Newspaper of The Sun, January 19, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 19, 1861 Page 2
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i.i , i i i i, ii 1.1. T' ..-waddBa5s, SEE 2S3 T"-!"11 1 .' ' " rww mill ii . - . W ---frBSywyffOB - JBBBllBBIBBBgMBMMMJttMByMwyjMgMMi .m""- - 'i '"" Ill I " I III I "" mill a wt aB-QM'qi i-ini , i. J- I V is A a J' Wat i 11 THE NEW YORK SUN. i SATURDAY MOBXIHO, JAITT It, WX. HFW M omCIBt ' & .1 a now lt,tlitt..ottAn TV V reCVUllJ il"" - "" OOe for tht f designed a 11 u'llmat and per tBMMnt emlre) ' No. ttl Bread wty, tin In1 tht American Moseum a point which Lm been Justly termed "lh ey of New York".-bclrj al lh Juni tloa 0 1U two (rind thoroughfares, end of every JUIlrood aud Omnlbu Uh Id tl city, w,lh but few minor exception. To reach Hit new Pot 1)11 -0 therefore, from any pa of h f,,T or ,u env.rmo, it U only neceotwr to kail tht nearest eta; or car, Brad b e d iwn el Ih d tor. It I PTktent that there 1 only om nth place of butineoa In New YmV The old ttand of Ih Sen, corner of Fulwn iiu-1 Kumu, win of ioum lie 1 1 given npt levt '" awn tun la ruin. Ituslnrsa will therefore aailinu la be don at Mb office. - - ft.ll IfiTllit'Crinn frt-""1! i (It any other rurrwtrina Ully peper) fotlbe lease itnl of lie volualile premlace en lb old corner, w tuld 11 l lie d'oregarded trni now. AVALtATILl. DFJK ROOM -probably the tao-l v.l seln the C'lJ-. for man purpoaoi can I af firdcd tuti) even, tut, III our Urotdsty OrBc. EtBltmit" it In fat or of an limnalitt anl Igtjroiitrevltatof hutlncM nl pr-p-rlly In all the market of the Union it itco '.lie l nitlori of tbeNatloual (iotcrnmont alias Kccji'.el. Hi" Cointijr U full of KM, full of provl-um, fu'l of energr, tol renlr to cpa tht Sprm, itftrr a loog tmathinit l.vil, with an uupr e lcnti amount of trii ulturl, mmu'i'lurin an I torn tnercial mtfrprlv. rontti tolf-in'lioie I miw tie of tb Sjutbirn itatu, al.liouli tli" rralit liuincM with tlii-m, l Im-t ami tiilitol, inin l Uirm to lt" all Him p li l,t i an for ult, nl mutt coiitluui' toilriln t'i ir rrour on anl jToJuctt at Ion,; ai tin IiH, to mpplv 111 in with th of life anl tomtppirt rul tnilitar' ct1ililiinont, In In v ftf tin- rurl ill I trade in luxurl-. A'theTbivo n a'upt or In Irpcnlirut commerin, thoro if no ch ii' fur th'iu l.ut to bin of tho North. In thort, tli-rn l nothiug in the wjv of a full tl 1" f Iuhhm, IiuV the present ftateof .ilitlcil unxrlalnty. And why thlf umrruuity ? Wmt piwr thrrattiii the ir, order, iwunly anl coni Jncrro of tht country ? Certain ttHtm propjoi to Korem thnilrni 1 Imt thT W nothing nw In that, tare a certain not ail oxtravaint nannnrof goln aliout it. All thmUtci Iiito RQTernod thumvhpt Inl'p-nlontly, anl don') boat at the)' pl J il with tlnir own niTiirt South Carolina Koin mirh farther ttill ner eioca the adoption of tin O.i.n'.ltulio 1. Mo'10 ly I-opoiwatochini;othit. A nt.p farther certain tatea propow to deny thiiinclvet a iiliaro In tho dralnutration, prjter ion mil lnmt of the national Korcnnnont t " pin oaMy If th'y mil, forcllilr if they mint." Will ' U it then, anl welcome. So tiyt cerylnl, In public ami prirate life nj wht it thereto In) afraid of in that t Jlut they threaU'ii e- r o UeUnlontoiIiMlroltHelf,b reiiuinitiiesiitrnl of thefereltfil relatione ail I rominima of tho country Itwful pohinon, atkuowlolel and aupportwl broil 11 itiont and tlm publio liw o' tins world, ilofenlud by ainplu arniamenta anl ranurcea, and lontettol oiJy by a rerolted na tion with little money, no rrraht, an 1 nut even the beginning or the material! of a naval fori e 1 Strange to any, the absurd threat almru itated, liardly aoformidaljlo in itivlf at leulirm an old eman, hat been uivle, by treiwon an I linl cllity eoinblnwlliihlgli plwet, the wiriom poril if our natioiul cl tmiiw, power an I pnpjrity. Induttry ami mterpriio wait with folded arint to ice whether thlt tppirent alllcttlon of jnwo, i t lie to far prolonged by the preMit Adminiiw tration Ihtt outhorlly cannot lie cITnllvely re turned by iU tuicoHHirt without a bl wdy anl cleTtHtating w r. 'lbat It the only iumtion. Sliall revolution an I disruption tu-ice 1, In de fault of any opponent 1 Sli til an unwilling world lie couttralned to recognize a power liot tile and divisive to the Ann man Uuluii, In con oqueme of the Inilnlity of the I'nlon ltulf to utter one word of iflixlitc protcht ? Murhhaa alreih ni, and the p-Mtitlon tt lint Uulon at n govi-rninent rf fwto hi beon Iwrloualy comprvnilMxl In thorjeaof thowirll, U)n wtione Mipirt w 1 in ttt ruly to nuko tlw anafiou of nut lonal unth irity u cU il mi I blotxl lof inttevl of a military prmeelin. Hut enough rem lint jet to mature thlt m.ireful tri umph, if the government it not to bo demoralized ad (link in contempt by the turren.lvr of itt re maining military pohltluiii an I proierly. It m iy le that Fort Sumter It aire fly future agalntt any poftHible attack of tho tr.ilturs. Tlw I'jvti lout cuiit to know. Hut If hokniwt thit, tho fait CUU be made m iinfeht to the public, not only without dau.r, but with great moral advan tage. A deiuoitetrution of the fact, If fact it Im, it Indiapeiiiulilo to givn tho worl I annuranoe of the integrity of the Admiuiitratlon. 'I lie pre vailing current of atvrtion, cTidime an 1 belief, U to the vffect that tn the pout In ill pre. rut condition, U to delitrr it up to the enemy, through an infant m aurren ler or a horrible m t nacre of brjte m-ii Maj r Aiimmhoi to tako LI choice! There It no doubt whitcvir that the fort at it t unit, with h irJIy m.'ii enou ;h to work a iloien of itt gum, cuatwanken by at ktult. llivre 1 u" litilo re con to doubt Out it unit betoken, if Ufl difiiiulew. We are Nentibb' tint duirof civil war lien eu both courm-t rt-lafurivinent or turrenbr. We can Imagine the I'rwldint'tauxlity to rvaJe ft collitlon in the vrt of Charlimtou whuh woull fir the Southern ttatci with the hot fplril of martial fun, at the iniiivnl when the coutett bttween Nttriollem end Ireaten it clooe in Mary land, Virgti.1 1 ami North Ctroliua, amlUeirgli and LoiiUiam are trtmblin iu the luljno lw tween arbitran an 1 Instant ekitarioii or a refer ence of tiie (uitltn to the p-ojlo. If it can bo laved off, let utknow it, anl the country v. ill bo ttunkful aud conteut. Let M'J'r AMttuto tell bit ttorv oeuly, in pbblitliel dlpttchet, if they will bear the light to will. Hut It the weakneM of the fort an 1 garrison invitea inevita ble aud irreaiftible attmk, a them it too muih reaton to Ulieve. how Idiotic, to provide tkua for a duaatroui and divrari-ful retult, Inttoad of cu which woul 1 vluJicate the right of the gov ernment, aud teaaoiiably cout luie traitor of the terrible btuiueaa before them ! N Tjiio for FwHy Maneavrr. It I md Jenlng an I eiikenln, to tec the pria Mit dangir of nil that Is prtieluut to us ou earth, lieartloly uw I at a bal for p trly atrife an I dvautage, lu the northern (tale. The pjlitl- tltn who rallies hit party, at a arty, In a time like thit, to reopen the contoet of laat Novem ber, here In the loyal ttatea, ua ler pretenco of atving the Union, deaerve t I treated a a traitor, and that of the Lancet at wall aa th most daugrrout kind. Kvery mui who la not rewdy to tlnk jiarty and unit with ul'-'cru under th glorlout name of American citiient only, In doing what It mo trr and tuttalulng the law, may be expected to co-oprrat with the eneralea of Lit country and play th lufamou part of a tory or a tow-bny, u toon aa opportunity and temptation ahaU aervo. Ad anonymou call for a "Democratic" Convention at Albany no won tier tb nauioi rkulk out of view ha reached u, aad wo daem it, Ilk tho ultra Republican reaUtaaco to, reaonM ontprcmiao, worthy tly of Indignant rvprob-tloa la tho preeout car emuttUacm. It will bo M that a now movement baa bean ttmr.A J, the city ra favor of th Border. Artoeonproaaai, M-calUi. tfo bar aljgedy jmif eotaMoilwl tbeM BM-mn, - 4 UU toMgUiwadopUon, ore U U- faooof A rufKT.EMKO of lnterett In the Leglttatur yeaterday', wu tb lntrluctlon