liaHsir of rrnaarola. (leNierglaw NilMrtrrilU, Jan. It The Convention mstj at ID eVchxk. Judge Ilennlng vu chosen temorary rhaliman, aulsieqiieutly, Ooo. W, Crawford era elerled Pres'denl I7 sTilamstion, and A. R. Lamar, of Muscogee, wo circled Secretary. Arouilnlltce WMOs,lutcd towait ou Commlsa Inner Oaa,er South Carolina, and Bhorler, oi" Ala" lama, ami ropiest them lo oommualcal with the Convenlion, alao lo ace-ejt aeeU. The Cuuveiitlou aljourued until bmorrow. New York .Military Association. Albany, Jan. IC The Military Convention met again this morning. Generate licit an I Srnixa were In attendance. The recommendation of the Onnraittee b review the Militia law for more thor ough eufbrcrtnent, was adopted: alao a teoommeiida tlon lo Increase the force. The Commute reanu. mend thai an application be made to the Legislature lo la a bill lo pay th miliUry from th stole treasury, which ws agreed lo. After a loug discus alcat a lo how much tisaiay should b asked, tlie uljent of framing a bill to be presented to the Legis lature, we referred to a Special Committee, with power to act a their Judgment dictated. Oe u. Boorr waa made an Honorary Msmlier, the pisiqaitlii being received with applause. XttrOi Iran, Jan. 14. Th Tolunitecrs herej are daily drilling, and relnlhrcomeuU art urrouud lug lh fort. Vrova Alaaay. Albany, Jan. 16. Dkan KtcnstOND, ex-Llcut. Oovernor Cuvacu, ex-rjovernor Barnoca, Isaao Bern, of th Rochester Cnlon, ex Marshall Jswbtt and T. II. PAaaeacjoe, ut lb Buffalo Carter, ar a lb Delaware House locUy. Ther 1 a rumor that a ccaisciltatl.siUlo Uke place amongst pramlnrut De mocrau, lo advise a to the propriety of opjioslng, by all mean In tholr power, any ioUoy that will, under any clixniniietanrea, load to civil war. A call will emanate probabiy from th RepreHenta t ve in th Legialalur and b Issued forthwith by a Demorratie stole convention to be composed of two dele gates from ecuh asseiuUy district to meet al AU Ismy, a a preliminary lo a Democrolle National Couvaitlon l convene at an early day to Uke luto conaldeiatiou the stale of the country and see whs! remedy tor Ihe exisllng distraction oou b sviggeslcd. The Mobile) Collector. JfotViV, Jan. 15 Th Collector ha refused lo honor AsJoral drafts until order from lh Governo' of Alalsuua. Front IVaahlagloea. rTcieaiViiTtosj, Jan. 16. Ccneral Dig tut en tend upon hla dulioa as Secretary of th Treasury. He aueudi d a cabinet meeting yesterdsy, Mr. Rod man, Chief Clerk, ha boon miunilssloiied aa Aa elsUul Becretaiy, od inlerwn, tu phw of Clatton, retired. ffcHimofoes, Jan. 16 Col. IlATNtc, Ccjmmll aloner from South Carolina, has, It I uiUarsbiod, moderated hla views alnce hU arrival here. Ut U1 remain here several day. Th opinion l almost unanimous In aeremlon clr claa that all collision for the -reaeut should b slu dlonsly avoldal. Col. Havni ho been dally couu eelllng with th lender of Ih aa easlon movement, who are O.poaed lo recliiuilng hostllltie. II U believed Iho! strong representation hav been mad wilhlu two day aMt, urging th authorities of Boulh Carolina lo afford Major Axibon every facility for mai keling and other doinestta aciplle. A plan la now before the Committee on Federal BcJetloua of the House or Delegates at Richmond, which I regarded wllh much Interest in political elrcles here. The idea originated with Mr. Ptroa, of the Federal Uwii eg Representatives, and ha re ceived the cordial endorsement of Messrs. Cuttbv, rem, ItaauxiaxiDUK, Docula, William C. Rivx aid other dletlnguiahed gentlemem embracing alt Bliade of southern and conservative opinion. Lieut. Hall left today wilh Inetrucliou to Major AatixaaoN, Their character ho not transpired, but II ia ascertained from a reliable eource thai lh tioopa wlU not be withdrawn from Fort Sumter, a demanded by tho South Carolina authoiitua, aud that th poet will b defended. Such la the preaeul condition of