Newspaper of The Sun, January 21, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 21, 1861 Page 2
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t- -tsr F 1 Bl!Wl Hi ifgr i .. -t TeT fir k ? T 1.631 1 Sft- 4 - i afjrt. f -";:. .f- - 3 8A 1 t " H IV s fn Ik It M u 1 ho it tb la U : F s 1 bt a d tl T tl 41 ft a t I I 1 i if I if. I u i A 1 1 rT1 La ., A4tfl.r rjoar- tK. tSMf tit i awH IfM: Yiitd Hi" Ma., K, (ftl I m t,, , ltw JL 'it 1 ai' Worn km' ,. , iuatil.itA tt.i a.nA w . A . ss."WiS5Ss stelSiisSiiTss Mr. HlU 0. J CMMM4 lvst roesrtere lirtlm IkM lk 8ntHT ef lb Ni7 M toinicM ! Iirm ta IwH whether b kM sered, either withorwtlbool eoadltt, any dnS orrder,e reqrr la pay money tolh UMrfc I Imp Oosnpsoy Mid A. W. Tnnm, or Mtuaraftheaa, e unr on fin r Ihml or either rg Ikes, and If th dale and MWIUltl ef such aceeptano. (r,CtteMhewereedytolanfuThour Mr. Cas a . Let in pass lb 1111 on Menday a', helfpaat twelve P. K. I iHi mov te d)rn. Altar further dcliate, m motion of Mr. hi lh Bawl adjourned al flee P. M. H 'NEW'YORK SUlV. "'itoiroAT uqvxtsa, jabvx h, imi. c rt it fa -v, M-T HCN OFTICB! 'Wibava rkanttr opmed a m Fablkatlon for tkSw.(deslgTids It ultimate and per. uraii't) at No. Ml Broadway, under th Mini r- point whlcb a torn Justly - '" - M.WttMKil kj.a.1 SV. I . nr. r " WW evih i ,gj w, mj jona- e-Jom (Mm grand thor rhtsres, and of tvtry ItOfMlM lrbu Lin lath oily, with but j fw xejaor aoeptio , T rerh th bw Sots Olio tharertoa. Arm any put of th clly or It ansiron, it U only nsoisssry to bell th n.rel stag or car, od b at dY a M th door. It Is evident that there " only M rtih plec of bust neat In Nw York. j. ,Th old stand of lb Son, corner of Fulton and vMaiMUi, will of court not bt trm up, tl least for tin I torn. BtutMa will tlierof.tT e.tlnn to bt Vt at both of&CMk An atlTtoUfton pmreai.1, hnwfr ffur any Mbtr urpoathMiadU7lpr)iirlb tw of mml of th TtdoaMt prcmtiKt on lb oM omior, wml.l nt W dlmgardtxl rtm now. A TALUAKLR WMK ROOM-JJroloMy tSt rwwt .walualiU In tbt City. tr toimy furjn4 out bt t f jrdol to a tttlxuiilnry oernpttil. la nur DmxItMy Offie. W fool th forra, an.l vrpolr th plul T!llty, of th rarrrnt oljcrtinn to mnMiimt of onclllat1on in Ilia prrtrnraof arinnl an.l Inio lont trrannn. W trrr tint th mipremary o' th law It a prior quoatlon to that of the quality of thtlawt) that they mut Ihi tutUlnnl twfor thfy ran properly be amin1tl : that It It of no om for u In ttils crtult of our fata to aacortaln nifirly that Si.ArnT will routlnue to pjy homag to th Vxnxi In coiL'iili-rntlon of cortuln onctnlont to b nuila to It, but tint tliot ital point tol fixrl now aii't flxM for ever with oat wtiith ao pctrt ran hare a tulxtantlal raluo In that tfovrry at will ai alHiIltlnolnm, )ur mrniUm, tn.l vry otlwr llacorJaut lnlrrxt in tlw country, iiaacior TnarnMiT to tiik i hi. aTrriTio-tAt. ciovrn"MFiTnKTiiK majority at ALt. RTtirrsI WthoUtho whol to b para tnannt la erory retptct to any of ltt parta. V adopt th aoMierly motto if a litro, "My country alwaya right) but rllit or wrnj, alwaya my country 1" ami Join Uiuiiitil role of all true Amrriran frr men, In ilntlarliiK that th wortt law and the wont Rorernment w ever bad or can lia un.lcr tho forma of th tondtltutlon, ahall I mad to eoinirund retpect until ronitltutiontlly thanol. Having said thua much, wo can exprcM with out being misunderstood, our regret that no many txtrem "IlrpuUicana" ars found who Cannot too any other olijnct worthy even of a aocondary consideration at th aams tlmo with that of the ultra enforcement of tti law. It la no lcaa to lx regretted that a corresponding -party extreme on th Democratic aido, iiuinl.lo to give precedence to the enforcement of the lawa, over the eataMiahment of lliiir own pirty orend. The fact la that both extreme art at heart devoted to their pnrty Inatead of their country, and irtoally my, Our parly firA ttivl tit any rait (hr i'n'um nfltrvartlt. If thiaipiattion it to be given opt the pawioiiate party invn on itber" aide, then farewvll a long farewell-ito all our KTeatncja 1 The aueceaafnl party of whom torn Kenerotia patriotic ataurancet and torn alight cimcea khaia ar aeVed low for the take of th Union, ought to remoml that ther are not only traltora to quell, hnt ffn and true patriot to 1m re-aaturud and backed np In th .South, with fruarantita auitable to the condition of their aee Uon, sn which they onn iirak their stand for th Uavernment they ardently dt'tre to tuitain. They ought to ramember that while the com. ruand of our national frontier! and commercial power ran ami will In maintained, by force, If nereMary, In tho teeth of all opposition ther la rcrUlnly eomethlng lietUr than that conooiralde, In the consolidation of the miral power of patrtotiam and reaaon throughout all tli atatea, on aome fair (rronnd of agreoment, againat tho avltlah and blind ps-selon of rebut lion. Tli liortlertata plan of compromise, aa w have reprateilly nrged, rontaina nothing which ia not either lutrinaii ally right, or pracllolly barmleaa. There la nothing in It except tho Mia. aourt line, which la really of tli nature of com. promts or conceaalon from either party. Willi that oic 'tIon It ia nothing morn than froth and explicit recognition of ind'.eputtihle obligation audi aathe aurrender (or Ive purchaae) of f gl ivalavea,theeqiialirntionaivlhumaiiiaation of th fugitive Uw, the absolute immunity of the alave atilca from interfi retire or Int anion, and th auppreaaion of the African alave trade. A lino dividing all prem-nt or future territory of the United Statea into atiolute alave an I free, would bo too much to al, and too much to lx; con redwl. Thit ia not propoacd. The I'm of 'MM U to divide existing territory only, giving a ilia tlnct prohibition of eUcry north of It, and leaving that aouthward in th poxitlon already virtually retahliidicd for it, by th known rtonitlon, if not the binding do laiona, of tlw Su. prem Court. Mbit practical thing la eurrciw lorwl, r loot to freedom, by thte friendly con- ceeelon, thia graceful licnding of the mero will, tkia aiinplo I (ken of brotherly nitgnanlmity ? We, llirrrfore, bid a fuv.-nt (jitjtptxxl to the effort in tills city to preaent thia buaia of ualon, or one substantially like It, to tho coun try. It la reasonable enough to Iw thn ampleat demonatration of the miguauiinoua and well .doeerving Mtriotiani of very aouthvrn nun who can cordially airept it, Warklug Mrn for I lie lu'on. The following call hat tlia a! rollout p.iihll.lo claim UKn the attention of thneu to whom It la addreaeei! the true Wi'tkinj Mn of thu tlty of Hew Yolk. Iherearo no littiir, truer, atronger lunda than tliclra to nphuld tho union and glury of our country. They nnmt rjlly to it defence Ihrlrall dijirnda Um It. Moue know Iwttir than they how to apprrclat It, and in aiiu-orlty we licliev that none knew better how to luee It. They have the practical e'limim cwm anl the oplrit f falnicw w liiih naturally avoid ex tremut, but tuda Irumovetbly Ukii nuaoualde ground. They Uiuat I.J"lt UMn doing rUUt b; all rtltinannd Intereet of our country, while tolerating not a moment' dictation or ruU'llion from any. We hop tlie inoetluif will nt werthy in maguitule aud patriotic resolution, of tho great anl lutilligent lalring pnmilation of Now York. Tht V.rVlnir-M'ii"f Nw y,v who art in tavor of lhtnieivllinvf tl u Aewrtouii I'liti,; wlii J ant to malnUilu H.e iwiia-lplit o( tin IJ"iiilutioo at it it, t4lul id I honlila io ibiuUioiK, u I nrovt ahe aojalnutrtlou M tie Ltw ajtr! r prutoui .,ii4t. luliiwul auariuitrea, and Hit raptjat U all iimouatau. Umul euKlniriiU) wl ear ua awnr of ptuta at Uoma and with other iu4.mi ttio if -euu ut ot Annrl. rau InJiwtiy, thtadvanetnuOlaakl