of a bill for the pualahneot of pertont Helling armi or loaning money to traitor, and of a resolution of Inquiry to the manufacturing of cannon for them In Troy. A P. mocratle Ptate Convention, to m-et In Albany on the tint Inrt , haa been culled lo grlve t rf ilon In the riewa of the rtjr in thlt ut oti the enil crlalt In nttlonat arTlrt. Titr power of the Union ptrly In Oeorgla U manife-t. In tpite of otcrnbilming dtltadvan. ttget, it muttrrt nearly Inlf the Contention' See illpat(b, Tt in ic Kurrit mim-ir. Our Ilrooklyn ret I. ert are referred to Mr. IUrpi'h announcement (under the above head) of hit firtl lecture and e biblton of Hcfw-tamlng In the new Aca lcmy of Muic. The ( r'xl Knrl mid Itunort. Then port of C 1' taio, of the Ordntm e tt iremt, hnwualargeltiiwfirof artut dmln Ih htwynnr Irrmi theareen-tlt of MtewwhunelU tnl New Yirk, It it forUi aiul nrtetwJt In the Hmth. The Niw otk CoiureHnliBial l!tl nl will c'l ou the PnwMenl on M m la, li present Ih reli. IWulif the AOile I.eglalalure J Ht'ilHlll will iqieak !jt the llein rata al Mr I Lr for Ih ltep'iu llejuiM. Kenativ Hrortntj- nf TtM, wbt It aJiiMIre of ft tiilh (trolina, laprejMtrtmcnnaiili-iieeeiwIiin tjieeth, II m. Jmm A I'rjifK, of Florida fmnerly D 81 tie Chnrge d'Aflhiret at lluenot A jrren. It In WiMhhiton, and ibclnret Ihit lnimediate tn etiloti It ii"t tut ten tun ul of the ieile of Klorul 1, the t.egitlnture tliow ll g Ht i.'nw '1 njtne of the Cm t in lta rf fwnl t to mil the ordinance to the iplir t The whle tn tve It the a' t of a net of tr&dmir. fv.litit iin who, 1 tvn g fmtnil of the lififia'More, un tb tei et filun irifjut tor the r own tolflib purjKwet. Tho treHmuy It itety and the rcvi nnet of the ttite tu lotit drtiihir T avll etcll ntr d.f content nnem the j. ion r iIimmik, wh .rn they wmh .i ue, tho tenet iilon lend t pn ffme, lietlond of a d ret I teriiitl tat, I let a I a 011 negrmt anl other property. Th't tt il le nilni ut 1 1 tho prnjM rty hoxli rt (rn. gxirrliwl-een Informed, tint Iwi tliUHiitl iiiiic 111111 of luliirnnre, ate orgi'iUM and reid t Ifol. Waihiigl ti on the ebottoit uolue, ! auilitt Iti IU d. fi ui e. All the f nlirn inmtetert at Washington ar0t(M c.1 to 11 e erceatlnn Hilieuie, and it U fid, the d not hetitjite lt tay that their g.feramiiil will give n ) counti 11 om e to any atteinit of the aere-Mloulta t, entahllhh m i-rutto dipl iinallcaul DoiitoercUl rela t linn lilt inev.d. nee Infote the Itiuwj I itettliratiiij C iiimilti e thai Meri Itn-tHti 1 M tJoa A WtooKi i. rectlvil Ihtir iri for trauiiHHt.t .n at the tervice wnt erfrtnel, ami there WHt u .t a do'lar doe them. uthorlruig the iwi eitnneet whkh Mr. Fivi UmuoI Hit givin out thitt lie !lmo Cotmulttee 011 the Prrnlilriil't Hjtrlal Mewtarfe relative to toeetahni will irni-rt II tl the Kxicullte hat tbunlint (vtwer l enfon e the biwt an 1 uphold the Otutitutlon, Imt they will rnimunend b-Ulutl Mi t tucreate the meant at bit ditpotul for the maliilenauie of the Uoviriiment. A iiumltr of rteieNHloncleikt In 1'ie deHirtiiieutt liave U ud 1111 lamd Vohin'eer-i for the ITalon. Iloieiatn, N J .Jin 1-Uli, V,1 To Ihx KJilor if tht .Sun . DkAii Mm I wleli to hiforui joti that there are 109 voltinleert, lieti.let 111wilC I wtt eerxeant of the tuff of the tint Rjl. men! N. Y Stele Artillery up to the year 1U1 who tfltr their aeivlim 10 Join or form a regiment or liriga.le wllh other of our brotheni In arm of New Yoik, aJer Die order of I.lent. General So.rrr, tir the purjiotie of aiittalnlng our t'aioM. rieate girt U our numerout reader, that Ihey ktfe rrleikUt everywhere lu wliat It Kioiit, who will aUud Id l aldt by them till th hut diop of blood ll lo it a lot and yet a gam. Hot, Mr. l lor, you mutt aooeit my grateful ac knowledgement for th court that you bavetar. tiled thiough tbla excltemeiit, an 1 believe me vry abaerely, Your friend and ob't Servtut, RuT D l'aioa. TILE LATEST NEWS. or TUhoiura to thk y. r. rx Political Intelligence. XXXTIth 0.Iti?-M--Hecd Hrwdon. rVnat. )r,i..Ai(iim,Jiiii. 8. Two communication wore reiMilvit iroiu th War Devrtmout. One wat re ft rred to the military ciuiultlee, and the other l the finanee committee, A conimiuilititlon wat receive.! from the Ktvy De l1inn.t relative t InformatUti 011 varlout tubjeilt muniH'ted wllh the naval eHiahllahment. Heferred W the committee on Ntvt.1 affair lloiiae blltt tieie tindir contidenition. Mr Wair, (Ohio,) iirueente.! Jolul rettlutiont. riprelnt( im atuu hiueul tn Hie I nlon by Ohio, and her rrad nee l give eupjiort to th gsnerul govern ment. Ortlirrd .i l- printed. Mr, Maw n (Ya ) from th Commltte on Foreign IteUtUniiri, rei-oried a UU 1 1 authorize !icit Catviv to re. elveint tain mark otdirituk'tiou from IbaSp-ui-lth Ntvy. Taken up and whM. Mr Kkmnitov (M 1 ) pretenta.1 a memorial of th citixena of W iMhlngUm Couoty.pialug lur Ih a.1 i tlou of Ih Crilteuileu rotnlutloiM. Mr. Jli.ii km fl'j ) pra-Miited flltnen memorial from IhecitiMiit 1 f IVuiityltauia, for the adoption of the Critton.len rtaolutlont. Mr. SoMNra (Mttt ) orTered a retoltitlnn thai th rretlJuit of Ih Lulled fllnte lie re.iuerite.1. tf not lneomiallble with th publio inter!, to funiUli the Bentteamy of all the rtteiil correMiudonee t IwiHrulhe lnprtiiMtilof Mtaleait.1 any Mmlttsr of a fcaelgu Miwer at WMthlngton, lu refer!. to forolgu veetul at II e trt of Charleuton. Mr Tin Ktox (N. J ) prmentea the petition ofll J, Wuon, pruyiu-f for th apo!ntimuit of del jatet 1 1 tuttluiMl oniiventloii, t.i promote th genoral welfare of Ihe country, Vi be hel t at I'littaleliilua. Mr. CilAiini fMlih ) taidl l dexlra to preaent the memorial of 11 tt rt W. IIavih. collei'Vir of the p ii 01 lietroil, an t thirty other, m ntlly demw ratio ofnce-lioldenioflhatclly, atklur 111 NW-a of Ih tKirrtMKN ooioproiuii-u. I m ft lib laid ou the luhlr M on carried. Mr Cuim limit fKy ) prevented the iNtltlnn of the cttititiiiot M nioliffihi la iMimty, YtrKini, pntvinx lor the aditkfiu of the laiTTKNtH'N coiupromute. Lihl on the tah'e ft Ihe arewiut. Tho Critt udt u rot-olutiitit wire taken up. Mr. 1'rittimiuVm re-iolutlout were MMtioueil on tnotiiti ot Mr lliui rt, until 1 ovlnck on M udy. Frlvute lulu weie thru taken up. Me. datrw (Mi) lulroluie.t a joint resolution de clirlnir, that lor th purpo of proleilln the right ol all Ihe people and all Ih utateo, at far at devoir t upon tho ledi ral authority, and to maiutalu Ui t'ulon luall lltpuiity Mil rxialleuee, or faillug In thai to I mvlile lor a iwa.-abl eeuratiou, lie ll here recoiu- meiHiu tnai in iverai aiate ttk luimeaial Htept by a cunvei.!lna or otherwtto, and make projioaitlou to the eet tial Male, each lo other, or bv a eonven II011 of ihe pUiea, a wltl beat coudur to lb reaiora llon of ikand borm.Hiy, ou Hluilple4 ofjmitlc and eiiiily Hall, nnlrred to a aeeoud reading Mr. t'airnuiiVM (Ky ) did uot like to look at any Hilng tlml looked Ilk nilion. Ml llaatM -I will i, t tb pmpo!tiu of th Hu ilor from Kinliaky.but Iwanltoiall Th alien, tiou of tb puhhe mor dim tly to tbla vibje.-t. Mr. BcuNta (Mae ) tailed tar Ih yea ami nay on Mr, Cannula's nMiton, lo reooualjar the vote by wbiih Mr. Ct-ABa ameudinent to lb leirraMua Joint reeolutlou wat ad inted. IVm - Mrwr lltyard, fligltr, rti-agg. Bright, Cllngman, Cnttrrelen, Ixiuglaa, Fikb, (Irren, 1 1 win, Iliiuphtll, Hunter, Jihtwou, of Arkemu, lobuvm. or Temiewiee, KeumMy, Lne, I.ithtm, Miann,Ni 1 habjoii, rearce, IVlk, fViw!!, Fugh, Kit, Saultlmry, gelatUau and SliJell . .Nirt.