Newspaper of The Sun, January 17, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 17, 1861 Page 3
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K 1 s - fl it Iv TV .. SLi I Lv BEATHS. ADiJtt-Oa Txstjaar, Jan. loth, Hn, Mary Adam, Uur frtSL aaal nUm ere reea-wony tartied attead the 'iUT "" (Urnooo, l 1 Crleek, nrt.T tnOiirooklrn. on Wednesday' evening. Jan. 10th, Joha Patrick Bell, rni4Ililiiil UlenlleU, Ml Mere. Ill aMieilli anil lflaavw ii remain will b uken to Flatbtih Ceroeterr for 1nW-mcnl on Friday afternoon, 19th Inst, at ewloek, 4Yem the realaence of hit parents, eor. of llastsoa eve. .ad Plymouth tx. Th Mend and arrmalataAoei of the famllr on rrapretfully Invited to attend. M BCROTR-Oa Weandy. Jan. ICth, of eoneom. t i n, Alht-rt Buret r, lo the Md roar of bli am. TIM rrlattvea and frlonda of the famllr alao tho mem. bers of rranpany C toet-t her with tho emcre aad erl vstee of the h Rag , (In eltlaene' draa), an rernvt. fally Invited to attend tho teneral, on FrMy after, noon. 18th tnet., at I o'clock, from hla 1st residence, US Font that. Ilia rcanalna will be Uken to Illll for Interment. Philadelphia and BalUnioie paper tdtaao copy. 1 CLIFFORD-On Tuesday, Jan. lfh,.Tahn CUnVwd, IfcarroriCMtaoa of Patriot, and UrKMtUard,aWl year and a dar. Tho relative and friend of tho Tamil am rreT.'ct tally Invited to attend fae fnneral. thU (Tharelar) after atom, at I o'clock, from lha naldenoe of hit parent. Ur flghta are. itl DEANS On Tweaday, Jan. IS, of consumption, Ma. trida I leans, of tho townland of DrwnrteUaud, Co. Deary, Ireland, and ft years. Tho frlonda and relative of the family are respect, fttllr tovtesd M attend the fun rat, this rrhandar) after. noon, at 1 o'clock, from 883 West ltth at ll-r remain will ba bM U Urveawood Cemetery, Brooklyn pit xt plea eopr. 1. I1AIXKTT-AI Astoria, Jan. 10th, Ml) Chwrty II. Ilsllett.agodOa'reert Tho reUtures and frlonda of tho family ara reseeet lullr invited to attend tho fanerel, ou Frldtr after tionn, l.h Inat, at 1 o'clock, steamer Mettaauo leivse Fulton Market allp at 1 o'clock, P. M. IT riARRIS-On the Kith I rut, of croup, tho enlr aon of Tlenrr II. and 8nh Maria llarrlis aged t nnntha The fnnaral will uka plan at 1 o'rhxk. at M tlrand rt. WUlUmiihurah Tho relatirta and ffifidi ot tha aniltr ara raaptctfull lnrltod to attend, without fir U or lnTKatk.o. W IIFNDr RSON On Tandar orenlna, at 11 o'c-I.x-k, at ttiedtr HnapiUhJoha U. llenderaon, In th 21it feu cd hla ain. 1 ha rrlatlrra and frlenda of tha famllr ara rrepi. fall Invited to attaud hla tuuaral, on t ildar mrnlna, lh InM, at V o'clock, fmm tho raldmiooof hla mo thrr, 411 Cbrrrr at, wltb'wt farther Invitation. 131 KtllKlAL- tin Wedneatar, Jan. llAlv, of oonaump ton, UrUtfH Kthlral, aaod l)rar. - Hit rrUtlTra and fnenda, and thooa of hrr onoto, llufh Immobile, an rcvprrtluUr InvitM to attend the fa M-raU thU (Thiiftdat i afternoon, at 8H o'rlfick, frnm h'r lata rwldtuoo, I'luahlni are, near CUaaon ore, Jlrooklrm. 1W I.AMH -OnTnwdar.Jan.l.l Wllll.mVrtticUL.nib, minaret am of Parrtrk and Catharine Lanih, aal o aeani, 0 monthj and 11 dra 1 ho relative and frlenda of tha ftmMr are reapart fullr InTtted to attend tha funeral, thla rriiurelir) afemoon, at 1 o'clock, from tbo rcnldooco of hla pirenta, III Weet dTth at. 1 UTTLE On Tanadar morolui, Jan. 1Mb. at tho renidetieo of her aou-tn-Uw, John H. Holder, 141 Vork roVllrookln, Jtnn. tt Uttle, aaad C4 roan Tbo rrteuda of tho famllrare rep.ctfull InvltaJ b attend the fnneral, thla (Tliunular) aturanon. lltli, at H o'clock. Uor rrniaiiia will bo iutorrad la uroenwvtd Crcnrtor, lirl I,YSCIt--Rnddenlf,on Jan. 15th, John Lrtch,aua Ut of (.ountjr Trrone, Ireland. Mar bla awl reat la peooe. Amen I 1IU frlenda are rornectfullr li Ited to attend bLi fune ral, thin dr, fnim 1 Cherrr at, .Saw Vork, to C'l'xrjr Cenieterr, Willlamaburrb. 134 MIU'A -n Tueedar, Jan. 15, of enrnimidlon, Fllaa th beloved wilt m lia.U llUea, In tb 4uUi , oar of hor ee, Th relatlTe and friend of tho famllr ara reenvt fullrlneitil t't attend the funeral, on ritnrUf aih r. awwu, 17th Inat, at i o'clock, from hi r Uto rtUJjuce, fctl Mmiroe at. Hi r reraiitna a 111 b takou to Calr C m eirrr for Interment. 151 alOI.K-.HoJ.lpnlr, on Wedneailar. 10th Inat, Hra. 8a aan Mole. In th nth rear of br . 1 b relative and friend' of the deeeued, and ato tlioaeof bar brother, Francta lltptlet. tvf .New !(. chlu),ara rainate4 to attend her i moral, oil r ridar afternoon, lith ln4, at 8 o'clock, frnm tho reMouei of Mr.HplraPltou.lMDBOuthlatat.liroolljru, . l. 13 J MLI,OY In llrookln, Jin Id, of ounaumtitln, Unarwt wife nf Matthew Multav. a native of Mnllln. V. rar, joaaf weeimcatn, iraianu, in too oioroaroi er aae. Tbairirodaoi in iamttr,an4 inoaaoi nrr bri(nera, Anthonf and Patrtrk Connor, a id brnther-ln-law, Win. Wallaoe, ara reapttutlr lnrlt'hl tf attend th Aineral, on Krldar aft irmirn. ltfh lnt, at i' o'clock, irom her late realdonc:, 15i 1 ront t, nar Jar, wlthnut further li rttaikm Her remain will b Interred In th Ceinidarr t th Hot Cro. llalbuak. St. Loula ptpdM plc axipf. i NF.IM'it-On Jan. 11th, of Inltamtnallm er th 1'i.ijs t'JIen Nelleo. daufhter of l'rter and Julia Ni Ilea, agod 1 Tear and Ollara '1 he frh-u.l of the fiimllv are frepeetfulljr Invited to otiend the liincraL thl 4 riiiiredav) atvmuii, at 1 o'rloek, troia th reeldano of her pareuts 1 l'f ntr at. OTTK.NaV-On Wcdneadar, Jan. 10th, Cahrln, fi. ieloTOd wife of WUharo Oaana, a uatlv of th IVirlih of Clranard, Couut Lonffiird, Ireland, In tli ( Kit jrear of her ara, Herfrlotida and aoniMntanee, and tbnaeof herbro. thora, John, Bernard and Patrick Kernolila, ar re.paet AiUr lavttad to attend th funeral, on I'rldar afternoon, WUl Inat, at t o'clock praclaolr, horn 111 Ket Wh t, tMt, d and Id area, liar romalaa wUl b taken to Cat arr Cemeterr for urtarment. i BOONEr-On Wodneadar, Jan. 14, TbMnu Roouer, from the Paiiah of In-amard, Co. DMeo, Ireland, m the doth peer of hU . Th frlenda and aennalataneafl of tha famllf ar na apootfullr invited to attend th funeral, on Krldar aiairrioon, lMh Inat, at 1 o'clock, from bla late realdene, VtHUxUret. W ROW -On th lCUi Inat at tha realdene of hi pw rauta, 14 Oaoaevoort at, William, )ounot am of Hugh ami Margaret Kv,aied 1 ear. , . The frieiul of tha family ar reepact'ullr lnrltod to attend th funeral, thla fThnradar) anirnoou, at S o'cock, ilia remalna wlUbtako to Oreenwooltlem. lerv. 134 BTCCIIKIFLD -In nmoklrn, Jn. ICth, Marr Jane, wife of Araihtroif otucbbeld. In th Stall ) ear of ber are Tha relative anl frlenda of th ftmllr ar rcip-rt-fnllr Invited to attend th funeral, thl (Thursday) afternoon, at V o'n'ock, from the rraddeno of her hue band, eor. Vaoderbllt art. and Warren at, IU WALKKB On tha ISth luat after a lone and aerere tHaeaa,hlch ah bur with ChrUUau fortitude, Sarah Ana, alfa of Robert a. Walker, aaed 61 rear. The relatives aud friend of the famllr. memh nof Foriith at. Cbiircli, aud metubHrt of Hermit ate LMae, Mo. 1C4, 1. O. O '- ar renitlilllir Invited to attend th funural. on 1 huradar, nth Inat, at 1 1 cclnck, A. M, Irom the realdeoee nt her huaband, 10 Allun at, without turtU-r nulloa. t'blladalpula and Maw urleana paperi pltai eopr. n WALIJM'F-On Mondar erenlne, Jan. lfth, Jaeob V. Wallace, a kind aud aflectlooat father, aed 01 In relative and frlenda of th farallfar repeH fullf Invited to att-nd th funeral, on Thin-adar morn tna. 11th Inat, at 1'iH o'olork. from hla lato naridonoa. 14d Boveuth are. Philadelphia pa pur pleaao eopr. al WOOIIRL'FF-Ou Tueedar mornluc Jaa. 1Mb, aftor a abort lllmwa, WlUUm I), w'oodnrl. 'J be rrlatlrra and frl.ndanf th famllr ar roapKct fttUr Invited to attend th funeral, on 'lhurlev after. n on. lTth luat, at 1 o'clook, from bia Uie roaUuuoi '21 Vandam at. 4t WYCKOFr-On Toeadar. Jan. 15th, Looah Wckolt, In thoOth jearof liar afe. Tlio relative and friend of tha famllr are reepeei fallr invited to aHaaJ tlia fnneral, thh (1 hundavi after noon, at s o'clook, from the Methodlat F.pUoopal Cunreh, tlradat,eor.Liaretto,ilrooUn. Ill rjMII.OY3IE.-rr-Malra.. BOY WANTKD-A 8MAKT AtTllVK HOT lnaatore. Applr to V opruoo at, fromd till 9 o'clock thl awrLIng ; 13 BOY WANTED IK A riUNTlNO OFFICE A bur that baa a knowleda of )ob preeeee; non otlieni need applrt 113 Anu at. 81 BOY WANTED-TO ATTEND A MEAT hop; on who understand cutting up meat; alao a tTToei rr waaon and horao for eale. Applr W Flathn.h av uear liaeou Place, llrooklro. 