imiierity 1 1 tha Xburer, N tli and V .utl.i the MttKivat of th tlavery afiUIUu, .4l.r m. 7 to, frmu paly ioliliot, hy a Unal eonatitntional nH,u.4iiil, ht adjion of that policy wlilcb will tmtrr tvtry rtilo. ui luttrtn, aud aware pnirity hr the futum, aud dmnaniin( a otuidiraii'iaof lli(t mature iwcaMwry tir Iht iu duatrlal lndniMiniir el tbt muM of lb people, by vrkich aloliatquiUblt po'ltiobl luliuu can Iwauiarti, rt loiilnl to iiu I w th tha uudnlirut In tioovim tiiai, to dtvlt 'niawturw f ir tnrnriujr lb eoHwra. tijo of tat Woiklnff-Mtn of Iht I'uivu lu tha fiir tbfraiu) of thew objaru. waimnerAMiaiiurm, Java Panuuii, Tta bill Wch Svuttor Sammt ha iktnoUcM lath0ta4SaaU,InrtUtloiit(ri city raB roada, will mtt wltk gtotwal approral la thli dry, and epclally among tb working eta ax. It reducet th far on tbea road to thre emta, unlet It can b shown that a higher charge la required t pay tight par cent on tb eott of constructing th rravl, after deducting tha aala ritaof officer. In ueh eaa th far may b raited ta four cents. It als provide that (very passenger, who ts not provided with seat, thall not U charged mor than two cent. Oar Hty railroa.1, wlthaalflgl exception, pay . ermont profit t, though th compani hav Iwued atm k far beyond tha actual cost of con atructlon. W fear, hnwervr, that tb rallread intereatt will combine their Influences and defeat tho peseage of tli la bill, which, If It becama law, would be a real bom t thousands of oar work. Ingmen tn-t poor working girlt It th court of our rlly repreeenUtlves, In regard to it, be ilesely wttrhed. Ta Rlt Arsj the meet Important newt of th AJ it th I old attitude suddenly aatumed by the .Senatorial !e.tor from Kenturky Mr. Ciirr Trsli" probably Indicating th position of that gallant state on tho question of enforcing the Union at all hazards. TkeCrWa. During t he dobat on the nomination of rWre taiy ItoiT, Mr. Carmnt la asld to have taktn Uit ground that, at Kentucky It now a central aUit, ea Joying all the ptiapetlty eonseicnt upon tbe prwnt I'litoa aud Ibrni uf government, sb would never eoa. eat to lbs I reakleg up and tbe formation of a aoutb. rru ntifefJerary, i4 which the wonM b alwrder state, exponed t all the dangers and loate of took a pmltlnn. He took th position that Iht Union must l (.reserved at all ha tarda, either by eaceaMa mean or 1 y force, and that f tree usnl against thelawleta rltiannaof a govemnieiil It not coercion of a state. The itj-ee li, Ulnrf entirely nneiiertl, erased a great senaalion airsing tha tenstim. There U a minority lu Charleston an.1 In fliuth OroTIna, not mily at to tbt titreinet ti wbich intt. tet hi b en ushi d, lnt on the nsked qtiettlon ttf sei eedon Itself, many memliera of the old uunllle - Itie naniea that have given the State a rliantcterth Lowndesea, the Uutlislges, the rettlgrews, and oUw era equally dirtlniiftilshcd are still for tli Union firmly as ever. They have been everliorn by tb lrietunus current whkli a Inter generation have created, and which la expending Itself In tli present effort of reUllinn. Judge 111 ara'a answer to 1ird I.rom ami Msatra. Taaaatn and g in anaa, at to tli liability of veatnU owned byeubjett or cillaena of the govsrnmentt tliey repretcnt, trading wllb Charleston, aassrH tha broad principle thai no clearances Issued j any other authoriUet than nfflcrrt of Iht United Rtatm will b rerognlreil, aud that any paynienla of dilletonlm porutlona, excr t Ui tueh offtrert, will be regariltt at mlspnymenta, for wkhh th itiet will be held ressiiwible to our goverunu nb. The prarUeal effect of this lbs trine will lis loextlude the f.ireisi tradt entirely, that had not already been done by (rivsroor Ii tana In obslmi llpg th malu ahlp chaiuiale THE LATEST NEWS. bt TLsniurn to thru. t. bus. Foreign Intelligence By the Asia's Malls. Iuiib.II UaOao.iT. ... vouaua, jona U. 1141 1 Vaauaama Caaaiia, jAaaalawtan. Joatvn AiMtntoa, w. Oiaau Bovtaa, Mat. U. Be. (' H uoiiatits, llssat A. 8am, Wt II. Taiuia, JorniJ.KaMi, Wn II AiktaTnox, Joan W. Tuoaitoa, John w. Maauuu, Wau V. Uh.ii, iltaaar, Autuiu Uovar, yru. Oust Itotaaa, Cor, tecntary. Xowaao M. Vooaum, Trwwui ar.- Opposite lrt9utaCM arcoUudintf Ia th South on th qutlIon of precipitating or avoiding at. tUcks upon Fort Pkkena and Sumter, It Is int. fwaalU to My whether th leader will succeed (a balding back th) dog of war whom they (urn welted, U mStdoew, So despatch. Urrnt nritaln. Hi Coik Etaminrr gives currency to a rumor luuh. Prior of Wle It to be Lord Lie, tennnt of Ireland. The MUsmt oMalned but Hut credssve. Mr. giTmrr ItsaaxtT, fleeretary ef War, h.l Issued an address to hit constituents, atatlng lliat the heavy dutlea of hit departiuent,addsj to Iboae of the Houa of Commons, have proved too much (u hit ttrtngth. and compelt him W resign hit tsat 1 rarllarant. Mr. nramm would lie al one eltvaied th lions of Lords but would retain hla Secretaryship. The " tlostonlan," rtvloualy rrpertl ashore aear Ouemtey, It breaklug up, aad 4 men wart drowned. Sam lllUt auxlety wat fall for the bt of the West India mall steamer Shannon. She hat 81. Thomas n tha Oth Decealier for Knglaud lu tow of tbe mall steamer Trent. On the SOth tbe vetstlt parted com pany during a heavy storm, aud tha Trent was ua ab' to discover the Shannon again. Tht Trent reached Plymouth on Iht id, but nothing ha beea heard of tht Shannon, which vtattl hat only her tails ta rely upon. SlrPnra Piranii, ex-Mayor of and out of th leatling men of Leeds, died on lb 4th lust. Ia th vartoua dockyards no fewer than 4 vcaaela of war, carrying from 1 to tl g,IM each wt ta course of tvaiatrui tlon. Mr. oi iiiitav, author ef a work Ml China, hat ao crptwl tht uew appointment of Secretary of Legatlna ftir Jsn. Messrs. DoiriToit A Watt, of niriiilnghaiu, havt n.iitnv ted to coin 110 tous of the oew bronrt money lu tbt next two ymrt and a half, which Involves Iht striking of 400,000 pieces r day, ou an averag dur. Ing the whole time. Tb rune compliments Rati, na atsi on his In dustry und ability while under Secretary at War, eaiwvially lu aaiueitloii with tli voluuteer mott mrnt. Jxmilon, Saturday reenfiy It U ttsted that tht English goveniment has tent a strong nott'to Hit Emperor of Franc, protesting aaliul the extension of tht occupation uf Syilaby tht Krevioh iorcm. No rtyly bad yet been received- France. The Emperor's remarks to tbe diplomatic eorpa, aw New Year's day, had produced no Impression favor able or unlavnrsllaiu I'aria, great luipniVvw belnu altaobe.1 t-i them. Tbe if.mi.sir annoimnra the dwlU of Dou Yntii, no ia lloranoN, al Vienna. The Parts CnViarsine( atates that such Isaids of the Tuiklah loan as lultbt uit t-a nilatcril! foroa tl.e Mb. of Janiuiy, would Ut token by a eompauy of Isibkera. Tbt XMil.