affair. ihl Bcnl, lu exa-utiv aessloo, today ootiArued th appoliilmeut of Mr. Tatlob, chlsf cluck la tba Nsw Yoik Foal Office, a PoatmaaUr Th mluority rert have ul yet all been mode from lh Coiuralllee of Thirty-three, Mr. Lova, of Oeorgla, and Mr. Hcau.voN,of Texas, cuiteon aome Ihlugllksth Carmsoxs Isuila. Messra. Naiawa aud Frxxv hav each prteented Ihelr views. Mr, Adaus, of Maasnchua'tU, withdraw hla laaont lo the majority report, for the reason lhal th south em members bv geutraUy retired frooa lh Com mittee, thereby allowing an unerlUingnaos to aeoept anything Ihe North oould yield In Iho way of a com promise. The minority report signed by Ihs re prsMUtatlve of the Pacific eat.' Movers. Doaru and iTotrr, dalare the roruiedte am for Consttlu tlotiol amradmail by Ihl Congres oannol b had, aud since there la such a ooolrertelyof view and opinion among members of lb am tarty a laav no boja from tbelr artion which would meet all do. maud, they ar willing lo refer the matter of differ ence between Ihe North and South to the eource of Federal power, and to lb dalegale lcted wllh a vlsw direct to their settlemeos. Tbey eoncur lu uiaiay of th measures recommend ed by Ibe majority, and report a resolution addition al lo their. ThU reeolullou received 14 vole, while In voted agalual II lu lh Oorainliieo, aud proKwo lo call a Nathsiol Cosu-eaicilicinal Csaivaillon. The aec-retary of Ihe American Oolonlxallou Bo cUSy lu hi retwrt real al th annual meeting heat Bight, aald lb atatowsnl thai the Ah leans skn than abnard th Echo bad been sold Into slavery on Ihe African coast, was Ihl, They ar now la Li bert, aud well. Now Jereey. Trtnlon, ff, J., Jan. 16. A very Urge meet. Ing wa held her thi evening, I austalu lb Don oral Governmml In it encbroement of th lain aud pledging Nsw Jersey la man and mean to put down reUlllon. The Legislature wa reooiomeudad to tak action In lh matter, Speechee avert made by Col. Faxxaa, Dr. Scca-tosi, Mayor Mills, C. W. Jt and H. M. CoiWBa. Tlie Hp f War Dresaklya. cTotcJi, Jan. 16th T. D. Miuat, maaler 0' Ihe elopp-of-war Brooklyn, agaiu lendered hi resig iiotieu lost ulght, end will, Imiotdiakly go So'ith, fciricttloa, Jan. 18. Oor. Ti a message so lh Letglalatur, ad1 Iwo Boor snlUtarr oompaaleo aud So 1 is tjirei vsiar. 11a advises a euu of th extend v fortification li This may be expensive, but eon) ahall Boon bar a Southern Cottfes) necessary to protect Ih era ooast,' traneler the Iwjop to th aoulhera f foiatlcal exclteueut of aorvhern peo) If we expect to preserve rassecs, wet war." Tbe Houa of RetireeseUtlvoe havi to stay tbe eoUectloa and proeeeutie hj South Carolinian to men In th aetata, until alter December next. Lieut. Mst, of Fori Sumter, reac: teruooo, ou a lean of abeemc lo go hoi on aooount of lb IIUum of hi aUter. Morth CaroHaa. RaMyk, S. C, Jan. 16. Antl-e lutlona war passed to a second readluj las! night, and wiU bexxsaldered og.l Th rasoluliun are strong pledge the whole nwer of th autel aUecn4 by th govetnunenl lo arrce Tbe rmvaillou UU la being debater 1 IsilghU Mbnouri lagWatui i9( Ijouii, if., Jan. 16 Th (1 passed lb BansU last nhit. The r,i cf 7 111 naya, I. Th UU leavas II to I al ILe time lh delegates art lertc cessiou oictiuonco, .(passed, shall bs' l-oopls for ratification. The election c w be held Feb. 13th, aud the Couvauloi j Arhatsaa largWaterl MtfofJiu, Trnn., Jan. IC 'I Legialalur boa uiioulmoualy passal li tlie cpievtiou of colling a Couvebtiun tl Ihe Itch of Febriary. If a majority ft I l.ou th Oorsruor I to appoint th d.1 ruor la to appoint th de ) AntM'oerclon lu fhUade rhUaJ'JiMa, Jan. 16. Taer w gttbrrlug at National Hall loulght, fa dilation and not Hi eoerclon of thr peaceful eeiiolicaa If It must be raihc ever, Ou the resolutions being read ther antu dlspesutaou so eippisM !hm by a audlasNS and a gentlctuau on th plat! amend them, lis was Immediately ran A large pollc force wo