3d HE hi' WANT K D-CI.EUK FOU A atoamer, chTk for a dUtlllerr, tlmo-kHup t In a aaw mill, a bor for tradtai, 4 atria to trend to irop i and 'allfoniia, 9 pwtera for etoraa, 1 barkeeper, men to drlv i bone and cart. N. II. 0 men for eteamtara. Apidr T Chatham ,uare. b HELT WANTED CLERKS, HOOKKEEP. era, portera, harkerpera, ooarhmen. Are , aeektnf emplormetit ahmild amiir at tho M 'rollout Clerk' Uealetrr nmne 74 Itroadear, the owlr rilUhlo ntHoa Ketan. IHTjaJ. Heferenne to drat claea boueea. Hour t to 4 OrXI. KAWLINb, Baipt. - 34 PAIiTNER WANTED AN AMEHICAN wanted a partner. Ont StUO re-iulr -4; m will he reallaed tn two mnntha, althotit anr rlk. It ta axua. thin new, and enlr need a llttla enertrr to make It par, .ApplrtollOWrBCO,!roawlwar,ioacnli. U. PARTNER WANTED-FOR 8AI.E AN old reUblUlied, er will take a partner with a am all apHtl, a the owner ha mora than b can attend to. Applr MIXIKE, 139 adfhtft ara. Jail ri4 PARTNER WANTED tlsft-A GOOD actlv man to take full rharaa of a burtr and fruit etnre. dolna a lare eaali trado, aood apartment for a famllr. to thi rUtht man will give an Iraeraat In th Taalneea and take part Caen. Applr o tha preml), 9 lludaoo ai. 40 PAVERS WANTED WHO U...Ier.t.n4 larlug R Ulan pavrmimta, to go to Havana. Nona but geod men wanted, aood waao and paaaaae will ba paid. Cell on Frldar lh at on o'ebxk, at Lrneh'a fitiadeilFBnonrerrrirooklrn. Jail riOT 'flNMEN WANTED 4 YOUNO MEN X aeouatomedtoaolderlni tin work. Anp1aft9 'oloeka.mtoJAMKd o. BM1TU BOSti, M lUUrf teooda, lb Intch at. IS IiO0D CIIOrPER3 WANTED 10 ON 13 Vw good wood cbopnert for a loh of three month non but Amerloana, and good Mparlonoad chopper lalL Iuiuk at 71 Nau atrtt, room v. 10 needealL EMPLOY '-Femalcg, TNSTRUCTION-A FEW RESPECTABLE 1) oun ladlaa, wlu ar out of omtdorawut, aaa bar an -epportunKr to educate themaelvea by thadr own aier. ttona. Alao, wanted a tocher who la fullr nompd.aiit to teach the Knglieli branch". Applr 944 Wwt Kh at. X10DSEWOUK-W A N T E D . A OIRL -11 aboutl4ranofae,taaaaUtIoabbsueworkof until Umiif. Applr ISO Broom at. 91 SEWINO MACHINES-WANTED THREE Oprratoraon singer Sewing machlaea, livraljr 'foineduUulrU19Ubertrt.,tdlft. w ET NURSE A YOtTNO WOMAN ui a,itlAn u wet anrwa. and would tae a babr In bw own houea, and aaa give tha beat of rare- Caa be lor two aara w an raue aue llaatert,topaoor. 1U VXWlAtYVO&tT WARTED. NURSE-A RESPECTABLB WOMAN wtaha t gat a babr to nan at bar own honae A afMlrIMWate,tottFn, IteaUaaKY, ( jLotrr Arm rouitD. OArK 103T-A MINK TOR CAPE, ON V Moadaw evexane, Jaa. 14th, 141, la going frara 4K OiTMwleh at thrnauk Drwhriaae at, i4H9Catlet. A liberal reward. will be paid fc tb deUrarr af th aborr. at 4M Uraaawtah at. u T)0J FOUND-A NEWrOUNDLAND Do tbowner oaa have him br paring eipeia-a Ar- pir MrMComolU at, near I 9 dara. acw.arr, it not, will nana 1 ut Jail 9131 DOO I)8T S REWARD-ON SUNDAY aUhr, Jan 1ih. a Mark Newtbondland dj i aU JiJ et.'jeertaltttl.-whltennhiahr atand on on of Ida feud tee. Wboev, t will rrtnrn him to 90 Orove at eor. Bedford, ill rrrrlva th abort reward. 94 DOO IXJST-.1. REWARD-IXJ3T SON. .. vwnln lh Inat, alar black and whit Newfoundland dng Amrwer to th name of OJMAK, Anr on who wtu return him to 140 Weat 11 at, wlU reorrra the above reward. 11 "PURS TAKEN .S REWARD-THE Fart - Uken rrom 1 CO Fjur proadwar.onMondaraveolng, Jan. 11th, V n turned at Mo. 9 Bowerr, will parth aoorc rowara and no qneattona aaked. n GOLD rEXCIL AND PEN IWT ON Tuied T arenlnt. In coin from JtMnlan Ame.. arlth PpTlna at rtage ton rand ft, and from there to Pithaora'eIUH,Canalet. J reward will w paid br the owui r on r, turnlug it to 11. KA VEK, 01 Rial at. Hr.IFLR FOCND-CAalE TO THE PRE mte on Sarnrdar lajt. a rnune llaflfer, aaa . am pa In eiiwnare and proving prop wtr eat have th aAme,r railing on PAT. Mil FROM. eor. Wa'worlh at, aid r.uahing are Fa I Brobklra. Jail 1KI T AW TAPERS I.OST-IX)3T ON THE f frrrr boat, an India rubber emelnpa. ennUlnltij Law ParaT, on the Wall at or Wt!llmhnrh ferrr boat, on the 14th Inat. 1 herlmler will he rewarltl he retumlna It t M IMYWARI(,cor. M and South Tlh eta, or but 93, W UUanvburah V. O. 14 WATCH IX)3T tii REWARD-LOST at the Goth reclment hall ai tha lAtnt u.u a Oold Watch and Vrat Chain, made br J.ieep'i FrjncS, lx), number S 7 M. 1 h abov reward will be ptl 1, M,,.C,JWri,"5",A'd,')' rotumltti to aam to U nivia " ea. n"ire gu WATCH LOST )! REWARD-LOST on KaMrdae, the 19th lnt. a 81eer P itaat L'rer Wfcleh. Nil 13.UN7. .li'h. IVllllBfnan,,. Uneh.1 tte.M,hee II e , reward will he glrcubraoadlud U to K K III fM.tOS, 870 Bowerr, N. a . 15 PKUHOKAI ItOTICKN. I N FORMATION WANTED-OF HUOH liLI FY, bo b a hla bom on MiiaJar eeenlnt, P,vi. ootlit bad on a hen lie bit, a blaek troek oovt. Mack parte, Mark rMh net aad plaid alia neek U.s ha t llht hair and whlaker a 1 round hi facet w a d fet Lljh ami eknit laillt. waa but a.n enr. of 4"th at an! Itl r a. Anr Inform itlon cinieerulng him will Ihi tttankfu'l r eidve.l and HreTellv rewarde.1, br bla affllctM wll s at httw r.Me,nM. A a -. l-h at. inT T KFr HIS HOME-JACOIl WALLACII- Ja roiith of 14 rear of ago. 1 forbid ill peeaotia tenet. It or harboring the earn on mv aecount. M HKS SVAtXACII,.Niw Yotkcit. New Yoik.Jauuirr IMi, IMil. 4 PAKE NOTICE MY WIFE. MARY SCAN- a- !.t in, having b ft mr bed and board Ithout provo. eitt. nil lar-onaarj hi'nhv cautioned ac Jimt harhtr. Iiuorlnftinc hiron meaeeonnt a I will pir nodelit rlhirrontraitlug. JM1".M ttfAIvLOM. Jannare lnt'u lici. jail rui IK.-Vri8TKY. IUIKH'AL TEEl'll PANIC PRICES aagllarraitaniilr fill patent rutranltASIBi gildmta, $?l; alngla teath. f.1. Guarantied w irk. Fiv pra. mhime awarded "National I Vntal Oailrrr." nth ara, eor. S-id id. Pr. MthSJ.N, Dentlat. Jalltlac'lll uirvrnAi iiVflL-vraHs. TJARNUMS' AMERICAN MU3BUM- TllfROnA Y. ,TA. 17. ATIlROfOn TflK WF.KH. rnhnfTK MDKF. OF TUB AFRICAN nAVAHF.4. A KArtlH, AF1.M1I, A.OOLIMI, A HIJTTEN TOT, AM) UISIIMAN. Thne a in he on oxlilhltlon at all boura, and at lutervala al-ettvlr WAKand r-KSIIVK IMSCtJl and rtO-lid, drveeedl'lRKlNdorWII.D BFX-tTn and 111 Itl i. ONh Wr.KK MURK OF THK AZTEO CHII.IIKKN. ML H lit A HWRDN, the doibi-volord Singer TIIF. I IY1M1 HAT H Iff THIRTY MONS1KR ri'irira-'i (wi nnmii i it, t ,w, leiariit nil ! A ! IfMtlUltl raUtlfraj mvinii nrrv rAaCileY. I.Htlll.M.Nt t.AMH eUAIUK. f. 0, UlaI,llllll.llU IIIAjI l.,Miria r. KC- AdmUnloo 2&U XJhU'lma aadur Ut, 1 rt. TIUOOKLYN ACAHKMY OK MUSIC- X) MR. JOU.M S KAREY will dMlrrr U flrat lctunt la ltroukla, ti tho AckIco. f Mi,. Monttwnut M on wnNWI)AY KVENINO, JANUARY 23, 1JI, on tha iub)w( of . noRsr tamino, VTbfn tit will Introdnon Mvrral vraors avt KFrniiTOKY nvmrxm, . mDtt of whlrh tu will proti4--lljr llli-4r.ti tilt won fJiTfiU ivem ini ddmontrt hi tbllit to uihtaf-vtl tb mort urfn-xntitf -bl l.nrnon wbioh cut b prodneKl. AdmWlan Meot.; I&vrr4 U, $1. Th wijr ol tlafktU vill onmm'oee An 8atnrdr morn ln, JsmiU7l'th.lthiboiollVcof tha Aetdemf, Hi QUEAF ? AND RELIABLE XIAIR DYE! AH who are tnab1id with red or arer hair and wUh to hue Hum changed t eMher HLAf'K or BKOWt, ahould not Mglnt gclUng a b of UlULd I A W.H. INQCrrAIILK llAIB DYF, whUb U aold at th oatremelr low price of TWENTYFaVB CENT and warranted to be e-iil, If not better, than tnr klgb prioil l'r now in uaa, ThlaDrauimannfaetttredand for aale, wlioleaal or ntaiU at 40 Hoath nVeond at, WlUlamaborgh, where all orb ra will be punrtuallr attended to. lteanalaobehadat the following place: M ivr Yoat - PI Klghth are; eor llroadwar and 9ith at; eor Allen and Ftantou eta; 441Uraiidt. eor Houston t and are O; and 47'i &oond are, eor th et alao at alhllilaon at, andlBKIathae. Ilanoui tn -SiVI Court et, ') Fulton at, and at th eor Mrrtla are and Carll at. Wit u ana i.cgi.H ecr Konth 6th and Sth pte, and 34 tlrand at. eor B aitb Cth and 7th, and enr south Second aud Ninth ate, and br l'rugglrU genoraltr. CHARLESTON HARTtOK AND FORTS. en abea-t. eavana ill river, Penaaoola liar, and He VTuL ena aheet. from the 1'. It. (Uiaat durvev: uiacli ahea t aent to anr part of the Lult"d Htt -a na the rv upt of 19 r. nla 1 in poaug axamp. j, i.antui, u naaaau ., N. I. 93 Itl NIIKSN CHANCES. TlirrCHER'S SHOP TO LET.'oirTlX. i turee for aa turee for aalet win be sold low for oaalt, Iaiulreat 75 Filth at. CANDY AND SF.OAR STORE FOR 8 LE Applr at No. log Uold at, Urooklrn. WUl h a,, i chtap, ( CONFECTIONARY STORE FOR SALE IN llrooklro, LI- ronfortlonarr atore, wholeaaU and retail, now doing a good hoalneea. situated In Fulton at, Itronklrn: everr oonvenlene for manufacturing. For paitlculara apply to WM. MAL'KKY, "1 Fulton avenue, llmoklrn. JalT 9114 GROCERY STORE FOR SALE WITH lease. In a rood situation and at a low prion, at Oarden rt, llobokrn. jail r Inn REAIa K8TATK. FARM FOU SALE OPPOSITE THE CITT of Hudson, NY-. mil from th vlllsi f Athene 67 acre of land, 'Iba aottac oommanda aa astenslve laud and water view. Out-building oooaav tilent, Inolndlng tenant bouaa. Land hUhlr oultivateal aud well watered, flv ar all huudred fruit tree 1 roil bearing, rrap vine and email fruit la abuodanea, 1 arma, tOtOtaj, ooe-hahf on bood aad mortgaee. Poe. ton Inunedlatelr. Addreaa R. A. It A&JIAKIl, Presl. dent Hudson Klrar Bank, Hudson, N.Y. lall rllM J7ARM FOU SALE OR KXCHANOE FOU A a reepecUbl realdance In New York or vloinltr, a farm In Haritoga County, lu th vlclnltr of maoufae- toreaiVblcBalzoraagooa maraet lor proauo, auo in winter aoaeno pronUbl eniploymeut for a team. Th adveitiaer wouk id give great tuduoeiuanu ta a great iuduomuents to a propar per. vu. AppltoJ.V.rLYNN.SOllerkmaa Ill H OUSE FOR SALE PRICE $100 CASH A two ttorr hiMwe nd two lot ol ground, situated In the villaan of Wood Haven. L. 1. I miles from gn or wood llavmi, u 1 , 1 Var Dartleulara aoiilv to New York. For particular applr to IVtWKKNCK 1(1 NN, 110 Roosevrlt at, 3d noor, bark room. 1 1 TO LET. STOltE AND ROOMS TO LET STORE V0 Caatr at , It wuld make a good salooat also 4 ronroa, rent do. Also apartmeui down towa. rent verr low. Purnlehed room op town. Applr toBMiril. No. HSDroadwar, basement offloa. JalO'Ul WAIaTED, STORE AND CELLAR WANTED-IN A tbleklr populabd teuetmint neighborhood, aatbabl for a Ibiuor atiara, (famllr ouidnm) together with rectify ingi rani man onlo. low, AddroM W, M. 1., bog 879 Bia v ABTICIXS FOR SAJ.K. HOUSE FOR 8ALE-A CANADIAN TONY, good atyllsh ti"avelr, suitable for a doctor or butcher. Applr at the cor. ol Mrrtl art. and Oold at, Brooklyn, oicr tb greorr atora, 41 TINNERS AND ROOFERS 300 BOXES allghtlr damaged charcoal and eok tin and roof' lug plate, lu.14, lt. 10 ant IX, lor aaui verr cheaa bri.ArilOMiONiiCt8l6Waterat. 