-iir suien.nces that the Km wror ha con ferred the Grand Cross of the I,egion of iyiaur uioa (leneral losiTierr, the Russian Amlsuaador al P. kin, " at an Mkuowleilgriuent of the willing aatb ame he never ceasoil to give to Ibe French Commlt sloner Extraordinary during the negotiation of Ik treaty whkh has Jut beeu algmsl al PaWln." The diplomatic eorreejioiiilrnce Is lm Franc and England, on th preseu. of th Freuch fleet Ufort Uael It tald to b mml uuaniisfwtory, Ilaly. A dlsjiutch from Turin fully oouflrni th reportesi uoiulnallon of Frluc Uaaws an a Lleuteuaul uf tin King for th NeaillUa Prot.uee alto tb atel meia that M. Muisa will eoftaapany th Frluc In the quality of councillor and rtHrsaialbla luliiliter, Tb of&clal pi(duMtlee Hantl publlthe a nyi deire oonvukhig th EUk toral fllsgaa for th STth January, II also annouueat thai lb election of meiuber of Ptrllameul will Ukt plaot ou tbt J4 of February, aud that Hit session of Prllaaktol will osnmeiK on the 1-a.h uf Ftbnury. II wat reimrted thai nej.alstlons had Iwen ojiened between lb S irdlnla govermueut aist Fratwia the aectaid fbr tht coas-lutlou uf au armlntlct at Oaelta ef h nger duration. Tbe Fartt IWrU tasertt thai tht Neapolitan Royal, lata had tucceeded In tupplylng tbt email (irtrta uf Civitella wilh Tovllont. Count TatrAia wat said to be organising Iht rate. Uoimry movemrnl la the Abruui, by ptrulatioa of tht autkorltlet. II Is staled that Oeneral LAHOaiotn will be le llevtd fnno his parol t tnslxloelgbl mouths, when tl It dei Ided that ha will reeum bit ooutuaud of th I'apal army, '1 he Farlt Vne aayt tht retirement of, Motwlguor Miaou from tb rial Cahlnel 1 looked upou a deeldid) and Monalgnoi Dbua Is spoken of t uo ceed hlut In tbe utIW uf MlultUr uf War. l-.aaia.uu On tht 4th Inst, a deputation from Hi tnunlotpellly ei ikTIln, presented in the nam uf tha oily, an ad' ditat ofeoudoleni to the King, lilt Majesty, la re ply, tiprtaul his deep grltf al the heavy loss which had been sustained by th royal fatally, and recalled how Ike Use King, In addition to hi high Intellectu al atlalDUieUa, alwaya t'k IU nut) beartPtlt Inter est In Hit vslbre of hit people, how tb pruut of UobrasoUen. bad alwaya oAertaluad feaUngt of at. wtlou dr their tuhjocta, whoe tutereatt they oa. 'elfteroj at UenUoal wltk their own, Th King one. Iliuied aa follows t Perhaps, you hart already dur cuverrd that la this reaped I hold th sect opinions. FunoMly, psrbapa, I was oilauasltrttoud, but I rau aatur y.u, thai I alwaya hav had th taut lor for my people I ahoald tut bt rultuaderstood. I slated tha prluolpla of ray government whan I assumed tha govanmaa, Stb No. vembr,15ca. X shall laranably aad UvlabjWy mala. Hit (bom prinriplea during my Mo I g istJioisjsnt IfMiyaavietatat esprassusaet yowjeyaisy. Altai attftatagwhealaalnastedawsfsjaaM nptetv. sinatjbrpnctiesi on th diltyof rny dttxent, a tkt loyalty of my peopU ha ertileated M I alto salon of dlOculty. Many ehanga hat lakaa ptar In th cvwrt of last year, and all that has bean don' ha not always beea don rightly. N on ahall Indue in Uabaiadoa th prlnotpl whleh I havtpronouni ed. and I glv yon th asauiauot that t thall with tni tdaetloa for my people abtd by thee principles, t anlharlee yon to ooramunlcale 1 tkt dtl tana of Deri is I a ttnllments which t bars (apremed to you. and thank yon tor what yen havt tipremed la th nam cfthtinsinHpality." Aaatrla. Tbt Weiser ltlmf la aulhorlaed to deolar aB report of th retirement of Connl Baon sea from th Ministry, to b UuBy imfoimded. M. Ilsrwrn, direoVir of th Crf tfaeWaV, die I on the trd Intl. A depsitalinn from Oallleia hod presented an ad dives to the govemrnesit praying ttnr tle In livts.b My ef their province; the ennvooattoa of a Did fnr pro vincial effsira, Ac., Ae Knaalau The R'taaltn Inqerlal manifesto announdiig the als'litlon of eerfdoirL, la xiected lob published oa the trd of March. Two vessel hoisting the Sardinian flag bad been stnftped at Oalata. Their cargoes, consisting of arms and ammunition, had been seised. A strict watth was being kc at the mouth of Ibe Daiml. Th Paris ratrif, reorU that tht Emparor of Kua tia lias reaoi veil to grant a const.tutlon to Poland, end Io place II na a similar Io that In which Iliuigary slanda, with regard to Ibe Au-Arlan Ein plr. Twrkey. Itoarrrt raisia, President uf lbs Comcll ef stile had beea diamiiieied. Prince Coax a had commitnlcateI with the Porte denying complicity with the Itungnrlana, and reiler allug aeaiirancet of devotion to the Sultan. The fer ment lu the princljialme however elill contiiiuel. India. The It milsiy mall of Dec. II, ha 1 rev hnl M irseil les. Iravime tax riots ha.1 liken place al Sunt and TIm s'ln. Tlie tax miles lor hivl been beaten. Cawi'iima birr had lieen rqeilsisl from 8 klro with a hsMi of between 80 aisl 40 men anil itie giin. Daylelsiig was In a stits uf alarm. Tlie English inVir Implicated In the recent mil. nigra al Cairo had boen brought to trial. Tbe Inqsiit trade al Ilimlwy waa wholly susjieisl ed. Ono Day Later from Ear op o. . . Q I I SSJ ArTiTaU oflb TrattMiln. 0 11ia Trutonin, from llamlmr, Jan, .11, ?U rVMiChRrnit4n Tlh. arrlTrd yottrdj. 8h 1ringit $04,000 In n,ci, .vii'l Iuiln pvpxni of lb Tlh. Tli. nw, Ihtntgh nmiuuitJIy oti dy liter, m uuliu- pOltMlt, Tbe Iirlotj Tfmot lh Tlh def, lu litvlinf trtUlfl Io iht Mrrawlon moTttnMit, clMini with th) rnuftik lhtaiUfry, which ' bffa m a ilirftttl, ban iiidrxl m an ikggreririUa livntllutlnu. FollUciu Intelligence. XXXTIia OONUUIXHMtM-end Mesalea. Hranle. Wiuhnyitm, Jan. 19. Mr. Joii"si (Ark.) urged ttntumiinteatil.ei uti the Kid Ever Kut tall. Uesatd heavy duties wera InijiiMeil on all ertkles which pssstd ovtr tbe thirty mile raft. Mr. TatuuoLi. (IlLj deslrtsl tlmt the bill h post poned to a more convenient hour, so lliat senators inifibt eom fully piersd to discuss II. Mr. Mason (Vs.) was In lavor of Ibe bill. Its mo. vedUsiertallyasalguitforThunHby uuat, at half psst twelv oVIock. Mr. JomvHajn (Ark.) moved t-t make it one o'clock on Tntirnday, wUUh wm carried. Mr. Diem (Pa.) preamted a memorial from Fenn alniuia lu fsviir of Mr. Camsanffs pnni.siitiona. - Mr. Pit (Ua.) asovisl ii uke up Ibe bill for lb removal of th ararnal al Bt. Louie, aoj Io sail the ground. Mr. TuesMOM (N. J.) presented s memorial of oill aena of Ntw Jeravy In favor of CarrriuaiixiOi propoel lions. Mr. QaiMsa (Iowa) presented a resolution, request. Ing lb geuratary nf tb Navy to furnish the Delist with au estimate of the exiietise uf lbs building of a steel or lnsi gunboat uf a lauacity and armaiuanl uf UatuM af Beareweatatlvea. Th Army bill was passed. The tall praridligbr the payment of the Califor nia War oU, amounting to toO0,M0, for rippraaa Ing Indian hostllltlea, wm passed. Th Hone considered private Mil. Mr. Pieaurarsj (Ia,) presented a petition ef dlisent of Philadelphia, praying for the adoption nf tbt CHtatndtn pnpniiiie. Mean. Hams (Md ), Cl.tmrs (V.), and Hot.tA find.), preeented similar memorials. Mr. ruiaaiena save tmttc that ha will on M mdar rrTer sn amendment In the report of the Committee of Thirty three, to aa Io give Ibe House an opportunity nf oaisiderina' the Crlttendeu eomnromuw. Al- Journed at au early hour. NEW TOEK LEUMLATVKE. Altar y, Jan. 19. The Senate linot In seasien. Aeoeeablr. In Ihe Aasfvnlily, Mr. Costa presented aeommii nlcatun from workingmen on national affairs, and eallr.1 fir its reating. Tha onrnmnnlcelion aatailel Ibe daxtrlne of the Republican party. Mr. runt mnvea n susjiena toe luixoer leaotng. 1 1 be a Pttw tanWfora of aa lasaardlsll eeawlict to thai anarMr.. Cot. nTW th Ootnsalaaloaer trom South Caro lina wll I remai a U Washington ' tea days or tw WtefcsVirarer. ' - i It 1 not rfirhendd that aay attatk will at pr rent bt toad oa Fort Sumter. Canle.1. 