-Meeart. Autbouy, TUktr, ningbam, Came ron, Chaialler, Clark, ColUmer, lllxon. ltoolltllla, FeMriiden, Fo.4, Foeler, Urimet, lltlt, lliHan,Kinj, Seward, Hlmmona, Bumur, Ten K.ik, VYada, Wig tall, WllklmK n aud Wilton St The Fm'lflo llallroad Ulll waa taken up and mad Ui agieelal ordar for I P. M 00 Tuesday. TLtlll toaulhorla loan.lofta tliaduty on latKirt and relatlte I th ouuitautlng treeeury laile, wtt Uken no, anion motion of Mr. Casu m (Pa I ll was madt th special onltr for ou o'cloik P. M. ou W.tu.tly The Kauvi bill, th apOiUl order, wit then taken up. Mr. Iloiiai At (IU ) said thai we ought to admit Ktut Into His I'luon. at Iwo-tbtrda of Ihe aiw KUtet of His I ulou lia.1 bean admitted with a laat .pulatiou Ibsu Kaiwaa ba now. I will do nothing lo tbe ttusag of Ihe bill. Mr. Bvwaan (N Y ) aaid-I hate visited Ktimt, and ftjund the condition of am let and agriculture there lr advanced. Tha people bad framed a olvtl govemnuml, agKiiut wbkb 1 did not bur ou tlngU ntjrd of oHeclHm lu lb whole territory. Mr Gamut (Mo) Tb boundtrt I proxM for ITjuim era alinple and commodious. lilt ttr tl Uwordlnary that aba should apply for aliuUtUm a a auu at thla partwular lime, gome lime ero, her wlltaeullu a wtillo btr aktng lor maaui et aulsoslenre. Mr. D"C0LAt 80 far aa th penpl f Kauta art eouienatxl, Iher I no Inronvruieixe or ImproiHiety In the boundaries, bttl there may be In regard to tb territory of Nebraska. Mo ineouvanltoc I fal by Ih poU living within tb pretest tluuu of th boundaries of Ksmwa Mr. Uoixauaa (Yv.) Kanau bat now a psnulaltoa Uyond wbsl Is nqulred for htr admbwtoo. 11 u sow a prouosliion to dlsuetnber Nebraska. The iutstluu on Mr. Otaas'a amtudnwat, changing the boundary, waa lotl by aa, tl 1 nay, II. Mr, rrroa find k"f to p'op.-t an ameod-neui, wbm Mr. Bioiaa rd Ibt aMeollou of 1 1 8 nulo to th atotof IU being t o'cloik, tat hour when the girull U iirultv aetslon agreed lo go kit.) XiMu Uv wtou today. Mr. rcaro aft.) in th Chair, ordered tho 8T ftaul at arm to rlaar th gallerlaa aud lobuto. IoulvMsUa. Aljourued. Ifeaitr. of Ur prvwewt-Uvrs. Mr. Moorr (Ky.) rltlng to a pront explao afloo aald. If Mr. Aitir renotutloa kweittji sdnjied had simply endorsed th eondoct of Itajor Aotxmow, h would hav voted hr It. Bat ho onuld not recrlv lb permbsrlon of hut mind lo vet for lb rmludr of lb resolution, and lo by doing b would eudorae ever art which the President mlirht ngard at hit eonrtllutional duty, lu carrying out Ihe lawt and preserving th Union. While he waa for the t'nhn. bellevlrar h thu represented the pwple of Kennu.k, he Ihoagbt duty required tit to tsiuse liefor we peril the whole t'ulon Slid ttlng fti a general conflict and Intestit war, lit did not bellev In tb right of stat lo ta re, le. II regarded thla at Ike greatett heteroduy ever edvoatedliyenyiwrty. Ilulwhlleheatid thlt, all must reeoyiilae the the right of rev ilullon f. tbe re-elttais-e rfurtetelotioiMtieeidt to ttcure freedsn inthe oilier. He did tv believe tht lime hot arri ved to res n to thit mean ef relres, an.1 preelpl tste nodreailful a caljtstnifihe. no d d not believe the ptvsetil wat ll e iiroper tinie lo tend reinforco nients Pi rVeilh Csnriliwk and other anuibern ttatet, We should heltale nid nsletvor to g 1 1 k try pew what mlgLt Is considered ntceaiary to aetitr b fun; lie would not have mad th, exp'atatioa if It nere ii"t for Ihe fiot that he bad received lettera ipirst ouing or flinairoving hia course lor voltiif HKalmt Mr. Ataua a resolutmn. U" refietie.1 tatt be folly eiid ireetl Major Asorafiv't oirtil'li, bill was unwilling In advaise to and true th cm.1 let of tli Arili4nl.tnUtotl. Mr ) rlalng to a rpiMtlon of eivilege, aald that Ct4 lUatJKO, attietaut itirkeer, Vat ejw IM fntm Ihe floor a visiting gentleman, who wat admitted m UeDcuiorretui aide of tha Hints, su 1 rto,nesled him lo leave on th grouud thai It wat CMilinry 10 tht niha. l king lo tl e KrpublUxn aide, he (Me. Kovrr) taw there one ho wta uot a member, yd he wat all wwl lo remain. Thlt showed a dtagn! ng parlt aily and jsrjndlre, arvl uulest liilsciKl iilthmld tie nlemd. I ethould nsive for Hie eipolsionof Mr, liirliiic, as Ihe SMlwnl doarkeejier. He was 11 w rtry the plum he held. Tl e rtetker nsld the iloorkeeper thiol I enfiree the Miles v.illioiilwrtiality, and to far at tie Chair woe ci in emeil, he thonld intlel iiein that. Tie II aiheivsiMideied private bills. 1 hr Houte wriil Into Committee ef the Whole on the still, of lit I ntiiti mi lh Ann hill. Mr rrtlnoi(OMo) said al a limner period of the d iy he tin irituall sought to olitain the fl sir, to I nv ei.t tl r pet I on of 10,0 10 1 ititena of C th, IirnuiK t mice to the Carrrttntv cx npiotnite, le could 11 t lav a heller inlnel irlion, anl one morrgr lifull. himself Ihau thla evld nee of a am icte uei.lre nud deieiioinM piiriiMe of those wh In ted him with a test here lo sell e the ien I nr tr ul Ics by nitaliiritHti and a v upMmiaeof eiaoe Tloylejw ha I msler cmsiderslloii Hie Army UU I'm iiii I., this wsp smaller ulils.t. via the hill iu Inslnceil by Mr IIsioiiam. tir Ibe colloclloii ol reve nue at cliailuaiti bailor. lit red ne I to the pmvmlisit if thlt bill, author Iting the Fre-I.leiil In hit dlMTeli.m to collet! the r vi one I y eeUhliehliigtheCuiitom II one on thik biaid . the roheflor liseltt aul detain any veel until the iliiln s 1 n the cargo at e iwld, an 1 m order 1 1 eveeute thit duly, the arm and navy mtr Im em. Ioyil, eVe. He oommBiited on the eitutord nir sli.1 ilaiurenais fviwer (tifeneil ou a auhord ntle ofH ttr of the f ttetonoi. It lielng given wilb "it Inn t illoti tisl control J Lo bill wot u t liitmsle.1 on y t isp 1 1 t rt"itih I arollui In the dle.ri lion ol Iho Trrsi det.l, It philu'y. ritlNtlily CMitravinral the caiititil liiti whli h irovulis that lei pit fereleeahall be given 1 1 the w.rt of out hlateover th ist of another 11 w tuld not li Itite whi the there w m legal or sum 'lent ranee tor aetesslon Certain southern ttatee have com mlttil the Bit with a iiuamiilt without Iarallol in the hiebtrvof lt-vi.liiiiiti. U aald 11 this hill l (isiumvI. nutadillar w ml I be ititleile.1 at t'liarhwbm. Kan army could mtlnta n the t niftL, half a mlllliti of men wouhl spring up In a night If luitiey would keep 11 together, fie soil would leap with Joy to pitHlure lit gildell bar vra. If Moini, old and young men wsuld yield It like ttreaina whlih water their toll. Hut su anuy ofbHMNloisl nvaiey will leit jireserve the llulmi. tlustlt-e, rrtMti ami pee. e may. What force oan ctsn- tiel a elsls to do what It required to Is d tie by legit ation f The whole heme of oierclon It tmnrae llisl.le. and entirety to the genliuanl mlrlt of tbe Citihtitiillon. The iMiulliem tlatst are preiarw to resiNt, an I when aimed men come together, there It war, The enroneiiieut of the lawt agalntt the seceding rtsUa Iscoervlisi, aisl ooeroion it war. If theKoiith say they liave gtlivolset, redress them aud calm their agitation as I Irritation KemesilN.r, these men who tbu come to us are bone nf your lie. They ar your lirelbrsn and fetlow-ciliasns. You may grant wliat tbey desire, without lottnz your rnaraier and alfresSH. He begge.1 them, 111 (od' name, ti do It. tlive a. e Instead of discord, maintain the government aud jireserve thla great confederated empire. Hit volte today waa lor ools Illation and oiHnpromlse, aud In thla ha echoed the voire of three whom he repre seias. If you will not graut Uils, la U d' uama let the dlanffileit atstesdsiiartln swce. If thsasulhern HUtes canimt be Cjoavltlaied, li w cania4 graut them what they desire. If they must lav the paternal mansion, he would algnallae their departure with eels of kindness. If, In tb vlntnaliud of national eilstenre. It should prove uermary bit ut lo again come t.ether, lltere should lie mi pride to I hum ified, ana be wouia weiooiue tbem liack to th plsc taey snoiiio occupy Mr. HnrasiK (unlo) aald that hlaoolleague,lnatadf casting repntH h ou Kitiubdcaus arsl eonselllng them lo tort .rats' should hav ad lresse.1 hUnstf lo Ihos aroiust klm, who hav contributed more to the exist ing excitement than hav th Kenuhlloaa. Ill col league's otijectlnn w the Army bill was that heo imssdthe right of Ihe army to lie utwlte coerce a etste. In thi hie colleague was sntirely mistaken. He did no! bellev any adiuInlHttatlon would defetnl suib a course, but we, at a country, have rlaen Irom three tt thirty-one millions, and It It our duty ! maintain aisl defelld tho government. If tbe grvsm msiit atUmit Oioppresaa atate, anl march au army to auloloe 11. ho himself would meet tbe army