'alTfUo BOARD AIt ROOMS. riOARD JOR8MENCAN BE ACCMMO JJ dated wttb rd board and goad laa bed. at 1160 awaek, atNo.oTbomuai, Jaliri, SRUPPimCt, dke. TAfSOOTTW UNE OF UYKB aBgabrTwi3n aSiaetsTtw ',a raaa 4"' t waeale, at the vary lowest raasa,aad AUCTION ltOTRCKft. A CCTION NOTICE-M. DOUOHTT, AUC- tletieer, WlU eU thaa dar, Thtrradar. tec. 17th, at and rearmd-hand bevaahold furniture eontained In th aMTaroreeonalting af anfaa, ehaire, bureana, tatdea, badatrada, anattrawea, lounges, bade, bedding, Ac. 13 ina oYKie, aa eaiearoora, on nasaaa aa, an BH. SEIXAS, AUCTIONEER. THIS KYEN1NO, and ..-.. ... )N SATURnAY RVF-VTNfJ, atTP.If. there will b gold AT ALCTION, without "kICII DECORATn'E CaV TFA ani toilct srrs and faoer articles, cut and around glasa, wlilt granU nd earthen ware, , 8ILVF.R PfTFJ) WARF, a general asaortment of various wares, at lha CHINA AKt AUF, corner of Allantla and CUutm atraeta, Urooklrn. Hoiwekeepcre will And tlda a ood orportnnltr tl re, plenleti their atorka. Tna tKXiiai uter He oi.d at biyrra' own prior. ial7 9U'113 GEO. W. KEIJET, AUCTIONEER-WILL ell rrWee, Itth ,lan at liH oelock,antenUof a pxk packing awtalill.hmeut, ronaistin In part of hor, wagon and harness, pupa' tongues and other nii'ala, p rk barrels, ra ka,'aarra, larl k1ta 4e. Silo pneltive, (kirnerofllroadearand 11th at, Willltma burgh. al7 9Ulli HENRY GREEN, AUCTION EEU-STORE 494 William at, a 111 aril on Fride, J uiary U, at JiiHo cluck, at tho llniiham Mhtdes, Pi'iham I'Tva, bidwern south Cth aud Couth 7th sta, Willieiiuburgn, ttie modern hou hold rurnltuee. .i-wlr an.l Ovtura toMtlHrelllitlie vrrr cholci) and rj.uil.le cd'jntinn of oil painting br Jardine, Woitrerman, (Tomtit, A , i, ii ie nuo causa aniaie et win u renairiavi aia Pnglteh natetil lerer wntehee. braaa tiea.r n inins. fin. brandies and other Ihiuora, aegara. Also tlire i-eara usee oi premises, in nOlVI.Kr.CrEK'A SALE OK IWU3E H0II H'RMn KK. 11U6 DAY Hill IU1AY)UI U nVlorli riwUtlr, at th r a.a.tMyi IM WfVl tM nUrti-t, tM-tavrtrn .th nd 8th arvmiMh ThAiMitlnthantlstniTtttfurnihiivof tha hmum will hit nld romprtdnf vtrry Amtcrvn4 Drlnr, rhamlNrv dlninirrmtn nl htiivmit ftiriiMnm llrneU nnd ln rmt carpets mfttieMav Ixm n4 nntitinia ( brtt t writs clmlfeV bi U tV nl Ml klnitd. aW , mirror, p.iMincis lallM cltiaa, fl4rwr(S utirt 4tc All to t f-Md mm or rliln. 141 TAMKH M.MIIXKIl, AUCTIONF.EK-VAU " Miblt ImitTOTM rtl fvtAt on tho nnrt'ii ft oorm r of Prd rr. ftnrl i-nh et,ront-4.nof luur htiirVM nnA IMa, llt In uold br ordi-f of thn iiipn-m tVmrt for pr ( lirlrn, nn1r tlrtitn of II.W.KttlV I.MM1, rtMvo, ttho MrTfliwit-' Mchnni'Son Kri iImi .I'lumrT 1 al It o'c'k. ntv( App f to A. H VNK. 13 NiMti, or A. U. TAl'l'hN, 4 lrUitj tt. T MOKIAUTY, AUCTIONEEIt-WILL " MtlthUdAVftt lOKo'elucXftt nSChr.Ui-vm rtuTr M'fmlMuivtihtilrtitibKMa , cirp-U, foathi-r b is mtirors clt-tk, oil uliitUg fur, drf aud fant gootts ri tliuu WAra, 40. IT MOirrUAQKSAt.R-CllAMUEIta&FAUU C1IIU , aurtloiubtr lit ull till d if. ftt 10 (dock. A.M. at 0 IWuik Hn"ar IteOtW'kir.ihorDtlreBtork or a IWtrjr pUbi. ouimKIoi n( h n rairlatji-a, waotw, nlcikliAg b'atikinitwA, banOrst IK MU pn-M uia olAco firrltiitr. Lc, JAMKJl UAK1U.NKIL, Ally. jalG TUQ MOKTOA1.E SALE JOHN 11. IltTKI.KY. A .i t. wrtll m It, Tlit. I ar. kt J oV'.tck, at 4 U Canal at litttgh. liUiAfta. nrtturoK.Tat. h .ir aud iitti'r m tlri. ert'iiftmi and ot)w r Ubli. Imr-.iu, biHl4oal, book eaM,mtrnr-Se(a nd U bilA, earp tsollrlnh. wardrotMM, and trn ol AuiKfr' wwliig lUMUluot. lo. H orrlt-rol J AS. WlUllNU, Ati.r. V5 M' OROAOE8AI.E Vfit. VOLF, Auctioneer, .ft omee 44 Jmkaonrt., will sell, tbU dir at IU14 i.i.l . ti. rM.taiirstit at &t Mi reer st tainautlng of one larv ranre. 1A table, chair, mirror, cboioe of Umnr and areata. J . J U.NaUN, Mortgagee. it PAw,' .NllROKER'S SALrB E N .I a m I n U'i'ivi'tt if- wartll Mil thUda at 4 H MnVi avn . at oiMi o'ek-tk, a natural ftiwoTtmaut o( KtMtLi bslujf i.lfvlo'don''rt'traurupTari-' N H Nextaalo Janu ary J 1 A. ltyordarUWU.WKAVKU. DAWNimOKEKSSAI.lVn. I.KVY, AUCT. X W t,atliarliiiaUwUI-ll,1liUlaylBt MH o'clock, at Ik and oihtr dr.M, alw t o?ir aud I ruck ooaU, uits Tft ihlrt baUs qul.U 8uts lUc Wpw al ranotv. lliii u wurth tUrt atUudauo! ol tbialura, 111 ......... - I I I PAWNBROKER'S SALE .JOHN MOUTI MtH will sell, thla dar, at N a. 15 F.ast llrjadwan eornrr of Catharine street, a large ase.irtmi'nt ul womi u's wiartug appareL ooualstlng ol ramuanta, bJoti aud abooa. guu. rules, Colt' revolvers, at t o'ciik, euaU fanU and voala. Ur order of I), KC1 M Kit, Jnhu atraaC 31 S& J. BOOART, ACCT'RS-THIS UAY, a at 10H o,clock, at auoUoo room, loetable'e s e I arge lot park aud cooking etovea, ,r-fir-i sal amwl'ah Ac. MlCllAhX oOAS. Coii'tiblo. AIo, al II aAloosTutwe oeanrtin. at of roatanod anl ma;otanr Mriur and reel room furniture, mirror a, old oil p Unt. InTsaHlnaJhajTOaa,19alelgliriea,oo. H4 WILLIAM ABIIOIT, AUCTIONEER, wlU aull on this day, at luM OXIlik, th furniluru of a famllr at 114 llrooiiie rt , neag VVlllet. m ihnganr aha Ira, solas, bather beds, aud.aJav arraugo. menu. WM. WITTErj. AUariONEElt-WIUa sell, this dentil ock, at 611 Ninth ava tha etoik and u Hurra of a grooer atore, candles, apuies, fimir, ti-aa, eugara, countawa, scahw, weights, maaeurua. I antlaar w lib other goods geuerallr In auoi atorce. 1 Ol FICIAI Alltt LEUAt. ANNUAL REI-ORT OF THE MeNAKY Knitting Machine Com pa or. of I h Cite, Cuuntr, and Itb.t ut New Fork, tiled under nectlen lAlhot the Law id 111 Mate ot New a ork, lor to lueoi puratioii of oiuiipuiue tor mauuiscturlug aud other p irieeeis. lit orp.ulaUskol thoaaidcoiupaur Ulsti.uu'i. TheCotu pxl.r I Issui d lull stuck -nut laaaual lor ah, but tor pat nt right purchased br tha tempanr to tlie amouut ol allMaal. F gliding UrbU. iJCe. I Coiitiiu,eiit Lia bilrtr, to be paid with Interest irom the net earning uf the said Colupaer, a aMe). Now Vurk, lutll Jaunarr, tool. CIIAlll.rJir.OdUlJUNI'el'reaideut CIUKI.M W. NKWIIlN, llr-U. I. MCllnLd, K. J MINdDN, Iruibaa. C.tvaudCoiuilrolNaw Vuiksa. -CHtKLM F. llolhlKNF, Iwiug dulr sworn, si) a, that lie la 1'r.viilrnl t the McSarr Knitting si lohine Compuir alMvc uu ut oueil, aid tluat th foregoing report Is Iru an.l c.reicl to the lest ut hla kimwlielge and belief. Ill UiLI A I . OnliUKN I'reel lent r)wrn baior mo, tiis I J tit Jaiiuara, 1-n.l, JAMrJl W. HALr Coiumia ai.s.rrul iKada, 7u Wall at. Ul DEPARTMENT OF I'UilLIC CHARITIES AMI CtlKKFATl UN -New York, Ihi. lh, 11. MTIHK "I UK CtlMMIaMldNFltd OF I'l HLIU ClIAKl'llia AMI C(jKKF,Ci'IOMlJ" havd e-UUisUed a lu w srat lu for dlspi nslng th rolli f which I oalliid f r, at thi Ir oftloia. No. 1 IVmd at, and at Mm Kitunda In the 1'ark. Illaiike are f irulshed to the applleauta br tlio olllcer In charge, which will enable tna wortur poor to properlr preaent their clalm,whllu tlu profligate vagraut a ill be plnoad at labor oil rh I aland, when lorciug him a If or It, rw If ulon the awtltutlotia fur malutdiiauorf, Cirtlileata of kunwn eltisens will be rviulrid lu all eases, and aufflclant tiino will bo taken br the Depart. mi nt before granting p inuaneut relief, during tha ninnUia of Jinuarr and Ftbruarr. ..,. , It, i rder of th lloard ObO. KKLLDCK, Hupt. New York, IK. 94th, 18.UI. Tb following la tho form of th application nscessarr to obtain rellet at the othes 01 tlio llepartmant ol I'ulille Charltl a end Cumctlnih No. 1 llolid rt, near llroadw r, and at the lletuiida In the Fark, (whore blank luruu will b. given to .UappUcita Nam of applicant Oeeupatlon ..age Flaccolblrth Ciaiditwa Howlonginthoeouutrr. ... .How long Ino.l.,.. Numlwrof porsuus for whom relief is a.d. . . . Kealdouce, No, at ret Ward Frontor roar house,. .No. of room and whatatorr. . Whether relief la received from another iiuarter . . . Whether assisted br aur charitable Institution, aud ho IIaaald-'lw"navo''froiatliU iepartiuinit,'aiid'bow Tha uumfir aiid'aaa'uf'oacU person, ami li anraick, how manrf..... :"..' ' r'hat lath relief ijulrd f. nr muaua ol support, aud what ar tliuf f In all ease ol loknea, th Fhralolaut urtldcat must be furnished If possible. ... All applioationa to ba mad one week In advene, to enable tlia Commissioners of Public Charities and Cor rection to axaiuln a to tb claim of th parties' applf All applioationa to bar th following MrtlAcata of character signed br some known resident of th neigh bortHKid where they reel Jo i - larawaUeaauieinledwtth.. andbellev to tat In want, and deserving of aid. Cm awn ConwTT or NV Y"i ! 