41 lota. nit rvrxoMHiim. Uie L'ulted Biatea runaal lixeiuoU. Mr. SuMHsa (Mas ) called up hla resolution of yenterday In refennte Io sirrlgn veaaels lu Ihe port ol Chariest, and it waa adopted. Mr. PoiafMo.) prevented Ihe reenlulUait of the public meeliag at HI. Louis, on the sUle of the Uulon and Ibe ailjustiiieail of Ibe lirenent dimcilllies. Mr. BtwAan (N. I") said. In I'M) tl waa deeided to leouive the proceedlntrs of publiu meeting, but to re- jei i tnem wnen tney were iu a uuuiniy. The rewilultons were lost. Mr. Foot ( VI.) IntnsliH ed a hill for tbe reorfrant aatlon of Ibe U. 8. MlliUry Academy al West Point. II has been prepsred I y Ihe West Point Coinmliaslon, and UlMliliited al Ihe Inst scsion of Cnigrew. Ordered to a eevs.d reailmg and to b printed, and referred to the Military Committee. Mr. llsaiaaia (La,) presented the etltt n of W C. Jawrrr, uj.poaliiglbe Psufle Railroad bill, Isssas be la (insuh1 to a national deU. First, Is'auselhe Union itieetioit Is iaraiuoiuil thiitel-i i seixnid. las cause ol the iidustlie uf ad bug on hundred lu HioiM to lb national debt In a tune of revolution third, btcaurn Pike's Peak, as a middle state, will, in time, aeiure a railruad, thereby preourving a suite uf tude 1hkU'1iI liiipravsmeiit, and preventing a national del i fourth, leeeuaa, in the presarvition of Ihe Union, with lu rich tesouires, tho oouiiliy bat an ample tulurt f it drvtloiemeiit. Mr. MaaoafVal t Jo. lit rel'itio'i in remilutlun to Ihe susieiialon of rertaiu laws lu statsa separating from the Union, as follows! H'Aerras, It apisstre Io Congnwt that Ihe ste of South Canillna has, by au ordmani e of iie p,s.pie ol that state In convrulloii usHelnbled, d a'laitd tbe stats wistrtUd from Ilia tinted Btitet tlid the giivtinim tit tbrleof, at estaliliehed uiiitur Ihtcolistitiitloot and It tin ther artug, tbat byruwaiot fsh diailared eeiaiatimi tbeiear no iflicert of th ITn ted gute aiding under Ihe authority thereof in ii pidicury Orp-t'lntinluf Ibis Rovei nnii lit, or under the laws for fur Ibe eolleition uf the laveiiusof the Umwd Sutea, whereby end In oiturquenon wbereif th lawa uf the Unitnl State are lu fact ausn isl.d within Ihe limits uf nanl atatet therefore, to avjld any tiostil collmnti that may arls btlwecn Ihe author. I ee of the Uuitod Status and IlieaUteuf Siailh Caiollna, aniresald. In any attempt to execute Ihe laws of the Uukd Slates in tneaiiseuraui tiienmcers riqmreu uy law to ad mlnUter aisl execute said laws. I it irtofenf, Iry tl t Suunle and II oine of R ipreseut k lives, that fiulu alter Ihe ihismujO ol tLla joint resolu tiiai, all laws uf Ibe Uiutad Suiteadirectiur the m sl In which Uieaimy aiklmvy, and oiher puhllu tor, as ol the I mud males shall lie loud by the I'.ivnjjut of Hi I luted StaUalnaidlnrtheriv.l authorlliiw ui txeLUtuigthe lawa anil euttiorlsltig the same, and all laws lor tbe oollin.-t.oil of Ihe revenues thall Imi, and the same are hereby suspeu bsl. au I m ale lu ii eratlve i tbeaiHti' rVajtb Cuiuliua for the time 1. 1iig;aud tliat should it be made toaiprnr hereatier I y tb esrrulive aulliurily vi any ther etit or sutts Dial a bkaurdltuilk tailtieen sweeU by the people ol any alst, deilarlng aiiih atute ur eUlet siiaiiit fmui the United Stales, then It shall b Ihe d ily of the President ul Ibe Uultd SI ilea ti auuoume such aiMrstlin 1-y proulauiatliui, and all the lows of the Uuiled Blatet shell in like inaiiutr he tusin,j,l and rendend iuoieTative luaucb atate at aforesaid. Thit Joint reaolutUiu aas isusad to a Biaxmd read bur ami urdorud to be prluted. Pendng Ihe till fir Ihe sale of tbe SI. Louis arsenal, the Chairman annoiwred that tha hour frr taking up th spatial older, lb Kansas bill had ar rived. Mr. Firm (bid.) called up hla amendment, thai from aud alter tbe ad miaaiou of tbe State uf Kansas the Itwt nf lb United Statea whleh tie not locally luapiltrehl have the aim foro withlu tb atal a auy other tlatee that the slat la constituted a Judi clJ diatrlit, with an eelabllahed Dlalrtcl Court, with powert of Jui lasllc lion aa a I)istriit C-'urt of th United Stales fbr th district ni MiiineaiU i tbat Iht Judges, Ulatrlot Atney, and Marshal uf th United Butts tbat reside la lb district of Konsat, shall be eutilled to tb seme oiunpiiliiiall(A) as those i4 Ibe dls tilctul Mluueaota that in all eaaes of appeal or writ ot error herstouir pros id and now pending lu lb Hucen. Court of Ihe United St lies tiion auy r cold from Ihe Supnraa Court uf Kansas Territory, sn msuoase, vxsuuuou or otoer, u lunuer pnKee.1 tngs ars nrceaaary, aliall b dins led by Ihe Supreme Court uf tht Uuiled SUtet Io th District Court uf th United Suits for tht district of Kansas, aa th natur of such appeal or writ of error niay require Dial each of Ibrse court ahall be th successor uf tha Su preme Court ol Kansas Territory aa to all such rates, with mil power Io hear aud datenutne Ihe aaias and awaid tbe final pracaaa Ikervin i thai Ihe Judg f the District Court lor the distritl of Kansas ahall hold two regular terms anaually at the ami of overumit la said etsle, to commeiae en Ihe ssanod Mouday uf April and October of ea k year, Mr. rmi mads a ntotiou tr a vots on adding his ameiulmenl to Ihe tall, wbu h resulted aa follows t Yate Meaaii, lUytrd, llenjanitn, II gler, Brayg, Briglil, CUugruau, Ci Ulaialeu, null, Ureeu, llwia, Uetnphtll, Ilunler, Iveraon, Juhnaon of Arkansas, JobuaoaufTcuueseeo, Lane, Mtan, NiuhoUti, folk, Powell, Pugh, Kloa, Saulsbuty, Sobastlan, Thouuwu, WUlfall ff. k Nats Messrs. Anthony, inker, Illngham, C me roo. Chandler, Clark, Collamer, Dutou, D-ollula, pouglaa, Duikee, FsaaondKn, Fo.4, Foster, Grlmsa, Hals, llarlau. Klug, MoiTtll, Seward, Simmiaia, Sinmier, Tea Eyik, Trumbull, Wsde, Wllkluaon. Wilson XT. AAeraehurtdstal. Mr' Peon (Ohio) nutred that U Senate reconsider Ihe viae ou diaatfnwiug to la ametilmeut propoaed ly Mr. Oats. Yea IN uayt Mr, Satltmrtr (Del.) pwved that the Ssnats ad Jauru. Lt. Mr. Oaaaa moved t amend tha hill by Insertlog, "thai toiore this act aliall Uke effort lb popl f Kansas tkall. by vol al such time and placet aa lb legislator by lav ahall ordar, aassul to tbe pro visions of this act, pr that until Ibe oouvenlloa of , deletralt thus aastnt, which delegates msy b sleo. tad by qualifisd !. at th territorial Lsglaiatiu diracts, tnrludlug, however, tha whole territory era bra.! tn Iht llnillt herein preamrtbad a lb boun daries of tht Btata of Kaasssa. Aye tl, nays tl. Au amauduieot waa made to add to th old hilt a provision for th tompoeary govenuusat of th Ter ntory of Jerllwwai. AAer furtbor dobat Mr. OaautaOa, of fa., t fly Mr. Prmu'R, to provide firths mor oomplet enrolment sn.l alaejpliiM! of the militia of Ihe stats. Tbe bill provides for Ihe complete enrolment of all Ihe military .y theOiliaielsof Regiments, Ihe situs as Ihe Census MarsLale: that unoollerted eomiuiita lon be re asseeMdisidslinipienl towns. Tht present nrgsn raltisn ahall I callid tbe Volunteer Militias Ibe flovernor may employ thetn at the requisition fa the Prealiieut t give the (1 iv emor larg )wiwer tn tbe tas of an emsr- feney. Ioui di tails are ulven alaiut drafting nit Ihe bill does nolpmissi to liKreas th prsu-ul taTi-t, II einliraces the distils of discipline. The Mil Is the one reomnmendrd hy the military tlon, end pretared ley Col. Pstrr, Mr. llsaaiiK-r Intnslund a bill l-i amend the 1. rnise law, tiy allowing jail limits to peratais couAuoil ful flnos. Mr, Itvrn lnlmdiicrd a bill, toll in r railrsad freights. Ite'erret to lee Committee cai Canals. Mr. Biiaw liilnslucad a bill, to punish frauds lit lbs use ef etanit or brsuds for trade marks. Mr. FeLiRtToa tnlcd nla bill, to exempt uit aiameil lemsl t and wldowt from laxtllist to tht snioimt of $MiOO. Mr. C"ust a liitnsl'iee.1 a Mil, to provide fur tha transfer of causes from tbe Brooklyn City Court to the 8iileme Court. Mr. WATxaiitrtv called up Ihe resolution ti Inquire Into Ihe rumors of caiusm being mad lu Troy for Hi slat uf South Caiollna. Mr. Kssmaa ertised th resolution; that sensation letrlelaliuu waa usurious ; thai the laws of the Uni ted atatea punished treat! t thai the United 8titna f.flleera were Ihe proper i t es to InvMiKate tha matter, aud that the le-Kisli.tura uf tlda Butt waa not requlreil to uivretigate lulo every Idle rum r i ur. rental this lime. Mr. riaana ekt In rippnrt of Ihe rea-ila-lien, statins' that a military ofni'er t,t the stule hnd Investigated tlie matter and Mind the runior t-i be well founded. The rmolullon was atlo4ed by (ft to 14. All the IlesrMsTslle liiemijars present viHeJ ''Nl.H Mr. Purr, Republican, a'so voted '.N i.M Mr. HmtlrT novrd Ihul Ihe Committee to Inves tigate the subjeti have power to tend for pera.nis and prrs. The) Mrve Jensry lasslatare 7"rcn'rti, Jan. 1!). Tho majority of the Joint Committee on natiomil affilrs, renorteil a aerie f reaolutlona to Ibe Beuate, fully endortlnr the Cbit Tainaus rewrfut'onaand Instructing Ihe gen.4or g the stale In Ctauiress, and requeatlng tbe Reprasen tativea to supsirt them. They will be dlaruaaed nstl week and iaasei i.y uati u nines, no d ait. Tbe eouim.tte also call ursat Oaigreaa to order a national eonveiaiou In ease CaiTTKawm't or aimilsr measure aranot sdi)y adoted. 