lu Inteudanc- 8eche were mads by Hou. Isai (JantoB M. WnABTON, l" 8. District il Wm. u. kxioi, Hon. iu.ijamin II. UU other all Itanc binbiimii DiuuucraU, Bevrrel attempu were made al dlsluri fi apiently 1 hearing for the Union, General Msjor ANnniHON, and groaning for Sol aud the IViuetLj Aag, At length th till cjasisillou was I'jrowu out of th w ndd of great excitement ensued, anl many mini bi'fore order wa restored. On the questlou being put by Han. "a to where Pennsylvania would dismemberment of the Unlou," hundre the South," which sentiment waa lusY The South was askesl to wall until II, uia Democracy were Bgaln tu power. All the Bis?eche united In onuimendlii nsa Inaugural address lor lu coucUlatoi reoneylraalau, Jan. 10 The Lai 1 jima, of this srenbig, eoutain a oommuni Natuanio. BctbT, a Republican, earnestly Suae Legtjlstur to tak ImmcdlaU steps M the bonier stales by aeudlng coeumlsslonc legtalalure with a pledge 0T Psnnsvlsan formancwof her coustllullonal duties In .tale, lo counUract th stsrtlou ef thM , enuasana iu sooae aute. , M re Targtala aUgkelavlara, 1 Richmond, Jan. 16. Th Ilonoe Corf Federal Relalloti rei-rted ou Mr, Bauvut i lhal II I tneiuedleul lor Iho Federal tl wider existing clrccunetanoeB, lo make ana military force, inasmuch a II would be Ua construction and lend to create uneasiness 1 1 lie mind 1 and requeatlnir tba Oovernor tol medlaU infonnatfon of tho purpoeesof l govev umenl with respect to strengthening tl force In Ihe arsenals, Ac In Virginia. N a takeu ou the rscsirt. The Comiultteo wctr I leave to ail during Iho aeaeion to cuuaider lout InJbrniatiou recently rrceiveca The proceeding of the Senate are unimi Foreign Intelligci The Teuton! hai arrived at Capo lul all days later from Europe. Thebnml Oeeta atUl continue. Nonewioflm; Thxrh Aft L-r Iiiivon 3S refuira and industrial a hoot IS for boya, aa one for girl. In these institution. 40 ar tt thi present moment -being fed J and lodged, and taught how to ern4 breau. Tint MtilM or Kombi msnarre ingenuity to combine in portion of or ornaments, th three Italian colors; maaingme intention so apparent at like a challenges to tho authorities. 1 dress, with red 6owera and preen leave! iiuir, ia a favorite costume, but, aa It iimirudcitt to adopt It too cenerallr. tiuoa and badge on a similar scale ar 1 For CliT Itevra, met, Third 1 RxADEiu or Tin PArsa Wbo unfortunatol hav frleaet ftvea i LOVE OF STRONO DRIMX. U sTTav4Ma tt) Ut DR. ZKLL-S FAMUU8 RafKDY for THAT TERRU1LT. DUEASK. The posraers, which ore smaU, may be glrea e le the drinker. If Beeeaary. la Cutfea, Tea fl Wanaated terfcetly harinlesa, and wlU not nausea, lley take rbthl hold of Ihe iXoeaas. C3 I HvlsUo st and si Mrs. BBACII-8. Ill Kuril M. Y, sad at Mrs lUYKri', ITS raltoa at. Bra rauc.a uisa LULaaa. I wmii I Kiriw What to no wim m I cannot evrn him. Iaaum haw le direct hh srv ciiiaeevoruiiT te restrain aim. lie la alearv chlrLyousay. That tery poser which loads h mlschW wants direction, and know led of th miscnW wants du mar bsebtalusil may be obtained by a Phreuoloelool luonuoa lowija a Waua, No, MM Broadway, IUnnAnei! IUkoainsI mat m iiaiJ miiiradavl avenles. al the Chins ArrsilA. lm a st, Hrooktn. The aooda lo be sold ar china, t toilet art, and lanoy articles lo tree! varleti-, a of erockery and stoue ohlna ware, Rlasa ware, e sound the roods all first class, sad sHordln II erportuany la borers to repUnlah tbstr sleek. Ba evssilaf and ttatarday eveatna Tin vTaUK AKD OUIUTATEO SHOVU raylscet rcsacUag th advattlseineut of Dr. Aare kesUod "Terns SUA said Ajmesd,"ea th fburtl s( tads paper. It la a tnsdian wttrlhy a trial. ' Barrt'i TKiooriTCBOxni klhBsdan4iihaaiicKartAcueforetressta end I 136? t&TEKJB7KZJ&n aWOiKWUkJU NOTICES. V Hcrofalaa dssoretrrs, reaUlaT ta eon, had leae, dry srorvr, ulcers, e., n-lainsU In U and vtttaUal seeretlcNia. 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