1 aobroinlr swear that th leregoiug atateauut mide, la true In everr particular. fitsorn fo Wur n thi:., .iuf . ..Sail. "ihs'ab-'iVe a'm.laVitean be nud befor th nader. Igned. No Is riuird. In all owes of uaranua of dissolute an I vagrant habits being loroed on tlie Department, they will be aided only In tb usual war at tha Institution on the lalaud, aud be reuulrtd to labor for thlr support. Ur order of th lloard of CoiumUdoiirre of Publla Chsrltlea and Correction. UU). KU.UtOO, de97 Slaw 1 hBAM tUl in 10 rhipt Hut Door Foot. NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS-OFFICE OF thi ComiiMtoaria or TtraaiaoAaaMiiasim, No. M Chambera at.. New York, Jan 1, loul.-Nutlo la m-rt by given that tbo Aasesemunt Koll of Heal and IVreonal Frtate of th Citr and Count of New York, for tbo year 11, will be opened on Mondar, the 14tn bktant, forpublie Inepectlon, aud will eooilue opao iiiitil lha Snth dar of April neat Incluidra. All Ug par era ar eameetiv reijuested to call and examine the pani. In order that anr error in the aeaeasgneuta roar be corrected. Also, all persona entitled br law to re. auction of their saereunr nt t, br reason of being elor ga men or for mllHarr BervLotw, and aba) literary or cnarltabla InetltutJoug br law exempt from taaauon, are rentiaated to make aapllcatlon for eucb reduotioo or egero plloa previous t to closing of th roll OU tb) I be following section of tha Act of April 14, 19M, It published for toe Informauoa of tax pv ar l aa oaa ot japru. 10. 1 for public uiepeetlnaj, aa beretrfore vrorlded, applloa tlon mar be made by any peraoa ejomldortajg hitnaaifaaja grteywl bf tb asaesaed valuation af bis real pr psgsnaial rate,tenaraaaurrrotited. If auab applleatsoq b made I relation to tb aweeaed valuattos f real atate It mast be made In writing, stating! greend of pen rim v.weiHiii hw iuh hw uuvm hmi e wyvu rrvertiona uerato, ana ueraarpoa tna yowimiasinner-i ahalie-amloemtoUieotmipWrtjridKIJtiiaJjMaTaent tbaaaaamiithrionoua.Uwra-hsdliiarsailsaaasrsgtc raioorrcgded. l7seb applleatloa Tn mad Is) ralaaaoa to tb aastsacd varatUoa of pcrapnal ateta,tta appcloani shall be e-iainlned apderoalh by th aald Ctiamaialsiiaaa, wo shall be authored Uadrnhdater anek ath, eraarreg therm, aud If In their fadgroent the eat Wayra. am, taaar abH ravaa lha aam la ba aoiiajeted, and Ug UieajnuJofaachtaiiiimliitsttyanarbs4aw)vee lust, and deatsr uaaw aetsioa uoresai wauust stunr. law sa-ea arllra-aeai aaau sea-re e-aaa aaaae e Ha erdMnaJsW'aeaaaaaalasawaa sis ia abiiaWtroan Us ,. aatteatv i .. 51 fe&MM&x: JUfcrMF- OtVMalalMaMl M TE NEW YORK SUN. THURSDAY MORNING, JAN. 17, 1861. Antraksr ef Wat. When Mia Elrl-lon light wt l-clnd.lruilt by tb English, although Kn,Wl wag then At war with France, the workmen were not dla(utlel or Intcrturlcl, The xnoJItlon of CdpUln Jamm Cook, ml all guliaxyjttent on hdtolieen declared exempt from the fortmiei of war by all clrilltext nation. Ixnk it tha contract when we have war M wiped I y Month Carolirut. Th LlpdiUlImiim Board hd In the District In which South Carolina luu her new klnxilom, tlireo gmiill Veaacla from eluhl)' toni down to fifty tona, to tilare) liunyg and mpjily the llht-hnuaeg with oil, Ae.l the United State Coaat Surrey had a amall steamer of ninety tons tlie Fire Flv, there aa a turrrylnp; veaael. Thoae h-t-e aU been roired to form a navy for the craat kingdom cTirarsitortViii. CITY NEWS. SAitnto of thk Colomma. Thd ileamahlp C.J umtna. Cot, iiggey, cf her dock, pier Ns. 4 North River, yesterday afternoon at t olo k for Ckarleeton, 8. C. II u nimonal that the Teasel wae luaxleal witil and would take out a large quantity of armi Mid ammuu'ton. Inquiry at the oDli-e of .freer, rorrrmn, TiLawrow oV Co. elicited the ful lowliuf atatrninit l The Columbia snllg with lead than half hrr usual caiyo, and to make up the deflolencj we haj bi ship 400 bale of hay. The rent eonlt of dry g'da. olla, buUer, AV. Our main oliject of keejnnf th et-wmara on the line is, that of the two hundred and fifty hand we employ ou the yeaaol, bmldcg a larwe number of tneiirn the pier, nwre than ninety por cent, would be In a slot lairderliu ou atirratlon. -The nutr vessel are not peylti eienao. Our ar-ei-trfc d a'ty reiic, fir Ulaw on'jr, U eight hundred d'dlara, and thl iiwmiit lia not been ni'ttud atnee the tronlilra at tlie 8 nith biv cuiiiiiiciiml. Our only snlvalimt la, that we have (full return rarKoe of txdlou, rice, Ac, taf wbltU we liar lar.e cotwlam metit b Kimifie, In reaptiaj to th rumor alsml arma an I amiuunl lionWiiigaliosiirl of th Coltimli1, tlier U n it on pert.cle of tnith therein, aud if left micoutra.lU.ted, wou'd only Hid bi our lua ami dlacrrd t, Te Intend t keqi our vesMola on tha line aa long a our iiK'ney hold out, if only 1 1 keep our handi elllluyl, an 1 hshI1 our pensioner, of wlmm we have Urp tuinilier, coiialst'nir of widow and children, wliiaw I iuJoii.I and titlier wore killed and uund tl whllo In our 1'iuplrrjr, The at.aiiiers will leave al their usual appointed day of Mailing, wllli ur Without cirgnaa, TU fil lnwih(jUa list of the voaeela owue.1 j thl Arm, plying Utwetu thla rlly ami Charla.tou i (Viiumliln, Cip. ItaaiiT , Mai ion, Capt. Wutniad NxJivllle, t'apt. Muanar i J line Adiior, Cipt. l'uii Lira John I. King, Old. An. The litter vw i4 I now U'lng robulll aud will In) read lu about Iwonrlhiro ni-mth. KrrTlin Cl.KAR or- TlthAaoN Tlw On- nvTrrat ralate tlutl a gentleman nutd nn Mteiiipt, a day or two ag.s Wi Imy fifty t mi of load from a larg avg-.lilmlimeiit lu tills city, for lha abate tif Qenrgla. The wile bid len agreed on, but on aunoniKiivf the dttitaiution of the lend. It waa at otic refud Fivk I'otwTa. Union Mi-wion. Thit Mlaalon I now lucatod at 80 i tUiter at., a fiw daira south of It wild plaa e, Bert ice are Leld regnUrly durlug the week and uu the Balitatlh tlie aick are vla'toil and the sNr relieved i In fatt, everything tliat ran lie dime far aufferlng kuinanily I done so fur a w h iva t'.ie nirana. Hut the demand fur help I greater tluui, with our preecnl reeamrcea, we can mtajilt;. We are cnLWrputilly compelled to apjaMt to the Christian public ft aid IhaLltioil of llintiey, laal, clothing, Ac, mny laj tent 1 1 the Duporliilciidiuit, U. Ciurataj), 31X lfctiler street. Tnr Board or Dirkitoks or thk Okr UkH tlKMiToLniT Beotrrr, held their regular aenil monthly meeting, but evening. President Jrxuno, Mat lu tb chair. On motion ot Mr. WAXUgmmgt. It wa rmdvrd b apiiroprUte) aa additional um ef $2b0 to I dlsli Ibtded ainong.Uie poor. Mr. Kicry naaia uiovcd to e.taWlsh a law alnillar to the KegU try law, to prevent fraud In lb election of the D sard oriilrettorti. Mirwin. Fmaaxno Lima, Dm 8acg

nuiooBr, llimt'Mi Wxiika aud AuuviiTCg TuKIEStAir wireelectiduituibcraof the Society ainl the Board atljounicd. Ship Aciioiik. We remarked, a fow dayg slme, on the raitlc ef viwe'l being atu'liutod lu th Noith Klvrrdiirliuf "t form," wheie they were In grenler dauber than if brought b the piers. VTo this morblng Lav to record thgmiuid Ing uf Hi a)ilM Fivirliaw, uf lb sbin, from Manilla, aiel Cellioun, Frotaa I,lrrraai', on the flat between hllis'atkl flolloo' 11 us, uairltd tlirrebthe NirtliKiver loeof lot night. CoMMiasnispRsjiip Kmiuiiatiow. No moot, lug of the lhatid biok plai'e reeterdiy afternnou, no ipimuni jieuriug. Tlie weekly tnteinent I a fbl luwa i Ni.mlirr of emigrant arrlvnl lior fMmthe fi'aluf January to dale, 741; muiiber arrlrwl during the iNiat avei k, 14; inimlier of lunude lu the various inat tulitgi iiielrrtli care of the Hoard, 1.901) nuin la r of the Miiiie last jeor, 800; agirrranita recelpta diiitux Hi but wivk, 11.C33 1); eiiwuditiirng during the same lime, tl.'ZiO; leaving a balance of 9J.4J0 00 nf the cotiuiiiitatluu fuiwl In the Istuk. OlKMMI.AIION OP TIIH DoAUl) OF SurKRTl oaa ma 1-wll. .Th) Hoard of Supervisor for 1W1, met fur at noon eaterdiay. Mr, T n3i (Item.) aald there had lrn atatrroeiiU in amiie uf tbo era, to the ciTott that tlie Doumcrat- 10 inrmlier cf th Ikard were unable to' agree upon a cmid d ite fm Pifaldent, but giith waa u"t tho caa. Theto liadla'ii uu wrangling or quarreling in the sul.jia t. On th lontrary, tha nemncratlo moiuber bad iieeu uu well pleaieal with th manner in which Mr. StraaaT had perktiiHj lb dull uf Prealdiail of the It-Kitd, that they were uiianUuciiu In the otiin Iini tliut he ahuii'd be re-elected, lie, tucrolure, uotu lualid I'.ui f.r that laMitlon. Mr. I'uutiv flitm.) aeciaiilod the nwdion, and Mr IrrrwAKT f It'-ji.) waa unanimously elected. Meears liana, 1'i.riit and Dim lira, wore A(ipulnt oil a toiiitiilttee to Infunu the Mayor ef the organige ll.aiiiitlie Hand. On biking the chair the Piealdetit gKke at ful. loiaa (iaiTixnnN i I lender you my heartfelt thanks tor tl.e lioiiur you hsvojijetoulcneduii me lu uie ymir preaidinproalccT. 