9lasaarl IaklaUara. Si. Ixtui; Jan. 19 The lions Convention bill eras iilightly amendel by the Sonata y&etarday, In which the House nsKnisnU, and th bill fin illy passed. Tbe amendment reads thus i "No act, or dltiMiee, or resolution ahall las valid ta change or dlseolvo the political ralatiou of thla . Stale to tbe government of the Uuiled States or auy other State, until a majority of the nual (led voter ot the sum shall ratify the sam " Mr. Rtrsatii. Commissioner from M lesisalpfit mails a strong secession speei h be fore a J ilnt etaalon of Ihe Lsglalalur last nlghl. Frwan TPnaklnatasx. Waitfngftm, Jan, 20--Th minority report from th Oummllt of thirty thre, tlgnad by Messrs TarLna, of Louisiana, Pun.n, of Mlsamrl, Bust Of Arkansas, Wnrraiv, uf Delawar and Wuio, of North Carolina, embraces In Hubstanc t Th change whli h hav taken place In the situa tion and sentiments nf Ihe -leopls of Iht d.tTrenl states slni th tbuadsiion uf tli Constitution has been snoh that through uilaooaslruitluiM of some of Its provisions and tlie aiuful perversions uf others, aud tha Introduction of new principle lu Ibe f inuv llnu uf parties, whli h are in direi-t antagonism ti Ihe usaea and opinions of Ilia whole American peo ple when Ihe Conalllutlon went lultelTts.t, thai In it instrument hsa reused to wcimpllsh aims uf Ihe most Important tuds aimed al by lu adoption. The difl.tcuccs Is-tween lh northern and amthrra sections of Iheconfisleracy, from Ibis cause, lutve al last risen to such a I g'll that Ibey have res'ilu J In the formation of a tt.oual iaitylii the N'rlh.ou lb slsvery queetlou ahaie, wba.h will pnu tically ex clude Ibe southern teoiite fmiuauy voice In the inea aguinent uf Ibe tint oual atTstrs, In which they have a nniinou interest with their northern brethren; aud suss aa snis lan, n'swiiueianuiiur tns Kspuollctu fonns of tbe Oatetiliiiion are preservtsl, lu rutlt d -stroys the spirit nf K'tiiihlkouism lu Ihe irovrnt- ' ment. II Is therefore Impossible Hint the Iwi sec. timis should any lonirrr go ou together ae one Hsipl, unlees the ixUilntr slate of Ihiiers is removid Therrpoitunseeilstisay The preeent difBcul ties csn (aily be rvmedieil by aDiendmtsile to the CiHlsliluthai. aisl tuineesU ILal the ameudiuelits pro. poed tn tha CajTrRRura itssilutiiais, II adoisWl, would reaaae tnuupillily to Ihe Oouutry, aud p'act Ibe UitUrtt on a fouial aluu lliat U couhl uever again l ahakeu. These amenduieuls, the report asserts, wmild tat, lu real ly, rhanee Ihe Const Iti tlon. Tliey veon'd duly have Uie elT.a of resto ui it uy tnoanutxt hsvisious oi wnat it was, lit piint of ft4, isi tb day uf It ml tplMin, though Iht opera llonnflha eircunuitaikes whlib llnvi aurroimleil It, and which em led the hnirlers against lb present aetlional ronteela, aa constitutional provieUme woiiU now. If a const lutlonil milorlty cann. 4 It united lu Ihe aupiort ul Ihe "CerrTRanxsr resolutions,' oe the sulsiUuc uf lbcm,a dtssolutlou uf lb Union hi lusvit able. The report leix.n met ds thn steps be Uken for Ike calling of a csaivetalon af the sutea with a view ti '.caciaMo atsjiaratlou by piovidi ng f ir a ililion of Ibecsmimiai aoarty ig tli United Stales, settling Ihe terms (ti whli k toe aalal and commercial Inter course Mtween tlie separated stales aha'l le ootid tct e.1, and msklnir a permimenl arrnngnmenl with r tjwtt o the naviiratiiai ul Ihe Mississippi river. The report dives aha! the shrnersof Ituunstdsr a full aorount of Ibe lise and progress of th slavery agitation, whUh has pntduced lus dlftb.'ul Uee. Tbe Alalama memhrr ef Congress awall Instruc tion flora their stals, while thoa from (loorgU will remain her till they receive an ofQolal oopy nf th oiduianc uf ssoeHaloa adopted by tb ooavtnlloaof that state. Active measure are In progress .i hav th emirs of Virginia lu sending onmmlitaiouar to Washing ton ith4lhu( Fibruary, responded to by atinl.'r movemenl In all lh etatte. IXapaUhea hat bsa seutlo llarrleburf, Alliany, Colu,iubus, and other stale causal whar Leglalalurrt ar In session, u.g lng tkt prompt apiolutmenl of good aud able mm to confer with th Virginia uiumlasieiiera. Ex Presldeut Trua is exjicd In Wasbhigton, from Virginia, In a day ur two. In org upuu lb Government th avoidance of a.l acts or measure likely to tend to hoKtU.tle with lh southern state' M.'anwl lie, Judge RotiaeoH, of Richmond, will pro ceed to South Carolina and Florida, on a similar er rand, as In thoa slat ther ar point (Frt Sum ter aud Fkkeuq where colllalous ar mor likely im mediately 1 ootur, than clMwbsr to th South. Washington It now mors free from excitement than It has hern al any time aloe tha commencement of the Seelon of Coiurreaa. Apprehensions of any dlfllmltle attending th la, Ta-vkala testate. EiVaaaessd, Vh. Jm. 19.-Tooori1dTatlon f th report en Federal Beiatlon contempUtlng aatloiral er-nveotlon era resumed. Theecraadrealstooblthrsrort was amndd by arapntotmg John Trias. Wm. 0. Rrvxa, Joem W. Baocxmaovsa, Oeorg W. flgaranra and James A. Srwon, eomralsslootr to Washington on th tlh of Fetruary I meet lh ctxnmlaalonar treat otbarStat, Th fifth naolnttoa waa amended hy modifying Mr. Cam a ism ianpgitle4, ao as to glv addition. al protecthm and security to alar property. Th sixth resolution wet amended by appointing Joins Trie a t)ramltslutier to wall on tb Prealdent nf th United Slates, and Judge Jnsta Ronsmto a Commlasltoer to South Carolina and th oilier seced ing ttatetaV request them to abstain from hostile acts during lh pendency of proceedings. Tb report wss then passed, by ayes M nays S. Mr. Bm offered the following resolution i Jfeeofeed, That if all efforts to reconcile the rllfer eise between tbe two section of country shall prov alottive, then every mnalderallon uf honor and Inter est demand that Vlrtinla thall unit hr dnatlnie with her slater slavebolding itatat. This readlulion was adopted nnanlmoiwly. Mr. BTturr offered aa a tawlt of adjustment a measure contemplating th withdrawal of th trust In regard Io th territories from lh hands of Coa gives, and rovldlng for an equitable partition of lh territories Is-tween tbe slsveholding and non-slave holding stalee by an amendment nf Ihe Constitution also providing list Ui statea created out of lh lerrU lory north and south of th U dag. SO inln, shall lie sdmllted " with or without slavery," aa their con stitutions may ordain. Ordered to las printed. The House concurred In th amendment i f the Senate to lh report nf Iht Committee i Fedeiat Re latione as alaiv given. Mr. Smiins; then offered the following i etgeed, Tltst the Interests isf Yinrinl are those of her auulurtn slaters, nd isi recuiietnirtiou uf the Union tan lie rmsnent which will not secure t eat h seitliai eli-ri4actlng power airainst any In. vaslon ol Ihe federal Uidou 141 Ibe reserved rights of either. Till resolution wss ado4ed. Frm Neve Wrls-nit. .Vivo OiUiint, Jan 17. Major (Jit ASK hat telegraphed fnan Ptneacule to Ihe Mayor of New Or leans aa two tbouaand uien to lake Fort Flikeua, al Pi naamla. The Mayor reeponJed that th men could l raised In two day If Florhla would