au 1 as sist In rqtilllng It. Hut, hat thlt beendntitf lit lbs government altemjaed to coerce a stale f Tbe army ha never been used for oppression butouue, aa4 that was hi OiHuvier Kansas. M. Fendi trroM, Interniptingiald that ho hod made uo hs lal comment on tiie army bill, presuming II contained tho usual appropriation. Mr. BmraMAN, resuniiug, asked wbm-e was Iho Atull inlbiscitilrotert, aisl who bare been lu the wrongf Htt the (lovemment tre ,Ntssed on the right of a aliigle ludlviduair Im andtltenof 0oulb Caroluisftald tlist the Government ha d ne wmugf The ruUl aisl the N rth have b. tb cnitnil tail the aruiy and navy, aud now the Iteptiblluui are aliout to asHituia the reins of government, aul they will not !resiea on any rights, Wtul haa boon donef South Carolliia ha closd her ports, prrvenllng the oollettlou of dutlee on Im port. Bli baa takeu th money of the I sited Blatea, and aha ba ajnille.1 II to her owu use ( she ha iltud Ih anil aud fortifiuitloiM, aud turned tbem tgaluot the t'iute.1 Htata the hat tei ted a revenue cutler, and also a citlten of the Uul ted Htalet, and Imprisoned him for bit devotion to tb government ( he arrest iltlsona of lb dlUereul ststos, rightfully and esieiill attsubng to their business, treating Ibein with ludlgnit. aud theu ex pelling theml Kefnniug t the events lu Clutrlnsbm IuitImv b said th tlrtug at veooela carrying tbe na tlisial flag waa mi act nf war commenced by 8 tulb Carolina, up to thla moment we have douo nolhinr. This government was more forbearing aul patient thau any ttbtr ever Utttituted, vloleiaw wot brwtkiug out lniaberpai-ttof thaBmlb. Georgia ba.1 aeiie4 tun i'uiokki in purauom oi a ioiegra4ito autpaun suit thither I7 a member of cougresa frotu that slate; moro recently tbe Fentscwla navy yard haa hern aelied ty Ike command of tho Governor of Florida. He mentioned other esse of oeiture, and ald-Son'ote Great llritaln, Franne, and all tbe powers ol the world combUual, bad arrested ao-tu-iaiu In our iiavy, would not pituj oue of ut have de manded men and money to relief lb ansaull at all liaxsjxbif II wt also luformist that camim bad bet u planted on the batik of lb MWulmtppI river al Ylikaburgli, and viaselt comiwlleil t.i stop there an t give an account of themselves. He did n.4 know hut what they wtsiMloioalhHt fti to pay triliut to Mia alaalppl. Heagieed with a colleague, that tha III. aUeijint river inusl goto tbe ocean free aud luaxiu I ml led Mr. lliAMcti (M. Y ) inquired whence Snnsts ob tained hia inlormatiiti tliat caiuion had beiu plauted on tbe MIhhIks1 pi. Mr, HiinuyAt replied thai he saw It lu newapaiwr. He knew Imm irivato eoune that cltiteua ol Ohio engaged In lawful onmmene were detained In Is)U lia. Thry could prove they did not vote Lit ooln. Mr. Ittaaiu ttyged to any that there were many thing lu Ihe newsjttiert Uutt were not Irue. Mls tlesit gentlinuii wvr n4 bare, but gentlemen aroiusl him aty tbe reinsl 1 without iouudallon. Mr, PtiitKN hoped 11 was, Mr. Ca roan, (Ut.) preeumed Ihswbnle 1111111014 arose out if the fiu-t thai some apprehenalou wtt lelt along tha MlosUsippI and In leiuVslana, thai General floorr was prejmrlug to aeud a large (oroe lo the river for the purpose of the luvaslou of the southern stale. II did at entertain a diu't that caravaa hod been iilanted, but he did not know whether II waa Air pro eetuui or deft. Uo would have douo the eamo thing. Mr. BiiraiwAN renlled he was ni4 eertiln that our flag hod bet u fired luUi. The iiuestlon was n H, ahall we coerce a elate, but ahull w defend the roperty of Ihe I uitvd Btatc agalust all tta euemiee at notu and abroad, wherever our flag fl st. Ilia Idea wa n.t that Houlb Csrolliut t coerced, but eh 1 coerc ing the border alalc Mr. Ci miaa (Ya.) aald the court nf g ruth Caro lina towanla Vlnriana was that th latter mutt he ditiise.l wllh, because tht I true to tb Uulou aud IbeOtittltutioo. Mr guru is resuming, sal 1 frtedom will die wllh th (ill of this KepublUi, and there would arise a miliary artiutiem n.rrtn ana 8oulb, aud tbe rouu try will be worse thau Mexico, beiaus our miiIo are braver and atrouger. He earuestly aiealad to tbe bottler elate statea to arrtut the progress of 01. Isting wrongs. Lei na net wbrtbar Ihtrt It uo hot fur pesco aud coiadllellon If w cannot agree let u fight. If wo agree, let u do It like men, and not hurry ou to destruction. II we do nut reconcile tho Ullljr. euces, he bw notblna- befm-e ua but civil war, at wbkhallmea ahuddia-ed. Should we allow Fort Huoitartobe niiTrudered at ditc ilonf lit aald never. To-morrow li bo could, be wouUl give South Carolina license lo leave th oouMaracy. Yet, where Ihe flag floats, II la our bnuudwt duty aa a Evemmtut to protect 11 against all enemies at all tarda, aud air Ibis purpose Iho army should bo employed. Ho proceeded lo show what can be done forcitnlllatlouaikd peace. Ho did uot believe oomo nf Iheaoulhera tal would listen to coucilltllou. Tbey ar bent on disunion. In tb court of bl remark, be aald when Ih Mlaoourt' Oem- 1oulae was repealed Ih Rspublloan then deolarad hat tlavtry would never derive any benefit from that refuel. Th potltiou than Uken tbey now occupy. He malaUlned that th Obbwgo plalluna did not pmuue to Infruig any uthro right. Olrt Mr. Lrsasje administratis (air trial and n will b found Just toward all action. He pro posed modincatlMi of the fugttiv alav law, which was now ejijuat and haroh. Attsr further remark he taid, the territorial la Ih oul real question of tlurrsuaa. Slavery corns .1 by any rub) or Uw lend North of 8tl dsg. 80m. Th cosiest between free dVitn and Uvry waa fooghi In Kama two year ago. Admit Kansna aad New Mexum aa state. Hegavo reaaeo why be could not vitefor Mr. OurnsvaWw oomprorala. la cocluslso ht aald gtv tb Kpuh rlcsn a.hnluuitrail a (air chance. If U ebouki not do light, Ibe ouT'an. uf th f ath wt J etaud by you. Mr. Catw-Ma) (0-) received rsjrmlstloB to mak a ftwnnatk tp oatory and lu vbtdloatloa of lb couroe ef ioulh Oartu wbtek ho maiotalBod acted In good faith, la could kavetakso th fort, end bad nut, Ilk th rrwtdent, violated bar plighted acta. Denevwg, aa in aia, tna 11 was w ptir. pose 01 in uovciutnora toeoramtDr noatu against tb South, th Ooteiuor of Owsgt ordered Ibe etfun of thtlort at th month of th Savannah river at a aco rneaour If Georgia doe not eeced ahe will return them. The South asks to resume bar aoverelf nty and fatrt tn peat e. We will he added, die In a fence of our rights, which wt claim w ought to eujt y. Hr. Hill ((H) nothing th remark of Mr. ftrntalB, expressed the belief thai tbe Broth 1 e proachable with reowti. and earnestly ap pealed for conciliation. 1,'t the .p!e htvo lime to apeak. Itt would await the rrtull with (ttindenrr, andb.fsal If Georgia reaolved to scd. It wisild doaopns,ieillvel),lu iderto glvtlmto save tht greal atruttura of g iveruraenl. II wished II tsnielninlndtbathebelmigedttot to a elate of men ho would dlan ember the confederacy, Uo would aa aoun take a glass vewel nd crush it to pieces to nutkt It a l Iter one, oslo oueiu.t to make abetter government ty cniahlngthe present lulo atoms. If Gciritla shall proceed lo Ihe etlremlt uf eeceatloa, he ami'd aek ber lor her own take lo have the time llness, after the act It d m, to refute t remntiradlon ot the g Virumt itt, an 1 t'i ataml out at an Isl in I aline. Theio would be dignity If not safety In fioh a at. I . Mr HaannANfOa) wiu'dttk the t'ulon Con stitutional an plalf nn as II It After fuitl er iseed.ngt, Mr. nox-rerr fKy ) ofTir id tn tmerdmenl that no force autbonteil ia Hit Mil slitll be uord to auljert any aecvllng atatet. Ht wmitrtl the country l 1111 ierttaisl whether 11 wa ln teli'lnl H tnak war on them or H'4 f Mr. Bra eras (Ohio) uid there could I no wtr tin lest Ihe aegresat n oomes fritn the wnedui tlalet. Mr. Hetam'tanieasimeut waarqjetlad. The C tniolttee rxte. The Ann bill was imaed, anl tht Ilvute al Jotuiied, M!V 1OUK I.IMiltlTl'ltli Ornate, ntua ivTtooooxit Atonny, Jan. JH. Uy Mr. KiKtm Toprovll imt eitd rtnitnents for