'iTii muiiilieinipSi of your eieiflileitce In m Is .e!ftl!y gratlfjliig, imt only fiom th lift that I have ret etvi d th iiiMirt uf tho ntlr eirtliai of lb ItHtidoj "'l politically bjtuyaell, aa wall m that ol my own jailitnal frieiul, but Uianuao It may at the NHina t.rit lei d"emed an expreejtiiHi of y.tur api'roval ul my Mlklal cuuduct a your l'lualdimt dunug the jiaat yenr. 1 aliall endeavor to ierfnriu my duly with eajlrl lniaaitlulity, I al.all, however, l eompalleil, a lie fine, tu rely II yieir ireiiuniua fiirbtaaiaiue for any er ror uf JiiiUiiient I may oniuinll, anil also In frequent ly ak ymir edvUe, wlikk 1 liavu uidintlA ynit will cherc-fuUy give, lu the discharge of the dii&cul; du- til ul thl siilliitl. Yntir ilutiee and tower are varloiu, and highly iuqairtaiit. -uinl while they ar confined within tli aanaa territorial limlU aa th city, yet they ar dla tinit fn'iii tl oe tdtb Clly Uoveriiniaiil, In fact, th ai vend Ihaaida of HuirTiainr in the counties of the sbitu f irm a jmrt uf th general stat onpudaatlisi, and their oiynnlautiiQ la a uecoasily under the otaistitu tligi of Hi aute. II U iiruiier, therefor, thai Ihi 11 sird should b oompiaied uf Ilea whnee publio du lie ar diecoutua-ti d with th City Cnun 'lis, eejie. c'ally aa the iivTtsieid dutleanf the Itaard, fnmi va rloua iaumaa, La iimcunit lu their Cailtiful discharge, lonrtipy a large hr of th tlnisuf lu tnsmlier. The wiisliim of th Legislature in aeparnlliuf He or gitnlaatluii fnim the uuu hluery of the City Oovorn nu nt. bus been generally ajitiruvoil by uur oltlaeng, and 1 believe tha act of th lkaird aim- It nw or gaulitdlou, lure, In the main, merited sawn ap proval. Much nmie iiilgLI be aroauiiliaheil If the power of lb llnnid were Ue'ieiuied, ami tholr dulle more ex pllcllly di Aurd. It baa, however, scrutinised cloaely the eiMiul'ture uf th iublia luouey an far aa ft etitnilid th aim. A an luelance of Ihia, It may be mculkaied thai while the Ontumiasujiier of Ba. oord bad iualed, undr the eld ytm, aboul elg huudrtal Ihonaand oullara, th auui of fl.ty thousand dollar only baa been allowed by thla II aanl aliu lu new orwaiilgation, with th exception of eighty thou sand dollar Inserted la the tax levy of this yaar, under th direction of a laaiidaren from tb Suprew tairl. a. , Let uc stilt ta tnaajt the eonsalanam) of the publio approval. It au unnateoUetou dlaxbarg of our pub no dntls. of looking only to Vie bead Ifilertot of lb whole commually, and aorar a4 least a wa bar poww, to aid la laaseulne th burdanl ef taxatlen cmnMaad with tna rgruV ty aad aOaieott admlulatra ioaof.oiur legal (rover BaaaV r Agalai Ibauklng you, lor your kind rajrtUUtj jaelecUug padagyourPieal dcnl, am road j to tanceaxj with, the' dutlM thua plaoedl pua me. ' T i-acji. - -d ' CVitsnry TVaawmWg JPV w. A 'prwamMd and rtolu atna wa rrtaaadt 1 aylCi sWctry, te the efTsct that I a,art4wat, tka Oiuati Tr astarer MoalTgaa per cent age pa Whs anMirynt of tana paid by IW eountTtothe tatei ate w karea the t wjj af ool Ucttug eaUUxe wiapoaiaaUcelvrolTie,anaiiolpal uieeoun-i IT Treaaaii a Jtswafwif, That a utaahle mernorUI be oVawa npaaidpraaaaalsrt te Ik LarUlaaur, aalatng tnMhodytoarapnirjrtateigakt (, kit. tbo future,. the UM of Uu oouuty. Mr. OurarraaU that hs had fully lovswtUratad thU manor, and bad bund the amouut of fee to b re. T'UlrUl(eyUUayTjei4atiratJt tlu) OUrttUl Jt will be tit.9? IS, lie wae rsped M paying goch an amount for doing nothing. Ta County Trw vire had nothing more to do wUh tb onllertiori of the tag ri which he received that fee, lhau th man lu the tnnoti. Mr, Prior aald he wag rippoesrl to thla hasty legis lation, netb-e be coald vtde upon the remlutlon, he wished to ronanlt vation itthr1tlfla,vir Mi tray on ronda and Assurance, Kmntany on SpecU'a, and Woon on the rower of th V.j: Finally th rewdiillou wa re'errod to the Corun.t tce rai Aiumal Tnxe. A bill, amounting to $ln4. for meeilg fumlahrd pol icemen at the Filth Avenue ll.ael, during the stay of tie Prince of Wlea,wM ordered H be paid. (The chmge la al the rate of $1 a head per day ) Th Quarterly Beport of th limiplcnller, ny Ih quarter ending lierember 31, l-Jo, wa received ai.d ordenrd be prlnte 1. From thla daniment II appear that th evjiendi lure during th last quarter were, r,aj,of,l A , aud during th whole year, 9J..71.M0 M, The anotmt of wamuiU oulstandiiig, I fll.lll 44. The Mayor mwaagc, vetoing the resoltillon .lord fd by the lVaard bK-renain the police fnrc by rt men vraa taken fhwn the taht. Mr, In cur moved thai the Hoard a.lhere t lu for mer aOhat, lie au'd he wa aatlflM that an Incrvaas of fnrc win dna'mhle, a'lhmtgli he w t oipnel to peyliio the tiKti their present rale of wage II da llied the rwiinl i.f Pill, e C imnilsaloners wa a pnrtutui body i thiy hid ap.iiloil member of the uldfnrceonthenew pillce, thu ahawliig thai they were not itifl ten-ed liy party ronliiienaliai. II bad also nerert ilncl from rellahl ourra thai tlln one bilf of the preeetit force w m comiaied o'. mm voting the D ama nlic Hi krl. On the motiiai lielng put. Die IkKird iinanlmoualy ad rred ti Ha ft inner nctliMt. The II lord then adjourned t) Tuewliy nnt al I P. M. Ikitrtii op Ennc" iTinw. Tho acml montlily luitling of the p. aard took place laat even. Ing, al the Hill of rrlducatloti. Prcn.djnt Cuarig lu the i hair. The Committee mi Warming and Vcntllatlun, re ported In favor of the fullowln aiproprlat!on t -t'l 891 90, for heating apparatus, nn appllntlon of the oVlionl iducera of lh4!li waislj AlUhfA nu appllca tli'ti of the offlceia of II e 1 ith waial, and f I.U4 tn a a. lliatlon of Hie ofllcera of the Ulli wardj an i ft -!, on ai'ilh-atloii uf the ottlcera of the Id ward, lir the same purjaiee. Mr. Totigra 0ieeil the motion 1 1 grant the appm prlalli'iia, btil waa ovorruled by a lr,ia majority. II cleimial tliat there wa no money f ir Ihnl puriaaa on band, but hla opponmit act futli that If lliry shoiild wa.t until the tux levy wa twaase,!. It wou'd pro'aaliiy delay th finishing: of lb arhtad Iniildln r f r mnntha. Tho sum uf i,;ij v. iprnirlatid (or acluxl furniture for Ward School Nih 11, iu tlie Twenty -ft nt Ward. ' Alter tha list of th nieiiilmra of th var -mis rlUndlng danmillei', who have Iieeu Hilnl.-. fm the etisutiur year tiv the lre dent, the lLiu-,1 u,t. Jnuniid. llrest, Arcklcnte, Inqueet, Arc FiitK tt IIkoahwat. Ijut cventnu, ahoul WnMuikA flie tiriike out 011 thepremjatviiif IticvaAito e C'.,d'alerB in,l neect powder, ln.lhe Ivaaeineutnf lo lii'MmgNi. lOllroadway. Thnuigh Iho efriti of II e tin line Cmiwiiiea 14, tl, and luner IH, the llanieNviere preveiitaal fnmi spread ng lieynitd the piiiviifurlgili. Iisa mi st.x'k almil jttOO 11 it In sult d. 1 he building I damaged alwut flOll Ineir ul Tlio st.i,k o'JA 8. (lanaiin, doalrr lu ruhlwr eiada, nn the fl'al tl an, waa slightly diuuged by eikuke. The cause uf the fire Is not kikiwii. I'ntK it East I7th kt. At a qunrtcr after 12 "Vliark yivderr'ay ii.nna fiienccuned In the stulile, ! '. 