equip them. Tlie Oovetnnr telegrsphl for them Io com toulg-it, whin th Military Board will make provision for relslng ami arming Ihe men. Thre hundred men ar on tb way to Penaacola from Mlsalsslpi4. Aits OrtV-tina, Jan. U. riloU at Pensaool tie n.A.fle.1 not to bring hi United State vessels, un der penalty of death, Waahmfci des-att hea luter replsdarslu Ihe bands nf Florida otliorr of tht stat forces. Tliey uumber nearly one thmisaud. Lieut. Si larsint, commanding Fort Th kens. Is ex--ei ted to enrrendrr. Th Floriila forces havs toenty Cvt heavy gum moantal, and cao Uke Fort P.ikeus with a lues of thre hmKlred men. A des)aleh yesterday n porta a ahlp ashore fifteen miles east uf Fort Pickens. It ia supposed to be tlie Uuiud gutrs ship Supi-ly. late, n Tk rotten sua la Hew Qilssat show tha , lUgerotteaaaat A)a4 stTMvs-, nsgytM voted and ret , a.a illy for saeeai taaasaaaaalyto. rtl-m liKby fiamigiis tresj sJawraaMaWofttiaiiiitalSraTtd fcwof eJaasaw-atOlasalciwasaBV' ta ether words, tha trnVMBMakav staid at hma,W alloartd lh ti ctaatmltti to earry tha lts . TTsa Patty KafsjaaV fin JTeui maj J a. I0-Th Pony ExpreM era st -tlok tkt soorulu;, nesrlr 1 dan trw-lnc to aniab. auoir oa aaarlr all to whol nxtU. Bm JsVsmetaias Jm. S, 1.40 P. JtTht wtsther has s(ala t-e-joui had, anil prs rents any eut-door busines 1 but trifling lots of good ar changing hands al formsr qnotatton. Trade in domaetl ra-odiai onnllnnes napendtd. Farmers svtll hold baik tbar wheat, Sblpacaiaol get rargoea, aa bnym art unwilling to pay ever tl 10 for wheat, end earn- fill nrtter al that figure. Th deeirs to tbiplrswun sod money East haa mad lb markKstrlnaje-a. The standaid rau I 1 rwreeal., but outsiders pay I sag upwsu-ets. Tha prorlamaiion of Ui ITeslJent sett'ng iart yesterday for a day uf humiliation, ousting end pray, rr, only reached Ibis dly on ike day nsiutal f.-r puu-. llcsllo; oonaiiently 1ml lllil rparatHn wss mad Ha- lu ulsservsw. The -ssigrecatltn nf CsU vary church amrndiled and UstsaieJ ti addreesi from Rev. Drs. Colt, llcatt ao.1 Wnuaas. The Custom Moua, Puel-oAceand other public bulldlnga weieclosa.1, and tbe court refrained 0-ora knslntaa Late-4 accounte from Sacramento repress&i ibe cliy ascruwdal with i-ulitictanaof all grades. In antirt patlon uf lh meeting ol tb LegtaUlur on lh Tlh. Uov. Dxavra ta lb proraineot candidate for Ihe Sen storabip, kul strong efl-rta 10 deleel him w.U bt made Mrr. Krrrr Oraajoi sraa murdered al her res ducs In Barrsmenlo, Ibis momliig. II Is S'lppose'l Ibe deed wss cc-iumitied S r her money. The annual atatlatlca of lbs resources of Ihe trade sad con Jueri of tl e state ar pre-ared for publication aud show remaikable pn stress during tbe ssst year Si) (Kin a-e-engeia arrived al San Pranrlsis, and 11 Ofa) d-iarted,a ga.n of xtsitatimi by Immlgratlisisea- ward ut lO.iain. The estimated overland immigration la rsi.i-otl or CO laai, l-rtng small on aoraunt uf luUsu hoatllltie. TLe go.d expoit falls off sevoraj mil liuna fusil bust year, but ibis defljieney Is barely isimpsiiealrd by grealy Incmuird rlfjrte uf lh slst. Th au-uunt ul tiaasure laelved trout Ibe uilne fully Hpials thnl uf any other year. A ihtiecbasbisn luliliebrd hy th Governor of S.-IMV-, c-ravd ng Ihe right tt transmit American gold from (luyiuiua, 11 the tiuif of California, through the S'ali f Honor 1 to the frontier of Arlaout, uau rort II 11 lioiian. fair of Ihe .Hcxtrnn Prize Nramrrs. .Vrw Ihlnmt, ,iia. 19. The Mexican prl etesmeri fleli. Miranvsi and Mar pies ds la 11 listna, were o'.l this looming. The fonuer bmuglil $1), Bon and the Utter $20,000. Aa Ann Manafarlarr llurnt. -7n7etH Jan. 20. The Mi-.icliuctts Anna Coiupnny's miuiufaiViry, al CiiiiHitme I'.lls, waa Minliai Friday night isM, and Hty handi ar thrown oul of rmpli yuimt. !, $.sl noi), IK o. tuieilha 30i). jsamtaat Ml aMasjajajaat,,esr. BIW aad tTsaJ. saaaxsliaayartwaaraaaftoBi sraVaV M (aaroar tMva4aaasaftsMcsHg4sislutnlsfi Vta4sUaur4t af tha aWalsag,''Waf aastyaar. ElghtMa hundred ad1Maaa) tb BiW hav beea offered to "dusVsjoi'pt dariry th yev, ard reueed. Ofthaenmbar eUalng) 1400 srtra Bomaa Catholic. Prayer a togs hav beea bald on board of thlra aM etaar poaed place with encouraging IMn at a ras. theaa- a dally Btaatiag asts bli abed r among soldiers on Governor's Island, ha beM t ad wilh an avertg dally attendane twenry-lve pron. Th financial th aciety sva twrsaountxd not a psuaptiua 1 tagnMud of lh work otitetnplated . (Teas receipt for th past year were llnSM, I expenditure bar more than (xhaitatetl them. After the reading ef th report, lh Btv. Exua addressed th audience from th parting 4 ef Christ Io his disciple, "Lo, I am with yea, I unto lb end of th world. Ther word s piled by lh speaker to those whoa heart s th cause of dlstrlbullag th nVrlpture, by 1 encouraglag them with tbe pmmiae that their a aa Master waa with them In their labor 11 this. A liberal collection was then takea npj wkkh Rev. J, II. Via Pis mad aa a I lists I From Uhartesttoa. 0iatlerfrm,Jtm. U.-LleutenantTArnoT arrived her laat night, with gloomy tidings. Th Oovsmer ami lh member of hi cabinet were la consultation tbe greater part uf th light, on the InUlllgenc com municated by Lieut. Talisot. A whli flag cam from Fort Bumler this mom lug. Ths object of II Is tiki to b lo Mtmtnd that South Carolina cease erecting fortifications. Foit Sumter It now allowed I obtain fresh provi sions hi th city of Chariest. wu later Iron Havana. AVw f Icoaj, J,in. 18. The tteinmr 1 1 iluiu, fiom lltvana 1Mb, hat arrival, r Bualniaa was dull, and tbar wtre a uumber of tua peisilniit. Sugasa were unclianjal 1 th new crop was rapidly earning lu. Naval Nrsva. Tli authorities of the riiiUdelplii.l Navy Yard daily etptct order to fit out for sea tbt three nieo-of-war In walling condition there. Tbe steam gunboat Piwne,hl 'talllng frlgau 81. Lawrence, aad thalntcUsa corvette Jamestown, ar all la gd tilm and might be conunlaaioned lu tnu days. Tlie marine guard of tbe oorvett St. Miry't waa ordered from Iht city ti Waahlugton on Friday, and left as Saturday. Th men ar nut to be dla liargcd for th iireseul. Th ateorstr Wsttr WlU-h, relallvtti whose e-pup. runt Instruction were r.ent'y received from Waelv Inglon, will be reported ready fl.rduty at htm', next week. 8b Is b b mamied anl officered anew. Th steamship Supply, with IteoBloert nf the cai turd Navy Yard al Fensacola, la expa trd Lere, an.1 preparallont to receive her ar going on. I Wt bear a rumor thai Coram.idore AauaraoNa will be court-martialed for lurreaderlag rnvsacnU statiiavi ' Fraea AJabaasa. Jfonljomrry, Ala., Jan. 19. The Iloutt pasted todayablU to provide against Ihe Invasion of ths stat ly ae. It make pilot IUM to fin and Im prisonment, who bring foreign veaaels kato the harbor of Mobile, atal authorises the commander of Fort Morgan to destroy the beeeou and landmark at his discretion. ' A reeotuilon waa also pasted to mak a ennlmct for the naistrw lion of a telegraph Una t Polnl Clear, In order to effeet a mor rapid commuulcatlun with Fort Morgan. FtsHB Ucwraleu HiBea'geriBe. Co., ,asi. 19. Th .State Oaivciillon sdoittd lb secession ordlnanc at Iw u'Jiik this afwnys.u by yaas JOrt nays 89. A luotlisi lo pustpiais Ihe eatratliai of the ordinance until the Jid uf March was lost by about thirty ma jority. AiaxAnun. STxrunrt and lltatniui. V. Jonva s arsm.sig thoss who votsd againsgth osdinaoct. A resolution wet adopted tomntliiue the present lal ami revenue system luitil It shall be ordered otherwise) also tn ountlr-ue all the civil Federal oluiete. Itralarltrs lAtuuriltt, Ay., Jan. 19. Tho legislature, thus lar, has leu ta'capled wilh mlarellaueout mat lem, having u direct bearing upon national