II e itulltiaof th bUIi. Ily Mr. Hi tsot S'mmitt'ng certain prrtjeit ttou iti tfiiiUoiuglhoOfNuilitulDtl of tho Umted Stale t'i thn 1 op e Ily mpirt nf M' Snsoi A It wat laid oil Ihe tthle. The bill pmvlilit f ir a tjtrial elettlon fir the pur. poseof tak nga vteiivti lerlaln protwit tiont, fir emenilinglhetvio,i totmnof the LnitedSutet kmwu tatbet airranitKN iMneulments Mr ritisoi a Sitrvdu. wl a b.ll f r the mor perfoit ogauitaltouoftlietinlttiry f reet of the tt.te It pnrvides thai the Governor of the title ahall lie suit Jet I bill lawtol the lnite.1 Hulet 1 dividet tiie military into at tinny tliv t i t, in iga let, reginnitt and ct iti4inlea at in bis opinlou the g sd of the aer vae may lwpilre. M 1 itVo't bill -ovldM f r a terial anroprlatiin of f'eNHttl for prm tiring armt a id t 11)1 ntiiilt fr the tnllllla of the slate, tho tn airy In bo ex putelrd tneler direiton of the Ooverntr 1 be I 111 for reorganising the flu out dcpBrtnunl if the Niw Yoik til giverumcut, camt up fur its Iblid rending Aflsralong drlwl on fl of Mr Rtuttrthe I III woe rett.miiillle.1 hi the comtiiltl e of mo whiio slid nusle the som lal order (or luotdiy. AJjourucd till M luday Assembly, In 11 Atsemlily the committee ou federal retail m thtotufh their chainnau Mr, K uiat n, refuted this miRiung. In t-esent!ng the rwjMtrt Mr ItmiNaos slated It waa aignid by all the ineilibcra or the etsnmlttee et cet Mr.l'im. lso.1 Mr. IliaitiAil, Mr, Killtuaooo, g Bit etiuuly, waa alstHiit wheu the reimrl wat signed, tail he arial to lit proftneillfSis. AU those aignlng the natrt, bowiver, dl I Hot desire tl com mit tbemsilvss to every proMailtuni of tbe rejtort. The iqNrt eels foith the evils al present agltot og the otsailry; declarea that It It utelees t In lire who It restouatlile for the eiUtmg tninblet, dec lares that Niw Yoik, while flnoly Htandiiig in t i.oit of the t'niirti and the lawt, !nh by moral atkd material al t, will reottrnlrelhe lniiorlanief dilng all In Itt tow er to cnuUllale tl e it lawtiafied stales. The following resoliititsis are offeird . Jo.ou(eeit,Tlial II the Senate Concur, that the State of New York bo wllutwactl with deep regret end earn, est reprobatlisi the attempt of amue alavehoding atales lo overthrow the uttioual battlluthm and lawt and to dissolve tbe Uniou. which bat conferred ln estimalae lnefilt liwn all aet llont, Ikot tbe deaiee the right of any Btate ii a'wolve Itt allegiance from the fajeralgivernmeul, and that aha will put forth all her it.wer and rcemiroes lo maintain the govern, ninit aisl aid In the enforcement ol tbe lawt. lesufeed. 1 hat If Ibe Senate concur, that the Stat of New York alncereiy desires lo avoid civil war by every uieeue consistent with honor,, and to meet her ototer atatet In a coucUlslory tpirlt to oonslder all different e of opinion o a ti amicably remove all Jus eause of cuutplslnt, and by mutual oouoewuoiai to restore r see and harmony to Ihe I'nlon.

Then follow the resolution! originally introduced by Mr. Bonnevw for the admission of all territory after Kaunas ahall have ootao Into the L'alon, at two atatea, wilb Much Omstlltitisnt. Rsnublicati lu firm. th InliabiUnta ahall a I t, with lb followlug In etldltlon to thnt resolittltnia 1 Reset ving ibe right of ubmlasinn with proper r etrk titti or tti dlvid th tsrrltory after the mauner of Hie Misssnrl Oanpromlae, provided that enr aald Senator and Representatives shall have aosurancet aalisfat lory that stub dltptouboii of tbt territories will tie generally attested to, and rvttor peace aud bar lataiy tt the ualitsi. 1 he rejairt waa laid on Ih table Mr. KatNAD, of I ilea, expltlued that while ho ap pn.vt.dof iiiuihof thla repirt, ami willingly accej ttd the prsirihstit naupromlse If acoteptolile to the South, yet he tleslred to toy that b diaapprovs.1 and condemned tho war aiiiril prevaleul at the Nh. Mr. WAmnrav offered Ibe following t IfArras., It 10 currently reported that an agent from South Carolina It now lu the city of Toy, lu thlt stale, negotlsling for caiumn fir aald Stale of South Caroliua, now lu a slate of rebellion against th Government of tho I'nlttd State, and thai oer laln cltlaetsi or aald t Ily o( Troy ar engaged la Iho manufacture of aald cannon to bo utetf against tbe Government of tbe United State. Therefore, feaoleeif, That Ihe Commute on Fublle Defence be rwiuwtttd to taoertaln tbe fat la In relation to aald rrpott, and to communicate tbem to tbe House. Mr. Coian moved lo Uy tb resolution on tb Ubl. Lost, Iy n to TJ. Mr. Kxxbai desired to delate the question and the resolution waa laid over.the Srotaker deUduig agoiutt a lul of order raited by Mr. DtsanicT, that 11 wat a privileged question. Mr. Ivnjarwii, by consent, offered a preamble autl resolutions for the gradual compensated eniui eliatlouoftlie slaves In the border eUlea within forty years, and the oohmiaatiea of bbu aw In Liberia Betuned to the Commltte on Fedaral Kolallou. Mr. Flint a Intraluoed a bill, ptwidlng thai any peiaon who shall alt auy alore or munition of war, anna, aiumuuktlon, Ac., to any atate, eornorallon. givemmenl or b tly that shall have aeoedod from and ahall be In rebellion agaliut tbe fulled 8lt,or any jiervoii who aliall loan or adranc any money to suiti stale or their agetitt, or wuo ahall eu list or hire blmaelf or auy other penon lu aid of out h elates, sbatl be deemed guilty of felony, end Imprtttitittd for varlout tenns, from two to ten year. Refcrrtd ttithe Cisumlttee on Public Pufeikwa. Mr. Watduiciv Introduced a bill t empower the Itjarde o( SuN.rvlsor of the eeveral eouutlea 1 pro vide lor iaylng wluiesse lu criminal case tb ain he tame act for lies. lees as iu civil cssss, Mr. Kr-ati Introduced a bill to amend the act foillilalllur the fio-ruelUti ofagrleiillural aoclet Mr. KmxAw Introdia'etlaliUI to aulbonae rengioue an.lcharitallek.lilleatolae,ell and oouvey re estate. Mr. Mvrju Introduced a blU amen UUtry of th Bit for th payment of Interest on canal drafts. Mr. AtotAaittlutrodu'd a bill to change the name ot tbe Marine Court ol New York lo the City Court. Mr. Faxscu Intiodnced a bill to Incorporate the Spring alitrt railroad In New York. Mr. WaniT uoved to Lay tbe bill en th table. Carried. Mr. IIahcv Introduced a resolution, calling on th MtrniliUn Folic Cumaaloalootir for a report at to fines, forfeited pay, Ac. Mr. Biiaw moved to lay It on the table. Carried. Mr. Ftruaurrou moved lo make th report of the Committee ou Federal Belali m tbe special order for Wednesday. Laid 00 tb laUo. Adjourned. MWtoari IaWVatare, eVe. SI. Louit, Jan. 18. In the House yeittrday, Mr. STarxsaos' aulatltul for th OoovniUon bill, asking Congress to call a uaUoual coDvtuttta wa lost, lot to It. Mr, Laon amendment lathe otlglaal bill, ub mitlbigtb action of tb ouuviuluw to tb people, waa then ad ipted, and tb bill potted, 105 to IT, all tbe Ueimblkwn delegation from B), Louis, ixctpt vua, voting iu th negallv. Th reHirled teliurt of a large quantity ef powder by the authorities of Loulaiana, at New Orleana, be longing tti a 8L Lottia merchant. It untrue. Tho powder baa not yet reached tbal port, II la under, nlood lbat tbe Governor of Loulaiana haa proposed th purchase of tko owder on lu arrival at Mew Or leaut, TlralaU Iakolalare. Ruhmond, Jan. 18. Th 8enat debated th resolutions which passed Ibe House yetterdey, oon templatlug a Noiloua 1 Conveution. AmendmeuU were proposed for Ibo mor est In protectloo of th South but no action wa taken. Tb House paattd a bill appropriating f 1 MO.OOO for lb defence of th itate, and a brll aulhorlxlug lb bwu of treasury note to that amocoit, bearing lis per tent, interest. trwaa Waahhoatwo. ITiisAieon, Jan. 18 Paper ia th Mouth and hereabout pubitah lb etalement that Cmiut dorgtrruae'Ko(lbNvy recently died al Pandl. ton. South Carolina, but Mr. Buoaatoa I la Waah lotion to-day aud well, atletallog lo butlneaa, Tbt naval uffloera al p aool Nvy Yard hav been for a 11 detached, aud ar now waiting for order. Tb Bsuate La Executlv gesalon today war near ly four hour on tb nomination