17 Kill lrrol,owiut by Joatrcil rlMuna, m. I lavitpled by Mr. Kaixr. Doiaige alailll $IIK). Iiifliirr-I, Fiiik in Eat IKtu hukit. A fire broke out nlnlaail a quarter liefmat o'clock last evening, lua brli k stable al 113 Foal ltth street. lyvaa alight. Fatal Rmuit op Viuip.trK Jmit Wk- toi, a native of Ireland, fit ye of age, die,! yoeter. day al llcllvue II atpilni, fnaui the rffe. u uf Injuries ncnlvixl in Noviiuilair Inat, btil by whom Innu toil la nut known. II apKvini that 011 the 9ud or H ivem'ier, hla wile bail a quarrel and fiht with Hnoiai Mo CAgrvniil Kara MuCiam, nt th Uiiemunl honan, Ni. 941 Firetaveiiuo, where they all lived. After th fWlit wnn over, the lielligenanu retitni t tl their nming, l-ul aiNailloNiiit and KATB went bigctlier to tlie naini uf Mr. Wawroi and kiva'kel atlhedeir. WioiTot oiM'iirel tlie diair nnd put Ilia hewl nut, when uu nt the wianeu, a I nilsisa lid, stnu Ic him with a biitcbcl, ami b wss daiigeroutly lujurel. II waa Ukan hi th II squul wber h liiuurel until early yeetenley lieimiikl and expiro.1. Tho v.di'ilc lieluj Ih Cuniner1 Jury wia b the edset sfie lb yonuij iireoa the bes.1 waa the cause of dentil, but it wa not ilmr that either of the two wmuen had lutUtad II, and the Jury rendered a verdktof " Ilaalh tryvliv. Iiinwat the hand of some per m unkti"wn.H The Cnnmer, linwevcr, held tlie wiimn bi 1a.ll In .VM, to spluar a wlttisHee In oaae ttiey ahuuld be ueodeL IUce Intelllx-oe, 6V0. OotHnrnfK Svritni.KRg C.if.rirrtT Mor- lm, the young nun who wa arrested on Tuoaday, charged with aUoinptlug to swindle jAUaaoia A Co., dry gis da dealers of llcundway, out of silk to the v..!ue til f 21, yoslord-iy lmd abuul a doien oilier emu iilaluUlUidaguliuilhlin. It apaiar that ho hat laieu ifenilliw fiw anmn time, ami arreMi f thn wlmm be lias U'finiulcJ ar Ciemmi., . LAgx, who bad $."1 by Mm Htxino, Anatiwcr A Co , who Last 41.1 1 Aamuii, CoaaTAiii. At Co., JJ , Jm lUi.Te, ,ldc. llliliuiufuionilltur ws aimilar 111 each o., II would pun base ifiUal order them to 1 0 si nt to hi iSTvotalixl resldmu'e, gitierallly a Indel, where ba wa to twiy fur tlinn. Wneu tho mrter ar rived with the package, he would tike II and request him to wall until he went up aUlrs ami gut Ih mo ney, II would then allp uiituf a tear or all d M ajiddlwiieir, loavuig the jmrler In whistle for tlie nkairy ur giaal. Moskh still reuulua loikod u; ut the iolice bund quarter. Ma. llKMitt LltixusTOti; the nintlomin wles fw wei ks ago, figured lu tlio piper a hav ing i hratod 1,1 Innd'ady, a Mr. I'Aggia, nut of hor lanrdblll, and then canard liar to be arrate,) on a ihorgei.t theft, laaause alio nUlued hit biggue, wu h uiaillailiaitial on We.lnol.iy, on firan idiarea uf Visifllctue" wliiilluuf-Meiir. Waaiocg na Co., butter, Kith St. Nicholas, rluirguig hlin w.tli hay. ing, abniila yearagi. ulitalnrd two wolf-elt.n rnbiM, nuith (4i, from lliein. a hml tliein sent, they aay, U Hie houao or a Mr, Taaanwai.i, In bi 1 h! , wluue he waa to uy lm tlu'in, but the luheaaud I.iviau. nm dlaaiitH-eied and Iho luuiiey was 11 d forthcoming, fllnnige to any, th Mlaa weie yeelenliy found at that I nuae, 'llieprnprlitnraiifadrtig store in the Mh avonii 11 ilel, complain that I awiudled lliein nut of $10 wirthfd Riasla, mei ntly, Th pmpiletor uf Uaan ara'a Ibda 1, 1'nrk I'l. e, aay, bo Uuardoil there sums time and vamnoseil, leaving hi bill iiu.ud. Mm. rBKm tiuikr a similar clmrge. The gentlem 111 in queetliai wim baked up ut the I'.iliie be ebpurtara. AltHLdT op Cdi'MTMii-kitkhi. Soveral per nn were aiTiadeil In different irt of the clly on Tme.Liy night for imaslng txnuiterfoll $3 UU 011 th .N.n lb It vrr Itnik uf this city. Their name are, Oro. Cnorra, llriar Wiiaoi, Tiioa. M'Cotti'i.u Fpank WAll.Ai'a,aialJiNlt McOnag. PackagM uf glmiw, ahitla, drawers, Ac, whiih 11 I aupp.Hal they lanml.l with tlie apurliiu lulls, were fnun 1 in thttir iNNieaasloii, aiel tliey war lucked to aiwwer,, UEl'OUTM aVKUNESDlV. (onrt of Oyer aud Teraalner. Unfiir Juilg Laoaaao. 0mi 1 4 JrffiirJt giVAg 11 TVi'uV, Judjt I.KOt. am stated to Ih Dmlrlrt Attnrney thai h hwl re celnd a letter from Charles M. JuSirda, ludlcted for tb murder of Walton aud Matthavn, asking for an iinuiidlutelilal, uabeuudbeou asifluoil lu the city prison mm ettian eight mouth. The Cmrtdidnid feel inclliioil to answer thl letter, but would ask tha Dletrli I Attorney when he would b ready to try the ait'iard, aud thu glv publicity to It. TheDlstrut AHorney ret.lll that he wa nnl yet pn tared for trial, bail thai no time would ba lost, end tlie case would be called uu a ouu as Haible. Tl e trial uf Simon Katj, ful arson, waa then cnu llniiid. Several wluuvMr teat I And lu th throuli iui d by LniiU against hi unci. Th trial pro glerae slowly, aa many oi th witueaae are foreigu. era, wuuse tofitliuoiiy lia to b given through au iu Urjriier. raited Kisueai Diet rial Court. Hufoie Judga Ixarra, CiJIiilnn in Hut llinr3, D, SlanwirJ rt. Ilit mamUat Juan J7urf. Thl la a libel filed -Kialud tho sU' Jutui Hail, tar Uaioage dm to Iho chiiir T. C. Leem.ui, which, It I all;ed, wa run ikiiaii by the steamer, In the vicinity of Huilgiue, 1.11 ll.o 'JUh of Fela-iuiry last. Tin trial 01 thla ittae exuie ciaisldarabl Interest. Clwrla Ihauihii for liUllauU K. J. P.a-ler for slaluianl. raapreme Conn. Thf ifiSprJo ami linker claim. Tlu p,o. At tt rrf, Mi HjuJun ami Dabrr, n. Cvmrroiier, Thla waa an aiijillcatlon for a mokiantu to lb &imitroller compalllng him to draw hla warrant on tha City Treasurer for the sum of $10,000, alleged t bedue the reUtora (or wuik uVuM undur with tb Conunlanlonar of Betaird. Th argument wa bil through December 13th last, ami waa re ported lu Ih Hen uu lb followlug day. It will ba remembered Ibal th reletoiaw.r engaged by the fJuiiun'sHloiierg of Bacoida, to Imiiacrib and mak two copied uf all th book, mend dni., in ihe oflbi of th County Claik, and also In lb Hagunera oflu., The uiu slalmcd I ou auch account, II was o nteudil ou behalf of Ih Comptroller that this waenut a propar prooeeiliiig to Judicially dutea. uln th amuunt, if anything, waaaVu the reUator. and that Iker w uu such baly, legally, In g't eiu e, a tb Omimlasloner of Bieorda the act under which lba body waa chartered being uuouuaiUu) tlunal. Justice Sutherland, befor whom Ihe matter we beaid, now rarjder br dectelen, holding Hat Ih Judicial cUterrnlmtiim meutloned lu tb (tb eeotlou of the act of April, ISoO, rail luubably be had or mad lu thug proceeding tor a anowilamtai, but that th Oiniptrollet caiiBot be required to pay until a Judicial doUnulna-. tlou ut ntadia. Buck determination should be nut only th Ixlng of tb gum due tur service actually ren dered uuderooDlracl.but alao ajudtulal detennluallon o.' th eonatilullonal quaetlon aud objactlou raleed and urged In thl matter a bahalfof lha Oumitrelier, tmlcag (be xaaUtaVrawu must Issue rtif . AatuvWwv the deotalea efeach quftlJM ta but bvor. It due not follow, even If th set creating the onto of ih CMOmlaaljrrweca'lUOurda, la unouaartltuUiiiaJ, and tha oonlreota nader eoad. eater a lhs Com missioners are eonoerned, that tb Oomrarullar 1 taut 1 bound to pay for labor actually dun under aud pursuant ta auch law and aald ouulracU. If lb Legislature had no oonstltullonal right to appoint the Caaiunisalonarai yet a thoae omotn ar aauauaraiolaltdtalaaudorixajedodU lU tuihorll fcr.fl MnrtUm (V) tnk Oonlrfccii UtA Mr frmn work. hhImU Aom not. prr ttut th AMor or jr 0nttftl r ht city of fttw York hd -, bf dlrfci prftd y,ps AttjnitHM io rtmor rich Com mlinlctrTT, or qumttotsti ih MruttttuUmiAlity ct tRHr ftppnlntattnt, ttie IgfUtur coull dlrtMH lh payment of thu n.Aiint dn Oi th Mltnr f rTWki tUAllr rrfrrTntl, under tbeif ooutncu wall th OemmtWfnntTt. TfaM tt ta imt, tbtTff tTf ntywrwry rm thU fcpvllc lion ti dckl thfl onnirtitHtioni nnAHlMut to.Md on lwhft.f of tli Orni,rtro11r, iiwl that. therefbrA. thr htjtwl tto ft rfm-MjiT to aU.'t-ru.n whtHhr-r th nmothrt lUImM In actually du lit trwcm Tr1nrm td under ftomtrart or mntraU with thaCornrnl Uronftut or to iirfrtatii tb nnm whUh U di ti th tfUUim fttr mich Mrrirf, and rnnrt lha twin, with Urn froftfi Ukrn by I) wferf, to tha Court l that nim ftitch HT-ti, th Court mint aTUln tha amr tint dua. aikl rvKl fr or confirm thr-ntii and Unit fifraupmi a mimiimf(i mimt twua t tha Comr tmllrr, r,....-...? him t )ay tha amount an Judicial ly n-trfniiivi t ni a-. Tii O111I anintfxl th II m. nnjainia W. &M nf y 1 rfi rcr. Crfrtil Park KrtfnMHi.Arp!fai!vM fo eon frm rt jrf , Tbo arirumfnt on thl. application In rajnttl th omifirnmtlnn of th 0nirala- almitni of C'rntnd P u k, rnrtvd In th Sir of Vf ad irrvL.r. wa otiiliiud thnnigh rtidy, and ta null tiduifT. Huprr'.or Co art. W. ilnwm ft. at. r. Ur$ W, llx't H. flJThl la ui nn-nil to lit 0n r nl Term of thU C"MJHn Judgment midttfi apatttit th dfii.!ii.trll 4'lriJ tnmofthla Court, on Ih 19th dy of Xirvh 1A Th ivi I luu alirnili;M ly th pluUitltTi Vi raror rr for tha nvnTpntlnn ifrprtkin ihattaa allrgM to l1i4..Vt th plaintiff, viluedattl MT 31. T.1I defindnta art up na a di-fik an att. hmant fttfr.iiihi on (JUfuum, under which th Shiff aelttAl -etlaiuprririty then tu the pi . ion of th philn tiff, Imt which pnffrrtiy, It U aliened, leln:ul t't (iltumi), he hf lift uu Ih aAin lit lit iMauarttitm at Dt.lmtitie, I iwi. tliea.i.a It U alIoa hl tiuvl arifrnl ilitUtrl t.imttfVL1 u,"n thene jjowli to Tartou. of Ma i id Xfn. It Hii'ma thnt thane mtrt.rairea were duly rrcotd'l la t never d livens, t the jx-paiiii t-. whom thry were mn.le ti July W It ta rMeiM tlutt (lltMitfii tttnt theipendettH. t-i tha imaui.UJK with theuia liller, whUb, tt lactalnieil, waa In tha iiMtureot auftM'ininteitl. It la shown that In tT nleeMn litfvrrned the drfetiilnnU of th m-nve, with tu the di fnul mt. aunwi"IUr( to ' i ou m rt ffnt(eaitl that all the crMi.'r tare-i alike, a'knw -ttHKl th arrnnireineiit tt meet tholr approval, Th rawer, however, all aeparal wrtrrfea 4h flnttotlieplalinilUadht,thaotheraaulwevln,'7 nlw t to the fln.t. 1 1. def-nul mU herein, learulitef IhMcert.ilu irjuxUMoiiKint lo(lleaai were In thla t.ty, mnmiin Mftauithy aiuhment.uiderwh!rh th 8hiillTae1ai-d tl jtMndiln 'piwttnn. Th defend. nta now