sff.tlrt. TannrtMCC. .ViiaAriUr, Tenn., Jan., 19. The House Iiia iuvr)4td the Stasia's amendmeal to elect delegat 1 u the Clh, to assemble lu couveutloa on h S&lh of Febtuaiy, hblpmeul of Powder aad Hbell la rharlesstaa. lUr$buTt, I'll., Jan. 19. On thousand keg of powder and twenty thousand pound of shot an 1 al.rll, from the Tredegar Works, R rhmond, left this morning ly sjierlal train, by the Weldonand WiU nlujtou R-iilrood, deellntd to, to tbe order ig Uovei ar Pautaaa. Flarlda. Xno Ot t ant, Jan. 19. The itoamer Atlantic, fiom Peneacola, yteteriLiy eveidng, reporta 9.0t men at tha Navy Yard. Troop are arrtvlag from all dlmtloti. The steamer Wyiudotlt waa laymget Ihe rt.tranc of lh harbor, eouununloatlng with Foil I'kkrna, having th farulUos of th otVssrs tlsiaid, and out of ooal and su.pllos, but was not permitted to enter Ihe harbors Opinion waa d-vidrd la regard to fighting, CITY NEWS. Wu.1 llelemtat lo tl.a mm., W -sta oonunemoea, j at th Hauls of Nsw Orleans, augnratloo of President Liaooui exist but to a !! of tb flag of our Union and Major sd extent. However, lo guard against puwibletTb national flag wat raised amid tha tarbaiioa, amp! measure hav beta taken to pravetvg crowd of all partial fur th hero of th publt peace. "h Union, and lh hero of Fort With tht proUblt action of Lnulalana thttweek th teoeealon movement will be retarded aa to othtr8. Ont hundred gunawtrelred statea. A company of Sapper nd Mloert from West Pout, acting a Iubntry, arrival here today aud ar quar. tend at lh Columbian armory. Last week a number uf Republican member of Congrcs from Mew England, th Middle Statea and lb West, milted In a stnaig raaunmeudaUou to Mr. Liacout to ajisilut Mr,' Colt ax, of Iudlaua a Fn1 Masttr Gruerul. Baiut, ronnetled wtlh lh abstraction of lh In dian Truat buads, ha keen released from prison, oa ball to lh amount uf $8,000. Ut will apprur before spsclal commute louiorruw. Letter received here from distinguished tourc In Georgia, ttut that though that atat ouusldert It to Is) her duly lo secede, stie lawtUlng to rounite wilh th other stales nt a saUsfiuitory guaraatos a lo her snl'tUa! aud 4ial safety , Two n-'ghta ago Fort Piktaa, Florida, wat ta Immt. Oral danger est esa! 1 1 bat sine thai time, a dis patch, signed by aueaerou ecasliaiUt lu Congrea ha been assjl thilter to Iheir friends, urging tkent by all mean to fvotd OVrUaioii wilh t' fedgra JaoKtoa, and la loa of Oou, 10a, 1 e-j'M anniversary of it roS was handaoiualy calaLratud al promlsaut extIug'sjoralng, nooa and vi c ,. -.., !l Tlotoryi wer fired tn that dly, negro ruatf atlas k upua Fo ' "u Tz norl4xav,lPuI any ucb aussnpl t must rearull va trn wr flrod but tb larg mUUiw 0. latna, aroeUmorou tb) Impromptu Uslr Importuultlt ear1 fsar, al mUktary pmvg I now' tj th As ya,wlm tlit tted strong adeatrot retreat frota n AS though II M txxxanpaolcd TJ Uvau, MR. J. S. liAttFT' SwVKMTIf I.KTTBK. Much Interest waa ahown In Mr. Ratat'l acoouut af lh manner to which h first appmai hed CruUer. Having reached th estate nf tli proprietor, approach ing the stable door, eutlrely alone, he unlocked II aa gently at If kthad beeu alaiul to ateal tht hoist. Tha pausing a moment, h euddeidy plaoed hlm wlf In th vltw of th bora. Th animal t'ooktd amated, aud gsI at hla Strang v tailor with wondering astouiahment, a If omfuted at Ik an. dacilynfaiuh unfamiliar Intruslen. Jgr. Burr re mained entirely still, when the hart stepped toward him. Msanwhlle, Ln-d Dow-manae, who was standing off at eoro dlstaiv, lagged Mr. Rtxxr t come away, as h bared the horse would awrurally kill him. But th horse tamer af foitad not h hear tli warning cry. Al lnth, the anion 1 bait hla head a:lally toward Mr. Rtxxv, whin t latter presumed upon little pltyful fa mlllarily, touchlug I . animal's leg, &o. Finally, he vcLtured lo open lh d mr of fi box iailosing Iheloee, when Lird D. begged with relieved en ergy tl all e would enrol away, aad these remai strance war r eated over aud over a.-aln w th such earnestness, even to th Intimation of eier. clslng force, If necesairy.that Mr, Rtxxr for the lime yteldrd, mor to appease the bars of his lord ship tbaa front any apprehensions of his own. Lord I)., contrary o if r. lis air's own eonvlctlons uf, isjltry, ierauaded the Utter for lh auk of hi per asial safely, t seise upat Ihe horse's bit resolute ly, and lglii Impressing him with the necessity of subni tllug through thai pi 01 ess. Mr, Hixav yielded, thiHigh without faith, and tht struggle wa long and frightful, lb horse rearing and plunging al a moat fevrful rale. Ills lordship yielded to this partial denvaistratiou of falluro of tb violent process, aud allowed Mr. Rasst to laka bis own course, lis then, alter a aucceaalon uf quiet attetnpta to touch lh aulnusl, snccsedil lit so thr gKUdug hi csifMunce as ti be able lo raise his fait. Tha hotse, mtwuwhlle, b It rememlwrtsl, waa securely fastened end muitlid. The f4 being rescind, tl e tatal aliup was pnunptly aitjuxled, when th door wa opened, Mr. Basjsv retreated, and th, horse rushed rnrloualy out Into ths stable yard.wliere lh operator could have full rang for hla discipline, without danger to himself or tha horse. The other fur foot lastig aerurod, the horse struggled fir three Ml hours, lefor be sliowed a sign of yielding. Al length be submitted. Alter die example of Mc Baxxt, Lord D. ventured uim Hit horse for the Aral time lit his life. Th bora hal uit before been mosuited eluc h was two years old. After Cruiser had been ethlbitsd, Sslnrtlay after, noon, tht next house brought la sn a dark bay, not vicious, but quit nervous, and decidedly bullae 1 lo let but one parnou rl le bliu. Mr, lWasv, at bat thut lar been hla custom. Illustrated Ituportaul faa. lure of bit system through a variety uf aierclaea wllb till horse, Th next lots waa a powerful black, belonging to Mr. E. Plato. Mr, Raxxt read letter from lh owner, stating that tb animal wa a pared bone, having beta ridden several Urns oa eueh eeoeeloae. But h wa very ireecharoua, and on th laslpsrsd (the occasion of tha arrival of th Fiine of Wale he throw himself fearfully oj th paveuieul. lie bad not been shod for tsro ysata, hi blacksmith not dating lo attempt It, Previously II hal taken 4 or 0 taea half a'dsy I tho hla. II was a'so disposed to th vice of biting, ami wa brought before lh au dits muaaled. Though, led In by two mts fastened to either side of his tat, II look Mr. Raxit aim llms before h could IspieisrfiVIji si. threw hie bead wildly back aud aiforttuuU man waa andowaw . . .. . M.n.'. .I...MI, ai. .w.j .'ZZZL- I -nuunissMiw -:. ; :nht-?.r-.K'r, w" .' AciwowiRnaMiurr. W bar racalr "A Ilianeleai Women," 1 from Hsa wptwsrn I 1 anonymeualy and $1 from Mr. L- Thlrty4hlrd stroet. We have also received $f Jew, who, following the M asale doctrin of f th hungry. rotten CoMMiMiojrM. On FridaT. --a .V ' " ' ' . .1 4 n-in, silo I viu-e s.oiiiuoioiieTe ssvrw nosi, as th Snpervlaei bad concluded lo glv them 40 men, ami at lb same lima, received the na f. numernu Indlvlduale, whom th Supervia sired to bsv aptnUited. Out of thirteen of 1 who rerelvat a enndilitaial aniotiilment fri Oanmlselonert, two wers foiiist to fall bell stamlaid height, S feel I Inches. Four were i ley the physicians, aud only el x were sworn il names of Ihe surreasnil liMLvlduala are aa foil Ruhaxji BAXnnt, sent l-t Ihe f d Ward JamiI td Ward 1 Cnaaan Rrnrsi, Plh Ward 1 J MiKnvxx, S.l Ward 1 J tars Lraav, Sd War J M. Wiiaoa, lClh Want. Amnrti DitlA. An attempt wm ta Saturday nlaht, to drculate altcre.1 twos on cl ants' Bank af Weslfleld, Wn.tfletd, N. Y, Ihie bank have been reported ly tbe linkers . e.1, and twenties bars been reported Mini altered. Tl.e lank clrcuUlea no Mil of thed.l tlon