of Mr, Holt, a Sec retary of War, and It w a conf nuti by (8 agaluel 11, after an exciting debet Ut which th McwaiouUt aid-ntly paithli-ied. Tbe bill lutroduced by Mr. MjKiah of Ntw York, lost Monday, It lo repeal tb law, making Charleston, tiemgtlowu and Bjaufort lu South Corolla, port of entry, Kven lu time of pe itooU muck luor to col loot the revenue at thus port Ikon U amounu to, Mr. MnKux' dtsir 1 to slop th forolgu trad aud aeud a tuflkUnl naval fore tber 10 Mocktd Ih harbor au4 M UU view h l a iu rnlen Pi trail al Haw. Dotttm, Jan. 18. Prtlimlnary itersj hav been taken for grral union demooMratlow It Boetoo, M whkh tb Mayor and man leading dtlasna will tak part. A committee ha been appointed to obtain tig nature la every ward of th tit, to tak tb form of a petition lo Congress. The rtortk f'arer a t.rWalrre. Raleigh, Jan. 17. Tb aspect of th debit on Ih federal relation be not varied today. No vol waa take except ou one uiUmportanl ameudrarnt lu the Senate. The tiro's perhaps ar a little mor equally. Meter. Ctrrua and M nixao apek In tb Senat for a general convnitloa. Many strong for eerestlaa wtro mad. Tb Uroa U holt ng night Bcittiuua. RidiigK Jan. 18. Thcro l not no much oppo eits ii to tlit Oouvrutioo as lo particular detail relat ing lo Malt tualtere. The t attention will be called. There It tttne ditniflntiuenl at the northern op. ptsttlion to Mr. Carmnum pmpnaltlont, aud thi weakens tb Uulon entimeul dally. (Irerata. MJItJffmll', Jan. 18. The convention was In cvet aission all day. Al i P. M i II adopted reaalutlona, first declaring Ih right and dulof Oeorgla to accede t and aoccoil. t1i)titlitg a committee of aevenleen lo report aa ordinaire of secession, It a vol of yea 1CA, nayt I 0. II V. JrawBOH lnlrodutw.1 reoolutiont, at atubtU tute for those edipted, looking to eo-ojieration, la vii'agaoouvoiilloaof the Suth at Atlanta, La Feb- mar, Mr. rmnvm'l resolution wat 1 tt, Mr, STxnirta, during tht dohnle, aald. If flanrgla ditenuUte to arced, th sooner tb doc to the belter. Cannon are firing, th ft? of Independence bl war ing from the Capital, ekyrntkett ar flying, aul thtre ar tnuaic au 1 other de monitratiout. Florida. TMihaurf. J in. II. The Governor list ap (kitnlcd, an I llie CitiViullou hat conflrmet tlenoial .lAuaats Maroit, Col J Farrat AtMtuit, aul jAunt I'owras, tleh-gaiea ti Ilia e rutheru C oigrost slab la lo meet lu M lulgoiiiery. letter of lion. Tm. Ilnrr. Onrgo,Jm. 18. A lcttir on the nil Ion ll rritla, (turn the II ti. Wa. Don, it published bl Ihe Uwcgo ir. Ue declares Ih lawt taa-t bo rrtlorcrd aud trtiitoii put down. Tber should baa uu lid Nn1b, and no concession lo tuijutt dctnandi invtilving a cboiige lu tbe uatud legislation of the country. The eeirttlon nf Iho Nrrlh mutt U guarded agalntt, for New England, It worth mora t the Federal Uulon than South Caro lina or Oeorgla. lie reinmmrndt i Frtt, tbe enforcement of Ihe Uwt, sot nl. Justice ti Iho 8iulh atel the removal of every roatouabl ctute of corn plslnt, third, the refusal of eitrcme lu valvlng a radical change In the character of our gov ernment, and ojiptMed to th strong and general aniUment of Ihe North) fnirtb, permlotlon to the eeutbeni atatea to retire fruta the Uulon, If out h Le their delllteral with, .y meant of an amendoieut to tho Comailutlou, olsaliuiso t the Uwt belag ttrlotl exacted until this objeit U acoompllahed. General Telegraph News. turning ef Ihe Ship (llebaa at New-Crew and rassenarra all Nevrd, exrrpt Oae. A'orott, Jtin. 18. The eliip Moruing Star, Copula CAarasix, of Windsor, Niva Sontla, from Llverrool with aalt and Iron, bouud to City Paint, ha arrived Lu Hampton B avU, with 113 petHeuger aud crew of tbe ahlp Qlobtit, Captain Dlasosi, Imund to New York, bumed at aea ou tho aiWnoon of Ihe Ulh Intl. All ou brd were aavod except one, who Jumped Into th tea. Ike Globus waa euvelnjied In 6a met In half an hour from lb time ah look fir, and Iher wa scarcely Urn to aav tbe passenger. Her general cargo, aud th baggag and clothing war loot. Tber wa heavy aee running. Cap. Dianuxa wa the but to leave th burning blp. Owing to th herole exertion and gW lant con duct ot th two captains and crew, all wtr envoi. Tbt cattalatfth Mmilng star, bit wife, daughter aud crew, paid every postible attention to lb desti tute passenger, ainoug whom were olxty femaleoead a number uf children. Tbe Morning Star wa hort of provision, but was supplied by lb British brig IVoxnerang, Capt. Yocau, of Newcastle, bound to New York, herself ahort of provisions. Every at tentlou haa been paid to the peasenger hero by Col. Mixta, the Ilrltlsh Consul. They will boaeulto New York by tb flrtt ateamer. Opinions ef the Prcaa- Ia the abecnie of any frceh "stirring latelli genre" from the South, the city Journal comment ou thecrlal and tha pnsqiects of peace. Tko World rrpllee to thou t'uioderata aul loyal JouruaU of tbe 8-'Ulh that are aggrieved because of Ibo backward new, of tho North In moving toward concillttlou." II toys tbal tho northern people have no retealmeutt to gratify, and duelro none but friendly relation wllh th southern stales; that they are willing to make many allowance for tb mlttakee of lha South, becaus Ihey ar owing In a larj; ineetur lo th false repreeeulatlou of unacrupuloua partisan and prewe here, and lecaiue tbey know too that they also hart made lulttakoa of their own. Dal tb northtru pol are willing to correct every trior, and would not be loth, If need be, to relax aometblog of their full right. Eiactioa U not thtlr tptrll, but th South ba railed au bwu pou which they feel It morally linpoeaible to yield a hair breadth. It La uut now a question ef conceaalon or oompromlte, but whither th govwumenl Itself ahall or ahall not Uv. The government I threatened; Itt authority U de fied, tho most desperate expedient bare been resort ed to for tit destruction. Thlt la treason. And It It bet suae the North considers It treason that I la alti tude U eo determined. Our pooulo are ia no mood I '' I . I f" to make ternat with traitor. Now that a revolt agalntt a Presidential election I Ibe fin time ahowt itself, thev Intend to tresl ll so that It shall be alto for tbt lotl llsie. To make term with II, to buy It off with s price, would ainiply be to encourage II to raise lit bead egalu on titry etiullar uccaaluu henwfter. Every Pieeldentlal election won d raiwn lb risk of civil war. All aecurity would b at an end. hvery InuiuaM tolerant would 1st tortur ed with the uncertainties of Ihe election, and tho yet more dread uncertainties that would follow It. The Constitution would no longer tie the itrotei ting eafe guard of Ibo land. Force would over be ready to die I tils the supremacy with Uw, and tha ultimate oon eaquenca would be either a dspilsia or an anarchy. The northern people are determined lo bar tht court of thing al the outset. Tbey will permit no ouch precedent to get a footing for future Imitation. The mean to mat II now. aud to out It d twn onia suit forever. Tbey Intend that the Constitution shall lm vindicated, the Uwb enforced, Ihe Union preaerved aud ar prepared lo stake their all. If need be, la this Infinitely most sacred of all earthly cauaoa. The ITerU condemn th bill whkh ha passed the Btate Satiate, maklngjuror la criminal case Judges of tho Uw aa well a of th tact, because il revolu tloulie our criminal Jurlsjirudanta, and wt htt had radical change enough in our Uw to mak men paus before Ih snag of tb clvllaed wortd la rtrtr ef d In a matter of ouch moment a th proper trial of crlwlaaU. The TVme ay thai though w ma do nothing to reatialn secession, and while tb federal government thould not provok hoetllltlei, yet It bo a clear du ly to perform. II must protect tho publio property, aud enforce Ibe rettoi atlutt of that waul only and tral toroiuly Belted. It nay With regard to tb surrender of th fort and pro perty, there le yet no party with whom tha Gavern meul can treat. If It cbtsnt. It must be a party that respect th light of property. No ouch party haa yvt apiwared In tho