npfal( on the frrniind that tha tntH-tTV" niada ly Uh'rMa n were frnuilnVntantl vuldnn their f, ha iniina they authoriae the nvrrtrfHjfor l. deal in trad w th thrataMk nhUI. thry rover. Tliat the plitntiriV ttiirrttKO waa pi lor ti tho defrnd mU', whnnvw (Haa-a mu lmd npn,MMilil t pl'untHTn thai all tha tnorl-(T'rT-na wi re to le alike. Thit tha letter of Olerw-rti'a wlilth nx'mi-m,it the ff-vtdi when ha aottt them to the plalntm. If rltxl on na an -wl.rnmtnit. w vaid l-nnuaa It nuwle tt a t-on! Unn o( ptvmnt to any rtrd.for that le alioutd releae tha tW-4or, Tha rttM Hlii.ln roiiti'iid that th inurttfiirfi waa atvepttd ly Iho di'fi'ii.liiiU . tlmt nil thcei luo 1.TMM wtr Alike, ru ul tlmt the tlf n lutta wei eett-rnnsl from alhp1n( fraud In tin in. It la ftiithercmtiidod that the Irtiavr if UUwv-n waa a vnlht a-nlt7nntint, aikl In that he had a prrflrx t rtl't to lnipwr nnil tton uin the ihnl uiilea all JoIivhI In rolanalnhr htm a iwutUiilnr clnaa f , roll tota n)inull le profrrxL It la ut titer ftiitleudoil, that thflaUu'liiiiitnt under which the tfm-di were aoUel by th dherUT la vol I, th nflM tvltri on whl. h It waa granted Uvt Ulng auffli'lflut tt ronffi jurUlli tton. Court of t-rnerml HoafJoiu. Itotir JuIk'O M'Cit?.. Tlietlmaof tlmOmrt, whllo In mmIoii, ww wholly i tent pled with th trial of Joe Vrm,a, a yoimtf ('tilein, tor fonrery In the third degree. The drtrtntrtiit waa arreitl on Bitunliv tt. urvm a Uu h warrnitt, iijih, Inlimatlon l-elnrf Riven tliat ha waa aUmt to leave thta country to (nrfait hla hail, TheclmrfeaKaiiMt htm waa the finyery of ill an- ai -.tint ut oi twuMllaor ex.luuige r yi.uou u?h which wrtdmwn hy i:lun A CUitt,l, lu IN vaiui, n Ht-uy A Ht vena In thla rIty,to lai ,l at Ih oider ol lHM.Kil4i.rlK. Am.l ira. The Canplalu ant w:ta Jve IVdmhlfLi, th flint wllnew iiinluI, who WH4exatnlnel thrott'h a ffnanlali 1ntorinter. Tha liHlklM.eiit waa dated the fJih of April. There were only two wiliiww eitmtuetl. PedniUluta, who waa autajtttrd I a ln( cnMaHiunituattoii, and Mr. Manuel lltrumiiy, t whom on of the hilU of et rliMiic, with Ihe ptruM tiidur-ii'iuoiitw ww Wii (y Vir -na, )-t-idti ultr ilmftjt. The caAt wu not cun oliKltrU, and Hill I rrauuuxloti Thm'Mliy. BROOKLYN. . 1m rxi'iARUaM ArrrMtT to ucus dowx a TTiwTll0V.--Aui.Umrw nvJi about 11 trYhak on Moialiy nlglt to burn d wu ft largt f.-an U-nriiH nt liiaiao In Cud ti at., Wnowu a.- th "li 'k my Ut biuMalitf laotvupicl ..ltoi-uiher ly colored poile, who. alua'athadwthof Jnhu ghliley, w'ao It will lae recolltitftl waa bentcu Ivy aevtral negroea tat rnuaj nigM ot iaat week nave ieeu more ofiix toua to their whit mlghliora than hrrototor. ThieU Imv beeu nui'la hy uumlmr that tha R tok eiy ahou'd la burned dwu. ami II waa uenrlyoarrted Ink) i lTw t. Four or flvo mt)ii wer aueti alaiUt tlu) immletaaahort t!niulerreth tbttne burnt forth, aiNl theie tan lie no don) t but that thy applied tha torch. The (1 e waa rxlhigulhel ttofor much dim ite wiui dime. There miiHt have beeu a lorn ' 111 lmd thttflreuot Um u dtM.ovrd mtlin. AmtFaTfl Koit TArisiMj CouirrrnKKir BlLlA. A omueite.1 KlToit wa made, tai Tucadiy nlghl In tt tho city with $3 bill ou th North River Ihmk, New Yoikvtty. r.ntie commeitted offering Uu m in d if ti i.t about the name time. Twe men, luimud John H. IbTAUNU and Ym. Jorh, wer arnttd ly the Vd Piwnu I itlii'i anther wm Uken Inln ciirtta dy I y a Ut Preolnt t officer, auxl allU ant4hfr ly anndicerof the S Iit lin-t. Th ftn'iiatd writ inouKlt M-lure jiuttu uiKawKLt yenteru-iy but imt laf ng rvady, the cxaiuiuatuni wji ptMtnoued until t dy. Thk Ivr amitiik.Sthkkt. Tho afreets nro In the woret iNNialbto condition at tlie preaent time. and la exxicdingty difl.(ult tu oawe- juniLO. ThiT la nothing but aluah ami mud. not nuiMuully, him lu deep. Hjujw pluwa having ben put Into atiHitilU'ii lo keep the iitllioad triuka cloau the ij-tsaaiaiUa-blid U bo dmivu ahutg Without th aid if double ttwme, ulthouwh from thu large numlwrol tMHaeu'rcra that aracaninil It would aeetu that iur lmiai'lllug pwer ahouM l lurnlMhail. 'jlie be in ittiwanualliy, which wa aobdly froien nvvr on BuiMlay, I giitdimlly bteakln awy under thu liiilutine ul the dilaltug rain of ytwlordiy. rhi'tala von-tldorabli. U-o lu th K-tat R'ver, but tt haa tinbnikeu up ao that uavlgaUou U tot er 1 jua ty hn dtd then by. Till. OmrK OK 1IIK SurEniHTRXORTT OK thk 1'iHitt. Tho ollico of tho HuporinUn loot ol thfl Pour, lu th tkHaumcul of Ih City Hall, la daily thronged by ttufortuual ieraoiiJi, nuntly fa uialfH, at-xklng iwlitif. They Man. for hour waiting their tutu. A few, It la mirfp tixlt ar lmMHttra, tail douHleia the g'1- mj"rily ar In actual waul. A d.iy ot two aiuii. an atfrvtum buident otvurreti. Auit( wotimn. who 111 Imjvu ttbtutling tr aouie tuiio lull e 1'i'd, dump h'lw..y, lull dwufiome hwirtti ti, and It waa a-ma time hofoie ahe could be rvttu.l to anlmidlon. The ft.ta of her nhv4ifftl ny tt.-ni wita evldHidly thu reauttof th waul ol the ntxtiararua oi me. JEllSKY CITY. Anutiiku I'divimimi Cvhk ix IU.iuikx ritoiiAiiiK Imi'I.ii'Atiowok a Nkw York Put. i IAv.Juatlio Hl'lKltof lleriren commeneeil en Inquest yeetenluy afterunuti at (Ireeiivllle, on Ihe loly of Mr, Jun.i rl. Tum.l of that 1ve, who Jll 1 rliloy loot, uieler rlrcuuuiUiicee which led to lhs iuium1ou that hla death wa caused by wl iii. Mr. Tcttl hsd keen treated for rural ireaillis j hi (iimlly phyalclan for a pulmonary Jls ease, lail tbrough lb advice of a frleud wa Induced to airily to Dr. L. ElAiutaa of No. 133 Wast lMh streit, H. Y. Mr. To rclvd a preacrliition anil a'lled to a alriurgiat In UreuwU.h slreet to have t imt up. The druggist after lonkliur al Ihe .ra nrtlou ami ooiMiiltlnif with ou or two olhera lu the store, doLllued til put It up, Dei rawed pris'ureil th uumIicId at a stiir In Jry C'ily, and on the uillowiiur day oonimeuLed to tak it a riateil, but Instead of Improving h rtw worn, and on the fotn ill day wu very III, sufferlne; severe raain lu his toi!ith, howl( kidney and aiirir laaly. Tb tamily physician wa railed In luil ould rriuler no lellaf, and hs dint ou Ih fullowlun dayi K avion to wlili h, b riitl thai a yoi mortem made and an luqiieet Le hid on hi body. Tb Ibllnwina: I Hi evident takeu i Mr, Man na t"tlfled thai h la a ilrujeial, at Mo. 41 M iiitirnmery alreet, Jersey Cltyi on Saturday, th irotli ul JireeniUr. man railed al hi drujr tnr with a pre rlpthm froni Ur, Kuaaxo, of New York i II i'allt fir eli(lil ouuoea of chlorad of itaali, to be iml up in twelve packa-; hs aaaeil if tha luadicln wa nolonoue that b wut to 4 store In New York, and ihsy reAiard to put II upg wiinrrai told hlro that If ou of the powder wr put Into a quart of walar It would not Injur bluj the Iaiwder contained two-lhlra of an oa, eauh or ahoul ii irralnai Ih largeel do urtacrlbed. aocordina- lo Ilia V. 8. Illapenaary la BO grain! Iwclv ooae of m gruii Uken lu 11 days, would kill any uam certain a atrvcbuluai wiluea thousht If dxxcw took th medicine In aa large quautllTe a wa nll hs d.d, for H or 4 diji It would ceua very great Irritation of the aOirroe-h. Mr. Kill A. Ttrma. Ieallnl that bar huahand (derenaeil) called ei see the dot tor, lu New York, aa reaxanniriulcd by a friend, on Saturday Ike tvthi be etiai io the untkir uiai he haa a vary rata cougoi tbdoa.torexauunednimandaldlhalhla left lung waa lanlly affected and Ih light on allzhtlyi Ih rlia-tor gat my bualamd a praaxrlplion telling blm that tliey would be tn powder and to put about a pint of walar earbt ray buabajel put alanil 8 lumblar of vratar to a powder and drank it In aboul 0 ikaaa during tb dyi there were 14 powder lu all; the Dr, told Luu thoae would ba about enough tot a week, aud then lo call again, and there would b a change; h told blm lo lak a powder eck dayi my husband only took a llttl ovsr four powder, com roeiK'Ing vrllb Ih first on Itundayi ou Thursday k wa Uken very 111 with vomiting aud palm J do uol think h wa a wall after the first putrdari he. com. plained of peine In bla limb, and Ihougbl Ik nadt. lu oauatd his lllnaas; b aald lhdruggigt la praMU wlcb alreet, N. Y., who reluaed to put up Ih pow der, remark,! that 11 wa enough to blow a tnao up: h died au lYtday, Ihe 11th day ef January think II waa Ihe rnedloliie that oaueed hla deullii on tlie dey my hii.UnJ waul to N. Y. he s,ieared bet ter lhau al a ly lima sloo last spring i aflar be euUugviUiuyUuaaaaivV"lalrtiruiii. tau,s nrl al avlr Um he rwrnaried, tf eWt kxasaa that little Jew should give na auch ailtllniaal WTMOll Txemnwn. Dr. Boom leatlirJU.t have atlendsrf Mr. Tg and family for the last six yeare t be ha been) i plalnlrar of realmonary gf7euion from time te I partlralarl for the last year, for which I liniiiit for the last few month I have advleed hrna lay a little medicine a possible to laic well, plenty of exarHae are not expose hTmeelf w weaader, and If b took any fnedltn'M It ahoaih aoroethlaf to keep up hi Mrerarth 