of $20. Tli it Hoard of Officers of th lllh Re N. Y. S. M 1 nn Friday unanimously a 1 fouowuaf 1 JWaW, That thla Hoard deem th actio nivtalna Ikard. lu ttmisrlnir tbt em-vm n Division to lh Oiveruor, A., Ac., preaul w isvimssiiwu, in as rauou as toe memis 1 posing tha different regiments nf the Dlvis I nevar vouo or even nern ctnsulted on ths si I iteaofessf. Thsllhbirealmsia wilt m h I In readiness lo maintain lb lawa when l I p.vt vtieu uaii- An Intclllaent HubarribeT I.! BlllHIM.TS JANT 111 tsJttOt .V J l I hav boon 1 reader Y Sun for many years welhoul Preludler. but From your aland woua aurusaUon I ct eoncluaton II Whose every Tnu cltlssa of whether nstsvs or adopted to retard the 1 youriiro. With your beechen, an 1 aVc. Praying for Ihe saMy af th Union 1 aproa the auger of God, , alter been Acres, Crime. , I believe In prayer But I do not prayer ef tb WUked she! Avail , when all honest whit dotacd men aa them stop reading your paper. yott Ca j It to your braise fared m4u fur Iht Bet thallbenaa more on lb LUt 01 v thla your Colams If not I shall drculal it tb Ac J.. M..M Frtnotet D For City Itotva, arxs Tlalrd WrwoXl rUUIa Apataadtng rteeeaalon. lUmion, Jan. 20. Wbipeix PniLLirs ad dressed Ihe Hh Cougref atl.suU 8-ielety, In Mnaie Hull, thla aflemoon, ou th stat of lb crisis. He declared himself lo b a disunion rdii,'tod wat glad to sea thai South Carolina aad Other aoutheru slave stalee had practically initiated disunion movement, lie hoped IliSI all Ik alar statea would leave th Union, aud aot stand upea Ik oa. dsrofthslr golhg, but go atouo. Ua'deuouursKl Ihe eumprumlae spirit manifested by Mr. Bswaso are! Cuaaua rstscta Anaiss wilh asuah savarily of lutgussT, and thai was an occaalooal stamping of feet and hissing, but no outbreak, ' Mr. Puiujia wa eaooited home by a few pollct mcuauda great crowd p ashing' about hm. TJ, audlrnr In tht Hall waa crowded mainly by tho cgulurly wttudlug service there, .. V. rtres Jn.. t.T-.vthlr- jf--?." M'orttUUU man til tadoWa. - ...- , . --. --jrwsina Bsatssbs or THIS FATaa ah unfortuuatelr hav frieaa glssj LOTK OF 8TRONO DRINK, a, ar advUad U use DR. ZEIX-S FAMOb't RKkOBD for . THAT TXRRIWJE DISKASat TV aowlert, which aroasaall, auy b sts to ths drinker, If netsssarr. la Cotlae, Tes Wamated aarieetl htrmless, and will nauwk Ther laka rttkt hold of the Dttsi CS tllvUoo sfe aad at M rs BKACMA 14 M. V, and atMrs. HA VW, 175 raltoa st, PaUCK 0MB DOLLAR. THE VflAl. AJID DKBtUTATBO ' aealart reading th advertlsssassa of Ds, b-svlea -re lb Biclt and AJLlotI,"en ta 1 of this pa per. It Is a usdleia aettky a tii What pRorKaaint Siuli. I Fih? I a SM lis I Tbev wl J I stone I 1 owxxa A Wxixa, Ne SM 11. aek them to examlus jrour b eareiui aaaisit et vournumul orttnlsst from our own eUeht knot ledge of roum I uuus ot leseni eowrr uist ass si times r as In'a draasa Uoasincs rou of iu correcl I out trigs lotsKstobesuoreertul, and il I Ins for a position which run bsd doubted 1 1 nit n v if.-......'. Ttr..n nHu.. We sroold reerantm-nded all a he are altll. ' 1 01 apperne itnisnesapua la ibe eassi-or tl cldrut to the sprlns eeasnu, lo Like K. F WUd Cherry Bittssrt. II la nature's o cannot fell la henslit tbe la valla, and we trumpet votoe to tell all the atflted w nod thla unrivalled nanaeea. Hutaa nu havs been practiced of Uie, and M no oth bitts rs Is bjutt as rood," (sek roar phre doctor knots thai this Bitters is puri r t1 wtuea,) be sure yon rairehtta lb onl nnr 1'itt.TsofK r.iiiHUArUhiox I Yik, aad J. W. UAYKS, lt" t oJUn st, ' 4BKIEKaIs ItTIi At tha Aaaaal Iex4ana af lh, Trustee of tlie New York Kir. D. pjrtra. ' al I lemrnSj llalL Dee, lS ltrld, lbs Uoar hr UtatdeotlonetthaiUleiaauinean, e luetit af lh Coraniiltses as naiaed below year 1 UINHT A. HIIRR. Cor. of CHff indFranklort sts hon ' . Plasa (!J street), eaoarraar. - ... OROXU.K F. HnrTT oa, 101 iw reari .t.-tnaue, No. iv OOMMIVTRS UM rMiMATIOh juisaa n, ruiu-ira 1, eo rise a Mo, M. 10 Cathari sthontn, No. X lrilAK SIUA Pikaalla-hbusn, No rt JAMhw Y..WA7-1NK Re,144Ffan 1st Ua.1 SAMUU, U. TUDMPrU , Ne. HOT ! :t, patting, and although ttroogly boaaj. It took uiujiueros uitu vo ooia mm. air. Aoppan tank rapidly, and died on Saturday night, In groat agony, begging, during th lotarvali oT th ipunw. that h might b blast to dtath. IU wa only 80 j em old, and laavM t nil and twa chlldrvn. J. II. BKOW-BOOIiaiTTIDITrlCIDB wbJl on. dtl aberration of mind, on th Littl Hlaml B. B. laat week. Whli a train wa coming at fall speed, h divested bimnU of coat, vest and hatandjaatu train cam np b laid bit neck on th rails. A few dats aoo, a daughter of Dr. Bcach, of CleveUnd, nlntn years of aga, conpUlaed of a sort flngar. Htr baad iwtUed loon after, and thit wm followed by Inflammitlon of tb bowels, aryiipelM and a ftvtr of typhoid form, frona which th dud. Dr. Bkaoh iu taken with a tor thumb during big daughtar'i lUute. bis hand iwelled, and now n U lying at th point of daath, afur asblbtt-. tb iymptomg obeerved In tb ataghur. Th Buir BcAnoo, wblcb bu Arrlvad at BaI tlauar from Calcutta, a'lar an untuaallylong paasagt, fall In with a burning ttoamar olfllaha ma. Hpposed to b tb Brlliah mail lUamar iii!t: whi5? P"" wan 8U lhom- and UaWax. Tha company of tb veaael war, a portion of them, upon a raft ntar th lUamar. and Mm of thara iiruggUng in th water Th ; ." Z?T high at th Urn, to at to randar th launching of boat paiUotu. No efforts war mad to uv tb nnfortaaaU peraont ia and around wrack, bacatu of tb danger attend ing tb undertaking, and from tb fact that a larg part of th crtw war daklliUUd by tha rev-', oonugcta. daring Uw lnsv Toyag. Ho. St Bseksaaa 4 ban No. Ul A. F. OCa;tIIAlIBK Xt.tllUat.-W,tSo in IIUIUCRT MiSllNNM. No. D Deperater sa.-a.mso, 5M i , bet jaJAttTBAkKifoKK He. U Naaaa sC-hasaasNo. M t saiMHiTTBaoa atsiootja Jaa.Y.WaUtaa, kuasa-t MaQlnnls, axaoirriva aoHairrae SamelRThi sen. JamaaY.WsUl stissn, HutMrtMaOlania, U? oostauvsriui oa rising A.F.Oeksrtkaassa. ZovrhtUls, saMskHTvsa na rtrai. RoU.MaOals, Bamaai tXThiansoo, CSlHMITTtaoB hKBSSlVW AMD MSO ...-.... . . ... zwpuarauu gtsmet x. vrstua enar auua, jasmes r. Wstuns. s JOI1S B. tin J B 11CMIY A. Ul o.T.KtWTr,aj SI aaaaa, roUU, I 8ar Tb, Wf hew severe or long standlns t ea 1 oto. . Caaaaa, trr new evvero or Ion ttan sa4jr eared, br HOUSWAVa PllD utilise assertion. city ar read to ll XTtsSihssisr CavatyTsvxM- Pelbsasvliia, Uolaa Pia-t, Alllnvlllo, t Wska liel Pvi-peot IUIL Ae. isi ll Mt,w s?Jl AnA w(t-n r tahTOMli Um mhiatbmt Ai hla atotwu Why not a Ur g., ?& ua'. "W hy Uv forever to tnoh wank J0 '' When I In wealth abound f why oouie and draw arm pal t , ) When vns mew h.. . . T. M.' .W ...l iuii r- mt iip A leper had a littl note, M Lord. If thmi wrii, ti...- ... .a tswa ti....... Th tanker paid that little nuUth Ward frUmJl' And vd llsA wrohad maa. - , C(J Onee, loo, Iher hung drtoff th ' ea Jaaoi Klghl by lh bankiri aldiZ: "TS -"J1" I TUerowaof U'.htgot.rn, r7M..aio?r.l BememUr mt," be JVud. .Kirtb.'1 KlcharandrlcharsllIIIgrow, AlT'lLYAt Aspoororlbaeam.1 (&, lisporo And thus oonilnuaUy wlU II ha' "- '-pee it w s arnv at noma, t With aagtlt then, aad rartaoai t I shall forever dwell, V I 'I T ITT MiVxr And to tha prala of sore Ign " Caaalac . Ui giateful anthems twaat. i'M.hoM..!,lt.lw a sshauia. at the la . Tit v-rAoek-.A i, -.. IOIOI IlXDBIDDlia with IriutCk a-"u, auocit ujwb, a young -a ploy t at BtanwU UaU, Alban77!: bsdlnafltof dalirium, on Sojuki PejtiaUy draaaad, ran to tht P-y au ana urowaaa nimMir, , tka Jaaa a ssst suocaa or ai aAgj at lancatltr. panladwlui IIatiho 1 tAtw.H hi. le. ., &!.t?rdJ!hJJ1 .ft-u with r Qtd both, an. his UW t-14, u. & twoo-tT ?- w ss a '999 "' ,.-U.-i-

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