South. Till 11 doe, w mual protei-i It from lawleee inobe. If Ihey may with Im duulty aelu a fort or maglaln belonging to Uovora ment, tbey may tela any marcbaia) vfcwol utring tlieir porta, and every ateamer navigating tbe Mlo ataalpl. II never cou to) much lo vLnd cat order and Uw, the right of property, paraoual aafsty, aud the eternal diffeienc between honesty and theft. In view of two or thro Instance of treacherous onuduct, and tho ausplclon lhat other luatauoe mty occur, th lYtfrtxie aaa II U urged by loyal officer In Ih army aud navy, who mean to defend th Uulou tt all iuard, I lupree upon Ih uthorltio al Wuhlngbtt, la th ttrongtat term, th expedlancy of requiring an Immediate renewal of tb oath from all officer in either tervtc. Oeo. Boo required thla of all who followed him to South Caroliua, at lb tlm of aulUHkaalon, with a moat happy effect. Th Journal e Owswrct deliberately attempt to lufiueao oulhern pateloa to etill greater extreut by deuoundng Iho Lnoomlng atlmli trail on before hand a kottllt lo tht South. II trie to destroy th effect of Mr. Bawaao' recent mild, eotullUtory, and In many respects, geueroue tpeeoh, by quoting the unautborleed and foolish oommtott ef 00. Wu UthaCbtaiarand Atfuartr, aaatru InterpretoUoa of tkatimnt and purpnae of Ik nw goreru malit. Substituting what Oen. Wtaa My, for what Mr. Sawaaa aald, U despairingly dtolart lhali TM Union, wllh all lu biaeelnr and benefit wllh all tt past achieverost ana anticipation of future glory it lo b aacrtaoed to partisan ambi tion and eeotloual Idea. unla aavtd by meoturee of peao and otsirlllallna before lb party which triumphed at tb last aUctloa onltr upon th BlllliairaUin f k gortru aat, Who commenced Ih aectiflc of th Union t Tb euthera wrtlonallala.wkee the Jmtmnl abets, and who Drat developed their treasonable oonsplrac when they seceded from tb Democratic National Owivenllon, at Charleston. Tho Albany JMoj Journal yt I Ho term can be mad with Iraltora. If Ihey were alone Involved If tho question wa simply whether tbe nerUlot'i ttste should be whipped beck Into tub mlaalou th path of duty would b t plain at tun light. But other Interests are Involved tru mm la other atatea appeal for forbearam. And tho motel humiliating phase of thla whole controrer-T It, that the trailort ottnplacentlyaasume thai foar o'fAewrin ducee beaitotitti eni project of compromise. Yet goca may now rrom wnat me wnoie couniry lesis to be an InewrusaHe weaknest. Al ell events, the civil lred world wUldemi-tlstence In rebellion free one luiparallellel forbearance, deaerving Ibe most condign iulablnctit Tht Conimrreiol AJntttm aay I Il It Indeed ttvomlng a grove question whether all talk of compromise ought no to be o upended until the rebellious elates return lo their allegiance, or It It eeeu whether we have a govimmeat wbictt, by arrest n and piuilahlng relllt"n, le capable of pre. serving the I nlon Intact ater a compromise haa bee a,rrred to. There are many eooosrvallv men, whom lh titlereet and frlendahiD bind to tbe South. who begin lo think thai order ami allegiance m nt be rest. t-etl lefor conccwtlon or cempromite oau b of ny trail. In Titr. Sotrni CaitotitA Tarliament onTuev day, they were tlelmting th fepriety of levt ing a tax utn doga in that ttate a a source nf re venue. Mr, Ai i ait and Mr. I'ALwra tpvke in favor of it, but Mr. Ilor thought tha bill woul I not produce a largo amount of money In th lint place, and In th next it wat Interfering with the right of the dog-owneri. They will eat dogi before long in Carolina. CITY NEWS. Tiik SfTAMrn Makiiii IIkr Uirrrni to Ntw Yoik The ttittnnr Marion, of Brwromn & TttrsT''N' CbtrlesUti line. It will be remeinltorelt wa Mlwd ut Cha-lclon t tbe slat author.ti, to I lute-1 et a wtr etrsmer, and afterwardt relumed lo her owtiert, The vottd remalnel Lu the hand of the South taniliulatit Bboul St houra. PiirltuT thlt t me tome doreti workmen were put on board lo fil U.e vctsel fir her n"w tnlianon. A Lleutonaut of Ih U S Ntvy, wboo n.nn It unknown, ujerluteuled Ibtwutk Tin intention not I remove Ihe tig per l.rt;. rui of the vewel. wilb the exception of thai tthlib prilected the engine aul tlial Utween Ihe abcdhouHcs, With thlt view Ihe workmen aawud half tt ay through tl hurricane deck on the alar l.iard ai le, Jualtui the pilot house, aud on the op (telle aide taoger hole were boretl with a view of tntrotluilng a taw lo complete the teveraiaie of the det k, Mrautlme, In order to plank over the forward hatch 1 1 make a fliih dock, aerkmen trlnve.l iff the Irou and bras revcilngo which protected tht con lit nga. Thewoiknf th pai titlont of the etalo rot ma tn lb upper itetk, on Ihe etatlitMird Bile, had also prtigrcssed to a cniislderable etteut, abeu word came from Ibe autliorltlea to mitpend oiatratloiut. Two hours elapsed, during whlub nothing far ther was done. At the exj lrallou of Ibis time worl came from Gov. Pioxrit that tha steamer hod 1 u restored lo ber owners, aisl th asm workmen who Lad nude the alleratlmia tet to work lo repair th damage. Thlt aiare to have been d at In entire good faith, and In a workmanlike manner. A new cailln waa Introduced under th tarn portion of th deck forward, I up'rt It. Tb irtltioni of th stateroom were carefully replaced, portion being md entirely new. The Is a and iron workt on th forwtrd batih were alto replaced, and, to far a aiTCartntT go, the Marlon seem to be a jpvl as lfor she fell into ll e haisU of the rblllttluet. She waa at once freighted with a light carg , cou alatlng ot between 310 aud 400 tierce of rice and a quautlty of compressed cottntL She continued in port a few dat longer lirfore Bailing. Caaln Ar xtsa, formerly a Charleston pilot, wu placed lu com mand, The uew Catam at oace discharged the chief-engineer awl itie or two other of th firmer crew. The M trlon Ufl Charleston on Tuesday morn ing last, avoiding th main channel In which four ahlp liave teen euuk, and taking tb Deach channel a ahallow rhanntl, tutted only to veaaela of th lightest draught. Iter passage to New York wa undistinguished ty any marked Incident. Bb reached ber dock at pier 4, North Biter, yesterday morning, and at the time our reporter visited her. a hill after noon, Ler nitlre cargo wa discharged. In addition to her cargo, aha had on board, a p aeraiera, t nir Uborera (IrUb) from Fort Sumter, U free colored iiersons, with about fifty steerage poa arngero besides. Tho name of th Fort Sumter la barer are John KltUlre, JeremUh Murphy, John M. Marm, and Pugaime. The above named Ubor era, with four other (discharged) left Fort Sumter ei lb Ulh of thit month, aud went to Chai lt in. KtU Uir left yeeterday aftemoon, It lb tteamr Empire Slate, f.T Fall Klvrr. Tb rest oonllnu In thi city. At t I) condition of thcgarrieia in Fort Bumter, our Irish lulbrmanl atatet that tho men there wer In good siarlta th rank anil fil nunibring Ih, bealdea ft laborrre. They have plenty of provis ions, wllh a autre Ily only of freeh provision end maiket truck. Thry report tb fort in exoelleut con dition, aud well manned. One of lhani rrmaiked llal when Mtjt r AanaxaoH ovaruated Fort M 'ultrlo, b baik with him provialoti uough to last one hun dred men for four month. Th chief necessity of the garrison In regard lo which apprebentlon teemt to felt it fuel, reonil being necessary to masse of old woodwork In tb f trt lo aupjily tula want. Of th S3 fre nrgme on board th Marion, their comforUlUclrcuniaUnce nitybt hi'erred from th fa. that they bail taken cubln paasag for lb tilp. They consltted of some five families, and their In truded destination U aald to be llaytl. They state that Ihey had teen Informed, unleoa tbey left th Ul vejy oti, they would be soil into lvery. Tbey further atat that a vi ry itrong and general da" lr txlat on lb pert of tko free colored people of Charlestou to leave Ih atate, and alt who hav tk mcn would do to immediately. They ar watched and euitprtled, and regarded aa a dangerou elrmeut In the stale. There It no work fur them, aud If they apply for Ubor or