1 1 pnacillant liver oil i a weak ago last Thursday I we et and saw Mr. Ttrrrua, and burst him very seek eomolained of pain eivl d tre la big rlonok-b, I el, kidney, god In tact U overi he vrrmlled tnM keep nothing on bla Mom h wblch vast enalllv i hi eye wer leinken. hi ro-iaaxej looked liAaTirard. arel evwryihinff tndkattad that ..hunx eiiou wa th mailer I ah. ! a Mi had been taking, end I told Uiem 1 thought i .sa II, m,.m kl. 1-1. J . .7.. " H.. ,... ,n u Muiinn j imrasn nig a the medicine from a phyalclan la New York f there were twelve powdere. aid one wa to be M every day In a pint of water they sealed that h Uken f.iir revanleiai, and bad oommaaved on the I I applied d fferenl remedies to allay the Irrilaati tli sbsmach hut to no purpmi h ennt.aiid te fi m.til b died at Brat tb vxniting .rare a I ftTttii, and afterward they became yellow rrralndcd from what I saw that the toaa hla rtnrrsrh wa deetmred ewerythmg be t tvrn teaepooriful of water, dlaarasaad b Tim a la'd h could ml annrive, and aa mi .in in hail don It." he reqivaated that ( ale.ii.,1 le an xamlnatlon aud Inquesti Mr. Ta died mi trldayi I calleal upon Dr. Otoorr aad miido a jvef mortem examluationt we foiual tog trrtinl at-ieoflheatomacb la a atate ef lunamnaat the Ititenv I coat waa yellow, the same aa that ba vomited- it wa aoft and muld be easily serarea with the I eivll of Ih acalaj, leaving the roue net int.rtly Isu-ei the uiietnlne showed mark arrtoua It Jury from Ih nVit of Ik medletn. Oioorrwil myself weraof Uie opinion, tha! the r kine va tlie direct cause of deatlii I have known rh'orale of retaali ta be given In ao t disae; a dra I from 19 to 80 grains; prrporlr k ill a harmless medkVnet I have seen bad from SO (r aln given once lu three houre; never k it to lie t il for rotMuinptlont 10 grain once hour ia a !ar,ro doe. A perfra tly bea'.thy man could never bar take twelve it aes. Mr. Tarrnvs stanach wae fa a raitklitliai aud as caHathle of laaartag medlelne aa from the ronlitlon of bl limit h might have vlvcil aix m'Withs nr perhaisa longer. Df. At ataud Hat the date wer enough te dretrow niaii i tl at be had never given chlorate of pokM tluui lerHfralu done. T'i n re art here given to the Jury, and efl si. ml rofsti'Ulion II are decided lo bear the at metit of IT. Kianrxo, If he should desire to make nu.1 for II al purpose they adjourned. Tub TVikb Potaosiito Caxk. Mr. Wm. oat, agaiiMl whom Hie Oraud Jury of liudwn O ty hat found a UU of liubctoiaul for th murd hi wi'r j isnaonlrui, wa arraigned yesterday fore .hAft Hois'., aiel plen.1 not guilty to th eke Tlie trial I set down for the lltli but. Kin." Dr.rAitturuTT Lrrrtms;. Prof. J. fowl x. of roiighkeersile, I to lecture at Metre tan Hall, Jersey Clly, on Thursday evening, far Valient of Ihe Fire Department Fund. 1'iiimr.M' Et.r.cnos. At the annual lngofDlllgrtitltoaCo.N. I, of Jersey Citr, Miuidty night, Ihe following offlcar were electasl Foreman flan. It. Ftnirai AasbrUnt O. Ilanurr; 8crrUry.F, Nawooianj TreaaiirerJ V. Ilaaawisi Ksiiler W. A. Fawxa; Repress tivW, A, BTgVXIf. WILLIAMSBURQH. Thk Kiatnt. An Iriatiroan named Hicnt IlLaaa waa yesterday arraigned before Justice 0 ma, Charged with attempting to Uk 111 lif of wll. tin Ihe examlualiiai II apieareil that Ik returned ! hi home la Nnth Huth street at a hour ou 1 uaaelsy night, much under the lunuere Ihpior. A dispute ansae Isatwea'n him aud hla which reeulted In th sweuard Uklng up a case ki aisl making a Inug with it al hla wile, Infl call liitlit woiiud iimn her tetupl. OflWer Taaaasi the I'l Ah rrrtlia-t, waa vallid in, and arraeled Ba. aiwt h lua Iweti committed for trial. Attkmit to rA. CocxTERritiT Cotn man giving hi nam a Jooja Moaanott, waa arr yeelenlrfy aftenitam, charged with attemiting te bed quaitrr and hall dollar al several atora la Ch stivvl. II wa linked up or xamlnatloa. M1NIATURK ALMANAO. tVunU. fun Sett. ifetMJai Juauary IT T 11 .... ft 1....I ....11 4T January 14 T 11 .... B .... ...tntorai January 1 lit ) I.... .... M fJURLNK VmOJMttOWJt. A didch ff.un Bau ly Hook report th bark coli Merrill, of New Xuak. front W Mark, eg loaded, aaiiore ?u Ihe point of (fHsdrllookt Wl ateaiulng Hear ber. Ihe ia hi iter Nn-ina left yeaterday aieroooi the asaUbuk. of tai k Jacob Merrill, ashore ou Is Uook IViliil. Ponsrr The bark Jacob Merrill, from 81 Ut lg yet nsbire. A teli'grai h digialh, received f Mater. Bpofl Tlluebiu isl Co., d ited Uharleskai, Jan. 10th, at that the ateojiiahip M iriou left al lu o'cloa'k Tu uiniiiiiig, I.MIi. Ih staamshlp Muhrlll will b toliied imtll Thumbay, lllh. .- Ilaiymoaa, Jin. l.V Tha steamer flit l . flveil bete kahiv, rrpurt having seen the ship fie Ira, Irom Chliuhaa, al anchor tn llsmptor Boaala thai it t preaumtd th retiort of br baviug I uaborti Williiiutbby Puiul wa ao error, or elie wa flouted orT witboul any d.l&culiy. The I, briae for I'oil 8palit ba returned lot having brok windlua In towing c'.t. Th hlfa pier is at her wharf, d.axhargtng balanoa of hr i leek llttl or maie. be'tig in Ih mud. CLEARED For foreign Port. HTKAM811IP8 OiliiiuLHa, Berry, Iter Charlaa s 4fini, rilrstiiii and Co; Jersey, (prop) 01 aey, Newsut, L Krnuy " I1AKK Orlffin, Drla, Tcrtb Ambny, muter 8CllOOM.KdMarv Knuna, Hulse, for Lava No't'ioeeaud I'rliR-e, If H Abbutl, ginilb, BalUai Merrill and Abbott, Wuiidsr, lialUsk, for Biiat Kitinyi Maiaheater, VfUaoiit K'.thmoud, Oka IViaon and Co For Home Porta. HARKS-Armguire, fllr) Holder, fllaegow, Dumau ami Co; KeiuJcer, Lautatr, Uaroadoe Tiowiarldge' 8 sis riltIU8M Post. Kuierwon. Portodi I.lnha. M. an I llmryi Willlaiu and Mary, Norton, 81 lu urvu, real auu v BLIKWNKR-Fauiiy Keating, 8uow, tar nan M-tlutre and Aruiatruaig AUKIVED. 8TRAM.4llira-relkan, Baker, r rovldeuoe, to laaac Iklell Week heeler, June, Frovldenc, mde to I 04 t'uitew, Aldrlih, do do da Vfarosutu, Arry, Naw II. d ford, mdae lo masta Tho gwiuui, Bamsey, Ualtimort aud Norioik, ki 11 II Cruuiwall a, Co luM l'uinl, Freuch, Savaniaih, mdae te I & Co. heavy gale from K I N K the entire lautange. Ou Ihe ltoh, at 4 A laaeeidabaik aalioieou Bondr Uook Puiul, flavrk coli Merrill I town, l'cny, New Bidford, ruda to Baratow Pilie Hllirs Confidence, Bear, New Oileaaa Dee I with mituii ki Wni Nolaun A 8ai Ca'biiun, Truman, Liverpool Nor 13d, wllk uid 11MI aleoraga paaaugr, all wall, to Spof Tiltaoua y Oi. Kxierleuced a uccaslon of westa gale tluongbeut IL miaith of Pwsruber, eiiea Ihriu awfully eevrre. Dae lith. Robt McCaools S4inuui, of Ireland, fell from alial and died aooo at Jan 11, Emile Ruuer, psaasujer, of dsrmauy, cad intlaroiiuitiu of the bnvrel Alma, Uravea, of B luu, fmm But Bla Aoft lima wiayd lo master (jeorgeii. Slater, of Tbouuaton, ful Bau Franolee days, bi.l.'s to Wlliii and Co Mw.r.l Walter, ChadwUk, Callao Oct M. Ilsmpkai BiamU Jau li, guauo to BurrtU Brew f el to J B 8rdy John Stuart, Oeruese, Callao M day, via lUerart Ruada 8 diya, guauo te Barnll Brc viaaal lei Muiufurd Wlsaaaialu, S-asl, LnJoii Deo 1J, mda te Wat Friwl. Waa IT day froca Leindoa lor gable Xaisjg au eijuririK-ed heavy weather on Ike papas g. 1IAKK8-Wave Croat, Uarmon, Oalvastoallakt wlih ta Hon lo McCready, Moll A Co Virginia Anu, Bryuut, Qlbara. Cuba. II d. aaa lo Hrrtl, 8on and Ou AUlanla. lloratman. of Breraan. from forabn days. In Ullaal to Manning di Oosilng. Kxraarteag seine ovary weaaoer. Old Duuiinlon, Johnston, Mw Orltaae U ewj sugar to Bubert and William K.ieo.d'Tus.laii) MiuJs, Cardiff Nov II, Ircelta Wuiill. lias eiperlrnced heavy weather Canti n, Amabury, of BovannAh, from Mllfbrtl days, to Uslpike, Keulgea and lUkhell. UU ba oil South Channel, epok hlp llrdreJ, of Boast steering ust ha ciperieuoed heary waslher, aaj aalla, cto Noruiubega, Baundera, Gaeatoa U itjt, ceetaa J II Brower and Co UBIGS-Udy Washington, Morris, OorntraUsa, 8, days, poUtoe lo llr J aud DuryM Llrtngiitun. fBrl aVavhe. Bl Tbonj. Dec IL wi asiihallum to the maetar Bullan, Sulliaa, (laorgetown, B. 0 It day, aag tore n u o uioei 8CU0ONKBS Mannaaeatt, Ward. Chariest am days, cotton to Dollnar, Fuller A Cat. aUperuaae heavy N K weathsr lb aulir pasaage Uowdikb, Colluia, of Castlne, from Tampio R IT. goal aklua ta Miller A noua-hlou-Ji4 Ibrbl k wind Ih otlU'de pesaaago. joon Jioouy, tnr; ajuaiu, aoguuia n oaya, lo Ijaaycrara A Co Triumph, Lurry, of Oloastatater, Bavana It eka) taraaurae I Furvlaace aud Osha eatsrtiau4 beat wtlhsr, spill sell, kail an anchor B N Hawkins, Wyatt, CharlaetaM. ( dan, ecttea Mi-Ovady, MoM and Co Hate, Booth, Mobil It dar, eotkmWBeawfg Cleartnao and Co Slaudard, Ord, Onnwallut, R B, via INarthsB M. pvtatoea to D E De Wolf Danville, Ckseter, Bkibmnol 4 day, fetor aant I rva.uan Lri f II PI xarxaktl fttwl flak C tUaw. ftluw, JeAkMtvUU $ cUjv faw WUIM WMM BKLOW. BklpWUlatBtAsW, The brig Ban Dunning, of 1 via Fortune Island, la al acathatg te I with all banda aick l boaad to am. a ajrooU tut tow to Ibta Uy. aV"a BAILED. gleamihlpe ColajBbla. fat sVeannak. , aaae'tW) jm