aatlttauc Lu any form, the are turned away, Aa the Mriaa waa about to laav tb wharf,ih list of colored paaseuger waa closely ecrutiniaed by tha authorities and penplo on ahnre. II wat en dia oovoved lhat a Mr. GAtiiaox, a free colored man, and one of Ibo moat experienced pUoU of Chat lesion har bor, waa on board, and tb report al once tprratl that be bad Ukenhu departure north, for the purpose of explaining tbe niyateiiea of tbe harlw to tht Federal Government, Till rumor being widely circulated, the colored pilot wa lmmdUtely ordered ashore, where a Urg crowd waa collected, congratulating each other on tb fortunate discovery. The colored pilot exhibited much chagrin al thlt unexpected ar rest. He lied hia mother, an Indian woman, wtth him on board, with Ik rest of kU bmlly. When Ibe Star of the West reached Charleston, one of Iho returned Irish Uborera dale that Major Aannaoa did uot know th cbaracter of th yen nl, but bearing Iho report of th cannon from Morri Inland, ordered all tha gun to b manned. Uo aeera. ed undecided, not knowing tho eaua of th cannon ad. Al thlt mouieoi on of Ik Lleulsuanto, than etotioord on th western position of Ih fort, tmpatlwit for action, aeked leave lo open fire on th gunner on Morri It'aud, but MiJ. Anno replied, N, no, have patience t bar patleuo, Th troop in tk fort tr aald to have bean prepared for any emergen cy. The excitement ansaig them wa Intense, and only aubalded wheu tb Star of th West returned award. Major Aaranuvnt did nut then count ou Ih laborer la th fort to tak part la th defence, Ae to the oeuditloa of affair la Charleston when th Marlon left, tverythlug In th form of buttne it aald lo bo completely prostrate. Tb whol city, and lead every village lu tho elale, U under arms, and reataurauU, hotel out grog chop ar continually thronged with fierce debatoro on th ttatt ef th country, To bk Carko Fou. Th woman, Dlakb, who, with ber two children, vra turned oul of her horn In Elm tree! on Wednesday night, by a heart lea landlord, U lo be cared for by lha Department Of Publi Charity. Suptrlnteodaut aUuux-x ba th oaa la hand, and with hi usual promptuaoa, wQI gtv It Just attentl on. Th woman buabaad, a teady man, ba been mlatlng for over a week. Tub gentleman comprising the M.T. Drenotn Ooteri fix their tnnuol eowplimauUry lra on Monday aveulng next at Irving Hall, to tna Tuomaj Ilnrr. Ai the ateaater Tho u Hunt, running to Pott Kiohmond, wa making her Usl trip from Ntw York, laat vo. lng, ah got Into Ih le near Bobta kUeC aaJ brok bar crank. Bb wu unable to proceed any further, but waa lowed to Quarantine Dock by the ateamer Sou field. The ttcamtr flora will tak kr gere to Portjalohmo-d, CotouiwiointB or Poucs. At a meeting; of th Qomroltsloiier y asttedsy, Captain Cesar, of Ih fith, aud Sergeant Wxan, of the titk, wtr die missed, and Sergeant J, Pern, of Ik 11th, we pro DMtakiatataaiocy.trUdataUedWIktMk, Conn Mabtul or Cot. Cotoomj. Aa ad journed eloa of th court martial la the ease f Cot Ooaooaaa, a held yesterday efterwooa, al th city aretnal, oorner of Elm and WkUe etreeae. Mt Ehwabs (FOoBaaa, eounael for th deAmoa, okwlrtac to UcllltaU tb butlneaa, wtahed to know lb 11 i ef proof which th Judge Advocate Intended to fame. promising to admit, at least portion, of what waa claimed ley the proeecutloo. Th portion admitted, after aom consulbttlon, wa that Col. Cntooata pro mulgated no order to hit regiment for parade ea tha occasion of th reception of th Trine of Welee. Gen. ItALL aud other wl taunts were called by tha prosecution, to prove custom a an authority for Ik a I wer of tb Mojar-Oooeral lo order more dlvtsi paradeo than ar required by Uw. Non of tb neese were, however, present, and Mr. O Ooaaaa gtv nntic that ht would, nhen thla evidence, offered, uk exception to It, en th ground thai Ik declelon of tb Court on the plea tn bar of th de fendant hat already at-tlled th claim of cast, theref ire, exclu ling til tesllmon on thlt point Car ing tb remainder of lb tidal. Th Court then adjourned to Mmdty, Ik tlaxt UMtn at balT-iiast four o'oltsk, P. M. CtttaitiTtni. A meeting wa held fitter' do- noon, al th rooms of th Chamber of Cotamere, imnnumt lo a call algued by I'lian Pttrr, A. As Low. H. A. Smytub- Koval rnnj. Ruwts II i jAaItAn-xa, 8ion tlAinwui, Wu. A.Dot a,aa4 " r. 8. LA-nianr, tavurbig th tan of settlement re commended by th uiember of Uottgresi from tha . Ilorder Blatea. A memorial, urging upon Congress th adoptla oi tLl plan, wta adopted, and th following footle tit w,i, p.-.titttu i.iuttuiies to cauvooe lae or no as isr aa iracucauo me title lit llgstturM, Brel r llAiaia is NarnAaixL Bahiio, Jaoo Aaru wt, Jrljl P. 8. LATiitor, Joni K. Vet It, D. llrjut llAiev,t?l Tuatrrsieica llitios, Ucsu At ;umyu) aud Baa-til in. Uil.L. r v FDiron Nrtt Yonit Son ,Sir: In t-our Imj of the 10th Ltuit, an arth ' I eudoit "A Mau She! by w1 Policeman," rultrrpents the cae. A Ou M inday nlghl, nar twelve o'clock, Mr, Qintt I Tatlo. of SW Bullvaii atieel, wat rcturn'nr home,. aul when near hit hou- he met Delect ire Wtctos., ho fired a th't TAVtog d'd ti t uii ih shut 'I inn t uii iuii its ii t iwtra ii Having tt i tl . I tor h air mi hour after lu oucurrt is , until th. I'tltre arrivid al hit I nuae, and Informed him ka was tbol. On rxamlnalltn they dianivei-ed ht wa1l uaigeroua'y wouiulid Inthe rlirbt Ifeaat. TAVtoa'l Olti ,u4 (all m ret i r.nlr.1 n. r .tit W... . t. .- I Tavi orher or ot he flre.1 The .llce remaiandl a jiint tt r iw.i n'int, aisl Dill Bevel ai pi If tie , Ntisulutions It Iwtvn thimte'vtw, but did not Inform i 'I i atmb tir uia menut reny or oy un m M teat taef, m Wiiaw did imt go Into the boutt. Talloa wo re- M mo si lo the City II rtpilat, where he n intuit lot ibuu tout elate. N Inquiry bat ytl been mo.le. vtiiwot rrmaine ou Ultiy, and tUougn TAVLrava frli u It aro tnoat urgent lu Iholr dcmiul foranln vetttb'atlon, tti p tlire are most deHirttus t avoid ll. Wl at ItUlkes tlis ftotllsr tix.r) mIpwiim. tVitA.-.I.B In the next botite lo Taitna, an I has retided lhsrj for Ibe vtt fire years, latf m boa lived In kl present residence atet adjouiutg Iwmses for the latr twelve years Can it I mi posed )1blt a d.te. Uv i officer could live flvayeait Utndt Tatui and not aj kiw uunr tu jusuie to au, let me mailer be lavoa t.gBtd. JttiaTAVina, 191 Fourth slri Jou. 13lh. DC1. ' For Citjr Itrwa, ace Third Pajfe., I adke or thi Pariua who unfortunately have frirviat rdvea t LOYB OF BTRONO DEIKK, areadrUndtoiu DR. ZELL-3 FAMObS REM KDT for THAT TERRlitLK D13EASR. The BOSsrs wltlrJt lm amll tn t l to the drinker, If necrsearv. In Oattw, Tea or Ltrotr Warranted perfis-tlr honnltwa. an will at mi In nans-a. Tbey take rbrht bold of rhs DIomu. StU sr" U IHvtaioa , and tl lira HhACint. tit Mmktn aveM si. a sh a mis. us i r-o . n r mtoa h atnaxauwa-FRll.- OHR DOLL A. Tna win aud oebilitatbu iHeeua eNxJl aealect reading th advertisement af Dr. Aa: heeded To the Sick and Afillcted,"oa the four pa ofthltasper. UUamedloln wortky a trial. I vntn I KHEW WUAT TO DO WTTH MT I eannnt govern blm. lstarn how Is dbreot hba Yi are endeevonug to resiram turn, lit is always la chief, you tay. That very rover wblrh leads blea mischief wants direction, aad a knew led ef this 4 may do Detained Dy a lttrenoIeleal I tow i is w xtia, no. euo uroadway. BaaoAiKsl I)ARriAi?ta ! mat bb rid (Tnorsdar) evening, at the China Aroade. 1 Alb ML llrookfvd. 1 bs sootls to hs suld ars ehlna. ttts t ill. t acta, and tancv artklaa In srest varlstr. all i of croekerr and stone china ware. alae warek eul i ntlud I ths sntMi sll llrtl rlin sna BtfarSltts s flr r orportunltr to iHipri to rrpifoLk their ateck. Sale at evenlni and Saturd evening. BARnr'a TnicorurBODa lo the best and cbeapeet anicle for drelua aad frlna, cletniDjt, curUng, pnwrrvlng and r luring hair. Ladle, trr it bold by all drnggUt a. OHEnAla NUTICCM. A lecture will be delivered In trill beri on Stindar afttamoon and rvenlns. (usual honr.t st L f.rsiid.t. ht K .11 llll MAIIIII.I. 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